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Look e're you leap, or, A history of the lives and intrigues of lewd women : with the arraignment of their several vices : to which is added the Character of a good woman
London : J. Clarke, J. Hodges, and T. Harris, 1741
Rauner Rare Book BJ1609 .L665 1741

Re-sounding harmony : nature, longing, and landscape as a narrative towards transcendence
Kraft, Alexandra Xanthe G., author
"The term music as imagined today often denotes a sound-restricted entity or activity. However, different formulations of reality itself--varying metaphysical positions--vastly influence music's categorized connections to the larger human experience. Scholars of the Middle Ages and certain non-Western cultures, for example, understand music within an overarching structure and purpose of all reality. I refer to this view as sacramental, implying that one can access eternity, universality, and the greater immaterial nature of reality through engagement with the temporality, specificity, and materiality of the directly observable world. Bonaventure, a 13th Century Italian philosopher, uniquely presents a detailed process of realizing meaning--glimpses of this grand all-encompassing structure of reality--from the sensory world. His theory of contemplation--passing through the external, internal, and beyond realms--explains my compositional goal of leading listeners from the sensory world to deeper forms of understanding. By sonically evoking the external sensible world, the internal world of personal reflection, and a realm beyond the self, I aurally depict a narrative of longing--seeking and finding meaning. Through this analysis of meaning and meaning-realization, and exploration of how it relates to my artistic goals, I highlight a living and alternate metaphysical worldview and reignite the project of developing a musical metaphysics which integrates music into the purpose of human lives. "
Paddock Thesis Masters 2018

Punta del Burro
Dawes, Kwame Senu Neville, 1962- author
Newark, Vermont : Printed at the Janus Press, 2018
Vallarta drawings, April 2012, Punta del Burro, Vayarit, Mexico [facsimile of drawings and holograph poems] -- Chapbook [poems set in type].
Rauner Presses J268dapu

Supplement to the Letters written by the late Right Honourable Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield, to his son, Philip Stanhope, Esq; Late Envoy Extraordinary at the Court of Dresden
London : Printed for J. Dodsley, in Pall-Mall, MDCCLXXXVII [1787]
Rauner Rare Book PR3346.C2 Z48 1787

A collection of twenty-four caricatures : which have appeared in Paris since the late revolution : with an introduction and explanatory remarks annexed to each plate
London : Charles Tilt, 1831
Rauner Rare Book NC1495 .C6 1831

The polite present, or Manual of good manners
Boston : William H. Hill, Jr., [185-?]
Rauner Rare Book BJ1854 .P645 1850

Molecular solids as sublimable adhesives
Mitchell, Haydn Thomas, author
"This thesis describes the experimental implementation and fundamental investigation of molecular solids as sublimable adhesives. The introduction provides the overview of molecular design criteria for crystal engineering and interfacial engineering of structure-property relationships within molecular solids. Chapter 1 presents the first systematic investigation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) as a new class of sublimable adhesives that enable bonding of glass, metal, and plastic with shear stresses ranging from 5-50 N cm⁻². Systematic assessment shows that intermolecular interactions and structural features of the surface influence adhesion strength and mechanism of failure. Chapter 2 expands the concept of sublimable adhesives to a broader range of solid state structures, and highlights a remarkable ability of simple molecular solids (e.g., iodine and camphor) to exhibit resistance to shear. Observed shear stresses range in strength between 10-127 N cm⁻². This expanded range of shear stresses are substantially greater than commercially available double-side tape (16 ± 1 N cm⁻²). Systematic investigation of interfaces suggests that preferential orientation plays a crucial role in enabling the adhesion for molecular solids to surfaces. "
Kresge Thesis M.S. Chem. 2018

This is my report on Halley's comma
Schulz, Charles M. 1922-2000, artist
Four panel cartoon strip depicting Sally and Charlie Brown from the Peanuts discussing Halley's comma.
Rauner Iconography 1735

You're right. Shakespeare is better than Robert Frost
Woods, Betty (Cartoonist) artist
Pensacola, Florida : Betty Woods, 1981
Drawing of two mice, eating books, with caption: "You're right. Shakespeare is better than Robert Frost."
Rauner Iconography 1736

Stories for boys
London, England : Blackie & Son Limited, [19--]
Rauner Sine Illus X37storyb

The romance of reading
Polkinghorne, R. K
London : Oxford University Press, 1936
Rauner Sine Illus Z65poro

Blackie's model readers
London : Blackie & Son, 1905-1907
Rauner Sine Illus Z65blmo

Blackie's model readers
London : Blackie & Son, 1905-1907
Rauner Sine Illus Z65blmo

Blackie's model readers
London : Blackie & Son, 1905-1907
Rauner Sine Illus Z65blmo

Social me : Sofia Szamosi's social media box set
Szamosi, Sofia, 1989- author,
[New York, New York?] : Sofia Szamosi, [2018?]
Girls making faces -- Madypenguin's Starbucks cup and being #basic on Instagram -- Girls and their food on Instagram. Volumes one & two -- Girls and their bodies on Instagram -- Girls and their dogs on Instagram -- Unretouchable. Part one.

"This box set documents my various attempts over the last two years to understand my complicated relationship to social media and the hidden forces that drive it."--Folded sheet.
Rauner Presses B646szso

Blackie's English-study readers
London ; Blackie & Sons, [1927-1928]
Rauner Sine Illus Z65blen

Golden journeys
compiled by F.T. Futers
London : McDougall's Educational Co. Ltd., [1933?]
Rauner Sine Illus Z65ssr

Rare cargoes
by C.F. Allan
Edinburgh : McDougall's Educational Co., [19--?]
Rauner Sine Illus Z65ssr

The splendid quest
Allan, C. F
Edinburgh ; [between 1930 and 1959?]
Rauner Sine Illus Z65ssr

Joyful pilgrimage
Rutherford, J. H
London : McDougall's Educational Col., [1934]
Rauner Sine Illus Z65ssr

The Ways of Wonderland
Bayley, Viola
London. : James Nisbet and Co., ©1938
Rauner Sine Illus X37bawa

The young patriot readers
London : Henry Frowde : [1916?]
Rauner Sine Illus X37youn

Our allies story book : tales of adventure in France, Belgium, Russia, Serbia, Japan, &c. : with coloured plates and many black-and-white illustrations
London ; Blackie and Son Limited, [1918]
Rauner Sine Illus X37oura

Little folks' pictures
London : Thomas Nelson & Sons, [1930]
Rauner Sine Illus X37litt

Preliminary French lessons
Siepmann, Otto, 1861-1947
London : Macmillan, 1913
Rauner Sine Illus B762sipr

The Story of Sinbad the Sailor
London ; T. Nelson & Sons, [1917]
Rauner Sine Illus X37stsi

Read a story : a book of pictures, stories and poems
London ; Blackie & Son Ltd., [1930]
Rauner Sine Illus X37rea

The robin redbreast story book
London ; Blackie and Son Ltd., [1923]
Rauner Sine Illus X37rob

Enid Blyton's treasury
Blyton, Enid
London : [Evans] : 1947
Rauner Sine Illus X37tre

The Daffodil story book
London : Blackie & Son, [192-?]
Rauner Sine Illus X37daf

La Maison aux panonceaux
Frazer, Lady -1941
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1914
Rauner Sine Illus B762frma

Sons & daughters of Australasia
Mackenzie, Donald A. 1873-1936
London : Blackie and Son Ltd., [192-?]
Rauner Sine Illus Z65our

Sons & daughters of Canada
by Donald A. Mackenzie
London : Blackie and Son, [1919?]
Rauner Sine Illus Z65our

Sons & daughters of the motherland
Mackenzie, Donald A. 1873-1936
London ; Blackie and Sons Limited, [1919]
Rauner Sine Illus Z65our

Un peu de Français : earliest lessons & practice in phonetics
Ceppi, Marc, 1875-
London : G. Bell & Sons, 1924
Rauner Sine Illus B762cepe

The Arctic mariner : Air, The Irish emigrant
Arctic regions : B. Young, printer, 1851
Broadside produced on HMS Resolute by Benjamin Young, ice quartermaster from the accompanying HMS Intrepid. Captain Horatio Austin captained the rescue mission searching for Sir John Franklin and Franklin's Arctic expedition crew. Songs were composed by various officers on board, including Sherard Osborn, George F. McDougall, and Charles Ede. See Hoag.
Rauner Stefansson M1978.S2 A738 1851

Musaeum Kircherianum, sive, Musaeum a P. Athanasio Kirchero in Collegio Romano Societatis Jesu jam pridem incoeptum nuper restitutum, auctum, descriptum, & iconibus illustratum : excellentissimo Domino Francisco Mariae Ruspolo antiquae urbis Agyllinae Principi
Buonanni, Filippo, 1638-1725
Romae : Typis Georgii Plachi caelaturam profitentis, & characterum fusoriam propè S. Marcum, MDCCIX [1709]
Classis prima. Continens idola & instrumenta ad sacrificia ethnicorum spectantia -- Classis secunda. Continens tabellas votivas & anathematha -- Classis tertia. Continens sepulchra & inscriptiones sepulchrales -- Classis quarta. Continens lucernas sepulchrales -- Classis quinta. Fragmenta eruditae antiquitatis -- Classis sexta. Continens lapides, fossilia, aliasqueglebas, à natura effigie aliqua donatas -- Classis septima. Apparatum habet rerum pergrinarum, ex variis orbis plagis collectum -- Classis octava. Exponuntur plantae marinae, frutices, & animalia tum mariana, tum terrestria -- Classis nona. Instrumenta mathematica -- Classis decima. Indicantur tabulae pictae, signa marmorea, & numismata diversi generis -- Classis undecima. Continet observationes rerum minimarum ope microscopii factas -- Classis duodecima. Continens animalia testacea -- Pars secunda. Describuntur testacea in parte quarta delineata -- Pars tertia. Continent varia problemata menti proposita in observatione testaceorum.
Rauner Rare Book AM101 .R66 1709