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Imagining the Atacama Desert : a five-hundred-year journey of discovery
Francaviglia, Richard V., author
Salt Lake City : The University of Utah Press, [2018]
"Widely regarded as the driest place on earth, the seemingly desolate Atacama Desert of Chile is a place steeped in intrigue and haunted by collective memories. This book, based on archival research and the author's personal field work, brings together the works of geographers, historians, anthropologists, botanists, geologists, astronomers, novelists, and others to offer a nuanced understanding of this complex desert landscape. Beginning with the indigenous Atacameño peoples at the southern edge of the Incan Empire, the volume moves through five hundred years of history, sharing accounts written by Spanish, French, German, Dutch, British, American, and other travelers pirates, scientists, explorers, and entrepreneurs among them. The Atacama's austere landscape hides many secrets, including vast mineral wealth, the world's oldest mummies, and the more recent remains of dissidents murdered by the regime of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet in the early 1970s. Today numerous observatories operate under the Atacama's clear night skies, astronauts train on the rugged desert floor, and tourists flock there for inspiration. In addition to a rich set of narratives, the book features 115 images historical maps, photographs, and natural history illustrations, most in full color to tell a more complete and compelling story. Imagining the Atacama Desert shows how what was once a wilderness at the edges of empire became one of South America's most iconic regions, one that continues to lure those seeking adventure and the unknown"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry F3131 .F73 2018

Made to order : painted ceramics of ancient Teotihuacan
Conides, Cynthia, 1952- author
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, [2018]
The city of Teotihuacan and its painting legacy -- Linear styles of mural painters and ceramic decorators -- Durability and ephemerality: materials, forms, and aesthetics of stuccoed and painted ceramics -- Reflections on the functions and symbolism of stuccoed and painted ceramics -- Water imagery, butterflies, and the mechanics of popular religion at Teotihuacan -- A diachronic framework for pictorial-style ceramics at Teotihuacan -- Mind over matter -- Creativity and innovation.

"The ancient city of Teotihuacan, North America's first metropolis, flourished for nearly eight centuries in central Mexico until its demise in 650 C.E. Known primarily for its massive architecture and monumental wall paintings, the city--and its dazzling artwork--inspired awe in its time, and continues to do so today. Made to Order, the first systematic study of more than 150 painted portable artworks produced in Teotihuacan, offers a unique, deeply informed perspective on the cultural practices and artistic techniques of the largest urban community in pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica. The painted vessels Cynthia Conides considers--featured here in finely reproduced full-color photographs--constitute nearly the entire body of material now available for analysis. With attention to their origins and provenance, wherever possible, the author views these objects from a range of vantage points, using ceramic chronologies to measure the changing characteristics and cultural significance of pictorial paintings on portable media. Her approach--ranging from stylistic analysis and narrative theory to theoretical perspectives on artistic exchange among artisans living and working in a thriving urban setting--reveals the importance of such objects to a city where social status, and the acquisition and display of its symbols, were paramount. This perspective is in turn grounded in new interpretations of the religious, social, and ritual contexts in which the objects functioned. The most complete analysis of both ceramics from excavations at Teotihuacan and those held in museum collections worldwide, Made to Order will become a standard source for specialists and students of pre-Columbian visual culture and archaeology, and a vital resource for those interested in cross-cultural ceramic studies."--
Baker Berry F1219.1.T27 C66 2018

The art of reading
Schwartzwald, Lawrence, 1953- photographer
Göttingen, Germany : Steidl, 2018
Baker Berry F128.9.A1 S39 2018

Un leviatan tropical: las redes clientelares de Trujillo en America Latina y el Caribe
Acosta Matos, Eliades
Santo Domingo : Archivo General de la Nacion, 2018
Baker Berry F1938.5 .A26 L5 2018

Chicago by the book : 101 publications that shaped the city and its image
The Caxton Club ; introduction by Neil Harris
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2018
Listing Chicago / by Neil Harris -- 1. Juliette A. Kinzie, Narrative of the massacre at Chicago, 1844 / Ann Durkin Keating -- 2. A. J. Vaas, "Zouave Cadets quickstep," 1860 / Alison Hinderliter -- 3. James W. Sheahan, Chicago illustrated 1830-1866, 1866-67 / David Buisseret -- 4. John M. Wing, The Great Chicago Lake Tunnel, 1867 / Carl Smith -- 5. John S. Wright, Chicago : past, present, future, 1868 / Eric Slauter -- 6. Olmsted, Vaux & Co., report accompanying the plan for laying out the South Park, 1871 / Victoria Post Ranney -- 7. Edward P. Roe, Barriers burned away, 1872 / Neil Harris -- 8. Montgomery Ward and Sears, Roebuck, Catalogues, 1872-1985, 1894-2003 / Russell Lewis -- 9. The Lakeside annual directory of the city of Chicago, 1875-1917 / Rick Fizdale -- 10. Fergus' historical series relating to Chicago and Illinois, 1876-1903 / Russell Lewis -- 11. Alfred T. Andreas, History of Chicago from the earliest period to the present time, 1884-86 / Kathleen Neils Conzen -- 12. John P. Altgeld, Reasons for pardoning Fielden, Neebe and Schwab, 1893 / Ron Grossman -- 13. Henry B. Fuller, The Cliff-Dwellers : a novel, 1893 / Alice Schreyer -- 14. Rand, McNally & Co.'s bird's-eye views and guide to Chicago, 1893 / Kenneth Nebenzahl -- 15. Ida B. Wells, The reason why the colored American is not in the World's Columbian Exposition, 1893 / Toni Preckwinkle -- 16. William H. Carwardine, The Pullman Strike, 1894 / Leon Fink -- 17. William T. Stead, If Christ came to Chicago!, 1894 / Martin E. Marty -- 18. Herbert S. Stone, The chap-book, 1894-98 / Paul F. Gehl -- 19. Rossiter Johnson, A history of the World's Columbian Exposition, 1897-98 / Neil Harris -- 20. Finley Peter Dunne, Mr. Dooley in peace and war, 1898 / Charles Fanning -- 21. John Dewey, The school and society, 1899 / Michael P. Wakeford -- 22. Theodore Dreiser, Sister Carrie, 1900 / Elliott J. Gorn -- 23. Frank Norris, The epic of the wheat: the pit, 1903 / Timothy Spears -- 24. The Lakeside classics, 1903-present / Kim Coventry -- 25. Marshall Everett, The Great Chicago Theater disaster, 1904 / Neil Harris --

"This project tells the story of Chicago through 101 landmark publications about it. From Sister Carrie to Playboy and from The Jungle to Nature's Metropolis, this collection of short essays will cast Chicago's history in a unique light, while also illuminating the bibliophilic history of the books, magazines, and other printed objects that have shaped the city and the way people think about it."--Supplied by publisher.
Baker Berry F548.3 .C47 2018

El pasado como historia : la nación dominicana y su representación histórica
Marte, Roberto, 1947- author
Santo Domingo, República Dominicana : Archivo General de la Nación, Departamento de Investigación y Divulgación, 2017
Baker Berry F1937.5 .M37 2017

José Trías Monge : Estado Libre Asociado y el reformismo jurídico colonial, 1950-2002
Vélez Vélez, Jorge E
Río Piedras, Puerto Rico : Publicaciones Gaviota, 2018
Baker Berry F1975.T75 V45 2018

Ladies, upstairs! : my life in politics and after
Bégin, Monique, author
Montreal ; McGill-Queen's University Press, [2018]
Baker Berry F1034.3.B375 A3 2018

Let me finish : Trump, the Kushners, Bannon, New Jersey, and the power of in-your-face politics
Christie, Chris. author
New York : Hachette Books, 2019
Introduction: Bannon blinks -- Part one: Becoming Chris. Family values ; Jersey boy ; Learning curve ; Hurry up -- Part two: Corruption fighter. Law man ; Summer chaos ; Family feud -- Part three: Tough guy. Minority party ; YouTube governor ; Blown away ; Heavy stuff ; Red landslide ; Jammed up ; Slow walk -- Part four: Campaign trail. It's showtime ; Team Donald ; Peer review ; Jared's meltdown ; Self-inflicted ; Right way ; Veep stakes ; Unconventional wisdom ; It's debatable ; Hot mic -- Part five: President Trump. Believe it ; No thanks ; Mr. President ; Opioid beach ; Price paid.

"From the outspoken former governor, a no-holds-barred account of Chris Christie's rise to power through the bare-knuckle politics of New Jersey and his frank, startling insights about Donald Trump from inside the president's inner circle. After dropping out of the 2016 presidential race, Chris Christie stunned the political world by becoming the first major official to endorse Donald Trump. A friend of Trump's for fifteen years, the two-term New Jersey governor understood the future president as well as anyone in the political arena -- and Christie quickly became one of Trump's most trusted advisers. Tapped with running Trump's transition team, Christie was nearly named his running mate. But within days of Trump's surprise victory over Hillary Clinton, Christie was in for his own surprise: he was being booted out. In Let Me Finish, Christie sets the record straight about his tenure as a corruption-fighting prosecutor and a Republican running a Democratic state, as well as what really happened on the 2016 campaign trail and inside Trump Tower. Christie takes readers inside the ego-driven battles for Trump's attention among figures like Steve Bannon, Corey Lewandowksi, Reince Priebus, Kellyanne Conway, Jeff Sessions, and Paul Manafort. He shows how the literal trashing of Christie's transition plan put the new administration in the hands of self-serving amateurs, all but guaranteeing the Trump presidency's shaky start. Christie also addresses hot-button issues from his own years in power, including what really went down during Bridgegate. And, for the first time, Christie tells the full story of the Kushner saga: how, as a federal prosecutor, Christie put Jared Kushner's powerful father behind bars -- a fact Trump's son-in-law makes Christie pay for later. Packed with news-making revelations and told with the kind of bluntness few politicians can match, Christie's memoir is an essential guide to understanding the Trump presidency."--Dust jacket.
Baker Berry F140.22.C47 A3 2019

Guido culture and Italian American youth : from Bensonhurst to Jersey shore
Tricarico, Donald, author
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [2019]
Baker Berry F128.9.I8 T75 2019

Shakespeare en Malvinas : y otros ensayos malvinosos
Gamerro, Carlos, 1962- author
Rada Tilly, Chubut : Espacio Hudson, [2018]
14 de junio, 1982 -- La imaginación tecnológica al poder -- Las alarmas de un entrenador de gurkas -- Shakespeare en Malvinas -- Héroes de Malvinas -- Volver a Malvinas -- Las ficciones de la dictadura.
Baker Berry F3031.5 .G362 2018

Bolivia hoy : ¿una democracia poscolonial o anticolonial? : seis estudios y una bibliografía seleccionada 1990-2016
editor, Juan Carlos Gómez Leyton ; Juan Carlos Gómez Leyton, Elizabeth Jiménez Cortés, Doris Johnson Barella, Fabiola Escarzaga Nicté, Andrés Leiva Guzmán, María Teresa Zegada Claure, Jorge Gibert Galassi
[Concepción, Chile] : Ediciones Escaparate, [2017]
Baker Berry F3327 .B6465 2017

El partido de la patria : los discursos presidenciales de Néstor Kirchner
Dagatti, Mariano, author
Buenos Aires : Editorial Biblos, [2017]
Baker Berry F2849.33.K57 D34 2017

Historia de Santo Domingo. Vol. X, La separación (1844)
Mejía Ricart, Gustavo Adolfo, author
Santo Domingo, R. D. : Archivo General de la Nación, Departamento de Investigación y Divulgación, 2017
Baker Berry F1938 .M45 2017

22 postales dominicanas
Mena, Miguel D., author
Santo Domingo : Ediciones de a Poco, [2018]
Baker Berry F1911 .M46 2018

Guardians of idolatry : gods, demons, and priests in Hernando Ruiz de Alarcón's treatise on the heathen superstitions
Díaz Balsera, Viviana, 1957- author
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, [2018]
Quetzalcoatl, God of Cholula -- Trecena 11 of the tonalpohualli -- Detail of the first panel of the Mapa Quinatzin -- Oxomoco and Cipactonal divining with maize kernels.

"A multidisciplinary, in-depth study of the Treatise of the Heathen Superstitions written by Hernando Ruiz de Alarcón in 1629 and the Manual for Ministers of These Indians written by Jacinto de la Serna in 1656. Provides insight into Postclassic Mesoamerican indigenous beliefs and religious practices with close readings of four nahualtocaitl incantations."--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry F1219.76.R45 D538 2018

Otras miradas a la historia dominicana
Moya Pons, Frank, 1944- author
Santo Domingo, República Dominicana : Librería La Trinitaria, 2017
Los encuentros de Colón -- Comienzos coloniales -- Ecohistorias tempranas -- Historia y memoria -- Historiografía -- Cambios y desarrollo -- ¿"Arritmia histórica"? ¿cuál arritmia? -- Influencias constitucionales -- El lado haitiano de la independencia dominicana -- Demografía histórica -- Historias de mujeres -- Merengue, bolero y son -- Masones y Oddfellows -- Clases peligrosas -- Teoría y método.
Baker Berry F1938 .M697 2017

El legado imperecedero de Tomás Bobadilla : creador y organizador del Estado dominicano
Pérez Pérez, Manuel Otilio, 1947- author
Santo Domingo, Rep. Dom. : Editorial Santuario, 2017
Baker Berry F1938.3.B63 P47 2017

Un debate de vida o muerte : Juan Bosch versus Láutico García
prólogo y compilación, Eliades Acosta Matos
Santo Domingo, República Dominicana : Fundación Juan Bosch, 2018
Artículos de La Nación antes del debate, del 1.o al 12 de diciembre de 1962 -- Artículos de Juan Bosch y el padre Laútico García, de 1959 a 1962 -- Se plantea el debate -- El debate : Juan Bosch versus Láutico García : transcripción de fragmentos -- Ecos inmediatos del debate.
Baker Berry F1938.58.B67 D43 2018

Diccionario histórico de la dictadura cívico-militar en Chile : período 1973-1990 y sus prolongaciones hasta hoy
Pozo, José del, 1943- author
Santiago : LOM ediciones, 2018
Prólogo -- La didactura cívico-militar (1973-1990). Un ensayo de interpretacíon. -- Primera parte. El poder: personajes, instituciones y manifestaciones ideológicas -- Segunda parte. Las transformacíones económicas: mecanismos, efectos, los diseñadores y sus principales beneficiarios -- Tercera parte. El control y la manipulacíon de la sociedad y de la cultura -- Cuarte parte. Los recintos y los mecanismos de la represión -- Quinta parte. El aparato represivo -- Sexta parte. Los opositores, 1: Los que cayeron a manos de la dictadura -- Séptima parte. La oposición a la didactura, 2: Los que pudieron continuar el camino hasta el final -- Octava parte. La dictadura y las relaciones internacionales -- Novena parte. La posdictadura: personajes y hechos -- Bibliografía -- Lista de colaboradores -- Lista de nombres por temas.
Baker Berry F3100 .P695 2018

La batalla en los periódicos : la caricatura como arma en la guerra contra el Paraguay
Silveira, Mauro César, author
Asunción, Paraguay : Arandura Editorial, 2017
Baker Berry F2687 .S558518 2017

La Caraïbe, chaudron des Amériques
Savrina Chinien et Jean-Michel Devésa (dir.) ; traductions de Philippe Colin (espagnol-français), Savrina Chinien et Nicolas Lépine (anglais-français)
Limoges : PULIM, [2017]
Baker Berry F2175 .C373 2017

Westchester : history of an iconic suburb
Marchant, Robert, author
Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2019]
Uneasy neighbors: the Lenapes, the Dutch and the fight for survival -- Slavery's legacy and Westchester at war -- Old weird America, the suburban ideal and the Civil War -- Immigration, industry and the great estates -- From the Bronx River Parkway to a river of beer: car culture, ward's plan and prohibition crime -- American pursuits: playland, the movies and civil unrest -- Highs and lows: fearless flyers, the depression, career criminals and marijuana -- The segregated suburbs: racial discrimination and the threat from political extremes -- World War II, prosperity and paranoia -- Westchester in the television age: Bonnie Meadow road to desegregation -- The age of dissent: the environmental movement, radical chic and the moonies -- Triumph and transformation: renewed immigration, the housing boom and deindustrialization.

"This comprehensive history of Westchester County, New York, from the time of European settlement to the present, examines four centuries of development. The author uncovers a complex, often surprising narrative of slavery, anti-Semitism, immigration, Jim Crow, silent film stars, suffragettes, gangland violence, political riots, eccentric millionaires, industry and aviation, man-made disasters and assassinations"--
Baker Berry F127.W5 M24 2019

Urban dreams, rural commonwealth : the rise of plantation society in the Chesapeake
Musselwhite, Paul, author
Chicago ; The University of Chicago Press, 2019
Introduction: "our folly and ruining singularity" -- Garrison towns, corporate boroughs, and the search for order under the Virginia Company -- From corporate communities to county courts in the early Stuart empire -- The political geography of empire in the English revolution -- Planters, the state, and the restoration city -- Towns, improvement, and the contest for authority in the 1680s -- The imperial city and the solidifying of the plantation system -- Urban growth and country thought in the planters' golden age -- Epilogue: "this little common wealth".
Baker Berry F232.C43 M87 2019

Appalachian reckoning : a region responds to Hillbilly Elegy
edited by Anthony Harkins and Meredith McCarroll
Morgantown : West Virginia University Press, 2019
Introduction. Why this book? / Anthony Harkins and Meredith McCarroll

"With hundreds of thousands of copies sold, a Ron Howard movie in the works, and the rise of its author as a media personality, J. D. Vance's Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis has defined Appalachia for much of the nation. What about Hillbilly Elegy accounts for this explosion of interest during this period of political turmoil? Why have its ideas raised so much controversy? And how can debates about the book catalyze new, more inclusive political agendas for the region's future? Appalachian Reckoning is a retort, at turns rigorous, critical, angry, and hopeful, to the long shadow Hillbilly Elegy has cast over the region and its imagining. But it also moves beyond Hillbilly Elegy to allow Appalachians from varied backgrounds to tell their own diverse and complex stories through an imaginative blend of scholarship, prose, poetry, and photography. The essays and creative work collected in Appalachian Reckoning provide a deeply personal portrait of a place that is at once culturally rich and economically distressed, unique and typically American. Complicating simplistic visions that associate the region almost exclusively with death and decay, Appalachian Reckoning makes clear Appalachia's intellectual vitality, spiritual richness, and progressive possibilities."--Back cover.
Baker Berry F210 .A58 2019

Las primeras poblaciones agrícolas judías en la Argentina (1896-1914) : crisis y expansión de las colonias fundadas por The Jewish Colonization Association
Levin, Yehuda Julio, author
Buenos Aires, Argentina : UAI Editorial : [2017]
Baker Berry F3021.J5 L458 2017

A 150 años de la Guerra de la Triple Alianza contra el Paraguay
Juan C. Garavaglia y Raúl O. Fradkin (compiladores)
Buenos Aires, Argentina : Prometeo Libros, [2016]
Aspectos clave de la larga resistencia paraguaya : disciplina militar, cohesión burocrática, y la egomanía indomada del Mariscal López / Thomas Whigham -- La defensa, el ataque y la forma de la guerra en Sudamérica : el caso de la Guerra de la Triple Alianza en la obra de Thomas Whigham / Alejandro M. Rabinovich -- Reconsiderando las resonancias de una "guerra maldita" : la Guerra del Paraguay y la crisis del imperio / Wilma Peres Costa -- De cómo un triunfo militar favoreció la crisis del imperio brasileño : comentario a Revisitando as reverberações de uma "guerra maldita" --a Guerra do Paraguai e a crise do Império, de Wilma Peres Costa / Jorge Gelman -- Las fuerzas de guerra argentinas durante el conflicto de la Triple Alianza (1865-1871) / Juan Carlos Garavaglia -- Legionarios, enganchados y cautivos : apuntes para una investigación sobre las formas de reclutamiento transnacional durante la Guerra del Paraguay (1864-1870) / Mario Etchechury-Barrera -- Comentarios a los trabajos de Juan C. Garavaglia y Mario Etchechury-Barrera / Raúl O. Fradkin -- Antes y después : del amor al espanto : construcciones históricas e historiográficas del Paraguay del siglo XX / Ignacio Telesca -- Apéndice. Julia Rosemberg : imágenes de la guerra -- Post scriptum. Juan Carlos Garavaglia, el Paraguay y nosotros / Raúl O. Fradkin.
Baker Berry F2687 .A22 2016

The world according to Fannie Davis : my mother's life in the Detroit numbers
Davis, Bridgett M., author
New York : Little, Brown and Company, 2019
Author's note -- Prologue -- Hitsville, USA -- Hey, you never know -- Living takes guts.

An homage to the author's mother relates how she cleverly played Detroit's illegal lottery in the 1970s to support the family while creating a loving, joyful home and mothering her children to the highest standards.
Baker Berry F574.D453 D38 2019

The gateway to the Pacific : Japanese Americans and the remaking of San Francisco
Oda, Meredith, author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2019
Japan and Japanese Americans in the Pacific Metropolis through World War II -- Orienting the gateway to the Pacific: reconsidering Japan and reshaping civic identity -- Redeveloping citizens: planning a new Japanesetown -- Pacific crossings: Japan, Hawai'i, and the redefinition of Japanesetown -- Intermediaries with Japan: the work of professional Japanese Americans in the gateway -- Local struggles: Japanese American and African American protest and cooperation after 1960 -- Conclusion.
Baker Berry F869.S39 J3586 2019

Operación Vallese : Barraza, el hombre detrás de la historia
Waisberg, Pablo, author
[Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires] : CTP Ediciones, 2018
Operación Vallese : Barraza, el hombre detrás de la historia -- La investigación : el infierno de Felipe Vallese.
Baker Berry F2849 .W35 2018

La Guerra del Pacífico 1879-1884 : ampliando las miradas en la historiografía chileno-peruana : un estudio del conflicto y su entorno realizado por especialistas chilenos y peruanos
José Chaupis Torres, Claudio Tapia Figueroa, editores
Santiago : Legatum Editores, Marzo de 2018
Baker Berry F3097 .R84 2018

Santiago waria mew : memoria y fotografía de la migración mapuche
Enrique Antileo Baeza, Claudio Alvarado Lincopi and 13 others
Santiago : Ediciones Comunidad de Historia Mapuche, 2017
Agradecimientos -- Prólogo -- Algunas palabras para empezar a conversar -- Memorias, testimonios y fotografías -- Vidas mapuche en Santiago -- Todas son historias.
Baker Berry F3126 .S26 2017

Japanamazônia : confluências culturais
Bitar, Alberto, 1970- photographer
Belém, PA : Kamara Kó Fotografias : 2014
Baker Berry F2659.J3 .B583 2014

La República en sus laberintos : ensayos sobre política, cultura y mujeres en el siglo XIX chileno
Stuven, Ana María, author
Santiago, Chile : Legatum, 2017
Baker Berry F3095 .S88 2017

Finding Oscar
FilmRise and The Kennedy/Marshall Company present in association with USC Shoah Foundation, Friends of FAFG & Diamond Docs ; written by Ryan Suffern, Mark Monroe ; produced by Frank Marshall ; produced & directed by Ryan Suffern
[Brooklyn, N.Y.] : FilmRise, [2018]
In a forgotten massacre during Guatemala's decades-long civil war, a young boy was spared, only to be raised by one of the very soldiers who killed his family. Nearly 30 years after the tragedy, it will take a dedicated team - from a forensic scientist to a young Guatemalan prosecutor - to uncover the truth and bring justice to those responsible...by finding the missing boy named Oscar.
Jones Media DVD 22072

Shortest way home : one mayor's challenge and a model for America's future
Buttigieg, Pete, 1982- author
New York : Liveright Publishing Corporation, [2019]
The South Bend I grew up in -- City on a hill -- Analytics -- The volunteers -- "Meet Pete" -- A fresh start for South Bend -- Monday morning: A tour -- The celebrant and the mourner -- A plan, and not quite enough time -- Talent, purpose, and the smartest sewers in the world -- Subconscious operations -- Brushfire on the silicon prairie -- Hitting home -- Dirt sailor -- "The war's over" -- Becoming one person -- Becoming whole -- Slow-motion chase -- Not "again".

Once described by the Washington Post as "the most interesting mayor you've never heard of," Pete Buttigieg, the thirty-six-year-old Democratic mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has improbably emerged as one of the nation's most visionary politicians. First elected in 2011, Buttigieg left a successful business career to move back to his hometown, previously tagged by Newsweek as a "dying city," because the industrial Midwest beckoned as a challenge to the McKinsey-trained Harvard graduate. Whether meeting with city residents on middle-school basketball courts, reclaiming abandoned houses, confronting gun violence, or attracting high-tech industry, Buttigieg has transformed South Bend into a shining model of urban reinvention. While Washington reels with scandal, Shortest Way Home interweaves two once-unthinkable success stories: that of an Afghanistan veteran who came out and found love and acceptance, all while in office, and that of a Rust Belt city so thoroughly transformed that it shatters the way we view America's so-called flyover country.
Baker Berry F534.S7 B87 2019

El Chavismo salvaje
Iturriza López, Reinaldo, author
[Caracas?] : Trinchera, diciembre, 2016
Baker Berry F2329 .I88 2016

How to hide an empire : a history of the greater United States
Immerwahr, Daniel, 1980- author
New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2019
Introduction: Looking beyond the logo map -- Part I. The Colonial empire. The fall and rise of Daniel Boone -- Indian Country -- Everything you always wanted to know about Guano but were afraid to ask -- Teddy Roosevelt's very good day -- Empire state of mind -- Shouting the battle cry of freedom -- Outside the charmed circle -- White city -- Doctors without borders -- Fortress America -- Warfare state -- There are times when men have to die -- Part II. The pointillist empire. Kilroy was here -- Decolonizing the United States -- Nobody knows in America, Puerto Rico's in America -- Synthetica -- This is what God hath wrought -- The empire of the red octagon -- Language is a virus -- Power is sovereignty, Mister Bond -- Baselandia -- The war of points -- Conclusion: Enduring empire.

"We are familiar with maps that outline all fifty states. And we are also familiar with the idea that the United States is an "empire," exercising power around the world. But what about the actual territories--the islands, atolls, and archipelagos--this country has governed and inhabited? In How to Hide an Empire, Daniel Immerwahr tells the fascinating story of the United States outside the United States. In crackling, fast-paced prose, he reveals forgotten episodes that cast American history in a new light. We travel to the Guano Islands, where prospectors collected one of the nineteenth century's most valuable commodities, and the Philippines, site of the most destructive event on U.S. soil. In Puerto Rico, Immerwahr shows how U.S. doctors conducted grisly experiments they would never have conducted on the mainland and charts the emergence of independence fighters who would shoot up the U.S. Congress. In the years after World War II, Immerwahr notes, the United States moved away from colonialism. Instead, it put innovations in electronics, transportation, and culture to use, devising a new sort of influence that did not require the control of colonies. Rich with absorbing vignettes, full of surprises, and driven by an original conception of what empire and globalization mean today, How to Hide an Empire is a major and compulsively readable work of history."--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry F965 .I46 2019

Después de Chávez : cómo nacen las banderas
Colotti, Geraldina, 1956- author
Caracas, Venezuela : Vadell Hermanos Editores, 2018
Baker Berry F2329 .C6518 2018

El pueblo venezolano : 15.000 años de historia
Mario Sanoja Obediente, Iraida Vargas Arenas, Arístides Medina Rubio, Carmen Bohórquez, Luis Britto García, Earle Herrera
Caracas, Venezuela : Centro Nacional de Estudios Históricos, 2017
La formación de cazadores y recolectores / Mario Sanoja Obediente -- La revolución agraria y la sociedad tribal en Venezuela / Iraida Vargas Arenas -- Venezuela 1498-1810 : la colonia / Arístides Medina Rubio -- La independencia (1810-1830) / Carmen Bohórquez -- La república siglo XIX, la república siglo XX / Luis Britto García -- La revolución bolivariana / Earle Herrera.
Baker Berry F2321 .P84 2017

Pulsions urbaines : 1962-2017 : l'Amérique latine en mouvement : collection Leticia et Stanislas Poniatowski
commissariat, Alexis Fabry et María Wills ; edition, Olivier Andreotti et Alexis Fabry
Paris : Toluca Éditions, [2017]
Les travaux de plus de 125 photographes et artistes, originaires d'Argentine, du Brésil, du Chili, de Colombie, de Cuba, d'Equateur, du Mexique, du Pérou et du Venezuela, expriment les contradictions d'un continent qui dans sa condition hybride, se débat entre le préhispanique, le postcolonial et la société capitaliste qui a implacablement envahi les processus de consolidation des villes. Au fil des chapitres s'enchaînent les imaginaires de la transition urbaine, où ruraux et citadins rêvent la métropole.0"Cris" et "Les damnés" montrent le plus douloureux. "Ouvert la nuit", "I want to be me" et "Couleurs Populaires" expriment l'ethos latino, parfois stéréotypé, de la rumba, du tumulte, des couleurs, et cette capacité festive au coeur de la tragédie. L'architecture, des ruines au béton, raconte l'expansion des villes latino-américaines, sur ses "Murs vivants", dans ses "Géométries urbaines", où se mêlent modernisme, vernaculaire et kitsch.
Baker Berry F1409.2 .P85 2017

Strategic friends : Canada-Ukraine relations from independence to the Euromaidan
Kordan, Bohdan S., author
Montreal ; McGill-Queen's University Press, [2018]
Introduction -- Negotiating Ukrainian independence : Brian Mulroney and the challenge of systemic change -- A "special relationship" : Jean Chrétien and the politics of transition -- "More Canada" : Ukraine, Paul Martin, and Canadian values -- Stephen Harper and the Euromaidan : ideological and geopolitical perspectives -- Canada-Ukraine relations : toward and understanding.

"Canada's relations with an independent Ukraine have been resilient despite the many challenges associated with post-Soviet transition, highlighting the "special" nature of the relationship. But this also denotes change in Canada's foreign policy towards Ukraine as Conservative and Liberal governments alike variously sought to adapt and contend with uncertainty that accompanied transition. Focusing on the differences and similarities between governments and widely held assumptions about Ukrainian-Canadian influence, Bohdan Kordan examines how systemic factors, national interests, and leadership perspectives shaped Canada's foreign policy toward Ukraine as it was tested. He advances the argument that Canada's foreign policy responded to change and that forces at work provided the occasion for unprecedented policy preferences and innovation to take place. Nevertheless, traditional parameters and constraints - alliance obligations for example - continued to shape Canada's relations with Ukraine, accounting for continuity in Canada's foreign policy. A Part Together investigates the nature and evolution of the Canada-Ukraine relationship and the dynamics at work. In the process it helps to reveal the undercurrent of contemporary Canadian foreign policy and with it a better sense of the developments that have shaped Canada's response in an age of change and uncertainty."--
Baker Berry F1029.5.U38 K67 2018

Argentinidad, identidad y cultura en tiempos de grieta
authors Luis García Fanlo (compilador), Claudia Venturelli, Estefanía Frontero, Sebastián Arévalo, Pablo Dona
Ciudad de Buenos Aires : Aurelia Rivera Libros, [2018]
Baker Berry F2810 .A627 2018

Point of view : me, New York City, and the punk scene
Stein, Chris, 1950- author,
New York : Rizzoli, 2018
Introduction: the city and the city -- Self-portraits in Sheepshead Bay -- Women's House of Detention -- The apartment -- Eric Emerson -- Treasure hunt -- Kids on a stoop -- Coney Island -- Care fire -- The Fillmore East -- William Burroughs -- The fence -- Fanne Foxe and Divine -- The office.

"For the duration of the 1970s and onward--from his days as a student at the School of Visual Arts through the foundation of the era-defining band Blondie and his subsequent reign as epicenter of punk's golden age--Chris Stein kept an unrivaled photographic record of the downtown New York City scene. Following in the footsteps of Negative: Me, Blondie, and the Advent of Punk, this spectacular new book presents a more personal and more visceral collection of Chris Stein's photographs of the era. The images presented here take us from self-portraits in his run-down East Village apartment to candid photographs of pop-cultural icons of the time and evocative shots of New York City streetscapes in all their most longed-for romance and dereliction. An eclectic cast of cultural characters--from William Burroughs to Debbie Harry, Andy Warhol to Iggy Pop--appear here exactly as they were in the day, juxtaposed with children playing hopscotch on torn-down blocks, riding the graffiti-ridden subway, or cruising the burgeoning clubs of the Bowery. At once a chronicle of one music icon's life among his punk and New-Wave heroes and peers, and a love letter to the city that was the backdrop and inspiration for those scenes, Point of View transports us to another place and time"--Dust jacket.
Baker Berry F128.52 .S74 2018

The formation of Latin American nations : from late antiquity to early modernity
Ward, Thomas, 1953- author
Norman, OK : University of Oklahoma Press, [2018]
Introduction -- The "birth" of Latin American nations -- From people to nation : Mesoamerica -- From people to nation : the Andes -- Gender and expanding ethnicity -- Migrations, trade, and other human interactions.
Baker Berry F1411 .W37 2018

Nam dvadt︠s︡atʹ let : 20 let Klubu "Roshnoi"--obshchestvennomu nauchnomu t︠s︡entru bukharskikh evreev
Pinkhasov, Robert, author
Nʹi︠u︡-Ĭork : [publisher not identified], 2012
Baker Berry F128.9.J5 P56 2012