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Whiteucation : privilege, power and prejudice in school and society
Edited by Jeffrey S. Brooks and George Theoharis
New York, NY : Routledge, 2019
If everyone would just act white: education as a global investment in whiteness / Christopher B. Knaus -- White privilege and American society: the state, white opportunity hoarding, and inequality / Megan R. Underhill, David L. Brunsma & W. Carson Byrd -- The unbearable whiteness of educational leadership: an historical perspective on racism in the American principal's office / Jeffrey S. Brooks -- White privilege and educational leadership / George Theoharis -- Black and white women's leadership: disadvantage and privilege / Victoria Showunmi -- Transcending barriers in the superintendency: the resiliency leadership discourse of African American women / Francemise Kingsberry & Ga'tane Jean-Marie -- Whiteness as policy: reconstructing racial privilege through school choice / Sarah Diem & Andrea M. Hawkman -- Black girls, white privilege, and schooling / Terri N. Watson -- Preparing transformative leaders for diversity and equitable expectations / Daniel L. Liou & Carl Hermanns -- Asians in the library: sophistry and the conflation of affirmative and negative action / Nicholas E. Hartlep & Nicholas C. Ozment -- Myths around the recruitment of faculty of color in the academy / Marybeth Gasman.

"This important volume explores how racism operates in schools and society, while also unpacking larger patterns of racist ideology and white privilege as it manifests across various levels of schooling. A diverse set of contributors analyze particular contexts of white privilege, providing key research findings, connections to policy, and exemplars of schools and universities that are overcoming these challenges. Whiteucation provides a multi-level and holistic perspective on how inequitable power dynamics and prejudice exist in schools, ultimately encouraging reflection, dialogue, and inquiry in spaces where white privilege needs to be questioned, interrogated, and dismantled" --
Baker Berry LC212.2 .W47 2019

Starting with gender in international higher education research : conceptual debates and methodological considerations
edited by Emily F. Henderson, Z Nicolazzo
New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2019
Baker Berry LB2326.3 .S73 2019

Knowledge, power, and academic freedom
Scott, Joan Wallach, author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2019]
Academic freedom as an ethical practice -- Knowledge, power, and academic freedom -- Civility, affect, and academic freedom -- Academic freedom and the state -- On free speech and academic freedom.

Academic freedom rests on a shared belief that the production of knowledge advances the common good. In an era of education budget cuts, wealthy donors intervening in university decisions, and right-wing groups threatening dissenters, scholars cannot expect that those in power will value their work. Can academic freedom survive in this environment - and must we rearticulate what academic freedom is for in order to defend it? This book presents a series of essays by the renowned historian Joan Wallach Scott that explore the history and theory of academic freedom and the value of critical inquiry today. Scott considers the contradictions in the concept of academic freedom through examinations of the relationship between state power and higher education, the differences between the First Amendment right of free speech and the guarantee of academic freedom, and, in response to recent campus controversies, the politics of civility. The book concludes with an interview with Bill Moyers in which Scott discusses the personal experiences that have informed her views. Academic freedom is an aspiration, Scott holds: Its implementation always falls short of its promise, but it is essential as an ideal of ethical practice. Knowledge, Power, and Academic Freedom is both a nuanced reflection on the tensions within one of academia's cherished concepts and a strong defense of the importance of critical scholarship for the preservation of democracy against the anti-intellectualism of figures from Joseph McCarthy to Donald Trump.
Baker Berry LC72.2 .S38 2019

International perspectives in higher education : balancing access, equity, and cost
edited by Jason D. Delisle, Alex Usher
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard Education Press, [2019]
Introduction / by Jason D. Delisle and Alex Usher -- Part 1. Trends and policies shaping higher education systems abroad: The limitations of free college in Europe / by Jon Marcus -- The expanding role of tuition and other forms of cost-sharing in higher education / by Bruce Johnstone -- Juxtaposing global and U.S. private higher education: what is to be learned? / by Daniel C. Levy -- The practical and ethical underpinnings of higher education access policies / by Anna Mountford-Zimdars -- The architecture of student loan systems / by Alex Usher -- Part 2. Case studies: lessons from individual countries: Chile: the challenges of free college / by Andres Bernasconi -- Australia: the price of greater access to higher education / by Vicki Thomson -- Brazil: expanding access through private institutions / by Dante J. Salto -- Conclusion / by Jason D. Delisle and Alex Usher.

"Higher education in the United States has reached a turning point," write Jason Delisle and Alex Usher in their introduction to this thoughtfully conceived volume on international lessons for US higher ed reform. Once considered the greatest higher education system in the world, US postsecondary institutions now face increasing criticism. Rising costs drive tuition hikes, limiting student access to education, contributing to high dropout rates, and saddling graduates with burdensome loan payments. Students, parents, and policy makers are beginning to question the value of postsecondary education relative to lifetime earnings. In light of these concerns, policymakers, researchers, and advocates are increasingly curious about how higher education systems in other countries address the complex and interrelated issues of access, equity, quality, affordability, and cost, and what institutions in the United States can learn from these countries' experience. To address these questions, Delisle and Usher have assembled a diverse group of experts to investigate specific policy questions salient to this debate - notably free tuition policies, cost-sharing arrangements, restricted vs. unrestricted access, and the structure of student loans - drawing out similarities and differences across countries. To complement this cross-country approach, the volume also offers a series of case studies, examining the implications of free tuition in Chile; the labor market and financial impact of expanded access in Australia; and the role of the private sector in Brazilian higher education.--
Baker Berry LB2341.98 .I57 2019

Étudiant-es en révolution?
Legois, Jean-Philippe, author
Paris : Éditions Syllepse, [2018]
"Varsovie, Mexico, Los Angeles, Berlin, Tokyo, Paris, 68 fut l'"année internationale des étudiantes". En France, le printemps 68 a fait couler beaucoup d'encre, mais peu a été écrit sur les étudiantes. Ce sont les mêmes clichés, les mêmes pavés qui reviennent, réduisant le 68 étudiant à une crise d'adolescence, monôme aux couleurs des drapeaux rouge et noir. Pourtant multiples furent les facettes de cette insurrection. Dans les commissions des facultés occupées, on refonde l'université, on propose des réformes au cours de cette "révolution de Mai" où l'on veut changer le quotidien en même temps que la société entière. Le ghetto étudiant s'ouvre, la jonction se fait avec la population, avec les travailleur.euses car une aspiration commune est là. C'est dans la longue durée des "années 68" que s'inscrit cette rébellion étudiante qui ne surgit pas du néant. Les étudiantes de l'université de masse sont entrées en dissidence."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry LA707 .L45 2018

Processos e práticas de pesquisa em cultura visual e educação
Raimundo Martins, Irene Tourinho (orgs.)
Santa Maria, RS : EDUFSM, 2013
Baker Berry LB1043.5 .P76 2013

La educación después del Estado-nación
Garcés, Luis, author
Buenos Aires, Argentina : Colihue, [2017]
Baker Berry LC92.A6 G367 2017

True gentlemen : the broken pledge of America's fraternities
Hechinger, John author
New York, NY : PublicAffairs, 2017
Part I. Vice : Drinking games -- Broken pledges -- Sexual assault expected -- The SAE law -- Part II. Legacy : Sing, brothers, sing -- Discriminating gentlemen -- Old Row -- Part III. Rebirth : The phoenix -- The lions -- Conclusion.

"College fraternity culture has never been more embattled. Once a mainstay of campus life, fraternities are now subject to withering criticism for reinforcing white male privilege and undermining the lasting social and economic value of a college education. No fraternity embodies this problem more than Sigma Alpha Epsilon, a national organization with more than 15,000 undergraduate brothers spread over 230 chapters nationwide. While SAE enrollment is still strong, it has been pilloried for what John Hechinger calls "the unholy trinity of fraternity life": racism, deadly drinking, and misogyny. Hazing rituals have killed ten undergraduates in its chapters since 2005, and, in 2015, a video of a racist chant breaking out among its Oklahoma University members went viral. That same year, SAE was singled out by a documentary on campus rape, The Hunting Ground. Yet despite these problems and others, SAE remains a large institution with strong ties to Wall Street and significant political reach. In True Gentlemen, Hechinger embarks on a deep investigation of SAE and fraternity culture generally, exposing the vast gulf between its founding ideals and the realities of its impact on colleges and the world at large. He shows how national fraternities are reacting to a slowly dawning new reality, and asks what the rest of us should do about it. Should we ban them outright, or will they only be driven underground? Can an institution this broken be saved? With rare access and skillful storytelling, Hechinger draws a fascinating and necessary portrait of an institution in deep need of reform, and makes a case for how it can happen"--
Baker Berry LJ75.S25 H43 2017

"We dare say love" : supporting achievement in the educational life of Black boys
Na'ilah Suad Nasir, Jarvis R. Givens, Christopher P. Chatmon, editors ; afterwords by Tyrone C. Howard and Pedro A. Noguera
New York, NY : Teachers College Press, [2019]
Baker Berry LC2731 .W33 2019

Aux escholles d'outre-monts : étudiants de langue française dans les universités italiennes (1480-1599) : Français, Francs-Comtois, Savoyards
Bingen, Nicole, author
Genève : Droz, [2018]
Tome premier. A-E -- tome II. F-P -- tome III. Q-V.

Based on academic and notary documents published and unpublished and on multiple indirect sources (biographies, correspondences, etc.), this book lists several hundred French, Franche-Comté and Savoyard students who attended Italian universities from 1480 to 1599. It provides, for each character, a record of his studies in Italy, completed, if possible, by an overview of his previous training and a biographical note. A detailed introduction to the organization of university studies in 15th and 16th century Italy, the way in which universities operate and the procedures for obtaining diplomas makes it easier to understand the leaflets. This work offers new materials to the history of universities, the history of families (rectifications and complements made to genealogies by exploited Italian sources), social history (social background of students, correlation between studies and career, strategies of some families relying on studies in Italy to favor their ascent or to establish their power); but also to religious, political and cultural history (just mention the names of St. Francis de Sales, Pomponne de Bellièvre, Michel de L'Hospital or François Tissard). Many of these students have also contributed to spreading beyond the Alps not only the humanism and the sciences learned in the Peninsula, but also the Italian language and culture.
Baker Berry LA791.4 .B56 2018

Learning cities in late antiquity : the local dimension of education
edited by Jan R. Stenger
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2019
Learning cities : a novel approach to ancient Paideia / Jan R. Stenger -- The role of big data in elucidating learning cities ancient, present and future / Michael Osborne, Muir Houston and Catherine Lido -- The importance of the Greek polis for Greek literature, or why Gaza? / Martin Hose -- Augustine's rhetorics of theology : religious debates in late antique Carthage / Therese Fuhrer -- Jerome, Quintilian and little Paula : asceticism, education and ideology / Christa Gray -- The sixth-century city in the Roman east : survival or demise of the traditional urban context? / Ine Jacobs -- Town and gown in the orations of choricius of Gaza / Fotini Hadjittofi -- Ideals of education and sophistic realities in late antique Gaza / David Westberg -- Procopius of Gaza and the debate on rhetoric vs. law in his letters : was there a leading form of knowledge in late antiquity? / Claudia Tiersch -- Tradition and habituation in rhetorical and monastic education at Gaza / Michael W. Champion -- Consensus versus diktat : two models of cultural leadership in Gaza / Jan R. Stenger.
Baker Berry LA71 .L43 2019

Parkland : birth of a movement
Cullen, David, 1961- author
New York, NY : Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2019]
Part I: Uprising. Valentine's Day ; Lightning strike ; #NeverAgain ; Tallahassee ; Spring awakening ; Back to "normal" -- Part II: Building a movement. Peace warriors ; Strategy ; Change the Ref ; Exhausted ; Walkout ; The memes men ; Harvard ; March for their lives ; PTSD -- Part III: The long road. Denver noticed ; Setbacks ; Graduation ; Road to change ; Homeward bound ; The third rail.

"The bestselling author of Columbine offers a deeply moving account of the extraordinary teenage survivors of the Parkland shooting who pushed back against the NRA and Congressional leaders and launched the singular grassroots March for Our Lives movement. Emma González called BS. David Hogg called out Adult America. The uprising had begun. Cameron Kasky immediately recruited a colorful band of theatre kids and rising activists and brought them together in his living room to map out a movement. Four days after escaping Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, two dozen extraordinary kids announced the audacious March for Our Lives. A month later, it was the fourth largest protest in American history. Dave Cullen, who has been reporting on the epidemic of school shootings for two decades, takes us along on the students' nine-month odyssey, from the shooting to the midterm elections and beyond. With unrivaled access to their friends and families, meetings and homes, he pulls back the curtain to reveal intimate portraits of the quirky, playful organizers who have taken the nation by storm. Cullen brings us onto the bus for the Road to Change tour, showing us how these kids seized an opportunity. They hit the highway to organize the young activist groups mushrooming across America in their image. Rattled but undeterred, they pressed on in gun country even as adversaries armed with assault weapons tailed them across Texas and Utah trying to scare them off. The Parkland students are genuinely candid about their experiences. We see them cope with shattered friendships and PTSD, along with the normal day-to-day struggles of school, including AP exams and college acceptances. Yet, with the idealism of youth they refuse victimhood, and continue to devise clever new tactics to stir their generation to action. Their goal is to build a powerhouse network to match that of the NRA. Parkland is a staggering story of empowerment and hope, told through the wildly creative and wickedly funny voices of a group of remarkable kids. This spellbinding book is a testament to change and a perceptive examination of a pivotal moment in American culture. After two decades of adult hand-wringing, the MFOL kids are mapping a way out. They see a long road ahead, a generational struggle to save every kid of every color from the ravages of gun violence in America."--Dust jacket.
Baker Berry LB3013.33.F6 C85 2019

Supporting transgender and non-binary students and staff in further and higher education : practical advice for colleges and universities
Lawrence, Matson, author
London, UK ; Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2019
Introduction -- The basics of trans awareness -- The transEDU research project and findings -- Getting into college and university -- Studying at college and university -- Student life at college and university -- Securing employment at college and university -- Working in college and university -- Developing a trans and gender diversity policy -- Supporting transitions.

"According to the research underpinning this book, 85% trans students and staff faced barriers. This practical guide enables post-secondary education professionals to create a safe and supportive environment for gender diverse applicants, students and staff. Using real life examples to explore common experiences and challenges for trans people in further and higher educational settings, it sets out policies, interventions and advice that have proven effective in providing impactful support on a wide range of issues such as learning, teaching, mental health, recruitment, support services, and institutional policies. Included is an easy-to-follow introduction to transgender terminology and identities, as well as legal and medical considerations" --
Baker Berry LC2574.6 .L39 2019

Les matricules universitaires
Bultot-Verleysen, Anne-Marie
Turnhout, Belgium : Brepols, 2003
Baker Berry LB2341 .P365 2003

Academic freedom
edited by Jennifer Lackey
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018
Academic freedom allows members of institutions of higher learning to engage in intellectual pursuits without fear of censorship or retaliation, and lies at the heart of the mission of the university. Recent years have seen growing concerns about threats to academic freedom, many brought about from the changing norms of (and demands on) the university. A wide range of new issues - including content warnings, safe spaces, social media controversies, microaggressions, and no platforming - have given rise to loud cries, in both scholarly and popular contexts, that academic freedom is under serious attack. This volume fills both of these gaps in the current literature by bringing together leading philosophers from a wide range of areas of expertise to weigh in on both traditional issues and timely challenges that involve academic freedom. Divided into four main sections, it covers the rationale of academic freedom, its parameters, the new challenges to academic freedom (ranging from content warnings to political correctness), and the conflicts between academic freedom and the enforcement of laws and regulations governing the university.
Baker Berry LC72 .A23 2018

Multicultural competence in student affairs : advancing social justice and inclusion
Pope, Raechele L., 1958- author
[San Francisco, CA] : Jossey-Bass, a Wiley brand, 2019
Baker Berry LB2342.92 .P67 2019