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Políticas públicas y participación colaborativa
Freddy Mariñez Navarro, coordinador
Zapopan, Jalisco : El Colegio de Jalisco, 2017
Baker Berry JL966 .P65 2017

Beyond regimes : China and India compared
edited by Prasenjit Duara and Elizabeth J. Perry
Cambridge (Massachusetts) : Published by the Harvard University Asia Center, 2018
Part I. Labor relations: The origins of state capacity: workers and officials in mid-20th-century Shanghai and Bombay / Mark W. Frazier -- Labor and state absenteeism: the intersecting social experience of construction workers in India and China / T.G. Suresh -- Part II. Legal reform and rights protest: Contesting the right to law: courts and constitutionalism in India and China / Sanjay Ruparelia -- State-embedded villages: rural protests and rights awareness in India and China / Manjusha Nair -- Part III. Public goods provision: Parallel trajectories: the development of the welfare state in China and India / Nara Dillon -- Higher education reform in China and India: the role of the state / Devesh Kapur and Elizabeth J. Perry -- Part IV. Transnational migration and investment: rescaling state-society relations in China and India / Kellee S Tsai -- Foreign direct investment in China and India: history, economics, and politics / Min Ye.

"Contemporary China and India have been powerfully shaped by trans- and subnational forces. This volume approaches China and India via a strategy of "convergent comparison," exploring local and global influences through a focus on labor relations; legal reform and rights protest; public goods provision; and transnational migration and investment"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry JF51 .B49 2018

The congressional endgame : interchamber bargaining and compromise
Ryan, Josh M., author
Chicago ; The University of Chicago Press, 2018
Does bicameralism work in the modern Congress? -- Postpassage resolution in historical and contemporary context: process, procedures and controversies -- A bargaining theory of postpassage resolution -- Bargaining frequency and the use of conference committees or amendment trading -- Conferee discretion and bill failure in conference committees -- Conference committees and policy change after passage -- Bill failure and policy change as a result of amendment trading -- Conclusion: postpassage resolution and legislative outcomes.
Baker Berry JK1111 .R93 2018

Public servants studied in image and essay : a fanfare for the common bureaucrat
Goodsell, Charles T., author
Los Angeles : CQ Press, 2019
Introductory remarks -- Public safety -- Public environment -- Public conservation -- Public well-being -- Concluding observations.
Baker Berry JK681 .G66 2019

How dictatorships work : power, personalization, and collapse
Geddes, Barbara, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
Part I. Initiation -- Part II. Elite consolidation -- Part III. Ruling society: Implementation and information gathering -- Part IV. Dictatorial survival and breakdown.
Baker Berry JC495 .G43 2018

Analyzing politics : rationality, behavior, and institutions
Shepsle, Kenneth A., author
New York : W.W. Norton, ©2010
It isn't rocket science, but ... -- Rationality : the model of choice -- Getting started with group choice analysis -- Group choice and majority rule -- Spatial models of majority rule -- Strategic behavior : sophistication, misrepresentation, and manipulation -- Voting methods and electoral systems -- Cooperation -- Collective action -- Public goods, externalities, and the commons -- Institutions : general remarks -- Legislatures -- Bureaucracy and intergovernmental relations -- Leadership -- Courts and judges -- Cabinet government and parliamentary democracy -- Final lessons.
Baker Berry JA71 .S435 2010

La democratización en México : ¿cambio o evolución del régimen? / Eduardo Robledo Rincón ; pŕólogo, José Woldenberg ; presentación, Alfonso Fernández-Miranda Campoamor
Robledo Rincón, Eduardo, author
Madrid : Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2018
Baker Berry JL1231 .R63 2018

Rossii︠a︡ segodni︠a︡ : cherez 100-letie velikikh revoli︠u︡t︠s︡iĭ
Shein, Oleg, author
Moskva : Algoritm, 2018
Baker Berry JN6699.A795 S54 2018

Hugo Preuss : Biografie eines Demokraten
Dreyer, Michael, 1959- author
Stuttgart : Franz Steiner Verlag, [2018]
Baker Berry JC263.P74 D749 2018

Equality beyond debate : John Dewey's pragmatic idea of democracy
Jackson, Jeff, 1986- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
Introduction -- The democratic individual -- The Hegelian development of Deweyan democracy -- The pursuit of democratic political institutions -- From deliberative to participatory democracy -- Agonism, communitarianism, and cosmopolitanism -- Educating democratic individuals -- Conclusion -- Bibliography.

While many current analyses of democracy focus on creating a more civil, respectful debate among competing political viewpoints, this study argues that the existence of structural social inequality requires us to go beyond the realm of political debate. Challenging prominent contemporary theories of democracy, the author draws on John Dewey to bring the work of combating social inequality into the forefront of democratic thought. Dewey's 'pragmatic' principles are deployed to present democracy as a developing concept constantly confronting unique conditions obstructing its growth. Under structurally unequal social conditions, democracy is thereby seen as demanding the overcoming of this inequality; this inequality corrupts even well-organized forums of political debate, and prevents individuals from governing their everyday lives. Dewey's approach shows that the process of fighting social inequality is uniquely democratic, and he avoids current democratic theory's tendency to abstract from this inequality.
Baker Berry JC423 .J23 2018

The political system of the European Union
Hix, Simon
Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2011
Introduction : explaining the EU political system -- Government. Executive politics ; Legislative politics ; Judicial politics -- Politics. Public opinion ; Democracy, parties, and elections ; Interest representation -- Policies. Regulation of the single market ; Expenditure policies ; Economic and monetary union ; Interior policies ; Foreign policies ; Conclusion : rethinking the European Union.

The EU is presented in this textbook as an emerging political system, in which the government, policies and the politics of the system are inextricably linked.
Baker Berry JN30 .H5 2011

Costs of democracy : political finance in India
edited by Devesh Kapur, Milan Vaishnav
New Delhi, India : Oxford University Press, 2018
If it impossible to conceive of democracies sans elections, why is it impossible to imagine elections without the flood of money in politics? How does every general election in India get more expensive than the last one? Stepping into the mucky terrain to find out what enables the average Indian vote to have a price, Costs of Democracy opens readers' eyes to the opaque and enigmatic ways in which money flows through the political heart of the world's largest democracy. 0In the first in-depth investigation drawing from extensive fieldwork on political campaigns, unique surveys, and creative and innovative data analysis, the contributions chase and unpack the institutional and regulatory context governing the flow of money in politics; the sources of political finance; the need for such large spending; how money flow, operate, and interact with different levels of government.
Baker Berry JQ292 .C67 2018

Melting pot or civil war? : a son of immigrants makes the case against open borders
Salam, Reihan, author
New York, New York : Sentinel, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, [2018]
Introduction -- The unfinished melting pot -- Somebody else's babies -- Race to the bottom -- Jobs robots will do -- It's a small world -- Nation building -- Conclusion.

"For too long, liberals have suggested that only cruel, racist, or nativist bigots would want to restrict immigration. Anyone motivated by compassion and egalitarianism would choose open, or nearly-open, borders--or so the argument goes. Now, Reihan Salam, the son of Bangladeshi immigrants, turns this argument on its head. In this deeply researched but also deeply personal book, Salam shows why uncontrolled immigration is bad for everyone, including people like his family. Our current system has intensified the isolation of our native poor, and risks ghettoizing the children of poor immigrants. It ignores the challenges posed by the declining demand for less-skilled labor, even as it exacerbates ethnic inequality and deepens our political divides. If we continue on our current course, in which immigration policy serves wealthy insiders who profit from cheap labor, and cosmopolitan extremists attack the legitimacy of borders, the rise of a new ethnic underclass is inevitable. Even more so than now, class politics will be ethnic politics, and national unity will be impossible. Salam offers a solution, if we have the courage to break with the past and craft an immigration policy that serves our long-term national interests. Rejecting both militant multiculturalism and white identity politics, he argues that limiting total immigration and favoring skilled immigrants will combat rising inequality, balance diversity with assimilation, and foster a new nationalism that puts the interests of all Americans--native-born and foreign-born--first"--
Baker Berry JV6483 .S25 2018

Ideologii︠a︡ partii budushchego
Zinoviev, Aleksandr, 1922-2006, author
Moskva : Algoritm, 2018
Baker Berry JA84.R9 Z56 2018

Routledge handbook of European politics
edited by José M. Magone
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2015
Introduction: The 'great transformation' of European politics : a holistic view / Jose M. Magoné -- Part I: Historical and theoretical background -- The legacy of Stein Rokkan for European polities: a short tribute / Daniel-Louis Seiler -- The theological and secular dimensions of the modern state : historical and contemporary perspectives / John Loughlin -- Contemporary European liberalism : exclusionary, enlightened or romantic? / Gina Gustavsson -- A historical interpretation of the process of European integration / Antonio Varsori -- The fall of the Berlin Wall and European politics : perspectives of new Europe in the early twenty-first century / Attila Ágh -- 'Fortress Europe' : borders and the power of information in the European Union / Juliet Lodge -- The Americanisation of European legal space / Mary L. Volcansek -- Part II: The political system and institutions of the European Union -- Multilevel governance in Europe / Rainer Eising -- The EU as a citizens' joint venture : multilevel constitutionalism and open democracy in Europe / Ingolf Pernice -- The political system of the European Union / Desmond Dinan -- The Council of the European Union and the European Council / Jeffrey Lewis -- The European Commission after the reform / Michele Cini -- The European Parliament / Tapio Raunio -- The European courts / Robert Harmsen and Karen MacAuliffe -- Democracy in Europe / Vivien A. Schmidt -- Part III: National political systems and institutions in European politics -- Governments in European politics / Gianfranco Pasquino -- Heads of state in European Politics / Robert Elgie -- Continuity and change in parliamentarianism in twenty-first century European politics / Philip Norton -- Executive-legislative relations in Europe / Thomas Saalfeld -- The Europeanization of national parliaments / Katrin Auel -- Judicial politics in Europe : constitutional courts in comparative perspective / Britta Rehder -- Local and regional democracy in European politics / Frank Hendriks, Anders Lidström and John Louglin -- Part IV: Political elites in European politics -- The development of political elites in Europe / Luca Verzichelli and Maurizio Cotta -- The development of parliamentary representation in post-1990 Europe / Heinrich Best and Elena Semenova -- Selection and de-selection of ministers / Patrick Dumont and Luca Verzichelli -- Part V: Party systems and political parties -- European political parties : changing forms, increased vulnerability / Steven B. Wolinetz -- Party system change in Western Europe / Richard S. Katz -- Parties and party systems in Central and Eastern Europe / Paul G. Lewis -- Electoral and party systems in Europe / Pedro Riera -- Party patronage : an old solution for new problems? / Carlos Jalali and Patrícia Silva -- Europeanization of national politics : the centrality of political parties / Robert Ladrech -- Outside their comfort zone? National parties, European Parliament groups and transnational parties / David Hanley -- Part VI: Public administration and patterns of policy-making in European politics -- National and European patterns of public administration and governance / César Colino and Eloísa del Pino -- European welfare states in motion : from social protection to social investment / Anton Hemerijck -- Political corruption in Europe / Martin J. Bull and James L. Newell -- The national coordination of EU policy / Hussein Kassim -- Patterns of policy-making in European politics and the EU's joint-decision trap : policies compared / Gerda Falkner -- Part VII: The political economy of Europe -- Integration about unequals : how the heterogeneity of European varieties of capitalism shapes the social and democratic potential of the EU / Martin Höpner and Armin Schäfer -- The transformation of the Single European Market : from the Lisbon strategy to Europe 2020 / Annette Bongardt -- Political economic and monetary union : EU and domestic constraints / Francisco Torres -- Social pacts and changing systems of interest intermediation in Europe / Kerstin Hamann and John Kelly -- Interest groups and patterns of lobbying in Brussels / Justin Greenwood -- Part VIII: Civil society and social movements in European politics -- Immigration policy-making in Europe / Sarah Wallace Goodman -- Associations and associational involvement in Europe / Jan W. van Deth and William A. Maloney -- Gender and European politics / Alison E. Woodward -- Contentious politics in the EU / Donatella della Porta and Louisa Parks -- Part IX: Europe and the world -- Theories and myths of European foreign policy / Ian Manners -- Towards a common foreign and security policy : achievements and challenges / Helen Sjursen -- The world society turn in European Studies / Chris Rumford and Didem Buhari-Gulmez.

"Since the Treaty of the European Union was ratified in 1993, the European Union has become an important factor in an ever-increasing number of regimes of pooled sovereignty. This Handbook seeks to present a valuable guide to this new and unique system in the 21st century, allowing readers to obtain a better understanding of the emerging multilevel European governance system that links national polities to Europe and the global community. Adopting a pan-European approach, this handbook brings together the work of leading international academics to cover a wide range of topics such as: o the historical and theoretical background o the political systems and institutions of both the EU and its individual member nations o political parties and party systems o political elites o civil society and social movements in European politics o the political economy of Europe o public administration and policy-making o external policies of the EU. This is an invaluable and comprehensive resource for students, scholars, researchers and practitioners of the European Union, European Politics and Comparative Politics"--
Baker Berry JN12 .R67 2015

The Oxford handbook of comparative regionalism
edited by Tanja A. Börzel and Thomas Risse
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2016
Baker Berry JZ5330 .O84 2016

El antipríncipe : tratado sobre el arte del mal (o buen) gobierno
Garcés, Mario, author
Madrid : Reino de Cordelia, 2016
Baker Berry JA79 .G2872 2016

Partidos políticos : deserción ideológica y permanencia política
Nazar, Emilio, 1955- author
Resistencia, Chaco : ConTexto Librería Editorial, 2015
Baker Berry JL2098.A1 N39 2015x

Entre fronteras : construyendo una agenda comparada global
coordinadores: María del Rosio Barajas Escamilla, Enrique José Varela-Álvarez, Pablo Wong-González
México, D.F. : AM Editores, Clave Editorial ; [2017]
Baker Berry JZ1320 .E58 2017

The reasoning of unreason : universalism, capitalism and disenlightenment
Roberts, John, author
London ; Bloomsbury Academic, 2018
Baker Berry JC573.2.E85 R63 2018

Losing legitimacy : the end of Khomeini's charismatic shadow and regional security
Sherrill, Clifton W., author
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2018]
The basis of regime legitimacy -- Succession scenarios -- Domestic failures of the regime -- The loss of legitimacy and foreign policy -- The global stage -- The regional stage -- Conclusion.

This book analyzes the legitimacy of the Iranian regime finding that it lacks a legal-rational or traditional basis, and is losing the charismatic basis. It assesses that Iran's next Supreme Leader will be forced to adopt an aggressive foreign policy in pursuit of religious legitimacy and nationalist public support.
Baker Berry JQ1785 .S54 2018

Triadic coercion : Israel's targeting of states that host nonstate actors
Pearlman, Wendy, author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2018]
Understanding triadic coercion -- Israel's use of triadic coercion : sources and historical evolution -- Egypt since 1949 : triadic coercion from raids to peace -- Syria since 1949 : triadic coercion from coups to revolution -- Israel and the Palestinian authority since 1993 : strategic culture in asymmetric conflict -- Triadic coercion -- Lebanon before and since 2006 : strategic culture at war -- Triadic coercion beyond the Arab-Israeli conflict -- Conclusion.

In the post-Cold War era, an increasing number of conflicts involve states and non-state actors. Yet states often have difficulty fighting such groups due to their small size, secretive structures, lack of visible assets, and extremist ideologies. Given these circumstances, some analysts conclude that states cannot deter non-state actors directly, and instead recommend that states aim to deter other states that aid, abet, or host these non-state actors--a strategy Atzili and Pearlman term "triadic coercion." In this book, Pearlman and Atzili explain the strategic function of triadic coercion, outlining how 'coercer' states employ this strategy; under what circumstances it is successful; and why states pursue triadic coercion even when it is the non-rational option (i.e., when the 'host' state is too politically or militarily weak to take effective action against the non-state actor). They trace triadic coercion through Israel's over 65 years of conflict with non-state actors like Hezbollah that attack Israel from neighboring Arab states. Employing qualitative empirical analysis of a range of primary and secondary sources--including interviews with political and military leaders, journalists, and analysts--Atzili and Pearlman map out the ideas, relationships, and mechanisms that led Israel to take the course of action it did; the consequences; and why Israel continues to utilize this strategy despite past failures. The final chapter broadens in scope to analyze how Turkey and India utilize (and do not utilize) triadic coercion in different ways, partly due to their country-specific security cultures, and why triadic coercion will continue to be a key, evolving force in the international security landscape.
Baker Berry JZ4059 .P43 2018

Inside Tunisia's al-Nahda : between politics and preaching
McCarthy, Rory, 1971- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2018
Introduction -- Morality, behaviour, and networks -- Rethinking politicization -- Confronting prison -- Beyond social exclusion -- Rebuilding and fragmenting -- Conclusion.

In the wake of the Arab uprisings, al-Nahda voted to transform itself into a political party that would for the first time withdraw from a preaching project built around religious, social, and cultural activism. This turn to the political was not a Tunisian exception but reflects an urgent debate within Islamist movements as they struggle to adjust to a rapidly changing political environment. This book reorientates how we think about Islamist movements. Drawing on extensive fieldwork with grassroots activists of Tunisia's al-Nahda, Rory McCarthy focuses on the lived experience of activism to offer a challenging new perspective on one of the Middle East's most successful Islamist projects. Original evidence explains how al-Nahda survived two decades of brutal repression in prison and in social exclusion, and reveals what price the movement paid for a new strategy of pragmatism and reform during the Tunisian transition away from authoritarianism.
Baker Berry JQ3339.A529 M38 2018

História das eleições municipais de Caxias do Sul : dados estatísticos, comentários e depoimentos
Serafini Filho, Mansueto de Castro, author
Caxias do Sul, RS : EDUCS, [2016]
Baker Berry JS2425.C39 S47 2016

Presidential communication and character : White House news management from Clinton and cable to Twitter and Trump
Farnsworth, Stephen J., 1961- author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2018
Presidents struggle to shape the news -- The cable news presidency of Bill Clinton -- The Fox News presidency of George W. Bush -- The social media presidency of Barack Obama -- The Twitter presidency of Donald Trump -- Successes and failures in presidential communication.

This book traces the evolution of White House news management during America's changing media environment over the past two decades. Comparing and contrasting the communication strategies of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump, it demonstrates the difficulty that all presidents have in controlling their messages despite a seemingly endless array of new media outlets and the great advantages of the office. That difficulty is compounded by new media's amplification of presidential character traits for good or ill. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube notwithstanding, presidential power still resides in the "power to persuade," and that task remains a steep challenge. More than ever, presidential character matters, and the media presidents now employ report on the messenger as much as the message. The book also looks at the media strategies of candidates during the 2016 presidential campaign, puts presidential media use in global context, and covers the early phase of the Trump administration, the first true Twitter presidency. -- ‡c From publisher's description.
Baker Berry JA85.2.U6 F38 2018

African politics : a very short introduction
Taylor, Ian, 1969- author
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018
Introduction to Africa and its politics -- Pre-colonial political systems and colonialism -- The transfer of power and the colonial legacy -- The primacy of patronage politics -- Women in African politics -- The role of identity in African politics -- The military in African politics -- Democracy in Africa -- African's international relations.
Baker Berry JQ1875.A7 T39 2018

The nationalist revival : trade, immigration, and the revolt against globalization
Judis, John B., author
New York, NY : Columbia Global Reports, [2018]
"Why has nationalism come roaring back? Trump in America, Brexit in the U.K., anti-EU parties in Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, and Hungary, and nativist or authoritarian leaders in Turkey, Russia, India, and China -- why has nationalism suddenly returned with a vengeance? Is the world headed back to the fractious conflicts between nations that led to world wars and depression in the early 20th Century? Why are nationalists so angry about free trade and immigration? Why has globalization become a dirty word? Based on travels in America, Europe, and Asia, veteran political analyst John B. Judis found that almost all people share nationalist sentiments that can be the basis of vibrant democracies as well as repressive dictatorships. Today's outbreak of toxic "us vs. them" nationalism is an extreme reaction to utopian cosmopolitanism, which advocates open borders, free trade, rampant outsourcing, and has branded nationalist sentiments as bigotry. Can a new international order be created that doesn't dismiss what is constructive about nationalism? As he did for populism in The Populist Explosion, a runaway success after the 2016 election, Judis looks at nationalism from its modern origins in the 1800s to today to find answers"-- back cover.
Baker Berry JC311 .S95 2018

Empire of hope : the sentimental politics of Japanese decline
Leheny, David Richard, 1967- author
Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2018
Maybe they will smile back -- Cheer up, Vietnam -- Souls of the Ehime Maru -- Cool optimism -- Staging the empire of light -- The peripheral U-turn -- Everything sinks.

"Examines a collection of cases from Japan that demonstrate how scholars should use narrative theory to understand the relationships between emotions and political life"--
Baker Berry JQ1681 .L45 2018

La diagonale des conflits : expériences de la démocratie en Argentine et en France
sous la direction de Denis Merklen et Étienne Tassin
Paris : Editions de l'IHEAL, 2018
"Faire du conflit le centre de la vie politique est un pari multiple de ce livre. Le conflit définit d'abord une diagonale d'entrée à la connaissance de la vie en commun, car la politique vit en ce qu'elle a d'indéterminé. La présence du conflit apparaît ensuite comme une condition de la démocratie. Mais le conflit définit ici d'autres "diagonales" : entre la France et l'Argentine, entre l'Amérique latine et l'Europe, entre le français et l'espagnol. Après une précieuse série d'articles sur la vie politique des deux côtés de l'Atlantique, ce livre complète sa proposition avec un surprenant vocabulaire de la vie politique fait à partir des mésententes résultant des discussions et des débats entre les chercheurs, lorsque les auteurs ont compris que, souvent, les mots de la politique ne signifient pas pareil : citoyenneté n'est pas ciudadania, tout comme peuple n'est pas pueblo, république repùblica... Ce livre offre une série de grappes ou de constellations de vocables construits par des chercheurs bilingues. Il en résulte un formidable outil de recherche et de compréhension biculturel de la politique contemporaine. Un livre fait de philosophie, d'anthropologie et de sociologie où l'intelligence que ces disciplines offrent de la démocratie est aussi mise en tension, comme une autre manifestation de la vie démocratique dans le conflit."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry JL2081 .D525 2018

Born to be free
Miller, Jack, 1929- author
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, an imprint of The Rowman & Littlefield Group, Inc., [2018]
Baker Berry JK31 .M48 2018