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Call her Ganda
director, PJ Raval
Philadelphia, PA : Breaking Glass Pictures, [2018]
When Jennifer Laude, a Filipina transwoman, is brutally murdered by a U.S. Marine, three women intimately invested in the case, an activist attorney (Virgie Suarez), a transgender journalist (Meredith Talusan) and Jennifer's mother (Julita 'Nanay' Laude), galvanize a political uprising, pursuing justice and taking on hardened histories of U.S. imperialism.
Jones Media DVD 21877

After Louie
Freesyle Digital Media presents ; written by Vincent Gagliostro, Anthony Johnston ; produced by Bryce Renninger, Lauren Belfer, Alan Cumming ; directed by Vincent Gagliostro
Los Angeles, Calif. : Freesyle Digital Media, [2017]
Follows Sam, an artist and activist from ACT UP who lived through early years of HIV/AIDS, a man scarred and still struggling with survivor's guilt. Cemented into an oppressive past, he is bewildered by a younger generation of carefree gay men with their uninhibited use of social media, sexting, and seeming political indifference. But when he meets the seductive young Braeden, an intergenerational relationship blossoms between them, one capable of reawakening Sam's artistic soul and reviving his wilted heart.
Jones Media DVD 21881

Pop aye
New Influence Century Films, Giraffe Pictures present ; an E & W Films production ; in association with A girl and a gun, 185 Films ; producer, Lai Weijie ; producers, Deng Li, Zhang Jianbin, Huang Wenhong ; a film by Kirsten Tan ; written & directed by Kirsten Tan
New York, NY : Kino Lorber, Inc., [2017]
A successful Bangkok architect in the midst of a midlife crisis is reunited with an elephant he knew growing up. The two embark on a road trip to the man's childhood home in the idyllic Thai countryside.
Jones Media DVD 21882

The Misandrists
filmmaker, Bruce LaBruce
[United States] : Strand Releasing Home Entertainment, [2018]
When an injured male leftist on the run discovers the remote stronghold of the Female Liberation Army - a radical feminist terrorist group whose mission is to usher in a female world order, one of the members takes pity on him and hides him in the basement. However, the man in the basement is just one of many secrets threatening to disrupt the FLA's mission from within.
Jones Media DVD 21883

Ancient invisible cities
a BBC Studios production for PBS and BBC
[Virginia] : PBS Distribution, 2018
Athens / produced and directed by Colin Murray -- Cairo / produced and directed by Andrew Thompson -- Instanbul / produced and directed by Renny Bartlett.

Professor Darius Arya explores the hidden secrets of three of the most fascinating cities of the ancient world: Athens, Cairo, and Istanbul. The latest 3D imaging technology allows viewers to see the architectural jewels of these cities as they've never been seen before.
Jones Media DVD 21886

My life with James Dean
a film by Dominique Choisy
Philadelphia, PA : Breaking Glass Pictures, [2018]
Invited to present his first film in Normandy, the young director Geraud Champreux has no idea this film tour is about to change his life. From wild stampedes to woeful screenings, from trawler trips to drunken evenings, Geraud ends up finding inspiration in this unlikely town at the end of the earth.
Jones Media DVD 21885

The untold tales of Armistead Maupin
Tigerlily Pictures presents, in association with Dodgeville Films a film by Jennifer M. Kroot
New Almaden, CA : Wolfe Video, LLC, [2017]
Jennifer Kroot's documentary about the creator of Tales of the City moves nimbly between playful and poignant and laugh-out-loud funny. Maupin offers a disarmingly frank look at the journey that took him from the jungles of Vietnam to the bathhouses of '70's San Francisco to the front line of the American culture war.
Jones Media DVD DVD306.7662UNTOLD

Plymouth adventure
Metro Goldwyn Mayer ; screen play by Helen Deutsch ; produced by Dore Schary ; directed by Clarence Brown
Burbank, Calif. : Turner Entertainment Co : [2010]
In 1620, a group of religious outcasts boarded the Mayflower in England and set sail for the New World, where they founded a tiny wilderness outpost that was the genesis for what would become the United States of America. This is their thrilling story, a tale of hardship and devotion, of storms, hunger and disease faced and defied.
On Reserve at Jones Media 21890

Daiē Kabushiki Kaisha seisaku ; seisaku, Nagata Masaichi ; kyakuhon, Kawatuchi Matsutarō, Yoda Yoshikata ; kantoku, Mizoguchi Kenji
New York, NY : Criterion Collection, [2017]
[disc 1]. Ugetsu [and special features] -- [disc 2]. Aru eiga kantoku no shōgai : shikaban = Kenji Mizoguchi: the life of a film director.

"By the time he made Ugetsu, Kenji Mizoguchi was already an elder statesman of Japanese cinema, fiercely revered by Akira Kurosawa and other younger directors of a younger generation. And with this exquisite ghost story, a fatalistic wartime tragedy derived from stories by Akinari Ueda and Guy de Maupassant, he created a touchstone of his art, his long takes and sweeping camera guiding the viewer through a delirious narrative about two villagers whose pursuit of fame and fortune leads them far astray from their loyal wives. Moving between the terrestrial and the otherworldly, Ugetsu reveals essential truths about the ravages of war, the plight of women, and the pride of men"--Container.
On Reserve at Jones Media 21887

The Buddha's forgotten nuns
The Buddha's Forgotten Nuns is a documentary that reveals a little-known story about the Theravada tradition of Buddhism - that women cannot be fully ordained the same way that men can. The film asks the questions: Is Buddhism a religious movement based on equality? Or is it rooted in a male dominated culture? The Buddha himself invited women to join his group of disciples as female monks, or bhikkhunis, and allowed them to be ordained alongside men some 2500 years ago. What happened? This film traces how the role of women in Buddhism changed so drastically and why so few women's orders remain today. Featuring interviews with nuns and monks who are pulling down barriers and pushing for change in the monastic world.
On Reserve at Jones Media 21888

Tōhō Kabushiki Kaisha ; seisaku Daiei Kabushiki Kaisha ; kantoku, kyakuhon Kurosawa Kiyoshi
Los Angeles, CA : Magnolia Home Entertainment, ©2005
Japanese university students investigate a series of suicides linked to an Internet Web cam that promises visitors the chance to interact with the dead.
On Reserve at Jones Media PN1997.2 .K347 2005

Zhrebiĭ sudʹby = Heads or tails
Star Media ; rezhisser, Aleksandr Budennyĭ ; st︠s︡enariĭ, Alla Zagorodni︠a︡i︠a︡
Ukraina : Star Media, [2015]
Pavel, a young and promising military psychologist, falls in love with restaurant singer Xenia. Young people are getting married. Soon Pavel is sent to Afghanistan. At this time, his younger brother Peter, a spoiled alcoholic and drug addict, is returning from Syria. Pavel's trip drags on for many months, and on his return he learns that his Ksyusha has packed up and left. 22 years later, Peter, dying of an overdose, reveals his secret to his brother: Xenia did not just leave, he drove her out; moreover - in the last month of pregnancy. This confession of Peter turns Paul's whole life.--Cf. WWW site.
Jones Media DVD 21895

Zamri - umri - voskresni!
Lenfilʹm ; Tvorchesko-proizvodstvennoe obʺedinenie "Troit︠s︡kiĭ most" pri uchasti tvorcheskoĭ masterskoĭ pervogo filʹma ; avtor st︠s︡enarii︠a︡ i rezhisser-postanovshchik, Vitaliĭ Kanevskiĭ ; direktor kartiny, Valentina Tarasova
[Moskva, Russia] : Krupnyĭ plan, 2009
A story of two mischievous children growing up in a remote Russian mining community during the period of Communist rule after World War II.
Jones Media DVD 21896

Belye nochi pochtalʹona Aleksei︠a︡ Tri︠a︡pit︠s︡yna
Kinokompanii︠a︡ Andrei︠a︡ Konchalovskogo ; rezhisser i avtor st︠s︡enarii︠a︡, Andreĭ Konchalovskiĭ
[Rossii︠a︡] : AK, [2014]
The film represents life in a godforsaken Russian village. The only way to reach the mainland is to cross the lake by boat and a postman became the only connection with the outside world. A reserved community has been set up here. Despite the modern technologies and a spaceport nearby the people of the village live the way they would in the Neolithic Era. There is neither government nor social services or jobs. The postman's beloved woman escapes the village life and moves to the city. Postman's outboard engine gets stolen and he can no longer deliver mail. His normal pattern of life is disrupted. The postman makes a decision to leave for the city too but returns before long with no certain reason. The script is based on real characters' stories. People from the village play their own parts in the film. The search for the protagonist lasted for over a year.
Jones Media DVD 21897

3 dni︠a︡ leitenanta Kravt︠s︡ova
Moskva : Star Media, 2012
In 1942, a platoon commander, Lieutenant Kravtsov arrives in the Soviet army. The fate of the war, on average, measured to such lieutenants only three days of life. During this time, Kravtsov is supposed to command his soldiers and lead them into a hopeless attack, saving the advancing regiment ... Can he survive these three days? It's so unfair to die at eighteen.
Jones Media DVD 21898

kompannyrezhisser, Sarik Andreasi︠a︡n
Rossii︠a︡ : Enjoy Movies, 2011
Sergeĭ finds himself in an unusual situation -- he's become pregnant.
Jones Media DVD 21894

Kli︠u︡ch ot spalʹni
Mosfilʹm ; kinokompanii︠a︡ "Gulliver" ... at al. predstavli︠a︡i︠u︡t ; st︠s︡enariĭ i postanovka Ėlʹdara Ri︠a︡zanova
Sankt-Peterburg : Mega Video, [2004]
A farce comedy on bohemian life style in Saint-Peterburg at the beginning of 20th century. The story spins around its fashion, intrigues, love triangles and adultery, passion, and ... silent films.
Jones Media DVD 21891

rezhisser-postanovshchik, Andreĭ Kavun
Moskva : Best Kino, [2010]
1995. Afghanistan. A Russian cargo plane makes an emergency landing in Kandahar and the five Russian pilots are kidnapped by the Taliban.
Jones Media DVD 21892

The wild swans
[Moskva] : Russian Cinema Council, 2007
An adaptation of the classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, about a young woman who must save her brothers from their evil stepmother, who has turned them into swans.
Jones Media DVD 21893

Mamma mia!. Here we go again
Universal Pictures presents ; in association with Legendary Pictures/Perfect World Pictures ; a Playtone/Littlestar production ; produced by Judy Craymer, Gary Goetzman ; story by Richard Curtis and Ol Parker and Catherine Johnson ; written and directed by Ol Parker
Universal City, CA : Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, [2018]
Join the celebration, sing and dance, and discover how it all began! Ten years after Mamma Mia! The Movie premiered, you're invited back to the magical Greek island of Kalokairi in an all-new musical sequel based on the songs of ABBA. Sophie is now pregnant, and like her mother Donna, she'll need to take risks. The film's original cast returns, with new additions including Lily James as a young Donna, Andy Garcia and Oscar winner Cher.
Jones Media DVD 21899

Father's kingdom
directed by Lenny Feinberg ; produced by Claire Chandler and 4 others ; this film was produced by MAJ Productions, which is solely responsible for its content
[Philadelphia, Pa.] : MAJ Productions, [2018]
"Father's Kingdom is the story of Father Divine, a charismatic and controversial character. His early life is veiled in obscurity. He built a church with over a million followers. He evolved his own unique theology -- the power of positive thinking. During the depths of the Great Depression, he fed thousands every day. He was an early voice for racial and gender equality. He operated over 70 businesses and hotels, creating thousands of jobs. He created dozens of racially integrated communities. He controlled vast wealth, but never accepted personal compensation. His detractors called him a fraud, but believers called him ... God. This is his story."--From publisher's website.
Jones Media DVD 21919

El clavo
una película de Rafael Gil
Valladolid : Divisa Home Video, 2014
Jones Media DVD 21918

O coco a roda o pnêu e o farol
um filme dirigido e produsido por Mariana Brennand Fortes
[Brazil] : Bretz Filmes, 2007
Jones Media DVD 21916

Atlanta. Season 1
RBA ; 343 Incorporated ; MGMT. Entertainment ; FX Productions ; created by Donald Glover ; producer, Hiro Murai ; produced by Alex Orr
Beverly Hills, California : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2018]
Atlanta follows two cousins who work through the Atlanta music scene in order to better their lives and the lives of their families.
Jones Media DVD 21917

The lost world
First National Pictures, Inc. presents ; by arrangement with Watterson R. Rothacker ; directed by Harry O. Hoyt ; written by Marion Fairfax
New York : GoodTimes Entertainment, 2001
Professor Challenger leads an expedition to explore an isolated plateau rising above the Amazon jungles, where he discovers dinosaurs, primitive ape-men, and prehistoric monsters.
Jones Media DVD 21915

Cotton comes to Harlem
United Artists ; Samuel Goldwyn Productions ; screenplay by Arnold Perl and Ossie Davis ; produced by Samuel Goldwyn, Jr. ; directed by Ossie Davis
[Place of publication not identified] : [Publisher not identified], [2014]
Two Harlem detectives investigate the 'Back to Africa' scheme of a preacher that they suspect is a sham.
Jones Media DVD 21914

Black Nativity
Fox Seachlight Pictures presents a Maven Pictures/Wonderful Films production ; produced by Celine Rattray, William Horberg, Galt Niedrhoffer ; written for the screen and directed by Kasi Lemmons
Los Angeles, CA : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2014}.]
A holiday musical that follows Langston as he journeys to New York City to spend the Christmas holiday with his estranged relatives. Unwilling to live by their imposing rules, a frustrated Langston is determined to return home to his mother, Naima. Langston embarks on a surprising and inspirational journey, and along with new friends and a little divine intervention, he discovers the true meaning of faith, healing, and family.
Jones Media DVD 21913

El sur
una producción Elías Querejeta ; guión, Víctor Erice ; con la colaboracion de Televisión Española, S.A. ; director de producción, Primitivo Álvaro ; director, Víctor Erice ; coproducción, Elías Querejeta--Madrid, Chloé productions00Paris
[New York, New York] : Criterion Collection, [2018]
In the North of Spain, Estrella grows up captivated by her father, a doctor with mystical powers, and by the enigma of his youth in the South, a near-mythical region whose secrets seem to haunt him more and more as time goes on. Though Erice's original vision also encompassed a long section set in the South itself, which was never made, it remains an experience of rare perfection and satisfaction.
Jones Media DVD 21912

Macbeth : music, Giuseppe Verdi ; libretto by Francesco Maria Piave after the play by William Shakespeare ; Royal Opera House Cinema Season in association with Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, co-production with L'Opera National de Paris
[Waldron, Heathfield, East Sussex] : Opus Arte, ©2012
A manipulative wife whose desire to gain the Scottish throne drives her husband to murder and leaves both with blood on their hands.
Jones Media DVD 21911

The associate
screenplay by Nick Thiel ; produced by Frederic Golchan, Patrick Markey and Adam Leipzig ; directed by Donald Petrie
[United States] : KL Studio Classics, [2018]
In an attempt to get ahead in the business world a black woman disguises herself as an old white man.
Jones Media DVD 21910

Ferrez : literatura marginal
realização Selo Povo, Itau ̕cultural
Brazil : NovoDisc Mídia Digital da Amazônia, 2009
Documentary film including interviews with the known Brazilian poets, singers, writers about Ferrez, Brazilian author, rapper, cultural critic and activist from the Zona Sul (Southern Zone) in São Paulo, the founder of the literary movement called Literatura Marginal.
Jones Media DVD 21909

Demain = Tomorrow
Cyril Dion, Mélanie Laurent
[Paris, France] : Under the Milky Way, 2017
What if telling a hopeful story that points out solutions is the best way to solve the ecological, economic and social crises that shake our world? Following the publication of a study forecasting the possible extinction of mankind by 2100, Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent travel through 10 countries to understand the reasons for this catastrophic prediction and, most of all, how to prevent it becoming a reality. During their journey, they meet pioneers who are reinventing agriculture, energy, economy, democracy, and education. By pulling together these positive, concrete and tested initiatives, they start to envisage a sustainable world of tomorrow. Winner of the Best Documentary French Academy Award, TOMORROW is an urgent and passionate film offering real solutions to save our planet.
Jones Media DVD 21903

Sop mai ngīap, mindfulness and murder
produced by De Warrenne Pictures ; kamkap phāpphayon, Thō̜m Wanlœ̄
Klongtoey, Bangkok : De Warrenne Pictures Co. Ltd., [2011]
When a homeless youth is murdered in the grounds of a Buddhist monastery in Bangkok, the Police do little to investigate, leaving Father Ananda - a former homicide detective - to try and solve the crime. With the help of an orphaned boy named Jak, Ananda travels the canals of the city to unravel the clues and catch the killer.
Jones Media DVD 21904

Claire's camera
Jeonwonsa Film Co. Production with the partcipation of Camélia Film; produced by Sang-soo Hong, Lee Jeahan, Yoon-Seok Nam ; written & directed by Hong Sangsoo
[Brooklyn, New York] : Cinema Guild, [2018]
A first time visitor to Cannes, schoolteacher Claire befriends Manhee and together, they explore Cannes, taking photos with Claire's camera, and along the way, learn more about their photos' subjects, about life--and about themselves.
Jones Media DVD 21908

The dam busters
Associated British Picture Corporation presents ; screenplay by R.C. Sherriff ; directed by Michael Anderson
[France?] : Studio Canal : 2009
Tells the true World War II story of how the Royal Air Force 617 Squadron carried out a raid on three of the most important dams in Germany.
Jones Media DVD 21905

4 dni︠a︡ v Mae
Rossii︠a︡, Germanii︠a︡, Ukraina ; studii︠a︡-proizvoditelʹ, X Filme Creative Pool, GMBH, Studii︠a︡ "F.A.F.", Avrora Produkshn ; rezhisser, Akhim von Borris
[Germanii︠a︡] : X Filme, [2011?]
Jones Media DVD 21906

a film written, produced, and directed by Dario Argento
[United States] : Blue Underground, [2011]
"A young opera singer (Betty) gets her big chance when the previous star of a production of Verdi's Macbeth is run over by a car. Convinced the opera is bad luck she accepts, and becomes the target (in Argento's unmistakable style) of a psychopath - a man she has been dreaming of since childhood."--IMDb.
Jones Media DVD 21907

Love, Cecil
a film by Lisa Immordino Vreeland ; a Fischio Films production ; in association with Sotheby's, Matador Content, Hot & Sunny Productions ; co-producer, John Northrup ; directed and produced by Lisa Immordino Vreeland
New York, NY : Kino Lorber, [2018]
Bonus features include: Two hours of deleted scenes with David Hockney, Leslie Caron, Manolo Blahnik and many more -- Trailers.

Lisa Immordino Vreeland directs this documentary about Academy Award-winning costume designer Cecil Beaton. A respected photographer, artist and set designer, Beaton was best known for designing on award winning films such as "Gigi" (1958) and "My Fair Lady" (1964). The film features archive footage and interviews with a number of models, artists and filmmakers who worked closely with Beaton during his illustrious career.
Jones Media DVD 21902

Travels in the Congo = Voyage au Congo : scènes de la vie indigène en Afrique Équatoriale
rapportées par André Gide et Marc Allégret ; un film restauré et numérisé par Les Films du Pantheon ; en collaboration avec Les Films du Jeudi ; les Edicions P. Braunberger présentent
[France] : Les Films du Pantheon : [2017]
Jones Media DVD 21901

La singular historia de Juan Sin Nada = The singular story of Unlucky Juan
un film de Ricardo Figueredo Oliva
"An independent film financed through crowd-funding and without the financial support of traditional Cuban film institutions, The Singular Story of Unlucky Juan is a comprehensive, accessible examination of the particularities of the Cuban economy. Using a fictional worker called Juan as an example, the film shows how the economy affects the daily lives of ordinary citizens - and how badly it squeezes those who don't have access to hard currency."-- Includes interviews with Cuban workers.
Jones Media DVD 21900

The Chaplin Mutual comedies
Lone Star Corporation, Mutual Company ; producers, Henry P. Caulfield, John Jasper ; written and directed by Charlie Chaplin
Chatsworth, Calif. : Image Entertainment, 2006
discs 1 & 2. The Chaplin Mutual comedies -- disc 3. The gentleman tramp (75 min. ; 1975) -- disc 4. Chaplin's Goliath (52 min. ; 1996).

A group of silent comedies produced within an 18 month period, many featuring Chaplin's signature Little Tramp character.
Jones Media DVD 21926

El aula vacía = The empty classroom
El Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo ; Canana ; director creativo, Gael García Bernal ; productora, Marta Núnez Puerto
Brooklyn, NY : Pragda, [2018]
Piñalito : Argentina / Pablo Fendrik -- Alondra : Peru / Daniel y Diego Vega -- Matemática : Brasil / Flavia Castro -- Amortizado : México / Nicolás Pereda -- Leguas : Argentina / Lucrecia Martel -- Más o menos : Uruguay / Pablo Stoll -- Las buenas intenciones : Colombia / Carlos Gaviria Pérez -- Ver, oír y callar : El Salvador / Tatiana Huezo Sánchez -- Igor : Brazil / Eryk Rocha -- Hugo : México / Mariana Chenillo.

Nearly half of all young people in Latin America never finish high school. Eleven filmmakers have created ten short films, both narrative and documentary, that explore the many social issues that prevent Latin American teenagers from completing secondary education.
Jones Media DVD 21925

Burned : are trees the new coal?
directed, produced, and edited by Alan Dater and Lisa Merton
Marlboro, VT : Marlboro Films, [2017]
"'Burned' is a feature-length documentary, which takes an unwavering look at the latest energy industry solution to climate change. The film tells the story of how woody biomass has become the fossil-fuel industry's renewable, green savior, and of the people and parties who are both fighting against and promoting its adoption and use. Through interviews with activists, experts, and citizens, along with verité-style footage shot across the U.S. and in the EU and UK, the film interweaves the science of climate change, the escalating energy-policy disputes, the dynamics of forest ecology, the biomass industry practices, the conflict between jobs and trees, and the actions of activists and citizens who are working to protect their own health, their communities, the forest, and the planet's climate. Woven together, the various stories present an intimate and visceral account of what is at this moment in time a critical, yet mostly unknown, national and international controversy."--Film website:
Jones Media DVD 21924

Method to the madness of Jerry Lewis
Mansfield Avenue Productions presents a film by Gregg Barson ; produced and directed by Gregg Barson
Beverly Hills, CA : Mansfield Avenue Productions : [2013], ©2012
A contemporary look at a true legend through in-depth and candid interviews with Jerry Lewis, never-before-seen film footage and commentary from an impressive array of comics and movie stars.
Jones Media DVD 21923

Blue planet II : take a deep breath
series producer, Mark Brownlow ; producers, Miles Barton, Orla Doherty, Kathryn Jeffs, Will Ridgeon, John Ruthven, Jonathan Smith ; a BBC Studios Natural History Unit production ; a co-production with BBC America, Tencent, WDR, France Televisions and CCTV9 ; a BBC Open University partnership
[New York] : BBC Worldwide Americas, Inc., [2018]
David Attenborough returns to the world's oceans in this sequel to the acclaimed documentary series filming rare and unusual creatures of the deep, as well as documenting the problems our oceans face.
Jones Media DVD 21922

The Tibetan Book of the Dead
NHK of Japan, Mistral Film of France and National Film Board of Canada present ; directors, Yukari Hayashi, Barrie Angus McLean, Hiroaki Mori ; producers, Atsunori Kawamura, Barrie Angus McLean, David Verrall, Naoyuki Kibe ; script, Shinichi Nakazawa
[United States] : Alive Mind, [2009]
An ancient source of strength and guidance. Remains an essential teaching originating in the spiritual cultures of the Himalayas. Reveals the history and examines its traditional use in northern India, as well as its acceptance in Western hospices. Follows an old lama and his novice monk as they guide a Himalayan villager into the afterlife. The soul's 49-day journey towards rebirth is envisioned through actual photography of rarely seen Buddhist rituals.
Jones Media DVD 21921

100% favela
realização Projeto Periferia Ativa
São Paulo : Atração Fonográfica, 2006
These DVD's are the result of a project organized by the Grupo Negredo in a slum in São Paulo where they live and where they coordinate the Projeto Periferia Ativa.
Jones Media DVD 21920

Incredibles 2
Disney presents a Pixar Animation Studios film ; written & directed by Brad Bird ; produced by John Walker, Nicole Paradis Grindle ; executive producer John Lasseter
Burbank, California : Buena Vista Home Entertainment, [2018]
Bob Parr, Mr. Incredible, has unwittingly demonstrated repeatedly that Supers can cause as much damage as villains while protecting the world, which causes his wife -- Elastigirl -- to be chosen as the face of a movement to make Supers legal again. Still, it will take the entire gang to take down a new supervillain bent on mind-controlling the entire world!
Jones Media DVD 21930

Loving Pablo, hating Escobar
Millennium presents ; a Pinguin Films production ; produced by Dean Nichols ; story by Fernando León de Aranoa and Michael Zimbalist & Jeffrey Zimbalist ; screenplay written by Fernando León de Aranoa ; director, Fernando Leon De Aranoa
Universal City, CA : Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, [2018]
A journalist strikes up a romantic relationship with infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar.
Jones Media DVD 21927

H.G. Wells' things to come
a London Film production ; produced by Alexander Korda ; directed by William Cameron Menzies
[New York] : Criterion Collection, [2013]
A hundred-year journey beginning with the start of a war that leaves the world living in underground cities, and ends in 2036 A.D. when a man and a woman are rocketed to the moon.
Jones Media DVD 21932

a National Film oard of Canada production ; written & directed by John Hopkins ; produced by Annette Clarke, Paul McNeill
Oley, PA : Bullfrog Films, [2018]
With stunning cinematography, this documentary brings into stark focus the sharply differing perspectives of those involved in the pursuit and protection of one of the greatest creatures in the sea.
Jones Media DVD 21933

When the iron bird flies : Tibetan Buddhism arrives in the west
Pundarika Foundation presents a Chariot production ; directed by Victress Hitchcock ; produced by Victress Hitchcock & Amber Bemak
[New York, NY] : [Kino Lorber, Inc.] : 2014
An up-close and personal journey following the astounding path of one of the world's great spiritual traditions from the caves of Tibet to the mainstream of Western culture. Along the way, the film tackles the provocative exchanges between Buddhist practitioners and scholars and Western scientists, psychologists, and educators now at the heart of the emergence of a genuine Western tradition of Buddhism.
Jones Media DVD 21934

Tibetan book of the dead
produced by Morningstar Entertainment for the History Channel
New York : A & E Television Networks, c2008
The Tibetan Book of the Dead was written by an Indian sage in the eighth century as a guidebook for the dead in the afterlife. It was based on the Buddhist's belief in re-incarnation. The book had been kept in the Himalayas for centuries, and it was translated into English in the 20th century. Interviews with Tibetan lamas, American scholars and practicing Buddhists bring the text to life.
Jones Media DVD 21935

Boxing gym
un film de Frederick Wiseman
[Paris] : Blaq Out, 2012
Explores the world of a boxing gym in Austin, Texas, dwelling on the discipline of training as people from all walks of life aspire to reach their personal best.
Jones Media DVD 21936

Prova de Artista
um filme dirigido por José Joffily
Rio de Janeiro : Canal Brasil, 2011
Jones Media DVD 21937

Scotty and the secret history of Hollywood
director, Matt Tyrnauer
[United States] : Greenwich, [2018]
The deliciously scandalous story of Scotty Bowers, a handsome ex-Marine who landed in Hollywood after World War II and became confidante, aide-de-camp, and lover to many of Hollywood's greatest male, and female, stars. An unsung Hollywood legend, Bowers would cater to the sexual appetites of celebrities, straight and gay, for decades. While the studio PR machines were promoting their stars as wholesome and monogamous, Bowers was fulfilling the true desires of many of them.
Jones Media DVD 21928

Columbia ; written by Robert Towne and Warren Beatty ; produced by Warren Beatty ; directed by Hal Ashby
[New York, New York] : Criterion Collection, [2018]
"Shampoo gives us a day in the life of George (Warren Beatty), a Beverly Hills hairdresser and lothario who runs around town on the eve of the 1968 presidential election trying to make heads or tails of his financial and romantic entanglements. His attempts to scrape together the money to open his own salon are continually sidetracked by the distractions presented by his lovers--played brilliantly by Goldie Hawn, Julie Christie, and Lee Grant (in an Oscar-winning performance). Beatty dreamed up the project, cowrote the script with Robert Towne, and enlisted Hal Ashby as director, and the resulting carousel of doomed relationships is an essential seventies farce, a sharp look back at the sexual politics and self-absorption of the preceding decade"--Container.
Jones Media DVD 21929

Basket case
an Analysis Film Corporation presentation ; an Ievins/Henenlotter production ; produced by Edgar Ievins ; written & directed by Frank Henenlotter
[Seattle, Washington] : Something Weird Video, [2001]
Duane Bradley checks into a sleazy, 42nd Street flophouse with a mysterious wicker basket. Inside the basket is Duane's hideously misshapen Siamese twin brother, Belial, who was severed from his side when they were children and rudely left for dead in a garbage bag. But Belial survived, and Duane hit the Big Apple with his beastly bro to wreak havoc on the surgeons who separated them. Things get complicated, however, when Duane get romantically sidetracked by the wig-wearing receptionist of one of the doomed doctors, and his twisted telepathic sibling reacts poorly, and violently.
Jones Media DVD 21931

China : The Arts - The People
by Ulrike Ottinger Film Productions in collaboration with WDR Television
Berlin : Ulrike Ottinger Filmproduktion, [2013]
Part 1: Beijing (75 minutes) ; Part 2: In der Provinz Sichuan = In Sichuan Province, March 1985 (92 minutes) ; Part 3: In der Provinz Yunman = In Yunman Province (102 minutes).

In this four and a half hour documentary or filmic travelogue, Ulrike Ottinger tries to impart new ways of seeing a foreign culture. - From container.
Jones Media DVD 21942

Der Rote Baron = The Red Baron
Die wahre Geschichte des Manfred von Richthofen
[Germany?] : History Films, [2011]
This film documentary shows the true story of Manfred von Richthofen using sensational original footage from the time of the First World War.
Jones Media DVD 21943

Magnum Motion Pictures presents ; executive producers, Joe Spinell and Judd Hamilton ; screenplay by C.A. Rosenberg and Joe Spinell ; story by Joe Spinell ; produced by Andrew Garroni and William Lustig ; directed by William Lustig
[Hollywood, Calif.] : Blue Underground, 2009
A deeply disturbed man, haunted by the traumas of unspeakable childhood abuse, prowls the seedy streets of New York City to stalk and slaughter innocent young women.
Jones Media DVD 21944

When banana ruled
Quark & ARTE France present ; a film by Mathilde Damoisel ; un film écrit et réalisé par Mathilde Damoisel ; produit par Juliette Guigon & Patrick Winocour
Brooklyn, NY : Icarus Films, [2018]
Using extensive archival footage, the film tells the story of the men who made bananas the most ubiquitous fruit in the world, through a multinational empire that dominated production and sales, overthrew governments, and created a business model still largely used by today's tech giants.
Jones Media DVD 21941

Abrazos : tango en Buenos Aires
Bordesio Producciones and others ; con el auspicio del gobBsAs ; presented by Tipica Films ; guión, Adrián D'Amore, Cecilia Guerty, Diego Radivoy ; producción ejecutivas, Enrique Marmonti, Diego Radivoy ; dirección, Daniel Rivas
Chicago, Ill. : Facets Video, ©2006
Presents performance highlights from the 5th Festival Buenos Aires Tango. Includes interviews with performers.
Jones Media DVD 21940

Friends (with benefits)
[United States] : FilmBuff, [2009]
Meet Chloe and Owen: best buds since their sandbox days. Now, in med school as they attempt to balance the weight of their studies, his job, her band, their parents, their friends (their sanity), they find little time for relationships ... but lots of time for the desire. One fateful day, a brave Owen proposes the "perfect" solution: Friends (read: no messy relationship stuff) ... with benefits (read: insanely messy sex stuff).
Jones Media DVD 21946

Small town girl [videorecording]
a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture ; produced by Joe Pasternak ; directed by Leslie Kardos
Burbank, Calif. : Warner Home Video, 2010
Manhattan playboy Rick Belrow Livingston is sentenced to thirty days in a small-town jail for speeding. During his time in Duck Creek, he meets local girl Cindy Kimbell--and changes his attitude about the merits of small towns. Includes dance sequences choreographed by Busby Berkeley.
Jones Media DVD 21947

Alley tramp plus Over 18 ... and ready!
Alley tramp: When teenage Marie Barker sees Mommy and Daddy doing it, she not only immediately develops "a serious case of nymphomania" but becomes an instant Alley Tramp!
Jones Media DVD 21948

Star Media ; rezhisser, Maksim Bespalyĭ
Rossii︠a︡ : Star Media, [2013]
A history of the Romanov dynasty, the family that ruled Russia from 1613 until the October Revolution of 1917.
Jones Media DVD 21949

Passport to Pimlico
an Ealing Studios production ; original screenplay by T.E.B. Clarke ; produced by Michael Balcon ; directed by Henry Cornelius
Baker City, OR : Nostalgia Family Video, ©2003
Detonation of an unexploded bomb left from WWII German bombings uncovers an ancient document which reveals that London's Pimlico district really belongs to France. The community, eager to abandon post-war constraints, establish their independence as a ration-free state.
Jones Media DVD 21956

Le concours
scénario et réalisation, Claire Simon; production, Arnaud Dommerc/Andolfi; coproduction, Michèle Casalta/Mouvement; photographie, Claire Simon en collaboration avec Aurélien Py son Olivier Hespel
Paris : Andolfi : [2016]
With LE CONCOURS the director will delve into the daily life of the Parisian cinema school, la Fémis, where a specific Republican ideal of excellence is practiced and entry into which can be summed up as follows: "everyone's equal, but only the best get in..." Through the admission process, the hard work all year and the graduation exams, LE CONCOURS will establish a portrait of our relationship to excellence in the Art world and of one of the most prestigious art school in France. A place of culture where generations intermingle.
Jones Media DVD 21957

Chacun son cinema
conceived and produced by Gilles Jacob
[France] : Studio Canal Video, 2007
A collection of 33 short films, each of 3 minutes duration, each from a different director.
Jones Media DVD 21958

Filmrise, Symbolic Exchange, Mama Bear in association with Meridian Entertainment present
[New York, N.Y.] : FilmRise, [2017]
"In the wake of his older brother's death, 13-year-old Dayveon spends the sweltering summer days roaming his rural Arkansas town. When he falls in with a local gang, he becomes drawn to the camaraderie and violence of their world."--IMDb (viewed 4/5/2018)
Jones Media DVD 21953

Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West [videorecording]
a Planet architecture series production ; director, Timothy Sakamoto ; story by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer
[Los Angeles] : In-D Press, c2007
Frank Lloyd Wright: Family background; 1893; an autobiography; final decade -- Taliesin West: Arizona desert; one building -- Slide show: Exterior day (7:40); exterior dusk (1:35 ); Interior (2:20)

This documentary film provides a portrait of the life and work of Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin West, his studio, school of architectecture, and Arizona home. A 52 min. segment features Wright's life and career. A second segment of the documentary (30 min.) features Taliesin West.. This dvd is illustrated with rare archival drawings and historical photographs from the Frank Lloyd Wright archives. Includes a separate 140 photograph slide show (ca. 12 min.) featuring exteriors, interiors, and architectural details.
Jones Media DVD 21954

The Henry Paris collection
directed by Radley Metzger
[United States] : Distribpix, [2014]
Private afternoons of Pamela Mann: "A private detective ... is employed by a wealthy businessman to investigate the sexual infidelities of his socialite wife." -- Container.
Jones Media DVD 21955

한국 기행. 기획 EBS. [episodes 675-679] / 창녕
[Sŏul] : EBS Midiŏ, [2017]
disc 1. T'aego ŭi sinbi rŭl kanjik hada! Upo -- disc 2. Hwawangsan, pulge t'aorŭda -- disc 3. Kaebirigil ttara naktonggang ŭn hŭrŭne -- disc 4. Yŏndangri ŭi pom -- disc 5. Ujikham ŭl mannada.

Episodes 675-679 of Han'guk kihaeng, each saved on a disc respectively, focus on the Ch'angnyŏng district of South Korea. Disc 1 introduces flora and fauna and fishery of Upo wetland. Disc 2 promotes Hwawang mountain and its onion farms, trails, and buddhist temples. Disc 3 highlights the Kaebiri trail of Naktong river. Disc 4 spotlights Yŏndang town, which is famous for pears and herbs. Disc 5 follows an actor who was born in Changnyŏng as he reminisces his childhood and looks into traditional markets, cow markets, and cow fights.
Jones Media DVD 21874

한국 기행. 기획 EBS. [episodes 523-526] / 김해
[Sŏul] : EBS Midiŏ, [2017]
disc 1. Kaya, chŏnsŏl ŭl kkaeuda -- disc 2. I-ch'ŏnnyŏn ŭi hyanggi, changgunch'a -- disc 3. Wagŭlwagŭl, Tongsangdong chaeraesijang -- disc 4. Hwapo megiguk ŭi ch'uŏk.

Episodes 523-526 of Han'guk kihaeng, each saved on a disc respectively, observes the integration of Kayan traditions and modern life in the Kimhae region, where the most powerful city-state in the Kaya Confederacy of Korea (52-532 CE) was located. Disc 1 and 2 hightlight artifacts brought to Korea by the first queen of Kaya, who was from India, such as Buddha statues and the Changgun tea. Disc 3 and 4 record life of the Kimhae traditional market merchants and fishermen along the Hwapo stream.
Jones Media DVD 21857

한국 기행. 기획 EBS, 제작 아이앤티. [episodes 436-440] / 제천
[Sŏul] : EBS Midiŏ, [2017]
disc 1. Malgŭn param kwa palgŭn tal ŭl norae hara -- disc 2. Han manŭn kogaetgil, Paktalchae rŭl nŏmda -- disc 3. Ch'ukpok padŭn ttang, chayŏn i chun sŏnmul -- disc 4. Nonggyŏng munhwa ŭi palsangji, Ŭirimji -- disc 5. Kŭmsusan, sansuyu rŭl p'umda.

Episodes 436-440 of Han'guk kihaeng, each saved on a disc respectively, focus on Chech'ŏn-gun region of South Korea. Disc 1 records the beautiful landscape of Chech'ŏn, such as Wŏlak mountain and Ch'ŏngp'ung lake. Disc 2 introduces Paktal mountain pass and its history, namely general Kim Ch'wi-ryŏ's battle. Disc 3 promotes the medicinal herb industry of Chech'ŏn, where the best kudzu and astragalus roots are produced. Disc 4 tracks the development of agricultural traditions around Ŭirimji, one of the first farming reservoirs established in Korea. Disc 5 features the cornus officinalis trees that grow well on Kŭmsu mountain.
Jones Media DVD 21945

숨은 한국 찾기 : 아빠야 단양 가자. 기획, 제작 EBS. [episode 40] /
[Sŏul] : EBS Midiŏ, [2017]
In this episode, famous cartoon artist Yi Hyŏn-se and his daughter Yi Chu-yŏng travel in Tanyang together. They introduce sightseeing places of Tanyang such as On Dal mountain fortress and garlic-cuisine restaurant.
Jones Media DVD 21939

Squanto : a warrior's tale
Walt Disney Pictures presents ; a Xavier Koller film ; produced by Kathryn F. Galan ; written by Darlen Craviotto ; directed by Xavier Koller
[United States] : [Walt Disney Home Video] ; [2004]
Indian brave Squanto is kidnapped from America and taken to England to be put on display as a savage. He escapes and when he returns home he brings peace among Pilgrims and a tribe, thus bringing the first Thanksgiving.
Jones Media DVD 21952

The new fire : what if the solution to climate change is hiding in plain sight?
a documentary by David Schumacher
Sydney, Australia : Generation Films, Incorporated, [2018]
The New Fire is an independent documentary that introduces audiences to young nuclear engineers who are developing next-generation reactors which they hope will provide clean and safe solutions to the world's future energy needs. With unprecedented access to key people, places, and events, Emmy-winning director David Schumacher's film focuses on how the generation facing the most severe impact of climate change is fighting back with ingenuity and hope. The New Fire tells a provocative and startlingly positive story about a planet in crisis and the young heroes who are trying to save it.
Jones Media DVD 21951

한국 기행. 기획 EBS. [episode 715-719] / 함안
[Sŏul] : EBS Midiŏ, [2017]
disc 1. Yŏksu ŭi kojang, Haman -- disc 2. Yŏhangsan, kkotaun nŏk sŭl wirohada -- disc 3. Haman ŭi pomul, hŭk -- disc 4. Aragaya, pulkkot ŭl p'iuda -- disc 5. Haman, kŭgot esŏ salgo sipŏra.

Episodes 715-719 of Han'guk kihaeng, each saved on a disc respectively, shine light on the Haman district of South Korea. Disc 1 introduces Haman's rivers by interviewing fishermen and farmers. Disc 2 visits Yŏhang mountain, where a fierce battle occured during the Korean War, and its war memorial. Disc 3 focuses on watermelon and lotus root farmers who benefit from Haman's fertile soil. Disc 4 looks for traces of Aragaya, one of the city-states in Kaya Confederacy, from Mali mountain's tombs and artifacts. Disc 5 follows musician who grew up in Haman as he reminices his childhood by revisiting nostalgic locations.
Jones Media DVD 21859

한국 기행. 기획 EBS, 제작 미디어소풍. [episodes 71-75] / 단양
[Sŏul] : EBS Midiŏ, [2017]
disc 1. Ttang ŭi nunmul, sewol ŭl chogak hada -- disc 2. Sobaek, yet kil ŭl p'umda -- disc 3. Sarang ŭi chŏnsŏl -- disc 4. Sach'al, kotkan ŭl yŏlda -- disc 5. Siinmukkaek i sarang han sansuhwa ŭi kojang.

Episodes 71-75 of Han'guk Kihaeng, each saved on a disc respectively, focus on Tanyang-gun region of South Korea. Disc 1 shows the natural cave structures preserved in Tanyang. Disc 2 introduces Sobaek Mountain's geography and mythological history. Disc 3 recounts the love story of two famous couples Yi Hwang (1502-1571) and Tu Hyang, and On Dal (?-590) and Pyŏnggang through historical sites. Disc 4 features the Kimchi making day at Kuinsa temple. Disc 5 traces the paintings of artist Kim Hong-do (1745-1806), who loved Tanyang's landscapes.
Jones Media DVD 21938

한국 기행. 기획 EBS, 제작 허브넷. [episodes 271-275] / 충주
[Sŏul] : EBS Midiŏ, [2017]
disc 1. Ch'uŏk ŭro hŭrŭnŭn kot, ch'ŏngp'unghoban Ch'ungjuho -- disc 2. Namhansan mulgil ttara Mokkyenaru -- disc 3. Sonkkŭt e hon ŭl tamda-myŏngin ŭi ttang -- disc 4. Kyŏlsil ŭi kyejŏl, talk'omham ŭro multŭlta -- disc 5. Chosang ŭi ŭl kwa momjit, taekkyŏn.

Episodes 271-275 of Han'guk kihaeng, each saved on a disc respectively, focus on Chech'ŏn-gun region of South Korea. Disc 1 records fishing and farming around Ch'ungju lake. Disc 2 introduces Mokkye ferry as center of commerce and entertainment, with special appearance by poet Sin Kyŏng-lim. Disc 3 tracks the intangible cultural asset master artisans in Ch'ungju area. Disc 4 promotes Ch'ungju's local specialty, apples. Disc 5 features the masters of traditional Korean martial arts, taekkyŏn.
Jones Media DVD 21950

한국 기행. 기획 EBS. [episodes 1296-1300] / 가야산
[Sŏul] : EBS Midiŏ, [2017]
disc 1.Haeinsa, kimjang hanŭn nal -- disc 2. Sinhwa ŭi ttang, Kaya -- disc 3. Kotkan ssahine -- disc 4. Oji maŭl Sin'gye-ri -- disc 5. Hŭk esŏ ssŭnŭn haengbok ilgi.

Episodes 1296-1300 of Han'guk kihaeng, each saved on a disc respectively, focus on the Kaya Mountain region of South Korea. Disc 1 features the annual Kimchi making day (kimjang) at Haeinsa temple. Disc 2 promotes the oleaster and apple trees of the mountain. Disc 3 introduces traditional meju making process. Disc 4 records everyday activities of the people living in remote Sin'gye village. Disc 5 presents interviews of young people who returned to the countryside to farm.
Jones Media DVD 21875

한국 기행. 기획 EBS. [episodes 1456-1460] / 여름 합천
[Sŏul] : EBS Midiŏ, [2017]
disc 1. Kayasan -- disc 2. Haeinsa wa amja -- disc 3. Hwanggang -- disc 4. Hwangmaesan -- disc 5. Hapchŏn ŭn chŭlgŏwŏ.

Episodes 1456-1460 of Han'guk kihaeng, each saved on a disc respectively, focus on the Hapchŏn district of South Korea. Disc 1 features the Kaya Mountain national park's landscape and inhabitants. Disc 2 promotes buddhist Haeinsa temple and hermitage, which attract foreign tourists and devoted Buddhists. Disc 3 highlights the Hwang river and its recreational activities and lotus flowers. Disc 4 visits Hwangmae Mountain and follows a sculptor who carves faces on dead trees. Disc 5 tells the story of young people returning to farm in the Hapchŏn countryside.
Jones Media DVD 21873

한국 기행. 기획 EBS. [episodes 501-505] / 성주
[Sŏul] : EBS Midiŏ, [2017]
disc 1. Ch'ŏn ŭi ŏlgul Kayasan -- disc 2. Kŭmssaragi ttang i naŭn hwanggŭmal -- disc 3. 0-pŏn pŏsŭ e orŭda -- disc 4. Hanŭl i pijŭn kongjung chŏngwon, Muhŭlgugok -- disc 5. Sambok tŏwi, munjung i moidŏn nal.

Episodes 501-505 of Han'guk Kihaeng, each saved on a disc respectively, focus on the Sŏngju region of South Korea. Disc 1 shows the lives of people living on Kaya Mountain using its resources. Disc 2 promotes the korean melon industry, which is a specialty of the Sŏngju region. Disc 3 introduces the number 0 bus route, which connects a rural mountain village, Chagŭndong, with the town. Disc 4 observes traveling bikers and people who catch marsh snails. Disc 5 visits Hangae town, where residents still practice traditional Confucian lifestyle.
Jones Media DVD 21878