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Art and sacred sites : connecting with the spirit of place
Rogers, Glen artist
Sinaloa, Mexico : Luna Arte Contemporáneo, [2014]
Sherman N6559 .R64 A4 2014

James Loeb : collector and patron in Munich, Murnau and beyond = Sammler und Mäzen in München, Murnau und Weltweit
Herausgeber, Hermann Mayer, Brigitte Salmen und die James Loeb Gesellschaft e.V. ; Autoren, Kathleen Coleman and fifteen others
München : Hirmer Verlag, [2018]
James Loeb (1867-1933), the son of a German-Jewish banker in New York, followed his artistic and art historical inclinations and used his tremendous financial wealth for the purpose of cultural and social philanthropism. This publication examines the patron's life and work and outlines his scholarly achievements. Classical scholar, art collector, and philanthropist - James Loeb is one of the impressive personalities of the twentieth century. Coming from a well-off family, he lived for his artistic interests and owned an outstanding collection of Greek, Etruscan, and Roman artworks, which nowadays is kept in the State Collection of Antiquities in Munich. He is the founder of the Loeb Classical Library and provided extensive support for educational and social institutions. In this publication, renowned German and American authors for the first time take a comprehensive look at the life and work of the collector and patron who was active in Munich and Murnau.
Sherman N5267.L64 J35 2018

City views in the Habsburg and Medici courts : depictions of rhetoric and rule in the sixteenth century
Gregg, Ryan E., 1980- author
Leiden ; Brill, [2019]
"In City Views in the Habsburg and Medici Courts, Ryan E. Gregg relates how Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, and Duke Cosimo I of Tuscany employed city view artists such as Anton van den Wyngaerde and Giovanni Stradano to aid in constructing authority. These artists produced a specific style of city view that shared affinity with Renaissance historiographic practice in its use of optical evidence and rhetorical techniques. History has tended to see city views as accurate recordings of built environments. Bringing together ancient and Renaissance texts, archival material, and fieldwork in the depicted locations, Gregg demonstrates that a close-knit school of city view artists instead manipulated settings to help persuade audiences of the truthfulness of their patrons' official narratives"--
Sherman N8217.C35 G74 2019

Philosophy of picture : Denis Diderot's Salons
Mazzocut-Mis, Maddalena, 1964- author
Bern : Peter Lang, [2018]
If it is true that a painting can 'think visually', then it is also true that Diderot was the first to say so - and he has spelled out this concept better than anyone else. Diderot's Salons show that the 'imaginal' sense that arises from the engagement with a picture needs to be investigated using the concepts of ékphrasis and theatricality - the capacity to explore the power of pictures in relation to the composition of the scene, to the expressive and pantomimic gestures, and to what can be called a 'theory of affections'. The book will focus on an issue that pertains to the theory of pictures, on a question that is ground-breaking in the English-speaking academic context: how can we look at a picture in order to rethink aesthetics as a discipline that allows us to look at pictures from a philosophical point of view? The Salons demonstrate that the 'imaginal' process leading to knowledge always emerges from the picture itself, and that this process always needs to be supported by a method of inquiry that can rightly be called a philosophical method - as Diderot was a philosopher himself. Even when approaching this issue from a contemporary perspective, this method should always be related to the concepts of ékphrasis and theatricality. Fundamental, however, is also the 'pathetic', the emotionally stimulating, due to its essential relation to the enjoyment of pictures - something rooted in aesthetic disinterestedness, absorption and, conversely, voyeurism.
Sherman N6846.D47 M39 2018

The Wyvern Collection : medieval and Renaissance sculpture and metalwork
Williamson, Paul, 1954- author
London ; Thames & Hudson, 2018
This is the definitive catalogue of one of the most important collections of medieval art that exists in private hands, not previously accessible to the public. Comprised of outstanding European sculptures of the medieval period, as well as some Late Antique and Byzantine pieces and related works of the post-medieval era, this stunning volume includes detailed descriptions of many items rarely or never before seen in print.
Sherman NB170 .W55 2018

Hilma af Klint : notes and methods
Klint, Hilma af, 1862-1944, author,
New York, New York : Christine Burgin ; [2018]
The five -- The blue books / translated from Swedish by Kerstin Lind Bonnier and Elizabeth Clark Wessel -- The atom series / translated from Swedish by Kerstin Lind Bonnier and Elizabeth Clark Wessel -- Flowers, mosses, and lichens / translated from German by Anne Posten -- Letters and words pertaining to works by Hilma af Klint / translated from Swedish by Kerstin Lind Bonnier and Elizabeth Clark Wessel -- Afterword : Johan af Klint.

At the turn of the century, Swedish artist Hilma af Klint (1862-1944) created a body of work that left visible reality behind, exploring the radical possibilities of abstraction years before Vasily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich, or Piet Mondrian, acknowledged fathers of twentieth-century abstraction. Like many of her contemporaries, af Klint was interested in the invisible relationships that scientists at the turn of the century were discovering shape the world. She strongly believed in a spiritual dimension to the universe and devoted her life to an exploration of this realm. Hilma af Klint's process of investigation took many forms and drew on systems and symbols outside the traditional language of art. Notes and Methods traces the origins of her powerful abstract work. Included are the mediumistic drawings she created with the group of women who called themselves The Five; Flowers, Mosses, and Lichens, a spiritual explication of the plant world; and the Blue Books, in which af Klint catalogued her most important body of work, The Paintings for the Temple. Notes and Methods is the first extensive English translation of the writings of Hilma af Klint. In addition to translations of all notebooks reproduced, Notes and Methods also includes Letters and Words Pertaining to Works by Hilma af Klint, an invaluable guide to the meaning behind the work, compiled by Hilma af Klint herself--back cover.
Sherman ND793.K63 A35 2018

Old Paris and changing New York : photographs by Eugène Atget and Berenice Abbott
Moore, Kevin D., 1964- author
Cincinnati : FotoFocus : [2018]
In this comprehensive study, Kevin Moore examines the relationship between Eugene Atget (1857-1927) and Berenice Abbott (1898-1991) and the nuances of their individual photographic projects. Abbott and Atget met in Man Ray's Paris studio in the early 1920s. Atget, then in his sixties, was obsessively recording the streets, gardens, and courtyards of the 19th-century city-old Paris-as modernization transformed it. Abbott acquired much of Atget's work after his death and was a tireless advocate for its value. She later relocated to New York and emulated Atget in her systematic documentation of that city, culminating in the publication of the project Changing New York.0 This engaging publication discusses how, during the 1930s and 1940s, Abbott paid further tribute to Atget by publishing and exhibiting his work and by printing hundreds of images from his negatives, using the gelatin silver process. Through Abbott's efforts, Atget became known to an audience of photographers and writers who found diverse inspiration in his photographs. Abbott herself is remembered as one of the most independent, determined, and respected photographers of the 20th century.
Sherman TR645.C562 F68 2018

How art works : a psychological exploration
Winner, Ellen, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2019]
Part one: Introduction. Perennial questions -- Can this be art? -- Part two: Art and emotion. Wordless sounds: hearing emotion in music -- Feeling from music: emotions in the music listener -- Color and form: emotional connotations of visual art -- Emotions in the art museum: why don't we feel like crying? -- Drawn to pain: the paradoxical enjoyment of negative emotion in art -- Part three: Art and judgment. Is it good? Or just familiar? -- Too easy to be good? The effort bias -- Identical! What's wrong with a perfect fake? -- "But my kid could have done that!" -- Part four: What art does, and does not, do for us. Silver bullets: does art make us smarter? -- The lives of others: fiction and empathy -- Does making art improve well-being -- Part five: Making art. Who makes art and why? -- How art works.
Sherman N71 .W535 2019

Matisse and decoration
Klein, John, 1953- author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2018]
The decorative aesthetic in modernism -- An art of balance and serenity -- Public purpose and private luxury -- Violence, real and decorative -- On walls: Ascher Ltd, the Gobelins and the art and business of decoration -- In walls: the Vence chapel as generator -- The environment of art.

Between 1935 and his death at midcentury, Henri Matisse (1869-1954) undertook many decorative projects and commissions. These include mural paintings, stained glass, ceramic tiles, lead crystal pieces, carpets, tapestries, fashion fabrics, and accessories--work that has received no significant treatment until now. By presenting a wealth of new insights and unpublished material, including from the artist's own correspondence, John Klein, an internationally acclaimed specialist in the art of Matisse, offers a richer and more balanced view of Matisse's ambitions and achievements in the often-neglected later phases of his career. Matisse designed many of these decorations in the innovative - and widely admired - medium of the paper cut-out, whose function and significance Klein reevaluates. Matisse and Decoration also opens a window onto the revival and promotion, following World War II, of traditional French decorative arts as part of France's renewed sense of cultural preeminence. For the first time, the idea of the decorative in Matisse's work and the actual decorations he designed for specific settings are integrated in one account, amounting to an understanding of this modern master's work that is simultaneously more nuanced and more comprehensive.
Sherman N6853.M33 K54 2018

Meet the people with love
Brown, Derren, photographer
London : Bantam Press, 2018
Sherman TR659.8 .B76 2018

Pink : the history of a punk, pretty, powerful color
Steele, Valerie, author,
New York, New York : Thames & Hudson, 2018
"Today, with the advent of 'millennial pink', the colour formerly associated with Barbie has acquired a new identity. Nor is this the first time the symbolism of pink has been radically transformed. In this volume, in collaboration with a major exhibition at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, curator and fashion historian Valerie Steele explores the history and significance of pink in fashion, art and culture from the 18th century to the present. Steele and her co-authors tell the whole story of this controversial colour, emphasizing how its meanings changed throughout the centuries and across the globe, in cultures as diverse as France, India, Japan, Mexico and the United States. In 18th-century France, men and women alike wore pink, which was a fashionably 'new' colour. A century later, however, pink had become feminized and eroticized in the West (although it took longer for pink-versus-blue gender coding to develop). 'Pink' is beautifully illustrated, with illustrations of stunning pink fashions given context by photographs, advertisements and works of art. It features essays by scholars across the disciplines, giving readers access to a wealth of research into subjects as diverse as Hollywood films and the symbolism of the pink triangle. This book will appeal to all those interested in fashion and culture, as well as those who love pink"--Publisher's description.
Sherman TT502 .S74 2018

Visual arts, representations and interventions in contemporary China : urbanized interface
edited by Minna Valjakka and Meiqin Wang
Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, [2018]
This edited volume provides a multifaceted investigation of the dynamic interrelations between visual arts and urbanization in contemporary Mainland China with a focus on unseen representations and urban interventions brought about by the transformations of the urban space and the various problems associated with it. Through a wide range of illuminating case studies, the authors demonstrate how innovative artistic and creative practices initiated by various stakeholders not only raise critical awareness on socio-political issues of Chinese urbanization but also actively reshape the urban living spaces. The formation of new collaborations, agencies, aesthetics and cultural production sites facilitate diverse forms of cultural activism as they challenge the dominant ways of interpreting social changes and encourage civic participation in the production of alternative meanings in and of the city. Their significance lies in their potential to question current values and power structures as well as to foster new subjectivities for disparate individuals and social groups.
Sherman N8846.C6 V57 2018

The archetype of wisdom : a phenomenological research on the Greek temple
Malvezzi, Roberto, 1977- author
Milan : Mimesis International, [2018]
Preface / Giovanni Piana -- Introduction -- Tèmenos -- A preliminary survey: the Homeric world -- The Greek sense of the divine -- A case study: the geometric style -- The foundation of Greek wisdom -- Another case study: the invention of the kòuros -- Paidèia -- The rise of the temple -- Conclusions.

This book analyzes the rise of the earliest Greek temples through an innovative phenomenological approach, in which lived experiences are assumed as key tools of investigation. Accordingly, much space is dedicated to exploring the connections that tied the Greeks to their surroundings environment, by surviving records of Greek religion, poetry, art, philosophy and architecture from the archaic times. This framework sheds a new light on the relationship between 'human' and 'divine' in the ancient Greek world, suggesting that the archetypal structure of temple was devised to facilitate a particular kind of experience, that of the Divine. Such an experience produced a break from ordinary and profane life, allowing a special awareness to be gained. The findings and method of this book enable us to bridge the gap between our present days and that distant era, rediscovering our ancient past as an endless source of inspiration.
Sherman NA275 .M35 2018

Franco Angeli : the 60s
Angeli, Franco, 1935-1988, artist
Venice : Marsilio, 2017
Sherman ND623.A539 A4 2017

Michelangelo's sculpture : selected essays
Steinberg, Leo, 1920-2011, author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2018
Leo Steinberg was one of the most original and daring art historians of the twentieth century, known for taking interpretative risks that challenged the profession by overturning reigning orthodoxies. In essays and lectures that ranged from old masters to contemporary art, he combined scholarly erudition with an eloquent prose that illuminated his subject and a credo that privileged the visual evidence of the image over the literature written about it. His works, sometimes provocative and controversial, remain vital and influential reading. For half a century, Steinberg delved into Michelangelo's work, revealing the symbolic structures underlying the artist's highly charged idiom. This volume of essays and unpublished lectures explicates many of Michelangelo's most celebrated sculptures, applying principles gleaned from long, hard looking.
Sherman NB623.B9 S74 2018

Cézanne's gravity
Armstrong, Carol M., author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2018]
Cézanne's Gravity is an ambitious reassessment of the paintings of Paul Cézanne (1839-1906). Whereas previous studies have often looked at the artist's work for its influence on his successors and on the development of abstraction, Carol Armstrong untethers it from this timeline, examining Cézanne's painting as a phenomenological and intellectual endeavor. Armstrong uses an interdisciplinary approach to analyze Cézanne's work, pairing the painter with artists and thinkers who came after him, including Roger Fry, Virginia Woolf, Albert Einstein, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Rainer Maria Rilke, R.D. Laing, and Helen Frankenthaler. Through these pairings, Armstrong addresses diverse subjects that illuminate Cézanne's painting, from the nonlinear narratives of modernist literature and the ways in which space and time act on objects, to color sensation and the schizophrenic mind. Cézanne's Gravity attends to both the physicality of the artist's works and the weight they bear on the history of art. This distinctive study not only invites its readers to view Cézanne's paintings with fresh eyes but also offers a new methodology for art historical inquiry outside linear narratives, one truly fitting for our time.
Sherman ND553.C33 A758 2018

Kensington Palace : art, architecture and society
Borman, Tracy, author
New Haven ; Published for the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art by Yale University Press, in association with Historic Royal Palaces, [2018]
Kensington Palace is renowned for its architecture, splendid interiors, internationally important collections, and, of course, its royal residents. This lavish book thoroughly explores Kensington's physical beauty and its history, presenting new material drawn from archives, newspapers, personal letters, images, and careful analysis of the building itself. Originally a fashionable Jacobean villa, Kensington was dramatically rebuilt in 1689 by Christopher Wren for the newly crowned monarchs, William III and Mary II. The palace became the favored London home of five sovereigns, surviving fires, partial collapse, bombings, and periods of neglect. Queen Victoria recognized its national significance and set about restyling the massive structure with some of England's greatest architects and artists. With over 450 illustrations, including specially commissioned reconstructions and historic plans, this volume explores the personal tastes and fashions of the British monarchy over the course of 300 years and provides insight into the 20th- and 21st-century royal family's domestic life.
Sherman NA7746.L65 K458 2018

Vanessa Bell
edited by Sarah Milroy & Ian A.C. Dejardin ; contributors, Julian Bell, Grace Brockington, Darren Clarke, Ian A.C. Dejardin, Hana Leaper, Regina Marler, Sarah Milroy, Christopher Reed, Richard Shone, Frances Spalding, Corin Sworn
London : Philip Wilson Publishers, an imprint of I.B. Taurus & Co., Ltd., 2017
This accompanying publication showcases the oil paintings, photographs, ceramics, fabrics, decorative screens and works on paper of Vanessa Bell in a stunning display of her vibrant and wide-ranging talent. Long overshadowed by the complexity of her family life and romantic entanglements, the editors assess Bell in the context of her relationship with sister, Virginia Woolf, and as muse and confidant to Roger Fry and Duncan Grant, but ultimately present an intrepid artist deserving of fresh consideration.
Sherman ND497.B44 A4 2017

George Shaw : a corner of a foreign field
edited by Mark Hallett ; with essays by Catherine Lampert, David Alan Mellor, Eugenie Shinkle, Thomas Crow ; interview by Jeremy Deller ; and chronology by Alexandra Burston
New Haven, CT : Yale University Press, [2018]
"Nominated for the Turner Prize in 2011, George Shaw (b. 1966) is one of Britain's leading contemporary painters, best known for his painstakingly detailed, luminous, and often elegiac representations of the British suburban landscape. Beautifully designed and generously illustrated, this book is the first to explore the entirety of Shaw's artistic output, which spans three decades. Beginning with his work at the Royal College of Art in the 1990s and ending with his most recent paintings, this volume places Shaw's work within the context of contemporary culture, from the traditions of English landscape painting to the repercussions of Brexit. An introductory essay and comprehensive catalogue texts by Mark Hallett are accompanied by essays on the artist's work by Tom Crow, Catherine Lampert, David Mellor, and Eugenie Shinkle. An interview between Shaw and the celebrated contemporary artist Jeremy Deller offers insight into this work from the perspective of the artist himself, while a fully illustrated chronology details the entirety of his career"--
Sherman ND497.S4475 A4 2018

Florence and its painters : from Giotto to Leonardo da Vinci
edited by Andreas Schumacher ; with contributions by Matteo Burioni and 13 others
Munich : Hirmer : [2018]
Anhand hochkarätiger Werke aus Malerei, Skulptur und Zeichenkunst eröffnet das Buch vielfältige Einblicke in die Ideenwelt und Arbeitsweise der Florentiner Künstler. Mit neuem Selbstbewusstsein erforschen sie die Wirklichkeit und die Gesetze von Harmonie und Schönheit. Sie zeichnen nach der Natur und studieren die Kunst der Antike. So finden die Maler ausgehend von der Zeichnung und im Wettstreit mit der Skulptur zu ganz neuen Formen lebensnaher Darstellungen des Menschen etwa im Porträt sowie zu emotional ergreifenden Bildern der Andacht. Jüngste Forschungen zum herausragenden Florentiner Bestand der Alten Pinakothek ermöglichen dabei neue Sichtweisen auf eines der spannendsten Kapitel der Kunstgeschichte.
Sherman ND621.F7 F58 2018

Leonardo da Vinci : the language of faces
editor, Michael W. Kwakkelstein in collaboration with Michiel Plomp ; with contributions from Dennis Geronimus, Bram de Klerck and Paula Nuttall ; authors of the catalogue entries, Bram de Klerck, Paula Nuttall, Michael Kwakkelstein and Michiel Plomp ; translators, Michael Hoyle and two others
Bussum : Thoth Publishers ; [2018]
Foreword -- Leonardo: 'Disciple of Experience'-and of Books -- The Face as the Mirror of the Soul: Leonardo and the Moral Significance of Beauty and Ugliness -- Leonardo's Last Supper and the Motions of the Mind -- From Leonardo da Vinci to Gabriele Paleotti-Depictions of Laughter and Weeping in Sixteenth-Century Northern Italy -- The Netherlands and Leonardo da Vinci, 1500-1700 -- Catalogue: Precursors, Warrior Type, Teste Bizarre Idealized Beauty, Facial Expression, Body Language, Influence -- Bibliography -- Picture Credits -- Credits.

"Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) is undoubtedly the best-known artist of all time. He was famous during his own lifetime for his matchless gift for depicting human characters and emotions. He was one of the first artists to become fascinated by the expressiveness of the human face, be it deformed and ugly or beautiful and idealised. This is seen not only in famous paintings like the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, but even more so in the dozens of drawings that he made of people's faces. In addition to many of his superb drawings, Leonardo da Vinci - The Language of Faces contains dozens of works by his contemporaries and followers. This dazzling Renaissance art from collections throughout the world has here been brought together in a single book for the first time"--Back cover.
Sherman N6923.L33 A4 2018

It's always been : contemporary artists from Lebanon
[Crocetta del Montello] : Antiga edizioni, 2018
Sherman N7437 .I89 2018

Tobias Zielony : maskirovka
Zielony, Tobias, 1973- photographer
Milan, Italy : Mousse Publishing, [2017]
The term 'maskirovka' commonly refers to a Russian tradition of covert warfare and military deception, and it has recently reemerged to describe Russian politics toward Ukraine since the Maidan uprising. The "hybrid war" in eastern Ukraine has never been officially declared, yet in Crimea masked special forces, so-called "green men," have occupied Ukrainian territory. On the other hand, masks also played a crucial role in protecting the Maidan protesters from tear gas, and helped to hide their identities from the authorities. The publication presents photographs and interviews made in Kyiv, Ukraine, between October 2016 and July 2017, depicting the LGBTQI and techno scene. As Tobias Zielony explains, "I chose the title Maskirovka because it refers to the fragile and treacherous situation in which the protagonists live and act."
Sherman TR647 .Z53155 2017

Somos plenamente libres
Málaga : Museo Picasso Málaga, [2017]
Sherman N6494.S8 S56 2017

100 posters : from the eye to the heart
Milani, Armando, 1940- artist
Siracusa, Italy : LetteraVentidue, September 2017
Sherman NC1850.M48 A4 2017

Catherine Wagner : place, history, and the archive
Wagner, Catherine, 1953- photographer,
[Bologna] : Damiani, [2018]
The art of scrutiny : foreword / Nicholas Olsberg -- Photographs and installations : a conversation / Stephen Shore and Catherine Wagner -- The times in which we live / Shoair Mavlian -- Archaeology in reverse. Early California landscapes ; Moscone site ; 1275 Minnesota Street Project -- Investigation of place. Louisiana World Exposition ; Realism and illusion: Catherine Wagner photographs the Disney Theme Parks ; American classroom ; Home and other stories -- Re-classifying history. Museum pieces ; Re-classifying history ; Rome works -- Near abstraction. Greenhouse abstractions ; Flux density ; Cross sections -- Art & science : investigating matter. Art & science : investigating matter ; History of science ; Frankenstein -- Reconsidering the archive. A narrative history of the lightbulb ; Reparations ; Trans/literate -- Contributors -- About Catherine Wagner.

Catherine Wagner: Place, History, and the Archive' presents a 40-year survey of the photographic work of Catherine Wagner (born 1953). Including examples from 19 of the artist's series, it is the first publication to survey Wagner's work from its beginnings in the mid-1970s to the present day. Her early work, which looked at architecture and its core materials, employed strategies she calls "archaeology in reverse"; this set off a career-long examination of the notion of construction in institutions as various as art museums, science labs, classrooms, the home and Disneyland. Scientific, cultural and natural histories are key realms of this exploration; working in series, Wagner explores the physical and conceptual structures of our world. Featuring an essay by curator Shoair Mavlian and a conversation between the artist and Stephen Shore, 'Place, History, and the Archive' offers a thorough survey of Wagner's wide-ranging work.
Sherman TR647 .W35 2018

Do not feed alligators
Shama, David, 1977- photographer
[Bologna, Italy] : Damiani, [2018]
This first monograph from New York-based Swiss photographer David Shama (born 1977) captures his subjects in moments of repose, set against the grit and grain of the sun-drenched South. Shama documents a road trip across an often-overlooked America of swamps, reptiles, scrapyards and cheap motels.
Sherman TR655 .S536 2018

Henry N. Cobb : words & works 1948-2018 : scenes from a life in architecture
Cobb, Henry Nichols, 1926- author
New York, New York : The Monacelli Press, [2018]
"For more than half a century, Henry N. Cobb has been an eloquent and influential voice in architecture - not least as cofounder of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners and former chair of the Department of Architecture at Harvard's Graduate School of Design. Encompassing dozens of writings, lectures, conversations, built works, and unbuilt projects, this book positions Cobb in the turbulent flow of history from modernism to postmodernism to the present moment" -- Page 4 of cover.
Sherman NA737.C595 C633 2018

The tiny house movement : challenging our consumer culture
Harris, Tracey, 1967- author
Lanham : Lexington Books, [2018]
Sherman NA7533 .H37 2018

Smart building design : conception, planning, realization, and operation
Bali, Maad, author
Basel : Birkhauser, [2018]
How can smart technology open up new design opportunities for the design, the execution, and the operation of buildings and for the digitalization of construction? A hitherto unusual conception of the building as a cybernetic architectural system forms the basis of this integrated design approach. The authors--architects and engineers with extensive design experience--contribute an overview of current technical components of automation and communication systems, as well as a summary of relevant laws, standards, and guidelines. Six example projects demonstrate completed applications at different scales, from a single-family residence to office buildings, and through to the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, amply illustrated in text, drawings, and photos.
Sherman NA680 .B35 2018

The man in the Glass House : Philip Johnson, architect of the modern century
Lamster, Mark, 1969- author
New York : Little, Brown and Company, 2018
The Master's Joy -- From Saul to Paul -- A Man of Style -- Show Time -- The Maestro -- The Gold Dust Twins -- An American Führer -- Pops -- A New New Beginning -- An Apostate at Worship -- Crutches -- Cocktails on the Terrace -- Third City -- Towers and Power -- The Head of the Circle -- Things Fall Apart -- The Irresistible Allure of the Fantastic.

"When Philip Johnson died in 2005 at the age of 98, he was still one of the most recognizable-and influential-figures on the American cultural landscape. The first recipient of the Pritzker Prize and MoMA's founding architectural curator, Johnson made his mark as one of America's leading architects with his famous Glass House in New Caanan, CT, and his controversial AT & T Building in NYC, among many others in nearly every city in the country-but his most natural role was as a consummate power broker and shaper of public opinion. Johnson introduced European modernism-the sleek, glass-and-steel architecture that now dominates our cities-to America, and mentored generations of architects, designers, and artists to follow. He defined the era of "starchitecture" with its flamboyant buildings and celebrity designers who esteemed aesthetics and style above all other concerns. But Johnson was also a man of deep paradoxes: he was a Nazi sympathizer, a designer of synagogues, an enfant terrible into his old age, a populist, and a snob. His clients ranged from the Rockefellers to televangelists to Donald Trump. Award-winning architectural critic and biographer Mark Lamster's THE MAN IN THE GLASS HOUSE lifts the veil on Johnson's controversial and endlessly contradictory life to tell the story of a charming yet deeply flawed man. A rollercoaster tale of the perils of wealth, privilege, and ambition, this book probes the dynamics of American culture that made him so powerful, and tells the story of the built environment in modern America."--
Sherman NA737.J6 L36 2018

Architectural materialisms : nonhuman creativity
edited by Maria Voyatzaki
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2018
Sherman NA2500 .A74 2018

Anna-Eva Bergman : Licht = light : 1973-1987
Bergman, Anna-Eva, 1909-1987, artist
München : Hirmer Verlag, [2018]
Seit Ende der 1940er Jahre widmete sich Anna-Eva Bergman der Abstraktion in der Malerei. Ihre Formensprache bezieht sich auf archetypische Motive, die ihren Ursprung in der Erfahrung der nordischen Landschaft und skandinavischen Mythologie haben: Steine, Felsen, Meer, Horizonte, Barken. Zentrales Thema ihrer Werke sind die Landschaft und das Licht, mit denen sie sich auch in der produktiven Periode in Antibes, bereichert durch die Erfahrung des mediterranen Lichtes, in reduzierter und eindringlicher Weise beschäftigte. Damit untrennbar verknüpft ist ihre Technik, auf die Oberflächen der Bilder Blattgold und -silber aufzutragen und eine kühle intensive Lichtwirkung zu entfalten.
Sherman ND773.B4 A4 2018

Beyond Klimt : new horizons in Central Europe
editors, Stella Rollig, Alexander Klee ; authors, Stephanie Auer and 18 others
Munich : Hirmer Verlag GmbH, [2018]
The period between the two World Wars is characterised in the arts by international networks that transcended political and ideological borders. A lively artistic exchange took place, stimulating constructive, expressionist, and fantastic tendencies. An increasingly important role was played by magazines that disseminated new positions. The outbreak of World War II abruptly interrupted these cosmopolitan art networks. This publication examines the fascinating, artistically fruitful epoch between the wars. Exhibition: Unteres Belvedere/Orangerie, Vienna, Austria (23.03.-26.08.2018) / BOZAR - Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium (21.09.2018-20.01.2019)--Publisher's website.
Sherman N6758 .B49 2018

Robert Grosvenor
editors, Solveig Øvstebø and Robert Grosvenor
Chicago, IL : The Renaissance Society, [2017]
Sherman NB237.G86 A4 2017

Books do furnish a painting
Camplin, Jamie, 1947- author
London : Thames & Hudson, 2018
Part 1. Why do artists love books? -- Part 2. Painting is 'like a book- which needs to give up its riches'.

What should you do at Christmas? In Edvard Munch's Christmas in the Brothel, the artist depicts himself sleeping off the effects of drink, but the Madame reads a book. What links Stalin and the artist Rosso Fiorentino? What was Gauguin hinting at when he painted a copy of Milton's Paradise Lost into a portrait of a friend? How did a chance meeting on Unter den Linden make the young owner of The Red Book famous? Was it true that no one ever saw Picasso with a book in his hand? And why were the Cumberland girls reading The Fashionable Lover in Romney's commissioned portrait? Thousands of fine paintings include books in their subject matter. This companionable survey first asks 'what is a book?'; it explores the symbiotic relationship between the development of books and the emergence of our modern idea of the role of the artist; it parades and interprets the work of many of the greatest artists of the last five hundred years; and it explains how and why books became the single most ubiquitous feature of our cultural lives and, in large measure, of our everyday existence. These paintings connect us with centuries of lived experience: religious systems, symbols of all kinds, education, changing patterns of transport, gender roles, social status, romance, the imagination of children, literary life, sex, friendship, civilized bathing, professional competence, scientific discovery, aids to rest, aids to reflection, danger... books tell us about ourselves, and have earned their place in life - and art - through the ages.
Sherman N8217.B6 C36 2018

Edi Hila
texts, Éric de Chassey and four others ; translations from the French, Dominika Gajewska ; translations from the Polish, Christopher Smith, Jan Szelągiewicz
Warsaw : Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, [2018]
This catalog accompanies Edi Hila: Painter of Transformation, the first retrospective exhibition devoted to the Albanian painter Edi Hila, considered one of the last masters from Eastern Europe. Through Hila's eyes, the Eastern European experience is stripped of accident or adventure and instead gives weight to distilled general truths. The catalog traces key moments from his formative artistic experience, including a firsthand account of his infamous 1972 painting, Planting of Trees, which because of its unusual use of color and form that ran contrary to approved socialist realist doctrine, led to his being forced to labor in a poultry processing plant. In the evenings, however, he secretly created a series of drawings documenting the life of the workers, which became the Poultry series, harrowing in its raw realism. The publication continues to track Hila's practice through the 1990s, when we find the artist carefully observing life after the fall of Enver Hoxha's regime and his attempts at depicting the realities of the Albanian transformation on the precipice of the new millennium, before concluding with a review of Hila's contemporaneous practice, which discloses more the limitations and traps of transformation than its promises. Richly illustrated with reproductions of Hila's work in full color, many of them never before published, this is a groundbreaking catalog, one that will help establish Hila's international reputation as a master painter of the region and Europe at large.00Exhibition: Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland (02.03-06.05.2018).
Sherman ND955.A43 H552 2018

Sculpture, sexuality and history : encounters in literature, culture and the arts from the eighteenth century to the present
Jana Funke, Jen Grove, editors
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [2019]
1. Introduction--Desiring Sculptures, Encountering the Past: Sculpture, Sexulaity and History / Jana Funke and Jen Grove -- Part I. The Desire for the Living Statue and the Desire for the Past : 2. Antiquarian Pygmalions: The Female Body, Ancient Statuary, and the Idea of Imaginary Transport in the Eighteenth Century / Katharina Boehm -- 3. Longing for the Past: Eichendorff's Marmorbild, Historical Experience, and the Sexuality of the Masterpieces Room / Elsje van Kessel -- 4. Women, or Wax? Eros, Thanatos, and Sculpture in Cinema / Vito Adrianensen -- Part II. Sculptural Decency: Reception, Censorship and Liberation : 5. The Indecent Body of Sculpture: Theodore Storm's Realist Psyche / Catriona MacLeod -- 6. A Token of Triumph Cut Down to Size: Jacob Epstein's Rock Drill as Fetish Object / Bernard Vere -- 7. Ethics and Erotics: Recpetions of an Ancient Statue of a Nymth and Satyr / Victoria Donnellan -- Part III. Queer Possibilities of Statuary : 8. "Firm Outlines and Hard Muscles Immortalised": Ancient Statuary and E.P. Warren's "Uranian Ideal" -- 9. Encountering the Niobe's Children: Vernon Lee's Queer Formalism and the Empathy of Sculpture / Francesco Ventrella -- 10. The Queer Materiality of History: H.D., Freud and the Bronze Athena / Jana Funke -- 11. "Britain's Most Romantic Museum"?: Lesbian Spectatorship and the Reception of Historic Figural Sculpture at the V&A / Amy Mechowski -- Index.

This book investigates the wide-ranging connections between sculpture, sexuality, and history in Western culture from the eighteenth century to the present. Sculpture has offered a privileged site for the articulation of sexual experience and the formation of sexual knowledge. As historical objects, sculptures also draw attention to the different ways in which knowledge about sexuality is facilitated through an engagement with the past. Bringing together contributors from across disciplines, including art history, classics, film studies, gender studies, history, literary studies, museum studies, queer theory and reception studies, the volume presents original readings of sculptural art in relation to antiquarianism, aesthetics, collecting cultures, censorship and obscenity, psychoanalysis, sexology, and the experience and regulation fo museum spaces. It examines how sculptural encounters were imagined and articulated in literature, painting, film and science. As a whole, the book opens up a new understanding of the ways in which sculptures, as real or imagined objects, have fundamentally shaped approaches to, and receptions of, the past in relation to sex, gender and sexuality--back cover.
Sherman NB1952.S4 S38 2019

Churchill : the statesman as artist
edited and introduced by David Cannadine
London : Bloomsbury Continuum, 2018
part 1. Churchill on Art -- part 2. On Churchill's Art.

When Winston Churchill suffered most severely from his 'black dog' he took to painting in order to express the inexpressible. Throughout his life he would withdraw to paint. His paintings throw fascinating light upon his character and its vicissitudes and thus are key to understanding his personality as a great statesman. As fellow artist Sir Oswald Birley said of him: 'If Churchill had given the time to art that he has given to politics, he would have been by all odds the world's greatest painter'. This book consists of a substantial introduction of great critical and historic importance by Professor David Cannadine but also Churchill's own writings about painting. Apart from his celebrated essay ̀Painting as a Pastime' this also contains Churchill's art reviews (never reprinted) and the text of his address to the Royal Academy of Art when he was elected a Fellow. This has never been printed before. The book concludes with two more or less forgotten essays about Churchill's paintings - one by Augustus John and the other by Sir John Rothenstein.
Sherman ND497.C548 C63 2018

Mark Tobey : October 25, 2018-January 12, 2019, Pace
Tobey, Mark, artist
New York : Pace Gallery, 2018
Sherman ND237.T56 A4 2018

American runway : 75 years of fashion and the front row
Moore, Booth, author
New York, NY : Abrams, 2018
American Runway : an introduction -- Putting American fashion on the map -- The rise of American sportswear -- Getting organized -- Strengthening the American position -- The show business of Fashion Week -- Behind the scenes -- In their shoes -- The rise of the show spectacular -- Most memorable moments -- The show must go on -- Getting social -- The future of the runway.

New York Fashion Week has served many purposes throughout its long history, but it has always remained at the center of the American fashion world. During World War II, Fashion Week challenged the dominance of French couture; in the 1970s and 1980s, it was a showcase for American sportswear stars who became household names; in the 2000s, it was the stage for celebrity designers using the runway as vehicle for entertainment; and now, it is the place to see and be seen by contemporary reality TV and social media stars. Now, this illustrious history is told as it's never been told before, in a book packed with designer interviews, backstage ephemera, and exclusive photographs culled from all 75 years of New York Fashion Week. Part historical over-view, part scrapbook, and part fashion-industry field guide, American Runway will bring to life the people, places, and over-the-top runway productions of New York Fashion Week--and will sate the appetites of die-hard fashion fans and casual fashionistas alike.
Sherman TT502 .M665 2018

Amazing! Mel Bochner prints : from the collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and his family foundation
Bochner, Mel, 1940- artist
[Portland, Oregon] : Jordan D. Schnitzer Family Foundation ; [2018]
For more than 50 years, American conceptualist Mel Bochner (born 1940) has been shaping dialogs between art and language through exhibition concepts, paintings and sculptures that embrace systems and structures to reveal their cracks and limitations, undermining the means we use to comprehend the world. Bochner created his first prints in 1973 at the invitation of publisher Robert Feldman of Parasol Press (who introduced a generation of minimalist and conceptual artists to printmaking through his work at Crown Point Press). Since then, Bochner has employed many different forms of printmaking, using and abusing its material possibilities and its unpredictability to counter the methodical fashion in which plates and stencils are cut, characters per line are fixed, or print runs set. This volume surveys Bochner's longstanding engagement with various types of printmaking, from aquatints to monoprints.
Sherman NE539.B58 A4 2018

Being an artist : artist interviews with Art21
editor: Tina Kukielski ; interviewer: Susan Sollins, et al
New York, NY : Art21, [2018]
Art21 films, educational programs and publications provide a diverse audience with unprecedented access to the personal and professional lives of the greatest creative minds of our time. Art21 is unique in that it collaborates with each artist on every program produced, providing them with a platform to speak directly to audiences. With the mission to inspire a more creative world through the works and words of contemporary artists, Art21 is the go-to place to learn firsthand from the artists of our time. Published on the occasion of the nonprofit organization's 21st anniversary, this compendium of artist interviews captures the engaging and seminal conversations that have taken place over the organization's history, serving as an essential primer on a generation of contemporary artists for those interested in the artistic process as a tool for curriculum building. In some cases, these interviews are previously unpublished.
Sherman N6490 .B3648 2018

Micromosaics : masterpieces from the Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Collection
Zech, Heike Juliane, author
London : V&A Publishing, 2018
"Expertly crafted from thousands of tiny and intricately arranged pieces, micromosaics appear at first glance to be miniature paintings. Closer inspection reveals the extraordinary skill of the virtuoso makers, who were able to create exquisite images brimming with drama and atmosphere. Focusing on 30 highlights from the V&A's superlative Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Collection, which includes some of the finest examples of micromosaics made, this new book explores the technical aspects of micromosaic construction, its roots in antiquity, their incredible popularity in the last quarter of the eighteenth century, and their evolution through the nineteenth century until the technique virtually vanished in the early 1900s." -- provided by publisher.
Sherman NK8475.M66 Z43 2018

Gender, identity and the body in Greek and Roman sculpture
Barrow, R. J. author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
Introduction: approaching gender -- The male body: Doryphoros -- The female body: Aphrodite of Cnidos -- The veiled body: Tanagra statuette -- The ageing body: drunken old woman -- The indefinite body: sleeping Hermaphrodite -- The political body: Prima Porta Augustus -- The incongruous body: portrait of 'Marcia Furnilla' as Venus -- The beloved body: Antinous -- The other body: marble relief with female gladiators -- The non-human body: Pan and a she-goat -- Epilogue: Bernini's 'Neptune and Triton'.

This book offers incisive analysis of selected works of ancient art through a critical use of cutting-edge theory from gender studies, body studies, art history and other related fields. The book raises important questions about ancient sculpture and the contrasting responses that the individual works can be shown to evoke. Rosemary Barrow gives close attention to both original context and modern experience, while directly addressing the question of continuity in gender and body issues from antiquity to the early modern period through a discussion of the sculpture of Bernini. Accessible and fully illustrated, her book features new translations of ancient sources and a glossary of Greek and Latin terms. It will be an invaluable resource and focus for debate for a wide range of readers interested in ancient art, gender and sexuality in antiquity, and art history and gender and body studies more broadly.
Sherman NB1952.G46 B37 2018

Louvre Abu Dhabi : masterpieces of the collection
senior editor, Nathalie Prat-Couadau ; translations, Paul Metcalfe
Paris : Éditions, [2017]
Sherman N3750.A27 A6 2017

Alexander Calder : radical inventor
edited by Elizabeth Hutton Turner and Anne Grace
[Montréal, Québec] : Montreal Museum of Fine Arts; [2018]
American artist Alexander Calder (1898-1976) created a "new line" that was not simply an evolution of forms and styles. From the start, it was clear to all who witnessed him at work that he was doing something radically new. This book, published to accompany a major exhibition, shows how Calder's work emerged from expectations of change in American popular culture. Twelve essays from major contributors explore how Calder, among the first college-trained artists, found techniques and inspiration in many disciplines and their development, including technology, engineering, architecture, physics, and astronomy. All these contributed to the development of his wire sculptures, mobiles, and stabiles, including his famous Circus. Superb photographs of more than 100 works and comparative illustrations guide readers through this innovative and unique path.--from
Sherman NB237.C28 T87 2018

Auseklis Ozols : the romantic realism of an artist and teacher
Ozols, Auseklis, 1941- artist
Gretna : Pelican Publishing Company, [2018]
Sherman ND237.O99 A4 2018

Sam Falls
editor, Clément Dirié ; texts, Trinie Dalton, Donatien Grau, David Raskin
Zurich : JRP Ringier, [2018]
Matter and memory / David Raskin -- Type specimen / Trinie Dalton -- Antumbra, Shoreline (Artist's Portfolio) / Sam Falls -- Atmospheric, empathic conversation with Donatien Grau.

This first retrospective monograph of American artist Sam Falls (b. 1984, San Diego; lives in Los Angeles) spans his work from his beginnings in the 2000s to his most recent exhibitions. Following the traditions of Minimalism and Land art, while pursuing a path toward abstraction, his oeuvre has undoubtedly been influenced by nature and the Los Angeles environment in which he lives. His photographs, paintings, public installations, and sculptures display a certain poetry and a rare immediacy. Previously a student of physics, linguistics, and aesthetics, he has long pursued a particular interest in the way in which natural phenomenon such as light, rain, and wind might impact his abstract paintings and sculptures. The idea of a sublime deterioration, a controlled and predicted change on materials ranging from steel to cloth as well as others, creates time-based and hybrid work that forces the viewer to consider not only the final image, but, most importantly, the process of its change.
Sherman N6537.F317 A4 2018

Shizuko Yoshikawa = Yoshikawa Shizuko
edited by Lars Müller ; written by Gabrielle Schaad ; with a contribution by Midori Yoshimoto
Zürich, Switzerland : Lars Müller Publishers, [2018]
Standardized units? Zurich concrete artist Shizuko Yoshikawa's oeuvre / Gabrielle Schaad -- Building a room of one's own : challenges of Shizuko Yoshikawa / Midori Yoshimoto.

Shizuko Yoshikawa (born 1934 in Japan, based in Switzerland) was one of the first and few Japanese students at the Ulm Hochschule fur Gestaltung, known as the postwar "Bauhaus." She later married the renowned designer Josef Muller-Brockmann (1914-1996), a pioneer of Swiss Graphic Design, and moved to Switzerland, where she became an artist and a member of the second generation of concrete art. Amongst the very few women belonging to this art movement, she takes a special position due to her Japanese origins and education. Her work combines the rational concepts of European modern art with the poetry and ease of the intuitional Japanese Zen tradition. This first monograph on Shizuko Yoshikawa's work contains a major essays by art historian Gabrielle Schaad and an contribution by Prof. Midori Yoshimoto, highlighting the life of the artist and interpreting her oeuvre in the Japanese context. Inspired by this publication, an exhibition will take place in Tokyo and Zurich in 2018.
Sherman N7153.Y67 A4 2018

Picasso's kitchen
Emmanuel Guigon, Androula Michael, Claustre Rafart i Planas
Barcelona : Fundació Museu Picasso de Barcelona ; [2018]
"An exhibition on the subject of Picasso's kitchen? Why not? There is nothing at all incongruous in the idea, because cooking is a subtle revelation of Picasso's art: painting, engraving, sculpture, ceramics, poetry and theatre. What is more, we should not neglect the role of the restaurant as a meeting place for the avant-gardes, from the Quatre Gats tavern in Barcelona to the cabaret Au Lapin Agile on Montmartre, where the bohemians of the time and Picasso's little entourage would share a table. Food, utensils and places related to cooking have a powerful capacity for evocation or association. Indeed, the very act of eating and digesting is a metaphor for a creative artist. In the edible--and even the inedible--there is a joyful possibility of swallowing the world. Picasso had this taste for the world and for all that is concrete, to the point of biting into it: 'I can no longer bear this miracle, that of knowing nothing of this world and having learned nothing but to love things and eat them alive.' His continual inventions and the euphoria of his imaginary bear witness to an insatiable appetite: Picasso enters the arena of the kitchen and commences his great ceremony. As Heraclitus said: 'the gods are in the kitchen.'"--Back cover.
Sherman N6853.P5 C59613 2018

Klimt Schiele : drawings from the Albertina Musuem, Vienna
exhibition curators, Désirée de Chair, Sarah Lea ; translation from the German, (Marian Bisanz-Prakken) : Michael Foster
London : Royal Academy of Arts, [2018]
Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) and his younger protege Egon Schiele (1890-1918) are considered two of the greatest figures of Austrian Modernism. Whether competing with or inspiring one another, together they reconfigured the way the human body was translated into art. Although both artists are primarily remembered as painters, between them they left 7,000 drawings, many of the greatest of which are now in the collection of the Albertina Museum, Vienna.0In 2018 an exhibition opens in London of both artists' drawings from the Albertina. This stunning publication records these precious works, which are very rarely displayed and almost never travel, in all their erotic, intriguing and sometimes disturbing beauty. Leading experts on the period provide authoritative texts that illuminate the important relationship between the two artists. They analyse the role of drawing in their practice and chart the response of early twentieth-century Vienna to their electrifying work, which still has the power to shock and enthral to this day. Exhibition: Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK (04.11.2018 - 02.02.2019).
Sherman NC245.K553 A4 2018

Space shifters
Lauson, Cliff, author
London : Hayward Gallery Publishing, 2018
Foreword -- Spaces of perception / Cliff Lauson -- Sculptural optics / Dawna Schuld -- Light touch / Lynn Zelevansky -- Leonor Antunes -- Larry Bell -- Fred Eversley -- Felix Gonzalez-Torres -- Jeppe Hein -- Roni Horn -- Robert Irwin -- Ann Veronica Janssens -- Anish Kapoor -- Yayoi Kusama -- Alicja Kwade -- John McCracken -- Josiah McElheny -- Helen Pashgian -- Charlotte Posenenske -- Fred Sandback -- Monika Sosnowska -- Daniel Steegmann Mangrané -- De Wain Valentine -- Richard Wilson.

Space Shifters' features approximately 20 leading international artists whose work addresses the intersections of perception, sculptural space and architecture. Beginning with the pioneering use of innovative sculptural materials in the 1960s, the exhibition (and this accompanying catalogue) explore the ways in which artworks engage or alter the viewer's perception of the surrounding architecture. The development of these concerns is traced over the course of the past four decades and concludes with artworks from the present day. Artists include: Jeppe Hein, Alicja Kwade, Roni Horn, Richard Wilson, Anish Kapoor, Yayoi Kusama, and Felix Gonzalez-Torres, among others. Exhibition: Hayward Gallery, London, UK (26.09.2018 - 01.06.2019).
Sherman N8246.S62 L38 2018

The ideas, identity and art of Daniel Spoerri : contingencies and encounters of an 'artistic animator'
Cempellin, Leda, 1973- author
Wilmington, Delaware : Vernon Press, [2017]
From theater to the visual arts: Spoerri's debut into the art world through the Edition MAT -- Under the Fluxus umbrella: building a collective identity -- The tableau-piège as a spatio-temporal collage of chance -- Eat Art: beyond food -- Daniel Spoerri's localism: the Musée Sentimental -- Between life and death are the works of memory: inside Il Glardino.

The term "artistic animator" is inspired by the definition "Kunstanimator" given to Spoerri by his longstanding friend Karl Gerstner during an interview with Katerina Vatsella in 1995. Wherever he went, Spoerri was capable of inspiring others to make art, and at the same time he absorbed, interiorized and transformed ideas from others. His fluctuating memberships during late Modernism (Zero, Nouveau Réalisme, Fluxus, Mail Art) explain why some areas of this work have not yet received their due attention and their connection to the whole picture has often eluded scholarly inquiry. Beyond his tableaux-pièges, which gave him immediate notoriety through an early purchase by the MoMA, Spoerri discovered a new way to approach the multiples in sculpture (Edition MAT), he transformed his trap pictures into an experimental narrative form (Topographie Anécdotée du Hasard), he initiated the Eat Art movement, he tested an innovative curatorial approach (the Musée Sentimental and the Giardino). Despite constant interruptions due to his semi-nomadic lifestyle, this oeuvre presents an extraordinary coherence, where none of these ventures can be properly understood without considering all the others. This is the first monograph entirely devoted to Daniel Spoerri in the United States to date. With an introduction by Barbara Räderscheidt -- Back cover.
Sherman N6853.S6 C56 2017

Polaroids of women
Nicks, Dewey, photographer
Santa Barbara [California] : T. Adler Books, [2018]
A collection of favorite Polaroid photographs taken and saved by photographer Dewey Nicks, selected by Nicks from the many Polaroids he took to test light and composition before capturing the final images on film for ad or editorial assignments.
Sherman TR681.W6 N53 2018

Ann Craven
Craven, Ann, artist
New York : Karma, [2018]
The latest in Karma's series of comprehensive overviews of artist practices, this substantial, 560-page volume collects 20 years of work by New York painter Ann Craven (born 1967), covering her series of moons, birds, palettes, animals and flowers. Craven is well known for these mesmerizing portraits, whose serial character affirms the prayer-like sense of attention informing their dailiness, as well as for her "stripe" or "band" paintings, of which she says: "my paintings are a result of mere observation, experiment and chance and contain a variable that's constant and ever-changing--the moment just past. The stripes are so I can see what I just mixed ... it is a memory and a documentation of the work at the same time." The most substantial overview yet published on this virtuoso painter, the book includes essays by David Salle, Sarah French and Dana Miller.
Sherman ND237.C8148 A4 2018

Athens dialogues
interviews by Hans Ulrich Obrist ; photographs by Ari Marcopoulos ; edited by Karen Marta
Athens, Greece : DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art ; [2018]
Hans Ulrich Obrist often quotes Erwin Panofsky, who once famously said the future is built from fragments of the past. How these fragments accumulate, how the future becomes constructed, is often a matter of historical inquiry as well as shared personal experiences. Coloured by digital technology, international conflict, domestic life, and more, twelve artists and an architect engage in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist, challenging history's defining notions and offering diverse accounts of how the present is imagined in relation to the past. One of the conversations takes the form of a photographic essay by Ari Marcopoulos examining Athens, the ancient city and its contemporary life. 'The Athens Dialogues' reveals how antiquity is a toolbox for shaping not only artistic and research practices, but present-day realities and the futures to come.
Sherman N72.H58 A84 2018

The artist's eye
Woodman, Edward, 1943- photographer
London : Art/Books Publishing Ltd, 2018
British photographer Edward Woodman (born 1943) has portrayed pioneering artists and their work for more than four decades--from Richard Deacon, Antony Gormley and Cornelia Parker to Mona Hatoum, Rachel Whiteread and Damien Hirst. At a time when installation and performance were becoming central to British art, he was the artist's photographer of choice. In parallel with this work, Woodman has mapped the transformation of London itself, acting as a diarist of the city and charting its architectural and social evolution since the late 1960s. This book presents work from his entire career, including artists' portraits, studios, exhibitions, installations and performances, collaborations with artists, social documentation and more recent and personal works. It also features texts on Woodman's practice and a critical assessment of his work in the history of photography, as well as contributions from some of the artists with whom he worked most closely.
Sherman TR647 .W6466 2018

Annette Hauschild : last days of disco
Hauschild, Annette, photographer
Berlin : Hatje Cantz Verlag Gmbh, [2018]
Sherman TR659.8 .H38 2018

Theories in digital composite photographs : 12 artists and their work
Huang, Yihui (Art professor), editor
London ; Routledge, 2019
Artist 1: Thomas Kellner -- Artist 2: Koya Abe -- Artist 3: Murat Germen -- Artist 4: Jaime Kennedy -- Artist 5: Xiao Hui Wang -- Artist 6: Tom Chambers -- Artist 7: Tom Bamberger -- Artist 8: Maggie Taylor -- Artist 9: Kelli Connell -- Artist 10: Alessandro Bavari -- Artist 11: Leigh Merrill -- Artist 12: Matt Siber.
Sherman TR139 .H83 2019

Women with cameras (self portrait)
Collier, Anne, 1970- photographer
New York, NY : Karma Books, [2018]
This book collects images that New York based artist Anne Collier (born 1970) originally presented as a slideshow of 80 35mm slides depicting found images of female subjects in the act of taking self-portraits. Dating from the 1970s to the early 2000s, these relics of the pre-digital age were collected by Collier, each image discarded by its original owner but finding its way back to relevance in Collier's work. The slideshow consists of amateur snapshots of women photographing themselves with film cameras prior to the advent of the digital "selfie." Instead of circulating on social media, these abandoned images once existed for a private audience. The resulting work is steeped in a deep sense of loneliness, illustrating photography's contentious relationship to memory, loss and self-representation. The book represents a kind of sequel to Collier's 2017 book 'Women with Cameras (Anonymous)'.
Sherman TR681.W6 W65 2018

Lars Tunbjörk : retrospective
Tunbjörk, Lars, 1956- photographer
[Stockholm] : Bokförlaget Max Ström, [2018]
Initially inspired by Swedish masters such as Christer Strömholm, as well as Stephen Shore and William Eggleston, Lars Tunbjörk (1956-2015) was one of the great and truly original European photographers. Tunbjörk's international breakthrough came in 1993 with the photobook Country beside Itself. Celebrated by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger as "an acute observer of modern life," Tunbjörk's color images amplified the mundane and the absurd in a quietly surreal fashion using the hard light of flash photography, which became his signature style and influenced a subsequent generation of photographers. His best-known photobook series include Office (2001), which depicts office workers in bizarre chance positions, and Home (2003), in which everyday items such as flowers or armchairs are made to reveal a quiet absurdity in Swedish suburbia. With more than 250 images, this volume constitutes the most substantial overview of his work.
Sherman TR655 .T86 2018

MärklinMODERNE : vom Bau zum Bausatz und zurück = from architecture to assembly kit and back again
Karin Berkemann, Daniel Bartetzko (Hg.)
Berlin : Jovis, ©2018
The architecture of model railway systems in the German post-war economic boom was surprisingly modern. New stood next to old, high-rises and half-timbered buildings coexisted peacefully. Still today the famous "Villa in Tessin," high-rises, gas stations, and train and administrative buildings of the post-war period connect generations throughout Germany. "märklinMODERNE" shows for the first time how enthusiastic the nostalgic model railway builders truly were for modernism. The exhibition and catalog present model assembly kits and the real buildings that inspired them, and thus bring the architecture and model construction history of the post-war period together. Exhibition: German Architecture Museum, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (18.05.-09.09.2018).
Sherman TF197 .M37 2018

Cézanne portraits
Elderfield, John, author
London : National Portrait Gallery, 2017
1. Defiant beginnings, 1862-72 -- 2. Impressionism and after, 1872-85 -- 3. Comparative portraiture, 1885-90 -- 4. The working class and the art world, 1890-1900 -- 5. Last years, 1900-6 -- Dramatis personae / Alex Danchev -- Chronology / Jayne S. Warman.

"This book, like the exhibition it accompanies, looks at the special pictorial and thematic characteristics of Cezanne's portraiture practice, including his creation of complementary pairs and multiple versions of the same subject. The chronological development of the artist's portraiture is also explored, with an examination of the changes that occurred with respect to his style and method, on the one hand, and his understanding of resemblance and identity, on the other . The extent to which particular sitters inflected the characteristics and development of his practice is also considered. Cezanne Portraits features works that mutually inform each other to reveal arguably the most personal, and therefore most human, aspect of his art, and one that has hitherto received surprisingly little attention. They range from Cezanne's earliest surviving self - portraits, dating from the 1860s, through to his final portraits of Vallier, the gardener at his house near Aix-en-Provence, made shortly before the artist's death in 1906. Exhibition curator John Elderfield contributes an illuminating introductory essay on Cezanne's portraiture, while the artist's biographer, the late Alex Danchev, provides an informative dramatis personae on the sitters featured. The catalogue texts are by John Elderfield, Mary Morton and Xavier Rey, and a chronology by Jayne Warman sets the artist's work in the context of his life."--Provided by publisher.
Sherman ND553.C33 A4 2017b

E.1027 : Roquebrune-Cap-Martin 1926-29
Gray, Eileen, 1878-1976, architect
Austin : University of Texas at Austin Center for American Architecture and Design ; [2017]
With this seventh O'Neil Ford Monograph the O'Neil Ford Chair in Architecture at The University of Texas at Austin is finally placing a key example of modern architecture to its rightful position in history. This volume includes essays, reproductions of archival material belonging to the Eileen Gray Archive of the National Museum of Ireland and the Eileen Gray Archive of the Victoria & Albert Museum, some published for the first time, photographs and numerous scale drawings of reconstructed designs of items in E.1027. The compact white elongated vacation residence cryptically called E.1027 is perched on the rocky coast of the Côte d'Azur. To this day, it draws the views of passers-by along the Moyenne Corniche, the narrow and winding coastal road along the Mediterranean Sea. The Anglo-Irish designer Eileen Gray (1878-1976) bought the site, paid for the construction and, as her first foray into architecture, designed it with assistance of her close friend at the time, Jean Badovici, to whom Gray gave the site, building and contents. E.1027 was a manifesto, the kernel of Gray's subsequent social and architectural projects for vacation and cultural centers. For Gray E.1027 was an experiment with entirely new concepts of both compact and expansive spatial relations, and not simply the more well-known aspects of furniture design such as the legendary eponymous circular adjustable occasional table.
Sherman NA1053.G73 A65 2017

The process of making : five parameters to shape buildings
Kuwayama, Maki, author
Basel : Birkhäuser, [2019]
Sherman NA2750 .K89 2019

Dan Colen : mailorder mother purgatory
Colen, Dan, artist
New York, NY : Lévy Gorvy, [2018]
This fully illustrated volume features the three bodies of work included in Lévy Gorvy?s first exhibition with Dan Colen, 'Mailorder Mother Purgatory'. The volume includes a comprehensive essay by Andrianna Campbell that places Colen within the historical tradition of painting, and an interview with Colen and Jeff Koons, moderated and edited by Douglas Fogle.00Exhibition: Lévy Gorvy Gallery, New York, USA (02.05-12.06.2018).
Sherman Oversize ND237.C6583 A4 2018

Rabih Hage : quiet architecture
Bradbury, Dominic, author
London, UK : Lund Humphries, 2018
Rabih Hage defines his work in terms of a 'quiet architecture', a philosophy which focuses upon the creative re-use and adaptation of existing buildings, recognising the importance of both sustainability and character within this ethos. His thoughtful and considered approach has brought a wide range of period houses and structures into the 21st Century and carefully adapted them for modern living, as well as drawing deeply on the surrounding context for new build projects. The homes and spaces that Hage and his design team create, whether in town or country, are defined by luxurious finishes, materiality and amenities. Hage draws on a rich range of architectural influences, from classicism to modernism, drawing out the individuality and personality of each and every space.
Sherman NA997.H24 B63 2018

Routledge research companion to landscape architecture
edited by Ellen Braae and Henriette Steiner
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2019
Culture, nature : a punkt in space -- Renaissance gardens : topicality and the scene of nature -- The birth of landscape from the spirit of theory : Alexander von Humboldt's artistic and scientific American travel journals -- Historicizing the view from below : aerial photography and the emergence of a social conception of space -- Beyond innocence : the norms and forms of colonial urban landscapes -- Scenes from an anthropocenic archive -- Transareal excursions into landscape of fragility and endurance : a contemporary interpretation of Alexander von Humboldt's mobile science -- Smart nature? Views from the cyborg tree -- "Cloudism" : towards a new culture of making landscapes -- The Marnas digital archive : exploring practice, theory, and place in space and time -- The vertical and the horizontal : combining ethnographic an geographic methods in understanding landscape -- Toward a somatology of landscape : anthropological multinaturalism and the natural world -- Designing landscapes of entanglement -- Enlarging the urban orchestra : re-thinking current approaches to landscape architecture -- City, nature, infrastructure : a brief lexicon -- Urgent interventions needed at the territorial scale-now more than ever -- Landscape architecture and social sustainability in an age of uncertainty : the need for an ethical debate -- Coupling environmental and sociocultural sustainability for better design : a case study of emirati neighbourhoods and landscape -- Planning with heritage : a critical debate across landscape architecture practice and heritage theory -- The case to save socialist space : Soviet residential landscapes under threat of extinction -- Imaginaries in landscape architecture -- Whose city is it? Public space as agent of change in marginalized settlements in Buenos Aires -- Khôrographos : space-scripting -- Towards new research methodologies in design : shifting inquiry away from the unequivocal towards the ambiguous -- Conversation on education.

"The Routledge Research Companion to Landscape Architecture considers landscape architecture's increasingly important cultural, aesthetic and ecological role today. The volume reflects topical concerns in theoretical, historical, philosophical and practice-related research in landscape architecture - research that reflects our relationship with what has traditionally been called 'nature'. It does so at a time when questions about the use of global resources and understanding the links between human and non-human worlds are more crucial than ever. The twenty-five chapters of this edited collection bring together significant positions in current landscape architecture research under five broad themes - History, Sites and Heritage, City and Nature, Ethics and Sustainability, Knowledge and Practice - supplemented with a discussion of landscape architecture education. Prominent contributors from landscape architecture and adjacent fields including Tom Avermaete, Jane Wolff, Gareth Doherty, Matthew Gandy, Christophe Girot, Ottmar Ette and Anne Whiston Spirn, as well as up-and-coming researchers, seek to widen, fuel and frame critical discussion in this growing area. They do so by investigating recurrent motifs as well as slippages and ruptures in the historical development of landscape architecture and by paying particular attention to current concerns. A significant contribution to landscape architecture research, this book will be beneficial not only to students and academics in landscape architecture, but also to scholars in related fields such as history, architecture and social studies"--
Sherman SB472 .R685 2019

The Security Council Chamber
editor, Jørn Holme ; contributors, Michael Adlerstein and ten others ; photos by Ivan Brodey
Oslo, Norway : Forlaget Press, 2018
The Security Council Chamber at the UN headquarters in New York is a symbolic meeting point for the international community. It is also a telling expression of its era - a testament to the seriousness and optimism of the years immediately following the Second World War. Few people, however, know that this celebrated meeting space was created entirely by Norwegian artists and designers. This book tells, for the first time, the entire history of the twentieth century's most remarkable rooms. Exhibition: The National Museum - Architecture, The Vault, Oslo, Norway (15.06. - 23.09.2018).
Sherman NA4184 .S43 2018

Julian Abele : architect and the beaux arts
Wilson, Dreck Spurlock, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2019
Sherman NA737.A24 W55 2019

Zollverein : World Heritage Site and future workshop
edited by Hermann Marth for Stiftung Zollverein ; editing and texts, Anna Thelen ; translation, Inez Templeton
Berlin : Jovis, [2018]
"Since the instigation of the International Building Exhibition (IBA) Emscher Park (1989-1999), the Ruhr area has been a pioneer for the transformation of large industrial areas. The beacon for this process is the disused coal mine and cokery Zollverein in Essen, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001. The most significant industrial monument in Germany is now a tourist attraction, an economic hub, and at the same time an educational campus. This success is based on continuous urban planning that brings together listed existing structures and new ideas. The specially developed master plan by Rem Koolhaas (OMA) and the principle of 'preservation through reutilization' form the basis for all construction activities on the site. The developments of the last thirty years on the UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein are an answer to the question of how heritage protection can be aligned with the diverging aims of urban development, the creative industry, and architecture. This volume presents the individual projects that will be largely realized by 2018, and documents through text and images the successful metamorphosis of the former industrial site into an international best practice model for handling industrial heritage"--Publisher's website.
Sherman Oversize NA6403.G3 Z6513 2018

Spomenik monument database
Niebyl, Donald, author
London : FUEL Publishing 2018
Spomenik - the Serbo-Croat/Slovenian word for monument - refers to the memorials built in Tito's Republic of Yugoslavia from the 1960s to the 1980s, marking the horror of the occupation and the defeat of Axis forces during World War II. Hundreds were built across the country, from coastal resorts to remote mountains. Through these imaginative forms of concrete and steel, a classless, forward-looking socialist society, free of ethnic tensions, was envisaged. Instead of looking to the ideologically aligned Soviet Union for artistic inspiration, Tito turned to the West and works of abstract expressionism and minimalism. This allowed Yugoslavia to develop its own distinct identity through the monuments, turning them into political tools, articulating Tito's personal vision of a new tomorrow. Today, following the breakup of the country and the subsequent Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s, some have been destroyed or abandoned. Many have suffered the consequences of ethnic tensions: once viewed as symbols of hope, they are now the focus of resentment and anger. This book brings together the largest collection of spomeniks published to date. Each has been extensively photographed and researched by the author, making this book the most comprehensive survey of this obscure and fascinating architectural phenomenon. The inside of the book's dust jacket opens out as a map, giving the exact geographic coordinates for each monument.
Sherman NB1641.Y8 N54 2018

Taten des Lichts : Mack & Goethe
Herausgeber, Barbara Steingießer ; Übersetzungen, Daniel Kletke and four others
Berlin : Hatje Cantz, [2018]
"Colors are the deeds ... of light." This quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Theory of Colors supplies the title for a special, large exhibition at the Goethe Museum in Dusseldorf, as well as for the companion catalogue. The show juxtaposes Goethe's (1749-1832) world of ideas and the work by the Light artist and co-founder of the ZERO group Heinz Mack (*1931, Lollar, Germany). Yet, what is it that connects the classical author to the avant-garde artist? Surprising parallels emerge, manifesting in the universality of the two artists' interests and their orientation toward the future. Mack's enthusiasm for the structures of organic and inorganic life encounters Goethe's ideas on morphology, the theory of the formation and transmutation of organic bodies. And paintings inspired by the Far East are affirmed by Goethe's insight, "The Orient and the Occident can no longer be separated." Never-before- exhibited works by Mack meet rare Goethe exponents from the Dusseldorf museum, as well as loans from Weimar, Dresden, and Vienna. Exhibition: Goethe-Museum Düsseldorf / Anton-und-Katharina-Kippenberg-Stiftung, Düsseldorf, Germany (04.03. - 27.05.2018).
Sherman Oversize N6888.M3 A4 2018

Moholy's edit : the avant-garde at sea, August 1933
Blencowe, Chris, author
Zurich, Switzerland : Lars Müller Publishers, [2019]
The 4th International Congress of Modern Architecture (CIAM), 1933 was held onboard the boat, Patris II, for four days at sea and in Athens. The artist and attendee László Moholy-Nagy prepared a visual documentary of the Congress. This book is built around Mohol-Nagy's documentary.
Sherman NA9010 .B64 2019

Death of the artist : art world dissidents and their alternative identities
McCartney, Nicola, author
London : I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd., 2018
Sherman N6490 .M33 2018

Undergraduate research in art : a guide for students
Judge, Vaughan, author
New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2019
Overview -- Literature reviews -- Choosing topics and appropriate research questions -- Working with human subjects -- Collecting data -- Analyzing and synthesizing data -- Citing sources -- Dissemination of results -- Studio art and related topics -- Art to market: entrepreneurship -- Interdisciplinary ideas: the path less taken -- The discovery of knowledge in art history -- Art theory -- Art education -- Art and technology -- Art therapy -- Culture and popular art -- Philosophy of art -- Online resources
Sherman N345 .J83 2019

Mazzocca, Fernando, author
Firenze : Giunti, [2018]
Sherman ND192.R6 M39 2018

Solvent form : art and destruction
Pappas-Kelley, Jared, author
Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2019
This book is about the destruction of art, both in terms of objects that have been destroyed - lost in fires, floods or vandalism - and the general concept of art operating through object and form. Through re-examinations of such events as the Momart warehouse fire in 2004 and the activities of art thief Stephane Breitwieser, the book proposes an idea of solvent form hinging on the dual meaning in the words solvent and solvency, whereby art, while attempting to make secure or fixed, simultaneously undoes and destroys through its inception. Ultimately, the book questions what is it that may be perceived in the destruction of art and how we understand it, and further how it might be linked to a more general failure.
Sherman N8557 .P36 2019

Leonardo da Vinci : under the skin
Farthing, Stephen, 1950- author
London : Royal Academy of Arts, [2019]
Sherman NC257.L4 F36 2019

I divi degli anni venti
Abbe, James Edward, 1883-1973
Milano : Editphoto, ©1977
Sherman TR681.F3 A2

Silver and glass : Cornelia Parker and photography
Parker, Cornelia, 1956- author, artist
London, UK : Hayward Gallery Publishing, [2018]
Silver and Glass' is the first publication to explore the influence of photography in the art of popular British artist Cornelia Parker. This book is illustrated with over 50 works from across Parker's career: from photo-micrographs exposing in minute detail the possessions of iconic figures such as Einstein and Freud, through witty polaroids and phone photographs, to large-scale sculptures that play with light and shadow, positive and negative space. Connections between these works are explored by Parker and celebrated historian of photography David Campany in an insightful interview. Also included are prints inspired by nineteenth-century photographic pioneer William Henry Fox Talbot, created when Parker combined two of his early techniques - solar prints and the photogravure - to create a new hybrid form by exposing translucent three-dimensional objects to ultraviolet light.
Sherman N6797.P278 A4 2018

Rina Banerjee : make me a summary of the world
edited by Jodi Throckmorton ; with contributions by Allie Biswas, Lauren Schell Dickens, Rachel Kent, Laurel V. McLaughlin
[Philadelphia, Pennsylvania] : Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts ; 2018
Amid a turn toward nativist politics in the United States, the work of Indian-born, New York-based artist Rina Banerjee (born 1963) seems particularly relevant, reflecting as it does the splintered experience of identity, tradition and culture prevalent in diasporic communities. Banerjee's fanciful sculptures are made from materials sourced throughout the world--in a single work one can find African tribal jewelry, feathers, light bulbs, Murano glass and South Asian antiques. Make Me a Summary of the World, the first in-depth examination of the artist's work, uses a selection of Banerjee's large-scale installations along with her sculptures and paintings to consider the artist's place in both American and global frameworks.
Sherman N7310.B354 A4 2018

Nalini Malani : the rebellion of the dead = la rivolta dei morti : retrospettiva 1969-2018
curator, Marcella Beccaria
Berlin, Germany : Hatje Cantz Verlag, [2018]
In a unique collaborative retrospective, the museums Castello di Rivoli and Centre Pompidou have featured the transnational two-part exhibition 'Nalini Malani: The Rebellion of the Dead, Retrospective 1969-2018'. The catalogue of Part II contains three new articles, the descriptions of each of the artworks, an extensive and richly illustrated exhibition list, bibliography and biography, compiled in collaboration with the archive of the artist. Together catalogue of Part I and Part II form a seminal document on Nalini Malani as the pioneering politically engaged artist in film, photography, video art and performance, between the modern and contemporary art of India along with her positioning as a globally respected senior female artist with her own language which excels in her widely known video/shadow plays.
Sherman N7310.M36 A4 2018

L'Empire des roses : chefs-d'œuvre de l'art persan du XIXe siècle
sous la direction de Gwenaëlle Fellinger ; avec la collaboration de Carol Guillaume
Gand : Snoeck ; [2018]
Sherman N7284 .E47 2018

Rubens : painter of sketches
Friso Lammertse, Alejandro Vergara ; exhibition curators, Friso Lammertse, Alejandro Vergara
Madrid, Spain : Museo Nacional del Prado ; 2018
Of the nearly 500 oil sketches executed by Rubens over the course of his career, this exhibition includes 73 loaned from leading institutions world-wide, including the Louvre, the Hermitage, the National Gallery and the Metropolitan Museum, and also from the collections of the Prado and the Boijmans (which have two of the largest holdings of this type). On display for four months in Room C of the Jerónimos Building, the sketches are shown alongside a number of prints, drawings and paintings by Rubens which provide a context for them, bringing the total number of works on display to 93.00Exhibition: Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid, Spain (10.04.-05.08.2018) / Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Netherlands (08.09.2018-13.01.2019).
Sherman ND673.R89 A4 2018

Cabin fever
editors: Jennifer M. Volland, Bruce Grenville and Stephanie Rebick
Vancouver, BC : Vancouver Art Gallery : [2018]
"Cabin Fever traces the tradition of the cabin in Canada and the United States--from the settlement of the frontier to the contemporary depictions feverishly circulated across the Internet--showing how this humble architectural form has been appropriated for its symbolic value and helped shape a larger cultural identity. The exhibition title is borrowed from the idiomatic expression for an anxious state of mind resulting from a prolonged stay in a remote or confined place. But it also plays upon the more consumer-driven definition of "fever:" a contagious, usually transient, fascination with an object of desire. Cabin Fever will offer a historical and cultural survey of the cabin in North America, an acknowledgement of the pervasive influence of this typology. Not only has the cabin survived in various forms and iterations, but it also has resonated deeply in our cultural psyche."--
Sherman NA8470 .C35 2018

Paintings Katherine Bradford
edited by Dan Nadel
New York : Canada, [2018]
"New York-based painter Katherine Bradford (born 1942) creates color-drenched scenes of swimming, water and gatherings of men and women, exploring how we see ourselves in relationship to each other with images that seem to generate their own milky and dreamlike light. Bradford spends months and sometimes years building up the surfaces of her paintings, slowly changing the paintings through repeated application of thinned-out acrylic paint. This book, her first monograph, collects her best paintings from 2015 to the present, alongside essays by Karen Wilkin, who explores Bradford's relationship to the history of American painting; Arthur Bradford, the painter's son, who contributes a memoir of his mother's coming of age, relatively late in life, as a painter; and Dan Nadel, who discusses the evolution of Bradford's current mode of painting and her relationship to her younger contemporaries at Canada gallery."
Sherman ND237.B783 A4 2018

John Latham : skoob works
Latham, John, 1921-2006, artist
[New York?] : Lisson Gallery, 2018
Books, rebooted / Pavel Pyś -- My conceptual grandfather / Laure Prouvost -- Chronology.
Sherman N6797.L36 A4 2018

Mary Chomenko Hinckley : material evolution
Hinckley, Mary Chomenko, artist
Seattle : Lucia/Marquand, [2018]
Portland-based artist Mary Chomenko Hinckley (born 1951) creates works in bronze, resin, glass, paint and paper that explore the intersection of the natural world and urban life. This monograph spans 40 years of Hinckley?s career, presenting over 150 of her three-dimensional animals and geometric works on paper.
Sherman N6537.H56365 A4 2018

A series of utterly improbable, yet extraordinary renditions
Jafa, Arthur, artist
London : Serpentine Galleries : [2018]
Sherman Oversize N6537.J3236 A4 2018

Restricted images : made with the Warlpiri of Central Australia
Waterhouse, Patrick
London : Self Publish, Be Happy, SPBH Editions, 2018
Restricted Images is a collection of artworks made at the Warlukurlangu art centre, NT Australia, with local Warlpiri artists. In institutions across Australia and Europe, archives encompassing thousands of colonial-era anthropological artefacts are now largely inaccessible, and images are often restricted to avoid showing pictures that infringe on Aboriginal cultural beliefs. With rules in place that mean only the descendants of people pictured can decide who is allowed to access them, much of the material remains unseen. Attitudes towards these images have changed since they were celebrated as a feat of anthropological photography by colonialists in the late 1800s, and now lingers an institutional uncertainty in how to approach the question of representation. In response, Waterhouse developed a collaborative venture in symbolically returning to the communities the agency over their own images. Spending several years taking pictures of them, he made prints and then returned, inviting the Warlpiri to paint the surfaces of the images and enact their own restrictions upon them using the traditional technique of dot painting. In intricate, colourful acrylic clusters they transformed the black and white depictions of themselves and their sacred sites. Restricted Images is the first instalment in a long-term project that looks to renegotiate the politics of who gets to decide what is seen and what is kept hidden, and reveals artists and a community trying to understand one other.
Sherman N7401 .W38 2018

Writings 1960-2014
Abramović, Marina, artist,
Köln, Germany : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, [2018]
Sherman N7253.A25 A35 2018

Anne Truitt : paintings
Truitt, Anne, 1921-2004, artist
New York : Matthew Marks Gallery, [2018]
This is the first book on the paintings of Anne Truitt (1921-2004). Best known for her sculptures -- wood columns painted in multiple layers of vibrant acrylic -- Truitt also spent more than two decades producing innovative large-format paintings on canvas. Featured here are 16 abstract works made between 1972 and 1993, all generously illustrated, including numerous full-page detail photographs. In an essay Michael Schreyach provides an incisive formal analysis of the works' compositional elements, particularly the tension between two and three dimensionality that characterizes not only Truitt's paintings but also her sculptures. It was through these pictorial and material qualities that she manifested the metaphysical meaning of her art -- or, as she described it, "the sharp delight of watching what has been inside one's own most intimate self materialize into visibility."Exhibition: Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, USA (14.09.-27.10.2018).
Sherman N6537.T73 A4 2018

Katja Novitskova : Ringier annual report 2017
Novitskova, Katja, 1984- artist
Zürich : Ringier AG, [2018]
Berlin-based installation artist Katja Novitskova (b. Tallinn, Estonia, 1984) is searching for areas where humans, machines, and the environment intersect. Her work focuses on issues of technology, evolutionary processes, digital imagery, and corporate aesthetics. She considers the nonhuman intelligence of animals as a model for artificial intelligence (AI). She scans our chaotic reality for meaningful patterns as if she were a biological search engine. She is not concerned with explaining the now, but with capturing the present in time capsules for the future. In this artist's book closely conceived with Berlin-based graphic design PWR Studio to be the 2017 Ringier annual report, and featuring a conversation between Katja Novitskova and Peter Hossli, she opens her on-going archive of digital images and thematic interests making clear the ways she is experimenting with images. "I need to manipulate images to be allowed to use them. I fictionalize everything. It's not fake news, but an interpretation. The images I use stand for themselves and they are a product of our time. The image itself is already an artifact that needs attention. I try to encapsulate its reality."
Sherman N7433.4.N68 K38 2018

On Kawara
Kawara, On, artist
Potomac, Maryland : Glenstone Museum, [2018]
For nearly 50 years Japanese-born artist On Kawara (29,771 days) devoted himself to a quiet practice of marking time, incrementally, via various methods and media. He is best known for a continuous series of monochromatic canvases, collectively titled Today, upon which each work's date of execution is painted in precise white script. This installation features three Date Paintings from the Today series (1966-2013) by On Kawara that together commemorate the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission in July 1969. Each large-scale canvas bears a date documenting the mission's launch (July 16, 1969), the landing of the lunar module (July 20), and man's first steps on the moon (July 21). The Moon Landing triptych is installed in a skylighted room designed in close collaboration with the artist and his estate.--Glenstone Museum website.
Sherman N7359.K38 A4 2018

Kerouac : beat painting
edited by Sandrina Bandera, Alessandro Castiglioni, Emma Zanella
Milano, Italy : Skira Editore, 2018
Sherman NC139.K476 A4 2018

Tree of Jesse iconography in Northern Europe in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
Green, Susan L. author
New York : Routledge, 2019
Introduction -- The Tree of Jesse and the Speculum humanae salvationis -- The Tree of Jesse and Saint Anne -- The Tree of Jesse, the Carmelites, and other religious orders -- The Tree of Jesse and the Schöllenbach altarpiece : a case study -- The Tree of Jesse and Antwerp carved altarpieces -- The Tree of Jesse in Northern France -- Conclusion.

This book is the first detailed investigation to focus on the late medieval use of Tree of Jesse imagery, traditionally a representation of the genealogical tree of Christ. In northern Europe, from the mid-fifteenth to the early sixteenth centuries, it could be found across a wide range of media. Yet, as this book vividly illustrates, it had evolved beyond a simple genealogy into something more complex, which could be modified to satisfy specific religious requirements. It was also able to function on a more temporal level, reflecting not only a clerical preoccupation with a sense of communal identity, but a more general interest in displaying a family's heritage, continuity and/or social status. It is this dynamic and polyvalent element that makes the subject so fascinating.
Sherman N8180 .G74 2019

The landscapes of Georges Descombes : doing almost nothing
Treib, Marc, author
[Novato, CA] : Oro Editions, [2018]
"Until now, writings about the architect/landscape architect Georges Descombes have been relatively limited, appearing primarily in publications in Switzerland and abroad as conversations, interviews, and conference proceedings; most of them have appeared only in French. However, during his forty years of practice, Descombes has developed and applied a method unique to landscape architecture, one in which an extremely broad vision, both scientifically and culturally, shapes his thinking and projects. Descombes enters each project by attempting to understand the existing conditions on site and how, using minimal means and interventions, those conditions can be modified to meet the requirements of the program and those appropriate to the natural or urban environment. To some critics it would appear that Descombes has always done too little on and to the site, and in some instances have condemned him for "doing almost nothing." Although simplicity usually demands greater concentration and study, it often yields greater rewards that result from just that restraint. Perhaps how we approach the world is more important that how we shape the world. Descombes's landscapes are instructive in this regard. In our current era, the concern for the planet as a whole, its dwindling resources, the despoiling of its air, water, and land, and an exploding population have skewed the profession's focus toward sustainability, ecology, resilience, and other related concerns. In the process, the social role played by landscape architecture has been lessened, if not forgotten, and the role of form, space, composition, and materials--that is to say the aesthetic dimension of landscape design--has become a distant concern. Descombes's practice strikes that vital balance between effective environmental performance and the ethical creation of beauty. Instead of favoring one pursuit over the other, or relying on a delimiting specialization, he works in a way that may be justifiably regarded as both/and rather than either/or - a comprehensive vision that weds nature and culture, landscape and architecture, people and milieu."--
Sherman SB470.T74 L36 2018

Steinhauer, Peter, photographer
Brooklyn, NY : powerHouse Books, 2018
Since 1993, Peter Steinhauer has documented the many facets of Asian culture, with a keen eye for architecture, urban landscape and man-made structures and environments. On his first visit to Hong Kong in 1994, Steinhauer noticed a very large structure encaged in bamboo and swathed in yellow material - standing out beneath a canopy of clouds, glowing against the monochromatic, urban skyline. Hong Kong is the final stronghold of the bamboo scaffolders who once practiced their trade at construction sites throughout Asia. 0Reproduced in this book are one hundred remarkable images that reflect Steinhauer?s fascination with these hauntingly beautiful and monumental edifices, their bamboo scaffolding draped in brightly hued swathing. The title 'Cocoons' is a natural choice for this body of work celebrating the giant wrapped, cocoon-like structures, later to be unveiled ceremoniously, revealing for the first time the brand-new façades.
Sherman TR659 .S74 2018

Moscow = Moskva
Boogie, photographer
Brooklyn, New York : powerHouse Books, 2018
Welcome to Boogie's Moscow. These are people sculpted by a brutal, concrete landscape, fighting to survive. This is a world of football hooligans, gang tattoos, boxing ... Yet this is not misery porn: There is an inherent vitality in the violence--the enduring toughness--of these images. There is dynamism, there is esprit de corps, there is strength. "Raw" is a term that is perhaps overused, but Boogie's photos truly assault the senses. But the photographer's arresting gaze is directly returned by his subjects, and an undeniable rapport and intimacy is felt by the viewer. We are witnessing something, above all, crucially human.
Sherman TR680 .B66 2018

Ravens & red lipstick : Japanese photography since 1945
Fritsch, Lena, author
London : Thames & Hudson Inc., [2018]
Introduction -- I. Post-War Trauma -- II. The Image Generation -- III. New Photographic Freedom -- IV. Girls' Photography -- V. Contemporary Japanese Photography -- Timeline: Photography in Japan -- Interviewees' Biographies -- Endnotes -- Further Reading -- Picture List -- Acknowledgments -- Index.

Ravens & Red Lipstick provides a visually bold survey of Japanese photography's recent history. Drawing together extensive research and a succession of engaging dialogues with both emerging and established photographers, Lena Fritsch traces its development chronologically from the severity of post-war Realism to the diverse ingenuity of photography in contemporary Japan, via the work of movements and groups such as Vivo in the 1960s and "Girl Power" in the '90s. Interspersed are fascinating original interviews with some of the most influential photographers of each era, from Daido Moriyama to Nobuyoshi Araki and Rinko Kawauchi. Interrogating the business, education and art-institutional backdrops to each movement, Fritsch masterfully demonstrates the centrality of these contexts to the form and reception of a cross-section of Japanese photographic works. Fritsch's great achievement is to bring observations from a range of disciplines to bear on her commentary with imagination and clarity.
Sherman TR105 .F75 2018

Terry O'Neill, rare and unseen : a portfolio of vintage prints
O'Neill, Terry, 1938- photographer
Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK : ACC Art Books Ltd, 2018
Terry O'Neill is one of the greatest living photographers today, with work displayed and exhibited at first-class museums and fine-art galleries worldwide. His iconic images of Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Brigitte Bardot, Faye Dunaway, and David Bowie - to name but a few - are instantly recognisable across the globe. Now, for the first time, O'Neill selects a range of images from his extensive archive of vintage prints, which will surprise and delight collectors and photography lovers alike. Long before the age of digital, photographers would send physical prints to the papers and magazines. These prints were passed around, handled by many, stamped on the back, and often times captioned. After use, the prints were either filed away, thrown out or - for the lucky few - sent back to the photographer or their photo agencies. At the dawn of the 1960s, when O'Neill's career began, physical prints were the norm. Terry kept as many as he could that were sent back to him. "I just kept everything," he says. "I don't know why. Back then, there wasn't really a reason to keep them. Photos were used straight away and then I just moved on to the next assignment. No one was thinking these would be worth anything down the line, let alone fifty years later."
Sherman Oversize TR681.F3 O54 2018

Victor Papanek : the politics of design
editors, Mateo Kries, Amelie Klein, Alison J. Clarke
Weil am Rhein, Germany : Vitra Design Museum ; [2018]
"Victor Papanek: The Politics of Design' offers a comprehensive overview of the work of the designer, author, and activist Victor J. Papanek. His main work, the instructive guide 'Design for the Real World' published in 1971, is as much in focus as his designs and his commitment to social minorities, the so-called Third World, and the considerate use of natural resources. This book documents countless photographs, artistic works and designs, objects, drawings, letters, and other materials, some of which are published here for the first time. Papanek's close exchange with contemporaries such as Richard Buckminster Fuller, George Nelson, and Marshall McLuhan is also examined. Contemporary work by Tomás Saraceno, Catherine Sarah Young, Gabriel Ann Maher, Thomas Thwaites, and Forensic Architecture, as well as Flui Coletivo and Questtonó, among others, rounds off the publication and demonstrates that Papanek's interpretation of design as a tool for social transformation is as relevant as ever and continues to shape debate on social design, critical design, and design thinking."
Sherman NK1412.P37 A4 2018

Artists' homes : live/work spaces for modern makers
Harford Thompson, Tom, author,
London : Thames & Hudson, 2018
Billy Childish -- Jonny Hannah -- Peter Hall -- Lisa Smallpeice -- Sarah Walton -- Viv & Ben English -- Anthony & Lori Inglis Hall -- Carolyn Trant -- Chris Lewis -- Patrick Hall -- James Mitchell -- Hamish Black -- Tom Reeves -- Hamish McKenzie -- Steve Turner -- Liam Watson -- Ian Hatton -- Penny Rimbaud & Gee Vaucher -- Alan Dodd -- Daniel -- John & Diana Morley -- Thomas & Angel Zatorski -- Steve Lowe -- Corina Fletcher -- Mark Wilson -- Robert Hayward -- Alison Morris.

In Artists' Homes, writer and photographer Tom Harford Thompson presents some thirty individual, eccentric houses and workspaces, from a music producer's studio in Hackney to an eco-warrior's treehouse on the Sussex Downs. His evocative photographs show how our live/work spaces, whether a tumbledown cottage, a country farmhouse or a reclaimed factory, are beautiful because of the lives we live in them. With work no longer separate from home life, we see how these artists function in the homes that inspire them, pursuing the life creative. Among the artists and craftspeople featured are Billy Childish, co-founder of the Stuckist art movement; Penny Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher, creative partners who set up their home and studio as an ̀anarchist-pacifist open house' (Dial House, in Essex); music producer Liam Watson of the famed London studio Toe Rag; vintage motorcycle dealer Ian Hatton, of cult shop Verrall's; vintner Peter Hall of Breaky Bottom Vineyard, one of the first wineries in the UK; and many more.
Sherman NK2115.3.A78 H374 2018

Modern spaces : a subjective atlas of 20th-century interiors
Nicolas Grospierre ; with contributions by Elias Redstone and Owen Hatherley
München : Prestel, [2018]
In 'Modern Forms', Nicolas Grospierre traveled the globe to sample the best modernist buildings from the 20th century. Now, he takes his camera indoors to show how modernist ideas are manifested within the walls of buildings both famous and obscure. Rather than a chronological or geographical tour, these photographs are organized in a visual flow, that allows readers to appreciate similar characteristics in interiors that would normally never be grouped together. Shot in the same distinctive and striking manner as his previous book, these images reveal the forms that define modernism. Built with forward-looking, Utopian ideals, decades later, they exist in a startling range of conditions, from dazzling to downtrodden. Through the visual flow of the book, readers can make connections between a private residence in Sri Lanka, a stairway at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brasilia, a cinema in Bangkok, a bus station waiting room in Odessa, and the vaults of a bank on Wall Street, New York. Responding to our desires to categorize and catalog, this photographic journey crosses spatial and cultural borders to tell the story of modern architecture.
Sherman NA680 .M63 2018

Gordon Parks : the new tide, early work, 1940-1950
Brookman, Philip, author,
Washington, District of Columbia : National Gallery of Art ; 2018
Focusing on new research and access to forgotten pictures, "The New Tide, Early Work 1940-1950" documents the importance of these years in shaping Gordon Parks' passionate vision. The book brings together photographs and publications made during the first and most formative decade of his 65-year career. During the 1940s Parks' photographic ambitions grew to express a profound understanding of his social, cultural and political experiences. From the first photographs he published in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and his relationship to the Chicago Black Renaissance, to his mentorship with Roy Stryker and his breakthrough work for America's influential picture magazines - including "Ebony" and "Life" - this book traces Parks' rapid evolution from an accomplished, self-taught practitioner to a groundbreaking artistic and journalistic voice.
Sherman TR647 .P37 2018

The 8 brokens : Chinese bapo painting
Berliner, Nancy, author
Boston : MFA Publications, [2018]
Developed during the mid-19th century in China, the bapo (or "eight brokens") painting genre combines ingeniously realistic depictions of antique documents, such as calligraphies, rubbings, paintings and pages from old books, sometimes alongside everyday contemporary ephemera, including advertisements, receipts and postmarked envelopes. The resulting, seemingly haphazard, overlapping compositions contain coded reflections on the decay of cultural traditions, or wishes for the recipient's good fortune. Widespread in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, bapo was never popular with the upper echelons of the Chinese art world, and as a result was never recorded in art-history texts or mentioned by cultural critics. It became a lost branch of Chinese art, almost completely forgotten for the past 60 years.0This book explores the origins of bapo in Chinese visual culture and traces how it blossomed into an intriguing and inventive tradition in the hands of many artists.
Sherman ND1044.5.B37 B47 2018

Catrina : Orden del Císter, A.C
edición y dirección de arte, Daniel Drack
Ciudad de México : Gráfica Humana, 2017
Orden del Císter, A.C. / Daniel Drack -- Catrina / Marina Ayala.

"These are the Catrinas of the 21st century, heirs of the tzompantli, of Mictlantecuhtli, of 300 years of Colonia, of Posada and Rivera, they are all of us, the mestizos catrinos: Christian Chavero" (HKB Translation) --Verso cover. Collective photographic exhibition with contemporary visions of the character created by master engraver José Guadalupe Posada, created by members of the group Orden del Císter / Gráfica Humana (Edgar Neri, Daniel Drack, Fernando Lavin, Olivia Heredia, Angel Hernández, Ilayadid Durán, Iván Gómez, and others). The initial venue of the exhibition was the Brukenthal National Museum, in Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania in October 2014 and was subsequently exhibited in Spain and Japan. In Mexico it has been exhibited in Mexico City, in the State of Mexico, Veracruz and Sonora.
Sherman TR681.W6 C38 2017

Magic realism : art in Weimar Germany 1919-33
Gale, Matthew, author
London : Tate Publishing, 2018
Magic realism: art in Weimar Germany 1919-33 -- Introduction: 'The interior figure of the exterior world' -- The circus: 'abnormal situations' -- From the street to the studio: 'looking for adventure' -- Faith and magic: 'a higher degree of reality' -- Coda: 'from the visible to the invisible'.

This publication draws upon the German and Austrian paintings of the George Economou Collection to explore the vibrant art of magic realism. The term is today comonly associated with the twentieth-century literature of Latin America, but it was first coined (alongside the phrase ̀post- expressionism') by the German artist and critic Franz Roh in 1926, to describe a shift from the spiritual and anxious art of the Expressionist era, towards something more directly located in actuality. Magic realism can be seen as parallel to, and overlapping with, Neue Sachlichkeit (or ̀new objectivity'), a movement associated with the likes of Otto Dix, George Grosz and Christian Schad. As the term implies, the movement encompassed aspects of the visionary beyond the objective. Beyond the studios of those painters ̀returning' to realism, lay connections with a dispassionate photographic style as well as realism and satire in literature and theatre, cabaret and cinema.0The Weimar era was a period not only of staggering financial instability, but also of extraordinary artistic creativity. Extreme political and economic conditions seemingly firing imaginative production in the context of mass protests and the rise of popular, public entertainments.00Exhibition: Tate Modern, London, UK (June 2018-June 2019).
Sherman N6494.M3 G35 2018

Elmgreen & Dragset : this is how we bite our tongue
Elmgreen, Michael, 1961- artist
[London] : Whitechapel Gallery, 2018
Working together since 1995, artist duo Michael Elmgreen (b. 1961, Denmark) and Ingar Dragset (b. 1969, Norway) produce beguiling spatial scenarios that explore social and sexual politics and unveil the power structures embedded in the everyday designs that surround us. In their uncanny installations, institutional spaces are transformed into metaphors for individual desires and collective identities with subversive wit and tongue-in-cheek melancholy. Exhibition: Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, UK (27.09.2018 - 13.01.2019).
Sherman N7023.E46 A4 2018

The Renaissance nude
edited by Thomas Kren with Jill Burke and Stephen J. Campbell ; assisted by Andrea Herrera and Thomas DePasquale
Los Angeles : J. Paul Getty Museum, [2018]
"An examination of the development of the nude as an artistic motif in the visual culture of Renaissance Europe, 1400-1530"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman N7572 .R46 2018

Vernacular modernism : the photography of Doris Ulmann
Sarah Kate Gillespie
Athens, Georgia : Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia, [2018]
Foreword / William Underwood Eiland -- Early years -- In the studio and out -- African Americans and "Roll, Jordan, roll" -- The Southern highlands -- Checklist of the exhibition.

"This catalogue accompanies the first complete retrospective of the work of photographer Doris Ulmann, including her early Pictorialist photographs, her studio portrait production, her focus on the rural craftsmen and women of Appalachia, and her work on the African American and Gullah communities of coastal South Carolina and Georgia"
Sherman TR645.A842 G4488 2018

Grayson Perry : vanité, identité, sexualité = vanity, identity, sexuality
Perry, Grayson, 1960- artist
Paris : LienArt éditions, [2018]
Cet ouvrage est publié à l'occasion de l'exposition présentée à la Monnaie de Paris du 19 octobre 2018 au 3 février 2019. Au croisement entre art et artisanat, les œuvres en céramique ou en bronze de l'artiste britannique Grayson Perry et ses grandes tapisseries sont autant de commentaires ironiques et grinçants sur des questions universelles, telles que l'identité, le genre, la classe, la religion et la sexualité. Parfois sous l'aspect de son alter ego féminin Claire, Grayson Perry explore les goûts, les traditions, les rituels d'aujourd'hui avec une approche d'anthropologue, à la fois profonde et amusante. Artiste lauréat du Turner Prize en 2003, Perry se fait connaître avec son œuvre en céramique commencée dans les années 1980, alors que ce matériau était très peu considéré par le monde de l'art contemporain. Les formes de ses vases, souvent inspirés par la tradition vernaculaire anglaise, sont associées à un contenu subversif?: une imagerie explicitement sexuelle, des icones punk et pop, des couleurs vives. Perry est depuis toujours fasciné par tout ce qui est anti-institutionnel et considéré comme 'outsider'?
Sherman NK4210.P459 A4 2018

Impermanencia : la mutación del arte en una sociedad materialista = Impermanence : the mutation of art in a materialistic society
curaduría, Dan Cameron ; edición, Cristóbal Zapata
Cuenca, Ecuador : Fundación Municipal Bienal de Cuenca, febrero 2017
Arte no se detiene = Art doesn't stop / Marcelo Cabrera Palacios -- La ciudad transfigurada = The transfigured city / Cristóbal Zapata -- Impermanencia: la mutación del arte en una sociedad materialista = Impermanence: the mutation of art in a materialistic society / Dan Cameron -- In situ. Arte en el espacio público = In situ. Art in public space / Andrés Duprat y Ricardo Visentini -- El tiempo es mas fuerte (Programa educativo) = Time is not stronger (Educational program) / Cristián G. Gallegos -- La erudición como pérdida de tiempo = Erudition as a waste of time / Luis Camnitzer -- Artistas XIII Bienal = Artists XIII Bienal -- Circuito Centro Histórico = Historial Center Circuit -- Circuito Rio Tomebamba = Rio Tomebamba Circuit -- Exposiciones paralelas = Parallel exhibitions -- Veredicto del Jurado = Jury's veredict -- Lista de obras = List of works.
Sherman N6502.6 .B545 2017

Creative ecologies : theorizing the practice of architecture
Frichot, Hélène, author
London, UK ; Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2019
Prologue : Story one: Maria Reiche - surveying -- Introduction: ecologies of creative practice. Part 1 Environment-worlds : Environments -- Ecologies. Part 2 Things : Object oriented -- Thing-power. Part 3 Thinkables : Noology -- Concept tools. Conclusion: exhaustion and its after-affects. Bibliography -- Index.

Architect and philosopher Helene Frichot examines how the discipline of architecture is theorized and practiced at the periphery. Eschewing a conventionally direct approach to architectural objects - to iconic buildings and big-name architects - she instead explores the background of architectural practice, to introduce the creative ecologies in which architecture exists only in relation to other objects and ideas. Consisting of a series of philosophical encounters with architectural practice that are neither neatly located in one domain nor the other, this book is concerned with ̀other ways of doing architecture'. It examines architecture at the limits where it is muddied by alternative disciplinary influences - whether art practice, philosophy or literature. Frichot meets a range of creative characters who work at the peripheries, and who challenge the central assumptions of the discipline, showing that there is no ̀core of architecture' - there is rather architecture as a multiplicity of diverse concerns in engagement with local environments and worlds. From an author well-known in the disciplines of architecture and philosophy for her scholarship on Deleuze, this is a radical, accessible, and highly-original approach to design research, deftly engaging with an array of current topics from the Anthropocene to affect theory, new materialism contemporary feminism.
Sherman NA2500 .F7375 2019

Santiago Calatrava : drawing, building, reflecting
Calatrava, Santiago, 1951- architect
New York : Thames & Hudson, 2018
Sherman NA1313.C3 A2 2018

Gion A. Caminada : on the path to building : a conversation about architecure with Florian Aicher
Caminada, Gion A., 1957-
Basel : Birkhäuser, ©2018
Introduction / Francois Burkhardt -- Caminada's paths / Petra Steiner -- Cons -- Workshop -- Knitted construction -- Beyond the limits -- Production conditions.

Caminada is known far beyond the boundaries of Switzerland as an architect who has initiated the design and construction of the award-winning renewal of his home community Vrin in Grisons, and as Professor of Architecture and Design at ETH Zurich. At Valendas, which once was a thriving village but recently suffered from rural exodus, he revitalized - commissioned by a community trust - a country inn, the community hall, and the village square, and has thereby helped to avert the impending death of the village. In this illustrated interview volume he tells the story of new life in old villages, and how his concepts function in cooperation with committed citizens. The book introduces the subject of village renewal, and can be used as a blueprint for other projects.
Sherman NA1353.C36 A35 2018

FRONT International : Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art : an American city : eleven cultural exercises
editor: Michelle Grabner
Cleveland, Ohio : FRONT Exhibition Company, [2018]
Volume 1. An American city : eleven cultural exercises -- volume 2. An American city.
Sherman N6496.C53 F76 2018

FRONT International : Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art : an American city : eleven cultural exercises
editor: Michelle Grabner
Cleveland, Ohio : FRONT Exhibition Company, [2018]
Volume 1. An American city : eleven cultural exercises -- volume 2. An American city.
Sherman N6496.C53 F76 2018

James Siena : painting : January 11-February 9, 2019
Siena, James, artist
New York : PACE, [2018]
Sherman ND237.S5425 A4 2018

Modern to classic. Volume II : residential estates by Landry Design Group
foreword by Paul Goldberger ; introduction by Richard Landry ; text by Erika Heet ; primary photography by Erhard Pfeiffer
Novato : ORO Editions, [2018]
Sherman NA7125 .M63 2018

Jean-Michel Wilmotte
Philip Jodidio, (ed)
Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia : The Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd, 2018
Jean-Michel Wilmotte and his collaborators are leading more than 100 projects in 27 different countries, from the biggest to the smallest, from the most spectacular to the most ordinary, with the same fervour from the initial sketch to completion. This practice has recently completed the Russian Orthodox Spiritual and Cultural Center in Paris (France), the headquarters of L Oreal Group in Clichy (France), the headquarters of Unilever group in Rueil-Malmaison (France), the Center for Arts of the International School of Geneva (Switzerland), the Allees Richaud & Allees Foch high-end residential buildings in Versailles (France), the Cultural Center of Daejeon (South Korea), the 36,200-seat Allianz Riviera Stadium in Nice (France), the London headquarters of Google and JCDecaux (United Kingdom), the Ferrari Sporting Management Center (Formula 1) in Maranello (Italy), a Convention and Exhibition Center in Sao Paulo (Brazil), and an ecological park in Baku (Azerbaijan) for the 2015 European Games. In these projects, which are both innovative and sustainable, the design always takes into account landscaping, lighting, materials, and finishes, while being respectful of the local and historic context of the site.
Sherman NA1053.W56 A4 2018

Vincent van Duysen : works 1989-2009
Duysen, Vincent van, 1962- architect
New York, NY : Thames & Hudson, 2018
For over three decades, Belgian architect Vincent van Duysen has created a body of work that is at once sublime and rich, minimal yet tactile. This monograph presents his complete work from 1989 to 2009, including his domestic architecture, office and commercial spaces, as well as furniture and decorative objects for such leading international manufacturers as B&B Italia, Poliform and Swarovski.
Sherman NA1173.D89 A4 2018

Mid-century modern : icons of design
Ambler, Frances, author
London : Thames & Hudson, 2018
The mid-20th century was one of the most popular, collectable and dynamic periods of international design. Drawing on the inventive style of the era, this range of gift products features exclusive illustrations of iconic mid-century designs, from Eames chairs to Poul Henningsen lamps and George Nelson clocks, all rendered in a distinctive graphic style. Featuring over ninety pieces by sixty designers and design duos, Mid-Century Modern: Icons of Design is arranged chronologically, and includes chairs, tables, storage, lighting, and product and industrial design. Each spread includes a graphic depiction of the piece and a concise text. The models, materials and designers index offers easy reference through the book.
Sherman NK1390 .A45 2018

Dal simbolismo all'astrazione : il primo Novecento a Roma nella collezione Jacorossi
a cura di Enrico Crispolti ; in collaborazione con Giulia Tulino
Roma : De Luca editori d'arte, [2017]
Sherman N6920 .D345 2017

The book of the horse : horses in art
Hyland, Angus, author
London, United Kingdom : Laurence King Publishing Ltd, 2018
Horses have been the inspiration for hundreds of works of art over the centuries. This book celebrates the horse in all its glory, from its role as working animal in war and sport, to beloved pet. The horse's beauty and majesty is caught by artists as diverse as Stubbs, Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, Magritte, Frink, and Freud. 'The Book of the Horse' is a cool and quirky collection of equine art and illustration by artists from around the world. Interspersed through the illustrations are short texts about the artists and their subjects. Beautifully designed and packaged, the book will appeal to horse lovers of all ages.
Sherman N7668.H6 H953 2018

The artists who will change the world
Kholeif, Omar, author
New York : Thames & Hudson, 2018
With the birth of contemporary museum culture and the advent of digital technologies, the 21st century has brought a whole new means by which to access art and its histories. How do we re-map the realm of contemporary art in light of a more inclusive awareness, taking into account the unprecedented global movements of artists today and representing the divergent histories of geographies that were once peripheral? 'The Artists Who Will Change the World' is a new global map of art that points to the future. Unlike a traditional atlas, its cartography illustrates a world of international artists who may not yet be household names, but who will undoubtedly shape the art of tomorrow. Omar Kholeif provides an introductory field guide to what some of the most urgent contemporary artists are doing worldwide. These are artists whose work engages with the aesthetics of technology and the issues of tomorrow; artists who are developing concepts rarely tested before, or who are engaging with politics in new ways. The book is a journey of discovery that will influence generations of artists and art lovers to come.
Sherman N6496.8 .K46 2018

Carmine Ciccarini : l'uomo metropolitano = the metropolitan man
Ciccarini, Carmine, 1956- artist
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2017]
Sherman ND623.C5863 A4 2017

Giacinto Cerone : una nota che non c'è
Cerone, Giacinto, 1957- artist
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2017]
Sherman NB623.C47 A4 2017

Kay Sage : catalogue raisonné
Stephen Robeson Miller ; edited by Jessie Sentivan, with an essay by Mary Ann Caws
Munich ; DelMonico Books/Prestel, 2018
"The catalogue raisonné covers Sage's mature style of work from 1934 to 1961. Separated into four sections, the book features over 230 entries with full-page, color reproductions throughout: 138 paintings, 22 collages, 51 works on paper, and 23 constructions. A number of works are presented for the first time. Also included is a small group of Sage's rarely seen, earlier academic work produced in Italy. A poetic and thoughtful essay by Mary Ann Caws delves into the Sage's life, bringing to light new insight into the artist's very personal practice. A chronology by Sage scholar Stephen Robeson Miller provides new research and documentation. Both are fully illustrated"--
Sherman N6537.S24 A4 2018

The scientist and the forger : probing a turbulent art world
Ragai, Jehane, author
London ; World Scientific Publishing Europe Ltd., [2018]
Sherman ND1660 .R34 2018

Jewelry : the body transformed
edited by Melanie Holcomb ; with contributions by Kim Benzel, Soyoung Lee, Diana Craig Patch, Joanne Pillsbury, and Beth Carver Wees
New York : Metropolitan Museum of Art, [2018]
The adorned body -- The divine body -- The regal body -- The transcendent body -- The alluring body -- The resplendent body.

As an art form, jewelry is defined primarily through its connection to and interaction with the body--extending it, amplifying it, accentuating it, distorting it, concealing it, or transforming it. But how is the meaning of jewelry bound to the body that wears it? Establishing six different modes of ornamenting the body--Deconstructed, Divine, Regal, Idealized, Alluring, and Resplendent--this artfully designed book illustrates how these various definitions of the body give meaning to the jewelry that adorns it. More than 200 examples of exceptional jewelry and ornaments, created across the globe from antiquity to the present, are shown alongside paintings and sculptures of bejeweled bodies to demonstrate the social, political, and aesthetic role of jewelry. From earflares of warrior heroes in Pre-Columbian Peru to designs by Yves Saint-Laurent, these precious and most intimate works of art provide insight not only about the wearer but also into the designers, artisans, and cultures that produced them. Exhibition: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA (12.11.2018-24.02.2019).
Sherman NK7301.N4 M48 2018

American art pottery : the Robert A. Ellison Jr. Collection
Frelinghuysen, Alice Cooney, author
New York : The Metropolitan Museum of Art, [2018]
An Apostle of Individuality: Robert A. Ellison Jr. -- The 1876 Centennial Exhibition and the Dawn of American Art Pottery -- Clay on Clay: American Barbotine -- Hugh C. Robertson: America's Premier "Art Potter" -- George E. Ohr: "Personality in Every Jar and Jug" -- The Matte Glaze Revolution -- Frederick Hurten Rhead: Anglo-American Master -- Clay as a Social Force -- Studios of Their Own -- Fulper: An Art Pottery Manufactory -- Continuity and Transformation: Art Pottery after World War I

The fascinating story of the American art pottery movement told through hundreds of distinctive works. During the height of the Arts and Crafts era in Europe and the United States, from the late 1800s until World War I, American ceramics were transformed from industrially produced ornamental and table wares to aesthetically and technologically innovative art pottery. This fascinating history is exemplified by the outstanding works in the collection of Robert A. Ellison Jr., who over half a century assembled one of the most important and comprehensive selections of American art pottery. More than 300 of the finest examples of works made by both well-known and less familiar ceramists, including George E. Ohr, Hugh Robertson, Charles Volkmar, Mary Louise McLaughlin, Matt Morgan, Maria Longworth Nichols, and Frederick Hurten Rhead, are beautifully reproduced, along with numerous period advertisements and photographs, imparting a full understanding of the movement's personalities and achievements.
Sherman NK4005 .F74 2018

Nature's nation : American art and environment
Kusserow, Karl, author
Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Art Museum, [2018]
"Nature's Nation: American Art and Environment offers a compelling new vision of American art, examining for the first time how artists have both reflected and shaped environmental understanding while contributing to the development of modern ecological thought. Reframing more than three centuries of diverse artistic practice in North America, this timely volume traces evolving ideas about the environment - and our place in it - from colonial encounters between Indigenous beliefs and European natural theology through nineteenth-century notions of progress and Manifest Destiny to the emergence of contemporary ecological ethics. Far-reaching and multidisciplinary in its interpretive approach, Nature's Nation looks at works of art across genres and media - including painting, sculpture, prints, drawings, photography, decorative arts, and video - revealing important new discoveries about creative encounters with environmental history and politics through materials, techniques, subjects, and ideas, With essays and commentary by both scholars and artists, the book offers the first broad ecocritical review of American art and features work by more than one hundred artists, from Charles Willson Peale, Thomas Cole, and Winslow Homer to Georgia O'Keeffe, Jacob Lawrence, and Jaune Quick-to-See Smith"--Book jacket flap.
Sherman N7650 .K87 2018

Ida O'Keeffe : escaping Georgia's shadow
edited by Sue Canterbury ; with contributions by Sue Canterbury, Erin Piñon, Francesca Soriano, Lea Stephenson
Dallas, Texas : Dallas Museum of Art, [2018]
Director's foreword / Agustín Arteaga -- Curatorial Acknowledgments / Sue Canterbury -- Introduction / Sue Canterbury -- Early Years and the search for a vocation / Sue Canterbury -- The Highland lighthouse series / Sue Canterbury -- Dynamic Symmetry in the Highland lighthouse series / Francesca Soriano -- Professional artist, teacher, author, and nurse: a fractured existence / Sue Canterbury -- Catalogue -- Ida O'Keeffe: a chronology / Lea Stephenson -- Exhibition history / Erin Piñon and Lea Stephenson -- Selected bibliography -- Illustration and copyright credits.

This is the first publication devoted to Ida Ten Eyck O'Keeffe (1889-1961), the younger sister of Georgia O'Keeffe. It presents a thoughtful consideration of Ida's personal history and her creative work. As a professionally trained artist, graduating with an MFA from Columbia in 1932, Ida crafted an artistic identity that was dynamic and distinct in style and subject matter from that of her celebrated sibling. The positive critical attention she received became a source of tension between her and Georgia, who was determined that there would be only one painter in the family. Ida's complex relationship with Georgia and Alfred Stieglitz, though once loving and close, eventually devolved into estrangement. This volume illustrates works by Ida, including oils, watercolors, and monotypes, and examines their merits as well as their place within the aesthetics of American Modernism during the 1920s and 1930s.
Sherman ND237.O5115 A4 2018

Augusta Savage : Renaissance woman
Hayes, Jeffreen M., author
London, UK : GILES, an imprint of D Giles Limited, 2018
This is a timely, visual, exploration of the fascinating life and lasting legacy of sculptor Augusta Savage (1892-1962), who overcame poverty, racism, and sexual discrimination to become one of America's most influential twentieth-century artists. Her story is one of community-building, activism, and art education. Born just outside Jacksonville, Florida, Savage left the South to pursue new opportunities and opened a studio in Harlem, New York City, offering free art classes. She co-founded the Harlem Artists' Guild in 1935 and became the first director of the federally-supported Harlem Community Art Center. Through her leadership there, Savage played an instrumental role in the development of many artists: William Artis, Gwendolyn Knight, Gwendolyn Bennett, Norman Lewis, Jacob Lawrence, Robert Blackburn, Romare Bearden, among many others. This ground-breaking volume features fifty works by Savage, and those she mentored or influenced, as well as correspondence and period photographs.
Sherman NB237.S286 A4 2018

Beginning again : reflections on art as spiritual practice
Haynes, Deborah J., author
Eugene, Oregon : Cascade Books, 2018
The artist -- Drawing -- Writing -- Reading -- The fire of adversity -- Inner work -- Ritual -- Closing this place: a ritual in parts -- Sacred space -- The studio -- Religion and spirituality -- The teacher -- Mind training -- Meditation and art -- Whose tradition? -- Knowing and being -- Values and virtues -- Nature -- Taking your seat -- Art and life -- Art as a path of wisdom.

What does it mean to become and work as an artist today? What unique challenges do artists face in the twenty-first century, and what skills are required to overcome them? How might art become an expression of spiritual life? In addressing these and other questions, Deborah J. Haynes offers reflections that range from the practical to the deeply philosophical. She explores challenging ideas: impermanence, suffering, and the inevitability of death; the virtues of generosity, kindness, and compassion; and more abstract concepts such as negative capability, groundlessness, and wisdom. Individual chapters are framed by personal stories and images from the artist's work. Beginning Again: Reflections on Art as Spiritual Practice is a personal statement, born from the author's experience as an artist, writer, teacher, and Buddhist practitioner. Haynes writes for artists--and for all exploring the relationship of their creativity to the inner life. For Haynes, making and looking at art can be a form of meditation and prayer, a space for solitude, silence, and living in the present. -- back cover.
Sherman N72.M85 H34 2018

Jitish Kallat
edited by Natasha Ginwala
Ahmedabad, India : Mapin Publishing ; 2018
One of South Asia's most compelling artists, Jitish Kallat has built an immersive practice, ranging from ideas of time, recursion, and historical recall, to deliberations on the cosmopolis and the intertwined spheres of ecology and cosmology. The curator of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale in 2014, his work has been exhibited widely at museums and institutions worldwide. His vast oeuvre - spanning painting, photography, sculptural installation, and video - reveals his commitment to unveiling the meditative concerns of the self, often simultaneously situating the metropolis while also relating to the cosmic. This specially commissioned monograph commemorates a retrospective exhibition at the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, in 2017. Illustrations map Kallat's expansive collection of artworks, exhibition displays, and found imagery. In addition, this book explores the visual culture which inspires and influences Kallat's wide-ranging works.
Sherman N7310.K35 A4 2018

Lee Krasner : the umber paintings 1959-1962
Krasner, Lee, 1908-1984
[New York] : Paul Kasmin Gallery, [2018]
Painted between 1959 and 1962, Krasner's Umber Paintings were realized during one of the artist's most ambitious periods of creative production following the sudden and tragic loss of her husband, Jackson Pollock. During this time of newfound solitude, Krasner moved into Pollock's studio at their home in the Springs, East Hampton, which enabled her to experiment on large canvases for the first time. In addition to the increase in scale, this period was also characterized by a further commitment to 'allover' compositions, an emphasis on gesturality and an engagement with the individual psyche. These fiercely composed abstract forms, with their explosive brushwork and a refined, nuanced palette of umber, cream and white, convey a distinctive rawness and intensity that was unprecedented in her oeuvre. The paintings remain lauded as the artist's most psychologically evocative works. Paul Kasmin Gallery's exhibition The Umber Paintings ran November 9, 2017, to January 13, 2018, bringing together five works from the series at 293 Tenth Ave, New York.--Kasmin website.
Sherman ND237.K677 A4 2018

Robert Moses : the master builder of New York City
Christin, Pierre, author
London ; Nobrow, 2018
From the subway to the skyscraper, from Manhattan's financial district to the Long Island suburbs, every inch of New York tells the story of one man's mind: Robert Moses, the architect who designed it all. Now, in Pierre Christin and Olivier Balez's new graphic biography, the rest of Robert's story will be told.
Sherman NA9085.M68 C4713 2018

Teodoro Wolf Ferrari : la modernità del paesaggio / a cura di Giandomenico Romanelli con Franca Lugato
Venezia : Marsilio, febbraio 2018
Sherman ND623.W6 A4 2018

Hallelujah Toscana
Paoli, Marco, 1959- photographer
Roma : Contrasto, [2017]
Sherman TR647 .P37 2017

Sergio Sarri : opere, 1967-2017
Sarri, Sergio, 1938- artist
[Milan] : Robilant+Voena, [2017]
Sherman ND623.S1844 A4 2017

Jean-Jacques de Boissieu : 1736-1810 : les dessins dans les collections publiques
Perez-Pivot, Marie Félicie, author
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2018]
Sherman NC248.B66 A4 2018

Hiroshige : visioni dal Giappone
Andō, Hiroshige, 1797-1858, artist
Milano : Skira, [2018]
Sherman NE1325.A5 A4 2018

Toulouse-Lautrec al di là del mito
Fagioli, Marco, author
Firenze : Aión, [2018]
Sherman N6853.T6 F34 2018

Turner : opere dalla Tate
Turner, J. M. W. 1775-1851, artist
Milano : Skira, [2018]
Studi dall'atelier di Turner: solo per i tuoi occhi / David Blayney Brown -- Dipingere con la mente: Turner, Roma e il paesaggio italiano / Valter Curzi -- I. Dall'architettura al paesaggio: opere giovanili -- II. Natura e ideali: Inghilterra (1805-1815 circa) -- III. In patria e all'estero (1815-1830) -- IV. Luce e colore -- V. Turista annuale (1830-1840) -- VI. Maestro e mago: le opere della maturità -- VII. Dipinti a olio.

A unique collection, illustrating the intimate and reserved side of J.M.W. Turner (23 April 1775 - 19 December 1851), donated in its entirety to Great Britain and conserved at Tate Britain in London, features in this exhibition that marks the start of a major collaboration between Tate, London and Chiostro del Bramante. Known today as the 'Turner Bequest', many of the works on display come from the artist's personal studio and were produced over the years for his "own pleasure", to cite the beautiful words used by the critic John Ruskin. An aesthetic and visual pleasure that conserves memories of journeys, emotions and fragments of landscapes seen during his stays abroad. In fact, the artist used to work in the open air during the warmer months, only shutting himself away in his studio in the winter, where he reproduced everything he had seen in real life on canvas. Over ninety artworks, including sketches, studies, watercolours, drawings and a selection of oil paintings never before exhibited together in Italy, feature in the major exhibition 'TURNER. Works from Tate' ... Nature and romanticism merge in the perfect depiction of the sublime and in the contemplation of an unstoppable, almost mysterious force, that was evoked time and again to respond to the artist's need to seek a constantly evolving language able to anticipate artistic times and fashions. Indeed, it was in the British capital, a city with great expectations thanks to art exhibitions, theatre performances and initiatives in the fields of science and literature, that TURNER produced emotionally intense images that became the means through which the man finally felt free to dream. Divided into six sections, the exhibition invites visitors to discover the development of the artistic language of the greatest romantic painter in chronological order.
Sherman ND497.T8 A4 2018

Tiziano : Sacra conversazione
a cura di Stefano Zuffi
Milano : 24 ore cultura, [2017]
Sherman ND623.T7 A677 2017

La collezione Contini Bonacossi nelle Gallerie degli Uffizi
editors, Sara Draghi, Augusta Tosone ; saggi di Caterina Caneva, Enrico Colle, Antonio Paolucci, Anna Maria Papi
Firenze : Giunti Gruppo Editoriale, 2018
La collezione Contini Bonacossi agli Uffizi: una lunga storia con un lieto fine / Eike D. Schmidt -- Presentazione / Ugo Contini Bonacossi -- Addenda alla Contini Bonacossi: opere acquistate o demanializzate dopo il 1969 / Antonio Paolucci -- Gil allestimenti precendenti della collezione nei musei fiorentini / Caterina Caneva -- Villa Vittoria / Anna Maria Papi -- La collezione Contini Bonacossi a villa Vittoria / Enrico Colle -- Catalogo -- Apparati. Alessandro Contini Bonacossi (1878-1955): cenni biografici / Fulvia Zaninelli -- L'allestimento di ponente degli Uffizi / Antonio Godoli -- Bibliografia.

Nel 1998 viene allestita, agli Uffizi, una serie di sale che espongono le centoquarantaquattro opere della collezione Contini Bonacossi. Si tratta dell'atto conclusivo di una vicenda lunga, tortuosa e ricca di colpi di scena, iniziata nel 1969 con la donazione delle opere allo Stato da parte degli eredi dell'antica famiglia fiorentina. Si tratta di una raccolta ricca di capolavori di artisti come Duccio di Buoninsegna, il Sassetta, Andrea del Castagno, Giovanni Bellini, Giovanni Boltraffio, Giovan Gerolamo Savoldo, Paolo Veronese, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Jacopo Tintoretto. Questo volume traccia la storia della collezione e le vicende della donazione, ma soprattutto presenta in forma di guida-catalogo tutte le opere della raccolta e i pezzi principali commentati da specialisti.
Sherman N5273.2.C66 C65 2018

Una storia di grande collezionismo americano : Impressionismo e avanguardie : capolavori dal Philadelphia Museum of Art
coordinamento mostra, Luisella Angiari
Milano : Skira, [2018]
Sherman N6465.I4 S76 2018

Super : Pino Pascali e il sogno americano
Roberto Lacarborara, Giuseppe Teofilo ; postfazione di Francesco Paolo Sisto
Milano : Skira, [2017]
Sherman NC257.P358 S87 2017

Frida Kahlo : oltre il mito
catalogo a cura di Diego Sileo ; testi di Francesca Alfano Miglietti and 4 others
Pero : 24 ORE Cultura 2018
Il MUDEC Museo delle Culture di Milano presenta la mostra-evento sull'artista messicana più famosa e acclamata al mondo. "Frida Kahlo. Oltre il mito" è un progetto espositivo frutto di sei anni di studi e ricerche, che si propone di delineare una nuova chiave di lettura attorno alla figura dell'artista, evitando ricostruzioni forzate, interpretazioni sistematiche o letture biografiche troppo comode, e con la registrazione di inediti e sorprendenti materiali d'archivio. La mostra riunirà in un'unica sede espositiva per la prima volta in Italia e dopo quindici anni dall'ultima volta tutte le opere provenienti dal Museo Dolores Olmedo di Città del Messico e dalla Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection, le due più importanti e ampie collezioni di Frida Kahlo al mondo, e con la partecipazione di autorevoli musei internazionali che presteranno alcuni dei capolavori dell'artista messicana mai visti nel nostro Paese (tra i quali, il Phoenix Art Museum, il Madison Museum of Contemporary Art e la Buffalo Albright-Knox Art Gallery).00Exhibition: Museo delle Culture, Milan, Italy (01.02. - 03.06.2018).
Sherman N6559.K34 A4 2018

Die Cultur der Renaissance in Italien : ein Versuch
Burckhardt, Jacob, 1818-1897, author
Basel : Schwabe, [2018]
Sherman N7445.4 .B867 2018

Outcast visionary : Yurii Pavlovich Spegal'skii and the reconstruction of Pskov
Cothren, Larry W., author
Seacliff, Australia : Interweave Australia, 2016
Sherman NA1197.P78 C67 2016

Peter Sacks : new works
Sacks, Peter M., artist
New York : Marlborough, 2017
Sherman N7396.S23 A4 2017

Das Attribut als Problem : eine bildwissenschaftliche Untersuchung zur griechischen Kunst
Dietrich, Nikolaus, author
Berlin : De Gruyter, [2018]
"Als scheinbar unverfänglicher Terminus technicus ist der Begriff des Attributs in den Bildwissenschaften bisher theoretisch unterschätzt. Ziel dieses Buches ist es, grundsätzliche Problematiken in griechischen Bildern aufzuzeigen, welche sich am Attribut kristallisieren und mit denen die Bilder (und ihre modernen Interpreten) in immer neuen Strategien einen Umgang finden mussten: die Zeit(lichkeit)en im Bild und die Frage nach der Identität"--Back cover.
Sherman N5630 .D54 2018

Hans Burgkmair : neue Forschungen
herausgegeben von Wolfgang Augustyn und Manuel Teget-Welz
Passau : Dietmar Klinger Verlag, 2018
Der Band enthält die Vorträge einer Tagung, die im Dezember 2014 im Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte in München stattfand, sowie zusätzliche Beiträge internationale Fachleute. Der Augsburger Maler und Illustrator Hand Burgkmair (1473-1531) zählt zu den vielseitigsten deutschen Künstlern des frühen 16. Jahrhunderts. Sein Werk, das neben Tafelgemälden eine grosse Zahl an Zeichnungen und Druckgraphiken umfasst, charakterisiert die intensive Auseinandersetzung mit der italienischen Renaissance und das Bemühen um moderne Gestaltugsformen. Burgkmair war ein Pionier neuer Techniken und Gattungen: er zeichnete früh mit Rötel, erprobte den farbigen Holzschnitt und entwarf Bildnismedaillen. Trotz Brugkmairs grosser Bedeutung als künstlerisches Vorbild steht er dennoch im Schatten seiner grossen Konkurrenten Albrecht Dürer und Lucas Cranach. Die Beiträge von Christoph Bellot, Iris Brahms, Elke Bujok, Magdalena Bushart, Tilman Falk, Martin Hirsch, Heidrun Lange, Thomas Noll, Elizabeth Savage, Edith Seidl, Thomas Schauerte, Martin Schawe, Hartmut Scholz, Ulrich Söding Susanne Wagini, Mathias Weniger und Ashley West stellen neue Forschungen vor, die aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln wesentliche Aspekte von Leben und Werk vertiefen und zur weiteren Erfroschung Burgkmairs anregen sollen.
Sherman N6888.B79 A4 2018

Bewegte Zeiten : der Bildhauer Erasmus Grasser (um 1450-1518)
Grasser, Erasmus, approximately 1450-1518, artist
München : Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, [2018]
Sherman NB588.G75 A4 2018

Revelando Chile
Domingo Ulloa ; textos, Víctor M. Mandujano A
Santiago [Chile] : LOM Ediciones, 2018
Prólogo. Al maestro con cariño -- "¿Cómo va?" : conversaciones con Domingo Ulloa, maestro de fotógrafos.

Antonio Quintana, perhaps the greatest photographer in Chile, had a prominent disciple who would accompany him for decades in the art of light: Domingo Ulloa. From his teacher, Ulloa not only inherited the chair of Photojournalism in the School of Journalism of the University of Chile, but also the rigor in the subjects, the artistic and social sensitivity, and the mastery of the technique; the framing and the art of the laboratory. An important part of his work served as a basis for the Exposition Face of Chile, of October 1960, sponsored by the university, which traveled the continents with three hundred and fifty large-scale extensions. The itinerancy of the exhibition concluded in 1969, at the Osaka World Fair. Fifty of the photographs that make up this volume were part of that show that revealed Chile to the world.
Sherman TR654 .U45 2018

Dutch drawings in Swedish public collections
Magnusson, Börje, 1943-
Berlin : Hatje Cantz ; 2018
"The Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, holds the most extensive collection of Dutch master drawings in Sweden. It comprises important works by Rembrandt and his pupils, as well as drawings by Abraham Bloemart, Jan van Goyen, Herman Saftleven, Willem van de Velde and many other artists. Although trade contacts between the Netherlands and Sweden were lively in the seventeenth century, they account for only a small part of the collection. The bulk of the drawings was acquired by Swedish collectors in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Foremost among them was Count Carl Gustaf Tessin, whose acquisitions at the 1741 Paris sale of the financier Pierre Crozat make up the core of the collection. This catalogue, the result of a long-term research project, includes almost 600 drawings, of which approximately 130 are previously unpublished. Besides the Nationalmuseum, it draws on the collections of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, The Gothenburg Museum of Art, the Uppsala University Library and other institutions"--Publisher's website.
Sherman NC261 .M34 2018

Nancy Gordon : [exhibition] April 18-May 14, The Detroit Institute of Arts
Gordon, Nancy
Detroit : Detroit Institute of Arts, 1978
Sherman N6494.C63 G6

Richard Diebenkorn: paintings from the Ocean Park series
[San Francisco], [1972]
Sherman ND237.D465 S25

Mid-century modern interiors : the ideas that shaped interior design in America
Havenhand, Lucinda Kaukas, author
London : Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2019
Russel and Mary Wright : nostalgic modern and the "American way of life" -- Richard Neutra and the therapeutic interior -- The Eames house and a new language of vision -- George Nelson : humanism, morality, and the Japanese aesthetic -- The interiors of Florence Knoll : structure, luxury, and the Kunstwollen of postwar America.

"Mid-Century Modern Interiors explores the history of interior design during its most iconic and influential period. The 1930s to the 1960s in the United States was a key moment for interior design. It not only saw the emergence of some of interior design's most globally-important designers, it also saw the discipline emerge at last as a profession in its own right. Through a series of detailed case studies this book introduces the key practicioners of the period - world-renowned designers including Ray and Charles Eames, Richard Neutra, and George Nelson - and examines how they developed new approaches by applying systematic and rational principles to the creation of interior spaces. It takes us into the mind of the designer to show how they each used interior design to express their varied theoretical interests, and reveals how the principles they developed have become embodied in the way interior design is practiced today. With an introduction setting the broader context of twentieth-century design and architectural history, this book provides both an introduction and an in-depth analysis for students and scholars of interior design and architecture"--
Sherman NK2004 .H38 2019

Circulation & urbanization
Adams, Ross Exo, author
London ; SAGE Publications Ltd, 2019
Sherman NA9094 .A33 2019

Carbone, David
Ann Arbor, Mich. : Annex Press, ©1979
Sherman Special ND237.J36 C37 1979

The missing pages : the modern life of a medieval manuscript, from genocide to justice
Watenpaugh, Heghnar Zeitlian, author
Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2019]
Illustrations -- Prologue -- Survivor objects. artifacts of genocide -- Hromkla. The God-protected castle of priests and artists -- Zeytun. The lost world of Ottoman Armenians -- Marash. The holy book bears witness -- Aleppo. Survivors reclaim their heritage -- New York. The Zeytun gospels enters art history -- Yerevan. Toros Roslin, artist of the Armenian nation -- Los Angeles. The contest over art -- Epilogue -- About this Book -- Note on transliteration and translation -- Notes -- Select bibliography -- Index.
Sherman ND3239.A7 W38 2019

René Daniëls : fragments from an unfinished novel
Daniëls, René, 1950- artist
London : Koenig Books, [2018]
Sherman ND653.D36 A4 2018

Postscript : writing after conceptual art
edited by Andrea Andersson
Toronto ; University of Toronto Press ; [2018]
One of the most important movements in twenty-first century literature is the emergence of conceptual writing. By knowingly drawing on the histories of art and literature, conceptual writing upended traditional categorical conventions. Postscript is the first collection of writings on the subject of conceptual writing by a diverse field of scholars in the realms of art, literature, media, as well as the artists themselves. Using new and old technology, and textual and visual modes including appropriation, transcription, translation, redaction, and repetition, the contributors actively challenge the existing scholarship on conceptual art. Rather than segregating the work of visual artists from that of writers we are shown the ways in which conceptual art is, and remains, a mutually supportive interaction between the arts.
Sherman N6494.C63 P67 2018

Thomas Gainsborough : the modern landscape translation from the german: Russell Stockman
Hamburg Hamburger Kunsthalle ; [2018]
Thomas Gainsborough: the modern landscape / Christoph Martin Vogtherr -- Gainsborough and Netherlandish painting / Sandra Pisot -- 'A very great genius in that way': Gainsborough: becoming a landscape painter / Mark Bills -- Gainsborough's portrayal of social reality in the countryside / Josephine Karg -- Gainsborough as modern artist: figure and landscape -- light and colour / Bettina Gockel -- Experiment and variation: painting's possibilities / Katharina Hoins -- Gainsborough at work on his landscapes / Rica Jones -- A double capacity: Gainsborough at the summer exhibition / Mark Hallett.
Sherman ND497.G2 A4 2018

Gabriel Orozco
editors: Staffan Ahrenberg, Sam Keller, Hans Ulrich Obrist
Paris, France : Éditions Cahiers d'art, [2017]
"Featuring the work of Gabriel Orozco, one of the most important contemporary artists of his generation, this issue of Cahiers d'Art explores the artist's recurring themes of geometry, games, and working tables throughout commissioned texts by Briony Fer, Benjamin Buchloh, André Rottmann, and Béatrice Gross. Abundantly illustrated with series of major works as well as the artist's most recent and largely unpublished works, this unique publication also includes an original silk-screened artwork made by Orozco for the issue. Also included in this issue are excerpts from the Catalogue Raisonné of the drawings of Frank Gehry by Jean-Louis Cohen; a text by Béatrice Gross on the late wall drawings of Sol LeWitt; a visual story of the creative process behind the newly opened Skulpturenhalle housing the Thomas Schütte Foundation, the largest building constructed from a model by the artist; a comprehensive essay on the influence of Cahiers d'Art on the work of Picasso, specifically focusing on his ceramics, by Picasso scholar Harald Theil; portfolios of recent works by Adel Abdessemed and John Giorno; and an essay by Daniel Birnbaum"--From publisher's website.
Sherman Oversize N6559.O755 G35 2017

Eduardo Arroyo : le retour des croisades
textos, Olivier Kaeppelin, Eduardo Arroyo, Félix de Azúa, Fabienne Di Rocco
Bilbao : Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao, [2017]
Sherman N7113.A77 A4 2017

Yayoi Kusama : festival of life
Kusama, Yayoi, artist
New York : David Zwirner Books, [2018]
In a unique style that is both sensory and utopian, Yayoi Kusama's work - which spans paintings, performances, room-size presentations, sculptural installations, literary works, films, fashion, design and interventions within existing architectural structures - has transcended some of the most important art movements of the second half of the 20th century, including pop art and minimalism. As Roberta Smith wrote in the New York Times, "These paintings form a great big infinity room of their own, but one in which each part is also an autonomous work of art, its own piece of wobbly, handwrought infinity - their vitality is infectious." Yayoi Kusama: Festival of Life documents the artist's exhibition at David Zwirner's Chelsea location in New York in late 2017, featuring a selection of paintings from her iconic My Eternal Soul series, new large-scale flower sculptures, a polka-dotted environment and two Infinity Mirror Rooms. The monograph includes new scholarship on the artist by Jenni Sorkin, as well as a special foldout poster. Exhibition: David Zwirner Gallery, New York, USA (02.11.-16.12.2017) / Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH, USA (09.07.-30.09.2018) / High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA, USA (18.11.2018-17.02.2019).
Sherman Oversize N7359.K87 A4 2018

English medieval church towers : the Northern Province
Ryan, W. E. David, author,
Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK : The Boydell Press, 2018
Diocese of Blackburn -- Diocese of Carlisle -- Diocese of Chester -- Diocese of Durham -- Diocese of Leeds -- Diocese of Liverpool -- Diocese of Manchester -- Diocese of Newcastle -- Diocese of Sheffield -- Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham -- Diocese of York.

Church towers are a prominent feature of the English landscape and stand as a testament to the skill and ingenuity of medieval masons. The Northern Province, namely the ecclesiastical province of York, contains a rich and varied array of these remarkable constructions. This vast area of England, comprising of the twelve dioceses of Blackburn, Carlisle, Chester, Durham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Southwell & Nottingham and York, contains no less than 500 medieval examples.0 Every medieval church tower within the Northern Province is beautifully illustrated here by a watercolour painting and is accompanied by detailed information relating to its location and date and an architectural description. Provided with an index and a glossary of terms, this book can be used both as a visitor's guide and as a reference work for the study of medieval church architecture.0 DAVID RYAN is a retired architect and a former member of the Royal Institute of British Architects.
Sherman NA2930 .R94 2018

Greece 66
Klosty, James, photographer
[Bologna] : Damiani, [2018]
Photographer James Klosty, based in Millbrook, New York, and known for his photographs of John Cage and Merce Cunningham, presents photographs of Greece taken during two brief months in the summer of 1966. The book documents his travels through Greece's islands, mainland and northern mountains.
Sherman TR659.5 .K56 2018

Adrian Paci : lights to serve the night
Paci, Adrian, 1969- artist
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana Editoriale, [2017]
Sherman N7255.A43 P332 2017

Le nuove frontiere della pittura = The new frontiers of painting
a cura di Demetrio Paparoni
Milano : Skira, 2017
Sherman ND196.2 .N86 2017

Estación utopía : Leonardo Portus : MAVI, Museo de Artes Visuales, 28 de octubre al 28 de diciembre 2014
Portus, Leonardo, 1969- artist
[Santiago de Chile] : MAVI, Museo de Artes Visuales, [2014]
Prólogo = Prologue / Leonardo Portus -- Catastro = Cadastre / Alberto Madrid Letelier -- Metropolítica = Metropolitics / José de Nordenflycht Concha -- La erosion del canon. "Crônica sobre lo arquitetônico en la obra del artista Leonardo Portus" = The erosion of the canon. "A chronicle on what is architectural in the work of artist Leonardo Portus" / José Llano Loyola -- A propósito de la Estación Utopía y la obra de Leonardo Portus = On Estación Utopía and the work of Leonardo Portus / Carlos Navarrete -- Obras y montaje "Estación Utopía" Museo MAVI -- Obras anterires = Previous Works -- Leonardo Portus.
Sherman N6669.P67 A4 2014

Cola dell'Amatrice : da Pinturicchio a Raffaello
a cura di Stefano Papetti, Luca Pezzuto
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2018]
Sherman ND623.C6795 A4 2018

Svago e devozione nell'opera di Giovan Domenico Lombardi
Betti, Paola, author
[Italy] : [publisher not identified], [2017]
Sherman ND623.L72842 B48 2017

Domes, arches and minarets : a history of Islamic-inspired buildings in America
Pasquini, Philip L
Novato, CA : Flypaper Press, 2012
Exotic buildings come to North America -- Islamic-inspired architecture -- Influences on American "Oriental" architecture -- Islamic-influenced architecture in the 21st century -- Photographs -- Glossary -- Bibliography -- Photographs and illustrations -- Acknowledgments.

This noteworthy book traces the over 200-year history and development of Islamic-inspired architecture in America from the earliest Spanish-Moorish buildings constructed in the 1700s to the more contemporary buildings of the 21st century. Domes, Arches and Minarets introduces readers to the influences and evolution of Islamic-inspired architecture in America. The book includes an extensive full color photographic portfolio of more than 100 buildings arranged in chronological order, each accompanied by text describing the building and its history. Many of the buildings depicted were designed by some of America's most famous national and regional architects, including Leopold Eidlitz, Samuel Sloan, Richard Morris Hunt, Louis Sullivan, James Francis Dunn, Arthur and Nina Zwebell, Timothy Pflueger, Frank Lloyd Wright, brothers Carl and Robert Boller, Minoru Yamasaki and Philip Johnson. The author spent over four years traveling across the country photographing each of the buildings and chronicling their fascinating stories. The book examines buildings that have influenced and impacted the American cityscape and includes examples of private villas, homes, commercial buildings, atmospheric movie theaters, Shrine temples, churches, synagogues and family tombs, each of which has contributed to creating this rich and exotic American "Orientalist" style of architecture. Domes, Arches and Minarets presents a compelling review of this little-known area of American architectural history. Phil Pasquini is an award winning photojournalist, artist and educator who has traveled extensively across the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and North Africa for more than four decades.
Sherman NA7511 .P37 2012

Richard Diebenkorn : beginnings, 1942-1955
Shields, Scott A., author
Portland, Oregon : Pomegranate, [2017]
"Audiences today generally know Richard Diebenkorn's career in terms of three major evolutions: the Sausalito, Albuquerque, Urbana, and "early Berkeley" periods of Abstract Expressionism (1947-1955); the Berkeley figurative/representational period (1955-1966); and the Ocean Park (1967-1988) and Healdsburg (1988-1992) series of abstractions. Yet Diebenkorn's earliest paintings and drawings remain little known. This catalogue focuses on Diebenkorn's evolution to maturity. It features nearly two hundred paintings and drawings, many from the archives of the Richard Diebenkorn Foundation, that precede his shift to figuration. These early pieces evolved rapidly from representational landscape scenes and portraits of military colleagues, to semiabstract and Surrealist-inspired depictions of topography and the human form, to the artist's mature Abstract Expressionist paintings. Many of these pieces will be unfamiliar to the public, yet they offer a fuller picture of Diebenkorn's precocious achievements and set the stage for what was yet to come."--from inside flap
Sherman N6537.D447 A4 2017

Justice blindfolded : the historical course of an image
Prosperi, Adriano, author
Leiden ; Brill, [2018]
Scale and sword, eyes and blindfold: the attributes of justice -- Justice, that is to say God -- The blindfold -- Jesus, Barabbas and the good thief -- Justice and grace -- Miracles and salvation -- The divine eye of the law -- Changes in symbols -- The veil of justice and the risks of the limelight.

Justice Blindfolded gives an overview of the history of "justice" and its iconography through the centuries. Justice has been portrayed as a woman with scales, or holding a sword, or, since the fiftteenth century, with her eyes bandaged. This last symbol contains the idea that justice is both impartial and blind, reminding indirectly of the bandaged Christ on the cross, a central figure in the Christian idea of fairness and forgiveness. 0In this rich and imaginative journey through history and philosophy, Prosperi manages to convey a full account of the ways justice has been described, portrayed and imagined.
Sherman N7745.J87 P7613 2018

Gainsborough's family album
Solkin, David H., author,
London : National Portrait Gallery, [2018]
"I am sick of Portraits and wish very much to take up my Viol da Gamba and walk off to some sweet village when I can paint Landskips and enjoy the fag end of life in quietness and ease." Despite this famous protestation in a letter to his friend William Jackson, Thomas Gainsborough (1727-88) was clearly prepared to make an exception when it came to making portraits of his own family and himself. This book features over 50 portraits of himself, his wife, his daughters, other close relatives and his beloved dogs, Tristram and Fox. Spanning more than four decades, Gainsborough's family portraits chart the period from the mid-1740s, when he plied his trade in his native Suffolk, to his most successful latter years at his luxuriously appointed studio in London's West End. Alongside this story of a provincial 18th-century artist's rise to fame and fortune runs a more private narrative, about the role of portraiture in the promotion of family values, at a time when these were assuming a recognizably modern form.
Sherman ND497.G2 A4 2018b

O movimento criativo e pedagógico de Frida Kahlo
Berté, Odailso, author
Santa Maria, RS : Editora UFSM, 2018
Prefácio / Dora Comisarenco Mirkin -- Apresentação. Movimiento al danzar -- A FRIDOMANIA POP -- Frida Kahlo, uma imagem popularizada -- Polissemias interpretativas -- O lugar do processo criativo na contemporaneidade -- Frida Kahlo, uma artista contempop? -- A CULTURA VISUAL DE FRIDA KAHLO -- As heranças socioculturais de Frida -- Dos "ismos" artísticos às elaborações próprias -- Desbravando a cultura da "Gringolândia" -- Refuncionalizando a picardia (do) popular -- A Casa Azul de Coyoacán -- O PROCESSO CRIATIVO DE FRIDA KAHLO -- Narrativas da criadora sobre seu fazer criador -- Processo criativo como (trans)formação humana e artística -- Uma, duas, três e mais Fridas -- A saga para jogar Dorothy do 18o. andar -- Entender a linha, a forma, a sombra, o movimento -- O USO DE IMAGENS NO PROCESSO CRIATIVO -- Meu vestido pendurado aqui, aí, ali, acolá -- Pensando, usando e dando a ver imagens -- Imagens fotográficas -- Imagens dos ex-votos -- Imagens sacras e da morte -- Imagens políticas -- Imagens pré-hispânicas -- Imagens da fauna e flora -- Imagens da Loteria Mexicana -- A performatividade da imagem e o uso performativo da imagem -- O CORPO (SE) CRIA COM IMAGENS -- Corpo e imagem: uma dança interativa contínua -- O movimento (pro)criador -- Corpo partido: pés, coluna e coração -- Porque o seu corpo é do mundo -- Autoimagens para se ver e ser vista -- No vestir o corpo se (re)cria: as aparências enganam -- Veada, pintora, poeta -- O PROCESSO PEDAGÓGICO DE FRIDA KAHLO -- O brilho da Esmeralda -- Não os corrigirei, vocês reconhecerão suas falhas -- Ir ao encontro da vida para pintá-la -- Pintar se aprende praticando e ainda sigo aprendendo -- La Rosita: uma forma surreal de pedagogia cultural -- La Rosita 2.0: recriando imagens da cultura pop mexicana dos anos 50 -- Imagens de gênero nas paredes da Casa da Mãe Solteira -- Para que o povo veja quem e como nos exploram -- Quando imagens reinventadas assombram -- Amaram-na e foram amados por ela -- A (est)ética do movimento criativo e pedagógico de Frida Kahlo -- DANZA LA VIDA.

"In Frida Kahlo, the relations between artistic creation and life, that is, between the creative process and bodily experience, are interchangeable, translated into one another, systems of the same process. In this intimate relationship between the creative gesture and the painful cry of the body, the images from within and from the outside translate their creator, as if their experiences took over their images, or their images took hold of their experiences, both in the sense of care as of empowerment. Image of the creator's existence, we of meanings, axis, center and master of space, receptacle of all visibility is the body in the creative processes of Frida Kahlo. The body is, in Frida Kahlo's work, an inexhaustible source for gushing images, poetically, party, ironically, naked, dressed, metaphorically, hurt, ironically, as possibility, fantasy, fiction or reality." (HKB Translation) --Verso cover.
Sherman ND259.K33 B46 2018

Advanced love
Cohen, Ari Seth, author
New York : Abrams, 2018
From the creator of the popular blog 'Advanced Style', photographer Ari Seth Cohen's 'Advanced Love' collects affectionate portraits of subjects who prove that love is bound by neither the constraints of age or time. The book includes 40 profiles of inspiring couples from around the world, and more than 200 photos. The profiles explore themes of love and companionship through firsthand insight from the subjects; they share their stories of falling in love, what they have learned after decades of partnership, and valuable relationship advice. Advanced Love is a touching look at the often-ignored partnerships of the senior set. Filled with couples who have built their lives together, it's an indispensable trove of wisdom on love and the lessons they have learned along the way.
Sherman TR681.A35 C64 2018

Patterns in the production of Apulian red-figure Pottery
Herring, Edward, author
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018
Background to the study -- Patterns of production -- Patterns in iconography: the generic scenes -- Patterns in iconography: drama, myth, and the gods -- Patterns in iconography: celebrating indigenous life and commemorating the dead -- Conclusions.

"Most of the previous scholarship on Apulian red-figure pottery has focused on the cataloguing of collections, the attribution of vases to painters and workshops, iconographic and stylistic matters, and individual vessels and vase forms. This partly reflects the history of vase-painting scholarship, which grew out of antiquarian collecting during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and the fact that a full archaeological provenance is not preserved for the overwhelming majority of vessels. This book takes a different approach by using a database containing in excess of 13,500 vessels and fragments to identify patterns in the production and decoration of Apulian vases that cast light on the choices made by vase-producers and the preferences of their customers. Individual chapters consider the popularity of different vessel shapes over time, the use of highly generic decorative scenes, which are characteristic of Apulian red-figure, as well as the popularity of scenes of myth, images of the gods, scenes of the life of the non-Greek population of ancient Puglia, and those showing funerary monuments. As virtually all of the vases in the sample derive from tombs, the patterns identified provide insights into the ways in which the ancient populations of South-East Italy, both Greek and indigenous, honoured their dead."--Publisher's website.
Sherman NK4649 .P38 2018

Hilma af Klint : paintings for the future
Bashkoff, Tracey R., author
New York, New York : Guggenheim Museum Publications, [2018]
"When Swedish artist Hilma af Klint died in 1944 at the age of 81, she left behind more than 1,000 paintings and works on paper that she had kept largely private during her lifetime. Believing the world was not yet ready for her art, she stipulated that it should remain unseen for another twenty years. But only in recent decades has the public had a chance to reckon with af Klint's radically abstract painting practice--one which predates the work of Vasily Kandinsky and other artists widely considered trailblazers of modernist abstraction. Her boldly colorful works, many of them large-scale, reflect an ambitious, spiritually informed attempt to chart an invisible, totalizing world order through a synthesis of natural and geometric forms, textual elements, and esoteric symbolism. Accompanying the first major survey exhibition of the artist's work in the United States, Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future represents her groundbreaking painting series while expanding recent scholarship to present the fullest picture yet of her life and art. Essays explore the social, intellectual, and artistic context of af Klint's 1906 break with figuration and her subsequent development, placing her in the context of Swedish modernism and folk art traditions, contemporary scientific discoveries, and spiritualist and occult movements. A roundtable discussion among contemporary artists, scholars, and curators considers af Klint's sources and relevance to art in the 21st century. The volume also delves into her unrealized plans for a spiral-shaped temple in which to display her art--a wish that finds a fortuitous answer in the Guggenheim Museum's rotunda, the site of the exhibition."--Publisher's description.
Sherman N7093.K55 B37 2018

Bolihua : Chinese reverse glass painting from the Mei Lin collection
Mayer, Rupprecht, author
Munich : Hirmer, [2018]
Sherman NK5435.C6 M3813 2018

Gilbert & George : the great exhibition 1971-2016
curated by Daniel Birnbaum and Hans Ulrich Obrist
London : HENI Publishing, [2018]
"This new title celebrates 50 years of the creative force of nature that is the artistic partnership of Gilbert & George. Published in cooperation with the LUMA Foundation in Arles, France, on the occasion of their retrospective exhibition on show from 2 July to 23 September 2018. The book will feature five interviews with Gilbert & George by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Daniel Birnbaum, one for each decade of their practice. This title will be heavily illustrated with examples of Gilbert & George's artworks from their early years to their most recent series. Designed by Gilbert & George themselves, The Great Exhibition will feature their trademark style and panache. Introduced by a text co-authored by Obrist and Birnbaum, this publication will also feature several extracts from Michael Bracewell's 2017 publication 'What is Gilbert & George?'. All text will be presented in both French and English. Exhibition: LUMA Foundation, Arles, France (02.07. - 23.09.2018)"--Publisher's description.
Sherman N6797.G47 A4 2018

[Christie's London catalogues. 2019]
London : Christie's International UK, 2019
Feb 23, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Masterpieces from an Important Private Collection -- Feb 27, 2019. Art of the Surreal, Evening Sale -- Feb 27, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Evening Sale -- Feb 28, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Works on Paper and Day Sale -- Mar 6, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Evening Auction -- Mar 7, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Day Auction -- Mar 27, 2019. Desins Anciens et du XIXe Siecle -- Apr 9, 2019. Art Precolombien, Collection Felix et Heidi Stoll et a Divers Amateurs -- Apr 9, 2019. Modern British & Irish Art -- Apr 10, 2019. Arts d'Afrique, d'Oceanie et d'Amerique du Nord
Sherman N8650.C4 L6 2019

[Christie's London catalogues. 2019]
London : Christie's International UK, 2019
Feb 23, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Masterpieces from an Important Private Collection -- Feb 27, 2019. Art of the Surreal, Evening Sale -- Feb 27, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Evening Sale -- Feb 28, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Works on Paper and Day Sale -- Mar 6, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Evening Auction -- Mar 7, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Day Auction -- Mar 27, 2019. Desins Anciens et du XIXe Siecle -- Apr 9, 2019. Art Precolombien, Collection Felix et Heidi Stoll et a Divers Amateurs -- Apr 9, 2019. Modern British & Irish Art -- Apr 10, 2019. Arts d'Afrique, d'Oceanie et d'Amerique du Nord
Sherman N8650.C4 L6 2019

[Christie's London catalogues. 2019]
London : Christie's International UK, 2019
Feb 23, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Masterpieces from an Important Private Collection -- Feb 27, 2019. Art of the Surreal, Evening Sale -- Feb 27, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Evening Sale -- Feb 28, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Works on Paper and Day Sale -- Mar 6, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Evening Auction -- Mar 7, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Day Auction -- Mar 27, 2019. Desins Anciens et du XIXe Siecle -- Apr 9, 2019. Art Precolombien, Collection Felix et Heidi Stoll et a Divers Amateurs -- Apr 9, 2019. Modern British & Irish Art -- Apr 10, 2019. Arts d'Afrique, d'Oceanie et d'Amerique du Nord
Sherman N8650.C4 L6 2019

[Christie's London catalogues. 2019]
London : Christie's International UK, 2019
Feb 23, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Masterpieces from an Important Private Collection -- Feb 27, 2019. Art of the Surreal, Evening Sale -- Feb 27, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Evening Sale -- Feb 28, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Works on Paper and Day Sale -- Mar 6, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Evening Auction -- Mar 7, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Day Auction -- Mar 27, 2019. Desins Anciens et du XIXe Siecle -- Apr 9, 2019. Art Precolombien, Collection Felix et Heidi Stoll et a Divers Amateurs -- Apr 9, 2019. Modern British & Irish Art -- Apr 10, 2019. Arts d'Afrique, d'Oceanie et d'Amerique du Nord
Sherman N8650.C4 L6 2019

[Christie's London catalogues. 2019]
London : Christie's International UK, 2019
Feb 23, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Masterpieces from an Important Private Collection -- Feb 27, 2019. Art of the Surreal, Evening Sale -- Feb 27, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Evening Sale -- Feb 28, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Works on Paper and Day Sale -- Mar 6, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Evening Auction -- Mar 7, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Day Auction -- Mar 27, 2019. Desins Anciens et du XIXe Siecle -- Apr 9, 2019. Art Precolombien, Collection Felix et Heidi Stoll et a Divers Amateurs -- Apr 9, 2019. Modern British & Irish Art -- Apr 10, 2019. Arts d'Afrique, d'Oceanie et d'Amerique du Nord
Sherman N8650.C4 L6 2019

[Christie's London catalogues. 2019]
London : Christie's International UK, 2019
Feb 23, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Masterpieces from an Important Private Collection -- Feb 27, 2019. Art of the Surreal, Evening Sale -- Feb 27, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Evening Sale -- Feb 28, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Works on Paper and Day Sale -- Mar 6, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Evening Auction -- Mar 7, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Day Auction -- Mar 27, 2019. Desins Anciens et du XIXe Siecle -- Apr 9, 2019. Art Precolombien, Collection Felix et Heidi Stoll et a Divers Amateurs -- Apr 9, 2019. Modern British & Irish Art -- Apr 10, 2019. Arts d'Afrique, d'Oceanie et d'Amerique du Nord
Sherman N8650.C4 L6 2019

[Christie's London catalogues. 2019]
London : Christie's International UK, 2019
Feb 23, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Masterpieces from an Important Private Collection -- Feb 27, 2019. Art of the Surreal, Evening Sale -- Feb 27, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Evening Sale -- Feb 28, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Works on Paper and Day Sale -- Mar 6, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Evening Auction -- Mar 7, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Day Auction -- Mar 27, 2019. Desins Anciens et du XIXe Siecle -- Apr 9, 2019. Art Precolombien, Collection Felix et Heidi Stoll et a Divers Amateurs -- Apr 9, 2019. Modern British & Irish Art -- Apr 10, 2019. Arts d'Afrique, d'Oceanie et d'Amerique du Nord
Sherman N8650.C4 L6 2019

[Christie's London catalogues. 2019]
London : Christie's International UK, 2019
Feb 23, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Masterpieces from an Important Private Collection -- Feb 27, 2019. Art of the Surreal, Evening Sale -- Feb 27, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Evening Sale -- Feb 28, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Works on Paper and Day Sale -- Mar 6, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Evening Auction -- Mar 7, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Day Auction -- Mar 27, 2019. Desins Anciens et du XIXe Siecle -- Apr 9, 2019. Art Precolombien, Collection Felix et Heidi Stoll et a Divers Amateurs -- Apr 9, 2019. Modern British & Irish Art -- Apr 10, 2019. Arts d'Afrique, d'Oceanie et d'Amerique du Nord
Sherman N8650.C4 L6 2019

[Christie's London catalogues. 2019]
London : Christie's International UK, 2019
Feb 23, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Masterpieces from an Important Private Collection -- Feb 27, 2019. Art of the Surreal, Evening Sale -- Feb 27, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Evening Sale -- Feb 28, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Works on Paper and Day Sale -- Mar 6, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Evening Auction -- Mar 7, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Day Auction -- Mar 27, 2019. Desins Anciens et du XIXe Siecle -- Apr 9, 2019. Art Precolombien, Collection Felix et Heidi Stoll et a Divers Amateurs -- Apr 9, 2019. Modern British & Irish Art -- Apr 10, 2019. Arts d'Afrique, d'Oceanie et d'Amerique du Nord
Sherman N8650.C4 L6 2019

[Christie's London catalogues. 2019]
London : Christie's International UK, 2019
Feb 23, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Masterpieces from an Important Private Collection -- Feb 27, 2019. Art of the Surreal, Evening Sale -- Feb 27, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Evening Sale -- Feb 28, 2019. Impressionist and Modern Art, Works on Paper and Day Sale -- Mar 6, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Evening Auction -- Mar 7, 2019. Post-war and Contemporary Art, Day Auction -- Mar 27, 2019. Desins Anciens et du XIXe Siecle -- Apr 9, 2019. Art Precolombien, Collection Felix et Heidi Stoll et a Divers Amateurs -- Apr 9, 2019. Modern British & Irish Art -- Apr 10, 2019. Arts d'Afrique, d'Oceanie et d'Amerique du Nord
Sherman N8650.C4 L6 2019

Arte entre vecinos : México, Estados Unidos
Lara Elizondo, Lupina, author
Ciudad de México : Promoción de Arte Mexicano, 2018
Presentación / Qualitas Compañía de Seguros -- Introducción = Introduction / Lupina Lara Elizondo -- Historia de los Estados Unidos = History of the United States -- Construcción de dos potencias soberanas = Construction of two sovereign nations -- Desarrollo del arte en los Estados Unidos = Development of art in the United States -- Arte de los Estados Unidos : siglos XIX a XXI, del Academicismo al Arte Conceptual = Art of the United States : 19th-21st centuries, from Academicism to Conceptual Art -- Artes visuales y la identidad nacional = The visual arts and national identity -- El arte mexicano después de los años treinta = Mexican art after the 1930s -- De la ruptura al siglo XXI = From "Ruptura" to the 21st centry -- Arte de México : siglos XVII-XXI, del barroco al arte contemporáneo = Art of Mexico : 17th-21st centuries, from Baroque to contemporary art.

This book addresses for the first time the theme of the history of art in Mexico and in the United States. A very interesting approach of the history and in particular the foundations of American culture, as well as the development of art in two neighboring countries, highlighting why art in the United States developed at the end of the 17th century, while in Mexico art began after the Conquest in the second half of the 16th century.
Sherman N6503 .L37 2018

Georg Herold : da wo die... = where the..
Herausgeber, Volker Adolphs, Stephan Berg
Köln : Snoeck Verlag, [2017]
Georg Herold, 1977 bis 1983 Schüler Sigmar Polkes, stellte Anfang der 1980er Jahre zusammen mit Martin Kippenberger, Werner Büttner und Albert Oehlen radikal und sarkastisch Kunst und Kunstbetrieb in Frage und entwickelte in diesen Jahren ein Werk, das wie eine Dada-inspirierte Enzyklopädie des Provisorischen anmutet. Im bewusst beiläufigen Charakter der Arbeiten, die neben Malerei, Skulptur, Installation und Objekten auch Texte und Videos umfassen, spiegelt sich dabei eine künstlerische Grundüberzeugung, die eine genau kalkulierte Unfertigkeit als Strategie gegen den Mythos der Perfektion und des Meisterwerks stellt. Seine Werke aus Materialien und Gegenständen des alltäglichen Gebrauchs setzen sich kritisch und ironisch mit kunsthistorischen, gesellschaftlichen, politischen wie auch mit religiös-ideologischen Denkgewohnheiten auseinander und versetzen den Betrachter in eine immer wieder überraschende Konfrontation mit seinen eigenen Kunsterwartungen.
Sherman N6888.H465 A4 2017

Vija Celmins : to fix the image in memory
Garrels, Gary, author
San Francisco, California : San Francisco Museum of Modern Art ; [2018]
Best known for her striking drawings of ocean surfaces, begun in 1968 and revisited over many years both in drawings and paintings, Vija Celmins (b. 1938) has been creating exquisitely detailed renderings of natural imagery for more than five decades. The oceans were followed by desert floors and night skies--all subjects in which vast, expansive distances are distilled into luminous, meticulous, and mesmerizing small-scale artworks. For Celmins, this obsessive "redescribing" of the world is a way to understand human consciousness in relation to lived experience. The first major publication on the artist in twenty years, this comprehensive and lavishly illustrated volume explores the full range of Celmins's work produced since the 1960s--drawings and paintings as well as sculpture and prints. Scholarly essays, a narrative chronology, and a selection of excerpts from interviews with the artist illuminate her methods and techniques; survey her early years in Los Angeles, where she was part of a circle that included James Turrell and Ken Price; and trace the development of her work after she moved to New York City and befriended figures such as Robert Gober and Richard Serra. Exhibition: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA (15.12.2018-31.03.2019); Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada (13.06-11.08.2019); The Met Breuer, New York, USA (01.10.2019-12.01.2020).
Sherman N7433.4.C385 G277 2018

Adriaen Brouwer : master of emotions : between Rubens and Rembrandt
Brouwer, Adriaen, 1605 or 1606-1638, artist
Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, [2018]
"Adriaen Brouwer was born around 1604 in Oudenaarde. Recent archival research has now confirmed this. At an early age, Brouwer moved to the Northern Netherlands, where he spent time in Gouda, Haarlem and Amsterdam. He lived out his final years in Antwerp, where he died in 1638. Even though his life was short and turbulent, this remarkable master left behind an impressive oeuvre, small in scale but of outstanding quality. Varied and innovative: these are the words that best describe his work. From an art-historical perspective, Brouwer's paintings are of exceptional importance: as a groundbreaking master, he forms a bridge between the Bruegelian tradition of the 16th century and the genre and landscape art of the 17th century. His artistic virtuosity and the different layers of meaning in his work make him one of the most fascinating artists of the 17th century in the Low Countries. Brouwer's fame in his own time and the appreciation he enjoyed from other masters like Rubens, Rembrandt and Van Dyck stands in sharp contrast to the manner in which he is viewed today, where he still remains largely unknown to the general public. Adriaen Brouwer. Master of Emotions hopes to change this perception. Katrien Lichtert is curator of this ambitious exhibition. She has gathered around her an international team of art historians, who have analyzed and explained in depth the various aspects of Brouwer's work. The result is a book that finally does justice to the master of emotions." --from Back cover
Sherman ND673.B6 A4 2018

Localizing the contemporary : the Kunsthalle Bern as a model
Peter J. Schneemann (ed.)
Zurich : JRP/Ringier, [2018]
"The format of the Kunsthalle as a specific place for the production and exhibition of contemporary art is the main focus of this theoretical publication. In contrast to collecting museums, the Kunsthalle is associated with concepts of artistic freedom and novelty. Taking into account this dynamism, the book understands the Kunsthalle as a model that contributes to the formation of contemporary art in essential ways. The Kunsthalle Bern, its historical development, the political implications of its exhibitions, as well as its societal positioning is thereby a key institution to discuss, analyze, and understand the Kunsthalle format on a more abstract level. Edited by Bern's Institut für Kunstgeschichte Professor Peter J. Schneemann, and published on the occasion of the centenary of the Kunsthalle Bern, this publication gathers together 18 essays about the Kunsthalle Bern as a role model and a place for artistic intervention and production, elaborating the examinations to which numerous international artists have subjected the building itself. Interventions in the architectural structure of the Kunsthalle Bern have led to a constant and critical exploration of both the institution and its building. Structured into three main sections, this anthology discusses the Kunsthalle Bern as a model where the contemporary can be localized."
Sherman N3629 .L63 2018

Maioliche di Savona e Albisola a Firenze : 1650-1700
Spallanzani, Marco, author
Genova : Sagep editori, [2018]
La maiolica ligure ha conosciuto nel Seicento, e soprattutto nella seconda metà del secolo, un successo straordinario, non solo in Italia. Firenze ha mostrato una grande ammirazione nei confronti di questo vasellame dalla delicata colorazione azzurra, uscito dalle fornaci dei vasai di Savona e Albisola. Negli archivi fiorentini si è conservata una documentazione particolarmente ricca, che ha consentito di ricostruire i canali di rifornimento, i prezzi di mercato e l'uso di quel vasellame. Non di rado le prime famiglie della città hanno commissionato interi servizi, decorati spesso con il proprio stemma. Eccezionali rimangono le ordinazioni dei granduchi, dei principi e dei cardinali di Casa Medici, a cominciare dalla granduchessa Vittoria.
Sherman NK4315 .S63 2018

L'enigma svelato : la Gioconda, la Vergine delle rocce, il San Giovanni Battista di Leonardo da Vinci e il pensiero del Beato Amadeo
Franco Paliaga
Pisa : Edizioni Campano, [2018]
Sherman ND623.L5 E55 2018

As is : women exposed
Gelb, Amy, photographer,
[Hillsborough, NC] : Daylight Books, [2018]
Sherman TR681.W6 G45 2018

Lucio Saffaro : opere grafiche, 1948-1993
Saffaro, Lucio, artist
Bologna : Bononia University Press, novembre 2018
Le opere grafiche di Lucio Saffaro ripercorrono, in senso cronologico, la sua intera storia artistica: dai primissimi disegni "metafisici" e "calligrafici" ai più noti studi sui poliedri e sulle geometrie impossibili, documentando come la ricerca del pittore, fin dal principio, abbia aderito sia a un classicismo profondamente italiano e rinascimentale, sia alle più interessanti e originali sperimentazioni segniche di matrice "surrealista" e "metafisica" del primo Novecento. Il lavoro grafico, così riunito per la prima volta, non solo conferma una profonda coerenza tra pensiero e metodo, ma è testimone di una corrispondenza ineludibile tra ricerca letteraria, scientifica e artistica. Questo catalogo generale raccoglie 935 disegni, 54 litografie e 11 acqueforti realizzati dall'artista tra il 1948 e il 1993, opere non sempre rintracciabili fisicamente, ma di cui si sono comunque recuperate preziose riproduzioni fotografiche.
Sherman N6923.S23 A4 2018

Osvaldo Licini
Licini, Osvaldo, 1894-1958, artist
Venice : Marsilio, September 2018
Sherman ND623.L64 A4 2018

Bartolomé Bermejo
Bermejo, Bartolomé, artist
Madrid : Museo Nacional del Prado ; [2018]
"This book, published on the occasion of the exhibition, presents the results of the research carried out over a period of more than three years by a group of specialists. Their work in archives, libraries and restoration centres and, of course, their first-hand examination of the pictures themselves have enabled them not only to put together a new catalogue raisonne of this Spanish artist but also to reveal new aspects of his personality, painting technique and iconographic contributions. In order to appeal to a wide and varied audience ranging from specialists to art lovers, the texts are written in a rigorous but engaging style and are accompanied by a rich assortment of attractive illustrations that attest to Bermejo's mastery as a painter. In short, the book is designed to help readers learn about and enjoy the work of a truly brilliant painter who is still little known to the public at large."-- from Front Cover
Sherman ND813.B42 A4 2018

Thirtythree : a new horizon of photography at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest
editor, Róna Kopeczky ; texts, Jörg Colberg and five others
Berlin : Hatje Cantz, [2018]
The history of photography is deeply rooted in Hungary, and many outstanding artists--including the iconic László Moholy-Nagy--left their mark on the art of photography in the early twentieth century. However, it wasn't until the mid-1980s that photography was incorporated into higher education at the institution that is now named after László Moholy-Nagy. This catalog offers an extensive survey of the thirty-three years that have gone by since this program began. It also presents outstanding works by the artists who have graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Alongside essays by Jörg M. Colberg and David Campany, the volume features works by Sári Ember, Anna Fabricius, Viola Fátyol, Adél Koleszár, Gábor Arion Kudász, Péter Puklus, Gergely Szatmári, Éva Szombat, and others. Exhibition: Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Budapest, Hungary (08.10.-09.12.2018).
Sherman TR646.H92 B838 2018

Liberxina : pop y nuevos comportamientos artísticos, 1966-1971 : posguerra y segunda vanguardia
coordinación editorial y producción, Núria Giralt, Joana Rosa
Barcelona : Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, noviembre 2018
Sherman N7109.C3 L583 2018

Giovanni Boldini : opere su carta
Boldini, Giovanni, 1842-1931, artist
[Genoa] : Sagep editori, [2018]
Sherman NC257.B626 A4 2018

Dorothea Tanning : behind the door, another invisible door
curator, Alyce Mahon ; editorial coordination, Teresa Ochoa de Zabalegui
Madrid : Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, [2018]
Dorothea Tanning : behind the door, another invisible door / Alyce Mahon -- Sleepwalkers : Dorothea Tanning and ballet / Idoia Murga Castro -- Life is something else : Chambre 202, Hôtel du Pavot / Alyce Mahon -- Another dimension : Dorothea Tanning, contemporary practice and the legacies of surrealism / Ann Coxon -- Selected short stories and poems / Dorothea Tanning.

"Dorothea Tanning (1910-2012) is widely regarded as one of the twentieth century's most important and multifaceted women artists, an association, however, which she spurned: Women artists. There is no such thing or person. It's just as much a contradiction in terms as "man artist" or "elephant artist". You may be a woman and you may be an artist; but the one is a given and the other is you. Tanning developed her extensive, exhaustive and expressive body of work between the USA and France, producing paintings, drawings, costume and set designs for ballets, "soft" sculptures, novels and poems. Her work tells stories which are etched into a personal universe she used to give meaning to modern life and, in a surreal setting - brimming with fantasy and phantoms - shaped in a space which is at once seductive and pernicious. The exhibition revolves around themed rooms drifting through the periods which were integral to Tanning's career spanning childhood and family scenes, girls dressed in Victorian clothing, baroque and bucolic nudes, red-rock deserts, and representations of flowers, highly pertinent in her mature work. Moreover, her installations include Chambre 202, Hôtel du Pavot [Poppy Hotel, Room 202] (1970-1973), with amorphous sculptures inviting visitors to see, feel and be part of the surreal world she inhabits. Tanning breaks down the distance between artwork and spectator, seeking to make her work an invitation to transcend rather than reflect the world. A female-dominated world of open doors and revelations brings on chaos in a traditional domestic space that pulses and arouses a strange curiosity. Do we dare to enter her fairy tale, a house with open doors, a residence inhabited by odd creatures, to move into a sunburnt landscape? In the words of the artist: "I wanted to lead the eye towards spaces that hid, revealed, transformed all at once and where there would be some never-before-seen image, as if it had appeared with no help from me".
Sherman N6537.T36 A4 2018

Rubens, Van Dyck, Ribera : la collezione di un principe
a cura di Antonio Ernesto Denunzio ; con Giuseppe Porzio e Renato Ruotolo
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2018]
Sherman ND182.B3 R83 2018

Disegni antichi della Pinacoteca di Faenza : la collezione Giuseppe Zauli
Zavatta, Giulio, author
Rimini : NFC edizioni, [2018]
Sherman NC255 .Z38 2018

Leonardo da Vinci : prime idee per l'ultima cena : disegni dalle Collezioni reali inglesi
Leonardo, da Vinci, 1452-1519, artist
Milano : Skira, [2018]
Milano rende omaggio a Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) in occasione delle celebrazioni per i 500 anni dalla sua morte. All'interno del Refettorio di Santa Maria delle Grazie sono esposti dieci disegni provenienti dalle Collezioni Reali Inglesi dall'11 ottobre 2019 al 13 gennaio 2019. Tre teche guardano l'Ultima Cena e mostrano i passaggi che hanno portato alla sua realizzazione. Dei dieci disegni, sette sono senz'altro di mano di Leonardo, due (tradizionalmente attribuiti dalla critica a Cesare da Sesto) sono qui assegnati al Maestro toscano, mentre uno è riferito a Francesco Melzi. Si dividono sostanzialmente in due blocchi, come racconta Stefano L'Occaso (Direttore del Polo Museale della Lombardia e curatore della mostra), un primo include gli studi d'insieme, schizzi più rapidi, realizzati a penna,nei quali Leonardo tenta lo studio della composizione nel suo complesso. I lavori del secondo nucleo sono per lo più a matita rossa o nera e si soffermano sui singoli dettagli: il braccio destro di San Pietro, le mani di San Giovanni o la mano sinistra di San Bartolomeo. Ed è proprio da questi dettagli, dall'attenzione al particolare che Leonardo si rivela il Maestro assoluto del disegno.00Exhibition: Refettorio di Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan, Italy (11.10.2018 - 13.01.2019).
Sherman NC257.L4 A4 2018

El sur de Picasso : referencias andaluzas
comisario, José Lebrero
Málaga : Fundación Museo Picasso Málaga, 2018
Sherman N6853.P5 A4 2018b

Murillo IV centenario
edición a cargo de Ignacio Cano Rivero, María del Valme Muñoz Rubio
[Sevilla] : Junta de Andalucía, Consejería de Cultura, [2018]
Sherman ND806.5.B37 M87 2018

Black hole : arte e matericità fra informe e invisibile
a cura di Sara Fumagalli, Lorenzo Giusti
Bergamo : GAMeC books, [2018]
Sherman N6488.I8 B725 2018

Antonino Leto : tra l'epoca dei Florio e la luce di Capri
Leto, Antonino, 1844-1913, artist
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2018]
Sherman ND623.L47 A4 2018

Titian's Aretino : a contextual study of all the portraits
Waddington, Raymond B., author
Firenze : Leo S. Olschki editore, MMXVIII
Pietro Aretino and Titian were compari. Titian designed author portraits for Pietro, five known painted portraits and two in narrative paintings. All were done in particular situations with intentions varying greatly in purpose and complexity. This study reconstructs these contexts as fully as possible, showing how they determine the concept of each portrait and enhance appreciation of Titian's artistry in revealing different aspects of Aretino's personality and character. After considering the author portraits, the study examines their relationship with Alfonso d' Avalos, who is featured with Aretino in both istorie, The Allocution and the Ecce Homo, in which Pietro appears as Pilate defending Christ. The earliest surviving independent portrait, 1538, represents Aretino as a divinely inspired writer. The 1545 portrait, conceived as one of a pair commemorating his condottiero friend Giovanni de' Medici, has the most complicated context. It was delayed by loss of Giovani's death mask, Titian's failure to do Giovanni's portrait, and further when Pietro's portrait was hidden from the recipient Cosimo I de' Medici. The study concludes with an assessment of their friendship
Sherman ND1329.T54 W33 2018

Gonzalo Tena : 1971-2017 : la textualidad de la pintura
coordinación, Ana I. Herce San Miguel
Teruel : Museo de Teruel, [2017]
Sherman ND813.T362 A4 2017

Fray Manuel Bayeu : cartujo, pintor y testigo de su tiempo
textos, Elena Barlés Báguena, José Ignacio Calvo Ruata, Carlos E. de Corbera y Tobeña, Juan Carlos Lozano López
[Huesca, España] : Diputación de Huesca, [2018]
Sherman ND813.B29 A4 2018

Voci d'artiste : Sofonisba Anguissola, Rosalia Novelli, Anna Fortino
Santina Grasso, Maria Concetta Gulisano, Maria Ilaria Randazzo, Daniela Vullo
Palermo : Kalós edizioni d'arte, [2017]
Sherman N6921.P3 V63 2017

Tiziano, Gerhard Richter : il cielo sulla terra = heaven on earth
a cura di Stefano Baia Curioni, Helmut Friedel, Giovanni Iovine
Mantova : Corraini edizioni, [2018]
Sherman ND623.T7 A4 2018b

?War is over : arte e conflitti tra mito e contemporaneità
a cura di Angela Tecce e Maurizio Tarantino
Genova : Sagep editori, [2018]
Sherman N8260 .W36 2018

Color and light : the Neo-impressionist Henri-Edmond Cross
edited by Frédéric Frank, Marina Ferretti Bocquillon, Ortrud Westheider, and Michael Philipp ; with contributions by Raphaël Dupouy and six others
Munich, Germany ; Prestel, [2018]
Inspired by the work of Realist painters such as Gustave Courbet and Francois Bonvin, Henri-Edmond Cross's earliest paintings were compositions in dark, somber colors. Following his involvement with the avant-gardist circle around Georges Seurat, he gradually adopted the Neo-Impressionist technique and began to develop a unique visual vocabulary. After his move to the Mediterranean coast in 1891, Cross's palette became increasingly lighter, resulting in dazzlingly colorful landscapes, genre paintings, and compositions that are overlaid with mythological and allegorical allusions. This volume traces Cross's artistic trajectory through all stages of his prolific career and situates his masterful approach to color and light within the broader context of the European avant-garde of his time. In addition, it examines the painter's anarchist sympathies and the political dimensions of his depictions of utopian sceneries. Exhibition: Museum Barberini, Potsdam, Germany (17.11.2018-17.02.2019).
Sherman ND553.C964 A4 2018

Cani in posa : dall'antichità a oggi
a cura di Francesco Petrucci ; saggi di Stefano Cerrato, Marco Iuffrida, Pietro Passerin d'Entréves
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2018]
Sherman N5073.I83 V463 2018

Art for education : contemporary artists from Pakistan
edited by Salima Hashmi and Rosa Maria Falvo
Milano, Italy : Skira, 2018
Sherman N7310.7 .A768 2018

Teresa Burga : aleatory structures
edited by Heike Munder ; translation from English, Christian Quatmann ; translation from Portuguese, Paul Webb
Zurich : Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst : [2018]
This comprehensive publication on the Peruvian artist Teresa Burga (b. Iquitos, Peru, 1935) provides an overview of her work from the 1960s to the present day - from her landmark installations Autorretrato. Estructura. Informe. 9.6.72 ('Self-Portrait. Structure. Report. 9.6.72,' 1972) and Perfil de la Mujer Peruana ('Profile of the Peruvian Woman', 1980-1981) to her latest series of drawings. Her many-faceted oeuvre encompasses paintings and environments in the vein of Pop art, as well as conceptual drawings and cybernetic installations. This broad range of media, formal means, and aesthetic idioms goes hand in hand with a resolute thematic focus: Burga's works are highly detailed protocols of the social realities of their time. With often playful precision, Burga highlights connections between causes and effects to draw attention to the individual's ability to influence social conditions. Exhibition: Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich, Switzerland (26.05.-12.08.2018).
Sherman N6719.B87 A4 2018

The heavens
Bosworth, Barbara, 1953- photographer
Santa Fe, NM : Radius Books, [2018]
Preface / Barbara Bosworth -- Time travels / Margot Anne Kelley -- The moon -- The heavens -- The sun -- Galileo's observations / Owen Gingerich -- A nod to John Herschel / Joanne Lukitsh -- Appendix.

A follow-up to her successful 2015 book The Meadow, this project focuses on Boston-based photographer Barbara Bosworth's (born 1953) images of the moon, sun and sky. Made over the past several years with an 8x10 camera, the star images are hour-long exposures with the camera mounted on a clock drive. The sun and moon images are made with a telescope attached to her camera. Speaking of her inspiration for these images, Bosworth writes: "Every clear night of the summer my father would go out for a walk to look at the night sky. Many nights I would join him. We knew the North Star, and the Big Bear, but the rest became our own. At times we stood still for an hour or more to watch for shooting stars. We had no agenda. It was all about amazement at a sky full of stars. With this sense of wonder, I began making photographs of the Heavens. In these days of the Hubble Telescope and its spectacular imagery from deep space, I wanted a reminder of the mystery of our own night sky." The book also includes facsimile editions of three artist's books that Bosworth has made as a nod to Galileo's 17th-century publications in which he first observed the skies through a telescope.
Sherman Oversize TR655 .B679 2018

Fotografía artística Guerra : Yucatán, México
José Antonio Rodríguez, Alberto Tovalín Ahumada
Ciudad de México, México : Cámara de Diputados, LXIII Legislatura, 2017
Presentación / Jose Carlos Ramírez Marín -- Contextos /José Antonio Rodríguez, Alberto Tovalín Ahumada -- Acervo Fotográfico [El estudio, Cotidianos, Henequeneros, Vestigios, Rituales, Política] -- Los Guerra Y Sus Colegas / María de la Luz Medina Chávez, Waldemaro Concha Vargas -- El Trópico En El Estudio / Gustavo Amézaga Heiras -- Vistas / Blanca González Rodríguez -- La Mirada En Femenino / Arturo Ávila Cano -- Documentos De Un Adiós / Isabel García Franco -- El Paisaje Social / Marisol Domínguez González -- Vestigios / Lilia Fernández Souza -- Viajantes En Yucatán / José Antonio Rodríguez -- Thompson En El Cenote Sagrado / Jesse Lerner -- Maestros De La Fotografía / Edward Montañez -- Bibliografía -- Semblanzas.

Pedro Guerra, father and son, recorded life in the Yucatán state from 1877 to 1959; its 500 thousand negatives give rise to this book. Pedro Guerra Jordán and Pedro Guerra Aguilar, father and son, chronicle Yucatan from the late nineteenth century and until the middle of the twentieth century. From his studio Guerra Art Photography, whose collection has been protected at the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY) since 1977, the two chroniclers made the portrait of an era, built through around 500 thousand negatives and visual documents "a social and cultural picture about the Yucatan Peninsula", as they claim, as a prologue, José Antonio Rodríguez and Alberto Tovalín Ahumada, editors of the book Fotografía Artística Guerra, which is published within the framework of the 40th anniversary of the Pedro Guerra Photo Library. "Without a doubt, the Pedro Guerra archive contributes with other collections from Mexico to visually build the national history, and the fact that the Autonomous University of Yucatan has hosted this collection and preserved it and then enriched it, including with donations from other photographers and from other collectors, it is a wonder because it documents the history of the 19th and 20th century of Yucatan and even of the Peninsula," says the historian and anthropologist Blanca González Rodríguez Ten scholars also participate in the book analyzing the vital issues in the Guerra archive: The Study, Cotidians, Henequen, Vestiges, Rituals and Politics. Edward Jimmy Montañez, who worked for 32 years at the Fototeca Pedro Guerra, points out that father and son were undoubtedly the most important photographers not only from Yucatan but even from all of the southeast of the country. "In almost 100 years of photographic production we will find that they portrayed Yucatec society as a whole, we can see portraits of both the upper social class, entrepreneurs, Yucatecan hacienda owners, governors, municipal presidents and in the same way portrayed peasants and workers; and the quality will not decrease because it is a social class or another." The editor Alberto Tovalín Ahumada says that there is a lot of material in the Guerra archive, so they decided to make a selection and focus on six themes that range from his portraits in the studio - which survived until 1975 in charge of a nephew of Pedro Guerra Aguilar - to images about daily life, haciendas of the henequen, archaeological remains, politics and rituals such as parties and the photography of the dead. "We were able to select the most representative themes, for example, politics, where the first feminist Congress is interesting, that is, the role of women in the political life of Yucatan that was impressive; the era of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, de Madero, Pino Suárez and Serapio Rendón. There is a very beautiful picture in the theater during the feminist congress," says Tovalín Ahumada.
Sherman TR29.Y83 F67 2017

Ultima Thule
Saxgren, Henrik
Berlin : Hatje Cantz, [2018]
Historically, Ultima Thule has been a concept for 'the northernmost boundary with the end of the world', a mythical place. For more than 200 years artists, writers, scientists and adventurers have felt the attraction of life on this boundary. In this succession, Danish photographer Henrik Saxgren (*1953 in Randers) locates his work which explores the life in Arctic Greenland. Spread over six journeys, he spent more than six months in the Thule region. His photographs document the life of what may be the last generation of hunters on the sea ice of Thule, hunting and catching the great (sea) mammals, like their ancestors for centuries before them. Despite of the physically and mentally challenging conditions, Saxgren continued his work and created new pictures for which he even sometimes had to overcome his own fear: pictures that can supplement the narrative of the Arctic, its drama, its myths.
Sherman Oversize TR820.5 .S3513 2018

Endangered species : artists on the front line of biodiversity
Matilsky, Barbara C., author,
Bellingham, Washington : Whatcom Museum, 2018
Celebrating biodiversity's beauty and complexity : from landscapes to microscopic imagery -- Mammoths and dinosaurs : interpreting natural extinction -- Portraits of loss : extinction by human actions -- Endangered species : plants and animals on the edge of survival -- At the crossroads : destruction or preservation of biodiversity. Habitat loss. Tropical rainforests. Coral reefs ; Invasive species ; Population growth ; Pollution : land, water, atmosphere ; Overharvesting : unsustainable hunting and fishing -- The promise of seed banks : preserving botanical diversity -- Timeline: Conservation milestones -- Exhibition checklist.

Highlights sixty artists who celebrate biodiversity's beauty, interpret natural and human-induced extinctions, and focus on endangered species from diverse ecosystems. It includes the work of artists who spotlight human actions threatening biodiversity alongside art projects that revitalize habitats and reconnect people to the natural world. Surveys a wide range of approaches and media used by artists spanning the nineteenth through twenty-first centuries. By tracing links between contemporary and earlier artists, it reveals continuity within a rich cultural tradition of engagement with nature conservation and juxtaposes the history of art and natural science, exploring artists' pivotal role in raising awareness about biodiversity's importance.
Sherman N8217.E28 M35 2018

유혹하는 그림, 우키요에 : 우키요에를 따라 일본 에도 시대를 거닐다 / 이연식 지음
이연식, author
P'aju : At'ŭbuksŭ. 2009
Sherman N7353.6.U35 Y48 2009

Japanese prints : the collection of Vincent van Gogh
Uhlenbeck, Chris, author
London : Thames & Hudson, 2018
"This book explores the history of Van Gogh's collection and analyses its composition and quality, and is accompanied by almost 150 illustrations of many of the prints he himself owned and which are now held in the Van Gogh Museum. These prints, by artists including Hiroshige, Kuniyoshi and Kunisada, lend us a compelling insight into one of the most powerful creative influences behind Van Gogh's art.Vincent van Gogh fell under the spell of Japanese woodblock prints during his stay in Paris, where Japanese art was the height of fashion. His initial motivation in purchasing the more than 600 prints he acquired was commercial. He hoped to deal in them, but the exhibition he organized at the café-restaurant Le Tambourin was a failure. However, Van Gogh now had the advantage of being able to study his collection at leisure, and slowly he became captivated by the prints' colourful, attractive and unusual imagery."--
Sherman NE1321.8 .U35 2018

Mural masters : a new generation
Iosifidis, Kiriako̧s, author
Berkeley, CA : Gingko Press, 2018
The 21st century has seen a sea of change in perceptions of public art. No longer limited to alleys and the shadows of overpasses, a new generation is painting towering, colorful pieces in the broad light of day. 'Mural Masters' is a stunning showcase of work by more than ninety street painters, including legends like C215, Hendrik Beikirch, Herakut, Logan Hicks, INTI, Faith XLVII, Felipe Pantone, NYCHOS and Saner as well as a who's-who of up-and-coming mural artists. Styles range from traditional figurative work to abstract and geometric, mirroring a larger shift taking place in this corner of the art world. A short section of collaborative murals offers a look into what happens when singular artistic minds meet, creating visuals greater than the sum of their parts. Dynamic, international and contemporary, 'Mural Masters' is a must-own for anyone interested in the unfolding evolution of street art.
Sherman ND2550 .I67 2018

Águas do Guaíba : Rio Grande do Sul Brasil
Guimaraens, Rafael, author
Porto Alegre : Libretos, 2015
Sherman TR41 .G856 2015

Agros, oikia, kēpos, topos
epimeleia Polyxenē Adam-Velenē, Domna Terzopoulou = Field, house, garden, grave / editors Polyxeni Adam-Veleni, Domna Terzopoulou
Thessalonikē : Archaiologiko Mouseio Thessalonikēs, 2012
Sherman DF261.T49 A73 2012

Pittura fiamminga del Quattrocento
Pescio, Claudio, author
Firenze : Giunti, [2018]
Sherman ND635 .P47 2018

Decorated pottery in Cyprus and Philistia in the 12th century BC : Cypriot IIIC and Philistine IIIC
Mountjoy, Penelope A., author
Vienna : Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, [2018]
Sherman NK4146.C9 M68 2018

Decorated pottery in Cyprus and Philistia in the 12th century BC : Cypriot IIIC and Philistine IIIC
Mountjoy, Penelope A., author
Vienna : Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, [2018]
Sherman NK4146.C9 M68 2018

Make ink
Logan, Jason (Artist), author
New York : Abrams, [2018]
"The Toronto Ink Company was founded in 2014 by designer and artist Jason Logan as a citizen science experiment to make eco-friendly, urban ink from street-harvested pigments. In Make Ink, Logan delves into the history of inkmaking and the science of distilling pigment from the natural world. Readers will learn how to forage for materials such as soot, rust, cigarette butts, peach pits, and black walnut, then how to mix, test, and transform these ingredients into rich, vibrant inks that are sensitive to both place and environment. Organized by color, and featuring lovely minimalist photography throughout, Make Ink combines science, art, and craft to instill the basics of ink making and demonstrate the beauty and necessity of engaging with one of mankind's oldest tools of communication."--Provided by publisher.
Sherman TP946 .L64 2018

In celebration of José Clemente Orozco
[Hanover, N.H.] : Dartmouth College, 1984
Sherman ND259.O7 I54 1984

Synergies in visual culture = Bildkulturen im Dialog : Festschrift für Gerhard Wolf
Manuela De Giorgi, Annette Hoffmann, Nicola Suthor (Hrsg.) ; in Zusammenarbeit mit Laura Veneskey
München : Wilhelm Fink Verlag, [2013]
Sherman N72.S6 S97 2013

William Scharf : imagining the actual
Scharf, William, 1927- artist
New York, NY : Hollis Taggart Galleries, [2016]
Sherman ND237.S4214 A4 2016

Keith Coventry
introduction, Norman Rosenthal ; main texts, Michael Bracewell, Diedrich Diederichsen ; additional texts, Nick Zangwill, Iwona Blazwick, Andrew Hibbard
Berlin : Hatje Cantz Verlag, [2018]
With this publication, Keith Coventry (*1958, Burnley, Great Britain) presents an overview of his oeuvre from its beginnings in the early 1990s to the present day, shedding light on his exploration of the legacy of modernism and post-modernism. In his series 'Junk Paintings' (2012), for example, a new visual vocabulary containing elements of the famous McDonald's logo shifts into focus, blending with Minimalism and Pop Art. In the white 'Pure Junk Paintings' (2015/16) he continues his work with these formal elements, but using new materials: wood, muslin, beeswax, glass, and gesso lend the paintings a sculptural presence. The same is true of the series 'Golden Arches' (2016), for which parts of the McDonald's logo were cast in bronze and heavily gold plated, contrasting a cheap, mass produced commodity with materials representing permanence, craft, and value. In Coventry's art the consumer world and mass production encounter an aesthetic characterized by beauty and timelessness.
Sherman ND497.C7425 A4 2018

Shadows of time : Giambologna, Michelangelo and the Medici Chapel
editorial team, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Stephan Koja, Claudia Kryza-Gersch ; translation, Robert McInnes
Munich : Hirmer Verlag GmbH, [2018]
Giambologna (1529 - 1606) is regarded as the most important European sculptor between Michelangelo and Bernini. How did he achieve this status? This volume investigates this question and examines above all Giambologna's study of Michelangelo, his all-powerful role model, and how he successfully prevailed. The young Flemish artist Giambologna most probably embarked on his study trip to Rome in 1550. On his way home he visited Florence, decided to stay and became the star at the Medici court. They sent his sculptures to the princely courts of Europe, where they became sought-after gifts. Although we know a great deal about his success, we know little of his early years in Italy, because he first appeared on the scene as a sculptor from about 1560. The alabaster figures after Michelangelo's "Times of Day" in Dresden, hitherto largely ignored, seem to be early works by the master sculptor. An examination of these sculptures promises to shed fresh light on the development of a genius.
Sherman NB623.G465 A4 2018

The essential Duchamp
Matthew Affron ; with contributions by Cecile Debray, Alexander Kauffman, Michelle R. Taylor, and John Vick
Philadelphia, PA : in association with Yale University Press, [2018]
"This richly illustrated publication explores the full career of the hugely influential and endlessly fascinating French-American artist Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968). A pioneer whose creative output was predicated on a fundamental questioning of what art is, Duchamp is well known despite remaining mysterious as an artist, owing to his elusive persona and the unconventional nature of his work. Focusing on the world-renowned Duchamp collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Essential Duchamp tells the artist's story through four key periods. The book begins with his early paintings and engagement with the avant-garde, then charts his abandonment of painting and invention of the readymade. This is followed by the creation of his alter ego Rrose Sélavy and the optical experiments of the interwar years, and, finally, by the making of Étant donnés (1946-66), the project that occupied the artist in the final two decades of his life. Shorter accompanying texts include explanations of key terms Duchamp used for his innovative ideas--readymade, precision optics, pictorial nominalism, and infrathin--as well as interviews and statements by the artist about his own art and ideas."--The publisher.
Sherman N6853.D8 E825 2018

Spaces in architecture : areas, distances, dimensions
Bielefeld, Bert, author
Basel : Birkhauser, 2018
The design of a building is a complex process in which the architect develops spaces which are defined by a number of different parameters. The most important of these are space requirements, distances, furniture and fittings, and movement zones. From the dimensions of the human body it is possible to derive guide values for these reference sizes that make spaces comfortable to be in and to use. Spaces in Architecture is a useful reference work for students and designers for quickly looking up detailed information on space scenarios that occur in many different types of buildings. For example, the book lists all important dimensions for entrance areas, doors, staircases, ramps, and elevators. On the basis of this fundamental information it is possible to design buildings in terms of function and type.
Sherman NA2765 .B5413 2018

Picasso en el punto de mira : la picassofobia y los atentados a la cultura en el tardofranquismo
Hernández Henche, Nadia, author
Barcelona : Universitat de Barcelona, 2018
Sherman ND808.5.P53 H47 2018

Censoring art : silencing the artwork
edited by Róisín Kennedy, Riann Coulter
London : I.B. Tauris, 2018
Introduction: Censoring art: silencing the artwork / Róisín Kennedy and Riann Coulter -- 1. Censorship in disguise: elusive forms of exclusion and the examples of Cypriot artists Socratis Socratous and Erhan Öze / Elena Parpa -- 2. Silenced voices? the censorship of art in Iran / Kirstie Imber -- 3. Art and censorship in Stalin's Russia in the 1930s / Judith Devlin -- 4. Sex, art and museums: on the changing institutional censorship of shunga / Louise Boyd -- 5. 'Naked ladies': the censorship of the nude in Canadian modern art / Devon Smither -- 6. Censorship in the Irish Free State and its implications for Irish art / Róisín Kennedy -- 7. Post-Soviet and post-colonial forms of art censorship in Central Asia / Alexey Ulko -- 8. In the shadow of Alexander the Great: censorship, ideology and contemporary art in Macedonia / Jonathan Blackwood -- 9. The contemporary condition of Eilís O'Connell's The Great Wall of Kinsale / Sean Lynch -- 10. Corporate Censorship / Alana Jelinek.
Sherman N8740 .C46 2018

Cosmopolitan Ambassadors : international exhibitions, cultural diplomacy and the polycentral museum
Davidson, Lee, author
Wilmington, Delaware : Vernon Press, [2019]
Sherman AM7 .D37 2019

Art, theory and practice in the Anthropocene
edited by Julie Reiss
Wilmington, Delaware, United States : Vernon Press, [2019]
Contributes to the growing literature on artistic responses to global climate change and its consequences. Designed to include multiple perspectives, it contains essays by thirteen art historians, art critics, curators, artists and educators, and offers different frameworks for talking about visual representation and the current environmental crisis. The anthology models a range of methodological approaches drawn from different disciplines, and contributes to an understanding of how artists and those writing about art construct narratives around the environment. The book is illustrated with examples of art by nearly thirty different contemporary artists.
Sherman N8217.E28 A784 2019

Giappone : la Biennale di Venezia 1978
[S.l.] : Japan Foundation, c1978
Sherman N7355.4 .G53 1978

Wonderland - manual for emerging architects
edited by Wonderland, platform for European architecture, Silvia Forlati and Anne Isopp ; with Astrid Piber
Basel : Birkhäuser, [2019]
Sherman NA1995 .W66 2019

Olympian Gods : from the Dresden sculpture collection
exhibition and catalog, Kordelia Knoll and Saskia Wetzig with Michael Philipp ; with contributions by Björn Christian Ewald, Kordelia Knoll, Saskia Wetzig
Muunich : Prestel, [2018]
Featuring ancient Greek and Roman sculpture, this book explores the history and legacy of ancient statues of Olympian gods. For people in ancient Greece, ornately and imposingly fashioned statues depicting the gods symbolized power or ideal beauty. During the Roman Empire, when sculptors copied Greek models, the sculptures conveyed an aura of education and scholarship. This volume showcases antique sculptures that represent the most important Greek Olympian gods. Culled from the collection of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, one of the most important collections of antiquities, this book features objects ranging from the 6th century B.C.E. to the 4th century C.E. The sculptures express the Greek ideal of beauty and the remarkable creative powers of these artists as well as the evolving ways gods were portrayed - from solemn and religiously formal to natural and graceful figures. Exhibition: Museum Barberini, Potsdam, Germany (17.11.2018 - 17.2.2019).
Sherman NB160 .O49 2018

Fangor, Wojciech, 1922-2015
Berlin, 1965]
Sherman ND955.P63 F36 1965x

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner : imaginary travels
Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig, 1880-1938, artist
Munich, Germany ; Prestel, [2018]
Throughout Ernst Ludwig Kirchner's career, one unifying theme emerges - the search for what he saw as unadulterated and primal. This volume explores the far-reaching influence of non-western art on Kirchner's oeuvre and the importance of his life in Davos, Switzerland, where he found a temporary peace despite the impending threat of censorship by the Nazis. Throughout the chapters of this book are reproductions of Kirchner's paintings as well as his sculptures, woodcuts, sketches, drawings, textiles, carvings, and furniture. Archival material in the form of letters and diary entries offer an unprecedented look into the artist's creative process. This study of one of the most talented and influential German Expressionist painters draws compelling conclusions about the influence of the imaginary on his work.
Sherman N6888.K45 A4 2018

A peculiar paradise : Florida photographs
Benn, Nathan, author,
Brooklyn, New York : powerHouse Books, 2018
The combined effect of images by Nathan Benn, while on assignment with National Geographic, of his home state with charming anecdotes creates a delightfully vivid, passionate, and subjective look at what adds up to a love letter to the Sunshine State. 'A Peculiar Paradise: Florida Photographs' by Nathan Benn shows its subject--Benn's homestate--at the dawn of the 1980s, during a time when Florida's only true constant was change. Although some regions rested like the state's alligators, staid and satisfied, other areas became a hotbed for the narcotics trade and a hub for Caribbean and South American immigration. This increasing cultural diversity (Miami's English-speaking Caucasian population was in free fall, from 84% in 1950 to just 12% by 1990), and the state's innate peculiarity is captured here with the keen sense of an anthropologist and the glint-in-the-eye of a local.
Sherman TR820.5 .B46 2018

A chronology of photography : a cultural timeline from camera obscura to instagram
edited by Paul Lowe
New York, New York : Thames & Hudson, 2019
Birth to 1850 -- 1850 to 1900 -- 1900 to 1950 -- 1950 to 1975 -- 1975 to 2000 -- 2000 to Present.

A Chronology of Photography presents a fresh perspective on the medium by taking a purely chronological approach to its history, tracing the complex links between technological innovations, social changes, and artistic interventions. Structured around a central timeline that charts the development of photography from early experiments with optics right up to the present-day explosion of digital media, it features sumptuous reproductions of key photographs, together with commentaries and contextual information about the social, political and cultural events of the period in which they were taken. Special technical sections that explain how the development of new camera technology impacted the practice of photography, while feature spreads highlight important themes and influential practitioners. Covering a wide selection of genres, styles and artists, it is invaluable as a comprehensive guide to photography in all its different forms and functions.
Sherman TR15 .C5627 2019

Forms of enchantment : writings on art & artists
Warner, Marina, 1946- author
London : Thames & Hudson Inc., [2018]
"Art writing at its most useful should share the dynamism, fluidity, and passions of the objects of its enquiry, argues author Marina Warner in this new anthology. Here, some of Warner's most compelling writing captures the visual experience of the work of a diverse group of artists--with a notable focus on the inner lives of women--through an exploration of the range of stories and symbols to which they allude in their work. Warner vividly describes this imagery, covering the connection with animals in the work of Louise Bourgeois, the Catholicism of Damien Hirst, performance as a medium of memory in the installations of Joan Jonas, and more. Rather than drawing on connoisseurship, Warner's approach grows principally out of anthropology and mythology. Accompanied by illustrations of the works being described, Marina Warner's writing unites the imagination of artist, writer, and reader, creating a reading experience that parallels the intrinsic pleasure of looking at art. This book will appeal to any student of art history, those interested in philosophy, feminism, and more generally in the humanities"--
Sherman N7560 .W37 2018

Toulouse-Lautrec y el espíritu de Montmartre
Cate, Phillip Dennis, author
Barcelona : Obra Social "la Caixa", [2018]
Sherman N6853.T6 A4 2018

Rire en images à la Renaissance
sous la direction de Francesca Alberti et Diane H. Bodart
Turnhout : Brepols [2018]
"Comment rit-on de et par les images à l'époque de Rabelais? Le discours sur l'art n'intègre officiellement la dimension comique qu'au XVIIe siècle, pour la reléguer d'emblée au plus bas de sa hiérarchie des genres. Pourtant, le rire est abondamment présent dans les arts figuratifs de la Renaissance, un phénomène d'autant plus captivant qu'il échappe encore à tout classement homogène. Il s'empare de la sphère profane comme sacrée, joue d'une variété de registres du plus vulgaire au plus raffiné et prend des formes très diverses. En interrogeant ses représentations, mais aussi ses processus et ses effets, le livre explore la poïétique du rire au sein de la création artistique et de la pratique des images dans l'Europe des XVe et XVIe siècles"--Back cover.
Sherman N8219.L26 R56 2018

Pattern and decoration : ornament as promise
edited by Esther Boehle and Manuela Ammer
Cologne : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, [2018]
The publication undertakes a comprehensive reappraisal of a hitherto nearly overlooked US-American art movement: Pattern and Decoration (1975-1985). By reclaiming color, variation of forms as well as sensuality, artists such as Valerie Jaudon, Robert Kushner and Miriam Schapiro radically distinguished themselves from the predominant Minimal Art and Concept Art at that time. Pattern and Decoration questioned not only traditional notions of art, but also addressed broader political and social issues like the position of women or ethnic minorities in the global art scene. Exhibition: Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen, Germany (21.09.2018-13.01.2019) / mumok, Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung, Vienna, Austria (22.02.-01.09.2019).
Sherman NK1404 .P385 2018

Orfèvrerie septentrionale, XIIe et XIIIe siècle
coordination scientifique, Philippe George
Namur : Institut du Patrimoine Wallon, [2016]
L'œuvre rassemble des contributions originales sur des œuvres d'orfèvrerie mosane et septentrionale des XIIe et XIIIe siècles de musées européens et américains par les conservateurs des collections et des scientifiques de plusieurs universités.
Sherman NK7149.A3 M486 2016

Naissance de la sculpture gothique : Saint-Denis, Paris, Chartres : 1135-1150
sous la direction de Damien Berné et Philippe Plagnieux
Paris : Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais, [2018]
"Si l'émergence d'un nouvel art de bâtir en Île-de-France dans la décennie 1130 a été largement étudiée, la genèse de la première sculpture gothique liée à l'incidence de ces mutations architecturales restait à mettre en lumière. Ce phénomène, envisagé dans les limites géographiques de son berceau originel, se distingue par l'invention de la statue-colonne et l'évolution des programmes iconographiques. Saint-Denis, Paris et Chartres, monuments emblématiques du Moyen Âge, témoignent, au cours des années 1135-1150, d'une étonnante aspiration au renouvellement des formes et traduisent dans la pierre les prémices d'un humanisme gothique. Les ébrasements des portails peuplés de grandes figures royales et prophétiques, les chapiteaux ornés de bouquets de palmettes, de feuilles d'acanthe, de basilics, de sirènes-oiseaux, de rinceaux habités, de griffons et de chimères révèlent une créativité et une richesse infinies."--Page 4 of cover.
Sherman NB543 .N35 2018

Picasso, Picabia : la peinture au défi
sous la direction d'Aurélie Verdier
Paris : Somogy éditions d'art, [2018]
This exhibition is part of the "Picasso Mediterranean 2017-2019" season launched by the Musée National Picasso, Paris. An unprecedented opportunity to compare and contrast works by two of the greatest names in modern art, founders of the most important artistic movements of the 20th century, it features key works from the museum's collections. This highly original show will also feature many exceptional loans from private owners and leading French and international museums and galleries in France. Organised chronologically and by theme, this exhibition compares masterpieces by an unexpected artistic tandem - "friendly enemies" who, despite their irreconcilable differences, shared an intriguing kinship apparent from the start of their careers. Spanning the decades from the early 20th century to 1973 - the year of Picasso's death - it explores the most outstanding experiments in modern art, from the original Cubism and its successors to the Dada mechanical aesthetic, from Ingres-inspired Classicism to "monster" surrealism, from representational painting to the portrait, and from the use of photography to the return to abstraction at the end of Picabia's life.
Sherman ND553.P5 A4 2018

Helen Levitt
Levitt, Helen, photographer,
Vienna, Austria : Albertina ; [2018]
Helen Levitt (1913-2009) numbers among the foremost exponents of street photography. As a passionate observer and chronicler of everyday street life in New York, she spent decades documenting residents of the city's poorer neighbourhoods such as Lower East Side and Harlem. Levitt's oeuvre stands out for her sense of dynamics and surrealistic sense of humour, and her employment of color photography was revolutionary: Levitt numbers among those photographers who pioneered and established color as a means of artistic expression. The book accompanying the retrospective of the Albertina Museum features around 130 of her iconic works. Many of these photos come from Helen Levitt's personal estate, and this exhibition represents their first-ever public showing. Exhibition: Albertina, Vienna, Austria (11.10.2018-27.01.2019).
Sherman TR659.8 .L48 2018

Barbara Hepworth : the sculptor in the studio
Bowness, Sophie, author
London : Tate Publishing, 2017
Introductio: the sculptor in the studio -- Trewyn studio -- Hepworth's working life at Trewyn -- The garden at Trewyn studio -- From studio to museum: the creation of Barbara Hepworth Museum -- The opening of the Museum and the gift to the nation.

Barbara Hepworth: The Sculptor in the Studio' is the first study devoted to Hepworth's St Ives studio in which the centrality of Trewyn Studio and garden to her art and life is brought to the fore. 'It affects my whole life & work most profoundly', she wrote to a friend in 1949 shortly before acquiring it. A history and a portrait of a unique place, the book illuminates the ways in which the place and the work are bound together. It explores Hepworth's working environment and the development of her practice over a period of 25 years. The studio, and especially the garden that Hepworth shaped, was the primary and ideal context in which her sculptures were viewed. Following Hepworth's death in 1975, Trewyn Studio was opened as the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden, fulfilling the hopes she had expressed at the end of her life. The adaptation of Hepworth's studio-home to create the Museum is examined in detail.
Sherman NB497.H4 B69 2017

Architecture of Wales : from the first to the twenty-first century
Hilling, John B., author
Cardiff, Wales : University of Wales Press, [2018]
Sherman NA992 .H518 2018

Eternal light
Izu, Kenro
Göttingen : Steidl ; 2017
Kenro Izu's "Eternal light" radiates spirituality. In Varanasi, known as the Indian?City of Light,? Izu photographed festivals, rituals, cremations as well as individual experiences of joy and suffering related to death and the afterlife. In Allahabad, where the Ganges and Yamuna Rivers meet, Izu attended the festival of Kumbh Mela, and in the city of Vrindavan, he photographed among the thousands of temples dedicated to Krishna. Highly attuned to the emotions of his subjects, Izu?s exquisitely rendered photographs transcend earthly concerns. He has stated:?It?s as though the Hindu gods have suggested that I think about the question, where are people heading, in this life and after?? Through these photographs Izu strives to find the answers. Co-published with the Howard Greenberg Library, New York Exhibition: Kiyasato Museum of Photographic Arts, Yamanashi, Japan (July 2016).
Sherman TR647 .I98 2017

Lorenzo Lotto : portraits
edited by Enrico Maria Dal Pozzolo, Miguel Falomir ; with the collaboration of Matthias Wivel
Madrid : Museo Nacional del Prado, 2018
Lorenzo Lotto (Venice, about 1480 - Loreto, 1556/57) was one of the great portraitists of the Renaissance due to the variety of typologies that he employed, the psychological depth with which he endowed his sitters, and the judicious use that he made of objects in order to define the status, interests, and aspirations of his subjects. After his death Lotto fell into almost complete obscurity until the late nineteenth century when Bernard Berenson (1856-1959) defined him as the first Italian painter to be interested in depicting states of mind and hence the first modern portraitist. This interpretation, still considered valid, found fertile ground in a society increasingly interested in the most profound dimension of the individual. The catalogue of the exhibition, the first to be devoted to Lotto's portraits, follows this nomadic painter's footsteps from his native Venice to Treviso, Bergamo, Rome, and the Marches through portraits produced over the course of five decades. They reveal a variety of influences ranging from Antonello da Messina to Titian and including his master Alvise Vivarini, Giovanni Bellini, Albrecht Dürer, Giorgione, Raphael, and Leonardo. Lotto re-elaborated these references to formulate his own language, in which looks, gestures, and objects combine to transcend the sitters' physical description and social status and reveal their innermost emotions. With their powerful narrative potential, Lotto's portraits encourage the viewer to speculate on the subjects' lives while testifying to the period of profound transformation experienced in Italy at that time. Exhibition: Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain (19.06. - 30.09.2018).
Sherman ND623.L8 A4 2018b

William Bouguereau : the essential works
Ross, Frederick C., 1945- author
Woodbridge, Suffolk, England : ACC Art Books, [2018]
Acknowledgements -- Introduction -- Biography -- 1. Portraits and the Capturing of Emotion -- 2. Mythological Workss: Bouguereau's Fancies -- 3. Religious Works -- 4. Peasant Paintings -- Bouguereau Reassessed: Viewing the Artist Now and in the Context of His Own Time --Endnotes -- General Index -- Index of William Bouguereau.

William Bouguereau, the most popular artist in nineteenth-century France, is rapidly becoming one of the most popular realist artists of all time. This book is an exploration of the four main types of paintings that were most prevalent throughout Bouguereau's body of work. This includes his mythological works, religious works, peasants, and portraits. This final section on portraits focuses on paintings of heads and hands, which gave the artist the opportunity to concentrate on the subtleties of capturing human emotion, something at which the artist was a consummate master, and is a primary factor in what makes his works, in general, so compelling. Although each section of the book discusses the importance of the individual genera within Bouguereau's oeuvre, and includes painting analyses to highlight his most important works, this book is a true showcase of the master's lifetime achievement through beautifully illustrated full-page plates of over 120 of his greatest masterpieces.
Sherman ND553.B8 R677 2018

William Kentridge at the MACRO
Kentridge, William, 1955- artist
[Cesena] : Manfredi edizioni, [2017]
Triumphs and Laments è il percorso intrapreso da William Kentridge ormai da lungo tempo su Roma e per Roma, culminato con un suggestivo intervento artistico, realizzato sul fianco del muraglione del Lungotevere nel tratto che va da ponte Sisto a ponte Mazzini. Ottanta figure, di circa dieci metri di altezza ciascuna, esaltano la grandezza ma anche le "vergogne" della storia di Roma.Una grande opera site-specific che dissolve, ma contestualmente rimarca, l'azione del tempo "per via di levare", togliendo cioè con la tecnica dello stencil e della idropulitura la patina che il tempo, con i suoi agenti atmosferici, addensa sui muraglioni. La mostra al MACRO - Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Roma compendia e spiega il percorso creativo dell'artista e ne esplora e attraversa le tappe grafiche e iconografiche partendo dai disegni a carboncino e inchiostro eseguiti a Johannesburg e affiancati a una serie di cut out con matita bianca e taglierino lavorati a Roma, inediti. 00Exhibition: MACRO - Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, Italy (17.04- 02.10.2016).
Sherman N7396.K45 A4 2017b

Ribera : art of violence
Ribera, Jusepe de, 1591-1652, artist
Lewes, UK : Giles : 2018
Jesepe de Ribera (1591-1652) : a biographical sketch / Edward Payne -- 'Harsher than Jupiter' : the myth of Ribera / Edward Payne -- Ribera : the shock of the real / Xavier Bray.

"The Spanish Baroque artist and printmaker, Jusepe de Ribera (1591-1652), has long been celebrated for his depictions of human suffering--faces contorted in pain, mutilated bodies, sagging flesh, and deformed bodies. This new volume explores, for the first time, the theme of violence in Ribera's work to demonstrate how his images are neither the product of his supposed sadism nor the expression of a purely aesthetic interest, but rather involve a complex artistic, religious and cultural engagement in the depiction of bodily suffering, challenging viewers to experience the arresting images beyond their initial shock. Born in Játiva, Valencia, Ribera spent most of his career in Naples, southern Italy, where he influenced many Neapolitan masters including Salvator Rosa and Luca Giordano. He is often regarded as the heir to Caravaggio for his dramatic use of light and shadow, and his practice of painting directly from the live model. His prints and paintings alike had an enormous impact on the development of Baroque art all over Europe."--front cover
Sherman ND813.R5 A4 2018

Eastern encounters : four centuries of paintings and manuscripts from the Indian subcontinent
Hannam, Emily, author
London : Royal Collection Trust, 2018
Early encounters : the Stuarts and the great mughals -- Georges, Nawas and nabobs : a 'very splendid' collection is formed -- Queen Victoria and the raj : gifts for the queen empress -- Mementos and modern masterpieces : the south Asian collections of King George V and Queen Mary.

This publication showcases the Royal Library's world-class collection of paintings and manuscripts from the Indian subcontinent. These elegant masterpieces comprise a variety of subject matter, from dazzling Mughal durbars to sensuous poetic scenes. Combined with engaging new scholarship tracing the 400-year history of gift-giving between Britain and India's royal courts, this will be the first time many of these works have been published.
Sherman N7262 .H35 2018

Oliviero Toscani : immaginare
a cura di Susanna Crisanti, Nicoletta Ossanna Cavadini
Milano : Skira, 2017
Nell'ambito della nuova stagione espositiva 2017-2108 (il cui fil rouge è, questa volta, il tema de "I visionari"), il m.a.x. museo ospita una mostra antologica dell'opera di Oliviero Toscani, fotografo e comunicatore di fama internazionale, che ripercorre oltre cinquant'anni di fervida e incessante attività.0Toscani pone da sempre l'attenzione sull'atto di "immaginare" come momento di scelta consapevole del mestiere di fotografo. Capace di spingere e spingersi con creatività nella meravigliosa ricerca della scoperta e della conquista, usa trasgressione e provocazione, forze che appartengono all'arte, e fa della diversità un valore contro l'omologazione e per una libera espressione della comunicazione.0L'esposizione - la prima del fotografo in Svizzera - ruota attorno al tema dell'immaginazione.0Oliviero Toscani ha creato immagini e campagne per marchi e aziende come United Colors of Benetton, Esprit, Chanel, Robe di Kappa, Fiorucci, Prénatal, Jesus Jeans, Inter, Snai, Toyota, Artemide, Ministero italiano dell'Ambiente e della Salute, Croce Rossa Italiana, Regione Calabria, Fondazione Umberto Veronesi, Biennale di Venezia, Federazione dell'industria orologiera svizzera, Philarmonie di Parigi, Cosmoprof, InStyle, Nicopanda, Best Company e moltissimi altri, affrontando i grandi temi contemporanei di interesse sociale, in particolare la pena di morte, l'AIDS, l'anoressia, la violenza contro le donne, il randagismo e la sicurezza stradale. Ha collaborato con le testate più prestigiose, fra cui Elle, Vogue, GQ, Harper's Bazaar, Esquire, Stern e Libération. Ha inoltre ideato e diretto Colors, il primo giornale globale al mondo, e ha concepito e diretto Fabrica, centro di ricerca sulla comunicazione.00Exhibition: M.A.X., Chiasso, Switzerland (10.10.2017- 21.01.2018).
Sherman TR647 .T69 2017

J.W. Godward 1861-1922 : the eclipse of classicism
Swanson, Vern G., author
Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK : ACC Art Books, 2018
Sherman ND497.G625 S93 2018

Studio voices : art and life in twentieth-century Britain
Bird, Michael, author
London : Lund Humphries, 2018
Foreword / by Cathy Courtney -- Introduction: The Kitchen Sink Too -- 1 Home is Where we Start From: Artists as Children and Parents -- 2 This is What I Want to Do: First Steps in Art -- 3 The Sound of Bombs Falling: A Century of War -- 4 Self-propelled People: Going to Art School -- 5 Strange Calm and Turbulence: On Painting -- 6 It has Substance: On Sculpture -- 7 The Strength of an Idea: Conceptual and Performance Art -- 8 The Work Completes: On Being an Artist -- Short Biographies.

Studio Voices' explores the multi-layered experiences of modern and contemporary British artists in their own words, drawing on the author's original research in the Artists' Lives audio archive at the British Library. 0Michael Bird's fascinating oral history of the lives and working practices of artists over the last century, extracted from the huge and growing archive of artists' interviews recorded since 1990, allows us to eavesdrop on artists' life-story conversations, which range through creative practice and professional achievements, childhood memories, family life, relationships, and unexpected, incidental epiphanies of self-awareness.
Sherman N6768 .B57 2018

Frank Horvat
Horvat, Frank, 1928- photographer,
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana Editoriale, [2018]
Sherman TR647 .H679 2018

Treasures from the wreck of the Unbelievable : one hundred drawings
Hirst, Damien, artist
Brighton : Other Criteria Books, [2018]
This hardback volume, boasting a ribbed leather spine, presents the second collection of a series of drawings on paper by Damien Hirst (born 1965), rendered in a range of mediums including silverpoint, charcoal and ink. The drawings form part of Hirst's most ambitious project to date, 'Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable', presented at the Pinault Collection's two Venetian museums--the Palazzo Grassi and the Punta della Dogana--from April to December 2017. The exhibition marked the first time in the Collection's history that both museums had been dedicated to the work of a single artist.
Sherman Oversize NC242.H55 A4 2018

The aesthetic journey of Hadiprana
photographer: Lindung Soemarhadi ; text: Diana Darling
[San Francisco] : Oro Editions, [2018]
Sherman NK2080.Z9 H3323 2018

Una moneta perduta, ovvero, Le belle età dei carteggi
Ramat, Silvio, 1939- author
Arezzo : Edizioni Helicon, [2018]
Sherman PQ4183.L4 R36 2018

Nancy Genn : architecture from within
a cura di Francesca Valente
Milano : Skira, 2018
Sherman ND237.G46 A4 2018

James Fitzgerald : the drawings and sketches : selections from the Catalogue raisonné, volume 1
Stahl, Robert L., author
Monhegan Island, Maine : Monhegan Museum of Art & History, [2017]
"'James Fitzgerald: The Drawings and Sketches', the first planned volume to emerge from his 'Catalogue Raisonné', is illustrated with over 750 images, of which a third are complete works reproduced in full color. This first in-depth presentation of his preliminary studies and discussion of his drawing process allows the reader to explore the artist's creative process from first concept to final painting. Fitzgerald's wide range of subject matter is reflected inw orks from Monhegan, Katahdin, Ireland, New York, and other locations where he painted."
Sherman ND237.F589 A4 2017

The paintings of Jimmy Carter
Carter, Jimmy, 1924- author,
Macon, Georgia : Mercer University Press, [2018]
In the 1980s former President Jimmy Carter took up painting in his free time. Using his home woodworking shop as a studio, Carter has since produced more than a hundred works, capturing the landscapes and people of his beloved Plains, Georgia, and the far-flung places to which he has traveled to advance the work of the The Carter Center. This book showcases in one place for the first time, more than fifty of his favorite paintings. The works are accompanied by his own written narrative.
Sherman ND237.C288 A4 2018

Goodbye Perestrojka : cento opere di artisti dell'ex Unione Sovietica = one hundred works by artists from the former Soviet Union
a cura di Vladislav Shabalin
[Crocetta del Montello] : Antiga edizioni, [2017]
Sherman N6988 .G636 2017

John Taylor Arms, aquatinter : an appreciation of the man and his work with an authoritative list of his aquatints
Eaton, Cynthia, author
Boston : Charles E. Goodspeed & Co., 1923
Sherman NE1820 .E3

John Akomfrah : signs of empire
Akomfrah, John, artist
New York, NY : New Museum, 2018
Since the early 1980s, Akomfrah's moving image works have offered some of the most rigorous and expansive reflections on the culture of the black diaspora. Zoe Whitley and Aram Moshayedi survey Akomfrah's early work as part of Black Audio Film Collective. Tina Campt explores the sonic resonances of Akomfrah's installation The Unfinished Conversation (2012), which focuses on the life of cultural theorist Stuart Hall. Diana Nawi examines the recent work Transfigured Night (2013/2018), considering how Akomfrah continues to find new languages for film, representation and narrative. T.J. Demos and Okwui Enwezor look at Vertigo Sea (2015), Akomfrah's monumental work exploring the concept of the black Atlantic, using the work to articulate the visual and philosophical underpinnings of Akomfrah's work across his career. Exhibition: New Museum, New York, USA (20.06.-02.09.2018).
Sherman N6797.A386 A4 2018

Saula, Pancho, photographer
New York, NY : MW Editions, 2018
Sherman TR655 .S295 2018

Beauty & betrayal : ancient and neo-classical jewellery
curated by Elizabeth Bollen
Sydney : Nicholson Museum, University of Sydney, ©2010
Sherman NK7101.5.A8 S94 2010

Giovanni Bellini : the art of contemplation
Grave, Johannes, author
Munich ; Prestel, [2018]
A different way of seeing : Allegoria sacra -- Collective and individual : Giovanni Bellini's beginnings -- Innovation through variation : Bellini's early devotional images -- Productive adaptations : Bellini's reception of Andrea Mantegna and early Netherlandish painting -- The weeping image : The Pietà in the Brera -- A heavenly gathering : Belllini's altarpieces -- Landscapes of meditation : the representation of nature in the religious image -- Time instead of history : Bellini's further development of the devotional image -- Representation : the city of Venice and its elites -- 'Maniera Moderna'? Bellini and the generation of artists around 1500 -- Ambivalences : Bellini's late profane paintings.

Following the arc of Bellini's career, from his early devotional paintings to his later, occasionally secular works, this book offers an in-depth appreciation of the Venetian master who dominated the Early Renaissance. Featuring nearly every extant Bellini work, as well as those of his contemporaries, this book brims with gorgeous Renaissance art. Author Johannes Grave focuses on some of the artist's greatest works including Allegoria Sacra, the Brera Pieta, and the altarpiece of San Giobbe-to explore how Bellini excelled in tempera before mastering oil painting. Grave discusses how Bellini's precise lines, his delicate facial expressions, and the subtle effects of light and shadow were used in his religious paintings as well as his portraiture and late mythological depictions. The book examines Bellini's life, including his complex relationships with his father Jacopo, his brother Gentile, and his brother-in-law Andrea Mantegna. It considers the original contexts of Bellini's works, and elucidates the ways in which these paintings were meant to be perceived. It also links Bellini's devotional paintings with the poetic creations of his pupil Giorgione. An important contribution to the scholarship of Renaissance art, this book reaffirms Bellini's status as one of Venice's greatest painters.
Sherman Oversize ND623.B4 G73 2018

No two alike : Karl Blossfeldt, Francis Bruguière, Thomas Ruff
editor: Ulrike Meyer Stump
Vienna : Verlag für moderne Kunst, 2018
No Two Alike' documents an exhibition curated by Ulrike Meyer Stump as part of Cincinnati's 2018 FotoFocus Biennial, with its general theme "Open Archive." The exhibition restages the historic encounter between Karl Blossfeldt's plant photographs and Francis Bruguière's light designs held at the Warren Gallery in London in 1929 and juxtaposes it with the Photograms and Negatives series by contemporary artist Thomas Ruff. The combination of Blossfeldt's biomorphism and Bruguière's abstraction offers clues for the understanding of British modernism, and offers insight into the role photography and photobooks played in the British avant-garde. Throughout his career, Thomas Ruff has expressed great interest in the history of photography and has repeatedly shown a special affinity with Blossfeldt (particularly in his Negatives series); Bruguière's abstract light compositions, on the other hand, have strong formal ties to Ruff's photograms. "No two alike" expresses the three artists' mutual interest in the variant as a creative principle, also advancing the idea that each of these bodies of work presents a variant of the other.00Exhibition: Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, USA (21.09.2018 - 13.01.2019).
Sherman TR645.C562 C666 2018

Riverine : architecture and rivers
edited by Gerald Adler and Manolo Guerci
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2019
Sherman NA2542.8 .R58 2019

Museum Liaunig : ein österreichisches Sammlermuseum = an Austrian collector's museum
Herausgeber: Maria Schneider ; Autoren: Peter Baum, Bodo Hofstetter, Regine Kovacek, Isabella Marboe, Günther Oberhollenzer, Michael Oehrl, Doran H. Ross, Maria Schneider
[München] : Hirmer, [2018]
'I am a collector by nature', Herbert Liaunig says about his passion for collecting in an interview. Knowledgeable and passionate about art, Herbert Liaunig has assembled his collections and has presented them in major theme-based exhibitions at his museum. Aside from the focus on Austrian art from the post-war era to the present, a high quality standard is also evident in the collections of portrait miniatures, glasses, and African gold. The richly illustrated catalogue presents his collecting in its full breadth.
Sherman N1610.5.A87 M87 2018

Humanity in the streets : New York City : 1960s-1980s
Levy, Builder, photographer
[Bologna] : Damiani, [2018]
Sherman TR659.8 .L499 2018

The music of color : Sam Gilliam 1967-1973 : Kunstmuseum Basel, June 9-September 30, 2018
Gilliam, Sam, 1933- artist
Köln : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König ; [2018]
Sam Gilliam is one of America's most prominent abstract painters. The catalogue puts the focus on the years between 1967 and 1973, the period of the greatest radicalism in Gilliam's oeuvre. The paintings he created during these years stand out for their monumentality and forceful use of color. The canvas becomes a medium that records traces of the production process and exhibits its own physicality. At a time when painting seemed to be in decline, Gilliam breathed new life into it; jazz was an important source of inspiration for his expressive and energetic style. 'The Music of Color' also probes the political and historical dimension of Gilliam's oeuvre. While the artist himself rarely comments on political issues, the works in his Martin Luther King series and Jail Jungle reflect the 1968 race riots and the highly polarized debate over black art and abstract painting in 1960s and 1970s America.
Sherman ND237.G45 A4 2018

Vermeer's Mistress and maid
Iacono, Margaret, author
New York : The Frick Collection ; [2018]
Two letters on a day in the early 1660s / James Ivory -- Vermeer's Mistress and maid / Margaret Iacono.

Designed to foster critical engagement and interest in the specialist and non-specialist alike, each book in this series illuminates a single work in the Frick's rich collection with an essay by a Frick curator paired with a contribution from a contemporary artist or writer. This book, the second in the series, focuses on Vermeer's Mistress and Maid.
Sherman ND653.V5 A77 2018

Filippo Abbiati regista del Barocco in Lombardia
Filippo Maria Ferro, Marina Dell'Omo ; presentazione di Francesco Frangi ; con un saggio di Sergio Monferrini
Novara : Interlinea, [2018]
Sherman ND623.A245 F55 2018

Seen from behind : perspectives on the male body and Renaissance art
Rubin, Patricia Lee, 1951- author
New Haven : Yale University Press, 2018
Preface and acknowledgments -- Preposterous perspectives: representations of the rear view : The visual repertoire of the rear ; Dirty talk ; Abject to aesthetic -- Bare bottoms, bent elbows, and bending meanings : The rhetoric of the image ; The pose of the queer? ; Representing love in the Florence of Duke Cosimo I ; Contexts, content, and complication -- "Especially good in front and perfect from behind" : Cupid's targets ; The loves of gods and men -- Models, motif, and the migration of meaning : Standing strong/standing for strength ; The shape of Hercules -- Viewpoints and views: multiplying sides in painting and sculpture : Viewpoints ; Turning points ; Monstrous multiplications: beauty and the bizarre ; Torso style/dorsal style ; Posterity and the posterior: installation and reproduction -- Behindsight: Michelangelo, modernity, and the specter of the ideal male nude : "a certain image of nude figures" ; "la scuola del mondo" ; Michelangelo's ghosts -- Notes -- Bibliography : Primary sources ; Secondary literature -- Picture credits -- Index.

Renaissance bodies, dressed and undressed, have not lacked attention in art historical literature, but scholarship on the male body has generally concentrated on phallic-oriented masculinity and been connected to issues of patriarchy and power. This original book examines the range of meaning that has been attached to the male backside in Renaissance art and culture, the transformation of the base connotation of the image to high art, and the question of homoerotic impulses or implications of admiring male figures from behind. Representations of the male body's behind have often been associated with things obscene, carnivalesque, comical, or villainous. Presenting serious scholarship with a deft hand, 'Seen from Behind' expands our understanding of the motif of the male buttocks in Renaissance art, revealing both continuities and changes in the ways the images convey meaning and have been given meaning.
Sherman N7626 .R835 2018

Let's burn this moment down to the filter : art and other novelties
Morley, 1982- artist,
Petaluma, CA : Cameron + Company, [2018]
"A survey of the street art and uplifting philosophy of street artist Morley"--
Sherman NC1850.M575 A4 2018

Oceanic art
Thomas, Nicholas, 1960- author
London ; Thames & Hudson, 2018
Revelations -- Ancestors and architecture -- The art of war -- The art of the body -- Mothers and male cults -- Barkcloth, exchange, sanctity -- Feathers, divinity, power -- Narrative art and tourism -- Decolonization and diaspora -- Globalization and contemporary art.

The dazzling colours and patterns of the art of the Pacific Islands have long entranced Western audiences, not least artists such as Gauguin and Picasso. The tendency has been to regard Oceanic art as 'primitive', mysterious and shrouded in taboo, but Nicholas Thomas, in looking at and beyond the familiar, stunning surfaces of masks and shields, carved canoe prows and feathered gods, discovers the significance of such objects, past and present, for the peoples of the Pacific. In this revised edition with a completely new chapter on globalization and contemporary art, he shows how each region is characterized by certain art forms and practices - among them Maori ancestral carvings, rituals of exchange and warfare in the Solomon Islands, the production of barkcloth by women in Polynesia - while also being shaped by influences from within the Pacific and beyond. The dynamism and diversity of this compelling art are highlighted by the works accompanying this revelatory text - from those that evoke deep-rooted customs to ones that address contemporary political issues, now illustrated in colour throughout.
Sherman N7410 .T46 2018

Diary 2019
Levine, Sherrie, artist
New York, New York : David Zwirner Books ; [2018]
Diaries and journals have a long, complex history within visual culture. American artist Sherrie Levine continues the tradition with Diary 2019 by making the private public. Inspired by Polish writer Witold Gombrowicz's Diary and its famed opening entries, written in 1953-- "Monday: Me. Tuesday: Me. Wednesday: Me. Thursday: Me."--Levine prints the word "ME." on each calendar page in Diary 2019. Levine's diary is a playful riff on autobiography amidst our narcissistic culture.--publisher's website.
Sherman N6537.L453 A65 2018

Past time : geology in European and American art
Phagan, Patricia author
[Poughkeepsie, New York] : The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Vassar College ; 2018
Foreword / James Mundy -- Acknowledgments / Patricia Phagan -- Lenders to the exhibition -- An introduction / Patricia Phagan -- Visual language : the complementarity of geology and art / Jill S. Schneiderman -- Catalogue / Patricia Phagan. Caves and natural arches ; Rocks and rock formations ; Mountains, glaciers, and volcanoes ; Cliffs ; Notes to the entries -- Selected bibliography -- Index

This is a beautifully illustrated, interdisciplinary volume which explores how European and American artists of the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries revealed a compelling interest in dramatic geologic phenomena: caves and natural arches, boulders and rock formations, mountains, glaciers, volcanoes, and cliffs. From a topographical, often strata-focused means to a later mode that evoked natures great transformational powers over time, European and American artists pursued their cross-cultural travels in seeking geological wonders. The authors address the importance and history of geology, the most popular science of the 1800s. 'Past Time' features a combination of outstanding drawings, watercolours, and brilliant oil sketches and studies, with works by Asher B Durand, Frederic Church, John Singer Sargent, Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran, J. M. W. Turner, Joseph Wright of Derby, and Thomas Rowlandson, amongst many others. This volume is a great addition to the currently available publications on the relationship between the growth of natural science and the interest amongst artists in capturing and presenting scientific phenomena and an ever-changing earth. Exhibition: The Francis Lehman Loeb Art Center, Poughkeepsie, USA (21.09. - 09.12.2018).
Sherman ND1353.4 .P43 2018

The design philosophy reader
edited by Anne-Marie Willis
London ; Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2019
Design Philosophy is becoming increasingly important as the nature of design practice and design education change. This book presents and explains the recent emergence of Design Philosophy, illustrates the main concerns of Design Philosophy and demonstrates why Design Philosophy has emerged in recent years, why it is needed, what it can do, how it can be done and where it is going. Comprised of an eight thematic sections, each with a short introduction, to contextualise theory and highlight its implications, and annotated bibliographies, the Reader presents both an argument for the need for Design Philosophy and an overview of its emergence. With texts ranging from writing on design that is informed by philosophy; philosophically informed writing on culture, relevant to the thinking of design; ancient and contemporary philosophy that directly, or by implication, addresses design; and exegesis and commentary on philosophical texts relevant to design.
Sherman NK1505 .D47 2019

Real pictures : tales of a badass grandma
Nolan, Peggy Levison, photographer
[Chapel Hill, NC] : Daylight Books, [2018]
Model child / by Abner Nolan -- Tricky business / by Suzanne Opton -- Crying babies / by Bonnie Clearwater.
Sherman TR681.F28 N65 2018

What it means to write about art : interviews with art critics
Earnest, Jarrett, interviewer,
New York, New York : David Zwirner Books, [2018]
Hilton Als -- John Ashbery -- Bill Berkson -- Yve-Alain Bois -- Huey Copeland -- Holland Cotter -- Douglas Crimp -- Darby English -- Hal Foster -- Michael Fried -- Thyrza Nichols Goodeve -- Dave Hickey -- Siri Hustvedt -- Kellie Jones -- Chris Kraus -- Rosalind Krauss -- Lucy Lippard -- Fred Moten -- Eileen Myles -- Molly Nesbit -- Jed Perl -- Barbara Rose -- Jerry Saltz -- Peter Schjeldahl -- Barry Schwabsky -- Paul Chaat Smith -- Roberta Smith -- Lynne Tillman -- Michele Wallace -- John Yau.

In the last 50 years, art criticism has flourished as never before. Moving from niche to mainstream, it is now widely taught at universities, practiced in newspapers, magazines and online, and has become the subject of debate by readers, writers and artists worldwide. Equal parts oral history and analysis of craft, What it Means to Write About Art offers an unprecedented overview of American art writing. Jarrett Earnest's wide-ranging conversations with critics, historians, journalists, novelists, poets and theorists each of whom approaches the subject from a unique position illustrate different ways of writing, thinking and looking at art. These in-depth conversations about writing and art are situated within individual life experiences: for instance John Ashbery recalls finding Rimbaud's poetry through his first crush at 16; Rosalind Krauss remembers stealing the design of October from Massimo Vignelli; Paul Chaat Smith details his early days with Jimmie Durham in the American Indian Movement; Dave Hickey talks about writing country songs with Waylon Jennings; Michele Wallace relives her late-night and early-morning interviews with James Baldwin; Lucy Lippard describes confronting Clement Greenberg at a lecture; Eileen Myles asserts her belief that her negative review incited the Women's Action Coalition; and Fred Moten recounts falling in love with Renoir while at Harvard.
Sherman N7476 .E37 2018

V potoke vremeni i pami︠a︡ti--
O.G. Dilaktorskai︠a︡
S.-Peterburg : D. Bulanin, 2006
Sherman N6999.K317 V66 2006

Challenging the city scale : journeys in people-centred design
edited by Cite du Design, Saint-Etienne: Josyane Franc, Olivier Peyricot, Clear Village, London: Thomas Ermacora, Frank van Hasselt
Basel, Switzerland : Birkhauser, [2018]
Sherman NA9053.S6 C43 2018

Claggett : Newport's illustrious clockmakers
Fennimore, Donald L., author
[Winterthur, DE : Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, Inc.] : [2018]
In the 18th century, Newport, Rhode Island, was home to some of the most skillful craftsmen in colonial North America. Among them were the clockmakers William Claggett (1694-1748), James Wady (d. 1759), and Thomas Claggett (1730-1797)--individuals whose surviving works became the best-known records of their lives. Although they flourished in an era widely considered as a golden age of prosperity in Newport, their stories remained elusive, with a few magnificent clocks the only testament to their place in pre-Revolutionary New England. Through a broad search of archival records and a hunt to locate and document not only the work of these artisans--featured here in stunning new photography--but also their interconnected lives, the authors offer a more accurate picture of these three men, their trade, and aspects of life in contemporary Newport. The resulting volume reveals their stories and extraordinary works: an important contribution to the history of masterful craftsmanship in Rhode Island.
Sherman NK7497.C59 F46 2018

The urban microclimate as artifact : towards an architectural theory of thermal diversity
Sascha Roesler, Madlen Kob (eds.)
Basel : Birkhauser, [2018]
Urban microclimates cannot be explained solely on the basis of scientific phenomena, but are also affected materially and spatially by the city?s local architecture. The layout, design, and facade construction of buildings have a major impact on wind and temperature conditions. For this reason, architecture and urban design that have an effect on microclimates must be investigated in their social and cultural contexts. The publication uses international case studies to explain these relationships. The focus is on manifestations of urban microclimates in an architectural and urban design context. The places investigated are located in France, Italy, the USA, New Zealand, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Burkina Faso.
Sherman NA2541 .U64 2018

A modo mio : Nespolo tra arte, cinema e teatro = À ma façon : Nespolo entre art, cinéma et théâtre
Nespolo, Ugo, 1941- artist
Arezzo : Magonza, [2017]
Sherman N6923.N46 A4 2017

Hello world : revising a collection
Hamburger Bahnhof-Museum für Gegenwart-Berlin ; for the Nationalgalerie-Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, edited by Udo Kittelmann and Gabriele Knapstein ; authors: Deepak Ananth and twenty-nine others ; translation, Otmar Binder and nine others
Munich : Hirmer Verlag ; [2018]
The Nationalgalerie Berlin subjects its collection to a critical revision, focusing on those areas of the collection which are not central to a Western understanding of art. Starting points include Heinrich Vogeler's turn to the Soviet Union, the Dadaist Tomoyoshi Murayama's sojourn in 1920s Berlin, and Joseph Beuys' collaborations with Nicolás García Uriburu. The result is a narrative of art from 1900 to the present which, from a global perspective, selectively takes up and explores historical, international, and transregional connections between artists and cultural contexts.--
Sherman Oversize N6488.G3 B38795413 2018

Kengo Kuma : complete works
Kuma, Kengo, 1954- architect
London : Thames & Hudson Ltd, 2018
The quintessential Japanese architect of today, Kengo Kuma has forged a modern design language that artfully combines the country's traditional building crafts with sophisticated technologies and materials. From his iconic Glass House (1995) to Dundee's V & A (2018), this is the complete record of Kuma's built work, comprising thirty projects to date. Kenneth Frampton's revised and updated essay frames Kuma's work in the context of post-war Japan's flourishing architecture scene and influential figures, and recounts the international acclaim that Kuma's ideas and buildings have received. The heart of the book consists of projects presented in detail, accompanied by descriptive text and detailed drawings, and organized by the material themes that have come to define the architect's output. This new edition includes five new projects: Komatsu Seiren Fabric Laboratory fa-bo, Under One Roof project for the EPFL ArtLab, Japan House Sao Paulo, China Academy of Art's Folk Art Museum, and the V & A Dundee.
Sherman NA1559.K77 A4 2018

Marc Jacobs : unseen 1994-2012
Fairer, Robert, photographer
New York : Abrams, 2018
Sherman Oversize TT505.J32 F357 2018

Art and experience in Trecento Italy : proceedings of the Andrew Ladis Trecento Conference, New Orleans, November 10-12, 2016
edited by Holly Flora and Sarah S. Wilkins
Turnhout : Brepols, [2018]
The age of Giotto, Dante, and Boccaccio, the fourteenth century in Italy, known as the Trecento, was a pivotal moment in art history and in European culture. The studies in this volume present new approaches to art in this important but often neglected period of the early Renaissance. Scholars at various stages in their careers discuss a wide range of topics including architecture, materiality, politics, patronage, and devotion, contributing to a new understanding of how art was made and experienced in this nodal century. These papers were originally presented at the Andrew Ladis Trecento Conference held at Tulane University in November of 2016. Holly Flora is Associate Professor of Art History at Tulane University. Sarah Wilkins is Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History at Pratt Institute.
Sherman N6915 .A53 2016

Jorge Pardo : display for the Musée des Augustins
Pardo, Jorge, 1963- artist
Berlin : Hatje Cantz, [2018]
At the invitation of the Toulouse art festival "Printemps de Septembre", the Cuban-American artist Jorge Pardo (1963) has developed a new display for the collection of Romanesque art at the Musée des Augustins in Toulouse. This collection - the world's largest collection of Romanesque sculpture - is unique for its coherence with its well-preserved ensembles of capitals. Pardo produced a kind of "Gesamtkunstwerk" that has instantly become an iconic feature in the city and has now been adopted as the permanent display. This book includes an introduction to the collection of Romanesque sculptures at the museum, an illustrated history of its ever-changing presentation since 1830, an extensive survey of Jorge Pardo's specific works for museums as well as a brief history of remarkable exhibition designs for museum collections throughout the 20th century. Exhibition: Musée des Augustins, Toulouse, France (on permanent display).
Sherman N6537.P248 A4 2018

Katharina Grosse
New York, NY : Gagosian, 2018
Introduction / Louise Neri -- Katharina Grosse's festival of form / Okwui Enwezor -- Paintings and sculptures -- Cascades of discontinuity / Dan Cameron -- In situ paintings / extended captions by Louise Neri -- On painting: Katharina Grosse in conversation with Isabelle Graw.
Sherman Oversize ND588.G687 A4 2018

Jörg Immendorff : For all beloved in the world
Munich, Germany : Haus der Kunst ; [2018]
"This catalogue is published on the occasion of the exhibition 'Jörg Immendorf, Für alle Lieben in der Welt, For All Beloved in the World', Haus der Kunst, Munich, September 14, 2018" to "January 27, 2019, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte, Reina Sofia, Madrid, October 29, 2019" to "April 13, 2020."--Page 122 (final sequence).
Sherman ND588.I46 A4 2018

Le Corbusier : the built work
Pare, Richard, photographer
New York, New York : Monacelli Press, 2018
"The most thoroughgoing survey of nearly all of Le Corbusier's extant projects, beautifully photographed and authoritatively detailed. Le Corbusier is widely acknowledged as the most influential architect of the twentieth century. As extensively researched and documented as his works are, however, they have never been exhaustively surveyed in photographs until now. Photographer Richard Pare has crossed the globe for years to document the extant works of Le Corbusier--from his first villas in Switzerland to his mid-career works in his role as the first global architect in locations as far-flung as Argentina and Russia, and his late works, including his sole North American project, at Harvard University, and an extensive civic plan for Chandigarh, India."--
Sherman NA1053.J4 P375 2018

Fernand Khnopff : catalogue raisonné des estampes et des platinotypes rehaussés = oeuvrecatalogus van de prenten en de gehoogde platinadrukken = catalogue raisonné of the prints and the enhanced platinotypes
Khnopff, Fernand, 1858-1921
[Antwerpen] : Petraco-Pandora NV, [2018]
Fernand Khnopff (1858-1921) was a multifaceted Belgian artist who perfectly mastered a range of artistic techniques. Yet, unlike his contemporary and fellow artist James Ensor, he was not a born engraver. Nevertheless, he recognized the value of the art of engraving. For a long time his graphic oeuvre received little or no attention. His drypoints are few in number but are of exceptional quality. He was regularly commissioned to illustrate literary works. Executed in different printing techniques, his compositions perfectly evoke the melancholy or decadent atmosphere of fin-de-siècle literature. His interest in photography led him to produce tinted and enhanced platinum prints of his own work in limited editions.
Sherman NE674.K46 A4 2018

Heinrich Reinhold : der Landschaft auf der Spur
Reinhold, Heinrich, 1788-1825
München : Hirmer Verlag GmbH, [2018]
"In a show starting in December 2018, the Hamburger Kunsthalle together with the Klassik Stiftung Weimar is paying tribute to the multifaceted oeuvre of Heinrich Reinhold (1788-1825). This is the first large-scale retrospective on an artist who counts among the foremost German landscape painters of the nine-teenth century, one who set in motion with his work a sea change in the way his contemporaries looked at the landscape. Besides conveying a novel perception of nature, Reinhold's art stands out due to its unconventional cropping and compositional refinement as well as his fragile, crystalline drawing technique. Based on around 120 works, the exhibition traces all phases of Reinhold's career. On view is the full spectrum of his drawings and paintings, from painstaking nature studies, to city and harbour views, all the way to realistic landscape scenes. The Hamburger Kunsthalle holds the largest collection of Reinhold's works anywhere, with 12 paintings and an extensive array of drawings. These are joined in the show by additional, in some cases never-before-seen, works from the Klassik Stiftung Weimar, which acquired in 2010 a significant share of the artist's estate, as well as works on loan from institutions including the Belvedere in Vienna, the Prints and Drawings Collection of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin and the Thorvaldsen Museum in Copenhagen. The ambitious exhibition project promises to inspire a reevaluation of Reinhold's body of work." -- Hamburger Kunsthalle website
Sherman N6888.R394 A4 2018

Andro Wekua
Wekua, Andro, 1977-
Zürich : JRP Ringier, c2018
This comprehensive publication on Berlin-based Georgian artist Andro Wekua reflects on his all-encompassing, uncannily efficient, and enchantingly disturbing work. Wekua works in the ambiguous half-light of memory, fantasy, and history, offering dream-like relationships, fragmented narratives, part objects, and doubled figures as meta-fictions of a self that evades any autobiographical and historical specificity. Three essays by Kunsthalle Zurich director Daniel Baumann, Berlin-based writer and art critic Pablo Larios, and New York MoMA's Assistant Curator in the Department of Painting and Sculpture Paulina Pobocha span his multifaceted practice that includes painting, sculpture, film, photography, artist's books, and collage. The divergent yet complementary views of the contributors are complemented by a new interview with the artist by Los Angeles Hammer Museum curator Ali Subotnik. Exhibition: Kunsthalle Zurich, Switzerland (06.06.-05.08.2018).
Sherman Oversize N7292.93.W45 A4 2018

Global art and the Cold War
Curley, John J., author
London : Laurence King Publishing, 2018
John J. Curley presents the first synthetic account of global art during the Cold War. Through a careful examination of artworks drawn from America, Europe, Russia and Asia, he demonstrates the inextricable nature of art and politics in this contentious period. He dismantles the usual narrative of American abstract painting versus figurative Soviet Socialist Realism to reveal a much more nuanced, contradictory and ambivalent picture of art making, in which the objects themselves, like spies, dissembled, housed and managed ideological differences.
Sherman N72.P6 C87 2018

Pavillon de l'esprit nouveau : a 21st century show home
editors: Felix Burrichter, Simon Castets, Karen Marta
New York, NY : Swiss Institute : [2018]
Sherman NK1990 .P38 2018

Jeneen Frei Njootli : my auntie bought all her skidoos with bead money
Frei Njootli, Jeneen, 1988- artist
Vancouver, British Columbia : Contemporary Art Gallery, [2018]
"My auntie bought all her skidoos with bead money accompanies a solo exhibition of ambitious new sculpture and video work by Vuntut Gwich'in artist Jeneen Frei Njootli at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, from July 13 to September 16, 2018. The book gathers together photo-documentation of this exhibition, as well as that of numerous other recent works the artist has produced since 2015. The publication includes commissioned texts by renowned Tsleil-Waututh poet and feminist writer Lee Maracle and Griffin Poetry Prize winner Billy-Ray Belcourt from the Driftpile Cree Nation, as well as a lengthy essay by exhibition curator Kimberly Phillips, which positions Frei Njootli's work vis a vis feminist Indigenous discourse and debates around Gwich'in sovereignty."--
Sherman N6549.F737 A4 2018

Thomas Chippendale 1718-1779 : a celebration of British craftsmanship and design : catalogue of the Tercentenary exhibition Leeds City Museum 2018
Bowett, Adam (Furniture historian), author
[Leeds] : The Chippendale Society, 2018
"The catalogue records a major Chippendale exhibition in Leeds, UK, running from 9 February to 9 June 2018. There will also be an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum, New York This is the catalogue of the 2018 Leeds, UK, exhibition celebrating the tercentenary of Thomas Chippendale's birth. It covers all 95 exhibits including furniture, drawings, engravings, textiles and wallpaper, together with other contemporary and later material. Each entry is illustrated in color, with supporting images in both color and black and white. Also included are introductory essays to each section of the exhibition, covering Chippendale's life and career, his furniture styles, his relationships with customers, and his legacy from the 18th century to the present day."--
Sherman NK2542.C5 A4 2018

The progressive revolution : modern art for a new India
Jumabhoy, Zehra, author,
New York : Asia Society Museum, [2018]
Formed just months after the 1947 Partition of India and during tremendous violence and protest, the Progressive Artists Group (PAG) included artists seeking a break with their country's past and its cultural constraints. For nearly a decade these painters and sculptors explored ideas about art for a new nation. Through lush illustrations and scholarly essays, this volume looks at the brand of modernism the group espoused and its relevance and importance to contemporary art. The careers of artists K.H. Ara, B.R. Athaiya, S.K. Bakre, H.A. Gade, V.S. Gaitonde, M.F. Husain, Krishen Khanna, Ram Kumar, Tyeb Mehta, Akbar Padamsee, S.H. Raza, Mohan Samant, and F.N. Souza are presented in three sections. 'The Realists' explores how artists turned away from the trauma of Mumbai and toward folk and rural culture. 'India International' demonstrates how the Progressives mined contemporary artists such as Mark Rothko, Paul Klee, and Pablo Picasso to create their own distinct genre. 'Masters of the Game' brings together works created after the PAG's dissolution and shows how these pieces collectively gave visual form to the idea of India as secular, heterogeneous, international, and united. A valuable examination of the ways artistic expression can preserve and advance its cultural heritage, this volume captures an exciting time in India's art history.
Sherman N7304.5.P76 J86 2018

Jean-Baptiste Isabey : petits portraits et grands desseins
Lécosse, Cyril, author
Paris : CTHS : [2018]
Jean-Baptiste Isabey, like François Gérard or Anne-Louis Girodet, made his name under the Revolution and the Empire. Like them, he trained as a painter of history in the studio of Jacques-Louis David and attended the school of the Royal Academy of painting. But Isabey has differentiated herself from her colleagues by making miniature and finished drawing her specialties. His success will be dazzling and he will remain his life during one of the painters of the elite. Playing Through it stands this artist, Cyril Lacosse allows us to understand the issues at once political, artistic and commercial production of portraits of small format at the turn of the XIX th century.--INHA
Sherman ND1329.I83 L43 2018

Rolf M. Aagaard : snow, shadows of the wind
Aagard, Rolf M. photographer,
Bielefeld, Germany : Kerber Verlag, [2018]
The poetry of snow: The photographs of Rolf M. Aagaard shows how beautiful and poetic snow can be. At first glance they look like pictures of sand made in the heat of the desert. But there are all compositions of snow, formed by the wind with help from the low winter sun, in the mountains Hardangervidda in the South of Norway during the last 10 years. The landscapes are naturally melted and gone forever. Sometimes only lasting one hour depending on the wind and the suns movement. The forms may disappear and be completely different in a short time and naturally need the low winter sun. The new publication shows this very special artistic work of Rolf M. Aagaard and proves that snow has so many different faces.
Sherman TR660.5 .A24 2018

Open studio : the work of Robert A. M. Stern Architects
Stern, Robert A. M., author
New York : The Monacelli Press, [2018]
"Open Studio offers a window into the methods and unique culture of an architecture firm that has achieved international success. Curated illustrations of hand sketches, study models, design sessions, and site visits pull back the curtain on the creative collaboration behind the scenes at Robert A.M. Stern Architects. Nearly 100 pages of photographs of finished work, including academic buildings, museums, houses, apartment houses, and office towers, demonstrate the firm's ability to realize modern buildings in a wide variety of stylistic vocabularies through a commitment to fundamental principles of architecture and a respect for context and history. Founded in 1969, the 250-person New York-based Robert A.M. Stern Architects has received numerous awards for design excellence from the American Institute of Architects, the Congress for the New Urbanism, the Urban Land Institute, the Society for College and University Planning, and the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art."--
Sherman NA737.S64 O63 2018

How ruins acquire aesthetic value : modern ruins, ruin porn, and the ruin tradition
Whitehouse, Tanya, author
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [2018]
chapter 1. Prologue: Ruins, and "ruin porn," in American cities -- chapter 2. Fascination with Ruins -- chapter 3. From blight to beauty: the controversial creation of the first US Industrial-Heritage Park -- Chapter 4. Detroit: new ruins and old problems -- chapter 5. Resolving our judgments: Understanding how ruins acquire and exhibit aesthetic value -- chapter 6. The ruin-industrial aesthetic: Ruins, and ruin-like environments, acquiring aesthetic value -- chapter 7. Assessing function and the ruin category -- chapter 8. Epilogue: Ruins rising from the ashes.
Sherman NA2543.R85 W45 2018

Housing plans for the future
Wylie, Donovan, 1971- photographer
Göttingen, Germany : Steidl, 2018
Sherman TR659 .W95 2018

Self-exposure : an unauthorized autobiography
Gibson, Ralph, 1939- author,
London : HENI Publishing, [2018]
"Self-Exposure is the autobiography of celebrated American art photographer Ralph Gibson. With his 80th birthday on the horizon in January 2019 and a career spanning over 50 years, Gibson is at a point of reflection in his life and work and decided to put pen to paper. Writing in candid prose, Gibson takes the reader through his life and career from his earliest memories of growing up in California (the son of a Hollywood director, Gibson's childhood is touched by the old glamour of the silver screen: the likes of Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth make appearances) to his time in the navy and his continuous love affair with photography. Gibson's memories are filled with rich characters and period details. Often moving, the narratives of his at times troublesome childhood provide a rich background to the charismatic artist Gibson has become. Gibson covers a range of topics such as music, Catholicism, his wife, Mary Jane, and a long line of fellow artists and photographers such as Dorothea Lange and Robert Frank. His ruminations on his life so far display a deep, thoughtful understanding and self-awareness that make this book a fascinating read in itself as well as an illuminating companion to his work. What emerges is an insight into the mind of an incredible, highly decorated artist. Evocatively illustrated, Self-Exposure presents Gibson's life story alongside his photographic work. Designed and produced in close collaboration with Gibson, this large."--Amazon.
Sherman TR654 .G526 2018

Art and resistance in Germany
edited by Deborah Ascher Barnstone and Elizabeth Otto
New York : Bloomsbury Visual Arts, [2019]
In light of the recent rise of right-wing populism in numerous political contexts and in the face of resurgent nationalism, racism, misogyny, homophobia, and demagoguery, this book investigates how historical and contemporary cultural producers have sought to resist, confront, confound, mock, or call out situations of political oppression in Germany, a country which has seen a dramatic range of political extremes during the past century. 0While the current turn to nationalist populism is global, it is perhaps most disturbing in Germany, given its history with its stormy first democracy in the interwar Weimar Republic; its infamous National Socialist (Nazi) period of the 1930s and 1940s; and its split Cold-War existence, with Marxist-Leninist Totalitarianism in the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany's barely-hidden ties to the Nazi past. 0Equally important, Germans have long considered art and culture critical to constructions of national identity, which meant that they were frequently implicated in political action. This book therefore examines a range of work by artists from the early twentieth century to the present, work created in an array of contexts and media that demonstrates a wide range of possible resistance.
Sherman N72.P6 A735 2019

The handmade silver gelatin emulsion print : creating your own liquid emulsions for black & white paper
Ross, Denise, author
London ; Routledge, 2019
Sherman TR395 .R67 2019

Bridget Riley : recent paintings, 2014-2017
Riley, Bridget, 1931- artist
New York, New York : David Zwirner Books, [2018]
This publication unfolds along the lines of Bridget Riley's (born 1931) 2018 exhibition at David Zwirner, London. Beginning with an exploration of black-and-white equilateral triangles, Riley leads the viewer into an awareness of the ways in which a surface - wall or canvas - can affect a seemingly simple form: the triangle. While demonstrating these subtle changes, she manipulates this form by bending its sides. Riley is revisiting and developing works which she initiated over 50 years ago, as is shown here by the inclusion of Black to White Discs (1962/1965). This diamond formation of discs, which graduates in tone from white to black and back again, offers a lead-in to her new body of work. In Cosmos and the Measure for Measure series, Riley recalls a group of subtly shaded colors used this time in discs. While the compositions remain fundamentally the same, the play of colors changes every time.
Sherman ND497.R54 A4 2018

The Trans list
Greenfield-Sanders, Timothy, author
New Paltz, New York : Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, [2018]
Director's foreword / Sara Pasti -- Foreword / Emma Morcone -- Introduction / Anastasia James -- Timothy Greenfield-Sanders in conversation with Anastasia James -- Portraits -- Glossary.

"Featuring forty portraits by photographer and filmmaker Timothy-Greenfield Sanders (b. 1952 Miami Beach, FL), The Trans List explores the range of experiences lived by Americans who identify as transgender (an umbrella term for people whose gender identity does not conform to that typically associated with the sex they were assigned at birth). Transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, gender-fluid, and non-binary are just a few of the multitude of self-identifiers in the trans community. Through his portraiture, Greenfield-Sanders provides a platform to a diverse group of individuals to tell their stories of their experience with identity, family, career, love, struggle, and accomplishment."--Dorsky Museum website.
Sherman TR681.T63 G74 2018