Hebrew Acquisitions during September 2018

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Censored voices
One Man Show, Know Productions present ; in association with MADE IN GERMANY, Impact Partners ; yes Docu, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg/ARTE, BBC Storyville, Warrior Poets ; a film by Mor Loushy
Chicago, IL : Music Box Films, [2016]
The 1967 'Six-Day' war ended with Israel's decisive victory; conquering Jerusalem, Gaza, Sinai and the West Bank. It is a war portrayed, to this day, as a righteous undertaking; a radiant emblem of Jewish pride. One week after the war, a group of young kibbutzniks, led by renowned author Amos Oz, recorded intimate conversations with soldiers returning from the battlefield. The recording revealed an honest look at the moment Israel turned from David to Goliath.
Jones Media DVD 21708

בטיפול. [videorecording]. עונה שניה
נתניה : גלובוס יונייטד, [2008]
Follows psychologist, Dr. Reʼuven Dagan's encounters with four new patients: a single 40-year-old woman; an over weight 10-year-old child and his separated parents; a senior CEO who suffers from panic attacks; and a young student who is keeping her cancer a secret. Meanwhile, Reʼuven is dealing with his own personal crisis for which he seeks help from his therapist.
Jones Media DVD PN1992.77 .B48 2008

מסודרים [videorecording]
רמת השרון : אן אם סי יונייטד : קשת, c2009
Season 1 -- Season 2.

Four young Israeli men strike it rich when they sell their tech company. They move into a mansion together, and wackiness ensues.
Jones Media DVD 21734

מפריח היונים = مطير الحمام / סרטו של ניסים דיין ע"פ רומן מאת אלי עמיר
Ramat ha-Sharon : En Em Si Yunaiṭed, 2013
After Israel became a state, close to 130,000 Jews left Iraq due to the persecution of the Jewish community by the majority Arabs. The film focuses on the family of 16 year-old Kabi, who attempts to free his communist Uncle Hizkel from prison, where he is awaiting trial for supposed anti-government activities.
Jones Media DVD 21711

Ḥamishah ḥumshe Torah = chumash : ʻim targum Onḳlos prsh"y ṿe-haftarot : the Torah with Rashi, Targum Onkelos, Haftarot and an interpolated translation and commentary based on the works of ... Menachem M. Schneerson
Brooklyn, NY : Kehot, 2015
Baker Berry BS1222 .H36 2015