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Mãos Limpas e Lava Jato : a corrupção se olha no espelho
Guimarães, Rodrigo Régnier Chemim, author
[Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil] : Citadel Grupo Editorial, 2017
Baker Berry KHD5657 .G85 2017

Justiça de transição : da ditadura civil-militar ao debate justransicional : direito à memória e à verdade e os caminhos da reparação e da anistia no Brasil
Silva Filho, José Carlos Moreira da, author
Porto Alegre : Livraria do Advogado Editora, 2015
Baker Berry KHD1011 .S57 2015

钟放, 1975- author
Beijing : Shang wu yin shu guan, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian KNN5000 .Z46 2015

A history of Russian law : from ancient times to the Council Code (Ulozhenie) of Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich of 1649
Feldbrugge, F. J. M. 1933- author
Boston : Brill Nijhoff, [2018]
The treaties with Byzantium : the Zakon Russkii -- The Russkaia Pravda or Russian law -- The Russkaia Pravda : the expanded Pravda -- Princely statutes -- Treaties -- Town and provincial charters -- The Code (Sudebnik) of Ivan III of 1497 -- Foreign laws -- Non-legislative (non-normative) legal sources : Gramoty -- Setting the stage : territory and tribes in early Kievan Russia -- The Prince in medieval Russia -- The Prince's government -- The towns -- Novgorod and Pskov -- Western Russia -- Rural Russia -- The individual and the family -- The individual as a legal actor -- The church and monasteries -- Courts and justice -- The Code (Sudebnik) of Ivan IV of 1550 -- The Stoglav -- The codes of 1589 and 1606-1607 -- The statute books of the Prikazy -- Decisions of the Land Assembly (Zemskii Sobor) -- The Council Code (Sobornoe Ulozhenie) of Aleksei Mikhailovich of 1649 -- The Tsar -- The Tsar's government -- Territory and population -- Local government -- Criminal law and procedure -- Civil law : persons -- Civil law : ownership and obligations -- Civil law : family law and succession -- Courts and justice; civil procedure -- The church, monasteries, and church law.

The beginnings of Russian law are documented by the Russo-Byzantine treaties of the 10th century and the oldest Russian law, the Russkaia Pravda. The tempestuous developments of the following centuries (the incessant wars among the princes, the Mongol invasion, the rise of the Novgorod republic) all left their marks on the legal system until the princes of Muscovy succeeded in reuniting the country. This resulted in the creation of major legislative monuments, such as the Codes of Ivan the Great of 1497 and of Ivan the Terrible of 1550. After the Time of Troubles the Council Code of the second Romanov Tsar, Aleksei, of 1649 became the starting point for the comprehensive Russian codification of the 19th century.0.
Baker Berry KJC510.A15 L39 no.66

Climate change finance and international law
Zahar, Alexander, author
New York, NY : Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Introduction : argument summary and chapter overview -- Climate finance: concepts and institutions -- Climate finance in legal scholarship -- Legal obligations of states relating to climate finance -- State performance of obligations on climate finance -- The philosophy of the control of nature.

"Since 2010, a significant quantity of international climate change finance has begun to reach developing countries. However, the transfer of finance under the international climate change regime - the legal and ethical obligations that underpin it, the constraints on its use, its intended outcomes, and its successes, failures, and future potential - constitutes a poorly understood topic. [This book] fills this gap in the legal scholarship. The book analyses the legal obligations of developed countries to financially support qualifying developing countries to pursue globally significant mitigation and adaptation outcomes, as well as the obligations of the latter under the international regime of financial support. Through case studies of climate finance mechanisms and a multitude of other sources, this book delivers a ... legal and empirical understanding of the implementation of states' climate finance obligations to date."--
Baker Berry K3585.5 .Z345 2017

Criminal misconduct in office : law and politics
Horder, Jeremy, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2018
1. Criminal misconduct and the Constitution -- 2. The limits of criminal misconduct -- 3. Republican foundations : holding officials to account in criminal law -- 4. MPs' criminal liability : tackling personal corruption -- 5. UK political corruption and the role of the criminal law.

Democracy cannot function if the public loses faith in politicians, and that faith will be lost if politicians abuse their power with impunity. This book analyses the criminal offence of misconduct in office, and explains how it should be used, along with other measures, to hold politicians to account for abuse of their position.
Baker Berry KD8045 .H67 2018

Democratic dilemmas : why democracies ban political parties
Bourne, Angela K., author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2018
Theory and research design : from "militant democracy" to security discourse, institutions, and democratic competition -- Ban regimes and banned parties in Spain, the United Kingdom, and Germany -- Herri Batasuna and its successors : from "Terrorist Threat" to Carrier of a "Copernican Shift" from violence -- Sinn Féin and Republican clubs : from terrorist pariah to Republicanism's pathway out of violence -- The Socialist Reich Party and National Democratic Party of Germany : from "militant democracy" to declining anti-system party threats -- Electoral systems as an alternative to party bans -- Party bans and government formation.
Baker Berry K3270 .B68 2018

The effectiveness of the UN human rights system : reform and the judicialisation of human rights
Subedi, Surya P., 1958- author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2017
Introduction -- The place of human rights in the contemporary and globalised world -- The conceptual and international development of human rights -- Effectiveness of the UN human rights treaty bodies -- Effectiveness of the UN Human Rights Council and its challenges -- Effectiveness of the Office of the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights -- The UN human rights special rapporteurs and their effectiveness in protecting human rights -- Effectiveness of other UN charter-based bodies and agencies associated with the UN -- Reform of the UN human rights system and the judicialisation of human rights at the international level -- Conclusions.

"The UN human rights agenda has reached the mature age of 70 years and many UN mechanisms created to implement this agenda are themselves in their middle-age, yet human rights violations are still a daily occurrence around the globe. The scorecard of the UN human rights mechanisms appears impressive in terms of the promotion, spreading of education and engaging states in a dialogue to promote human rights, but when it comes to holding governments to account for violations of these rights, the picture is much more dismal. This book examines the effectiveness of UN mechanisms and suggests measures to reform them in order to create a system that is robust and fit to serve the 21st century. This book [critiques] the rationale and effectiveness of each of the major UN human rights mechanisms, including the Human Rights Council, the human rights treaty bodies, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN Special Rapporteurs and other Charter-based bodies. [The author] argues most of the UN human rights mechanisms have remained toothless entities and proposes measures to reform and strengthen it by depoliticising the workings of UN human rights mechanisms and judicialising human rights at the international level."--
Baker Berry K3241 .S83 2017

Natural resources law and policy
Eagle, Josh, author
St. Paul, MN : Foundation Press, [2017]
An introduction to natural resources law and policy -- Perspectives on natural resources law and policy -- The practice of managing natural resources -- Limits on governmental action -- The National Environmental Policy Act -- Wildlife protection -- Marine life -- Water resources -- Federal public lands and ocean -- Private lands -- Fossil fuels -- Energy policy -- Hardrock mining.

"[This book covers] how we manage our valuable resources ... [The authors provide an] overview of natural resource management while also explaining the major statutes, cases, and doctrines ... The first part of the book explains the major themes and issues that cross-cut natural resources law as well as the relevant legal doctrines from administrative law, constitutional law, and standing. The second part of the book explores the management of specific natural resources (from fisheries, forests and frogs to national parks, oil and water, and others). A series of problem exercises run throughout the book, describing a legal or policy conflict in detail and asking students to identify and assess solutions. Textual boxes out set out the details of important judicial opinions"--Provided by the publisher.
On Reserve at Kresge KF5505 .E24 2017

Managers and the legal environment : strategies for the 21st century
Bagley, Constance E., author
Boston, MA : Cengage Learning, [2016]
Foundations of the legal and regulatory environment-- Ethics and the law -- Sources of law, courts, an dispute resolution -- Agency -- The legal environment --Contracts -- Sales, licensing, and E-commerce -- Torts and privacy protection -- Product liability -- Intelletual property -- Human resources ---The employment agreement -- Civil rights and employment discrimination -- The regulatory environment -- Criminal law -- Corporate governance, ownership, and control -- Forms of business organizations -- Directors, officers, and controlling shareholders -- Securities and financial transactions -- public and private offerings of securities -- Securites fraud and insider trading.
Feldberg KF889 .B255 2016

Asian waters : the struggle over the South China Sea and the strategy of Chinese expansion
Hawksley, Humphrey, author
New York, NY : The Overlook Press, 2018
Part 1: China. The story of a South China Sea fisherman ; The Great Wall of the sea ; Wars that never end ; Chinese islands -- Part 2: Southeast Asia. A tapestry of values ; The Philippines: a precarious tightrope ; Asian democracy: why I didn't shoot the president ; Vietnam: don't mess with us -- Part 3: South Asia. India: the violence of poverty ; India, Pakistan, and the bomb ; Where is India's Monroe doctrine? -- Part 4: East Asia. Japan: Asia's first industrial power ; The United States: war games and black swans ; North Korea: the moon landing and the Beatles ; The technology race: cyberwarfare and warfare in space ; Taiwan: a divided family ; The heart of the matter -- Part 5: great power status. A parallel world order ; Who is in charge? ; A fault-line gamble.
Baker Berry KZA1692 .H39 2018

International humanitarian law : cases, materials and commentary
Tsagourias, Nikolaos K., author
New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2018
Baker Berry KZ6471 .T73 2018

The uses of the dead : the early modern development of Cy-pre's doctrine
Sherman, Caroline R., 1976- author
Washington, D.C. : Catholic University of America Press, [2018]
Baker Berry K797 .S44 2018

Reviewing European Union accession : unexpected results, spillover effects, and externalities
edited by Tom Hashimoto, Michael Rhimes
Boston : Brill Nijhoff, [2018]
Reviewing European Union Accession' reflects on the past decade of European integration in Central and Eastern Europe. Achievements and policies areas in further need of harmonization are examined, and the impact of acquis communautaire, on to the processes of integration is analyzed. Central to the volume is the focus on 'unexpected results, spillover effects' and 'externalities' with respect to the accession of the CEE states to the European Union.
Baker Berry KJC510.A15 L39 no.67

Environmental regulation : law, science, and policy
Percival, Robert V., author
New York : Wolters Kluwer, [2018]
Environmental values and policies: an introduction -- Environmental law : a structural overview -- Preventing harm in the face of uncertainty -- Waste management and pollution prevention -- Air pollution control -- Water pollution control -- Land use regulation and regulatory takings -- Environmental impact assessment -- Preservation of biodiversity -- Environmental enforcement -- Protection of the global environment -- Environmental progress and prospects.
On Reserve at Kresge KF3775 .E548 2018

The human right to a healthy environment
edited by John H. Knox, Ramin Pejan
New York, NY, USA : Cambridge University Press, 2018
"Two of the great achievements of international law have been to define the human rights integral to a life of dignity, freedom, and equality, and to develop rules and institutions that protect the global environment. Because these two areas of the law developed separately and at different times, the relationship between them was at first unclear"--
Baker Berry K3585 .H853 2018

How muftis think : Islamic legal thought and Muslim women in Western Europe
Larsen, Lena, author
Boston : Brill, [2018]
In 'How Muftis Think' Lena Larsen explores fatwas that respond to questions asked by Muslim women in Western Europe in recent decades. The questions show women to be torn between two opposing notions of morality and norms: one stressing women?s duties and obedience, and one stressing women?s rights and equality before the law. Focusing on muftis who see ?the time and place? as important considerations in fatwa-giving, and seek to develop a local European Islamic jurisprudence on these increasingly controversial issues, Larsen examines how they deal with women?s dilemmas. Careful not to suggest easy answers or happy endings, her discussion still holds out hope that European societies and Muslim minorities can recognize shared moral concerns.
Baker Berry KBP526.32.L37 A34 2018

La justicia transicional en perspectiva comparada : Centroamérica y México
Eva Leticia Orduña, Ralph Sprenkels y Jorge Juárez (coordinadores)
México : Centro de Investigaciones sobre América Latina y el Caribe, 2018
"El libro centra sus ensayos sobre las secuelas dejadas por la violencia política en las sociedades centroamericanas. Se enfoca además en las medidas tomadas por diferentes actores para lidiar con el pasado (o para tratar de obviarlo), y en el impacto que han tenido estas medidas. Contribuye a la reflexión comparativa acerca del avance, las contradicciones y las limitaciones de la justicia transicional en Centroamérica. Los capítulos que se incluyen en el libro poseen una gran solidez académica. Los datos y análisis que ofrecen representan un paso muy importante para los estudios comparados de la subregión y examinan el tema desde diferentes enfoques, disciplinas, metodologías y espacios."--Back cover
Baker Berry KGF5935 .J87 2018

Esposito, John L., author
New York : Oxford University Press, [2018]
1. Shariah and Islamic Law: Myths and Realities -- 2. Shariah: The Big Picture -- 3. Shariah Courts -- 4. The Five Pillars of Islam and Community Life -- 5. Women, Gender, and the Family -- 6. Government, Law, and Order 7. Freedom and Human Rights -- 8. War, Peace, and the Common Good -- 9. Criminal Law and Justice -- 10. Islamic Finance in a Global World -- 11. Science, Bioethics, and Human Life

"Shariah has been portrayed as a medieval system that oppresses women, stifles human rights, and imposes harsh punishments like stoning and amputation. In reality, however, Shariah is a complex concept that has been interpreted in many ways over time and around the world. It plays a vital role in the lives of Muslims around the world, offering guidance on everything from personal morality to ritual practices, family life, and finance ... [This book is a] ... guide to this little-understood but often caricatured system"--Amazon.com.
Baker Berry KBP144 .E76 2018

The use of force in international law : a case-based approach
edited by Tom Ruys and Olivier Corten ; assistant editor, Alexandra Hofer
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018
Since the adoption of the UN Charter in 1945, the use of cross-border force has been frequent. This volume invites a range of experts to examine over sixty conflicts, from military interventions to targeted killings and hostage rescue operations, and to ask how powerful precedent can be in determining hostile encounters in international law.
Baker Berry KZ6368 .U84 2018