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editor, Gregor J.M. Weber ; authors, Reinier Baarsen and 27 others
Amsterdam : Rijksmuseum, [2018]
The 17th century is a Golden Age, a century of unprecedented blossoming in Dutch art and culture. Rembrandt uses innovative techniques: Vermeer captures life in silent tableaus. The everyday is portrayed: still lifes with cheeses and flowers, dune landscapes and mills and of course the citizens themselves. Trade flourishes and supplies the Netherlands with goods from all over the world. Including more than 150 highlights from the Rijksmuseum's collection, this publication paints a picture of the glory of the Golden Age.
Sherman N6946 .R492 2018

Pieter Bruegel the Elder and religion
edited by Bertram Kaschek, Jürgen Müller, Jessica Buskirk
Boston : Brill, 2018
Pieter Bruegel the Elder and religion: a historiographical introduction / Bertram Kaschek -- Of Birdnesters and Godsearchers: a new interpretation of Pieter Bruegel the Elder's The Beekeepers / Jürgen Müller -- Peter Bruegel and the problem of vision / Larry Silver -- Virtue or tyranny? Pieter Bruegel, Justitia, and the myth of the Inquisition / Gerd Schwerhoff -- The First Temptation of Christ: an evolving iconographic trope in sixteenth-century Antwerp / Jessica Buskirk -- The imaginarium of death: Pieter Bruegel's The Triumph of Death / Anna Pawlak -- Evidentiae resurrectionis: on the mystery discerned but not seen in Pieter Bruegel's Resurrection of ca. 1562-1563 / Walter S. Melion -- Falling idols, rising icons: Bruegel's Flight Into Egypt and the embeddedness of sacred images in nature / Ralph Dekoninck -- Pieter Bruegel's Hunters in the Snow and Insidiosus Auceps as trap images / Michel Weemans.

The book offers new insight into the religious dimension of Bruegel?s art. With a number of highly original and thorough case studies, the volume illuminates Bruegel?s inventive and multifaceted engagement with the contemporary religious concepts and practices of his day and age.0Religion remains a vital question in the life and career of Bruegel, because it was so long believed to be more or less absent from his work. As a pioneer of the new genres of landscape and peasant scenes, Bruegel was heralded as a ground-breaking ?secular? painter. This volume highlights the most recent scholarship on the artist, offering a much more nuanced portrait of Bruegel?s engagement with the dynamic religious landscape of the mid-sixteenth century.
Sherman ND673.B73 P49 2018

Sans peinture
Pesquès, Nicolas, author
[Strasbourg] : Atelier contemporain, [2017]
Sherman N7475 .P47 2017

Stil und Nation : Barockforschung und deutsche Kunstgeschichte, ca. 1830-1933
Engel, Ute, 1963- author
Paderborn : Wilhelm Fink, Brill Deutschland, c2018
Lange als schwülstig abgelehnt, wurde der Barock erst in den 1870/80er Jahren als eigenwertiger Stil in die kunsthistorische Stilsystematik eingefügt. Bald darauf setzten die Versuche ein, gerade den deutschen Barock unter dem Vorzeichen des Gesamtkunstwerks als Höhepunkt der abendländischen Kunstgeschichte nationalistisch zu vereinnahmen. Diese Verschränkung von Stildebatte und Nationaldiskurs wird erstmals auf einer breiten Quellenbasis analysiert. Es kann gezeigt werden, wie Heinrich Wölfflin, August Schmarsow, Alois Riegl, Wilhelm Pinder u.a. im intertextuellen Austausch Denk- und Deutungsmuster des Barock als Stil und des spezifisch Deutschen in der deutschen Kunst prägten. So trug die Kunstgeschichte entscheidend dazu bei, bis 1933 ein nationales Identitätskonstrukt zu liefern, dessen sich die Nationalsozialisten nur noch bedienen mussten.
Sherman N6866.5.B3 E54 2018

San Vitale in Ravenna and octogonal churches in late antiquity
Johnson, Mark Joseph
Wiesbaden : Reichert Verlag, [2018]
Introduction: The Octagon in Late Antique Architecture -- Octagonal Churches of the Fourth Century -- Octagonal Churches of the Early Fifth Century -- Octagonal Churches of the Later Fifth Century -- The Early Sixth Century -- The Justinianic Octagonal Churches -- The Church of San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy -- Observations and Conclusions -- Bibliography -- Plates.

"This book examines the octagonal churches of Late Antiquity from the origins of the type in the fourth century to its sixth-century culmination in its most famous example, the church of San Vitale in Ravenna. The buildings, limited in number and many overlooked in modern scholarship, served several functions including funerary oratory, martyrium, and cathedral, though most were martyr or memorial shrines. Beyond addressing questions of function, architectural design, structural solutions, chronology, literary sources, and architectural symbolism are also studied."--
Sherman NA5621.R3 J645 2018

The Adornes Domain and the Jerusalem Chapel in Bruges : a remarkable legacy from the Middle Ages
Lambert, Véronique, author
Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, [2018]
Bruges, middle of the 15th century. Anselm Adornes, scion of a rich patrician family, creates a magnificent domain in the heart of the city: an elegant mansion, beautiful gardens, several charitable almshouses and the spectacular Chapel of Jerusalem. It is a place that every right-minded resident of Bruges and every tourist must see. The history of the Adornes domain is truly remarkable, remaining in the unbroken possession of the same family for six centuries. It has survived storms and setbacks, the secularism of the French Revolution, the fury of two world wars and inevitable periods of disinterest. In this book Véronique Lambert allows us to share in the hopes and fears, joys and sorrows, trials and tribulations that mark the milestones in the Adornes family saga. Within the boundaries of historical interpretation and based on extensive research, she unfolds a tale of ambitious adventurers, charismatic personalities, flamboyant lords and ordinary mortals, but each imbued with the family's traditional willpower and energy.
Sherman NA1171.B7 L36 2018

Eurotopians : fragments of a different future
Diehl, Johanna, 1977- author
Munich : Hirmer Verlag GmbH, [2017]
How do we want to live? Where, at a time of profound social challenges, can we find ideas for tomorrow's houses and cities? For their Eurotopians project, Niklas Maak and Johanna Diehl met utopian architects who still live in their experimental buildings from the 1960s and '70s - and who continue to work on the ideas for a future architecture.
Sherman NA209.5 .D5413 2017

Alan Sorrell : the man who created Roman Britain
Sorrell, Julia, author
Havertown, PA : Oxbow Books, 2018
Part One. Alan Sorrell: a brief biography / Julia Sorrell. Introduction ; Early life and education ; The British School at Rome 1928-1930 ; England 1930-1939 ; World War II ; The post-war years -- Part Two. A life determined / Mark Sorrell. Portrait of my father ; Beginnings and the National Museum of Wales ; Jarlshof, Shetland: a work in progress ; Years of achievement.

"Alan Sorrell's archaeological reconstruction drawings and paintings remain some of the best, most accurate and most accomplished paintings of their genre that continue to inform our understanding and appreciation of historic buildings and monuments in Europe, the Near East and throughout the UK. His famously stormy and smoky townscapes, especially those of Roman Britain, were based on meticulous attention to detail borne of detailed research in collaboration with archaeologists such as Sir Mortimer Wheeler, Sir Cyril Fox and Sir Barry Cunliffe, who excavated and recorded his subjects of interest. Many of his reconstructions were commissioned to accompany visitor information and guidebooks at historic sites and monuments where they continue to be displayed. But archaeological subjects were not his only interest. His output was prodigious: he painted murals, portraits, imaginative and romantic scenes and was an accomplished war artist, serving in the RAF in World War II. In this affectionate but objective account, Sorrell's children, both also artists, present a brief pictorial biography followed by more detailed descriptions of the genesis, research and production of illustrations that demonstrate the artist's integrity and vision, based largely on family archives and illustrated throughout with Sorrell's own works. So influential were Sorrell's images of Roman towns such as London, Colchester, Wroxeter, St Albans and Bath, buildings such as the Heathrow temple and the forts of Hadrian's Wall, that he became known as "the man who invented Roman Britain"--
Sherman ND497.S73155 S67 2018

Odilon Redon : literature and music
Redon, Odilon, 1840-1916, artist
Rotterdam : Nai010 uitgevers, [2018]
Odilon Redon (Bordeaux, 1840 - Paris, 1916) was a painter, lithographer, draughtsman and pastellist, as well as a writer, critic and musician. As so many symbolists he was fascinated by synaesthesia, the idea that an experience can be more intense when several senses are solicited together. Redon was masterful at interweaving the expressive powers of literature, music and the visual arts.0By addressing some of Redon?s favorite themes, this richly illustrated publication shows how he transposed literary and musical motifs into his own work and how he reinvented such themes over and over again creating new associations and meaning.0Next to literary themes and subjects linked to classical drama, Redon chose topics that were inspired by, among others, Richard Wagner?s and Robert Schumann?s music. With more than 200 illustrations of works largely in private collections and the Kröller-Müller Museum, and with essays by renowned experts on Redon and Symbolism, this book provides extensive insight into the importance of literature and music in Odilon Redon's oeuvre. 00Exhibition: Kröller-Müller-Museum, Otterlo, The Netherlands (02.06.-09.09.2018) / Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen, Denmark (11.10.2018-20.01.2019).
Sherman N6853.R38 A4 2018

Artists and their books : books and their artists
Reed, Marcia, 1945- author
Los Angeles : The Getty Research Institute, [2018]
Foreword / Thomas W. Gaehtgens -- The book in general: some new definitions / Marcia Reed -- Rediscovering the radius of the discourses, or David Antin's "Politics of the artist's book" / Glenn Phillips -- Various artists' books.

"Presenting eighty editions and unique objects from the Getty Research Institute's special collections, this volume illuminates the current moment of artists' engagement with books, revealing them as an essential medium in contemporary art"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman N7433.3 .G48 2018

Say it with flowers! : Viennese flower painting from Waldmüller to Klimt
edited by Stella Rollig & Rolf H. Johannsen ; with contributions from Rainald Franz and nine others
Munich : Prestel, [2018]
Sherman ND1400 .S29 2018

Pieter Pourbus : meester-schilder uit Gouda = master painter of Gouda
redactie = editors, Marc de Beyer, Josephina de Fouw ; auteurs = authors, Paul Abels, Paul Huvenne, Josephina de Fouw, Anne van Oosterwijk ; vertalers = translators, Vertaalbureau Perfect
[Gouda] : Museum Gouda, [2018]
Pieter Pourbus is een van de beste zestiende-eeuwse schilders uit de Nederlanden. Hij werd in Gouda geboren en beroemd in Brugge. In Nederland is hij vrijwel onbekend. Museum Gouda wil dat veranderen en zet de schilder groots op de kaart. Het is de eerste keer dat Pieter Pourbus in Nederland wordt geëerd met een tentoonstelling. Veel schilderijen zijn dan ook voor het eerst in ons land te zien. Exhibition: Museum Gouda, The Netherlands (17.02.-17.06.2018).
Sherman ND653.P68 A4 2018

Berenice Abbott : a life in photography
Van Haaften, Julia, author
London : W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., [2018]
Big lie all my life : Ohio (1898-1918) -- Center of everything : Greenwich Village (1918-21) -- Blazing chisels : Paris and Berlin (1921-23) -- Why not me? : Paris (1923-26) -- Sexless bird catcher : Paris (1926-29) -- Shock of recognition : Atget, Balzac of the camera : Paris (1925-28) -- No scruples : New York (1929-30) -- Realizing New York : New York City (1930-32) -- Realizing America : New York and Eastern seaboard (1933-34) -- Fantastic passion : New York (1934-36) -- Creative documentary : New York (1936-37) -- Friendly interpreter : New York, California, Chicago (1939-51) -- Photography community : New York (1937-58) -- House of photography : New York (1946-59) -- Photo league : New York (1932-55) -- It has to walk alone : Aspen and New York (1951-54) -- Little old America : Florida and Maine (1954-58) -- PSSC : Cambridge and Maine (1958-60) -- Elizabeth : New York and Maine (1945-65) -- Sell Atget! : New York and Maine (1956-68) -- Hotcakes : New York and Maine (1962-75) -- Barrelhouse girl : New York and Maine (1975-83) -- Epilogue : Maine (1984-92).

Berenice Abbott is to American photography what Georgia O'Keeffe is to painting or Willa Cather to letters. Abbott's sixty-year career established her not only as a master of American photography but also as a teacher, writer, archivist, and inventor. A teenage rebel from Ohio, Abbott escaped to Paris--photographing, in Sylvia Beach's words, "everyone who was anyone"--before returning to New York as the Roaring Twenties ended. She soon fell in love with art critic Elizabeth McCausland, with whom she would spend thirty years of her life. Abbott's best known work, "Changing New York," documented the city's 1930s metamorphosis. She next turned to science as a subject, culminating in work important to America's 1950s "space race" with the Soviet Union. This biography secures Abbott's place in the histories of photography and modern art while framing her accomplishments as a female artist and entrepreneur.
Sherman TR140.A25 V36 2018

Light and lens : photography in the digital age
Hirsch, Robert, 1949- author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2018
Sherman TR267 .H57 2018

Playing with fire : paintings by Carlos Almaraz
Almaraz, Carlos, author
New York : DelMonico Books, an imprint of Prestel Publishing, [2017]
Foreword / Michael Govan -- Playing with Fire / Howard N. Fox -- Plates -- The Artist's Journey : The Life of Carlos Almaraz / Elsa Flores Almaraz, with Jeffrey J. Rangel -- A Life Transfigured in Words : Selections from the Journals of Carlos Almaraz / Compiled by Elsa Flores Almaraz -- Other Voices : Almaraz's Legacy / Compiled by Marielos Kluck.

'Playing with Fire: Paintings by Carlos Almaraz' is the first full- length monograph devoted to an artist known for both his politically engaged cultural production as well as his vibrant, highly sought-after studio art, particularly his scenes of car crashes and pastoral depictions of L.A.'s Echo Park. Among the leading figures whose artistic, cultural, and political motivations catalyzed the Chicano Art movement in the 1970s, Almaraz began his career with works for the United Farm Workers and cofounded the important artists collective Los Four. Although he saw himself as an activist, Almaraz straddled multiple- and often contradictory-identities that drew from divergent cultures and approaches, and his work became less overtly political and more personal, psychological, dreamlike, and even mystical as he evolved artistically. The book features more than 60 works, mostly from the late 1970s through 1989, the year of the artist's untimely death at age 48, as well as selections from his journals and recollections from numerous colleagues and friends who knew him throughout his career.00Exhibition: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, USA (06.08.-03.12.2017).
Sherman ND237.A415 A4 2017

Anton Corbijn : the living and the dead
mit Beiträgen von Daria Dittmeyer-Hössl, Franz Wilhelm Kaiser, Marie-Noël Rio ; herausgegeben von Anton Corbijn & Franz Wilhelm Kaiser ; Übersetzung aus dem Deutschen, Jeremy Gaines ; Übersetzung aus dem Französischen, Matthias Wolf
München : Schirmer Mosel, [2018]
Sherman TR647 .C673 2018

Coming home : art & the great hunger
edited by Niamh O'Sullivan
Hamden, CT : Ireland's Great Hunger Museum/Quinnipiac University Press, [2018]
"The scale of the Great Irish Famine, and the horror of it, were unprecedented. It permeated everything, the traces of which remain to this day. But the visual dimensions of the loss of life and the erosions of language and culture remained unaddressed until Quinnipiac University opened Ireland's Great Hunger Museum in 2012, to considerable acclaim. As a largely invisible trauma whose consequences were intrinsic to the subsequent development of Ireland - no less than the United States - the museum collects and displays images and supporting documentation that address both the lacunae and interconnections in representations of the Great Hunger in Irish and diasporic history, culture, and memory. Now, mindful of the suffering of so many, a large number of whom nonetheless went on to contribute so much to America, Quinnipiac University brings its collection home, to share with the people of Ireland. Coming Home: Art and the Great Hunger is an important act of cultural reconnection with Ireland's past and living diaspora, and is a major cultural, educational, and tourist event of local, national, and international interest."--Amazon.
Sherman N6785 .C66 2018

Albert Bierstadt : witness to a changing West
Peter H. Hassrick ; with contributions by Arthur Amiotte, Emily C. Burns, Dan L. Flores, Laura F. Fry, Karen B. McWhorter, and Melissa W. Speidel ; foreword by Bruce B. Eldredge
Cody, Wyoming : In cooperation with the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, [2018]
Foreword / Bruce B. Eldredge -- Prologue : Enduring Relationships - Indigenous Plains People and the Bison / Arthur Amiotte -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction / Karen McWhorter -- "A Different Class of Mountains" : Albert Bierstadt's Remarkable Career and Critical Reception / Laura F. Fry -- Albert Bierstadt : Witness to a Changing West / Peter H. Hassrick -- Art, Ethnography, and Politics : The Transnational Context of Bierstadt's The Last of the Buffalo in Paris / Emily C. Burns -- Albert Bierstadt : Animal Painter / Melissa W. Speidel -- Silence and Emptiness : The American Plains in the Age of Bierstadt / Dan L. Flores.

As one of America's most prominent nineteenth-century painters, Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902) is justly renowned for his majestic paintings of the western landscape. Yet Bierstadt was also a painter of history, and his figural works, replete with images of Plains Indians and the American bison, are an important part of his legacy as well. This full-color volume highlights his achievements in chronicling a rapidly changing American West. Exhibition: Buffalo Bill Centre of the West, Cody, USA (08.06.-30.09.2018).
Sherman ND237.B585 A4 2018

Nicolas Schöffer : space light time
Schöffer, Nicolas, 1912-1992, artist
Brussels : Mercatorfonds, [2018]
Foreword / Sébastian Delot -- Surrealism and abstraction / Arnauld Pierre -- 'Architecture in sculpture' : constructive spatiodynamism / Arnauld Pierre -- Towards artificial imagination : robot composers and robot dancers / Arnauld Pierre -- Sculpture as spectacle / Arnauld Pierre -- Dream machines / Arnauld Pierre -- Cybernetic towers and cities / Arnauld Pierre -- Prismatic visions / Arnauld Pierre -- 'Feedback error' : the tribulations of the Cybernetic light tower / Dominique Trudel -- The artificial ideal : Nicolas Schöffer at Cinecittà / Pauline Mari -- A descriptive chronology -- List of exhibitions -- Select bibliography.

Hungarian-born French artist Nicolas Schoeffer (1912-1992), though relatively unknown today, was during his lifetime a significant presence in the art world. His 1956 piece CYSP 1 is considered the first cybernetic sculpture, making use of motors, microphones, and photo-electric cells to create a work based on feedback loops and responsiveness to its environment. For Schoeffer, cybernetics enabled a crucial artistic exploration of the boundary between the living and the technological. This important reevaluation of Schoeffer's work features sculptures, paintings, and drawings, including unpublished pieces from the artist's studio and archive, as well as documentation of his interdisciplinary and experimental collaborations with architects, musicians, choreographers, scientists, and industrialists. Particular attention is paid to the innovative work he created between 1945 and 1975, which takes on particular resonance in our current, digitally saturated world.
Sherman N6853.S325 A4 2018

Livres de fleurs du XVIe au XXe siècle : dans les collections de la Bibliothèque Universitaire Moretus Plantin
nouvelle édition augmentée d'illustrations en couleurs, Anne-Marie Bogaert-Damin et Jacques Piron
Namur : Presses Universitaires de Namur, 2018
Cet ouvrage retrace du XVIe au XXe siècle l'histoire et l'illustration des plantes et des fleurs. Des pièces choisies pour leur intérêt scientifique, historique et culturel, pour leur rareté aussi, sont remises dans leur contexte. Leur histoire est racontée et leur illustration suivie du XVIe au XXe siècle, du dessin à la gravure, jusquà la photo. Grâce aux nouvelles techniques d?impression, il s'agit de faire revivre et de partager ces livres magnifiques par une nouvelle et abondante iconographie. De nombreuses illustrations en couleurs donnent accès à la splendeur des pièces conservées à l'Université de Namur. Depuis la première édition en 1984, qui était en quelque sorte fondatrice, les chercheurs ont exploré l'histoire des livres de botanique. Une littérature abondante a commencé à paraitre sur le sujet, particulièrement en langue anglaise. Il était important de rééditer ce livre qui se trouve dans les plus grandes bibliothèques et qui est épuisé depuis de nombreuses années.
Sherman QK98.3 .B53 2018

Anton Romako : Beginn der Moderne
Romako, Anton, 1832-1889
Köln : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, [2018]
Anton Romako was arguably the most idiosyncratic artist in Austrian painting of the late 19th century. Meeting with incomprehension and contempt, his oeuvre changed the paradigms of perception and depicting reality in an unconventional manner and ahead of its time. What was particularly unusual was that different painterly tendencies coalesced in Romako's work simultaneously--from realism and impressionism all the way to a new psychologizing expressive art. Especially the paintings of his last 14 years, which Romako spent in Vienna from 1876, allow us to trace his development from a popular manner of depiction towards a fundamental renewal of history-, genre-, and portrait painting. Exhibition: Leopold Museum, Vienna, Austria (06.04. - 18.06.2018).
Sherman ND511.5.R66 A4 2018

Charlotte Salomon and the theatre of memory
Pollock, Griselda, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, 2018
"Charlotte Salomon (1917-1943) is renowned for her monumental Life? or Theater?, which comprises 784 paintings the artist created in France between 1941 and 1942, before she was sent to Auschwitz where she was killed in 1943. In this in-depth monograph of the iconic work, Griselda Pollock offers a complex reading of Salomon's unique combination of image, text, and music. Without underestimating the tragic violence of her death in the Holocaust, Pollock seeks to reveal the artist's place within European modernism. In addition to discussing how Salomon's project resonates with the work of those who shared her situation of menaced exile, such as Walter Benjamin, Sigmund Freud, and Hannah Arendt, Pollock reveals how Life? or Theater? raises the issue of sexual abuse of women within the artist's family. Full of close visual analysis, this groundbreaking book offers new insight into Salomon's powerful work in its historical and cultural moment"--
Sherman ND1954.S24 A67 2018

La imagen faltante : muerte y duelo en la fotografía latinoamericana
Martínez Rod, Pamela, author
Barcelona : Universitat de Barcelona Edicions, [2018]
Sherman TR27.5 .M37 2018

CEBRA files 01, 02, 03 : selected works 2001-2017
triple monograph by the Danish Architectural Office CEBRA
[Berlin] : [DOM Publishers], [2017]
Sherman NA1223.C4 A4 2017

CEBRA files 01, 02, 03 : selected works 2001-2017
triple monograph by the Danish Architectural Office CEBRA
[Berlin] : [DOM Publishers], [2017]
Sherman NA1223.C4 A4 2017

CEBRA files 01, 02, 03 : selected works 2001-2017
triple monograph by the Danish Architectural Office CEBRA
[Berlin] : [DOM Publishers], [2017]
Sherman NA1223.C4 A4 2017

TJAD : selected works
edoted by TJAD
Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia : The Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd, 2017
This book collects 30 outstanding works from Tongji Architectural Design (Group) CO.,LTD (TJAD), demonstrating the company's progress over the past 20 years. It covers various types of projects, such as culture, education, office, protection and renovation, sports, hotels and so on. From the concept sketches to the final display, this book presents a comprehensive overview of the TJAD architectural practice, placing the TJAD among its fellow large-scale design institutes in China while acknowledging its uniquely dynamic development situation. These original works will demonstrate the design ability and architectural prowess of the Chinese compound, the diversified development of Chinese architecture, and the architectural culture of China, as well as providing insight into the planning and construction of Chinese cities.0Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd.(TJAD), formerly known as the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tongji University, was founded in 1958. Since then, it has developed into a well-known large-scale design consulting group. With one hundred years' history and the profound cultural foundation of Tongji University as a backing, TJAD has accumulated rich experience in both engineering design and technical consultancy. Their company is defined by its continuous progress, over the course of half a century.
Sherman NA1549.T66 A4 2017

Joel Meyerowitz : Where I find myself : a lifetime retrospective
Meyerowitz, Joel, 1938- photographer
London : Laurence King Publishing Ltd, [2018]
The view from here 2017-2012 -- Elemental 2010-2001 -- Cities 2008-1976 -- Portraits 2017-1980 -- The world upside down 1990-1976 -- Letting go of the catch 1976-1968 -- American in the time of Vietnam 1972-1968 -- On the road 1967-1964 -- The colour question 1968-1963 -- Out into the street 1964-1962 -- Coda.

Where I Find Myself' is the first major single book retrospective of one of America's leading photographers. It is organized in inverse chronological order and spans the photographer's whole career to date: from Joel Meyerowitz's most recent picture all the way back to the first photograph he ever took. The book covers all of Joel Meyerowitz's great projects: his work inspired by the artist Morandi, his work on trees, his exclusive coverage of Ground Zero, his trips in the footsteps of Robert Frank across the US, his experiments comparing color and black and white pictures, and of course his iconic street photography work. Joel Meyerovitz is incredibly eloquent and candid about how photography works or doesn't, and this should be an inspiration to anyone interested in photography.
Sherman Oversize TR655 .M4972 2018

Yayoi Kusama
Kusama, Yayoi, artist
New York, NY : Phaidon Press, 2017
Interview / Akira Tatehata in conversation with Yayoi Kusama -- Survey: Yayoi Kusama: a reckoning / Laura Hoptman -- Focus: Driving image, Essen, 1966 / Udo Kultermann -- Artist's choice: Poems from A Handful of Sand / Takuboku Ishikawa -- Artist's writings -- Update: Dashing into the Future: Kusama's twenty-first century / Catherine Taft -- Chronology.

Kusama is internationally renowned for her groundbreaking work on themes such as infinity, self-image, sexuality, and compulsive repetition. A well-known name in the Manhattan scene of the 1960s, Kusama's subsequent work combined Psychedelia and Pop culture with patterning, often resulting in participatory installations and series of paintings. This revised and expanded edition of the 2000 monograph, which is arguably still one of the most comprehensive studies on her work to date, has been augmented by an essay by Catherine Taft and a collection of new poems by the artist.
Sherman N7359.K87 A4 2017c

Barbara Takenaga
curated by Debra Bricker Balken
New York, New York : Delmonico Books, Prestel, [2017]
The way of the dot / Debra Bricker Balken -- Self-effacement and the sublime / Jim Shepard -- Horizon lines / Geoffrey Young -- Plates -- Checklist -- Biography.

At once conceptual and decorative, Barbara Takenaga's swirling, patterned paintings have been called "psychedelic" and "cosmic." Takenaga's approach to painting is both highly structured and disciplined. In this collection of seventy paintings, the evolution of Takenaga's celestial bodies and ecstatic compositions is traced over a 20-year period. The luminous reproductions allow readers to study her intricacies of form and color. The book includes an essay that examines Takenaga's work in relation to historic precedents and current aesthetic developments; a brief consideration of Takenaga's career by novelist Jim Shepard; and a poem by Geoffrey Young.
Sherman ND237.T35 A4 2017

Annie Leibovitz : portraits : 2005-2016
Leibovitz, Annie, 1949- photographer
New York : Phaidon Press Inc, [2017]
Annie Leibovitz : Portraits 2005-2016 is the photographer's follow-up to her two landmark books, Annie Leibovitz 1970-1990 and A Photographer's Life 1990-2005. In this newest collection, Leibovitz has captured the world's most compelling subjects in the style that has distinguished her as one of the most loved and compelling talents of our time. The photographs document contemporary culture with an artist's eye, wit, and uncanny ability to personalize even the most recognizable and distinguished figures.
Sherman Oversize TR680 .L3775 2017

The Philadelphia country house : architecture and landscape in colonial America
Reinberger, Mark, author
Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2015
Historical Background and Regional Context -- Elements and Principles of Country-Seat Design and Function -- Chronology of Houses and Style.

The Philadelphia Country House explores the myriad ways in which these estates--which were located in the country but responded to the ideas and manners of the city--straddled the cultural divide between urban and rural. Moving from general trends and building principles to architectural interiors and landscape design, Reinberger and McLean take readers on an intimate tour of the fine, fashionable elements found in upstairs parlors and formal gardens. They also reveal the intricate working world of servants, cellars, and kitchen gardens. Highlighting an important aspect of American historic architecture, this handsome volume is illustrated with nearly 150 photographs, more than 60 line drawings, and two color galleries."--
Sherman NA7613.P4 R45 2015

Public images : celebrity, photojournalism and the making of the tabloid press
Linkof, Ryan, author
New York, NY : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, [2018]
The stolen snapshot is a staple of the modern tabloid press, as ubiquitous as it is notorious. The first in-depth history of British tabloid photojournalism, this book explores the origin of the unauthorised celebrity photograph in the early 20th century, tracing its rise in the 1900s through to the first legal trial concerning the right to privacy from photographers shortly after the Second World War. Packed with case studies from the glamorous to the infamous, the book argues that the candid snap was a tabloid innovation that drew its power from Britain's unique class tensions. Used by papers such as the Daily Mirror and Daily Sketch as a vehicle of mass communication, this new form of image played an important and often overlooked role in constructing the idea of the press photographer as a documentary eyewitness. From Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson to aristocratic debutantes Lady Diana Cooper and Margaret Whigham, the rage of the social elite at being pictured so intimately without permission was matched only by the fascination of working class readers, while the relationship of the British press to social, economic, and poltiical power was changed forever. Initially pioneered in the metropole, tabloid-style photojournalism soon penetrated the journalistic culture of most of the globe. This in-depth account of its social and cultural history is an invaluable source of new research for historians of photography, journalism, visual culture, media, and celebrity studies--back cover.
Sherman TR820 .L5435 2018

Winslow Homer and the camera : photography and the art of painting
Dana E. Byrd, Frank H. Goodyear III
London : In association with Yale University Press, [2018]
A good thing when he sees it: Winslow Homer, photography, and the art of painting / Frank H. Goodyear III -- Plates -- Trouble in paradise?: Winslow Homer in the Bahamas, Cuba, and Florida, 1884-1886 / Dana E. Byrd -- Plates.

A revelatory exploration of Winslow Homer's engagement with photography, shedding new light on his celebrated paintings and works on paper. One of the greatest American painters of the 19th century, Winslow Homer (1836-1910) also maintained a deep engagement with photography throughout his career. Focusing on the important, yet often-overlooked, role that photography played in Homer's art, this volume exposes Homer's own experiments with the camera (he first bought one in 1882). It also explores how the medium of photography and the larger visual economy influenced his work as a painter, watercolorist, and printmaker at a moment when new print technologies inundated the public with images. Frank Goodyear and Dana Byrd demonstrate that photography offered Homer new ways of seeing and representing the world, from his early commercial engravings sourced from contemporary photographs to the complex relationship between his late-career paintings of life in the Bahamas, Florida, and Cuba and the emergent trend of tourist photography. The authors argue that Homer's understanding of the camera's ability to create an image that is simultaneously accurate and capable of deception was vitally important to his artistic practice in all media. Richly illustrated and full of exciting new discoveries, Winslow Homer and the Camera is a long-overdue examination of the ways in which photography shaped the vision of one of America's most original painters.
Sherman N6537.H58 A4 2018

A Detroit Nocturne
Jordano, Dave, photograher
Brooklyn, New York : powerHouse Books, [2018]
Detroit Nocturne is an artist's book not of people this time, but instead the places within which they live and work: structures, dwellings, and storefronts. Made at night, these photographs speak to the quiet resolve of Detroit's neighborhoods and its stewards: independent shop proprietors and homeowners who have survived the long and difficult path of living in a post-industrial city stripped of economic prosperity and opportunity. -- from book jacket.
Sherman TR659.8 .J673 2018

Shape of light : 100 years of photography and abstract art
edited by Simon Baker and Emmanuelle de l'Ecotais with Shoair Mavlian ; with contributions by Sarah Allen and four others
New York, NY : D.A.P/Distributed Art Publishers, Inc., 2018
The accompanying catalogue to the first major exhibition to consider the relationship between the photographic medium and the history of abstraction in the twentieth century, on display at London's Tate Modern.The exhibition catalogue will be arranged in a broadly chronological way to tell the story of photography and its relationship with abstraction from around 1915 to the present day, and will include historic works in a variety of media from painting and sculpture to montage and kinetic installations. Beginning with the works of cubism and vorticism, the catalogue then highlights the key contributions of Bauhaus, constructivist and surrealist artists of the 1920's and 1930's. It then moves into the 'subjective photography' of the 1940's and 1950's, exploring the global scope of this movement through works by artists from Latin America and Asia, before considering the impacts of photography of abstract expressionism, op art and minimalism in Europe and the US. Bringing together iconic as well as rarely seen works, Photography and Abstract Art explores the development of photography in relation to abstract art, tracing the key moments of innovation in new techniques and practice.
Sherman TR656 .S535 2018

Charles White : a retrospective
edited by Sarah Kelly Oehler and Esther Adler ; with essays by Esther Adler, Ilene Susan Fort, Kellie Jones, Sarah Kelly Oehler, Mark Pascale, and Deborah Willis ; and a preface by Kerry James Marshall
New York : The Museum of Modern Art, 2018
Foreword / James Rondeau and Glenn D. Lowry -- Acknowledgments / Sarah Kelly Oehler and Esther Adler -- A black artist named White / Kerry James Marshall -- Yesterday, today, tomorrow : Charles White's murals and history as art / Sarah Kelly Oehler -- "Graphic interpreter of the black people" : Charles White as draftsman and printmaker / Mark Pascale -- Plates : Chicago and the war years -- Charles White, feminist at midcentury / Kellie Jones -- In search of beauty : Charles White's exposures / Deborah Willis -- Plates : New York -- Charles White's art and activism in southern California / Ilene Susan Fort -- Charles White, artist and teacher / Esther Adler -- Plates : Los Angeles -- Chronology / compiled by John Murphy and Ashley James -- Selected inventory of Charles White's library / compiled by Ashley James -- Selected exhibition history / compiled by John Murphy and Stacy Kammert -- Checklist of the exhibition -- Selected bibliography -- Index -- Photography credits.

"This is a revelatory reassessment of one of the most influential American artists of the 20th century: Charles White (1918-1979) is best known for bold, large-scale paintings and drawings of African Americans, meticulously executed works that depict human relationships and socioeconomic struggles with a remarkable sensitivity. This comprehensive study offers a much-needed reexamination of the artist's career and legacy. With handsome reproductions of White's finest paintings, drawings, and prints, the volume introduces his work to contemporary audiences, reclaims his place in the art-historical narrative, and stresses the continuing relevance of his insistent dedication to producing positive social change through art. Tracing White's career from his emergence in Chicago to his mature practice as an artist, activist, and educator in New York and Los Angeles, leading experts provide insights into White's creative process, his work as a photographer, his political activism and interest in history, the relationship between his art and his teaching, and the importance of feminism in his work. A preface by Kerry James Marshall addresses White's significance as a mentor to an entire generation of practitioners and underlines the importance of this largely overlooked artist"--
Sherman Oversize N6537.W44 A4 2018

Owens, Laura
Rothkopf, Scott, 1976- editor
New York : Whitney Museum of American Art, [2017]
Foreword / Adam D. Weinberg -- Introduction / Scott Rothkopf -- Oral histories. Childhood / Carol Hendrickson -- RISD / Deborah Kass -- CalArts / Alex Slade -- Rosamund Felsen exhibition / Laura Owens -- Gavin Brown's enterprise exhibtion / T. J. Wilcox -- Teaching / Eric Palgon -- Patrick Painter exhibition with Jorge Pardo / Mungo Thomson -- LA, Chicago, New York / Laura Owens -- China art objects galleries exhibition / Scott Reeder -- Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum residency / Laura Owens -- Cavepainting / Chris Ofili -- LA MOCA survey / Paul Schimmel -- Bookmaking / Laura Owens -- Clock paintings / Edgar Bryan -- Pavement Karaoke / Calvin Marcus -- Twelve Paintings / Andrew Cannon -- 356 Mission / Ethan Swan -- Flamethrowers reading / Rachel Kushner -- Capitain Petzel exhibition / Henry Bryan -- Ten Paintings / David Berezin -- Whitney survey / Scott Rothkopf -- Essays. Tennis, trigonometry, tornadoes: a Midwestern boyhood / David Foster Wallace -- "when i was a young soldier for the revolution : coming to voice / bell hooks -- Triumphs, setbacks, rear exits, and cease fires: some aesthetic issues concerning Albert Oehlen, and some architectural and musical comparisons / Diedrich Diederichsen -- How should a painting do? / Bruce Hainley -- Flag Girl / Jenny Jaskey -- The architect & the housewife / Frances Stark -- Our aesthetic categories / Sianne Ngai -- Somewhere else completely / Francine Prose -- The creation of femininity / Rozsika Parker -- On Laura Owen's idea of edges / Kirsty Bell -- Fallen fruit / Jonathan Gold -- Fuck Seth Price / Seth Price -- Who used wallpaper and where? / Gill Saunders -- Talking back / Gavin Delahunty -- Selected bibliography -- Exhibition history -- Acknowledgments.

A richly illustrated, expansive mid-career survey of the stand-out American artist's pioneering and influential work. Since the early 1990s, Laura Owens (b. 1970) has challenged traditional assumptions about figuration and abstraction in her pioneering-and at times controversial-approach to painting. This inventive mid-career survey of Owens's work takes the form of an expansive five-hundred-page book, interweaving writing on the artist's work with excerpts from a wide variety of texts. Including an essay by Scott Rothkopf, this richly illustrated volume presents Owens's paintings within a rich trove of archival imagery that includes exhibition announcements, installation photographs, personal correspondence, and source material, most of which has never before been published. Reflections by fellow artists, collaborators, assistants, dealers, family, and friends contribute an array of perspectives on Owens's working practice and her numerous achievements. Exhibition: Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, USA (11.10.2017-04.02.2018).
Sherman ND237.O96 A4 2017

Yi, Chŏng-jin, 1961- author
Sante Fe, NM : Radius Books, [2017]
Volume 1. Desert I -- volume 2. Desert II -- volume 3. Desert III -- volume 4. Desert IV -- [volume 5]. Desert [Accompanying booklet].

In this series, Lee captures the American southwest and transforms it with liquid light and diluted light-sensitive emulsions to create images that are as uncontrollable and natural as the landscape she depicts. Desert comprises four series of works (each bound as a separate book and presented in a unique slipcase), all of which contain monochromatic images of arid lands. Stratigraphy etched into rock faces, massive stones, cave-like precipices and anthropomorphic fauna showcase an extensive compendium of the desert?s many faces and textures. Each image focuses on the landscape?s formal qualities, eschewing human presence, simultaneously evoking late 19th-century photography, while epitomizing the stark modernity of Lee?s lens. 'As a photographer,' writes Lee, 'I am primarily concerned with the unconscious, the unknown, and the invisible.'
Sherman Oversize N7433.4.L449 D47 2017

Yi, Chŏng-jin, 1961- author
Sante Fe, NM : Radius Books, [2017]
Volume 1. Desert I -- volume 2. Desert II -- volume 3. Desert III -- volume 4. Desert IV -- [volume 5]. Desert [Accompanying booklet].

In this series, Lee captures the American southwest and transforms it with liquid light and diluted light-sensitive emulsions to create images that are as uncontrollable and natural as the landscape she depicts. Desert comprises four series of works (each bound as a separate book and presented in a unique slipcase), all of which contain monochromatic images of arid lands. Stratigraphy etched into rock faces, massive stones, cave-like precipices and anthropomorphic fauna showcase an extensive compendium of the desert?s many faces and textures. Each image focuses on the landscape?s formal qualities, eschewing human presence, simultaneously evoking late 19th-century photography, while epitomizing the stark modernity of Lee?s lens. 'As a photographer,' writes Lee, 'I am primarily concerned with the unconscious, the unknown, and the invisible.'
Sherman Oversize N7433.4.L449 D47 2017

Yi, Chŏng-jin, 1961- author
Sante Fe, NM : Radius Books, [2017]
Volume 1. Desert I -- volume 2. Desert II -- volume 3. Desert III -- volume 4. Desert IV -- [volume 5]. Desert [Accompanying booklet].

In this series, Lee captures the American southwest and transforms it with liquid light and diluted light-sensitive emulsions to create images that are as uncontrollable and natural as the landscape she depicts. Desert comprises four series of works (each bound as a separate book and presented in a unique slipcase), all of which contain monochromatic images of arid lands. Stratigraphy etched into rock faces, massive stones, cave-like precipices and anthropomorphic fauna showcase an extensive compendium of the desert?s many faces and textures. Each image focuses on the landscape?s formal qualities, eschewing human presence, simultaneously evoking late 19th-century photography, while epitomizing the stark modernity of Lee?s lens. 'As a photographer,' writes Lee, 'I am primarily concerned with the unconscious, the unknown, and the invisible.'
Sherman Oversize N7433.4.L449 D47 2017

Yi, Chŏng-jin, 1961- author
Sante Fe, NM : Radius Books, [2017]
Volume 1. Desert I -- volume 2. Desert II -- volume 3. Desert III -- volume 4. Desert IV -- [volume 5]. Desert [Accompanying booklet].

In this series, Lee captures the American southwest and transforms it with liquid light and diluted light-sensitive emulsions to create images that are as uncontrollable and natural as the landscape she depicts. Desert comprises four series of works (each bound as a separate book and presented in a unique slipcase), all of which contain monochromatic images of arid lands. Stratigraphy etched into rock faces, massive stones, cave-like precipices and anthropomorphic fauna showcase an extensive compendium of the desert?s many faces and textures. Each image focuses on the landscape?s formal qualities, eschewing human presence, simultaneously evoking late 19th-century photography, while epitomizing the stark modernity of Lee?s lens. 'As a photographer,' writes Lee, 'I am primarily concerned with the unconscious, the unknown, and the invisible.'
Sherman Oversize N7433.4.L449 D47 2017

Yi, Chŏng-jin, 1961- author
Sante Fe, NM : Radius Books, [2017]
Volume 1. Desert I -- volume 2. Desert II -- volume 3. Desert III -- volume 4. Desert IV -- [volume 5]. Desert [Accompanying booklet].

In this series, Lee captures the American southwest and transforms it with liquid light and diluted light-sensitive emulsions to create images that are as uncontrollable and natural as the landscape she depicts. Desert comprises four series of works (each bound as a separate book and presented in a unique slipcase), all of which contain monochromatic images of arid lands. Stratigraphy etched into rock faces, massive stones, cave-like precipices and anthropomorphic fauna showcase an extensive compendium of the desert?s many faces and textures. Each image focuses on the landscape?s formal qualities, eschewing human presence, simultaneously evoking late 19th-century photography, while epitomizing the stark modernity of Lee?s lens. 'As a photographer,' writes Lee, 'I am primarily concerned with the unconscious, the unknown, and the invisible.'
Sherman Oversize N7433.4.L449 D47 2017

Protest : the aesthetics of resistance
editors Basil Rogger, Jonas Voegeli, Ruedi Widmer, and Museum für Gestaltung Zürich ; contributors Michelle Akanji, and 45 others
Zurich : Lars Müller Publishers, [2018]
Sherman N72.P6 P76 2018

Late Gothic painting in the Crown of Aragon and the Hispanic kingdoms
edited by Alberto Velasco, Francesc Fité
Boston : Brill, [2018]
This book aims to analyze the genesis and evolution of late Gothic painting in the Crown of Aragon and the rest of the Hispanic kingdoms, examining this phenomenon in relation to the whole context of Europe in the second half of the fifteenth century. The authors consider the influence of the Flemish primitive movement on the art produced by their Spanish colleagues, the artistic relations and interchanges with the Netherlands and other countries, and the introduction and development of the Flemish language in the Spanish kingdoms. The book also examines altarpieces, considering topics such as changes in shape and structure and liturgical links, along with offering stylistic analyses supported by new technologies.
Sherman ND809.A7 L38 2018

Polidoro da Caravaggio
Franklin, David, 1961- author
London : Yale University Press, 2018
Polidoro da Caravaggio (c. 1500-1543), one of Raphael's most influential and distinctive followers, has not been well treated by time. His significant early frescoes, which graced exterior palace facades in Rome, have perished almost without exception. A rare few are preserved but most are known only in copies. Consequently, the originality of Polidoro's public work has been little explored, despite his once famous reputation and the association of his name with Raphael and Michelangelo. His move to Sicily later in life, a region with few surviving primary sources, further complicates the study of his work. Extant pieces by the artist from this period are unusually severe in content and technique, and their attribution has often been controversial. In this first account in English, Polidoro's radical Sicilian paintings are considered through the lens of the religious life of the era and in relation to his early secular work. This much-needed investigation establishes Polidoro's proper place in the canon of art history.
Sherman ND623.P727 F73 2018

Fired up! ready to go! : finding beauty, demanding equity : an African American life in art : the collections of Peggy Cooper Cafritz
Cafritz, Peggy Cooper, 1947- editor
New York, NY : Rizzoli Electa, 2018
Soul memories / Peggy Cooper Cafritz -- Collections / Kerry James Marshall -- Swing time : aesthetics, blackness, and the curatorial eye of Peggy Cooper Cafritz / Uri McMillan -- The encourager / Simone Leigh, Tschabalala Sef, Titus Kaphar, Njideka Akunyii Crosby, William Villalongo, LaToya Ruby Frazier -- Phoenix : mood indigo / Hank Willis Thomas -- For the love of art / Jack Shainman -- Thelma Golden and Peggy Cooper Cafritz in conversation.

"After decades of art collecting, prominent Washington, D.C. based activist, philanthropist, and founder of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Peggy Cooper Cafritz had amassed one of the most important collections of contemporary African American art in the country. But in 2009, the more than 300 works that composed this extraordinary collection were destroyed in the largest residential fire in Washington, D.C. history. The pioneering collection included work by Kara Walker, Kerry James Marshall, Mickalene Thomas, Kehinde Wiley, Barkley Hendricks, David Hammons, Chris Ofili, and Carrie Mae Weems, among many others. This beautifully illustrated volume features 200 of the works that were lost, along with works that she has collected since the fire, as well as important contributions by preeminent curators and artists." -- Provided by publisher.
Sherman N6538.N5 C335 2018

GRLZ + VEILS : Cheryl Donegan
texts by Bill Arning, Anja Aronowsky Cronberg, Daniel Baumann, Robert Buck, Johanna Burton, Wade Guyton, Rem Koolhaas, Heidi Zuckerman
Zürich, Switzerland : Kunstalle Zürich, [2018]
New York based artist Cheryl Donegan (born 1962) is well known for her integration of performance and video with painting and installation, and her subversive spin on issues pertaining to gender, sex and art. This first substantial survey of her work, published for her 2018 traveling exhibition, examines her paintings, and includes new, highly conceptual work that continues to transgress traditional media, often merging painting with fashion and appropriated imagery gleaned from pop culture. Exhibition: Kunsthaus Zürich, Switzerland (26.08.-12.11.2017) / Aspen Art Museum, U.S.A. (29.06.-16.12.2018) / Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, U.S.A. (18.01.-31.03.2019).
Sherman ND237.D6215 A4 2018

Montage and the metropolis : architecture, modernity, and the representation of space
Stierli, Martino, 1974- author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2018]
Montage has been hailed as one of the key structural principles of modernity, yet its importance to the history of modern thought about cities and their architecture has never been adequately explored. In this groundbreaking new work, Martino Stierli charts the history of montage in late 19th-century urban and architectural contexts, its application by the early 20th-century avant-garde, and its eventual embrace by the postmodernist movement. With chapters focusing on photomontage, the film theories of Sergei Eisenstein, Mies van der Rohe's spatial experiments, and Rem Koolhaas's use of literary montage in his seminal manifesto Delirious New York (1978), Stierli demonstrates the centrality of montage in modern explorations of space, and in conceiving and representing the contemporary city. Beautifully illustrated, this interdisciplinary book looks at architecture, photography, film, literature, and visual culture, featuring works by artists and architects including Mies, Koolhaas, Hannah Hoech, George Grosz, El Lissitzky, and Frank Lloyd Wright.
Sherman NA500 .S75 2018

Public, private, secret : on photography and the configuration of self
by Charlotte Cotton with Marina Chao and Pauline Vermare
New York, N.Y. : Aperture Foundation, [2018]
Public, Private, Secret' explores the roles that photography and video play in the crafting of identity, and the reconfiguration of social conventions that define our public and private selves. This collection of essays, interviews, and reflections assesses how our image-making and consumption patterns are embedded and implicated in a wider matrix of online behavior and social codes, which in turn give images a life of their own. Within this context, our visual creations and online activities blur and remove conventional separations between public and private (and sometimes secret) expression. The writings address the various disruptions, resistances, and subversions that artists propose to the limited versions of race, gender, sexuality, and autonomy that populate mainstream popular culture. They anticipate a future for our image-world rich with diversity and alterity, one that can be shaped and influenced by the agency of self-representation.
Sherman TR183 .P84 2018

Architectural voices of India : a blend of contemporary and traditional ethos
Dutta, Apurva Bose, author
Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017
Interviews with 17 Indian architects.
Sherman NA1501 .D88 2017

Portable studio
Appleson, Trevor, 1968- author
London : Booth-Clibborn Editions, 2017
"An exploration of youth and identity created by photographer Trevor Appleson in a dialogue with his young sitters, told through his portraits and their personal archives of digital and material ephemera. The resulting archive is a fascinating insight into contemporary youth culture. In 2014, Trevor Appleson took to the streets of Birmingham, UK with his portable studio, photographing young people as they shopped, partied, studied and hung-out. He followed up with a series of conversations with his subjects, exploring youth and identity through material culture. Over a period of a year Appleson invited them to create their own archives using what was important to them. The result is a fascinating mix of the physical and the digital from crumpled diaries to blog pages, from memory boxes to online search histories, offering a unique insight into the lives of the different sitters and their culture. Portable Studio inverts the traditional idea of the studio portrait/street photograph - the snapshot now a starting point from which to develop multi-faceted and paradoxically intimate representations of identity."--
Sherman TR681.Y6 A67 2017

Unique perspectives : Papunya Tula artists and the Alice Springs community
contributors, Daphne Williams and 6 others
Alice Springs [N.T.] : Papunya Tula Artists, [2012]
Sherman ND1101 .U55 2012

Pretty one : the art of Billy Atkins
Atkins, Yunkurra Billy, artist
Newman, W.A. : Martumili Artists, 2010
Introduction by Gabrilelle Sullivan -- "Pretty one": danger and beauty in the art of Billy Atkins / by John Carty.
Sherman ND1105.A85 A4 2010

Habitat : vernacular architecture for a changing planet
edited by Sandra Piesik
New York, NY : Abrams, 2017
Materials Science."Vernacular architecture is architecture without architects; designed based on local needs, these buildings make use of natural resources and demonstrate diverse architectural forms, design elements unique to their culture, and ingenious construction techniques. From bamboo garden pavilions in China to homes made from reeds in southern Iraq, and mud dwellings in Mali to pine huts in Siberia, Habitat showcases the diverse and indigenous materials that can be used to build innovative, sustainable structures. The core of Habitat is arranged by climate zone, from desert to tropical, temperate to arctic. Within each section, buildings are presented regionally, showing how local climatic conditions and vegetation affect the evolution of building styles. Complete with a range of essays exploring the economic and anthropological aspects, as well as a reference section with information on materials science and engineering, Habitat offers real-world insights into sustainable buildings and stresses the importance of preserving disappearing craftsmanship and local knowledge."--
Sherman Oversize NA208 .H33 2017b

Siete memoriales españoles en defensa del arte de la pintura
edición de Antonio Sánchez Jiménez, Adrián J. Sáez ; con estudios y notas complementarias de Juan Luis González García, Antonio Urquízar Herrera
Frankfurt : Vervuert, 2018
Uno de los fenómenos más característicos del llamado Siglo de Oro espanol fue el enorme salto cualitativo que experimentaron en el país tanto la práctica de la pintura como la consideración social de esa actividad y de los que la profesaban. Dentro de la rica hermandad de las artes en el citado período, brilla la colaboración de artistas y poetas en defensa de la nobleza de la pintura, en una polémica que mezcla cuestiones estéticas, económicas y sociales. Este libro presenta por prímera vez una edición crítíca del Memorial informatorio de los pintores (1629), una empresa colectiva en la que participan primeras plumas de la época que se estudia desde diferentes perspectivas. Como apéndice se acompana de la preciosa silva "Si cuanto fue posible en lo imposibles" de Lope de Vega, que ve la luz en los Diálogos de la pintura (1633).
Sherman ND806 .S24 2018

Unexpected affinities : the history of type in architectural project from Laugier to Duchamp
Meninato, Pablo, author
London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Nineteenth century : origins, imitation, type. Towards an inaugural definition of type -- Semper's knot -- Twentieth century : shifting considerations. Modern architecture's uncertain consideration of type -- Typology reconsidered -- Type and project : alteration tactics. Typological alterations -- Affinities : typological displacement and readymade -- Afterword.
Sherman NA2500 .M4185 2018

Photography : the unfettered image
Henning, Michelle, author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2018
The itinerant image -- Unfixing the image -- Reproduction and transparency -- The book of the world -- Second nature -- The universal equivalent -- Streams and flows -- We are here, but where are you?

Photography : The Unfettered Image traces the emergence of new ways of understanding photography, but also presents a differently nuanced and materialist history in which photography is understood as part of a larger development of media technologies. It is situated in much broader cultural contexts: caught up in the European colonial ambition to "grasp the world" and in the development of a new, artificial "second nature" dependent on the large-scale processing of animal and mineral materials. Focussing primarily on Victorian and 1920s-30s practices and theories, it demonstrates how photography was never simply a technology for fixing a fleeting reality.
Sherman TR187 .H46 2018

The Italian Renaissance nude
Burke, Jill, 1971- author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2018]
Introduction -- Nakedness in Renaissance Italy -- Nudity, art, and the viewer -- The perfect body: masculinity, creativity, divinity, and the nude -- Making naked women beautiful -- Mythological nudes and other masculine diversions -- Afterword -- Acknowledgments -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index -- Credits.

The first scholarly monograph to focus on the inception of the Italian Renaissance nude, this lively study subverts the idea that the nude in this period was a triumph of classical revival. Looking again at familiar (even overly familiar) images by artists such as Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Titian, this book investigates the nude as a tool of colonialism and conquest, as a means of asserting the superiority of men to women, and of naturalizing power differentials by entrenching them in a fixed set of ideas about the body and its representation. Jill Burke uses new research on Renaissance sexual practices, material culture, and the history of medicine to contextualize the era's fascination with nakedness and the body in both art and life. The Italian Renaissance Nude invites readers to consider these celebrated nudes from beyond an aesthetic perspective-to consider why they were painted, whose gaze the images were created for, and how these artworks were used.
Sherman N7572 .B87 2018

Revelations : art from the African American South
Burgard, Timothy Anglin, author
New York, NY : Prestel Verlag, [2017]
Foreword / Max Hollein -- New light: art from the African American South / Timothy Anglin Burgard -- Mr. Dial is a man looking for something / Thornton Dial -- An artist goes back to the ocean / Lonnie Holley -- Peacemaker / Joe Minter -- Catalogue / Timothy Anglin Burgard and Lauren Palmor -- Artist Biographies / Lauren Palmor.

Historically patronised or promoted with such reductive terms as folk, naive, and outsider, the works of many African-American artists born during the Jim Crow era of institutionalised racism - most of whom are self taught - have, until recently, been relegated to the margins of American culture. These artists are now gaining the recognition they rightfully deserve, having addressed some of the most profound and persistent issues in American society, including race, class, gender and spirituality. Featuring more than sixty artworks and a series of insightful essays, this volume captures the impact of the historical legacy of the African diaspora and the ways it has expanded and enriched the history of American art.
Sherman N6538.N5 F565 2017

Captured landscape : architecture and the enclosed garden
Baker, Kate, 1949- author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2018
Defining the territory -- From patio to park -- Taming nature -- and the way to paradise -- Ritual and emptiness -- and the rigour of developing an idea -- Sensory seclusion -- Detachment -- Rus in urbe -- integration of enclosed gardens within the city.

"The enclosed garden, or hortus conclusus, is a place where architecture, architectural elements, and landscape, come together. It has a long history, ranging from the paradise garden and cloister, the botanic garden and the giardini segreto, the kitchen garden and the stage for social display, to its many modern forms; the city retreat, the redemptive garden, and the deconstructed building. By its nature it is ambiguous. Is it an outdoor room, or captured landscape; is it garden or architecture? Kate Baker discusses the continuing relevance of the typology of the enclosed garden to contemporary architects by exploring influential historical examples alongside some of the best of contemporary designs - brought to life with vivid photography and detailed drawings - taken mainly from Britain, the Mediterranean, Japan and South America. She argues that understanding the potential of the enclosed garden requires us to think of it as both a design and an experience. As climate change becomes an increasingly important component of architectural planning, the enclosed garden, which can mediate so effectively between interior and exterior, provides opportunities for sustainable design and closer contact with the natural landscape. Study of the evolution of enclosed gardens, and the concepts they generate, is a highly effective means for students to learn about the design requirements of outdoor space proximal to the built environment. Captured Landscape provides architectural design undergraduates, and practising architects, with a broad range of information and design possibilities. It will also appeal to landscape architects, horticulturalists and a wider audience of all those who are interested in garden design.
Sherman SB472.45 .B35 2018

The colours of ... Frank O. Gehry, Jean Nouvel, Wang Shu, BIG, Stefano Boeri, Zaha Hadid, Herzog & de Meuron, Steven Holl Architects, Toyo Ito, Lui Jiakun, Michael Malzan Architecture, Giancarlo Mazzanti, Enric Ruiz-Geli, Cloud 9, SANAA
edited by Cees W. de Jong ; essays by Erik Mattie, Sophie Roulet, Bert de Muynck ; translation, Textcase
Basel, Switzerland : Birkhäuser, [2015]
Frank O. Gehry : The balance between form and colour / Erik Mattie ; Collage of form and colour: Museum of Biodiversity, Panama ; Bend and fold colour: New World Symphony, Miami ; Colour of the mind: Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Las Vegas -- Jean Nouvel : Images in colour / Sophie Roulet ; Coloured depths: Agbar Tower, Barcelona ; Vivid red colour: Serpentine Pavilion, London ; Lantern magic: Concert Hall, Copenhagen ; A vibrant red line: The red kilometer, Bergamo -- Wang Shu : Translating tradition for modern times / Bert de Muynck ; Old and beautiful material: Historic Museum, Ningbo ; Traditional Chinese garden: Park Pavilion, Jinhua ; Architecture needs time to change: China Academy of Art, Hangzhou ; Meditation and poetry: Wa Shan Guesthouse, Hangzhou ; Colour in perspective: Vision and perception / by Erik Mattie -- BIG: Light blue texture: Danish Pavilion, EXPO 2010, Shanghai ; Colour coded master plan: Superkilen Urban Park, Copenhagen -- Stefano Boeri : Glass and basalt prism: complex of buildings at La Maddalena, Sardinia -- Zaha Hadid : Suspended black: MAXXI Museum, Rome -- Herzog & de Meuron : Many shades of green: 28 condominiums at 40 Bond Street, New York -- Steven Holl Architects : Open colour: Linked hybrid apartment complex, Beijing -- Toyo Ito : Polished painted colour: Mikimoto Ginza 2, Tokyo -- Lui Jiakun : Favourite colour pink: Hu Huishan Earthquake Memorial, Sichuan -- Michael Malzan Architecture : Rhythm of light and shadow: New Carver Apartments, Los Angeles ; Texture, form, light and colour: Inner City Arts Campus, Los Angeles -- Giancarlo Mazzanti : Interrelated colour: Timayui School, Santa Marta -- Enric Ruiz-Geli, Cloud 9 : Transparent colour: Media Tic Building, Barcelona -- SANAA : Bright golden colour: Derek Lam Store, New York.

Color is inextricably linked with architecture; as a design element and also as an inherent quality, it characterizes the shape and texture of the built fabric. This book presents extraordinary color schemes, both in terms of technology and aesthetics, for ground-breaking architecture with a wide spectrum of functions: from apartment to concert hall, from flagship store to city park. The focus is on the works of the three architects Frank O. Gehry, Jean Nouvel and Wang Shu. This is expanded by the works of other practices such as BIG, Zaha Hadid, Herzog & de Meuron, Toyo Ito and SANAA. This publication presents a compendium that documents color schemes in architecture in the context of very different aesthetic approaches. The large-format photographs by Iwan Baan, Christian Richters, Roland Halbe and Philippe Ruault fascinate with their clarity and presence.
Sherman NA2795 .C658 2015

Mapping the limits of space : Dan Holdsworth
Holdsworth, Dan, 1974- photographer
Berlin : Hatje Cantz, 2018
This book surveys English artist Dan Holdsworth's 20-year career. Since 1996, Holdsworth has explored the "extreme" territories that characterise humans' changing relationship to the "natural" world in the Anthropocene. The volume also reveals Holdsworth's (*1974) most recent body of work. Since 2012, the artist has worked with academic geologists to map the exact contours of Alpine glaciers, using drones, lasers, photography, and high-end software used by the military academy. We encounter millions of points in space, each millimetre-perfect, that plot the outline of a changing landscape. Produced in collaboration with the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, the publication offers new insights into Holdsworth's innovative practice.
Sherman Oversize TR647 .H6475 2018

Food in Vogue
edited by Taylor Antrim ; foreword by Phillis Posnick ; introduction by Taylor Antrim
New York, NY : Abrams, [2017]
Foreword / Phyllis Posnick -- Introduction / Taylor Antrim -- Excerpts. Shining bright / Tamar Adler -- The perfect pizza / Jeffrey Steingarten -- Solid gold / Oliver Strand -- Something wild / Rob Haskell -- Simply red / Jeffrey Steingarten -- Andy Warhol turns gold into food / Maxime McKendry -- eye! / Sophie Kerr -- Fresh prince / Jeffrey Steingarten -- Bright fire / Joan Juliet Buck -- Scent & sensibility / Jeffrey Steingarten -- Hot to trot / Tamar Adler -- Legal tender / Rob Haskell -- Closing time / Jeffrey Steingarten -- Toro, toro, toro / Jeffrey Steingarten -- The tastemaker / Sally Singer -- Land of plenty / Tamar Adler -- Breaking bread / Jeffrey Steingarten -- North of the border / Tamar Adler -- Ice, ice baby / Jeffrey Steingarten -- Sweet nothings / Jeffrey Steingarten -- A new leaf / Oliver Strand -- Grand finale / Tamar Adler -- The new cooks -- Duck, duck goose / Tamar Adler -- Yes, you can / Tamar Adler -- Where the Bufala roam / Jeffrey Steingarten -- Rising star / Oliver Strand -- Sugar high / Jeffrey Steingarten -- Espresso explained / Jeffrey Steingarten -- Parisian salads / Arthur Gold and Robert Fizdale.

"Food in Vogue collects the most striking, mouthwatering food photography and finest food writing from one of the most respected magazines in the world. Combining legendary essays by longtime Vogue food critic Jeffrey Steingarten, as well as contributions from rising food writers such as Tamar Adler and Oliver Strand, with original behind-the-scenes interviews, the book pairs portraits of world-renowned or rising chefs along with iconic food photography, much of it shot by Irving Penn and conceived by editor Phyllis Posnick. Food in Vogue examines how Vogue's relationship with and treatment of food has changed in its pages through lavish and challenging food photographs, and its career-defining interviews with the world's hottest chefs. Food in Vogue is more than a book about food. It's a book about trends, fashion, and culture, told through the world's common language"--Publisher's description.
Sherman Oversize TR656.7 .F66 2017

Victorian giants : the birth of art photography : Julia Margaret Cameron, Lewis Carroll, Clementina Hawarden, Oscar Rejlander
Prodger, Phillip, author
London : The National Portrait Gallery, [2018]
This major new exhibition brings together, for the first time, the works of four of the most celebrated figures in art photography, Lewis Carroll (1832-98), Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-79), Oscar Rejlander (1813-75) and Clementina Hawarden (1822-65). These four artists would come to embody the very best in photography of the Victorian era. Their experimental approach to picture-making and radical attitudes towards photography have informed artistic practice ever since. Featuring striking portaits of sitters such as Charles Darwin, Alice Liddell, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Thomas Carlyle, George Frederick Watts, Ellen Terry and Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Exhibition: National Portrait Gallery, London, UK (01.03.-20.05.2018).
Sherman TR652 .P76 2018

Shirin Neshat : Frauen in Gesellschaft : Kunsthalle Tübingen, 1. Juli bis 29. October 2017
Neshat, Shirin, 1957- artist
Tübingen : Ernst Wasmuth Verlag, [2017]
Grußwort der Kulturstiftung des Bundes = Greeting from the German Federal Cultural Foundation -- Shirin Neshat : Frauen in Gesellschaft : zu diesem Ausstellungsprojekt = Shirin Neshat : Frauen in Gesellschaft : on the exhibition project / Holger Kube Ventura -- A woman's world : einleitende Bemerkungen zu diesem Buch = A woman's world : introductory remarks to this book / Heide Barrenechea -- WOMEN OF ALLAH -- Von den Women of Allah zu den Women of Freedom = From Women of Allah to Women of Freedom / Michket Krifa -- TURBULENT -- RAPTURE -- FERVOR -- TOOBA -- Iranische Feminismen : eine historische Perspektive = Iranian feminisms : an historical perspective / Nima Naghibi -- WOMEN WITHOUT MEN -- Visuelle Schwestern aus Iranzamin : zur Neufassung von Frauen, Tod und Märtyrertum in Shirin Neshats The Book of Kings und Women of Allah = Visual sisters of lran-zamin : rewriting women, death, and martyrdom in Shirin Neshat's The Book of Kings and Women of Allah / Staci Gem Scheiwiller -- THE BOOK OF KINGS -- "How it breaks my heart to leave you" : Repräsentationen von Weiblichkeit in Shirin Neshats Videoarbeiten = "How it breaks my heart to leave you" : images of women in Shirin Neshat's video works / Katrin Nahidi -- ILLUSIONS & MIRRORS -- ROJA -- SARAH.

This publication documents the survey exhibition Shirin Neshat. Frauen in Gesellschaft in the Kunsthalle Tübingen (2017). It assembles important works from all of Shirin Neshat's creative phases, from the iconic typographically inscribed photographs of the Women of Allah series to the multiple award winning single and multi-channel video installations, to the monumental blocks of work like The Book of Kings and the new productions from 2016/17 which have never been seen in Europe. The programmatic title of the exhibition identifies two recurring themes in the oeuvre of the artist: the role of the woman in Islamic societies and the repercussions of traumatic, diaspora related experiences which a woman carries with her from that point on for the rest of her life.
Sherman N7289.N47 A4 2017b

Fashion drive : extreme clothing in the visual arts
Cathérine Hug and Christoph Becker ; editing: Cathérine Hug, Carlotta Graedel Matthäi, Franziska Lentzsch
Zurich, Switzerland : Kunsthaus Zurich, [2018]
A journey through circa 500 years of fashion history as reflected in art: how have artists reacted to extreme phenomena such as slashed clothing, codpieces, the crinoline, or the dinner jacket? Fashion is an economic factor as well as a seismograph of social sensitivities, an expression of longing, and an instrument for mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion. In the modern age of global homogenization through "fast fashion," this exhibition aims to provide a critical and at the same time sensory overview of clothing in art and the problematic and subversive moments in the history of fashion through the techniques of painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, and film.
Sherman N8217.F33 F37 2018

Icons of style : a century of fashion photography
Paul Martineau ; with contributions by Susanna Brown, Anne McCauley, Michal Raz-Russo, Ivan Shaw
Los Angeles : J. Paul Getty Museum, [2018]
"An international survey of one hundred years of fashion photography, from 1911 to 2011"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman TR679 .I29 2018

editor, Jenny Reynaerts ; authors, Reinier Baarsen, Margreet Boomkamp, Duncan Bull, Dirk Jan Biemond, Jan Daan van Dam, Femke Diercks, Menno Fitski, Josephina de Fouw, Eva Geudeker, Martine Gosselink, Gijs van der Ham, Ebeltje Hartkamp-Jonxis, Freek Heijbroek, Jan de Hond, Teio Meedendorp, Hanna Melse, Bianca du Mortier, Jenny Reynaerts, Robert-Jan te Rijdt, Eveline Sint Nicolaas, Renske Suijver, Aukje Vergeest
Amsterdam : Rijksmuseum, [2017]
A publication about the 100 finest and most important objects included in the 1800-1900 art and historical collection of the Rijksmuseum. From Jan Willem Pieneman's huge painting 'The Battle of Waterloo' to Vincent van Gogh's self-portrait; from the piano once owned by Louis Napoleon to the most beautiful art nouveau vases; from the most famous The Hague School and Breitner paintings to the exuberant applied art once displayed at world exhibitions. Each of the 100 objects is accompanied by a detailed explanation of its origin, history and function. Covering the Napoleonic Wars, Belgian independence, colonial politics in the Dutch East Indies and the Industrial Revolution, the introduction describes the political and economic history of the Netherlands between 1800 and 1900. In addition, developments in the world of art and the life of the artists receive attention as well as the role of the Netherlands as an attractive stopping place for famous painters such as Claude Monet, James Abbott McNeill Whistler and Max Liebermann.
Sherman N2460 .A845 2017

The printed image : the flowering of Japan's woodblock printing culture
Forrer, Matthi, author
Köln : Buchhandlung Walther König, [2018]
"With the help of Matthi Forrer, the leading authority on Japanese woodblock prints, the Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst in Cologne has conducted a major survey of its inventory for the first time after more than 100 years. The result can be described as historic. The surprisingly diverse collection with many hitherto unknown prints, is suited to produce a comprehensive handbook on Japan's woodblock printing culture."
Sherman NE1321.8 .F677 2018

Vittorio Zecchin : transparent glass for Cappellin and Venini
Zecchin, Vittorio, 1878-1947, artist
Milano : Skira Editore S.p.A., 2017
"Vittorio Zecchin: Transparent Glass for Cappellin and Venini presents, for the first time, the entire glass production of Murano painter and glassmaker Vittorio Zecchin (1878-1947) at the two storied glassworks. Between 1921 and 1925, Zecchin served as artistic director of the V.S.M. Cappellin Venini & Company glassworks, founded in 1921 by the Venetian antiquarian Giacomo Cappellin and the young Milanese lawyer Paolo Venini to offer a sophisticated, modern style of glass production. Responding to the demands of the firm and its customers, Zecchin created startlingly modern monochrome blown-glass pieces with extraordinary colors and elegant, minimal lines, a radically new style for glass that marked a decisive turning point in the 20th-century history of Murano. Vittorio Zecchin: Transparent Glass for Cappellin and Venini reconstructs for the first time the entire collection of transparent blown-glass pieces designed by Zecchin between 1921 and 1926, first for Cappellin and Venini and then for Cappellin alone. It includes a sequence of about 900 luminous objects (from vases to compote bowls, from table services to chandeliers), painstakingly identified following rigorous research, and extensively illustrated here with new photography, plus a selection of largely unpublished period photographs and drawings. A major contribution to the history of design, this volume casts new light on the modernist master of Murano glass."--provided by publisher.
Sherman NK5198.Z35 A4 2017b

Toward a concrete utopia : architecture in Yugoslavia, 1948-1980
Stierli, Martino, 1974- author
New York, N.Y. : The Museum of Modern Art, [2018]
Situated between the capitalist West and the socialist East, Yugoslavia's architects responded to contradictory demands and influences, developing a postwar architecture both in line with and distinct from the design approaches seen elsewhere in Europe and beyond. The architecture that emerged from International Style skyscrapers to Brutalist social condensers is a manifestation of the radical diversity, hybridity, and idealism that characterized the Yugoslav state itself. 'Toward a Concrete Utopia: Architecture in Yugoslavia, 1948-1980' introduces the exceptional work of socialist Yugoslavia's leading architects to an international audience for the first time, highlighting a significant yet thus-far understudied body of modernist architecture, whose forward-thinking contributions still resonate today. Exhibition: The Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA (15.07.2018-13.01.2019).
Sherman NA1448 .S75 2018

Understanding painting : from Giotto to Warhol
Rynck, Patrick de, 1963- author
Belgium : Ludion, [2018]
Old masters -- modern masters.

"This is the guide to Western art that every art lover has always wanted. Great paintings, filled with complex themes and symbols, can be intimidating. Here, Patrick De Rynck and Jon Thompson explore more than 300 famous works spanning the Middle Ages to the late 20th century, unlocking each work's meaning. Today's art lovers lack the intimate knowledge of Greek and Roman mythology, folklore, and Christian theology that was so well-known to medieval and Renaissance artists and their public. Likewise, modern and contemporary art can baffle even sophisticated viewers. With brief yet illuminating explanations and more than 1,000 color reproductions--including many close-up details--of works by artists from Giotto, Botticelli, El Greco, Rubens, and Vermeer to Bonnard, Degas, Whistler, Van Gogh, Picasso, Hopper, Warhol, and Basquiat, this book provides the means to interpret and better enjoy these and many other works of art"
Sherman ND1143 .R96 2018

Giovanni Ozzola : fallen blossoms
Ozzola, Giovanni, 1982- artist
Pistoia : Gli ori, [2018]
Sherman Oversize N6923.O99 A4 2018

One hand clapping
Xiaoyu Weng, Hou Hanru
New York, New York : Guggenheim Museum Publications, [2018]
Poetry and place afar / Xiaoyu Weng -- Clapping with one hand? Fragmentary notes on possible realities / Hou Hanru -- Zhang Xiu -- Duan Jianyu -- Wu Qing -- Wong Ping -- Yuk Hui -- Lin Yilin -- Xu Lizhi -- Cao Fei -- Nicholas Wong -- Samson Young -- Impact and legacy : the Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Chinese Art Initiative at the Guggenheim / Xiaoyu Weng, Hou Hanru, Alexandra Munroe, Nancy Spector.

In 'One Hand Clapping', five artists from Greater China--Cao Fei, Duan Jianyu, Lin Yilin, Wong Ping and Samson Young--explore the ways in which globalization affects our understanding of the future. From a film shot at the industrial facilities of mainland China to a virtual reality intervention into the Guggenheim's iconic rotunda and musical compositions for imaginary instruments that defy the laws of physics, these works examine our systems of exchange, communication and production, and engage creatively with the future as a form of poetic revolution. Essays by the exhibition's organizers, Xiaoyu Weng and Hou Hanru, are joined by a theoretical text on technology and culture by the philosopher Yuk Hui, selected poems by millennial poets and sections presenting materials related to the commissioning process for each of the artists. Exhibition: Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA (04.05. - 21.10.2018).
Sherman N8217.F87 O54 2018

Frank, Mary, 1933- photographer
New York : Eakins Press Foundation, [2017]
Prologue / John Yau -- Pilgrimage / Mary Frank -- Kinship / Terry Tempest Williams.
Sherman TR655 .F7335 2017

Kwab : ornament as art in the age of Rembrandt
Baarsen, Reinier, author
Amsterdam : Rijksmuseum, [2018]
The auricular is one of the most important and remarkable Dutch contributions to the decorative arts in Europe. This book traces the history and meaning of the auricular style, with its fabulous, organic shapes, from the work of the goldsmith Paulus van Vianen at the court of Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor, in Prague to that of his brother Adam in Utrecht and Johannes Lutma in Amsterdam. Their masterpieces were admired as high art by Rembrandt and his pupils, who produced auricular designs themselves. The fascinating story of this unique abstract decorative form is illustrated using silver and gold masterworks, design drawings and prints, paintings by Rembrandt, furnishings, and Cuir de Cordoue gold leather wall coverings. An organic style emerges that is particularly relevant to today's design practices. Exhibition: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (30.06.-16.09.2018).
Sherman NK1454.A1 B3313 2018

Facing India
edited by Ralf Beil & Uta Ruhkamp
Berlin : Hatje Cantz, [2018]
How do female Indian artists position themselves today? How do they deal with their responsibilities to society, as well as with the legacy of their feminist predecessors? What kind of language do they invent to express that which has been unarticulated? In Facing India, six female Indian artists devote themselves not only to the history and future of India, but also to their country in the present day. Torn between tradition and the modern world, India's patriarchal society is in the midst of a socio-cultural transformation. In their multimedia works Vibha Galhotra (*1978), Bharti Kher (*1969), Prajakta Potnis (*1980), Reena Saini Kallat (*1973), Mithu Sen (*1971), and Tejal Shah (*1979) examine boundaries--a central theme in Indian society, whether they are gender-related limitations, or political, territorial, ecological, or religious boundaries. This richly illustrated publication accompanies the first thematic exhibition of Indian women artists in Germany.
Sherman N7305 .F33 2018

sous la direction de Katharina Dohm, Claire Garnier, Laurent Le Bon, Florence Ostende
Paris : Flammarion, [2017]
Cet ouvrage a été publié à l'occasion de l'exposition présentée au Palais de Tokyo, Paris, du 14 juin au 10 septembre 2017. Cet ouvrage lève le voile sur une source d'inspiration inattendue des artistes contemporains : le diorama. Le diorama a comme point d'origine l'invention de Daguerre de 1822, consistant en une peinture de grandes dimensions sur une toile semi-transparente animée par des jeux de lumière dans un processus théâtral. Mais il désigne aussi la reconstitution artificielle d'un milieu naturel, d'un événement historique ou d'une scène de la vie quotidienne. Objet de divertissement par son caractère spectaculaire, pédagogique par sa volonté de raconter une histoire et éminemment plastique par la qualité de ses figures sculptées ou de ses fonds peints, le diorama révèle le talent d'une multitude d'acteurs souvent oubliés qui redéfinissent les territoires de l'art, à la frontière des sciences, des techniques et de l'anthropologie.
Sherman ND2882 .D56 2017

Robert Irwin : new "sculpture/configurations"
Irwin, Robert, 1928- artist
New York : Pace Gallery, 2018
Sherman NB237.I78 A4 2018

Museo civico di Palazzo Chiericati : legato Pozza Quaretti
a cura di Giovanni Carlo Federico Villa
[Vicenza] : Musei civici di Vicenza, [2018]
Sherman N6918 .M855 2018

Cloud & crystal : the Dorothee and Konrad Fischer collection
exhibition and catologue by Anette Kruszynski ; with contributions by Dietmar Elger and seven others ; with artist texts by Nóra Lukács, Ulrike Schmitt, Angela Wenzel ; translation, Amy Klement, Steven Lindberg
Bielefeld : Kerber Verlag, [2016]
The turning away from the picture is one of the biggest upheavals in the art history of the 20th century. Conceptual Art took the place of figural painting. This is also underscored by the important role that the Düsseldorf gallerist and collector Konrad Fischer played in the international art scene starting in the 1960s. Konrad Fischer established his gallery, which he developed into one of the most influential galleries in the world, in 1967. He represented artists of Minimal and Conceptual Art such as Carl Andre, Joseph Beuys, Hanne Darboven, Hamish Fulton, Sol LeWitt, Richard Long, or Bruce Nauman. The gallery gained art-historical importance above all through exhibiting American artists, and thus contributed to making Düsseldorf into a hotspot for contemporary art. The State of North Rhine-Westphalia acquired the impressive art collection of Konrad Fischer and his wife, comprising 250 works by some thirty-five artists, as well as the gallery archive, for the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen at the beginning of 2014. The exhibition catalogue now provides a summary of Konrad Fischer's significant life's work.
Sherman N5267.F47 W6513 2016

Sean Scully : Vita Duplex
Scully, Sean, 1945- artist
Berlin, Germany : Hatje Cantz, [2018]
"Sean Scully, one of the most important aritsts of our time, allows conflict to be carried out in his works--conflict between structure and emotion, body and spirit, impulsivity and reflection. The Irish-American painter has been reinterpreting abstract art since the 1960s, not as a purely formal exploration of color, form, planes, structure, body, and light, but as a medium whose means of expression is tied to external and internal moods, literary influences, and physical experiences. Scully has articulated his attitude in many lectures, interviews, and texts, which comprise the starting point for the exhibition Vita Duplex. With 140 illustrations, the eponymous catalogue provides a comprehensive look at the artist's visual oeuvre, as well as his world of ideas, and defines its place in the history of abstract painting."
Sherman ND237.S43735 A4 2018

Automatic architecture : motivating form after modernism
Keller, Sean (Architectural historian), author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2017
Introduction: into the automatic -- Fenland tech: design methods at Cambridge -- The logic of form: Peter Eisenman's early work -- The politics of form finding: Frei Otto and postwar German architecture -- Conclusion: from automatic architecture to architectural automatisms.
Sherman NA680 .K39 2017

August Sander : persécutés/persécuteurs des Hommes du XXe siècle = Verfolgte/Verfolger : Menschen des 20. Jahrhunderts = persecuted/persecutors : People of the 20th century
direction d'ouvrage, Sophie Nagiscarde et Marie-Édith Agostini, avec Noémie Fillon ; textes, Gabriele Betancourt Nuñez ... et al.
Göttingen, Allemagne ; Steidl, 2018
Sherman TR680 .S22733 2018

Catherine Opie : keeping an eye on the world
Opie, Catherine, 1961- interviewee
Köln : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, [2017]
Catherine Opie's photographs include portraits and American urban landscapes, ranging from large-scale colour works to small black-and-white prints. A conceptual framework of cultural portraitism links her various photographic series. Exhibition: Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Høvikodden, Norway (06.10.2017-07.01.2018).
Sherman TR647 .O65 2017

Bacon - Giacometti
edited by Catherine Grenier, Ulf Küster, Michael Peppiatt
Riehen/Basel : Fondation Beyeler, [2018]
Sherman ND497.B16 A4 2018

Testament of the spirit : paintings by Eduardo Carrillo
Carrillo, Eduardo, 1937-1997, artist
Sacramento, California : Crocker Art Museum, [2017]
"Eduardo Carrillo's artwork has been described as mystical, realistic, surreal, and visionary. His imagery, whether grounded in the everyday world or infused with magical realism, reflects his relationship to his native California and to his Mexican heritage, as well as his early religious upbringing and his respect for European traditions in art. An inspirational leader who actively challenged racism and injustice, Carrillo created programs and platforms that promoted greater awareness of Latin American culture, aesthetics, and social concerns, signficantly advancing the recognition and appreciation of Chicano art and culture in California. 'Testament of the Spirit: Paintings by Eduardo Carrillo' highlights the creative efforts and social importance of Carrillo as an artist, teacher, scholar, and social activist. It showcases work created for three distinct realms: the public, the private, and the museum. Carrillo's murals (several of which were dismantled or destroyed but are documented in archival images) demonstrate his social and political concerns as well as his struggles; his intimate watercolors and paintings describe his everyday life, in the form of self-portraits, still lifes, and images of people and places he held dear; and his large-scale visionary paintings-Carillo's masterpieces-reveal his complex and creative mind." = "El arte de Eduardo Carrillo ha sido descrito como místico, realista, surrealista y visionario. Sus imágenes, ya sean basadas en el mundo cortidiano o infundidas de realismo mágico, reflejan su relación con su California natal y su herencia mexicana, así como su educación religiosa temprana y su respeto por las tradiciones artísticas europeas. Un líder inspirador que desafió activamente el racismo y la injusticia, Carrillo creó programas y plataformas que promovieron una mayor conciencia de la cultura, estética y preocupaciones sociales latinoamericanas, avanzando significativamente el reconocimiento y aprecio del arte y la cultura chicanos en California. 'Testamento del espíritu: Pinturas de Eduardo Carrillo' destaca los esfuerzos creativos y la importancia social de Carrillo como artista, maestro, estudioso y activista social. Destaca las obras creadas para tres ámbitos distintos: el público, el privado y el museo. Los murales de Carrillo (varios de los cuales fueron desmantelados o destruidos pero que están documentados en imágenes de archivo) demuestran sus preocupaciones sociales y políticas, así como sus luchas; sus acuarelas y pinturas íntimas describen su vida cotidiana en forma de autorretratos, naturalezas muertas e imágenes de personas y lugares por él queridos; y sus pinturas visionarias a gran escala-las obras maestras de Carrillo-revelan su compleja y creativa mente"
Sherman ND237.C282 A4 2017

Shelley Niro : Scotiabank Photography Award
Göttingen : Steidl, 2018
"The Scotiabank Photography Award is the largest peer-reviewed photographic art award in Canada, recognizing an established artist working in the medium. Shelley Niro is a member of the Six Nations Reserve, Bay of Quinte Mohawk, Turtle Clan. She uses photography, painting, beadwork, installation, and video to redefine contemporary Indigenous experience and identity. This survey exhibition celebrates Niro's career, and includes more than 70 objects, spanning from 1991 to 2017, featuring seminal works and never-before-shown photographs, along with some of the artist's recent projects. The accompanying book also presents a coherent overview of Niro's work, and both the exhibition and the book serve as prestigious acknowledgements of her outstanding contribution to the field."
Sherman TR647 .N57 2018

Gentildonna : studi comparati, ipotesi, coincidenza (con l'opera di Leonardo da Vinci)
Ruggiero, Oreste, author
Firenze : O.R.A.D., [2015]
Sherman Oversize ND623.3.P67 R84 2015

Flora : studi comparati, ipotesi, coincidenze : (con l'opera di Leonardo da Vinci)
Ruggiero, Oreste, author
Firenze : O.R.A.D., [2015]
Sherman Oversize ND623.M6135 R84 2015

Paul Delvaux : maître de rêve
Delvaux, Paul, artist
Paris : Somogy Éditions d'art, [2017]
"Paul Delvaux. Maître du rêve invite à une exploration unique dans l'univers artistique de l'un des plus importants peintres belges surréalistes du XXe siècle. Peuplé de squelettes, de temples antiques déserts et glacés, de femmes impassibles et silencieuses, de couples ambigus, de gares désertées, de trains ou de trams fantomatiques ..., le monde singulier et envoûtant de Paul Delvaux se déploie tel un curieux petit théâtre des rêves les plus intimes sous le regard fasciné des spectateurs. Rassemblant une sélection d'oeuvres majeures issues essentiellement d'une collection particulière belge et agrémentées de quelques pièces clefs issues de musées de Belgique, cet ouvrage met en lumière une production artistique aussi mystérieuse que prolifique révélant la force poétique, la richesse et la liberté créatrice d'un surréaliste atypique."--Page 4 of cover.
Sherman ND673.D38 A4 2017

Anna Maria Maiolino
Maiolino, Anna Maria, 1942- artist
New York : DelMonico Books/Prestel, 2017
Plate and section texts / Bryan Barcena, Hana Cohn, Helen Molesworth -- Hunger is a virtue / Bryan Barcena -- An early late style: on Anna Maria Maiolino's 1970s work on paper / Sergio B. Martins -- Mother knowledge / Helen Molesworth -- The polymorphic impulse / Briony Fer -- The offering table, or the matter of death / Anne M. Wagner -- Exhibition checklist.

Born in Calabria, Italy, in 1942, Anna Maria Maiolino is one of the leading artists of her generation. Her work reflects the major cultural and political realities of postwar Europe and South America as well as issues of patriarchy, feminism, and immigration. This book presents her prints, drawings, sculpture, photography, video, and performance pieces. From her early woodcuts, which spoke directly to the tense political atmosphere of her adopted country of Brazil, to her introspective works on paper-every aspect of Maiolino's incredibly diverse and accomplished career is presented in exquisite illustrations and with a series of informed and provocative essays. Exhibition: The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, United States (04.08.-27.11.2017).
Sherman N6659.M326 A4 2017

Franca Ghitti
a cura e con un saggio introduttivo di Elena Pontiggia
Milano : Skira, [2016]
Sherman NB623.G46 A4 2016

Colin : no news good news
Colin, Gianluigi, artist
[Milan] : Rizzoli, marzo 2018
Sherman N6923.C613 A4 2018

La via dei retabli : le frontiere europee degli altari dipinti nella Sardegna del Quattro e Cinquecento
Limentani Virdis, Caterina, author
Sassari : Carlo Delfino editore, [2018]
Sherman ND619.S3 L56 2018

Dawn of a nation : from Guttuso to Fontana and Schifano
edited by Luca Massimo Barbero
Venice : Marsilio, [2018]
Sherman N6918 .N37413 2018

The far flowered shore
Ezawa, Kota, author
London : Koenig Books, [2017]
The Far Flowered Shore" allows an intimate insight into the Japanese culture in the time of the cherry blossom season, a time that allows associations with happiness, but also evanescence and Fukushima. This artist book, which was posthumous designed this year in Tokyo, shows the series 'Hanami', which was produced by Sascha Weidner while staying at Villa Kamogawa in Kyoto 2013. The publication is supplemented with texts by the American poet Bill Berkson as well as centuries-old Japanese Tanka. Exhibition: Sprengel Museum Hannover, Germany (29.07.-19.11.2017).
Sherman TR647 .W3943 2017

Plato in L.A. : contemporary artists' visions
Grau, Donatien, author
Los Angeles : The J. Paul Getty Museum, [2018]
Foreword -- Plato in L.A. -- Visualizations of the text : Joseph Kosuth ; Whitney McVeigh ; Paul Chan -- Dialectics : Mike Kelley ; Paul McCarthy ; Raymond Pettibon -- Contemplating the ideal : Rachel Harrison ; Jeff Koons -- Political cave : Huang Yong Ping ; Michelangelo Pistoletto ; Adrian Piper.

"Accompanying an exhibition at the Getty Villa in Los Angeles, California, this volume brings together eleven contemporary artists and asks them to respond to the work of Plato"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman N6497 .G73 2018

Giuliana Fresco
Fresco, Giuliana, artist
Milano : Skira, 2017
Sherman ND326.F7858 A4 2017

Arquitectura, trazo y agua : aportes del doctor Leonardo F. Icaza, in memoriam
José Manuel A. Chávez Gómez, coordinador
Ciudad de México : Secretaría de Cultura, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Dirección de Estudio Históricos, 2017
Introducción -- PRIMERA PARTE. Esbozo de un arquitecto historiador -- A Leonardo F. Icaza, in memoriam / Beatriz Lucía Cano Sánchez -- Leonardo Federico Icaza Lomelí, arquitecto, historiador, geómatra (1945-2012) / José Manuel A. Chávez Gómez -- Leonardo Icaza y la arquitectura para el agua / Guillermo Boils -- SEGUNDA PARTE. De la arquitectura y el agua en el virreinato -- Del uso del octágono como patrón en las tecnologías novohispanas / Leonardo F. Icaza Lomelí -- El sistema hidáulico del Yucatán virreinal / Manuel Arturo Román Kalisch -- De santuario prehispanico a baluarte mariano. El conjunto conventual franciscano de San Antonio de Padua en Izamal / Bertha Pascacio Guillén -- Tlayacapan o el centro agustino del nuevo orbe / Leonardo F. Icaza Lomelí y José Manuel A. Chávez Gómez.

Collective work in homage to Doctor Leonardo Federico Icaza Lomelí (1945-2012) and his contributions and research over the history of Mexican colonial architecture.
Sherman NA753 .A77 2017

The world underfoot : mosaics and metaphor in the Greek symposium
Franks, Hallie M., author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Sherman NA3765 .F73 2018

Simone di Filippo detto "dei Crocifissi" : pittura e devozione del secondo Trecento bolognese
Del Monaco Gianluca, author
Padova : Il Poligrafo, [2018]
Sherman ND623.S535 D45 2018

Genovesino e Piacenza
introduzione di Vittorio Sgarbi ; a cura di Francesco Frangi, Valerio Guazzoni, Marco Tanzi
Milano, Italia : Officina libraria, [2018]
Sherman ND623.G417 A4 2018

Caravaggio : il vero Matteo
Magister, Sara, author
Roma : Campisano editore, [2018]
Sherman ND623.C26 M245 2018

Freespace : Biennale architettura 2018
curator of 16th International Architect Exhibition, Yvonne Farrell + Shelley McNamara
Venezia : La Biennale di Venezia, May 2018
Exhibition -- Partecipating countries and collateral events.
Sherman NA680 .I473513 2018

Freespace : Biennale architettura 2018
curator of 16th International Architect Exhibition, Yvonne Farrell + Shelley McNamara
Venezia : La Biennale di Venezia, May 2018
Exhibition -- Partecipating countries and collateral events.
Sherman NA680 .I473513 2018

Maria Auxiliadora : vida cotidiana, pintura e resistência
organização editorial e curadoria, Adriano Pedrosa, Fernando Oliva ; texts, Adriano Pedrosa and seventeen others
São Paulo : MASP, Museu de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand, 2018
As part of the thematic axis dedicated to the Afro Atlantic history, the exhibition rescues 82 artworks of the self-taught artist who painted everyday life in the Afro Brazilian culture, all reproduced in this catalog, also featuring twelve unpublished essays, reprints of five historical essays from the 1960s to the 1980s, documents and photographs related to the artist's life and work, along with color reproductions of 164 paintings by Maria Auxiliadora, located during the research, many reproduced here for the first time ever. This edition is the most complete monograph of the artist published until now. Maria Auxiliadora's last big solo exhibition took place at MASP in 1981, and this presentation aspires to renew interest in this essential Brazilian artist, beyond the prejudiced, paternalistic, and reductive categories of naive art or primitive art.
Sherman ND359.S55 A4 2018

America's cool modernism : O'Keeffe to Hopper
Bourguignon, Katherine M., author
Oxford : Ashmolean Museum, 2018
"As some American artists began to eliminate people and remove extraneous details from their compositions, they often employed neat, orderly brushwork or close-up, unemotional photography. Artists as diverse as Patrick Henry Bruce, John Covert, Georgia O'Keeffe, Paul Strand and Arthur Dove navigated European and American avant-garde circles, picking and choosing new ideas and methods. Inspiration ranged from Cubism and machine parts to new technologies, and they found ways to bring order to the modern world through extreme simplification. For them, abstraction involved absence and presence - the evacuation of human beings but also the desire to depict something that would not otherwise be visible or to render visible unseen natural processes like the passage of time, sound waves, or weather patterns. Their artworks provide a new context for the precisionist works in the subsequent sections and point to modern ideas about what art could be"--Publisher's description.
Sherman N6512.5.M63 B68 2018

Antonio Vanegas Arroyo : un editor extraordinario
Mariana Masera (coordinadora)
Ciudad de México : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2017
Presentación / Mariana Masera -- Recuerdos de Inés. Entrevista con Inés Cedeño Vanegas / Edith Negrin -- Entre la tradición y la innovación. Antonio Vanegas Arroyo: un impresor extraordinario / Mariana Masera, Briseida Castro Pérez, Ana Rosa Gómez Mutio, Grecia Monroy Sánchez, Adrián Olvera Hernández -- Antonio Vanegas Arroyo: el impacto de un editor popular en el Porfiriato / Helia Emma Bonilla Reyna -- ¡Bonitos y nuevos cuadernos a precios sumamente módicos! La publicidad en los impresos de Antonio Vanegas Arroyo / Mercurio López Casillas -- Anexo.

Inés Cedeño Venegas, the great granddaughter of celebrated editor Antonio Vanegas Arroyo (Puebla 1850 - México City 1917), is married to Jose Luis Chávez Dueñas. These last years she has dedicated her time to their collection of manuscripts, correspondence, litographic material (flysheets, booklets), and vintage photographs from the personal archives of the noted 19th century editor. Invited by the team of the project Impresos Populares Iberoamericanos, coordinated by doctor Mariana Macera in UNAM, she has actively collaborated for this last year, by recalling her childhood and talking about the collection of printed material from the editor.
Sherman Z493.V36 A58 2018

The paintings of Hendrick Goltzius : (1558-1617) : a monograph and catalogue raisonné
Nichols, Lawrence W
Doornspijk : Davaco, 2013
This long-awaited volume is a comprehensive study of the paintings of Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617), the most important artist in the Netherlands at the turn of the seventeenth century. A poem published in Haarlem in 1617 lamented the death that year of the most artful master Hendrick Goltzius, in his life [a] skillful painter, draftsman, and artful engraver. The fact that "painter" heads the list of his accomplishments is significant, for although Goltzius enjoyed international fame as a draughtsman and engraver, to his contemporaries he was equally renowned for his skill in the art of painting, which was considered the highest artistic calling. This volume on his paintings, the first since Hirschmann's short study of 1916, finally completes a full assessment of this artist of Haarlem, whose drawings were the subject of Reznicek's publication of 1961 and whose prints were catalogued by Leesberg in the New Hollstein series that appeared in 2012.
Sherman ND653.G8 A4 2013

Canova, Tiziano e la Basilica dei Frari a Venezia nell'Ottocento = Canova, Titian and the Church of Frari in Venice in the 19th century
a cura di Elena Catra, Isabella Collavizza e Vittorio Pajusco ; testi di Adolfo Bernardello and eight others
Treviso : ZeL edizioni, [2017]
Sono le testimonianze della storiografia artistica contemporanea a restituirci l'immagine più autentica della Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari che il presente volume vuole indagare nella sua veste ottocentesca, quale luogo ideale per la costruzione dei cenotafi a celebrazione di due illustri nomi dell'arte veneziana: il pittore Tiziano Vecellio e lo scultore Antonio Canova. Nello stesso arco temporale la tavola dell'Assunta di Tiziano, passando dalla Chiesa alle Gallerie dell'Accademia, viene consacrata come il capolavoro assoluto della pittura rinascimentale veneta, monito per studenti, docenti e visitatori del Museo. Attorno a queste tre manufatti, l'Assunta di Tiziano, Il Monumento a Antonio Canova e il Monumento a Tiziano Vecellio, ruotano i saggi presenti nel volume che approfondiscono nel dettaglio: l'aspetto storico-culturale della Basilica e di Venezia nella prima metà del XIX secolo, la fortuna di Antonio Canova a Venezia nell'Ottocento, la genesi e la realizzazione dei due Monumenti scultorei, le vicissitudini dell'Assunta di Tiziano tra Ottocento e Novecento e la fortuna dell'immagine della Chiesa nelle fotografia e nella guidistica del tempo. Particolare attenzione è stata data al corredo iconografico composto di riproduzioni di incisioni, dipinti, fotografie, cartoline provenienti da collezioni pubbliche e private spesso inedite.
Sherman NA5621.V426 C36 2017

Weathervanes of New England
Knoblock, Glenn A., author
Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2018]
"First used to gauge ever-changing weather, now viewed as American folk art, historic weathervanes have been a part of the skyline for more than three centuries. This comprehensive study of the development of the weathervane describes changes in form and function from colonial times to the present, and documents the histories of weathervane makers throughout New England"--
Sherman NK9585 .K59 2018

Manuscripts in the making
edited by Stella Panayotova & Paola Ricciardi
Turnhout : Harvey Miller, 2017-
This publication presents the papers delivered at the international Conference held in Cambridge in December 2016 to mark the end of the Fitzwilliam Museum?s acclaimed bicentenary exhibition COLOUR: THE ART AND SCIENCE OF ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS. It is the first of two volumes in which medievalists and scientists share the results of their research, and combine here to elucidate both the materials and techniques of production of illuminated manuscripts, as well as the artists? collaboration and their aesthetic objectives. Of the 34 papers given at the proceedings, 17 are included in the present volume covering scientific analyses of West European, Byzantine and Islamic manuscripts, Colour and Pigment Studies, Painting Techniques and Workshop Practices, as well as details of the latest scientific techniques and instruments employed for these non-invasive and non-destructive investigations into the delicate manuscripts. The texts are accompanied by over 200 illustrations as well as explanatory tables and diagrams.
Sherman ND2900 .M36 2017

Marcelo Cidade : empena cega = blind wall
Cidade, Marcelo, 1979- artist
[Rio de Janeiro] : Cobogó, [2016]
Empena cega = Blind wall / Kiki Mazzucchelli -- Sobre espaços públicos impossíveis = On impossible public spaces / Renato Cymbalista -- A meia-noite levarei sua alma = At midnight I will take your soul / Ricardo Nicolau -- Obras = Works.
Sherman N6659.C48 A4 2016

Francis Marshall : drawing fashion
Cullen, Oriole, author
London : V&A Publishing, 2018
This book opens an exciting and extensive archive of fashion illustration by Francis Marshall (1901-1980), held at the V&A. Marshall's career coincided with the golden age of fashion illustration and commercial art. For much of the 20th century, he was one of Britain's most prolific and highly regarded fashion illustrators, yet today his work remains relatively unknown. Unlike his gregarious contemporary Cecil Beaton, Marshall was a retiring character, not interested in self-promotion and preferring to focus on his work. His drawings are characterized by careful observation, verve and wit - he has been celebrated as a 'master of line', always at his best when drawing from life. Active from the 1920s until the 1960s, Marshall's work was published widely, from Vogue magazine to the more accessible and widely read pages of the Daily Mail. He also worked extensively in advertising, for companies such as Jaeger, Fortnum and Mason, Liberty and Elizabeth Arden, and released several books - ranging from manuals on drawing fashion or ballet, to the nostalgic records of fashionable society London West and An Englishman in New York. This new book shines a light on this sometimes-forgotten master, at a time when fashion illustration is very much in style.
Sherman TT509 .C85 2018

Derain, Balthus, Giacometti : une amitié artistique
Jacqueline Munck, conservateur en chef du patrimoine
Paris : Paris Musées, [2017]
The exhibition presents an exceptional selection of more than 350 works (paintings, sculptures, works on paper and photographs), mainly centered on the years 1930 to 1960. It allows to review the most important part of Derain's work which has not been presented in Paris for more than twenty years with the retrospective in 1995 at the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris, to review Balthus (since 1983 the retrospective of the National Museum of Modern Art Center Pompidou) Taking a new look at Giacometti.--The Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris
Sherman N6853.D47 A4 2017

Nahui Olin : la mirada infinita
textos, Rebeca Julieta Barquera Guzmán and five others ; coordinación y cuidado editorial, Claudia A. Herrera Martínez
Ciudad de México : Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Museo Nacional de Arte, 2018
Nahui Olin, el despertar / Tomás Zurián Ugarte -- Nahui Olin y la síntesis del cosmos / Mariano Meza Marroquín -- "Cuando poso, siempre soy otra" Nahui Olin, fotografía y performance / Terri Geis -- Los colores intangibles de la atmósfera / Rebeca Julieta Barquera Guzmán -- Cronología / Carla Zurián de la Fuente -- Nahui Olin. La mirada infinita -- Lista catalográfica.

A clear and accurate study regarding the life and work of artist Nahui Olin (María del Carmen Mondragón Valseca, 1893-1978), a pioneer woman who, during the first half of the 20th century, experimented with a wide variety of artistic genres such as poetry, literature, performance, music and, particularly, painting. The exhibition will unravel the creative brilliance implicit in the work of this unique artist who was relegated from the historiographic studies, for she wasn't completely understood in all of her dimension, causing the oblivion of her artistic legacy. "The catalog that the reader holds in his hands documents the exhibition and brings together the work of the muse that explored musical and literary creation, painting and photography, science and sexuality as well as being considered the first caricaturist woman in Mexico" (HKB Translation) --Page 5.
Sherman N6559.O44 A4 2018

Borrador #1, o, La perpetuidad del voto nacional
Padilla, Christian, author
Bogotá : Fundación Proyecto Bachué, 2016
Prefacio = Forword / José Darío Gutiérrez -- Arrubla, German -- Arturo, Felipe -- Ávila Forero, Marcos -- Bahos, William -- Baraya, Alberto -- Bonil, Carlos -- Bravo Salamanca, Richard Harrison -- Bucher, Francois -- Castañeda Galeano, Leonel -- Castro, Carlos -- Correa Nache, Jesús Eduardo -- Echavarría, Juan Manuel -- Fory, Nelson -- Herrán, Juan Fernando -- Martinez, José Horacio -- Moreno, Eduard -- Opazo, Mario -- Orjuela, Andrés -- Ospina, Lucas -- Palacios, Fabio Melecio -- Pareja, Fernando & Chávez, Leidy -- Pinilla, Andrés Matias -- Quiñones, Edinson -- Restrepo, José Alejandro -- Sánchez, Edwin -- Sandoval, Rosemberg -- Uribe, Andrés Felipe -- Uribe, Carlos -- Villa, Gustavo.

Collective exhibition that included pieces from the Bachué Project collection and was on display in the Annex of the Espacio El Dorado (Bogotá) from October 2016 until February 2017. The exhibition attempted to show the traces left by the violence in Colombia. Moreover, it reflected the interminable confrontations between the country's privileged class and the rural working class, or political and economic interests. These rivalries played out during the plebiscite on October 2nd in 2016 and have now left the country in a limbo.
Sherman N6675.6 .P33 2016

Zona Imaginaria : 2008-2016
directora editorial, Valeria Balut ; traducción, Tamara Stuby
Buenos Aires, Argentina : Arta Ediciones, [2017]
A note to the reader -- The persistence of an idea -- Market and ideology -- Ethnography and collaboration -- Intersubjectivity engineering -- Regarding diversity and democracy -- Policies of friendship -- Chronological actions -- Participants.

The book "Imaginary Zone 2008-2016" includes an interview of Valeria Balut to Lucrecia Urbano (Cordoba, 1968) - artist and Director of Zona Imaginada - where Urbano recounts her beginnings with nontoxic gravure and the nomadic creation of Zona Imaginada. The interview is followed by five chapters that represent a global perspective at Zona Imaginada with a selection of the projects carried out by the artists and their testimonies, presented to the reader with the alternate voices of Lucrecia Urbano and Valeria Balut. The book closes with a timeline of all the participating artists and conducted workshops. Urbano is the founder and director of Zona Imaginaria, a contemporary print studio and international Residence project called "Who can live in this house?ʺ. Her personal work is orientated to research and different techniques combination: non-toxic printmaking, photography, video, digital prints, glass and installations.
Sherman N6635.6 .Z66 2017

Raoul Hausmann : photographs 1927-1936
texts by Cécile Bargues ; editors, Cécile Bargues with David Barriet, David Benassayag, Béatrice Didier ; translations, Jill Denton, Helen Ferguson
London, England : Koenig Books, [2018]
"Raoul Hausmann's photographic work has long been underrated. This key artists of the twentieth century is remembered primarily for the central role he played in Berlin Dada with his assemblages, photomontages, and optophonetic poems, yet the vicissitudes of history caused his photography, an essential facet of his oeuvre, to be cast almost entirely into the shade. From 1927 on, Hausmann became an avid and restless photographer in Germany, in particular during his stays at the North Sea and Baltic coasts. While in exile in Ibiza after the Nazis came to power, he took an interest in the local populace and vernacular architecture, before emigrating again in 1936. During this intense decade, he reflected extensively on photography, developing a highly individual practice in the medium, simultaneously documentary and lyrical, inextricably linked to his way of thinking and living. His circle of friends included August Sander, Raoul Ubac, and Lázló Moholy-Nagy, who announced to Vera Broido, one of Hausmann's partners: 'I learnt everything that I know from Raoul.' This book by art historian Cécile Bargues reveals Hausmann's interwar photographic work in its entirety, and presents a detailed time line of his life. The publication concludes with a previously unpublished text in which author Nik Cohn, Vera Broido's son, recounts his mother's memories of Hausmann."
Sherman TR647 .H3813 2018

SITAC X : el futuro : de vuelta a la cuenta larga
editor : Shuddabrata Sengupta
Ciudad de México : Patronato de Arte Contemporáneo, 2016
SITAC X. El futuro: de vuelta a la cuenta larga -- The future: The long ccount begins again -- DÍA UNO Presentación / Shuddhabrata Sengupta -- Escuchando el futuro / Laura Restrepo -- Mesa. El mañana se asoma al presente / Tatiana Cuevas, moeradora; Iconoclastas; Yoel Díaz Vázquez -- Mesa. Una breve historia del futuro: comunidades útopicas yn experimentales en México y su influencia en las prácticas culturales / Sofía Olascoaga, moderadora; Gabriel Cámara, Alberto González Pozo, Alejandro Chao Barona, Abraham Cruzvillegas -- Mesa. El futuro de la arquitectuira y la arquitectura del futuro / Ruth Estévez, moderadora; Inti Guerrero, Óscar Hagerman, Michel Rojkind -- .
Sherman N8217.F87 S58 2016

Eine graphische Revolution : der italienische Farbholzschnitt des 16. Jahrunderts
herausgegeben von Thomas Ketelsen
Köln : Wallraf-Richartz-Museum [2018?]
Kaum eine andere Drucktechnik hat die graphische Kunst so intensiv und nachhaltig beeinflusst wie die Erfindung des Farbholzschnittes durch den italienischen Künstler Ugo da Carpi aus dem Jahr 1516. Nach Jahrhunderten des einfachen Holzschnittdrucks bot die sogenannte Chiaroscuro-Technik völlig neue, expressive Ausdrucksformen. Endlich war es den Künstlern möglich, unter Verwendung von unterschiedlich geschnittenen Holzstücken eine Hell-Dunkel-Modulation mit sensibler Farbgestaltung zu erzeugen. Die Graphische Sammlung des Wallraf-Richartz-Museums besitzt eine Vielzahl von Farbholzschnitten und zeigt sie nun erstmals als ein Ensemble: 'Eine graphische Revolution - Der italienische Farbholzschnitt des 16. Jahrhunderts' vereint mehr als 30 Blätter von bekannten Holzschneidern wie Ugo da Carpi, Antonio da Trento oder Andrea Andriani. Exhibition: Wallraf-Richartz-Museum & Foundation Corboud, Cologne, Germany (22.09.2017-14.01.2018).
Sherman NE1152.16 .G73 2018

Reusable universes
Shih Chieh Huang ; curator and editor: Vivian Li
New York : Inventory Press, [2017]
Packaged in a resealable plastic envelope, 'Reusable Universes' serves as an instruction manual to the immersive kinetic art of Taiwanese artist Shih Chieh Huang (born 1975), showing how nature, technology and everyday materials inspire Huang's practice. (Exhibition: Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, USA).
Sherman N7349.83.H9585 A4 2017

Costruzioni prospettiche, modelli iconografici, intenzionalità narrative : originalità e derivazioni nella Pala di Castelfranco di Giorgione
Soragni, Ugo, author
Saonara (PD) : Il prato casa editrice, [2017]
Sherman ND623.G5 A65 2017

Tarsila do Amaral : inventing modern art in Brazil
Stephanie D'Alessandro and Luis Pérez-Oramas
New York : The Museum of Modern Art, [2017]
Tarsila do Amaral: Devouring Modernist Narratives / Stephanie D'Alessandro and Luis Pérez-Oramas -- A negra, Avaporu, and Tarsilia's Anthropophagy / Stephanie D'Alessandro -- Tarsila, Melancholic Cannibal / Luis Pérez-Oramas

"An exploration of the innovative, quintessentially Brazilian painter who merged modernism with the brilliant energy and culture of her homeland Tarsila do Amaral (1886-1973) was a central figure at the genesis of modern art in her native Brazil, and her influence reverberates throughout 20th- and 21s-century art. Although relatively little-known outside Latin America, her work deserves to be understood and admired by a wide contemporary audience. This publication establishes her rich background in European modernism, which included associations in Paris with artists Fernand Léger and Constantin Brancusi, dealer Ambroise Vollard, and poet Blaise Cendrars. Tarsila (as she is known affectionately in Brazil) synthesized avant-garde aesthetics with Brazilian subjects, creating stylized, exaggerated figures and landscapes inspired by her native country that were powerful emblems of the Brazilian modernist project known as Antropofagía. Featuring a selection of Tarsila's major paintings, this volume conveys her vital role in the emerging modern-art scene of Brazil, the community of artists and writers (including poets Oswald de Andrade and Mário de Andrade) with whom she explored and developed a Brazilian modernism, and how she was subsequently embraced as a national cultural icon. At the same time, an analysis of Tarsila's legacy questions traditional perceptions of the 20th-century art world and asserts the significant role that Tarsila and others in Latin America had in shaping the global trajectory of modernism"--
Sherman ND359.T37 A4 2017

The green studio handbook : environmental strategies for schematic design
Kwok, Alison G., author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2018
Sherman TH880 .K87 2018

M/A\G/M\A : body and words in Italian and Lithuanian women's art from 1965 to present
curated by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini, Laima Kreivytė
Macerata : Quodlibet, [2018]
Sherman N8354 .M346 2018

Amos Cassioli e gli amici puristi : opere dell'800 senese da una collezione privata
testi di Francesca Petrucci ; fotografie di Andrea Sbardellati
Siena : Primamedia editore, [2018]
Sherman ND623.C464 A4 2018

El principio Asia : China, Japón e India y el arte contemporáneo en España (1957-2017)
textos, David Almazán and eight others
Madrid : Editorial de Arte y Ciencia, [2018]
Sherman N7337 .P756 2018

Da Raffaello a Canova, da Valadier a Balla : l'arte in cento capolavori dell'Accademia nazionale di San Luca
a cura di Vittorio Sgarbi, Francesco Moschini
[Perugia] : Fabrizio Fabbri editore, [2018]
Sherman N6911 .D17 2018

Luigi Busi : l'eleganza del vero, 1837 - 1884
Busi, Luigi, 1838-1884, artist
Bologna : Associazione Bologna per le arti, [2018]
Sherman ND623.B944 A4 2018

Bellini / Mantegna : masterpieces face-to-face : The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple
curated by Brigit Blass-Simmen, Neville Rowley, Giovanni Carlo Federico Villa
Cinisello Balsamo (Milano) : Silvana Editoriale, [2018]
Becoming Bellini and maintaining Mantegna : the art of repetition / Caroline Campbell -- Andrea Mantegna and Giovanni Bellini : Presentations in dialogue / Giovanni C. F. Villa -- One cartoon - two paintings / Brigit Blass-Simmen -- Critical fortunes and worldly vicissitudes of Andrea Mantegna's Presentation of Jesus at the Temple, now at Gemäldegalerie in Berlin / Neville Rowley -- Presentation of Jesus at the Temple by Giovanni Bellini : a family painting at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia / Babet Trevisan -- Andrea Mantegna's and Giovanni Bellini's Presentation of Jesus at the Temple : the gensis and a technological comparison of both works / Babette Hartwieg -- Album -- Appendix : -- Giovanni Bellini : a biography / Giovanni C. F. Villa -- Andrea Mantegna : a biography / Giovanni C. F. Villa.

Giovanni Bellini, 'one of the great Italian poets' in the words of Roberto Longhi, and Andrea Mantegna, he who 'sculpted [the image] alive and real in his painting' in the sonnet by Ulisse degli Aleotti, were two giants in the history of Western art -- extremely distant in character, certainly, yet connected by deep family ties. Nicolosia -- Jacopo Bellini's daughter and thus half-sister to Giovanni -- married Mantegna in 1453. This marriage engendered one of the most fascinating pictorial dialogues of the Quattrocento, as they both developed the motif of The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple. A pair of works exhibited side-by-side for the very first time, half a millennium after they were painted. An extraordinary event narrated down to the last detail in this volume, through a riveting analysis of the paintings themselves and of the relationship between the two artists. Exhibition: Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venice, Italy (21.03.-01.07.2018).
Sherman ND623.B39 S56 2018

Chmil, Erik, 1968- photographer
München : Hirmer Verlag GmbH, [2017]
Erik Chmil's travels and photo expeditions around the world provided the inspiration for 'Solitude', his picture series of abandoned car parks. The result is magnificent photographic works of art whose ordered aesthetic and contemplative aura enchant the viewer, as well as revealing the stories of the different locations when examined more closely.
Sherman TR655 .C54 2017

In lapide depictum : pintura italiana sobre piedra, 1530-1555
González Mozo, Ana, curator
Madrid : Museo Nacional del Prado, 2018
Sherman ND1580 .G66 2018

Drawing after architecture : Renaissance architectural drawings and their reception
Yerkes, Carolyn, author
[Venice] : Marsilio, [2017]
Introduction -- Ancients -- Tactics and techniques -- Paleography as topography -- Images and evidence -- Moderns -- Chronological condensation -- Representation as architecture -- Drawing as biography -- Conclusion.

"Why did early modern architects continue copying drawings long after the invention of print should have made such copying obsolete? Carolyn Yerkes answers that question in a fresh investigation into the status of architectural drawing in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Drawing after Architecture: Renaissance Architectural Drawings and Their Reception investigates the status of architectural drawing after the invention of print and explores a vast group of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century manuscripts and collections of drawings that are each part of a larger network of copies. Made by French and Italian draftsmen who studied Roman monuments, the drawings contain information about the buildings buildings that include the most important ancient and modern works, the Pantheon and Saint Peter s that is not known from any other sources. But the information that the drawings preserve is only part of their value: the drawings also show how that information was recorded, transferred, and analysed by other draftsmen. In the sixteenth century, survey drawing was the key mechanism through which the material past was understood, and many sixteenth- and seventeenth-century drawings after ancient architecture are extant. Ultimately, this book pursues the nature of architectural evidence, in that it asks how Renaissance architects used images to explore structures, to create biographies, and to write history."--
Sherman NA2699 .Y47 2017

Come in un rebus : Correggio e la camera di San Paolo
Fadda, Elisabetta, 1966- author
Firenze : Leo S. Olschki editore, MMXVIII
Sherman ND623.C7 F34 2018

Concrete matters
editors, Matilda Olof-Ors, Maria Amalia Garcia
London : Koenig Books, [2018]
Sherman N6502.57.C65 C66 2018

Renato Guttuso : revolutionary art, fifty years from 1968
Guttuso, Renato, 1911-1987, artist
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2018]
Sherman ND623.G97 A4 2018

Mike Kelley : 99.9998% remaining
Kelley, Mike, 1954-2012
Köln : Walther König, ©2012
Foreword / Harald Falckenberg -- Mike Kelley. 0.0002% Completed/99.9998% Remaining / Harald Falckenberg.

"Mike Kelley's 'Arenas' series of the late 80s and early 90s mark a shift away from the artist's performance-oriented activity and towards a new sculptural dexterity, in which cultural resonance is elicited from an eerie reframing of everyday objects. First exhibited in 1990 at Metro Pictures, the 'Arenas' are comprised of stuffed animals arranged around the edges of blankets (or occasionally posed isolate in their center). Ten or twenty such toys in such groupings might convey a cheery childhood picnic scenario, but Kelley rarely selects more than five or six, and places them carefully so that their cuddliness and their capacity to comfort is entirely canceled out. Instead, we encounter the toy as a commodity entity-a mass-manufactured product positioned to enter into play but far from inviting it. Skarstedt's exhibition of seven of the eleven 'Arenas' is here recorded in superb installation shots and with critical commentary"--From publisher.
Sherman N6537.K423 A4 2012

Anni Albers
Albers, Anni, artist
New Haven, Connecticut : Yale University Press, 2018
Anni Albers : a many-sided artist / Ann Coxon and Maria Müller-Schareck -- Close to the stuff the world is made of : weaving as a modern project / Briony Fer -- Works. The Bauhaus workshops / Magdalena Droste ; Monumental : developing a wall covering / T'ai Smith ; Black Mountain College exercises / Briony Fer ; Discovering Monte Albán / Maria Minera ; Tangles, knots, braids, loops, and links / Brenda Danilowitz ; Anni Albers as collector / Jennifer Reynolds-Kaye ; Exhibiting textiles : MoMA 1949 / Priyesh Mistry ; The language of threads / Maria Müller-Schareck ; Temple commissions and Six prayers / Ann Coxon ; Process and metamorphosis : printmaking / Nicholas Fox Weber ; An artistic legacy / Ann Coxon.
Sherman NK8898.A43 A4 2018

The art & tradition of beadwork
Bol, Marsha, author
Layton, Utah : Gibbs Smith, [2018]
Life begins -- Becoming an adult -- Fostering life's continuity -- In memoriam -- Gender in beadwork -- Emblems of social status, prestige, and wealth -- Symbols of leadership -- conversing with the spirits -- Dressing for festive occasions -- Beyond the village.

"A fascinating, in-depth look at the culture and history of beaded objects around the world. From a beaded dress found in an ancient Egyptian tomb to the beaded fringe on a 1920s Parisian flapper's hem, humans throughout history have used beading as a way to express, adorn, and tell a story. Bol explores beadwork across the world and through the ages, showing how beading has taken on many different styles, forms, and purposes for different cultures. She looks at children's clothing, puberty ceremonies, burials, emblems of social status and leadership, festivals, and many other cultural occasions that involve the use of beadwork. Images of artifacts and heirlooms as well as photography of people and their beadwork enhance the scholarship of this book for a beautiful, enlightening addition to art, history, multicultural collections everywhere." -- Provided by publisher.
Sherman NK3650 .B65 2018

Looking again : photography at the New Orleans Museum of Art
Russell Lord
New York, N.Y. : Aperture, 2018
Looking Again' is as much about photography as it is about the specific photographs reproduced within it. It is designed to provide the reader with a glimpse into both the collection at the New Orleans Museum of Art and into photography?s complexity. Through 131 objects and essays, Russell Lord explores the many histories of photography, addressing long-held beliefs and offering new ways of thinking about, and looking at, photographs. As the world moves increasingly toward an image-dependent style of communication, there has never been a better time to seriously examine our belief in or apprehension toward the photographic image. Standing on the threshold of what might be a turning point in humanity?s relationship to the photograph, this volume encourages the reader to dig deeply into photography: to look, and then look again.
Sherman TR6.U62 N475 2018

The De Jode dynasty / compiled by Marjolein Leesberg ; edited by Peter van de Coelen
Ouderkerk aan den Ijssel : Sound & Vision Publishers in co-operation with the Rijksmuseum, [2018]
Pt. 1 -- Pt. 2.

A comprehensive publication of the prints published and engraved by the Antwerp De Jode family has long since been a desideratum in the research on the history of Netherlandish printmaking. Over the coming years such research will be conducted for The New Hollstein Dutch & Flemish series with the goal of publishing the entire fund of Gerard de Jode (1516/17-1591), all engravings by and after his son Pieter de Jode I (1573-1634), as well as the engravings by the latter's son Pieter de Jode II (1606-after 1670/74) and his son Arnold de Jode (1638-in/after 1667).
Sherman NE663.H65 J63 2018

The De Jode dynasty / compiled by Marjolein Leesberg ; edited by Peter van de Coelen
Ouderkerk aan den Ijssel : Sound & Vision Publishers in co-operation with the Rijksmuseum, [2018]
Pt. 1 -- Pt. 2.

A comprehensive publication of the prints published and engraved by the Antwerp De Jode family has long since been a desideratum in the research on the history of Netherlandish printmaking. Over the coming years such research will be conducted for The New Hollstein Dutch & Flemish series with the goal of publishing the entire fund of Gerard de Jode (1516/17-1591), all engravings by and after his son Pieter de Jode I (1573-1634), as well as the engravings by the latter's son Pieter de Jode II (1606-after 1670/74) and his son Arnold de Jode (1638-in/after 1667).
Sherman NE663.H65 J63 2018

"Con leggiadria lavorati, e con ottimo gusto condotti" : Filippo Parodi : tre opere venete
Clemente, Maichol, author
Firenze : Giovanni Pratesi antiquario, [2017]
Sherman NB623.P254 C54 2017

Russian Dada : 1914-1924
edited by Margarita Tupitsyn ; exhibition curator, Margarita Tupitsyn ; catalogue edited by Margarita Tupitsyn and the MNCARS editorial Activities ; tranlations, Cathy Young, Philip Sutton
Madrid : Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, 2018
This exhibition explores Russian avant-garde art through the perspective of the anti-art canons associated with the international Dada movement. The selected works reveal the intentions of many artists to take part in projects of public unrest with connotations in close proximity to Marxism and to adopt rejection, irony, the absurd and chance as the basic principles underpinning their artistic manifestations.
Sherman N6988.5.A83 R89 2018

The conditions of being art : Pat Hearn Gallery & American Fine Arts, Co
edited by Jeannine Tang, Ann E. Butler, and Lia Gangitano
Brooklyn, NY : Dancing Foxes Press, 2018
"The conditions of being art examines the activities of innovating contemporary art galleries Pat Hearn Gallery and American Fine Arts, Co., and the transnational milieu of artists, dealers, and critics that surrounded them. Drawing on the archives of Pat Hearn and Colin de Land--both independently important figures on the New York art scene of the 1980s and 1990s--and interviews with their peers, this publication illustrates the dealers' distinctive practices, significant exhibitions, events, and daily business. ... Featuring commissioned essays, archival materials and exhibition timelines for both galleries, this publication is the first book-length critical account of 1990s commercial gallery practices and vibrantly documents how Hearn and de Land tested notions of what an art gallery could be"--Page 4 of cover.
Sherman N8659.C66 A4 2018

Gerhard Richter : 100 self-portraits, 1993
Richter, Gerhard, 1932-
Köln : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, c2018
For the subscription edition of "Schriften und Interviews", that was published by Insel Verlag in 1993 in an edition of 100 copies, Richter drew a 23.5 x 17.7 cm "self-portrait" in pencil on the back of a portrait photograph at the front of the book. Enthused by his work, he produced a further 94 signed and dated self-portraits between the 3rd of September and the 12th of December 1993 on loose leaves, which are published here for the first time. It is when they are seen together as a series that this brilliant exercise becomes impressive. Despite the means of production being largely the same or similar, each instance has an individual formal and aesthetic appearance. The pencil drawings form an open series of variations, whose aspiration is not the gradual nearing of a perfected final outcome, but rather the serial testing of different, but equally weighted possibilities of representation within limited specifications. Exhibition: Albertinum, Dresden, Germany (01.06. - 26.08.2018).
Sherman NC251.R48 A4 2018

Vivas nos queremos : campaña gráfica
Buenos Aires, Argentina : Editorial el Colectivo, 2017
El grabado es un grito al alcance de todas -- MuGRe : Mujeres Grabando Resistencias -- #Vivasnosqueremos! Argentina : resistencia gráfica, colectiva y feminista -- Brujas -- Laura Iglesias, ¡presente! -- Amancay Diana Sacayán -- La Berta grabada en nuestros corazones -- Cuerpos -- Espacios colectivos : la experiencia creativa compartida -- VNQ desde los primeros años.
Sherman N7630 .V58 2017

Lee Bul
Lee, Bul, 1964- artist
London : Hayward Gallery Publishing, [2018]
This mid-career survey of the work of acclaimed South Korean artist Lee Bul explores the artist's extensive investigation into the body and its relationship to architectural space. Over a 30-year career that spans South Korea's transition from military dictatorship to democracy, Lee Bul has explored questions of intimacy, gender, technology and class through a focus on the body. Drawing on science fiction, bioengineering and visionary architecture, as well as Japanese anime and manga, her work includes performance, drawing, painting and large-scale immersive installations.
Sherman N7369.L44 A4 2018

Tadao Ando : the colours of light
Andō, Tadao, 1941- architect
London : Phaidon Press Limited, 2017
The acclaimed portfolio of work by Japan's leading architect, now featuring digitally remastered photographs.
Sherman NA1559.A5 A4 2017

Orlan en capitales : [exposition, Paris, Maison européenne de la photographie, 19 avril-18 juin 2017]
Orlan, artist
Paris : Skira, 2017
Sherman N6853.O75 A4 2017

Volta Photo
starring Sanlé Sory and the people of Bobo-Dioulasso in the small but musically mighty country of Burkina Faso
[Chicago, Illinois] : The Art Institute of Chicago, 2018
The studio photographs of Sory Sanlé and his participation in the vibrant music scene in Bobo-Dioulasso give us a picture of a cosmopolitan city shaping its independent identity in the 1960s through to the 80s, the heyday of West African independence movements. Vintage photographs, seven-inch record sleeves and studio accessories are all reproduced in the most extensive portrayal to date of photography and music as key popular art forms with local, national and international resonance.
Sherman TR681.A33 V65 2018

Walter Niedermayr : Koexistenzen = coexistences
Berlin : Hatje Cantz Verlag, [2017]
While Walter Niedermayr dealt with the mountainous environment around Lech am Arlberg in his last book, this publication allows us to witness some of the work he made over a period of seven years in the communes of the Fiemme Valley, in Trentino, South Tyrol. Visiting the eleven towns that have banded together to administer common property for nearly one thousand years, Niedermayr was mainly interested in the architecture. Very special kinds of homes have managed to not only survive there, but to evolve to the conditions of present day; their hybrid transition zones connecting private, semi-public, and public areas seem more relevant than ever. Over the centuries this large community has developed a strong communal sense of how to deal carefully with resources and joint use. Common characteristics, especially in the way that space is structured in the villages, are remarkable. Some are seen in diptychs, but most take form as a sequence based on building type. In this photographic project, Walter Niedermayr traces these forms of living according to their suitability to everyday life, and ultimately the future potential of the architectural and social village structures in the Fiemme Valley.
Sherman TR659 .N475 2017