Arabic Acquisitions during September 2018

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البيت الزهر : اتر د ل مسن رس
القحرة : نيوب.رامدز, 2003
Adaimis and the Nawfals, two families from the Lebanese countryside, make their way to Beirut as war begins tearing their village apart. The families find an abandoned mansion on the edge of town and move in, eventually making the old house into a home. But after 11 years, with the war over and the national economy on the upswing, the owners of the house finally decide to do something about their squatters.
Jones Media DVD 21706

Dans un jardin je suis entré
Les Films d'ici présente ; un film de Avi Mograbi ; scénario de Avi Mograbi, Noam Enbar ; réalisation, Avi Mograbi
[Paris] : Epicentre Films, [2014]
"This film fantasizes about an 'old' Middle East, wherein communities were not divided along ethnic and religious lines. In the journey taken by filmmaker Avi Mograbi and his Arabic teacher Ali Al-Azhari to their own and each other's communal histories in a time machine born of their friendly encounter, the Middle East of yore - the one in which they could coexist effortlessly - resurfaces with commensurate ease."--Container.
Jones Media DVD 21725

الباب المفتوح قصة لطيفة الزيات ؛ سيناريو يوسف عيسى, بركات بالاشتراك مع لطيفة الزيات ؛ حوار لطيفة الزيات بالاشتراك مع يوسف عيسى ؛ انتاج و اخراج بركات. [videorecording] /
[Cairo] : روتانا, [2004؟]
A woman in college struggles against her father's traditional ways as he tries to arrange her marriage to a man of his choosing. The July 22 revolution in 1952 increases her chance of escape.
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Cairo 678
a film by Mohamed Diab
[San Francisco, Calif.] : Global Film Initiative, [2013?]
Three Cairene women from different backgrounds join together in uneasy solidarity to combat the sexual harassment that has impacted each of their lives.
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