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El control de la lectura : los textos escolares bajo la supervisión del estado nacional (1881-1916 y 1941-1965)
Spregelburd, Roberta Paula, author
[Luján, Argentina] : EdUNLu, Editorial Universidad Nacional de Luján, [2017]
Presentación -- Las políticas del Consejo Nacional de Educación Acerca del texto escolar (1881-1916) -- Las reglamentaciones sobre los libros de lectura en la Argentina (1941-1965).
Baker Berry LB1050 .S67 2017

Повседневная жизнь учителей / Н.А. Белова
Белова, Н. А. author. (Наталья Андреевна),
Moskva : Institut ėtnologii i antropologii im. Miklukho-Maklai︠a︡ Rossiĭskoĭ akademii nauk, 2015
Baker Berry LA839.5.K67 B35 2015

What is college reading?
edited by Alice S. Horning, Deborah-Lee Gollnitz, and Cynthia R. Haller
Fort Collins, Colorado : WAC Clearinghouse ; [2017]
Writing to read, revisited / Chris M. Anson -- Reading as transformation / Brian Gogan -- Creating a reading-across-the-curriculum climate on campus / Pam Hollander, Maureen Shamgochian, Douglas Dawson, and Margaret Pray Bouchard -- The un-common read : perspectives from faculty and administration at a diverse urban community college / Jennifer Maloy, Beth Counihan, Joan Dupre, Susan Madera, and Ian Beckford -- High-profile football players' reading at a research university : ACT scores, interview responses, and personal preferences : an update / Martha Townsend -- Reading about reading : addressing the challenges of college readers through an understanding of the politics of P-12 literacy / Justin Young and Charlie Potter -- Utilizing interdisciplinary insights to build effective reading skills / William M. Abbott and Kathryn A. Nantz -- Getting to the root of the problem : teaching reading as a process in the sciences / Laura J. Davies -- "Reading to write" in East Asian studies / Leora Freedman -- Examining a rhetorical approach to teaching developmental reading / Debrah Huffman -- "O father of education, you come with a book in your hand" : the ambivalent status of reading in a two-year tribal college / Ildiko Melis -- Multiliteracies and meaning-making : writing to read across the curriculum / Mary Lou Odom -- Integrating reading, writing and research for first-year college students : piloting linked courses in the education major / Tanya I. Sturtz, Darrell C. Hucks, and Katherine E. Tirabassi -- Afterword / Patrick Sullivan and Howard Tinberg.
Baker Berry LB2395.3 .W42 2017

Natural born learners : our incredible capacity to learn and how we can harness it
Beard, Alex, author
London : Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2018
Introduction: A tale of two academies -- Part one: Thinking anew (1. Artificial intelligence: beware geeks bearing gifts ; 2. Born to learn: taking baby steps ; 3. Brain gains: going with the flow) -- Part two: Doing better (4. Just do it: cradle to career ; 5. Creation: meet your makers ; 6. Class act: masters of the learniverse) -- Part three: Taking care (7. Big data: the examined life ; 8. True grit: character-building stuff ; 9. Mind control: rebels with a cause) -- Part four: Coda (10. Fail better: open source) -- Afterword: A learning revolution)

Our education predicts how much we'll earn, how content we will be, even how long we'll live. But for all its importance, learning has lost touch with human progress. We live in an information age, work in a knowledge economy, yet our schools are relics of an industrial age. In Natural Born Learners, education insider Alex Beard takes us on a dazzling tour of the future of learning to show how we can - and why we must - do better. Tackling everything from artificial intelligence to our growing understanding of the infant brain, from the roots of creativity to the way classrooms can be unwitting engines of extremism, Beard leads us from the crowded corridors of a London comprehensive to the high-tech halls of Silicon Valley, through the exam factories of South Korea to the inclusive classrooms of Finland to reveal that today we stand on the cusp of a learning revolution.
Baker Berry LB1060 .B43 2018

2013 Hanover Hall Partners 6th annual conference Washington DC
[Hanover, New Hampshire?] : [Hanover Hall Partners], [2013?]
Rauner D.C. History LD1449 .H366 2013

Global rankings and the geopolitics of higher education : understanding the influence and impact of rankings on higher education, policy and society
edited by Ellen Hazelkorn
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Introduction : The Geopolitics of Rankings : Critique -- How Did We Get Here and What Have We Learned / Ellen Hazelkorn -- A Short Global History of Rankings / Alex Usher -- Rankings as Global (Monetising) Scopic Systems / Susan L. Robertson and Kris Olds -- The Dilemma of University Rankings in Policy and Policymaking : The Malaysian Experience : Case Studies : Evidence from World Regions / Morshidi Sirat, Norzaini Azman and Chang Da Wan -- Europe : The Impact and Influence of Rankings in European Higher Education / Tia Loukkola -- Asia : Catch-Up and Identity : Developments in and Impacts of University Rankings in East Asia / Akiyoshi Yonezawa, Shuangye Chen, Jisun Jung, and William Yat Wai Lo -- Rankings in Africa : Important, Interesting, Irritating, or Irrelevant? / Nico Cloete, Patricio Langa, Florence Nakayiwa-Mayega, Vincent Ssembatya, Gerald Wangenge-Ouma and Teboho Moja -- Russia : Ranking Fever : Do We Know the Remedy? / Larisa Taradina and Maria Yudkevich -- Latin American Higher Education, Universities, and Worldwide Rankings : The New Conquest? / Alma Maldonado-Maldonado and Christian Cortes -- India, Rankings, Mass Higher Education, and World-Class Universities / Radhika Maloo, Philip G. Altbach and Pawan Agarwal -- Rankings in North America (US and Canada) : Choices and Policy Trade-Offs / Matt Hartley and Kent D. MacDonald -- The Intersection of Rankings with University Quality, Public Accountability, and Institutional Improvement / Alex McCormick -- Excellence Strategies and World-Class Universities / Jamil Salmi -- Do Global University Rankings Drive Convergence? : Evidence from the Nordic Region / Mari Elken, Bjørn Stensaker and Elisabeth Hovdhaugen -- Rankings, Higher Education Internationalisation and National Strategies : Trade-Offs, Policy Levers, and (Un)Intended Outcomes : Future Directions for Higher Education / Jason E. Lane and Kevin Kinser -- Reporting Alternatives : Future Transparency Mechanisms for Higher Education / Hamish Coates -- Between Massification and Globalisation : Is there a Role for Global University Rankings? / William Tierney and Michael Lanford -- The Geopolitics of the Education Market / Brendan Cantwell -- The Quest for Quality and the Role, Impact and Influence of Supra-national Organisations / Judith Eaton.
Baker Berry LB2331.62 .G564 2017

The reading mind : a cognitive approach to understanding how the mind reads
Willingham, Daniel T., author
San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, a Wiley brand, [2017]
On your marks -- Sound it out -- Reading at a glance -- Words, words, words -- Reading comprehension -- Becoming a reader -- Reading after the digital revolution.

Stop for a moment and wonder: what's happening in your brain right now--as you read this paragraph? How much do you know about the innumerable and amazing connections that your mind is making as you, in a flash, make sense of this request? Why does it matter? The Reading Mind is a brilliant, beautifully crafted, and accessible exploration of arguably life's most important skill: reading. Daniel T. Willingham, the bestselling author of Why Don't Students Like School?, offers a perspective that is rooted in contemporary cognitive research. He deftly describes the incredibly complex and nearly instantaneous series of events that occur from the moment a child sees a single letter to the time they finish reading. The Reading Mind explains the fascinating journey from seeing letters, then words, sentences, and so on, with the author highlighting each step along the way. This resource covers every aspect of reading, starting with two fundamental processes: reading by sight and reading by sound. It also addresses reading comprehension at all levels, from reading for understanding at early levels to inferring deeper meaning from texts and novels in high school. The author also considers the undeniable connection between reading and writing, as well as the important role of motivation as it relates to reading. Finally, as a cutting-edge researcher, Willingham tackles the intersection of our rapidly changing technology and its effects on learning to read and reading. Every teacher, reading specialist, literacy coach, and school administrator will find this book invaluable. Understanding the fascinating science behind the magic of reading is essential for every educator. Indeed, every "reader" will be captivated by the dynamic but invisible workings of their own minds. -- Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry LB1050.2 .W55 2017

Ghosts in the schoolyard : racism and school closings on Chicago's South side
Ewing, Eve L., author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2018
What a school means -- City of losses -- Dueling realities -- Mourning -- Conclusion: an open door.
Baker Berry LC2803.C4 E95 2018

Closing the Native educational achievement gap by addressing neurobiological deficits in AI/AN students and their causes in early childhood through insurgent pedagogy and mental health care
Rose, Quinn author
"Despite the United States devoting significant budgetary and legislative allotments to improving AI/AN education in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century, the fundamental education gap between these students and their non-Native peers persists. It remains because the programs in place do not sufficiently address the non-cognitive deficits among this group of teens that have resulted from disproportionately high exposure to adverse childhood experiences, systemic ethnic discrimination causing health problems and detrimental epigenetic markers, and high maternal cortisol levels. These deep-seated issues are responsible for the high rates of depression and attempted suicide among AI/AN teens, in-school discipline and suspension, and high incarceration rates in juvenile detention facilities. The current funding and programming primarily target the visible symptoms of these issues rather than the root problems. As long as funding, research, and programming fail to address the non-cognitive impairments common among AI/AN youth and systemic discrimination making them transgenerational and cyclical, the U. S. government will not be able to close this achievement gap. The primary research attempting to aid children with traumatic backgrounds and their families in developing non-cognitive skills has focused almost exclusively on urban areas, and not at all on AI/AN communities. This research has revealed that mental health care and early-childhood parenting support can help mitigate the effects of poverty and comorbid traumas on children's non-cognitive development. To apply this research effectively to the experiences and needs of AI/AN teens, we must design programs focused on culturally competent teaching, emphasizing emotional regulation and support for academic risk-taking which can help remediate non-cognitive neurobiological deficits for students who have already been affected. This work will require the combination of educational data, anthropological and sociological research, psychological research and methodology, and educational/mental health care philosophy in an effort to identify the path forward for AI/AN communities and the United States government. In addition, we must address the mental health care needs of parents and teens to prevent transgenerational trauma from persisting."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .R6772 2018

Educación y dictadura : relevamiento y selección de fuentes documentales sobre política educacional : Argentina 1976-1983
directora, Carolina Kaufmann ; compiladoras, Gabriela D'Ascanio, Adriana Hereñú
[Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina] : FUMYAR Ediciones : 2017
Baker Berry LA546 .E37 2017

Esbozo para una historia del movimiento estudiantil universitario colombiano : 21 años de lucha, organización y resistencia ante la consolidación del neoliberalismo
Cristancho Rojas, Juan Sebastián, author
Bogotá, Colombia : ASPU, 2017
Baker Berry LA568.7 .C757 2017