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Music with sound
the Tape-beatles
Iowa City, IA, USA : Plagiarism, 1991
Beautiful state ; Green, blue beautiful place ; Whole new animal ; Different tool ; Please help me ; Positive will ; Do you think it's an accident ; Desire ; Elevator music ; Rah rah up and down ; I can't help you at all; sorry ; I can't do it ; Another blue night ; More difficult ; I'm waiting ; Waves of waves ; Earlids ; Stress ; Coma ; Creditwise ; From the tide of the wind ; Scientists are working ; Pens, pencils, stationery ; The great inspiration ; Architectural requirements ; Message... ; /c/ for frog ; ...of rebellion ; is the night Blue ; XT92-007 ; Metor-pulse.
Paddock Compact Disc M1473.T374 M87 1991

The Dartmouth digital synthesizer : electronic music
by Jon Appleton, Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Russell Pinkston & William Brunson
Folkways, 1976
Library Depository M1473 .D37

A musical journey through India, 1963-1964
Jairazbhoy, Nazir Ali, 1927-2009
Los Angeles : Department of Ethnomusicology, University of California, Los Angeles, 1988
Tape 1. Bombay 1 ; Bombay 2 ; Gujarat & Maharashtra ; Southern Maharashtra -- Tape 2. Andhra Pradesh 1 ; Andhra Pradesh 2 ; Orissa 1 ; Orissa 2 -- Tape 3. Bihar ; Uttar Pradesh and Delhi ; Additional musical examples
Paddock Phono tape ML338.J26 M87 1988

Shakespeare songs and lute songs
Angel 45016, [between 1950 and 1959?]
Library Depository M1623.5 .S53 1950z

Irish songs of freedom
Sung by Willie Brady
Westbury, N.Y. : Avoca, [between 1960 and 1969?]
Volume 1. Sean South of Garryowen -- Green on the green -- Tipperary far away -- The Irish Republican Army -- Kevin Barry -- Three coloured ribbon -- Father Murphy of Boolavogue -- Wearing of the green -- It's a grand old country -- Valley of Knockanure -- Soldiers of the Legion of the Raerguard -- Dying rebel -- Johnson's motor car -- Down by the glenside -- Boys of the Co. Cork -- The Croppy boy -- O'Donnell Abu.
Library Depository M1744 .I766

Yoruba bata drums : elewe music and dance
recorded at Ila Rangun at the Odun Egungun Festival by G. Odukewe Sackeyfio
N[ew] Y[ork] C[ity], N.Y. : Folkways Records, ℗1980
Library Depository M1831.Y37 Y6 1980

An interview with John Coltrane
Coltrane, John, 1926-1967
Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, [1983]
"Coltrane discusses his art, the meaning of music in man's existence, his spiritual approaches, in this rare interview done a year before his death."
Paddock Phono tape ML419.C645 I58 1983

John Cage
Cage, John
Los Angeles, Calif. : Pacifica Radio Archive, [1983]
"The avant garde composer reveals an inventive mind that ranges far beyond his music into other fields of creativity. He states that the proper way to do things hasn't been invented yet, and that society is in the process of being psychoanalyzed, among other things."
Paddock Phono tape ML410.C24 J64 1983

The Nature of music
Washington, D.C. : National Public Radio, ℗1987
Music and the performer -- Music and the listener -- Music and commerce -- Music and time -- Music and the creative spirit -- Music and the body -- Music's tools -- Music and words -- Music and the brain -- Music and technology -- Music's meaning -- Defining music

Music educational program
Paddock Phono tape MT6 .N178 1987

Music on a long thin wire
Lucier, Alvin
New York, N.Y. : Lovely Music/Vital Records, ©1980
Library Depository M1473.L83 M87 1980

New York, N.Y. : Island Records : ©1968
You can all join in / Mason (3 min., 34 sec.) -- Pearly queen / Winwood. Capaldi (4 min., 20 sec.) -- Don't be sad / Mason (23 min., 24 sec.) ̲W̲ho knows what tomorrow may bring / Winwood, Capaldi. Wood (3 min., 11 sec.) -- Feelin' alright / Mason (4 min., 16 sec.) -- Vagabond virgin / Mason, Capaldi (5 min., 21 sec.) -- Forty thousand headmen / Winwood, Capaldi (3 min., 15 sec.) -- Cryin' to be heard / Mason (5 min., 1 sec.) -- No time to live (5 min., 10 sec.) ; Means to an end (2 min., 39 sec.) / Winwood, Capaldi
Library Depository M1630.18 .T73 1968

The face on the barroom floor
Mollicone, Henry, 1946-
New York : Composers Recordings, ©1981
Library Depository M1500.M66 F32

Hot buttered soul
Hayes, Isaac, performer
Berkeley, CA : Stax, 1987, [1978]
Walk on by (12:00) -- Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic (9:36) -- One woman (5:08) -- By the time I get to Phoenix (18:40)
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18.H39 H68 1987

Bruno Walter in conversation with Arnold Michaelis
Walter, Bruno, 1876-1962
Columbia, [1956]
Library Depository ML422.W27 M5 1956

Deep voices ; [the second whale record]
Capitol, ℗1977
Humpbacks: Whales charging a boat. Left over sea running. Herd noises. Drifting off.--Blues: Deep voices. Blue whales in range.--Rights: Right whales. Surrounded by snoring. Deep breathing
Library Depository M1977 .W52 1977

The Instruments of the Middle Ages and Renaissance ; [an illustrated guide to their ranges, timbres, and special capabilities]
Vanguard, ℗1977
Library Depository ML460 .I577

The Science of sound
Folkways Records, 1959
Library Depository MT6.5 .S364 1959

Authentic Afro-rhythms. [Sound recording]
Long Branch : Kimbo Educational Records, [1970]
The album consists of 16 authentic Afro rhythms from Africa, Cuba, Brazil, Haiti, Trinidad, and Puerto Rico
Library Depository MT42 .A885

Sonatas for violin and piano : Ludwig van Beethoven ; the violin part edited and fingered by Adolph Brodsky ; the piano part edited by Max Vogrich
Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827
New York : G. Schirmer, ©1923
Paddock M218.B4 S66 1923

Drei Sonaten für Violine (Querflöte, Altblockflöte) und Basso continuo ; three sonatas for violin (flute, treble recorder) and basso continuo
Veracini, Francesco Maria, 1690-1768
Kassel : Bärenreiter, [1973]
Sonata in F-dur.--Sonata in G-dur.--Sonata in d-moll
Paddock M231 .V473

Complete organ works ; a critico-practical edition in eight volumes
Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750
New York : G. Schirmer, ©1940-67
Volume 1. Preludes and fugues of the youthful period.--volume 2. Preludes and fugues of the first master-period.--volumes 3-4. Preludes and fugues of the mature master-period.--volume 5. Organ concertos and organ sonatas.--volume 6. Miscellaneous compositions on the chorale.--volume 7. The Orgelbüchlein. The catechism hymns.--volume 8. Schübler chorales. Eighteen chorales. Chorale variations.
Library Depository M7.B2 W52

Cantometrics : an approach to the anthropology of music
Lomax, Alan, 1915-2002
Berkeley, Calif. : The University of California, Extension Media Center, ℗1976
Paddock Phono tape ML3798 .L66 1976

All that Bach ; a celebration
produced in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and TVOntario with the participation of Telefilm Canada
New York, NY : Video Arts International : 1985
Aria duet from Cantata 78 -- Dixie Bach from the Well-Tempered Clavier / arr. Luther Henderson -- Allegro from Italian concerto -- Sarabande from Sonata for flute / Chor. Robert Desrosiers & Claudia Moore -- Gavotte from Orchestral suite number 3 -- Brandenburg concerto number 3 : Adagio / [performed] by Jean Lamon ; chor. William Orlowski & Steve Dymond ; National Tap Dance Co. of Canada -- Singing voices : from Cantata 140 / arr. Koffman, Riley -- Badinerie from Orchestral suite number 2 -- Aria from Cantata 170 -- Sarabande from Sonata for flute -- Prelude from Cello suite number 1 -- Canned daddy : from Cantata 142 / arr. Koffman, Riley -- Sarabande from French suite -- Contrapunctus 1 from The art of fugue / arr. Arthur Frakenpohl -- Contrapunctus 6 from The art of Fugue -- Spring equinox : inspired by Contrapunctus 9 from The art of fugue / composer, Christos Hatzis -- Air from Orchestral suite number 3.

Filmed in Canada during the Bach 300 Festival; demonstrates the stunning universality of Bach's music from a graceful cantata duet to a rousing fugue performed by a tap dance ensemble
Paddock Video tape M3.1.B2 A585 1985

Microsoft musical instruments : an interactive journey into the world of musical instruments
[Redmond, Wash.] : Microsoft, [1994],©1992
An interactive program that deals with musical instruments, both ancient and modern, from around the world. Includes articles on more than 200 instruments and 1,500 sound samples.
Paddock CD-ROM ML460 .M53 1994

Schwitters, Kurt, 1887-1948
Mainz, Germany : Wergo, ℗1993
Einleitung und erster Teil: Rondo (21:58) -- Zweiter Teil: Largo (3:12) -- Dritter Teil: Scherzo ; Trio ; Scherzo (2:42) -- Vierter Teil: Presto ; Ablösung ; Kadenz ; Schluss (13:26)
Paddock Compact Disc M1735.S39 U78 1993

Dido und Aeneas
Purcell, Henry, 1659-1695
Odeon, [between 1960 and 1969]
Library Depository M1500.P994D5 1960

1 + 1
Hancock, Herbie, 1940-
New York : PolyGram : ℗1997
Paddock Compact Disc M1366.H34 A12 1997

Gray matters : music and the brain
produced in association with the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives
[Place of publication not identified] : The Alliance, ©1998
Explores the emerging field of neuromusicology, including remarkable new research on how music affects the structure and function of the brain. The program explores whether listening to music can make you smarter, whether brains of musicians are wired differently, why and how music triggers powerful emotions, the success of music therapy for brain injury and Alzheimer's, and the great composers who have suffered from manic-depression.
Paddock Phono tape ML3920 .M875 1998

A midsummer night's dream = Ein Sommernachtstraum = Songe d'une nuit d'été
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix, 1809-1847
Hamburg : Deutsche Grammophon
Overture, op. 21 -- Incidental music, op. 61. Number 1, Scherzo ; Number 2 [March of the fairies] ; Number 3, Song with chorus : You spotted snakes ; Number 4 ; Number 5 [Intermezzo] ; Number 7 [Nocturne] ; Number 8 ; Number 9, Wedding march ; Number 10, Marcia funebre ; Number 11, a dance of clowns ; Number 12 ; Number 13, Finale.
Paddock Compact Disc M1510.M46 S65 1994

Practica musica
Evans, Jeffrey
Kirkland, WA : Ars Nova Software, ©1999
Complete music theory and ear training. Teaches the fundamental aspects of pitch relationships: the notation of intervals and chords, and ear training for intervals and melody.
Paddock CD-ROM MT35 .E83 1999

Music, language and environment : a thirty year retrospective
Dunn, David, 1953-
[Place of publication not identified] : Independent Media Labs : ©1999
[Scores]: Nexus -- Oracles -- Place -- Mimus polyglottos -- Skydrift -- (espial) -- Entrainments 1 -- Entrainments 2 -- Madrigal -- Ring of bone -- Position as argument -- Tabula angelorum bonorum 49 -- The great liberation through hearing -- Inscape 2 -- Chreiai 1 -- String quartet #2 -- Interjacence -- Rainfall at launching place -- Simulation 1 -- Inscape 1 -- Pariah -- with zitterings of flight released -- Wildflowers -- Ennoia 1 -- Sigils and mirrors -- Pieroma 1 -- Three dynamical systems -- Ennoia 2 -- Gradients 1,2, and 3 -- Charaxio. Chaos and the emergent mind of the pond -- The lion in which the spirits of the royal ancestors make their home -- Purposeful listening in complex states of time. [Writings]: Nature, sound art and the sacred -- An expository journal of extractions from wilderness -- Speculations: On the evolutionary continuity of music and animal communication behavior -- Music, language, and environment (1984) -- Mappings and entrainments -- Publishing as eco-system -- Wilderness as reentrant form -- A history of electronic music pioneers -- Environment, consciousmess, and magic -- Music, language and environment (1999).

Consists of selected materials of scores, writings, images and sound samples dating from 1970 through 2000.
Paddock CD-ROM M1473.D865 M87 1999

Electro-acoustic music at Dartmouth College : the Bregman Studio
[Hanover, N.H.] : [The College], [2000]
This CD-ROM represents a snapshot of the various works and activities of the the Bregman Electronic Studio at Dartmouth College, approximately July 2000. It contains music, software and writings by students and faculty in the Electro-Acoustic program at Dartmouth, along with documentation about the Electro-Acoustic Graduate program and its history.
Paddock CD-ROM MT4.H35 D37 2000

Diary : how to improve the world (you will only make matters worse)
Cage, John
Mainz, Germany : Wergo, ℗1992
Paddock Compact Disc Wergo WER 6231-2--WER 6238-2

Technology directory
Association for Technology in Music Instruction
[Anderson Township, Ohio] : The Association, ©2000
Paddock CD-ROM MT1 .T43

International Trumpet Guild journal
[Tallahassee, Fla.] : The Guild, ©2000
Contains all ITG journals published between Oct. 1976 and May 1999; and all ITG newsletters published between Oct. 1976 and May 1982; and two early organizational newsletters.
Paddock CD-ROM ML1 .I89

La serva padrona : a short comic opera
Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista, 1710-1736
Recording of a performance presented April 5-6, 2001 at Collis Commonground, Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H.
Paddock M1504.P47 S47 2001

Affective and perceptual judgments of major and minor musical stimuli
Pittenger, Rebecca
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis ML3838 .P58 2002

The music manuscript kit
London : Boosey & Hawkes, ©2000
"The Boosey & Hawkes Music Manuscript Kit is a single CD-ROM which you can use to print out over 300 styles and sizes of manuscript paper ... This CD-ROM also includes a guide to musical instruments and a dictionary of musical terms."
Paddock CD-ROM MT35 .M87 2000

African groove
New York, NY : Putumayo World Music, ℗2003
Paddock Compact Disc M1830 .A3736 2003

Carl Nielsen spiller Carl Nielsen = Carl Nielsen plays Carl Nielsen
Tekst, Niels Bo Foltman and others
[Denmark] : Statsbiblioteket, ©2003
Contains a Power Point Presentation and audio files related to research on and technical transfers of 3 unique private recordings on wax cylinders featuring Carl Nielsen and his family.
Paddock CD-ROM ML410.N625 C37 2003

Sibelius 3
[Place of publication not identified] : Sibelius Software, 2004
Software program to write music.
Paddock Office MT39 .S4 2004

Finale 2006
[Place of publication not identified] : MakeMusic, Inc, ©2005
An integrated program for music transcription, notation, playback, and publishing. Incorporates elements of a word processor, graphics designer, sequencer, and page-layout program.
Paddock Office MT39 .F56 2005

Anna Moffo : a tribute
Pleasantville, N.Y. : VAI, 2006
Part one: Bell Telephone Hour: La bohème, Act I finale. Che gelida manina ; Sì, mi chiamano Mimì ; O soave fanciiulla / Puccini (with Richard Tucker) (telecast of September 29, 1961) -- La traviata. Brindisi: Libiamo, libiamo ; Un dì felice / Verdi (with Nicolai Geda and chorus) (telecast of April 27, 1962) -- La traviata. È strano! È strano! ... Ah, fors'è lui ; Sempre libera! / Verdi (telecast of February 16, 1962) -- Don Giovanni. Là ci darem la mano / Mozart (with George London) (telecast of February 16, 1962) -- La bohème, Act I finale. Che gelida manina ; Sì, mi chiamano Mimì ; O soave fanciulla / Puccini (with Richard Tucker) (telecast of October 8, 1963) (black & white) -- Roméo et Juliette. Hëlas! moi, le haïr! / Gounod (with Sándor Kónya) (telecast of September 22, 1967. Part two: Operatic films: La traviata. Madamigella Valéry? ... Pura siccome un angelo ; Dite alla giovine / Verdi ; directed by Mario Lanfranchi (1968) (with Gino Becchi) -- Lucia di Lammermoor. Mad scene (part 1): Oh giusto cielo! ... Il dolce suono ; Mad scene (part 2): Ardon g'lincensi ... Spargi d'amaro pianto / Donizetti ; directed by Mario Lanfranchi (1971).
Paddock DVD M1505 .A56 2006

Tchaikovsky and more : complete flute and piccolo parts to 42 orchestral masterworks on CD-ROM
works by Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Glinka
[U.S.] : CD Sheet Music : ©2005
A life for the Czar. Overture ; Ruslan and Ludmilla. Overture / Mikhail Glinka -- Khovantchina overture ; Night on Bald Mountain ; Pictures at an exhibition / Modest Mussorgsky -- Symphonies 1-6 ; Manfred, Symphony after Byron : op. 58 ; Piano concertos 1-3 ; Violin concerto in D major, op. 35 ; 1812 festival overture : op. 49 ; Capriccio italienne : op. 45 ; Francesca da Rimini : symphonic fantasia, op. 32 ; Hamlet : fantasy overture after Shakespeare : op. 67 ; March slav : op. 31 ; March solennelle : in D major ; Mazeppa overture ; The nutcracker : op. 71 ; Nutcracker suite : op. 71a ; Pezzo capriccioso : for cello and orchestra, op. 62 ; Polonaise from Eugene Onegin ; Romeo and Juliet : fantasy overture ; Serenade for strings, op. 48 ; Sleeping beauty : op. 66 ; Suite characteristique ; Suites 1-4 ; Swan Lake : op. 20 ; Swan Lake suite : op. 20a ; The tempest : symphonic fantasia, op. 18 ; Variations on a rococo theme : op. 33 ; Voyevoda overture : op. 3 ; Voyevoda : symphonic ballad after Mickiewicz : op. 78 ; Waltz from Eugene Onegin / Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
Paddock CD-ROM MT346 .T44 2005

Bone days
Trudell, John
[California?] : Asitis Productions, ℗2001
Crazy Horse -- Other close times -- Undercurrent -- Carry the stone -- Ever get the blues -- Lucky motel -- Bone days -- Takes my breath -- Spectator -- Sorry love -- Nothing in her eyes -- Doesn't hurt anymore -- Hanging from the cross.
Paddock Compact Disc M1669.T85 B66 2001

Fantasie und Sonate c-Moll KV 475/457 : mit den früheren Fassungen des Adagio nach dem Autograph = Fantasy and sonata C minor K 475/457 : with the earlier versions of the Adagio according to the autograph
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791
Salzburg : Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg, ©2006
Paddock CD-ROM ML96.5 .M97 K.475 2006

L'Africaine : an opera in three acts
Giacomo Meyerbeer ; San Francisco Opera/RM Arts ; conductor, Maurizio Arena
Chatsworth, CA : Image Entertainment, 2001
Shipwrecked on the African coast, de Gama returns to Portugal with two captives and falls in love with one of them, a beautiful East Indian queen. However, the relationship is threatened by the re-emergence of de Gama's former love, when a new expedition launched by the explorer's rival is shipwrecked.
Paddock DVD M1500.M49 A47 2001

The International Trumpet Guild journal
[Davenport, Iowa] : International Trumpet Guild, ©2008-
Paddock DVD-ROM ML1 .I89

The rest is noise : [listening to the twentieth century]
Ross, Alex, 1968-
[Ashland, Or.] : Blackstone Audio, ℗2007
The scandal over modern music has not died-- while paintings by Picasso and Pollock sell for millions of dollars, works from Stravinsky's Rite of Spring onward still send ripples of unease through audiences. Yet the influence of modern music can be felt everywhere. Avant-garde sounds populate the soundtracks of Hollywood thrillers. Minimalist music has had a huge effect on rock, pop, and dance music from the Velvet Underground onward. Music critic Alex Ross shines a bright light on this secret world, taking us from Vienna before the First World War to Paris in the twenties, from Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia to New York in the sixties and seventies. We follow the rise of mass culture and mass politics, of new technologies, of hot and cold wars, of experiments, revolutions, and riots. The end result is not so much a history of twentieth-century music as a history of the twentieth century through its music.
Paddock Compact Disc ML197 .R76 2007c

A midsummer night's dream
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616
RCA Victor, LM 6115,
Library Depository M1510.S53 M5 1954

Miles : the autobiography
Davis, Miles
[North Kingstown, R.I.] : AudioGO, 2012

Elements of jazz : from cakewalks to fusion
Bill Messenger
Springfield, VA : Teaching Co., ©1995
Lecture 1. Plantation beginnings -- Lecture 2. The rise and fall of ragtime -- Lecture 3. The jazz age -- Lecture 4. Blues -- Lecture 5. The swing era -- Lecture 6. Boogie, big band blues, and bop -- Lecture 7. Modern jazz -- Lecture 8. The ABC's of jazz improvisation.

Presents an overview of jazz, its elements, and its history. Includes performances by various jazz artists.
Paddock Compact Disc ML3506 .E435 1995

Uncle John's band : the Grateful Dead story
Giuliano, Geoffrey
[Princeton, N.J.] : Audio Holdings, 2009
"The Grateful Dead mesmerized generations with their tribal rhythms and uninhibited performances. Through never-before-published interviews with music-industry insiders, Geoffrey Giuliano breaks through the curtain of silence surrounding the band's personal and professional lives to bring you the true story of The Grateful Dead in all its day-glow, mind-bending, colorful ups and downs"--Publisher's summary.

Johannes Brahms
Siepmann, Jeremy
[Place of publication not identified] : Naxos, ℗2002
Johannes Brahms is one of the best loved, yet most controversial of all the Romantics. Almost uniquely, his works have never suffered the slightest period of eclipse. Profoundly emotional yet governed by an iron discipline, the music, like the man, is a fascinating, entertaining, often deeply moving blend of opposites. He had a gift for friendship and a capacity for love far beyond the ordinary, yet no man could be ruder or more hurtful. 136-page booklet included.
Paddock Compact Disc ML410.B8 S54 2002

An introduction to-- Mozart, Cosi fan tutte
Smillie, Thomson
[Hong Kong] : Naxos, ℗2002
This series introduces, in words and music, the plot and background of the major operas. Using the principal themes and arias, taken from the Naxos recording of the complete work, Thomson Smillie is informative yet entertaining, enabling the listener to get more from this remarkable art form.
Paddock Compact Disc ML410.M9 S65 2002

Aaron Copland : a self-portrait
Films for the Humanities
Princeton, N. J. : The Humanities, ©1987
Reminiscences by composer Aaron Copeland about his musical life
Paddock Video tape ML410.C756 A6 1987

Shinpu Jānaru = The Journal of New Music
Tōkyō : Jiyū Kokuminsha, [1968] -1984
Baker Berry Japan M1813.18 .S46

Nijisseiki Nihon rekōdo sangyōshi : gurōbaru kigyō no shinkō to shijō no hatten
Azami, Toshio, 1940- author
Tōkyō-to Bunkyō-ku : Keisō Shobō, 2016
Baker Berry Japan ML3790 .A93 2016

Problemy muzykalʹnoĭ nauki = Music scholarship
Ufa, Russia : Problemy muzykalʹnoĭ nauki

Aidoruron no kyōkasho
Tsukada, Shūichi, author
Tōkyō : Seikyūsha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan ML3917.J3 T88 2016

Pentachordal melody : violin, clarinet, trombone, cello, and piano
Parsons, Michael, 1938- composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [1998]
Paddock M522.P37 P46 1998x

Tangos : play 8 favorites with sound-alike audio tracks
Piazzolla, Astor, composer
Milwaukee, WI : Boosey & Hawkes : [2015]
Ausencias -- Chanson de la naissance -- Libertango -- Los sueños -- Sensuel -- Tango apasionado -- Vuelvo al sur -- La chanson du popo.
Paddock M41 .P53 2015z

Sonic meditations
Oliveros, Pauline, 1932-2016, composer
[Baltimore, MD?] : Smith Publications, [1974]
Paddock M1470.O4 S66 1974

Rock of ages : a new musical : piano/vocal selections
music supervision, arrangements & orchestrations by Ethan Popp
Milwaukee, WI : H. Leonard, [2009?]
Paddock M1508 .R6 2009

Anastasia : the new Broadway musical
Flaherty, Stephen, composer
[New York City] : Warner/Chappell, [2017]
Paddock M1508.F53 A63 2017

School of rock : the musical : piano/vocal selections
Lloyd Webber, Andrew, 1948- composer
Milwaukee, WI : Hal Leonard, [2016]
A dozen piano/vocal selections from the Tony Award-nominated 2015 musical adapted from the popular 2003 film of the same name.
Paddock M1508.L56 S26 2016

Bring it on : the musical
Kitt, Tom, composer
[Los Angeles, California] : Warner/Chappell, [2013]
Paddock M1508.K58 B7 2013

A gentleman's guide to love & murder
Lutvak, Steven, composer,
Milwaukee, WI : Hal Leonard Corporation, [2014]
Paddock M1508 .G37 2014

Newsies : music from the Broadway musical : piano/vocal selections
Menken, Alan, composer
[Burbank, Calif.] : Wonderland Music Company, Inc., [2012]
Paddock M1508.M46 N47 2012

Waitress : the irresistible new Broadway musical
Bareilles, Sara. composer,
[United States] : Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, [2015]
Paddock M1508 .B364 W35 2015

Natasha, Pierre & the great comet of 1812
Malloy, Dave, 1976- composer,
[New York, N.Y.] : St. Rose Music, [2017]
Prologue -- Pierre -- Moscow -- No one else -- Dust and ashes -- Charming -- The ball -- Letters -- Sonya & Natasha -- Sonya alone -- Balaga -- The abduction -- Pierre & Andrey -- Pierre & Natasha -- The great comet of 1812.
Paddock M1508.M35 N38 2017

Tonal analysis : a Schenkerian perspective
Damschroder, David, author
New York : W.W. Norton & Company, [2018]
Paddock MT6.D17 T66 2018

Studies on a global history of music : a Balzan musicology project
edited by Reinhard Strohm
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
Introduction. Notes and queries on global music history / Martin Stokes -- Enlightenment. Ancient Greeks, world music and early modern constructions of Western European identity / David R. M. Irving ; Analytical encounters : global music criticism and enlightenment ethnomusicology / Estelle Joubert ; Musical thought in the global enlightenments / Philip V. Bohlman -- East Asia. Voice and song in early encounters between Latins, Mongols and Persians, c.1250-c.1350 / Jason Stoessel ; The transformation of the world : silk road musics, cross-cultural approaches and contemporary metaphors / Max Peter Baumann ; Music education in modern Japanese society / Rinko Fujita ; The (musical) imaginarium of Konishi Yasuharu, or how to make Western music Japanese / Oliver Seibt ; European music outside Europe : musical entangling and intercrossing in the case of Korea's modern history / Jin-Ah Kim ; Korean music : definitions and practices / Keith Howard ; East Asia in a global historical perspective : approaches and challenges / Nicola Spakowski -- South and South-east Asia. Heavy metal bamboo : how archaic bamboo instruments became modern in Bandung, Indonesia / Henry Spiller ; Cultural autonomy and the Indian exception : debating the aesthetics of Indian classical music in early 20th-century Calcutta / Matthew Pritchard ; Orientalism and beyond : Tagore, Foulds and cross-cultural exchanges between Indian and Western musicians / Suddhaseel Sen -- America. Why did indians sing? The appropriation of European musical practices by South-American natives in the Jesuit reducciones / Leonardo J. Waisman ; The global mission in the music of Jesuit drama / Tomasz Jez ; From abandoned huts to maps of the pampas : the topos of the huella and the representation of landscape in Argentine art music / Melanie Plesch ; Minor mode and the Andes : the pentatonic scale as topic and the musical representation of Peru / Julio Mendívil ; The rending call of the poor and forsaken street crier : the political and expressive dimension of a topic in Silvestre Revueltas's early works / Roberto Kolb-Neuhaus ; Passion and disappointment : waltz and danza topics in a Venezuelan musical nationalism masterpiece / Juan Francisco Sans ; Festivals, violins and global music histories : examples from the Caribbean and Canada / Tina K. Ramnarine.

The idea of a global history of music may be traced back to the Enlightenment, and today, the question of a conceptual framework for a history of music that pays due attention to global relationships in music is often raised. But how might a historical interpretation of those relationships proceed? How should it position, or justify, itself? What would 'Western music' look like in an account of music history that aspires to be truly global? The studies presented in this volume aim to promote post-European historical thinking. They are based on the idea that a global history of music cannot be one single, hegemonic history. They rather explore the paradigms and terminologies that might describe a history of many different voices. The chapters address historical practices and interpretations of music in different parts of the world, from Japan to Argentina and from Mexico to India. Many of these narratives are about relations between these cultures and the Western tradition; several also consider socio-political and historical circumstances that have affected music in the various regions. The book addresses aspects that Western musical historiography has tended to neglect even when looking at its own culture: performance, dance, nostalgia, topicality, enlightenment, the relationships between traditional, classical, and pop musics, and the regards croises between European, Asian, or Latin American interpretations of each other's musical traditions.0.
Paddock ML193 .S78 2018

Composition no. 59 : for two soloists and 12 instrumentalists (1976)
Braxton, Anthony, composer
[Brooklyn, N.Y.] : The Tri-Centric Foundation, [2015]
Paddock M985.B73 C65 no.59 2015

Composition no. 228 : second species ghost trance music : (1998)
Braxton, Anthony, composer
[Brooklyn, NY] : The Tri-Centric Foundation, 2018
Paddock M1470 .B73 C65 no.228 2018

Australian Aboriginal music
edited by Jennifer Isaacs
Sydney : Aboriginal Artists Agency, 1979
North Australian Aboriginal music / Jill Stubington -- Listen to the fire : some personal reflections on the music of North Eastern Arnhem Land / Ranald Allan -- Functions and features of Central and South Australian Aboriginal music ; Developments in music education among Aboriginals in Central and South Australia / Catherin J. Ellis -- Music and the settled Aboriginal / Trevor Pearce -- The influence of Australian music on the music of contemporary Australian composers / Deborah crisp.
Paddock ML3770 .A96

edited by Samuel Wilson
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Introduction / Samuel Wilson -- Part I: Psychoanalysis, musical analysis, and method. Speaking of the voice in psychoanalysis and music / David Bard-Schwarz -- Parallels between Schoenberg and Freud / Alexander Carpenter -- The psychodynamics of neo-Riemannian theory / Kenneth M. Smith -- Schubert, music theory, and Lacanian fantasy / Christopher Tarrant -- Subjective and objective violence in Taylor Swift's 'I Knew You Were Trouble' / Alexi Vellianitis -- Part II: Situating music and psychoanalysis. Does the psychoanalysis of music have a 'subject'? / Samuel Wilson -- Jung and the transcendent function in music therapy / Rachel Darnley-Smith -- Symbolic listening: the resistance of enjoyment and the enjoyment of resistance / Jun Zubillaga-Pow -- Masochism and sentimentality: Barthes's Schumann and Schumann's Chopin / Stephen Downes.

"There is a growing interest in what psychoanalytic theory brings to studying and researching music. Bringing together established scholars within the field, as well as emerging voices, this collection outlines and advances psychoanalytic approaches to our understanding of a range of musics--from the romantic and the modernist to the contemporary popular. Drawing on the work of Freud, Lacan, Jung, Žižek, Barthes, and others, it demonstrates the efficacy of psychoanalytic theories in fields such as music analysis, music and culture, and musical improvisation. It engages debates about both the methods through which music is understood and the situations in which it is experienced, including those of performance and listening. This collection is an invaluable resource for students, lecturers, researchers, and anyone else interested in the intersections between music, psychoanalysis, and musicology." -- Publisher's description
Paddock ML3830 .M9815 2018

Concertino, Op. 94 (1953) : version pour piano à 4 mains de Dimitri Tchesnokov
Shostakovich, Dmitriĭ Dmitrievich, 1906-1975, composer
Paris : Editions Le Chant du Monde, [2013]
Paddock M1010 .C46 2013z

Nimrod : from Enigma variations : arranged for trombone quartet
Elgar, Edward, 1857-1934, composer
[Vancouver?] : [Ralph Sauer], [2008]
Paddock M459 .E44 2008z

Prelude no. II : blue lullaby : for trombone quartet
Gershwin, George, 1898-1937, composer
[Los Angeles] : [WB Music Corp.], [2014]
Paddock M459 .G47 2014z

Two haiku : soprano and guitar
Wilkinson, Clive (Composer), composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2014]
Paddock M127 .W55 2014x

Caller's music : for any type of ensemble
Goode, Daniel, composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2010?]
Paddock M1630 .G66 2010z

Mort subite : for piccolo, clarinet, vibraphone, and pianoforte (with click tracks)
Ferneyhough, Brian, 1943- composer
London ; Edition Peters, [1990]
Paddock M447.F47 M67 1990x

Almost square : trio with optional soloist
Scholz, Carter, composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2013]
Paddock M386 .S36 2013z

Contemporary folklore
Corner, Philip, composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2015]
Paddock M1470.C67 C66 2015x

High birds (prime) : in memoriam Iannnis Xenakis : for two electric guitars & playback
Báthory-Kitsz, Dennis, 1949- composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2014]
Paddock M385.B274 H5 2014z

The story of the manger : a short Christmas cantata consisting of eight carols for soli and chorus with organ accompaniment
Thomson, Sydney, composer
New York : G. Schirmer, [1900]
Paddock M2023.T46 S76 1900z

Tavener, John, composer
London : J. & W. Chester, [1971]
Paddock M2092 .T38 1971z

Mother's day : any number of instruments or voices in any 12-pitch tuning
Kelley, Daniel, composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2016?]
Paddock M1470.K45 M67 2016x

Circle canon 2 : any number of instruments or voices
Kelley, Daniel, composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2016?]
Paddock M1470.K45 K45 2016x

She who dances through the sky : songs of Yeshe Tsogel : SATB
Giteck, Janice, 1946- composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2005]
I. You girl, out of eternity -- II. Reaching the mind of the Great Mother.
Paddock M2145.B8 G58 2005z

Le petit ane blanc = the little white donkey
Ibert, Jacques, 1890-1962, composer
[Northfield, Ill.] : Composers Press, [2016?]
Paddock M25 .I24 2016z

These things shall be : for baritone (or tenor) solo, chorus & orchestra
Ireland, John, 1879-1962, composer
London : Boosey & Hawkes, [2016]
Paddock M13.I74 T43 2016x

Violin concerto no. 1 : for violin and chamber orchestra, op. 78
Martinsson, Rolf, composer
Stockholm : Gehrmans Musikförlag, [2012]
Paddock M1012 .M357 op.78 2012z

Suite fantastique : for clarinet and piano, op. 90
Martinsson, Rolf, composer
Stockholm : Gehrmans Musikförlag, [2012]
Paddock M250.M3855 S8 2012x

Sonetti di Shakespeare : per canto e pianoforte : per coro misto (con pianoforte e a cappella) = Shakespeare sonnets : for voice and piano : for mixed choir (with piano and a cappella)
Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario, 1895-1968, composer
Milano : Edizioni Curci, [2016]
Sonetti per canto e pianoforte = Sonnets for voice and piano : op. 125/1. Sonnet VIII ; Sonnet XVIII ; Sonnet XXIX ; Sonnet XXX ; Sonnet XXXI ; Sonnet XXXII ; Sonnet LIII ; Sonnet LVII ; Sonnet LX ; Sonnet LXIV ; Sonnet LXV ; Sonnet LXXIII ; Sonnet LXXXVII ; Sonnet XC ; Sonnet XCVII ; Sonnet XCVIII ; Sonnet CII ; Sonnet CIV ; Sonnnet CV ; Sonnet CVI ; Sonnet CIX ; Sonnet CXVI ; Sonnet CXXVIII ; Sonnet CXLVI ; Sonnet XXVII -- op. 125/4. Sonnet XXXV ; Sonnet XL ; Sonnet LXXI ; Sonnet XLVII -- Sonetti per coro misto con pianoforte = Sonnets for mixed choir with piano : op. 125/2. Sonnet XCIV ; Sonnet CXXIX -- Sonetto per coro misto a cappella = Sonnet for mixed choir a cappella : op. 125/3 : Sonnet CLIV.
Paddock M1621.C38 S5 2016z

The viola da gamba
Hoffmann, Bettina, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
Paddock ML927.V5 H6213 2018

Music preservation and archiving today
edited by Norie Guthrie and Scott Carlson
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2018]
Documenting local music communities. Preserving rock and roll history on the north coast / by Andy Leach & Jennie Thomas ; Establishing a regional music archives at the University of Illinois / by Rory Grennan, Katherine Nichols, and Scott W. Schwartz ; Pushing the boundaries of donor relations to build the Houston folk music archive / by Norie Guthrie ; Building punk and heavy metal collections at UCLA Library special collections / by Megan Hahn Fraser and Melissa Haley -- Leveraging archival materials. Exploring the Houston folk music archive in the first-year classroom / by Andrew A. Klein ; Mastering the sonics of historic recording media / by Jessica Thompson ; Exploring the attics of the counterculture / by Jesse Jarnow -- Outsider music preservation. Preserving underground hip hop tapes in ethnographic context / by Anthony Kwame Harrison ; Pursuing preservation in the DIY music community / by Norie Guthrie Scott Carlson ; Preserving music through reissues / by Jeremy Berg ; Bootleg compilations as fan preservation / by Scott Carlson.
Paddock ML111.5 .M88 2018

Song king : connecting people, places, and past in contemporary China
Gibbs, Levi, 1980- author
Honolulu : University of Hawaiʻi Press, [2018]
The meanings of a life -- An education through song -- Representing the region -- Culture paves the way -- Mediating the rural and urban -- Between here and there -- Connecting past, present, and future.
Paddock ML3746.6 .G53 2018

Liszt and the symphonic poem
Cormac, Joanne, author
Cambridge ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
Paddock ML410.L7 C85 2017

The Tchaikovsky papers : unlocking the family archive
edited by Marina Kostalevsky ; translated by Stephen Pearl ; adapted from the Russian edition compiled and edited by Polina E. Vaidman
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2018]
Correspondence between Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's parents -- Letters by Fanny Dürbach to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and his brothers -- Letters by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky -- Musical souvenirs -- Key documents -- Chronology of Tchaikovsky's life and works.

"This fascinating collection of letters, notes, and miscellanea from the archives of the Tchaikovsky State House-Museum sheds new light on the world of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Most of these documents have never before been available in English, and they reveal the composer's playful and unabashed sense of humor, private thoughts and daily concerns, and devotion to the Russian monarchy. Often intimate and sometimes bawdy, these diverse materials also offer a fresh perspective on Tchaikovsky's upbringing, his relations with family members, his patriotism, and his homosexuality, collectively contributing to a greater understanding of a major artist who had a profound impact on Russian culture and society. This is an essential compendium of substantial interest to cultural and social historians as well as to musicologists and music lovers."--
Paddock ML410.C4 A4 2018

Twenty One Pilots
New York, NY : Fueled By Ramen, [2015]
Over the past few years, the Columbus, Ohio-based duo has built a hardcore following with their mix of alternative rock and rap. The band's second major label album includes the single Fairly Local.
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18.T855 B58 2015

Relative calm
Gibson, Jon, composer,
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, [2016]
Relative calm : (Rise) (16:58) -- Q-music : (Race) (18:23) -- Extensions RC : (Reach) (16:37) -- Return : (Return) (16:54).
Paddock Compact Disc M3.1.G523 R45 2016

Liang, Lei, 1972- composer
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, [2016]
Paddock Compact Disc M3.1.L515 I57 2016

The celebration
Byron, Michael, 1953- composer
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, [2017]
Paddock Compact Disc M1621.4.B97 C45 2017

Three weeks in Cincinnati in December
Hellermann, William, composer
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, [2017]
Three weeks in Cincinnati in December (1979) (51:31).

"Those techniques, used through the work from start to finish, are multiphonics (or multiple stops), which suggest chordal textures; 'whistle tones', as Hellermann calls them in the score (Dick prefers the more poetic 'whisper tones'), which create eerily high-flying lines of counterpoint over the more standard flute tone; and abdominal tremolo, a form of energetic, sharply rhythmic breathing that produces a stream of short bursts. And the flutist executes all of this while circular breathing, a technique that gives the piece its non-stop seamlessness"--Insert, page 2.
Paddock Compact Disc M62.H45 T47 2017

Kula, Hawaii : Maui Institute for Modern Music, [2017]
Paddock Compact Disc M5 .E97 2017

Violeta Parra : life and work
edited by Lorna Dillon
Woodbridge, Suffolk : Tamesis, 2017
Violeta Parra was an extraordinary figure. She is best known for her contribution to the Latin American New Song movement and for her visual art, which was exhibited in the Musee des Arts Decoratifs of the Louvre gallery in 1964. Parra spent her early career singing Mexican songs in bars and researching traditional Chilean culture. All the different phases of Parra's life and work are discussed in this book, with analyses of her music, paintings, sculptures, embroideries (arpilleras), and poetry. Her exhibition in the Louvre gallery and the music venue that she set up before she died, La Carpa de la Reina, are also covered. Among the individual essays collected here are seminal works by Patricio Manns and Leonidas Morales, which have been translated into English for the first time. These works introduce the historical and biographical context for Parra's work. Other essays feature the latest research and findings by Catherine Boyle, Ericka Verba, Paula Miranda, Serda Yalkin, Romina A. Green, and Lorna Dillon. The book also includes an interview with Violeta Parra's brother, the influential poet Nicanor Parra and a Foreword by Marjorie Agosin.
Paddock ML410.P1726 V56 2017

A sailor's guide to Earth
Simpson, Sturgill, 1978- composer,
New York, NY : Atlantic Recording Company, [2016]
"To be played at maximum volume" -- Container insert.
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18.S562 S25 2016

Summertime : Willie Nelson sings Gershwin
Gershwin, George, 1898-1937, composer
New York, NY : Legacy, [2016]
Eleven pop standards penned by America's legendary songwriting duo George and Ira Gershwin. The album includes two duets: Let's Call the Whole Thing Off, with Cyndi Lauper; and Embraceable You, with Sheryl Crow.
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18.G473 S66 2016

This is acting
Sia (Singer), composer,
New York, New York : Monkey Puzzle Records/RCA, [2016]
Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Sia is back with the follow-up to her 2014 album 1000 "Forms of fear". Her latest includes the singles "Alive" and "Bird set free."
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18.S53 T55 2016

Atlanta : hip hop and the South
Schmelling, Michael, 1973-
San Francisco, CA : Chronicle Books, ©2010
Paddock ML3531 .S37 2010

The Head and the Heart
Seattle, WA : SubPop Records, ℗2011
The debut album from Seattle folk-pop group the Head and the Heart features imaginative and well-crafted arrangements with soulful vocal harmonies and catchy choruses. This remastered reissue includes a newly recorded version of Sounds Like Hallelujah as well as the live favorite Rivers and Roads.
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18.H4 H43 2011

I love you, Honeybear
Misty, Father John, composer,
Seattle, WA : Sub Pop, [2015]
Father John Misty follows up 2012's Fairly Fun with a new record that features a bit more soul and ambitious arrangements. It also touches upon a wide range of emotions, including fear, love, and intimacy.
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18.M569 I46 2015

Barstow : eight hitchhiker inscriptions from a highway railing at Barstow, California : (1956)
Partch, Harry, 1901-1974, composer
Mainz : Schott, 2018
Paddock M1528.P27 B36 2018

Castor & Pollux : a dance for the twin rhythms of Gemini : (first version 1952)
Partch, Harry, 1901-1974, composer
Mainz : Schott, 2017
Paddock M1524.P27 C37 2017

Dark brother : final two paragraphs from Thomas Wolfe's "God's lonely man" : (1942-1943)
Partch, Harry, 1901-1974, composer
Mainz : Schott, [2017]
Paddock M1613.3.P27 D2 2017

Tri sestry = Tri sestri = Trois sœurs = Drei Schwestern : Oper in drei Sequenzen
Eötvös, Peter, composer
München : Ricordi, [2009]
Paddock M1500.E68 D7 2009x

Konzert für Flöte und Orchester : op. 69 = Concerto for flute and orchestra : "dances with the winds"
Rautavaara, Einojuhani, 1928-2016, composer
Wiesbaden : Breitkopf & Härtel, [1975]
Paddock M1020 .R27 op. 69 1975x

Composizione n. 2 (1949-1950)
Maderna, Bruno, composer
Milano : Edizioni Suvini Zerboni, [2006]
Paddock M1045 .M33 no.2 2006x

Dates : a chamber cantata : soprano, clarinet in A, viola, percussion
Shere, Charles, 1935- composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2016]
Paddock M1613.3.S546 D38 2016x

The letter : a Depression message from a Hobo friend from "The Wayward" : (1943/1955/1972)
Partch, Harry, 1901-1974, composer
Mainz : Schott, 2018
Paddock M1625.P27 W385 2018

Motetnye invent︠s︡ii : dli︠a︡ fortepiano
Slonimskiĭ, Sergeĭ Mikhaĭlovich, composer
Sankt-Peterburg : Izdatelʹstvo Kompozitor, 2015
Paddock M25.S58 M63 2015x

Morceaux choisis extraits du ballet Roméo & Juliette
Prokofiev, Sergey, 1891-1953, composer
Paris : Editions Le Chant du Monde, [2002]
Introduction -- La rue se réveille -- Sérénade matinale [two violas] -- Juliette enfant -- Menuet--Arrivée des invités -- Danse des chevaliers -- Carnaval -- Scène du balcon -- Danse aux mandolines [two violas] -- La mort de Mercutio -- Roméo et Juliette chez frère Lorenzo -- La mort de Juliette.
Paddock M227 .P76 2002x

Y. D. fantasy : on the words of an early American tune : (1944)
Partch, Harry, 1901-1974, composer
Mainz : Schott, 2018
Paddock M1613.3.P37 Y2 2018

Golos iz khora : kantata dlia solistov, smeshannogo khora i kamernogo orkestra
Slonimskiĭ, Sergeĭ Mikhaĭlovich, composer
Sankt-Peterburg : Izdatelʹstvo "Kompozitor, ", 2016
Paddock M1530.S66 G65 2016x

Spartacus : suite d'orchestre no 2
Khachaturi︠a︡n, Aram, 1903-1978, composer
Paris : Editions Le Chant du Monde, [2012]
Paddock M1003 .K43 2012x

Colluricincla harmonica : fretless electric guitar and 2 MIDI keyboards (5 octaves each) controlling Vsampler
Nagorcka, Ron, 1948- composer
Lebanon, N.H. : Frog Peak Music, [2005]
Paddock M342.N34 C65 2005x

Almost not in progress : two flutes, clarinet, cello
Báthory-Kitsz, Dennis, 1949- composer
Lebanon, New Hampshire : Frog Peak Music, [date of publication not identified]
Paddock M462.B38 A46x

Piano concerto N⁰. 4, Op. 99 "Prague" : full score
Kabalevsky, Dmitry Borisovich, 1904-1987, composer
Paris : Chant Du Monde Editions Musicales, [2016]
Paddock M1110 .K33 op.99 2016x

Die Passion unseres Herrn (nach Markus) = The Passion of our Lord (according to St. Mark) : für Soli, SATB und Orgel
Wood, Charles, 1866-1926, composer
Bonn : Dr. J. Butz Musikverlag, 2016
Paddock M2098.M33 P37 2016x

Des Hafis liebeslieder = love songs of Hafiz, op. 26 : für Gesang und Orchester = for voice and orchestra
Szymanowski, Karol, 1882-1937, composer
München : Musikproduktion Höflich, 2016
Paddock M1611 .S99 2016x

Spartacus : suite d'orchestre no 1
Khachaturi︠a︡n, Aram, 1903-1978, composer
Paris : Editions Le Chant du Monde, [2013]
Paddock M1045 .K43 2013x

24 preli︠u︡dii i fugi : dli︠a︡ fortepiano, soch. 87
Shostakovich, Dmitriĭ Dmitrievich, 1906-1975, composer
Moscow : DSCH Publishers, 2015
Paddock M25 .S56 op.87 2015

Eventide : concerto for English horn, percussion, harp, celesta and string orchestra
Fuchs, Kenneth, 1956- composer
New York : E.B. Marks Music Corporation, [2014]
Paddock M1034.E5 F83 2014x

Chamber concerto no. 2 : op. 83
Martinsson, Rolf
Stockholm : Gehrmans Musikförlag, [2010]
Paddock M1042 .M37 2010x

Tapasya : for viola and percussion
Giteck, Janice, 1946- composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2017]
Paddock M298.G547 T36 2017x

Prepositions : string quartet (two violins, viola, cello)
Krinsky, Joy E., composer
Oakland, Calif. : Frog Peak Music, [1988]
Until -- Upon -- With -- Into -- Through -- Along -- Between -- Beyond.
Paddock M452.K76 P74 1988x

A girl's body at crepuscle : a chamber opera in two scenes : soprano, mezzo-soprano, flute
Asplund, Christian, 1964- composer
Lebanon, New Hampshire : Frog Peak Music, [1995]
Paddock M1500.A87 G57 1995x

Soliloquy : for solo violin
Imbrie, Andrew, 1921-2007, composer
New York, NY : Associated Music Publishers, [2017?]
Paddock M42.I32 S66 2017x

I am like a heron : for bass profondo and MIDI keyboard (controlling audio software) in just intonation
Nagorcka, Ron, 1948- composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2016]
Paddock M1621.N35 I36 2016x

Wirbelsäulenflöte : Ein isometrisches Gedicht nach dem gleichnamigen Poem von Wladimir Majakowski : April/Mai 1984
Stäbler, Gerhard, composer
Lebanon, New Hampshire : Frog Peak Music, [1984]
Paddock M985.S73 W57 1984x

Trois mélodies opus 17 : pour chant & piano
Kœchlin, Charles, 1867-1950, composer
Paris, France : Éditions Salabert, 2016
Le colibri (Leconte de Lisle) -- La prière du mort (Heredia) -- Épiphanie (Leconte de Lisle).
Paddock M1621 .K64 op.17 2016x

Aurora cagealis : 18 VIII 92
Báthory-Kitsz, Dennis, 1949- composer
[Place of publication not identified] : Westleaf Edition, [1992]
Paddock M985.B38 A97 1992x

How-ar-yoo (a schpeel) : seventeen performances, each constructing and improvising on a chosen row
Corner, Philip, composer
Lebanon, New Hampshire : Frog Peak Music, [2015]
Paddock M985.C67 H69 2015x

A bouquet for collage
Schuller, Gunther, composer
New York, NY : Associated Music Publishers, [2016]
Introduction -- I. A mellow cello -- II. Valse noble -- III. Frolicking fiddle -- IV. With mallets aforethought -- V. Darkly sombre -- VI. Piccsyish -- VII. Romanza pastorale -- VIII. Eine kleine Ragtimemusik -- IX. The battle -- Coda (The resolution).
Paddock M647.S38 B68 2016x

String quartet no. 5 : "American"
Fuchs, Kenneth, 1956- composer
New York : Piedmont Music Company, [2012]
Paddock M452.F53 S77 2012x

Asptunes : the collected jazz tunes of Christian Asplund from the 1980s and '90s
Asplund, Christian, 1964- composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2013]
Paddock M1366.A87 A87 2013x

Music for keyboard instruments and improvisation groups
Rosenboom, David, composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2013]
Continental divide -- Six pieces for piano -- Movement for two pianos -- Untitled little piano piece -- How much better if Plymouth Rock had landed on the Pilgrims -- Piano etude I -- Patterns for London -- Is art is -- Lightmotifs -- Palazzo.
Paddock M22.R784 M87 2013x

A pure drop : the life and legacy of Jeff Buckley
Apter, Jeff, author
Richmond, Vic. Echo Publishing, 2017
Who was the real Jeff Buckley? Was Jeff, as he described himself, 'rootless trailer trash', a 'male chanteuse' or, as Bono famously stated, 'a pure drop in an ocean of noise'? The voice of 'Hallelujah', the man who completed just one album, the masterpiece Grace, Jeff Buckley was a restless spirit, a musical chameleon and a troubled soul, haunted by the spirit of his father, the legendary Tim Buckley. Like the father he barely knew, Jeff died way too young, aged just 30, in 1997, drowning in Memphis. Widely regarded as the definitive study of Jeff Buckley, A Pure Drop has been fully revised and updated and features a new gallery of images from Merri Cyr, Jeff's official photographer.
Paddock ML420.B85 A85 2017

Unlimited replays : video games and classical music
Gibbons, William 1981- author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Paddock ML3540.7 .G53 2018

Sense and sadness : Syriac chant in Aleppo
Jarjour, Tala, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Emotion and the economy of aesthetics -- Edessan Christians in Hayy al-Suryan -- Eight old Syriac modes -- Chant as local knowledge -- Suryaniness -- Performing value -- Authority -- Ḥasho.
Paddock ML3060 .J37 2018

Listening to Bach : the Mass in B minor and Christmas oratorio
Melamed, Daniel R., author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Paddock ML410.B13 M34 2018

Folksongs from the mountains of Iran : culture, poetics and everyday philosophies
Friedl, Erika, author
London ; I. B. Tauris & Co. Ltd, 2018
Paddock M1820 .F75 2018

グループサウンズ文化論 : なぜビートルズになれなかったのか / 稲増竜夫
稲増竜夫, 1952- author
Tōkyō-to Chiyoda-ku : Chūō Kōron Shinsha, 2017
Baker Berry Japan ML3501 .I53 2017

Renegotiating French identity : musical culture and creativity in France during Vichy and the German occupation
Fulcher, Jane F., author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Introduction : The new historiography of Vichy -- The essential political and institutional background -- Reinscribing, framing, and subverting an operatic icon : Debussy's Pelléas et Mélisande -- From the legal to the illegal : Schaeffer's journey toward resistance and artistic exploration -- The soft or hard borders of French identity : Honegger's iconic role and subjectivity during Vichy -- Poulenc's metamorphosis : his journey toward resistance and a stylistic counterdiscourse -- Messiaen in a Catholic Church divided : spiritual authority, subjective agency, and artistic breakthrough -- Conclusion : Vichy's shifting cultural goals and tactics : the results, the responses, and how to perceive them.
Paddock ML270.5 .F87 2018

Composition no. 255 : second species syntactical ghost trance music (2000)
Braxton, Anthony, composer
[Brooklyn, NY] : The Tri-Centric Foundation, 2018
Paddock M1470.B73 C65 no.255 2018

Composition no. 245 : second species ghost trance music (2000)
Braxton, Anthony, composer
[Brooklyn, NY?] : The Tri-Centric Foundation, 2018
Paddock M1470.B73 C65 no.245 2018

Composition no. 134 : for creative orchestra (1986)
Braxton, Anthony, composer
[Brooklyn, N.Y.] : The Tri-Centric Foundation, 2018
Paddock M1366.B72 C66 no.134 2018

El mariachi : bailes y huellas
Luis Ku, coordinador
[Guadalajara, Jalisco] : Secretaria de Cultural, Gobierno del Estado de Jalisco, 2017
Paddock ML3485 .M37 2017

Composition no. 193 : first species ghost trance music : (1996)
Braxton, Anthony, composer
[Brooklyn, NY] : The Tri-Centric Foundation, 2018
Paddock M1470.B73 C65 no.193 2018

Genaueste Handlungen unter den freiesten Bedingungen : Studien zum Werk von Christian Wolff
Smarzoch, Raphael, author
Mainz : Schott Music, 2015
Paddock ML410.W814 S63 2015

Upward spiral
Branford Marsalis Quartet ; with special guest Kurt Elling
[United States] : Okeh, [2016]
Saxophonist Branford Marsalis and leading jazz vocalist Kurt Elling collaborate on a full album for the first time. Included are songs made famous by a broad range of artists including Nat King Cole, Abbey Lincoln, Sting, and more.
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18.B735 U69 2016

Listen with the ear of the heart : music and monastery life at Weston Priory
Guarino, Maria S., author
Rochester, NY : University of Rochester Press, 2018
Ethnography in a monastery -- Singing like Benedictines: a visit with Gregorian chant -- Singing like Weston monks -- My novitiate: understanding craft -- Music as craft: creating a tradition -- Monastic spirituality: learning to listen with the ear of the heart.
Paddock ML3011.8.W37 G83 2018