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The void
a Screen Media Films release ; a Cave Painting Pictures and JoBro Productions production, in association with 120DB Films, XYZ Films and The Salt Company ; a Steven Kostanski & Jeremy Gillespie film ; producers, Casey Walker, Jonathan Bronfman ; written & directed by Jeremy Gillespie & Steven Kostanski
New York, NY : Screen Media, [2017]
"When police officer Carter discovers a blood-soaked man limping down a deserted road, he rushes him to a local hospital with a bare bones, night shift staff. As cloaked, cult-like figures surround the building, the patients and staff inside start to turn ravenously insane. Trying to protect the survivors, Carter leads them into the depths of the hospital where they discover a gateway to immense evil"--Container.
Jones Media DVD 22103

Twin Peaks : a limited event series
Showtime presents ; a Rancho Rosa Partnership production ; created and written by Mark Frost and David Lynch ; directed by David Lynch
Hollywood, California : Showtime Entertainment, [2017]
Disc 1. Part 1: My log has a message for you -- Part 2: The stars turn and a time presents itself -- Parts 1 & 2 combined feature-length presentation.

Picks up 25 years after the inhabitants of a quaint northwestern town are stunned when their homecoming queen is murdered.
Jones Media DVD 22102

Manbiki kazoku = Shoplifters
Magnolia Pictures, Fuji Television Network, Gaga Corporation and AOI Pro. Inc. present ; a Kore-Eda Hirokazu film ; written, edited, and directed by Kore-Eda Hirokazu ; produced by Matsuzaki Kaoru, Yose Akihiko, Taguchi Hijiri
Los Angeles, CA : Magnolia Home Entertainment, [2019]
"On the margins of Tokyo, a dysfunctional band of outsiders are united by fierce loyalty, a penchant for petty theft, and playful grifting. When the young son is arrested, secrets are exposed that upend their tenuous, below-the-radar existence and test their quietly radical belief that it is love--not blood--that defines a family."--Container.
Jones Media DVD 22098

Big trouble in Little China
20th Century Fox ; a Taft/Barish/Monash production ; written by Gary Goldman & David Z. Weinstein ; adaptation by W.D. Richter ; produced by Larry J. Franco ; directed by John Carpenter
Beverly Hills, CA : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, ©2002
Jack Burton is a big-talking, wisecracking trucker who goes beneath the streets of San Francisco's Chinatown to battle an army of spirits when his friend's fiancee is kidnapped.
Jones Media DVD 22099

Bohemian Rhapsody
Twentieth Century Fox and Regency Enterprises present ; a GK Films production ; co-producer, Richard Hewitt ; produced by Graham King, Jim Beach ; story by Anthony McCarten and Peter Morgan ; screenplay by Anthony McCarten ; directed by Bryan Singer
Beverly Hills, California : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2018]
An enthralling celebration of Queen, their music, and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury, who defied stereotypes and convention to become one of history's most beloved entertainers. Following Queen's meteoric rise, their revolutionary sound and Freddie's solo career, the film also chronicles the band's reunion, and one of the greatest performances in rock history.
Jones Media DVD 22100

Can you ever forgive me?
Fox Searchlight Pictures presents ; in association with TSG Entertainment ; an Archer Gray production ; directed by Marielle Heller ; screenplay by Nicole Holofcener and Jeff Whitty ; produced by Anne Carey, Amy Nauiokas, David Yarnell
Beverly Hills, CA : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2019]
Lee Israel made her living in the 1970s and 1980s profiling the likes of Katharine Hepburn, Tallulah Bankhead, Estee Lauder and journalist Dorothy Kilgallen. Though Lee Israel has undeniable profiling skills, her work has grown stale and hackneyed, rendering her profession unnecessary and insignificant. Now in times of financial hardship, Israel must find other ways to make a living. With assistance from her steadfast friend, Jack, the two endeavor to keep Israel afloat. With a dose of trickery and deceptive eye, they do just that.
Jones Media DVD 22101

Avengers. Infinity war
Marvel Studios presents ; produced by Kevin Feige ; executive producers, Jon Favreau, James Gunn, Stan Lee, Victoria Alonso, Michael Grillo, Trinh Tran, Louis D'Ésposito ; screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely ; directed by Anthony and Joe Russo
[Burbank, California] : Marvel Studios, [2018]
As the Avengers and their allies have continued to protect the world from threats too large for any one hero to handle, a new danger has emerged from the cosmic shadows: Thanos. A despot of intergalactic infamy, his goal is to collect all six Infinity Stones, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use them to inflict his twisted will on all of reality.
Jones Media DVD 22097

an Upstander Project film ; in association with Principle Pictures, Unrendered Films, and Center for Independent Documentary ; directors, Adam Mazo, Ben Pender-Cudlip ; producers, Adam Mazo, N. Bruce Duthu; executive producers, Beth Murphy, Heather Rae
[Austin, Texas] : Tugg EDU, [2018]
"For decades, child welfare authorities have been forcibly removing Native American children from their homes to 'save' them from being Indian. In Maine, the first official 'truth and reconciliation commission' in the United States begins an unprecedented investigation. Dawnland goes behind-the-scenes as this historic body deals with difficult truths, questions the meaning of reconciliation, and charts a new course for state and tribal relations"--Container.
Jones Media DVD 22096

Solo : a Star Wars story
a Lucasfilm Ltd. production ; produced by Kathleen Kennedy, Allison Shearmur, Simon Emanuel ; written by Jonathan Kasdan & Lawrence Kasdan ; directed by Ron Howard
[San Francisco, California] : Lucasfilm, [2018]
Years before he met Luke and Leia, before he helped overthrow the Emperor, Han Solo started where all heroes start: at the bottom. Join your most favorite scoundrel in the galaxy on an adventure you'll never forget! Throughout his death-defying adventures among the criminal scum of the Star Wars Universe, Han will meet the one who will become his closest ally, Chewbacca! Watch as Han matches wits with the infamous gambler Lando! Follow Han on the journey that will put him on course to his destiny.
Jones Media DVD 22095

Patient zero
Destination Films presents ; a Vincent Newman Entertainment production ; produced by Vincent Newman ; written by Mike Le ; directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky
Culver City, CA : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, [2018]
In the pandemic thriller, humanity is battling intelligent, adrenaline-fueled creatures born from a viral super-strain. After being bitten, human survivor Morgan realizes he is asymptomatic and can communicate with the infected, leading the last survivors on a hunt for patient zero and a cure.
Jones Media DVD 22094

Christopher Robin
Disney presents ; a 2DUX² production ; a Marc Forster film ; produced by Brigham Taylor, Kristin Burr ; story by Greg Brooker and Mark Steven Johnson ; screenplay by Alex Ross Perry and Tom McCarthy and Allison Schroeder ; directed by Marc Forster
[Burbank, CA] : Disney, [2018]
The young boy, who loved taking adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood with a gang of spirited and lovable stuffed animals, has grown up and lost his way. Now it is up to his childhood friends to venture into that world and help Christopher Robin remember the loving and playful boy who is still inside.
Jones Media DVD 22093

L'avenir = Things to come
Charles Gillibert présente ; une coproduction franco-allemande, CG Cinéma, Detailfilm, Arte France Cinéma, Rhône-Alpes Cinéma ; un film écrit et réalisé par Mia Hansen-Løve ; produit par Charles Gillibert
New York, NY : Sundance Selects, [2017]
Nathalie is a philosophy teacher with a seemingly settled existence, juggling a rich life of the mind with the day-to-day demands of career and family. But beginning with the bombshell revelation that her husband of twenty-five years is leaving her, one by one the pillars of Nathalie's life start to crumble. For the first time in ages, she finds herself adrift, but also with a newfound sense of liberation. With nothing to hold her back, Nathalie sets out to rediscover herself.
Jones Media DVD 22087

produced by Laurie Shephard, Quinn Shephard ; written & directed by Quinn Shephard
Culver City, California : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, [2018]
When an unstable drama student begins a relationship with the instructor, it sparks a dispute with her jealous classmate.
Jones Media DVD 22088

A star is born
a Warner Bros. Pictures presents ; in association with Live Nation Productions ; in association with Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures ; a Jon Peters production ; a Bill Gerber production ; a Joint Effort production ; directed by Bradley Cooper ; screenplay by Eric Roth and Bradley Cooper & Will Fetters ; produced by Bill Gerber ; produced by Jon Peters ; produced by Bradley Cooper, Todd Phillips ; produced by Lynette Howell Taylor
Burbank, CA : Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, [2019]
Disc 1. Feature film -- disc 2. Special features.

Seasoned musician Jackson Maine discovers and falls in love with struggling artist Ally. She has given up on her dream to become a successful singer, until she meets Jack, who immediately sees her natural talent. This is the raw and passionate tale of Jack and Ally, two artistic souls coming together, on stage and in life. Theirs is a complex journey through the beauty and the heartbreak of a relationship struggling to survive.
Jones Media DVD 22089

Ils = Them
Richard Grandpierre présente une coproduction Eskwad, Studiocanal, Castel Films ; un film de David Moreau et Xavier Palud ; produit par Richard Grandpierre ; écrit et réalisé par David Moreau et Xavier Palud
[Orland Park, IL] : Dark Sky Films, [2008]
Clémentine is a teacher at the French School in Bucharest. She lives with her husband Lucas, who is a writer. They live in a remote estate in Snagow. During the night, Clémentine is awakened by weird noises outside the old house and Lucas sees their car being stolen. Then the lights in the house turn off, the phone line is dead and they see that their property gate has been trespassed and they are surrounded by weird persons with lights. The two hide in the cellar and try to escape to ask for help during this dreadful night of pure terror.
Jones Media DVD 22090

At eternity's gate
CBS Films presents ; Riverstone Pictures/SPK Pictures/Rocket Science present ; a Rahway Road/Iconoclast production ; produced by Jon Kilik ; written by Jean-Claude Carrière, Julian Schnabel, Louise Kugelberg ; directed by Julian Schnabel
Santa Monica, CA : Lions Gate Entertainment, [2019]
The last years of the great Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh are dramatized. The focus is on the time the artist spent in Ales and Auvers-sur-Oise, France. The art of painting itself and the painter's relationship with the concept of infinity are central themes. Not an exhaustive overview of all events in the final years of Van Gogh's life, but focuses on key elements the artist experienced as he struggled with mental turmoil and produced some of his greatest masterpieces.
Jones Media DVD 22091

Desert hearts
The Samuel Goldwyn Company ; a Donna Deitch film ; screenplay by Natalie Cooper ; produced and directed by Donna Deitch
[New York] : The Criterion Collection, [2017]
It is 1950s Nevada, and Professor Vivian Bell arrives to get a divorce. She's unsatisfied with her marriage, and feels out of place at the ranch she stays on, she finds herself increasingly drawn to Cay Rivers, an open and self-assured lesbian, and the ranch owner's daughter.
Jones Media DVD 22092

The Picasso summer
Warner Bros. Pictures ; screenplay by Ray Bradbury ; produced by Bruce P. Campbell and Wes Herschensohn
[Burbank, CA] : Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., [2010]
Pablo Picasso, where are you? Disenchanted with his work as an architect and turned off by the hipper-than-thou '60s San Francisco art scene, George Smith has a breakthrough idea: chuck it all and go meet the one real artist he admires. So off to Europe he and adoring wife Alice fly, into an unexpected physical and emotional itinerary.
Jones Media DVD 22086

Boy erased
Focus Features presents ; in association with Perfect World Pictures and Anonymous Content ; a Blue-Tongue Films/Anonymous Content production ; produced by Kerry Kohansky-Roberts, Steve Golin, Joel Edgerton ; written for the screen and directed by Joel Edgerton
Universal City, CA : Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, [2019]
Boy Erased tells the courageous story of Jared Eamons, the son of a Baptist pastor in a small American town, who must overcome the fallout of being outed to his parents. His parents struggle with reconciling their love for their son with their beliefs. Fearing a loss of family, friends, and community, Jared is pressured into attending a conversion therapy program. While there, Jared comes into conflict with its leader and begins his journey to finding his own voice and accepting his true self.
Jones Media DVD 22085

Uncle Buck
Hughes Entertainment presents ; directed by John Hughes ; written by John Hughes ; produced by John Hughes & Tom Jacobson
Universal City, CA : Universal Studios Home Entertainment, [2007]
Uncle Buck, an idle good-natured bachelor, is left in charge of his nephew and nieces during a family crisis. While his carefree ways easily charm the younger relatives, he meets more than a little hostility from Tia, his rebellious teenage niece, and Chanice, his impatient girlfriend.
Jones Media DVD 22084

Focus Features presents in association with June Pictures ; a June Pictures/B Story production ; in association with Big Indie Pictures ; produced by Kevin J. Walsh, Nat Faxon, Jim Rash, Andrew Duncan, Alex Saks ; written and directed by Cory Finley
Universal City, CA : Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, [2018]
Two upper-class teenage girls in suburban Connecticut rekindle their unlikely friendship after years of growing apart. Together, they hatch a plan to solve both of their problems -- no matter what the cost.
Jones Media DVD 22083

The fire next time
a film by Patrice O'Neill ; ITVS, Independent Television Service presents ; the Working Group/Not In Our Town Project presents ; produced by the Working Group ; produced in association with the Independent Television Service (ITVS) ; director/producer/writer, Patrice O'Neill ; co-producers, Pamela Calvert, Kelly Whalen
[New York, jNew York] : Docurama, [2005]
Winding path -- Terror at home -- Finding an enemy -- Standing together -- Planned growth -- Deadly implications -- United majority -- Youthful audience -- Changing of the seasons -- Gate rally -- Working together -- Credits.

The people of the Flathead Valley in Kalispell, Montana are used to thinking they live in "the last best place in America." However, the arrival of celebrities and wealthy retirees has driven up land values, while subdivisions and the infrastructure of tourism are eating up the open spaces natives and newcomers alike enjoy. The industrial base of logging, smelting, and millwork is eroding, and new environmental laws conflict with the working and recreational habits of many longtime residents. The tensions roiling northwestern Montana in many ways have turned rural America into today's political front line, with all sides caught in a tense web of conflict, intimidation, and public invective. If ordinary people can sometimes, through inaction, allow extremist violence to grow against friends and neighbors, how--once such a bitter and destructive turn is taken--can a community marshal the will to pull itself back together?
Jones Media DVD 22082

Planes, trains & automobiles
Paramount Pictures presents ; written, produced and directed by John Hughes
Hollywood, Calif. : Paramount Home Entertainment, [2009]
Special features: Getting there is half the fun: The story of Planes, trains and automobiles -- John Hughes for adults -- A tribute to John Candy -- Deleted scene "Airplane food."

An uptight businessman faces disaster after disaster as he tries to get back home in time for his family's Thanksgiving dinner, and along the way is joined by an insane traveling salesman that will not leave him alone.
Jones Media DVD 22081

A man alone
Herbert J. Yates presents ; a Republic production ; screenplay by John Tucker Battle ; story by Mort Briskin ; directed by R. Milland
[New York] : Kino Lorber, [2018]
Ray Milland, Ward Bond, Raymond Burr, and Lee Van Cleef are headed for a lethal showdown of greed, treachery and vengeance in this blazing Western adventure directed by Milland. When notorious gunslinger Wes Steele chances upon the gruesome remains of a stagecoach robbery, he reports the carnage in a nearby town. But there he is framed for the crime by Stanley, the town's most respected citizen, who secretly committed the murders himself as part of an intricate bank robbery scheme.
Jones Media DVD 22080

The revival : women and the word
a film by Sekiya Dorsett ; Cereus Arts, Making Chaos ; executive producers, Jade Foster, Pilot, Inc. ; producer, Jade Foster, Andrea Boston
New York, NY : Women Make Movies, [2016?]
"THE REVIVAL: WOMEN AND THE WORD chronicles the US tour of a group of Black lesbian poets and musicians, who become present-day stewards of a historical movement to build community among queer women of color. Their journey to strengthen their community is enriched by insightful interviews with leading Black feminist thinkers and historians, including Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Nikki Finney, and Alexis Deveaux. As the group tours the country, the film reveals their aspirations and triumphs, as well as the unique identity challenges they face encompassing gender, race, and sexuality. This is a rarely seen look into a special sisterhood - one where marginalized voices are both heard and respected"--Women Make Movies WWW site.
Jones Media DVD 22079

Lorimar Motion Pictures presents an Alan J. Pakula film ; screenplay by Lyle Kessler ; produced and directed by Alan J. Pakula
Harold, a slick mobster, enters the bleak world of two teenaged orphans. The boys are urban scavengers who steal and mug for a living, but when they kidnap Harold, the gangster, he turns the tables to become an unlikely parent who changes their lives forever.
Jones Media DVD 22078

Support the girls
Magnolia Pictures and Burn Later Productions present a Houston King and Slater Films production; produced by Sam Slater, Houston King ; written and directed by Andrew Bujalski
Los Angeles, CA : Magnolia Home Entertainment, [2018]
Lisa is the last person some would expect to find in a highway-side 'sports bar with curves,' but as general manager at Double Whammies, she has come to love the place and its customers. An incurable den mother, she nurtures and protects her girls fiercely, but over the course of one trying day, her optimism is battered from every direction. Double Whammies sells a big, weird American fantasy, but what happens when reality pokes a bunch of holes in it?
Jones Media DVD 22077

Great African films. Vol. 4 : the Pirogue by Moussa Toure ; Colobane express and the silent monologue by Khady Sylla
ArtMattan Productions presents a special 2-DVD set
New York, NY : ArtMattan Productions, [2015?]
Pirogue: In Moussa Toure's powerful epic fiction film, a group of 30 men and a woman sail to Europe in a pirogue, facing the sea - and the possibility of never reaching their destination, in exchange for the myth of a better life in Europe.
Jones Media DVD 22076

haOfeh miBerlin = Der Kuchenmacher = The cakemaker
Laila Films and Film Base Berlin presentieren ; produzent, Itai Tamir ; buch und regie, Ofir Raul Graizer
[Culver City, CA] : Strand Releasing Home Video, [2018]
Thomas, a young German baker, has an affair with Oren, a married Israeli man. After Oren unexpectedly dies in a car crash, Thomas travels to Jerusalem seeking answers about his death. Under a fake identity, Thomas enters the life of Anat, his lover's newly widowed wife. There, he begins to work for Anat, baking pastries that bring her cafe to vibrant life. Thomas becomes deeply involved in her life beyond his own expectation and stretches the lie about himself to a point of no return.
Jones Media DVD 22075

Univeral Pictures and Gold Circle Films present ; in association with Strike Entertainment ; written & directed by James Gunn ; produced by Paul Brooks, Eric Newman
Universal City, Calif. : Universal Pictures, [2006]
Wheelsy is a small rural town where not much happens, but that is all going to change, and not for the better. Grant Grant, the town's wealthiest and most powerful citizen, is taking a walk through the woods when he comes across a strange and unfamiliar life form. Grant makes the mistake of getting too close and soon an alien creature invades his body. It is not long before Grant isn't the only one who has been attacked by the strange and slimy things. Grant's wife, Starla, begins to notice that something is very wrong with her husband. At the same time, Sheriff Bill Pardy becomes aware that there is a pattern of missing people and animals. Together, Starla and Bill set out to put a stop to the alien invaders intent upon taking over Wheelsy.
Jones Media DVD 22074

The Grinch
Illumination ; Universal Pictures presents ; produced by Chris Meledandri, Janet Healy ; screenplay by Michael LeSieur and Tommy Swerdlow ; directed by Scott Mosier, Yarrow Cheney
Universal City, CA : Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, [2019]
A re-telling of the classic tale about a grumpy old creature living in a cave on Mt. Crumpet who can't stand to see his neighbors in Whoville enjoying themselves. Things are especially bad at Christmas, when the Whos kick their merriment into high gear with fantastic celebrations. This year, the Grinch decides to dress up like Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and steal all the Christmas gifts and decorations so the Whos can't enjoy the season. What he finds, however, is that Christmas in Whoville is much more than gifts and decorations, it's a time to celebrate love and friendship.
Jones Media DVD 22073

Finding Oscar
FilmRise and The Kennedy/Marshall Company present in association with USC Shoah Foundation, Friends of FAFG & Diamond Docs ; written by Ryan Suffern, Mark Monroe ; produced by Frank Marshall ; produced & directed by Ryan Suffern
[Brooklyn, N.Y.] : FilmRise, [2018]
In a forgotten massacre during Guatemala's decades-long civil war, a young boy was spared, only to be raised by one of the very soldiers who killed his family. Nearly 30 years after the tragedy, it will take a dedicated team - from a forensic scientist to a young Guatemalan prosecutor - to uncover the truth and bring justice to those finding the missing boy named Oscar.
Jones Media DVD 22072

First man
directed by Damien Chazelle ; screenplay by Josh Singer ; produced by Wyck Godfrey, Marty Bowen, Isaac Klausner, Damien Chazelle ; co-producer, James R. Hansen ; a Universal Pictures presentation ; in association with Dreamworks Pictures/Perfect World Pictures ; a Temple Hill production
Universal City, CA : Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, [2019]
The riveting story behind the first manned mission to the moon, focusing on Neil Armstrong and the decade leading to the historic Apollo 11 flight. A visceral and intimate account told from Armstrong's perspective, based on the book by James R. Hansen, the film explores the triumphs and the cost, on Armstrong, his family, his colleagues and the nation itself; of one of the most dangerous missions in history.
Jones Media DVD 22070

American animals
the Orchard, MoviePass Ventures, AI Film, and Film 4 present a RAW production in association with Lava Bear ; produced by Derrin Schlesinger, Katherine Butler, Dimitri Doganis, Mary Jane Skalski ; written & directed by Bart Layton
Santa Monica, CA : Lions Gate Entertainment, [2018]
A remarkable and exciting true story about four friends living ordinary lives who decide to take a daring attempt at one of the most courageous book robberies in all of the history of the United States. However, their attempt at fraud doesn't go as they expected and it results in each of them beginning to question whether their attempt to seek excitement in their lives was just an unwarranted experiment at achieving their goal of obtaining the American Dream.
Jones Media DVD 22071

Cuchillo de palo : 108
Estudi Playtime presents a co-production with 3 Televisió de Catalunya ; produced by Estudi Playtime ; production, Marta Andreu, Susana Benito ; written and directed by Renate Costa Perdomo
Brooklyn, NY : Icarus Films, ©2010
"When Rodolfo Costa was found naked on the floor of his home in Paraguay, he had been dead for days. Although ostensibly jobless, he had mysteriously amassed a small fortune. He also has a secret alias--Héctor Torres--and a secret life. At the time, [director] Renate Costa Perdomo was a young girl. Asked to select her uncle's burial garb, she found his closet empty. Surely the lively, colorfully-dressed Rodolfo she knew could not, as those around her claimed, have died of sadness. In [this film], Costa Perdomo investigates the shadowy circumstances of Rodolfo's death. Witnesses and clues gently reveal Rodolfo's true identity as a persecuted gay man and the terrifying "108" homosexual blacklists that ruined lives, careers, and families. The film is also a fascinating portrait of the relationship between the filmmaker, who has left Paraguay and now lives in Spain, and her now-divorced father, Pedro Costa, who remains in the family blacksmithing shop. ... [An] illustration of the impact that the right-wing dictatorship of Alfredo Stroessner, who ruled Paraguay from 1954 to 1989, had on the so-called "108"s living in the country as experienced by a single Paraguayan gay man and his family"--Container.
On Reserve at Jones Media 22069

한국 기행. 기획 EBS, 제작 박앤박미디어. [episode 1185-1189] / 문화예술기행
[Sŏul] : EBS Midiŏ, [2017]
disc 1. Chŏng Chi-yong ŭi ch'ama kŭ kot i kkum endŭl ich'iliya -- disc 2. Sŏmin ŭi sam ŭl tamda hwaga Pak Su-gŭn -- disc 3. Kwŏn Chŏng-saeng ŭi ŏmŏni sasinŭn kŭ nara enŭn -- disc 4. Pak Kyŏng-ni ka pon mansŏkkun ŭi ttang Akyang -- disc 5. Yesul i hŭrŭgo hŭllŏ, Sŏul Sŏch'on.

Episodes 1185-1189 of Han'guk kihaeng, each saved on disc respectively, focus on recounting the lives of influential Korean writers and artists. Disc 1 traces the life of poet Chŏng Chi-yong and his hometown, Okch'ŏn. Disc 2 tells the story of painter Pak Su-gŭn and his hometown Yanggu. Disc 3 reminisces children's writer Kwŏn Chŏng-saeng, his tragic life, and his beloved town Andong. Disc 4 spotlights writer Pak Kyŏng-ni and the setting of her epic saga Toji, Akyang. Disc 5 features contemporary artists and writers gathered in Sŏch'on village in Seoul.
Jones Media DVD 21984

한국 기행. 기획 EBS, 제작 미디어 길. [episodes 650-654] / 부여
[Sŏul] : EBS Midiŏ, [2017]
disc 1. Sala itnŭn chŏnsŏl. Ŭnsanbyŏlsinje -- disc 2. Paekche ŭi hyanggi -- disc 3. San e, ŏndŏk e pom i omyŏn -- disc 4. Orae toen kohyang ŭi p'unggyŏng -- disc 5. Kŭmgang ŭi tto tarŭn irŭm, Paekmagang.

Episodes 650-654 of Han'guk kihaeng, each saved on a disc respectively, focus on the Puyŏ-gun region of South Korea. Disc 1 introduces Ŭnsanbyŏlsinje, which is a town-wide funeral ceremony held every three years for soldiers who died during the Paekche reconstruction movement. Disc 2 promotes ongoing excavations for Paekche artifacts and relics. Disc 3 spotlights the countryside people's days in the springtime mountain. Disc 4 features traditional lifestyles in Puyŏ such as the Hongsan market and domestic ramie fabric production. Disc 5 records the everyday lives of the people who use Kŭmgang River to make a living.
Jones Media DVD 22057

한국 기행. 기획 EBS, 제작 박앤박미디어. [episodes 567-570] / 익산
[Sŏul] : EBS Midiŏ, [2017]
disc 1. San ŭro kasẽ Tol kaerŏ kasẽ -- disc 2. Kŭmgang, Pogu maŭl saramtŭl -- disc 3. Ma rŭl kaenŭn ai, Sŏdong -- disc 4. Hŭin mŏri nallimyŏ tallyŏ odŏn ŏmŏni, Kohyang yŏk.

Episodes 567-570 of Han'guk kihaeng, each saved on a disc respectively, focus on the Iksan-si region of South Korea. Disc 1 introduces the traditionally famous rock mining industry. Disc 2 introduces people who make a living using the Kŭmgang river. Disc 3 spotlights Korean yams, which are Iksan's specialty produce, and the legend of Sŏdong. Disc 4 features composer Im Chong-su, who wrote a song about Iksan train station, and follows him as he reminisces his childhood.
Jones Media DVD 22062

Twentieth Century Fox and Regency Enterprises present ; in association with Film4 ; a New Regency/See-Saw Films/Lammas Park production ; a Steve McQueen film ; produced by Ian Canning, Emile Sherman, Steve McQueen, Arnon Milchan ; screenplay by Gillian Flynn & Steve McQueen ; directed by Steve McQueen
Beverly Hills, California : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2019]
Four women with nothing in common except a debt left by their dead husbands' criminal acts conspire to take fate into their own hands.
Jones Media DVD 22068

Muhammad : the messenger of God
[San Clemente, California] :, [2017?]
"Abu Sufyan informs Abu Taleb, Muhammad's uncle, that he plans to kill the Holy Prophet of Islam. Upon hearing this, Abu Taleb remembers the earlier years of their struggles. As recounted in the Quranic chapter of al-Fil (105), by the order of Abraha, King of Habasha, one of his army commanders launches an attack on Mecca in order to destroy the Kaaba in the year 570 AD. He leads a well-equipped force comprised of thousands of soldiers, horses and elephants. As the army approaches Mecca, the elephants respond to divine order by halting and refusing to continue. Millions of small birds then release a hail of stones onto Abraha's forces and the army is annihilated. A month later, Muhammad is born. This film depicts the pagan age with all its tyranny and oppression as seen through the eyes of Muhammad from birth to the age of 13"
Jones Media DVD 22067

A private war
Aviron Pictures presents in association with Tri G and the Fyzz Facility ; a Kamala Films, Thunder Road Films, Savvy Media Holdings, Denver & Delilah Films production ; produced by Basil Iwanyk, Marissa McMahon, Matthew George, Matthew Heineman, Charlize Theron ; written by Arash Amel ; directed by Matthew Heineman
Universal City, CA : Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, [2019]
In a world where journalism is under attack, Marie Colvin is one of the most admired war correspondents of today. She is fearless and rebellious, driven to the frontlines of conflicts across the globe. After being hit by a grenade, she wears a distinctive eye patch and is still as comfortable with London's elite as she is confronting dictators. Her mission to show the true cost of war leads her, along with war photographer Paul Conroy, to embark on the most dangerous assignment of their lives.
Jones Media DVD 22066