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Forest management and planning
Bettinger, Pete, 1962- author
London, United Kingdom : Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier, [2017]
Management of forests and other natural resources -- Valuing and characterizing forest conditions -- Geographic information and land classification in support of forest planning -- Estimation and projection of stand and forest conditions -- Optimization of tree- and stand-level objectives -- Graphical solution techniques for two-variable linear problems -- Linear programming -- Advanced planning techniques -- Forest and natural resource sustainability -- Models of desired forest structure -- Control techniques for commodity production and wildlife objectives -- Spatial restrictions and considerations in forest planning -- Hierarchical system for planning and scheduling management activities -- Forest supply chain management -- Forest certification and carbon sequestration -- Scenario analysis in support of strategic planning.

"Forest Management and Planning arose from our desire to provide for students in forestry and natural resource management programs a focused treatment of the topics that are important for upper-level forest management courses. This book presents an extensive overview of the methodology one might use to develop forest and natural resource management plans, and to analyze a number of resource issues that are encountered by managers."--
Dana SD431 .F47 2017

Pastures of change : contemporary adaptations and transformations among nomadic pastoralists of Eastern Tibet
Tan, Gillian G., author
Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2018]
Baker Berry SF140.P38 T35 2018

原発事故と福島の農業 / Six years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster : impacts on agriculture and forestry / Keisuke Nemoto, editor. 根本圭介編 =
Tōkyō-to Meguro-ku : Tōkyō Daigaku Shuppankai, 2017
Baker Berry Japan S589.55 .G46 2017

Blauwe kamer jaarboek : landschapsarchitectuur en stedenbouw 2017 : Yearbook landscape architecture and urban design in the Netherlands 2017
Wageningen : Uitgeverij Blauwdruk 2017
This yearbook showcases 17 exemplary design projects that reflect the current state of Dutch urban design and landscape architecture. An independent selection committee sought projects that highlight designers? new skills and approaches, and projects in which architecture has played a key role in addressing contemporary problems. But above all projects were sought that shine out for their simplicity and design. Lavishly illustrated, and supplemented with expert analyses and interviews, this book offers ample proof of designers? value for society.
Sherman SB470.55 .N4 B53 2017

The fair chase : the epic story of hunting in America
Dray, Philip, author
New York : Basic Books, 2018
Introduction: The nature of the beast -- The prophet -- When good Queen Bess met Daniel Boone -- "Let us have more hunters" -- Hunters go west -- Forest and stream -- Arming the hunters -- Sportsman's paradise -- Buffalo Bill, Custer, and Texas Jack -- The new type of goodness -- "Times have changed, and we must change also" -- What is nature, what is man? -- The trophic crusade -- the guns of autumn -- Epilogue: A complex inheritance.

"Embodying the classic American traits of resourcefulness and rugged independence, the hunter looms larger than life in our national mythology, occupying a unique--and uniquely fraught--place in the American psyche. Popularized in the nineteenth century as a way to reconnect "soft" urban Americans with nature, for many years sport hunting was the national pastime of Americans from all walks of life, while it became a common theme in literature, art, and design. Fair chase, a code of hunting ethics emphasizing respect and restraint toward wildlife, inspired the conservation movement. Yet, hunting is linked to some less-than-honorable aspects of American history. Pioneers emulated Native American hunting methods even as they usurped their hunting grounds; market hunters drove many animal species toward extinction. Today, questions regarding wildlife protection, animal rights, the abuse of the fair chase ethos, and the sport's sometimes uneasy relationship with gun culture, continue to stir debate. In The Fair Chase, Philip Dray tells the sweeping saga of hunting in America from Daniel Boone to Annie Oakley, from Theodore Roosevelt to Ernest Hemingway. Hunting's history has much to tell us about our country's legends, its faith in manifest destiny, its evolving views on nature and wildlife, its love of sport and notions of self-reliance--in short, about nothing less than the shaping of our national character."--Jacket flaps.
Baker Berry SK41 .D73 2018

Space and food in the city : cultivating social justice and urban governance through urban agriculture
Thornton, Alec, author
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [2018]
Baker Berry S494.5.U72 T46 2018