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Health insurance reform in Indonesia : expanding insurance coverage, implementing a single-payer system, and improving healthcare equity
Sumartono, Luqman author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2018

Rural workfare and consumption smoothing in India : role of NREGS as insurance against rainfall shocks
Kovvuri, Akhila J., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2018

More companies are staying private : are they better off as a result?
Blackwell, Andrew author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2018

Set of reference prints used in the production of Second sight: the photographs of Sally Mann
Photographic prints mounted on pages of an album. Images of natural landscapes, rural landscape structures, a window in a home, portraits, and various objects and human figures as close-up fragments.
Rauner Iconography 1741

The effect of medical marijuana laws on opioid utilization : evidence from medicare part D implementation
Gu, Helen author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2018

Prognosticon. Super novis stupendis & prius non visis planetarum conjunctionibus magnis anno Domini M.D. XXIIII. futuris ..
Virdung, Johann, 1463-approximately 1538
Oppenheym [i.e. Oppenheim] : [Jacob Köbel], 1521
Rauner Rare Book BF1720.5 .V79 1521

The changing burden of malaria : assessing our progress in the era of interventions
Herrera, David author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2018

Recreation for ingenious head-peeces, or, A pleasant grove for their wits to walk in : of epigrams 700. epitaphs, 200. fancies, a number. fantasticks, abundance. With their addition, multiplication, and division
London : printed by M: Simmons, in Aldersgate-Street, 1654
Rauner Rare Book PR2308 .W58 1654

Rauner Manuscript mss 003456

Computational fabrication : string art
Dai, Annie T., author
"This thesis explores techniques for creating string arts, a form of artwork where artists use strings to create abstracted images. Given a set of pin locations and a reference image, we automatically generated a thread path that helps artists to reassemble the image without going through the traditional design process. For each edge that connects a pair of pins, the method assigns a binary value to indicate whether we want it or not. Our approach uses a linear least squares solver to assign such values so that the linear combination of all edges should recreate the desired image. However, the values we obtain from linear least squares solver are not binary but continuous real numbers. In order to overcome the obstacle, we proposed a new quantization method that converts continuous values to binary values. We then obtained a series of edge segments. By connecting all these edge segments, we form a continues path that is ready for fabrication. We make the string art with an Adept Cobra i600 SCARA arm, which has a four degree of freedom. Furthermore, we introduced a model for color string art with opaque thread. We extend the previous methods and our linear least squares method with the color model and generate a series of thread placement to produce string art with various colors. Due to the limitation of fabrication, we only tested the color method in simulation and rendered in the Autodesk Maya, software for 3D modeling, rendering and animating. "
Baker Berry Cook Thesis M.S. 2019

The Pretty alphabet
Boston: : Published by Lilly, Wait & Co. 121 Washington Street., [between 1833 and 1834?]
Rauner 1926 Coll P748

Get ready : periodico fatto a mano
Milano : Casa editrice lo spinello, [1972]
Rauner Rare Book ML3533.8 .G48

Photon surfaces : rendering volume robustly with unbiased density estimators
Deng, Xi, author
"Participating media, such as foggy atmosphere, fire, stained window glasses and smoke, are widely used in modern films, games and related fields for realistic synthesizing. Satisfying the demand of rendering participating media accurately and efficiently remains challenging today. Previous work either solved the problem by using unbiased estimators with low convergence rates, or by rendering efficiently at the expense of adding bias. Our work focuses on deriving robust photon density estimators for volume rendering that are both accurate and efficient. We construct a new theory framework for the derivation of unbiased photon density estimators in participating media rendering. In this framework, we combine analytic integration of parts of the path integral in extended path space with Monte-Carlo estimators to approximate intensity of pixels. Through specific choices of analytic integration variables, we then derive a group of unbiased density estimators, named "photon surfaces." We concentrate mainly on the distance sampling domain ("generalized photon planes") and the point sampling domain on an area light source ("single scattering photon surfaces"), which makes it possible to render a light-to-medium path with unbiased density estimators. The second contribution of our work relates to variance reduction. Due to the geometric nature of different photon surfaces, each estimator introduces singularities in some specific area. These singularities produce low frequency noise and slow down the convergence rate. To address this, we further develop several robust density estimators by applying multiple importance sampling (MIS) among our photon surfaces estimators to combine their advantages. As a result, MIS's estimators dramatically reduce the singularities and improve the convergence rate. Moreover, we also show how we combine a continuum of estimators with MIS, which helps to improve the robustness of single scattering photon surfaces estimators. "
Baker Berry Cook Thesis M.S. COSC 2019

The State of New Hampshire. A proclamation. Whereas, on the evening of the seventeenth day of July, at Hanover, in this State, Christie C. Warden was murdered in a most brutal and atrocious manner, by one called Frank C. Almy ..
Hiram A. Tuttle, Governor
[New Hampshire] : [State of New Hampshire], [1891]
Summary of a proclamation given at the Council Chamber in Concord on August 4th, 1891 by Hiram A. Tuttle, Governor of New Hampshire for the arrest of Frank C. Almy concerning the murder of Christie C. Warden and a formal request for the appropriation of $2,500 to be used as a reward.
Rauner Broadside 891454