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To Singapore, with love = 星国恋 / directed by 陈彬彬
[新加坡], 2013
"Singapore political exiles, some of whom have not been home for 50 years, talk about the city of their dreams. Director Tan Pin Pin attends a funeral in the hills of southern Thailand, a family reunion in Malaysia and goes for a drive through the English countryside, searching the world for the displaced souls of Singapore: different generations of Singaporean political exiles who have not been able to come home. Some have not returned for 50 years. They are now in their 60s to 80s. Some were activists, student leaders, others were card carrying communists. Though they are from different political persuasions, they all fled Singapore in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s to escape the prospect of detention without trial carried out by the British Colonial Government and later, by the Singapore Government. It is clear that while up to 50 years may have passed, the idea of Singapore is still very much on their minds. "Singapore oh Singapore, you are still on my mind, today and everyday" intones a poem written by one of them. As they recount their lives, we see a city that could have been. A love letter to Singapore, from the outside"--
Jones Media DVD 21675

Yellow fever : uncovering the Navajo uranium legacy
Issue TV ; directed by Sophie Rousmaniere
[United States] : Distributed by Vision Maker Media, 2014
Yellow Fever follows young Navajo veteran, Tina Garnanez on her journey to investigate the history of the Navajo Uranium Boom, its lasting impacts in her area and the potential new mining in her region. She begins as a curious family member and becomes an advocate, lobbyist, activist and vocal proponent for transparency and environmental justice.
Jones Media DVD 21676

I mostri
Mario Cecchi Gori presenta ; un film di Dino Risi
[Florence, Italy] : Cecchi Gori Editoria Elettronica Home Video, 2007
"The myths of the sixties are satirized in 20 episodes."
Jones Media DVD 21677

Il boom
un film di Vittorio De Sica
Italy : Filmauro Home Video, [2007]
A comedy in which a man contemplates selling one of his eyes to pay for the extravagant things his wife buys.
Jones Media DVD 21678

La Yuma
Camila Films, Ivania Films, Wanda Vision, Araprod ; una película de Florence Jaugey ; guión original, Florence Jaugey con la participación de Edgar Soberón Torchia y Juan Sobalvarro ; productores, Florence Jaugey ... and four others
Brooklyn, NY : Pragda, ©2015
This is the story of Yuma, a strong-willed and rebellious girl from the poor neighborhoods of Managua who dreams of being a boxer. La Yuma is the first full-length feature from Nicaragua in 20 years.
Jones Media DVD 21674

Aaja nachle
New Delhi, India : Yash Raj Films, 2007
A New York dance instructor returns to India after many years only to learn that the dance studio where she learned everything she knows has been replaced by a shopping mall.
Jones Media DVD 21673

إشتباك = Clash / a coproduction, Film Clinic [and 4 others] in association with Pyramide, Fortress Film Clinic ; directed by Mohamed Diab ; written by Khaled Diab, Mohamed Diab ; produced by Moez Masoud, Mohamed Hefzy, Eric Lagesse
New York, NY : Kino Lorber, Inc., [2017]
"Cairo, summer of 2013 - two years after the Egyptian revolution. In the wake of the ouster of Islamist president Morsi, a police truck full of detained demonstrators of divergent political and religious backgrounds roams through violent protests. Can the detainees overcome their differences to stand a chance of survival?"--Unifrance website.
Jones Media DVD 21672

The damned = Götterdämmerung
Warner Bros. and Seven Arts ; produced by Ever Haggiag and Alfred Levy ; directed by Luchino Visconti ; original story and screenplay by Nichola Badalucco, Enrico Medioli, Luchino Visconti
Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video, [2004], ©1969
The degradation of a great family, set against the historical background of the "Night of the long knives" and the rise of Nazism.
Jones Media DVD 21671

Canal zone
a Zipporah Films release ; directed and produced by Frederick Wiseman
Cambridge, Mass. : Zipporah Films, [2008]
A documentary showing the routine activities of the people who live and work in the Panama Canal Zone. Focuses on the operations of the Panama Canal and the various governmental agencies related to the canal as well as the lives of Americans in the zone.
Jones Media DVD 21699

Science is fiction : 23 films by Jean Painlevé
by Jean Painlevé ; compilation producer, Kate Elmore
[Irvington, NY] : Criterion Collection, ©2009
Long before Jacques Cousteau and Richard Attenborough, a Frenchman named Jean Painlevé made documentaries that captured the natural world in a unique manner. "Science Is Fiction" collects 23 of these short films. Painlevé (1902-89) spent his life straddling the arts and the sciences, studying biology at the Sorbonne, but also hanging out with Man Ray and Luis Buñuel. Long fascinated by marine life, Painlevé helped develop the underwater camera, one of the first handheld cameras, and high-magnification lenses that allowed him to observe creatures like sea urchins, jellyfish, and mollusks in their natural habitats. Though relatively obscure in the United States, Jean Painlevé's films embrace genre, combining documentary, educational film, and avant-garde experimentalism to create an aesthetic that captures the fantastic by means of the purely factual.
Jones Media DVD 21670

Les guichets du Louvre
les Films du Parnasse, ORTF, Films du Limon, J.C. Productions ; un film de Michel Mitrani ; produit par Carole Weisweiller et Roger Fleytoux ; adaptations et dialogues, Michel Mitrani et Albert Cossery
[France] : Antartic, [2008]
When Paris's Jewish population is ordered to assemble at the Vel d'Hiv for 'relocation', a student rushes to the Jewish quarter to convince them of the danger, and to offer them safety on the left bank.
Jones Media DVD 21669

Malgoska Szumowska ; Hélène de Crécy ; Juliette Binoche, Anaïs Demoustier, Joanna Kulig
[Vendoeuvres] : Arcadès, [2012]
Disc 1: Elles -- Disc 2: Escort.

Anne, a journalist in a leading women's magazine, investigates student prostitution. Alicja and Charlotte, students in Paris, confide in her without taboo or shame. These confessions will find in Anne an unexpected echo. And it's all his life that will be upset.
Jones Media DVD 21668

De bruit et de fureur = Sound and fury
Margaret Menegoz, Les Films du Losange, Centre National de la Cinématographie, Sofica Investimage présentent ; un film écrit et mis en scène par Jean-Claude Brisseau
[London] : Axiom Films, [2010]
"Bruno, a 14 year old boy, has just moved into a high-rise project with his hard-working mother. Barely earning enough to support them takes all of her time, leaving Bruno alone to fend for himself. After he is befriended at school by the streetwise, battered and deeply troubled Jean-Roger, Bruno is soon out thieving, destroying property and harming people with a vengeance, before long catching the attention of the police."--Container
Jones Media DVD 21667

La vie domestique
scenario, adaptation and dialogues: Isabelle Czajka ; music: Eric Neveux ; based Arlington Park by Rachel Cusk
[Paris] : France Télévisions Distribution, 2014
Juliette was not sure she wanted to come to live in this residential suburb of the Paris region. The women here are all in their forties, children to raise, houses to maintain and husbands who come back late at night. She is now certain not to want to become like them. Today, Juliette is waiting for an answer for an important position in a publishing house. A position that would inevitably change this life every day.
Jones Media DVD 21666

Backup Studio and Lila 9th Productions present ; a Lila 9th production ; a French-German-Spanish co-production, Backup Studio, Neue Road Movies, Morena Films, Submergence A.I.E. Umedia ; in association with Embankment Films, Waterstone, Palmstar and Green Hummingbird ; written by Erin Dignam ; produced by Cameron Lamb ; a film by Wim Wenders
Culver City, CA : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, [2018]
In a room with no windows on the eastern coast of Africa, a Scotsman, James More, is held captive by jihadist fighters. Thousands of miles away in the Greenland Sea, Danielle Flinders prepares to dive in a submersible to the ocean floor. In their confines they are drawn back to the Christmas of the previous year, where a chance encounter on a beach in France led to an intense and enduring romance.
Jones Media DVD 21663

Hollywood Pictures presents an Interscope Communications/Polygram Filmed Entertainment Production
New York, NY : Kino Lorber, [2018]
Evicted from his home, gruff-but-lovable old Rocky goes to live with his grandson Michael in his cramped one-room apartment. The hilarious multigenerational gap creates the most outrageous pair of roommates since The Odd Couple. And when Michael brings home a new girlfriend, things really heat up.
Jones Media DVD 21665

Brassed off!
Miramax Films and Channel Four Films present a Steve Abbott Prominent Features production ; produced by Steve Abbott ; written & directed by Mark Herman
[Burbank, Calif.] : Miramax Home Entertainment, 1996
Comedy and romance as a small northern England coal-mining town fights the closing of its colliery and the local miners' brass band prepares for a national competition.
Jones Media DVD 21664

directed by Todd Haynes ; screenplay by Brian Selznick ; produced by Christine Vachon & Pamela Koffler, John Sloss ; an Amazon Studios presentation ; Killer Content, Cinetic Media production ; a film by Todd Haynes
Santa Monica, California : Lionsgate, [2018]
Tells the tale of two deaf children separated by fifty years. In 1927 New York City, Rose searches for the actress whose life she chronicles in her scrapbook; in 1977 in the Midwest, Ben runs away from home to find his father. The movie is based on the novel of the same title by Brian Selznick, which is the predecessor to his screen-adapted novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret.
Jones Media DVD 21662

Red sparrow
directed by Francis Lawrence ; screenplay by Justin Haythe ; produced by Peter Chernin, Steven Zaillian, Jenno Topping, David Ready ; a Twentieth Century Fox presentation ; in association with TSG Entertainment ; a Film Rights/Chernin Entertainment production ; a Francis Lawrence film
Beverly Hills, California : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2018]
Ballerina Dominika Egorova is recruited to Sparrow School, a Russian intelligence service where she is forced to use her body as a weapon. Her first mission, targeting a C.I.A. agent, threatens to unravel the security of both nations.
Jones Media DVD 21661

Freak show
IFC Films and Maven Pictures present ; a Flower Films production ; in association with Bruno Wang Productions ; a film by Trudie Styler ; produced by Jeffrey Coulter, Bryan Rabin, Trudie Styler, Celine Rattray, Charlotte Ubben, Ember Truesdell, Chris Miller ; screenplay by Patrick J. Clifton & Beth Rigazio ; directed by Trudie Styler
Los Angeles, CA : Shout! Factory, [2018]
Billy bloom is one-of-a-kind: a fabulous, glitter-bedecked, gender-bending teenager whose razor-sharp wit is matched only his by his outrageous, anything-goes fashion sense. When his glamorous mother is forced to send him to live with his straight-laced father, Billy finds himself a diva-out-of-water at his new ultra-conservative high school. Undaunted by the bullies who don₂t understand him, the fearless Billy sets out to make a big statement in his own inimitable way.
Jones Media DVD 21660

Land of the pharaohs
Warner Bros. Pictures presents ; written by William Faulkner, Harry Kurnitz, and Harold Jack Bloom ; a Continental Company Ltd. production ; produced and directed by Howard Hawks
Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video, [2013]
The Great Pharaoh orders architect Vashtar to build him the highest pyramid in the world as his tomb. 15 years have passed and his treasury is dwindling, so he marries Princess Nellifer, but she is as ruthless as she is beautiful.
Jones Media DVD 21659

Copa y espada
un documental de Lourdes de los Santos
Cuba : Havana, Video ICAIC, 2012
Jones Media DVD 21658

Valley of the kings
a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture ; written by Robert Pirosh and Karl Tunberg ; directed by Robert Pirosh
A grandly scaled and ravishingly scenic adventure about the search for clues across the Sinai terrain offering proof of Biblical events. Set in 1900 and unfolding across landscapes of awesome beauty and breathtaking excavations, rough-hewn archaeologist Mark Brandon and determined explorer Ann Mercedes, striving to complete her late father's earlier discoveries, travel a route of intrigue, danger and romance to reach the lost tomb of Ra-Hotep before a murderous rival.
Jones Media DVD 21657

Como nossos pais
um filme de Laís Bodanzky
"When Rosa's mother makes a surprising disclosure to her one day, Rosa decides to break out of her usual obligations. In so doing she discovers that life holds many surprises in store for her."--IMDb (viewed 6/6/2018)
Jones Media DVD 21656

Investigating my father
directed, filmed, edited by Wu Wenguang
[Beijing, China] : Caochangdi Workstation, 2016
"My father was a landowner's son and an ex-Kuomintang Air Force pilot, who remained in mainland China after 1949. For survival, he tried to transform himself from a man of the 'old society' to a man of the 'new society'. As his son, I started investigating his 'history before 1949', which he had kept away from me. This film documents the process of my investigation over twenty years."
Jones Media DVD 21655

The pass
Toledo Productions presents ; a Duncan Kenworthy production ; screenplay by John Donnelly ; produced by Duncan Kenworthy ; directed by Ben A. Williams
[New York, New York] : The Orchard, [2018]
Jason and Ado are nineteen. They'e been in the academy of a famous London soccer club since they were eight and now it's the night before their first-ever game as professionals. They should be sleeping, but they're over-excited. They exercise, fight, laugh, and talk. Then, suddenly, Jason kisses Ade. In the high-profile sporting world where image is everything, this surprising pass sets the men up for a contrasting decade of fame and failure, full of secrets and denial.
Jones Media DVD 21653

Miss Stevens
The Orchard presents a Beachside and Gilbert Films production in association with Original Headquarters ; writers, Julia Hart, Jordan Horowitz ; director, Julia Hart
[New York, New York] : The Orchard, [2018]
Stuck at a crossroads in her personal life, it falls on Miss Stevens to chaperone three of her students Billy, Margot, and Sam on a weekend trip to a drama competition. Exploring the fine line between being a grown up and being a kid, this film is about students becoming teachers and teachers coming to realize that the messiness of youth never really goes away.
Jones Media DVD 21652

Midnight cowboy
United Artists ; a Jerome Hellman-John Schlesinger production ; screenplay, Waldo Salt ; producer, Jerome Hellman ; director, John Schlesinger
[New York, New York] : The Criterion Collection, [2018]
"One of the British New Wave's most versatile directors, John Schlesinger came to New York in the late 1960s to make Midnight Cowboy, a picaresque story of friendship that captured a city in crisis and sparked a new era of Hollywood movies. Jon Voight delivers a career-making performance as Joe Buck, a wide-eyed hustler from Texas hoping to score big with wealthy city women; he finds a companion in Enrico "Ratso" Rizzo, an ailing swindler with a bum leg and a quixotic fantasy of escaping to Florida, played by Dustin Hoffman in a radical departure from his breakthrough in The Graduate. A critical and commercial success despite controversy over what the MPAA termed its 'homosexual frame of reference,' Midnight Cowboy became the first X-rated film to receive the best picture Oscar, and decades on, its influence still reverberates through cinema"--Container.
Jones Media DVD 21651

a Republic presentation ; Frank Borzage's ; screenplay by Charles Haas ; a Marshall Grant Pictures production produced by Charles Haas ; directed by Frank Borzage
[New York, New York] : The Criterion Collection, [2018]
Stigmatized from infancy by the fate of his criminal father, young Danny is bruised and bullied until one night, in a fit of rage, he kills his most persistent tormenter. As the police close in around him, Danny makes a desperate bid for the love of the dead man's fiancé, a schoolteacher who sees the wounded soul behind his aggression. A small-town fable about violence and redemption, it is the final triumph of Frank Borzage, one of Hollywood's most neglected masters.
Jones Media DVD 21650

Mobra Films prezintă un film realizat cu sprijinul, Centrului National al Cinematografiei, Eurimages, cu participarea Canal+, France télévisions, Ciné+, Wild Bunch ; co-producători, Why Not Productions, Les films du fleuve, France 3 cinéma ; scenariul și regia, Cristian Mungiu ; producător, Cristian Mungiu
[New York, New York] : The Criterion Collection, [2018]
"Blending rigorous naturalism with the precise construction of a thriller, this Cannes award-winning drama from Cristian Mungiu sheds light on the high stakes and ethical complexities of life in contemporary Romania. As his daughter nears high-school graduation, Romeo (Adrian Titieni), an upstanding doctor, counts on her winning a competitive scholarship that will send her to university in England. But when an injury sustained during a sexual assault compromises her performance on an important exam, Romeo's best-laid plans for her threaten to crumble, leading him to seek favors in a world that runs on back-scratching and bribery. Suffused with quiet dread, Graduation takes a humane and deeply ambiguous look at how corrosive rampant corruption is to moral convictions"--Container.
Jones Media DVD 21649

Ведьма : во власти страха Title from disc label:
[Rossii︠a︡] : Lizard Cinema Trade, [2006]
"Ivan, a cynical journalist, is assigned to investigate mysterious events in a small town. During his first night, he is seduced by a strange and mysterious girl. As they embrace, she transforms into a hideous demon. Ivan fights the creature, managing to strangle it. But it is too late, Evil has been unleashed"--From
Jones Media DVD 21645

Виталий Махов, Екатерина Вилкова, Олег Фомин, Дмитрий Дюжев, Николай Козак, Мария Андреева
Follows the lives of a Soviet fighter squadron on Eastern Front.
Jones Media DVD 21646

Опасные гастроли / Одесская киностудия ; автор сценария, Михаил Мелкумов ; режиссер-постановщик, Г. Юнгвальд-Хилькевич
Moskva : CP Didzhital, ©2002
Opasnye gastroli: On the group of actors, which in the years before the Revolution helped smuggle weapons of Marxist literature and from abroad in various cities of Russia.
Jones Media DVD PN1997 .O63 2002

Все будет хорошо / Никола-Фильм, Фора-Фильм, Комитет по кинематографии при Правительстве Российской Федерации, при участии киностудии "Ленфильм" ; Игорь Каленов, Андрей Разумовский, Юрий Романенко представляют фильм Дмитрия Астрахана
Moskva : Ruscico, ©2004
"The distinctly unusual story of the arrival of a Japanese millionaire-philanthropist in a rural Russian village."
Jones Media DVD 21643

Миронер, Феликс, 1927-1980
Moscow : Tornado Video, ©2007
Risible lyrical comedy concerning the relationship between a young adult education teacher and one of her roisterous students.
Jones Media DVD 21644

В начале славных дел / Киностудия имени М. Горького ; авторы сценария Сергей Герасимова, Юрий Кавтарадзе ; режиссер Сергей Герасимова
Москва : "ДиВиДи ЕКСПО", ©2006, ©1980
Jones Media DVD 21648

Два долгих гудка в тумане / Ленфильм ; режиссер-постановщик, Валерий Родченко ; автор сценария, Эдгар Дубровский
[Russia] : CP Digital, [2001]
In the far north a plane makes an emergency landing, a robbery has taken place, a witness is killed, and the captain of a passing steamer must become a detective to solve the mystery.
Jones Media DVD 21642

Марина Александрова, Владимир Меньшов, Константин Лавроненко, Александр Лазарев Мл., Юлия Ауг, Александр Яценко, Риналь Мухаметов, Иван Добронравов, Николай Козак, Светлана Корчагина
Russia : Rossii︠a︡ 1, [2014]
The life of Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia in twelve episodes.
Jones Media DVD 21641

Богдан Ступка, Рената Литвинова, Наталыа Бузко, Алксандр Баширов, Нина Русланова, Сергеи Бехтерев
[Brooklyn, NY] : Distributed by RBC Video, 2007
Acclaimed director Kira Muratova's "exquisite cruelty" has never been on such potent display as it is in this showbiz drama concerning the death of a respected stage actor. A psychologically penetrating story told in two parts, Two in one's lurid tale of psychotic stagehands, salacious fathers, and vindictive daughters reveals how events that appear banal on first glance can actaully be driven by diabolical intent-- Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide.
Jones Media DVD 21640