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Physics and technology of sustainable energy
Wolf, E. L., author
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018
Feldberg TJ808 .W65 2018

Best American food writing 2018
edited and with an introduction by Ruth Reichl
New York, NY : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, 2018
In this inaugural edition in a new series, Ruth Reichl [collects] pieces originally published in a wide range of venues ... There are odes to dining scenes, like Karen Brooks's two-fisted defense of Portland, Ore., as a great pizza city ... as well as profiles of foodie celebs like Mary H.K. Choi's ... take on ... Christina Tosi and Kushbu Shah's pilgrimage to Ree Drummond's remote Oklahoma eatery. Politics are a constant, with Jane Black's ... 'Revenge of the Lunch Lady' contemplating the policy and culinary implications of free lunch programs in the Trump administration, while Shane Mitchell in 'Who Owns Uncle Ben?' delves into the racial history of rice in America"--Publisher's Weekly, 08/27/2018.
Baker Berry TX631 .B47 2018

Future politics : living together in a world transformed by tech
Susskind, Jamie, author
Oxford, United Kingdom ; Oxford University Press, [2018]
Confronts one of the most important questions of our time: how will digital technology transform politics and society? In the future, the question will be how far our lives should be directed and controlled by powerful digital systems - and on what terms? Jamie Susskind argues that rapid and relentless innovation in a range of technologies will transform the way we live together. Calling for a fundamental change in the way we think about politics, he describes a world in which certain technologies and platforms, and those who control them, come to hold great power over us. Some will gather data about our lives, causing us to avoid conduct perceived as shameful, sinful, or wrong. Others will filter our perception of the world, choosing what we know, shaping what we think, affecting how we feel, and guiding how we act. Still others will force us to behave certain ways, like self-driving cars that refuse to drive over the speed limit. Those who control these technologies - usually big tech firms and the state - will increasingly control us. They will set the limits of our liberty, decreeing what we may do and what is forbidden. Their algorithms will resolve vital questions of social justice, allocating social goods and sorting us into hierarchies of status and esteem. They will decide the future of democracy, causing it to flourish or decay. 'Future Politics' challenges readers to rethink what it means to be free or equal, what it means to have power or property, what it means for a political system to be just or democratic, and proposes ways in which we can - and must - regain control.
Baker Berry T14.5 .S87 2018

Anonymous : million masks
Tafuro, Anthony, 1989- photographer
Brooklyn, NY : powerHouse Books, 2018
Anonymous: Million Masks' follows the journey of the Million Mask March from 2013-2017, and integrates the history of Guy Fawkes and the infamous mask linked to his name. Through photographs, the impact of the legion is revealed and the physical presence of Anonymous is forever.0Since November 5th of 2013, thousands have gathered in cities around the world to take part in the Million Mask March. The event allows ordinary citizens to share in the efforts of renowned hacktivist group, Anonymous, and keep the legacy of Guy Fawkes alive.0Photographer, Anthony Tafuro?s quest to document rebels and subversive strains of activity in today?s popular culture persists. Now, Tafuro?s fascination with Anonymous, a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities, has led him to delve deep into the network of ?Internet gatherings? with hundreds of photographs from marches and behind the scenes meetings and other gatherings.
Sherman TR655 .T34 2018

Friction, wear, lubrication : a textbook in tribology
Ludema, K. C., author
Boca Raton : Taylor & Francis, CRC Press, [2019]
The state of knowledge in tribology -- Strength and deformation properties of solids -- Adhesion and cohesion properties of solids : adsorption to solids -- Solid surfaces -- Contact of nonconforming surfaces and temperature rise on sliding surfaces -- Overview of friction -- Lubrication overview. Physical aspect -- Lubrication overview. Chemical aspect -- Wear -- Equations for friction and wear -- Designing for wear life and frictional performance : wear testing, friction testing, and simulation -- Diagnosing tribological problems -- Characterization of surfaces -- Surface engineering and processes -- Example of tribological systems.
Feldberg TJ1075 .L84 2019

We : robot : the robots that already rule our world
Hambling, David, author
London : Aurum Press, an imprint of The Quarto Group, 2018
Robots at work. CR-35iA ; Agrobot SW 6010 ; Gekko Facade robot ; Lely Astronaut A4 ; Kiva ; Swagbot ; Universal Robots UR10 ; PIBOT ; Robotic pipeline inspection system ; Pit Viper-275CA ; Optimus ; Alpha Burger-bot -- Robots in your life. Roomba 966 ; Da Vinci® Surgical System ; Automower® 450X ; iPal (TM) ; Waymo ; Care-o-bot 4 ; Flex® Robotic System ; Amazon Prime Air ; Bebionic Hand ; Mavic Pro ; Soft Robotic Exosuit ; Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot ; Vahana -- Robots at war. PackBot ; XOS-2 Exoskeleton ; MQ-9 Reaper® ; SGR-A1 Sentry ; Echo Voyager ; Wingman ; Ghost Minitaur (TM) ; Sea Hunter ; Comrade in Arms ; Switchblade ; Covert Robot ; Grumman X-47B -- Robots beyond. Robonaut 2 ; Dolphin ; EMILY ; Atlas ; Curiosity ; Octobot ; Sophia ; Flying Sea Glider ; Kilobot ; Saffir ; Vishwa Extensor ; Geminoid HI-4 ; Reem Dubai Police.

"Robots exist all around us. They populate our factories, assist our surgeons and have become an integral part of our armed forces. But they are not just working behind the scenes. David Hambling reveals the groundbreaking machines--once the realm of science fiction--that are by our sides today, and those that are set to change the future forever. From the Reem robocop that polices the streets of Dubai to the drones that deliver our parcels and even the uncanny Gemonoid Hi-4 built to look just like you, here are fifty unique robots that reach into every aspect of our daily lives. With full profile photography showing each robot's individualities and technical drawings illustrating their functions, We : Robot examines why robots have become embedded in our culture, how they work and what they tell us about our society and its future."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry Cook Easy TJ211 .H248 2018

Shale boom : the Barnett Shale play and Fort Worth
Hinton, Diana Davids, 1943- author
Fort Worth, Texas : TCU Press, [2018]
Oilman's graveyard? -- Opening the Barnett -- Elephant in rabbit country -- Into the boom -- From boom to bust -- Backlash -- Fear of fracking -- Conclusion: in retrospect.

Shale Boom: The Barnett Shale Boom in North Texas is a study of the opening up of the Barnett Shale to enormous gas production and how that led to an urban gas drilling boom in the Fort Worth metroplex.
Kresge Popular Science TN881.T4 H56 2018

Laruelle and non-photography
Fardy, Jonathan, author
Cham : Palgrave Macmillan, [2018]
This book provides a critical introduction to François Laruelle's writings on photography, with a particular focus on his two most important books on photography: 'The Concept of Non-Photography' and 'Photo-Fiction, a Non-Standard Aesthetics'. By unpacking and contextualising these works, this study provides a useful starting point for students and scholars who want to better understand Laruelle's larger project, which he calls "non-philosophy", or more recently, "non-standard philosophy". With clear and concise explanations of the basics of non-philosophy, 'Laruelle and Non-Photography' demonstrates how Laruelle's thought challenges standard, philosophical approaches to photography, and culminates in a novel theory of "non-photography."
Sherman TR183 .F37 2018

Bloggers boot camp : learning how to build, write, and run a successful blog
White, Charlie, 1956-
New York : Focal Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2014
The niche -- Getting started -- Target practice -- Hello, world -- What to write about -- How to write a blog post -- Mob rule, inciting a riot, and freedom of speech -- Building traffic, making money, and measuring success -- Ethics problems and how to solve them -- Expanding your blogging horizons -- Building and empire -- Appendix: Tips and tricks of the trade.

"To be a success in the world of blogging, you must create and publish strong content, and market it to all the right channels. Simple, right? Although the rules of creating compelling content haven't changed, ways in which the world blogs has, and to make that content not only compelling but successful, you have to keep up with the evolving trends and tools. Bloggers Boot Camp shows you how to create and maintain a successful blog in today's world. It teaches you how to find a niche, find your unique voice, and how to hold a conversation with that audience. It provides you with all the right tools appropriate to your content, writing style, and message. This new edition teaches you how to write for and promote in the world of social media. It explores and shows you how to navigate the murky waters of mainstream media that your blogging may touch. Finally, this new edition emphasizes the importance of networking and provides techniques and tips for getting a job in the blogging industry and building your reputation as a writer. Are you ready, private? Welcome back to Bloggers Boot Camp"--
Baker Berry TK5105.8884 .W48 2014

The journal of a skateboarder
Sweertvaegher, Thomas, author,
London ; Thames & Hudson, 2018
At the age of twenty-nine, photographer Thomas Sweertvaegher spends most of his life on the road with friends, indulging his dual passions of photography and skating. Years of travelling the world together--always on the move and often carrying nothing more than a skateboard--have yielded the poignant photographs collected in this volume, where the skateboard remains a constant symbol of freedom, an extension of their identities, and the mark of their strong friendship. Rolling on the margins of society, exploring the limits of life and his own young adulthood, Sweertvaegher captures whatever is happening around him during his travels. His shots take the reader on a journey, showing the highs and lows, bruises, and stitches of skating and street life, and ultimately celebrating the beauty such a life can bring. While it captures Sweertvaegher's odyssey from a highly personal perspective, The Journal of a Skateboarder is at the same time a visual documentary of the skating world, and features key figures such as Axel Cruysberghs, Arto Saari, Dylan Rieder, and Rodney Mullen.
Sherman TR655 .S94 2018

Mathematical and computational methods in photonics and phononics
Ammari, Habib, author
Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, [2018]
Part 1. Mathematical and computational tools -- Part 2. Diffraction gratings and band-gap materials -- Part 3. Subwavelength resonant structures and super-resolution -- Part 4. Metamaterials -- Part 5. Sub-wavelength phononics.
Baker Berry Cook TA1520 .A46 2018

Artificial intelligence : a very short introducion
Boden, Margaret A., author
New York : Oxford University Press, 2018
What is artificial intelligence? -- General intelligence as the Holy Grail -- Language, creativity, emotion -- Artificial neural networks -- Robots and artificial life -- But is it intelligence, really? -- The singularity.

The applications of Artificial Intelligence lie all around us: in our homes, schools and offices, in our cinemas, in art galleries and - not least - on the Internet. Its results have been invaluable to biologists, psychologists, and linguists in helping to understand the processes of memory, learning, and language from a fresh angle.0As a concept, Artificial Intelligence has fuelled and sharpened the philosophical debates concerning the nature of the mind, intelligence, and the uniqueness of human beings. Margaret A. Boden reviews the philosophical and technological challenges raised by Artificial Intelligence, considering whether programs could ever be really intelligent, creative or even conscious, and shows how the pursuit of Artificial Intelligence has helped us to appreciate how human and animal minds are possible.
Baker Berry Cook TA347.A78 B632 2018

Dear Shirley
Schuman, Hinda, photographer
[Hillsborough, North Carolina] : Daylight, [2018]
Preface / Magdalena Solé -- Dear Shirley--a view from England / Sunil Gupta.

"Dear Shirley is a first-person saga of love and loss captured over more than four decades. The photographs and text contained in this diaristic account take an unflinching look at the dissolution of two marriages: Schuman's marriage of 10 years to Jeremy, and of 27 years to Susan."--Publisher's website, viewed May 17, 2018.
Sherman TR650 .S386 2018

A handful of dust
Nalbandian, Nish, photographer
[Hillsborough, North Carolina] : Daylight Books, [2018]
"A Handful of Dust is an essential collection of reportage for those following the conflict in Syria and its impact on the rest of the world."--Publisher's website, viewed May 15, 2018.
Sherman TR681.R48 N35 2018

Double take : the world's most iconic photographs meticulously re-created in miniature
Cortis, Jojakim, photographer
New York : Thames & Hudson Thames & Hudson Inc., 2018. 2018
'Double Take' presents forty astonishingly accurate reconstructions of iconic photographs--ranging from the earliest known to the world's most expensive. These images have been painstakingly re-created in miniature by two photographers, Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger. Inspired by the record auction price of $4.3 million set by Andreas Gursky's Rhein II in 2011, the duo set themselves a challenge: could they reconstruct that image in their Zürich studio? The photograph they created from a miniature diorama of Rhein II was a success and became a starting point for a larger personal project: a series of photographs of these miniature re-creations the team made themselves, imitating iconic photographs that captured pivotal historical events.
Sherman TR655 .C667 2018

Japan in early photographs : the Aimé Humbert Collection at the Museum of Ethnography, Neuchâtel
Greogoire Mayor / Akiyoshi Tani (eds.) ; foreword by Marc-Olivier Gonseth
Neuchatel : MEN, Musee d'ethnographie de Neuchatel ; [2018]
Foreword / Marc-Olivier Gonseth -- Lost in representation?: photographs in the Humbert Collection, a new awareness of Japan / Grégoire Mayor and Akiyoshi Tani -- Note to the reader -- "The most sophisticated process in Western art": the role of photography in Aimé Humbert's mission / Grégoire Mayor -- An investigation into the Aimé Humbert collection using photo-historical research / Akiyoshi Tani -- Spring and summer 1863 -- "He took with him an excellent photographer, Beato, from whom I would have the entire collection" -- Discovering a closed world -- The raise of the touristic gaze: the excursion to Kamakura -- The views of Yokohama -- Hidden meanings in the Humbert Collection of Edo photography / Akiyoshi Tani -- Seven reproductions in the collection -- The long quest for documentation -- Pictures by Felice Beato -- Wirgman's reproductions by Beato -- Pictures by Shimooka Renjō -- Images with uncertain paternity -- An enigma: the Amélie Colomb annotated pictures -- Some uses of photography as a source for the engravings in "Le Tour du monde" and "Le Japan illustré" -- Appendix A: The contents of a letter by Aimé Humbert compared with the album of Dirk de Graeff van Polsbroek -- Comparison charts with other albums -- Appendix B: Author's biographies -- Appendix C: Missing photographs according to Humbert's list of parcels from October 1863 -- Appendix D: Bibliography

"Photographs taken in Japan between the late Edo and early Meiji periods that found their way overseas played a major role in forming Westerners' image of Japan. Among these collections, the pictures gathered by the Swiss diplomat Aimé Humbert (1819-1900) in the 1860s were crucial in building lasting representations of the island nation: many of these, mainly collected in 1863/64 during a sojourn in Yokohama and Edo, were used as sources for the well-known and largely distributed engravings of his famous book Le Japon illustré, published in Paris in 1870. Belonging to the collection of the MEN, these beautiful and well-preserved photographs are published here for the first time. Presented by Japanese and Swiss scholars before the narrative backdrop of their acquisition and application by foreigners, they offer a striking view on a lost world."-- Publisher's website.
Sherman TR105 .J38 2018

Photography and migration
edited by Tanya Sheehan
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
Written in the context of unprecedented dislocation and a global refugee crisis, this edited volume thinks through photography's long and complex relationship to human migration. While contemporary media images largely frame migration in terms of trauma, victimhood, and pity, so much more can be said of photography's role in the movement of people around the world. Cameras can document, enable, or control human movement across geographical, cultural, and political divides. Their operators put faces on forced and voluntary migrations, making visible hardships and suffering as well as opportunity and optimism. Photographers include migrating subjects who take pictures for their own consumption, not for international recognition. And photographs themselves migrate with their makers, subjects, and viewers, as the very concept of photography takes on new functions and meanings. Photography and Migration places into conversation media images and other photographs that the contributors have witnessed, collected, or created through their diverse national, regional, and local contexts. Developed across thirteen chapters, this conversation encompasses images, histories, and testimonies offering analysis of new perspectives on photography and migration today.
Sherman TR820.5 .P487 2018