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Obituary of C. P. Frost, M.D
Smith, William Thayer, 1839-1909
[Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified], [1896]
Library Depository R154.F86 S664

The Clinton health security plan : what it means, what it costs
Fairfield, NJ : Allegro New Media, ©1994
Includes full text of the Health Security Act, the President's report to the American people, President Clinton's transmittal letter to Congress, and health plan interpretations by industry experts
Library Depository RA411.A3 C556 1994

Annie Dillard interview with Kay Bonetti
Dillard, Annie
Columbia, MO : American Audio Prose Library, ℗1989
In this interview, Ms. Dillard, author of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, says she is a "composer of texts", as opposed to a revealer of self and confesses that she originally tried to write Pilgrim as though she was a man, but was dissuaded from doing so by her editors.
Jones Media Phono tape RZA 4419

Ntozake Shange interview with Kay Bonetti
Shange, Ntozake
Columbia, MO : American Audio Prose Library, ℗1989
An interview with Ntozake Shange, author of For colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf. The conversation ranges in topic from world politics and African-American culture to the ways her experiences as an actor and dancer have influenced her writing. She also discusses her work with musicians John Purcell and Jean-Paul Bourelly.
Jones Media Phono tape RYB 4169

The physiological origins of heart sounds and murmurs : the unique interactive guide to cardiac diagnosis
Criley, J. Michael
[Los Angeles] : Blaufuss Medical Multimedia ; ©1995
Integrates functional anatomy with cardiac auscultation to portray the causation of bedside clinical findings.
Matthews Fuller CD-ROM RC683.5.A9 C754 1995

Basic ophthalmology
Farrell, Thomas A. (Clinical assistant professor of radiology)
London ; Mosby, ©1996
Anatomy -- Vision -- Visual loss -- Glaucoma -- Trauma -- Red eye -- Strabismus -- Neuro-ophthalmology

Offers a thorough preparation for everyday practice, covering everything from essential science through to recognition of common disorders
Library Depository RE46 .F377 1996

Clinical neurology
Perkin, G. D
London ; Mosby, ©1996
Covers all electrophysiological, radiological and pathological aspects of neurological disorders
Library Depository RC346 .P474 1996

The Merck index
London : Chapman & Hall, ©1996-
Library Depository RS51 .M47

Jamaica Kincaid interview with Kay Bonetti
Kincaid, Jamaica
Columbia, MO : American Audio Prose Library, ℗1991
An interview with Jamaica Kincaid, author of such fictional works as Annie John, Lucy, and At the bottom of the river. Ms. Kincaid discusses writing for the New Yorker and how she uses personal relationships and childhood experiences as material for her fiction.
Jones Media Phono tape RYB 4171

Health data on older Americans, United States, 1992
National Center for Health Statistics
[Hyattsville, Md.] : U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control ; [1993]
Contains 170 tables from "Health Data on Older Americans, United States: 1992." There are two types of tables: small tables from within the text and detailed tables from the end of each chapter. On the diskette, these files are named under the following protocol: chapter number (spelled out), table letter or number, and the Lotus "WK1" extension.
Jones Media CD-ROM RA408.A3 H412

Birth cohort linked birth/infant death data set
Hyattsville, Md. : U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, 1995-
Provides birth and infant death data from 1985- cohort arranged in three files: a numerator file (linked records of live births and infant deaths), a denominator plus file (live birth records offered as numerator/denominator data sets to facilitate computation of infant mortality rates), and an unlinked file (infant death records which cannot be linked to a corresponding birth record).
Jones Media CD-ROM RJ60.U5 B4

Abstracts of the XXth C.I.N.P. Congress : Melbourne, June 23-27, 1996
Amsterdam : Excerpta Medica Medical Communications B.V. ; ©1996
Main manu screen shows color photographs of Melbourne. Features free text search, author, session, and topic indexes to search abstracts. With an additional article on Risperdal, the antipsychotic agent
Library Depository RM315 .C58 1996

National Health Interview Survey. State data files
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics
Hyattsville, Md. : The Center
These files contain NHIS public-use data which has been enhanced to allow for the production of direct state estimates.
Jones Media CD-ROM RA407.3

Role of cytochrome P4503A in acetaminophen toxicity
Kostrubsky, Vsevolod E
Library Depository RC848.H48 K67 1998

Behavioral risk factor surveillance system 1984-1995 survey data
[Atlanta, Ga.] : National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Behavioral Surveillance Branch ; [1998?]
Ten years of data designed to measure behavioral risk factors in the adult, noninstitutionalized, civilian population. Focuses on preventive health practices and risk behaviors associated with chronic diseases, injuries, and preventive infectious diseases.
Jones Media CD-ROM RA427.3 .B44

Retrieval, reconstruction, & response bias : a cognitive neuroscience investigation of false memories
Miller, Michael B
Library Depository RC455.2.F35 M55 1998

Molecular cloning and functional characterization of BRCA1 splice variants in human mammary cells
Lu, Meiling
Library Depository RC268.43 .L8 1999

Hemodynamic effects of an intravenous infusion of a volatile vasodilator
Joyner, Robert L
Library Depository RM388.5 .J69 1998

Development and quantification of a 3D brain deformation model for model-updated image-guided stereotactic neurosurgery
Miga, Michael I
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis R857.T47 M54 1998

CSoft Breast restoration
by Philip M. Godfrey
Douglaston, NY : Celestial Software, ©1998
Describes the restorative surgical options available to those undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Through the use of narration, photos, schematics and animations, this software can help the user to explore the capabilities of modern reconstructive surgery as well as its limits and risks.
Library Depository RD539.8 .C764 1998

Peer education in eating disorder prevention : a large scale longitudinal analysis of program effectiveness
Wittenberg, Lauren G
Library Depository RC552.E18 W56 1999

Selectivity of effects and expression of MCL1 : a member of the BCL2 family
Bieszczad, Christine Konicki
Library Depository RC268.43 .B44 1999

Patient outcomes and decision making in the treatment of hypoplastic left heart syndrome
Jenkins, Pamela Cullie
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis RC687 .J46 1999

Advanced oncology nursing assessment : solid tumors, hematologic malignancies & radiation cases
presented by Oncology Nursing Society
Denver, CO : National Nursing Network, ©1996
A Windows CD-ROM presents four lectures in oncology nursing with slides, including test section for each lecture.
Matthews Fuller CD-ROM RC266 .A39 1996

Listening to the heart : a comprehensive collection of heart sounds and murmurs
Mason, Daniel
[Philadelphia] : Hahnemann University School of Medicine ; ℗2000
Matthews Fuller CD-ROM RC683.5.A9 M373 2000

Quantitative analysis of EEG for the detection and localization of seizures in patients with medically refractory epilepsy
Battiston, John J., Jr
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis RC386.6.E43 B38 1999

Pain management
written by Susan Pendergrass ; edited by Judith A. Paice
Columbia, MO : Graphic Education Corp., ©1998
This program is a comprehensive survey intended for nurses and other healthcare providers working with patients to relieve pain. Features the latest research and guidelines for the philosophy, neurophysiology, assessment, and management of pain.
Matthews Fuller CD-ROM RT87.P35 P35 1998

Characterization of the molecular mechanism by which arsenic and chromium alter inducible gene expression
Kaltreider, Ronald C
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis RA1231.A7 K35 2000

Forming, operating, and improving micro-systems of health care
Mohr, Julie J
Library Depository R729.5.G6 M64 2000

National home and hospice care survey
Hyattsville, Md. : U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics ;
Presents data on home health agencies and hospices and their current patients and discharges, and the availability and utilization of these services.
Jones Media CD-ROM RA645.35 N35

Henry V
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616
[Germany?] : Naxos AudioBooks, ℗2000
Presents Shakespeare's historical drama of the English king who defeated the French at Agincourt.
Jones Media Phono tape RZA 6431

Decision-analytic approaches to optimizing use of medical tests : methods and applications
Hersh, Adam
Library Depository R723.5 .H47 2001

Differential MCL1 phosphorylation occurs through distinct pathways
Domina, Aaron Mark
Library Depository RC268.43 .D66 2001

Evidence based practice in neonatal intensive care : the effect of prophylactic topical emollient ointment therapy and systemic antibiotic administration practices on nosocomial sepsis rates and mortality in extremely low birth weight infants 501 to 1000 grams
Conner, Jeanette M
Library Depository RJ253.5 .C65 2001

Differentiating and anti-inflammatory activities of the triterpenoid, CDDO : interactions with transcription factors PPAR[gamma] and NF-[kappa]B
Wang, Yongping
Library Depository RS431.T75 W36 2001

Regulation of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator by P-glycoprotein modulators
Maitra, Rangan
Library Depository RC858.C95 M35 2001

Mechanisms for the regulation of fibrinolysis and cytokine expression by nickel
Andrew, Angeline Sanderson
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis RC776.F5 A53 2001

The biophysical characterization of the interaction of XPA and the minimal DNA binding domain, XPA-MF122, with a mitomycin C-DNA interstrand crosslink
Mustra, David James
Library Depository RC271.M53 M87 2001

Methods for prevention of oral Toxoplasma gondii infection-induced hyperimmune response in mice
Ely, Kenneth H
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis RC186.T75 E49 2001

Spectroscopic reconstructed near infrared tomographic imaging for breast cancer diagnosis
McBride, Troy O
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis RC280.B8 M38 2001

Providing evidence and measurement tools to support health care reform in communities
Bazos, Dorothy A
Library Depository RA445 .B39 2001

Mechanical property reconstruction from MR detected harmonic displacement data
Van Houten, Elijah E. W
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis RC280.S66 V36 2001

Electrical impedance tomography for breast imaging
Kerner, Todd Eric
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis RC280.B8 K47 2001

Healthy people 2010
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Washington, D.C. : U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, [2000]
Healthy People is a national initiative of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services that brings together national, state, and local organizations; businesses; communities; and individuals to improve the health of all Americans, eliminate disparities in health, and improve years and quality of healthy life. Since its inception in 1979, it has been coordinated by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. The latest agenda was launched on Jan. 25, 2000, in Washington, D.C. after 3 years of development. All Healthy People 2010 materials are in the public domain. You can use the electronic files on the CD to cut and paste information into a Healthy people 2010 plan for your community.
Library Depository RA427.8 .H44 2000

Identification of risk factors and etiology of strokes after CABG surgery
Likosky, Donald Schron
Library Depository RD598.35.C67 L55 2001

Chemical lists suite
Williamsport, PA : Solutions Software Corp., 2002-
Chemical lists: TSCA, SARA Title III, and more -- US Code guidance documents.
Kresge Ref. CD-ROM RA1219.3 .C54

National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey
U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics
Washington, D.C. : For sale by the U.S. G.P.O., Supt. of Docs., 1994-
The NAMCS survey was conducted in 1973-1981, in 1985, and annually since 1989. The NAMCS survey collects data from nonfederally employed physicians in office-based private practices.
Jones Media CD-ROM RA407.3

Pediatric clinical practice guidelines & policies : a compendium of evidence-based research for pediatric practice
Elk Grove Village, IL : American Academy of Pediatrics, ©2001-
Consists of entire contents of print version, along with full-text versions of all policy statements, AAP model bills, complete clinical practice guidelines and technical reports.
Matthews Fuller CD-ROM RJ33.6 .A642

Measuring quality of life in economic evaluations of treatment for severe mental illness
Adachi-Mejia, Anna Maria
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis RA407 .A33 2002

The regulation of gene expression by BRCA1 splice-variants in human mammary epithelial cells
McEachern, Kristen A
Library Depository RC268.43 .M44 2002

The role of BRCA1 in estrogen receptor- regulation in breast cancer
Archey, William B
Library Depository RC268.43 .A73 2002

Methods for rapid EEG-based mapping of human brain functions
Barkan, Helen Irene
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis RC386.6.E43 B37 2002

Hematography plus
Lofsness, Karen
Minnesota : Regents of the University of Minnesota, ©2000
"A visual resource and comprehensive reference in hematology morphology ... provices users with detailed instruction in microscopic examination procedures and identification of normal and abnormal blood and bone marrow cells"--Guide p. 4.
Library Depository RB45 .H43 2000

Pediatric critical care nursing : self-study on CD-ROM
Contemporary Forums
Dublin, CA : Contemporary Forums, ©2002
1. Children are different: the 9-point check in the initial eval of the seriously ill or injured child / Mary Fran Hazinski -- 2. Sedation & analgesia in the PICU: essential info for the pediatric critical care nurse / William Banner, Jr. -- 3. Congestive heart failure, myocarditis, endocarditis and cardiomyopathy / Joanne Swanick -- 4. Head trauma: cutting-edge management of increased intracranial pressure / Jogi V. Pattisapu --5. Complications of bone marrow transplant / Deborah Cagen -- 6. What happens when insulin takes a vacation? diabetic ketacidosis: mgmt, treatment & nursing implications / Mary-Margaret Finney -- 7. Management of status asthmaticus / Charles leaves Schleien -- 8. Hematologic and oncologic emergencies requiring critical care / Deborah Cagen -- 9. Advances in the treatment of children with congenital heart disease -- 10. Update on antibiotic use in the PICU / Michael Muszynski -- 11. Current trends in ECMO use in the PICU / Robert Pettignano -- 12. Chest and abdominal trauma / Mary Fran Hazlinski.
Matthews Fuller CD-ROM RJ370 .C66 2002

1991 fetal death data file
[Hyattsville, Md.] : U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics ; [1996]
The 1991 fetal death data file CD-ROM consists of two data files and documentation. The first data file, the fetal death data file, includes all reports received of fetal deaths occurring within the United States in 1991. The second data file, the natality data file, includes all live births occurring within the United States in 1991.
Jones Media CD-ROM RG632.U6 A5 1996

Environmental tobacco smoke : a health hazard to children
[Grove Village, Ill.] : American Academy of Pediatrics, [2002?]
Baker Berry US Gov Docs RA1242.T6 .A44 2002 CD-ROM

Stethographics : a simplified introduction to heart and lung sounds : introduction to heart sounds; learning lung sounds
Westborough , MA : Stethographics, Inc., ©2002
Matthews Fuller CD-ROM RC683.5.A9 S74 2002

Delmar's medical terminology CD-ROM
Delmar Publishers
[Albany, N.Y.] : Delmar Publishers, ©1999
A visual educational reference, practice and assessment tool designed to compliment medical terminology learning in or out of the classroom. Designed for self-study and for use in the classroom as a presentation and secondary-testing tool.
Matthews Fuller CD-ROM R123 .D455 1999

Annotated bibliography and working papers
Working Group on Acutely Toxic Pesticides
[Washington, D.C.] : [U.S. Environmental Protection Agency?], [2003]
Baker Berry US Gov Docs RA1270.P4 I58 2003 CD-ROM

International classification of functioning, disability and health
Geneva : World Health Organization, 2001
This CD-ROM includes the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) in 6 official WHO languages. The ICF classification is to provide a unified and standard language and framework for the description of health and health-related states. It defines components of health and some health-related components of well-being (such as education and labour).
Library Depository R123 .I583 2001

Reaching new heights in medical-surgical nursing : medical-surgical overview : Reno, Nevada October 16-19, 2003
Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses
[Place of publication not identified] : Digitell, ©2002
Matthews Fuller CD-ROM RD99.A2 A333 2002

National Nursing Home Survey : [report]
Hyattsville, Md. : U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, 1997-
Jones Media CD-ROM RA997

Health literacy : a prescription to end confusion
Institute of Medicine, Committee on Health Literacy
Washington, DC : National Academy of Sciences and Academy for Educational Development, ©2004
Includes video presentation of the Institute of Medicine's report Health literacy: a prescription to end confusion with all of its findings and recommendations; video clips of patients discussing their health literacy experiences; a video of Dr. Harvey Fineberg (President of the Institute of Medicine) discussing health literacy for health care in the U.S.; and the full text of the executive summary of Health literacy: a prescription to end confusion and the executive summaries of related Institute of Medicine reports including: Speaking of health: health communication strategies for diverse populations, Unequal treatment: confronting racial and ethnic disparities in healthcare, and Crossing the Quality Chasm: a new health system for the 21st century.
Matthews Fuller CD-ROM RA440.5 .I578 2004

Water, sanitation and health electronic library : a compendium of WHO information on water, sanitation, and health
Geneva, Switzerland : World Health Organization, 2004
Provides information on the issues of "drinking-water quality, water supply and sanitation monitoring, safe wastewater and excreta use, environmental health in emergencies, recreational and bathing waters, water resources quality, water management and vector control, water supply, sanitation and hygiene, health care waste, water and sanitation related diseases, and emerging issues"--Container.
Library Depository RA591 .W385 2004

UNDP South East Asia, HIV and Development Programme : building regional HIV resilience
[Bangkok] : [UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Programme], [2004]
Jones Media CD-ROM RA643.86.A785 B85 2004b

HIV/AIDS, be safe not sorry
Bangkok : UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Programme, ©2004
AIDS, the facts -- How HIV is transmitted -- How HIV is not transmitted -- Preventing HIV transmission -- Messages from people living with HIV/AIDS -- Testing for HIV -- Living and working with HIV/AIDS.
Jones Media CD-ROM RA643.86.A785 H58 2004

ICD-10 : international statistical classification of diseases and related health problems
Geneva : World Health Organization, ©2005
Volume 1. Tabular list -- volume 2. Instruction manual -- volume 3. Alphabetic index.

Searchable database that includes all three volumes of the print edition, the corrigenda to Volume 1, and any updates that have been recommended by the annual meeting of WHO Collaborating Centres fro the Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC) and endorsed by the World Health Organization for implementation between 1998 and 2003.
Matthews Fuller Ref RB115 .I6 2005

Data warehouse on trends in health and aging
[Washington, D.C.] : U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, [2003]
Baker Berry US Gov Docs RA564.8 D38 2003 CD-ROM

HIV/AIDS surveillance data base
US Census Bureau ; UNAIDS Collaborating Centre
Washington, DC : Health Studies Branch, International Programs Center, Population Division, U.S. Census Bureau, [2004]
Jones Media CD-ROM RA643.8 .H583 2004

Medicine and humanistic understanding : the significance of literature in medical practices
Vannatta, Jerry
Philadelphia, [Pa.] : University of Pennsylvania Press, [2005]
An interactive DVD-ROM that examines the doctor-patient relationship, changing nature of illness, ethics and practice of everyday medicine, and the goals of medical pedagogy; it also features interviews with prominent physicians, caretakers, writers, researchers, and philosophers, and is used at the University of Oklahoma in its continuing education for physicians.
Matthews Fuller DVD-ROM R723 .V346 2005

Water, sanitation and health electronic library : a compendium of information on water, sanitation, and health
Geneva, Switzerland : Water, Sanitation, and Health Programme, World Health Organization, ©2006
The Water, Sanitation and Health electronic library, Fourth edition, includes 235 documents of new and current publications. The documents provide information on water supply and sanitation, recreational/bathing waters, achieving the Millennium Development Goals on water, sanitation and hygiene, drinking-water quality, water resources management and health-care waste. Included are full text books and guidelines, facts sheets, facts and figures, posters, advocacy materials and other information products.
Jones Media CD-ROM RA591 .W385 2006

AACN cardiac surgery (CSC) and cardiac medicine (CMC) certification : review courses
Barnes, Deborah
[Place of publication not identified] : American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, ©2005
"This combined CD-ROM includes both the cardiac surgery and cardiac medicine review courses. Content is based on the CMC and CSC blueprints and includes in-depth coverage of hemodynamics, ACS, cardiomyopathy, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, pulmonary disorders, and pre-, intra-, and post-operative phases of cardiac surgery"--Publisher description from catalog on disc.
Matthews Fuller CD-ROM RC674 .B37 2005

National EMS scope of practice model
[Washington, D.C.] : National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, [2007]
Baker Berry US Gov Docs RA645.5 .N332 2007

Preparing for surgery : guided imagery exercises for relaxation & accelerated healing
Rossman, Martin L
Boulder, CO : Sounds True, 2004
Introduction (0:58) -- The benefits of guided imagery for surgery (5:28) -- Exercise 1 : preparing for a successful surgery (24:03) -- Exercise 2 : Preparing on the day of surgery (22:05) -- Exercise 3 : Healing well after surgery (23:19).

A presentation of pre-surgery guided imagery techniques to help insure fewer complications, quicker healing, shorter hospital stays, less pain and discomfort, and less bleeding.
Matt/Ful ConsumH Comp disc RC489.F35 R68 2004

Back care
Cappy, Peggy
[Peterborough, N.H.] : Peggy Cappy, ©2006
Peggy Cappy's soothing voice guides the user through relaxing to ease back pain.
Matt/Ful ConsumH Comp disc RA786 .C36 2006

SAFER : safer alertness & fatigue education in residency
[Westchester, Ill.] : American Academy of Sleep Medicine, ©2006
Matthews Fuller CD-ROM RA972 .S34 2006

Women, addiction and codependency
Surrey, Janet L
Wellesley, MA : Stone Center for Developmental Services and Studies, Wellesley College, ©1991
Jones Media Compact Disc RC569.5.C63 S87 1991

Malaria : killer number one
produced by IRIN Films for OCHA ; producer, Hugo Rämi
[Nairobi, Kenya] : IRIN, [2005]
Malaria claims three million lives every year worldwide, most of them in the countries south of the Sahara. Among the places hardest hit is Ethiopia. Here malaria can wipe out the lives of hundreds of thousands of villagers, mainly women and children, in a single epidemic.
Jones Media CD-ROM RA644.M2 M35 2005

Cancer survival toolbox : the first step to cancer survival : an audio resource program
National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS)
[Silver Spring, Md.] : National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, ©2009
[Disc 1]. Program 1. Communicating (30 min.) ; Program 2. Finding information (27 min.) -- [disc 2]. Program 3. Making decisions (28 min.) ; Program 4. Solving problems (30 min.) -- [disc 3].Program 5. Negotiating (30 min.) ; Program 6. Standing up for your rights (23 min.) -- [disc 4]. Program 7. First steps for the newly diagnosed (68 min.) -- [disc 5].Program 8. Topics for older persons (75 min.) -- [disc 6]. Program 9. Finding ways to pay for care (73 min.) -- [disc 7]. Program 10. Caring for the caregiver (77 min.) -- [disc 8-9]. Program 11 (part 1 & 2). Living beyond cancer (108 min.) -- [disc 10]. Program 12. Dying well-the final stages of survivorship (65 min.).
Matt/Ful ConsumH Comp disc RC262 .C2916 2009

The power of joy
Northrup, Christiane
[Carlsbad, Calif.?] : Hay House Audio, ℗2008
Presents mind-body healing techniques for women, emphasising the role of joy and pleasure.
Matt/Ful ConsumH Comp disc RA778 .N7968 2008

Saratovskiĭ nauchno-medit͡sinskiĭ zhurnal
Saratov, Rossii͡a : Saratovskiĭ gosudarstvennyĭ medit͡sinskiĭ universitet, 2005-

Relaxation/healing CD
Huddleston, Peggy
[Place of publication not identified] : New Dimensions Foundation, ℗2005
[Disc. 1]. Instructional CD. How to prepare for surgery using mind-body techniques : interview with Peggy Huddleston (52 min.) ; How to use the Relaxation/healing CD (26 min.) -- [Disc. 2]. Relaxation/Healing CD (71 min.).

Huddleston describes how to turn worries into healing imagery and feel profoundly peaceful in order to speed healing..
Matt/Ful ConsumH Comp disc RD31.7 .H847 2005

Mindfulness meditation for pain relief : guided practices for reclaiming your body and your life
Kabat-Zinn, Jon
Boulder, CO : Sounds True, 2010
Jon Kabat-Zinn shares his practices for using conscious awareness to free the mind and body from physical and emotional suffering. Listeners will learn tips and techniques for working with the mind and embracing whatever issues arise in their lives. He also leads listeners in guided meditations to help them find relief from chronic pain, everyday stress, and emotional challenges, as well as to read and act appropriately in the face of pain.
Matt/Ful ConsumH Comp disc RB127 .M56 2010

Stiff : the curious lives of human cadavers
Roach, Mary
[Old Saybrook, Conn.] : Tantor Media, 2009

Tobacco control and public health in eastern Europe
Kiev, Ukraine : Tatiana I. Andreeva

Ai zheng = Aizheng = Chinese journal of cancer
Guangzhou : Zhongshan yi ke da xue fu shu zhong liu yi yuan

The World of relaxation : a guided mindfulness meditation practice for healing in the hospital and/or at home
Kabat-Zinn, Jon
[Brooklyn, N.Y.] : BetterListen!, 2010
In a simulated therapy session, Dr. Kabat-Zinn instructs the viewer in methods of stress management.

Lin chuang gan dan bing za zhi = Chinese journal of clinical hepatology
Jilin Sheng Changchun Shi : "Lin chuang gan dan bing za zhi" bian wei hui, bian ji bu

Relax : six techniques to lower your stress
Goleman, Daniel
[Northampton, Mass.] : More Than Sound, 2012

Journal of cardiology
[Tōkyō-to] : Japanese College of Cardiology, [1987-]

Natural medicines = Shōyakugaku zasshi
the Japanese Society of Pharmacognosy
Tōkyō : Nihon Shōyaku Gakkai, Heisei 6 [1994]-

The Kaohsiung journal of medical sciences
[Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, Republic of China] : [Kaohsiung Medical College], [1996]-

Klinicheskai͡a i ėksperimentalʹnai͡a tireoidologii͡a
Moskva : Vidar

Sovremennai͡a revmatologii͡a
Moskva : Izdatelʹstvo Ima-Press

Moskva : ABV-press

[Moskva] : [Novyĭ kovcheg]

Moskva : ABV-press

Opukholi zhenskoĭ reproduktivnoĭ sistemy
Moskva : ABV-press

The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks
Skloot, Rebecca, 1972-
Her name was Henrietta Lacks, but scientists know her as HeLa. She was a poor Southern tobacco farmer who worked the same land as her slave ancestors, yet her cells--taken without her knowledge--became one of the most important tools in medicine. The first "immortal" human cells grown in culture, they are still alive today, though she has been dead for more than sixty years. If you could pile all HeLa cells ever grown onto a scale, they'd weigh more than 50 million metric tons--as much as a hundred Empire State Buildings. HeLa cells were vital for developing the polio vaccine; uncovered secrets of cancer, viruses, and the atom bomb's effects; helped lead to important advances like in vitro fertilization, cloning, and gene mapping; and have been bought and sold by the billions.

Case files. Surgery
Toy, Eugene C., author
New York : McGraw-Hill Education, [2016]
I. How to approach clinical problems : -- Approach to the patient -- Approach to clinical problem solving -- Approach to reading -- II. Cases -- III. Review questions.

"You need exposure to high-yield cases to excel in the surgery clerkship and on the shelf exam. Case Files: Surgery presents 56 real-life cases that illustrate essential concepts in surgery. Each case includes a complete discussion, clinical pearls, references, definitions of key terms, and USMLE-style review questions. With this system, you'll learn in the context of real patients, rather then merely memorize facts."--Publisher's website.
Matthews Fuller RD34 .T69 2016

Klinicheskai͡a i spet͡sialʹnai͡a psikhologii͡a = Clinical psychology and special education
Moskva : Moskovskiĭ gorodskoĭ psikhologo-pedagogicheskiĭ universitet, 2012-

Pharmacology and the nursing process
Lilley, Linda Lane, author
St. Louis, Missouri : Elsevier, [2017]
pt. 1: Pharmacology basics -- pt. 2: Drugs affecting the central nervous system -- pt. 3: Drugs affecting the autonomic nervous system -- pt. 4: Drugs affecting the cardiovascular and renal systems -- pt. 5: Drugs affecting the endocrine and reproductive systems -- pt. 6: Drugs affecting the respiratory system -- pt. 7: Antiinfective and antiinflammatory drugs -- pt. 8: Chemotherapeutic drugs and biologic and immune modifiers -- pt. 9: Drugs affecting the gastrointestinal system and nutrition -- pt. 10: Dermatologic, ophthalmic, and otic drugs.

Textbook for Nursing Pharmacology.
Matthews Fuller RM301 .L466 2017

Patterson's allergic diseases
edited by Leslie C. Grammer with Paul A. Greenberger
Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer, [2018]
Matthews Fuller RC584 .A34 2018

Critical care nursing certification : preparation, review, and practice exams
Johnson, Alexander P., author
New York : McGraw-Hill Education, [2018]
Cardiovascular -- Pulmonary -- Endocrine -- Immunology and Hematology -- Neurology -- Gastroenterology -- Renal -- Multiorgan Problems -- Professionalism, Ethics, and Synergy -- Behavior.

Resource added for the Nursing-Associate Degree 105431, Practical Nursing 315431, and Nursing Assistant 305431 programs.
Matthews Fuller RT120.I5 J64 2018

Certification and core review for high acuity, progressive, and critical care nursing
edited by Lisa M. Stone, BSN, RN, CCRN-CMC, Staff Nurse, Coronary Care Unit, Einstein Healthcare Network, Philadelphia, Pensylvania
St. Louis, Missouri : Elsevier, [2018]
The 7th edition of this powerful review tool helps you assess and build your knowledge of the information covered in the Core Curriculum for High Acuity, Progressive, and Critical Care Nursing - and achieve Adult CCRN or PCCN certification. Three 150-question exams mirror the style and content of the CCRN exam and PCCN exam.
Matthews Fuller RT120.I5 C67 2018

A practical guide for medical teachers
edited by John A. Dent, MMEd, MD, FAMEE, FHEA, FRCS(Ed), International Relations Officer, Association for Medical Education in Europe ; Honorary Reader in Medical Education and Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Dundee, Dundee, UK, Ronald M. Harden, OBE, MD, FRCP(Glas), FRCPC, FRCSEd, General Secretary, Association for Medical Education in Europe ; Former Professor of Medical Education, Director of the Centre for Medical Education and Teaching Dean, University of Dundee, UK ; Professor of Medical Education, Al-Imam University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Dan Hunt, MD, MBA, Assistant Secretary, Liaison Committee on Medical Education ; Senior Director of Accreditation Services, Association of American Medical Colleges, Washington DC, USA ; foreward by Brian D. Hodges, PhD, MD, FRCPC, Executive Vice-President Education, University Health Network ; Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto ; Scientist, Wilson Centre for Research in Education ; Richard and Elizabeth Currie Chair in Health Professions Education Research ; Senior Fellow, Massey College ; Senior Strategy Advisor, the AMS Phoenix Project, Toronto, Canada
Edinburgh ; Elsevier, 2017
Sect. I: Curriculum development -- New horizons in medical education -- Curriculum planning and development -- The undergraduate curriculum -- Postgraduate medical education: a 'pipeline' to competence -- Continuing professional development -- The hidden curriculum -- Sect. 2: Learning situations -- Lectures -- Learning in small groups -- Learning with patients: inpatient and outpatient -- Learning in the community -- Learning in rural and remote locations -- Learning in longitudinal integrated clerkships -- Learning in a simulated environment -- Distance education -- Sect. 3: Educational strategies and technologies -- Outcome-based education -- Integrated learning -- Interprofessional education -- Problem-based learning -- Team-based learning -- Using digital technologies -- Instructional design -- Sect. 4: Curriculum themes -- Basic sciences and curriculum outcomes -- Social and behavioural sciences in medical school curricula -- Clinical communication -- Ethics and attitudes -- Professionalism -- Evidence-based medicine -- Patient safety and quality of care -- Medical humanities -- Integrative medicine in the training of physicians -- Global awareness -- Medical education in an era of ubiquitous information -- Sect. 5: Assessment -- Concepts in assessment including standard setting -- Written assessments -- Performance and workplace assessment -- Portfolios, projects and theses -- Feedback, reflection and coaching: a new model -- The assessment of attitudes and professionalism -- Programmatic assessment -- Sect. 6: Staff -- Staff development -- Academic standards and scholarship -- Sect. 7: Students -- Student selection -- Student support -- Student engagement in learning -- Peer-assisted learning -- Sect. 8: Medical school -- Understanding medical school leardership: medical teachers as agents of change -- Medical education leardership -- The medical teacher and social accountability -- The educational environment -- Medical education research.
Matthews Fuller R735 .P73 2017

Thank you for playing
Kinematic Films presents in association with the Independent Television Service ; directed and produced by David Osit, Malika Zouhali-Worrall
Tel Aviv : Cinephil, 2015
When Ryan Green, a video game programmer, learns that his young son Joel has cancer, he and his wife Amy begin documenting their emotional journey in the form of an autobiographical video game. This film follows Ryan and his family over two years through the creation of "That Dragon, Cancer" as it evolves from a cathartic exercise into a critically acclaimed work of art that memorializes and personalizes their time and interactions with Joel and sets the gaming industry abuzz.

Multiple sclerosis : a guide for the newly diagnosed
Murray, T. J., author
New York, NY : Demos Medical Publishing, [2017]
"Now in its fifth edition, Multiple Sclerosis: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed is the best-selling guide to multiple sclerosis (MS) for newly diagnosed patients and their families. Written in plain language by renowned MS expert physician T. Jock Murray, this book guides patients at any stage who want to know more about the disease, its potential impact on your life, and the medical treatments now available for managing it successfully. The fifth edition is updated to reflect recent advances in understanding the underlying mechanisms and disease progression, the diagnostic criteria and classification of MS, and new drugs and therapies. This book opens the window on an MS diagnosis and provides answers to the multitude of questions patients will have so they can take charge and make informed decisions about their health and treatment"--Amazon.com.
Matthews Full Consumer He RC377 .H65 2017

Nan jing : the classic of difficult issues : with commentaries of Chinese and Japanese authors from the third through the twentieth century
Bianque, active approximately 255 B.C., author
Oakland, California : University of California Press, [2016]
Baker Berry R127.1.P543 B5313 2016

Lippincott certification review. Medical-surgical nursing
Willis, Laura M., 1969- author
Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer, [2018]
Medical-surgical nursing certification -- Foundations of nursing -- Legal and ethical aspects of nursing -- Principles of medical-surgical nursing -- Principles of wound care -- Disruptions in homeostasis -- Cardiovascular disorders -- Hematologic disorders -- Respiratory disorders -- Neurologic disorders -- Musculoskeletal disorders -- Gastrointestinal disorders -- Skin disorders -- Endocrine disorders -- Renal and urinary tract disorders -- Reproductive system disorders -- Immune system disorders -- Eye, ear, and nose disorders -- Perioperative nursing.

"Pass your certification exam with the thoroughly updated Lippincott Review for Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification, 6th Edition, offering the most current content found on the Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse (CMSRN) and Registered Nurse-Board Certified (RN-BC) exams. This popular study guide covers the full range of exam content, from disorders, signs and symptoms, tests, and assessments to treatments and interventions. Whether you are a new or experienced nurse, this comprehensive review offers the knowledge, and confidence, you need to succeed"--Publisher's description.
Matthews Fuller RD99.25 .W555 2018

Handbook of personality disorders : theory, research, and treatment
edited by W. John Livesley, Roseann Larstone
New York : The Guilford Press, [2018]
"This authoritative work comprehensively reviews what is known about personality disorders, including vital information to guide clinical decision making. Leading experts synthesize contemporary thinking about the classification, etiologies, and development of these complex disorders. Diagnostic issues are explored, and available assessment instruments are discussed. The Handbook provides in-depth coverage of all commonly used psychotherapeutic and pharmacological treatments, with particular attention to the empirical evidence for each approach. Also addressed are special treatment modalities, such as day programs and group therapy, and forensic issues"--
Matthews Fuller RC554 .H36 2018

Current psychotherapies
editors, Danny Wedding, Raymond J. Corsini
Boston, MA : Cengage, [2019]
Matthews Fuller RC480 .C7 2019

edited by Jacquelyn L. Banasik, Lee-Ellen C. Copstead
St. Louis, Missouri : Elsevier, [2018]
Matthews Fuller RB113 .P45 2018

Посмотри на него / Анна Старобинец
Старобинец, Анна, author
Moskva : Corpus : 2017
Baker Berry RG627.2.R8 S73 2017

Internal medicine evidence : the practice-changing studies
editors, Joshua M. Liao, MD, Staff Physician, Department of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Zahir Kanjee, MD, MPH, Hospitalist, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts ; special editors, Joel T. Katz, MD, Joseph Loscalzo, MD, PhD ; series editors, Emily L Aaronson, MD, Erik L. Antonsen, MD, PhD, Arjun K. Venkatesh, MD, MBA, MHS ; section editor, Luis Ticona, MPP
Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer, [2017]
"In this volume, we aspired to select, summarize, and contextualize 100 of the most practice-changing articles in the field of Iinternal Mmedicine. As practicing clinicians, medical educators, and lifelong learners, we felt particularly drawn to the challenge of exploring how evidence guides clinical choices. In doing so, we hope to shed light on the strengths and weaknesses, clinical and historical context, and impacts and caveats of important research studies that underlie common and challenging clinical decisions"--
Matthews Fuller RC46 .I58 2017

Living with bariatric surgery : managing your mind and your weight
Ratcliffe, Denise, author
Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
Living with Bariatric Surgery: Managing Your Mind and Your Weight aims to help those who are considering bariatric surgery develop a psychological understanding of their eating behaviour and the changes needed in order to make surgery successful. It is also a resource for those who have undergone surgery to help them adapt to the physical, psychological and relationship adjustments that occur. Whilst the benefits of bariatric surgery are significant, the psychological challenges it presents for patients have been overlooked. This book will help patients develop a realistic view of bariatric surgery and the changes required. It incorporates the real-life experiences of people who have had bariatric surgery, showing how they have responded to the psychological and behavioural changes after surgery, and also features helpful psychoeducation, exercises and strategies to facilitate reflection and learning. Living with Bariatric Surgery will be an essential guide for anyone considering, preparing for or recovering from bariatric surgery, as well as mental health professionals working with these clients."--
Matthews Full Consumer He RD540 .R35 2018

Qualitative methods for health research
Green, Judith, 1961- author
Los Angeles : SAGE, 2018
Matthews Fuller R853.Q34 G74 2018

The spirit catches you and you fall down : a Hmong child, her American doctors, and the collision of two cultures
Fadiman, Anne, 1953-
New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2012
Birth -- Fish soup -- The spirit catches you and you fall down -- Do doctors eat brains? -- Take as directed -- High-velocity transcortical lead therapy -- Government property -- Foua and Nao Kao -- A little medicine and a little neeb -- War -- The big one -- Flight -- Code X -- The melting pot -- Gold and dross -- Why did they pick Merced? -- The eight questions -- The life or the soul -- The sacrifice.

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down explores the clash between a small county hospital in California and a refugee family from Laos over the care of Lia Lee, a Hmong child diagnosed with severe epilepsy. Lia's parents and her doctors both wanted what was best for Lia, but the lack of understanding between them led to tragedy. Winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction, the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Current Interest, and the Salon Book Award, Anne Fadiman's compassionate account of this cultural impasse is literary journalism at its finest. -- Provided by Publisher on back cover.
Baker Berry RA418.5.T73 F33 2012

The limits of trust : the Millennium Development Goals, maternal health, and health policy in Mexico
Mills, Lisa Nicole, 1967- author
Montreal ; McGill-Queen's University Press, [2017]
Mexico and the implementation of the Maternal Health Millennium Development Goal -- Maternal health and health sector reform in Mexico -- Guerrero : the limits of the local -- Chiapas : the challenges of NGO collaboration -- Oaxaca : the impact of doctors' mobilization.

"When the United Nations announced the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2000, approximately half a million women worldwide died each year from complications associated with pregnancy and childbirth. The fifth MDG aimed to reduce the maternal mortality rate by 75 per cent between 1990 and 2015, but by the target date, the goal had not been reached. In The Limits of Trust, Lisa Nicole Mills investigates the reasons why Mexico in particular did not meet its objective. Focusing on the states of Guerrero, Chiapas, and Oaxaca, where maternal mortality rates are the highest in the country, Mills looks into how MDG 5 has been implemented in Mexico, how it has been experienced by individuals and groups, what obstacles have been encountered, and what factors have facilitated improvements in maternal health. Using data gathered from interviews with NGOs, government officials, and health care workers, the book argues that government and feminist NGO efforts to build trust in the health care system have fallen short because of systemic failures to protect women's rights and enhance the quality of health care. In Mexico, a woman's risk of dying from a pregnancy-related complication is five times higher than in developed countries. The Limits of Trust explores the realities of implementing maternal health initiatives on the ground in rural, remote, and impoverished areas, and the steps that can be taken to successfully combat maternal mortality."--
Baker Berry RG963.M6 M55 2017

The American Society of Addiction Medicine handbook on pain and addiction
edited by Ilene R. Robeck, Herbert L. Malinoff, Melvin I. Pohl, R. Corey Waller, Michael F. Weaver, Mark A. Weiner, William F. Haning, III ; managing editor Bonnie B. Wilford
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Matthews Fuller RB127 .A44 2018

The Library of Congress presents historic presidential speeches, 1908-1993
Los Angeles : Rhino Records, ℗1995
Volume 1. What constitutes an unlawful trust ; Democratic policy prevents restoration of prosperity / William Howard Taft -- The "Abyssinian treatment" of Standard Oil (1912) ; Why the trusts and bosses oppose the Progressive Party (1912) / Theodore Roosevelt -- The third party ; To the farmers / Woodrow Wilson -- Americanism ; Liberty under the law ; Nationalism and Americanism / Warren G. Harding -- Inaugural address (excerpts) / Calvin Coolidge -- Radio address to the nation on unemployment relief / Herbert Hoover -- volume 2. The first "Fireside chat" : an intimate talk with the people of the United States on banking ; We have only just begun to fight : campaign address / Franklin D. Roosevelt -- Address upon accepting the Democratic nomination for president / Harry S. Truman --.

This set of speeches features the actual voices of seventeen American presidents from 1908-1993. They were selected by the staff of the Library of Congress, surviving first ladies, and the living presidents and their staffs.
Jones Media Center Rhino Word Beat R2 71970

Rock steady : brilliant advice from my bipolar life
Forney, Ellen, author,
Seattle, Washington : Fantagraphics Books Inc., [2018]
Introduction: Hello! -- Basics : wide-ranging but totally doable whats & whys -- Therapy : navigating your many options -- Coping tools : Strategies & technique for steadying your mind & body -- Insomnia : going to bed, getting to sleep, & sleeping all night -- Dealing with meds : at home, while traveling, & side effects -- The danger zone : identifying your warning signs & how to deal with them -- You have company : finding like-minded people, getting beyond stigma, & knowing for sure that you're not alone -- You rock : it's a lot of stuff but you got this!

Presents a survival guide for people with bipolar disorder that is filled with tips, tricks and tools.
Baker Berry RC516 .F67 2018

Current diagnosis & treatment : pediatrics
edited by William W. Jay, Jr. ; Myron J. Levin ; Robin R. Deterding ; Mark J. Abzug
New York : McGraw-Hill, 2016
Advancing the quality & safety of care -- The newborn infant -- Child development & behavior -- Adolescence -- Adolescent substance abuse -- Eating disorders -- Child & adolescent psychiatric disorders & psychosocial aspects of pediatrics -- Child abuse & neglect -- Ambulatory & office pediatrics -- Immunization -- Normal childhood nutrition & its disorders -- Emergencies & injuries -- Poisoning -- Critical care -- Skin -- Eye -- Oral medication & dentistry -- Ear, nose & throat -- Respiratory tract & mediastinum -- Cardiovascular diseases -- Gastrointestinal tract -- Liver & pancreas -- Fluid, electrolyte, & acid-base disorders & therapy -- Kidney & urinary tract -- Neurologic & muscular disorders -- Orthopedics -- Sports medicine -- Rehabilitation medicine -- Rheumatic diseases -- Hematologic disorders -- Neoplastic disease -- Pain management & pediatric palliative & end of life care -- Immunodeficiency -- Endocrine disorders -- Diabetes mellitus -- Inborn errors of metabolism -- Genetics & dysmorphology -- Allergic disorders -- Antimicrobial therapy -- Infections: viral & rickettsial -- Human immunodeficiency virus infection -- Infections: bacterial & spirochetal -- Infections: parasitic & mycotic -- Sexually transmitted infections -- Travel medicine -- Chemistry & hematology reference intervals.
Matthews Fuller RJ50 .C978 2016

Resilience and the localisation of trauma in Aceh, Indonesia
Smith, Catherine (Medical anthropologist), author
Copenhagen K, Denmark : Asian Studies Association of Australia in association with NIAS Press, [2018]
Encountering psychiatry in unexpected places -- Trauma, resilience and the paradox of history -- Spirit possession, the body and the politics of knowing -- Destiny, piety and the importance of bravery -- Psychiatry, stigma and the politics of care.
Baker Berry RC552.T7 S65 2018

Presenting medical statistics : from proposal to publication
Peacock, Janet author
Oxford ; Oxford University Press, 2017
1: Introduction -- 2: Introduction to the research process -- 3: Writing a research protocol -- 4: Writing Up a research study -- 5: Introduction to presenting statistical analyses -- 6: Single group studies -- 7: Comparing two groups -- 8: Analysing matched or paired data -- 9: Analysing relationshipsbetween variables -- 10: Multifactorial analyses -- 11: Survival analysis -- 12: Presenting a randomized controlled trial -- 13: Presenting a meta-analysis

"As many medical and healthcare researchers have a love-hate relationship with statistics, the second edition of this practical reference book may make all the difference. Using practical examples, mainly from the authors' own research, the book explains how to make sense of statistics, turn statistical computer output into coherent information, and help decide which pieces of information to report and how to present them. -- The book takes you through all the stages of the research process, from the initial research proposal, through ethical approval and data analysis, to reporting on and publishing the findings. Helpful tips and information boxes, offer clear guidance throughout, including easily followed instructions on how to: *develop a quantitative research proposal for ethical/institutional approval or research funding; *write up the statistical aspects of a paper for publication; *choose and perform simple and more advanced statistical analyses; *describe the statistical methods and present the results of an analysis. -- This new edition covers a wider range of statistical programs - SAS, STATA, R, and SPSS, and shows the commands needed to obtain the analyses and how to present it, whichever program you are using. Each specific example is annotated to indicate other scenarios that can be analysed using the same methods, allowing you to easily transpose the knowledge gained from the book to your own research. The principles of good presentation are also covered in detail, from translating relevant results into suitable extracts, through to randomised controlled trials, and how to present a meta-analysis. An added ingredient is the inclusion of code and datasets for all analyses shown in the book on our website (http://medical-statistics.info). -- Written by three experienced biostatisticians based in the UK and US, this is a step-by-step guide that will be invaluable to researchers and postgraduate students in medicine, those working in the professions allied to medicine, and statisticians in consultancy roles." -- from website publisher.
Matthews Fuller RA407 .P43 2017

Intimate interventions in global health : family planning and HIV prevention in sub-Saharan Africa
Robinson, Rachel Sullivan, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
Introduction : understanding the links between family planning and HIV prevention -- The intersection of the global population and AIDS fields -- From family planning to HIV prevention in sub-Saharan Africa -- Malawi : negative policy feedback and political legacy -- Nigeria : transnational pressure and political disruption -- Senegal : transnational ties and technocratic leadership -- Conclusion : the implications of intimate interventions for global health.
Baker Berry RA643.86.A357 R63 2017

病とむきあう江戶時代 : 外患。酒と肉食。うつと心中。出産。災害。テロ / 岩下哲典著
岩下哲典, 1962- author
東京都目黒区 : 北樹出版, 2017
Baker Berry Japan R623 .I942 2017

Salud y mortalidad materna en México : balances y perspectivas desde la antropología y la interdisciplinariedad
María Graciela Freyermuth Enciso, coordinadora
México : Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social, 2017
Baker Berry RG530.3.M62 S25 2017

Mountains beyond mountains : the quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a man who would cure the world
French, Michael, 1944- author
[New York] : Ember, 2014
Traces the efforts of Dr. Paul Farmer to transform healthcare on a global scale, documenting his visits to some of the world's most impoverished regions and the unconventional methods that enabled him to improve and save lives.
Baker Berry R154.F36 F73 2014

Hildegard von Bingen's Physica : the complete English translation of her classic work on health and healing
Hildegard, Saint, 1098-1179
Rochester, Vt. : Healing Arts Press, ©1998
Saint, mystic, healer, visionary, and fighter, Hildegard von Bingen stands as one of the great figures in the history of women in medicine. She was renowned for her healing work and her original theories of medicine.
Baker Berry R128 .H5313 1998

Paper cuts
Bernard, Stephen, 1975- author
London : Vintage Publishing, 2018
"I have a small line of red dots on the back of my left hand, where the needle goes in." The fractured, intensely personal narrative of Paper Cuts follows a single day in his life as he navigates a course through the effects of mania, medication and memories.
Baker Berry RC569.5.A28 B47 2018

Sedation, suicide, and the limits of ethics
Dunson, James A., III, author
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2018]
Baker Berry R726 .D86 2018

Saving Charlotte : a mother and the power of intuition
Jong, Pia de, author,
New York : W.W. Norton & Company, [2017]
The author chronicles her newborn daughter's battle with a rare and deadly form of leukemia and the intuitive decision she and her husband made to forego chemotherapy and bring their daughter home to care for her.
Baker Berry RJ416.L4 J6613 2017

Disabilities and the disabled in the Roman world : a social and cultural history
Laes, Christian, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, [2018]
"Almost fifteen percent of the world's population today experiences some form of mental or physical disability and society tries to accommodate their needs. But what was the situation in the Roman world? Was there a concept of disability? How were the disabled treated? How did they manage in their daily lives? What answers did medical doctors, philosophers and patristic writers give for their problems? This book, the first monograph on the subject in English, explores the medical and material contexts for disability in the ancient world, and discusses the chances of survival for those who were born with a handicap. It covers the various sorts of disability: mental problems, blindness, deafness and deaf-muteness, speech impairment and mobility impairment, and includes discussions of famous instances of disability from the ancient world, such as the madness of Emperor Caligula, the stuttering of Emperor Claudius and the blindness of Homer"--
Baker Berry R138.5 .L3413 2018

Yoga stretch for beginners and beyond
with Jessica Smith ; produced by In Wellness Systems
[United States] : In Wellness Systems, LLC., [2015]
"Stretch and strengthen your body, mind and soul. Develop a strong foundation of total body strength, stamina and flexibility with these two complete practices: AM: Energizing Flow (30 minutes) : This energizing series is the perfect way to start your day or to boost your energy anytime. Develop strength and functional flexibility from head to toe with this series of stamina building poses and exercises. PM: Relaxing Flow (30 minutes): Wind down from a hectic day and stretch out stress and soreness with this relaxing series of yoga postures that incorporate a pillow and a beach towel (or yoga strap) to gently assist your body into deeper stretches to help improve range of motion and overall flexibility ..."--Back cover package.
Matt/Full ConsumerH DVD RA781.7 .Y64 2015

Psychosocial issues in palliative care : a community based approach for life limiting illness
edited by Mari Lloyd-Williams (Professor and Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Academic Palliative and Supportive Care Studies Group, University of Liverpool, UK)
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018
Baker Berry R726.8 .P794 2018