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Imagine it forward : courage, creativity, and the power of change
Comstock, Beth, author
New York : Currency, [2018]
"From one of today's foremost innovation leaders, an inspiring and practical guide to mastering change in the face of relentless uncertainty. The world will never be slower than it is right now, says Beth Comstock, the former Vice Chair and head of marketing and innovation at GE. But confronting the relentless pace of change is hard. Employees get downsized; companies find themselves disrupted as challengers steal away customers. To thrive in today's world, every one of us has to become a change-maker. In Imagine It Forward, Comstock shares lessons from a thirty year career as the change-maker in chief, on spotting trends and driving innovation. In a candid and deeply personal narrative, Beth describes her successes and failures from the front lines of business, across industries ranging from media to health, energy to manufacturing, finance to the Industrial Internet. As the woman who spearheaded Ecomagination, and GE's famed FastWorks methodology, she helped to turn a process-heavy, risk-averse culture, to one that increasingly embraced transparency, adaptability, iteration, and discovery. She shows how each one of us can -- in fact, must -- become a "change maker"--an instigator of change -by giving ourselves permission to imagine a better way. For Comstock, the concept of being "change ready" calls for the courage to defy convention, the resilience to overcome doubts, and the savvy to know when to go around corporate gatekeepers to reinvent what is possible. It means being willing to move forward without having all the answers, while recognizing that inevitably there will be tension and conflict. It requires an uncompromising faith in experimentation, and a belief that disruption is something you engage, not simply respond to. Among the practical takeaways Comstock offers in Imagine It Forward: Give yourself permission. Every change maker must learn to give herself permission to push outside expectations and boundaries. The power of discovery. Discovery is the process of bringing the outside into your organization. It is about infusing yourself and your team with a spirit of inquiry and curiosity, turning the world into a classroom. Find a "Spark.' Bring in provocateurs to challenge established ways of thinking; they can be a powerful catalyst for change. Story Craft. Strategy is a story well told. To innovate successfully, you have to craft a new narrative about what the organization stands for in order to change how people think and act. "Ideas are rarely the problem," writes Comstock. "What holds all of us back, really--is fear. It's the attachment to the old, to 'What We Know.'" Confronting today's accelerating change requires an extraordinary degree of problem-solving, collaboration, and forward-thinking leadership to unlock everyone's potential. Imagine It Forward masterfully points the way"--
Feldberg HD58.8 .C6486 2018

Nolo's patents for beginners
Pressman, David, 1937- author
Berkeley, CA : Nolo, 2018
Introduction : Your legal companion -- Patents and intellectual property law -- Qualifying for a patent -- Invention documentation -- Patent searching -- Reading and writing patents -- Patent prosecution and the pto -- Patent ownership -- Patent infringement -- International patent law -- Help beyond this book.

Provides an introduction to the patenting process, including information on invention documentation, patent searching, patent ownership, and patent infringement.
Feldberg KF3114.85 .P737 2018

Algorithmic aspects of machine learning
Moitra, Ankur, 1985- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
This book bridges theoretical computer science and machine learning by exploring what the two sides can teach each other. It emphasizes the need for flexible, tractable models that better capture not what makes machine learning hard, but what makes it easy. Theoretical computer scientists will be introduced to important models in machine learning and to the main questions within the field. Machine learning researchers will be introduced to cutting-edge research in an accessible format, and gain familiarity with a modern, algorithmic toolkit, including the method of moments, tensor decompositions and convex programming relaxations. The treatment beyond worst-case analysis is to build a rigorous understanding about the approaches used in practice and to facilitate the discovery of exciting, new ways to solve important long-standing problems.
Feldberg Q325.5 .M65 2018

AI superpowers : China, Silicon Valley, and the new world order
Lee, Kai-Fu, author
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2018
Introduction -- China's Sputnik moment -- Copycats in the Coliseum -- China's alternate Internet universe -- A tale of two countries -- The four waves of AI -- Utopia, dystopia, and the real AI crisis -- The wisdom of cancer -- A blueprint for human co-existence with AI -- Our global AI story.

The United States has long been the leader in Artificial Intelligence. But Dr. Kai-Fu Lee--one of the world's most respected experts on AI--reveals that China has caught up to the US at an astonishingly rapid pace. As Sino-American competition in AI heats up, Lee envisions China and the US forming a powerful duopoly in AI. He outlines the upheaval of traditional jobs, how the suddenly unemployed will find new ways of making their lives meaningful, and how the Chinese and American governments will have to cope with the changing economic landscape.
Feldberg HC79.I55 L435 2018

Mechanical behavior of materials : engineering methods for deformation, fracture, and fatigue
Dowling, Norman E., 1945- author
Hoboken, NJ : Pearson Education, Inc., [2019]
Feldberg TA404.8 .D68 2019

CRC handbook of thermal engineering
edited by Raj P. Chhabra
Boca Raton : CRC Press, [2018]
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermodynamics -- 1.1 Fundamentals / Michael J. Moran -- 1.2 Control Volume Applications / Michael J. Moran -- 1.3 Property Relations and Data / Michael J. Moran -- 1.4 Combustion / Michael J. Moran -- 1.5 Exergy Analysis / Michael J. Moran -- 1.6 Vapor and Gas Power Cycles / Michael J. Moran -- 1.7 Guidelines for Improving Thermodynamic Effectiveness / Michael J. Moran -- 1.8 Exergoeconomics / George Tsatsaronis -- 1.9 Design Optimization / George Tsatsaronis -- 1.10 Economic Analysis of Thermal Systems / George Tsatsaronis -- 1.11 Exergoenvironmental Analysis / George Tsatsaronis -- 1.12 Advanced Exergy-Based Methods / George Tsatsaronis -- Chapter 2: Fluid Mechanics -- 2.1 Fluid Statics / Stanley A. Berger -- 2.2 Equations of Motion and Potential Flow / Stanley A. Berger -- 2.3 Similitude: Dimensional Analysis and Data Correlation / Stuart W. Churchill -- 2.4 Hydraulics of Pipe Systems / J. Paul Tullis and Blake Paul Tullis -- 2.5 Open Channel Flow / Frank M. White -- 2.6 External Incompressible Flows / John C. Leylegian -- 2.7 Compressible Flow / John C. Leylegian -- 2.8 Multiphase Flow / John C. Chen -- 2.9 Non-Newtonian Flows / Anoop K. Gupta, Raj P. Chhabra, Thomas F. Irvine, Jr., and Massimo Capobianchi -- Chapter 3: Heat and Mass Transfer -- 3.1 Conduction Heat Transfer / Robert F. Boehm -- 3.2 Convection Heat Transfer -- 3.2.1 Natural Convection / Swati A. Patel, Raj P. Chhabra, George D. Raithby, and K.G. Terry Hollands -- 3.2.2 Forced Convection: External Flows / Anoop K. Gupta, Raj P. Chhabra, and N.V. Suryanarayana -- 3.2.3 Forced Convection: Internal Flows / Anoop K. Gupta, Raj P. Chhabra, and N.V. Suryanarayana -- 3.2.4 Convection Heat Transfer in Non-Newtonian Fluids / Swati A. Patel, Raj P. Chhabra, Thomas F. Irvine, Jr., and Massimo Capobianchi -- 3.3 Radiative Heat Transfer / Michael F. Modest -- 3.4 Phase-Change -- 3.4.1 Boiling and Condensation / Van P. Carey -- 3.4.2 Particle Gas Convection / John C. Chen -- 3.4.3 Melting and Freezing / Vasilios Alexiades and Jan Kośny -- 3.5 Mass Transfer / Anthony F. Mills -- Chapter 4: Applications -- 4.1 Heat Exchangers for the Process and Energy Industries / Joshua D. Ramsey, Ken Bell, and Ramesh K. Shah -- 4.2 Application of Nanofluids in Heat Exchangers: Performance and Challenges / Bengt Sunden and Zan Wu -- 4.3 Convection Heat Transfer in Conduits with Nanofluids / Clement Kleinstreuer and Zelin Xu -- 4.4 Fouling in Crude Oil and Food Related Heat-Transfer Equipment / D. Ian Wilson and Graham T. Polley -- 4.5 Bioheat Transfer / John A. Pearce, Kenneth R. Diller, and Jonathan W. Valvano -- 4.6 Thermal Insulation / David W. Yarbrough -- 4.7 Energy Audit for Buildings / Moncef Krarti -- 4.8 Advanced Energy-Efficient Building Envelope Systems / Moncef Krarti and John Zhai -- 4.9 Use of Phase Change Materials in Buildings / Jan Kośny and David W. Yarbrough -- 4.10 Thermal Bridges in Building Structures / Jan Kośny and David W. Yarbrough -- 4.11 Compressors / Christian K. Bach, Ian H. Bell, Craig R. Bradshaw, Eckhard A. Groll, Abhinav Krishna, Orkan Kurtulus, Margaret M. Mathison, Bryce Shaffer, Bin Yang, Xinye Zhang, and Davide Ziviani -- 4.12 Pumps and Fans / Robert F. Boehm -- 4.13 Cooling Towers / Anthony F. Mills -- 4.14 Pinch Technology / Santanu Bandyopadhyay and Shankar Narasimhan -- 4.15 Air-Conditioning Systems / Donald L. Fenton -- 4.16 Heat Transfer Enhancement / Raj M. Manglik -- 4.17 Heat Pipes / Sameer Khandekar -- 4.18 Liquid Atomization and Spraying / Mario F. Trujillo and Rolf D. Reitz -- 4.19 Heat Transfer in Plasma Sprays / Milind A. Jog -- 4.20 Thermal Processing and Preservation of Foods / Prabhat Kumar and K.P. Sandeep -- 4.21 Thermal Conduction in Electronic Microstructures and Nanostructures / Sanjiv Sinha, Krishna Valavala and Jun Ma -- 4.22 Role of Cooling in Electronics Reliability / Pradeep Lall -- 4.23 Direct Contact Heat Transfer / Harold R. Jacobs -- 4.24 Heat Transfer in Presence of Synthetic Jets / Mangesh Chaudhari and Amit Agrawal -- 4.25 Temperature and Heat Transfer Measurements / Robert J. Moffat and Tadhg O'Donovan -- 4.26 Flow Measurement / Jungho Kim, S.A. Sherif, and Alan T. McDonald -- 4.27 Applications of Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Methods in Thermal Engineering / Arturo Pacheco-Vega, Gerardo Diaz, Mihir Sen, and K.T. Yang -- 4.28 Thermal Aspects of Paper Making / Martine Rueff and Evelyne Mauret -- 4.29 Drying of Materials / Pawel Wawrzyniak, Ireneusz Zbicinski, and Mariia Sobulska -- 4.30 Heat Transfer in Rotary Kilns / P.S. Ghoshdastidar -- 4.31 Heat Transfer in Glass Manufacturing Processes / Naveen Tiwari and Rajappa Tadepalli -- 4.32 Solar Hydrogen as a "Renewable Reductant": Points and Counterpoints / Raj Ganesh S. Pala -- 4.33 Passive and Active Solar Distillation / Desh Bandhu Singh and G.N. Tiwari -- Chapter 5: Numerical Methods and Computational Tools -- 5.1 Computer Aided Engineering / Atul Sharma -- 5.2 Finite Difference Methods / Atul Sharma -- 5.3 Finite Volume Method / Atul Sharma -- 5.4 Finite Element Method / Salil S. Kulkarni -- 5.5 Lattice Boltzmann Method / K. Hrisheekesh and Amit Agrawal -- 5.6 Immersed Boundary Method for Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulations / Rajneesh Bhardwaj and Atul Sharma -- 5.7 Numerical Methods for Multiphase Flows / Shyamprasad Karagadde and Atul Sharma -- 5.8 Large Eddy Simulation for Wall-Bounded Flows / Amitabh Bhattacharya -- 5.9 Software and Computer Codes / Atul Sharma -- Appendix A: Properties of Gases and Vapors / Paul Norton -- Appendix B: Properties of Liquids -- Appendix C: Properties of Solids -- Appendix D: SI Units and Conversion Factors.
Feldberg TJ260 .C69 2018

Life is a startup : what founders can teach us about making choices and managing change
Wasserman, Noam, 1969- author
Stanford, California : Stanford Business Books, an imprint of Stanford University Press, [2018]
The future calls : do you answer? -- Your best answer : how to move forward -- Will failure and success bring you down? -- Fail and succeed productively -- Are you blocked by your blueprint and hooked on routine? -- Redraw your blueprint and rethink your routines -- Are you playing with fire and overemphasizing equality? -- Fight the magnetic pulls of family and equality.
Feldberg BF637.S8 W3285 2019

The pan-industrial revolution : how new manufacturing titans will transform the world
D'Aveni, Richard A., author
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2018
"A stunning look at what will happen to global industry as 3-D printing becomes a worldwide phenomenon. Richard D'Aveni contends that this is beginning to happen now and will have far-reaching effects that most corporate and governmental leaders have yet to anticipate. Best-selling author Richard D'Aveni contends that the advent of massive, industrial-sized 3-D printing is already happening quietly under the radar, and that it will have a far-reaching impact that most corporate and governmental leaders have yet to anticipate or understand. 3-D printing isn't just a desktop technology for churning out small trinkets and toys. In this revelatory account, D'Aveni reveals how this breakthrough technology has been secretly adapted by powerful Fortune 500 companies so that they can now manufacture jet engines, huge turbines, automobiles and pretty much everything else in just a matter of days--not weeks or months. Not only will this amazing technology totally change the landscape of manufacturing everywhere, but as D'Aveni contends, it is also destined to have a dramatic effect on the world economy. A small handful of massively powerful corporations--the pan-industrials--will become as important as any tech giant in structuring the global order"--
Feldberg HD9720.5 .D38 2018

Energy management handbook
Roosa, Stephen A., 1952- author
Lilburn, GA: The Fairmont Press, Inc., [2018]
Feldberg TJ163.2 .T87 2018

Decoding Silicon Valley : the insider's guide
Messina, Michelle E., author
Redwood City, California : Decode Publishers, 2016
Silicon Valley matters -- The Silicon Valley you see -- The Silicon Valley you must experience -- Hidden Silicon Valley -- The Silicon Valley mindset -- Breaking the rules ... and other tactics -- Silly Valley -- The road to Silicon Valley -- Everywhere matters.
Feldberg F868.S25 M47 2016

The Pharmagellan guide to biotech forecasting and valuation
David, Frank S., author
[United States] : Pharmagellan, [2016]
Preparing to build a biotech financial model -- Income. Addressable patient population ; Adherence and compliance ; Pricing ; Market share ; Launch curves ; Loss of exclusivity -- Expenses. Costs of goods sold ; Sales, general, and administrative ; Sales force ; Marketing ; R&D ; Regulatory -- Valuation. R&D and regulatory probability of success ; Discount rate.
Feldberg TP248.2 .D38 2016