R - Medicine Acquisitions during December 2018

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A weary road : shell shock in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1918
Humphries, Mark Osborne, 1981- author
Toronto ; University of Toronto Press, [2018]
More than 16,000 Canadian soldiers suffered from shell shock during the Great War of 1914 to 1918. Despite significant interest from historians, we still know relatively little about how it was experienced, diagnosed, treated, and managed in the frontline trenches in the Canadian and British forces. How did soldiers relate to suffering comrades? Did large numbers of shell shock cases affect the outcome of important battles? Was frontline psychiatric treatment as effective as many experts claimed after the war? Were Canadians treated any differently than other Commonwealth soldiers? A Weary Road is the first comprehensive study to address these important questions. Author Mark Osborne Humphries uses research from Canadian, British and Australian archives, including hundreds of newly available hospital records and patient medical files, to provide a history of war trauma as it was experienced, treated and managed by ordinary soldiers.
Baker Berry RC550 .H86 2018

Self-assessment in adult multiprofessional critical care
editors: Sergio L. Zanotti-Cavazzoni, MD, FCCM, Richard M. Pino, MD, PhD, FCCM
Mount Pleasant, IL, USA : Society of Critical Care Medicine, [2016]
Matthews Fuller RC86.9 .S452 2016

A history of medicine
Magner, Lois N., 1943- author
Boca Raton : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2018]
Baker Berry R131 .M179 2018

Basic clinical radiobiology
edited by Michael C. Joiner and Albert J. Van der Kogel
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group, [2019]
Matthews Fuller RM847 .B36 2019

Radiobiology for the radiologist
Hall, Eric J., author
Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer, [2019]
Physics and chemistry of radiation absorption -- Molecular mechanisms of DNA and chromosome damage and repair -- Cell survival curves -- Radiosensitivity and cell age in the mitotic cycle -- Fractionated radiation and the dose-rate effect -- Oxygen effect and reoxygenation -- Linear energy transfer and relative biologic effectiveness -- Acute radiation syndrome -- Medical countermeasures to radiation exposure -- Radiation carcinogenesis -- Heritable effects of radiation -- Effects of radiation on the embryo and fetus -- Radiation cataractogenesis -- Radiologic terrorism -- Doses and risks in diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology and cardiology, and nuclear medicine -- Radiation protection -- Molecular techniques in radiobiology -- Cancer biology -- Dose-response relationships for model normal tissues -- Clinical response of normal tissues -- Model tumor systems -- Cell, tissue, and tumor kinetics -- Time, dose, and fractionation in radiotherapy -- Retreatment after radiotherapy: the possibilities and the perils -- Alternative radiation modalities -- The biology and exploitation of tumor hypoxia -- Chemotherapeutic agents from the perspective of the radiation biologist -- Hyperthermia.
Matthews Fuller R895 .H34 2019

Your life in my hands : a junior doctor's story
Clarke, Rachel, author
London, England : Metro, 2017
To be a medical novice who makes decisions which - if you get them wrong - might forever alter, or end, a person's life? To toughen up the hard way, through repeated exposure to life-and-death situations, clinging on until your skills, expertise and the thickness of your skin are finally a match for them? Now frame these questions in the context of a health service so overstretched and understaffed that its doctors and nurses feel every day as though they are scrabbling against the odds just to keep their patients safe. In this heartfelt, deeply personal account of life as a junior doctor in today's health service, former television journalist turned doctor, Rachel Clarke, captures the extraordinary realities of ordinary life on the NHS front line. From the historic junior doctor strikes of 2016 to the 'humanitarian crisis' declared by the Red Cross, the overstretched health service is on the precipice, calling for junior doctors to draw on extraordinary reserves of what compelled them into medicine in the first place - and the value the NHS can least afford to lose - kindness.Your Life In My Hands is at once a powerful polemic on the systematic degradation of Britain's most vital public institution, and a love letter of optimism and hope to that same health service and those who support it. This extraordinary memoir offers a glimpse into a life spent between the operating room and the bedside, the mortuary and the doctors' mess, telling powerful truths about today's NHS frontline, and capturing with tenderness and humanity the highs and lows of a new doctor's first steps onto the wards in the context of a health service at breaking point - and what it means to be entrusted with carrying another's life in your hands.
Baker Berry R489.C54 A3 2017

The Bethesda handbook of clinical hematology
edited by Griffin P. Rodgers, Neal S. Young
Philadelphia, PA : Wolters Kluwer, [2019]
Matthews Fuller RC633 .B49 2019

高耀潔憶往昔 / 高耀潔著
高耀潔, 1927- author
Xianggang : Ming bao chu ban she you xian gong si, 2018
Baker Berry East Asian R604.G36 A3 2018

愛滋村 : 中國單採漿危機三維舉證 / 高燕寧著
高燕寧, 1958- author
Xianggang : Ming bao chu ban she you xian gong si, 2017
Baker Berry East Asian RA643.86.C6 H445 2017

The invention of madness : state, society, and the insane in modern China
Baum, Emily, author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2018
Contracting the "mad illness" -- The birth of the Chinese asylum, 1901-1918 -- The institutionalization of madness, 1910s-1920s -- The psychiatric entrepreneur, 1920s-1930s -- From madness to mental illness, 1928-1935 -- Mental hygiene and political control, 1928-1937 -- Between the mad and the mentally ill.
Baker Berry RC339.C4 B395 2018