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The Shariʻa : history, ethics and law
edited by Amyn B. Sajoo
London ; I.B. Tauris in association with the Institute of Ismaili Studies, 2018
Introduction : multifaceted venture / Amyn B Sajoo -- Foundations /Khalid Abou El-Fadl -- Recovering the ethical : practices, politics, tradition / Ebrahim Moosa -- Sustaining and enhancing life / Karim H. Karim -- Spiritual refinement / Saʻdiyya Shaikh -- Women's equality / Ziba Mir-Hosseini -- Family law to finance / Mohamed M. Keshavjee and Raficq Abdulla -- Bioethics / Amyn B. Sajoo -- Legitimising authority : a muslim minority under Ottoman rule / Amaan Merali -- Democratisation and the Shariʻa : the Indonesian experience / Carool Kersten -- The Shariʻa in the Western landscape / Rex Ahdar and Nicholas Aroney -- 12. Secularism and the Shariʻa : lessons from an Ontario debate / Jennifer A. Selby.

Why is the term shari'a - the mention of which conjures up images of a politicised religion in many parts of the world - understood in the ways that it is today? For Muslims and non-Muslims alike, much is read into this term, often with scant regard for its historical, cultural or theological underpinnings. This book offers an accessible account of the ideals and realities of the shari'a.
Baker Berry KBP144 .S5364 2018

Mídias e direitos da sociedade em rede
Rafael Santos de Oliveira, Marília De Nardin Budó (organizadores)
Ijuí, RS, Brasil : Editora Unijuí, 2014
Baker Berry K564.C6 M53 2014

Appealing for liberty : freedom suits in the South
Schweninger, Loren, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
African American women and the genealogy of slavery -- Slave plaintiffs and the law -- Slave plaintiffs and the courts -- Manumission by wills and deeds -- Term slaves -- Descendants of free women -- The question of residency -- A journey toward freedom -- Runaways -- Husbands and wives -- Mothers and children -- Lawyers and their slave clients -- The Vass slaves of Virginia, 1831-1860.
Baker Berry KF482 .S39 2018

Courts of Chivalry and Admiralty in late Medieval Europe
edited by Anthony Musson and Nigel Ramsay
Woodbridge : The Boydell Press, 2018
A multi-disciplinary approach to two of the most important legal institutions of the Middle Ages.
Baker Berry KJC7900.A6 C68 2018

Suffer the little children : genocide, indigenous children, and the Canadian state
Starblanket, Tamara, author
Atlanata, GA. : Clarity Press, Inc., [2018]
Naming the crime : defining genocide in international law -- The horror : Canada's forced transfer of indigenous children -- Coming to grips with Canada as a colonizing state : the creator knows their lies and so must we -- Smoke and mirrors : Canada's pretense of compliance with the genocide convention.
Baker Berry KE7722.I58 S73 2018

Figuring victims in international criminal justice : the case of the Khmer Rouge tribunal
Elander, Maria, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
The victim's address -- The establishment of a court -- The Khmer Eouge marriages and the victims of crime -- Becoming participant : victim representations at trial -- Photographs and outreach : relating victims to images -- Conclusion: moving forward through justice.

"Most discourses on victims in international criminal justice take the subject of victims for granted, as an identity and category existing exogenously to the judicial process. This book takes a different approach. Through a close reading of the institutional practices of one particular court, it demonstrates how court practices produce the subjectivity of the victim, a subjectivity that is profoundly of law and endogenous to the enterprise of international criminal justice. Furthermore, by situating these figurations within the larger aspirations of the court, the book shows how victims have come to constitute and represent the link between international criminal law and the enterprise of transitional justice. The book takes as its primary example the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), or the Khmer Rouge Tribunal as it is also called. Focusing on the representation of victims in crimes against humanity, victim participation and photographic images, the book engages with a range of debates and scholarship in law, feminist theory and cultural legal theory. Furthermore, by paying attention to a broader range of institutional practices, [this book makes a] contribution to the debates on the roles and purposes of international criminal justice."--
Baker Berry KZ1208.C36 A145 2018

A critical edition of Umdat al-Nā₃ir 'alá al-Ashbāh wa'l-na₃ā 'ir
حسيني, محمد بن علي بن علي, active 1742, author
Sheffield : Equinox Publishing, 2018
An introduction to the genre of al-qawāʻid al-fiqhiyyah -- The definition -- The relation between al-qawāʻid al-fiqhiyyah and al-Ashbāh wa'l-na₃āʼir -- The origins of al-qawāʻid al-fiqhiyyah -- The development of al-qawāʻid al-fiqhiyyah -- The purpose of al-qawāʼid al-fiqhiyyah -- An introduction to the two authors and their works -- Ibn Nujaym and his al-Ashbāh wa'l-na₃āʼir -- Abū 'l-Suʻūd and his commentary -- The manuscripts -- The edited text of ʻUmdat al-nā₃ir.
Baker Berry KBP300.I26 A3335 2018

Nolo's patents for beginners
Pressman, David, 1937- author
Berkeley, CA : Nolo, 2018
Introduction : Your legal companion -- Patents and intellectual property law -- Qualifying for a patent -- Invention documentation -- Patent searching -- Reading and writing patents -- Patent prosecution and the pto -- Patent ownership -- Patent infringement -- International patent law -- Help beyond this book.

Provides an introduction to the patenting process, including information on invention documentation, patent searching, patent ownership, and patent infringement.
Feldberg KF3114.85 .P737 2018

Drones and other unmanned weapons systems under international law
Casey-Maslen, Stuart, author
Leiden ; Brill, Nijhoff, [2018]
Development, use, and transfer of unmanned weapons systems : introduction / Stuart Casey-Maslen -- Legality of use of armed unmanned systems in law enforcement / Stuart Casey-Maslen -- Armed unmanned weapons systems under jus ad bellum / Stuart Casey-Maslen -- Armed drones and the law of armed conflict / Nathalie Weizmann -- Ensuring fully autonomous weapons systems comply with the rule of distinction in attack / Maziar Homayounnejad -- Unmanned weapons systems and the right to life / Stuart Casey-Maslen -- Corporate liability : an alternative path to accountability? / Hilary Stauffer -- Autonomous weapons systems and international criminal law / Stuart Casey-Maslen.

Drone strikes have become a key feature of counterterrorism operations in an increasing number of countries. This work explores the various domestic and international legal regimes that govern the manufacture, transfer, and use of armed drones as well as fully autonomous weapons systems where computer algorithms decide who or what to target and when to fire.
Baker Berry KZ6687 .C37 2018

The dynamic Free Speech Clause : free speech and its relation to other constitutional rights
Zick, Timothy, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Rights dynamism -- Rights speech -- Assembly, press, and petition -- Religion -- Equality -- Abortion -- Arms -- Rights pluralism.
Baker Berry KF4772 .Z415 2018

Consensus of the Islamic Jurists : (Al-Ijmā)
Mundhir, Muḥammad ibn Ibrāhīm, author
Floral Park, NY : The Islamic Literary Foundation, [2014]
Baker Berry KBP451 .M86 2014

Chavismo y derecho
Delgado, Francisco J., author
[Caracas, Venezuela] : Editorial Galipán, 2017
El pecado original -- Horror a las normas -- El derecho subordinado a la política -- Antiformalismo y formalismo -- Reglas que no son reglas -- Los jueces: entre la sujeción y el activismo -- Los derechos humanos en el Estado total -- La Sala Constitucional y el monopolio de la validez jurídica -- El método constituyente -- La transformación del saber y de la enseñanza -- Reflexiones finales.
Baker Berry KHW315 .D45 2017

Law and language in the Middle Ages
edited by Jenny Benham, Matthew McHaffie and Helle Vogt
Leiden ; Brill, [2018]
Part 1. Translation and interpretation of law -- Why laws were translated in Medieval England : access, authority, and authenticity / Bruce O'Brien -- Translating Justinian : transmitting and transforming Roman law in the Middle Ages / Ada Maria Kuskowski -- Leges iutorum : the Medieval Latin translation of the law of Jutland / Michael H. Gelting -- The languages and registers of law in Medieval Ireland and Wales / Paul Russell -- Part 2. The languages of legal practice and documentary culture -- Latin and the vernacular in Medieval legal documents : the case of Denmark / Anders Leegaard Kundsen -- Between the language of law and the language of justice : the use of formulas in Portuguese dispute texts (Tenth and Eleventh Centuries) / André Evangelista Marques -- The dangers of using Latin texts for the study of customary law : the example of Flemish feudal law during the High Middle Ages / Dirk Heirbaut -- Sources of legal language : the development of warranty clauses in Western France, ca.1030-ca.1240 / Matthew McHaffie -- Part 3. Methodology, interaction, and language -- Law and language in the Leges Barbarorum : a database project on the vernacular vocabulary in Medieval manuscripts / Anette Kremer and Vincenz Schwab -- "And since we are no lawyers, we will void the lawsuit with battle axes?" : voiding a lawsuit in old Icelandic procedural law / Werner Schäfke -- Biblical analogues for early Anglo-Saxon law / Carole Hough.

Law and Language in the Middle Ages' investigates the encounter between law and legal practice from the linguistic perspective. The essays explore how legal language expresses and advances power relations, along with the ways in which the language of law legitimates power. The wide geographical and chronological scope showcases how power, legitimacy and language interact, moving the discussion beyond traditional issues of identity or the formation of nation-states and their institutions. What emerges are different strategies reflective of the diverse and pluralistic political, legal, and cultural worlds of the Middle Ages.
Baker Berry K213 .L394 2018

Crimes against humanity : climate change and Trump's legacy of planetary destruction
Blau, Judith R., 1942- author
New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2019
Baker Berry K3585.5 .B58 2019

The second creation : fixing the American Constitution in the founding era
Gienapp, Jonathan, 1983- author
Cambridge, Massachusetts : The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2018
Introduction: Reimagining the creation of the American Constitution -- The uncertainty of written constitutionalism -- Language and power -- The unfinished Constitution -- The sacred text -- The rules of the Constitution -- The "people's" Constitution -- The apotheosis of the fixed Constitution -- Epilogue: The endurance of fixity.

Americans widely believe that the United States Constitution was almost wholly created when it was drafted in 1787 and ratified in 1788. But in a shrewd rereading of the founding era, Jonathan Gienapp upends this long-held assumption, recovering the unknown story of American constitutional creation in the decade after its adoption--a story with explosive implications for current debates over constitutional originalism and interpretation. When the Constitution first appeared, it was shrouded in uncertainty. Not only was its meaning unclear, but so too was its essential nature. Was the American Constitution a written text, or something else? Was it a legal text? Was it finished or unfinished? What rules would guide its interpretation? Who would adjudicate competing readings? As political leaders put the Constitution to work, none of these questions had answers. Through vigorous debates they confronted the document's uncertainty, and--over time--how these leaders imagined the Constitution radically changed. They had begun trying to fix, or resolve, an imperfect document, but they ended up fixing, or cementing, a very particular notion of the Constitution as a distinctively textual and historical artifact circumscribed in space and time. This means that some of the Constitution's most definitive characteristics, ones which are often treated as innate, were only added later and were thus contingent and optional. By offering a stunning revision of the founding document's evolving history, The Second Creation forces us to confront anew the question that animated the founders so long ago: What is our Constitution?--
Baker Berry KF4541 .G54 2018

Aboriginal peoples and the law : a critical introduction
Reynolds, James I., author
Vancouver, BC : Purich Books, [2018]
What is Aboriginal law? -- Historical background -- Sovereignty and Aboriginal-Crown relations -- Aboriginal rights and title -- Treaties -- Consultation, accommodation, and consent -- Indigenous and international law -- A just society?

"Can Canada claim to be a just society for Indigenous peoples? To answer the question, and as part of the process of reparation, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission urged a better understanding of Aboriginal law for all Canadians. Aboriginal Peoples and the Law responds to that call, introducing readers with or without a legal background to modern Aboriginal law and outlining significant cases and decisions in straightforward, non-technical language. Jim Reynolds provides the historical context needed to understand relations between Indigenous peoples and settlers and explains key topics such as sovereignty, treaties, fiduciary duties, the honour of the Crown, Aboriginal rights and title, the duty to consult, and Indigenous laws. He also discusses key international developments such as the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. He concludes by considering major questions that need to be resolved, including balancing Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal rights and interests and the benefits and drawbacks of using either litigation or negotiation to resolve Indigenous issues. This critical analysis of the current state of the law makes the case that rather than leaving the judiciary to sort out essentially political issues, Canadian politicians need to take responsibility for this crucial aspect of building a just society."--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry KE7709 .R4 2018

La tradición constitucional en México (1808-1940)
Catherine Andrews (coordinadora) ; colaboradores, Israel Arroyo García and eighteen others
Ciudad de México : México, Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores : 2017
Baker Berry KGF2919 .T73 2017

US-China competition and the South China Sea disputes
edited by Huiyun Feng and Kai He
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
Battlefield or playground? : the rising tensions between the United States and China in the South China Sea / Huiyun Feng and Kai He -- The bargaining dilemma between the United States and China in the South China Sea / Huiyun Feng and Kai He -- The geography of conflict : South China Sea and US-China rivalry / Andrew Scobell -- Chinese thinking on the South China Sea and the future of regional security / Feng Zhang -- India's responses to US-China rivalry in the South China Sea / Ian Hall -- Japan and the South China Sea disputes : emerging power politics and fake liberalism / Christopher W. Hughes -- The South China Sea as symptom of Asia's dynamic security order / Nick Bisley -- When giants vie : China-US competition, institutional balancing, and East Asian multilateralism / See Seng Tan -- East Asia's institutional inadequacies and great power rivalry in the South China Sea / Mark Beeson -- Security regionalism : a new form of strategic competition or cooperation between the United States and China in the South China Sea? / Baogang He -- Looking to the future : hypotheses on China's maritime disputes and US-China relations / Steve Chan.

Traditionally, the South China Sea (SCS) issue was not on the negotiation table between the United States and China. However, the tensions between the United States and China over the SCS have gradually simmered up to a strategic level. Why and how did the SCS become a flashpoint between the United States and China? Will the United States and China really go to war over the SCS? Why did China adopt an "assertive" policy towards the South China Sea in the 2000s? What will regional actors do in the face of this "new normal" of competition between China and the United States? Will multilateral institutions in the Asia Pacific alleviate the potential conflicts over the SCS disputes? How will US-Chinese competition in the SCS shape the dynamics of Asian security? This edited book addresses these questions systematically and theoretically, with contributions from leading scholars in the field of US-China relations and Asian security from the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. It elevates the analysis of the SCS disputes from maritime and legal issues to the strategic level between the United States and China.
Baker Berry KZA1692 .U8 2018

Hieros Kai Asylos : territoriale Asylie im Hellenismus in ihrem historischen Kontext
Knäpper, Katharina, author
Stuttgart : Franz Steiner Verlag, [2018]
Baker Berry KL4363 .K63 2018

When rights embrace responsibilities : biocultural rights and the conservation of environment
Sajeva, Giulia, 1986- author
New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2018
An Environmental Crisis -- Understanding Rights, Human Rights, and Group Rights -- Friends and Foes : Rights, the Environment, and People -- Of Rights and Responsibilities -- Biocultural Rights : Handle with Care -- Past, Present, and Future : Beyond Biocultural Rights.

The book discusses the development of the emerging concept of biocultural rights, which are defined as a basket of group rights. These rights are aimed at protecting the stewardship role that certain indigenous peoples and local communities have towards environment. This work provides an overview of the current ethical debate on different approaches towards the conservation of environment and the problematic definitions of indigenous peoples and local communities.
Baker Berry K3585 .S245 2018

Hunt for Nazis : South America's dictatorships and the prosecution of Nazi crimes
Stahl, Daniel, 1981- author
Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, [2018]
Baker Berry KK67.P64 S7313 2018

Direitos humanos, tecnologia e sociedade
organizadores, Maiquel Ângelo Dezordi Wermuth, Mateus de Oliveira Fornasier
Ijuí, RS : UNIJUÍ, 2016
Baker Berry KHD3003 .D5745 2016

Negotiating peace : a guide to the practice, politics, and law of international mediation
Koopmans, Sven M. G. 1973- author
Oxford ; Oxford University Press, 2018
This book is the first and only practical guide to negotiating peace. In this book Sven Koopmans, who is both a peace negotiator and a scholar, discusses the practice, politics, and law of international mediation. With both depth and a light touch he explores successful as well as failed attempts to settle the wars of the world, building on decades of historical, political, and legal scholarship. Who can mediate between warring parties? How to build confidence between enemies? Who should take part in negotiations? How can a single diplomat manage the major powers? What issues to discuss first, what last? When to set a deadline? How to maintain confidentiality? How to draft an agreement, and what should be in it? How to ensure implementation? The book discusses the practical difficulties and dilemmas of negotiating agreements, as well as existing solutions and possible future approaches. It uses examples from around the world, with an emphasis on the conflicts of the last twenty-five years, but also of the previous two-and-a-half-thousand. Rather than looking only at either legal, political or organizational issues, Negotiating Peace discusses these interrelated dimensions in the way they are confronted in practice: as an integral whole. With one leading question: what can be done?
Baker Berry KZ6045 .K66 2018