Arabic Acquisitions during November 2018

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Le destin = Destiny
Pyramide Distribution ; une coproduction franco-egyptienne Ognon Pictures, France 2 Cinema avec la participation Canal +, Misr International Films ; un film de Youssef Chahine ; produit par Humbert Balsan et Gabriel Khoury
[Paris] : Editions Montparnasse ; [1998]
When a disciple of 12th-century philosopher Averroes is burned at the stake for heresy, his young son Joseph journeys to Andalusia to study with his father's mentor. There he joins Averroes' disciples uniting against an evil sheik intent upon destroying the philosopher's work.
Jones Media DVD 21813

A critical edition of Umdat al-Nā₃ir 'alá al-Ashbāh wa'l-na₃ā 'ir
حسيني, محمد بن علي بن علي, active 1742, author
Sheffield : Equinox Publishing, 2018
An introduction to the genre of al-qawāʻid al-fiqhiyyah -- The definition -- The relation between al-qawāʻid al-fiqhiyyah and al-Ashbāh wa'l-na₃āʼir -- The origins of al-qawāʻid al-fiqhiyyah -- The development of al-qawāʻid al-fiqhiyyah -- The purpose of al-qawāʼid al-fiqhiyyah -- An introduction to the two authors and their works -- Ibn Nujaym and his al-Ashbāh wa'l-na₃āʼir -- Abū 'l-Suʻūd and his commentary -- The manuscripts -- The edited text of ʻUmdat al-nā₃ir.
Baker Berry KBP300.I26 A3335 2018