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The wake of the whale : hunter societies in the Caribbean and North Atlantic
Fielding, Russell, 1977- author
Cambridge, Massachusetts ; Harvard University Press, 2018
Introduction: The sea bean -- The most exciting word in Faroese -- Oil and history on a Caribbean beach -- The stones of Faroe -- Barrouallie, St. Vincent's blackfish town -- Drawing out Leviathan -- Laws and traditions -- The fragile link -- Culturally embedded conservation strategies -- The value of seawater -- The mercurial sea -- Conclusion: Foreignness and familiarity.

Island communities in the Caribbean and the North Atlantic still use traditional methods to hunt whales and dolphins for food. Despite declining stocks worldwide and increasing health risks, artisanal whaling remains a popular practice tied to nature's rhythms. The Wake of the Whale presents the art, history, and purpose of whaling in these different cultures and climates, and describes what the future of these societies might look like as modern realities take hold. Sightings of pilot whales in the frigid Nordic waters have drawn residents of the Faroe Islands to their boats and beaches for nearly a thousand years. Down in the tropics, around the islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, artisanal whaling is a younger trade, shaped by the legacies of slavery and colonialism but no less important to the local population. Each culture, Russell Fielding shows, has developed a distinct approach to whaling that preserves key traditions while adapting to threats of scarcity, the requirements of regulation, and a growing awareness of the humane treatment of animals. Yet these strategies struggle to account for the risks of regularly eating meat contaminated with methylmercury and other environmental pollutants introduced from abroad. Fielding considers how these and other factors may change whaling cultures forever, perhaps even bringing an end to this way of life.--
Baker Berry SH382.2 .F54 2018

Horse racing and British society in the long eighteenth century
Huggins, Mike, author
Woodbridge : The Boydell Press, 2018
Baker Berry SF335.G7 H84 2018

A honeybee heart has five openings : a year of keeping bees
Jukes, Helen, author
London ; Scribner, 2018
"A fascinating, insightful and inspiring account of a novice beekeeper's year of keeping honeybees, which will appeal to readers of H is For Hawk and The Outrun. Entering her thirties, Helen Jukes feels trapped in an urban grind of office politics and temporary addresses - disconnected, stressed. Struggling to settle into her latest job and home in Oxford, she realises she needs to effect a change if she's to create a meaningful life for herself, one that can accommodate comfort and labour and love. Then friends give her the gift of a colony of honeybees - according to folklore, bees freely given bring luck - and Helen embarks on her first full year of beekeeping. But what does it mean to 'keep' wild creatures? In learning about the bees, what can she learn of herself? And can travelling inside the hive free her outside it? As Helen grapples with her role in the delicate, awe-inspiring ecosystem of the hive, the very act of keeping seems to open up new perspectives, deepen friendships old and new, and make her world come alive. A Honeybee Heart Has Five Openings is at once a fascinating exploration of the honeybee and the hive, the practices of honey-gathering and the history of our observation of bees; and a beautifully wrought meditation on responsibility and care, on vulnerability and trust, on forging bonds and breaking new ground." --Publisher website.
Baker Berry SF523.82.J85 A3 2018

The biology of plant-insect interactions : a compendium for the plant biotechnologist
editor, Chandrakanth Emani, Department of Biology, Western Kentucky University--Owensboro, Owensboro, KY, USA
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2018]
Dana SB993 .B56 2018