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The anvil
Hanover, N.H. : Dartmouth Press
Rauner D.C. History LH1.D3 A55

The injun-ear
[Hanover, N.H.] : Dartmouth Society of Engineers
Rauner D.C. History LD1434.5 .D38

The hillbrow
[Hanover, N.H.] : [Dartmouth Printing Co.]
Rauner D.C. History LD7501.L4 A6

Thayer School of Civil Engineering in connection with Dartmouth College : programme of the requisites for admission
Hanover, N.H. : Printed at the Dartmouth Press, 1873
Rauner D.C. History LB2351.N4 T43 1873

A report of war training courses given by the Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College : under the direction of the United States Office of Education
Frank W. Garran, institutional representative
[Hanover, N.H.], [1943]
Rauner D.C. History LD1434.5 .D342

The Thayer School of Engineering
Hanover, N.H. : The Committee, 1956
Rauner D.C. History LD1449.5.T52 D37 1956

An adult functional literacy computer program using HyperCard
Childress, Constance Dolores Martin
The disks contain a copy of the program HyperCard 2.0, the desk accesory "Key Caps," and five HyperCard stacks designed to teach basic reading skills in the following areas: "Alphabet and Keyboard," "Neighborhood Signs (survival words)," "Job Application," "Numerals," and "Banking."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .C496 1993

Common core of data (CCD : school years 1987-88 through 1992-93
[Washington, DC] : National Center for Education Statistics, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education : [1995]
The CCD is a comprehensive annual, national statistical database of all elementary and secondary public schools and school districts which contains data that are comparable across all states. This CD-ROM contains six years of CCD data, including approximately 500,000 school records, 100,000 agency records, and 330 state records.
Jones Media CD-ROM L112 .C66

EDsearch : education statistics on disk
National Center for Education Statistics, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Dept. of Education
[Washington, DC] : For sale by the U.S. G.P.O., Supt. of Docs., 1994-
Jones Media CD-ROM L11 .E37

ENC : a collection of curriculum standards and frameworks for mathematics and science education
Columbus, OH : Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education, 1996-
Contains documents addressing issues of mathematics and science education and curriculum reform.
Jones Media CD-ROM LB1585.3 .E52

Partners for learning : preparing teachers to involve families : teacher & administrator preparation kit
Washington, DC : Partnership for Family Involvement in Education : [1998?]
Contains presentation materials on educator preparation for family involvement in education, including speakers notes and overheads, a video clip from a teleconference hosted by Vice President Al Gore and U.S. Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley, and a publication of examples of effective practice.
Jones Media CD-ROM LC225.3 .P383 1998

Partnership for Family Involvement in Education : presentation materials
Washington, DC : The Partnership : [1998?]
Contains speaker's notes and overheads that address each of the four sectors of the Partnership for Family Involvement in Education.
Jones Media CD-ROM LC225.3 .P38 1998

The NAEP 1997 arts report card : eighth-grade findings from the National Assessment of Educational Progress
[Washington, DC] : National Center for Education Statistics, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education : [1999]
Includes the text of the printed version of the 1997 report card, as well as multimedia samples of student artwork and music and theater performances not included in the printed version.
Jones Media CD-ROM LB1139.5.A78 N34 1999

Common core of data (CCD : school years ... through ... / National Center for Education Statistics
[Washington, D.C.] : National Center for Education Statistics, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education
NCES's primary database on elementary and secondary public education in the United States.
Jones Media CD-ROM L112 .C66

Beginning postsecondary students longitudinal study first followup DAS : BPS:96/98
Washington, DC : National Center for Education Statistics, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education, [2000]
Contains the public access Data Analysis System for 18 NCES studies.
Jones Media CD-ROM LB2846 .B4 2000

Partnership for Family Involvement in Education : tool kit
Washington, D.C. : The Partnership : [2000?]
Family school organizations -- Employers for learning -- Faith communities -- Community organizations.

Materials and resources from the four areas or "sectors" in the Partnership that offer effective practices for family involvement in education.
Jones Media CD-ROM LC225.3 .P3716

Fathers' involvement in children's learning : tool kit : materials that can help you get invovled
Washington, D.C. : Partnership for Family Involvement in Education, [2000?]
Jones Media CD-ROM LC225.3 .F37

Loan arranger consolidation CD
Louisville, KY : U.S. Department of Education, Consolidation Department, Loan Origination Center, [2000]
Provides basic information on consolidation and repayment of federal student loans through the U.S. Dept. of Education Loan Origination Center's Consolidation Dept.
Jones Media CD-ROM LB2340.5 .L62

Integrated postsecondary education data system : IPEDS
National Center for Education Statistics
Washington, D.C. : Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education : [1994-]
Contains files which include data on: Completions, fall enrollment, finance, institutional characteristics, salaries & tenure.
Jones Media CD-ROM LB2329.8.U6

National study of postsecondary faculty DAS : NSOPF:99
[Washington, D.C.?] : National Center for Education Statistics, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Dept of Education, [2001]
Contains the Public Access Data Analysis System (DAS) for the National Study of Postsecondary Faculty.
Jones Media CD-ROM LB2331 .N247 2001

SSOCS 2000 public-use data files, user's manual, and detailed data documentation
[Washington, D.C.] : National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, [2003]
Baker Berry US Gov Docs LB3013.3 .S76 2003

Yes, I can = : Yo, si puedo
[Washington, D.C.] : White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans, [2003?]
Includes information about the variety of educational programs for all age groups. Created to provide support to the President's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans.
Baker Berry US Gov Docs LC2670

Haciendo memoria
ASCEEP, Semana 83 ; producción, Gabriela Bañuls, Gabriella Tabacco
Montevideo : Semana 83, [2003?]
"Este CD ROM es una producción colectiva de Semana 83, un grupo de ex-militantes estudiantiles que, con la excusa de los 20 años de la Semana del Estudiante de 1983, se volvieron a encontrar. En 1983, los estudiantes organizados en ASCEEP ..."
Jones Media CD-ROM LA603.7 .H33 2003

ECLS-K third grade public-use : data files and electronic codebook
[Washington, D.C.] : National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, [2004]
Baker Berry US Gov Docs LB1507 .E35 2004

High school longitudinal study of 2009 (HSLS:09 : base-year public-use data file
U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Institute of Educational Sciences
[Washington, D.C.] : U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Institute of Educational Sciences, 2011
Baker Berry US Gov Docs LB1695.6

Moskva : Pedagogika, 1992-

Excelsior : Professor Herbert West's last lecture to the men of Dartmouth
West, Herbert Faulkner, 1898-1974
[Hanover, N.H.] : Rauner Special Collections : ©2005
Rauner Compact disc LD1437.5 .W47 2005

ECLS-K base year public-use : data files and electronic codebook
[Washington, D.C.] : National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, [2004]
"Child file, teacher file, school file"--Container insert.
Baker Berry US Gov Docs LB1205 .E27 2001

ECLS-K fifth grade public-use : data files and electronic codebook
[Washington, D.C.] : National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, [2006]
Baker Berry US Gov Docs LB1507 .E35 2006

Education longitudinal study : 2002 data files and electronic codebook system : public use
NCES, National Center for Education Statistics
[Washington, D.C.] : NCES, U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, [2004]
"The Education Longitudinal Study of 2002 (ELS:2002) is a longitudinal survey that will monitor the transitions of a national sample of young people as they progress from tenth grade to, eventually, the world of work. ELS:2002 will obtain information not just from students and their school records, but also from students' parents, their teachers, their librarians and the administrators of their schools"--ELS website.
Baker Berry US Gov Docs LA205

Tool kit on teaching and assessing students with disabilities
U.S. Department of Education, Special Education Programs
[Washington, D.C.] : U.S. Department of Education, [2006]
Baker Berry US Gov Docs LC4031 .T66 2006

School survey on crime and safety (SSOCS) 2003-04 public-use data files, user's manual, and codebook
[Washington, D.C.] : National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, [2007]
Baker Berry US Gov Docs LB3013.3 .S762 2007

International comparisons in education : progress in International Reading Literacy Study 2001
National Center for Education Statistics
[Washington, D.C.] : U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, [2004]
Baker Berry US Gov Docs LB1573

ECLS-K K-8 full sample public-use data file : data files and electronic codebook
[Washington, D.C.] : National Center for Education Statistics, Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education, [2009]
Baker Berry US Gov Docs LB1139.25 .E38 2009

New waves
Rockville, MD : Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association

Filosofii͡a obrazovanii͡a
Novosibirsk : Izd-vo Sibirskogo otd-nii͡a RAN

Jiao yu zi liao yu tu shu guan xue = Journal of educational media & library sciences = EMLS
Taibei Shi : Danjiang da xue jiao yu zi liao yu tu shu guan xue chu ban she, 1982-

Psikhologicheskai͡a nauka i obrazovanie
[Moscow] : Moskovskiĭ gorodskoĭ psikhologo-pedagogicheskiĭ universitet, [2009]-

Jiao yu ke xue yan jiu qi kan
Taibei Shi : Guo li Taiwan shi fan da xue

Jiao yu yan jiu ji kan
Taibei Shi : [Guo li Taiwan shi fan da xue jiao yu xue xi]

Ke cheng yan jiu
Taibei shi : [Cai tuan fa ren gao deng jiao yu ji jin hui], 2005-

Shi da xue bao. Jiao yu lei
Taibei Shi : Guo li Taiwan shi fan da xue, [1997-2008]

Taiwan xue yun bao gao 1945-1949
Lan, Bozhou, 1960- author
Xinbei Shi : INK yin ke wen xue sheng huo za zhi chu ban you xian gong si, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian LA1138.7 .L3623 2015

Da xue sheng = China campus
Beijing : Da xue sheng za zhi she, 2004-

Obrazovanie i nauka : izvestii͡a Uralʹskogo otdelenii͡a Rossiĭskoĭ akademii obrazovanii͡a
[Ekaterinburg] : Uralʹskoe otdelenie RAO :

Nihon tōchika Taiwan no kyōiku ninshiki : shobō, kōgakkō o chūshin ni
Go, Kōmei, author
Yokohama-shi : Shunpūsha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan LA1136.8 .G6 2016

Fluid space and transformational learning
Tsoukala, Kyriaki, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Baker Berry LB3221 .T86 2017

Critical approaches to women and gender in higher education
Pamela L. Eddy, Kelly Ward, Tehmina Khwaja, editors
New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
Baker Berry LC1567 .C75 2017

Patriotic education in a global age
Curren, Randall R., author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2018
Americanizing curricula -- Heroes and rituals -- Militarizing schools, mobilizing students -- The education we need -- Cultivating civic virtue -- Global civic education -- Conclusion: realizing America in a global age.
Baker Berry LC1091 .C97 2018

High school bulletin. Lawrence, Massachusetts. Volume XIII, number 10, June [1892]
[Lawrence, Massachusetts] : [Lawrence High School], [1892]
Rauner Frost LH1.L285 H54 1892

Once and always an imposter : reflections on self-doubt and growth
Cibelli, Brian author
"The pages that follow explore the intersection of identity, becoming an adult, and "imposter syndrome", which though not formally considered a psychological disorder, is a term used to explain the insecurity successful people may feel about achieving the success they have. Personally, I delve into how I can barely keep my confidence up to be an English teacher and ice hockey coach, neither of which calls for life-or-death decisions or anything remotely capital-S serious from day-to-day. But I struggle with self-doubt, concern myself entirely with making sure the easy stuff--such as my organization, my demeanor, and my accessibility--presents well. My self-doubt bubbles from the nitty gritty, from the myriad small decisions that one could argue actually matter. And, since this is now my identity, one of the defining characteristics of my newly acquired adult life, it poses other important questions to be discovered. "
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .C53 2018

Good morning, Mr Sarra : my life working for a stronger, smarter future for our children
Sarra, Chris, author
St Lucia, Qld. : University of Queensland Press, 2012
This book is about one man's fight to turn the tide of low expectations. When Chris Sarra arrived as the first Aboriginal principal of Cherbourg State School in 1998, it was a time of high hopes but low expectations in Indigenous education. Over the next six years, he transformed the school into a national success story, but not without controversy along the way. From his childhood as the youngest in a large Italian-Aboriginal family, Chris was taught to be proud of who he was and where he came from. But he only began to understand that not every Aboriginal child grew up with this sense of worth when he started working as a teacher. He became determined to defy expectations of being Aboriginal and, in doing so, to change them for others. His role at Cherbourg finally gave him a chance to put his philosophy into practice. Along the way, he battled the media, the education system and a culture of complacency.
Baker Berry LC3501.A3 S37 2012

A phantom space for making friends... and enemies? : Cyprus's green line
Goodmann, Analisa, author
"In this paper, I argue that the Green Line or Buffer Zone in Cyprus has been functioning as a de facto transitional justice mechanism since it was opened in the early 2000s. Specifically, I argue that the Buffer Zone is acting as a quasi-commemorative space (but without commemorating any particular narrative) by allowing space for the challenging of official narratives (which I define as a transitional justice act). This argument is supported by the many transitional justice initiatives and the increase in bicommunal dialogue and bicommunal activities that are a direct result of the opening of the Buffer Zone. I also discuss the survey I conducted of Cypriots and residents of Cyprus regarding their views on the Buffer Zone and the bicommunal movement. I assume that positive views towards the Buffer Zone and/or the bicommunal movement indicate participation in and approval of the two acting as catalysts for reconciliation between Turkish and Greek Cypriots. While the survey results are mixed, there is a clear majority in favor of the bicommunal movement. Therefore, I conclude that while the Buffer Zone is acting as a de facto transitional justice mechanism, which may lead to political and legal reform, the discourse surrounding the Buffer Zone is varied. This varied discourse indicates that Cyprus is in an ongoing transition. Furthermore, I argue that the Buffer Zone's functioning as a transitional justice mechanism has implications to the fields of transitional justice and conflict resolution, which may revolutionize the relationship between transitional justice, conflict resolution, and the rule of law."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .G654 2018

The modern metropolis : digital culture and the Frankfurt School
Bratches, Reed, author
"In many ways the virtual, digital spaces created by modern technology such as the smartphone is similar to the industrial cities of the 19th and 20th centuries. The industrial city, for the Frankfurt School, was the center of cultural criticism; here one could be so entrenched in culture as to create valid critique. In this thesis, I will show how the virtual space is analogous to the metropolis, but how it deepens the potential for cultural critique by shifting the perceptual abilities of the subjects. Using the Frankfurt School's arguments on distraction, aesthetics, and subject-object relations, I will demonstrate this enhanced potential, and show how the virtual space can be used for productive critical change "
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .B738 2018

College aspirations and access in working-class rural communities : the mixed signals, challenges, and new language first-generation students encounter
Ardoin, Sonja, author
Lanham : Lexington Books, [2018]
Rural representation -- The college access gap for rural students -- Putting the pieces together: connections between a college choice model, cultural capital, and college access, knowledge, and jargon -- "More trouble than it's worth or a path to a 'better life'?": rural attitudes about college -- "I know what B.S. means, just not in those terms": rural students' encounters with college knowledge -- "I have more to do than I can possible do well": rural counselors' challenges with college counseling -- Aspirations and access assignments for everyone in education: strategies for rural, public high schools, rural communities, higher education, and policymakers -- Appendix A: Metro, nonmetro micropolitan, and nonmetro noncore counties, 2013 -- Appendix B. Counties changing metro status, 2003-2013 -- Appendix C: U.S. Census Bureau's urban and rural areas, 2012 -- Appendix D. 2015 Census Data for MapDot, USA -- Appendix E. Low education counties, 2015 edition -- Appendix F. Persistent poverty counties, 2015 edition -- Appendix G: College and university jargon/terms.
Baker Berry LC5051 .A76 2018

"It was all started by a mouse" : examining animal representations in modern Disney films
Farbotko, Mariah, author
"Since the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, Walt Disney Pictures has produced hundreds of films, many of them featuring memorable animal characters. While some of the company's early work has been criticized for a lack of cultural sensitivity, modern Disney films attempt to tell empowering stories that emphasize inclusiveness and respect for all living beings. This thesis specifically explores three Disney films released in 2016 - Zootopia , Finding Dory, and Pete's Dragon - and examines how they address current societal issues through the depiction of animals onscreen. Chapter one analyzes U.S. race relations as depicted in Zootopia through notions of anthropomorphism, animal representation, and agency. Chapter two explores the use of wild animals for human entertainment and reveals how growing societal support for the release of captive marine mammals, stemming from the documentary Blackfish, influenced Finding Dory. Chapter three examines cross-species relationships as depicted in Pete's Dragon and cautions against assumed notions of human exceptionalism. Analysis of the three films revealed Walt Disney Pictures addresses current societal issues through animal images on screen to remove audience barriers to identification; help viewers emotionally connect with the story; create safe spaces where important issues can be addressed; and in some instances, improve animals' positions in society. Disney has established itself as an international entertainment conglomerate, and with the recent acquisition of 21st Century Fox, its influence continues to spread. Recent Disney films tell impactful stories that reflect society's changing values, and it is important to critically examine the messages these films convey about both humans and animals to audiences around the world."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .F383 2018

Hungry for more : a memoir of family, food, mental illness, and recovery
Bothe, Ida Charlotte, author
"This food-themed memoir, composed of personal essays, poems, and recipes, offers an exploration of the psychological dimension of cooking, baking, eating, and not eating. Through a food lens, I examine my need and desire for comfort and security and the journey I have taken in search of an ever-elusive sense of well-being. While each essay, along with its corresponding poem and recipe, focuses on a particular period of my life, every piece is connected by a central theme of emotional, physiological, and spiritual nourishment, of which food is only part of the equation "
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .B674 2018

Contentment and midfulness : expanding freedom for prisoners
Glass, Lauren author
"The following is an investigation into the potential benefits of mindfulness and contentment philosophy curriculum for incarcerated people, as delivered by universities. Prisoners are systemically underserved and abused people who deserve opportunities to expand their mental and emotional capacities as part of a restorative approach to criminal justice. Restorative justice proves to be more beneficial than America's predominantly retributive ethos in terms of cost, recidivism, and prisoner experience. This thesis argues for the adoption of a pedagogy that acknowledges the entirety of the person, and thus prioritizes their internal experience differently and sees it as inseparable from their external performance (ex. vocational and academic choices, self - regulatory behaviors). Existing prison philosophy programs and primary school contentment and mind fulness programs are examined in order to identify possible benefits and discuss appropriate application of existing curricula. Situational and cultural considerations unique to incarcerated populations are also explored, along with suggestions for university program development and implementation. Universities are best equipped to deliver such programming, and will need to do so with great critical care. Benefits of contentment and mindfulness programs for prisoners include decreased hostility and rumination, enhanced self-control, empathy, and prosocial behavior, and a perception of life as process-oriented. Further, anticipated improvements for prisoners with certain mental health problems include decreased anxiety (general and episodic), psychological symptoms, depressive symptoms, and addictive behaviors."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .G537 2018

Harvard in the NFL
Farbotko, Matthew R., author
"Harvard in the NFL draws upon my personal story and the previously untapped recollections of twenty former Harvard football players who have gone on to careers in the National Football League (NFL) throughout the past five decades. Each section reveals key moments and pivotal decisions in the unpredictable journey from college to professional football, as told through the first-hand experiences of the athletes who lived them. While the stories in this thesis are not necessarily unique to a football player from Harvard, they illuminate the tangible and intangible factors which contribute to the disproportionately high number of Harvard football players among all Ivy League players currently on active NFL rosters."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .F3836 2018

Protection or exclusion? : an investigation of prosecutorial discretion in American immigration politics
Johnston, Haley, author
"This thesis will describe the uses of prosecutorial discretion throughout American immigration history. Prosecutorial discretion is a subjective decision by a U.S. government official to abstain from enforcing immigration laws against any undocumented individual immigrant or immigrant group. When viewing this history through the lens of prosecutorial discretion, which often took place individually and at times in secret, the true nature of deportation proceedings in each period of that history can be analyzed. Prosecutorial discretion serves as an accurate indicator for the government's consideration of an undocumented immigrant's rights during enforcement proceedings. Though the use of prosecutorial discretion often benefits the undocumented population, the practice is not beneficial when used in lieu of more permanent solutions like amnesty. The most recent form of prosecutorial discretion, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program, has delayed the deportation of young immigrants without providing them with a permanent form of status. As of 2016, the Trump Administration has limited the practice of prosecutorial discretion significantly. While any prosecutorial discretion is better than none at all, there is a framework within which the policy functions in a way that simultaneously benefits the government and the undocumented immigrant population. This thesis will explore that framework while investigating and analyzing prosecutorial discretion over the course of its history."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .J6477 2018

Autobiography of a Hippo
Hartong, Mary Liza, author
"Autobiography of a Hippo is a work of non-fiction. In this volume, I tell my life story through vignettes about my family, life, and love. The work was originally titled "How We Fell Apart," but this collection is as much about coming together as it is about coming apart. It is a coming of age and a coming out and a coming through narrative all at the same time."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .H3717 2018

In March
Kohr, Justine, Dominici, author
"A work of fiction, yet inspired by my own life experiences growing up with an addict father in Western Massachusetts, In March is driven by a central thematic question: How do people become who they are today? Spanning a time period of twenty-five years, In March follows a young, courageous mother with a traumatic past; a father and husband who falls from grace and into the hands of addiction, crime, and ultimately, homelessness; and a daughter who must navigate adulthood and its complexities early, and fight against her history and the circumstances before her to achieve personal success. In March is a story of pain yet perseverance, forgiveness, and self-discovery."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .K637 2018

Photography and empathy's ethical potential
Leong, amanda Caterina, author
"With the recent refugee crisis in Europe, the issues surrounding DACA and the Muslim Ban in America, we seem to be facing a crisis in immigration. This crisis is communicated to the public through visual media-photographs, televised news, documentaries, YouTube videos- that define our perception of reality. The question that undergirds and guides my research is "Can the empathy that is generated by looking at photographs and other media work to ameliorate the immigration crisis?" Cultural theorists are divided on empathy's social impact. Wai-Kit Ow-Yeong's has argued that empathy can serve as a strong motivation for public action. On the other hand, Saidiya Hartman and other critics of empathy have discerned in this affect a tendency to involve a single onlooker in the suffering of a single individual in a private interaction that impedes collective public action. However, both critics and advocates of empathy are united in the belief that empathy can initiate a change in public and private attitudes towards immigrants. Building on this belief, I aim to explore how, in our media-saturated age, photographs in particular can generate empathy as an affective resource for the amelioration of the immigration crisis."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .L4655 2018

Experience based education : the power of mural making with adolescents in community--based art programs
Lin, Kuo-Pin author
"Mural Art can play an influential role and be a powerful educational resource for adolescents, especially adolescents identified as in crisis or at-risk. In this thesis I tell the story of my work as a mural art educator with The Philadelphia Mural Art Program (PMAP). For one year, I worked with the PMAP and served as the lead teacher and mural artist for an after-school arts program and mural commission in the Ethiopian community of West Philadelphia. In analyzing the rich data I gathered during my tenure, I demonstrate how community-based art programs, like those offered by the PMAP, contribute to both the social and artistic development of adolescents and also benefit the wider community in which these programs are embedded. As part of my qualitative research, I reached out to the young adults who once participated in the program I directed, young adults who have since left high school and are now in college or working, and gave them an opportunity to reflect on their PMAP experience and analyze its impact. I conclude that community-based art programs for adolescents, especially those that culminate in the production of a major public art project like a mural: 1) foster positive identity development; 2) promote artistic development; 3) raise community awareness; 4) improve learning and motivation in other areas, and 5) provide ongoing and transferable life skills."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .L551 2018

From "Purple" to "Rainbow" : re-defining lesbianism in Thailand
Limaksorn, Kawisara, author
"Lesbianism, feminine women who love other equally feminine women, has long existed in Thailand, but barely visible, much less accepted by Thai society. In fact, most Thai only recognize female homosexuality between "masculine" women called "Tom" and their feminine partner, "Dee." Therefore, this qualitative study aims to explore the seemingly invisible and nearly unknown world of lesbianism in Thailand. The information was gathered via in-depth interviews with 10 Thai self-identified lesbians (aged 21-26), all of whom were living in Bangkok, Thailand. The selected three cases were then chosen as narratives to illustrate the lives, identity development, sexual-orientation discovery, and social acceptance, including support and rejection, of lesbians in Thailand. Historically, lesbianism was viewed as a "behavioral phase" rather than a "sexual identity" of a person. However, the greater exposure to westernization that comes with increasing influence of globalization in education and lifestyles appears to have empowered cosmopolitan women-enamored women to embrace the notion of lesbianism as "identity" and the desire to "come out." Still, as shown by the cases in this study, these women struggle to accept themselves as "lesbians" and to earn the acceptance for their newfound identities from their families and communities."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .L552 2018

Who I am : told through personal essays about those around me
Bohan, Scott P., author
"It was during Professor Barbara Kreiger's Non-Fiction: Personal Essay class when I discovered how writing could serve as the vehicle for reflection. I also realized there were many aspects of my life that I had not spent much time thinking about that were worthy of further examination. And, when compiled, these reflections could help me and those who read my essays understand the influences that have shaped me into the person I am today. While there have been many notable people and moments, I identified six that at this point in my life have greatly impacted me. Writing about these allowed me the opportunity to pause and realize how they affected not only my personal development, but also my relationships with others. These essays define and describe my cornerstones, my foundation, and understanding them is paramount to knowing me."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .B643 2018

Situating the Rohingyas : the politics of space and the condition of being stateless
Moral, Radhika, author
"My thesis will attempt to study the 'stateless' Rohingya people along the discourse of migration, nations and the state. The problem of migrancy from one region to another, attended by feelings of hostility and violence has led to the triggering of ethnic-religious conflicts and claims of land and indigeneity which further complicate the idea of homelands and nation. In probing the history and current predicament of the Rohingyas the thesis will also try to explore the politics behind the creation of ethnic communities. The study, conducted through both readings of secondary references and ethnographies and some primary material collected from the Thai-Myanmarese borderlands, has helped arrive at key notions about the politics of identity and dispossession particularly in the context of cultural differences (ethnicity and place) which is pronounced in the case of the Rohingyas significantly for the fact of being Muslim. The central question that the study hinges upon is the philosophical dilemma of a rights-based justice conundrum versus the human imperative of the dignity of livable lives. The thesis has adopted tools of sociological analysis in order to examine this complex issue while also relying on critical and cultural studies of the Burmese colonial moment which underpins the ethnicization of the people as well as the contemporary culture of conflict in the postcolonial life of the nation."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .M673 2018

Education in a new society : renewing the sociology of education
edited by Jal Mehta and Scott Davies
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2018
In recent decades, sociology of education has been dominated by quantitative analyses of race, class, and gender gaps in educational achievement. And while there's no question that such work is important, it leaves a lot of other fruitful areas of inquiry unstudied. This book takes that problem seriously, considering the way the field has developed since the 1960s and arguing powerfully for its renewal. The sociology of education, the contributors show, largely works with themes, concepts, and theories that were generated decades ago, even as both the actual world of education and the discipline of sociology have changed considerably. The moment has come, they argue, to break free of the past and begin asking new questions and developing new programs of empirical study. Both rallying cry and road map, Education in a New Society will galvanize the field.
Baker Berry LC191 .E4248 2018

American universities abroad : the leadership of independent transnational higher education institutions
edited by Ted Purinton and Jennifer Skaggs
Cairo ; American University in Cairo Press, [2017]
Preface -- Introduction: understanding American and liberal arts universities around the world / Ted Purinton and Jennifer Skaggs -- Achieving liberal arts education transnationally: where from, how, and where to? / Richard A. Detweiler -- "...to save us all": lessons from the American University in Cairo, a community of learning in revolutionary times / Lisa Anderson -- AUN as a development university: preparing Nigerian students for the challenges of the country / Margee Ensign -- Identity and mission in a pluralistic nation: the American University of Beirut / Peter Dorman -- Study abroad, abroad: leading the global liberal arts in Paris / Celeste Schenck and Scott Sprenger -- American University of Sharjah: a young institution aiming to become a research university / Björn Kjerfve -- BISLA and ECOLAS: hubs of the liberal arts in Europe / Samuel Abrahám -- Should higher education be vocationalized? The role of liberal arts education in Hong Kong / Ka Ho Mok -- Trends in liberal arts education in Japan / Junko Hibiya -- From hardship to success: building the Lebanese American University / Joseph G. Jabbra -- Achieving diversity and excellence without the US infrastructure / Mary Merva -- Experiential learning, cheese, and chocolate: connecting curriculum and place / Sara Steinert Borella -- Greek lessons: the American College of Greece in the Greek economic crisis / David G. Horner -- Greece's constitutional provision on private higher education and ACG's open university affiliation / Thimios Zaharopoulos -- Forman Christian College: the rebirth of a liberal arts university in an Islamic state / James Tebbe and Joseph Jones -- Adapting the liberal arts model to create ethical and entrepreneurial leaders for Africa; the case of Ashesi University College, Ghana / Marcia A. Grant -- IQRA "READ": making the case for Effat liberal arts education / Haifa Reda Jamal Al-Lail -- Merging local customs with the liberal arts in Central Asia / Andrew Wachtel -- Adapting liberal arts and sciences as a system of education / Jonathan Becker and Susan H. Gillespie -- America and American universities abroad: toward a public diplomacy research agenda / Kyle A. Long -- New perspectives on legitimacy for American and liberal education: from marginalization to disruptive innovation? / Kara A. Godwin.

Across the globe, American-style and liberal arts universities are being established. From the first, the American University of Beirut, established in 1866, to the liberal arts institutions being established in Saudi Arabia, Ghana, and elsewhere in the twenty-first century, there is a clear sense of the global desire for the American approach to higher education as a way of counteracting traditional, more narrowly defined university educations. However, these universities operate in a distinctive dynamic that must learn to bridge one culture with another, and leadership of such institutions must by its nature focus on such complexities and tensions. Throughout the chapters of this book, this unique element of these universities will be better understood through the stories and experiences as presented by their presidents, provosts, and other academic leaders.
Baker Berry LA398 .A758 2017

The resegregation of American education : the epidemic facing our public schools
Raley, Anna, author
"Are American public schools today going through a period of resegregation? In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court in its decision Brown v. Board of Education, ruled that segregated schools in the United States failed to meet the parameters of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and that "separate but equal" schools were "inherently unequal". What has happened since Brown v. Board of Education? This thesis will explore that history, and it will conclude that the "resegregation" of public schools is occurring across the United States. It will analyze the problem of resegregation facing public schools. Racial and socioeconomic school segregation is potentially detrimental to both the students and the community as funds and resources are unequally allocated. This thesis uses three focus cities to examine resegregation: New Orleans, LA, Birmingham, AL, and New York City, NY. By tracing each city's educational origins and outcomes of educational policies and decisions from the Brown ruling to present day, it will to determine if resegregation is a true threat to public schools. From this discovery, it may be possible to identify solutions to what appears to be a significant U.S. socioeconomic problem."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .R344 2018

Novak, Margaux E., author
"In the vein of a southern gothic epic, Southerly focuses on the relationships of a family living in a tight, coastal, North Carolina town in modern times. The story follows Stella, a teenager, in a bildungsroman style that allows the reader to experience the perspective of someone coming of age against the backdrop of the American south. Southerly addresses themes of family, illness, southern culture, and religion, while wrestling with the effects of tragedy and forgiveness on an individual and on a family. Amidst perplexing social stigmas and the difficult cultural realities of her day-to-day life, Stella is forced to confront polarizing expectations and challenges foisted on her by her divorced parents. With a riot of characters and a building storm, Stella ultimately arrives at a fork in her destiny as she realizes she must make a decision that will affect her forever. In the meantime, her family around her is springing leaks, and its hurricane season..."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .N693 2018

Sick notes : the story inside the illness memoir meets case study
Millios, Amy N., author
"In 2012, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune/auto-inflammatory form of arthritis called ankylosing spondylitis. I had been sick for close to 12 years, but because blood work and other testing didn't reveal any sort of disease process, I was passed from one doctor to the next, told that my symptoms were emotional in nature and related to the depression I struggled with since childhood. Within two months of my diagnosis, I was unable to work and this prompted me to reflect on how I became sick. This thesis explores this question from two perspectives: medicine and memoir. The first considers research on adverse childhood experiences and how they contribute to illness in adulthood. From the second, I present and consider numerous events from my childhood and growing up, reflecting on my experience as a patient and providing glimpses into the daily realities of my illness. Lastly, I include a lexicon of words and definitions which draw attention to, as well as name, all that was un-nameable and unsaid as I was growing up. The end result is a self - case study which explores the many shades of invisibility and silence."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .M5455 2018

An oral history of the United States Coast Guard Academy Class of 1980
Vonderheide, Benjamin R., author
"The United States Coast Guard Academy is a premier academic institution with highly selective admissions dating back to 1876. One hundred years later, thirty-eight women entered the Academy for the first time. Fourteen women graduated and commissioned into the United States Coast Guard in 1980. Through the medium of oral history, I was able to consolidate all of their stories for the first time. I conducted twenty-one interviews with men and women, graduates and non-graduates. The memories of my participants help to recreate the atmosphere at the Academy over forty years ago. The goal of my project was to document a retelling of the joys and hardships faced by the first women to enter a previously all-male military institution. What I received was tremendous feedback about how the Coast Guard and the Academy assimilated women into their establishments. Many of the stories are unique and personal, but equally as many are memories of instances shared by all. The topics covered were not preset, nor were the questions fixed prior to our conversations. We discussed uniforms, living areas, academics, extracurricular activities, the press, disappointments, harassment and numerous other subjects. In most cases my inquiries focused on what stuck out to each person the most. The result was 19 individual memoirs that are by no means comprehensive but provide the reader with a snapshot of the experiences of the first women to integrate into the Coast Guard Academy. Nearly all of the participants remain connected to the Coast Guard or the Coast Guard Academy in some way. All of them maintained a sense of pride when discussing their experiences despite some of them being unpleasant. My thesis serves as a window into a small and protective military community. "
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .V66 2018

Systematic approaches to a successful literature review
Booth, Andrew, 1961- author
Los Angeles : Sage, 2016
Getting started on your literature review -- Taking a systematic approach to your literature review -- Choosing your review methods -- Planning and conducting your literature review -- Defining your scope -- Searching the literature -- Assessing the evidence base -- Synthesising and analysing quantitative studies -- Synthesising and analysing qualitative studies -- Writing, presenting and disseminating your review.

"Showing you how to take a structured and organized approach to a wide range of literature review types, this book helps you to choose which approach is right for your research. Packed with constructive tools, examples, case studies and hands-on exercises, the book covers the full range of literature review techniques"--
Baker Berry LB1047.3 .B66 2016

Social media networking : new challenges and strategies for counterterrorism
Pak, Daniel M., author
"Since the invention, social media has become an integral part or human life in both personal and business aspects. Social media services have provided new avenues for spreading terrorist propaganda while offering new opportunities in the field of cross-border and impersonal communication. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in particular has established its presence on social media platforms. These platforms account for the continuous supply of human and financial resources to the organization. ISIS takes advantage of its ability to conduct its operations and activities without physical presence through its social media operations by inspiring and directing followers and supporters worldwide. Given the popularity of social media and ISIS's penetration of the online community, a variety of counterterrorism efforts and measures have been developed and introduced for scanning, detecting, and removing suspicious content. However, such counterterrorism responses have produced minimal effects in preventing the dissemination of ISIS messages via social media. The conducted preview of the existing body of knowledge highlights the scholarly focus on social media channels, official blames of social media entrepreneurs, and policymakers' reports on law enforcement. This research project seeks to conduct an in-depth investigation of the sociodemographic characteristics of different audiences and specific technical features of different platforms used by ISIS for its extremist purposes. Driven by a holistic research pursuit, this study utilizes a secondary case study design based on qualitative methodology to precisely examine, compare, and synthesize data concerning ISIS's usage of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .P355 2018

Co-education at Dartmouth : the first years of women at the College
MacNicol, Shadara author
"During my first summer working in the Athletic Department at Dartmouth College, I can recall older male alumni coming into the office to ask about the location of a particular team photo or a specific team's trophy. While escorting these individuals or groups to other offices for further assistance or to the area of the item they were inquiring about, these Dartmouth men, often with their wives in tow, would start reminiscing. Almost every story would begin the same way and with very similarly worded phrases like, "Before you girls were allowed to go to school here ..." Being that I grew up in California, far away from Hanover, I honestly had no general awareness of the College's history as an all-male institution for the nearly 200 years since its inception. When I applied to the MALS program, I knew that I wanted to use my time at the College and as a participant of this program, to become better acquainted with how an institution with such a long-standing history that had excluded women for centuries had decided to open its doors to women. Initially, I knew that Cultural Studies would help broaden my understanding of Dartmouth's transition through the lens and intersectionality of gender and class-related issues. Although initially I was not quite sure what my exact path of exploration might be, all that changed when I enrolled in MALS 191, Oral History in Theory and Practice. Recounting the events that led to the admission of women and the first years of co-education at Dartmouth College through firsthand accounts of the young men and women who matriculated to the College coupled with the experiences of residents and administrators became an obvious choice for my thesis and the right vehicle to capture the essence of this pivotal period. I wanted to interview these pioneering spirits in an attempt to inspire the new generation of women at Dartmouth in a continued effort to help move women forward not only during their time at the College but more importantly for their many days beyond the town limit of Hanover. "
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .M3636 2018

College curriculum at the crossroads : women of color reflect and resist
edited by Kirsten T. Edwards and Maria del Guadalupe Davidson
New York, NY : Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Introduction : Why Curriculum? / Kirsten T. Edwards and Maria del Guadalupe Davidson -- Pedagogical Poetics and Curricular Design in the Interracial Classroom : A Black Female Perspective / Catherine John Camara -- Somo Gente Estudiada : Creating Change Within and Outside the Walls of Academia / Norma A. Marrun -- Black Feminist/Womanist Epistemologies, Pedagogies, and Methodologies : A Review of Literature / Altheria Caldera -- Academic Sapphires : College Curriculum at the Intersection of Race, Gender, and Black Women's Subversion / Kirsten T. Edwards -- For Women of Color who have Considered Critical Social Theories : When the Dominant Narrative is no Longer Enough / OiYan Poon, Ester Sihite, Natasha Turman, Briellen Griffin, and Devita Bishundat -- Black Women, Curriculum Design, and the Subject of Disidentification / Maria del Guadalupe Davidson -- Transgressing Curriculum Boundaries / Nichole Guillory -- Curriculum as Community-Building, Liberation, Resistance, and Empowerment : Reflections from Fifteen Years of Teaching / Bridget Turner Kelly -- De donde tu eres : Pedagogies of a Puerto Rican Academic / Mirelsie Velazquez -- In the Space Between Argo and Shahs of Sunset is Where I Teach / Roksana Alavi -- Teaching to Transgress : Africana Studies as a Support for Black Student Activism / Danielle Wallace.

"College Curriculum at the Crossroads explores the ways in which college curriculum is complicated, informed, understood, resisted, and enriched by women of color. This text challenges the canon of curriculum development which foregrounds the experiences of white people, men and other dominant subject positions. By drawing on Black, Latina, Queer, and Transnational feminism, the text disrupts hegemonic curricular practices in post-secondary education. This collection is relevant to current conversation within higher education, which looks to curriculum to aid in the development of a more tolerant and just citizenry. Women of color have long theorized the failures of injustice and the promise of inclusion; as such, this text rightly positions women of color as true "experts in the field." Across a variety of approaches, from reflections on personal experience to application of critical scholarship, the authors in this collection explore the potency of women of color's presence with/in college curriculum and emphasize a dire need for women of color's voices at the center of the academic process" --
Baker Berry LB2806.15 .C65 2018

The critical pedagogy reader
edited by Antonia Darder, Rodolfo D. Torres, and Marta P. Baltodano
New York, NY : Routledge, 2017
Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction / Antonia Darder, Rodolfo D. Torres, and Marta Baltodano -- Part One : FOUNDATIONS OF CRITICAL PEDAGOGY. Introduction to Part One. -- 1. Critical Theory & Educational Practice / Henry A. Giroux -- 2. Introduction Critical Pedagogy: A Look at the Major Concepts / Peter McLaren -- 3. Cultural Politics and the Text / Michael W. Apple -- 4. Pedagogy of Love: Embodying Our Humanity / Antonia Darder -- Suggest Readings for Future Study -- Part Two: SOCIAL CLASS & EDUCATION. Introduction to Part Two -- 5. Against Schooling: Education and Social Class / Stanley Aronowitz -- 6. Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work / Jean Anyon -- 7. The Class-Conscious Educator in the 21st Century / Curry Stephenson Malott -- 8. Confronting Class in the Classroom / Bell Hooks -- Suggested Readings for Future Study -- Part Three : RACISM & IDENTITIES. Introduction & Questions for Reflection and Dialogue -- 9. Dancing with Bigotry: The Poisoning of Racial and Ethnic Identities / Lilia Bartolomé and Donaldo Macedo -- 10. American Indian Geographies of Identity and Power / Sandy Grande -- 11. Theories of Racism, Asian American Identities, & a Materialist Critical Pedagogy / Kevin Lam -- 12. Decolonizing Schools and Our Mentality: Narratives for Pedagogical Possibilities / Pierre Orelus -- Suggested Readings for Future Study.

"For fifteen years, The Critical Pedagogy Reader has established itself as the leading collection of classic and contemporary essays by the major thinkers in the field of critical pedagogy. While retaining its comprehensive introduction, this thoroughly revised third edition includes updated section introductions, expanded bibliographies, and up-to-date classroom questions. The book is arranged topically around issues such as class, racism, gender/sexuality, critical literacies, and classroom issues, for ease of usage and navigation. New to this edition are substantive updates to the selections of contemporary readings, including pieces that reflect issues such as immigrant and refugee students, the role of social justice in teacher education, and an emphasis on practical elements of pedagogy, as well as it significance to forging democratic life. Carefully attentive to theory and practice, this much-anticipated third edition remains the definitive, foundational source for teaching and learning about critical pedagogy."--Back cover.
Baker Berry LC196 .C758 2017

Transgender people and education
Bartholomaeus, Clare, author
New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan , [2017]
Baker Berry LC192.6 .B38 2017

Reading challenging texts : layering literacies through the arts
edited by James S. Chisholm and Kathryn F. Whitmore
New York, NY : Routledge, 2018
Baker Berry LB1632 .R3555 2018

A mother's prayers
Rand, Stephen author
"A Mother's Prayers is an intimate portrait of Anne Rand, the author's mother, who battled cancer for thirteen years while raising three children and working three jobs. This memoir centers on the last four years of Anne's life as seen through a young boy's eyes. It explores Anne's devotion to Catholicism and her confrontation with death as her young children struggle to understand what disease does to the body and the spirit. Anne's story is composed of a series of scenes sketched from memory and interviews with family members, connected symbolically and thematically. What unfolds is a story about faith, family, and forgiveness (or lack thereof). "
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .R352 2018

Black women's liberatory pedagogies : resistance, transformation, and healing within and beyond the academy
Olivia N. Perlow, Durene I. Wheeler, Sharon L. Bethea, BarBara M. Scott, editors
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [2018]
Baker Berry LC2731 .B63 2018

Debunking the myth : are college athletes more prepared for the workforce?
Rumley, Kristen author
"We live in a world where jobs and careers drive our everyday lives. However, knowing what path leads individuals to have the most successful career is very uncertain. At the end of a students' college experience, when students are applying for jobs, there is major controversy over who is most prepared for their career--athletes or non-athletes. A myth has raged on over the years that athletes experience character development due to their involvement in intercollegiate sports, because sports promote positive educational values on athletes, thus enhancing their preparation for the workforce. In short, this means that athletes are more prepared to work than non-athletes after college, simply because of the lessons they learned as an athlete. However, no one has ever researched to see whether this myth still stands, or whether it has merely misled many athletes. In order to solve the mystery behind this question, I went out and interviewed nineteen successful individuals, each with a very different, but very extensive background in hiring entry-level candidates right out of college. The objective was to determine what experiences in a student's life prepared them the most for the workforce. By talking to those who hire students and who interact with them as employees every day, they would be the most knowledgeable about what was the best driver for success. From colleges, to GPAs, to majors, to extracurricular activities, the list went on for what helped a student to be most successful in their career. Ultimately though, I found that although student-athletes do get a valuable educational experience from their sport, non-athletes can also get a very similar educational and character-building experience in other extracurricular activities. At the end of the day, what matters most is how much work experience a student has in their field, and how much dedication and time a student spent building themselves outside of the classroom. It doesn't matter what the activity is, as long as the student had an experience that was challenging enough to push a student to build their inner self, they would be prepared and qualified. "
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .R85 2018

Self-respect and independence of mind : the challenge of Fukuzawa Yukichi / Kitaoka Shinichi ; translated by James M. Vardaman = 独立自尊 : 福沢諭吉の挑戦 / 著者北岡伸一 ; 訳者ジェームス。M。バーダマン
北岡伸一, 1948- author
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture, 2017
The Nakatsu period -- Ogata's Tekijuku -- Going to America -- Learning about Europe -- Condition in the West -- Keio Gijuku -- An encouragement of learning -- An outline of a theory of civilization -- Leaders of Meiji restoration and Fukuzawa Yukichi -- "Discourse on the National Assembly" and the political crisis of 1881 -- Home and daily life -- The Korean issue -- Establishment of the cabinet system and treaty revision -- The early diet and the Sino-Japanese War -- Last years and death -- Fukuzawa chronology.

"It is said that Japan is currently experiencing its third opening to the outside world. However, in terms of importance, rather than the so-called second opening--which refers to the reforms following World War II--the more significant opening was that of the Meiji Restoration, initiated and carried out by the Japanese themselves. Consequently, as Japan today finds itself feeling trapped with a sense of despair, it is to the Meiji era that we should turn, and more than to anyone else, the person we should turn to is Fukuzawa Yukichi. With the general reader in mind, this volume brings together the results of the present-day research into the accomplishments of Fukuzawa as part of an overall appraisal of the man himself"--Back cover.
Baker Berry LB775.F82 K5713 2017