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[Hanover, N.H.] : [Dartmouth College]
Rauner D.C. History T171 .D22

Alumni directory
Thayer School of Engineering
Hanover, N.H. : The School
Rauner D.C. History T171.D22 A15

Programme of the requisites for admission
Hanover, N.H. : Printed at the Dartmouth Press
Rauner D.C. History T171 .D222

Announcement of courses
Hanover, N.H. : Dartmouth College, Thayer School of Engineering
Rauner D.C. History T171.D22 A56

Tour of the class
[Hanover, N.H.] : [Dartmouth College]
Rauner D.C. History T171 .D2226

Thayer school of civil engineering, connected with Dartmouth college : Graduates and other students
Hanover, N.H. : Dartmouth Press
Rauner D.C. History T171 .D2223

Thayer now
[Hanover, N.H.] : [Dartmouth Society of Engineers and Thayer School of Engineering]
Rauner D.C. History T171.D22 T56

Campaign update
the Thayer School of Engineering
Hanover, N.H. : The School, 1988-
Rauner D.C. History T171.T55 C35

SIGCAT GRIPS '89 : government raster image processing software and data
contributions from USGS and others
Scotts Valley, CA : Meridian Data, Inc., 1989
Contains a variety of public domain image processing programs which were developed by government agencies or organizations under contract to them. A collection of raster images has been included for display by the various software programs which is representative of the digital imagery that can be obtained from the respective agencies
Library Depository TA1632 .S57 1989

Thayer School of Engineering
Hanover, NH : The School, 1986-2002
Library Depository T171.D22 D47

Proceedings of the symposium : An innovation/technology recession? April 16-17, 1979
Thayer School of Engineering
Hanover, N.H. : The School, 1979
Rauner D.C. History T173.8 .T49 1979

Technology : snake oil of the 21st century?
edited and introduced by Carl F. Long
Hanover, N.H. : Cook Engineering Design Center, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College, 1989
Rauner D.C. History T6 .T393 1989

A manuscript treatise on carpentry and timber construction. : By J.P. Snow
Snow, Jonathan Parker, 1848-1933
[between 1870 and 1879]
Rauner Thayer TH5604 .S56

Technology--for the benefit of society? : symposium : September 26-27, 1988
Hanover, N.H. : Cook Engineering Design Center, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College, [1988]
Rauner D.C. History T6 .T435 1988

The care and feeding of innovation : September 1981
Hanover, N.H. : Thayer School of Engineering, 1981
Rauner D.C. History T173.8 .T49 1981

Computer modeling and evaluation of an energy-efficient distillation process
Torres, José Luis
Library Depository TP156.D5 T67 1988

The internal-combustion engine in theory and practice
Taylor, Charles Fayette, 1894-1996
Cambridge, Mass. : M. I. T. Press, [1966-68]
Volume 1. Thermodynamics, fluid flow, performance. Bibliography (p. 523-555).--volume 2. Combustion, fuels, materials, design. Bibliography (p. 637-761).
Library Depository TJ785 .T382 1966

The way things work
Macaulay, David
New York : Dorling Kindersley Multimedia, ©1994
An interactive CD-ROM that explains how common machines work,including a series of animated "home movies" illustrating inventors' scientific breakthroughs. Also includes explanations of related scientific principles and inventors' biographies
Kresge T47 .M185 1994

Robert Mapplethorpe : an overview
Alameda, CA : Digital Collections, Inc, ©1995
The multimedia presentation provides a critical overview of Mapplethorpe's work, supplemented with video interviews of the artist and his contemporaries.
Jones Media CD-ROM TR654 .M3377 1995

Photographische perspektiven aus den 20er Jahren : Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg
München ; K.G. Saur, ©1995
CD-ROM containing digitized photographs from the 1920's-1950's in the collection of the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg.
Jones Media CD-ROM TR653 .P56 1995

OTA legacy
[Washington, D.C.?] : Office of Technology Assessment, U.S. Congress : [1996]
Volume 1. 1992-1995 -- volume 2. 1989-1991 -- volume 3. 1986-1988 -- volume 4. 1982-1985 -- volume 5. 1972-1981.

Contain all the formally issued reports of the Office of Technology Assessment during its 23 year history (1972-1995) as well as many background papers and contractor papers--over 100,000 pages of the best available analyses of the scientific and technical policy issues of the past two decades.
Jones Media CD-ROM T174.5 .U586 1996

Energy infoDisc : featuring Annual energy outlook
Washington, DC : Energy Information Administration, 1996-
Energy InfoDisc is a new compendium of the Energy Information Administration's national energy databases, publications, directories, and software applications.
Jones Media CD-ROM TJ163.13 .E54

Indices to U.S. Bureau of Mines mineral resources records
L. Michael Kaas, editor
[Washington, D.C.?] : Department of the Interior, U.S. Bureau of Mines, 1996
Provides indices to the Mineral Property Files and related mineral resources records of the U.S. Bureau of Mines (USBM), Minerals Information and Analysis (I&A) programs. Most of these files and records were transferred to the National Archives and Federal Records Center in Denver, Colorado, upon closure of the Bureau in 1996. Information is also provided about the disposition of other I&A electronic and hard-copy records that were included in the functional transfers of some USBM programs to other federal agencies.
Jones Media CD-ROM TN23 .U6 1996

Robert Mapplethorpe : the controversy
Mapplethorpe, Robert
Alameda, CA : Digital Collections, Inc, ©1995
More than 700 photographs, including an electronic version of the exhibit The perfect moment, plus a multimedia biography of controversial photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.
Jones Media CD-ROM TR654 .M3373 1995

Computer-based training library of air traffic control training programs
[Washington, D.C.?] : SAF/AAD, [1995-]
Contains data about air traffic control training programs.
Jones Media CD-ROM TL725.3.T7 C65

1994 continuing survey of food intakes by individuals (CSFII : CSFII 1994, pyramid servings
Riverdale, MD : Food Surveys Research Group, Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, [1997]
Contains two data files derived from the 1994 continuing survey of food intakes by individuals (CSFII), one providing daily intakes of food servings from the major food groups in USDA's food guide pyramid and the other providing food servings per 100 grams for every food code reported in CSFII 1994.
Jones Media CD-ROM TX360.U6 N4 1994

Hang kong cai liao xue bao = Journal of aeronautical materials
Beijing : "Hang kong cai liao xue bao" bian ji bu

CSFII/DHKS 1995 data set and documentation : the 1995 continuing survey of food intakes by individuals and the 1995 diet and health knowledge survey
Riverdale, MD : Food Surveys Research Group, Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, [1997]
Data compiled from the 1995 continuing survey of food intakes by individuals and its telephone followup, the 1995 diet and health knowledge survey, along with the Food code and nutrient data base for CSFII 1995.
Jones Media CD-ROM TX551 .C73 1997

The celebrative spirit, 1937-1943 : photographs of social and recreational events that exhibit the spirit of community
edited and designed by Ron Geibert ; biographies by F. Jack Hurley
Dayton, Ohio : Digital Editions Dayton, ©1997
Features photographs and rare audio and video interviews by ten Farm Security Administration photographers: John Collier, Marjory Collins, Jack Delano, Dorothea Lange, Russell Lee, Gordon Parks, Edwin Rosskam, Arthur Rothstein, Arthur Siegel, and Marion Post Wolcott.
Jones Media CD-ROM TR820.5 .C45 1997

Three dimensional stress engineered microstructures
Tsai, Chia-Lun
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis TJ1191.5 .T73 1997

CCSDS recommendations and reports
Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems
[Washington, D.C.] : The Committee, 1997-
Jones Media CD-ROM TL694.T35 C36

LandView III : environmental mapping software (for Windows 3.1, 95 NT, and Macintosh)
[Washington, D.C.?] : U.S. Environmental Protection Agency : [1997]
Discs 1-10. [States and territories] -- Disc 11. U.S. summary plus selected MSA.

LandView III is a desktop mapping system ... jurisdictional boundaries; detailed networks of roads, rivers, and railroads; census block group and tract polygons; and schools, hospitals, churches, cemeteries, airports, dams, and other landmark features.
Evans Map Room TD1040 .L36

Photographers encyclopedia international : from its beginnings to the present
Auer, Michèle
Neuchâtel [Switzerland] : Ides et calendes, ©1997
An electronic encyclopedia containing biographies, exhibition lists, bibliographies and addresses of 3,135 photographers, less complete information for 3,000 others, plus a chronology of the history of photography, a lexicon of processes, and more than 5,900 images.
Jones Media CD-ROM TR139 .A947 1997

Landsat MSS data catalog
Sioux Falls, SD : U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, EROS Data Center, [1996]
Contains Landsat images of the earth's surface obtained from 1972-1992. Two types of image data are offered: 1) Fully processed image data with both geometric and radiometric corrections applied, and 2) Partially processed data with only radiometric corrections applied.
Jones Media CD-ROM TL798.S3 L36

X-ray topography of freshwater ice
Hu, Xiaohong
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis TA714.5 .H8 1998

Electronic document system
[Washington, D.C.] : Air Traffic Publications ATA-10 for Air Traffic Airspace Management Program, Federal Aviation Administration
Contents: WorldView for Windows (software) and various FAA publications including Air Traffic Bulletins, Advisory Circulars, Air Traffic Manuals, Air Traffic Orders, Air Traffic Reference Documents, Air Traffic Plans, Air Traffic Personnel Documents, Federal Aviation Regulations.
Jones Media CD-ROM TL725.3.T7 E43

Pulse shaping for optical fiber communication systems
Gouvêa, Paula M. P
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis TK5103.59 .G66 1998

Novel compression techniques with applications in medical image acquisition and image storage
Chawla, Sumit
Baker Berry Cook Thesis TA1632 .C53 1998

Analysis of reactor configurations for combined anaerobic-aerobic biotreatment of perchloroethylene
Garant, Herve
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis TD192.5 .G37 1998

Development of a ruby fluorescence-based surface probe of tribological processes
Chernuschenko, Maxim Anatolyevich
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis TA455.P5 C54 1998

Visual proceedings CD-ROM
New York, N.Y. : ACM SIGGRAPH, 1996-
Jones Media CD-ROM T385 .C59315

DAC : [proceedings]
Design Automation Conference ; SIGDA, Special Interest Group on Design Automation
New York, NY : Association for Computing Machinery

Characterization and modeling of the charge distribution in Si/Si₁₎[subscript x]Ge[subscript x]/Si P-channel MOSFETs
Hargrove, Michael John
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis TK7871.95 .H37 1999

Computer graphics. Proceedings CD-ROM : annual conference series
[New York, N.Y.] : ACM SIGGRAPH, ©1993-
Jones Media CD-ROM T385 .C583

Mine backfill : 1998
Hassani, Ferri
Montreal, Canada : Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, ©1998
Editors -- Sponsors, contributors -- Preface, Préface -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Backfill mechanics -- 3. Backfill binders -- 4. Slurry backfill -- 5. Paste backfill -- 6. Rock fill -- 7. Salt backfill -- 8. Backfill design -- 9. Mining case studies -- Literature review.
Kresge TN292 .H3 1998

RETScreen : pre-feasibility analysis software
CANMET Energy Diversification Research Laboratory
[Varennes, P.Q., Canada] : CANMET Energy Diversification Research Laboratory, Natural Resources Canada, ©1998
The RETScreen pre-feasibility analysis model is a computerised generic tool developed to help an energy project proponent prepare a preliminary evaluation of the annual energy performance, costs and financial viability of potential RETs projects located throughout the world. The "tool" includes the computer software, a detailed user manual and an accompanying information database.
Library Depository TJ808 .R487 1998

Ductile failure of columnar S2 saline ice under triaxial compressive loading
Melton, Jeffrey S
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis TA714.5 .M45 1999

The mechanical and magnetic properties of FeAl
Yang, Yong
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis TA480.A6 Y36 1999

Remembering Apollo 11 : the 30th anniversary data archive CD-ROM, 1969-1999
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Washington, D.C. : NASA History Office, Office of Policy and Plans, NASA Headquarters, [1999]
Collection of hard-to-find technical data and information, retrospective analysis, annotated bibliography, and history of lunar-orbit rendezvous concept, biographies of astronats and others, video and audio clips, and photo galleries.
Jones Media CD-ROM TL789.8.U6 A564 1999

Atmospheric environment
New York : Pergamon, [1999-]
Library Depository TD881 .A853

AIRS executive plus
[Washington, D.C.] : US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards, Information Transfer & Program Integration Division, Information Transfer Group, [1998-]
Summaries of air pollution data for the United States and fifty countries; includes sampling data, along with software to produce reports, charts, and maps.
Jones Media CD-ROM TD883

Toxic release inventory
Washington, DC : Office of Toxic Substances, [[1989?]-
Inventories and chemical substances fact sheets.
Kresge Ref. CD-ROM TD1040 .T63

Information assurance technical framework
[Ft. Meade, Md.] : National Security Agency, [1999]
An overview document on security needs and potential technology solutions for information systems and networks, the result of a collaborative effort by the U.S. government and by industry.
Jones Media CD-ROM TK5105.59 .I53

Proceedings of the ... Annual NRO-OSL/GSFC-ATS Rideshare Conference
Hanover, MD : NASA Center for AeroSpace Information [distributor], 1999-
Jones Media CD-ROM TL787 .N76a

STORET. Region 1:1, CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT
Boulder, CO : Hydrosphere Data Products, ©1998-
Kresge Ref TD223 .S88

Observation of changing information sources
Brewington, Brian E
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis T58.64 .B74 2000

Kinetic processes of cadmium and cadmium sulfide thin films formation by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition
Ni, Jinzhi
Kresge TS695 .N5 2000

Engineering weather data
Asheville, N.C. : National Climatic Data Center, [2000]
Kresge TH7015 .E54 2000

ICR treatment study database for MS Access 97
[Washington, D.C.] : Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, EPA, [2000]
Displays the results of the disinfection byproduct precursor removal studies conducted under EPA's information collection rule (ICR).
Jones Media CD-ROM TD459 .I27

Seydou Keita : studio work : 1949-1970
Paris : Lux Modernis, ©1995
Approximately 300 photographs by Mali portrait photographer Saidou Keita; with commentary by experts and Keita himself, plus music.
Jones Media Compact Disc TR647 .K453 1995

NIOSH pocket guide to chemical hazards and other databases
[Atlanta, Ga.] : U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health ; [2000]
Immediately dangerous to life and health concentrations -- International chemical safety cards -- NIOSH manual of analytical methods -- NIOSH pocket guide to chemical hazards -- OSHA sampling & analytical methods -- Recommendations for chemical protective clothing -- Specific medical tests published for OSHA regulated substances -- Toxicologic review of selected chemicals -- 2000 Emergency response guidebook.
Jones Media CD-ROM T55.3.H3 N56 2000

USAPAT : facsimile images of United States patents issued 1790 to present
Washington, DC : U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, Office for Patent & Trademark Information, 2000-
Jones Media CD-ROM T201 .U72

Fuel cell handbook
by EG&G Services, Parsons, Inc., Science Applications International Corporation
Morgantown, WV : U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Fossil Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory, [2000]
Jones Media CD-ROM TK2931 .F83 2000

WAVE-saver for educational institutions : water management system
[Washington, D.C.?] : Environmental Protection Agency, [2000?]
Allows users to determine and manage water usage in school facilities with the aim of promoting efficiency and conservation.
Jones Media CD-ROM TD388.5 .E38 2000

Washington, DC : U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, [2000?]
An electronic application for patents.
Jones Media CD-ROM T339 .E37 2000x

California ambient air quality data, 1980-1999
California Environmental Protection Agency, Air Resources Board, Planning & Technical Support Division, Air Quality Data Branch, Statistical & Analytical Services
[Sacramento, Calif.] : The Board, 2000
Contains electronic documents of California ambient air quality data for criteria pollutants for 1980 through 1999, toxics pollutants for 1990 through 1999, dichotomous sampler (Dichot) data for 1988 through 1999, and non-methane organic compound (NMOC) data for 1990 through 1999. Data are provided for each monitoring site and are also summarized by air basin and statewide maximum levels for all data except the 1 to 3 hour data.
Kresge Ref TD833.5.C2 C355 2000

National Conference on Tools for Urban Water Resource Management and Protection : proceedings, February 7-10, 2000, Chicago, IL
Cincinnati, OH : Technology Transfer and Support Division, National Risk Management Research Laboratory, Office of Research and Development, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, [2000]
Full-text files of papers presented at the conference.
Jones Media CD-ROM TD223 .N37 2000

Reversibility of combustion processes
Harvey, Simon P
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis TJ254.5 .H37 1994

Contributions to brittle compressive failure of ice
Iliescu, Daniel
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis TA714.5 .I45 2000

Stark-geometry photorefractive multiple quantum well spatial light modulators
Abeeluck, Akheelesh Kumar
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis TA1750 .A24 2001

Hydrothermal pretreatment of cellulosic biomass for bioconversion to ethanol
Laser, Mark
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis TP358 .L37 2001

Multi-media fluid mechanics
G. M. Homsy ... and others
Cambridge [Cambridgeshire] : Cambridge University Press, ©2000
Companion to any standard fluid mechanics text. Uses standard notations and definitions, with instructive text that accompanies all of the animations and videos. Material can be accessed through hyperlinkedtext, a search engine, and a video library.

Metals and alloys in the unified numbering system : on CD-ROM
Warrendale, Pa. : Society of Automotive Engineers ; ©2002
Database software containing over 5,000 alloys, thier UNS designation, chemical composition, cross-referenced standards and specifications, common trade name and a customizable comment field.

Water quality management and control of water pollution
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
[Rome] : FAO, ©2000
Disc contains five keynote papers and 13 country papers presented at the workshop. Accompanying volume presents a summary report and other conference details, including a listing of the keynote and country papers titles.
Jones Media CD-ROM TD365 .W379 2000

East west energy efficiency standards and labels
Economic Commission for Europe
New York ; United Nations, ©2001

The yield anomaly in B2 and L2₁-structured intermetallics
Wittmann, Markus Wolfgang
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis TN693.C8 W58 2002

Dutch design day : the face of design CD-ROM
The Hague, Netherlands : ACM SIGCHI, 2001
This CD-ROM presents programs and design ideas from the Lab Tour which was held April 7, 2000, as a follow-up to the Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (ACM SIGCHI) conference (CHI2000).

Metasearch : data fusion for document retrieval
Montague, Mark
Baker Berry Cook Thesis TK5105.884 .M66 2002

Fundamentals of microbial cellulose utilization by the thermophilic bacterium Clostridium thermocellum /by Yiheng K. Zhang
Zhang, Yiheng K
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis TP248.27.M53 Z53 2002

Photoconductivity of optical fiber preforms
Chua, Kang-Bin
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis TA1800 .C58 2002

17th annual Review of Progress in Applied Computational Electromagnetics at the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, March 19-23, 2001 : conference proceedings
[Monterey, Calif.?] : Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society, 2001

Investigations in non-model-based friction estimation and compensation in motion control
Ramasubramanian, Ashok
Feldberg Thesis TA418.72 .R36 2002

Toxic chemical release inventory : TRI reporting software
United States Environmental Protection Agency
Washington, DC : Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics
ATRS (Automated TRI Reporting Software) is the electronic version of the Form R and Form A that TRI (Toxics Release Inventory) submitters use each year to report toxic chemicals released into the land, water, or air.
Jones Media CD-ROM TD897.7

The mechanical properties and strain-induced ferromagnetism in B2-structured FeAl single crystals
Wu, Dongmei
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis TA480.A6 W8 2002

Tracing the retention and redistribution of lead and other atmospheric fallout in soils
Kaste, James Mathew, 1975-
A basic understanding of how atmospherically-derived elements behave in soils is of concern in contaminant transport, nutrient cycling, and carbon sequestration studies. Here, I use stable and radioactive tracers to evaluate the fate of atmospherically-delivered Pb, which is perhaps the most widely dispersed contaminant in the world. I also examine the redistribution of fallout in soils resulting from atmospheric weapons testing during the 1950's and 1960's. At Camels Hump Mountain, the forest floor in the coniferous forest zone completely retained a 207 Pb enriched tracer applied to the surface in 1984. I use natural 210 Pb budgets and determine forest floor Pb response times of 60 years in the deciduous zone and 150 years in the coniferous zone. Using 206 Pb/ 207 Pb measurements, I show that in the deciduous zone, 65% of the atmospheric Pb from the combustion of leaded-gasoline during most of the 20 th century has migrated to the underlying mineral horizons. This pollutant Pb is limited to the upper 21 cm of soils in both forest zones. Selective chemical extractions demonstrate that Pb is removed from the forest floor with extractions specific to organic matter. Lead is not exchangeable; salt solutions with pH 3.5 leach <5% of Pb from soils. I use dialysis experiments and show that Pb transport from the forest floor is in colloidal form (>5000 MWCO). Spodosols in the northeastern United States will retain atmospherically-delivered Pb on timescales of centuries. In Spodosols of the northeastern United States, 137 Cs and 241 Am have different distributions in soils, despite identical source terms. This results from the lack of vermiculite which can trap Cs. Cesium is cycled by vegetation, and transport is dominated by chemical leaching, while 241 Am is bound strongly to soil organics. At the Nunnock River Watershed (NR), in southeastern Australia, fallout 210 Pb and 137 Cs are both strongly retained by soil particles, and show similar distributions in the profile. Consequently, physical soil mixing, resulting from bioturbation, can dominate the redistribution of particle-reactive elements delivered from the atmosphere even on timescales of decades.
Kresge TD879.L43 K37 2003

Onsite and clustered (decentralized) wastewater treatment system : technology and management informational materials
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Wastewater Management
Washington, D.C. : U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Wastewater Management, [2003]
Baker Berry US Gov Docs TD430 .O57 2003 CD-ROM

Onsite and clustered (decentralized) wastewater treatment systems : informational materials
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Wastewater Management
Washington, D.C. : U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, [2003]
Baker Berry US Gov Docs TD430

Guide for industrial waste management
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Washington, D.C. : U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Solid Waste and Emergency Response, 2003
Jones Media CD-ROM TD897.847 .G85 2003 CD-ROM

Canadian Arctic contaminants assessment report. II
Ottawa : Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, 2003
Highlights -- Human health -- Knowledge in action -- Contaminant levels, trends and effects in the biological environment -- Sources, occurrences, trends and pathways in the physical environment.
Jones Media CD-ROM TD182 .C36 2003

TVA photography : thirty years of life in the Tennessee Valley
Ezzell, Patricia Bernard
Jackson : University Press of Mississippi, ©2003
Library Depository TK1425.M8 E98 2003

Annotated bibliography of source water protection materials
U.S. EPA, Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, Drining Water Protection Division, Prevention Branch
Washington, D.C. : U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, Drinking Water Protection Division, Prevention Branch, 2003
Baker Berry US Gov Docs TD223 .A56 2003 CD-ROM

The dawn of photography : French daguerreotypes, 1839-1855
Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York : Metropolitan Museum of Art, ©2003
Presents essays by eight scholars that discuss not only the history and art of the daguerreotype but also its effect on the economics of Paris from 1839 to 1850, its presence in anthropology, and its eventual decline in the 1850s. Also includes catalogue entries and color images of works from the exhibition, a computer animation on the daguerreotype process, an anthology of historical documents, and a chronology.
Jones Media CD-ROM TR365 .D396 2003

Mining annual review
London, England : Mining Journal Ltd., 2000-2004
Kresge TN1 .M651

International energy statistics sourcebook
Tulsa, Okla. : PennWell
Jones Media CD-ROM TJ163.13 .I5752

GEO reports : analyses and outlooks
prepared by UNEP, Division of Earling Warning and Assessment
[Place of publication not identified] : United Nations Environment Programme, ©2003
Contains the three major Global environmental outlook reports (GEO-1, GEO-2000, GEO-3) of the United Nations Environment Programme, regional and national environment assessments, technical and background reports, and educational materials.
Jones Media CD-ROM TD194.6 .G467 2003

NPDES compliance inspection manual
Washington, DC : U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Compliance, Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, [2004]
Baker Berry US Gov Docs TD223 .N63 2004 CD-ROM

U.S. Geological Survey world petroleum assessment 2000 : description and results
by US Geological Survey World Energy Assessment Team
[Reston, Va.] : U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, 2000
Contains assessment of the undiscovered conventional petroleum resources of the world that have the potential to be added to reserves in the next 30 years. The assessment is documented in a series of articles, tables, charts, and maps.
Evans Map Room CD-ROM TN870.5 .U84 2000

The dawn at my back : memoir of a Black Texas upbringing
Blue, Carroll Parrott
[Los Angeles] : Annenberg Center for Communication, University of Southern California, ©2003
Incorporates photographs, video, oral histories of Houston's Black community, and text based on Carroll Parrott Blue's memoir using an interface inspired by the author's great-grandmother's quilt.
Jones Media DVD-ROM TR140.B385 A3 2003b

Tracing the decay of fiction : encounters with a film by Pat O'Neill
by Pat O'Neill, Rosemary Comella, Kristy H.A. Kang and the Labyrinth Project
[Los Angeles] : Annenberg Center for Communication, University of Southern California, ©2002
"Tracing the Decay of Fiction is an archeological exploration of the Hotel Ambassador, a vintage building now vacant that was erected in 1920 and played a crucial role in the development of Los Angeles. Well known for its glamorous Cocoanut Grove nightclub where Hollywood stars and movie moguls mingled with foreign dignitaries and wealthy tourists, this hotel was also the site of one of our nation's most disturbing events--the 1968 assassination of Democratic presidential candidate Robert Kennedy. Visitors wander through these abandoned rooms encountering cultural traces of the historical events and personal stories that occurred there. Inside the Ambassador, borders blur between past and present, history and fiction"--Container insert.
Jones Media DVD-ROM TX941.A63 T73 2002

NDC publications and U.S. waterway data CD
Alexandria, VA : U.S. Army Corps of Engineers NDC
Evans Map Room CD-ROM TC623 .N33

Vehicle inventory and use survey, 2002 : microdata file
Washington, DC : U.S. Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration, U.S. Census Bureau, [2004]
Contains a microdata file of individual records to allow data users the ability to tabulate estimates not published in the 2002 Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey.
Baker Berry US Gov Docs TL230 .E266 2004

WAVE-saver for educational institutions
[Washington, D.C.?] : Environmental Protection Agency, [2000?]
Allows users to determine and manage water usage in school facilities with the aim of promoting efficiency and conservation.
Baker Berry US Gov Docs TD388 .W381 2005

ACM SIGGRAPH 2004 conference select CD-ROM
[New York] : ACM SIGGRAPH, 2004
"This package contains two CD-ROMs with material from the Art Gallery, Computer Animation Festival, Educators Program, Emerging Technologies, Panels, Posters, Sketches, Special Sessions, and Web Graphics programs presented at the ACM SIGGRAPH 2004 conference, held in Los Angeles, California, 8-12 August 2004."
Jones Media CD-ROM TR897.7 .S54 2004

ACM SIGGRAPH 2003 conference select CD-ROM
[New York] : ACM SIGGRAPH, 2003
"This package contains two CD-ROMs with material from the Art Gallery, Computer Animation Festival, Educators Program, Emerging Technologies, Sketches & Applications, Special Sessions, and Web Graphics programs presented at the ACM SIGGRAPH 2003 conference, held in San Diego, California, 27-31 July 2003"--Container.
Jones Media CD-ROM TR897.7 .S54 2003

Progress report
RLE, Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT
Cambridge, Mass. : Research Laboratory of Electronics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

FRTR cost and performance remediation case studies and related information
Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable
Washington, DC : U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Solid Waste and Emergency Response
Contains cost and performance case studies about remediation projects prepared by member agencies of the FRTR.
Baker Berry US Gov Docs TD1040

AASHTO LRFD bridge design specifications : dual units
[Washington, D.C.?] : American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, ©2005

AASHTO LRFD bridge design specifications : dual units
[Washington, D.C.?] : American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, 2004

POM! : character setup
Principles of Motion
[Vancouver, British Columbia] : Pure Animation, Inc., ©2005
"POM! character setup is designed to deliver full animation control with a simple, intuitive interface. Many animation attributes are integrated into flexible controllers, which are able to reveal the subtle, yet crucial elements of human movement. Use POM! character setup in conjunction with all Principles of Motion visual reference DVD's to maximize productivity and refine animation skills"--Container.
Jones Media CD-ROM TR897.7 .P65 2005

Technology foresight : a UNIDO-ICS initiative for Latin America and the Caribbean, Trieste, Italy 7-9 December 1999 : workshop proceedings
Vienna, Austria : United Nations Industrial Development Organization, ©2000

ACM SIGGRAPH 2005 full conference DVD-ROM : 31 July-04 August 2005, Los Angeles, CA
[New York] : ACM SIGGRAPH, ©2005
"This package contains two DVD-ROMs and two video DVDs with material from the Art Gallery, Computer Animation Festival, Courses, Educators Program, Emerging Technologies, Panels, Papers, Posters, Sketches, Special Sessions, and Web Graphics programs presented at the ACM SIGGRAPH 2005 conference"--Container.
Jones Media DVD-ROM TR897.7 .S54 2005

ACM SIGGRAPH 2006 full conference DVD-ROM : Boston, Massachusetts, 30 July - 03 August 2006
New York : ACM, ©2006
"This package contains two DVD-ROMs and two video DVDs with material from the Art Gallery, Computer Animation Festival, Courses, Educators Program, Emerging Technologies, Panels, Papers, Posters, Sketches, Special Sessions, and Web Graphics programs presented at the ACM SIGGRAPH 2006 conference, held in Boston, Massachusetts, 30 July - 3 August 2006"--Container.
Jones Media DVD-ROM TR897.7 .S54 2006

Character setup in Maya : fundamentals
[Oklahoma City, Okla.] : Digital-Tutors, ©2006
Training guides users step-by-step through process of building the skeletal structure, robust controls, and binding in Maya for life-like animation.
Jones Media CD-ROM TR897.7 .C43 2006

Maya modeling techniques : interiors
[Oklahoma City, Okla.] : Digital-Tutors/PL Studios, Inc., ©2006
An in-depth guide to developing interior set modeling. Highlights include utilizing a Polygon to Subdivision workflow, methods for creating clean geometry, and more.
Jones Media CD-ROM TR897.7 .M3825 2006

UV layout in Maya
[Oklahoma City, Okla.] : Digital-Tutors, ©2006
Teaches the essential techniques needed to define and apply flawless textures to polygon and sub-D models. Learn different mapping methods, cutting UVs, sewing UVs, UV transfer, and achieving clean and efficient UV layouts with precision.
Jones Media CD-ROM TR897.7 .U9 2006

Mental ray rendering techniques : interiors
[Oklahoma City, Okla.] : Digital-Tutors/PL Studios, Inc., ©2006
An in-depth guide to rendering interiors with mental ray.
Jones Media CD-ROM TR897.7 .M393 2006

Fundamentals of Maya : 3D texturing in Photoshop
[Oklahoma City, Okla.] : [Digital-Tutors/PL Studios, Inc.], [©2006]
Concentrates on the techniques needed to create and apply flawless textures to your existing models, resulting in extraordinary realism and detail. Master texturing in Photoshop using PSD textures in Maya, using layer sets in Photoshop, manipulating existing photos for 3D textures, creating custom brushes in Photoshop, building blend modes in Photoshop, creating bump maps, creating specular maps, base textures, skin coloring, creating color maps, and several additional techniques resulting in flawless visual detail.
Jones Media CD-ROM TR897.7 .F85 2006

Introduction to MEL : Maya basics
[Oklahoma City, Okla.] : Digital-Tutors, ©2006
Provides comprehensive training for MEL scripting language in Maya for users with limited programming experience.
Jones Media CD-ROM TR897.7 .I58 2006

Fundamentals of Maya : polygon/sub-D modeling
[Oklahoma City, Okla.] : [Digital-Tutors/PL Studios, Inc.], [2004?]
The unique hands-on approach to learning Maya's robust system enables the user to better understand the fundamentals and up-to-the-minute techniques used to achieve greater organic realism. Users will also learn image plan preparation, extruding along curves, append to polygon tool, subdivision hierarchy, duplicating along curves, polygon proxy modeling, combining multiple polygon objects, surface conversion, mirroring, attaching, and cleaning up geometry and a number of additional tips and techniques for efficient modeling.
Jones Media CD-ROM TR897.7 .F86 2004

Mining districts of Utah
Roger L. Bon, senior editor ; Robert W. Gloyn and Gerald M. Park, co-editors
Salt Lake City : Utah Geological Association, ©2006
Utah mining timeline -- Geology and history of the Bingham Mining District -- Bib and Little Cottonwood / (Alta) Mining district -- Geology and mining history of the Park City Mining District -- The Rush Valley Mining District -- History, geology, and production of the Tintic Mining District -- Geology of the Lucin and Promontory districts -- Gold Hill -- Mines and geology of the Rocky and Beaver Lake districts -- Mines and geology of the San Francisco District -- Goldstrike Mining District -- Geology, mining history, and reclamation of the Silver Reef Mining District -- Geology of the Lisbon Valley sandstone-hosted disseminated copper deposits -- Lisbon Valley, Utah's largest uranium district -- The uranium-vanadium deposits of the Utah portion of the Monument Valley District -- Fluorspar, uranium, and beryllium deposits at Spor Mountain -- Pearl Queen Perlite Mine -- Salt and gypsum of the Arapien shale -- A century and a half of metal prices.
Jones Media CD-ROM TN24.U8 M56 2006

Papa tu peux sauver la planète! = Daddy you can save the planet! = Papa ty mozheshʹ sokhranitʹ nashu planetu! : [games for children from 6 to 96 = des jeux pour les enfants de 6 à 96 ans = igry d͡lia deteĭ ot 6 do 96]
a production of the UNECE Information Service
Geneva, Switzerland : United Nations, ©2007
Contains 4 interactive games to help children learn how to help save the planet.

Bedrock geologic map, coal-resource maps, and digital datasets of part of the Windber quadrangle, Somerset county, Pennsylvania
Shaulis, James R
[Harrisburg] : [Pennsylvania Geological Survey], [2007]
Contains maps and datasets showing bedrock geology and coal resources for the Windber quadrangle in Pennsylvania, in Somerset County, as well as a PDF file containing descriptive text.
Kresge TN174 .P4 no.101

Bedrock geologic map, coal-resource maps, and digital datasets of the Kersey quadrangle, Elk and Clearfield counties, Pennsylvania
Dodge, Clifford H
[Harrisburg] : [Pennsylvania Geological Survey], [2005]
Contains maps and datasets showing bedrock geology and coal resources for the Kersey quadrangle in north-central Pennsylvania, comprising parts of Elk and Clearfield Counties, as well as a PDF file containing descriptive text.
Kresge TN174 .P4 no.100

Removal process course. Supplemental resources
CERCLA Education Center
[Washington, D.C.] : CERCLA Education Center, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, [2010]
Baker Berry US Gov Docs T55.H3 R45 2010 Computer file

Lamination steels ; a compendium of lamination steel alloys commonly used in electric motors
the Lamination Steels Research Project ; edited by Steve Sprague
South Dartmouth, Mass. : Electric Motor Education and Research Foundation, ©2007
"Provides a wealth of information on the types, properties and specifications of a wide variety of not only commonly used lamination steels, but also selected amorphous, powdered and grain-oriented alloys."

Hong wai yu hao mi bo xue bao = Journal of infrared and millimeter waves
Zhongguo guang xue xue hui zhu ban
Shanghai Shi : Ke xue chu ban she, 1991-

Yao wu shi pin fen xi = Journal of food and drug analysis
Taibei Shi : Xing zheng yuan wei sheng shu yao wu shi pin jian yan ju, Minguo 82 [1993]-

Tekhnologii͡a i konstruirovanie v ėlektronnoĭ apparature
Odessa, Ukraine : Publishing House "Politehperiodika"

Organizing for life : declutter your mind to declutter your world
Felton, Sandra
[Carol Stream, Ill.] : Oasis Audio, 2009
Helps listeners focus on overcoming the roadblocks that keep them ina permanently messy state in order to change their habits for good.

A sensitive S-band noise receiver developed for the Mariner Mars 1964 spacecraft program
Keeler, Louis H
Pasadena : Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, 1966, [©1967]

Sounds from dangerous places
Cusack, Peter
Thornton Heath, Surrey, UK : ReR Megacorp, ℗2012
Chernobyl, ghost towns, radiometers, wildlife, people, song -- Caspian oil and UK sites, nuclear, military, greenhouse gases.
Paddock Compact Disc TK1362.U38 C88 2012

Vestnik Volgogradskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta. Serii͡a 10, Innovat͡sionnai͡a dei͡atelʹnostʹ
Volgograd : Izd-vo Volgogradskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta

Sistemnyĭ analiz i prikladnai͡a informatika
Minsk : Belorusskiĭ nat͡sionalʹnyĭ tekhnicheskiĭ universitet, 2013-

Nauka i tekhnika
Minsk : Belorusskiĭ nat͡sionalʹnyĭ tekhnicheskiĭ universitet

2005 CLEO/QELS, PhAST : Conference on Lasers and Electro-optics ; Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference ; Photonic Applications, Systems and Technologies Conference
[Madison, Wis.] : Omnipress, 2005
Kresge TA1673 .C66 2005

Nauchno-tekhnicheskiĭ vestnik informat͡sionnykh tekhnologiĭ, mekhaniki i optiki
Sankt-Peterburg : Izdanie Sankt-Peterburgskogo nat͡sionalʹnogo issledovatelʹskogo universiteta informat͡sionnykh tekhnologiĭ, mekhaniki i optiki

Nanotekhnologii v stroitelʹstve = Nanotechnologies in construction
Moscow : OOO CNT "NanoStroitelstvo"

Dian zi yu xin xi xue bao = Journal of electronics & information technology
Zhongguo ke xue yuan dian zi xue yan jiu suo, Guo jia zi ran ke xue ji jin wei yuan hui xin xi ke xue bu zhu ban
Beijing : Ke xue chu ban she

My kitchen year : 136 recipes that saved my life
Reichl, Ruth, author,
[New York] : Penguin Random House Audio Publishing Group, 2015
Fall -- Winter -- Spring -- Summer.

In the fall of 2009, the food world was rocked when Gourmet magazine was abruptly shuttered by its parent company. No one was more stunned by this unexpected turn of events than its beloved editor in chief, Ruth Reichl, who suddenly faced an uncertain professional future. As she struggled to process what had seemed unthinkable, Reichl turned to the one place that had always provided sanctuary. "I did what I always do when I'm confused, lonely, or frightened," she writes. "I disappeared into the kitchen." My Kitchen Year follows the change of seasons--and Reichl's emotions--as she slowly heals through the simple pleasures of cooking. While working 24/7, Reichl would "throw quick meals together" for her family and friends. Now she has the time to rediscover what cooking meant to her. Imagine kale, leaves dark and inviting, sautéed with chiles and garlic; summer peaches baked into a simple cobbler; fresh oysters chilling in a box of snow; plump chickens and earthy mushrooms, fricasseed with cream. Over the course of this challenging year, each dish Reichl prepares becomes a kind of stepping stone to finding joy again in ordinary things. The 136 recipes collected here represent a life's passion for food: a blistering ma po tofu that shakes Reichl out of the blues; a decadent grilled cheese sandwich that accompanies a rare sighting in the woods around her home; a rhubarb sundae that signals the arrival of spring. Here, too, is Reichl's enlivening dialogue with her Twitter followers, who become her culinary supporters and lively confidants. Part cookbook, part memoir, part paean to the household gods, My Kitchen Year may be Ruth Reichl's most stirring book yet--one that reveals a refreshingly vulnerable side of the world's most famous food editor as she shares treasured recipes to be returned to again and again and again.

Tai kong tan suo = Space exploration
Beijing : Tai kong tan suo za zhi she, 2000-

Uchenye zapiski Komsomolʹskogo-na Amure gosudarstvennogo tekhnicheskogo universiteta
Komsomolʹsk-na-Amure : Komsomolʹskiĭ-na Amure gosudarstvennyĭ tekhnicheskiĭ universitet

Biotechnologia acta
Kyiv : Palladin Institute of Biochemistry of NAS of Ukraine

Deep down dark : the untold stories of 33 men buried in a Chilean mine, and the miracle that set them free
Tobar, Héctor, 1963- author
[New York] : Macmillan Audio, 2014
The exclusive, official story of the survival, faith, and family of Chile's thirty-three trapped miners. When the San José mine collapsed outside of Copiapó, Chile, in August 2010, it trapped thirty-three miners beneath thousands of feet of rock for a record-breaking sixty-nine days. Across the globe, we sat riveted to television and computer screens as journalists flocked to the Atacama desert. While we saw what transpired above ground during the grueling and protracted rescue, the story of the miners' experiences below the earth's surface--and the lives that led them there--hasn't been heard until now. In Deep Down Dark, a master work by a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Héctor Tobar gains exclusive access to the miners and their stories. The result is a miraculous and emotionally textured account of the thirty-three men who came to think of the San José mine as a kind of coffin, as a "cave" inflicting constant and thundering aural torment, and as a church where they sought redemption through prayer while the world watched from above. It offers an understanding of the families and personal histories that brought "los 33" to the mine, and the mystical and spiritual elements that surrounded working in such a dangerous place.

A man on the moon : the voyages of the Apollo astronauts
Chaikin, Andrew, 1956- author
[United States] : Findaway World : [2015]
On the night of July 20, 1969, our world changed forever when two Americans, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, walked on the moon. Now the greatest event of the twentieth century is magnificently retold through the eyes and ears of the people who were there. Based on the interviews with twenty-three moon voyagers, as well as those who struggled to get the program moving, journalist Andrew Chaikin conveys every aspect of the missions with breathtaking immediacy: from the rush of liftoff, to the heart-stopping lunar touchdown, to the final hurdle of reentry.

War story
Levin, Mikael, 1954-
Munich : G. Kehayoff, ©1997
Sherman TR660 .L485 1997

Environmental success stories : solving major ecological problems and confronting climate change
Dunnivant, Frank M., author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2017]
Securing safe, inexpensive drinking water -- Effective treatment of our wastewaters -- The removal of anthropogenic lead, and soon mercury, from our environment -- Elimination of chlorinated hydrocarbons from or environment -- Is that chemical safe in our food and water? : risk assessment -- Saving our atmosphere for our children -- Legislating industry :The need and the success -- The rapid advance of technology : our best hope -- Human's greatest challenge : climate change -- Conclusions -- Imagination, responsibility and climate change.
Baker Berry TD170.2 .D86 2017

Water in crisis : a guide to the world's fresh water resources
edited by Peter H. Gleick ; foreword by Gilbert F. White
New York : Oxford University Press, 1993
Part I. Essays on fresh water issues -- An introduction to global fresh water issues / Peter H. Gleick -- World fresh water resources / Igor A. Shiklomanov -- Water quality and health / Linda Nash -- Water and ecosystems / Alan P. Covich -- Water and agriculture / Sandra Postel -- Water and energy / Peter H. Gleick -- Water and economic development / Malin Falkenmark, Gunnar Lindh -- Water, politics, and international law / Stephen C. McCaffrey -- Water in the 21st century / Peter H. Gleick -- Part II. Fresh water data -- About the data / Peter H. Gleick -- Global and regional fresh water resources -- Rivers, lakes and waterfalls -- Sanitation and water-related disease -- Water quality and contamination -- Water and agriculture -- Water and ecosystems -- Water and energy -- Water and human use -- Water policy and politics -- Units, data conversions, and constants.
Kresge TD345 .W264 1993

The art of photography : a personal approach to artistic expression
Barnbaum, Bruce, 1943- author
San Rafael, CA : Rocky Nook, [2017]
Sherman TR642 .B364 2017

Materials science and engineering of carbon : characterization
edited by Michio Inagaki, Feiyu Kang
Amsterdam : Elsevier : [2016]
Chapter 1. Introduction / Michio Inagaki, Feiyu Kang -- chapter 2. X-ray powder diffraction / Norio Iwashita -- chapter 3. Small-angle x-ray scattering / Katsuya Fukuyama, Yoshikiyo Hatakeyama -- chapter 4. Transmission electron microsopy / Sylvie Bonnamy, Agnès Oberlin -- chapter 5. Scanning electron microscopy / Akira Yoshida, Yutaka Kaburagi, Yoshihiro Hishiyama -- chapter 6. Image analysis / Kyoichi Oshida -- chapter 7. Raman spectroscopy / Yutaka Kaburagi, Akira Yoshida, Yoshihiro Hishiyama -- chapter 8. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy / Hidetaka Konno -- chapter 9. Magnetoresistance / Yoshihiro Hishiyama, Yutaka Kaburagi, Michio Inagaki -- chapter 10. Electrochemical performance / Soshi Shiraishi -- chapter 11. Gas absorption/desorption isotherm for pore structure characterization / Yoko Nishi, Michio Inagaki-- chapter 12. Thermal analysis / Ming-ming Chen -- chapter 13. Titration method for the identification of surface functional groups / Yern Seung Kim, Chong Rae Park -- chapter 14. Temperature programmed desorption / Takafumi Ishii, Takashi Kyotani.

"Materials Science and Engineering of Carbon: Characterization focuses on 13 fundamental techniques which are commonly used in research work on carbon materials. A chapter is devoted to each technique"--Back cover.
Feldberg TA418.9.N35 M384 2016

Days gone by : roadside photographs of the American South
Rubbert, Jörg, 1963- author,
Salenstein : Benteli, imprint of Braun Publishing AG, 2018
Many times over a period of ten years, Jörg Rubbert has traveled the suburban and urban spaces between Georgia, Mississippi and Texas, documenting them with his medium format camera. Small town idylls at first glance are revealed on closer inspection to be the forgotten remnants of times long past. The faded glory of the "Good Old South" is captured here, both in its morbid beauty and as a manifestation of the ephemeral. The carefully crafted images reflect unsparingly the demise of the South's small towns, their suffering particularly tangible following the financial and economic crisis. The intense colors in the images, which capture the southern sunlight, seem to jar uncomfortably with the "gray" reality they portray. Yet they act as a powerful plea not to allow the buildings and infrastructure of these places to be wholly abandoned, a call to truly embrace the historic legacy they embody.
Sherman TR659.8 .R824 2018

People fishing : a century of photographs
Levine, Barbara, 1960- author
Hudson, NY : Princeton Architectural Press, 2018
"Fishing once provided relaxation and sport for everyone from Hemingway to Babe Ruth to Bette Davis. But fishing isn't just for your grandpa, as angling continues to increase in popularity in the US and abroad. People Fishing collects curious, quirky, humorous and sometimes outrageous photos of Edwardian dowagers, tiny babies, sunburned sportsmen, and bathing beauties preparing tackle boxes, casting their lures, and displaying the catch of the day--a compelling tribute to this perennial outdoor pastime"--
Sherman TR681.F57 L48 2018

Ballenesque : Roger Ballen : a retrospective
Ballen, Roger, 1950- photographer
London : Thames & Hudson, 2017
Introduction: Roger Ballen: the -esque factor / Robert J.C. Young -- Finding the core: Early work ; Boyhood -- Digging deeper: Dorps ; Platteland ; Outland -- Refining and expanding: Shadow chamber ; Boarding house ; Asylum of the birds -- The space of the mind: Leica works ; The theatre of apparitions ; Ah rats -- Afterword.

Roger Ballen is best known for his psychologically powerful and intricately layered images that exist in a space between painting, drawing, installation, and photography. Ballenesque is the first comprehensive retrospective of his work. Separated into four parts, Ballenesque takes readers on a chronological journey through Ballen's entire oeuvre, including both iconic images and previously unpublished works. Part I explores Ballen's formative artistic influences and his later rediscovery of boyhood through photography, culminating in his first published monograph, Boyhood, in 1979. Part II charts the period between 1980 and 2000, during which time he released his seminal monograph Outland. Part III covers the years 2000-2013, when Ballen achieved global recognition and his work began to veer away from portraiture altogether. Finally, in Part IV, Ballen reflects on his career.
Sherman Oversize TR655 .B247 2017

Modeling of thermal performance of nanofluids with PCM particles
Awad, Alquaity, author
[Place of publication not identified] : LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, [2015]
Baker Berry TK7872.H4 A93 2015

Fotofest 2018 biennial
Houston, Tex. : FotoFest ; 2018
Introduction / Steven Evans and FotoFest Staff -- FotoFest exhibitions 2018 Biennial : India/Contemporary photographic and new media art ; Discoveries of the meeting place -- Participating spaces : Museums ; Non-profit art spaces ; Commercial art galleries ; University space ; Non-profit space ; Corporate spaces ; Artist studio -- FotoFest programs 2017-2018 : Art exhibitions ; Literacy Through Photography Student Learning Program.
Sherman TR645.H8 F673 2018

Bystander : a history of street photography
Westerbeck, Colin, author
London: Laurence King Publishing, [2017]
Now and then: in defense of traditional street photography -- Eugène Atget & the nineteenth century. Before photography ; Folio ; In the beginning ; The view from abroad ; Busmen's holidays ; Art for art's sake ; Documents for artists -- Cartier-Bresson & Europe in the twentieth century. Folio ; Children of the century ; The decisive photographer ; Hungarian rhapsody ; Foreign correspondents ; The fourth estate -- Walker Evans & America before the war. Folio ; Social uplift ; Collective vision ; American classic -- Robert Frank & America since the war. Folio ; Displaced persons ; Naturalized citizens ; An American in Paris ; In the American grain ; The Chicago school -- Conversations. Folio ; Still going ; The conversation continues.

In this book, the authors explore and discuss the development of one of the most interesting and dynamic of photographic genres. Hailed as a landmark work when it was first published in 1994, Bystander is widely regarded by street photographers as the 'bible' of street photography. It covers an incredible array of talent, from the unknowns of the late 19th century to the acknowledged masters of the 20th, such as Atget, Stieglitz, Strand, Cartier-Bresson, Brassai, Kertesz, Frank, Arbus, Winogrand and Levitt to name just a few. In this new and fully revised edition, the story of street photography is brought up to date with a re-evaluation of some historical material, the inclusion of more contemporary photographers and a discussion of the ongoing rise of digital photography.
Sherman TR659.8 .W474 2017

What does the image stand for?
edited by Ami Barak
Bielefeld : Kerber Verlag, [2017]
Including the work of Adel Abdessemed, Yto Barrada, Mircea Cantor, Camille Henrot, Zanele Muholi, and Taryn Simon, among many others.

Images are now so insidiously omnipresent that their nature has been obliterated. At one time photographs were indicators of reality, but how do they function today? Now that images of the whole world are being captured by everyone at every moment, what do images have to say? By considering the content and meaning of fixed and moving images, the artists and authors in this volume invite readers to cast a critical eye upon testimonials offered.
Sherman TR646.C22 M669 2017

Synchrony and diachrony : photographs of the J.P. Getty Museum 1997
Robert Polidori
Göttingen, Germany : Steidl, 2018
This book presents 35 photos of the Getty Center taken shortly before the 1997 opening of its new multipurpose complex designed by Richard Meier. Published to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the center, the book reveals behind-the-scenes views of the building as objects from J. Paul Getty's painting, sculpture and decorative arts collections were being installed inside it. In September 1997 The New Yorker commissioned Robert Polidori to photograph Meier's building. Within 48 hours he had made images of its exterior but remembers being unsatisfied: The building looks great, but it could house anything really--a hospital, a university, or even some corporate headquarters. Polidori wanted to document the museum's interior, to capture what he calls "some sort of museological typology," and proceeded to photograph the rooms in which artworks were either freshly installed or still being so: sculptures under plastic sheets, golden candelabras resting on foam cushions, cardboard boxes containing unseen treasures. The resulting photos show the museum in the process of taking shape, expose the mechanics of curatorship, and reveal, in Polidori's words, a paradox: "The more a room may be filled with the helter-skelter of objects to be arranged, the more naked and raw the possibilities and intent of their placement become apparent."
Sherman TR657 .P658 2018

Record / Daido Moriyama = 記録 / 森山大道 ; edited by Mark Holborn
Moriyama, Daidō, 1938- photographer
New York, New York : Thames & Hudson, Inc., 2017
Inspired by the work of an earlier generation of Japanese photographers, especially by Shomei Tomatsu, and by William Klein's seminal photographic book on New York, Daido Moriyama moved from Osaka to Tokyo in the early sixties to become a photographer. He became the leading exponent of a fierce new photographic style that corresponded perfectly to the abrasive and intense climate of Tokyo during a period of great social upheaval. His black and white pictures were marked by fierce contrast and fragmentary, even scratched, frames, which concealed his virtuoso printing. Between June 1972 and July 1973 he produced his own magazine publication, Kiroku, which was then referred to as Record. It became a diaristic journal of his work as it developed. Ten years ago he was able to resume publication of Record, which gradually expanded in extent. To date he has published thirty issues, a number of them including colour. The publication of Record as a book enables work from all thirty issues to be edited into a single sequence, punctuated by Moriyama's own text as it appeared in the magazines.
Sherman TR655 .M69298 2017

Microsculpture : portraits of insects from the collections of the Oxford University of Natural History
Biss, Levon, photographer
New York, NY : Abrams, 2017
"Microsculpture is a unique photographic study of insects in mind-blowing magnification that celebrates the wonders of nature and science. Levon Biss's photographs capture in breathtaking detail the beauty of the insect world and are printed in large-scale format to provide an unforgettable viewing experience. Each picture in Microsculpture is created from approximately 8,000 individual photographs. Segments of the specimen are lit and photographed separately using microscope lenses, then stacked to maintain sharp focus throughout. These images are then combined to create a single high-resolution file. From start to finish, each portrait takes approximately 4 weeks to create. The project has captured the attention of the world with features in WIRED and New Scientist. Microsculpture has been exhibited at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History and the Xposure 2016 International Photography Festival in Sharjah, U.A.E. It has been viewed by over half a mil-lion people so far and will be touring museums around the world from 2017 onward."--Publisher.
Sherman TR729.I6 B57 2017

Once in Harlem
Naitō, Katsuo, 1963- photographer
Oakland, California : TBW Books, 2017
Sherman TR140.N287 A4 2017

Drowned river : the death & rebirth of Glen Canyon on the Colorado
Klett, Mark, 1952- photographer
Santa Fe, NM : Radius Books [2018]
In 1963 the waters began rising behind Glen Canyon Dam and 170 miles of the Colorado River slowly disappeared. Environmentalists considered it a disaster and mourned Glen Canyon as gone forever. The Sierra Club joined forces with photographer Eliot Porter to document what would be lost under the dam's waters. But in an unexpected victory that speaks to the pervasive disaster of climate change, the reservoir is now declining and the Colorado River is coming back. Photographers Byron Wolfe (born 1967) and Mark Klett (born 1952), along with writer Rebecca Solnit (born 1961), spent five years exploring the place as expectations and possibilities changed, and the river reemerged at the upper end of the reservoir.
Sherman Oversize TR820.5 .K59 2018

Docuficción : prácticas artísticas en un México convulso
Ruiz, Iván, 1979- author
México : Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Instituto de Investigaciones Esteticas, 2017
Porqué docuficción -- Cuerpos posados -- Fotoperiodismo iconoclasta -- Cenizas -- Epilogo.
Sherman TR822 .R86 2017

The fashion forecasters : a hidden history of color and trend prediction
edited by Regina Lee Blaszczyk and Ben Wubs
London ; Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2018
1. Beyond the Crystal Ball: The Rationale Behind Color and Trend Forecasting / Regina Lee Blaszczyk and Ben Wubs -- Part I: When Paris Led and America Followed -- 2. The Rise of Color Forecasting in the United States and Great Britain / Regina Lee Blaszczyk -- 3. Tobé Coller Davis: A Career in Fashion Forecasting in America / Véronique Pouillard and Karen J. Trivette -- Part II: Going International -- 4. From Window Dresser to Fashion Forecaster: David Wolfe of the Doneger Group Tells How He Got Started in Trends -- 5. What Do Baby Boomers Want? How the Swinging Sixties Became the Trending Seventies / Regina Lee Blaszczyk -- 6. The View from Paris: Nelly Rodi and the Early Days of French Trend Forecasting -- 7. Fibers, Feathers, and the Future: Ornella Bignami on the Importance of Materials -- 8. Fashion Prediction and the Transformation of the Japanese Textile Industry: The Role of Kentaro Kawasaki, 1950-1980 / Pierre-Yves Donzé -- 9. Interstoff's Fashion Table: The Internalization of Fashion Forecasting at the World's Most Important Fashion Fabric Fair / Ben Wubs -- 10. The Role of the Pitti Uomo Trade Fair in the Menswear Fashion Industry / Mariangela Lavanga -- Part III: The Digital Imperative -- 11. Looking Behind the Scenes of Swedish Fashion Forecasting / Ingrid Giertz-Mårtenson -- 12. Trending Online: Valerie Wilson Trower Discusses Stylesight in the Asia Pacific Region -- 13. Fast Fashion, Fast Futures: Catronia McNab on WGSN and the Global Digital World -- Part IV: Conclusion -- 14. Fashion Futures / Regina Lee Blaszczyk and Ben Wubs -- Select Bibliography - Index.

The fashion business has been collecting and analyzing information about colors, fabrics, silhouettes, and styles since the 18th century - activities that have long been shrouded in mystery. The Fashion Forecasters is the first book to reveal the hidden history of color and trend forecasting and to explore its relevance to the fashion business of the past two centuries. It sheds light on trend forecasting in the industrial era, the profession's maturation during the modernist moment of the 20th century, and its continued importance in today's digital fast-fashion culture. Based on in-depth archival research and oral history interviews, The Fashion Forecasters examines the entrepreneurs, service companies, and consultants that have worked behind the scenes to connect designers and retailers to emerging fashion trends in Europe, North America, and Asia. Here you will read about the trend studios, color experts, and international trade fairs that formalized the prediction process in the modern era, and hear the voices of leading contemporary practitioners at international forecasting companies such as the Doneger Group in New York and WGSN in London. Probing the inner workings of the global fashion system, The Fashion Forecasters blends history, biography, and ethnography into a highly readable cultural narrative.
Sherman TT497 .F35 2018

The hidden history of American fashion : rediscovering twentieth-century women designers
edited by Nancy Deihl
London : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2018
This book is the first in-depth exploration of the revolutionary designers who defined American fashion in its emerging years and helped build an industry with global impact, yet who have been largely forgotten. While names such as Charles James, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein are familiar, their once-eminent forebears have been largely erased from the canon of fashion history in the United States. From one of America's first couturiers, Jessie Franklin Turner, to Zelda Wynn Valdes, who dressed the likes of Josephine Baker and Ella Fitzgerald, the book captures the lost histories of the luminaries who paved the way in the world of American fashion design. Focusing on unsung female designers, the authors reclaim a place in history for the women who contributed to the rich tapestry of the industry as it stands today, including designers who dressed celebrities and socialites, and millions of fashion-conscious American women. This lavishly illustrated collection takes us from Hollywood to Broadway, from sportswear to sustainable fashion, and explores important crossovers between film, theater, and fashion, including couture, tailoring, millinery, costume, and accessory design. Uncovering fascinating histories of the design pioneers we should know about, the book enlarges the prevailing narrative of fashion history and will be an important reference for fashion students, historians, costume curators, and fashion enthusiasts alike.
Sherman TT505.A1 H53 2018

Photography in India : from archives to contemporary practice
edited by Aileen Blaney and Chinar Shah
London ; Bloomsbury Academic, 2018
Photography's prominence in the representation and experience of India in contemporary and historical times has not guaranteed it a position of sustained attention in research and scholarship. For a technology as all pervasive as photography, and a country as colossal as India, this scenario is somewhat of an anomaly. 0Photography in India explores elements of the past, present and future of photography in the context of India through speculation and reflection on photography as an artistic, documentary and everyday practice. The perspectives of writers, theorists, curators and artists are selectively brought to bear upon known as well as previously unseen photographic archives, together with changes in photographic practice that have been synchronous with contemporary India's rapid urban and rural transformation and the technological shift from chemistry and light to programming and algorithms. 0 Essential reading for anyone interested in Indian photography, this book binds insights into a history of photography with its contemporary development, consolidating wide-ranging thinking on the topic and setting the agenda for future research.
Sherman TR103 .P455 2018

The ethics of seeing : photography and twentieth-century German history
edited by Jennifer Evans, Paul Betts, and Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann
New York : Berghahn Books, 2018
Thoughts on photography and the practice of history / Elizabeth Edwards -- Seeing the 'savage' and the suspension of time : photography, war and concentration camps in southwest Africa, 1904-1908 / Claudia Siebrecht -- The "face of war" in Weimar visual culture / Annelie Ramsbrock -- Documenting Heimkehr : photography, displacement and "homecoming" in the Nazi resettlement of ethnic Germans, 1939-1940 / Elizabeth Harvey -- Visible trophies of war : German occupiers' photographic perceptions of France, 1940-44 / Julia Torrie -- Gazing at ruins : German defeat as visual experience / Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann -- Edmund Kesting's polyphonic portraits & the abstract face of the socialist self in East Germany / Sarah E. James -- Seeing subjectivity : erotic photograph and the optics of desire / Jennifer Evans -- Photographing reurbanization in West Berlin, 1977-84 / Anna Ross -- The diversification of East Germany's visual culture / Candice M. Hamelin -- The intimacy of revolution : 1989 in pictures / Paul Betts.

Throughout Germany's tumultuous twentieth century, photography was an indispensable form of documentation. Whether acting as artists, witnesses, or reformers, both professional and amateur photographers chronicled social worlds through successive periods of radical upheaval. The Ethics of Seeing brings together an international group of scholars to explore the complex relationship between the visual and the historic in German history. Emphasizing the transformation of the visual arena and the ways in which ordinary people made sense of world events, these revealing case studies illustrate photography's multilayered role as a new form of representation, a means to subjective experience, and a fresh mode of narrating the past.
Sherman TR73 .E84 2018

Smith, M
Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, [1991]
Program for calculation of reference evotranspiration, crop water requirements, irrigation requirements, scheme water supply, to develop irrigation schedules under various management conditions, and to estimate rainfed production and drought effects. Designed for linkage to CLIMWAT program

National energy research seismic library--processed seismic data for 29 lines in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska
Zihlman, F. N
[Reston, Va.] : U.S. Geological Survey, 1992
Contains final stack seismic data from twenty-nine lines consisting of 1,263 line miles of data collected in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska. Data are from the National energy research seismic library data base established by the U.S. Geologial Survey in 1989, and are retrieved by using the software contained on the CD-ROM disk.
Kresge QE1 .U74 DDS-5

National geochemical data base : National Uranium Resource Evaluation data for the conterminous western United States
Hoffman, J. D
[Reston, Va.] : U.S. Geological Survey, 1991
Provides access to geochemical data for the conterminous western United States. Using the GSSearch access software contained on the CD-ROM disk, users can retrieve the data by specifying sample type, state, quadrangle, latitude and longitude, element concentration range, or combinations of these and other criteria. Data may be output to the user's system in several different formats for data analysis.
Kresge QE1 .U74 DDS-1

Smith, M
Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 1993
Africa -- Asia and Pacific -- Europe -- Near East & North Africa -- South America & Caribbean

Climatic database to be used in combination with the computer program CROPWAT. Allows ready calculation of crop water requirements, irrigation supply, and irrigation scheduling for various crops for a range of climatological stations worldwide. Contains data from a total of 3262 meteorological stations from 144 countries divided over five regions

1995 national assessment of United States oil and gas resources : results, methodology, and supporting data
edited by Donald L. Gautier and others
[Reston, Va.] : U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey ; 1996
Report summarizes results of 3-year study of oil and gas resources of onshore and state waters of U.S. by U.S. Geological Survey, including corrections to original version of DDS-30 published 1995. Includes text, diagrams, maps, and tables.
Kresge QE1 .U74 DDS-30b

National geochemical data base : 1, National Uranium Resource Evaluation (NURE) hydrogeochemical and stream sediment reconnaissance (HSSR) data for Alaska, formatted for GSSEARCH database search software : 2, NURE HSSR data formatted as dBASE files for Alaska and the conterminous United States : 3, NURE HSSR data as originally compiled by the Department of Energy for Alaska and the conterminous United States
Hoffman, J. D
[Denver, Colo.] : U.S. Geological Survey, 1996
Explorative geochemical data for over 860,000 samples from 104 quadrangles (1 degree x 2-3 degrees) in Alaska and 319 quadrangles (1 degree x 2 degrees) in the conterminous United States collected during the NURE HSSR program. Data represent four predominant sample types: stream sediment, soil, surface water, and ground water. Each sample was analyzed for uranium and for as many as 58 other elements plus sulfate. GSSEARCH and MAPPER search and display software are included on the disc.
Kresge QE1 .U74 DDS-18b

National energy research seismic library--Powder River Basin, Montana-Wyoming : surface reflection and vertical seismic profile data used in seismic-stratigraphic investigations for ground-water aquifers and hydrocarbon traps
by John J. Miller and others
[Denver, Colo.] : U.S. Geological Survey, 1996
Contains both raw and processed seismic data recorded during the period 1975-1978 by several geophysical service companies under contract to the USGS for the Powder River Basin of Montana and Wyoming. Four multichannel Vibroseis seismic lines, six Vertical Seismic Profiles, and associated support material (observer's notes, X-Y coordinates, elevations of source and receivers, etc.) are included. The raw (unprocessed) field data and a processed version (reprocessed by USGS in 1995) are contained in standard SEG-Y format files; support material are in ASCII format text files.
Kresge QE1 .U74 DDS-32

Data from selected U.S. Geological Survey national stream water-quality monitoring networks (WQN : CD-ROMs
by Richard B. Alexander and others
[Reston, Va.] : The Survey ; 1996
Contains data from two USGS national stream water-quality networks, the Hydrologic Benchmark Network (HBN) and the National Stream Quality Accounting Network (NASQAN). Data includes sampling, streamflow measurements, station attributes, and quality control data, as well as documentation of important changes in field and laboratory methods, etc. Also contains USGS open-file report 96-337, Data from selected U.S. Geological Survey national stream water-quality monitoring networks (WQN) on CD-ROM.
Kresge QE1 .U74 DDS-37

National geochemical data base : National Uranium Resource Evaluation data for the conterminous United States
Hoffman, J. D
[Reston, Va.] : U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey ; 1994
Provides access to geochemcial data from the conterminous United States. Using the GSSearch access software contained on the CD-Rom disk, users can retrieve the data by specifying sample type, quadrangle, latitude, longitude, element, element concentration range, or combinations of these and othercriteria. Data may be output to the user's system in several different formats for data analysis.
Kresge QE1 .U74 DDS-18a

Tabular data, text, and graphical images in support of the 1995 national assessment of United States oil and gas resources
compiled by Ronald R. Charpentier and others
[Reston, Va.] : U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey ; 1996
Tabular data, text, and graphical images in support of study of oil and gas resources of onshore and state waters of U.S. Contains files in multiple formats for importing to word processors and spreadsheets. Also includes some of programs used, in source code with supporting documentation.
Kresge QE1 .U74 DDS-36

Digital map data, text, and graphical images in support of the 1995 national assessment of United States oil and gas resources
compiled by William R. Beeman, Raymond C. Obuch, and James D. Brewton
[Denver, Colo.] : U.S. Geological Survey, 1996
Contains digital map data, text, and graphical images in support of study of oil and gas resources of onshore and state waters of U.S. Contains files in multiple formats for importing to word processors and mapping software packages. The complete text of DDS-30 (revised in 1996) is included, as well as some figures.
Kresge QE1 .U74 DDS-35

3-D reservoir characterization of the House Creek oil field, Powder River Basin, Wyoming
Higley, Debra K
Denver, CO : For sale by Book and Open-File Report Sales, 1997
Describes geologic and geochemical factors that control petroleum production from the House Creek oil field. Facilitates visualizing geologic structures in three dimensions, understanding the geologic significance of porosity/permeability distribution across sandstone bodies, and applying this information to petroleum-production characteristics in the oil field. Features movies, text, images such as scanning electron photomicrographs and thin-section photomicrographs, and data files.
Kresge QE1 .U74 DDS-33

Fluid mechanics : an interactive text
Liggett, James A
Reston, VA : ASCE Press, 1998
Provides a complete introduction to fluid mechanics with the assistance of interactive computing to learn and make engineering calculations.

The effect of selected cleaning techniques on Berkshire Lee marble : a scientific study at Philadelphia City Hall
by V.G. Mossotti and others
[Menlo Park, Calif.] : U.S. Geological Survey, 2002
A scientific investigation of the effects of eight different cleaning techniques on the Berkshire Lee marble component of the facade of the East Center Pavilion at Philadelphia City Hall. The eight cleaning techniques evaluated were power wash, misting, gommage, combination, Armax, JOS, laser, and dry ice.
Kresge QE75 .P9 no.1635

The photographer in the garden
introduction by Jamie M. Allen ; picture commentaries by Sarah Anne McNear
New York, New York : Aperture ; 2018
From famous locations to the simplest home vegetable garden, from worlds imagined by artists to vintage family snapshots, 'The Photographer in the Garden' traces the garden's rich history in photography and delights readers with spectacular images. Picture commentaries by Sarah Anne McNear and an informative essay from curator Jamie M. Allen broaden our understanding of photography and how it has been used to record the glory of the garden. The book features photographers from all eras, including Anna Atkins, Karl Blossfeldt, Eugène Atget, Edward Steichen, Imogen Cunningham, Stephen Shore, Robert Mapplethorpe, Nobuyoshi Araki, and Collier Schorr.
Sherman TR662 .P46 2018

Playing with image transfers : exploring creative imagery for use in art, mixed media, and design
Cerruti, Courtney
Beverly, MA : Quarry Books, 2013
Getting Started : Materials and Transfer Techniques -- Purposeful Play : Imagery and Ideas for Projects -- Gallery: Exploring Transfers in Mixed-Media Artworks.

"Whatever art you practice, chances are you're going to come across image transfer techniques. These valuable techniques allow you to reproduce a unique image from any source and apply it to a myriad of surfaces. The options are endless! Playing with Image Transfers is a beautiful and helpful resource that will teach you the four image transfer methods: Packing Tape, Solvent, Medium, and Acrylic transfers, while highlighting basic methods and offering projects across a range of interests and applications. You'll learn how to make beautiful items, including gift boxes, albums, sketchbook covers, wall art, accordion books, and much more. Once you've mastered the techniques, you'll also explore multiple surfaces as a base for transferring - wood, fabric, paper, canvas, and book forms. A beautiful gallery will show the use of image transfers in a wide variety of high-end artistic works to get your creative juices flowing. The "Considerations" in each chapter offer suggestions on how a single project can be expanded or further adapted if you're looking to challenge yourself past the basics. By the time you finish this informative book, you'll be well-equipped to use your own images in your creative work."--
Baker Berry Nash TT852.7 .C47 2013

Re-engineering humanity
Frischmann, Brett M., author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
Engineering humans -- Cogs in the machine of our own lives -- Techno-social engineering creep and the slippery-sloped path -- Tools for engineering humans -- Engineering humans with contracts -- On extending minds and mind control -- The path to smart techno-social environments -- Techno-social engineering of humans through smart environments -- #RelationshipOptimization -- Turing tests and the line between humans and machines -- Can humans be engineered to be incapable of thinking? -- Engineered determinism and free will -- To what end? -- Conclusion: Reimagining and building alternative futures -- Appendix A. Mass media and the First Amendment -- Appendix B. Perspectives on the Turing test -- Appendix C. Our free will discussion -- Appendix D. Modern meal times -- Appendix E. Rethinking contract theory.

Every day, new warnings emerge about artificial intelligence rebelling against us. All the while, a more immediate dilemma flies under the radar. Have forces been unleashed that are thrusting humanity down an ill-advised path, one that's increasingly making us behave like simple machines? In this wide-reaching, interdisciplinary book, Brett Frischmann and Evan Selinger examine what's happening to our lives as society embraces big data, predictive analytics, and smart environments. They explain how the goal of designing programmable worlds goes hand in hand with engineering predictable and programmable people. Detailing new frameworks, provocative case studies, and mind-blowing thought experiments, Frischmann and Selinger reveal hidden connections between fitness trackers, electronic contracts, social media platforms, robotic companions, fake news, autonomous cars, and more. This powerful analysis should be read by anyone interested in understanding exactly how technology threatens the future of our society, and what we can do now to build something better.
Baker Berry T14.5 .F75 2018

Virtual reality and the built environment
Whyte, Jennifer, author
London ; Routledge, 2018
User experience in VR systems -- Visualizing city operations -- Visualizing design -- Visualizing construction -- Toward digital maturity.
Sherman TH437 .W547 2018

Antonia Pozzi : sopra il nudo cuore : fotografie
a cura di Giovanna Calvenzi e Ludovica Pellegatta
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2015]
Sherman TR647 .P688 2015

Cocoknits sweater workshop
Weisenberger, Julie, author
Oakland, CA : Cocoknits, 2017
Baker Berry TT825 .W48 2017

和食と懐石 / 櫻井信也
櫻井信也, 1960- author
Kyōto-shi : Tankōsha, Heisei 29 [2017]
Baker Berry Japan TX724.5.J3 S35 2017

Cocinando en el fin del mundo = Cooking at the world's end
una producción de esmerArte ; dirrección, Alberto Baamonde ; producción, Joaquin Martinez ; guión, Alexandre Cancelo
[United States] : Omnibus Entertainment, [2017]
In 2003, nine young chefs joined their forces and their knowledge to transform the cuisine of their land: in Galicia, Grupo Nove was born. Along with a new generation of producers and farmers, the Grupo Nove developed an idea of gastronomy grounded in traditions, attached to the land and the product, though using radically new cooking techniques. Grupo Nove is now composed of twenty chefs and in a short period of time, Galicia multiplied its international recognition.
Jones Media DVD TX723.5.S7 C66 2017

Heat transfer performance of nanofluids : applications in facility heating
Strandberg, Roy T., author
Saarbrücken : LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, [2010]
Baker Berry TJ853.4.M53 S77 2010

Skin deep : looking beyond the tattoos
Burton, Steven, photographer,
Brooklyn, NY : powerHouse Books, 2017
"Skin Deep is a photography project that seeks to show the effects of this ongoing gang conflict in Los Angeles. Photographer Steven Burton set out to photograph realistic portraits of former gang members who are trying to escape the revolving door of death and prison. For these men and women, the aftermath of gang life is not only carried within--it is also scrawled across their faces and bodies. Skin Deep uniquely highlights the impact tattoos have on the way a person is perceived by showing what each participant might look like without them. Utilizing before and, thanks to the advantages of Photoshop, after photographs, these men and women got a chance to see what they'd look like without the inked visual armor. After the bare images were presented to each, they were asked to talk about themselves and their families, what tattoos represent to them, and their aspirations for the future"--Publisher's website.
Sherman TR680 .B883 2017

John Chiara : California
Chiara, John, 1971- contributor,
New York, N.Y. : Aperture ; 2017
John Chiara creates his own cameras and chemical processes in order to make unique photographs using the direct exposure of light onto reversal film and paper. Chiara describes his process: "When I'm out shooting, I directly expose the paper, dodge, burn, and filter the light as if I were working in the darkroom. Focusing almost exclusively on landscapes and architecture, each resulting photograph is a singular, luminous object that renders each scene with an almost hallucinatory clarity, deploying surreal shifts of color, light, and skewed perspectives. This book, his first, focuses exclusively on images of Chiara's native California, including images from his hometown of San Francisco and other locations in Northern California, as well as Los Angeles and along the Pacific Coast. Virginia Heckert's essay situates Chiara's work in the long tradition of the landscape of the American West while also discussing his working methods and the contemporary context of this process-driven work.
Sherman Oversize TR655 .C52 2017

Fashion and materialism
Lehmann, Ulrich, 1966- author
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [2018]
A cultural and historical philosophy of fashion in economic and social life from the 1830s to the present day. Ulrich Lehmann brings together methods and ideas from social sciences and material production to offer a new political reading of fashion in today's post-democracy. Accessing rare source material across a wide range of European languages and cultures, he offers insight into new working structures in the manufacture of garments and textiles.
Baker Berry TS1318 .L44 2018

The efficiency paradox : what big data can't do
Tenner, Edward, author
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2018
Preface: The seven deadly sins of efficiency : why it is still a work in progress -- From mill to platform : how the nineteenth century redefined efficiency and the twenty-first has transformed it -- The failed promise of the information explosion : how the quest to measure elite science empowered populist culture -- The mirage of the teaching machine : why learning is still a slog after fifty years of Moore's Law -- Moving targets : what geographic information can't do -- The vanished body : why we are still waiting for RoboDoc -- Inspired inefficiency : how to balance algorithm and intuition.

"A bold challenge to our obsession with efficiency--and a new understanding of how to benefit from the powerful potential of serendipity. Algorithms, multitasking, the sharing economy, life hacks: our culture can't get enough of efficiency. One of the great promises of the Internet and big data revolutions is the idea that we can improve the processes and routines of our work and personal lives to get more done in less time than ever before. There is no doubt that we're performing at higher levels and moving at unprecedented speed, but what if we're headed in the wrong direction? Melding the long-term history of technology with the latest headlines and findings of computer science and social science, The Efficiency Paradox questions our ingrained assumptions about efficiency, persuasively showing how relying on the algorithms of platforms can in fact lead to wasted efforts, missed opportunities, and above all an inability to break out of established patterns. Edward Tenner offers a smarter way of thinking about efficiency, revealing what we and our institutions, when equipped with an astute combination of artificial intelligence and trained intuition, can learn from the random and unexpected."--
Feldberg T58.8 .T45 2018

Lo internacional y lo local : estudio de caso de Metalclad Corporation en Guadalcázar, San Luis Potosí, México
Costero Garbarino, María Cecilia, author
San Luis Potosí : El Colegio de San Luis, 2017
Baker Berry TD1045.M62 S264 2017

キーワードで読む現代日本写真 = Keywords in contemporary Japanese photography / 飯沢耕太郎
飯沢耕太郎, 1954- author
Tōkyō : Firumu Ātosha, 2017
Baker Berry Japan TR105 .I338 2017

Gateway to radio
Firth, Ivan, 1891-
New York : Macaulay Co., [©1934]
Rauner Eberhart TK6570.B7 F5 1934

Before-and-after photography : histories and contexts
edited by Jordan Bear and Kate Palmer Albers
London, UK ; Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2017
1. Photography's Time Zones / Kate Palmer Albers, University of Arizona, USA and Jordan Bear, University of Toronto, Canada -- 2. Before and After: The Aesthetic as Evidence in 19th Century Medical Photography / Susan Sidlauskas, Rutgers, State University of New Jersey, USA -- 3. Imaging the Criminal Body: 'Faces of Meth' and Galton's Composite Photographs / Kristen M. Thomas-McGill -- 4. Noise Abatement Zone: John Divola's Photographic Fulcrum / Jason E. Hill, University of Delaware, USA -- 5. The Elusive Event: An Interview between Frank Gohlke and Rebecca Senf / Rebecca Senf, Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona, USA -- 6. Beyond Images of Melting Ice: Hidden Stories of People, Place, and Time in Repeat Photography of Glaciers / Rodney Garrard, University of Bern, Switzerland and Mark Carey, Robert D. Clark Honors College, University of Oregon, USA -- 7. Natural Cycles: Naoya Hatakeyama's Photographs of the 2011 Tohoku Tsunami / Lisa Sutcliffe, Milwaukee Art Museum, USA -- 8. Staging Emancipation: Race and Reconstruction in American Photographic Humor / Tanya Sheehan, Colby College, USA -- 9. Facing the Binary: Native American Students in the Camera's Lens / Jacqueline Fear-Segal, University of East Anglia, UK -- 10. Beyond 'This-Caused-That': The Temporal Complexities of Before-and-After Photographs / Kris Belden-Adams, University of Mississippi, USA -- Afterword / James Elkins, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA.

"The before-and-after trope in photography has long paired images to represent change: whether affirmatively, as in the results of makeovers, social reforms or medical interventions, or negatively, in the destruction of the environment by the impacts of war or natural disasters. This interdisciplinary multi-authored volume examines the central but almost unspoken position of before-and-after photography found in a wide range of contexts from the 19th century through to the present. Packed with case studies that explore the conceptual implications of these images, the book's rich language of evidence, documentation and persuasion present both historical material and the work of practicing photographers who have deployed and challenged the conventions of the before-and-after pairing. Touching on issues including sexuality, race, environmental change and criminality, "Before-and-After Photography" examines major topics of current debate in the critique of photography in an accessible way to allow students and scholars to explore the rich conceptual issues around photography's relationship with time and imagination."--Back cover.
Sherman TR15 .B43 2017

Christian Dior : designer of dreams
photographs by Nicholas Alan Cope ; scientific coordinator Florence Müller ; translation from French Lisa Davidson, Sally Laruelle
London : Thames & Hudson Ltd., 2017
Christian Dio, the retrospective / by Pierre-Alexis Dumas -- Forever Dior / by Bernard Arnault -- Christian Dior and us / by Olivier Gabet, Florence Müller -- The essence of couture / by Florence Müller -- Dior in the press / by Jérôme Gautier -- Christian Dior: his musée imaginaire / by Olivier Gabet -- Christian Dior's apartment / by Patrick Mauriès -- 1947-2017 in 70 silhouettes -- Timeline 1947-2017.

"Christian Dior's first collection in 1947 heralded the birth of a new fashion silhouette for women. Here, seventy of the most memorable looks created by Christian Dior and his successors - Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferré, John Galliano, Raf Simons, and Maria Grazia Chiuri - have been specially selected and photographed in intimate detail. This essential volume also features those designs in original sketches, runway shots, and fashion shoots by the world's greatest fashion photographers, including Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Cecil Beaton, William Klein, and Helmut Newton. Exploring the classic elements of Dior in depth, the book covers the concept of line and architecture in fashion; the influence of history and art; the use of color; gardens and landscapes as sources of inspiration.Exhibition: Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France (05.07.2017 - 07.01.2018)".
Baker Berry Oversize TT505.D5 C47513 2017