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Basic post-tonal theory and analysis
Lambert, Philip, 1958- author
New York : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Paddock MT6.L1367 B37 2018

Schiff, David, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Elliott Carter now -- Remembering Mr. Carter (a double portrait) -- A brief life of a very long life -- A modernistic education (1924-1935) -- Musician, wrestling (1935-1946) -- Turning points (1946-1948) -- Back to modernism. Back to futurism. Back to New York (1948-1975) -- Carter vs. poets (round 1) -- Macro Carter/Micro Carter (1983-1999) -- Multi-vehicle accidents -- Bagatelles -- Carter vs. poets (round 2) -- Farewell symphonies -- Epilogue: "Every note has life in it."

This text surveys the life and work of the great American composer Elliott Carter (1908-2012). It examines his formative, and often ambivalent, engagements with Charles Ives and other 'ultra-modernists', with the classicist ideas he encountered at Harvard and in his three years of study with Nadia Boulanger in Paris; and with the populism developed by his friends Aaron Copland and Marc Blitzstein in Depression-era New York, and the unique synthesis of modernist idioms that he began to develop in the late 1940s.
Paddock ML410.C3293 S32 2018

The illustrated Victorian songbook
Aline Waites & Robin Hunter ; foreword by David Jacobs ; musical director David Wykes
London : M. Joseph, 1984
Home! sweet home! -- In the gloaming -- Killarney -- Come into the garden Maud -- Come home, father -- Love's old sweet song -- The bay on the shore -- Abide with me -- Eternal father, strong to save -- The holy city -- The lost chord -- She was poor, but she was honest -- Sam Hall -- Villikins and his Dinah -- The ratcatcher's daughter -- Polly Perkins of Paddington Green -- Oh! Susanna -- Beautiful dreamer -- The gipsy's warning -- Ring that bell softly -- Oh, dem golden slippers! -- Champagne Charlie -- Dear old pals -- Two lovely black eyes! -- Ta-ra-ra-Boom-de-ay! -- Daisy Bell -- Oh! Mr Porter -- The lily of Laguna -- The flying trapeze -- The man that broke the bank at Monte Carlo -- If it wasn't for the 'ouses [houses] in between -- It's a great big shame! -- She was one of the early birds -- Wot cher! -- My old Dutch -- After the ball -- The boy in the gallery -- Are we to part like this? -- When the summer comes again -- The coster's serenade -- A bird in a gilded cage -- Sweet Rosie O'Grady -- Macdermott's war song -- Comrades -- The soldiers of the Queen -- Good-bye Dolly Gray -- The Londonderry air -- Drink to me only with thine eyes -- Annie Laurie -- The ash grove -- Heart of oak -- Rule Britannia -- Sally in our alley -- I dreamt that I dwelt in marble halls -- Then you'll remember me -- The moon has raised her lamp above -- I am the ruler of the Queen's navee [navy] -- A wand'ring minstrel I -- The amorous goldfish -- The honeysuckle and the bee.
Paddock M1738 .I44 1984

Ouverture et ballet
Weiss, Silvius Leopold, 1687-1750
Paris : Editions Musicales Transatlantiques, [©1982]
Paddock M127.W34 O8 1982

Sacred music from the Lambeth choirbook
Fayrfax, Robert, 1464-1521
Madison [Wis.] : A-R Editions, ©1985
Mass Regali ex progenie -- Magnificat "Regale" -- Aeterne laudis lilium.
Paddock M2 .R2384 v.69

Freedom of expression : interviews with women in jazz
Becker, Chris, interviewer
Houston, Texas : Beckeresque Press, [2015]
On Reserve at Paddock ML394 .B43 2015

Lieder und Gesänge : gemischter Chor = Lieder and part songs : mixed choir
Koessler, Hans, 1853-1926, composer
Bern-Belp : Helbling, [2017]
Wanderers Nachtlied = Wanderer's night song -- Ich hab' zur letzten guten Nacht = I have just for a last good night -- Es fällt ein Stern = A glittering star is falling -- Juchhe! = Hooray! -- Wenn sich zwei Herzen scheiden = When two young hearts must sever -- So öffne dich, o Harz, der Liebe = So open up, you heart, to love -- Traurig' Scheiden = Sad farewell -- Mein Lieb ist eine rote Ros' = My love is like a red, red rose -- Einsamkeit = Solitude.
Paddock M1579.K64 L54 2017

Missa brevis : in B, für Soli (SATB), Chor (SATB), 2 Trompeten, 2 Violinen und Generalbass
Brixi, František Xaver, 1732-1771, composer
Bonn : Dr. J. Butz Musikverlag, 2018
Paddock M2010.B84 M57 2018

Magnificat du premier ton : du manuscrit 5 de Valladolid : ensemble vocal ou choeur a 4 voix (SATB)
Morales, Cristóbal de, approximately 1500-1553, composer
Lyon : Symétrie, [2016]
Paddock M2092.M673 M34 no.1-2 2016

Drei ernste Chöre : gemischter Chor = Three serious choruses : mixed choir
Koessler, Hans, 1853-1926, composer
Bern-Belp : Helbling, [2017]
Gebet auf den Wassern = Prayer on waters -- Hymne an die Nacht = Hymn to the night -- Heimatlos = Homeless.
Paddock M1582.K64 E7 2017

V přírodě = In der Natur : 5 Chöre : gemischter Chor = In nature's realm : 5 choruses : mixed choir, op. 63
Dvořák, Antonín, 1841-1904, composer
Bern-Belp : Helbling, [2017]
Napadly písně = Es zog manch' Lied = Songs have befallen -- Večerní les rozvázal zvonky = Im Haine hört das Abendläuten = Vespertine woods let the bells tinkle -- Žitné pole = Gold'ne Fluren = Ryefield -- Vyběhla bříza běličká = Birke am grünen Bergeshang = Out ran a birch tree -- Dnes do skoku a do písničky! = Heut ist's so recht ein Tag der Freude! = Today to song and dance let's all rise!
Paddock M1582.D86 V6 2017

Local fusions : folk music experiments in Central Europe at the millennium
Lange, Barbara Rose, 1955- author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
"Good old days": critiques of masculinity in the Hungarian folk revival -- Ági Szalóki and multiethnic femininity -- Autobiography, sexuality, and ethnicity in the music of Bea Palya -- Banda and the Slovak folk revival -- Urban nostalgia in the music of Požoň sentimentál -- Slovak folk song, Romani pop, and outer space in the music of Hudba z Marsu -- Recuperating the alpine image in Austrian music -- Local identity, world music 2.0, and electronic dance music -- Sampling and commercialization in Danubian trances and Boheme -- Epilogue.

In Local fusions, author Barbara Rose Lange explores musical life in Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria between the end of the Cold War and the world financial crisis of 2008. With case studies from Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna, the book looks at the ways that artists generated social commentary and tried new ways of working together as the political and economic atmosphere shifted during this time. Drawn from a variety of sources, the case studies illustrate how young musicians redefined a Central European history of elevating the arts by fusing poetry, local folk music, and other vernacular music with jazz, Asian music, art music, and electronic dance music. Their projects rejected exclusion based on ethnic background or gender prevalent in Central Europe's present far-right political movements, and instead embraced diverse modes of expression. Through this, the musicians asserted woman power, broadened masculinities, and declared affinity with regional minorities such as the Romani people.
Paddock ML3580 .L36 2018

Sondheim and Wheeler's Sweeney Todd
Thomas, Aaron C., author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2018
The throat that gleams -- The throat that sings -- The throat that bleeds -- The throat that swallows.
Paddock ML410.S6872 T48 2018

Fodor fugue : violin
Báthory-Kitsz, Dennis, 1949- composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2017]
Paddock M42.B38 F63 2017

Karl Marx schlaft? : piano
Abbinanti, Frank, composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2017]
Paddock M25.A23 K37 2017

Treatise on musical objects : an essay across disciplines
Schaeffer, Pierre, 1910-1995, author
Oakland, California : University of California Press, [2017]
The Treatise on musical objects and the GRM / Daniel Teruggi -- Translator's introduction / Christine North -- Pierre Schaeffer's Treatise on musical objects and music theory / John Dack -- Preface -- Book one. Making music. The instrumental prerequisite ; Playing an instrument ; Capturing sounds ; Acousmatics -- Book two. Hearing. "What can be heard" ; The four listening modes ; Scientific prejudice ; The hearing intention -- Book three. Correlations between the physical signal and the musical object. Ambiguities in musical acoustics ; Correlation between spectra and pitches ; Thresholds and transients ; Temporal anamorphoses I: timbres and dynamics ; Temporal anamorphoses II: timbre and instrument ; Time and duration -- Book four. Objects and structures. Reduction to the object ; Perceptual structures ; Comparative structures: music and language ; The conventional musical system: musicality and sonority ; Natural sound structures: musicianly listening ; The reduced listening system: musical dualism ; Musical research -- Book five. Morphology and typology of sound objects. Morphology of sound objects ; The laboratory ; Typology of musical objects (I): classification criteria ; Typology of musical objects (II): balanced and redundant objects ; Typology of musical objects (III): eccentric sounds ; Working at our instrument -- Book six. Theory of musical objects. Musical experience ; Generalizing music theory ; Theory of homogeneous sounds: criterion of mass ; Theory of fixed masses: dynamic criterion ; Theory of sustainment ; Theory of variations ; Analysis of the musical object as it generally appears -- Book seven. Music as a discipline. Implementation ; The meaning of music -- Penultimate chapter : in search of music itself -- Postscript.

"The Treatise on musical objects by Pierre Schaeffer is regarded as his most important work on music and its relationship with technology. Schaeffer refers to his earlier research in musique concrète and expands this to suggest a methodology of working with sounds resulting from the recording process. Drawing on acoustics, physics, and physiology, but also philosophy and the relationship between subject and object, Schaeffer's book summarizes his theoretical and practical work in music composition. North and Dack present an important book in the history of ideas in Europe that will resonate far beyond electroacoustic music."--Provided by publisher.
Paddock ML3800.S252 T713 2017

日本のフォーク完全読本 / 馬飼野元宏監修 ; 秋場新太郎編集
Tōkyō : Shinkō Myūjikku Entateimento, 2014
Baker Berry Japan ML3501 .N546 2014

57 variations sur un thème de Grétry : op. 102 : piano
Reicha, Anton, 1770-1836, composer
Lyon : Symetrie, [2017]
Paddock M27.R35 V37 2017

Small talk : for any four unlike melody instruments
Brooks, William, 1943-
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, ©2003
Paddock M486.B766 S6 2003

The musician's guide to fundamentals
Clendinning, Jane Piper, author
New York : W.W. Norton & Company, [2017]
Pitch notation and the grand staff -- Accidentals and half and whole steps -- Simple meters -- Beat subdivisions and syncopation -- Compound and other meters -- Major scales and keys -- Minor scales and keys -- Intervals -- Triads and seventh chords -- Melody harmonization and cadences -- Write a folk song -- Write a blues song -- Write a popular song -- Anthology -- Appendix 1: Try it answers -- Appendix 2: Reading review answers -- Appendix 3: Glossary -- Appendix 4: The Overtone series -- Appendix 5: The Diatonic modes -- Appendix 6: More on seventh chords -- Appendix 7: Basic guitar chords -- Appendix 8: Piano fingering for selected scales -- Appendix 9: Connecting chords.
On Reserve at Paddock MT6 .C5677 2017

Missa cortilla : super fa re ut fa sol la : du manuscrit 5 de Valladolid : ensemble vocal ou chœur à 4 voix (ATBB)
Morales, Cristóbal de, approximately 1500-1553, composer
Lyon : Symetrie, [2016]
Kyrie -- Gloria -- Credo -- Sanctus -- Sanctus (Silos) -- Hosanna (Silos) -- Agnus Dei (Tolède).
Paddock M2011.M67 C67 2016

Sehnsucht : romanze für kornett (trompete) und orchester
Strauss, Johann, 1825-1899, composer
Wien : Doblinger, [2017]
Paddock M1030.S76 S4 2017

Ne tikai lirika = Nicht nur Lyrik : Zyklus für Frauenchor (SSSSAAAA) = Not only poetry : cycle for women's choir (SSSSAAAA) : (1977)
Vasks, Pēteris, 1946- composer
Mainz : Schott, [2017]
Tālais ceļš -- Dziedinātāja -- Skice -- Fināls.
Paddock M1600.V37 N4 2017

Civic fanfare : (Hereford) : for full orchestra (1927)
Elgar, Edward, 1857-1934, composer
München : mph, Musikproduktion Höflich, 2018
Paddock M1045.E45 C58 2018

Alt-Wiener Tanzweisen. Nr. 2, Liebesleid = Old Viennese dance tunes. No. 2, Love's sorrow
Kreisler, Fritz, 1875-1962, composer
Mainz : Schott, [2017]
Paddock M223.K74 A48 2017

Composition no. 63 : for two soloists and chamber orchestra (1976)
Braxton, Anthony, composer
[Brooklyn, NY] : The Tri-Centric Foundation, 2016
Paddock M974.B73 C656 no.63 2016

Drumming out a message : Eisa and the Okinawan Diaspora in Japan
directed by Yoshitaka Terada ; produced by National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka
Suita Osaka : National Museum of Ethnology, 2009
It considers 25 years of identity building by Okinawans in the Osaka region of Japan, a nation where Okinawans are regarded both as a domestic Other and as non-Japanese. Eisa is an Okinawan music-dance folk form that features drumming and song accompanied by sanshin lute in choreographed mass formations of 30 to100 participants. It documents day long Eisa Festivals held by the Banyan Association in the Taisho Ward of Osaka, presumably in 2000 and 2002.
Paddock DVD M1812 .D78 2009

Ouverture in E, GWV 435, flute d'amore, strings, continuo
Graupner, Christoph, 1683-1760, composer
[Arbroath] : Prima la musica!, [2013]
Paddock M1103 .G78 GWV435 2013

Ouverture in B flat, GWV 483 : strings, continuo
Graupner, Christoph, 1683-1760, composer
Arbroath : Prima la musica!, [2013]
Paddock M1103 .G78 GWV483 2013

Sinfonia in D, GWV 525 : 2 trumpets, timpani, strings, continuo
Graupner, Christoph, 1683-1760
[Arbroath] : Prima la musica!, [2013]
Paddock M1001 .G793 GWV525 2013

Markuspassion : für Soli (SATB), Chor (SATB), 2 Violinen, 2 Violen und Basso continuo
Künstel, Georg Friedrich, active 1670-1692, composer
Beeskow : Ortus Musikverlag, [2013]
Paddock M2000.K897 M37 2013

Ouverture in A, GWV 474 : strings, continuo
Graupner, Christoph, 1683-1760, composer
[Arbroath] : Prima la musica!, [2013]
Paddock M1103 .G78 GWV474 2013

Classic songs : Italian, French, English
compiled and edited by Bernard Taylor
Evanston, Ill. : Summy-Birchard, ©1959
Se nel ben / Stradella -- Sorge nel petto / Handel -- O, dolcissima speranza / A. Scarlatti -- Piango gemo / Vivaldi -- Non posso vivere / Carissimi -- L'étoile du matin : song of Alsace -- L'amour de moi : 15th-cent. song -- Le rosier / Rousseau -- Bois épais / Lully -- My lovely Celia / Monro -- The happy lover : English folk song -- Come, let's be merry : English folk song -- Phillis has such charming graces / Young.
Paddock M1619.2.T39 C63 1959

San Diego Jewish Men's Choir
San Diego, Calif. : San Diego Jewish Men's Choir, [2014]
Psalm 150 -- Bei mir mist du shein -- Yevarecha medley -- S'u she'arim -- (Kinder mir hobn) Simches Toyre -- Adio Querida -- Lo teida milchama -- Shalom chaverim ; Havenu shalom aleichem -- Mi adir -- Artza alinu -- Abi gezunt.
Paddock Compact Disc M1850.S36 H47 2014

Book of horizons
music by Michael Byron, Julius Eastman, Stuart Saunders Smith, "Blue" Gene Tyranny
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, [2014]
Piano 2 : (1986) / Julius Eastman (14:56) -- The drifter : (1994) / "Blue" Gene Tyranny (13:34) -- Fences, in three tragedies : (1998) / Stuart Saunders Smith (7:30) -- Book of horizons : (2009) / Michael Byron (26:51).
Paddock Compact Disc M21.K82 B66 2014

Tang poetry for choirs : a collection of original choral compositions by Hong Kong composers based on Tang-Dynasty poetry
compiled and edited by Richard Tsang
Hong Kong : InTuition Creative Learning, 2017
V. 2. For mixed and male voices. Thoughts of separation : SATB/piano / Leung Chi Hin ; Farewell on the ancient plain : SATB/piano / Chen Ning Chi ; Written on the mansion south of the capital : SATB/piano / Chu Siu Hin ; The yellow crane tower : SATB/piano / Lam Fung ; Visiting the stork tower : SATB/piano / Phoebus Lee Kar Tai ; Song of Yang Kwan : SATB/piano / Richard Tsang ; Black dress Lane : SATB/piano / Austin Yip Ho Kwen ; Snow on the river / SAB/piano / Mui Kowng Chiu ; The river west of Chuzhou : SAB/piano / Leung Kit Chung ; Leaving for Jiangling : TBB/paino / Lesley Chan Ka Hei ; Farewell to Meng Haoran leaving for Yangzhou : TTB/piano / Richard Tsang ; Viewing the Lushan waterfall : TBB/piano / Lam Lan Chee.
Paddock M1804 .T3634 2017

George Frideric Handel ; director, Nicholas Hytner ; directed for video by John Michael Phillips
[Germany] : Arthaus Musik, ©2013
Paddock DVD M1500.H35 S47 2013

Wings : soprano, flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, cello, piano
Moravec, Paul, 1957- composer
[Verona, NJ] : Subito Music Publishing, [2015]
Paddock M1613.3.M67 W56 2015b

David Oistrakh. [Volume 1]
Pleasantville, N.Y. : Video Artists International, ©2008
Violin sonata / Debussy -- Mazurka / Dvořák -- Valse-Caprice no. 6 / Schubert -- Nocturne / Sibelius -- La fille aux chevaux de lin / Debussy -- Violin concerto no. 2 / Shostakovich.

Recorded in performance at Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory in 1972 (recital) and 1967 (Shostakovich).
Paddock DVD M219 .D27 2008

The symphony of seduction : the great love stories of classical composers
Lawrence, Christopher, 1956- author
Carlton, Vic. Nero, an imprint of Schwartz Publishing, 2018
A pear-shaped affair -- Love makes war -- The return to life -- Dark love -- Loved to death -- Scandal goes west -- Mazurka in a teaspoon -- Bustle with the Bäsle -- Pleasure is the law -- It's not you, it's me -- The unknown island.

"Berlioz should know. He didn't just hear the symphony when he fell in love with an Irish actress back in 1827, he wrote it. What was love like for the people who could really feel that song coming on? Symphony of Seduction tells of the romantic misadventures, tragedies and occasional triumphs of some of classical music's great composers, and traces the music that emerged as a result.For the eccentric Erik Satie, love came just once - and even then, not for long. Robert Schumann had to take his future father-in-law to court to win the right to marry. Hector Berlioz planned to murder a two-timing fiancée while dressed in drag, and Richard Wagner turned the temptation of adultery into a stage work that changed the course of music while rupturing his own marriage. Debussy's love triangle, Brahms' love for the wife of his insane mentor - all find expression in works we now consider to be some of the summits of creative achievement.Christopher Lawrence takes what we know about these love-crazed geniuses and adds a garnish of imagined pillow talk to recreate stories that are ultimately stranger than fiction - and come with a great soundtrack."--
Paddock ML65 .L2783 2018

Too close to heaven : the story of gospel music
a presentation of Films for the Humanities & Sciences ; an IBT/CTVC production for Channel 4 in association with Jerusalem Productions ; producer, Leo St. Clair ; director, Alan Lewens
Princeton, NJ : Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2003
Using narration and performance footage, this film traces the 200 year history of gospel music from black churches, to the civil rights movement, to its influence on modern jazz, blues, and rock and roll.
Paddock DVD ML3187 .T66 2003

In a landscape : for piano solo
Cage, John, composer
London : Peters Edtiion, [2017]
Paddock M25.C262 I66 2017

Monody II : for solo double bass : (1962)
Perle, George, 1915-2009, composer
[King Of Prussia] : Theodore Presser Company, [2018]
Paddock M57.P47 M662 2018

Über allen Gipfeln ist Ruh : für gemischten Chor a cappella = Over all the mountain tops is peace : for mixed choir a cappella (2009)
Sylʹvestrov, Valentyn Vasylʹovych, 1937- composer
Mainz : M.P. Belaieff, [2018]
Paddock M1582.S95 U2 2018

Neeme Järvi conducts Ibert
Ibert, Jacques, 1890-1962, composer
Colchester, Essex, England : Chandos, [2016]
Paddock Compact Disc M1000.I24 O73 2016

Odna zhizn ; Symphonies nos. 3 & 4 ; Prospero's rooms
Rouse, Christopher, 1949- composer
Copenhagen : Dacapo, [2016]
Odna zhizn : (2008) for orchestra (16:05) -- Symphony no. 3 (2011) (28:24) -- Symphony no. 4 (2013) (22:20) -- Prospero's rooms : (2012) for orchestra (9:23).

'This album presents four world premiere recordings of works by Christopher Rouse (b.1949), the New York Philharmonic's second Marie-Josée Kravis Composer-in-Residence, three of them composed for the Orchestra and Music Director Alan Gilbert. Taken together, the Fourth Symphony, Prospero's Rooms and Odna Zhizn bear witness to a remarkable period of artistic collaboration between the legendary Orchestra, its celebrated Music Director, and one of America s most evocative composers.'--Container.
Paddock Compact Disc M1000.R687 O73 2016

Giulio Cesare in Egitto : Oper in 3 Akten
von Georg Friedrich Händel ; Arte France, Clasart Classic, Bel Air Media, Salzburger Festspiele ; producers, Herbert G. Kloiber, François Duplat
London, England : Decca, [2016]
Is a drama in three acts composed for the Royal Academy of Music by George Frideric Handel in 1724. The libretto was written by Nicola Francesco Haym who used an earlier libretto by Giacomo Francesco Bussani, which had been set to music by Antonio Sartorio (1676). The opera was a success at its first performances, was frequently revived by Handel in his subsequent opera seasons and is now one of the most often performed Baroque operas. The opera's plot is loosely based on historic events during the Roman Civil War of 4945 BC.
Paddock DVD M1500.H13 G3 2016

Bonhoeffer : a choral-theater piece
Lloyd, Thomas, 1952- composer
Albany, NY : Albany Records, [2016]
Paddock Compact Disc M1531.L56 B66 2016

Penderecki conducts Penderecki. Vol. 1
Penderecki, Krzysztof, 1933- conductor
Poland : Warner Music Poland, [2016]
Paddock Compact Disc M2020.P45 P46 2016

Ray's birthday suit : for solo piano
Del Tredici, David, composer
New York : Boosey & Hawkes, [2018?]
I. Radiant child -- II. Yale fugue -- III. Lawyer etude -- IV. Domesticated/seduced -- V. Love duet -- VI. A grand occasion (Finale).
Paddock M25.D45 R39 2018

Bittersweet : for solo piano
Del Tredici, David, composer
New York : Boosey & Hawkes, [2018]
Paddock M25.D45 L37 2018

Gebet für die Ukraine : für gemischten Chor a cappella = Prayer for the Ukraine : for mixed choir a cappella : (7.6.2014)
Sylʹvestrov, Valentyn Vasylʹovych, 1937- composer
Mainz : M.P. Belaieff, [2017]
Paddock M2092.S95 G43 2017

Donde esta mi hermano : for the disappeared : piano
Abbinanti, Frank, composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2017?]
Paddock M25.A23 D66 2017

Barry's catches : 1964
Goode, Daniel
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2004?], ©1985
On reading a Chinese sex book -- No excuses -- Spit and polish -- Bags for loose verse -- Damn red lights -- Bless red lights.
Paddock M1609.G66 B377 2004

Apparition : for viola and piano (1999/2016)
Gann, Kyle, composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2016]
Paddock M228.G36 A66 2016

The Montpellier codex, the final fascicle : contents, context, chronologies
edited by Catherine A. Bradley, Karen Desmond
Rochester, NY : The Boydell Press, 2018
"The Montpellier Codex (Montpellier, Biliothèque interuniversitaire, Bibliothèque universitaire de médecine, H. 196) occupies a central place in the scholarship on medieval music. This small book, packed with gorgeous gold leaf illuminations, historiated initials, and exquisite music calligraphy, is one of the most famous of all surviving music manuscripts, fundamental to understandings of the development of thirteenth- and fourteenth-century polyphonic composition. At some point in its history an eighth section (fascicle) of 48 folios was appended to the codex: when and why this happened has long perplexed scholars. The forty-three works contained in the manuscript's final section represent a collection of musical compositions, assembled at a complex moment of historical change, straddling the historiographical juncture between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. This book provides the first in-depth exploration of the contents and contexts of the Montpellier Code's final fascicle. It explores the manuscript's production, dating, function, and notation, offering close-readings of individual works, which illuminate compositionally progressive features of the repertoire as well as its interactions with existing musical and poetic traditions, from a variety of perspectives: thirteenth- and fourteenth-century music, art history, and manuscript culture." -- Publisher's description
Paddock ML2627.2 .M66 2018

The sound of a superpower : musical Americanism and the Cold War
Ansari, Emily Abrams, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
The American exceptionalists: Howard Hanson and William Schuman -- The "apolitical" opportunist: Virgil Thomson -- The disillusioned nationalist: Roy Harris -- The principled brand strategist: Aaron Copland -- The frustrated activist: Leonard Bernstein.
Paddock ML3917.U6 A57 2018

The poetry of punk : the meaning behind punk rock and hardcore lyrics
Ambrosch, Gerfried, author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2018
Paddock ML3534 .A468 2018

Confronting the national in the musical past
edited by Elaine Kelly, Markus Mantere, and Derek B. Scott
New York, NY : Routledge, 2018
Confronting the national. Cosmopolitan musicology / Derek B. Scott ; Liszt's national compositions in the year of the Franco-Prussian war / Shay Loya ; The migrant and the nation : Hanns Eisler and German identity / Florian Scheding ; The travelling musician as cosmopolitan : western performers and composers in mid-nineteenth-century St Petersburg and Moscow / Rutger Helmers ; Communist nationalisms, internationalisms, and cosmopolitanisms : the case of the German Democratic Republic / Elaine Kelly -- Confonting national institutions. Listening together : aurality and the everyday in Riga before the shoah / Kevin C. Karnes ; Two men averting the gaze from the fatherland : Ilmari Krohn and Armas Launis as cosmopolitan musicologists in early twentieth-century Finland / Markus Mantere ; National phonography in the musical past : empire, archive, and overlapping musical migrations in Britain / Tom Western;- Electroacoustic mythmaking : national grand narratives in electroacoustic music / James Andean -- Confronting national stereotypes. Learning music in the social jungle : young performers' method books in the post-war USA and de-germanized Finland / Tomi Mäkelä ; Liberté, egalité, and lutherie : fetishizing Stradivari in the context of French nationalism / Christina Linsenmeyer ; Cantor of the enduring human heart : Wagner in the Parisian press, 1933 / Rachel Orzech ; Territory is the key : a look at the birth of national music in Spain (1799-1803) / Teresa Cascudo.
Paddock ML3916 .C6495 2018

My artistic memoirs
Pacini, Giovanni, 1796-1867, author
Hillsdale, NY : Pendragon Press, [2018]
Paddock ML410.P11 A3 2018

The study of musical performance in antiquity : archaeology and written sources
edited by Agnès Garcia-Ventura, Claudia Tavolieri and Lorenzo Verderame
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018
Paddock ML457 .S95 2018

Sinister resonance : the mediumship of the listener
Toop, David
London : Continuum, 2011
Prelude : distant music -- Aerial : notes toward a history of listening. Drowned by voices ; Each echoing opening, each muffled closure ; Dark senses ; Writhing sigla ; The jagged dog -- Vessels and volumes. Act of silence ; Art of silence ; A conversation piece -- Spectral. Chair creaks, but no one sits there -- Interior resonance. Snow falling on snow -- Coda : distant music.
Paddock ML3820 .T66 2011

Concise history of western music
Hanning, Barbara Russano, 1940- author
New York : W.W. Norton & Company, [2014]
Part one. The ancient and medieval worlds -- Part two. The age of the renaissance -- Part three. The long seventeenth century -- Part four. The eighteenth century -- Part five. The nineteenth century: the age of romanticism -- Part six. The twentieth century and today.

This text based on Donald Jay Grout and Claude V. Palisca's A History of Western Music, Ninth Edition, is perfect for those who seek an authoritative, readable text that is more succinct than the parent book. Concise History of Western Music combines Grout and Palisca's uncompromising reliability, scope, and respect for the narrative, while offering many more pedagogical aids, such as chapter preludes and postludes; "Etudes," excursions that explore the material more deeply than the main text; and "Windows," boxed discussions of special topics. This book also includes numerous vignettes (quotations by musicians and writers), illustrations, diagrams, music examples, sideheads, chronologies, and a glossary.
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He sido el incomprendido : la historia de Bobby Capó
Torres, Víctor Federico, author
Río Piedras, P.R. : Publicaciones Gaviota, 2017
Paddock ML420.C246 T66 2017

Claude Debussy's Clair de lune
Bhogal, Gurminder Kaur, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Your Clair de lune -- Resonances of Clair de lune -- The Suite bergamasque takes shape -- Poetry, art, and music -- Debussy and the moon.
Paddock ML410.D28 B5 2018

Sicut cervus ad fluenta cursitat = Wie der dürstende Hirsch : für SATB, Orchester und Orgel
Haydn, Michael, 1737-1806, composer
Bonn : Dr. J. Butz Musikverlag, 2018
Paddock M2020.H46 S53 2018

Music, sound, and architecture in Islam
edited by Michael Frishkopf and Federico Spinetti ; foreword by Ali S. Asani
Austin : The University of Texas Press, 2018
Introduction : music, sound, and architecture in Islam / Michael Frishkopf and Federico Spinetti -- pt. 1. Transregional -- Listening to islamic gardens and landscapes / D. Fairchild Ruggles -- pt. 2. The Ottoman empire and Turkey -- A sound status among the Ottoman elite : architectural patrons of sixteenth-century Istanbul mosques and their recitation programs / Nina Ergin -- A concert platform : a space for a style in Turkish music / John Morgan O'Connell -- Articulating otherness in the construction of Alevi-Bektasi rituals and ritual space in a transnational perspective / Irene Markoff -- pt. 3. The Arab world -- Venerating Cairo's saints through monument and ritual : Islamic reform and the rise of the architext / Michael Frishkopf -- Nightingales and sweet basil : the cultural geography of aleppine song / Jonathan H. Shannon -- Aural geometry : poetry, music, and architecture in the Arabic tradition / Samer Akkach -- pt. 4. Andalusia and Europe -- Tents of silk and trees of light in the lands of Najd : the aural and the visual at a Mawlid celebration in the Alhambra / Cynthia Robinson -- Aristocratic residences and the Majlis in Umayyad Córdoba / Glaire D. Anderson -- Sounds of love and hate : Sufi rap, ghetto patrimony, and the concrete politics of the French urban periphery / Paul A. Silverstein -- pt. 5. Central and South Asia -- Ideal form and meaning in Sufi shrines of Pakistan : a return to the spirit / Kamil Khan Mumtaz -- The social and sacred microcosm of the Kiiz Üi : space and sound in rituals for the dead among the Kazakhs of Mongolia / Saida Daukeyeva -- pt. 6. Iran -- Listening to pictures in Iran / Anthony Welch -- Of mirrors and frames : music, sound, and architecture at the Iranian Zurkhaneh / Federico Spinetti.
Paddock ML3849 .M9393 2018

The Scarlatti doubles ; The Couperin doubles
Appleton, Jon H., 1939- composer
Montreal : Phonecia Publishing, [2013]
Scarlatti doubles. A484 (2:39) ; A443 (2:28) ; A52 (4:58) ; A547 (1:44) ; A146 (2:27) ; A87 (3:06) ; A387 (2:20) ; A417 (3:32) ; A9 (3:22) ; A283 (2:52) ; A99 (2:14) ; A113 (3:41) -- Couperin doubles. The sheepfolds (3:25) ; The wandering shadows (3:25) ; The wine merchant's wife (2:57) ; The gnat (1:46) ; The curious margins (2:21) ; La petite mort (2:20).
Paddock Compact Disc M25.A665 P53 2013

The complete nocturnes
Chopin, Frédéric, 1810-1849, composer
New York, N.Y. : Manfactured and marketed by PolyGram Classics & Jazz, ℗1982
B-moll, op. 9, no. 1 (5:42) -- Es-dur, op. 9, no. 2 (4:33) -- H-dur, op. 9, no. 3 (7:15) -- F-dur, op. 15, no. 1 (4:27) -- Fis-dur, op. 15, no. 2 (3:54) -- G-moll, op. 15, no. 3 (3:57) -- Cis-moll, op. 27, no. 1 (6:28) -- Des-dur, op. 27, no. 2 (6:28) -- H-dur, op. 32, no. 1 (5:20) -- As-dur, op. 32, no. 2 (5:37) -- G-moll, op. 37, no. 1 (5:46) -- G-dur, op. 37, no. 2 (5:50) -- C-moll, op. 48, no. 1 (6:18) -- Fis-moll, op. 48, no. 2 (7:13) -- F-moll, op. 55, no. 1 (4:41) -- Es-dur, op. 55, no. 2 (5:31) -- H-dur, op. 62, no. 1 (8:16) -- E-dur, op. 62, no. 2 (6:11) -- E-moll, op. post. 72, no. 1 (4:23) --Cis-moll, op. post. (4:35) -- C-moll, op. post. (3:24).
Paddock Compact Disc M22 .C545 N6 1982

Jazz 101 : a complete guide to learning and loving jazz
Szwed, John F., 1936-
New York : Hachette Books, 2015, ©2000
Recordings and performance -- Defining jazz -- Elements -- Forms -- Improvisation, composition, and arranging -- Sources -- Listening to jazz -- The clubs -- Jazz styles -- The beginnings of jazz -- 1900-1925 : New Orleans -- Beyond New Orleans -- 1925-1940 : swing -- The 1940s : revivalism -- Five who helped make a revolution -- Bebop -- The 1950s : cool jazz -- West Coast jazz -- Hard bop, soul music, and funk -- The organ trio -- Post-bebop improvisation, c. 1956 -- 1959 : multiple revolutions -- Free jazz -- Third stream -- The 1970s -- Jazz-Rock -- The 1980s and 1990s -- Europe -- Acid jazz, drum 'n' bass, neo-swing -- What's next?

Provides an explanation of the basic elements of jazz, traverses the genre's history to see how it evolved, and profiles its key figures, theories, controversies, and role in American culture.
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As serious as your life : Black music and the free jazz revolution, 1957-1977
Wilmer, Valerie, author
London : Serpent's Tail, 2018
"As essential now as when it was first published in 1977, As Serious As Your Life celebrates jazz with passion and conviction. Covering the dynamic period 1960-1976, Valerie Wilmer powerfully evokes a remarkable revolutionary musical era that continues to inspire generations of musicians. Valerie Wilmer evaluates the musical careers of both the famous names of the time - Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Sun Ra and Cecil Taylor - and those of less well-known artists. It is her unique approach - placing the 'new jazz' in its political and social context - that makes As Serious As Your Life a classic of jazz criticism."--Publisher's description.
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Giving birth to sound : women in creative music
Renate Da Rin (ed.), William Parker (coed.) ; foreword by Amina Claudine Myers
Köln : Buddy's Knife Jazzedition, 2015
Giving birth to sound is about Her-story as told by some of the most brilliant and creative women musicians in the world. Individual thinkers and movers who have been brave enough to devote their lives to the making of music the way they hear it. They were not afraid to sing and speak in the name of sound, showing us that they are a family of unique individuals, separate but united. Read their words and listen to their music whenever you can--it will take you even closer to the great mystery called life.
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Scotland in music : a European enthusiasm
Fiske, Roger, author
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2008
Paddock ML3655 .F56 2008

Saint François d'Assise : opera in three acts and eight tableaux
music & libretto, Olivier Messiaen ; De Nederlandse Opera
Waldron, Heathfield, East Sussex, UK : Opus Arte, ℗2009
Messiaen's breathtakingly intense opera on the life of Saint Francis of Assisi.
Paddock DVD M1500.M583 S3 2009

José Menese : la voz de la cultura jonda en la Transición española
García Gómez, Génesis, author
[Córdoba] : Almuzara, junio de 2017
Paddock ML420.M378 G37 2017

Ethnomusicology : a contemporary reader. Volume II
edited by Jennifer C. Post
London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Introduction : redesigning and redefining ethnomusicology / Jennifer C. Post -- Part I : Intellectual property and cultural rights. Performing protocol : indigenous traditional knowledge as/and intellectual property / Beverley Diamond with Aaron Corn, Frode Fejllheim, Cheryl L'Hirondelle, Moana Maniapoto, Allan Marett, Taqralik Partridge, John Carlos Perea, Ulla Pirttijärvi, and Per Niila Stålka ; "Justice with my own hands" : the serious play of piracy in Bolivian indigenous music videos / Henry Stobart ; Modernist reform, virtuosity, and Uyghur instrumental music in Chinese central Asia / Chuen-Fung Wong -- Part II : Applied practice. From neutrality to praxis : the shifting politics of ethnomusicology in the contemporary world / Samuel Araújo ; The ethnomusicologist at the rock face : reflections on working at the nexus of music and mining / Kirsty Gillespie ; Social shifts and viable musical futures : the case of Cambodian smot / Catherine Grant ; Medical ethnomusicology and psychological flexibility in healing, health, and wellness / Benjamin D. Koen -- Part III : Knowledge and agency. Birdsong and a song about a bird : popular music and the mediation of traditional ecological knowledge in northeastern Brazil / Michael B. Silvers ; Music, environment, and place in Kam big song / Catherine INgram ; Ecological knowledge, collaborative management, and musical production in western Mongolia / Jennifer C. Post ; Music and non-human agency / Bernd Brabec de Mori -- Part IV : Community and social space. Rethinking the urban community : (re)mapping musical processes and places / Kay Kaufman Shelemay ; Mixed modes and performance codes of political demonstrations and carnival in Haiti / Rebecca Dirksen ; Soundscapes of pilgrimage : European and American Christians in Jerusalem's Old City / Abigail Wood -- Part V : Embodiment and cognition. Time, gesture, and attention in a Khyāl performance / Martin Clayton ; Speaking with the body in Nigerian and Cuban orisha music : musical movements in song, dance, and trance / Amanda Villepastour ; Gaming the system : gender performance in Dance central / Kiri Miller -- Part VI : Curating sound. Preserving the past, activating the future : collaborative archiving in ethnomusicology / John Vallier ; "Curating sound is impossible" : views from the streets, galleries, and rainforests / Noel Lobley.
Paddock ML3799 .E792 2018