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Netherlandish artists. Ferdinand Bol
Kenney, George C., author
[Norwalk, Connecticut] : Abaris Books, [2017]
Sherman NE90 .B213 v.51

99 cents or less
editor: Jens Hoffman
New York : Karma ; [2018]
A major group exhibition of ninety nine artists based in the United States, '99 Cents or Less' addresses Detroit's ongoing economic crisis and its 2013 bankruptcy-the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in the history of the United States. Four years after a federal judge approved Detroit's bankruptcy-exit plan the city's financial present and future are still in flux. This exhibition is a reflection on the realities of a city that was once one of the country's wealthiest and most diverse. Speaking to Detroit's place as a global industrial powerhouse by using materials from 99 cent stores, '99 Cents or Less' hopes to make the connection between past, present, and future centers of production, and point to ways that artists can address how mass production has changed and will continue to change and evolve. As the consumer's relationship with their everyday items has changed, so has the application and approach that artists take when incorporating these items in their work. Exhibition: Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit, USA (19.05. - 06.08.2017).
Sherman N6535.D43 A12 2018

Art and artists in China since 1949
Yi, Ying, 1953- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
Under a red sky -- A glimmer of hope in a new era -- Moving toward modern art -- On the threshold of a new century.

"In this lavishly illustrated study, the scholar and critic Yi Ying brings a distinctly Chinese perspective to the development of art and artists in China since 1949. These have been years of dramatic change for China, and the art of this period is therefore of historical, political and cultural interest, being first used to promote the revolutionary cause, later to question and criticise and, more recently, charting the changes in cultural and economic policy that have taken place since 1978. In the twenty-first century, Chinese art is diverse, distinctive, and highly prized in the global art market. Presented here in English translation for the first time, Yi's narrative opens up fresh questions about both the nature of contemporary art and the China of today"--
Sherman N7345 .Y55913 2017

Emily Kngwarreye paintings
Kngwarreye, Emily Kame, 1910-1996
North Ryde, NSW : Craftsman House, ©1998
Emily Kame Kngwarreye (Anmatyerre woman / Jennifer Isaacs ; Anmatyerre artist / Jennifer Isaacs ; Kngwarreye woman abstract painter / Terry Smith) -- Paintings in the National Gallery of Victoria (Emily Kngwarreye in the National Gallery of Victoria / Judith Ryan) -- Painting at Delmore Downs Station (The artist's studio / Jennifer Isaacs ; Emily, a personal memoir / Donald Holt ; Emily Kngwarreye at Delmore Downs, 1989-1996 / Janet Holt).
Sherman ND1105.K59 A4 1998

William T. Williams : things unknown : paintings, 1968-2017, April 7 - June 10, 2017
Williams, William T. 1942- artist,
New York, NY : Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, [2017]
Sherman Oversize ND237.W7185 A4 2017

Eizo Nishio : sculptures 2015-2017
Nishio, Eizo
Tokyo : Art & Books, [2017]
Sherman NB1059.N58 A4 2017

Rural modern : American art beyond the city
Burdan, Amanda C. 1973- author
New York, NY : Skira Rizzoli ; 2016
Off the beaten path: aspects of rural modernism / Amanda C. Burdan -- Pennsylvania precisionism: regionalism and modernity / Betsy Fahlman -- Adobe contours and windowed views: framing a modern vision of the Southwest / Catherine Whitney -- "What I have done with where I have been": some queer American modernists and the rural experience / Jonathan Frederick Walz -- N.C. Wyeth, American regionalist / Christine B. Pdmaniczky.
Sherman ND212.5.M63 B87 2016

The enormity of the possible
Caldwell, Priscilla Vail. curator
New York : Paul Kasmin Gallery, [2017]
Sherman N6512 .C3 2017

Ghost-haunted land : contemporary art and post-troubles Northern Ireland
Long, Declan, author
Manchester : Manchester University Press, [2017]
Since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 - the formal end-point of the thirty-year modern 'Troubles' - contemporary visual artists have offered diverse responses to post-conflict circumstances in Northern Ireland. In Ghost-Haunted Land - the first book-length examination of post-Troubles contemporary art - Declan Long highlights artists who have reflected on the ongoing anxieties of aftermath. This wide-ranging study addresses developments in video, photography, painting, sculpture, performance and more, offering detailed analyses of key works by artists based in Ireland and beyond - including 2014 Turner Prize winner Duncan Campbell and internationally acclaimed filmmaker and photographer Willie Doherty. 'Post-Troubles' contemporary art is discussed in the context of both local transformations and global operations - and many of the main points of reference in the book come from broader debates about the place and purpose of contemporary art in today's world.
Sherman N6789.6 .L66 2017

Artistic responses to travel in the Western tradition
Lippert, Sarah J., 1975-
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Introduction / Sarah J. Lippert -- Part 1 : Travel of great import: culture, class, and politics -- Dramatizing the encounter: the performative body in John Webber's 'A Man of the Sandwich Islands, Dancing' / Monica Anke Hahn -- The humor of circumstance: caricature and the foreign tour of the British middle class / Alice J. Walkiewicz -- Tours of the Charleston Renaissance and the visual construction of southern charm: a comparison of local versus visiting artists / Chad Wesley Airhart -- Part 2 : Travel on a smaller scale: voyages in the familiar -- Representing the "El" and the subway: urban travel as ordinary icon in New York City, 1900-30 / Elsie Heung -- The Palio of Siena: a journey through time / Anna Piperato -- Quantified drift / Stephen Cartwright -- Part 3 : Imaginary travel and travel of the mind -- Itinerant Hadrian and imperial patronage belonging to all the world / Gerald A. Hess -- Giorgio Vasari's planetary ceiling: a Neoplatonic voyage / Liana de Girolami Cheney -- Going back to the beginning of things: wishful travel and the ancient origins of the arts in France / Sarah J. Lippert -- Part 4 : Trail blazers: travel for the brave -- No typical tourist: photographer Zaida Ben-Yusuf in Meiji, Japan / Gillian Greenhill Hannum -- Beyond the European Grand Tour: the travels and related writings of Marguerite Thompson Zorach / Efram Burk -- Women in high places: Georgia O'Keeffe and Julia Codesido in the Peruvian Andes / Caroline L. Gillaspie -- Conclusion / Sarah J. Lippert.
Sherman N8258 .L56 2018

Hokusai : beyond the great wave
Katsushika, Hokusai, 1760-1849, artist
New York, New York : Thames & Hudson in collaboration with the British Museum, 2017
Hokusai : the final years / Roger S. Keyes -- Late Hokusai, backwards / Timothy Clark -- Hokusai's thought / Angus Lockyer -- The power of Hokusai's line / Matsuba Ryōko -- Hokusai in old age : his ideas, his way / Asano Shūgō -- Hokusai and late Tokugawa society / Alfred Haft -- Catalogue. Hokusai from twenty to sixty -- Mt Fuji and the Great wave -- Worlds seen -- Worlds imagined -- Hokusai's world -- Immortality.

"An acknowledged master during his lifetime, Hokusai created sublime works during the last thirty years of his life, right up to his death at the age of ninety. His long artistic career is often presented as a chronological sequence. This publication takes a fresh approach based on innovative scholarship: thematic groupings of late works are related to the major spiritual and artistic quests of Hokusai's life. Hokusai's personal beliefs are contemplated here through analyses of major brush paintings, drawings, woodblock prints and illustrated books. Due attention is also paid to the contribution of Hokusai's daughter Eijo (Ōi), an accomplished artist in her own right. Hokusai continually explored the mutability and minutiae of natural phenomena in his art. His late subjects and styles were based on a mastery of eclectic Japanese, Chinese and European techniques and an encyclopaedic knowledge of nature, myth, and history."--
Sherman NE1325.K3 A4 2017

Zao Wou-Ki, 1935-2010
Zao, Wou-ki, 1920-2013, artist
New York : Abbeville Press, 2018
Sherman ND1049.Z3 A4 2018b

The Expressionist Fritz Ascher : to live is to blaze with passion = Der Expressionist Fritz Ascher : Leben ist Glühn
editor, Rachel Stern, Ori Z. Soltes ; authors, Jörn Barfod and five others
Köln : Wienand, [2016]
Fritz Ascher (1893-1970) gilt als Vertreter der Berliner Expressionisten. Während der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus war er als entarteter Künstler und politisch Verdächtiger zeitweise in Haft und überlebte versteckt. Die umfangreiche Retrospektive mit rund 70 Werken lädt zur Wiederentdeckung des ehemals verfemten und nahezu vergessenen Berliner Malers ein und zeigt Zeichnungen, Gouachen und Gemälde aller Schaffensphasen - von den frühen, spielerisch-humoristischen Gesellschaftsstudien über die monumentalen Figurenkompositionen der Weimarer Zeit bis hin zu den kraftvollen Landschaftsbildern der Jahre nach 1945. Der Band umfasst neben wissenschaftlichen Aufsätzen und zahlreichen Abbildungen auch Beispiele von Aschers eindrucksvoller Poesie. Exhibition: Felix Nussbaum Haus, Osnabrück, Germany (25.09.2016-15.01.2017).
Sherman N6888.A83 A4 2016

Rembrandt's religious prints : the Feddersen collection at the Snite Museum of Art
Rosenberg, Charles M., author
Bloomington, Indiana : Indiana University Press, with the Snite Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame, [2017]
Chronology of Rembrandt's life and religious prints -- List of abbreviations -- Jack and Alfrieda Fedderson: Building a collection / Julia Quinn and Charles M. rosendberg -- Catalog -- Appendix: additional Rembrandt prints at the Snite Museum of Art.

"Rembrandt's stunning religious prints stand as evidence of the Dutch master's extraordinary skill as a technician and as a testament to his genius as a teller of tales. Here, several virtually unknown etchings, collected by the Feddersen family and now preserved for the ages at the University of Notre Dame, are made widely available in a lavishly illustrated volume. Building on the contributions of earlier Rembrandt scholars, noted art historian Charles M. Rosenberg illuminates each of the 70 religious prints through detailed background information on the artist s career as well as the historical, religious, and artistic impulses informing their creation. Readers will enjoy an impression of the earliest work, The Circumcision (1625-26); the famous Hundred Guilder Print; the enigmatic eighth state of Christ Presented to the People; one of a handful of examples of the very rare final posthumous state of The Three Crosses; and an impression and counterproof of The Triumph of Mordecai. From the joyous epiphany of the coming of the Messiah to the anguish of the betrayal of a father (Jacob) by his children, from choirs of angels waiting to receive the Virgin into heaven to the dog who defecates in the road by an ancient inn (The Good Samaritan), Rembrandt s etchings offer a window into the nature of faith, aspiration, and human experience, ranging from the ecstatically divine to the worldly and mundane. Ultimately, these prints modest, intimate, fragile objects are great works of art which, like all masterpieces, reward us with fresh insights and discoveries at each new encounter." -- Publisher's description
Sherman NE2054.5.R4 A4 2017b

Nicola Hicks : keep dark
Hicks, Nicola, 1960- artist
London : Elephant in association with Flowers Gallery, 2017
"Nicola Hicks's sculpture and drawing practice has focused upon heroic, humanized animals and mythic, beast-like humans. From the moment she burst upon the wider public stage, there has been no doubting her remarkable talent. Picked out while still at the Royal College of Art by the late Elisabeth Frink as a fellow spirit, she quickly established an immediate presence among the artists of her generation as a serious and substantial figure. She was remarkable on every count, for she flew in the face of the critical expectations of those days not just in the nature of the actual imagery she celebrated--figurative, romantic and expressive--but also in the direct and gleeful joy she took in the physical making of these things. This book is a visual celebration of her work and features essays written by Will Self, Max Porter, Candia McWilliam and David Mamet."
Sherman N6797.H53 A4 2017

Mies van der Rohe : space, material, detail
Stach, Edgar, 1963- author
Basel : Birkhäuser, [2018]
"Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is widely rearded as one of the most influential architects of the modern movement. But how are Mies' ideas on architecture and the logic of construction expressed in his built -- and also unbuilt -- works? This book examines this question through a study of 14 projects with particular focus on the aspects of space, material and detailing. Three-dimensional drawings, prepared specifically for this book, explain his construction concepts"--Page 4 of cover.
Sherman NA1088.M65 S7313 2018

Body narratives : motion and emotion in the French Enlightenment
edited by Susanna Caviglia
Turnhout, Belgium : Brepols, [2017]
This book explores, in broad terms, the representations and understandings of the body's physical and psychological movement's meanings during the French Enlightenment in its many guises --artistic, esthetic, social, and erotic. It is centered on the fundamental tension between stasis and movement, which is both constitutive of art historical reflection and embedded in the body's existence.
Sherman N6846 .B63 2017

Arquitectura y religiosidad en el centro-norte novohispano (1775-1816) : artificio e historia en un espacio de culto
Sifuentes Solís, M. Alejandro 1957- author
Aguascalientes, Ags. : Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes, 2016
Prefacio -- Introducción -- Capítulo 1. Los escenarios finiseculares de una piedad pragmática -- Capítulo 2. El artificio teológico -- Capítulo 3. El artificio técnico -- Capítulo 4. El artificio político -- A modo de epílogo.
Sherman NA5257.A48 S54 2016

Buoyant clarity
Meyer, Christopher Michael, author
New York : Princeton Architectural Press, [2018]
"In the latest addition to the esteemed Pamphlet Architecture series, architects Christopher Meyer, Daniel Hemmendinger, and Shawna Meyer interrogate the concept of floating cities, a field of inquiry that is gaining increasing relevance and urgency with the impending reality of climate change. The authors explore notions of buoyancy and the amphibious through a typology based on human response and adaptation, rather than architectural and technological intervention. Through case studies of diverse communities and their relationship to changing sea levels, Buoyant Clarity offers both contemporary mediations and future proposals that contribute to architecture's newfound ecological responsibilities"--
Sherman NA9053.E58 M49 2018

The postconceptual condition : critical essays
Osborne, Peter, 1958- author
London ; Verso, 2018
Preface -- Part I. Time of the present. The postconceptual condition: Or, the cultural logic of high capitalism today -- Global modernity and the contemporary: Two categories of the philosophy of historical time -- Temporalization as transcendental aesthetics: Avant-garde, modern, contemporary -- Part II. Art and politics. Theorem 4. Autonomy: Can it be true of art and politics at the same time? -- Disguised as a dog: Cynical occupy? -- Part III. Institutions. October and the problem of formalism -- Existential urgency: Contemporaneity, biennials and social form -- Archive as afterlife and life of art -- Part IV. Art and image. The distributed image -- Information, story, image: Akram Zaatari's historical constructivism -- Dialectical ontology of art: Xavier Le Roy's Retrospective in/as contemporary art -- The Kabakov effect: 'Moscow conceptualism' in the history of contemporary art -- The terminology is in crisis: Postconceptual art and new music -- The image is the subject: Once more on the temporalities of image and act.

"Tracking the postconceptual dimensions of contemporary art If, as Walter Benjamin claimed, "it is the function of artistic form.
Sherman N6490 .O7334 2018

New China eye witness : Roger Duff, Rewi Alley and the Art of Museum Diplomacy = Xin zhongguo de mu ji zhe: luojie · dafu, luyi · aili yu bo wu guan wai jiao
edited by James Beattie and Richard Bullen ; Chinese translation by Xiongbo Shi
Christchurch, New Zealand : Canterbury University Press, 2017
Museum diplomacy and cultural exchange -- Tour party and hosts -- Map showing itinerary of Roger Duff's trip to China -- Diary of a visit to China / Roger Duff -- Selected objects from the Rewi Alley Collection.

"New China Eyewitness is the fascinating account of the 1956 visit to the People's Republic of China by a group of prominent New Zealanders - including Roger Duff, James Bertram, Evelyn Page, Angus Ross and Ormond Wilson - and of how Canterbury Museum came to acquire the largest collection of Chinese art in New Zealand. At the centre of the book is the eloquent diary kept by Canterbury Museum director Dr Roger Duff, detailing his efforts to bring to Christchurch the collection of antiquities gifted to the museum by long-time China resident, New Zealander Rewi Alley. Through Alley's contacts with premier Zhou Enlai and Duff's diplomatic skills they obtained the sanction of the Chinese government to circumvent its own export ban on antiquities and permit the gifting of seven crates of treasures to Christchurch. These objects were the basis for the museum's Hall of Oriental Arts and their arrival led to a collections policy dedicated to Chinese art. New China Eyewitness offers a rare glimpse of foreigners' views of China during a period of rapid social, political and cultural change, and at a time of unusual political and cultural tolerance"--Back cover.
Sherman N7342 .N49 2017

常玉版畫全集 / Sanyu catalogue raisonné : prints / Rita Wong. 衣淑凡 =
常玉, 1901-1966, artist
Taibei Shi : Li Qing wen jiao ji jin hui, [2017]
Sherman ND1049.C43 A4 2017

Magdalena Abakanowicz : embodied forms
Abakanowicz, Magdalena
New York : Marlborough, [2018]
Sherman NB955.P63 A232 2018

Walasse Ting : the Flower Thief
Ting, Walasse, artist
Paris : Paris Musées : [2017]
Sherman ND1839.T57 A4 2017

潘玉良版畫全集 / 衣淑凡 = Pan Yu Lin catalogue raisonné : prints / Rita Wong
潘玉良, 1895-1977, artist
Taibei Shi : Li qing wen jiao ji jin hui, [2017]
Sherman NE1183.5.P36 A4 2017

Full circle : works on paper by Richard Pousette-Dart
Shoemaker, Innis H., author
Philadelphia, PA : Philadelphia Museum of Art in association with Yale University Press, [2014]
Richard Pousette-Dart (1916-1992) is best known as an American painter of mid-20th-century Abstract Expressionism, although his work was distinct for its spiritual content and his elaborate layering of materials. His works on paper are remarkable for their varied use of materials and techniques, and reflect the artist's shift from figurative representation to semi-abstract forms emerging out of free calligraphic drawing, to a form of pointillism, and a return to spontaneous drawing. Pousette-Dart's later works include evocative graphite drawings touched with white paint, bold black and white paintings, hand-colored etchings, and colorful acrylics on handmade paper. The authors employ close stylistic and technical analysis to trace for the first time the narrative of Pousette-Dart's career as a draftsman. Generously illustrated with nearly 200 color images, this revelatory publication presents an unprecedented examination of the artist's works on paper, focused on his dynamic experimentation with media and styles over nearly seven decades.
Sherman NC139.P67 A4 2014

Javier Rodríguez
Santiago, Chile : Ediciones Metales Pesados, 2017
Sobre el dibujo y el relato histórico en Anticristo / Carolina Olmedo Carrasco -- Narración beligerante / Rodolfo Andaur -- I -- II -- Antichrist.

Antichrist by artist Javier Rodríguez (Santiago, 1981) comprises a series of drawn strips in which tells the story of the Chilean guerrilla mission Frente Patriótico Manuel Rodríguez (FPMR), mixing fiction and reality, with a monochrome palette that makes reference to a tale of journalistic and documentary type.
Sherman N6669.R63 A4 2017

Serena Bocchino : the artist
Lisa A. Banner, Jonathan Goodman, Kathleen Goncharov ; edited by Lily Zhang
[Place of publication not identified] : In His Perfect Time, [2015]
Sherman ND237.B7222 S47 2015

Mexico beyond its revolution = México más allá de su revolución : Tufts University Arts Gallery, September 9 to November 14, 2010
curated by Adriana Zavala
Medford, MA : Tufts University Art Gallery, [2010]
Sherman N6555 .M48 2010

sous la direction de Sébastien Allard et Côme Fabre ; textes de Catherine Adam-Sigas, Sébastien Allard, Côme Fabre, Dominique de Font-Réaulx, Michèle Hannoosh, Mehdi Korchane, Ségolène Le Men, Catherine Méneux, Asher Miller, Marie-Pierre Salé
Paris : Hazan : [2018]
""Prie le ciel pour que je sois un grand homme." À peine âgé de dix-sept ans, Eugène Delacroix affiche son ambition : incarner un destin hors du commun, celui du peintre le plus glorieux de son siècle. À l'occasion de la rétrospective exceptionnelle que lui consacre le musée du Louvre, le présent ouvrage propose une lecture nouvelle de la longue carrière de Delacroix, depuis les grands coups d'éclat, sombres et sensuels, qui firent la célébrité du jeune artiste dans les années 1820, jusqu'aux dernières compositions, plus mélancoliques, peintes à l'aube des années 1860. Privilégiant la forme libre et critique de l'essai, le présent catalogue révèle la complexité d'un artiste en mouvement, épris de singularité et conscient de sa place dans l'histoire, capable de se renouveler sans rien perdre des expériences passées. De ce processus cumulatif naît une oeuvre aussi exceptionnelle par sa cohérence que par sa profusion, où la création se réfléchit dans l'écriture. S'y rencontre enfin une personnalité noble et lucide, réincarnation moderne des grands humanistes européens, la palette à la main. Delacroix n'a en effet jamais perdu confiance dans la puissance de la matière colorée, l'appétit toujours aiguisé, et l'imagination allumée, par la "bonne grasse peinture, et épaisse". Son art, qu'il définit in extremis comme une "fête pour l'oeil", illumine son siècle et pourrait encore féconder le nôtre."--Page 4 of cover.
Sherman N6853.D338 A4 2018

ArkhiDron : pi︠a︡tyĭ fasad sovremennoĭ Moskvy = Spying on Moscow : a winged guide to architecture = Fünfte Fassade : Moskau aus der Vogelperspektive
Esakov, Denis, 1984- photographer
Berlin : DOM publishers, [2017]
This collector's album presents Moscow's architectural icons. With photographic precision, Denis Esakov captures the fifth façade of the largest European metropolis: roofs, domes, and cube-like buildings stacked on top of each other. By gazing through the drone's eye, the artist fosters a novel visual aesthetic that opens up new vistas, even for Moscow connoisseurs.
Sherman TR659 .E83 2017

Cidade imaginária
Herskovits, Anico, 1948-
[Porto Alegre] : Editora Letra 1, 2014
Sherman NC200.H47 A4 2014

Seroux d'Agincourt e la documentazione grafica del Medioevo : i disegni della Biblioteca apostolica vaticana
a cura di Ilaria Miarelli Mariani e Simona Moretti
Città del Vaticano : Biblioteca apostolica vaticana, 2017
Sherman N7483.S44 S47 2017

Ilana Manolson : sum of
Manolson, Ilana, artist
New York : Jason McCoy Gallery, [2017]
Sherman ND249.M33 A4 2017

Tour de Suisse : Schweizer Kleinmeister aus der Sammlung Bernhard Neher
herausgegeben von Matthias Fischer, Monique Meyer ; Autoren, Susanne Bieri and six others
Schaffhausen : Museum zu Allerheiligen ; [2017]
Der Band beleuchtet die Kunstproduktion der Schweizer Kleinmeister in der Zeit von 1770 bis 1850. Gezeigt werden helvetische Landschaften und pittoreske Genreszenen in exquisiten Zeichnungen und Druckgrafiken. Die Begeisterung für nationale Mythen sowie die Entstehung des modernen Tourismus werden in Bildern vorgeführt. Schweizer Landschafts- und Trachtenbilder entstanden mit der klassischen Bildungsreise im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert. Heimische und ausländische Künstler schufen Zeichnungen und grafische Blätter, um sie an Reisende zu verkaufen. So entstanden bedeutende Zeitdokumente, die die Schweiz zum Mythos stilisierten. Die Sammlung Bernhard Neher besitzt herausragende Bedeutung hinsichtlich Quantität und Qualität. Entstehung und Funktion der Kleinmeisterkunst werden exemplarisch erläutert. Hochwertige Abbildungen von Druckgrafiken und zahlreichen, erstmals publizierten Handzeichnungen aus allen Regionen der Schweiz machen die Publikation zu einem Standardwerk.
Sherman NE954.3.S9 T68 2017

Mythical diary : sculptures from the Farnese collection
Spina, Luigi, 1966- photographer, author
Milano : 5 continents, 2017
Preface / Philippe Daverio -- Corpo a corpo: when the garment is the marble: Luigi Spina and the Farnese collection / Giovanni Fiorentino -- Chronicles of the myth, matter and antimatter / Luigi Spina -- Mythical diary -- 3,285 days [backstage] -- The sculptures / Carmela Capaldi.
Sherman Oversize TR658.3 .S684 2017

Burri, the permanent collection of graphic work
edited by Bruno Corà ; texts by Chiara Sarteanesi
Città di Castello (PG) : Fondazione Palazzo Albizzini Collezione Burri, [2017]
Sherman NE662.B87 A4 2017

Judith F. Baca
Indych-López, Anna, author
Los Angeles : UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Press, 2018
Sherman N6537.B13 I53 2018

Squaring the circle : Brian Wall
Wall, Brian, 1931- artist
San Francisco : Hackett Mill ; ©2015
Sherman NB497.W34 A4 2015

Celebrating heroes : American mural studies of the 1930s and 1940s from the Steven and Susan Hirsch Collection
Phagan, Patricia
Poughkeepsie, New York : The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Vassar College, [2016]
Sherman ND2608 .P34 2016

Disegni del Seicento e Settecento della Biblioteca Marucelliana : studi e appunti per un catalogo ragionato
Chiarini, Marco, author
Firenze : Centro Di, [2017]
Il volume, Disegni del Seicento e Settecento della Biblioteca Marucelliana. Studi e Appunti per un Catalogo Ragionato, che oggi si presenta dà ragione di oltre quarant'anni di studi e ricerche fatti dall'illustre storico dell'arte Marco Chiarini sulla collezione di disegni del Sei e Settecento della Biblioteca Marucelliana: un lavoro particolarmente sentito dall'autore, rimasto incompiuto per la sua scomparsa e ora pubblicato dal CentroDi.
Sherman NC255 .C45 2017

Nature by design : the practice of biophilic design
Kellert, Stephen R., author
New Haven, CT : Yale University Press, [2018]
One Biophilia: The Nature of Human Nature -- Two: principles of biophilic design -- Three: The practice of biophilic design -- Four: Biophilic design applications -- Epilogue: The ecological and ethical imperative.

"Biophilia is the theory that people possess an inherent affinity for nature, which developed during the long course of human evolution. In recent years, studies have revealed that this inclination continues to be a vital component to human health and well-being. Given the pace and scale of construction today and the adversarial, dominative relationship with nature expressed by much building development, the integration of nature with our built environments is one of the greatest challenges of our time. In this sweeping examination, Stephen Kellert describes the basic principles, practices, and options for successfully implementing biophilic design. He shows us what is-and isn't-good biophilic design using examples of workplaces, healthcare facilities, schools, commercial centers, religious structures, and hospitality settings. This book will to appeal to architects, designers, engineers, scholars of human evolutionary biology, and-with more than one hundred striking images of designs-anyone interested in nature-inspired spaces."--
Sherman NA2542.35 .K45 2018

Les italiens : sette artisti italiani alla conquista di Parigi
Ferrario, Rachele, author
Milano : UTET, novembre 2017
Sherman N6850 .F47 2017

Andrea Sabatini da Salerno : il Raffaello di Napoli
Leone De Castris, Pierluigi, author
Napoli : Arte'm, [2017]
Il biografo settecentesco bernardo de dominici dedicò ad andrea sabatini da salerno, una lunga e dettagliata biografia ad apertura del secondo tomo de vite de' pittori, scultori ed architetti napoletani.0assurto dapprima a "condiscepolo" e poi ad allievo diretto del sanzio -, la sua canonizzazione dunque a vero "raffaello" di napoli nelle parole del biografo settecentesco, ed ancora il suo precoce recupero critico nel secondo ottocento [.] fanno di andrea un caso a sé stante dentro quella che giovanni previtali definiva la "questione meridionale", dentro cioè a quell'ombra lunga di appannamento, svalutazione ed ignoranza che ha coperto sino ad anni recenti, e in parte ancora copre, le vicende artistiche del secolo forse più sfortunato nella conoscenza della storia dell'arte del meridione d'italia.
Sherman ND623.A536 L46 2017

Nascita di una cattedrale : 1386-1418, la fondazione del Duomo di Milano
Grillo, Paolo, author
Milano : Mondadori, ottobre 2017
Sherman NA5621.M6 G75 2017

Abitare a Roma nel Seicento : i Chigi in città
Marino, Angela, author
Roma : Gangemi editore SpA international publishing, [2017]
Sherman NA7756.R6 M38 2017

Giovanni Andrea Generoli de Podeo Mirteto Sabinensis : un pittore sabino nella Roma del XVII secolo
Onori, Elena, author
Monte Compatri (RM) : Edizioni Espera, 2017
Sherman ND623.G3393 O56 2017

Michelangelo : mito e solitudine del Rinascimento
Busi, Giulio, author
Milano : Mondadori, ottobre 2017
Sherman N6923.B9 B87 2017

Chris Martin : paintings
Martin, Chris, 1954- artist
Milano : Skira, 2017
To come to be what you are not you must go by a way in which you are not: Chris Martin's paintings / Nancy Princenthal -- Plates -- Chris Martin, as I recall / Glenn O'Brien -- Long distance operator / Dan Nadel -- Plates -- Bringing it all in / Trinie Dalton -- List of works.

Drawing on inspirations ranging from Buddhism and American modernist painting to psychedelia and Amy Winehouse, Brooklyn-based painter Chris Martin (born 1954) "lets the paintings make themselves," with often generously scaled canvases characterized by flat yet textured planes of bright, saturated color, frequently incorporating found materials and highly personal paper ephemera. The emphatic geometries of his paintings, which indicate his attachment to Piet Mondrian, are another signature touch, conveying a genially brash New York energy (Martin's practice came of age in 1980s New York, which saw the explosion of the East Village art scene, led by Keith Haring). This first full overview on Martin collects essays by Glenn O'Brien, Nancy Princenthal, Trinie Dalton and Dan Nadel.
Sherman ND237.M24635 A4 2017

Domenico Piola : 1628-1703 : percorsi di pittura barocca
a cura di Daniele Sanguineti
Genova : Sagep editori, [2017]
Sherman ND623.P615 A4 2017

I nipoti del re di Spagna : Anton Raphael Mengs a Palazzo Pitti
a cura di Matteo Ceriana, Steffi Roettgen
Livorno : Sillabe, [2017]
La mostra presenta il recente acquisto di un importante dipinto di Anton Raphael Mengs (Aussig, 1728 - Roma, 1779) da parte delle Gallerie degli Uffizi. La tela raffigura due dei figli di Pietro Leopoldo di Lorena, Federico e Maria Anna, vestiti in abito contemporaneo e colti in un interno di Palazzo Pitti.0Eseguito durante il soggiorno fiorentino dell'artista, all'inizio degli anni Settanta del Settecento, il quadro non venne mai concluso; trattenuto dal pittore passò in eredità alla figlia, finché di recente è stato riscoperto presso un suo discendente. L'opera viene messa a confronto con la versione del ritratto dei giovanissimi figli di Pietro Leopoldo realizzata da Mengs nella medesima occasione per il nonno materno Carlo III, re di Spagna, raffigurante i principini in abito di corte spagnolo (Madrid, Prado), oltre che con un ritratto del loro fratello Francesco, futuro imperatore d'Austria, di Johann Zoffany (Francoforte sul Meno 1733 - Strand on the Green, 1810).0Ciò per mettere in evidenza il modello ritrattistico espresso da Mengs nel nuovo dipinto delle Gallerie degli Uffizi, "illuminato" e vicino alla impostazione di Zoffany che pochissimi anni dopo ritrasse la famiglia lorenese regnante per la nonna paterna, l'imperatrice consorte Maria Teresa d'Austria, sempre a Palazzo Pitti, ma in abiti moderni e circondati da oggetti di studio e da libri. Un nuovo e moderno modello ritrattistico quindi che, pur sempre all'interno dell'Antico Regime, contrappone gl'infanti madrileni ai giovani, illuminati principi viennesi.00Exhibition: Palazzo Pitti, Florence, Italy (8.09.2017-07.01.2018).
Sherman ND588.M4 A4 2017

Soffici e Rosai : realismo sintetico e colpi di realtà
a cura di Luigi Cavallo e Giovanni Faccenda ; un saggio di Marco Moretti ; collaborazione, Orietta Nicolini, Luigi Corsetti
Firenze : Edifir edizioni Firenze, [2017]
Sherman N7088.5.P46 C383 2017

Józef Robakowski : nearer-farther
Robakowski, Józef, artist
Milano : Mousse Publishing, [2017]
Sherman TR647 .R556 2017

Korean collections at the British Museum = 영국박물관소장한국문화재 / editing, Park Daenam [and four others] ; contributors, Son Junho [and others] ; Korean-English translation, PanTransNet, Lee Jaeho, Chao Yeajin
Daejeon : Cultural Heritage Administration, National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage ; 2016
Sherman N7362 .Y6713 2016

Ars antiqua : treasures from the ancient Mediterranean world at Bowdoin College
Higginbotham, James Arnold
Brunswick, Me. : Bowdoin College Museum of Art, ©2005
Sherman N5330 .H54 2005

Kinesthesia : Latin American kinetic art, 1954-1969
Dan Cameron ; with essays by Jesús Fuenmayor, María José Herrera, Frederico Morais, Héctor Olea, Cristina Rossi, Isabel Plante
Palm Springs, California : Palm Springs Art Museum ; 2017
Foreword / Elizabeth Armstrong -- Acknowledgments / Dan Cameron -- Plates / Martha Boto -- Electric Shadows / Dan Cameron -- Plates / Carlos Cruz-Diez -- Invention and Movement / Cristina Rossi -- Plates / Jesús Rafael Soto -- Argentina's "Tandem Scene" of Kinetic Art / Maria José Herrera -- Plates / Horacio García-Rossi -- Plates / Julio Le Parc -- A Universal Vocation : Paris as a Cultural Arena for South American Geometric Abstraction from the Postwar Period to the 1960s / Isabel Plante -- Plates / Gregorio Vardánega -- Abraham Palatnik : A Pioneer of Technological Art / Frederico Morais -- Plates / Abraham Palatnik -- Kosice Defines the Undefinable : The Poetics of The Hydrospatial City / Héctor Olea -- Plate / Gyula Kosice -- Kinetic Utopias : On the Road to the Magic Zone / Jesús Fuenmayor -- Plates / Alejandro Otero.

Kinesthesia: Latin American Kinetic Art, 1954-1969 examines the influential and visually stunning work of South American kinetic artists. While Southern California was becoming the North American epicenter for Light and Space art in the 1960s, separate yet closely related technical experiments had been unfolding in a handful of major cities of South America, as well as in Paris, the European center for kinetic art. 'Kinesthesia' highlights the broad differences that emerged among the two principal South American centers of activity: Argentina, where kinetic art grew out of local debates about painting; and Venezuela, where pioneering notions of modern architecture stimulated a synthesis of art and design. Featured in this volume are kinetic sculptures and installations by Jesus Rafael Soto, Julio Le Parc, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Martha Boto, and others, as well as essays that explore the history of this movement, examine the artists' reception by European and American audiences in the context of the Cold War, and link their achievements to 21st-century artists and their work. Exhibition: Palm Springs Art Museum, USA (26.08.2017 - 15.01.2018).
Sherman N6502.57.K56 K56 2017

Universal collection : a Mark Dion project
Dion, Mark, 1961- artist
Poughkeepsie, New York : The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Vassar College, [2016]
Sherman N6537.D54 A4 2016

John Baldessari at Gemini G.E.L. : Madame Cezanne's hairdos
Baldessari, John, 1931-
New York, NY : Gemini G.E.L., [2016]
Sherman N6537.B17 A4 2016

Morton Kaish : Spring rising : landscape paintings and prints, The Butler Institute of American Art, April 2-May 28, 2017 ; The National Arts Club, New York, New York, October 2-27, 2017
Kaish, Morton, 1927- artist
[New York] : Kaish Studios, 2017
Sherman ND237 .K265 A4 2017

Achille Calzi tra Simbolismo e Liberty
a cura di Ilaria Piazza ; testi di Andrea Casadio, Claudio Casadio, Sauro Casadei, Ilaria Piazza
Pistoia : Gli ori, [2017]
Achille Calzi. Vita d'arte / Ilaria Piazza -- Achille Calzi direttore della Pinacoteca e del Museo civico (1906-1919) / Sauro Casadei, Claudio Casadio -- Monografia -- Le caricature di Achille Calzi, un inquadramento storico / Andrea Casadio -- Cartoni di guerra.
Sherman N6923.C3136 A4 2017

Saminiatures : contemporary Sami artists
editorial coordination, Enrico Bossan
[Crocetta del Montello] : Antiga edizioni, 2017
Sherman N7437 .S265 2017

La raccolta Ingegnoli : storia di una passione d'arte a Milano
a cura di Enzo Savoia, Stefano Bosi, Valerio Mazzetti Rossi ; introduzione di Fernando Mazzocca
Milano : Bottegantica, [2017]
L'esposizione ripercorre le tappe che hanno portato alla nascita e allo sviluppo della celebre collezione milanese, attraverso una selezione di dipinti di autori dell'Ottocento italiano, tra cui Giovanni Boldini, Giovanni Fattori, Domenico e Gerolamo Induno, Angelo Morbelli. La storia di una collezione privata si lega con la storia della persona che la crea. Si colora con gli avvenimenti della sua vita privata e pubblica, e permette di leggerci in controluce la personalità del collezionista. È questo il caso di Paolo Ingegnoli (1861-1935), facoltoso imprenditore milanese, fondatore nel 1884 insieme ai fratelli Francesco e Vittorio della società Fratelli Ingegnoli. Innamorato del bello, Ingegnoli ha riunito, tra fine Otto e inizio Novecento, una straordinaria raccolta di dipinti, ordinata seguendo le ragioni della passione e dell'amore per l'arte. La Galleria Bottegantica di Milano (via Manzoni 45) ospita una mostra che ripercorrerà le tappe che hanno portato alla nascita e allo sviluppo di questa celebre collezione milanese. Exhibition: Bottegantica, Milan, Italy (13.10. - 03.12.2017).
Sherman ND617 .R335 2017

presentazione di Alberto Moravia
Milano : Skira, [2017]
Sherman ND553.P5 A4 2017b

Giacomo Grosso : una stagione tra pittura e accademia
Grosso, Giacomo, 1860-1938, artist
Milano : Silvana, 2017
Alla soglia degli ottanta anni dalla scomparsa, l'indagine intorno alla stagione artistica di Giacomo Grosso (1860-1938), docente di pittura all'Accademia Albertina e senatore del Regno, rappresenta un'occasione per rivisitare il clima e gli aspetti dell'arte figurativa tra fine Ottocento e i primi trent'anni del Novecento. I grandi e sontuosi ritratti, la moda dell'epoca, lo studio ricco di arredi e dipinti, ripreso da suggestivi scatti fotografici, e il fascino degli interni con le modelle in posa, la pregevole cornice d'alcova e i meditati autoritratti costituiscono una determinante testimonianza dell'itinerario tra vita, pittura e società del Maestro.
Sherman ND623.G85 A4 2017

Arte giapponese
Morena, Francesco, author
Firenze : Giunti editore, [2017]
Sherman N7350 .M67 2017

Diamonds : an early history of the king of gems
Ogden, Jack, author
New Haven ; Yale University Press, [2018]
A lavishly illustrated, in-depth early history covering two thousand years of diamond jewelry and commerce, from the Indian mines to European merchants, courts, and workshops This richly illustrated history of diamonds illuminates myriad facets of the "king of gems," including a cast of larger-than-life characters such as Alexander the Great, the Mughal Emperor Jahangir, and East India Company adventurers. It's an in-depth study tracing the story of diamonds from their early mining and trade more than two thousand years ago to the 1700s, when Brazil displaced India as the world's primary diamond supplier. Jack Ogden, a historian and gemologist specializing in ancient gems and jewelry, describes the early history of diamond jewelry, the development of diamond cutting, and how diamonds were assessed and valued. The book includes more than one hundred captivating illustrations, from historic diamond-set jewelry, some previously unpublished, to photomicrographs of individual gems, medieval manuscript illustrations, and Indian miniatures, as well as diagrams depicting historical methods of cutting and polishing diamonds.
Sherman NK7660 .O33 2018

Sonny Assu : a selective history
Assu, Sonny, contributing author
Victoria [B.C.] : Heritage, c2018
"Stunning retrospective highlighting the playfulness, power, and subversive spirit of Northwest Coast Indigenous artist Sonny Assu. Through large-scale installation, sculpture, photography, printmaking, and painting, Sonny Assu merges the aesthetics of Indigenous iconography with a pop-art sensibility. This stunning retrospective spans over a decade of Assu's career, highlighting more than 120 full-colour works, including several never-before-exhibited pieces. Through analytical essays and personal narratives, Richard Van Camp, Marianne Nicolson, Candice Hopkins, and Ellyn Walker provide brilliant commentary on Assu's practice, its meaning in the context of contemporary art, and its wider significance in the struggle for Indigenous cultural and political autonomy. Exploring themes of Indigenous rights, consumerism, branding, humour, and the ways in which history informs contemporary ideas and identities, Sonny Assu: A Selective History is the first major full-scale book to pay tribute to this important, prolific, and vibrant figure in the Canadian contemporary art world."--
Sherman N6549.A78 A4 2018

Gottfried Lindauer's New Zealand : the Māori portraits
Lindauer, Gottfried, 1839-1926, artist
Auckland : Auckland University Press in association with Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, 2016
Eruera Maihi Patuone -- Heta Te Haara -- Hone Heke -- Kamariera Te Hau Takiri Wharepapa -- Tamati Waka Nene -- Whetoi Pomare -- Paratene Te Manu -- Anehana -- Paora Tuhaere -- Te Hira Te Kawau -- Kewene Te Haho -- Retimana Te Mania -- Major Waata Kukutai -- Wiremu Nera Te Awaitaia -- Wiremu Tamihana -- Takerei Te Rauangaanga -- Tamati Ngapora Manuhiri -- Tawhiao Matutaera Potatau Te Wherowhero -- Whitiora Te Kumete -- Rewi Manga Maniapoto -- Taonui Hikaka -- Wahanui Reihana Te Huatare -- Wi Te Manewha -- Rangi Topeora -- Wi Parata Te Kakakura -- Huria Matenga Ngarongoa (Julia Martin) -- Tamati Pirimona Marino -- Haora Tipa Koinaki -- Heeni Hirini and child -- Horeta Te Taniwha -- Hori Ngakapa Te Whanaunga -- Mere Kuru Te Kati -- Pare Watene -- Tamati Waka Te Puhi -- Taraia Ngakuti Te Tumuhuia -- Tukukino Te Ahiataewa -- Hamiora Tu -- Ratene Hihitawa -- Tomika Te Mutu -- Eru Tamaikoha Te Ariari -- Tuhoto Ariki -- Hitiri Te Paerata -- Karawhira Kapu -- Te Kahui Kerehi Te Heuheu -- Tokena Te Kerehi -- Henare Potae -- Major Ropata Wahawaha -- Ruka Aratapu -- Pera Tutoko -- Hinepare of the Ngati Kahungunu tribe of Takitimu fame -- Ihaka Whanga -- Sir James Carroll -- Raiha Reretu -- Renata Kawepo, Tama Ki Hikurangi -- Te Hapuku -- Mrs Ngahui Te Rangitakaiwaho of Wairarapa -- Te Ua Haumene Horopapera Tuwhakararo -- Wiremu Kingi -- Pirirakau -- Te Paea Hinerangi (Guide Sophia) -- Keeta -- Hon. Wiremu Tako Ngatata Te Teoteo -- Hemi Topine Te Mamaku -- Hori Kingi Te Anaua -- Kuiniora, daughter of Rangi Kopinga / Te Rangi Pikinga -- Hakopa Te Ata o Tu -- Hon. Hori Kerei Taiaroa.

"From the 1870s to the early twentieth century, the Bohemian immigrant artist Gottfried Lindauer travelled to marae and rural towns around New Zealand and -- commissioned by Māori and Pākehā -- captured in paint the images of key Māori figures. The book presents 67 major portraits and 8 genre paintings alongside detailed accounts of the subject and work, followed by essays by leading scholars that take us inside Lindauer and his world: from his artistic training in Bohemia to his travels around New Zealand as Māori and Pākehā commissioned him to paint portraits; his artistic techniques and deep relationship with photography; Henry Partridge's gallery of Lindauer works on Queen Street in Auckland where Māori visited to see their ancestors; and the afterlife of the paintings in marae and memory"--Publisher information.
Sherman Oversize ND1108 .L5 A4 2016

Expired paper
Alison Rossiter
Santa Fe, NM : Radius Books ; [2017]
Between what is and what else / Leah Ollman -- Latent -- Tarnish -- Landscapes -- Pools -- Dips + pours -- Quads -- The darkroom / Alison Rossiter.

Divided into sections that represent the breadth of Alison Rossiter's (born 1953) process and vision, 'Expired Paper' offers a comprehensive look at the artist's body of cameraless photo-art?Latent, Landscapes, Pools, Pours, Dips, Blurs, Fours and Collages. Art critic Leah Ollman has been contemplating Rossiter's work for years, and her accompanying text serves as an ideal complement to the images: 'All of the works pay homage to the rich idiosyncrasies of photographic papers across history, and restore a sanctity to the photograph as object. Made without cameras, lenses or film, the works are nothing but process and materiality.' The book also includes a selection of early 20th-century photographic paper packages (which the artist has collected for over 10 years) in a separate booklet.
Sherman Oversize TR655 .R68 2017

Geometries on and off the grid : art from 1950 to the present
curated by Allan Schwartzman
Dallas, Texas : The Warehouse, [2016]
Sherman Oversize N6487.D35 W37 2016

Cómo se imprime un libro : grafistas e impresores en Buenos Aires 1936-1950 : Attilio Grossi, Grete Stern, Horacio Coppola, Jakob Hermelin, Luis Seoane, Imprenta López
comisarios David Carballal, Silvia Longueira ; textos David Carballal, Horacio Fernández, Silvia Longueira, Pablo Rossi
A Coruña : Fundación Luis Seoane, 2017
Sherman NC193.B84 C66 2017

The past inside the present
Esther Tielemans ; authors, Maria Barnas, Hans den Hartog Jager
Eindhoven, The Netherlands : Onomatopee, [2017]
The river that flowed the wrong way = De rivier die de verkeerde kant opging / Maria Barnas -- 2017 -- 2017, 2016, 2015 -- 2015 -- 2014, 2012 -- 2012, 2011 -- 2011, 2010, 2008 -- 2008, 2007, 2005, 2003 -- 2003 -- The in-between = Tussen ruimte / Hans den Hartog Jager -- Works 2017-2003 -- Exhibitions and collections -- Colophon.

Art is artificial; it is a fake version of reality. The imagery of art represents, illustrates suggests and provides stillness -- it sharpens our perspectives and deepens the experience of reality. Esther Tielemans's work aligns opposites, like the two- and three-dimensional, the abstract and figurative, reality and artificiality. It forms an environment in which the experience of the new precedes the habitual of the familiar. The authors of this book, Maria Barnas and Hans den Hartog Jager, describe their findings in a personal, poetic and investigative manner; while being supported by art history references and other cultural phenomena. Their in-depth approach illustrates how this body of work lets our perpetual sense of reality slip as it invades our senses. Yet this extraordinary environment, that grounds the past in the present, is simultaneously undetermined as it feels close to our sense of particularity. Where we are is suddenly different from where we once were.
Sherman N6953.T54 A4 2017

Ecological aesthetics : artful tactics for humans, nature, and politics
Stern, Nathaniel, 1977- author
Hanover, New Hampshire : Dartmouth College Press, 2018
Sherman N6497 .S745 2018

Cult of the machine : precisionism and American art
Emma Acker, with Sue Canterbury, Adrian Daub, and Lauren Palmor
San Francisco : Published by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco - de Young, in association with Yale University Press, [2018]
Essays -- Engineers of an American art : Precisionism in the machine age / Emma Acker -- The absence of presence in the precisionist city / Sue Canterbury -- Confronting the colossus : two artists face the steel mill / Lauren Palmor -- Staying is nowhere : Precisionism and the paradox of modernity scandal of modernity / Adrian Daub -- Catalogue -- The impules for order : Precisionsim takes form -- The mechanical eye : Photography and its influence -- Machined : an aesthetic of efficiency -- Skyscraper primitives : precisionism and the city -- In the American grain : finding a past for the present -- The soul of human life : technology and modernity -- Appendices : American art, technology, and industry, 1910-1950.

"A fresh look at a bold and dynamic 20th-century American art style<BR /><BR /> Characterized by highly structured, geometric compositions with smooth surfaces, linear qualities, and lucid forms, Precisionism fully emerged after World War I and flourished in the 1920s and 1930s. This insightful publication, featuring more than 100 masterworks by artists such as Charles Sheeler, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Charles Demuth, sheds new light on the Precisionistaesthetic and the intellectual concerns, excitement, tensions, and ambivalences about industrialization that helped develop this important strand of early American modernism.<BR /> <BR /> Essays explore the origins of the style--which reconciled realism with abstraction and adapted European art movements like Purism, Cubism, and Futurism to American subject matter--as well as its relationship to photography, and the ways in which it reflected the economic and social changes brought about by industrialization and technology in the post-World War I world. In addition to making a meaningful contribution to the resurging interest in Modernism and its revisionist narratives, this book offers copious connections between the past and our present day, poised on the verge of a fourth industrial revolution"--
Sherman N6512.5.P67 C85 2018

New Guinea Highlands : art from the Jolika Collection
with contributions by Bruce Beehler and fifteen others ; edited by John Friede, Terence E. Hays, and Christina Hellmich ; collection photographs by John Bigelow Taylor and Dianne Dubler
San Francisco : Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco ; [2017]
"This is the first major museum publication dedicated to New Guinea Highlands art, celebrating its dynamism, innovative forms, and extraordinary use of materials and recognizing generations of Highlands artists. The Jolika Collection represents decades of focused connoisseurship. The Friedes, members of the Fine Arts Museums staff, scholars of Highlands visual culture, and anthropologists from around the globe have contributed their expertise to this book, researching and recording the collection's works so that they can be shared with the public"--
Sherman N7411.N4 N395 2017

Praised and ridiculed : French painting 1820-1880
editor, Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft / Kunsthaus Zürich ; translations from German, Philippa Hurd and others
Munich : Hirmer ; [2017]
In the juxtaposition of so-called 'Salon painters' and 'Reformers of painting' this volume offers a discriminating look at the controversial styles in French painting between 1820 and 1880 and the developments within the traditional genres. Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism -- these are still the most important stylistic labels which acted as slogans for French painting during the 19th century. At that time Delacroix, Courbet, Manet and many others left the 'straight and narrow' of painting, the academic-neo-classical manner. Highly controversial at the time, today these painters are celebrated worldwide as precursors of Modernism. The situation is very different when it comes to the Salon painters like Meissonier, Cabanel, Gérôme and Bouguereau, who were highly regarded at the time. Today they have been consigned to the fringes, especially in the German-speaking region -- unjustifiably, because they play an outstanding role with regard to our understanding of developments in art at the time. Exhibition: Kunsthaus Zürich, Switzerland (10.11.2017-28.01.2018).
Sherman ND547 .G2813 2017

Tecniche di rilevamento e metodi di rappresentazione per l'architettura rupestre : il Monastero Benedettino di Subiaco
Angelini, Andrea, 1981- author
Oxford : BAR Publishing, 2018
"Rupestrian architecture is a particular form of architecture that presents 'constructive' and morphological characteristics different from the traditional ones. This volume proposes a general revision of procedures for the 3D acquisition, elaboration and representation of Rupestrian Architecture through a methodological study on the different phases of the process and a systematization of the operational criteria. The study was implemented by integrating different survey methods and, at the same time, by comparing software tools for data management and processing, focusing on the final representation and communication of the data. The methodological research was conducted as a national case study, represented by the Benedictine Monastery of Subiaco, an example of the integration of architecture and natural cavities that has allowed the author to find alternative solutions in fundamental aspects of the research"--Back cover.
Sherman NA8455 .A54 2018

The senses : design beyond vision
Ellen Lupton & Andrea Lipps
New York : Copper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum : [2018]
"The Senses: Design Beyond Vision explores different ways that contemporary designers are engaging sensory experience. This important book accompanies a major exhibition organized by Cooper Hewett, Smithsonian Design Museum, opening April 2018. The book features thematic essays on topics ranging from design for the table to tactile graphics, tactile sound, and visualizing the senses. Manifestos and guidelines written by leading thinkers are calls to action for multisensory design practice. This book is meant for students and professionals working in diverse fields, including products, interiors, graphics, interaction, sound, animation, and data visualization.The book is edited by Cooper Hewitt curators Ellen Lupton and Andrea Lipps, with essays by Lupton, Lipps, and other contributors, and designed by David Genco with Ellen Lupton"--
Sherman NK1520 .S445 2018

The medieval world at our fingertips : manuscript illuminations from the collection of Sandra Hindman
De Hamel, Christopher, 1950- author
London ; Harvey Miller Publishers, an imprint of Brepols Publishers, 2018
No manuscript is an island. We may consider medieval illumination as a single characteristic of the whole Middle Ages, but every manuscript is part of the evolving history of European art and culture, and every one belongs to a place and period. The Sandra Hindman Collection is a remarkable journey through time and location. Every illuminated cutting described here is a microcosm of a larger history. A sublime initial from a twelfth-century Bible from France is part of a setting which includes Chartres Cathedral, the Crusades and Abelard; two late thirteenth-century narrative miniatures of saints from northern Italy have stepped from in a world inhabited by Giotto and Dante and the basilica of Santa Croce in Florence; a miniature by the Berlin Master of Mary of Burgundy belongs in age of Rogier van der Weyden and Hans Memling; a painting from a choir book by the 'Master B.F.' can hold its place with Leonardo da Vinci and Palestrina. Manuscripts were always at the heart of intellectual and visual culture. For thirty years Sandra Hindman has been selecting and refining a collection of perfect medieval miniatures which are the quintessence of their time. Each is a window which illuminates a world. The history of stained glass, architecture, fresco painting, tapestries and wood carving, as well as medieval literature, religion, music and romance, are all made slightly clearer and more focused by looking at the illuminated miniatures chosen for exhibition here.
Sherman ND2920 .D43 2018

Chihuly : New York botanical garden
editor, Joanna L. Groarke ; contributors, Leslie Jackson Chihuly, Karen M. Daubmann, Heather Gring, Tina Oldknow
Bronx, NY : The New York Botanical Garden ; 2017
Foreword / Gregory Long -- Acknowledgments -- Dale Chihuly : the artist's career / Leslie Jackson Chihuly -- Chihuly in the Garden / Karen M. Daubmann -- Chihuly over Venice : the artist's shining legacy / Tina Oldknow -- Koda studies : revisiting Artpark, forty years later / Heather Gring -- Works in the exhibition.

"Dale Chihuly is known worldwide as one of the most daring and innovative artists of his time. For decades, he has expanded the possibilities of--and subverted expectations about--the medium of glass, the role of glass artists in the art world, and the range of venues in which their art can be shown. In 2017, The New York Botanical Garden hosted the first garden exhibition of Chihuly's work in New York in over a decade. Dramatic vistas throughout NYBG's magnificent grounds became living backdrops for works created specifically for the exhibition, showcasing Chihuly's signature organic shapes in brilliant, luminous colors. More than twenty installations transformed not just the verdant outdoor areas, fountains, and pools but also the lush, plant-filled galleries of the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory and the serene spaces of the LuEsther T. Mertz Library, where smaller works and early drawings revealed the evolution of Chihuly's artistic practice over nearly half a century. This volume not only commemorates the exhibition but offers an invaluable overview of the artist's celebrated career, with a particular emphasis on his site-specific outdoor work, much of which was developed for garden settings. New and adapted texts offer perspectives on landmark works and formative moments in Chihuly's development as an artist, such as his radical 1975 collaboration with Seaver Leslie in upstate New York and his renowned 1996 installations in Venice, Italy, and discuss how they have informed his practice to the present. Generously illustrated with lavish views of the works in NYBG's galleries and landscape and with fascinating archival photographs, CHIHULY offers a new perspective on the artist's prolific career, combining the things he loves best--art and nature."--Page 4 of cover.
Sherman NK5198.C43 A4 2017

Crimen e ilusión : el arte de la verdad en el Siglo de Oro
Pereda, Felipe, 1968- author
Madrid : Marcial Pons Historia, 2017
Sherman N7106 .P47 2017

The agency of things in Medieval and early modern art : materials, power and manipulation
edited by Grażyna Jurkowlaniec, Ika Matyjaszkiewicz and Zuzanna Sarnecka
New York, NY : Routledge, [2018]
Art history empowering medieval and early modern things / Grażyna Jurkowlaniec, Ika Matyjaszkiewicz and Zuzanna Sarnecka -- The power of nature and the agency of art : the unicorn cup of Jan Vermeyen / Andrew Morrall -- Late medieval enclosed gardens of the Low Countries : mixed media, remnant art, récyclage and gender in the Low Countries (sixteenth century onwards) / Barbara Baert, Hannah Iterbeke, Lieve Watteuw -- Knighted by the Apostle himself : political fabrication and chivalric artefact in Compostela, 1332 / Rosa M. Rodríguez Porto -- Agency and miraculous images / Robert Maniura -- Agency, beauty, and the late medieval sculptural encounter / Peter Dent -- Dispersal, exchange and the culture of things in fifteenth-century Italy / Leah R. Clark -- Michelangelo, Tommaso de' Cavalieri and the agency of the gift-drawing / Alexander Lee -- Distributing Dürer in the Netherlands : gifts, prints, and the mediation of fame in the early sixteenth century / Jaya Remond -- The early modern Bible between material book and immaterial word / Wim François -- Diagnostic performance and diagrammatic manipulation in the physician's folding almanacs / Karen Eileen Overbey, Jennifer Borland -- Surgical saws and cutting-edge agency / Jack Hartnell -- The boots of Saint Hedwig : thoughts on the limits of the agency of things / Jacqueline E. Jung.
Sherman N72.S6 A34 2018

Christopher Knowles : in a word
Anthony Elms, Hilton Als
New York, NY : Gregory R. Miller & Co. ; [2017]
The artistic career of Christopher Knowles (born 1959) began at the age of 13, when his writings and recordings came to the notice of avant-garde theater director Robert Wilson. Still a teenager, Knowles went on to write the libretto for Wilson and Philip Glass opera, Einstein on the Beach, and his collaborations with Wilson would continue for decades. His practice spans many mediums - text, sound, painting, sculpture and performance - and exhibits a fascination with the materiality of language. In a Word is the most comprehensive look at Knowles' work to date, published for his exhibition of the same name, organized by Anthony Elms and Hilton Als. Containing an autobiographical text by the artist himself, new texts by Elms and curator Lauren Digiulio and a personal reflection by Als, this is an essential resource on an under-recognized artist.
Sherman NX512.K59 A4 2017

Françoise Sullivan : radiant trajectories = trajectoires resplendissantes
Sullivan, Françoise, 1925- artist
Montréal, Québec : Galerie de l'UQAM, [2017]
Essay / Louise Déry -- Prologue -- Statement of intentions -- Exhibition trajectory -- Conceptual trajectory -- Painting trajectory -- Choreographic trajectory -- Epilogue -- Writings of Françoise Sullivan.

Since the 1940s, Françoise Sullivan has created a vibrant and voluminous oeuvre of remarkable versatility. Constantly renewed by a rare inventiveness, her work has always remained faithful to the principles of freedom and engagement that she embraced during her early career in the Automatiste movement. Inspired by the great European and Native North American mythological traditions, passionate about art and poetry, and influenced by the time she spent in New York, Italy, Ireland and Greece, Sullivan has, in her boundless curiosity, never stopped experimenting with form and colour, gesture and movement, figuration and abstraction - not only in sculpture, performance, dance and photography, but also most decisively in painting.
Sherman NX513.Z9 S922 2017

On the paths of enlightenment : the myth of India in Western culture, 1808-2017
curated by Elio Schenini
Milano, Italy : Skira, 2017
"With the publication of 'On the Language and Wisdom of India' by Friedrich Schlegel in 1808 there emerged in the West a new and increased curiosity for India and its extraordinary civilization. Starting out from the reflections regarding Hinduism and Buddhism by Schopenhauer, in turn followed in the first decades of the 20th century by the literary works fo Hermann Hesse and the anthropological analyses by Carl Gustav Jung, with its thousand-years-old traditions and its spirituality India seduced a multitude of western intellectuals and artists who in this country identified one of the most important cradles of human civilization. During the last two centuries this gave rise to the creation of that myth of India which captured the imagination of the international young generations of the 1960s and 1970s. This volume retraces the history of this Indian fascination on the part of the western world by way of an extensive iconographic compilation and numerous contributions by various authors who examine the manifold spheres in which this fascination expressed itself in ranging from art to literature, music, religion, the history of customs and psychology. The result is a very singular itinerary covering the last two centuries of western culture in which among the many others involved we can find Schopenhauer, Kipling, Salgari, Redon, Gustave Moreau, Mata Hari, Kirchner, Hesse, Jung, Cartier-Bresson, Le Corbusier, Ginsberg, Pasolini, Sottsass, The Beatles, Rauschenberg, Luigi Ontani and Francesco Clemente."
Sherman N7429 .O57 2017

Floating time = 悠悠岁月 : Chinese prints, 1954 - 2002 / Stephen H. Whiteman, Minerva Inwald and Bingqing Wei, with John Clark
Whiteman, Stephen H., author
University Of Sydney, N.S.W. : Power Publications, 2016
Sherman NE768.4 .W458 2016

Âmes sauvages : le symbolisme dans les pays baltes
sous la direction de Rodolphe Rapetti
Paris : Musée d'Orsay : [2018]
"Le symbolisme européen et l'émancipation de la conscience qu'il véhicule sont indissociables dans les pays baltes de leur indépendance, survenue peu après la fin de la Première Guerre mondiale. Par le recours à la légende ou au folklore, l'Estonie, la Lettonie et la Lituanie, au-delà de l'influence de Munch, de Gallen-Kallela, de Gauguin ou encore de Van Gogh, ont forgé un langage qui leur est propre, empreint de la beauté des paysages de ces pays entre mer et forêt. La découverte de ces oeuvres singulières oblige à porter un regard nouveau sur ce mouvement artistique majeur à la charnière des XIXe et XXe siècles, le symbolisme. "Je suis un sauvage", écrivait Paul Gauguin en route vers les îles Marquises. Un siècle plus tard, ces "âmes sauvages" sont enfin ici à l'honneur."--Page 4 of cover.
Sherman Oversize N6750.S9 A64 2018

Jim Dine : Paris reconnaissance : la donation de l'artiste au Centre Pompidou = the artist's donation to the Centre Pompidou
sous la direction de/edited by Bernard Blistène ; avec la collaboration de/in collaboration with Annalisa Rimmaudo
Göttingen : Steidl, 2018
This book is the catalogue to Jim Dine's comprehensive exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, covering four decades of his varied and prodigious output. Over the past years, Dine has donated large personal selections of his art to museums across Europe and the US, including the British Museum, the Albertina in Vienna, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. One such generous gift to the Centre Pompidou, consisting of 24 paintings and sculptures from 1966 to the present, is the subject of this book. Featuring double-page reproductions of each work, covering Dine's major motifs including his hearts, bathrobes, birds, self-portraits and tools, as well his new 40-page interview with the Musée National d'Art Moderne Centre Pompidou's director Bernard Blistène supplemented with vintage photos, this book is most detailed survey to date of one of the most important contemporary artists.
Sherman Oversize N6537.D5 A4 2018

Secuencias de la experiencia, estadios de lo visible : aproximaciones al videoarte español
Ana Martínez-Collado y José Luis Panea (eds.)
Madrid : Brumaria, 2017
Sherman N7108.5.V53 S43 2017

Lógicas relacionales : cultura, ciudad y política
Josep Maria Montaner y Antoni Ramon (coords.) ; Guillermo Zuaznábar and nineteenth others
Madrid : Abada Editores, 2017
Sherman NA9031 .L64 2015

Kandinsky [south east arrow] Cage : musica e spirituale nell'arte : Max Klinger [and nine others]
a cura di Martina Mazzotta
Milano : Skira, [2017]
Sherman ND699.K3 A4 2017

Escher op reis = Escher's journey
Escher, M. C. 1898-1972, artist
[Zwolle] : WBOOKS, 2018
The Museum of Friesland brings M.C. Escher back to his hometown, Leeuwarden. In Escher's Journey, you can follow his development from a graphic designer to a world-famous artist. With more than eighty original prints, about twenty drawings, as well as various photographs and objects, visitors follow in the footsteps of this travel-mad graphic artist, who found inspiration for his most famous works in Italy, Switzerland, and Spain. The journey starts in the grey, flat Netherlands and takes you to the sun and mountains of the Mediterranean. Escher's love of travelling proved to be a determining factor in his artistic development. The sketches he made along the way were the inspiration for the masterpieces in which he manipulated reality years later. The exhibition ends with these iconic works that made Escher so famous and popular.
Sherman NE670.E75 A4 2018

Cranach natürlich : Hieronymus in der Wildnis
Cranach, Lucas, 1472-1553, artist
Innsbruck : Haymon Verlag, [2018]
"Lucas Cranach der Ältere (1472-1553) ist einer der wichtigsten und populärsten Maler der Dürerzeit - bis heute. Alle Welt kennt seine Porträts des Reformators Martin Luther. Doch Cranach hat noch mehr zu bieten: Der Künstler ist auch ein virtuoser 'Naturmaler'. Ob Landschaft, Tier oder Pflanze: Sein rascher Pinselhieb erweckt die auf der Leinwand verewigte Natur erneut zum Leben, verblüfft durch wissenschaftlich anmutenden Realismus ebenso wie durch tiefsinnige Symbolik. Zeit, einen frischen Blick auf einen alten Bekannten zu werfen! Der bislang kaum beachtete 'Naturmaler Cranach' steht im Zentrum dieses reich bebilderten Kunstbandes: In seinen Hieronymus-Bildern nimmt Lucas Cranach der Ältere den Kirchenvater Hieronymus als beliebtes religiöses Sujet der Renaissance auf. Bemerkenswerterweise übersteigt die Natur in seiner Darstellung ihre Funktion als 'Hintergrundlandschaft'. Nie zeigt sich der Naturmaler Cranach so originell, kreativ und wundersam wie hier: Warum verwandelt er die syrische Wüste, in der Hieronymus seine Busse tat, in einen üppigen Wald voller eigenartiger Tiere? Und wie nur sind Papagei und Biber ins Studierzimmer des Hieronymus gelangt? Die Autoren dieses Bandes präsentieren Antworten auf diese und andere Fragen und verorten Cranach im Kontext seiner Epoche: zwischen Naturwissenschaft und Natursymbolik, aber auch zwischen altem und neuem Glauben. Mit Beiträgen von Nils Büttner, Gábor Endrödi, Christian Hecht, Michael Hofbauer, Peter Morass, Dominic Olariu, Helena Pereña, Laura Resenberg, Andreas Tacke, Michael Thalinger und Agnes Thum"--Publisher's website.
Sherman N6888.C72 A4 2018

Process and practice : the Fabric Workshop and Museum
edited by Susan Lubowsky Talbott
Philadelphia, PA : The Fabric Workshop and Museum and MW Editions, 2017
Foreword : Process and practice, 2002 to 2017 / Susan Lubowsky Talbott -- MBS & FWM / Patterson Sims -- Hands on : the Fabric Workshop at forty / Nancy Princenthal -- An archive of experiments / Susan Lubowsky Talbott -- A-Z : plates -- Artists-in-residence and exhibitors, 1977 to 2017 -- About the Fabric Workshop and Museum -- About the funders.

In honor of the Fabric Workshop and Museum's 40th anniversary, 'Process and Practice' tells a story of contemporary art at FWM that highlights process along with product. It documents FWM's history of collaboration with established and emerging artists-in-residence since the 2002 publication of New Materials as New Media. Some of the over 30 artists featured include Mark Bradford, Ann Hamilton, Ursula von Rydingsvard, Richard Tuttle, Sarah Sze, Nick Cave, Theaster Gates, Joan Jonas and Trisha Brown, among many others. Also featured are essays by Nancy Princenthal, Patterson Sims and Susan Lubowsky Talbott, FWM's current director. Exhibition: The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, USA (15.12.2017-25.03.2018 ).
Sherman N7433.9 .P76 2017

Lesen in Bild und Text : illustrierte Inkunabeln aus dem Archiv der Diözese Gurk in Klagenfurt
Hensle-Wlasak, Helga, author
Klagenfurt am Wörthersee : Verlag des Geschichtsvereines für Kärnten, 2017
"Rund 850 Inkunabeln (Druckwerke bis zum 31. Dezember 1500) zählt das Archiv der Diözese Gurk in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee und gehört damit österreichweit zu den grossen Sammlungen von frühen Buchdrucken. Für das Buch wurden 16 illustrierte Inkunabeln ausgewählt, die auf die Vielfalt der Druckwerke des späten 15. Jahrhunderts aufmerksam machen. Das Hauptaugenmerk der Arbeit liegt auf dem Bildschmuck der frühen gedruckten Bücher. Auch auf diesem Gebiet präsentieren sich die Klagenfurter Bibliotheksbestände von überdurchschnittlich hoher Qualität. Das Spektrum reicht von spätgotischer Buchmalerei anonymer Meister bis hin zu Holzschnitten berühmter Künstler wie Michael Wolgemut oder Albrecht Dürer. Ein grosser Teil dieses kunsthistorisch bedeutsamen Bestandes an graphischem Bildmaterial ist bis heute nahezu unerforscht"--Publisher's website.
Sherman ND2898.A9 K534 2017

Paul Cézanne : die Bilder einer Ausstellung 1907 in Paris besucht, betrachtet und beschrieben von Rainer Maria Rilke : 57 Gemälde und Aquarelle von Paul Cézanne und 33 Briefe von Rainer Maria Rilke
Rekonstruktion der Cézanne-Ausstellung im Grand Palais, zusammengestellt und eingeleitet von Bettina Kaufmann, herausgegeben von Lothar Schirmer
München : Schirmer/Mosel Verlag [2018]
Im Oktober 1907 fand in Paris eine Gedächtnisausstellung zu Ehren des ein Jahr zuvor verstorbenen Malers Paul Cézanne statt. Sie umfasste 49 Gemälde und sieben Aquarelle, begründete Cézannes Ruf als Vater der modernen Malerei und trug seinen Ruhm in die Welt. Rainer Maria Rilke besuchte die Ausstellung mehrfach und schrieb über seine Eindrücke eine Serie von Briefen an seine Frau, die Bildhauerin Clara Rilke Westhoff. Seine Berichte zeigen, dass der Dichter von der Kunst Cézannes tiefgehend erschüttert war. Noch in seinen letzten Jahren bekannte er, der Maler sei sein wichtigstes Vorbild. Die Briefe gehören zu den bedeutendsten Zeugnissen einer frühen Rezeption des Werks von Cézanne. Sie enthalten zum einen erstaunliche künstlerische Einsichten, gehen inhaltlich aber auch weit über die Kunstkritik hinaus. Der vorliegende Band führt erstmals und in höchster Druckqualität alle Werke Cézannes zusammen, die 1907 im Salon d'Automne zu sehen waren und soweit sie heute bekannt sind. Ihnen gegenüber stehen Rilkes Briefe, und so erschließt sich in noch nie da gewesener Weise der Zusammenhang zwischen bildender Kunst und ihrem Einfluss auf den Dichter. Exhibition: Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France (13.06.-24.09.2017) / Kunsthalle, Karlsruhe, Germany (28.10.2017-11.02.2018).
Sherman ND553.C33 A4 2018

Susan Meiselas : mediations
texts by Ariella Azoulay, Eduardo Cadava, Carles Guerra, Marianne Hirsch, Corey Keller, Kristen Lubben, Işın Önol, Pia Viewing
Bologna : Damiani ; [2018]
"'Mediations' by the American photographer Susan Meiselas proposes a selection of works from the 1970s to today, revealing Meiselas's special approach to the underlying reasons for making photographs, how the image concerns its subject as much as the photographer, and the role that these images can have at different levels in society and particularly in photojournalism."
Sherman TR820.5 .S873 2018

Allen Ruppersberg : intellectual property 1968-2018
edited by Siri Engberg ; contributions by Thomas Crow, Siri Engberg, Aram Moshayedi, Matthew S. Witkovsky & Allen Ruppersberg
Minneapolis, MN : Walker Art Center, [2018]
This fully illustrated catalog accompanies a major retrospective exhibition on one of conceptual art's most inventive and acclaimed practitioners. Emerging in late-1960s Los Angeles, Ruppersberg was among that city's first generation of conceptual artists to espouse a working method that privileges ideas and process over conventional aesthetic objects. Deploying posters, books, postcards and even a café and hotel, his projects have consistently had at their center a focus on the American vernacular - its music, popular imagery and ephemera - mining the nuances of culture through its unsung conventions. This is the most comprehensive publication to date on Ruppersberg's work, featuring a wealth of scholarly content and critical writing connecting Ruppersberg's work to the larger contemporary art field. Produced by the Walker's award-winning design studio and in close collaboration with the artist, the book presents a holistic view of Ruppersberg's wide-ranging, 50-year practice. Exhibition: Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA (17.3. - 29.7. 2018).
Sherman N6537.R86 A4 2018

That continuous thing : artists and the ceramics studio, 1920-today
edited by Sara Matson and Sam Thorne ; with contributions from Glenn Adamson, Aaron Angell, Alison Britton, Tanya Harrod, Bernard Leach, Sara Matson, Julian Stair, Sam Thorne, Edmund de Waal, Jesse Wine, Sōetsu Yanagi
London : Tate St Ives in association with Tate Publishing, 2016
Introduction : that continuous thing / Sam Thorne and Sara Matson -- Towards a standard / Bernard Leach -- Beyond East and West? / Edmund de Waal -- Leach in Japan / Sōetsu Yanagi -- Factive plasticity : the abstract pottery of William Staite Murray / Julian Stair -- American potters today / Alison Britton -- Peter Voulkos and Ken Price / Glenn Adamson -- Out of the studio / Tanya Harrod -- The plant : notes on Troy Town Art Pottery / Aaron Angell -- In conversation : Sam Thorne and Jesse Wine -- Work, practice and site / Glenn Adamson.

From the rise of studio pottery in the 1910s to a number of new commissions by a young generation of UK-based artists, That Continuous Thing traces the changing shape of the ceramics studio over the last century, from the radical to the apparently traditional. Opening with exchange between Japan and the UK in 1910s and 1920s through the emergence of studio potters such as Bernard Leach, Shoji Hamada and Dora Billington, the book leads on to the Californian "clay revolution" of the 1950s and 1960s, with sculptures by the pioneering artist Voulkos. The book also includes works by contemporary artists made over the last three years at Angell's London-based Troy Town Art Pottery, which has been described as "a radical and psychedelic workshop for artists."
Sherman NK3930 .T43 2016

Another light : Jacques-Louis David to Thomas Demand
Fried, Michael
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2014]
David/Manet: The 'Anacreonic' Paintings -- David/Marat: The Self-Portrait of 1794 -- Gericault's Romanticism -- Orientation in Painting: Caspar David Friedrich -- Caillebotte's Impressionism -- Roger Fry's Formalism -- Douglas Gordon's k.364 A Journey by Train -- Thomas Demand's A Pacific Sun.

"In this richly illustrated book, Michael Fried-one of the most esteemed and influential art critics and art historians working today-has gathered eight major essays written between 1993 and 2013, on topics ranging from Jacques-Louis David, Théodore Géricault, and Caspar David Friedrich through Gustave Caillebotte and Roger Fry to recent films by Douglas Gordon and Thomas Demand. Gustave Courbet and Edouard Manet, too, are distinct presences along with, in the background, the great art critic Denis Diderot and, in the case of Friedrich, the philosopher Immanuel Kant. As always in Fried's writing, the emphasis falls equally on observation and argument: never have these artists (and one critic, Fry) been subjected to so searching a gaze, and never has the meaning of their respective enterprises been laid bare with comparable clarity and force. Another hallmark of Fried's work is its extraordinary originality, and that too is fully in evidence throughout this remarkable book, which will add to his reputation as one of the indispensable thinkers of our time"--
Sherman N6350 .F75 2014

Monica Bonvicini
Bonvicini, Monica, 1965- artist
Berlin : Berlinische Galerie, Museum für Moderne Kunst ; [2017]
The renowned artist Monica Bonvicini (*1965) has developed an incisive pictorial language and a cross-media approach over the years. With her installations, drawings, and sculptures, she poses questions with respect to gender and power relationships in quite diverse contexts. She focuses on the fields of architecture and sexuality as well as politics and representation, and reveals how they are interconnected. With her first institutional solo presentation in Berlin, the Berlinische Galerie honors the artist and her particular importance for the city. This exhibition catalogue / artist's book, with texts on Bonvicini's oeuvre and numerous illustrations, is being published on the occasion of the site-specific exhibition. Exhibition: Berlinische Galerie, Berlin, Germany (13.09.2017-26.02.2018).
Sherman N6923.B5937 A4 2017

Joyce J. Scott : Harriet Tubman and other truths
Scott, Joyce, 1948- artist,
Hamilton, New Jersey : Grounds for Sculpture, [2018]
The most comprehensive publication available to date on the work of Baltimore-based, African American artist Joyce J. Scott (born 1948), this beautiful monograph features more than 60 works from the last 45 years, including 12 new pieces based upon Harriet Tubman. Exploring subjects of representation, politics and topical events involving African Americans and oppressed people worldwide, 'Joyce J. Scott: Harriet Tubman and Other Truths' showcases the beauty of Scott's art, mastery of her materials and provocative worldviews. Essays by co-curators Lowery Stokes Sims and Patterson Sims, an interview with the artist and commentary by Seph Rodney provide rich narrative and context. Exhibition: Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, USA (20.10.2017-01.04.2018).
Sherman N6537.S364 A4 2018

The empire remains shop
Cooking Sections
New York, NY : Columbia University, [2018]
The Forest Does Not Employ Me Any More / Cooking Sections and Forager Collective -- Buy the Rumor, Sell the News / Asunción Molinos -- An Old World in a Former New World / Cooking Sections.
Sherman N6797.C657 A64 2018

How to read El Pato Pascual : Disney's Latin America and Latin America's Disney
edited by Jesse Lerner, Rubén Ortiz-Torres = Para leer Al Pato Pascual : la América Latina de Disney y el Disney de América Latina / editado por Jesse Lerner, Rubén Ortiz-Torres
London, England : Black Dog Publishing Limited, [2017]
Foreword: "It's a Small World After All..." = Prefacio: Es un mundo pequeño después todo... / Priscilla Fraser -- Introduction = Introducción / Jesse Lerner ; Rubén Ortiz-Torres -- The Good Neighbor Films of Walt Disney = Los peliculas de Walt Disney y la politicia del Buen Vecino / Darlene J. Sadlier -- Of Mice and Men, Women and Ducks = De ratones y hombres, mujeres y patos / Jesse Lerner -- Ducks in a Row = Patos en fila / Nate Harrison -- La República y El Reino = The Republic and the Kingdom / Fabián Cereijido -- The Future, Once Again = El futuro, una vez más / Carla Zaccagnini -- Macho Mouse Remix / Rubén Ortiz-Torres -- Exhibition Catalog = Catálago de exposición -- Reprint: How to Read Donald Duck / Ariel Dorfman ; Armand Mattelart -- Introduction to How to Read Donald Duck (1991) / David Kunzle -- Ariel Dorfman Reflects on 'How to Read Donald Duck' = Ariel Dorfman reflexiona sobre 'Para leer al Pato Donald' / Rodrigo Dorfman.

Investigating the reception and reuse of the imagery of one of the world's largest production companies, 'How to Read El Pato Pascual' explores the prevalent presence of Walt Disney in Latin America. Examined through artworks including painting, photography, graphic work, drawing, sculpture and video, as well as vernacular objects and documentary material, the book considers Disney's engagement within Latin America, extending from Donald Duck's first featured role, the 1937 Mexican-themed short 'Don Donald', to the 2013 attempt to copyright the Day of the Dead. The reach and influence of Disney is also examined in a series of commissioned essays drawing on cultural studies, historical research and postcolonial theory. 'How to Read El Pato Pascual' also features a reprint of 'How to Read Donald Duck' (Chile, 1971), an essay by Ariel Dorfman and Armand Mattelart that critiques Disney comics through a Marxist lens as vehicles of American cultural imperialism. The book includes artistic contributions from artists including Liliana Porter, Nadin Ospina, Enrique Chagoya, and Arturo Herrera, as well as written contributions from Jesse Lerner and Ruben Ortiz-Torres, amongst others.
Sherman N6502.5 H6 2017

Visible man : Fahamu Pecou
Pecou, Fahamu, 1975- artist
Charleston, South Carolina : Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art ; [2017]
"Visible Man provides an in-depth look at the work of Atlanta-based artist Fahamu Pecou (born 1975) from the past two decades, showing how Pecou's work investigates the concept of black masculinity and provides new modes for the representation of black bodies. Starting with his self-assumed persona 'Fahamu Pecou is the Shit!' and his early NEOPOP works, in which he places himself on the covers of prestigious art and culture magazines, the catalog shows the trajectory of his work, ending with the 'DO or DIE' and '#BLACKMATTERLIVES' series."
Sherman N6537.P344 A4 2017

Brätsch, Kerstin, 1979- artist
Köln : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König ; [2017]
Psychic -- New images / Unisex, FürstFürst -- Ghost -- Stars and stripes -- Corporate abstraction -- Mylar -- Blocked radiant (for Ioana) -- Glass -- Unstable talismanic rendering -- DAS INSTITUT -- KAYA -- Texts. Painting : a Dürty gürl / Patrizia Dander ; The embarassment of painting / Kathy Halbreich ; Corporate cannibalism / Lanka Tattersall ; Out of hand / Philip Coulter.

"Kerstin Brätsch--Innovation" is the first comprehensive exhibition of the Hamburg-born and New York-based painter. In Brätsch's work, the influences of the digital age are coupled, in a unique manner, with a reflection on art-historical traditions. Her complex and consistent work oscillates between a conceptual analysis of painting and a devotion of painterly processes. With around 60 large-scale paintings on paper and Mylar film, and in the marbling technique, more than 40 handmade glass works, numerous videos, two slide projections, a large installation, as well as several in situ interventions, the exhibition provides a first comprehensive overview of the artist's painterly practice since 2006.
Sherman ND588.B7197 A4 2017

Théâtres de mémoire : May 18-June 29, 2018
Dubuffet, Jean, 1901-1985, artist
New York : Pace Gallery, 2018
Sherman N6853.D78 A4 2018

David Cassuto : due mondi
a cura di Yair Varon
Firenze : Edifir edizioni Firenze, [2017]
Sherman NA4690 .D38 2017

Beauty Revealed : Images of Women in Qing Dynasty Chinese Painting
essays by James Cahill, Sarah Handler, and Julia M. White ; entries by Chen Fongfong with contributions by Nancy Berliner and Julia M. White
[Berkeley] : University of California, Berkely Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, [2013]
Meiren Hua: Paintings of Beautiful Women in China / James Cahill -- Educated and Probably Dangerous Women in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Chinese Painting / Julia M. White -- Alluring Settings for Accomplished Beauties / Sarah Handler -- Catalog of the Exhibition / entries by Chen Fongfong with contributions by Nancy Berliner and Julia M. White.
Sherman ND1460.W65 B43 2013

Skyphoi attiques à figures noires : typologie et recherches, ateliers et peintres
Malagardis, Nassi, author
Athènes : La Société Archéologique d'Athènes, 2017
Sherman NK4650.D8 M35 2017

Andreas Gursky
with contributions by Katharina Fritsch and five others
London : Hayward Gallery Publishing, [2018]
The exhibition includes some of the artist's most well known works including Paris, Montparnasse (1993), an immense and iconic photograph showing a seemingly endless block of flats; and Rhine II (1999/2015) a sleek digitally-tweaked vision of the river as a contemporary minimalist symbol. Kamiokande (2007) featuring the vast underground water tank within the Kamioka Nucleon Decay Experiment, Japan; and May Day IV (2000/2014) depicting hundreds of revellers at Germany's long-running Mayday techno music festival. Often employing a bird's-eye perspective, these large-format pictures which rival the scale of monumental paintings boast an abundance of precisely captured details, all of which are uncannily in focus. Since the late 1980s, Gursky has depicted a broad spectrum of contemporary life including sites of commerce, industry and tourism across the globe, making pictures that draw attention to our changing relationship with the natural world and chronicle the effects of globalisation on day-to-day life.
Sherman TR647 .G866 2018

Arbeiten in Geschichte : Zeitgenössische chinesische Fotografie und die Kulturrevolution = Working on history : contemporary Chinese photography and the cultural revolution
herausgegeben von Ludger Derenthal und Yu Zhang
Bielefeld : Kerber Verlag, [2017]
What consequences does the Cultural Revolution have for the current Chinese art and photography scene? This question takes center stage in the exhibition 'Working on History: Contemporary Chinese Photography and the Cultural Revolution', which takes a look at one of the most fascinating chapters in the history of photography. Chinese photographers and artists examined the topic based on historical photos and translated the mass group portraits, private photographs, or press photos of important events into contemporary pictorial languages. The publication presents these opposite historical poles and helps provide a better understanding contemporary Chinese photography. Exhibition: Museum für Fotografie, Berlin, Germany (18.08.2017-07.01.2018).
Sherman TR101 .A73 2017

Paloma Varga Weisz : root of a dream
Varga Weisz, Paloma, 1966- artist
Milano : Mousse Publishing, [2017]
Sherman N6888.V347 A4 2017

Ah! los días felices
Altamirano, Carlos
[Santiago] : Ocho Libros, [2014]
Facsímiles de documentos particulares y oficiales chilenos de 1976-1977 -- Sobre la manipulación correcta de las contradicciones del pueblo : facsímiles del diario El Mercurio aproximadamente desde febrero hasta diciembre de 1977 -- Historia de un hoyo y 40 relatos inconclusos de detenidos durante el año 1974, y desaparecidos ...

Ah Happy Days. 40 years after the beginning of the recent national history in Chile (Since the 1977 military coup). The artist, Carlos Altamirano (Santiago, Chile 1954), reminds us of what we were, are and have allowed. The artist makes a hole in the pavement a theme from which playful and unsuspected edges emerge. A book that could be an exhibition, a presentation of photographs and framed documents hanging from the walls of some gallery, a collection of distant objects and absorbed in their auric uniqueness of short duration, before being taken down by the ineluctable and Administrative step of time.
Sherman TR659.8 .A48 2014

Un salotto d'arte : capolavori ritrovati per una collezione
a cura di Angelo Enrico, Elisabetta Staudacher
Milano : Enrico gallerie d'arte, [2017]
Sherman ND617 .S35 2017

Rembrandt's Portrait of a Young Gentleman
Six, Jan, author
Amsterdam : Prometheus-Bert Bakker, [2018]
"When art dealer Jan Six saw the 'Portrait of a Young Gentleman' in a Christie's auction catalogue, he instantly knew that it could not possibly be a work that had been attributed to 'the circle of Rembrandt', but that the master must have painted it himself. The last time a hitherto unknown painting by Rembrandt was discovered was in 1974, when 'The Baptism of the Eunuch' came to light. But how does one convince the world of such a discovery? Does something like an absolute eye exist? And how special is such a painting in comparison to all the other known works by the most famous Dutch painter? In this book Jan Six takes the reader on a compelling and erudite journey, all about his exciting discovery and a boy?s dream come true, showing the 'Portrait of a Young Gentleman' through the eyes of his discoverer. Jan Six (1978) studied art history and worked at Sotheby's London and in Amsterdam as head of the Old Master Paintings department. Since 2008 he operates as an art dealer and runs his own gallery, specialised in Dutch and Flemish Old Master Paintings and Drawings."--back cover.
Sherman ND653.R4 S59 2018

Their common sense
Nesbit, Molly, 1952-
London : Black Dog Pub., ©2000
This volume offers a social history of early abstract art between 1880 and 1925 and also of the first steps taken towards mass culture, steps that were orchestrated by the development of a universal education.
Sherman N6494.C63 N47 2000

Bice Visconti : le carte ricomposte : disegni e taccuini di studio dalla Grande Guerra = the reassembled papers : drawings and sketches from the Great War
Visconti, Bice, 1883-1962, artist
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2017]
Sherman NC257.V475 A4 2017

Auf der Suche nach der Wirklichkeit : Realismen in der griechischen Plastik
herausgegeben von Christiane Nowak und Lorenz Winkler-Horaček
Rahden/Westf. : VML, Verlag Marie Leidorf GmbH, 2018
"In the discipline of classical archaeology different terms such as 'realism', 'verism' or 'naturalism' have been coined - like in art history - for describing a physics-based approach of art to its subjects and have been filled with various sets of meanings. This volume aims at revealing the complexity of this discussion or at least part of it and present it to the wider public without masking its inconsistency. For this purpose, papers by renowned scholars have been combined with texts produced by students in several university courses. The book contains a foreword by the editors and eleven chapters on the topics of the discovery of reality, of mimesis, types of realism, and the quest for reality, of Greek portraits from Classicism to Hellenism, images of elderly women in Greek and Roman antiquity, statues of Greek athletes, the ugliness of the Greek philosopher en in Greek funeral reliefs, the iconography of the Greek population in comedy, Hellenistic genre figures s Socrates, Chrysippus, and Diogenes, Roman portraits, representations of craftsm such as fishermen, peasants or herdsmen, and grotesque pictures of dwarfs, beggars, and slaves"--Publisher's website.
Sherman NB1296.3 .A94 2018

Growing up with the impressionists : the diary of Julie Manet
Manet, Julie, 1878-1966, author
London : I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd., 2017
Acknowledgements -- Julie Manet's impressionist childhood -- Julie Manet's diary 1893-1899 -- Epilogue -- Notes -- Select bibliography -- Image credits -- Index.

Julie Manet, the niece of Edouard Manet and the daughter of the most famous female Impressionist artist, Berthe Morisot, was born in Paris on 14th November 1878 into a wealthy and cultured milieu at the height of the Impressionist era. Many young girls still confide their inner thoughts to diaries and it is hardly surprising that, with her mother giving all her encouragement, Julie would prove to be no exception to the rule. At the age of ten, Julie began writing her "memoirs" but it wasn't until August 1893, at fourteen, that Julie began her diary in earnest: no neat leather-bound volume with lock and key but just untidy notes scribbled in old exercise books, often in pencil, the presentation as spontaneous as its contents. Her extraordinary diary - newly translated here by an expert of Impressionism, reveals a vivid depiction of a vital period in France's cultural history seen through the youthful and precocious eyes of the youngest member of what was surely the most prominent artistic families of the time.
Sherman ND553.M3115 A2 2017

American colonial women and their art : a chronological encyclopedia
Snodgrass, Mary Ellen, author
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2018]
"Less celebrated than their male counterparts, women have been vital contributors to the arts. Works by women of the colonial era represent treasured accomplishments of American culture and still impress us today, centuries after their creation. The breadth of creative expression is as impressive as the women themselves. In American Colonial Women and Their Art: A Chronological Encyclopedia, Mary Ellen Snodgrass follows the history of creative expression from the early 1600s to the late 1700s. Drawing upon primary sources--such as letters, diaries, travel notes, and journals--this timeline encompasses a wide variety of artistic accomplishments such as: stitchery, quilting, and rug hooking ; painting sculpture, and sketches ; essays, poems, and other writings ; Dance, acting, and oratory ; Musical composition and performance."--Back cover.
Sherman N6507 .S66 2018

Goettsch Partners
Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia : The Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd, 2018
As the second volume on Goettsch Partners in IMAGES' iconic Master Architect series, this book reveals the firm's most significant leading projects in global design, both built and in progress. Moreover, it explores how the firm's contemporary approach to design philosophy is based on the belief that exceptional planning and design respond to the combination of functional, technical, economic and aesthetic factors. 0Filled throughout with full-color photographs, detailed plans, sketches and diagrams, and illuminating texts, the pages within this superb monograph catalog a national and international portfolio of works, including the planning and design of large-scale commercial developments, corporate campuses, cultural and institutional buildings, federal and local government facilities, hotels and residential complexes, and public open space.
Sherman NA737.G555 A4 2018

Sehnsucht nach dem himmlischen Jerusalem : das Emblemprogramm der Stettener Schlosskapelle (1682)
Westphal, Hans
Stuttgart : W. Kohlhammer Verlag, 2017
Sherman N7740 .W47 2017

Giacometti : the late work (1960-1966)
curators, Catherine Grenier, Christian Alandete ; translator, Sandra Reid
Gent : Éditions Snoeck, [2017]
The catalog of the exhibition which presents the last years of the work of the Swiss sculptor Giacometti based in particular on photographs of his friend Eli Lotar. Also presents its unfinished book of lithographs "Paris without end".--Espace culturel.
Sherman NB553.G4 A4 2017b

The New landscape declaration : a call to action for the twenty-first century
Los Angeles, CA : Rare Bird Books : [2017]
Sherman SB472.45 .N49 2018

Point counterpoint
San Diego, CA : Museum of Photographic Arts, Becky Moores Center for Visual Learning, 2017
Sherman TR655 .P645 2017

Michals, Duane, photographer
New York : Thames & Hudson, 2017
"Duane Michals' Portraits presents for the first time a comprehensive overview of more than a half-century of portrait photographs--many of iconic cultural figures--by one of our era's most influential and entertaining artists.Duane Michals, the subject of a major retrospective exhibition organized by the Carnegie Museums in 2014 and scheduled to travel in 2018, has long been recognized for his inventive photo sequences, which shaped the work of several generations of artists. But even as he enjoys wide acclaim, a central body of work by the eighty-five-year-old artist remains little known.For decades, Michals was a sought-after editorial photographer for leading magazines, portraying outstanding creative personalities of our era. This comprehensive selection of his inventive portraits--many not previously published in book form--accompanied by Michals' inimitable, sometimes hilarious observations and reminiscences, will delight his fans and engage new admirers. The book features intimate and illuminating images of musical performers such as Barbra Streisand and Johnny Cash; actors from Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams to Tilda Swinton; contemporary artists including Andy Warhol, David Hockney, and Jasper Johns; authors such as Norman Mailer and John Cheever; and old masters of modern art including Rene Magritte and Balthus."--
Sherman TR681.F3 M53 2017

Critical cartography of art and visuality in the global age II : the territories of the contemporary
edited by Rafael Pinilla and Christina Grammatikopoulou
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018
Sherman N70 .C75 2018

The orange balloon dog : bubbles, turmoil and avarice in the contemporary art market
Thompson, Donald N., author
Madeira Park, BC : Douglas & McIntyre, [2017]
Art, pay , love -- Is value the last paddle raised -- The art of more -- Tears in the market fabric -- An uber future -- The new world of museums -- The bubble.

"Within forty-eight hours in the fall of 2014, buyers in the Sotheby's and Christie's New York auction houses spent $1.7 billion on contemporary art. Non-taxed freeport warehouses around the globe are stacked with art held for speculation. One of Jeff Koons' five chromium-plated stainless steel balloon dogs sold for 50 percent more at auction than the previous record for any living artist. A painting by Christopher Wool, featuring four lines from a Francis Ford Coppola movie stencilled in black on a white background, sold for $28 million. In The Orange Balloon Dog, economist and bestselling author Don Thompson cites these and other fascinating examples to explore the sometimes baffling activities of the high-end contemporary art market. He analyzes what is at play in the exchange of vast amounts of money and what nudges buyers, even on the subconscious level, to imbue a creation with such high commercial value."--
Sherman N8600 .T483 2017

Arte contemporanea in Sardegna (1957-2017)
a cura di Micaela Deiana, Lorenzo Giusti, Emanuela Manca
Arezzo : Magonza, [2017]
La costante resistenziale / Lorenzo Giusti -- 60-70 / Emanuela Manca -- 80-90 / Rita Pamela Ladogana, Antonella Camarda -- 2000 / Micaela Deiana -- La fotografia come riflessione identitaria nella Sardegna in transizione tra due millenni / Sonia Borsato -- Dopo il i960. Le arti applicate dagli artisti / Antonello Cuccu -- La rappresentazione murale in Sardegna Spazi, tempi, soggettività / Giangavino Pazzola -- Interazioni di immagini e parole alle origini del rinnovamento artistico in Sardegna nel secondo Novecento / Simona Campus -- Illustrazione e fumetto in Sardegna / Manuelle Mureddu -- Sardegna anticlassica: storici e critici in dialogo con un mito / Luca Vargiu, Roberto Sirigu
Sherman N6919.S37 A76 2017

Kerouac beat painting
a cura di Sandrina Bandera, Alessandro Castiglioni, Emma Zanella
Milano : Skira, [2017]
Sherman N6537.K447 K47 2017

La eclosión de la abstracción : linea y color en la colección del IVAM
Valencia : Institut Valencià d'Art Modern, [2017]
Sherman N7108.5.A2 I57 2017

Arte vivo : contemporary artists from Argentina
editorial coordination, Enrico Bossan
[Crocetta del Montello] : Antiga edizioni, 2017
Sherman N7437 .A784 2017

Bonnard : hommage & chefs-d'oeuvre : a tribute to Bonnard, his masterpieces
sous la direction de Véronique Serrano ; avec la contributions de Isabelle Cahn et Guy Cogeval
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale ; [2017]
Sherman ND553.B65 A4 2017

Il tempietto di Bramante nel monastero di San Pietro in Montorio
a cura di Flavia Cantatore
Roma : Edizioni Quasar, [2017]
Sherman NA5620.S87 T46 2017

Fantasmi dell'antico : la tradizione classica nel Rinascimento
Centanni, Monica, author
Rimini : Guaraldi editore, [2017]
Sherman N6370 .C38 2017

Ferdinando Tacca's high altar for Santo Stefano al Ponte and its bronze adornments : a commission by Anton Maria, Giovanni Battista, and Girolamo Bartolommei
Brook, Anthea, author
Firenze : Mandragora, [2017]
Sherman NB623.T18 B76 2017

Museo della città di Palazzo Trinci di Foligno : opere mobili
a cura di Antonino Caleca
[Florence] : Giunti, novembre 2017
Sherman N6914 .M872 2017

L'ultimo Caravaggio : eredi e nuovi maestri : Napoli, Genova e Milano a confronto, 1610-1640
a cura di Alessandro Morandotti
Milano : Skira, [2017]
Da Procaccini a Strozzi L'alternativa a Caravaggio lungo l'asse Milano-Genova / Alessandro Morandotti -- Caravaggio, Procaccini, Strozzi: cronologie essenziali -- Napoli, Genova, Milano: cronologia comparata -- Genova e i domini spagnoli in Italia: economia e politica tra Cinque e Seicento / Andrea Zanini -- Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas Vite, carriere, mecenatismo e collezionismo di Giovan Carlo e Marco Antonio Doria / Piero Boccardo -- Genova pittrice. Le relazioni con Milano / Paolo Vanoli -- Genova pittrice. Lo sguardo verso la Toscana e le Fiandre / Gelsomina Spione -- Genova e Caravaggio: opere e artisti da Roma e Napoli / Maria Cristina Terzaghi -- Ouverture: il Martirio di sant'Orsola interpretato da Caravaggio, Strozzi e Procaccini -- Sant'Orsola: leggenda e fortuna iconografica Il primo Seicento in Italia / Giovanni Morale -- Napoli: Marco Antonio Doria e gli eredi di Caravaggio -- Milano-Genova: committenti, artisti e letterati -- Genova: Giovan Carlo Doria e i nuovi maestri -- Abbozzi e pittura di tocco: Procaccini, Strozzi e Valerio Castello -- Moti e affetti: Procaccini, Strozzi, Rubens e Van Dyck

Questo originale progetto prende spunto dall'ultimo dipinto eseguito da Caravaggio prima della morte: il Martirio di Sant'Orsola (conservato a Palazzo Zevallos, la sede museale di Banca Intesa a Napoli), eseguito dal maestro nella primavera del 1610 per il collezionista genovese Marcantonio Doria che aveva interessi economici nella città partenopea. L'accoglienza del dipinto è tiepida, se non indifferente perché le preferenze artistiche erano altre, come dimostra il dipinto di medesimo soggetto (ma dallo stile totalmente differente) eseguito negli stessi anni da Bernardo Strozzi. Partendo dal confronto di questi due dipinti, il volume a corredo della mostra milanese rievoca le principali vicende artistiche di tre città italiane, legate all'orbita spagnola, in anni di rivolgimento del gusto, tra la rivoluzione tutta devota al naturale di Caravaggio e la nuova età colorata e festosa del Barocco: Napoli (la città da cui nel 1610 parte l'ultimo Caravaggio), Genova (la città in cui il dipinto arriva nella relativa indifferenza) e Milano (la città verso cui molti artisti attivi a Genova guardavano intorno al 1610-1620 e dove, paradossalmente, l'eco di Caravaggio, che vi era nato, era estremamente debole se non inesistente).0Il volume riunisce oltre 50 dipinti provenienti dalle principali collezioni pubbliche e private italiane ed europee (molti dei quali restaurati appositamente per l'occasione); oltre alle opere di Caravaggio, Procaccini e Strozzi, sono presentate opere di Battistello Caracciolo, Jusepe de Ribera, Giovanni Battista Crespi (il Cerano), Pier Francesco Mazzucchelli (il Morazzone), Luciano Borzone, Luigi Miradori (il Genovesino), Gioacchino Assereto, Peter Paul Rubens, Simon Vouet, Anton Van Dyck, Matthias Stomer, Orazio De Ferrari, Valerio Castello.
Sherman ND616 .U58 2017

Le donne nel cantiere di San Pietro in Vaticano : artiste, artigiane e imprenditrici dal XVI al XIX secolo
a cura di Assunta Di Sante e Simona Turriziani
Foligno (PG) : Il formichiere, [2017]
Questo libro prosegue nella linea di studi aperta dal volume Quando la Fabbrica costruì San Pietro. Un cantiere di lavoro, di pietà cristiana e di umanità, XVI-XIX secolo, curato da Assunta Di Sante e Simona Turriziani e pubblicato nel 2016, dove un'ampia sezione era dedicata ai lavori delle donne per la ricostruzione e decorazione della basilica vaticana. L'enorme successo riscontrato dalla tematica, tanto originale quanto attuale, ha spinto le curatrici a presentare un lavoro monografico sull'argomento, approfondendo alcuni profili di donne precedentemente solo accennati. Nel cantiere petriano sin dal Cinquecento ampi e variegati furono gli impieghi femminili in ambiti considerati da sempre appannaggio esclusivo degli uomini, se non altro per l'impegno fisico richiesto. La vivacità e l'imponenza del cantiere aveva favorito a Roma la concentrazione di artigiani e fornitori di materiale edile, i quali tendevano ad individuare nel rapporto coniugale la loro forza, alimentato anche dalle forme di assistenza nei confronti dei propri lavoratori messe in atto dalla Fabbrica. Nel cantiere vaticano le donne ebbero dunque un ruolo importante: figlie e mogli partecipavano in diverso modo all'attività di famiglia, garantendone la prosecuzione e lo sviluppo in caso di morte del padre o marito, e potendo godere di una sostanziale parità economica rispetto all'uomo. Tuttavia il lavoro delle donne nella basilica vaticana non è stato sempre un completamento di quello del capofamiglia, ma anche un'esperienza autonoma vissuta da donne scelte per le loro rare capacità artistiche, e non perché eredi di un defunto padre o marito.
Sherman N6920 .D67 2017

Tullo Golfarelli (1852-1928)
testi di Silvia Bartoli, Emanuela Lamborghini, Roberto Martorelli, Paolo Zanfini
Bologna : Minerva, [2016]
Sherman NB623.G579 T85 2016

Il pennello di Cupido : il dottor Meige e il mal d'amore nella pittura olandese del Seicento
Tartarini, Chiara, author
Roma : Carocci editore, dicembre 2017
Sherman ND1460.M43 T37 2017

Tra pittura e bordello : la vera vita di Agostino Tassi
Tazartes, Maurizia, author
Firenze : Mauro Pagliai editore, [2017]
Sherman ND623.T3 T39 2017

Quattrocento pittorico centroitaliano : Fra Carnevale, tre camerinesi e un Piero della Francesca
Valeri, Stefano, author
Roma : Lithos, [2017]
Sherman ND623.C2865 V35 2017