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Inside the Arab State
Kamrava, Mehran, 1964- author
New York : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Studying Arab politics -- States, institutions, and political atrophy -- Challenging the state -- New settings, old patterns -- The contested terrain -- Adaptive politics in the Arabian Peninsula -- Conclusion.

An in-depth, comprehensive, and theoretically-informed examination of Arab politics of the last decade. The Arab Spring revolts of 2011 and the rise of ISIS in 2014, demand an updated analysis of the topic.
Baker Berry JQ1850.A58 K36 2018

Justice and the meritocratic state
Mulligan, Thomas, author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2018
On justice -- Meritocracy : the basics -- The metatheory of justice -- What we think about justice and why it matters -- A meritocratic theory of economic justice -- The foundation of meritocracy -- On the distribution of jobs -- On the distribution of income -- Defending desert from John Rawls -- Meritocratic public policy -- Meritocratic taxation -- Meritocratic social programs, and final matters.
Baker Berry JA66 .M77 2018

Leo Strauss on political philosophy : responding to the challenge of positivism and historicism
Strauss, Leo, author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2018
Editor's introduction: Strauss's introduction to political philosophy -- Part I: The obstacles to the study of political philosophy today -- A. Positivism. Comte as the founder of positivism: the three stages of the history of mankind -- Comte's positive political philosophy -- Positivism after Comte: Simmel -- Value-free social science: Weber -- Strauss's responses to contemporary defenses of the fact-value distinction -- B. Historicism. Historicism as the more serious challenge to political philosophy -- R.G. Collingwood as an example -- Why studying the history of political philosophy is necessary today. On the difference between the ancients and the moderns -- Part 3: The origins of political philosophy. Physis and nomos.
Baker Berry JA71 .S7937 2018

Un largo trasegar : la tortuosa búsqueda de la paz
Melo Salazar, Antonio, author
Bogotá : Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios , 2017
Baker Berry JZ5584.C7 M45 2017

The Empire's new clothes : the myth of the Commonwealth
Murphy, Philip, 1965- author
New York : Oxford University Press, [2018]
"What does the Commonwealth mean to you?" -- Meet the family -- "What is it good for?" -- Long to reign over us? -- Guilt -- Values -- The road to Colombo -- Empire 2.0? -- Conclusion: shattering the myth.

"Is the Commonwealth little more than a mirage--as lacking in substance as the emperor's new clothes? In the wake of Brexit, the Commonwealth has been identified as an important body for future British trade and diplomacy, but few know what it actually does. How is it organized and what has held it together for so long? How important is the Queen's role as Head of the Commonwealth? Most importantly, why has it had such a troubled recent past, and is it realistic to imagine that its fortunes might be reversed? In The Empire's New Clothes, Philip Murphy strips away the gilded self-image of the Commonwealth to reveal an irrelevant institution afflicted by imperial amnesia. He offers a personal perspective on this complex and poorly understood institution, and asks if it can ever escape from the shadow of the Britsh Empire to become an organization based on shared values, rather than a shared history."
Baker Berry JN248 .M87 2018

Poder político y nuevas formas de poder en el contexto global : un acercamiento al caso de México
Chaires Ramírez, Enrique, author
Colima, Colima, México : Universidad de Colima, abril de 2017
Baker Berry JL1231 .C47 2017

Dynasties and democracy : the inherited incumbency advantage in Japan
Smith, Daniel M., 1982- author
Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2018]
Introduction : dynasties in democracies -- Putting Japan into comparative perspective -- A comparative theory of dynastic candidate selection -- Selection : from family business to party priority -- Election : the inherited incumbency advantage -- Promotion : dynastic dominance in the cabinet -- The consequences of dynastic politics for representation -- Conclusion : family fiefdoms and party politics.
Baker Berry JQ1681 .S6895 2018

Immigration and the American identity : selections from Chronicles, a magazine of American culture, 1985-1995
selected by The Rockford Institute
Rockford, Ill. : Rockford Institute, ©1995
The American identity -- The immigration crisis -- A multicultural society -- Citizenship.
Baker Berry JV6455.5 .I662 1995

The American road trip and American political thought
Barndt, Susan McWilliams, 1977- author
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2018]
Preface -- Introduction -- The seekers -- The walkers -- The laborers -- The bikers -- The pretenders -- Conclusion -- Appendix: The roads not taken -- Bibliography -- Index -- About the author.
Baker Berry JK1726 .B28 2018

Lettori di Machiavelli tra Cinque e Seicento : Botero, Boccalini, Malvezzi
Figorilli, Maria Cristina, author
Bologna : Pàtron editore, marzo 2018
Baker Berry JA84.I8 F54 2018

Injustice : political theory for the real world
Goodhart, Michael E., 1969- author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Part I: Un-thinking ideal moral theory -- The trouble with justice -- Barking up the wrong trees -- Part II: Re-conceptualizing the problem -- Getting real? -- The bifocal approach -- A democratic account of injustice -- Part III: Political theory for the real world -- Political theory and the politics of injustice -- Taking responsibility for injustice.

"This book challenges the dominant approach to problems of justice in global normative theory and offers a radical alternative designed to transform our thinking about what kind of problem injustice is and how political theorists might do better in understanding and addressing it. It argues that the dominant approach, ideal moral theory (IMT), takes a fundamentally wrong-headed approach to the problem of justice. IMT seeks to work out what an ideally just society would look like, and only then outlines our moral obligations in realizing that ideal. In other words, it ignores the realities of everyday politics. As Michael Goodhart asserts, IMT postpones engagement with actually existing injustices and distorts our understanding of them, and it normalizes many problematic features of our world. On the other hand, the leading alternatives to IMT struggle to make sense of the role values play in politics. This book sees justice as an ideology and develops an innovative bifocal theoretical framework for making sense of it. This framework provides two complementary perspectives on justice: a theoretical perspective that situates competing ideological claims about justice in a broader political context and a partisan perspective that evaluates the structure and coherence of particular conceptions of justice. As opposed to IMT, it focuses on barriers to justice and advocates an activist political theory that takes sides in political struggles against injustice. Goodhart argues that theorists can help to generate the countervailing power necessary for social transformation through the work of articulation, translation, and mapping, work which contributes to a more comprehensive social science of injustice"--
Baker Berry JC578 .G648 2018

Psychology of a superpower : security and dominance in U.S. foreign policy
Fettweis, Christopher J., author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2018]
Introduction -- Unipolarity and the system -- Unipolarity and nuclear weapons -- Unipolarity and perception -- Identifying the enemy image -- Unipolarity and strategy -- Unipolarity and grand strategy -- Unipolarity and its conclusion.
Baker Berry JZ1480 .F52 2018

Political protest in contemporary Africa
Mueller, Lisa, 1985- author
New York, NY, USA : Cambridge University Press, 2018
"Some observers see the third wave of protests in Sub-Saharan Africa as a politically motivated revolution of the middle class akin to the Arab Spring, whereas others label it a materially-driven revolt of the chronically poor. These interpretations are not mutually exclusive. Members of an emerging middle class desire political influence commensurate with their economic status and possess the money, education, communication skills, and political autonomy that make them effective protest organizers. Meanwhile, most rank-and- file protesters in Sub-Saharan Africa are not middle-class but rather live at a subsistence level. This group is motivated mainly by material concerns-especially low expectations of upward mobility-and not by grievances against a ruling regime"--
Baker Berry JQ1879.A15 M84 2018

The coddling of the American mind : how good intentions and bad ideas are setting up a generation for failure
Lukianoff, Greg, author
New York : Penguin Press, 2018
Introduction: The search for wisdom -- Part I. Three bad ideas. The untruth of fragility: What doesn't kill you makes you weaker ; The untruth of emotional reasoning: Always trust your feelings ; The untruth of us versus them: Life is a battle between good people and evil people -- Part II. Bad ideas in action. Intimidation and violence ; Witch hunts -- Part III. How did we get here?. The polarization cycle ; Anxiety and depression ; Paranoid parenting ; The decline of play ; The bureaucracy of safetyism ; The quest for justice -- Part IV. Wising up. Wiser kids ; Wiser universities ; Wiser societies -- Appendix 1: How to do CBT ; Appendix 2: The Chicago Statement on Principles of Free Expression.

"Something has been going wrong on many college campuses in the last few years. Speakers are shouted down. Students and professors say they are walking on eggshells and are afraid to speak honestly. Rates of anxiety, depression, and suicide are rising--on campus as well as nationally. How did this happen? First Amendment expert Greg Lukianoff and social psychologist Jonathan Haidt show how the new problems on campus have their origins in three terrible ideas that have become increasingly woven into American childhood and education: What doesn't kill you makes you weaker; Always trust your feelings; and Life is a battle between good people and evil people. These three Great Untruths contradict basic psychological principles about well-being and ancient wisdom from many cultures. Embracing these untruths -- and the resulting culture of safetyism -- interferes with young people's social, emotional, and intellectual development. It makes it harder for them to become autonomous adults who are able to navigate the bumpy road of life. Lukianoff and Haidt investigate the many social trends that have intersected to promote the spread of these untruths. They explore changes in childhood such as the rise of fearful parenting, the decline of unsupervised, child-directed play, and the new world of social media that has engulfed teenagers in the last decade. They examine changes on campus, including the corporatization of universities and the emergence of new ideas about identity and justice.
Baker Berry JC599.U5 L85 2018

La historia secreta del proceso de paz
Gómez G., Marisol author
Bogotá, Colombia : Intermedio, octubre de 2016
Baker Berry JZ5584.C7 G66 2016

그들 은 어떻게 주사파 가 되었는가 : 한 NL 운동가 의 회고 와 성찰 / 이 명준 지음
이 명준 (Student activist)
Sŏul-si : Pao, 2012
Baker Berry Korea JC574.2.K6 Y53 2012

Understanding Workers' Party of Korea
editor Kim Ji-ho ; translators Kim Young Nam and Mun Myong Song
P'yongyang, Korea : Foreign Languages Publishing House, Juche 105 (2016)
Baker Berry Korea JQ1729.5.A98 C439613 2016

Postsoberanía : literatura, política y trabajo
Cabezas, Oscar Ariel, author
Madrid : Guillermo Escolar, 2018
Baker Berry JC327 .C33 2018

Civic hope : how ordinary Americans keep democracy alive
Hart, Roderick P., author
New York : Cambridge University Press, 2018
The need for civic hope -- The search for civic hope -- The texture of civic hope -- The future of civic hope.

Civic Hope is a history of what everyday Americans say - in their own words - about the government overseeing their lives. Based on a highly original analysis of 10,000 letters to the editor from 1948 to the present published in twelve US cities, the book overcomes the limitations of survey data by revealing the reasons for people's attitudes. While Hart identifies worrisome trends - including a decline in writers' abilities to explain what their opponents believe and their attachment to national touchstones - he also shows why the nation still thrives. Civic Hope makes a powerful case that the vitality of a democracy lies not in its strengths but in its weaknesses and in the willingness of its people to address those weaknesses without surcease. The key, Hart argues, is to sustain a culture of argument at the grassroots level.
Baker Berry JK1759 .H268 2018

Medieval imagery in today's politics
Wollenberg, Daniel, author
Leeds : Arc Humanities Press, [2018]
"The election of fringe political parties on the far and extreme right across Europe since spring 2014 has brought the political discourse of 'old Europe' and 'tradition' to the foreground. Writers and politicians on the right have called for the reclamation, rediscovery, and return of the spirit of national identities rooted in the medieval past. Though the 'medieval' is often deployed as a stigmatic symbol of all that is retrograde, against modernity, and barbaric, the medieval is increasingly being sought as a bedrock of tradition, heritage, and identity. Both characterizations--the medieval as violent other and the medieval as vital foundation--are mined and studied in this book. It examines contemporary political uses of the Middle Ages to ask why the medieval continues to play such a prominent role in the political and historical imagination today"--Back cover.
Baker Berry JA84.E9 W65 2018

How democracy ends
Runciman, David, author
New York : Basic Books, [2018]
Preface: Thinking the unthinkable -- Introduction: 20 January 2017 -- Coup! -- Catastrophe! -- Technological takeover! -- Something better? -- Conclusion: This is how democracy ends -- Epilogue: 20 January 2053.

"Nothing lasts forever. At some point democracy was always going to pass into the annals of history. But few people around today thought it would happen in their lifetimes. And until very recently almost no one thought it might happen right before our eyes. Now many are asking: Is this how democracy ends? In this surprising and counterintuitive book, the eminent political philosopher David Runciman argues that we are trapped in outdated modes of thinking. Our expectations are shaped by past stories of democracies collapsing--Europe in the 1930s, Latin America in the 1970s--but we are wrong if we think that history will repeat itself. Western societies are too affluent, too elderly, and too networked to fall apart as they did in the past. We need to stop looking for tanks in the streets and start looking for the twenty-first-century symptoms. The real danger to democracy lies in our increasingly decayed institutions. We are more at risk from conmen than from extremists. We are more likely to see our democracy hollowed out by technology than taken over by tyrants. All political systems come to an end. Runciman helps us think about the previously unthinkable: what will democratic failure look like in the twenty-first century? And what will come after?"--Dust jacket.
Baker Berry JC423 .R798 2018

Democracia en construcción : (2006-2016)
Krauze, Enrique, author
Ciudad de México : Debate, diciembre, 2016
Baker Berry JL1231 .K73 2016c

Rights and demands : a foundational inquiry
Gilbert, Margaret, 1942- author
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2018
Baker Berry JC571 .G55 2018

Democracia redes y participación ciudadana
Luis Enrique Concepción Montiel, Alejandro Sánchez Sánchez (coordinadores)
México : Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, 2016
The democratic deficit / Gianfranco Pasquino -- Participación ciudadana y desconfianza : condiciones para la profundización democrática / NoemI Bergantinos -- Democracia e Internet en el contexto de las teorías neocontracturlistas : una proupesta desde la economía política de la comunicación / Rafael Rodríguez Prieto -- Hoy la democracia se juega en Twitter / César Cansino -- Democracia participativa y fortalecimiento de la ciudadania en Baja California / Luis Enrique Concepción Montiel y Christian Noberto Hernández Aguirre -- Democracia y sistema electoral en Baja California / Marina del Pilar Olmeda GarcIa y Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda -- Instituciones, partidos y participación en América Latina / Esther del Campo -- El movimiento 15M : una nueva forma de participación social / Sandra Martín García -- #Yosoy132 y la elección presidencial 2012 / Víctor Alejandro Espinoza Valle y Ana Claudia Coutigno Ramírez -- Participación, marginalidad política y la nueva ciudadanía / Leopoldo Martínez Herrera -- Recursos cognitivos para la toma de decisiones políticas informadas : el caso de Baja California / Rosa María AvendaNo Millán -- Nuevos mecanismos para votar : la urna electrónica en Baja California / Leonor Maldonado Meza y Fernando González Reynoso -- El Instituto Nacional Electoral en México / Alejandro Sánchez Sánchez y Gloria Aurora de la Fuentes Lacavex.
Baker Berry JF799.5 .D463 2016

Security at the borders : transnational practices and technologies in West Africa
Frowd, Philippe M., author
New York, NY, USA : Cambridge University Press, 2018
Borders are not just lines in the sand, but increasingly globalised spaces of practice. This is the case in West Africa, where a growing range of local and international officials are brought together by ambitious security projects around common anxieties. These projects include efforts to stop irregular migration by sea through international police cooperation, reinforcing infrastructures at border posts, and the application of new digital identification tools to identify and track increasingly mobile citizens. These interventions are driven by global and local security agendas, by biometric passport rules as much as competition between local security agencies. This book draws on the author's multi-sited ethnography in Mauritania and Senegal, showing how border security practices and technologies operate to build state security capacity, transform how state agencies work, and produce new forms of authority and expertise.
Baker Berry JV9020 .F76 2018

Jordan and the Arab uprisings : regime survival and politics beyond the state
Ryan, Curtis R., author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2018]
Continuity and change amidst the Arab uprisings -- The Arab Spring in Jordan -- Political parties and the "traditional" opposition -- The Hirak and changes in political activism -- Identity politics, real and imagined -- Struggles over elections and electoral systems -- Rebooting reform -- War, refugees, and regional insecurity -- Jordanian politics beyond the Arab uprisings.

Drawing upon years of fieldwork and unique access to major political figures in Jordan, Curtis Ryan unravels the unusual case of Jordan during the Arab Spring, where the country managed to avoid political upheaval amidst both regional and internal unrest.
Baker Berry JQ1833.A58 R93 2018

Citizenship as a regime : Canadian and international perspectives
edited by Mireille Paquet, Nora Nagels, and Aude-Claire Fourot
Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press, ©2018
Welfare regimes and citizenship regime: a comparison / Rianne Mahon. -- Inputs to outputs: redesign of the Canadian citizenship regime / Rachel Laforest and Susan D. Phillips. -- Citizen Inc.: corporate political rights in the era of neoliberalism / Maxime Boucher and Denis Saint-Martin. -- Structure, agency, and the reconfiguration of indigenous citizenship in Canada / Martin Papillon. -- LGBTQ rights and the citizenship regime in the neoliberal age / Miriam Smith. -- Living in "interesting times": immigrants and contemporary provincial citizenship regimes / Mireille Paquet. -- Managing diversity through citizenization: citizenship regime as a framework of analysis / James Bickerton. -- From citizenship regimes to protest regimes? / Pascale Dufour and Marcos Angelovici. -- "Weapons of mass distraction"? migration, multiculturalism, and citizenship in two contrasting election campaigns / Alexandra Dobrowolsky. -- Cities and citizenship: place, people, and policy / Neil Bradford. -- Abortion rights: rights and practices of citizenship in a multilevel setting / Bérengère Marques-Pereira. -- Afterword: Thinking about the citizenship regime then and now / Jane Jenson.

State building is an ongoing process that first defines legitimate citizenship and then generates citizens. Political analysts and social scientists now use the concept of citizenship as a lens for considering both the evolution of states and the development of their societies. In Citizenship as a Regime leading political scientists from Canada, Europe, and Latin America use insights from comparative politics, institutionalism, and political economy to understand and analyze the dynamics of contemporary policies and politics. -- from back cover.
Baker Berry JF801 .C58 2018

Writing public policy : a practical guide to communicating in the policy making process
Smith, Catherine F. 1942- author
New York, New York : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Brief Contents -- Preface -- Introduction: How to use this book -- List of writing samples -- Processes -- Chapter 1. Public policy is language -- Chapter 2. Communicating in policy making -- Chapter 3. Definition: Frame the problem -- Chapter 4. Evaluation: Analyze and advise -- Chapter 5. Legislative history: Know the record -- Chapter 6. Position paper: Know the arguments -- Chapter 7. Petition, proposal, letter: Request action -- Chapter 8. Briefing, opinion, resolution: Inform policy makers -- Chapter 9. Testimony: Witness in a public hearing -- Chapter 10. Public comment: Influence administration -- Conclusion: Practical ethics for policy communicators.
Baker Berry JF1525.C59 S64 2018

The influence of polls on television news coverage of presidential campaigns
Fitzgerald, Vincent M., author
Lanham : Lexington Books, [2018]
This book is a comprehensive content analysis of the use of polls by the three major television network newscasts during presidential general election campaigns from 1968 to 2016. It documents the dramatic increase of polls and the decline in coverage of substantive issues and the candidates' policy positions over that time.
Baker Berry JK2007 .F58 2018

Discurso y descolonización en México y América Latina
Octavio Quesada García, Lilian Álvarez Arellano, Adalberto Santana (coordinadores)
Ciudad de México : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Centro de Investigaciones Interdisciplinarias en Ciencias y Humanidades, 2017
Baker Berry JV231 .D57 2017

Undocumented : immigration and the militarization of the United States-Mexico border
Moore, John, (Photojournalist), author
Brooklyn, NY : PowerHouse Books, 2018
Foreword / by Tom Gjelten -- I: Origins of an exodus -- II: The journey -- III: The border -- IV: Militarizing the frontier / essay by Elyse Golob -- V: Life in a divided America / essay by Jeanette Vizguerra -- VI: Detained and deported -- Afterword.

"Moore has photographed the entire length of the U.S. southern border, and traveled extensively throughout Central America and Mexico, as well as to many immigrant communities in the United States ... [This book is a] record on the prevailing U.S. domestic topic of immigration and border security"--Amazon.com.
Baker Berry Oversize JV6565 .M66 2018

Becoming legal : immigration law and mixed-status families
Gomberg-Muñoz, Ruth, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
"An ethnographic study of immigration and mixed-status families"--
Baker Berry JV6475 .G65 2017

The great alignment : race, party transformation, and the rise of Donald Trump
Abramowitz, Alan, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2018]
A new age of partisanship -- The decline of the New Deal coalition, 1952-1988 -- From dealignment to alignment -- The changing political geography of the United States -- The new American electorate -- White racial resentment and the rise of Donald Trump -- Negative partisanship and the triumph of Trump.

Alan I. Abramowitz has emerged as a leading spokesman for the view that our current political divide is not confined to a small group of elites and activists but a key feature of the American social and cultural landscape. The polarization of the political and media elites, he argues, arose and persists because it accurately reflects the state of American society. Here, he goes further: the polarization is unique in modern U.S. history. Today's party divide reflects an unprecedented alignment of many different divides: racial and ethnic, religious, ideological, and geographic. Abramowitz shows how the partisan alignment arose out of the breakup of the old New Deal coalition; introduces the most important difference between our current era and past eras, the rise of "negative partisanship"; explains how this phenomenon paved the way for the Trump presidency; and examines why our polarization could even grow deeper. This statistically based analysis shows that racial anxiety is by far a better predictor of support for Donald Trump than any other factor, including economic discontent.
Baker Berry JK2261 .A284 2018

For-profit democracy : why the government is losing the trust of rural America
Ashwood, Loka L., author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2018]
A fascinating sociological assessment of the damaging effects of the for-profit partnership between government and corporation on rural Americans. Why is government distrust rampant, especially in the rural United States? This book offers a simple explanation: corporations and the government together dispossess rural people of their prosperity, and even their property. Based on four years of fieldwork, this eye-opening assessment by sociologist Loka Ashwood plays out in a mixed-race Georgia community that hosted the first nuclear power reactors sanctioned by the government in three decades. This work serves as an explanatory mirror of prominent trends in current American politics. Churches become havens for redemption, poaching a means of retribution, guns a tool of self-defense, and nuclear power a faltering solution to global warming as governance strays from democratic principles. In the absence of hope or trust in rulers, rural racial tensions fester and divide. The book tells of the rebellion that unfolds as the rights of corporations supersede the rights of humans.
Baker Berry JK31 .A84 2018

Challenges for humanitarian intervention : ethical demand and political reality
edited by C.A.J. Coady, Ned Dobos, and Sagar Sanyal
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018
Ten essays critique the practice armed humanitarian intervention, and the 'Responsibility to Protect' doctrine that advocates its use under certain circumstances. The contributors investigate the causes and consequences, as well as the uses and abuses, of armed humanitarian intervention. One enduring concern is that such interventions are liable to be employed as a foreign policy instrument by powerful states pursuing geo-political interests. Some of the chapters interrogate how the presence of ulterior motives impact on the moral credentials of armed humanitarian intervention. Others shine a light on the potential adverse effects of such interventions, even where they are motivated primarily by humanitarian concern. The volume also tracks the evolution of the R2P norm, and draws attention to how it has evolved, for better or for worse, since UN member states unanimously accepted it over a decade ago. In some respects the norm has been distorted to yield prescriptions, and to impose constraints, fundamentally at odds with the spirit of the R2P idea. This gives us all the more reason to be cautious of unwarranted optimism about humanitarian intervention and the Responsibility to Protect.
Baker Berry JZ6369 .C43 2018

Las mujeres latinoamericanas y sus migraciones
María José Magliano y Ana Inés Mallimaci, compiladoras
Villa María, Córdoba, Argentina : Eduvim, [2017]
Baker Berry JV7398 .M855 2012

The prime ministers' craft : why some succeed and others fail in Westminster systems
Weller, Patrick Moray, author
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018
This volume examines how prime ministers work and the means by which they choose to run their governments, and compares four parliamentary systems (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom) over the past 40 years.
Baker Berry JF331 .W455 2018

Political institutions and practical wisdom : between rules and practice
Cameron, Maxwell A., author
New York, NY, United States of America : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Baker Berry JF1525.D4 C34 2018

Party institutionalization and women's representation in democratic Brazil
Wylie, Kristin, author
New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2018
Machine generated contents note: 1. A Crisis of Representation: The Puzzle of Women's Underrepresentation in Brazil; 2. Willing and Able: Party Institutionalization, Party Leadership, and Women's Representation; 3. Brazil's Quota Law and the Challenges of Institutional Change Amidst Weak and Gendered Institutions; 4. Overcoming Gendered Obstacles: Voters, Electoral Rules, and Parties; 5.Electoral Rules, Party Support, and Women's Unexpected Successes in Elections to the Brazilian Senate; 6. Supermadres, Lutadoras, and Technocrats: The Bounded Profiles of Brazil's Female Politicians; 7.Intersections between Race and Gender in Brazil's 2014 Chamber of Deputies Elections; 8.Theoretical Implications and Comparative Perspectives.

"Brazil's quality of democracy remains limited by enduring obstacles including the weakness of parties and underrepresentation of marginalized groups. Party Institutionalization and Women's Representation theorizes the connections across those problems, explaining how weakly institutionalized and male-dominant parties interact to undermine descriptive representation in Brazil. This book draws on an original multilevel database of 27,653 legislative candidacies spanning six election cycles, over 100 interviews, and field observations from throughout Brazil"--
Baker Berry JL2498.A1 W95 2018

The fundamentals of political science research
Kellstedt, Paul M., 1968- author
New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2018
Baker Berry JA86 .K45 2018

Estado de las migraciones que atañen a la República Dominicana 2015
Centro para la Oservación Migratoria y el Derrollo Social en el Caribe (OBMICA)
[Santo Domingo, República Dominicana] : Centro para la Oservación Migratoria y el Derrollo Social en el Caribe (OBMICA), 2016
Baker Berry JV7395 .E787 2016

Islamists and the politics of the Arab uprisings : governance, pluralisation and contention
edited by Hendrik Kraetzschmar and Paola Rivetti
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [2018]
"What role does political Islam play in the genealogy of protests as an instrument to resist neo-liberalism and authoritarian rule? How can we account for the internal conflicts among Islamist players after the 2011/2012 Arab uprisings? How can we assess the performance of Islamist parties in power? What geopolitical reconfigurations have the uprisings created, and what opportunities have arisen for Islamists to claim a stronger political role in domestic and regional politics? These questions are addressed in this book, which looks at the dynamics in place during the aftermath of the Arab uprisings in a wide range of countries across the Middle East and North Africa"--Back cover.
Baker Berry JQ1850.A91 I846 2018

La democracia en cuestión : los ciudadanos demandan una política diferente
Pérez Zafrilla, Pedro Jesús
Madrid : Biblioteca Nueva, 2017
Baker Berry JC423 .P3634 2017