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Italian schools of painting ; the renaissance in Italy
Florence : G. Fattorusso, ©1930
Library Depository ND615.I8 1930

Microsoft art gallery : the collection of the National Gallery, London
[Redmond, Wash.] : Microsoft Corp., ©1993
Color reproductions of over 2000 paintings in the National Gallery, London, and with information about each painting, biographies of the artists, pronunciation of their names, and a glossary of terms
Jones Media CD-ROM N1070 .A73 1993

Interaction of color
Albers, Josef
New Haven, Conn. : Yale University Press, ©1994
Interactive CD-ROM version of Josef Albers' Interaction of color
Jones Media CD-ROM ND1489 .A4 1994

The Art historian
Boulder, Colo. : The Reindeer Company : ©1996
Jones Media CD-ROM N5300 .A77 1996

A passion for art : Renoir, Cézanne, Matisse, and Dr. Barnes
Belleview, Wash. : Corbis : ©1995
Provides user with a tour of the Barnes Foundation, an extensive private collection of post-impressionistic paintings, narrated by prominent art experts. Individual paintings can be looked at full-screen or scanned to show the artist's brushwork and signature. A graphic timeline arranges the paintings in chronological order and includes historic events that compliment the paintings and provide understanding of the times in which they were created. Archival materials present selections from newly found papers of the Barnes Foundation. Included in these are rare and revealing documents from Matisse and others represented in the collection.
Jones Media CD-ROM ND189 .P28 1995

The craftsman on CD-ROM
New York, NY : Interactive Bureau, LLC, ©1997-1998
Disk 1. October 1901-December 1902 issues -- disk 2. January 1903-December 1904 issues -- disk 3. January 1905-December 1906 issues -- disk 4. January 1907-December 1908 issues -- disk 5. January 1909-December 1910 issues -- disk 6. January 1911-December 1912 issues -- disk 7. January 1913-December 1914 issues -- disk 8. January 1915-December 1916 issues.
Jones Media CD-ROM N1 .C876

National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution
New York : Macmillan Digital USA, ©1996
Multimedia (video, slide shows, sound) CD-ROM of six complete catalogs of the National Museum of American Art. Includes more than 750 major works of art; complete background information including artist biographies and text/audio commentary by curatorial staff and some of the artists themselves; nearly two hours of supplementary video, slide presentations, audio clips, and animated segments; user-defined portfolios; extensive search and play tools; American art reference volumes.
Jones Media CD-ROM N857 .N38 1996

Paul Cézanne : portrait of my world
authors: Olivier Cena, François Granon, Laurent Boudier
Bellevue, WA : Corbis, ©1996
Cezanne guides you through his studio and four other virtual environments. Explore the stylistic and technical aspects of Cezanne's art through many engrossing narratives. View hundreds of magnificent works of art in exquisite detail. Zoom in to examine brushwork and colors.
Jones Media CD-ROM ND553.C33 P38 1996

Leonardo da Vinci
Bellevue, WA : Corbis, ©1996
Jones Media CD-ROM N6923.L33 L4 1996

ArtLook : the CD-ROM showcase of contemporary fine art
Champaign, IL : ArtLook, 1996-
Jones Media CD-ROM N6480 .A78

Masterpieces of world art : Fogg Art Museum, Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Busch-Reisinger Museum
Alameda, Calif. : Digital Arts & Sciences Corp., ©1997
CD-ROM containing over 300 highlights from the collections of the museums at Harvard University. Many genres of art from over 4000 years of art history are represented. Reproductions accessible via ImageAXS-CD database software. Includes movie segments with a general introduction and an overview of conservation efforts at the museums.
Jones Media CD-ROM N526 .A86 1997

Die Gemälde der Nationalgalerie : Staatliche Museen zu Berlin - Preussischer Kulturbesitz = The paintings of the Nationalgalerie
München ; K.G. Saur, ©1996
"With this CD-ROM the Nationalgalerie (National Gallery) presents the first complete catalogue of its paintings. The database contains information on more than 3.600 works from the 19th and 20th centuries ..."--Container insert.
Jones Media CD-ROM N2233 .A55 1996

Politische Allegorien und Satiren aus der Graphischen Sammlung des Germanischen Nationalmuseums
München ; K.G. Saur, ©1996
CD-ROM of digitized, monochrome prints of political satire from the Prints Collection of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, focusing on the Thirty Years' War, the Napoleonic Era, the 1848 Revolution, and the Franco-German War of 1870/71.
Jones Media CD-ROM NE651 .P65 1996

Plakate des Ersten Weltkrieges, 1914-1918
München ; K.G. Saur, ©1996
The selection of posters presented on this CD-ROM is taken from the important collection of Hans Sachs which he assembled in Germany between 1895 and 1930. The collection is today housed in the German History Museum and has been supplemented in recent years by examples of North American and Russian posters from World War One.
Jones Media CD-ROM NC1815 .P53 1996

Wallraf-Richartz-Museum Köln : Gemälde- und Skulpturenbestand = Collection of paintings and sculptures
München ; K.G. Sauer, ©1996
CD-ROM containing digitzied images of the entire collection of the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum.
Jones Media CD-ROM N2265 .A73 1996

Russische Avantgarde Sammlung Ludwig : Museum Ludwig Köln
München ; K.G. Saur, ©1995
CD-ROM presenting over 600 Russian works from more than 100 artists in the collection of Museum Ludwig and shown in the exhibition Russische Avantgarde im 20. Jahrhundert: Von Malewitsch bis Kabakov, Köln, 1993.
Jones Media CD-ROM N6988 .R87 1995

Gedruckte porträts 1500-1618 : aus der Graphischen Sammlung des Germanischen Nationalmuseums
München ; K.G. Saur, ©1995
CD-ROM containing images of approximately 3000 early graphic prortrait prints in the collection of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum N¨rnberg.
Jones Media CD-ROM NE218 .G43 1995

Italienische Zeichnungen 14. bis zum 18. Jahrhundert : Kupferstichkabinett
München ; K. G. Saur, ©1995
CD-ROM electronic inventory of some of the Italian prints in the collection of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.
Jones Media CD-ROM NC255 .I835 1995

European portrait miniatures in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York : The Museum, ©1996
CD-ROM containing full-color, enlarged images of 73 works in the Metropolitan Museum's collection of European portrait miniatures. Includes artist and subject biographies, bibliographies, artist and subject indexes and audio narration on history and technique. Information is drawn from the catalogue European portrait miniatures in the Metropolitan Museum of Art published 1996.
Jones Media CD-ROM ND1337.E9 M486 1996

The human body : an invisible ecosystem
Tacha, Athena, 1936-
Oberlin, OH : A. Tacha, ©1996
CD-ROM with program of hyperlinked graphics (photographs, microphotographs, and movies) and short descriptions of microorganisms that live in and on the human body, created as a work of art. Disc contains two versions, one for 680x0 Macintoshes and one for Power PC's.
Jones Media CD-ROM N7433.85.T33 H86 1996

Das politische Plakat der DDR (1945-1970 : Deutsches Historiches Museum Berlin
Múnchen ; K.G. Saur, ©1995
CD-ROM containing digitized images of East German pollitical posters in the collection of the German Historical Museum, Berlin.
Jones Media CD-ROM NC1815 .P65 1995

Emile de Antonio's Painters painting : a CD-ROM
Mann, Ron
[Irvington, N.Y.] : Voyager, ©1996
A collective portrait of abstract/espressionist painters who powered the post-war New York art scene. Includes the complete documentary film, with out-takes; unedited transcripts of each artist's interview; examples of each artist's work; film footage from the Metropolitan exhibition, "New York Painting and Sculpture, 1940-1970," and much more.
Jones Media CD-ROM N6512 .P272 1996

Le Louvre, the palace & its paintings : an interactive visit to the world's grandest museum
Brisson, Dominique
New York : Réunion des Musées nationaux, [1996]
CD-ROM with more than 300 images and over 200 pages of text, surveys the collections of the Louvre using scale measurements, zoom magnification, biographical and critical commentary, time-lines, and appropriate music. Indexed by painting, room, and artist.
Jones Media CD-ROM N2030 .B75 1996

1000 years of Russian art : the State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg
Alameda, Calif. : Digital Collections, Inc., ©1996
Close to 1300 images of paintings from the State Russian Museum representing Russian art from the 13th through the 20th centuries. Users may apply zoom feature for individual works and may sort and reorganize images for specific purposes.
Jones Media CD-ROM N6981 .A12 1996

Medieval realms : Britain 1066 to 1500
produced by the British Library ; software developed by the Open University
Princeton, NJ : Films for the Humanities & Science, ©1994
An interactive database providing access to original source material for the period 1066-1500 in British history. Includes 1475 records, i.e. illuminated manuscripts, historical documents, literary and music manuscripts, maps and more, accompanied by related images and sounds; and features topic, type of evidence, date, keyword and combined searching.
Jones Media CD-ROM N5964.G7 L6 1994

Splendors of imperial China : treasures from the National Palace Museum, Taipei
Taipei : The National Palace Museum, 1996
An electronic catalogue of more than 475 masterworks from the imperial collections of China.
Jones Media CD-ROM N7343 .K973 1996

Ceramic art of North Carolina : the pottery : a virtual tour
Mint Museum of Art, Applied CD Technologies
Charlotte, NC : The Museum, ©1997
CD-ROM illustrating the history of North Carolina ceramics through the collection of the Mint Museum of Art. Includes 30 minutes of audio, interactive map of North Carolina potting regions, video selections of potters at work, and a database of over 1200 images from the museum collection.
Jones Media CD-ROM NK4025.N8 C47 1997

Treasures of Russia = Sokrovishcha Rossii
Moscow : Intersoft Inc. : ©1995
An introduction to Russian art from the 10th to the early 20th centuries, including churches of ancient Russia with their frescos and icons of Theophanes the Greek and Andrey Rublev; architectural monuments built in Moscow and St. Petersburg by Bazhenov, Kazakov, Rastrelli, and Montferrand; and paintings by Briullov, Ivanov, Repin, Kandinsky and Malevich--all the major works of art created by Russian masters.
Jones Media CD-ROM N6981 .T73 1995

University of Notre Dame Public Sculpture Project, August 1995 to July 1997
[South Bend, Ind.] : [The University], [1997]
Jones Media CD-ROM NB212 .U55 1997

150 years of America's Smithsonian : discovering, imagining, remembering
New York : Macmillan Digital USA, ©1996
CD-ROM containing the "official multimedia guide" to the traveling exhibition of America's Smithsonian Museum, with related illustrations, photos, text, video clips, and audio tracks.
Jones Media CD-ROM N855.8 .A59 1996

The Blue Rider in the Lenbachhaus, Munich
Munich ; New York : Prestel, ©1997
Contains text, video sequences, narration and music relating to the Blue Rider group of artists, including biographies of the artists, influences of other art styles of the period, and a tour of the Lenbachhaus gallery.
Jones Media CD-ROM N6868.5.E9 B684 1997

The mystery of Magritte
Brussels : Virtuo ; ©1996
CD-ROM on the artist Magritte containing 400 reproductions of paintings, drawings, illustrations; 100 B/W photographs; 15 min. TV interview; and 10 min. radio interview. Each screen is accompanied by a text and/or voice-over comment and original soundtrack.
Jones Media CD-ROM ND673.M35 M94 1996

Documenta : ein Focus auf vier Jahrzehnte = profiling four decades of exhibition history : 1-9, 1955-1992
Würzburg, Germany : Production and distribution, CIS City Information System GmbH, ©1997
Covers 9 Documenta exhibitions from 1955 to 1992 at Museum Fridericianum and other locations in Kassel, Germany
Jones Media CD-ROM N6488.G3 K38 1997

A Bronx family album : the impact of AIDS
Hart, Steve, 1962-
Zurich ; Scalo, ©1997
A presentation of the devastation of AIDS on a Puerto Rican couple living in the Bronx with their four daughters, through an interactive, multilayered family photo album containing video documentation, interviews and a full resource guide about AIDS.
Jones Media CD-ROM N72.A34 H37 1997

Voices & images of California art
San Francisco, CA : San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 1997
Provides an interactive exploration of the work of 8 important artists, Edward Weston, Jay Defeo, Nathan Oliveira, Betye Saar, Imogen Cunningham, Dorothea Lange, Joan Brown and Robert Arneson, who have lived and worked in California. Includes more than 150 artworks, 40 video and audio clips and a digital scrapbook of hundreds of revealing letters, photos and documents.
Jones Media CD-ROM N6530.C2 V65 1997

Picasso : the man, his works, the legend
a co-production of Grolier Interactive, Inc. and Welcome
Danbury, CT. : Grolier Interactive ; ©1996
The CD-ROM contains over 600 of Picasso's works and studies over 100 of them in-depth. Besides 120 photos of the painter in his studios, there is video footage, film extracts and previously undisclosed family archives. It also includes hours of original music and commentary.
Jones Media CD-ROM N6853.P5 P533 1996

French posters from World War I : a collection in the Prints and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress
Elena G. Millie, curator of the poster collection
Washington D.C. : Library of Congress : [1996]
Database of 284 posters created by French artists to support the war effort during World War I. Organized by subject with detailed descriptions of each image. Includes thumbnail, zoom, bookmark, and print features.
Jones Media CD-ROM NC1807.F7 L53 1996

George Catlin : the printed works
Cincinnati, OH : University of Cincinnati Digital Press, 1998
A tool for the study of George Catlin's printed images and texts consisting of images, map, texts, bibliography, and links to the World Wide Web.
Jones Media CD-ROM ND237.C35 G46 1998

Le Corbusier : architecte/artiste
London : Infinitum publications, 1997
Approximately 3000 images showing the multi-disciplinary nature of Le Corbusier's most famous as well as little known works. Includes architectural works (sketches, plans, models, photographs, texts), his fine arts (paintings, drawings, tapestries, lithographs, enamels, etc.), writings, extracts of interviews, biographical information and a chronology.
Jones Media CD-ROM N6853.J4 L4 1997

The works of John Ruskin
Ruskin, John, 1819-1900
Cambridge [England] : Cambridge University Press, ©1996
V. I. Early prose writing: Poetry of architecture, etc. -- v. II. Poems -- v. III. Modern painters, volume I -- v. IV. Modern painters, volume II -- volume 5. Modern painters, volume III -- v. VI. Modern painters, volume IV -- v. VII. Modern painters, volume V -- v. VIII. Seven lamps of architecture -- v. IX. Stones of Venice, volume I -- v. X. Stones of Venice, volume II -- v. XI. Stones of Venice, volume III -- v. XII. Lectures on architecture and painting, etc. -- v. XIII. Turner: Harbours of England, catalogues, and notes -- v. XIV. Art criticism: Academy notes, Prout and Hunt, etc. -- v. XV. Teaching of drawing: Elements of drawing, etc. -- v. XVI. "A joy for ever", Two paths, Oxford Museum, etc. -- v. XVII. Political economy: Unto this last, Munera pulveris, etc. -- v. XVIII. Sesame and lilies, Ethics of the dust, etc. -- v. XIX. Cestus of Aglaia, Queen of the air, etc. -- v. XX. Lectures on art, Aratra pentelici --.
Jones Media CD-ROM ND1942.R8 A4 1996

Italian Romanesque panel painting : an illustrated index
Garrison, Edward B
London : Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London, 1998
Jones Media CD-ROM ND613 .G37 1998

Masterworks for learning : a college collection catalogue
Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College ; catalogue editor, Jenny Squires Wilker
Oberlin, OH : Oberlin College, ©1998
This multi-media CD is divided into two main sections. The Museum introduces the Allen Memorial Art Museum, its history, and its educational goals. The Catalogue presents 171 illustrated scholarly entries on selected paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints, and decorative arts in the AMAM collection, in addition to brief label information on all works in the collection.
Jones Media CD-ROM N650 .A65 1998

The art price annual & Falk's art price index
Saint-Romain-au-Mont-d'Or, France : ADEC, 1998-
Jones Media CD-ROM N8670 .A34

Art & life in Africa : recontextualizing African art in the cycle of life
Roy, Christopher D
Iowa City, IA : Art and Life in Africa Project, Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, University of Iowa, ©1998
"Art and life in Africa is an interactive CD-ROM that recontextualizes African art in the cycle of life. Listing text, objects, field photos, video and music, the program explores the way Africans make and use art at important events throughout their lives to solve problems, overcome adversity, and meet the unique challenges of life in an African environment."
Jones Media CD-ROM N72.S6 A781 1998

Masterworks from the collection : the Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York : The Museum, ©1998
"... 257 works of art are presented in full color, with commentaries by the Museum's curators. These are accompanied by more than 500 supplemental and comparative pictures, maps, illustrations, video clips, musical selections, and pronunciations. An introduction narrated by Philippe de Montebello highlights sixteen works included in the program ..."--Container.
Jones Media CD-ROM N610 .M487 1998

Langlands & Bell : surrounding time, an interactive retrospective
[London?] : Serpentine Gallery, ©1996
Includes images, audio interviews, video material, film footage; biography, bibliography, essays, and textual commentaries by critics.
Jones Media CD-ROM N6768 .L364 1996

Powers of ten interactive
Eames, Demetrios
N.p. : Pyramid Media, 1999
Deals with the relative size of things in the universe and the effect of adding another zero.
Jones Media CD-ROM N8012.C57 E36 1999

The Van Doetecum family : 1554-1606
Rotterdam, Netherlands : Sound & Vision Interactive, ©1998
Digital version of the set of volumes on the Van Doetecum family, with 1,053 prints, the capability to zoom in and enlarge details, the text of the catalog entries, and a searchable database of names and terms.
Jones Media CD-ROM NE666.D63 V36 1998

El arte de Remedios Varo : el mito y la ciencia
Xochimilco, [México] D.F. : Ediciones en Tecnología Avanzada, ©1995
A presentation of Remedios Varo's most important paintings, accompanied by technical descriptions, videos, animation and an explanatory text of the artist's life and art.
Jones Media CD-ROM N6559.V37 A85 1995

Icones historiarvm Veteris Testamenti
Holbein, Hans, 1497-1543
Palo Alto, CA : Octavo, 1999
Digitized facsimile of the 1547 Lyon edition of the Icones Historiarum Veteris Testamenti from a copy in Southern Methodist University's Bridwell Library.
Jones Media CD-ROM NE654.H64 A4 1999

The grammar of ornament : London, 1856
Jones, Owen, 1809-1874
Palo Alto, CA : Octavo, ©1998
Digital, full text version of the 1856 edition, with supplementary color plates from the 1868 edition, held by the Cary Graphics Art Collection. Features include: zoom in and out, copy and paste options, search options, and hot links.
Jones Media CD-ROM NK1510 .J654 1998

Art theorists of the Italian Renaissance
Cambridge, U.K.; Alexandria, Va. : Chadwyck-Healey, ©1998
Jones Media CD-ROM N6915 .A78 1998

Art 20 c : the Thames and Hudson multimedia dictionary of modern art
New York : Thames and Hudson, Inc., [1998?]
Jones Media CD-ROM N33 .A78 1998

The hours of Jeanne d'Evreux : a prayer book for a queen
written by Barbara Drake Boehm ; narrated by Philippe de Montebello
New York : The Metropolitan Museum of Art, ©1999
Jones Media CD-ROM ND3363.J42 H68 1999

William Morris
London : The Electric Book Company, ©1998
Provides searchable and browsable access to a comprehensive collection of essays and lectures on politics, art, and society and the major novels by Morris as well as the original, definitive biography by J.W. Mackail.
Jones Media CD-ROM NK1535.M67 A4 1998

Gemäldegalerie Berlin = Picture Gallery Berlin
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin - Preussischer Kulturbesitz
Berlin : Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Preussischer Kulturbesitz ; ©1998
Presents works from the collection of the Gemäldegalerie Berlin. Provides multiple search options for the images, including searching by materials, techniques, subjects, artist's name, sex, country of origin, and dates. Also includes an Iconclass bibliography and biographical information for each artist represented.
Jones Media CD-ROM N2230 .A56 1998

Filmplakate der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek (1910-1955
München : K.G. Saur, ©1998
Catalog of the Joseph Gregor collection of over 3,000 film posters from the first half of the 20th century. Special emphasis is on posters from the Austrian Sascha-Film, the German Ufa and approximately 500 posters from American production companies such as Universal, MGM, and Paramount from the twenties and thirties. There is also an extensive collection of Austrian posters from 1918 to 1920, and the early fifties. Users may search for data specific to films, such as film title, director, actors, country of production, and date, even when this information was not given on the poster.
Jones Media CD-ROM NC1827.A9 V546 1998

Rembrandt en de Bijbel : de prenten = Rembrandt and the Bible : the prints
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, 1606-1669
Amsterdam : Museum Het Rembrandthuis ; ©1999
"Complete collection of Rembrandt's biblical and apocryphal prints in all their states (versions) with a commentary on the stories, Rembrandt's approach and the original texts taken from the King James Bible"--Disc label.
Jones Media CD-ROM NE2054.5.R4 A4 1999c

Arco di Costantino : simbolo e celebrazione del potere
Pensabene, Patrizio
Castelnuovo di Porto : ARCHEOMEDIA Edizioni Archeologiche, [1999?]
An electronic guidebook to the history and design of Rome's Arch of Constantine.
Jones Media CD-ROM NA9370.R6 P46 1999

Theodore psalter : electronic facsimile
edited by Charles Barber
Champaign, IL : University of Illinois Press in association with the British Library, ©2000
Digital version of illuminated liturgical manuscript (BL Add. 19352) from the Byzantine Empire, known as the Theodore psalter; the digital version features full-color magnified views of all pages, searchable text in original Greek and in English translation, description, commentary, and scholarly essays.
Jones Media CD-ROM ND3357 .T446 2000

The Canadian collection of the National Gallery of Canada
Ottawa : National Gallery of Canada, ©1997
1. 1700-1914 -- 2. 1915-1949 -- 3. 1950-1996.

Three centuries of Canadian art, over 14,000 reproductions, by over 2,000 artists.
Jones Media CD-ROM N6540 .N38 1997

Fabergé Easter eggs : CD guide
Moskva : Kominfo : ©1996
An exhibition of the Fabergé Easter eggs which were created to mark notable events in the lifetime of the imperial family and Russian history at large. Contains over 200 images and approximately one hour of video clips, plus an interactive quiz.
Jones Media CD-ROM NK7398.F32 A4 1996b

Horæ beatæ Mariæ ad usum Romanum
Oakland, CA : Octavo Corp., ©1999
Digitized version of the 1524 manuscript from the Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection at the Library of Congress, with commentary by Christopher de Hamel. Text is searchable; displays can be magnified.
Jones Media CD-ROM ND3363.C38 H6 1999

William Kentridge
Kentridge, William, 1955-
Johannesburg : D. Krut, 1997
Landscapes of memory -- Drawings for projection -- Drawings -- Special projects -- Prints.

Includes reproductions of various images from the artist's drawings and prints; excerpts from the artist's animated films; excerpts from filming of the artist's theatre productions; existing text and reviews by various writers and academics; writings by the artist and transcriptions from his lectures; some narration by the artist.
Jones Media CD-ROM N7396.K36 A4 1997

I Quattro libri dell'architettura : Venice, 1570
Palladio, Andrea, 1508-1580
Oakland, CA : Octavo Corp., ©2000
Digitized facsimile of the 1570 Venice edition from a copy in the Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection at the Library of Congress. Commentary by Robert Tavernor. Text is searchable.
Jones Media CD-ROM NA2515 .P253 2000

Le livre de chasse de Gaston Phébus = The book of the hunt by Gaston Phoebus = Buch der Jagd des Gaston Phoebus
Paris : Bibliothèque nationale de France, ©1999
Complete facsimile of one version (MS fr. 616) of the Livre de Chasse and facsimile of the illustrations from a second version (MS fr. 619). Text is transcribed and translated into English and German. Accompanied by essays highlighting themes found in the text.
Jones Media CD-ROM ND3399.G37 L587 1999

Tehching Hsieh : one year performance : art documents 1978-1999
Hsieh, Tehching
[Place of publication not identified] : Tehching Hsieh, ©2000
Jones Media DVD-ROM NX512.H77 A4 2000

Albrecht Dürer : Das Gesamtwerk
Dürer, Albrecht, 1471-1528
Berlin : Directmedia, ©2000
Comprehensive searchable database of Dürer's work as well as critical essays on his life and work. Contains word processing software as well as software designed to allow modifications of individual art works. Data can be exported into graphical and word processing software.
Jones Media CD-ROM N6888.D8 A4 2000

Eric Owen Moss : works
Los Angeles, CA : In-D Press, ©2000
Interview: Smiths -- Built works -- Moss interview -- Under construction -- Hutt overview -- Proposed.

The buildings and projects included in the e-archive comprise Eric Owen Moss's work in Culver City and Central Los Angeles. Since 1986, Moss has collaborated with Frederick and Laurie Samitaur Smith to revitalize an industrial tract. This work examines both Moss's architecture and the Smith's urban objectives for Culver City and Los Angeles through video interviews, architectural drawings and models, city maps, and photographs.
Jones Media CD-ROM NA737.M73 A4 2000

R.M. Schindler : 4 houses
Los Angeles, CA : In-D Press, ©1999
Kings Road House -- How House -- Tischler House -- Kallis House.

Provides current and background information on each of the houses through text, video, interior and exterior photographs, and architectural drawings. General information about Schindler and his work is also included.
Jones Media CD-ROM NA737.S35 A4 1999

Planet architecture
Los Angeles : In-D, ©1998-
Volume 1. Will Bruder ; Eric Owen Moss ; RoTo ; Scogin Elam Bray -- volume 2. Mark Mack ; Rick Joy ; Morphosis ; Frank Israel -- volume 3. Fougeron Architects ; Jim Jennings ; Fernau & Hartman Architects ; Swatt Architects.

Includes architects' monographs, building typologies, theories and theoretical practice in an interactive multi-referenced interface. User may access video interviews, virtual panoramic views, photographs, sketches, models, and drawings.
Jones Media CD-ROM NA712 .P536 1998

Morphosis : recent works
Los Angeles, CA : In-D Press, ©2000
Hypo Alpe-Adria-Center -- Diamond Ranch High School -- Univ. of Toronto Grad. student housing -- 101 Pedestrian Bridge -- Wettbewerb Kunsthaus Graz -- Stadion Salzburg-Wals -- Palenque at Centro JVC -- Interview -- Perspective.

Features interview with Thom Mayne and introduction by R.E. Somol, as well as photographs, renderings and drawings of built works by Morphosis Architects.
Jones Media CD-ROM NA737.M72 A4 2000

Will Bruder : recent works
Los Angeles, CA : In-D Press, ©2000
Byne Residence -- Townsend Residence -- Riddell Advertising -- Rock Art Center -- SMoCA -- Phoenix Central Library -- Overview -- Interview.

Provides an overview of each project through panoramic views, interior and exterior photographs, and architectural drawings as well as a textual description by Bruder. Also contains an overview of Bruder and his work through a video discussion by Dana Hutt and an interview with Bruder by Hutt.
Jones Media CD-ROM NA737.B698 A4 2000

Good business is the best art : 20 years of AIM : Artist in the Marketplace program
the Bronx Museum of the Arts
Bronx, N.Y. : The Museum, ©2000
Features interviews with 20 artists and career tips for visual artists.
Jones Media CD-ROM N8600 .G66 2000

Fantastic prayers
Constance De Jong, Tony Oursler, Stephen Vitiello
[New York] : Dia Center for the Arts : ©2000
"A collaborative artwork of texts by writer/performer Constance De Jong, electronic effigy constructs by artist Tony Oursler, and music and sound by composer Stephen Vitiello. Fantastic prayers describes an urban landscape that is inscribed with memories of lives lived, objects possessed or discarded, and places inhabited"--Insert.
Jones Media CD-ROM N6512 .F382 2000

Bizzarie di varie figure : Livorno, 1624
Braccelli, Giovanni Battista, active 1624-1649
Oakland, CA : Octavo Corp., ©2000
Digitized facsimile of the 1624 Livorno edition from a copy in the Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection at the Library of Congress. Work consists of 50 engraved plates: 3 of introductory text and 47 images of fabricated figures. Commentary by Sue Welsh Reed; essay by David Pankow. Text is searchable.
Jones Media CD-ROM NE662.B66 B7 2000

Prints & processes : discover the history and techniques behind the fine art of printmaking : a CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh
[Minneapolis] : The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, ©1999
Contemporary printmakers demonstrate the processes of relief, intaglio, lithography and screenprinting in their studios through video clips and 3-D animation. Prints from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts are also presented and discussed.
Jones Media CD-ROM NE850 .P75 1999

Muntadas : media architecture installations
Muntadas, 1942-
[Paris] : Centre Georges Pompidou, ©1999
Contains descriptions of and critical articles about Muntadas' work, interviews with and texts by Muntadas. Allows the user to explore his work from it's early stages to end results through multimedia presentations. Focuses on 12 installations which primarily address media and architecture.
Jones Media CD-ROM N7113.M76 A4 1999

L'autre moitié de l'Europe
Paris : Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume : ©2000
Jones Media CD-ROM N6758 .A98 2000

Korean culture
Los Angeles, Calif. : Korean Cultural Center, ©2001-
Jones Media CD-ROM DS904

Bernard Chaet : September 16-October 11, 2000
Chaet, Bernard
Boston, MA : Alpha Gallery, ©2000
"Includes complete image catalogue of the exhibition and video interview of the artist"--Container.
Jones Media CD-ROM ND237.C42 A4 2000b

Crossroads of American sculpture
written by Rosie May & Cecily Brewer
[Indianapolis, Ind.] : Indianapolis Museum of Art, ©2000
Jones Media CD-ROM NB212 .C76 2000

Industrial society
Lord, Peter, 1948-
Cardiff : University of Wales Press, ©2000
Presents the visual culture of industrial Wales from the late seventeenth century to 1960, discusses the questions which arise from the work about how art history has been presented in the past, and reflects on some of the imagery from the perspective of the new millenium. It contains 600 high-quality images, panoramas, interviews, archive film and sound. Its reference section contains biographies of artists, a glossary, a bibliography, a timeline and a map, alongside an electronic version of the associated printed book.
Jones Media CD-ROM N6792.6 .L67 2000

Le Louvre : la visite virtuelle sur DVD-ROM
[Place of publication not identified] : Montparnasse Multimedia : 1999
A virtual tour of the Louvre which includes description and analysis of the artwork, virtual visits to various rooms and areas of the museum, interactive maps, thematic tours, chronology, interactive plan of the museum, and historical information about the art work and the civilizations that produced the art.
Jones Media DVD-ROM N2030 .L68 1999

Drogan's nightmare
Cardiff, Janet, 1957-
[New York, N.Y.] : [Passim], [2000]
Jones Media Compact Disc NX513.2.Z9 C37 2000

Exploring the layers of Rome
Live & Learn Inc. ; produced and directed by Roger Trancik
Ithaca, N.Y. : Urban 3D, ©1999
Disk 1. Montecitorio ; Sant'Ignazio ; Campo Marzio ; Pantheon ; Sant'Agostino ; Coronari ; Della Pace ; Governo Vecchio ; Navona ; Sant'Ivo -- Disk 2. Montecitorio ; Sant'Ignazio Campo Marzio ; Pantheon ; Della Valle ; Campo Dei Fiori ; Farnese ; Pompey; Giubbonari.

Computer-generated 3D models, combined with color photographs, video and narratives, display the design of Rome. Animations and virtual reality renderings provide visualization tools for studying urban growth and change through time.
Jones Media CD-ROM NA1120 .E972 1999

10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei : von der Antike bis zum Beginn der Moderne
Berlin : The Yorck Project, 2001
A searchable database of over 10,000 paintings from more than 1,400 painters from ancient times through the beginning of the classical modern trend. Includes information about the artists and their works as well as specifics about each piece including current location.
Jones Media CD-ROM ND50 .A18 2001

Perikopenbuch Heinrichs II. : [eine Handschrift zum Blättern : CLM 4452 der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek München
herausgegeber vom Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte, Augsburg, und der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek, München
Stuttgart : Konrad Theiss Verlag, 2002
Jones Media CD-ROM ND3359.H43 P475 2002

The Sherborne missal
London : British Library, ©2002
Features 32 pages from the Sherborne missal, which the viewer can "turn" using the computer mouse to click and drag the page. In addition there are zoom facilities and accompanying text about each page, with the text spoken, and illustrated essay explaining the history and significance of the missal.
Jones Media CD-ROM ND3375.S5 C384 2002

Roma antica
[Place of publication not identified] : Focus : ©2002
Roma Antica contains virtual 3D reconstructions of 12 monuments in Rome created under the supervision of archaeologists and historians. The monuments presented cover all the types of architecture and the main phases of the urban development, from the original huts to Saint Peter's Basilica. Each monument may be explored in a variety of ways including static or animated 3D reproductions based on the nineteenth-century volume Gli edifizi di Roma Antica by Luigi Canina (static or animated) which may be placed on current or historic maps of Rome, audio excerpts from classic literary sources relevant to each monument, and a wealth of historical, architectural, and archaeological information.
Jones Media CD-ROM NA310 .R66 2002

Art in the Islamic world from the Al-Sabah collection
Produced by Oryx Productions on behalf of Gulf Museum Consultancy Co. WLL
Safat, Kuwait : Gulf Museum Consultancy Co. WLL, ©2001
"An attractive interactive visit. All themes presented by major specialists; 400 masterpieces presented; 100 objects animated in 3D; 2 hours of video; a richly illustrated reference catalogue; powerful catalogue search tools; an easy to use interface"-- container.
Jones Media DVD-ROM N6264.K9 A7 2001

Digital image library
New York : SCALA/Art Resource, 1999-
Contains 20,000 images of paintings and frescoes organized into a database in which it is possible to carry out searches by author, caption, location, city, country, subject, style, and period. Images are available as color transparencies and/or digital files for reproduction upon request under license through SCALA/Art Resource.
Jones Media CD-ROM N4039 .D54 1999

The Bayeux Tapestry
Foys, Martin K
Leicester, UK : Scholarly Digital Editions, 2003
"The Bayeux Tapestry presents its story of the Norman Conquest of England in words of such simplicity and in images of such power that is has long determined the view we take of the momentous events of 1064-66. This digital edition creates new and exciting ways of viewing the tapestry, with additional features in the form of a brilliantly-conceived array of supporting material. It transforms the way in which students and teachers alike will be able to approach, to use and to enjoy one of the most remarkable of all our sources for the Middle Ages"--Container.
Jones Media CD-ROM NK3049.B3 F68 2003

Art history interactive : 1,000 images for study and presentation
Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice-Hall, ©2004
Software allows user to import digital images to add to slide set, create custom sets for viewing/presenting, add notes/annotations to images, search for specific topics, customize practice quiz and essay questions, and includes an audio pronunciation guide to key terms.
Jones Media CD-ROM N5301 .A785 2004

Music & painting in the Golden Age : pictures at a Hoogsteder exhibition
Germany : Philips Interactive Media, ©1994
Jones Media CD-ROM ND646 .M87 1994

American masters of stone
Batt, Dennis Paul
[Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified], ©2001
This database contains examples of fine stonework in which the artisans use hardstones such as gems to create beautiful, durable pictures using a variety of techniques.
Jones Media CD-ROM NK5503 .B388 2001

Margot Lovejoy
Lovejoy, Margot
Purchase, N.Y. : Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase College, State University of New York, ©1997
Jones Media CD-ROM N6537.L675 A4 1997

Ann Hamilton : mantle
Hamilton, Ann, 1956-
[Miami] : Miami Art Museum, [1998]
7:30am (4:20) -- 8:00am (4:19) -- 9:00am (3:01) -- 11:00am (3:01) -- Noon (4:16) -- 1:00pm (2:15) -- 3:00pm (4:28) -- 6:00pm (1:50) -- 7:00pm (3:27).
Jones Media Compact Disc N6537.H337 A4 1998b

The Book of Kells
Trinity College Library Dublin
Dublin : Board of Trinity College Dublin, ©2004
Includes images of the entire contents of the manuscript, with detailed reproductions of fourteen of the most significant illustrated pages. The history of the manuscript is narrated, and decorative and symbolic themes are clearly explained.
Jones Media CD-ROM ND3359.K4 B65 2004

Dutta, Monika, 1967-
[Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified], 1999
Jones Media CD-ROM NX547.6.D88 A4 1999

Botega a Roma : Tom Dahill at the American Academy
Seaburg, Alan, 1932-
Cambridge, MA : Anne Miniver Press, ©2007
Jones Media CD-ROM N6537.D24 S43 2007

Arredare : prolusione all'anno accademico iuav 1964 1965
Scarpa, Carlo, 1906-1978
[Italy] : Tubes Radiatori, ©2002
Jones Media Compact Disc NA1123.S35 A4 2002

The Master of Flémalle and Rogier van der Weyden
Ostfildern, Germany : Hatje Cantz ; ©2009
Jones Media Compact Disc ND645 .M372 2009

The Cesnola collection : terracottas
by Vassos Karageorghis, Gloria S. Merker, and Joan R, Mertens
New York : Metropolitan Museum of Art, ©2004
Contains over 400 terracottas that range in date from about 2000 B.C. until the 2nd century A.D.
Jones Media CD-ROM NB91.C88 M48 2004

Zaha Hadid : works
Los Angeles, CA : In-D Press, ©2003
Built works: Contemporary Arts Center. Bergisel Ski Jump. Car Park & Terminus, Hoenheim-Nord -- Projects: Phaeno, science center, Wolfsburg. Maxxi, Museum of arts of the 21st century. BMW plant, central building. One-north, vista masterplan. Price Tower Arts Center.

"Zaha Hadid is one of the leading architects of our time. True to her provocative architectural research, her recently built works realize challenging and innovative designs once thought unbuildable. Moreover, a look at her pending projects promise [sic] even more dramatic shifts in our understanding and experience of architecture"--Insert.
Jones Media CD-ROM NA1469.H33 P63 2003

The art of Narritjin Maymuru
Morphy, Howard
Canberra : ANU E Press, ©2005
Jones Media CD-ROM ND1105.N37 M67 2005

4 houses, 1933-1942
Schindler, R. M. 1887-1953
Los Angeles, CA : In-D Press, ©2001
De Keyser house -- Oliver house -- Droste house -- Rodriguez house.

Architect R.M. Schindler developed his own form of modern architecture he called "space architecture." Includes four houses from the middle period of his career in Los Angeles. Includes panoramic views, photographs, archival drawings, and sectional studies of the houses.
Jones Media CD-ROM NA737.S35 A4 2001

Svoĭ : zhurnal Nikity Mikhalkova
Moskva : N. Mikhalkov, 2004-

4 Tokyo houses : ADH Architects, Atelier Hitoshi Abe, Jun Aoki & Associates, Tezuka Architects
edited by Naomi Pollock
Los Angeles, CA : In-D, ©2001
Jones Media CD-ROM NA7451 .A14 2001

Ekaterinburg : Uralʹskai͡a kartograficheskai͡a fabrika, 1994-

Shen sheng tu xiang : Li Song Zhongguo mei shu shi wen ji
Li, Song, 1956- author
Beijing Shi : Ren min chu ban she, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian N7340 .L4456 2016

Zhongguo mei shu shi zhong de yu tu guan xi yan jiu = The research of relationship between language and picture in the Chinese painting history
Li, Yanfeng (Art teacher), author
Beijing Shi : Ren min chu ban she, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian ND1040 .L458 2014

Zhong yuan xian Qin cheng shi fang yu wen hua yan jiu = The study on the city defence culture of the central plains area of the pre-qin period
Zhang, Guoshuo, 1963-
Beijing Shi : She hui ke xue wen xian chu ban she, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian NA497.C6 Z426 2014

Bei Zhou fo jiao mei shu yan jiu : yi Chang'an zao xiang wei zhong xin = A study on buddhist art in the Northern Zhou dynasty : based on Chang'an statue
Wang, Minqing, 1975- author
Beijing : She hui ke xue wen xian chu ban she, 2013
"Ben shu dui bei Zhou Zhang'an zao xiang jin xing le shen ru yan jiu, bu dan jia shen le dui bei Zhou Dunhuang zao xiang de ren shi, er qie geng zhong yao de shi cu jin le dui zheng ge bei Zhou fo jiao mei shu de yan jiu. Ben shu zai quan mian shu li cai liao he fen xi de ji chu shang, zhuo zhong tao lun le yi xi lie zhong yao de xue shu wen ti. Zuo zhe hai fen xi le Bei chao wan qi fo jiao yi shu chuan bo fang xiang de gai bian, ti xian chu Zhongguo fo jiao zhu jian cheng shu, bing xiang zhou bian fu she de qu shi. Ben shu guan yu bei Zhou fo jiao mei shu de yan jiu, mi bu le ci qian guan yu zhe yi yan jiu zhi que huan, shi xue jie dui Bei chao wan qi de fo jiao yi shu you yi ge geng wei wan zheng, qing xi de ren shi, ju you jiao gao de xue shu jia zhi"--Publisher.
Baker Berry East Asian N8193.C6 W37 2013

Sensō to geijutsu : bi no kyōfu to gen'ei
Iida, Takayo, 1956- author
[Tokyo] : Rittōsha ; 2016
Baker Berry Japan N8260 .I33 2016

"Lan ting xu" yan jiu shi liao ji
Shui Laiyou bian
Shanghai Shi : Shanghai shu hua chu ban she, 2013
Ben shu shi qi jin hai nei wai wei yi yi ben you guan "Lan ting xu" zhuan ti shi liao de hui bian ji.
Baker Berry East Asian NK3634.W32 L346 2013

Dunhuang shi ku yi shu jian shi = A bridf history of Dunhuang Grottoes art
Zhao, Shengliang, author
Beijing : Zhongguo qing nian chu ban she, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian ND2849.T86 Z43 2016

Zao xiang : Dunhuang wen hua chuan qi
Li, Kui
Shantou : Shantou da xue chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian NB1912.B83 L27 2015

Nadlezhit vam berechʹ... : k 150-letii͡u russkogo impressionista Meshcherina Nikolai͡a Vasilʹevicha
Volnycheva, Olʹga, author
Canada : [publisher not identified], 2014
Sherman ND699.M47 V65 2014

Jiuquan yi shu shi = Jiuquan yishushi
Sun Zhan'ao zhu bian
Lanzhou Shi : Gansu ren min chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian N7347.J58 J6 2015

Gekidōki no avangyarudo : shururearisumu to Nihon no kaiga, 1928--1953
Ōtani, Shōgo, author
Tōkyō : Kokusho Kankōkai, 2016
Baker Berry Japan N7355.5.A83 O83 2016

Zhongguo fo dao zao xiang bei yan jiu : yi guan zhong di qu wei kao cha zhong xin
Luo, Hongcai
Shanghai Shi : Shanghai da xue chu ban she, 2008
Baker Berry East Asian NB1912.B83 L93 2008

Onna? Nihon? Bi? : arata na jendā hihyō ni mukete
Kumakura Takaaki, Chino Kaori hen
Tōkyō : Keiōg Gjuku Daigaku Shuppankai, 1999
Baker Berry Japan N7050 .O66 1999

Kukryniksy ob iskusstve : sharzhi, karikatury
Moskva : Izobrazitelʹnoe iskusstvo, 1981
Sherman NC1579.K8 A4 1981

Zhongguo shu fa
Zhonggu shu fa jia xie hui
[Beijing] : Bao wen tang, 1982-

Gu gong fa shu xuan cui = Masterpieces of Chinese calligraphy in the National Palace Museum
Taibei Shi : Guo li gu gong bo wu yuan, Minguo 59 [1970]
Sherman NK3634.A2 K8 1970

Dezainshi : sono rekishi, riron, hihyō
Yabu, Tōru, 1943- author
Tōkyō-to Chiyoda-ku : Sakuhinsha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan NK1320 .Y33 2016

Shi kong zhong de mei shu : Wu Hong gu dai mei shu shi wen bian. Er ji = Art in space and time : essays on ancient Chinese art
Wu Hung, 1945- author
Beijing Shi : Sheng huo, du shu, xin zhi san lian shu dian, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian N7340 .W865 2016

Li yi zhong de mei shu : Wu Hong Zhongguo gu dai mei shu shi wen bian = Art in its ritual context : essays on ancient Chinese art by Wu Hung
Wu Hung, 1945- author
Beijing : Sheng huo du shu xin zhi san lian shu dian, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian N7340 .W85 2016

Teihon ukiyoe shunga meihin shūsei
Hayashi Yoshikazu, Richādo Rein kyōdō kanshū
Tōkyō : Kawade Shobō Shinsha, 1995-
Baker Berry Japan NE1326.5.E6 T45 1995

Shui zai pai mai Zhongguo
Wu, Shu, 1950-
Taiyuan Shi : Shanxi ren min chu ban she, 2010
Ben shu shi chang pian ji shi li zuo "Shui zai shou cang Zhongguo" de zi mei pian. Zuo zhe hao shi wu nian wan cheng guo nei wen wu shi chang de mi mi diao cha hou, you yi Yuan ming yuan wen wu pai mai shi jian he Zhongguo wen wu zou si xian xiang wei qie ru kou, yu wai ji he zuo zhe fen bie dui Ying, Fa, De, Mei, Bilishi deng Ou Mei guo jia yi shu shi chang jin xing le quan fang wei de diao cha yan jiu, tong shi dui guo nei wen wu "san dao", gu dong zou si, guan yuan shou cang, pai mai hei mu deng zui xin dong tai ye zuo liao geng jia shen ru de ming cha an fang. Shou fang dui xiang she ji da liang guo nei wai pai xing de gao ceng ren shi, guo ji wen wu zou si da lao, guo nei fu hao shou cang jia, guan yuan shou cang zhe he xin xing gao xue li dao mu zhe deng.
Baker Berry East Asian NK1068 .W87 2010

Kak zhitʹ vmeste? : vzgli͡ad iz t͡sentra goroda v samom serdt͡se ostrova Evrazii͡a : katalog = How to gather? : acting in a center in a city in the heart of the island of Eurasia : catalogue
komissar Iosif Bakshteĭn = commissioner Joseph Backstein ; redaktor Nikolaĭ Molok = edited by Nikolai Molok
Moskva : Institut problem sovremennogo iskusstva, 2015
Main project. How to gather? : acting in a center in a city in the heart of the island of Eurasia / curators, Bart De Baere, Defne Ayas, Nicolaus Schafhausen, The Unbound -- Special guests -- Special projects -- Parallel programme.
Sherman N6488.R8 M688 2015

Nihon kenchiku kūkanshi : chūshin to oku
Yasuhara, Morihiko, 1945- author
Tōkyō : Kajima Shuppankai, 2016
Baker Berry Japan NA1550 .Y37 2016

Ima shiritai, watakushitachi no "gendai āto" : Takamatsu-shi Bijutsukan korekushon senshū = A concise guide to life with Japanese contemporary art : the collection of Takamatsu Art Museum
kanshū Takamatsushi Bijutsukan
Kyōto-shi : Seigensha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan N7355.4 .T348 2016

Gu gong zhen wan xuan cui = Masterpieces of Chinese miniature crafts in the National Palace Museum
Taipei : Guo li gu gong bo wu yuan, Minguo 60 [1971]
Sherman NK1068 .K85

Ishinomori Shōtarō ron
Yamada, Natsuki, 1978- author
Tōkyō-to Chiyoda-ku : Seikyūsha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan NC1709.I84 Y34 2016

Sensō to seiji no jidai o taeta hitobito : bijutsu to ongaku no sengo dansō
Tanabe, Tōru, 1925-
Tōkyō : Fujiwara Shoten, 2016
Baker Berry Japan N7355.4 .T36 2016

Nihon no shunga, ehon kenkyū
Ishigami, Aki, author
Tōkyō : Heibonsha, 2015
Baker Berry Japan NE1321.85.S58 I84 2015

Nishikie shunga = Nishikie shunga
Hayakawa Monta kanshū, kaisetsu
Tōkyō : Heibonsha, 2015
Baker Berry Japan NE1321.85.S58 N57 2015

Sensō to ukiyoe
Hinohara, Kenji, 1974- author
Tōkyō-to Chiyoda-ku : Yōsensha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan ND1054.6.W3 H56 2016

Miyazaki Hayao no "hankei 300-mētoru" to "Kaze tachinu"
Ogiwara, Makoto, 1958- author
Tōkyō : Kokusho Kankōkai, 2016
Baker Berry Japan NC1766.J32 M582 2016

Manga kenkyū 13-kō
hensha, Koyama Masahiro, Tamagawa Hiroaki, Koike Ryūta
Tōkyō-to Bunkyō-ku : Suiseisha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan NC1764.5.J3 M357 2016

Ukiyoe shunga to nanshoku
Hayakawa, Monta, 1949-
Tōkyō : Kawade Shobō Shinsha, 1998
Baker Berry Japan NE1321.85.S58 H3 1998

Promelʹk Belly : romanticheskai͡a khronika
Messerer, Boris, 1933- author
Moskva : Izdatelʹstvo AST, 2016
Sherman N6999.M426 A2 2016

Anna Boghiguian
Nîmes : Carré d'art-Musée d'art contemporain ; [2016]
Sherman N7385.B64 A4 2016

Intersections of space and ethos
edited by Kyriaki Tsoukala, Nikolaos-Ion Terzoglou and Charikleia Pantelidou
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2015
Sherman NA2765 .I58 2015

Offsite architecture : constructing the future
edited by Ryan E. Smith and John D. Quale
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Sherman NA8480 .O35 2017

Elements Europa : European Council and Council of the European Union
Attali, Jean
[Tielt] : Lannoo, ©2016
Sherman NA4180 .A88 2016

Contemporary arts as political practice in Singapore
Wernmei Yong Ade, Lim Lee Ching, editors
New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]
Baker Berry NX650.P6 C66 2016

Fragments of metropolis : Berlin : Berlins expressionistisches Erbe = Berlin's expressionist legacy
Lehmann, Niels (Photographer), author
München : Hirmer, 2016
Sherman NA1085 .L44 2016

Ogledalo na vremeto : zhenskata krasota prez vekovete
kurator na izlozhbata, Nataii͡a Ivanova, s uchastieto na Krasimira Karadimitrova and seven others ; nauchni koordinator, Marii͡a Reho ; avtori na tekstovete, Diana Gergova and 16 others = The mirror of time : female beauty through the ages / curator of the exhibition, Nataliya Ivanova, with the participation of Krasimira Karadimitrova, and seven others ; scientific coordinator, Maria Reho ; authors, Diana Gergova and 16 others
Sofii͡a : Nat͡sionalen arkheologicheski institut i muzeĭ, 2016
Sherman NK4701.5.B8 S66 2016

The optimum imperative : Czech architecture for the socialist lifestyle, 1938-1968
Miljački, Ana, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
The Optimum Imperative examines architecture's multiple entanglements within the problem of Socialist lifestyle in postwar Czechoslovakia. Situated in the period loosely bracketed by the signing of the Munich accords in 1938, which affected Czechoslovakia's entrance into World War II, and the Warsaw Pact troops' occupation of Prague in 1968, the book investigates three decades of Czech architecture, highlighting a diverse cast of protagonists. Key among them are the theorist and architect Karel Honzik and a small group of his colleagues in the Club for the Study of Consumption; the award-winning Czechoslovak Pavilion at the 1958 World Expo in Brussels; and SIAL, a group of architects from Liberec that emerged from the national network of Stavoprojekt offices during the reform years, only to be subsumed back into it in the wake of Czechoslovak normalization. This episodic approach enables a long view of the way that the project of constructing Socialism was made disciplinarily specific for architecture, through the constant interpretation of Socialist lifestyle, both as a narrative framework and as a historical goal. Without sanitizing history of its absurd contortions in discourse and in daily life, the book takes as its subject the complex and dynamic relationships between Cold War politics, state power, disciplinary legitimating narratives, and Czech architects' optimism for Socialism. It proposes that these key dimensions of practicing architecture and building Socialism were intertwined, and even commensurate at times, through the framework of Socialist lifestyle.
Sherman NA2543.S6 M555 2017

Australia's impressionists
edited by Christopher Riopelle ; Tim Bonyhady and three others ; with contributions from Alex J. Taylor
London : National Gallery Company Limited, 2016
Australia's Impressionists' introduces a worldwide audience to Impressionism as it manifested itself in artistic movements beyond Europe. This catalogue features over 35 paintings, including important masterpieces by Australia's leading artists, many of which have never previously been shown outside the country. In 1889 a group of artists working in Melbourne opened the '9 by 5 Impression Exhibition', an ambitious display that sought to introduce local society to their version of Impressionism. These artists - Tom Roberts, Charles Conder, Arthur Streeton - presented some 180 oil sketches. Many of these scenes of contemporary life, using a vividly coloured palette, were painted on panels, from cigar boxes, of around 9 x 5 inches, which gave the show its name. In fact these pictures owed more to Whistler, whose works Roberts had seen in London in 1884, than to French Impressionism. Drawing on a wider interest in national identity among the non-Indigenous population, Conder, Roberts and Streeton championed a new Australian landscape style. This drew on the practices of European plein-air artists, but the resulting pictures became larger and more ambitious in manner; paintings of the leisured lifestyle offered by Sydney Harbour are recorded with cheerful pride, while scenes of the bush - albeit never too far from the city - are elevated to a mode of heroic myth. John Peter Russell, a friend and correspondent of Roberts, was born and died in Sydney, but spent some 40 years as an expatriate in Europe. Russell spent his working life in the company of Van Gogh, Monet and Rodin. While his talents as a colourist made a deep impression on the young Matisse, his innovative art was only rediscovered in the later twentieth century. Exhibition: The National Gallery, London, UK (07.12.2016-26.03.2017).
Sherman ND1100.17.I45 A97 2016

Strange currencies : art & action in Mexico City, 1990-2000
edited by Kaytie Johnson
Philadelphia : The Galleries at Moore College of Art & Design, 2015
Sherman N6555 .S754 2015

Gothic revival worldwide : A.W.N. Pugin's global influence
edited by Timothy Brittain-Catlin, Jan De Maeyer, Martin Bressani
Leuven : Leuven University Press, [2016]
Sherman NA997.P9 G684 2016

Fire and light : a method of painting for artists who love color
Hanson, Julie H., author
Atglen, PA : Schiffer Publishing Ltd., [2017]
"For artists interested in using color in a new way, this two-part book offers a fresh, comprehensive approach to understandng color in painting. Part one starts with the basics and teaches, rung by rung, many concepts including color, value, and the use of red, yellow, and blue to build three-dimensional form. Tools given in part one form the foundation for part two's lessons in "temperature painting," an original method created by the author using warm and cool colors. The instructions are easy to follow, step by step, and fully illustrated with beautiful finished pieces by various artists and the author, an accomplished artist who teaches workshops nationally"--Page 4 of cover.
Sherman ND1500 .H333 2017

Hokusai x manga : Japanese pop culture since 1680
edited by Sabine Schulze, Nora von Achenbach, Simon Klingler
Munich : Hirmer, [2016]
Early Japanese popular culture, in the form of the coloured woodcuts of artists like Hokusai and Kuniyoshi, achieved world fame after Japan's opening. The pop culture of today, from manga to anime, has also conquered the globe. Now the sheets and books of woodcuts by the most famous renowned ukiyo-e artists confront the visual mass media in the comics and cartoons of modern Japan. The high-quality Japanese woodcuts and graphic novels from the 17th to the 19th centuries are products of an urban popular culture in pre-modern Japan, in which clothing, stage stars, myths, monsters, sexuality and commerce were the governing factors. The publication shows the enchanting imagery of both historical and contemporary pop culture in Japan, which today focuses on manga and anime. Short texts spotlight the art of the woodcut in the Edo period, such as the famous shunga sheets, together with selected excerpts from manga, including those by Jiro Taniguchi and Inio Asano as well as the current developments in the manga phenomenon in the Japan of the 21st century. Exhibition: Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Germany (10.06.-11.09.2016).
Sherman NE1321.8 .H65 2016

A passion for the Arctic : the Hans van Berkel Collection : art and handicrafts from Canada, Greenland and Siberia
Cunera Buijs, editor ; contributors, Cunera Buijs, Frédéric Laugrand, Jarich Oosten, Cornelius Remie and Karel Stevens
Volendam : LM Publishers, [2016]
"In 2015, the Dutch collector Hans van Berkel (1946), granted his private collection of Inuit and Chukchi art and handicrafts to the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden--now part of the larger National Museum of World Cultures encompassing three museums in three different cities. Starting in the early 1970s, Van Berkel has built up the most important and comprehensive private Inuit-related collection in the Netherlands. Van Berkel was first inspired to begin collecting when he came into contact with Leo Mol, a renowned sculptor in Winnipeg, Canada. Gifts from him were the first Inuit art objects in what later became the Van Berkel collection. This book not only presents some of his most beautiful or interesting artefacts, it also places the developments in art in a historical, political and economic context of the culture involved. Reflecting Van Berkel's special interests, shamanism and spiritual culture are particularly well represented in the collection, which showcases the skilled craftsmanship of Inuit and Chukchi artisans. Also included are tourist art and objects depicting the daily lives of hunters, reindeer herders, and their wives, which reflect the norms and values of these intriguing cultures of northern Canada, Greenland, and Siberia"--Page 4 of cover.
Sherman N5272.2.B47 P37 2016

Adobe houses : homes of sun and earth
Masson, Kathryn, author
New York : Rizzoli, 2017
Sherman NA7235.C2 M168 2017

Iskusstvo v nachale XXI veka : Problemy i tendent͡sii: Sbornik nauchnykh stateĭ
Otvetstvennyĭ redaktor--d-r. filos. n., professor E.A. Saĭko
Moskva : GII, 2013
Baker Berry NX460 .I85 2013

Picasso : between Cubism and Classicism 1915-1925
edited by Olivier Berggruen with Anunciata von Liechtenstein
[Milano, Italy] : Skira, 2017
The exhibition, which will display more than 100 works by the artist, will deepen Picasso's production immediately after the Italian experience, documenting the long-term impact of this trip on its formation: from the neoclassical suggestions inspired by ancient sculpture to the Roman Renaissance, until the discovery of Pompeii's parietal painting.
Sherman ND553.P5 A4 2017

Thomas Cole's journey : Atlantic crossings
Kornhauser, Elizabeth Mankin, 1950- author
New York : The Metropolitan Museum of Art, [2018]
Thomas Cole (1801-1848), arguably the greatest American landscape artist of his generation, is presented here in a new light: as an international figure, born in England, and in dialogue with the major landscape painters of the age, including J.M.W. Turner and John Constable. Cole traveled in Europe from 1829 to 1832. Thomas Cole's Journey reexamines his seminal works of 1832-36--notably The Oxbow and Course of Empire--as a culminating response to his experiences of British art and society and of Italian landscape painting. These, combined with Cole's passion for the American wilderness and his horror of the industrial revolution in Britain, led him to create works that offer a distinctive, even dissident, response to the economic and political rise of the United States and the ecological changes then underway. This groundbreaking book also discusses Cole's influence on later artists, from Frederic Edwin Church to Ed Ruscha.
Sherman ND237.C6 A4 2018b

Frans Floris (1519/20-70) : imagining a Northern Renaissance
Wouk, Edward H., author
Leiden ; Brill, [2018]
1. Introduction. fall and redemption: the divine artist -- 2. A portrait of the artist: Floris's biography in context -- 3. Iter Italicum: Floris's Italian journey in context -- 4. Triumphal entry: Floras's return to Antwerp (1546-49) -- 5. The Floris workshop: practice, theory, ritual -- 6. Portraits and head studies -- 7. Experiments in religious art: style and audience -- 8. Ardens amator artium: Floris, Niclaes Jonghelinck, and the nature of Netherlandish art -- 9. Losing faith: Floris's Allegory of the Trinity -- 10. Iconoclasm and Poesie -- 11. Humanæ Societati Necessaria: Frans Floris's vision for the arts -- 12. Coda.

Frans Floris de Vriendt radically transformed Netherlandish art. His monumental mythologies introduced a new appreciation for the heroic nude to the Low Countries and his religious art challenged standards of decorum. Born into a family of sculptors and architects, Floris refashioned his art through travel, first studying with the humanist painter Lambert Lombard in Liege and then continuing on to Italy. These experiences defined the hybridizing novelty of his art, forged by juxtaposing antique and modern, Italian and Northern sources. This book maps Floris's hybrid style onto shifting conceptions of cultural, religious, and political identity on the eve of the Dutch Revolt. It explores his collaborations and rivalries, engagement with artistic theory, hierarchical workshop, and revolutionary use of print.
Sherman ND673.F565 W68 2018

Jacobi, Carol
London : Tate Publishing, 2017
Sherman ND192.I4 J33 2017

Amedeo Modigliani
Vernon, Jonathan, author
London : Tate Publishing, 2017
"Part of the Tate Introduction series, this book is a lively and accessible introduction to the life and work of Amedeo Modigliani. Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920) produced some of the most memorable art of the early twentieth century. Born in Livorno, Italy and working in Paris from 1906, he was unappreciated in his lifetime but has come to be regarded as one of the most influential figures of early modernism. In a tragically short career, experimentation and innovation were consistent priorities"--
Sherman N6923.M55 V47 2017

A2Z+ : alphabets & signs
edited by Julian Rothenstein ; texts by Mel Gooding
New York : Princeton Architectural Press, [2018]
"Typography exists everywhere, even in the unlikely forms created by a dancer's body in the Czech font Abeceda. With 100 new pages and a revamped introduction and texts by art writer Mel Gooding, A2Z+ expands and improves upon A2Z, the classic compendium of type. Inside, curving lines of words make up the body of a rooster, eye-charts assert their avant-garde merit, and stamped figures appear on USSR political propaganda in bold primary colors. Culled from classic modernist books, design handbooks, and signwriter manuals, this collection is the perfect inspiration for designers, history buffs, and casual readers, and it remains the ultimate source for inventive fonts not found anywhere else"--
Sherman NK3600 .A28 2018

The Fonte Gaia from Renaissance to modern times : a history of construction, preservation, and reconstruction in Siena
Scappini, Chiara E., author
Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, [2017]
The Fonte Gaia from Renaissance to Modern Times' examines the history of Siena's famous public fountain, from its fifteenth-century origins to its eventual replacement by a copy in the nineteenth century (and the modern fate of both). The book explores how both the Risorgimento and the Symbolist movements have shaped our perceptions of the Italian Renaissance, as the Quattrocento was filtered through the lens of contemporary art and politics.
Sherman NA9415.S5 S33 2017

Ehre über Gold : die Meisterstiche von Hendrick Goltzius : Bildtheorie und Ikonografie um 1600
Wandrey, Petra, 1969-
Berlin : Gebr. Mann Verlag, c2018
Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617) war einer der bedeutendsten Künstler des 16. Jahrhunderts und nach Lucas van Leyden der erste peintre graveur der Niederlande. Nach seiner Italienreise entstanden die berühmten sechs Kupferstiche zu Geburt und Kindheit Christi, die sogenannten Meisterstiche. Sie sind virtuos angelegt im Stil der großen Renaissancekünstler und doch technisch auf neuestem Stand und mit eigenen Bildfindungen versehen. Der niederländische Künstler widmete die Serie dem bayerischen Herzog Wilhelm V. Diesen Kontext berücksichtigt das Buch von Petra Wandrey. Ihre detaillierte Analyse deckt das anspruchsvolle gedankliche Konzept auf und bezieht die technische Brillanz der Ausführung mit ein. So erweisen sich die Meisterstiche als bildlicher Ausdruck übergreifenden Reformdenkens, als eine Stellungnahme zu Kunsttheorie und Kunstgeschichte sowie zu den konfessionellen Konflikten der Zeit.
Sherman NE670.G65 W36 2018

Corot : le peintre et ses modèles = the painter and his models
Allard, Sébastien, author
Vanves : Hazan ; [2018]
Mostly known as landscape painter, Camille Corot was also a great painter of figures, admired by Degas or Picasso. Yet, during his lifetime, he kept much of this production in the secret of his studio. The conference, in connection with the exhibition held at the Marmottan Monet Museum, aims to explore this more intimate part of the art of Camille Corot.--Musée du Louvre.
Sherman ND553.C8 A4 2018

Danh Vo : take my breath away
Vo, Danh, 1975- artist
New York : Guggenheim Museum Publications, [2018]
Danh Vo's conceptual, installation-based practice dissects the cultural forces and private desires that shape our experience of the world. He often employs found objects, images and texts to animate personal narratives that refract global political histories. Published to accompany the most comprehensive museum survey to date of the Danish artist's work, this catalog presents for the first time an illuminating overview of Vo's work from the past 15 years. Organized around nearly 30 major projects and installations, the volume ranges from Vo's early performative works such as Vo Rosasco Rasmussen (2003), in which he married and divorced acquaintances in order to add their surnames to his own, to his recent sculptural hybrids of classical and Christian statuary. A lead essay by Katherine Brinson probes the artist's roving, research-based process in which historical study, fortuitous encounters and personal relationships are woven into psychologically potent tableaux. Significant recurring subjects include the legacy of colonialism and the fraught status of the refugee, as well as the image of the United States in its own collective imagination and in that of the world.
Sherman N7314.3.V6 A4 2018

Habitus as method : revisiting a scholastic theory of art
Efal, Adi, author
Leuven : Peeters, 2017
Rather than being an event of an aesthetic, sublime or revelatory character, art can be rather understood simply as a habitual productive activity, taking an equal part in the design of quotidian reality as any other tool. The habitual approach to art carries with it several consequences regarding the understanding of the history of art and the theory of artistic production. This habitual approach has its origins in the Scholastic conception of the habitus of art, leaning on the Aristotelian definition of Poiesis. But the habitual approach had also its long history, passing through French Spiritualism in the 19th century, and several other stations in the 20th century. The essay follows Erwin Panofsky's concept of "mental habit" as a methodological instrument in the history of art. After exposing the principles of a habitual approach to the history of art, the essay continues to follow Panofsky's essay 'Gothic Architecture and Scholasticism', trying to trace what was Panofsky in fact conceiving under this term. In the conclusion, the essay suggests some guiding principles for conceiving of a habitus-oriented theory of art, energized by the scholastic approach to the habitus of art and by the method of habitus in the science of history.
Sherman N66 .E335 2017

Man Ray
herausgegeben von Ingried Brugger, Lisa Ortner-Kreil ; mit Beiträgen von Ingried Brugger and 7 others
Heidelberg : Kehrer ; [2018]
Man Ray (1890-1976) wurde stets vor allem als Fotograf rezipiert. Weitreichende Berühmtheit erlangte er für seine Künstler-Fotoporträts und seine kameralos aufgenommenen Rayografien der 1920er-Jahre. Dass Man Ray jedoch malte, zeichnete, designte, Filme drehte, Objekte entwarf, Schriften verfasste, sich auch für Typografie, Buch- und Magazingestaltung begeisterte und eine veritable Karriere als experimenteller Modefotograf bei Harper's Bazaar und Vogue verfolgte, will die Ausstellung des Kunstforums Wien vor Augen führen. Man Ray bediente sich in erfinderischer und spielerischer Manier einer Unzahl an künstlerischen Medien und Techniken. Eine Auswahl von 200 Schlüsselwerken aus der ganzen Welt, darunter Gemälde, Fotografien, Objekte, Papier-Arbeiten, Collagen, Assemblagen und experimenteller Film, umreißt die gleichsam enigmatische wie komplexe Künstlerpersönlichkeit Man Rays und zeigt, wie er - in kongenialer künstlerischer Komplizenhaftigkeit mit Marcel Duchamp - den Grundstein dafür legte, wie und was wir heute als Kunst betrachten.00Exhibition: Kunstforum Wien, Vienna, Austria (14.02. - 24.06.2018).
Sherman N6537.R3 A4 2018

Jasper Johns : pictures within pictures 1980-2015
Donovan, Fiona, author
London : Thames & Hudson Ltd, 2017
The crosshatch amplified -- Racing thoughts -- Perceptual play and Picassoid eyes -- The Seasons -- Green Angel and Mirror's Edge -- Catenaries -- 0-9 and regrets.

In the late 1970s, after the artist's explosive Pop Art beginnings and a period of abstraction, representational objects made their way back into Jasper Johns' work. Supported by the artist's words and previous scholarship, this is the first comprehensive study of his later paintings and works on paper. Fiona Donovan helps contextualize images that have personal significance for Johns and explain a broader humanist discourse. Readers learn of his absorption with the appropriation and abstraction of images taken from Cezanne, Grunewald, Picasso, and others, and discover the inspiration Johns finds in his immediate surroundings. Progressing through several key phases and turning points in the artist's career, Donovan brings to light not only this subtext of inspirations and influences but also Johns' circle of contemporaries, collaborators, and personal perceptions and obsessions. Johns' compelling and enduring curiosity is omnipresent and reflected in his stylistic changes, but the shifting themes, motifs, and moods of his work are all underpinned by his exceptional skill.
Sherman Oversize N6537.J6 D66 2017

Perspectives on Wenceslaus Hollar
edited by Andrea Bubenik and Anne Thackray ; with contributions from Andrea Bubenik, David Flintham, Nathan Flis, Robert Harding, Anne Thackray, Simon Turner, and Alena Volrábová
London : Harvey Miller Publishers, [2016]
Perspectives on Wenceslaus Hollar / Andrea Bubenik and Anne Thackray -- Considerations of Wenceslaus Hollar's early years in Germany / Alena Volrábová -- Wenceslaus Hollar and the Earl of Arundel's 'design to make a large print of all his pictures drawings & other rarities' / Robert Harding -- Wenceslaus Hollar and the (re)production of Albrecht Dürer / Andrea Bubenik -- Wenceslaus Hollar's praemonstratensian prints / Anne Thackray -- 'Useful for all commanders' : Wenceslaus Hollar's views of castles, fortifications, and sieges / David Flintham -- Hovering like a hawk over the rooftops : Hollar's sketches and drawings of London / Simon Turner -- Wenceslaus Hollar and Tangier in 1669 / Simon Turner -- From Hollar in Antwerp to Barlow in London : birds and other creatures from life / Nathan Flis.
Sherman NE2047.6.H65 P47 2016

Cao Jun : hymns to nature
edited by John Sallis
[Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts] : McMullen Museum of Art, Boston College, [2018]
Introduction / John Sallis -- The art of Cao Jun : the painting of stone and its transformation / Xia Kejun -- Poetic sensibility in the work of Cao Jun / Alejandro A. Vallega -- The opening of in-between spaces in Cao Jun's art / Yang Guang -- The interplay between the invisible and visible : Cao Jun's re-presentation of the spirit of Chinese painting / Wang Huaiyu -- Seeing into the self in nature : awakening through Cao Jun's painting / Bret W. Davis -- Vision / John Sallis.
Sherman Oversize ND1049.J86 A4 2018

Mesdag & Japan
Suijver, Renske. author
Amsterdam : Van Gogh Museum, c2018
In the late nineteenth century, the Dutch artist and collector, Hendrik Willem Mesdag, amassed an eclectic collection of Japanese artefacts, ranging from samurai swords and colourful earthenware to bronze cranes and majestic altar vases. At the time, decorative art from Japan was all the rage. This richly illustrated book places Mesdag's collection in a cultural-historical context, paying homage to an idiosyncratic collector and his outstanding collection of Japanese applied art.00Exhibition: Mesdagmuseum, The Hague, The Netherlands (07.03.-17.06.2018).
Sherman NK1071 .S85 2018

Art and immortality in the ancient Near East
Ataç, Mehmet-Ali, 1972- author
Cambridge, UK ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
Discussions of apocalyptic thought and its sources in the ancient Near East, particularly Mesopotamia, have a long scholarly history, with a renewed interest and focus in the recent decades. Outside Assyriological scholarship as well, studies of the apocalyptic give significant credit to the ancient Near East, especially Babylonia and Iran, as potential sources for the manifestations of this phenomenon in the Hellenistic period. The emphasis on kingship and empire in apocalyptic modes of thinking warrants special attention paid to the regal art of ancient Mesopotamia and adjacent areas in its potential to express the relevant notions. In this book, Mehmet-Ali Atac demonstrates the importance of visual evidence as a source for apocalyptic thought. Focusing on the so-called investiture painting from Mari, he relates it to parallel evidence from the visual traditions of the Assyrian Empire, ancient Egypt, and Hittite Anatolia.
Sherman N8253.T5 A83 2018

Divine and demonic imagery at Tor de'Specchi, 1400-1500 : religious women and art in fifteenth-century Rome
Scanlan, Suzanne M., author
Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, [2018]
In the fifteenth century, the Oblates of Santa Francesca Romana, a fledgling community of religious women in Rome, commissioned an impressive array of artwork for their newly acquired living quarters, the Tor de'Specchi. The imagery focused overwhelmingly on the sensual, corporeal nature of contemporary spirituality, populating the walls of the monastery with a highly naturalistic assortment of earthly, divine, and demonic figures. This book draws on art history, anthropology, and gender studies to explore the disciplinary and didactic role of the images, as well as their relationship to important papal projects at the Vatican.
Baker Berry NX552.R65 S33 2018

Mark Dion : misadventures of a 21st-century naturalist
Erickson, Ruth, author,
Boston : Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston ; 2017
Director's foreword / Jill Medvedow -- Into the field / Ruth Erickson -- Mark Dion's tropical ecology / James Nisbet -- Wonders of the sea / Andrea Barrett -- Some notes toward a manifesto for artists working with or about the living world / Mark Dion -- Of collectivities and emergent possibilities : Mildred's Lane / Petra Lange-Berndt -- On culture in action / Mark Dion in conversation with Mary Jane Jacob -- Selected projects. Reshuffling the university and gestures of hope / Colleen J. Sheehy. Cabinet of curiosities, 2001 ; The museum and the marvelous / Lucy Bradnock. Bureau of the Center for the Study of Surrealism and its Legacy, 2005 ; A scrapbook, a journal, a time capsule / Sarah Suzuki. Fragments of travel, exploration and adventure, 2007 ; A naturalist's return / Kathrinne Duffy. Travels of William Bartram--reconsidered, 2008 ; A bunker of one's own / Denise Markonish. The octagon room, 2008 ; Encountering Daedalus : a letter to Mark Dion / Sarina Basta. Oceanomania : souvenirs of mysterious seas--from The expedition to the aquarium, 2011. Extranaturel, 2016 ; The strenuous life / Lisa G. Corrin. Phantoms of the Clark Expedition, 2012 ; Lost worlds (In the jungle with Mark Dion) / Alastair Gordon. Dr. Fairchild's Kampong laboratory, 2016 -- Selections from the exhibition. Scala naturae, 1994 ; Killers killed, 1994-2007 ; Les nécrophores--l'enterrement (Hommage à Jean-Henri Fabre), 1997 ; The Ladies' Field Club of New York, 1999 ; South Florida Wildlife Rescue Unit : mobile laboratory, 2006 ; Den, 2012 ; Harbingers of the fifth season, 2014 ; Memory Box, 2016 -- Exhibition chronology / compiled by Jessica Hong -- Checklist of the exhibition.

A comprehensive survey of American artist Mark Dion, examining three decades of his critically engaged practice interrogating our relationship with nature The first book in two decades to consider the entire oeuvre of Mark Dion (b. 1961), this volume examines thirty years of the American artist's pioneering inquiries into how we collect, interpret, and display nature. Part of a generation of artists expanding institutional critique in the 1990s, Dion adopted the methods of the archaeologist or the natural history museum, juxtaposing natural objects, taxidermy, books, and more to reorganize the natural and the manmade in poetic, witty ways. These sculptures, installations, and interventions offer novel approaches to questioning institutional power, which he sees as connected to the control and representation of nature. Generously illustrated, this publication introduces new insights and features more than seventy-five artworks.
Sherman N6537.D54 E75 2017

Pintura : México. Vol. 1
edición: María Álvarez ; textos: Luisa Reyes Retana, Enrique Giner de los Rios ; traducción, Michael Paraker
Ciudad de México : Sicomoro Ediciones : 2017
Prólogo / Luisa Reyes Retana -- El truinfo de la Pintura / Enrique Giner -- Plinio Ávila -- Marcos Castro -- Aníbal Catalán -- Elsa Louise Manceaux -- Tatiana Musi -- Javier Peláez -- Alejandro Pintado -- Ricardo Pinto -- Quirarte+Ornelas -- Pablo Rasgado -- Rafael Rodríguez -- Omar Rodriguez-Graham -- Rafael Uriegas -- Emi Winter -- English translation.

Catalogue of the most recent works of 14 new Mexican painters that represent a plural constellation of emerging names born between the 1970's and 1980's.
Sherman ND255.6 .P567 2017

Robert Irwin : site determined
edited by Matthew Simms ; with essays by Ed Schad, Matthew Simms, Sally Yard
Long Beach : University Art Museum, California State University ; [2018]
Foreword / Kimberli Meyer -- Introduction / Matthew Simms -- From light and space to site-determined art / Matthew Simms -- Site determined: an unfolding in time / Sally Yard -- The rest is all sky: Irwin in Marfa / Ed Schad.

"This book explores four decades of Robert Irwin's outdoor environment projects through his drawings and architectural models. Over the course of a storied career, Robert Irwin has come to regard art as site determined, or something that works in and responds to its surroundings. This book opens with his projects on college campuses between 1975 and 1982. These are followed by Irwin's major, yet never realized, commission for the Miami International Airport, where he proposed to transform the structure, parking lots, and roadways into a sequence of aesthetic and practical spaces that engaged directly with the South Florida environment. It then turns to one of Irwin's most celebrated works, the Central Garden at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Finally, the book takes readers to the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas, and one of Irwin's most ambitious works to date-a monumental artwork that brilliantly connects viewers to the land and sky. Throughout this collection of drawings, models, and photographs of magnificent, groundbreaking projects, readers will come to see Irwin as a visionary artist and a brilliant draftsman"--
Sherman N6537.I64 A4 2018

Reynolda : her muses, her stories
Reynolda House Museum of American Art, affiliated with Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Winston-Salem, North Carolina : Reynolda House Museum of American Art, [2017]
An American place / David Park Curry -- An American collection / Martha R. Severens.
Sherman N6505 .R49 2017

Klimt & Rodin : an artistic encounter
Tobias G. Natter and Max Hollein ; with Martin Chapman, Matthias Haldemann, Michael Kausch, and Renée Price
San Francisco : Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco/Legion of Honor ; 2017
Vienna 1902: Gustav Klimt and Auguste Rodin / by Tobias G. Natter -- Kunst-Dinge R.M. Rilke: From Rodin to Klimt and Schiele / by Matthias Haldemann -- The Kiss: Gustav Klimt and Auguste Rodin / by Renée Price -- Rodin's International Celebrity and Influence around 1900 / by Martin Chapman -- Klimt and Rodin: Their Image of Life and Humanity / by Michael Kausch.

"On the 100th anniversary of their deaths, Gustav Klimt and Auguste Rodin are celebrated as two pioneers of modernism who set new standards in their chosen media. Although they worked in different media, Auguste Rodin and Gustav Klimt were two artists whose output generated both incredible enthusiasm and virulent denunciation in their lifetimes. On the centenary of their deaths, in 1917 and 1918 respectively, this opulent volume highlights the remarkable parallels between the two creators: their passion for the human figure, erotic subject matter, pioneering techniques, and the achievement of international success. In chapters of alternating perspectives, this book features essays on fin-de-siècle Vienna, the phenomenon of artistic celebrity, and a tribute to the two seminal works that each artist gave the same name: The Kiss. Bringing these two masters together for the first time in such a detailed manner, this book captures a significant moment in European culture and demonstrates why their geniuses still speak so profoundly to us today."--
Sherman N6811.5.K55 K59 2017

David Hockney : something new in painting (and photography) [and even printing]
Hockney, David, artist
New York : Pace Gallery, [2018]
Sherman N6797.H57 A4 2018

Essays, arguments & interviews on Modern architecture Kuwait
edited by Ricardo Camacho, Sara Saragoça, Roberto Fabbri ; contributors, Adel Albloushi and 25 others
Salenstein, Switzerland : Niggli, imprint of Braun Publishing AG, 2018
Atlas and introduction -- Old walls and new streets: modernity, global capital and orientalism in Kuwait's urbanisation history / essay by Marisa Baptista -- Transcript from Destruction of the Middle East? / by Karim Jamal -- To whom are we giving custory of our modern architecture heritage? / argument by Adel Albloushi -- The Pietilä Kuwait buildings revisited / argument by Thorsten Botz-Bornstein -- Transcript from Sunshine and the rule of law / by Anthony Blee, Lynda Relph-Knight -- Towards a critique of a Kuwait nahdha: Al-'Imara al-Haditha and the competing narratives on architecture and urban modernity / essay by Asseel al-Ragam -- Interview with Sabah al-Rayes -- The boom / argument by Naji Moujaes -- Interview with Maath Alousi -- The making of an Arab architect / essay by Ricardo Camacho -- Interview with Charles Haddad -- Sharing and building modernities: Egyptian architects in Kuwait, 1950s-1990s / essay by Manar Moursi -- My professional experience in Kuwait, 1980-1986 / argument by Ismail Rifaat -- Mobilities of architecture in the Global Cold War: from socialist Poland to Kuwait and back / essay by Łukasz Stanek -- A series of short interviews with: Stig Egnell, Hisham Munir, Ala Hason, Saad al-Zubaidi, Abdulaziz Sultan -- Souq brutal: Kuwait's modernity and the new Souqs / essay by Sara Saragoça Soares -- Interview with Edward Nilsson -- Speculations: U.S. architects and modernisation in Kuwait / essay by Michael Kubo -- Interview with Sabah Abi-Hanna -- The role of Franco Albini in Kuwait / argument by Claudia Cagneschi & Enrico Mambelli -- Prototyping spaces for education: pedagogy, school planning, standarisation, and prefabrication in Kuwait's drive to modernity / essay by Roberto Fabbri -- Transcript from Kuwait National Competition entry 1960 / by Zdravko Bregovac -- Utopian dreams in the making of Kuwait: from sand and mud to grass and concrete / essay by Dalal M. Alsayer -- Transcript from Kuwait National Museum Competition entry 1960 / by Affonso Eduardo Reidy -- The evolutionary identity: at the occasion of Um Qasaba Waterfront by Doxiadis Associates / essay by Yannis Kitanis.

"Published in 2016, Modern Architecture Kuwait 1949-1989 is the first systematic analysis of Kuwait's building production. This second volume collects essays, arguments, and interviews that focus on the role of individuals and corporations in the process of perceiving, transforming, and building the modern state of Kuwait. The post-WWII environment along with political and artistic solidarity in the emerging Arab World promoted an exchange of ideas and individuals throughout the region. This edited collection uncovers the regional context that established the modern practice of architecture and planning between the 1940s and 1980s. The editors of "Modern Architecture Kuwait 1949-1989" selected a diverse group of contributors from both Kuwait and abroad to produce expertly researched and crafted essays and arguments. The interviews conducted by the editors between 2012 and 2016 appear as transcripts, while other relevant published materials produced in or on Kuwait from 1949 until 1989 are also featured. In their own essays, the editors explore broader topics such as the political and socio-economic process of modernisation in the country, the educational and professional establishment of the architectural practice in the region, and the development of a contemporary construction industry in Kuwait. Also, the volume's introduction includes an atlas that traces the movement of architects, planners, and projects for and from Kuwait, mapping a series of unprecedented reciprocities between geographical, economic, political, and social realities in the Arab World. The second collection expands far beyond the first volume, challenging different narratives while also connecting divergent spheres to offer readers a critical look at a local perspective based on a regional context"--Back cover.
Sherman NA1472.5 .E87 2018

Permanent collection : your happiness
editor, Sarah Stephenson
Aspen, CO : Aspen Art Press, [2017]
Sherman N6535.A67 P472 2017

Vernacular and earthen architecture : conservation and sustainability
editors, C. Mileto, F. Vegas López-Manzanares, L. García-Soriano & V. Cristini
Leiden, The Netherlands : CRC Press/Balkema, [2018]
Sherman NA208 .I58 2017

The fabrication of Leonardo da Vinci's Trattato della pittura : with a scholarly edition of the editio princeps (1651) and an annotated English translation
by Claire Farago, Janis Bell, Carlo Vecce ; with a foreword by Martin Kemp and additional contributions by Juliana Barone, Matthew Landrus, Maria Rascaglia, Anna Sconza, Mario Valentino Guffanti
Leiden ; Brill, [2018]
Volume 1 : Foreword / Martin Kemp -- Introduction: Defining a Historical Approach to Leonardo's Trattato della pittura / Claire Farago -- MILAN -- Before the Trattato: Philological Notes on the Libro di pittura in the Codex Urbinas 1270 / Carlo Vecce -- Leonardo's Workshop Procedures and the Trattato della pittura / Claire Farago -- Leonardo's Lost Book on Painting and Human Movements / Matthew Landrus -- URBINO -- On the Origins of the Trattato and the Earliest Reception of the Libro di pittura / Claire Farago -- FLORENCE -- The Earliest Abridged Copies of the Libro di pittura in Florence / Anna Sconza -- ROME TO PARIS -- Seventeenth-Century Transformations: Cassiano dal Pozzo's Manuscript Copy of the Abridged Libro di pittura Treatise on Painting / Juliana Barone -- The Final Text / Janis Bell.

The basis for our understanding of Leonardo's theory of art was, for over 150 years, his Treatise on Painting, which was issued in 1651 in Italian and French. This present volume offers both the first scholarly edition of the Italian editio princeps as well as the first complete English translation of this seminal work. In addition, It provides a comprehensive study of the Italian first edition, documenting how each editorial campaign that lead to it produced a different understanding of the artist's theory. What emerges is a rich cultural and textual history that foregrounds the transmission of artisanal knowledge from Leonardo's workshop in the Duchy of Milan to Carlo Borromeo's Milan, Cosimo I de' Medici's Florence, Urban VIII's Rome, and Louis XIV's Paris. -- !c From book jacket.
Sherman ND1471 .L464 2018

Tradition & transitions : eighteenth-century French art from the Horvitz Collection
edited by Alvin L. Clark, Jr. ; preface by Pierre Rosenberg de l'Académie française
[Boston, Massachusetts] : The Horvitz Collection, [2017]
This exhibition and its accompanying catalogue provide the visitor and reader with an exploration of the "tradition and transitions" of manners and themes that formed and shifted throughout the art of eighteenth-century France. Examples of works that reveal both the concurrent and successive styles of the long eighteenth-century of French draftsmanship from Charles de La Fosse and Jean-Baptiste Jouvenet at the end of the seventeenth century to the genesis of the Rococo (Claude Gillot, Jean-Antoine Watteau, François Le Moyne) and the Generation of 1700 (Edme Bouchardon, François Boucher, Michel-François Dandré-Bardon, Jacques Dumont, CharlesJoseph Natoire, Pierre-Hubert Subleyras, the Vanloos, which took the French School to its early maturity. Their students, particularly Jean-Honoré Fragonard and Hubert Robert, benefited from and greatly expanded upon this rich inheritance as some of their contemporaries (Charles-Nicolas Cochin le jeune, Joseph-Marie Vien, Jean-Baptiste Deshays, Gabriel-François Doyen) simultaneously searched for a new, less florid mode of expression that eventually led to the Neoclassicism of JacquesLouis David and his generation in the closing decades of the century. Their students then explored stylistic and thematic variations of that manner into the next century. The wealth of this collection enables visitors to see a full array of the art made within these successive generations by well-known masters as well as by lesser-known artists who were often considered to be their equals in their own time. It also reveals the large variety of regional styles from artists working in important centers other than Paris.
Sherman N6846 .T73 2017

Buildings of New York
FitzGerald, Roger, author
[London] : Artifice books on architecture, [2017]
Sherman NA735.N5 F58 2017

中國法書全集 / 中國古代書畫鑒定組編
Beijing : Wen wu chu ban she, 2009-<2011>
v. 1. Xian Qin Qin Han -- v. 2. Wei Jin Nan Bei Chao -- v. 3-5. Sui Tang Wu dai -- v. 6-8. Song -- v. 9-11. Yuan -- v. 12-15. Ming -- v. 16-18. Qing.
Baker Berry East Asian NK3634.A2 Z45528 2009

Gone primitive : savage intellects, modern lives
Torgovnick, Marianna, 1949-
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1991, ©1990
1. Going primitive : Defining the primitive / reimagining modernity ; Taking Tarzan seriously -- 2. Making primitive objects high art : "But is it art?" ; The politics of Roger Fry's Vision and design ; The many obsessions of Michel Leiris ; William Rubin and the dynamics of primitivism -- 3. Engendering the primitive : Traveling with Conrad ; "Oh, Mexico!": D.H. Lawrence's The plumed serpent -- 4. Mapping the site of transcendental homelessness : Adventurers ; Entering Freud's study ; Remembering with Levi-Strauss -- 5. Gone primitive : Physicality.
Baker Berry NX456.5.P7 T67 1991

The hysterical material
organized by Geof Oppenheimer with Anne Leonard ; with essays by Mieke Bal, Anita Chari, Ankhi Mukherjee and Geof Oppenheimer
Chicago : The Smart Museum of Art and Soberscove Press, 2017
Like us all / by Geof Oppenheimer -- Material matters / by Mieke Bal -- Exhibition images -- Exhibition checklist -- The hysterical material / by Ankhi Mukherjee -- Hysterical phenomenologies / by Anita Chari.

Published in relation to an exhibition of the same name at the Smart Museum of Art at The University of Chicago, The Hysterical Material is a book about feelings and emotion. Specifically, it is about how these twin registers are represented and produced in both the materiality of the body and in the objects we call art.00Beginning with the premise that hysteria can be best understood phenomenologically rather than in pathological terms, this publication considers the possibilities of the body as an emotional instrument not always understood by the rational mind. This potential is investigated in the work of two leading artists of Western art history, Auguste Rodin (1840?1917) and Bruce Nauman (born 1941). The body is something used and depicted in the work of both of these artists; however, they employ it in radically different ways. While Rodin was a master of conflating representation and material, Nauman uses figurative representation to plumb the depths of the psychological body. Calling attention to the artists? mutual artistic concerns, this publication explores the multiple possibilities of a bodily and affective engagement with art.00Exhibition: Smart Museum of Art at The University of Chicago, USA (14.09.-17.12.2017).
Sherman NB1952.E46 H97 2017

Gothic effigy : a guide to dark visibilities
Jones, David J. 1953- author
Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2018
Chapter 1: 1.1 Gothic and Gothic Revival architecture -- 1.2 Graveyards, crypts and mausolea -- 1.3 Ruins -- 1.4 Follies and gardens -- 1.5 Décor, domestic furniture and uncanny household items -- 1.6 Theatre and stage -- 1.7 Masquerade, Halloween and Gothic as pageant and immersive spectacle -- 1.8 Dance and mime -- Chapter 2: 2.1 Early painting to the eighteenth century -- 2.2 Painting: Goya to Giger and after -- 2.3 Engravings: icons of ancestral fear -- 2.4 The macabre graphic art of the Blue books and Penny Dreadfuls -- 2.5 Revivified and spectral portraits: Otranto's yawning picture to M.R. James's 'The Mezzotint' -- 2.6 Uncanny signs and posters -- Chapter 3: 3.1 Sculptors and statuary -- 3.2 Wax simulacra -- 3.3 Dolls, effigies, mommets and poppets -- 3.4 Moving statues and automata -- 3.5 Tableaux vivants and poses plastiques 3.6 Cabinets of curiosity -- 3.7 Postmodern Gothic sculptures and figurines -- 3.8 Taxidermy -- Chapter 4: 4.1 Ghost machines: the Satanic Eidophusikon and peepshows -- 4.2 Phantasmagoria and magic lanterns: E-A Roberston's lantern-of-fear -- 4.3 Stereoscope 'Diableries' -- 4.4 'Pepper's Ghost' and the domestic lantern horror show -- 4.5 Eerie sight machines, zoetropes and the whirling witches of Plateau's Phenakistoscope -- 4.6 Gothic Kinetoscopes to early American horror film -- 4.7 Gothic films, from silents to electronic movie making -- 4.8 Gothic TV -- Chapter 5: 5.1 Gothic comics, graphic novels and icons -- 5.2 Silhouettes, Ombres Chinoises and shadowgraphs -- 5.3 Damnable lithographs: Louis Boulanger's Satanic 'La Ronde de Sabbat'and the dark barbarism of the 'lapidary art' -- 5.4 Dressed, adorned and altered prints and books -- 5.5 Leporellos, moving books and monstrous concertina texts -- 5.6 Gothic calendars -- Chapter 6: 6.1 The dark hold of Daguerreotypes and early photography -- 6.2 Mourning and spirit photographs -- 6.3 Gothic collage, photocollage and shadow boxes -- 6.4 Haunts, great houses, cadavers and ossuaries: the photography of Simon Marsden and Paul Koudounaris -- 6.5 Modern photography -- Chapter 7: 7.1 Gothic scripts, fonts, ciphers and calligraphy -- 7.2 A dark chaos of marbled papers -- 7.3 Gothic labelling, packaging and ads -- 7.4 Graffiti, curses, sigils and heraldry -- 7.5 Tapestries and embroidery -- 7.6 Book covers and magazine covers -- 7.7 Record and CD cover art -- Chapter 8: 8.1 Gothic costume, ancient and modern -- 8.2 Gothic jewellery -- 8.3 'Gothic toys through Gothic glass' -- 8.4 Masks, weapons, and athames -- 8.5 Playing cards and the Tarot -- Chapter 9: 9.1 New media: the art of Gothic gaming and horror apps -- 9.2 Ghost trains -- 9.3 Horror environments and itineraries, escape rooms, Halloween hayrides and tourist attractions -- 9.4 Gothic installations -- 9.5 Performance art, body art, tattoos and facepaint -- Index.

Gothic effigy brings together for the first time the multifarious visual motifs and media associated with Gothic, many of which have never received serious study before. This guide is the most comprehensive work in its field, a study aid that draws links between a considerable array of Gothic visual works and artifacts, from the work of Salvator Rosa and the first illustrations of Gothic Blue Books to the latest Gothic painters and graphic artists. Currently popular areas such as Gothic fashion, gaming, T.V. and film are considered, as well as the ghostly images of magic lantern shows. This groundbreaking study will serve as an invaluable reference and research book. In its wide range and closely detailed descriptions, it will be very attractive for students, academics, collectors, fans of popular Gothic culture and general readers.
Baker Berry NX449.7.G68 J66 2018

Images of sex and desire in Renaissance art and modern historiography
edited by Angeliki Pollali and Berthold Hub
New York : Routledge, 2018
Studies on gender and sexuality have proliferated in the last decades covering a wide spectrum of disciplines. This anthology offers a metanarrative of sexuality as it has been recently embedded in the art historical discourse of the European Renaissance. It revisits 'canonical' forms of visual culture, such as painting, sculpture and a number of emblematic manuscripts. The contributors focus on one image, either actual or thematic, and examine it against its historiographic assumptions. Through the use of interdisciplinary approaches, the essays propose to unmask the ideology(ies) of representation of sexuality and suggest a richer image of the ever shifting identities of gender. The anthology focuses on the Italian Renaissance, but also includes case studies from Germany and France.
Sherman N8217.E6 I43 2018

La deriva líquida del ojo : ensayos sobre la obra de Alfredo Jaar
Risco, Ana María, author
Viña del Mar, Chile : Mundana Ediciones : [2017]
A compilation of essays that writer and art critic Ana María Risco has dedicated since 2005 to the work of the Chilean artist and national prize of Visual Arts, Alfredo Jaar.
Sherman N6669.J32 R57 2017

Japanese art : critical and primary sources
edited by Morgan Pitelka
London, UK ; Bloomsbury Academic, 2018
Volume 1: Material cultures -- Volume 2: Visual cultures -- Volume 3: Printed matter -- Volume 4: Sites and patrons, knowledge and power.
Sherman N7350 .J345 2018

Travels with Frank Lloyd Wright
Jones, Gwyn Lloyd, author
London, UK : Lund Humphries, 2017
Route finder -- Unusual views of outstanding sites -- Vanity fair -- Egor'evsk cultural club -- Whatever happened to Frank Lloyd Wright? -- When Frank met Francesco -- A short taxi ride around the Persian gulf -- Minority reports.

"Frank Lloyd Wright is known as the architect of an enduring modern American vision, but was himself extremely well-travelled, with journeys to far-flung corners of the world serving as opportunities to develop and promote his globalising 'organic' philosophy. Visits to Japan and Germany informed his Prairie House period, his Usonian manifesto was presented in Russia and the UK, and later he spent time in Italy and the Middle East during his Legacy period. Gwyn Lloyd Jones retraces Lloyd Wright's footsteps in a fascinating globetrotting narrative that reveals Lloyd Wright's architectural legacy as having emerged from what was, at the time, a newly globalised era of architectural production. Along the way the author meets the people who are living with and experiencing Lloyd Wright's 'organic' architecture today and asks whether the buildings remain true to Wright's intent and what it is that makes them unique."--Jacket flap.
Sherman NA737.W7 J66 2017

Surrealism, occultism and politics : in search of the marvellous
edited by Tessel M. Bauduin, Victoria Ferentinou and Daniel Zamani
New York : Routledge, 2018
Baker Berry NX456.5.S8 S8736 2018

Picasso and the painting that shocked the world
Unger, Miles, author
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2018
In search of lost time -- The legendary hero -- Dirty Arcadia -- Les Misérables -- The square of the fourth dimension -- La vie en rose -- Friends and enemies -- The village above the clouds -- The chief -- Exorcism -- Drinking kerosene, spitting fire -- Bohemia's last stand.

Traces the story of Picasso's rise from an obscure young painter in Barcelona to one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century, documenting the events of his first visit to Paris, his emergence as a leader of a group of bohemian artists, his gradual recognition by collectors and the 1906 creation of the disturbing masterpiece, "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon."
Sherman ND553.P5 U56 2018

Architectural heritage of Yemen : buildings that fill my eye
edited by Trevor H.J. Marchand
London : Gingko Library, 2017
Foreward / Sheikh Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber -- 'Buildings that fill my eye': an introduction to the Architectural heritage of Yemen / Trevor H.J. Marchand -- Part 1. Architectural Traditions of Yemen. Early and medieval Sanaa: the evidence on the ground / Ronald Lewcock -- Rasulid architecture / Noha Sadek -- The Bani Tahir and the 'Amiriyya Madrasa: architecture and politics / Venetia Porter -- Some Sufi mausoleums in Yemen / Barbara Finster -- Mocha: maritime architecture on Yemen's Red Sea Coast / Nancy Um -- Construction, development and destruction on Jabal Razih / Shelag Weir -- The domestic architecture of the Northern Plateaux and Eastern Slopes of Yemen: building attitudes and formal identities / Fernando Varanda -- The art of building tower houses in the Wadi Hadhramaut / Pamela Jerome -- The forts of Yemen : the example of the Citadel of Ta'izz / Noha Sadek -- The minarets of Sanaa / Trevor H. J. Marchand -- Part 2. Preserving Yemen's Architectural Heritage. The campaign to preserve the Old City of Sanaa / Ronald Lewcock -- Preserving Shibam: the city of towering mud houses / Tom Leiermann -- Preserving and transmitting traditional building techniques in Yemen / Renzo Ravagnan, Sabina Antonini De Maigret, and Cristina Muradore -- Majil and Birka: cisterns in the Western Highlands of Yemen / Ingrid Hehmeyer -- Part 3. Making Space & Place in Yemen. Paradise built: Al-Shahari's description of Sanaa in the twelfth/eighteenth century / Tim Mackintosh-Smith -- A Nasraniyya in Sanaa, 1988-99 / Deborah Dorman -- Bodies on the move: gender dynamics on a Sanaani minibus / Gabriele vom Bruck -- The Zabidi House / Anne Meneley -- Views of Aden / St John Simpson -- Afterword. Preservation of cultural heritage is the preservation of cultural identity and belonging / Nabil Al-Makaleh and Fahd Al-Quraishi.
Sherman NA1490.Y45 A73 2017

Sheila Hicks : lignes de vie = lifelines
sous la direction de = edited by Michel Gauthier ; traduction vers l'anglais = English translation, Caroline Taylor-Bouché
Paris, France : Centre Pompidou, [2018]
An admirer of pre-Columbian textiles, the artist uses large sculptures as well as miniature weaves to create tapestries that bring their color to life.
Sherman NK3012.A3 H52 2018

Robert Ryman : drawings
Ryman, Robert, 1930- artist
New York, New York : Pace, [2018]
Sherman NC139.R95 A4 2018

Heaven and Hell : salvation and retribution in Pure Land Buddhism
Emily J. Sano, Randall Nadeau, Alison J. Miller ; editor, Erin Kathleen Murphy ; introduction by Katherine Crawford Luber
San Antonio, Texas : San Antonio Museum of Art, [2017]
"Heaven and Hell: Salvation and Retribution in Pure Land Buddhism, will bring together approximately seventy paintings, sculpture, and works of decorative arts to survey the artistic expressions of the Pure Land faith. Pure Land Buddhism is based on belief in Amitabha, the Buddha of the Western Paradise, who promises salvation in his heavenly paradise after death to all those who will simply call upon his name. The appeal of easy salvation made faith in Amitabha one of the most popular forms of Buddhism throughout Asia, where it inspired the development of beautiful and diverse works of art. To introduce the subject, the exhibition will include a selection of works from the continent of Asia, such as the Gandhara region of India, Southeast Asia, China, Tibet, and Korea, which show the endurance of Pure Land motifs across continents for a thousand years. The majority of the show will be focused on Japanese works of art that illustrate how Amitabha will descend to earth from his heaven to greet a dying soul, scenes of hell, the numerous divine beings that are put on earth to guide the faithful and assist those who have fallen into hell escape that terrible fate"--
Sherman N8193.3.P8 H43 2017

Nature's mirror : reality and symbol in Belgian landscape
edited by Jeffery Howe
[Chestnut Hill, Mass.] : McMullen Museum of Art, Boston College [2017]
Historical outline and map / Jeffery Howe -- Nature's mirror : reality and symbol in Belgian landscape / Jeffery Howe -- Henri De Braekeleer and Belgian landscape painting in the 1870s and 1880s / Alison Hokanson --"Belgium is an industrialist" : pride and exploitation in the Black Country, 1850-1900 / Catherine Labio -- Fernand Khnopff's landscapes : nature as mirror / Jeffery Howe -- "And the clouds stagnate. On the water's face" : Bruges as a crossroads of European symbolism / Dominique Marechal -- Serres chaudes : inside-outside, outside-inside / Albert Alhadeff -- The four seasons of Léon Spilliaert's mind / Anne Adriaens-Pannier.
Sherman ND1359 .N38 2017

Through the eyes of Picasso : face to face with African and Oceanic art
editorial direction by Yves Le Fur
Paris, France : Flammarion : [2017]
I. Picasso and the "primitive" arts. 1900-1974 chronology -- II. Body to body. Archaisms -- Metamorphoses -- The ID -- III. The essays. Nothing but the primitive / Yves Le Fur -- Beneath the painting / Gérard Wajcman -- Louise's ass / Stéphane Breton -- Selected bibliography -- List of works exhibited.

"Picasso once famously - and provocatively - declared that he was not acquainted with African art. yet hundreds of archival documents and photographs - in addition to reproductions of his artworks alongside so-called "primitive" works from Africa and Oceania, as well as the Americas and Asia - illustrate how such art was a continual source of inspiration for the master artist throughout his career. Divided into three parts, this comprehensive tome explores Picasso's fascination with art from outside of Europe. A chronology - spanning from his arrival in Paris in 1900 to 1974, the year following his death - highlights the principal points of intersection between the artist and "primitive" art: where he encountered it, which pieces he collected, and the resonances found in his own creations. Each date is elucidated through facts, testimonial accounts, and photographs, as well as comments from Picasso himself. The second part examines the thematic links between Picasso's oeuvre and diverse non-European works, providing side-by-side comparisons that reveal recurrent themes - nudity, sexuality, impulses, death, and more - along with parallel artistic expressions of those themes, such as the disfiguration or destruction of the body. Essays by three authoritative authors complete the exploration, providing context and valuable insight into the influence of these works on Picasso and the lasting and meaningful bond he had with them."
Sherman N6853.P5 A4 2017d

Jan Steen en de historieschilderkunst
Ariane van Suchtelen ; met bijdragen van Wouter Th. Kloek, Mariët Westermann, Yvonne Bleyerveld, Rosalie van Gulick, Lea van der Vinde ; redactie, Ariane van Suchtelen, met medewerking van Yvonne Bleyerveld
Den Haag : Mauritshuis ; [2018]
Jan Steen is een van de populairste schilders uit de Hollandse Gouden Eeuw. Hij staat bekend om zijn komische voorstellingen van verlopen huishoudens, vertier in de herberg, kwakzalvers en liefdeszieke meisjes. Minder bekend is dat hij ook historiestukken schilderde: onderwerpen uit de Bijbel, apocriefe geschriften en mythologie. Het zijn verhalen vol opwinding, drama en hartstocht. Net als in zijn genrestukken besteedt Steen in deze schilderijen veel aandacht aan de interactie tussen de figuren. Ook heeft hij een scherp oog voor de humoristische mogelijkheden van ieder verhaal. 0Anders dan de latere beeldvorming als grappenmaker doet vermoeden, was Jan Steen een veelzijdig en ambitieus kunstenaar met een grote literaire en kunsthistorische kennis. Die kennis kwam vooral in zijn historiestukken goed van pas. Deze rijk geïllustreerde publicatie gaat over dit relatief onbekende deel van het oeuvre van Jan Steen. Het boek bevat drie essays over de historiestukken van Jan Steen, gevolgd door een kleurrijk deel waarin een selectie van de belangrijkste schilderijen met Bijbelse en mythologische onderwerpen wordt besproken.00Exhibition: Mauritshuis, The Hague, The Netherlands (from 02.2018).
Sherman ND653.S8 A4 2018

Antipodean early modern : European art in Australian collections, c. 1200-1600
edited by Anne Dunlop
Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, c2018
A Rothschild prayer book; an Italian bronze casket by Antico; a lavishly illustrated Carnival chronicle from sixteenth-century Germany; an altarpiece by the famous Flemish painter Pieter Brueghel the Younger - much of the artwork in this book, held by Australian collections, is essentially unknown beyond the continent, and so this collection of essays will surprise even specialists. The authors showcase these extraordinary objects to their full potential, revealing a wide range of contemporary art and historical research.
Sherman N6370 .A58 2018

Grupos y espacios en México : arte contemporáneo de los 90 = Groups and spaces in Mexico : contemporary art of the 90s
CDMX [México City] : publicado por Ediciones MP con el apoyo de J.P. Morgan, [2017]-
Volume 1. Licenciado Verdad / editado por Patricia Sloane y Kurt Hollander

Licenciado Verdad tells the story of a generation of artists and curators that substantially transformed Mexico's contemporary art scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The title alludes to the now iconic building located on the Calle Licenciado Verdad in Mexico City's historic center, which, for a period of about ten years, cradled the movement. It was there that artists, writers, and curators of the likes of María Guerra, Eloy Tarcisio, Silvia Gruner, Michael Tracy, Thomas Glassford, Melanie Smith, and Francis Alÿs made their homes and studios. Works of art, individual and group exhibitions, parties and gatherings that summoned active personalities of the most diverse kind took place in this building, turning it into a model of production and diffusion of contemporary art. Together with other spaces in the centro histórico, such as Aldo Flores's Salón dès Aztecas or La Casona, under the direction of Guillermo Santamarina, the building on Licenciado Verdad became a platform for the experimentation of new languages in the visual arts. --
Sherman N6557.M4 G78 2017

Korean art : the power of now
editor, Hossein Amirsadeghi ; executive editor, Marcelle Joseph ; managing editor, Andrea Belloli ; project director, Heejin No ; essays, Youngna Kim, Sook-Kyung Lee, John Rajchman
London : Thames & Hudson in association with TransGlobe Publishing Limited, [2013]
Despite its relatively small size, Korea has perhaps the most sophisticated contemporary art scene in Asia. This book is suitable for both those in the know and readers wishing to acquaint themselves with Korea's contemporary scene for the first time.
Sherman N7365.6 .K67 2013

Remaking the readymade : Duchamp, Man Ray, and the conundrum of the replica
Kamien-Kazhdan, Adina, author
London : Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Sherman N6490 .K365 2018

Ade-Ledic-Nander, Monopoly, Manipulate the world
Moderna museet ; editor, Fredrik Liew
Stockholm : Moderna Museet ; [2017]
Sherman N7093.F335 A4 2017

The Temple of Peace in Rome
Tucci, Pier Luigi, author
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2017
In this magisterial two-volume book, Pier Luigi Tucci offers a comprehensive examination of one of the key complexes of Ancient Rome, the Temple of Peace. Based on archival research and an architectural survey, his research sheds new light on the medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque transformations of the basilica, and the later restorations of the complex. Volume 1 focuses on the foundation of the complex under Vespasian until its restoration under Septimius Severus and challenges the accepted views about the ancient building. Volume 2 begins with the remodelling of the library hall and the construction of the rotunda complex, and examines the dedication of the Christian Basilica of SS Cosmas and Damian. Of interest to scholars in a range of topics, 'The Temple of Peace in Rome' crosses the boundaries between classics, archaeology, history of architecture, and art history, through Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the early modern period.
Sherman NA323 .T83 2017

Юлия Самойлова : муза Карла Брюллова / Ольга Буткова
Буткова, О. author. (Ольга),
Moskva : RIPOL klassik, [2016]
Sherman ND699.B7 B88 2016

The fair-line and the good frontage : surface and effect
Walker, Stephen, 1966- author
Singapore : Palgrave Macmillan, [2018]
Sherman NA6800 .W35 2018

Power and grace : drawings by Rubens, Van Dyck, and Jordaens
Tuinen, Ilona van, author,
[New York, N.Y.] : The Morgan Museum & Library ; [2018]
Accompanying an exhibition of spectacular drawings by giants of Flemish Baroque art from the collection of the Morgan Library & Museum in New York, "Power and Grace" demonstrates the crucial, but very different, roles played by drawings in the oeuvres of Rubens, Van Dyck, and Jordaens, and highlights the distinctive features of their graphic styles and the impact they had on each other. Exhibition: Morgan Library & Museum, New York, USA, (19.01-29.04.2018).
Sherman NC264 .T85 2018

A chronology of art : a timeline of Western culture from prehistory to the present
edited by Iain Zaczek
New York, New York : Thames & Hudson, 2018
Ancient & medieval -- Renaissance & baroque -- Rococo & neoclassicism -- Romanticism & beyond -- The modern era.

"A fresh take on the history of art, using cultural timelines to reveal little-known connections and influences between artworks and artistic movements. Most surveys of the history of art are divided into historic periods, artistic schools, and movements. In reality, movements and artists' careers overlap and intertwine, reacting to events in the world around them. By prioritizing a purely chronological approach, A Chronology of Art illuminates these relationships from a fresh perspective and places the developments of the art world into context with one another. Structured around a central timeline covering Ancient & Medieval, Renaissance & Baroque, Rococo & Neoclassicism, Romanticism & Beyond, and The Modern Era, the book features lavish illustrations of artworks, together with commentaries, and lively "In Focus" features with information about the social, stylistic, technical, political, and cultural events of each period. This approach reveals little- known connections: the most illustrious Neoclassical painting (David's Oath of the Horatii) was executed just a couple of years after one of the best-known Romantic scenes (Fuseli's The Nightmare); and American artist James Whistler, who had attended West Point Military Academy, was creating his finest work in Europe at the very time when his homeland was being torn apart by civil war."--
Sherman N5300 .C55 2018

Great houses of Summit Avenue and the Hill District
Melvin, Karen, 1954- photographer
Minneapolis, MN : Big Picture Press, LLC, [2013]
"Summit Avenue, grande dame of Victorian boulevards, is lined with magnificent turn-of-the-century mansions built by railroad magnates, lumber barons and captains of industry. Great Houses of Summit Avenue and the Hill District is a celebration of these homes on St. Paul's best-known and most beloved avenue. With a foreword by Garrison Keillor and fascinating stories penned by four award-winning writers including Paul Clifford Larson, Bette Hammel, Dave Kenney, and Melinda Nelson, the book opens the doors to more than two dozen legendary homes situated on America's best-preserved avenue from the era. Photographer Karen Melvin takes us along for a tour through stately mansions to view these remarkable architectural gems. Featuring the work of notable architects including Clarence Johnston, Cass Gilbert and Alan Stem, readers experience the interiors first-hand, including the home of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Richly illustrated with hundreds of photos, this book offers an irresistible invitation to step through the doors of these showcase homes to explain what we are all curious to know. Discover how the homeowners have restored the original grandeur and rich heritage of their homes while infusing them with new life and energy"--Amazon.com, viewed November 19, 2013.
Sherman NA7238.S29 M45 2013

Alessandro Twombly : sculptures
editor, Urs Albrecht ; translations, Uta Protz
Berlin : Hatje Cantz, [2017]
Unlike the sculptures by his father Cy Twombly, who assembled them as if they were collages composed of found pieces, Alessandro Twombly's (*1959 in Rome) works are organic-looking sculptures made from a single piece of material. They recall fossilized coral, hardened streams of lava, objects found on the beach, or statues of archaic divinities. As different as they are from one another in appearance, they all invoke the elementary forces of nature. Their dynamic shapes visualize the idea of metamorphosis, the eternal transformation that is the basis for growth. Marks of Twombly's work are left on the surfaces of some of the sculptures, which are first cast in plaster or clay, and then in bronze or resin. In this survey of his work, which features Twombly's sculptures from 1986 to 2016, one can see the processes and developments that have been inscribed in the material.--From publisher's website.
Sherman Oversize NB623.T86 A4 2017

Didi-Huberman, Georges, author
Paris : Jeu de Paume ; 2018
Introducción / Georges Didi-Huberman -- Por los deseos : fragmentos sobre lo que nos levanta / Georges Didi-Huberman -- Ver y saber en torno a la imagen / Eliza Mizrahi -- Semblanza -- Lista de obra.

"Uprising" is a transdisciplinary exposition about collective emotions and political events insofar as they involve mass movements in struggle. It is then about the social disorders, the political agitations, the insubordinations, the revolts, the agitations and the revolutions, of all kinds held at MUAC 24 de febrero al 29 de julio 2018. The project is based on a historical and theoretical work that Georges Didi-Huberman (France 1953), philosopher and historian of art, who has been doing for years, mainly through the series of books entitled L'oeil de l'histoire (The Eye of History), that in their last deliveries face the question by the representation of the towns in the aesthetic and political sense of the word representation. The figure of the uprising is presented through more than 250 works including manuscripts, documents, paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and films, to show how artists have addressed these issues at different historical moments. The exhibition route follows a sensitive and intuitive path in which the view can be focused on concrete examples across five areas: Elements (unchained); Gestures (intense); Words (exclaimed); Conflicts (lit); and Desires (indestructible). The exhibition Soulèvementsʺ has been organized by the Jeu de Paume of Paris and its itinerancy included the MUNTREF Museum of the National University of Tres de Febrero (Argentina); Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, Barcelona; the MUAC - Contemporary Art University Museum - UNAM, Mexico; the Galerie de l'UQAM - University of Quebec in Montreal and SESC São Paulo. This project is reissued in each roaming venue with distinct catalogues, Didi-Huberman integrated local works in this exhibition that include different disciplines such as photography, drawing, video and installation. Among them: The manifestos in Nahuatl by Emiliano Zapata, The manifesto Estridentista, a photo by Barros Sierra in the demonstration for the autonomy of the university in 68, The Papalotes of the 43 disappeared students of Francisco Toledo, The Comandante Esther speaking in the Chamber of Deputies and Senators, and work by Graciela Iturbide, Tercerunquinto, Vicente Razo, Silvia Gruner, No Group, Ulises Carrión, Javier Téllez, Francis Alÿs, among others.
Sherman N7429.3 .D53 2018

Historical dictionary of Baroque art and architecture
Zirpolo, Lilian H., author
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2018]
Sherman Ref N6415.B3 Z57 2018

Renoir's dancer : the secret life of Suzanne Valadon
Hewitt, Catherine, author
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2018
Life-cycles -- Places to call home -- Testing the line -- Inspiring painters -- Dancing in the city -- Not just a pretty face -- Talent laid bare -- Flavours of happiness -- Picture perfect -- Deviants or delinquents -- The name of the father -- New horizons -- Till death do us part -- What money can buy -- In and out -- Behind closed doors -- Empty chairs and empty tables -- Flickering shades.

A richly told biography of Suzanne Valadon, the illegitimate daughter of a provincial linen maid who became famous as a model for the Impressionists and later as a painter in her own right. Catherine Hewitt tells the remarkable tale of an ambitious, headstrong woman fighting to find a professional voice in a male-dominated world.
Sherman ND553.V3 H49 2018

American Catholics and the Church of tomorrow : building churches for the future, 1925-1975
Osborne, Catherine R., 1979- author
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, [2018]
The biological paradigm -- Modeling the church -- Theology in concrete -- Pilgrims of the future -- The secular city -- "What is a Church?" -- Conclusion.
Sherman NA5212.5.M63 O82 2018

Place and space in the medieval world
edited by Meg Boulton, Jane Hawkes, and Heidi Stoner
New York: Routlege, Taylor & Francis Group Ltd 2018
This book addresses the critical terminologies of place and space (and their role within medieval studies) in a considered and critical manner, presenting a scholarly introduction written by the editors alongside thematic case-studies that address a wide range of visual and textual material. The essays consider the extant visual and textual sources from the medieval period alongside contemporary scholarly discussions to examine place and space in their wider critical context, and are written by specialists in a range of disciplines including art history, archaeology, history and literature.
Sherman N5975 .P53 2018

Eileen Agar : dreaming oneself awake
Remy, Michel, 1946- author
London, UK : Reaktion Books, 2017
Leaving the terrain of representation, 1899-1931 -- Approaching the shores of objective chance, 1931-6 -- Facing the crisis of the object, 1936-45 -- Welcoming the eternal return of magic, 1940-53 -- Dreaming oneself awake, 1953-91.
Sherman N6797.A36 R46 2017

The pixels of Paul Cézanne and reflections on other artists
Wenders, Wim, author
London : Faber & Faber, 2018
"The Pixels of Paul Cezanne is a collection of essays by Wim Wenders in which he presents his observations and reflections on the fellow artists who have influenced, shaped, and inspired him. How are they doing it? is the key questions Wenders asks as he looks at the dance work of Pina Bausch, the paintings of Cezanne, Edward Hopper of Andrew Wyeth, or the films of Ingmar Bergman, Michelanelo Antonioni, Ozu, Anthony Mann, Douglas Sirk, and Sam Fuller. He finds the answer by writing about them, trying to understand their individual perspective, and, in the process revealing his own art of perception, in texts of rare poignancy."--
Baker Berry NX65 .W44513 2018

The friaries of medieval London : from foundation to dissolution
Holder, Nick (Archaeologist and historian), author
Woodbridge : The Boydell Press, 2017
Part I. The nine London friaries. The first Black friars in Holborn, c. 1223-86 -- The second Black friars, 1275-1538 -- The third Black friars at St Bartholomew's, 1556-9 -- Grey friars, 1225-1538 -- White friars, c. 1247-1538 -- Austin friars, c. 1265-1538 -- Crossed friars, c. 1268-1538 -- Sack friars, c. 1270-1305 -- Pied friars, 1267-1317 -- Part II. The London friars and their friaries. Churches -- Precincts and the use of space -- Architecture and architectural fragments of the London friaries / Mark Samuel -- Floor tiles and building materials from the London friaries / Ian Betts -- Water supply -- Economy -- Spiritual life and education in the London friaries / Jens Röhrkasten -- Burial and commemoration in the London friaries / Christian Steer -- London friars and Londoners -- Dissolution.

The friaries of medieval London formed an important part of the city's physical and spiritual landscape between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries. These urban monasteries housed 300 or more preacher-monks who lived an enclosed religious life and went out into the city to preach. The most important orders were the Dominican Black friars and the Franciscan Grey friars but London also had houses of Augustine, Carmelite and Crossed friars, and, in the thirteenth century, Sack and Pied friars. This book offers an illustrated interdisciplinary study of these religious houses, combining archaeological, documentary, cartographic and architectural evidence to reconstruct the layout and organisation of nine priories. After analysing and describing the great churches and cloisters, and their precincts with burial grounds and gardens, it moves on to examine more general historical themes, including the spiritual life of the friars, their links to living and dead Londoners, and the role of the urban monastery. The closure of these friaries in the 1530s is also discussed, along with a brief revival of one friary in the reign of Mary.
Sherman NA4850 .H65 2017

Mastering calligraphy : the complete guide to hand lettering
Godfrey-Nicholls, Gaye, author
San Francisco : Chronicle Books, 2013
The basics. History and evolution of Western calligraphy ; Tools and materials ; Good practice -- Hands. Broad-edged pen alphabets ; Non-traditional alphabets ; Pointed-pen alphabets ; Brush alphabets -- Design and decoration. Backgrounds and colors ; Layout and composition ; Illumination -- Digital calligraphy. Digitizing hand-drawn lettering ; Creating digital lettering.

The centuries-old art of calligraphy is currently witnessing a prolific explosion of new talent. Godfrey-Nicholls offers a comprehensive look at this traditional craft and its contemporary practices. She includes step-by-step instruction on traditional and gestural hand-lettering techniques, digital typography, and more
Baker Berry Nash NK3600 .G62 2013

The drama of space : spatial sequences and compositions in architecture
Kleine, Holger, author
Basel : Birkhäuser, [2018]
"The experience of architectural spaces is formed by the way they are staged. The Drama of Space examines architectural spaces in terms of spatial dramaturgy, as a repertoire of means and strategies for shaping spatial experience. This fundamental approach is presented including detailed analyses of 18 international case studies. The book ends with a systematic presentation of the dramaturgy of space in architectural design"--
Sherman NA2760 .K5313 2018

Stories of almost everyone
Aram Moshayedi
Los Angeles : Hammer Museum, University of California ; 2018
The narrative conceit / Aram Moshayedi -- Plates -- The shining / Bruce Hainley -- The morality of things / Emanuele Coccia -- Itinerary / Julie Ault -- Newspaper on a dubious patio / Wayne Koestenbaum -- Dancing with and for objects / Ikechukwu Onyewuenyi -- Hallowers / Jay Chung and Q Takeki Maeda -- Untitled / Hannah Black -- Case study in care: fingernails / Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer -- Mount Monadnock transmissions / Caconrad -- Writing from the shores / Gabriela Jauregui -- Readymade as still life / Helmut Draxler -- Inventory of thirteen effects / Dan Fox -- Mayoral chandelier / Wayne Kostenbaum -- Art, artifact, and commodity in the Natural History Museum / Alaka Wali -- Myths, not mythologies / Donatien Grau -- Heart of glass / Mayer Rus -- No object in mind / Lynne Tillman -- Keep the faith: on the curatorial object and the promise of contemporary art / Sohrab Mohebbi -- Pillow and Tom / Wayne Koestenbaum -- Unsettled evidence: the story of seventeen Tasmanian Aborigines / Daniel McClean -- Blankets / Chris Kraus -- Self-portrait / Charles Ray -- Contemporary art as production of the past / Boris Groys -- Align / Akira Mizuta Lippit -- A disquieting muse / Linda Norden -- The diplomatic rock / Wayne Koestenbaum -- An archivist from below on the top of the world / W.J.T. Mitchell -- Derision / Hassan Kahn.

"This book addresses how artifacts and objects of contemporary art create meaning and mythology in equal measure. What challenges does exhibiting a work pose to the inherent muteness of objects? How do artists choose to speak on behalf of inanimate artifacts and byproducts of material culture and the natural world? This volume coincides with an exhibition that examines these questions and is organized around the idea that objects possess narrative histories that the conventions of display can only, at best, approximate. In recent years, the continued emphasis on an art of ideas--inherited from the legacies of Conceptual and post-Conceptual art--has sought to broaden the function of everyday objects. Artists have, as a result, developed textual and non-textual approaches that reveal a faith in objects to communicate as well as skepticism of the promises of unmediated expression. The book is illustrated with works by Darren Bader, Kasper Bosmans, Carol Bove, Andrea Buttner, Jason Dodge, Haris Epaminonda, Iman Issa, Hassan Khan, Antonio Vega Macotela, Jill Magid, Dave McKenzie, Christodoulos Panayiotou, and others"--
Sherman N6496.L66 H367 2018

Arthur Dove : a reassessment
Pensler, Alan. author
Seattle, Washington : Lucia Marquand, [2018]
Foreword / David Anfam -- Foreword / Daisy Mullett Smith -- Preface / Alan Pensler -- Introduction / Alan Pensler -- Arthur Dove, a reassessment / Alan Pensler -- Plates -- Chronology -- Notes -- Arthur G. Dove (1880-), a study in contemporary art / Suzanne M. Mullett Smith -- Selected bibliography -- Index -- Acknowledgments.

Arthur Dove: a Reassessment' offers a fresh look at the art, life and literature of seminal American modernist painter Arthur Dove. It also introduces Dove's long-forgotten biographer Suzanne Mullett Smith, who worked with Alfred Stieglitz and the artist from 1943 to 1944 assembling a chronicle of Dove's art and life as well as a catalogue raisonné. By examining previously unpublished material, this volume explores the differences between Dove's public and private personas, especially the development of his art while living in Westport, Connecticut, from 1910 to 1920; his successful career as a chicken farmer; his complex relationship with his family; and the impact of his Christian background on some of his best-known works. This lavishly designed volume offers a fresh reexamination of Dove that is sure to become essential reading for scholars and fans alike.
Sherman ND237.D67 P46 2018

Peacock in the desert : the royal arts of Jodhpur, India
Karni Jasol ; with contributions by Peter Alford Andrews, Robert Elgood, Catherine Glynn, Karni Jasol, Angma D. Jhala, Shailka Mishra, and Giles Tillotson ; edited by Angma D. Jhala
Houston : The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, [2018]
Marwar rulers -- Maps of Indian subcontinent and Rajastan (circa 1900) -- Rathores of Marwar-Jodphur / Karni Jasol and Shailka Mishra -- Architecture and landscape in Marwar / Giles Tillotson -- Imperial cosmopolitanism, royal patronage, and Zenana courts / Angma D. Jhala -- Rathore warriors and their arms / Robert Elgood -- The Lal Dera in the tradition of Indian tentage / Peter Alford Andrews -- The painting tradition of Jodphur / Catherine Glynn -- Catalogue of the exhibition. Tradition and continuity : the royal wedding procession; The Rathores of Marwar; Conquest and alliance : the Rathores and the Mughals; Zenana : Cross-cultural encounters; Durbar : the Rathore court ;The Raj.
Sherman N7307.R3 K37 2018

Hotel and resort design : Habita Architects
Mulgrave, Victoria : Images Publishing, 2018
Sherman Oversize NA7820 .H33 2018

Discovering Philadelphia : places little known : photographs by the author
Traub, David S., author,
Philadelphia : Camino Books, Inc., [2017]
Historical center -- South Philadelphia -- North Philadelphia -- West and Southwest Philadelphia -- Northwest Philadelphia -- The River Wards -- Northeast Philadelphia.
Sherman NA735.P5 T725 2017

Rembrandt and the inspiration of India
edited by Stephanie Schrader, with contributions by Catherine Glynn, Yael Rice, and William W. Robinson
Los Angeles : The J. Paul Getty Museum, [2018]
Rembrandt and the Mughal Line: Artistic Inspiration in the Global City of Amsterdam / Stephanie Schrader -- Mughal Masterworks in Rembrandt's Hand / Catherine Glynn -- "A book of Indian drawings, by Rembrandt, 25 in number" / William W. Robinson -- The Global Aspirations of the Mughal Album / Yael Rice.

"Accompanying an exhibition at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, this volume brings together Rembrandt's drawings after Mughal paintings and demonstrates how Rembrandt's contact with Mughal art inspired him to draw in an entirely new, refined style."--Provided by publisher.
Sherman NC263.R4 A4 2018

Picasso and the art of drawing
Lloyd, Christopher, 1945- author
London : Modern Art Press, 2018
In this generously illustrated and lively book, Christopher Lloyd sets out and interprets the lifelong achievement of Picasso (1881-1973) as a draftsman. Although there have been many publications about his drawings that have tended to focus on particular periods of his career, this stunning volume specifically examines how drawing serves as the vital thread connecting all of Picasso's art, just as it also links his private world with his public persona of which he was becoming increasingly aware in his later years. Picasso and the Art of Drawing ultimately showcases how the basis of the titular artist's style as painter, sculptor, printmaker, and designer was manifestly achieved through drawing.
Sherman NC248.P5 A4 2018

Byzantine art
Cormack, Robin, author
Oxford Oxford University Press, 2018
"A beautifully illustrated, new edition of the best single-volume guide to Byzantine art, providing an introduction to the whole period and range of styles."--
Sherman N6250 .C656 2018

Towards impressionism : landscape painting from Corot to Monet
edited by Suzanne Greub ; translations, David Radzinowicz
Basel : Art Centre Basel ; c2017
The Romantic spirit of French landscape painting / Michael Clarke, former Director, Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh -- Corot and the School of Barbizon / Michael Clarke, former Director, Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh -- "The true cradle of Impressionism": Eugène Boudin, Claude Monet, and the School of Honfleur / Frances Fowle, Reader in History of Art, University of Edinburgh ; Senior Curator, Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh.

The Musée des Beaux-Arts, Reims owns the second largest collection of works by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot after the Louvre, as well as excellent landscape paintings by artists of the Barbizon School. Corot was one of the most significant painters involved with the barbizonists. Studying the Reims holdings further, it seemed evident to edit a catalogue and curate an exhibition that reaches from the romantic spirit in French landscape painting to the School of Barbizon on to the group of artists around Eugène-Louis Boudin at Honfleur - the true cradle of Impressionism - and lastly to the impressionists Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.00Exhibition: Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Winter Park, USA (20.01.-08.04.2018) / Frye Art Museum, Seattle, USA (12.05.-05.08.2018).
Sherman ND1356.5 .T69 2017

The Rockies and the Alps : Bierstadt, Calame, and the romance of the mountains
Manthorne, Katherine, author
[Newark] New Jersey : Newark Museum ; [2018]
Close to the soil -- Julie to Frankenstein to Heidi -- Painting the Rockies, invoking the Alps -- Nature, God, and Hashish

Inspired by the grandeur of 'the Rockies and the Alps', American and European artists strove to capture their power in paint. In the mid-19th century, when photographers, scientists, and armchair travellers were awakening to these wonders, improved transportation and accommodations made mountains and glaciers more accessible. This richly illustrated volume brings together dazzling depictions of the Rockies and the Alps, while investigating how geology, flora and fauna, and social and literary contexts relate to the rise of alpine landscape painting.
Sherman N8214.5.U6 M297 2018

Mysteries of the mall : and other essays
Rybczynski, Witold, author
New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2015
Part one: the way we live today. Mysteries of the mall ; Godfathers of sprawl ; Big-city amenities. Trees. High-tech jobs. Cappucino. Retirement paradise. Nose rings ; Designs for escape ; Thoughts on Home -- Part two: our urban condition. Tocqueville, urban critic ; We're all Venetians now ; Downtown ; Bauhaus blunders ; Downsizing cities ; The fifth city ; Bollard burg ; New York's rumpus room ; Why we need Olmsted again -- Part three: the art of building. A distinguished failure ; Show dogs ; When buildings try too hard ; The unreal America ; The story king ; A good public building ; A blight at the opera ; Sounds as good as it looks ; The biggest small buildings ; Palladio in the rough -- Part four: place makers. The master ; Corbu ; Why Wright endures ; Call Arup ; Mr. Success ; The unfettered eclectic ; A humble architect ; The Zen master ; The smart man from Hollywood.

"A deep exploration of modern life that examines our cities, public places, and homes."--Provided by publisher.
Sherman NA9105 .R935 2015

Pérez, Sebastien, author
Berkeley, CA : Gingko Press, 2017
"A sumptuous feast of a book, Frida allows the reader to enter this revered artist's world, both literally and metaphorically. Through a series of consecutive die-cut pages, one is drawn in - passing through aspects of her life, art and creative process while exploring the themes that inspired her most, such as love, death and maternity. Iconic and visceral, her work has always had the ability to transcend borders and resonate with its honest and graphic depiction of the human condition. Until now, there has never been a greater homage. Excerpts from Frida Kahlo's personal diaries alternate with Sébastien Perez's poetic musings to give fresh insight and emotional depth, while Benjamin Lacombe's stunning artwork masterfully conveys the symbolism and surrealism of her art"--Publisher's description.
Sherman ND259.K33 P4713 2017

Myth/reality : contemporary artists from Scotland
editorial coordination, Enrico Bossan
[Crocetta del Montello] : Antiga edizioni, 2017
Sherman N7437 .M987 2017

Y-Paraguay : contemporary artists from Paraguay
editorial coordination, Enrico Bossan
[Crocetta del Montello] : Antiga edizioni, 2017
Sherman N7437 .Y737 2017

Tu nombre es un laberinto : contemporary artists from El Salvador
editorial coordination, Enrico Bossan
[Crocetta del Montello] : Antiga edizioni, 2018
Sherman N7437 .T95 2018

A look from the bridge : contemporary artists from Slovakia
editorial coordination, Enrico Bossan
[Crocetta del Montello] : Antiga edizioni, 2018
Sherman N7437 .L555 2018

Chair : 500 designs that matter
London ; Phaidon Press, 2018
The most compelling collection ever of the world's most innovative, stylish, and influential chairs .Throughout history, the chair has presented designers the world over with infinite opportunities to experiment with new methods and materials within the set parameters of an object that is primarily there to serve a practical purpose. 'Chair: 500 Designs that Matter' celebrates the humble chair as never before, from early examples to today's cutting-edge creations. It invites you to sit back and be taken on a journey through the creative imaginations of hundreds of internationally renowned designers.
Sherman NK2715 .C425 2018

Embodied light : the Bahá'í Temple of South America
Hariri Pontarini Architects, author
Basel, Switzerland ; Birkhäuser, [2018]
Sherman NA5367.S263 H37 2018

De Chirico and the United Kingdom : c. 1916-1978
Noel-Johnson, Victoria, author
Roma : Fondazione Giorgio e Isa De Chirico ; [2017]
De Chirico and the United Kingdom (c.1916-1978) constitutes the first in-depth study into de Chirico's lifelong relationship with the country. Detailing over 60 years' worth of activity through c. 550 documents, this publication establishes the fundamental importance that the UK played in the artist's career with his work appearing in no less than 85 exhibitions, 49 of which are documented here for the first time. The recent discovery of extensive correspondence, press reviews and other documentation has enabled a thorough examination of three solo exhibitions held in London (Alex. Reid & Lefevre Ltd., 1938, Royal Society of British Artists, 1949, and Wildenstein Gallery, 1976); successful and failed acquisition bids for de Chirico's artwork in the public sector, as well as the 1962-1964 controversy involving the Tate's display of three paintings (on long-term loan from Edward James) that the artist denounced as fake.
Sherman ND623.C56 N64 2017

Mary Bonner : impressions of a printmaker
George, Mary Carolyn Hollers, author
San Antonio : Trinity University Press, [2018]
"The definitive account of the life of an iconic Texas artist known for her delicate etchings and prints of the places and people that make South Texas unique"--
Sherman NE2012.B58 G4 2018

Birds of a feather : Joseph Cornell's homage to Juan Gris
McKinley, Mary Clare, author
New York : The Metropolitan Museum of Art, [2018]
Joseph Cornell first viewed Cubist painter Juan Gris's The Man at the Café in October 1953. This visual encounter prompted Cornell to create more than a dozen hand-constructed shadow boxes as homages to Gris, each featuring a variation on a motif that echoes formal elements in Gris's painting. This unique book explores Cornell's deep fascination with Gris, uncovering within Cornell's work multiple allusions to Gris's crucial influence and investigating cross-currents such as the artists' shared interests in French culture and the ballet. Birds of a Feather yields a new perspective on Cornell's famed boxes while also shedding light on Gris's painting, establishing points of connection between two key figures of the avant-garde who lived a generation apart.
Sherman N6537.C66 A4 2018

Harald Szeemann : selected writings
Szeemann, Harald, author
Los Angeles : Getty Research Institute, [2018]
"Harald Szeemann: Selected Writings is an anthology of over seventy texts by Harald Szeemann (1933-2005) that brings the ideas of this important curator of twentieth-century art to an English-speaking readership for the first time."--ECIP Data View.
Sherman N7445.2 .S9413 2018

An anthropology of contemporary art : practices, markets, and collectors
edited by Thomas Fillitz and Paul van der Grijp
London, UK ; Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2018
Image and medium. The making of images / Philippe Descola ; To swallow or to get swallowed, this is the question : on viewing, viewers, and frames in the context of "new" images / Paolo S. H. Favero -- World art studies and global art. The design of pictorial ontologies : from unstitched imaginaries to stitched images / Leyla Belkaïd-Neri ; How global art came to Istanbul : the context of the Istanbul Bienal / Danila Mayer ; Concepts of "art world" and the particularity of the Biennale of Dakar / Thomas Fillitz -- Art markets, maecenas and collectors. Contemporary art in a Renaissance setting : the local art system in Florence, Italy / Stuart Plattner ; Brazil's booming art market : calculations, images, and the promotion of a market of contemporary art / Dayana Zdebsky de Cordova ; Awkward art and difficult heritage : Nazi collectors and postcolonial archives / Jonas Tinius ; Collecting art in Asia and the Pacific / Paul van der Grijp -- Participatory art and collaboration. Trespassing borders : encounters and resistances in performance art / Alicja Khatchikian ; Contemporary art in the global south : occupation/participation/knowledge / Alex Flynn ; The idle goddess : notes about post-relational anthropology and art / Roger Sansi.
Sherman N72.A56 A65 2018

How color works : color theory in the 21st century
Fraser, Pamela, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2019]
Color as theory -- Defining color -- Sources of color -- Colors in combination -- Color and ideas.

"Richly illustrated and interactive in its approach, How Color Works: Color Theory in the Twenty-First Century explores the contemporary aesthetics of color. Color and its many meanings are presented in culturally specific terms, encouraging students to appreciate the power that color holds over different societies. The text demonstrates that interest in color is alive and well-even in surprising corners of artistic production-and shows students of all media and all experience levels how to create and use color in a sophisticated fashion."--
Sherman ND1488 .F73 2019

Street art of resistance
Sarah H. Awad, Brady Wagoner, editors
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan , [2017]
Introducing the street art of resistance / Sarah H. Awad and Brady Wagoner -- Part I. Theories of aesthetics, resistance and social change -- Art and social change: The role of creativity and wonder / Vlad Petre Glăveanu -- Subjectivity, aesthetics, and the nexus of injustice: from the traditional to street art / Thomas Teo -- Resisting forms: prolegomena to an aesthetics of resistance / Robert E. Innis -- Part II. Image circulation and politics -- Indigenous images of democracy on city streets: native representations in contemporary Chilean graffiti and muralism / Guisela Latorre -- The resistance passed through here: Arabic graffiti of resistance, before and after the Arab Uprisings / Rana Jarbou -- The Arabic language as creative resistance / Basma Hamdy -- Part III. Urban space: the city as an extension of self -- Speaking walls: contentious memories in Belfast's murals / Daniela Vicherat Mattar -- Inventive ReXistence: notes on Brazil graffiti and city tension / Andrea Vieira Zanella -- Embodied walls and extended skins: Exploring mental health through tataus and graffiti / Jamie Mcphie -- Indigenous graffiti and street art as resistance / Matthew Ryan Smith -- Part IV. Artists and social movements -- Representations of resistance: Ironic iconography in a southern Mexican social movement / Jayne Howell -- The democratic potential of artistic expression in public space: Street art and graffiti as rebellious acts / Cecilia Scholer Nielsen -- The aesthetics of social movements in Span / Óscar García Agustín -- Sheherazade says no: Artful resistance in contemporary Egyptian political cartoon / Mohamed M. Helmy and Sabine Frerichs.
Baker Berry NX180.P64 S77 2017

Flower power : the meaning of flowers in Asian art
Dany Chan
San Francisco, CA : Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, [2017]
Transcendence: lotus -- Transience: plum and cherry -- Reflection: chrysanthemum -- Sophistication: tulip and rose -- Provocation: flowers in contemporary art.

"In 1967, the phrase "flower power" transformed the commonplace flower into a Buddhist-inspired symbol of peace. In honor of the fiftieth anniversary of San Francisco's Summer of Love, this book showcases the expressive powers of flowers in Asian arts and cultures. Beginning in ancient times, a language of flowers, where certain blooms suggest specific themes, was communicated in art throughout Asia. Here forty artworks, all drawn from the Asian Art Museum's renowned collection, focus on six celebrated flowers--lotus, plum blossom, cherry blossom, chrysanthemum, tulip, and rose--and the messages they convey"--
Sherman N7680 .A85 2017

Princes of the church : bishops and their palaces
edited by David Rollason
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2017
Projecting images of power -- Palaces, forests, and parks -- Palaces and the work of the bishop -- Design, function, and decoration.
Sherman NA4840 .P75 2015

The poetry of nature : Edo paintings from the Fishbein-Bender collection
Carpenter, John T., author
New York : The Metropolitan Museum of Art, [2018]
The poetry of nature: an introduction / John T. Carpenter -- Kano and Tosa: China-inspired themes in Edo art / John T. Carpenter -- Rinpa: transmitting ancient Japanese painting styles / John T. Carpenter -- Nanga: Chinese-style landscapes and literati poetics / Midori Oka -- Zen monks and eccentrics: sacred art to confound and amuse / John T. Carpenter -- Maruyama-shijo: Poetic symbolism in naturalistic painting / Midori Oka -- Ukiyo-e: tthe poetry culture of the floating world / John T. Carpenter -- Signatures and seals -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index.

"The Poetry of Nature offers an in-depth look at more than 40 extraordinary Japanese paintings that represent every major school and movement of the Edo period, including Kano, Rinpa, Nanga, Zen, Maruyama-Shijo, and Ukiyo-e. The unifying theme is a celebration of the natural world, expressed in varied forms, from the bold, graphic manner of Rinpa to the muted sensitivity of Nanga. Among the artists whose works are included are Ike Taiga (1723-1776), Maruyama Okyo (1733-1795), and Sakai Hoitsu (1761-1828). John T. Carpenter looks specifically at the intertwinement of painting and poetry, a Japanese artistic tradition that reached new heights during the Edo period. In addition to new readings and translations of Japanese and Chinese poems, Carpenter sheds light on the ways in which Edo artists used verse to transform their paintings into a hybrid literary and visual art."--Publisher's description.
Sherman ND1053.5 .C37 2018

Francisco Montoya de la Cruz
Montoya de la Cruz, Francisco, 1909-1994, artist
Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico : Amaroma Ediciones, 2017
Francisco Montoya de la Cruz: una breve semblanza / Francisco Rugo Montoya Burciaga -- La obra del hombre / José Chávez Morado -- Un llamado a la liberación / Evodio Escalante Betancourt -- Francisco Montoya de la Cruz: muralista / Olga Arias -- El maestro / Elizabeth Linden B. -- Obra mural -- Obra de caballete.
Sherman ND259.M668 A88 2017

Painting history : China's revolution in a global context
Shen, Jiawei, 1948- author
Amherst, New York : Cambria Press, [2018]
Sherman ND1049.S4363 A35 2018

Agnes Martin : pioneer, painter, icon
Martin, Henry, 1983- author
Tucson, AZ : Schaffner Press, Inc., [2018]
"This is an intimate and revealing biography of Agnes Martin, renowned American painter, considered one of the great women artists of the 20th and 21st Century. A resident of both New Mexico and New York City, Martin has always remained an enigma due to her fiercely guarded private life. Henry Martin, award-winning writer, and art scholar, having access to those who were close to Agnes Martin--friends, family, former lovers--has given (gives) us a full portrait of this universally revered artist. Readers will learn of her bouts with mental illness, her several significant lesbian relationships, and her lifelong yearning for recognition despite her reclusive lifestyle and need for privacy. Arriving in the wake of major international retrospective exhibitions of her work from London's Tate Modern, LACMA in Los Angeles, and the Guggenheim in New York City, this book provides a perspective of Agnes Martin that has not been seen in earlier, more academic works or fine-art monographs. Certain to be a mainstay for readers of the arts, and admirers of the creative spirit, this book also includes rare photographs from Martin's family and friends, many of which have never appeared in a book before"--
Sherman N6537.M38 M37 2018

Michel Sittow : Estonian painter at the courts of Renaissance Europe
Hand, John Oliver, 1941- author
Washington : National Gallery of Art ; [2017]
Michel Sittow (c. 1469-1525) was the greatest Estonian artist of the Renaissance. As his renown as a portraitist spread among the royal courts of Europe in the late fifteenth century, Sittow led the life of the itinerant artist, leaving his native Reval, the Hanseatic port city known today as Tallinn, to reside at courts in Spain, The Netherlands, and Denmark. Michel Sittow: Estonian Painter at the Courts of Renaissance Europe is the first monographic exhibit of this masterful artist's oeuvre. The 144-page catalog with 90 illustrations features rare paintings by Sittow and other art works by his contemporaries, along with insightful essays by leading European and American scholars including John Oliver Hand of the National Gallery of Art, Washington, and Greta Koppel of the Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn.--Provided by publisher.
Sherman ND955.E83 S5734 2017

Architecture and the forest aesthetic : a new look at design and resilient urbanism
VanderGoot, Jana, author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2018
Built in wood -- Decomposition -- Collective space in a field -- Forestry cultures -- Technology and the forest archive -- Treed infrastructure -- Human forest biosystems.
Sherman NA2542.35 .V36 2018

Gorey's worlds
Erin Monroe ; with contributions by Robert Greskovic, Arnold Arluke, and Kevin Shortsleeve
Hartford, Connecticut : Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art ; [2018]
Gorey's worlds : seen and imagined / Erin Monroe -- The man who wanted to be entertained / Robert Greskovic -- Understanding Gorey's human-animal world / Arnold Arluke -- Edward Gorey : nonsense, surrealism and silent matter / Kevin Shortsleeve.

"The illustrator, designer, and writer Edward Gorey (1925-2000) is beloved for his droll, surreal, and slightly sinister drawings. Gorey's Worlds delves into the numerous and surprising cultural and artistic sources that influenced Gorey's unique visual language. A variety of objects shaped his artistic mindset, from popular culture to the more than 26,000 books he owned and the works of art in his vast collection. This collection, which Gorey gifted to the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art upon his death, is diverse in style, subject, and media, and includes prints by Eugene Delacroix, Charles Meryon, Edvard Munch, and Odilon Redon; photographs by Eugene Atget; and drawings by Balthus, Pierre Bonnard, Charles Burchfield, Bill Traylor, and Edouard Vuillard. The essays in Gorey's Worlds also examine such consuming passions as animals-cats in particular-and ballet. Featuring a sumptuous selection of Gorey's creations alongside his fascinating and diverse collections, Gorey's Worlds reveals the private world that inspired one of the most idiosyncratic artists of the twentieth century."--
Baker Berry NX512.G67 A4 2018

The long roots of formalism in Brazil
Martins, Luiz Renato, author
Leiden ; Brill, [2018]
The present studies on Brazilian modern art seek to specify some of the dominant contradictions of capitalism's combined but uneven development as these appear from the global ̀periphery'. The grand project of Brasilia is the main theme of the first two chapters, which treat the ìdeal city' as a case study in the ways in which creative talent in Brazil has been made to serve in the reproduction of social iniquities whose origins can be traced back to the agrarian latifundia. Further chapters scrutinise the socio-historical basis of Brazilian art, and develop, against the grain of the most prominent art historical approaches to modern Brazilian culture, a critical approach to the distinctly Brazilian visual language of geometrical abstraction. The book contends that, from the fifties up to today, formalism in Brazil has expressed the hegemony of the market.
Sherman N6655 .M37713 2018

Double vision : the unerring eye of art world avatars Dominique and John de Menil
Middleton, William, 1961- author
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2018
Part one. The museum imagined -- Fanfare -- Part two. The old world -- A family château -- A protestant dynasty -- Return to France -- Foreign affairs -- Honor and sacrifice -- Monsieur le Baron -- At first sight -- Une jeunesse -- Horizons broadened -- A shared life -- Engaged -- Part three. War -- Drôle de guerre -- The debacle -- Landings -- Postwar -- Part four. New frontiers -- Home -- Nail hit this time -- The sky is the limit -- A big splash -- Worth the candle -- Nothing and everything -- Faith can be alive -- Part five. A very strong woman -- Aftermath -- What now? -- Other voices, other lands -- Toward a new museum -- Global visions -- A museum with walls -- From civil rights to human rights -- Byzantium -- A new generation -- Un acte final.

"The first and definitive biography of the celebrated collectors Dominique and John de Menil, who became one of the greatest cultural forces of the twentieth century through groundbreaking exhibits of art, artistic scholarship, the creation of innovative galleries and museums, and work with civil rights."--Amazon.
Sherman N5220.M555 M53 2018

Ancient lamps in the J. Paul Getty Museum
Jean Bussière and Birgitta Lindros Wohl
Los Angeles : J. Paul Getty Museum, 2017
Index of discus decors -- Index of signatures and inscriptions -- Index of donors and vendors -- Concordance of accession numbers and catalogue numbers -- Concordance of lamps formerly classified as forgeries.

"An examination of the hundreds of ancient lamps in the J. Paul Getty Museum collection that are made from clay, bronze, and stone, and date from the end of the 6th century BC to the 7th century AD"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman NK4680 .J2 2017

Art of the Northern Renaissance : courts, commerce and devotion
Porras, Stephanie, author
London : Laurence King Publishing, 2018
In this account, Stephanie Porras charts the fascinating story of art in northern Europe during the Renaissance period (c.1400-1570). She explains how artists and patrons from the regions north of the Alps - the Low Countries, France, England, Germany - responded to an era of rapid political, social, economic and religious change, while redefining the status of art. Porras discusses not only paintings by artists from Jan van Eyck to Pieter Bruegel, but also sculpture, architecture, prints, metalwork, embroidery, tapestry and armour. Each chapter presents works from a roughly twenty-year period and is also focused on a broad thematic issue, such as the flourishing of the print industry or the mobility of Northern artists and art works. The author traces the influence of aristocratic courts as centres of artistic production and the rise of an urban merchant class leading to the creation of new consumers and new art products. This book offers a richly illustrated narrative that allows readers to understand the progression, variety and key conceptual developments of Northern Renaissance Art.
Sherman N6370 .P58 2018

La pittura nella Sardegna del Trecento
Usai, Nicoletta, author
Perugia : Morlacchi editore U.P., [2018]
Sherman ND619.S3 U83 2018

Chinese paintings on tea
Qiu, Jiping, author
Paramus, New Jersey : Homa & Sekey Books, 2017
Sherman ND1460.T43 Q2513 2017

Corrado Cagli : la pittura, l'esilio, l'America (1938-1947)
Bedarida, Raffaele, 1979- author
Roma : Donzelli editore, [2018]
Sherman N6923.C3 B43 2018

The power of gold : Asante royal regalia from Ghana
edited by Roslyn A. Walker ; with contributions by Martha J. Ehrlich and four others
Dallas : Dallas Museum of Art, [2018]
This stunning volume showcases and explores a rich and varied collection of Asante royal regalia in the broader context of Asante art. The Asante Kingdom, founded around 1701 in the Gold Coast (now Ghana), was renowned for gold, the foundation of its wealth and power. For centuries they mined this metal and traded it with northerners on the Saharan caravan routes and Europeans along the Atlantic coast. The earliest examples of Asante gold were recovered from the wreck of the Whydah, a slave ship that sank off Cape Cod in 1717. The Power of Gold focuses on a dazzling array of adornments and implements used by Asante royals and officials during the 18th century to the present day-providing a deeper understanding of the history, traditions, and visual arts of the Asante people, one of the thriving cultures of West Africa. Exhibition: Dallas Museum of Art, USA (15.04.-12.08.2018).
Sherman N7399.G5 P69 2018

San Antonio 1718 : art from Mexico
edited by Marion Oettinger Jr
San Antonio, Texas : Trinity University Press, [2018]
"Presents a wealth of art depicting a rich blending of sometimes conflicted cultures--explorers, colonialists, and indigenous peoples--and places the city's founding in context. Includes essays by five internationally recognized scholars with expertise in key aspects of eighteenth-century northern New Spain"--
Sherman N6502.2 .S26 2018

Fashioning horror : dressing to kill on screen and in literature
edited by Julia Petrov and Gudrun D. Whitehead
London ; Bloomsbury Academic, An imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2018
Introduction: fashion and fear / Gudrun D. Whitehead and Julia Petrov -- 1. "Death dress you anew": fashion as transience and limit of human life in Christian literature and iconographies between the twelfth and nineteenth centures / Sara Piccolo Paci -- 2. "Their tattered mortal costumes will afford them none of the answers they seek": clothing immortals in the work of Anne Rice, Tanith Lee, and Angela Carter / Stephanie Bowry -- 3. Fashioning Frankenstein in film: brides of Frankenstein / Rafael Jaen and Robert I. Lublin -- 4. Wayward wedding dresses: fabricating horror in dressing rituals of femininity / Sarah Heaton -- 5. Fashioning revenge: costume, crime, and contamination of Barbey d'Aurevilly's La Vengeance d'une femme / Kasia Stempniak -- 6. Fashions from Hell: the enduring influence of Jack the Ripper on dress / Alanna McKnight -- 7. Slasher consciousness: class, killer clothes, and heterogeneity / Nigel Lezama -- 8. Fashioning Frankenstein in film: monsters and men / Rafael Jaen and Robert I. Lublin -- 9. Horrific transformations: costume, gender, and the Halloween franchise / Nadia Buick and Alexandra Heller-Nicholas -- 10. Faces if rage: masks, murderers, and motives in the Canadian slasher film / Rose Butler -- 11. Massacres and masquerades: the costume in the American slasher film and the cultural myth of the "foolkiller" / Florent Christol.

From Jack the Ripper to Frankenstein, Halloween customs to Alexander McQueen collections, Fashioning Horror examines how terror is fashioned visually, symbolically, and materially through fashion and costume, in literature, film, and real life. With a series of case studies that range from sensationalist cinema and slasher films to true crime and nineteenth-century literature, the volume investigates the central importance of clothing to the horror genre, and broadens our understanding of both material and popular culture. Arguing that dress is fundamental to our understanding of character and setting within horror, the chapters also reveal how the grotesque and horrific is at the center of fashion itself, with its potential for instability, disguise, and carnivalesque subversion. Packed with original research, and bringing together a range of international scholars, the book is the first to thoroughly examine the aesthetics of terror and the role of fashion in the construction of horror--back cover.
Baker Berry NX650.F37 F37 2018

Architettura e arte nei luoghi della salute : gli ospedali dell'area fiorentina
De Benedictis, Cristina, author
Firenze : Nardini editore, [2018]
Sherman N6919.T9 D43 2018

Marble halls : beaux-arts classicism and civic architecture in the Gilded Age
Craven, Wayne, author
Newark, Delaware : University of Delaware Press ; [2017]
Preface -- Introduction: the giant rises -- The world's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893 -- City planning: the city beautiful movement and the resurgence of classical architecture -- A palazzo of knowledge: the Boston Public Library -- The Library of Congress: democracy's palace -- Civic grandeur, civic religion, architecture, and allegory: "We have learned to live with magnificence" -- Westward the course of governance takes its way: mighty domes arise in the Midwest -- The great American train station: Roman Doric homes for the iron horse -- Libraries across the land: the halls of Carnegie -- Palaces of art: The Met and the mogul -- The gentleman's club: a home away from home; or a palazzo away from the palazzo -- Conclusion: the last, but magnificent, hurrahs.

About American architecture as designed in the Classical Beaux-Arts manner during the Gilded Age - that is, between the Civil War and World War I - and its extension to the early 1940s, as it paralleled the rise of the Modern mode. It is about the transition that occurred as the nation changed from being mainly agrarian and largely concerned with internal matters, such as the settlement of the vast interior of the West, to being a mighty industrial and financial giant of international standing and global concerns. Yet the leaders of the Gilded Age chose to accept the nation's heritage as a beneficiary of Western culture. In erecting and decorating its major civic buildings, they chose the classicism of the Beaux-Arts style to assert America's new leadership role, to declare its high-mindedness, to display the creative energies of its financiers, industrialists, and mega-merchants, its inventors, architects, painters, sculptors, artisans, and keepers of culture, and to house its institutions and commercial enterprises such as courthouses, libraries, art museums, train stations, and social clubs.
Sherman NA710.5.E25 C53 2017

Fausto Melotti : quando la musica diventa scultura
a cura di Francesco Poli, Paolo Repetto
Milano : Skira, [2017]
Artista poliedrico, rinascimentale - insieme scultore, pittore, ceramista, scrittore, grande appassionato di musica - Fausto Melotti (Rovereto 1901 - Milano 1986) è stato uno dei grandi protagonisti dell'arte del Novecento.0Questa monografia desidera sottolineare i due principali aspetti della sua ricerca: da una parte la profonda ispirazione musicale, dall'altra la grande passione per il pensiero di Platone e l'arte dell'antica Grecia. Attraverso oltre ottanta opere - dalle ben note sculture in ottone e acciaio, alle raffinatissime ceramiche e alle opere dipinte, prevalentemente tecniche miste su carta e anche su pannelli in gesso - il volume illustra il suo iter creativo, anche grazie ai suoi bellissimi pensieri e aforismi. Una sezione intitolata "Assonanze" vedrà dialogare le opere di Fausto Melotti con quelle di un gruppo di importanti artisti a lui particolarmente affini: Depero, Martini, Klee, Kandinskij, Miró, Calder, Licini, Fontana, Morandi, Munari, Novelli, Anselmo, Gribaudo, Paolini.0Si racchiude così in Fausto Melotti, e nel volume a lui dedicato, un legame profondo tra le arti, tale da rispecchiare il lavoro della Fondazione Cosso che, dal 2008, propone occasioni di dialogo e contaminazione tra diverse espressioni e discipline artistiche. Exhibition: Castello di Miradolo, San Secondo di Pinerolo , Italy (11.11.2017- 11.02.2018).
Sherman N6923.M4224 A4 2017b

Elke Härtel : Rapunzel : Genese einer Skulptur = genesis of a sculpture
Petra Giloy-Hirtz ; Übersetzung, Bram Opstelten
München : Hirmer, [2017]
Rapunzel, the famous fairy-tale character of the Brothers Grimm, comes from the world of magic. She is the girl, lover, woman and mother who escapes from imprisonment. Elke Härtel awakens Rapunzel to new life, modelled in clay and then cast in plaster and bronze. The publication documents the fascinating process of creation with lavish illustrations. Elke Härtel draws on inner pictorial worlds as well as on fairy tales, myths and religious concepts. She takes her strong, usually female figures from the depths of dreams and from literary references. Born in 1978, she studied at the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin and the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Her sculptures and large-format drawings have already been shown in the Lenbachhaus München and in the Diocesan Museum in Freising, amongst other places. Thanks to her numerous projects in the public space she occupies an influential position in contemporary sculpture, as this evocative pictorial volume impressively demonstrates.
Sherman NB588.H37 E45 2017

Manuelle Gautrand Architecture
Manuelle Gautrand Architects
Mulgrave, Vic. Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd, 2017
Manuelle Gautrand Architecture is a Parisian-based architecture firm founded by Manuelle Gautrand in 1991, sited in the Bastille neighbourhood of this exquisite European city. The firm's key aim is to 're-enchant the city' of Paris by evoking emotion, reinventing spaces, and garnering renewal and innovation - to be bold and definitive. At the core of Gautrand's creativity lies the approach to each new project through the spirit of a blank canvas, with no a priori. Yet, each of the project that this firm produces expresses a specific relationship to the site: a desire to revive it and enchant; a deep commitment to working on programs entrusted to the firm; ensure efficiency, flexibility and surprise. Each project is a unique and symbolic encounter. Fuelled by shared ideas and prominent for its breadth of practice, this book documents the comprehensive collection of Manuelle Gautrand Architecture's design solutions. It celebrates the intuitive and stunning designs, and the firm's commitment to beauty, revival, boldness and precision.
Sherman NA1053.G385 A4 2017

Stella Hamberg
Woelk, Moritz, author
Munich : Hirmer Verlag, [2017]
The sculptress Stella Hamberg (b. 1975) usually opts for the classical material bronze which has traditionally combined durability with metamorphosis, if only in the amalgamation of different metals achieved through melting. Essential to the figures she creates are their existence in time and ability to transform, as well as eternity in the moment. Seeking to express the spiritual in the physical forms - from the overall pose down to the subtleties of sculptural detail and the surface shimmer - has been a concern of sculptors ever since antiquity. The reinterpretation of this grand tradition is one aspect of the topicality of her works.
Sherman NB588.H233 A4 2017

Brand new : art & commodity in the 1980s
edited by Gianni Jetzer ; with essays by Gianni Jetzer, Bob Nickas, Leah Pires ; chronology by Patrick Jaojoco
New York, NY : Rizzoli Electa ; [2018]
This groundbreaking book, accompanying a major exhibition at the Hirshhorn, tells the story of the evolution of New York's downtown art scene in the 1980s' from a DIY counterculture in the East Village to a legitimate gallery business in SoHo. Coinciding with the rise of modern branding and the onset of the information age, artists' focus on commodities and consumerism began as satire but came to be much more complex: commodities and associated phenomena, such as advertising, now served as vessels for ideas, politics, and personal relationships in 'brand-new' types of painting, sculpture, photography, installation, and performance. In a book full of visual surprises, newly commissioned essays shed new light on this pivotal period: curator Gianni Jetzer provides a comprehensive overview, while Leah Pires illuminates lesser-known conceptual collaborations, and Bob Nickas offers an eyewitness account of the East Village gallery scene. These texts, together with an illustrated chronology, provide a fresh account of the moment at which contemporary artists such as Felix González-Torres, Peter Halley, Jeff Koons, Barbara Kruger, Sherrie Levine, Richard Prince, and Cindy Sherman grabbed the ball from Andy Warhol and ran with it, changing the rules of the game forever.
Sherman N6535.N5 B73 2018

Linking Asia : art, trade & devotion
curated by Tianlong Jiao
Denver, CO : Denver Art Museum, [2017]
Sherman N7262 .L56 2017

Ramon Pichot Gironès : de els Quatre gats a la Maison rose
a cargo de Isabel Fabregat Marín
Barcelona : Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, septiembre 2017
Sherman N7113.P5143 A4 2017

[La Habana, Cuba] : [Instituto del Libro, etc.]
Baker Berry NX7 .U5

Chagall : the breakthrough years, 1911-1919
Chagall, Marc, 1887-1985, artist
Köln : Buchhandlung Walther König [2017]
Foreward / Josef Helfenstein -- "Revolutionary in its essence" / Angela Lampe -- Chagall's Fall / Simon Baier -- The Aestheticization of Eastern European Jews (Ostjuden) in the Early Twentieth Century / Alfred Bodenheimer -- Chagall and the Jews in Easter Europe / Heiko Haumann -- Solomon Yudovin / Olga Osadtschy -- Sidelocks for Fifty Rubles / Naomi Lubrich -- Searching for Traces / Barbara Schellewald -- The Liberation of Images / Thomas Grob -- Marc Chagall and the Russian Revolution / Frithjof Benjamin Schenk -- The Works of Marc Chagall in the Im Obersteg Collection / Henriette Mentha -- Two Left Hands and a Repudiated Signorelli / Sophie Eichner and Werner Müller -- Chronology / Bettina Keller-Back and Olga Osadtschy -- Marc Chagall in the Yiddish Press / Shifra Kuperman

Chagalls künstlerischer Durchbruch vollzog sich zwischen zwei gegensätzlichen Polen. Von 1911-1914 lebte Chagall in Paris. In dieser Zeit kombinierte er in seinen Gemälden Erinnerungen aus dem russischen Provinzleben mit ikonischen Bruchstücken aus dem Leben in der Metropole. Reminiszenzen an die russische Volkskunst wurden ebenso verarbeitet wie neueste stilistische Experimente, denen er durch das Leben im Mittelpunkt der künstlerischen Avantgarde und durch die Bekanntschaft mit vielen der progressivsten Künstler, darunter Picasso, Robert und Sonja Delaunay sowie Jacques Lipchitz, ausgesetzt war. Der Ausbruch des Ersten Weltkrieges überraschte Chagall während einer Reise in seine Heimat und zwang ihn zu einem achtjährigen Aufenthalt in Russland. Es folgte eine Phase intensiver Selbstreflexion, von der viele Gemälde und Arbeiten auf Papier um 1914 Zeugnis ablegen. In dieser Zeit entstanden zahlreiche Selbstportraits, Darstellungen des jüdischen Lebens und Entwürfe für das Bühnenbild zur Jahresfeier der Oktoberrevolution 1918. Der Band enthält eine repräsentative Auswahl von Werken aus dieser künstlerisch, biografisch und politisch bewegten Zeit. Exhibition: Kunstmuseum Basel, Switzerland (29.09.2017-21.01.2018) / Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain (2018).
Sherman N6999.C46 A4 2017

Ferdinand Hodler : Wahlverwandtschaften von Klimt bis Schiele
Herausgeber, Hans-Peter Wipplinger ; AutorInnen, Diana Blome and four others ; Englische Übersetzung, Agnes Vukovich = elective affinities from Klimt to Schiele / editor, Hans-Peter Wipplinger ; authors, Diana Blome and four others ; English translation, Agnes Vukovich
Köln : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, [2017]
Sherman N7153.H6 A4 2017

Printmaking in the sun : an artist's guide to making professional-quality prints using the solarplate method
Welden, Dan
New York : Watson-Guptill Publications, 2001
Baker Berry Nash NE863 .W45 2001

In progress : see inside a lettering artist's sketchbook and process, from pencil to vector
Hische, Jessica, author
San Francisco : Chronicle Books, [2015]
The typographic arts: lettering, calligraphy & type design -- The process: creating lettering: from blank page to finished art : The tools: analog ; The tools: digital ; Software and services ; Research & brainstorming ; Thumbnails ; Sketching : The skeleton; The body; The clothes ; Vector drawing : Draw, rise, repeat; Proper point placement; Plotting points on curved forms ; Other vector lettering tips -- The work: process in action: differing steps for different projects : Editorial ; Books ; Advertising ; Logos ; Miscellaneous.

"This show-all romp through design-world darling Jessica Hische's sketchbook reveals the creative and technical process behind making award-winning hand lettering. See everything, from Hische's rough sketches to her polished finals for major clients such as Wes Anderson, NPR, and Starbucks. The result is a well of inspiration and brass tacks information for designers who want to sketch distinctive letterforms and hone their skills. With more than 250 images and metallic silver ink printed throughout to represent her penciled sketches, this highly visual book is an essential--and entirely enjoyable--resource for those who practice or simply appreciate the art of hand lettering."--Publisher's description.
Baker Berry Nash NK3631.H57 A35 2015

Museo statale Ermitage : la scultura italiana dal XVII al XVIII secolo : da Bernini a Canova
Androsov, S. author
Milano : Skira, [2017]
Sherman NB616 .A52 2017

Decolonizing refinement : contemporary pursuits in the art of Edouard Duval-Carrié
Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts
Tallahassee, FL : The Museum of Fine Arts Press, [2018]
Sherman N6606.D88 A4 2018

Stati d'animo
a cura di Chiara Vorrasi, Fernando Mazzocca, Maria Grazia Messina
Ferrara : Fondazione Ferrara arte, [2018]
Sherman N6757 .S74 2018

I Mola da Coldrerio tra dissenso e accademia nella Roma barocca : ricerche tra architettura, pittura e disegno
a cura di Adriano Amendola, Jörg Zutter
Mendrisio : Mendrisio Academy Press ; [2017]
Sherman NA1123.M6495 M65 2017

Dublin's bourgeois homes : building the Victorian suburbs, 1850-1901
Galavan, Susan, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
In 1859, Dubliners strolling along country roads witnessed something new emerging from the green fields. The Victorian house had arrived: wide red brick structures stood back behind large front lawns. Over the next forty years, an estimated 35,000 homes were built in the fields surrounding the city. Distinguished by their elaborate entrances and imposing granite staircases, Dublin produced its own unique version of the Victorian house form. Today, these houses are some of the capital's most highly valued structures, and are protected under strict conservation laws. However, despite their significance, there has been little research on those behind their creation, and of the complex processes which brought them into being. Based on measured surveys, photographs, and contemporary drawings and maps, this book is the first in depth analysis of Dublin's Victorian domestic architecture. Focusing on the work of three entrepreneurial developers, who built high quality houses in different sectors, it follows in their footsteps as they speculated in house building: signing leases, acquiring plots, and sourcing bricks and mortar. What motivated them to invest in the housing market, and how did they finance their operations? It considers the roles of landowners and local government in supporting the suburbs: by supplying land, providing services and controlling building standards.
Sherman NA7339.D83 G35 2017

Studio handbook : lettering & design
Welo, Samuel, author
Mineola, New York : Dover Publications, Inc., 2017
"This beautifully designed little book reflects the elegance of the Art Deco period and will prove a useful and entertaining resource for modern typographers and graphic artists. In addition to demonstrating the appeal and effectiveness of great lettering, it abounds in material that designers can adapt - borders, ribbons, dingbats, rules, and more. Like the 1931 first edition, it is printed in two colors and graced with a decorative hardcover binding"--
Baker Berry Nash NK3620 .W4 2017

丝路精魂 : 丁和古代亀兹石窟壁画艺术纪实 / 丁和摄
丁和, author
Shanghai : Shanghai shu hua chu ban she, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian ND2849.X56 T564 2016

Firenze, da nazionalista a "fascistissima," 1903-1944 : arti figurative, architettura, letteratura e circostanze politiche
Cresti, Carlo, author
Firenze : Angelo Pontecorboli editore, [2018]
Sherman N6918.5.F28 C74 2018

Digital bodies : creativity and technology in the arts and humanities
Susan Broadhurst, Sara Price, editors
London : Palgrave Macmillan [2017]
Introduction / Susan Broadhurst and Sara Price -- Part I: The Performing Body: Creativity and Technology in Performance. Digital Performance and Creativity / Susan Broadhurst -- Metakimospheres / Johannes Birringer -- Making and Breaking: Electronic Waste Recycling as Methodology / Daniël Ploeger -- Karen by Blast Theory: Leaking Privacy / Maria Chatzichristodoulou -- Part II. Designing, (Re)designing: Embodiment and Digital Creativity in Art Practices. Bodies in Light: Mediating States of Presence / Michaela French -- The Embodiment of Time / Helga Schmid -- Machinising Humans and Humanising Machines: Emotional Relationships Mediated by Technology and Material Experience / Caroline Yan Zheng -- The Oxymoron of Touch: The Tactile Perception of Hybrid Reality Through Material Feedbacks / Laura Ferrarello -- Part III. Digital Aesthetics and Identity : Creativity in Fashion Design. Post-industrial Fashion and the Digital Body / Douglas Atkinson -- I:OBJECT--Or the Case for Fashion Without Products / Kat Thiel -- Critical Interventions in Wearable Tech, Smart Fashion and Textiles in Art and Performance / Camille Baker -- Giving Body to Digital Fashion Tools / Bruna Petreca -- Part IV. Embodied Interaction: Digital Communication and Meaning Making in the Social Sciences. Embodied Music Interaction: Creative Design Synergies Between Music Performance and HCI / Anna Xambó -- Digital Museum Installations: The Role of the Body in Creativity / Sara Price -- Playing at Doctors and Nurses: Technology, Play and Medical Simulation / Caroline Pelletier and Roger Kneebone -- Methodological Innovation, Creativity and the Digital Body / Carey Jewitt.

This book explores technologies related to bodily interaction and creativity from a multi-disciplinary perspective. By taking such an approach, the collection offers a comprehensive view of digital technology research that both extends our notions of the body and creativity through a digital lens, and informs of the role of technology in practices central to the arts and humanities. Crucially, Digital Bodies foregrounds creativity, the interrogation of technologies and the notion of embodiment within the various disciplines of art, design, performance and social science. In doing so, it explores a potential or virtual new sense of the embodied self. This book will appeal to academics, practitioners and those with an interest in not only how digital technologies affect the body, but also how they can enhance human creativity.
Baker Berry NX180.T4 D54 2017

Premesse a Pienza : architettura e umanesimo integrale
Spesso, Marco, author
Milano, Italy : FrancoAngeli, [2018]
Sherman NA1121.P5 S64 2018

Politics and aesthetics of the female form, 1908 -1918
Williams, Georgina, author
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [2018]
Sherman N7630 .W48 2018

Burhan Doğançay
herausgegeben von = edited by Klaus Albrecht Schröder und = and Elsy Lahner ; mit einem Vorwort von = with a foreword by Klaus Albrecht Schröder und Texten von = and texts by Deniz Beyazit, Edelbert Köb, Elsy Lahner und = and Magnus af Petersens
[Wien] : Albertina ; [2017]
The wall was his passion. If we look at urban walls with the eyes of Burhan Dogançay a completely different world opens up: half-ripped posters on rough brickwork, covered in graffiti, scribblings, messages, signs, stickers. From this rich stock of structures, signs and symbols the artist created his wall fragments, his 'Urban Walls'. Dogançay (1929-2013) was born in Istanbul and settled in New York in 1964, where he moved within the art scene around Robert Rauschenberg und Jasper Johns. His subject is the visual perception of texture, place and memory, which he researches in serial works. For his 'Urban Walls' he records house walls and façades all over the world in a variety of media, using a wide range of materials and techniques such as photography, collage and painting. His works are archives of past decades which capture the spirit of the times. From the 1970s and 1980s he progresses from these works to develop his 'Ribbons' - calligraphic paintings of poetic charm. Exhibition: Albertina, Vienna, Austria (06.07.-08.10.2017).
Sherman N7173.D57 A4 2017

Luis Gordillo : confesión general
Gordillo, Luis, 1934- artist
[Sevilla] : Junta de Andalucía, Consejería de Cultura ; [2017]
Sherman ND813.G67 A4 2017

The age of glass : a cultural history of glass in modern and contemporary architecture
Eskilson, Stephen, 1964- author
London ; Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2018
The age of glass -- Stained glass -- Daylight -- Glass visions -- Structural glass -- Shade -- The politics of glass.

Glass has long transformed the architectural landscape. From the Crystal Palace through to the towering glass spires of today's cities, few architectural materials have held such immense symbolic resonance in the modern era. 'The Age of Glass' explores the cultural and technological ascension of glass in modern and contemporary architecture. Showing how the use of glass is driven as much by changing cultural concerns as it is by developments in technology and style, it traces the richly interwoven material, symbolic, and ideological histories of glass to show how it has produced and dispersed meaning in architecture over the past two centuries. The book's chapters focus on key moments within the modern history of architecture, moments when glass came to the forefront of architectural thought, and which illustrate how glass has been used at different times to project different cultural ideas.
Sherman NA4140 .E85 2018

Painting peace : art in a time of global crisis
Tanahashi, Kazuaki, 1933- author
Boulder : Shambhala, 2018
Baker Berry NX584.Z9 T3882 2018

Affect, emotion, and subjectivity in early modern Muslim Empires : new studies in Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal art and culture
edited by Kishwar Rizvi
Leiden ; Brill, [2018]
Introduction : affect, emotion, and subjectivity in the early modern period / Kishwar Rizvi -- Chasing after the Muhandis : visual articulations of the architect and architectural historiography / Sussan Babaie -- Who's hiding here? Artists and their signatures in Timurid and Safavid manuscripts / Marianna Shreve Simpson -- Ottoman author portraits in the early-modern period / Emine Fetvaci -- In defense and devotion : affective practices in early modern Turco-Persian manuscript paintings / Christiane Gruber -- Sentiment in silks : Safavid figural textiles in Mughal courtly culture / Sylvia Houghteling -- The city built, the city rendered : locating urban subjectivity in eighteenth-century Mughal Delhi / Chanchal Dadlani / Faiz Dihlavi's female-centered poems and the representation of public life in late Mughal society / Sunil Sharma -- Mevlevi Sufis and the representation of emotion in the arts of the Ottoman world / Jamal J. Elias.

Affect, Emotion and Subjectivity in Early Modern Muslim Empires presents new approaches to Ottoman Safavid and Mughal art and culture. Taking artistic agency as a starting point, the authors consider the rise in status of architects, the self-fashioning of artists, the development of public spaces, as well as new literary genres that focus on the individual subject and his or her place in the world. They consider the issue of affect as performative and responsive to certain emotions and actions, thus allowing insights into the motivations behind the making and, in some cases, the destruction of works of art. The interconnected histories of Iran, Turkey and India thus highlight the urban and intellectual changes that defined the early modern period.
Baker Berry NX650.E46 A39 2018

The Bayeux tapestry : the life story of a masterpiece
Hicks, Carola, author
London : The Folio Society, 2016
The life story of a masterpiece. Embroidering history ; Lost and found ; Revolutionaries and romantics ; The gentle touch ; The great escape ; Global image -- The Bayeux tapestry : scene-by-scene commentary.
Sherman Special NK3049.B3 H53 2016

Muro Leccese : Chiesa di Santa Marina : il più antico ciclo nicolaiano del mondo bizantino
a cura di Marina Falla Castelfranchi e Sergio Ortese
Galatina (LE) : Mario Congedo editore, [2018]
Sherman NA5621.M966 M87 2018

An introduction to Pontormo : "a great but neglected painter and draftsman of the first part of the 16th century"
Jones, Jonah (Arts project manager), author
Firenze : Mauro Pagliai Editore : [2017]
The author?s main purpose is to re-evaluate and recognize the contribution of Jacopo Pontormo within the history of art and, more specifically, Italian Renaissance. While the first sections provide the context of his personal life and career as the pre-eminent painter in mid-sixteenth century Florence, further chapters trace Pontormo?s stylistic development from High Renaissance classicism through his anti-classical explorations. An introduction to Pontormo also provides a series of brief biographies of Pontormo?s 20 key paintings which support this development.
Sherman ND623.P8 J66 2017

La villa di Sammezzano : un'Alhambra toscana
Carlo Cresti, Massimo Sottani, Matteo Cosimo Cresti
Firenze : Angelo Pontecorboli editore, [2017]
Sherman NA7595.S26 V55 2017

The Routledge companion to modernity, space and gender
edited by Alexandra Staub
New York, NY : Routledge, 2018
Sherman NA2543.W65 R68 2018

Luci del Nord : Impressionismo in Normandia
mostra a cura di Alain Tapié
Bard, Aosta (Italia) : Forte di Bard editore, [2018]
Sherman ND549.N67 L83 2018

The Pont-Aven school : cradle of the modern sensibility
Milan, Italy : 5 Continents, [2018]
Paul Gauguin, Émile Bernard: a meeting of minds in Pont-Aven / Jean-Marie Rouart -- A collection of talismans: exploring the works collected by Alexandre Mouradian / Adrien Goetz -- Catalogue / Estelle Guille des Buttes.

Pont-Aven has lent its name to one of the most famous schools of painting in modern art and is now automatically associated with Paul Gauguin and Émile Bernard. In 1888, in this Breton village in southern Finistère, the two painters set about inventing the features of a completely new style of painting: Synthetism. Breaking with academic orthodoxy and heavily influenced by Japanese prints, they introduced novel aesthetic principles distinguished especially by a belief in simple forms and the use of colour applied in large patches edged by a dark line. This approach further distanced itself from the art that preceded it in its taste for matt tones and the rejection of traditional perspective.0This new book reveals to a wider public the important collection that Alexandre Mouradian amassed in only a few years.
Sherman ND547.5.P58 E2513 2018

Representing Duchess Anna Amalia's Bildung : a visual metamorphosis in portraiture from political to personal in eighteenth-century Germany
Lindeman, Christina K., author
London : Routledge, 2017
The cultural milieu in the "Age of Goethe" of eighteenth-century Germany is given fresh context in this art historical study of the noted writers' patroness: Anna Amalia, Duchess of Weimar-Sachsen-Eisenach. An important noblewoman and patron of the arts, Anna Amalia transformed her court into one of the most intellectually and culturally brilliant in Europe; this book reveals the full scope of her impact on the history of art of this time and place. More than just biography or a patronage study, this book closely examines the art produced by German-speaking artists and the figure of Anna Amalia herself. Her portraits demonstrate the importance of social networks that enabled her to construct scholarly, intellectual identities not only for herself, but for the region she represented. By investigating ways in which the duchess navigated within male-dominated institutions as a means of advancing her own self-cultivation - or Bildung - this book demonstrates the role accorded to women in the public sphere, cultural politics, and historical memory. Cumulatively, Christina Lindeman traces how Anna Amalia, a woman from a small German principality, was represented as an active participant in enlightened discourses. The author presents a novel and original argument concerned with how a powerful woman used art to shape her identity, how that identity changed over time, and how people around her shaped it - an approach that elucidates the power of portraiture in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Europe.
Baker Berry NX701.2.A495 L56 2017

Architecture and the mimetic self : a psychoanalytic study of how buildings make and break our lives
Huskinson, Lucy, 1976- author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Buildings shape our identity and sense of self in profound ways that are not always evident to architects and town planners, or even to those who think they are intimately familiar with the buildings they inhabit. Architecture and the Mimetic Self provides a useful theoretical guide to our unconscious behaviour in relation to buildings, and explains both how and why we are drawn to specific elements and features of architectural design. It reveals how even the most uninspiring of buildings can be modified to meet our unconscious expectations and requirements of them--and, by the same token, it explores the repercussions for our wellbeing when buildings fail to do so--back cover.
Sherman NA2540 .H87 2018

Tiziano e Giulia Gonzaga : dalla Venere di Urbino alla Bella del Pitti
De Rossi, Anna, author
Modena - Italy : Il bulino edizioni d'arte, [2017]
Sherman ND623.T7 B46 2017

Yesos : Gipsoteca de la Universidad de Sevilla : recuperación de la colección de vaciados, Antigua Real Fábrica de Tabaco
coordinación científica, José Beltrán Fortes, Luis Méndez Rodríguez
Sevilla : CICUS, Centro de Iniciativas Culturales de la Universidad de Sevilla : mayo de 2015
Sherman NB801 .U55 2015

Why architects matter : evidencing and communicating the value of architects
Samuel, Flora, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
The Undervaluing of Architectural Knowledge. Public Image, Misinformation and the Bogey of Dispensability -- The Profession -- Cracks in the Professional Foundations: The Right Body of Knowledge -- The Research Culture of Architects -- The Value Agenda -- The Value of Architects. So What is an Architect? -- The Value of Social Architects -- The Value of Cultural Architects -- The Value of Knowledge Architects -- Making the Most of Architects. Education for Uncertainty -- Developing a Shared Language of Research -- Models of Academic and Practice Research Collaboration -- Incentivising Research in Practice -- Risk and Research Strategy -- Managing Knowledge in Practice.

Why Architects Matter examines the key role of research- led, ethical architects in promoting wellbeing, sustainability and innovation. It argues that the profession needs to be clear about what it knows and the value of what it knows if it is to work successfully with others. Without this clarity, the marginalization of architects from the production of the built environment will continue, preventing clients, businesses and society from getting the buildings that they need. The book offers a strategy for the development of a twenty-first-century knowledge-led built environment, including tools to help evidence, develop and communicate that value to those outside the field. Knowing how to demonstrate the impact and value of their work will strengthen practitioners' ability to pitch for work and access new funding streams. This is particularly important at a time of global economic downturn, with ever greater competition for contracts and funds driving down fees and making it imperative to prove value at every level. Why Architects Matter straddles the spheres of ̀Practice Management and Law', 'History and Theory', 'Design', 'Housing', 'Sustainability', 'Health', 'Marketing' and 'Advice for Clients', bringing them into an accessible whole. The book will therefore be of interest to professional architects, architecture students and anyone with an interest in our built environment and the role of professionals within it.
Sherman NA1995 .S33 2018

Songs for sabotage : New Museum triennial 2018
edited by Gary Carrion-Murayari, Alex Gartenfeld
New York, NY : New Museum : 2018
Sherman N6496.N4 S66 2018

ヌードの美術史 : 身体とエロスのアートの歴史, 超整理 = Stories of the nude: art of body & eros / 美術手帖編
Baker Berry Japan N7572 .N86 2012

Monographic exhibitions and the history of art
edited by Maia Wellington Gahtan and Donatella Pegazzano
New York : Routledge, [2018]
Introductory : monographic exhibitions and the history of art / Maia Wellington Gahtan and Donatella Pegazzano -- Living artists' retrospectives : -- Nathaniel Hone's 1775 exhibition : the first single-artist retrospective / Konstantinos J. Stefanis -- The Degas and Cassatt 1915 exhibition in support of women's suffrage / Ruth E. Iskin -- Braque, Gris, Léger : Cubism in Switzerland in 1933 / Kate Kangaslahti -- Bacon at Grand Palais : echoes and influences / Monika Keska -- Posthumous retrospectives : -- The first posthumous retrospective in France : the Paul Delaroche Exhibition, a new perception of the artist's work / Marie-Claire Rodriguez -- Max Jordan's first monographic exhibitions at the Royal National Gallery in Berlin - rewriting the canon of art history and creating the artist as a national role model at the beginning of the German empire / Saskia Pütz -- The Courbet retrospective of 1882 : harbinger of the artist's first major monography and catalogue raisonné / Petra Ten-Doesschate Chu -- The critical reception of Marcello Tommasi's oeuvre and the Tommasi family's artistic legacy / Elisa Gradi -- Old Master monographic exhibitions from before World War II : -- The Holbein exhibition of 1871 - an iconic turning point for art history / Lena Bader -- 'This is the answer to those who tell us that Reynolds was a snob' : the Grosvenor Gallery exhibition of works by Joshua Reynolds (1883-1884) / Camilla Murgia -- The master and Siena : the 1912 Duccio exhibition / Elisa Camporeale -- The twelve days of Bartolomeo della Gatta (Arezzo, 1-12 October 1930) : a regional exhibition of an Old Master during Fascism / Luca Pezzuto -- Titian's 1935 exhibition in Venice / Giuliana Tomasella -- Old Master monographic exhibitions after World War II : -- Poussin in perspective : the Louvre retrospective 1960 above and beyond / Henry Keazor -- Rembrandt and the polemical monographic exhibition: 'Rembrandt. The Master and His Workshop' in Berlin, Amsterdam, and London in 1991-92 / Catherine Scallen -- Exploring Michelangelo through exhibitions : closer to the master, closer to the scholar, closer to the public / Silvia Catitti -- Monographic exhibitions and the twenty-first century : -- 'Canaletti' and the others : recent monographic exhibitions of Venetian veduta painters: art history and the market / Heiner Krellig -- El Greco and the dynamics of retrospection in monographic : exhibitions for the anniversary of his death in 2014 / Livia Stoenescu -- Past institution's future : monographic exhibitions and Tate Modern's make-up / Evi Baniotopoulou -- The rise of the monographic exhibition : the political economy of contemporary art / Ronit Milano - Afterword : learning from the artist's monograph : anarchy, quality, and the ultimate noumenon / Gabriele Guercio - Epilogue : some curatorial thoughts on the monographic exhibition / Joaneath Spicer.

This edited collection traces the impact of monographic exhibitions on the discipline of art history from the first examples in the late 18th century through the present. Roughly falling into three genres (retrospectives of living artists, retrospectives of recently deceased artists, and monographic exhibitions of Old Masters), specialists examine examples of each genre within their social, cultural, political, and economic contexts. Exhbitions covered include Nathaniel Hone's 1775 exhibition, Paul Delaroche's exhibition, the Courbet retrospective of 1882 and the Holbein Exhibition of 1871.
Sherman N4395 .M66 2018

建築 : 未来への遺産 = Architecture : heritage for the future / 鈴木博之著 ; 伊藤毅編
鈴木博之, 1945-2014, author
Tōkyō : Tōkyō Daigaku Shuppankai, 2017
Baker Berry Japan NA1555 .S889 2017

Ricerche su Giovanni Baglione : l'iconografia, i ritratti, i dipinti mobili fino al 1600 e il rapporto con il "naturale"
Vannugli, Antonio, 1959- author
Roma : Gangemi editore SpA international, [2017]
Questo libro prende le mosse dall'individuazione di un nuovo Autoritratto che Giovanni Baglione (Roma 1566 - 1643) dipinse in gioventù e si sviluppa passando in rassegna gli autoritratti e i ritratti attualmente conosciuti dell'artista, per ampliare quindi il discorso sulla sua intera produzione ritrattistica. Attraverso tale indagine, è apparso come non mai evidente che l'incontro-scontro con il Caravaggio ebbe a livello stilistico effetti ancor meno rilevanti di quanto - non di rado per inconfessabili ragioni di mercato - si è oggi generalmente disposti ad ammettere. Essi furono invece non solo marginali e transeunti, ma soprattutto svincolati dal percorso personale di Baglione verso una più fedele restituzione del colore naturale: percorso lungo il quale egli si era incamminato già prima del 1600 e che si svolse in realtà su una linea del tutto indipendente dai fondamenti del naturalismo caravaggesco. A tal fine ne viene ripercorsa la carriera fino al volgere del secolo e in special modo la scarna produzione giovanile da cavalletto pervenutaci, soffermandosi sull'Apparizione dell'angelo a san Giuseppe di Mosca come anche, varcata la soglia del Seicento, sulle due serie di Muse e sui diversi quadri con San Giovanni Battista. Infine, la prassi del Baglione pittore viene posta a confronto con il pensiero del Baglione scrittore, che si è tentato di definire con maggior precisione attraverso una sistematica analisi lessicale delle ricorrenze del termine "naturale" nelle Vite del 1642.
Sherman ND623.B165 V36 2017

Il "Gabinetto d'opere in piccolo" del Gran Principe Ferdinando de' Medici nella Villa di Poggio a Caiano
Franco Paliaga, Riccardo Spinelli ; presentazione di Eike D. Schmidt
Firenze : Centro Di, [2017]
Sherman ND616 .G25 2017

Il disegno del corpo : anatomia artistica all'Accademia Albertina di Torino (1829-1899)
Cafagna, Fabio, author
Roma : Carocci editore, novembre 2017
Sherman NC760 .C15 2017

Cola dell'Amatrice pittore : i giorni di Roma, gli anni dell'Appennino
Pezzuto, Luca, author
Milano : Officina libraria, [2018]
Sherman ND623.C6795 P49 2018

Johannes Hispanus
Castellana, Stefania, 1982- author
[Persico Dosimo] : Edizioni Delmiglio, [2017]
Sherman ND623.I6 C37 2017

La cattedrale e la città : il cantiere del Duomo di Siena tra XI e XIV secolo
Causarano, Marie-Ange, author
Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze) : All'insegna del giglio, [2017]
Il volume documenta l?origine e l?evoluzione della cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta a Siena tra la fine del X-inizi dell?XI secolo e il XIV secolo. Partendo da un?analisi di tipo archeologico dell?edilizia storica, le vicende costruttive dell?edificio sono inquadrate all?interno dell?evoluzione del colle del Duomo e del contesto urbano di riferimento, con l?obiettivo di ricostruire i processi storici che ne hanno determinato la formazione, individuare gli scambi tra il cantiere, l?ambiente urbano e il territorio limitrofo, principale bacino di approvvigionamento di maestranze, manodopera e materiali. Nella prima parte del testo si descrivono gli ampliamenti e le trasformazioni della cattedrale, suddivisi in base ai grandi progetti costruttivi che ne segnano l?evoluzione: dalla chiesa a terminazione absidale della fine del X-inizi dell?XI secolo, all?ecclesia maior a croce latina della seconda metà del XII secolo, completamente rinnovata a partire dagli anni ?60 del XIII secolo, fino ai grandi progetti di ampliamento del XIV secolo. Nella seconda parte si analizzano gli ?indicatori? che caratterizzano il monumento e lo collegano alla città (i materiali, l?organizzazione delle maestranze e gli strumenti da loro impiegati, le tecniche costruttive), contestualizzando i numerosi cantieri che si sono succeduti nella costruzione della cattedrale in un più vasto quadro socio-economico.
Sherman NA5621.S6 C38 2017

Drammaturgia del sacro : immagini contemporanee a confronto
Gabriele, Marta, author
Milano : Mimesis, [2017]
Sherman N72.R4 M3165 2017

La Venezia dei Grubacs
a cura di Fabrizio Magani
[Treviso] : ZeL Edizioni, [2017]
Catalog featuring paintings by Carlo Grubacs and his sons, Giovanni and Marco, 19th century Italian painters of views of Venice, in the manner of Canaletto.
Sherman ND623.G854 A4 2017

La gipsoteca del Dipartimento culture e società dell'Università degli studi di Palermo : storia e catalogo
Rambaldi, Simone, author
Palermo : Palermo University Press, [2017]
Sherman NB87.P23 U557 2017

Small-scale public transportable and pre-fabricated buildings : evaluating their functional performance
Xi, Junjie, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
Sherman NA8480 .X5 2018

Force : dynamic life drawing
Mattesi, Michael D., author
Boca Raton : CRC Press, [2017]
Chapter 1. Seeing life -- chapter 2. FORCEFUL form -- chapter 3. FORCEFUL shape.
Sherman NC765 .M377 2017

Tiepolo segreto
a cura di Guido Beltramini e Fabrizio Magani
Milano, Italia : Officina Libraria, 2017
Sherman ND623.T54 A4 2017

Romanesque patrons and processes : design and instrumentality in the art and architecture of Romanesque Europe
edited by Jordi Camps, Manuel Castiñeiras, John McNeill and Richard Plant
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
Sherman N5205.7.E85 R66 2018

L'eterno e il tempo : tra Michelangelo e Caravaggio
a cura di Antonio Paolucci and 4 others
Milano : Silvana Editoriale, [2018]
Sherman N6915 .E84 2018

Almost eternal : painting on stone and material innovation in early modern Europe
edited by Piers Baker-Bates, Elena Calvillo
Leiden ; Brill, [2018]
Almost Eternal: Painting on Stone and Material Innovation in Early Modern Europe' gathers together an international group of ten scholars, who offer a novel account of the phenomenon of oil painting on stone surfaces in Northern and Southern Europe. This technique was devised in Rome by Sebastiano del Piombo in the early sixteenth century and was practiced until the late seventeenth century. This phenomenon has attracted little attention previously: the volume therefore makes a significant and timely contribution to the field in the light of recent studies of materiality and the rise of technical Art History.
Sherman ND1580 .A46 2018

Intrecci del Novecento : arazzi e tappeti di artisti e manifatture italiane
a cura di Moshe Tabibnia, Virginia Giuliano
Milano, Italia : Moshe Tabibnia, [2017]
Sherman NK3052.A1 I58 2017

textos, Fernando Francés, Santiago Olmo, Kevin Power
Málaga : CAC Málaga, [2017]
For Fernando Francés, Francisco Leiro "is undoubtedly one of the finest examples of how art can be synonymous with a commitment to life experience and autobiographical thought. Today's society has adopted a passive, indifferent and egotistical position towards the misfortunes and miseries that occur across the globe. Leiro adopts a committed stance. He immerses himself in the reality of massacres, injustices, murders and rampant violence and imprints them on his sculptures where, whether we like it or not, we come face to face with the crude reality, with piles of dead people, innocent people who are beaten, workers who sweep away human remains from the ground or clean up after a disaster caused by humanity."
Sherman NB813.L38 A4 2017

Escher : oltre il possibile
Escher, M. C. 1898-1972, artist
[Milan] : Maurits, [2017?]
Sherman NE670.E75 A4 2017

Keep it moving? : conserving kinetic art : proceedings from the meeting organized by the Getty Conservation Institute, the ICOM-CC Modern Materials and Contemporary Art Working Group, and Museo del Novecento, Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy, June 30-July 2, 2016
Rachel Rivenc and Reinhard Bek, editors
Los Angeles, California : Getty Conservation Institute, 2018
Foreword / Timothy P. Whalen -- Preface / Rachel Rivenc -- Opening Remarks : the Kinetic Collection at the Museo del Novecento, Milan / Iolanda Ratti -- Part 1. Keynotes : -- A question of KinEthics / Reinhard Bek -- The fluid boundaries between interpretation and overinterpretation : collecting, conserving, and staging kinetic art installations / Tiziana Caianiello -- Part 2. Case studies : -- Fast and furious : operation, maintenance, and repair of Chris Burden's Metropolis II at LACMA / Mark Gilberg, Alison Walker, and Richard Sandomeno -- Conserving Thomas Wilfred's Lumia Suite, Opus 158 / Carol Snow and Lynda Zycherman -- Cybernetic umbrella : a case study in collaboration / Carla Flack, Louise Lawson, Jack McConchie, and Ming-Yi Tsai -- Moving with the times : the refurbishment and restoration of a choreographed robotic arm / Sherry Phillips and Marcel Verner -- Part 3. Collections/artists' oeuvres : -- Takis and the fourth dimension / Erin Stephenson and Kari Dodson -- Preserving performativity : conserving the elusive in Aleksandar Srnec's artwork / Mirta Pavić and Vesna Meštrić -- Engineering a solution : Latin American light-based kinetic art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston / Jane Gillies and Ingrid Seyb -- Intertwined strategies for conservation and display of kinetic art : case studies in the European neo-avant-garde / Francesca Pola and Barbara Ferriani -- The examination and conservation of thirteen artworks by Jean Tinguely in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam / Esther Meijer, Susanne Meijer, and Sandra Weerdenburg -- Part 4. Theoretical issues : the hype about ZERO and its influence on the conservation and presentation of early kinetic works / Gunnar Heydenreich and Julia Giebeler -- Kinetic multiples : between industrial vocation and handcrafted solutions / Isabel Plante -- The collection of Nicolas Schöffer : from the artist's studio to the museum / Manon D'haenens, Muriel Verbeeck, and David Strivay -- "Pretty Good for the 21st Century" : restoration, reconstruction, and realization of Len Lye's "Tangible Motion Sculpture" / Paul Brobbel and Simon Rees -- Part 5. Posters : -- Conserving mechanical elements in technological artifacts : three case studies from Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia "Leonardo da Vinci," Milan / Marianna Cappellina and Claudio Giorgione -- Think big! the conservation of Ballerina Clown, a kinetic work of art by Jonathan Borofsky / Mine Erhan -- Conserving a kinetic "Rotor" : Light Dynamo by Heinz Mack / Paola Iazurlo, Grazia De Cesare, and Mariastella Margozzi -- Considering the continuum of care for outdoor kinetic sculpture / Abigail Mack, Friederike Steckling, and Sara Levin -- Gianni Colombo's Strutturazione cinevisuale abitabile : from flickering to light / Marlies Peller, Gerda Kaltenbruner, and Martina Pfenninger Lepage -- Death of a moment: management, installation, and maintenance of a site-specific kinetic sculpture / Eugenia Stamatopoulou -- Future in motion : conservation issues of seven kinetic artworks by dutch artist Ray Staakman / Carien van Aubel, Nikki van Basten, Katja van de Braak, Sjoukje van der Laan, Anouk Verbeek, and Marleen Wagenaar -- The conservation ethics of and strategies for preserving and exhibiting an operational car : the motion and standstill of Joost Conijn's Hout Auto (Wood Car) / Arthur van Mourik -- Contributors -- Symposium participants -- Index of videos.
Sherman N6494.K5 K44 2018

Boldini e De Nittis : femminilità à la mode nella Parigi impressionista
a cura di Angelo Enrico, Elisabetta Staudacher
[Crocetta del Montello] : Antiga edizioni, [2018]
Sherman ND623.B566 A4 2018b

Textiles and wealth in 14th century Florence : wool, silk, painting
curated by Cecilie Hollberg
Firenze : Giunti, [2017]
Sherman NK8899.5 .H65 2017

Fausto Melotti : sul disegno = on drawing
Melotti, Fausto, artist
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2018]
Sherman NC257.M43 A4 2018

Splendor and misery in the Weimar Republic
edited by Ingrid Pfeiffer ; translation: Jane Michael
Frankfurt : Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt ; [2017]
"From the glamour of the Golden Twenties to the depths of the dark side of a world undergoing rapid change - the penetrating content of works by more than 60 artists recreates the age of the Weimar Republic, big - city life and the entertainment scene as well as the consequences of the First World War and socially controversial topics such as prostitution, political struggle and social tensions. As the first German democracy, the Weimar Republic (1918 - 1933) is regarded as a time of crisis and transition - from the German Empire to the totalitarian regime of National Socialism. Numerous artists not only portrayed these years in their realistic representations, which are ironical and grotesque as well as critical - analytical; they also aimed to comment on the stat us quo and bring about social change. Works from Otto Dix and George Grosz via Conrad Felixmuller and Christian Schad to Dodo, Jeanne Mammen, Elfriede Lohse - Wachtler, famous artists and others waiting to be rediscovered, paint a multi - layered and political picture of the Weimar Republic."
Sherman N6868 .G53513 2017

House Industries : the process is the inspiration
Cruz, Andy, author
California : Watson-Guptill Publications, [2017]
"For a quarter century, House Industries has carved out an unlikely niche in the design world by cultivating a diverse body of work--from fonts and fashion to ceramics and space technology. House Industries: The Process Is the Inspiration is an illustrative and entertaining journey through the creative process of this renowned design studio. Presented in House's honest, authentic, and often irreverent style, this beautifully useful 400-page volume offers a novel perspective on the origin of ideas for creative people in any field. Not only does this revealing and visually engaging book contain a collection of helpful lessons, stories, and case studies, but it also shows how to transform obsessive curiosity into personally satisfying and successful work"--
Baker Berry Nash NC999.4.H68 C78 2017

Monkey and ape iconography in Aegean art
Pareja, Marie N. author
Uppsala : Astrom Editions, 2017
Sherman N5475 .P37 2017

Künstler, Landschaften, Netzwerke : Kunstproduktion in der Schweiz zwischen Barock und Romantik
Boerlin-Brodbeck, Yvonne, 1929- author
Baden : Hier und Jetzt, [2017]
Vorwort / von Axel Christoph Gampp -- Notizen zur Vorromantik in der Bildnismalerei und -zeichnung -- Zur Präsenz der Schweiz in Pariser Ausstellungen des 18. und frühen 19. Jahrhunderts -- Die Zürcher Neujahrsblätter: Wandel und Funktion als Bildträger -- Alpenlandschaft als politische Metapher: Zu einer bisher wenig bekannten "Libertas Helvetiae" -- Vermessene Landschaft: zur Landschaft in Zeichnung und Malerei um 1800 -- Welches Deutschland? Welche Schweiz? Die Beziehungen zwischen der Schweiz und Deutschland in der Kunst des 18. Jahrhunderts -- Die Künstlerausbildung in der Schweiz des 18. Jahrhunderts: Versuch einer Übersicht -- Der Künstler als Sammler: Sammlung als Instrument der Vermittlung -- Anhang: Gesamtverzeichnis der Schriften von Yvonne Boerlin-Brodbeck.
Sherman N7146 .B64 2017

Revolutija : da Chagall a Malevich, da Repin a Kandinsky : capolavori dal Museo di Stato Russo, San Pietroburgo
mostra e catalogo a cura di Evgenija Petrova ; con Joseph Kiblitsky
Milano : Skira, [2017]
Sherman Oversize ND688 .R48 2017

Fondation Beyeler : the collection : with works and texts by the artists
edited by Theodora Vischer for the Fondation Beyeler ; translations, Jenny Marsh and 3 others
Riehen : Fondation Beyeler ; [2017]
Introduction and acknowledgments / Sam Keller and Theodora Vischer -- Works and texts by the artists / compiled and with commentaries by Jana Kouril with Raphaël Bouvier, Christine Burger, Vera Chiquet, Ioana Jimborean, Michiko Kono, and Rahel Schrohe -- "Talks on art are almost useless" : texts and works in modern art / Ralph Ubl -- Continuity and present : the Beyeler Collection after twenty years / Gottfried Boehm -- Artists' texts in the original languages -- List of works.

"This is not a collection catalogue of the conventional type, but rather a narrative in which artists represented in the collection have their say. The book combines illustrations of works of art with the artists' own words. It is thus not only historical, but also "contemporary," inasmuch as the artists' statements accord them a presence in the here-and-now."--Page 8.
Sherman Oversize N3655.R47 A5413 2017

La pittura napoletana del II Ottocento
Caputo, Rosario, author
Sorrento (Napoli) : Franco Di Mauro editore, [2017]
Sherman Oversize ND621.N2 C295 2017

Nuvolo and post-war materiality, 1950-1965
Nuvolo, 1926- artist
Milano : Skira ; [2017]
Sherman ND623.N84 A4 2017

Home Beirut : sounding the neighbors
a cura di Hou Hanru e Giulia Ferracci
Rome : Cura.books, [2017]
Sherman N7276.6 .H66 2017

To laugh that we may not weep : the life & times of Art Young
edited by Glenn Bray & Frank M. Young ; introduction by Art Spiegelman
Seattle : Fantagraphics Books, 2017
"Art Young was one of the most renowned and incendiary political cartoonists in the first half of the 20th century. And far more--an illustrator for magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post and Colliers, a magazine publisher, a New York State Senatorial candidate on the Socialist ticket, and perhaps the only cartoonist to be tried under the Espionage Act for sedition. He made his reputation appearing in The Masses on a regular basis using lyrical, vibrant graphics and a deep appreciation of mankind's inherent folly to create powerful political cartoons. To Laugh That We May Not Weep is a sweeping career retrospective, reprinting--often for the first time in 60 or 70 years--over 800 of Young's timeless, charming, and devastating cartoons and illustrations, many reproduced from original artwork, to create a fresh new portrait of this towering figure in the worlds of cartooning and politics. With essays by Art Spiegelman, Justin Green, Art Young biographer Marc Moorash, Anthony Mourek, and Glenn Bray, with a biographical overview of Young's life and work by Frank M. Young, To Laugh That We May Weep is a long-awaited tribute to one of the great lost cartoonists whose work is as relevant in the 21st century as it was in its own time."--Amazon.com.
Sherman NC1429.Y57 L38 2017

Picasso, De Chirico, Morandi : 100 capolavori del XIX e XX secolo dalle collezioni private bresciane
a cura di Davide Dotti
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2018]
Sherman ND621.B75 P53 2018

L'albero della cuccagna : nutrimenti dell'arte
progetto ideato e curato da Achille Bonito Oliva
Milano : Skira, [2017]
Sherman N6497 .A4745 2017

Caravaggio : catalogo ragionato delle opere autografe, attribuite e controverse : con un regesto completo delle repliche e delle copie
Scaletti, Fabio, author
[Naples] : Artstudiopaparo, [2017]
Result of years of work, this Catalogue Raisonné brings together the entire work of one of the greatest names of universal art, certainly the most revolutionary painter and now amato: Michelangelo Merisi called Caravaggio. In two specific sections are examined one by one and filed by historical-critical point, documentary and scientific paintings recognized original ones and those of dubious autograph, debated and however not yet known and shared, reporting and classifying the opinions of almost all Italian and foreign scholars, past and present. The attention is focused on the most important and significant cases but also older attributions or marginal and gives you room to those who filled the Chronicles of our times, not forgetting the issue of possible replicas and by surveying the ancient copies extant.
Sherman ND623.C26 A4 2017b

Doctoral research in art
edited by David Forrest
North Melbourne, Victoria : Australian Scholarly Publishing Pty Ltd, 2017
Baker Berry NX280 .D63 2017

图说中国绘画史 / (美)高居翰 (James Cahill)著 ; 李渝译
高居翰 (Cahill, James, 1926-2014) author
Beijing Shi : Sheng huo, du shu, xin zhi san lian shu dian, 2014
Ben shu yi yi ge wai guo ren de yan guang xin shang zhong guo ming hua, you yi bai fu zuo pin chuan qi dui hua shi de jie shuo, tu wen bing mao, jie shao dang shi zui xin de yan jiu cheng guo yi ji ge ren de xiang fa.
Baker Berry East Asian ND1043 .C28125 2014

Think like an artist, don't act like one
Wilt, Koos de, 1965- author
Amsterdam : Bis Publishers, [2017]
This book presents seventy-five ways to look at art and seventy-five life lessons you can learn from it. From the works of ancient Egypt and Greece to today's abstract and conceptual pieces, by way of Leonardo da Vinci, Dürer, Rembrandt, Picasso, Warhol, and Ai Weiwei, art inspires us to take a fresh look at the fundamental questions we face--questions about success, love, work, friendship, life, and death. It's a lively introduction to art history as it resonates in your own daily life and an exhortation to look at art in your own personal way -- Provided by the publisher.
Sherman N5303 .W56 2017

震美術論 = Shin bijutsuron / 椹木野衣
椹木野衣, 1962- author
Tōkyō : Kabushiki Kaisha Bijutsu Shuppansha, 2017
Baker Berry Japan N7350 .S36 2017

The challenge of the sublime : from Burke's philosophical enquiry to British Romantic art
Pharabod-Ibata, Hélène, author
Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2018
This book examines the links between the unprecedented visual inventiveness of the Romantic period in Britain and eighteenth-century theories of the sublime. Edmund Burke's 'Philosophical enquiry into the origin of our ideas of the sublime and beautiful' (1757), in particular, is shown to have directly or indirectly challenged visual artists to explore not just new themes, but also new compositional strategies and visual media such as panoramas and book illustrations, by arguing that the sublime was beyond the reach of painting. More significantly, it began to call into question mimetic representational models, causing artists to reflect about the presentation of the unpresentable and drawing attention to the process of artistic production itself, rather than the finished artwork.
Baker Berry NX650.S92 P43 2018

Paintings of Master Qi Gong
Qi, Gong, 1912-2005, calligrapher,
Oxford : Chartridge Books Oxford, [2018]
Sherman NK3634.Q25 A4 2018

中国丝绸之路上的墓室壁画 / 主编汪小洋 ; 副主编姚义斌, 赵晓寰
Nanjing : Dong nan da xue chu ban she, 2017
Baker Berry East Asian ND2815 .Z46 2017

The ends of collage
edited by Yuval Etgar
London : Luxembourg & Dayan, 2017
Foreword : why collage now? -- The ends of collage / Yuval Etgar -- The forerunners / Herta Wescher -- Free-word poetry / Christine Poggi -- Collage / Clement Greenberg -- Towards a definition of Surrealist collage / Elza Adamowicz -- The challenge to painting / Louis Aragon -- Beyond painting / Max Ernst -- Collage / Jean (Hans) Arp -- On collage / Hannah Höch -- From detail to fragment : décollage affichiste / Benjamin H. D. Buchloch -- The cutting edge / Brandon Taylor -- Cutting and framing / John Stezaker -- Twelve fragments to take off (in 40,000 signs) / Groupe -- The allegorical impulse : toward a theory of postmodernism / Craig Owens -- Pictures / Douglas Crimp -- Practicing without a license 1977 / Richard Prince -- Statement / Sherrie Levine -- Image simulations, computer manipulations : some considerations / Martha Rosler -- On edge / Ali Smith.

The title 'The Ends of Collage', refers both literally and metaphorically to the place where collage fulfils its calling -- at the ends or edges of pictures and fragments, where separate worlds come together or break apart from one another. But it also suggests an historical paradigm, where collage is considered as a medium that existed in the so called "age of mechanical reproduction" and has now been overcome by the new logic of the digital age. The book attempts to survey different approaches to- and definitions of collage and the role of this medium in two crucial historical moments: its emergence in the early decades of the 20th century, and the introduction of digital media during the postmodern moment of the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Sherman N6494.C6 E524 2017

Cuschera, Salvatore, 1958- artist
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2017]
Sherman NB623.C87 A4 2017

It's ok to change your mind
catalogue edited by Lorenzo Balbi and Suad Garayeva-Maleki
Mantova : Maurizio Corraini, [2017]
Sherman N6989 .I87 2017

Willy Verginer : after industry / c Testi : Matteo Galbiati, Alison Wong
Verginer, Willy, 1957- artist
Albissola Marina (SV) : Vanilla edizioni, [2017]
Sherman NB623.V47 A4 2017

Dürer e il Rinascimento tra Germania e Italia
Dürer, Albrecht, 1471-1528
Milano : 24 ORE Cultura : 2018
Germania-Italia. Andata e Ritorno. Il gigante Albrecht Dürer illumina a suon di olii e incisioni la primavera milanese. La stagione del Rinascimento tra Italia e Germania illustrata in una grande mostra a Palazzo Reale. Obiettivo: presentare per la prima volta al pubblico milanese come a quello nazionale ed internazionale, la grande figura di Dürer nel contesto artistico e culturale del Rinascimento tedesco. Verranno messi in evidenza i rapporti reciproci tra l'arte di Dürer e i grandi maestri suoi contemporanei del Nord-Italia, tra Milano e Venezia attraverso disegni, incisioni, dipinti e grafica.0Affiancheranno la produzione di Albrecht Dürer alcune opere significative di Lucas Cranach, Albrecht Altdorfer, Matthias Grünewald, Hans Baldung Grien, Giorgione, Giovanni Bellini, Cima da Conegliano, Solario, Jacopo De' Barbari, Bartolomeo Veneto, Lorenzo Lotto.00Exhibition: Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy (21.02. - 24.06.2018).
Sherman N6888.D8 A4 2018

Mantova : utopia classica
testi di Marzio Achille Romani and four others ; fotografie di Massimo Listri
Fontanellato (Parma) : Franco Maria Ricci, [2017]
Sherman N6921.M3 M38 2017

Gauguin's challenge : new perspectives after postmodernism
edited by Norma Broude
New York : Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2018
Several decades have now passed since postcolonial and feminist critiques presented the art-historical world with a demythologized Paul Gauguin (1848-1903), a much-diminished image of the artist/hero who had once been universally admired as "the father of modernist primitivism." In this volume, both long-established and more recent Gauguin scholars offer a provocative picture of the evolution of Gauguin scholarship in the recent postmodern era, as they confront and consider how the dismantling of the longstanding Gauguin myth positions us now in the 21st century to deal with and assess the life, work, and legacy of this still perennially popular artist. To reassess the challenges that Gauguin faced in his own day as well as those that he continues to present to current and future scholarship, they explore the multiple contexts that influenced Gauguin's thought and behavior as well as his art and incorporate a variety of interdisciplinary approaches, from anthropology, philosophy, and the history of science to gender studies and the study of Pacific cultural history. Dealing with a wide range of Gauguin's production, they challenge conventional art-historical thinking, highlight transnational perspectives, and offer clues to the direction of future scholarship, as audiences worldwide seek to make multicultural peace with Gauguin and his art. Broude has raised the bar of Gauguin scholarship ever higher in this groundbreaking volume, which will be necessary reading for students and scholars of art history, late 19th-century French and Pacific culture, gender studies, and beyond.
Sherman ND553.G27 G38 2018

Indian paintings : the collection of the Dresden Kupferstich-Kabinett
edited by Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Petra Kuhlmann-Hodick
[Germany] : Sandstein Verlag, [2017]
Sherman ND1002 .S73 2017

Marino Marini : visual passions : encounters with masterworks of sculpture from the Etruscans to Henry Moore
edited by Barbara Cinelli, Flavio Fergonzi, and Philip Rylands
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2017]
Sherman NB623.M32 A4 2017

Spagna e Italia in dialogo nell'Europa del Cinquecento
a cura di Marzia Faietti, Corinna T. Gallori, Tommaso Mozzati
Firenze - Italia : Giunti : febbraio 2018
Sherman NC285 .S63 2018

Jacopo Bassano : "vivezza e grazia di colore" : l'Adorazione dei Magi e i suoi multipli
Donati, Andrea, author
Roma : Etgraphiae, [2017]
Il libro ripercorre l'inizio della fortuna critica di Jacopo Bassano, affrontando la questione del "non finito", dei "multipli", del rapporto con El Greco in Italia e alcuni aspetti del collezionismo. Partendo dall'analisi dell'Adorazione dei magi, che è uno dei soggetti più frequenti nel repertorio di Jacopo, si può constatare quanto sia importante il tema evangelico della nascita del Salvatore. La pittura di Jacopo è consacrata quasi esclusivamente al genere biblico e pastorale, ma il tema dell'Avvento, sotto forma di adorazione o annuncio, riveste per lui un interesse speciale. La sua pittura rappresenta la grandezza e l'originalità dell'arte veneziana vista dalla singolare angolazione del dominio di Terraferma. Benché Jacopo appartenga alla provincia, va considerato di fatto uno dei campioni della pittura veneziana del Cinquecento. La sua opera è una felice unione di natura e sentimento.
Sherman NB623.B325 A63 2017

南京 : 东南大学出版社, 2011
Baker Berry East Asian N8193.C6 R8 2011

Giacomo Quarenghi e l'Accademia di belle arti di Venezia
a cura di Alberto Giorgio Cassani ; con la collaborazione di Angela Munari ed Evelina Piera Zanon
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2018]
Sherman NA1123.Q37 G53 2018

What goes up : the rights and wrongs to the city
Sorkin, Michael, 1948- author
London ; Verso, 2018
New York, New York, New York. Jane's spectacles -- New York triptych -- A dozen urgent suggestions for the village -- NYU's tipping point -- Occupying Wall Street -- The sidewalks of New York -- Learning the hard way -- Sandy -- Ada Louise Huxtable -- Ground Zero sum -- Marshall Berman 1940-2013 -- The fungibility of air -- Big MoMA's house -- What's behind the poor door -- Ups and downs -- Little boxes -- Business as usual -- Big and bigger -- Another city -- Sow's ears -- Lost at sea -- Getting together -- The cathedral at Ground Zero -- A new New York, the same old story -- Manhattan transfer -- Preserving people -- Elsewhere and otherwise. Need to know? -- A reminiscence of Hollin Hills -- Back to the burbs -- Architecture without capitalism -- Informal formality -- The trials of Rafi Segal -- Krier [heart] Speer -- Rumble in the urban jungle -- Working drawings -- Cells out! -- Presidents and libraries -- Critical measure -- Two hundred fifty things an architect should know -- Bull in China's shop -- Civilian objects -- Clear light -- The architect as worker -- Travels with Zaha -- Pinkwashing Zion Square -- Burden of gilt -- Architecture against Trump -- The city after the automobile.

"The rise and fall of New York--a radical architect's view of the destruction of the city Michael Sorkin is one of the most forthright and engaging architectural writers in the world. In What Goes Up he charts the dehumanising regimes of mayors Bloomberg and De Blasio that created a city of glittering towers and increasing inequality. He looks at what has happened to Ground Zero, as a place of memory has been reconstructed by "staritects" and turned into malls. The city, he suggests, has to be reimagined from the street up on a human scale, to develop new ways to revitalise neighbourhoods Alongside these essays on New York, Sorkin also brings his lifetime's experience as an architect to bear. He talks of the joy of observing a city in order to understand it. Why a young designer must learn to draw by hand rather than only use a computer. There are also personal encounters with some of the greatest names who have changed the city. Sorkin gets lost in Rio with Zaha Hadid; talks about the old Bronx with Marshall Berman; and gets on the wrong side of Daniel Libeskind"--
Sherman NA2542.4 .S655 2018

Architectural science and the sun : the poetics and pragmatics of solar design
Fajkus, Matt, author
New York : Routledge, 2018
Architectural Science and the Sun synthesizes physics, climate, program, and perception to provide a foundation in the principles of architectural science related to the sun: solar geometry, solar analysis and design techniques, passive design principles, and daylighting. Part analytical handbook, part inspiration source for schematic design, the content comprises a critical component of effective sustainable design. Beyond the purely technical aspects of these topics, Architectural Science and the Sun begins with the premise that great architecture goes beyond energy performance and the visual-aesthetic to engage all of the senses. Given that the stimuli to which our senses respond are physical phenomena such as light, heat, and sound, the designer must manipulate these parameters through the craft of building form and technology to create the desired qualitative experience. This book is designed to help the reader develop that skill.
Sherman NA2542.S6 F35 2018

Studio Olafur Eliasson : open house
concept: Olafur Eliasson, Anna Engberg-Pedersen, Joanna Warsza, Christina Werner
Berlin : Studio Olafur Eliasson, [2017]
Studio Olafur Eliasson - Open House is one of Eliasson's contributions to the Venice Biennale 2017. The artist's book is the seventh volume in the studio's TYT [Take Your Time] series. This self-portrait of the studio gives an idea of how Eliasson's artworks are made and thought about before they enter museums, collections, public space, and the world. In doing so, the publication reverses the relationship between final artworks and artistic processes and includes conversations with many members of the studio team, texts by friends of the studio, and quotes from texts and books that inspire the studio's current research.
Sherman N7053.O43 A4 2017b

Norman Bel Geddes : American design visionary
Maffei, Nic, author
London ; Bloomsbury Academic, An imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2018
Norman Bel Geddes has long been considered the 'founder' of American industrial design. During his long career he worked on everything from theatre design, world fairs and cars to houses and product and packaging design.0Nicolas P. Maffei's magisterial biography draws on original material from the archive at the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin, and places Bel Geddes' work within the fast-changing cultural and intellectual contexts of his time. Maffei shows how Bel Geddes' futuristic but pragmatic style - his notion of 'practical vision' - was central to his work, and highly influential on the professional practice of American industrial design in general.
Sherman NK1412.G43 M34 2018

Art patronage, family, and gender in Renaissance Florence : the Tornabuoni
DePrano, Maria, 1967- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
This book examines the multi-media art patronage of three generations of the Tornabuoni family, who commissioned works from innovative artists, such as Sandro Botticelli and Rosso Fiorentino. Best known for commissioning the fresco cycle in Santa Maria Novella by Domenico Ghirlandaio, a key monument of the Florentine Renaissance, the Tornabuoni ordered a number of still-surviving art works, inspired by their commitment to family, knowledge of ancient literature, music, love, loss, and religious devotion. This extensive body of work makes the Tornabuoni a critically important family of early modern art patrons. However, they are further distinguished by the numerous objects they commissioned to honor female relations who served in different family roles, thus deepening understanding of Florentine Renaissance gender relations. Maria DePrano presents a comprehensive picture of how one Florentine family commissioned art to gain recognition in their society, revere God, honor family members, especially women, and memorialize deceased loved ones.
Sherman N5273.2.T67 D47 2018

Junk type : typography - lettering - badges - logos
Rose, Bill (Photographer), author
New York, NY : Universe Publishing, a division of Rizzoli International Publications, Inc., [2017]
Foreword / Bill Rose -- Introduction / Mike Essl.

Junk Type is a project driven by the passion of one man to document a disappearing aspect of American culture. Bill Rose--aka Recapturist--is a photographer and designer who has spent the last decade traveling across America looking for junkyards, yard sales, antique stores, and other unlikely sources of inspiration to capture examples of postwar American typography and design before they're lost forever. Bringing together more than 400 images, this invaluable book is a visual history of postwar America, told through the distinct typography, icons, badges, and branding of the country's industrial heritage. From Art Deco inspired fonts and unique handmade cursive lettering to illustrated insignia and clean graphic logos bearing the influence of European design of the 1960s, these pictures together represent an encyclopedic reference of creative typefaces and graphics. With each photograph representing just a detail--an embossed logo, a specially created icon, or an advertising slogan this book captures the optimism and pragmatism of a golden age of American industrial creativity and distills it into a charming resource for anyone with an eye (or nostalgia) for vintage design.
Baker Berry Nash NC1002.L63 R67 2017

Drawing as a way of knowing in art and science
Anderson, Gemma, author
Bristol, UK ; Intellect, [2017]
In recent history, the arts and sciences have often been considered opposing fields of study, but a growing trend in drawing research is beginning to bridge this divide. Gemma Anderson's Drawing as a Way of Knowing in Art and Science introduces tested ways in which drawing as a research practice can enhance morphological insight, specifically within the natural sciences, mathematics, and art. Inspired and informed by collaboration with contemporary scientists and Goethe's studies of morphology, as well as the work of artist Paul Klee, this book presents drawing as a means of developing and disseminating knowledge, and of understanding and engaging with the diversity of natural and theoretical forms, such as animal, vegetable, mineral, and four dimensional shapes. Anderson shows that drawing can offer a means of scientific discovery and can be integral to the creation of new knowledge in science as well as in the arts.--Google Books.
Sherman NC715 .A53 2017

Dark side of the boom : the excesses of the art market in the twenty-first century
Adam, Georgina, author
London : Lund Humphries, 2017
Introduction -- Prologue: Le Freeport, Luxembourg -- Sustaining the big bucks market : Supply ; Demand: China wakes -- A fortune on your wall? : What's the price? ; The problems with authentication ; A tsunami of forgery -- Money, money, money : Investment ; Speculation ; The dark side -- Postscript -- Appendix.

"This book scrutinizes the excesses and extravagances that the 21st-century explosion of the contemporary art market brought in its wake. The buying of art as an investment, temptations to forgery and fraud, tax evasion, money laundering and pressure to produce more and more art all form part of this story, as do the upheavals in auction houses and the impact of the enhanced use of financial instruments on art transactions. Drawing on a series of tenaciously wrought interviews with artists, collectors, lawyers, bankers and convicted artist forgers, the author charts the voracious commodification of artists and art objects, and art's position in the clandestine puzzle of the highest echelons of global capital. Adam's revelations appear even more timely in the wake of the Panama Papers revelations, for example incorporating examples of the way tax havens have been used to stash art transactions - and ownership - away from public scrutiny. With the same captivating style of her bestselling Big Bucks: The Explosion of the Art Market in the 21st Century, Georgina Adam casts her judicious glance over a section of the art market whose controversies and intrigues will be of eye-opening interest to both art-world players and observers."--Amazon.com.
Sherman N8600 .A333 2017

運慶のまなざし : 宗教彫刻のかたちと霊性 / 金子啓明
金子啓明, 1947- author
Tōkyō : Iwanami Shoten, 2017
Baker Berry Japan NB1912.B83 K344 2017

紫禁涅槃 : 从皇宮到故宮博物院 / 吴十洲著
吴十洲, author
Beijing Shi : She hui ke xue wen xian chu ban she, 2018
Baker Berry East Asian N3750.P3 W87 2018

San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore
Agosti, Giovanni
Milano : Officina libraria, 2017
Sherman ND621.M55 A46 2017

芸術表層論 : 批評という物語 / 谷川渥
谷川渥, author
Tōkyō : Ronsōsha, 2017
Baker Berry Japan NX458 .T36 2017

表現空間論 : 建築/小說/映画の可能性 / 鈴木隆之 = Fictive space : for architecture, literature and film / Takayuki Taki Suzuki
鈴木隆之, 1961- author
Tōkyō-to Chiyoda-ku : Ronsōsha, 2017
Baker Berry Japan NA2765 .S875 2017

Selected writings
Dermisache, Mirtha, artist
New York : Siglio ; [2017]
A selection of sixteen texts, textos, 1970-1979 -- Two books, Libro No. 1, 1972, sin Titulo (Libro), 1971 -- List of works -- About Mirtha Dermisache.

Argentinian artist Mirtha Dermisache (1940-2012) wrote dozens of books, hundreds of letters and postcards, and countless texts. Not a single one was legible, yet, in their promixity to language, they all resonate with a mysterious potential for meaning. Using ink on paper, Dermisache invented an array of graphic languages, each with their own unique lexical and syntactic structures. Some resemble a child's scrawl; others feel like nets or knots or transcriptions of seismic waves. Praised by Roland Barthes in the early '70s for the 'extreme intelligence of the theoretical problems related to writing that [her] work entails', Dermisache's graphisms suggest both an abstract 'essence of writing' and a concrete democratization of written forms. 'Selected Writings', the first collection of Dermisache's works to be published in the US, collects two complete books and a selection of texts from the early 1970s, a rich and prolific period for the artist.
Baker Berry Nash N7433.4.D46 S45 2017

Drawn to greatness : master drawings from the Thaw collection
edited by Jennifer Tonkovich ; essays by Colin B. Bailey and eight others, catalogue raisonné by Jennifer Tonkovoch, Giada Damen
New York, New York : The Morgan Library & Museum, [2017]
This exhibition highlights more than 150 master drawings from the Thaw Collection, one of the world?s finest private collections containing over 400 sheets. Assembled over the last fifty years, and made a promised gift to the Morgan in 1975, the collection has now been given in full to the museum by Life Trustee Eugene V. Thaw and his wife, Clare. 'Drawn to Greatness' focuses on pivotal artists and key moments in the history of draftsmanship. Works by major masters from the Renaissance to the modern era will be on view, including Mantegna, Rubens, Rembrandt, Canaletto, Piranesi, Watteau, Fragonard, Goya, Ingres, Turner, Daumier, Redon, Degas, Cézanne, Gauguin, van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, and Pollock. 00Exhibition: Morgan Library and Museum, New York, USA (29.09.2017-07..01.2018) / Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, USA (03.02.-29.04.2018).
Sherman NC25.N4 P5365 2017

John Constable : the Leaping Horse
Humphreys, Richard, 1953- author
London : Royal Academy of Arts, [2018]
Each year between 1819 and 1825, John Constable (1776-1837) submitted a monumental canvas to the Royal Academy of Arts in London for display in the annual Exhibition. These so-called six-footers vividly captured the life of the River Stour in Suffolk, where Constable grew up and where he returned to paint each year. 'The Leaping Horse', the last of these, now a major work in the Academy's collection, is the subject of this fascinating new book. Humphreys explores Constable's often avant-garde working methods, as well as his struggle to gain full acceptance within the art establishment of the early nineteenth century. With reproductions of his full-scale preliminary sketches as well as brand new photography of the painting itself, this book is the ideal companion for art lovers who seek a deeper appreciation of Constable's iconic depictions of the English countryside.
Sherman ND497.C7 H86 2018

José Guerrero : obra gráfica : catálogo razonado, 1950-1991
Guerrero, José, 1914-1991, artist
[Granada] : Centro José Guerrero, [2017]
Sherman NE702.G84 A4 2017

Modern playhouses : an architectural history of Britain's new theatres, 1945-1985
Fair, Alistair, author
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018
Modern Playhouses' is the first detailed study of the major programme of theatre-building which took place in Britain between the 1950s and the 1980s. Drawing on a vast range of archival material - much of which had never previously been studied by historians - it sets architecture in a wide social and cultural context, presenting the history of post-war theatre buildings as a history of ideas relating not only to performance but also to culture, citizenship, and the modern city. During this period, more than sixty major new theatres were constructed in locations from Plymouth to Inverness, Aberystwyth to Ipswich. The most prominent example was the National Theatre in London, but the National was only the tip of the iceberg. Supported in many cases by public subsidies, these buildings represented a new kind of theatre, conceived as a public service. Theatre was ascribed a transformative role, serving as a form of 'productive' recreation at a time of increasing affluence and leisure. New theatres also contributed to debates about civic pride, urbanity, and community. Ultimately, theatre could be understood as a vehicle for the creation of modern citizens in a consciously modernizing Britain. Through their planning and appearance, new buildings were thought to connote new ideas of theatre's purpose. In parallel, new approaches to staging and writing posed new demands of the auditorium and stage. Yet while recognizing, as contemporaries did, that the new theatres of the post war decades represented change, 'Modern Playhouses' also asks how radically different these buildings really were, and what their 'mainstream' architecture reveals of the history of modern British architecture, and of post-war Britain.
Sherman NA6840.G7 F35 2018

Art and authority : moral rights and meaning in contemporary visual art
Gover, K. E., author
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2018
People engage with authored works all the time. They buy paintings, read books, and download songs. They might even be artists themselves. And yet they tend to take the concept of authorship for granted. The basic idea that an artist as author maintains some kind of claim to his creation, even as it circulates in the world at large, seems natural. It is the basis for copyright law and moral rights legislation which protect the rights of authors. But what is an author, and why do artists receive special legal recognition and protection that the creators of other kinds of artifacts do not? It is often assumed that artists have a special bond with their artworks, but the nature of this bond, and its function as the source of an artist's authority over his work, often goes unquestioned. 0Art and Authority is a philosophical essay on artistic freedom: its sources, nature, and limits. Artistic freedom can mean different things depending on the context in which it is invoked. K.E. Gover argues that the most fundamental form of artistic freedom involves the artist's authority to accept or disavow the works she produces, to curate the works that bear her name and come to represent her artistic oeuvre. Our very concept of what an artwork is-the intentional expression of the artist, for its own sake-depends on this second-order endorsement by the artist of what he or she has made. Using real-world cases and controversies in contemporary visual art, Gover argues that the leading accounts of artistic authorship in the legal and philosophical literature have overlooked the significance of this moment.
Baker Berry NX180.F74 G68 2018

Guernica : painting the end of the world
Attlee, James, author
London : Head of Zeus, 2017
"Pablo Picasso had already accepted a commission in 1937 to create a work for the Spanish Republican Pavilion at the Paris World Fair when news arrived of the assault by the German Condor Legion on the undefended Basque town of Guernica, in which hundreds of civilians died. James Attlee offers an illuminating account of the genesis, creation and many-stranded afterlife of Picasso's Guernica. He explores the historical context from which it sprang; the artistic influences that informed its execution; the critical responses that it elicited; its journeyings across Europe and America in the late 1930s; its post-war adoption by new generations of anti-war protestors; and its eventual return to Spain following the death of Franco."--Publisher's description.
Sherman ND553.P5 A66 2017

Give up art
Fusco, Maria, author
Los Angeles ; New Documents, [2017]
Give Up Art is a collection of critical writings by author Maria Fusco. Operating across fiction, criticism, and theory, Fusco's work forges a contemporary space for critical art writing internationally. Give Up Art brings together nearly two dozen essays, reviews, and smaller pieces published between 2002 and 2017.
Sherman N7475 .F77 2017

Las artes en la diversidad : iconicidades e intertextualidades
coordinador: Jorge Arturo Chamorro Escalante ; illustracion de portada e interiores: Jorge Fregoso Torres
México : DIAC, Doctorado Interinstitucional en Arte y Cultura, 2017
Artes visuales wixaritari, simbolismos e iconicidades : el imaginario territoral wixárika y el agua : Nakawe en Xapawilleme / Adolfo Benito Narváez Tijerina -- Semiótica de las artes wixaritari : historia cultural, folklore, artes plásticas y mitologia / Brahiman Saganogo -- Iconicidad wixárika en el arte de tejer y pegar / Jorge Arturo Chamorro Escalante -- El caleidoscopio wixárika : una herramienta sostenible e inclusiva / Mirta Veronica Arellano Vega -- Intertextualidades, análisis de imágenes, representaciones y conciencia histórica : entre la historieta y el libro ilustrado : Cuento del conejo y el coyote de Francisco Toledo / Carmen V. Vidaurre Arenas -- Aspectos de representación histórica y alteración : histórica en las artes visuales / Maria Eugenia Rabadán Villalpando -- Jesús Terán y José María Chávez : entre el Instituto Literario de Ciencias y Artes de Aguscalientes, la Academia Nocturna de Dibujo, El Esfuerzo y el mundo artesanal (1850-1867) / Luciano Ramírez Hurtado -- Fénomenos identitarios y visibilidades sociales en La Maldición de Malinche de Gabino Palomares / Juan Carlos González Vidal.
Baker Berry NX514.A1 A78 2017

Dejando los restos del naufragio : fragmentos para una historia cultural
González Esparza, Víctor Manuel, 1958- author
Aguascalientes, Ags. : Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes, 2016
Dejando los restos del naufragio -- Las caritas sonrientes o los duendecillos del éxtasis -- El Códice Osuna o La pintura del gobernador -- Entre 'cultura y civilización' -- La exposición de arte popular en México, 1921 -- Posada y las vanguardias -- Dos divertimentos -- ¿Hacia un nuevo mapa cultural? -- Fuentes, imágenes, hemerografía y bibliografía.
Sherman N72.S6 G66 2016

Artistic visions of the Anthropocene North : climate change and nature in art
edited by Gry Herdin and Ann-Sofie N. Gremaud
New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
In the era of the Anthropocene, artists and scientists are facing a new paradigm in their attempts to represent nature. Seven essays, which focus on art from 1780 to the present that engages with Nordic landscapes, argue that a number of artists in this period work in the intersection between art, science, and media technologies to examine the human impact on these landscapes and question the human-nature dichotomy. Canadian artists such as Lawren Harris and Geronimo Inutiq are considered alongside artists from Scandinavia and Iceland such as J.C. Dahl, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Toril Johannessen, and Bjoerk.
Sherman N8217.E28 A795 2018

Raymond Jonson and the spiritual in modernist and abstract painting
Hartel, Herbert R., Jr., author
New York ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, [2018]
This is the most thorough and detailed monograph on the artwork of Raymond Jonson ever published. He is one of many artists of the first half of the twentieth century who demonstrates the richness and diversity of an under-appreciated period in the history of American art. Visualizing the spiritual was one of the fundamental goals of early abstract painting in the years before and during World War I. Artists turned to alternative spirituality, the occult, and mysticism, believing that the pure use of line, shape, color, light, and texture could convey spiritual insights. Jonson was steadfastly dedicated to this goal for most of his career, and he always believed that modernist and abstract styles were the most effective and compelling means of achieving it.
Sherman ND237.J77 H37 2018

Cartographic abstraction in contemporary art : seeing with maps
Reddleman, Claire, author
New York, NY : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
List of figures -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction: from critical cartography to cartographic abstraction: rethinking the production of cartographic viewing through contemporary artworks -- Reconfiguring the view from nowhere: collage and complicity in Targets by Joyce Kozloff -- The drone's eye view: networked vision and visibility in works by James Bridle and Trevor Paglen -- Remove viewing, cartographic abstraction and the antipodes: three works by Layla Curtis -- Signification in the soundscape: Bill Fontana's River Sounding -- Cartographic abstraction: a material modality of thought and experience -- References -- Index.

In this book, Claire Reddleman introduces her theoretical innovation 'cartographic abstraction' ? a material modality of thought and experience that is produced through cartographic techniques of depiction. Reddleman closely engages with selected artworks (by contemporary artists such as Joyce Kozloff, Layla Curtis, and Bill Fontana) and theories in each chapter. Reconfiguring the Foucauldian underpinning of critical cartography towards a materialist theory of abstraction, cartographic viewpoints are theorised as concrete abstractions. This research is positioned at the intersection of art theory, critical cartography and materialist philosophy.
Sherman N8222.M375 R43 2018

The idea of the Gothic cathedral : interdisciplinary perspectives on the meanings of the medieval edifice in the modern period
edited by Stephanie A. Glaser
Turnhout, Belgium : Brepols, [2018]
The essays in this book focus on various social, political, cultural, and aesthetic meanings ascribed to Gothic cathedrals in Europe in the post-medieval period. Central to many medieval ritual traditions both sacred and secular, the Gothic cathedral holds a privileged place within the European cultural imagination and experience. Due to the burgeoning historical interest in the medieval past, in connection with the medieval revival in literature, visual arts, and architecture that began in the late seventeenth century and culminated in the nineteenth, the Gothic cathedral took centre stage in numerous ideological discourses. These discourses imposed contemporary political and aesthetic connotations upon the cathedral that were often far removed from its original meaning and ritual use. This volume presents interdisciplinary perspectives on the resignification of the Gothic cathedral in the post-medieval period. Its contributors, literary scholars and historians of art and architecture, investigate the dynamics of national and cultural movements that turned Gothic cathedrals into symbols of the modern nation-state, highlight the political uses of the edifice in literature and the arts, and underscore the importance of subjectivity in literary and visual representations of Gothic architecture. Contributing to scholarship in historiography, cultural history, intermedial and interdisciplinary studies, as well as traditional disciplines, the volume resonates with wider perspectives, especially relating to the reuse of artefacts to serve particular ideological ends.
Sherman NA440 .I34 2018

Interactive and sculptural printmaking in the Renaissance
Schmidt, Suzanne Kathleen Karr, author
Leiden ; Brill, [2018]
Sherman NE441.5.R44 S365 2018

Binding space : the book as spatial practice
Macken, Marian, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
Sherman N7433.3 .M33 2018

Japan now : three displays at the Gardiner Museum celebrating contemporary Japanese ceramics
Mirviss, Joan B, author,
Toronto : Gardiner Museum, [2017]
"A collection of contemporary Japanese ceramics will be in Toronto on loan from the Joan Mirviss Gallery, NYC. This booklet will accompany three displays of Japanese Ceramics at the Gardiner Museum from January 2018-December 2018. For the first, the focus is on form and function, featuring vessels created with the intention of use for floral display or referring, sometimes loosely, to that function. This is followed by a selection of works that exemplify the incredible range of approaches to surface. The final show explores the extraordinary work done by pioneering women artists who have been at the vanguard for the past twenty years."--
Sherman NK4167.8 .M57 2017

Choreographies of the living : bioaesthetics in literature, art, and performance
Rohman, Carrie, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Nude vibrations: Isadora Duncan's creatural aesthetic -- Creative incantations and involutions in D. H. Lawrence -- Woolf's floating monkeys and whirling women -- Strange prosthetics: Rachel Rosenthal's rats and rings -- Uncaging Cunningham's animals.

"Choreographies of the Living explores the shift from viewing art as an exclusively human undertaking to recognizing it as an activity that all living creatures enact. Rohman's bioaesthetic framework describes how art-making binds us to other animals in literature, visual art, dance, and performance"--
Baker Berry NX180.S3 R64 2018

El libro de la muerte : miradas desde un museo universitario = The book of death : views from a university museum
Luisa Fernanda Rico Mansard and twelve others
Aguascalientes, Ags. : Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes, 2017
Introducción = Introduction / Marcela López Arellano -- Patrimonio cultural, museos universitarios, artistas y colecciones = Cultural heritage, university museums, artists and collections -- La muerte en los libros. Miradas desde la academia = Death in books. A view from academia -- La muerte como apropiación cultural. La vida cotidiana = Death as a cultural appropriation. The day-to-day life -- La muerte representada en el arte = Death represented in art.

The first major publication about the art and holdings of the Museum of Death that was established in 2007. The museum allows visitors to reconstruct and reinterpret their concept and meaning of death, elements that this editorial publication brings together through texts and images by researchers with perspectives from art, anthropology and archeology.
Sherman N8217.D5 M87 2017

Cybèle Varela : tropicalismo remixed
edited by Valentina Locatelli, Ariane Varela Braga for the Stiftung Brasilea
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2018]
Sherman ND359.V37 A4 2018

Luc Tuymans : catalogue raisonné of paintings
Tuymans, Luc, 1958- artist
New York, New York : David Zwirner Books, [2017]-
Volume 1. 1972-1994 --

Credited with a key role in the revival of painting in the 1990s, Belgian artist Luc Tuymans (b. 1958) continues to produce subtle, and at times unsettling, works that engage with history, technology, and everyday life. This first volume in a catalogue raisonne of Tuymans's paintings surveys nearly 200 works that were vital to his artistic development. The years 1978 to 1994 witnessed the maturation of his signature method of painting from preexisting imagery-such as magazine images, Polaroids, and television footage-as well as his first solo exhibition. Also dating from this period are many of his seminal canvases, along with ten poignant portraits of the ailing human body and the enigmatic series Superstition that comprised his first works exhibited in the United States. The catalogue features an introductory essay by Eva Meyer-Hermann and an illustrated chronology with archival images and installation shots of the works in this volume. It also includes brilliant new photography of each of the paintings. This publication is a testament to Tuymans's persistent assertion of the relevance and importance of painting-a conviction that he maintains even in today's digital world, when his work continues to be a touchstone for artists and scholars.
Sherman ND673.T85 A4 2017

Remnants of the Sikh empire : historical Sikh monuments in India and Pakistan
Bansal, Bobby Singh, author
New Delhi, India : Hay House Publishers India, [2015]
Sherman NA9348.I4 B36 2015

Ismael Smith : la belleza y los monstruos
a cargo de Josep Casamartina i Parassols
Barcelona : Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, [2017]
Sherman N7113.S636 A4 2017

Infinite drawing
Finelli, Pietro, 1957- artist
Sesto San Giovanni (MI) : Mimesis, [2016]
Sherman NC257.F56 A4 2016

California contemporary : the houses of Grant C. Kirkpatrick and KAA Design
Kirkpatrick, Grant Camden, author
Hudson, New York : Princeton Architectural Press, [2018]
"A showcase of homes designed by Grant Kirkpatrick, a native son of Southern California. His work evokes a luxurious and idyllic lifestyle through a welcoming modernism that incorporates nature. More than just houses, these homes are personal sanctuaries for their residents as well as individual interpretations of the California Dream"--
Sherman NA737.K56 A4 2018

Il polittico Costabili : prospettive incrociate
Luisa Ciammitti, Vincenzo Gheroldi
[Rome] : IPZS, Libreria dello Stato ; [2017]
Sherman ND623.D65 A735 2017

Gerolamo Giovenone : un capolavoro ritrovato
curatela, Daniela Magnetti ; coordinamento catalogo, Filippo Timo
Cinisello Balsamo : Silvana Editoriale, [2018]
Sherman ND623.G635 A4 2018

Il teatro della passione : Caravaggio, Guercino, Guido Reni
Dal Bello, Mario, 1947- author
Roma : Dei Merangoli editrice, giugno 2017
Sherman ND616 .D35 2017

Maria Lai : il filo e l'infinito
Lai, Maria, artist
[Livorno] : Sillabe, [2018]
Sherman N6923.L235 A4 2018

Pierre Lesieur : intérieurs
Lesieur, Pierre, 1922-2011, artist
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2018]
Sherman ND553.L8374 A4 2018

Qiu Zhijie : journeys without arrivals
editorial coordination, Natalie Esteve, Antonio Scocimarro, Isabella Zamboni
[Milan] : Mousse Publishing, [2017]
Sherman N7349.Q265 A4 2017

Piranesi a Paestum : il suono dell'architettura
Zuchtriegel, Gabriel, author
Napoli : Arte'm, [2017]
Sherman NE2052.5.P5 A4 2017

Lusingare la vista : il colore e la magnificenza a Roma tra tardo Rinascimento e Barocco
a cura di Adriano Amendola
Città del Vaticano : Edizioni Musei Vaticani, [2017]
Secondo volume della collana Dentro il Palazzo, dedicato alle arti, agli arredi, al collezionismo nei palazzi romani tra il tardo Rinascimento e il Barocco. Le prestigiose opere realizzate a Roma in ambito pubblico e privato tra la fine del XVII secolo e l'inizio del XVIII, vengono analizzate seguendo come filo conduttore l'evoluzione del gusto e approfondendo i caratteri distintivi dell'epoca: il colore e la magnificenza. La prima sezione è dedicata ai codici dell'ornamento e al lusso concepito come finzione; la seconda affronta alcune manifestazioni dell'immaginario barocco nella scultura e nell'architettura; la terza sezione racconta le abitudini e le tradizioni della vita di corte. Seguono schede di approfondimento che affrontano casi specifici ed emblematici del gusto barocco. A corredo del volume, un vastissimo apparato fotografico con riproduzioni di quadri, sculture, vedute di sale e gallerie di prestigiosi palazzi, mobilia e suppellettili, interni di chiese e basiliche, esempi di architettura rinascimentale e barocca, incisioni e disegni.
Sherman N6920 .L87 2017

Realismo magico : l'incanto nella pittura italiana degli anni Venti e Trenta
a cura di Gabriella Belli, Valerio Terraroli
Milano : Electa, [2017]
Sherman ND618.5.R4 R43 2017

Il mio corpo nel tempo
Lüthi, Ontani, Opalka ; da un'idea di Adriana Polveroni ; a cura di Patrizia Nuzzo e Adriana Polveroni
[Cesena] : Manfredi edizioni, [2017]
Sherman N7153.L88 A4 2017

Gilberto Zorio
Zorio, Gilberto, 1944- artist
Milano : Skira, December 2017
Sherman N6923.Z58 A4 2017