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From a trickle to a torrent : education, migration, and social change in a Himalayan valley of Nepal
Childs, Geoff H., 1963- author
Oakland, California : University of California Press, [2019]
Predicaments, presumptions, and procedures -- Moving in before moving out -- Embedding the household in the village -- Whither the young people? -- Becoming monks -- Becoming nuns -- Becoming students -- The household succession quandary -- The transformative potential of educational migration -- Nubri futures?

"What happens to a community when the majority of young people move away for education? In Nubri, an ethnic Tibetan enclave in the highlands of Nepal, educational migration (the sending of children to distant institutions for schooling) has become a key component of a family management strategy that is driven by the prospect of social and economic rewards but that entails risk, uncertainty, and unforeseen consequences. The authors draw on ethnographic, demographic, and historical research to document how long-standing religious connections shape contemporary migrations, and how population growth disparities open new schooling opportunities for Buddhist highlanders. They examine parents' motives for sacrificing household labor in favor or sending children to distant schools and monasteries, a trend encapsulated in the oft-repeated phrase "better a pen in hand than a rope across the forehead." The book concludes by investigating dilemmas associated with educational migration, including intergenerational skirmishes over marriage and household succession, threats to the family-based care system for the elderly, and a decline in the level of agricultural production needed to support local religious activities. Better a Pen in Hand chronicles a convergence of demographic and social processes that have led a Himalayan society to the brink of irreversible change."--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry LC191.8.N35 C55 2019

Reforma educativa, ¿Qué estamos transformando? : debate informado
Gloria Del Castillo Alemán, Giovanna Valenti Nigrini, coordinadoras ; María del Carmen Pardo and 13 others
México : FLACSO México, noviembre de 2017
Baker Berry LC92.M4 S465 2013

Brain research in education and the social sciences : implications for practice, parenting, and future society
Bergen, Doris, author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2018
Understanding the brain -- The brain's functions and structures -- Prenatal brain development as a foundation for learning -- Brain development and learning in the infant and toddler years -- Brain development and learning in the preschool years -- Brain development and learning in the elementary years -- Brain development and learning in the middle childhood years -- Brain development and learning in the adolescent years -- Brain development and learning in the adult years -- Using neuroimaging/neuro-diagnostic methods to understand and improve brain functioning -- Using EEG and ERP methodology to understand and improve brain functioning -- Influence of brain research on clinical and educational practice -- Evaluating professional practices from a brain research perspective -- Futurist issues and predictions for human brain development.

"Implications of Brain Research for Education, Social Sciences, Parenting, and Future Society provides teacher educators, education students (both in regular and special education programs), school psychologists, and practicing teachers with a brief, readable distillation of the most up-to-date research on brain development and how it relates to optimum teaching practice. This accessible reference illustrates how studies on brain development and various learning processes have implications for educators and psychologists as they strive to enhance children's cognitive, social, emotional, and academic learning opportunities"--
Baker Berry LB1060 .B455 2018

A pedagogy of responsibility : Wendell Berry for ecojustice education
Martusewicz, Rebecca A., author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2019
Neoliberalism and the dis-membering of community (with Gary Schnakenberg) -- The bonds of love -- Settler colonialism and the unsettling of America -- Degraded bodies, degraded earth -- STEM education and the miracle of life (with Katy Adams) -- Health as holism (with Kristi Wilson) -- Re-membering "the room of love" -- What is education for?
Baker Berry LC191 .M2674 2019

Handbook of the sociology of education in the 21st century
Barbara Schneider, editor, Guan Kung Saw, associate editor, Michigan State University
Cham, Switzerland : Springer International Publishing AG, 2018
Part I. Families, schools, and educational opportunity -- 1. Family, schooling, and cultural capital / George Farkas -- 2. Power; relationships, and trust in sociological research on homes, schools, and communities / Erin McNamara Horvat and Karen Pezzetti -- 3. Schools and inequality: implications from seasonal comparison research / Douglas B. Downey, Aimee Yoon, and Elizabeth Martin -- Part II. The changing demographics of social inequality -- 4. Race, class, and theories of inequality in the sociology of education / Samuel R. Lucas and Véronique Irwin -- 5. Educational achievement and attainment differences among minorities and immigrants / Phoebe Ho and Grace Kao -- 6. Gender and racial/ethnic differences in educational outcomes: examining patterns, explanatiions, and new directions for research / Cahterine Riegle-Crumb, Sarah Blanchard Kyte, and Karisma Morton -- 7. Undocumented youth and local contours of inequality / Roberto G. Gonzales and Edelina M. Burciaga -- 8. Sociological perspectives on first-generation college students / Irenee R. Beattie -- 9. School experiences and educational opportunities for LGBTQ students / Jennifer Pearson and Lindsey Wilkinson -- Part III. The social organization of schooling and opportunities for learning -- 10. School choice and learning opportunities / Megan Austin and Mark Berends -- 11. Curricular differentiation and its impact on different status groups including immigrants and students with disabilities / Jamie M. Carroll and Chandra Muller -- 12. Teaching quality / Sean Kelly, Ben Pogodzinski, and Yuan Zhang -- 13. Social networks and educational opportunity / Kenneth Frank, Yun-jia Lo, Kaitlin Torphy, and Jihyun Kim -- 14. The social contexts of high schools / Robert Crosnoe, Lilla Pivnick, and Aprile D. Benner -- 15. Work intensity and academic success / Jeremy Staff, Jeylan T. Mortimer, and Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson -- Part IV. Educational opportunities and the transition into adulthood -- 16. Students' educational pathways: aspirations, decisions, and constrained choices along the education lifecourse / Michal Kurlaender and Jacob Hibel -- 17. Student experiences in college / Richard Arum, Josipa Roksa, Jacqueline Cruz, and Blake Silver -- 18. The community college experience and educationl equality: theory, research, and policy / Lauren Schudde and Eric Grodsky -- 19. College-for-all: alternative options and procedures / James E. Rosenbaum, Caitlin Ahearn, and Jennifer Lansing -- 20. The future of higher education: what's the life course got to do with it? / Richard A. Settersten, Jr. and Barbara Schneider -- Part V. Sociological perspectives on accountability and evaluation -- 21. Accountability, achievement, and inequality in American public schools: a review of the literature / Joel Mittleman and Jennifer L. Jennings -- 22. Methods for examining the effects of school poverty on student test score achievement / Douglas Lee Lauen, Brian L. Levy, and E. C. Hedberg -- 23. School and teacher effects / Stephen L. Morgan and Daniel T. Schackelford -- 24. Experimental evidence on interventions to improve educational attainment at community colleges / David Monaghan, Tammy Kolbe, and Sara Goldrick-Rab -- 25. Research-practice partnerships in education / Paula Arce-Trigatti, Irina Chukhray, and Ruth N. López Turley.

This handbook unifies access and opportunity, two key concepts of sociology of education, throughout its 25 chapters. It explores today's populations rarely noticed, such as undocumented students, first generation college students, and LGBTQs; and emphasizing the intersectionality of gender, race, ethnicity and social class. Sociologists often center their work on the sources and consequences of inequality. This handbook, while reviewing many of these explanations, takes a different approach, concentrating instead on what needs to be accomplished to reduce inequality. A special section is devoted to new methodological work for studying social systems, including network analyses and school and teacher effects. Additionally, the book explores the changing landscape of higher education institutions, their respective populations, and how labor market opportunities are enhanced or impeded by differing postsecondary education pathways. Written by leading sociologists and rising stars in the field, each of the chapters is embedded in theory, but contemporary and futuristic in its implications. This Handbook serves as a blueprint for identifying new work for sociologists of education and other scholars and policymakers trying to understand many of the problems of inequality in education and what is needed to address them--
Baker Berry LC191 .H36 2018

Schools and society : a sociological approach to education
editors, Jeanne H. Ballantine, Wright State University, Joan Z. Spade, The College at Brockport, State University of New York, Jenny M. Stuber, University of North Florida
Thousand Oaks, California : SAGE Publications, Inc., [2018]
On Reserve at Baker Berry LC191 .S268 2018

Los reformistas porteños
Sanguinetti, Horacio J., 1935- author
Ciudad de Buenos Aires : EUDEBA, 2018
Baker Berry LA548 .S354 2018

El 68 : los estudiantes, el presidente y la CIA
Aguayo, Sergio, author
Ciudad de México : Ideas y Palabras : abril de 2018
Baker Berry LA428.7 .A47 2018

Human capital development and indigenous peoples
Biddle, Nicholas, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2019
The human capital model and its application to indigenous peoples -- The determinants of indigenous human capital development and barriers to development -- Programs that help improve the human capital development of indigenous peoples -- Improving the schooling experience of indigenous peoples -- Indigenous specific education institutions -- Programs that impact on indigenous peoples indirectly : conditional cash transfers and indigenous peoples in Latin America -- Using the human capital model to improve the outcomes of indigenous peoples -- Education for all : using the human capital model for education equity in the 21st century.
Baker Berry LC3715 .B534 2019