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Word slam
Brand, Inka, game designer
Providence, RI : Thames & KOSMOS, LLC., [2016]
Two teams each have a storyteller. The two storytellers are given the same answer term. Playing at the same time, they must give clues to their teams so they can correctly guess the answer. The correct guess gets a point and the team with the most points at the end of the game wins.
Jones Media Board Game 1101

Potion explosion
a game by Lorenzo Silva, Andrea Crespi & Stefano Castelli
[Alpharetta, Georgia?] : Cool Mini or Not, [2016]
"Dear students, it's time for the final exams of the Potions class! The rules are always the same: Take an ingredient marble from the dispenser and watch the others fall. If you connect marbles of the same color, they explode and you can take them, too! Complete your potions using the marbles you collect, and drink them to unleash their magical power. Remember, though, that to win the Student of the Year award, being quick won't be enough: you'll also need to brew the most valuable potions in Potion Explosion!"--Box.
Jones Media Board Game 1100

First class : all aboard the Orient Express!
Ohley, Helmut, designer
Munich, Germany : Hans im Glück Verlags-GmbH ; [2016]
"In First Class: Unterwegs im Orient Express, players try to score as many fame points as possible by building a rich network of rails, by building luxurious train cars, or by serving well-paying passengers. First Class is a card game that feels more like a board game, and since each game is played with the base cards and two of five modules, the game offers lots of variety as not all elements are used in each playing"--BoardGameGeek description.
Jones Media Board Game 1099

Via Nebula
Wallace, Martin, designer
Buc : JD Editions : [2016]
"Craftsmen, caravans, and builders, come and clear the mists of Nebula! Harvest our abundant resources, develop a transport network, and construct new buildings. Our foggy valley needs you and we'll reward you handsomely! Cooperate with each other on a short-term basis to open new pathways and share resources, but keep your objectives in sight at all times. Will you have your own statue on Nebula's town square?"--Box.
Jones Media Board Game 1098

Bleasdale, Sebastian, designer
Stratford upon Avon, United Kingdom : R & D Games, [2017]
Keyflower is a game set in the medieval "Key" land for two to six players played over four rounds, each round represents a season. Each player starts with a "home" tile and an initial random team of workers. Matching colored workers are used to bid for tiles to add to a player's village, to upgrade tiles or to generate resources, skills and additional workers. Players not only use their own tiles, but can also use tiles from the other players' villages, or even the new tiles being auctioned. During the first three game rounds: spring, summer and autumn, more workers will arrive aboard the Keyflower and her sister boats, some skilled in the working of the key resources. In winter, the final round, players will choose the village tiles for auction, each offering victory points for certain combinations of resources, skills and workers. The player whose village and workers generate the most victory points wins the game.
Jones Media Board Game 1092

Dungeon roll
by Chris Darden
Tuscon, AZ : Tasty Minstrel games, 2013
"In Dungeon Roll the player's goal is to collect the most experience points by defeating monsters, battling the dragon, and amassing treasure. Each player selects a Hero avatar, such as a Mercenary, Half-Goblin, or Enchantress, which provides them with unique powers. Then players take turns being the Adventurer, who boldly enters the dungeon seeking glory."--per
Jones Media Board Game 1015

1936 guerra civil : un juego
García, Arturo (Game designer)
Madrid : ediciones Rotura, [2006]
1936 Guerra Civil is a Spanish civil war themed card game in which each player plays one of the two sides in the conflict: the Republic or the Nationalists; however no special knowledge of the historical period is needed to play. Paths to victory make use of military, political, financial, social, and cultural aspects of the conflict. A player must design his deck from the cards available for his side. Besides the cards belonging to one of the two sides, there are cards representing political and military objectives, for which the sides fight. Each objective gives victory points to the player who wins them. Victory can be achieved by military victory points, by political victory points, by a combination of the two of them, or by the demoralization of the enemy.
Jones Media Board Game 1025