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American apartheid : the Native American struggle for self-determination and inclusion
Woodard, Stephanie, author
New York, NY : Ig Publishing, [2018]
Destitute by design -- On the voting-rights frontline -- Gods and monsters -- Rough justice -- Take the children -- The arc from past to future.

"... American Apartheid offers the most comprehensive and compelling account of the issues and threats that Native Americans face today, as well as their heroic battle to overcome them. Stephanie Woodard details the ways in which the government curtails Native voting rights, which, in turn, keeps tribal members from participating in policy-making surrounding education, employment, rural transportation, infrastructure projects, and other critical issues affecting their communities"--
Baker Berry E77 .W86 2018

On the other side of freedom : the case for hope
Mckesson, DeRay, 1985- author
New York, New York : Viking, [2018]
On Hope -- How Am I Supposed to Respond to Murder? -- The Problem of the Police -- Bully and the Pulpit -- The Choreography of Whiteness -- I was Raised by Magic -- Taking the Truth Everywhere -- I Can Remember Her Now Without Sadness -- The Friend That's Always Awake -- Out of the Quiet -- On Organizing -- Letter to an Activist.

"On the Other Side of Freedom reveals the mind and motivations of a young man who has risen to the fore of millennial activism through study, discipline, and conviction. His belief in a world that can be made better, one act at a time, powers his narratives and opens up a view on the costs, consequences, and rewards of leading a movement."--Henry Louis Gates, Jr. From the internationally recognized civil rights activist/organizer and host of the podcast Pod Save the People, a meditation on resistance, justice, and freedom, and an intimate portrait of a movement from the front lines. In August 2014, twenty-nine-year-old Mckesson stood with hundreds of others on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, to push a message of justice and accountability. These protests, and others like them in cities across the country, resulted in the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement. Now, in his first book, Mckesson lays out an incisive new framework for today's liberation movement. Continuing a conversation about activism, resistance, and justice that embraces our nation's complex history, he dissects how deliberate oppression persists, how racial injustice strips our lives of promise, and how technology has added a new dimension to mass action and social change. He argues that our best efforts to combat injustice have been stunted by the belief that racism's wounds are history, and suggests that intellectual purity has curtailed optimistic realism. The book offers a new framework and language for understanding the nature of oppression. With it, we can begin charting a course to dismantle the obvious and subtle structures that limit freedom. Honest, courageous, and imaginative, On the Other Side of Freedom is a work brimming with hope. Drawing from his own experiences as an activist, organizer, educator, and public official, Mckesson exhorts all Americans to work to dismantle the legacy of racism and to imagine the best of what is possible. Honoring the voices of a new generation of activists, On the Other Side of Freedom is a visionary's call to active citizenship, challenging us to take responsibility for imagining, and then building, the world we want to live in"--
Baker Berry E185.615 .M3535 2018

Papers of the Robert S. Peabody Foundation for Archaeology
Andover, Mass., Robert S. Peabody Foundation for Archaeology, 1940-
Baker Berry E51 .P56

Daniel Webster : defender of peace
Rakestraw, Donald A. 1952- author
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2018]
From the Valley to the Hill, 1782-1823 -- Taking the National Stage, 1823-1839 -- Taking the International Stage, 1839-1842 -- From Webster-Ashburton to Wanghia, 1842-1843 -- From State to the Senate and Back Again, 1843-1850 -- Last turn at the "Old High Table," 1850-1852 -- Epilogue.
Baker Berry E340.W4 R25 2018

The evolution of the South Korea-United States alliance
Heo, Uk, 1962- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
Theory and the ROK-US alliance -- Early relations and establishing the ROK-US alliance -- Democratization and alliance -- Security motivations for the Alliance -- Economic growth and the KORUS Free Trade Agreement -- Changing military dimensions of the alliance -- Conclusion: the joint vision and the future of the Alliance.

"In contrast to previous studies of the South Korea-U.S. alliance, Uk Heo and Terence Roehrig analyze the bigger picture, including the history, economics, security, alliance structure, politics, and the future of the alliance. Taking alliance theory as a starting point, the authors argue that the alliance provides an ideal case study to examine how the political development and economic growth of junior partners impact an alliance. As South Korea's capabilities and ambitions have grown, the alliance has evolved from an asymmetric regional security relationship to an economic partnership with global interests, while China's rise and North Korea's nuclear development mean that South Korea remains of strategic importance for American interests in East Asia. This book will be read both as a major contribution to Korean studies and the study of alliance politics and theory"--
Baker Berry E183.8.K6 H46 2018

Confessions of an Iyeska
Burnette, Viola, 1939- author
Salt Lake City : The University of Utah Press, [2018]
Lakota beginnings -- Growing up on the farm -- Boarding school -- What means -- Religion's role -- Assimilation begins -- California, here I come -- Army life -- Time to grow -- The long road back -- Obstacles -- A paradigm shift -- Law school -- Searching for my future -- Return to the culture -- Living the dream -- Back to the people -- The work goes on -- Epilogue : hope for the future.

"The memoirs of a Lakota woman who rose from humble beginnings, overcoming hardship to attain a prominent position as a judge, legal activist, and spokesperson for her people"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry E99.T34 B88 2018

United States diplomacy with North Korea and Vietnam : explaining failure and success
Haas, Michael, 1938- author
New York : Peter Lang, [2018]
Foreword / by Bill Richardson -- Abnormal relations between countries -- Theories of normalization -- Vietnam -- North Korea -- Conclusions based on alternative paradigms -- Epilogue : North Korea and World War III -- Afterword / by Johan Galtung.

"Nuclear war haunts the world today because the United States has refused to negotiate a peace agreement with North Korea for more than six decades. Yet the United States is on friendly terms today with Vietnam, a former enemy. The book answers why, finding that Washington's diplomacy with both countries explains such a dramatic difference. Among four theories posed, power politics and presidential politics are refuted as explanations. Mass society theory, which focuses on civil society, finds that negotiations regarding American soldiers missing in action paved the way for success with Vietnam but not with North Korea. But diplomacy theory--tracing moves and countermoves during diplomatic interactions--reveals the real source of the problem: The United States provided reciprocated unilateral positive gestures to Vietnam while repeatedly double crossing North Korea. Although Pyongyang repeatedly offered to give up nuclear developments, Washington offered no alternative to Pyongyang but to develop a nuclear deterrent to safeguard the country against a devious and hostile United States. The book, in short, serves as a serious corrective to false narratives and options being disseminated about the situation, which fail to appreciate how North Korea perceives the situation. Now that North Korea will never give up its nuclear deterrent, diplomacy is the only route toward a de-escalation of tensions so that the United States can live with nuclear North Korea in a manner similar to nuclear China and nuclear Russia. More broadly, the book demonstrates what happens when Washington plays the role of global bully. More resources are needed for developing diplomatic talent in a world that will otherwise become more dangerous"--
Baker Berry E183.8.K7 H33 2018

The calculus of violence : how Americans fought the Civil War
Sheehan-Dean, Aaron Charles, author
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2018
Introduction: The puzzle of the Civil War -- Who can make war? -- The rising of the people -- Soldiers and civilians -- Kindling the fires of liberty -- Unnecessary violence -- Discipline, order, and justice -- Children of God -- The importance of states -- Conclusion: The double-edged sword.

Discarding tidy abstractions about the conduct of war, Aaron Sheehan-Dean shows that the notoriously bloody US Civil War could have been much worse. Despite agonizing debates over Just War and careful differentiation among victims, Americans could not avoid living with the contradictions inherent in a conflict that was both violent and restrained.--
Baker Berry E468 .S35 2018

Provocations : collected essays
Paglia, Camille, 1947- author
New York : Pantheon Books, [2018]
"A lavishly comprehensive collection of essays, articles, columns, and interviews from the inimitable intellectual firebrand: tackling topics from Picasso to punk rock, from religion to Rihanna, and covering the full span of her wide-ranging and important career. Much has changed since Camille Paglia first burst onto the scene with her best-selling Sexual Personae, but her laser-sharp insight, matchless wit, and fearless commentary continue to be ahead of the curve--not only capturing the tone of the moment, but often anticipating it. Provocations gathers together a rich, varied body of work from this important public intellectual who works across a dazzling array of platforms--from the lecture halls of academia to her column at Salon to the pages of The Hollywood Reporter. Whatever your political inclination or cultural touchstones, Camille's takes on the rise of the right, the death of Prince, developing a writing style, the state of LGBT activism, and presidents past and present (to name just a few topics) are thought-provoking, compulsively readable, and not to be missed. An original introduction by the author sets a galvanizing--and inspiring--tone for the book"--
Baker Berry E169.12 .P325 2018

Obama, Michelle, 1964- author
New York : Crown, [2018]
Becoming me -- Becoming us -- Becoming more.

In a life filled with meaning and accomplishment, Michelle Obama has emerged as one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era. As First Lady of the United States of America, she helped create the most welcoming and inclusive White House in history. With unerring honesty and lively wit, she describes her triumphs and her disappointments, both public and private. A deeply personal reckoning of a woman of soul and substance who has steadily defied expectations.
Baker Berry E909.O24 A3 2018

Documents of Native American political development : 1933 to present
edited by David E. Wilkins
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2019]
"The Indian Reorganization Act (IRA) of 1934, intended to reverse federal Indian policy from coercive assimilation of Native peoples to a policy that emphasized a strong measure of self-rule, ushered in a period of political, legal, and economic revitalization of Native peoples that continues to this day. Until very recently, little attention has been paid to the political dynamics operating within Indian Country and the nearly 570 federally-recognized Native nations living throughout the US. From 1934 to the present, this volume brings together a great many of these hard to find or previously unavailable primary source documents. It will also include international and interest group documents, statements by prominent Native and non-Native individuals, court cases, documents that detail the intergovernmental relationships between Native and non-Native communities, and documents featuring legal or institutional innovations that display the political acumen and diversity of Native nations. The documents are arranged chronologically, and Wilkins provides brief, introductory essays to each document, placing them within their proper context. Each introduction is followed by a brief list of suggestions for further reading. Just like the preceding volume, this anthology will provide an invaluable resource for scholars and researchers of indigenous political development during this vibrant period of Native self-determination"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry E98.T77 D64 2019

My dearest Julia : the wartime letters of Ulysses S. Grant to his wife
Grant, Ulysses S. 1822-1885, author
New York, NY : Library of America, [2018]
The Civil War's greatest general as you've never seen him before, in a revealing collection of letters to his wife Julia introduced by Ron Chernow. Ulysses S. Grant is justly celebrated as the author of one of the finest military autobiographies ever written, yet many readers of his Personal Memoirs are unaware that during his army years Grant wrote hundreds of intimate and revealing letters to his wife, Julia Dent Grant. Presented with an introduction by acclaimed biographer Ron Chernow, My Dearest Julia collects more than eighty of these letters, beginning with their engagement in 1844 and ending with the Union victory in 1865. They record Grant's first experience under fire in Mexico ("There is no great sport in having bullets flying about one in every direction but I find they have less horror when among them than when in anticipation"), the aching homesickness that led him to resign from the peacetime army, and his rapid rise to high command during the Civil War. Often written in haste, sometimes within the sound of gunfire, his wartime letters vividly capture the immediacy and uncertainty of the conflict. Grant initially hoped for an early conclusion to the fighting, but then came to accept that the war would have no easy end. "The world has never seen so bloody or so protracted a battle as the one being fought," he wrote from Spotsylvania in 1864, "and I hope never will again."
Baker Berry E672 .A4 2018

Heavy : an American memoir
Laymon, Kiese, author
New York, NY : Scribner, [2018]
Been -- Boy man. Train ; Nan ; Wet ; Be -- Black abundance. Meager ; Contraction ; Hulk ; Gumption -- Home worked. Fantastic ; Disaster ; Already ; Soon -- Addict Americans. Greens ; Terrors ; Seat belts ; Promises -- Bend.

"Laymon writes eloquently and honestly about the physical manifestations of violence, grief, trauma, and abuse on his own body. He writes of his own eating disorder and gambling addiction as well as similar issues that run throughout his family. Through self-exploration, storytelling, and honest conversation with family and friends, Heavy seeks to bring what has been hidden into the light and to reckon with all of its myriad sources, from the most intimate--a mother-child relationship--to the most universal--a society that has undervalued and abused black bodies for centuries"--
Baker Berry E185.97.L394 A3 2018

Viaje por el país de las máquinas
Núñez, Enrique Bernardo
Caracas, Venezuela : Fundación Biblioteca Ayacucho, 2017
Baker Berry E169 .N85 2017

For colored girls who have considered politics
Brazile, Donna, 1959- author
New York, N.Y. : St. Martin's Press, 2018
A call to serve -- Brooklyn, 1980 : before Black lives mattered -- Jackson '84 -- Ron Brown -- Icons -- Jackson '88 : democratizing the democracy -- We are the Colored Girls, and we shall not be moved -- Clinton '92 -- The bank of justice : giving back after you've been given so much -- Clinton/Gore '96 -- Lunch with the Colored Girls -- Stepping forward -- The troubles -- Hurricanes and heartbreak, 2005-2006 -- The room where it happens -- Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Colored Girls -- Real power whispers : Dr. Dorothy Irene Height -- Love extravagantly -- Homegoings -- Shoulders -- November 8, 2016 -- The Colored Girls bringing U.S. together -- Alabama, godd*m -- Broken friendships and healing spaces -- Dear sister candidate.

"A look at American history through the eyes of four women who have lived and worked behind the scenes in American politics for over thirty years--Donna Brazile, Yolanda Caraway, Leah Daughtry, and Minyon Moore--a group of women who call themselves the Colored Girls. Like many people who have spent their careers in public service, they view their lives in four-year waves of campaigns and elections. The Colored Girls have worked on the presidential campaigns of Jesse Jackson, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Barack Obama, and Hillary Rodham Clinton. In between elections, they worked at the top of the corporate world, in unions, in churches, in their own businesses, and with people outside the Oval Office who have shaped our country's history, including Howard Dean, Reverend Herbert Daughtry, Coretta Scott King, Betty Shabazz, and Terry McAuliffe. [This book] is a contemporary history of America told through the voices of women of color whose lives and contributions have heretofore been unknown. It's a portrait of four women who are always focused on the larger goal of, as they put it, "hurrying history" so that every American--regardless of race, gender, or religious background--can have a seat at the table. The Colored Girls. Their lives are part of our history. Their voices point to our future."--Jacket.
Baker Berry E185.96 .B829 2018

Rising out of hatred : the awakening of a former white nationalist
Saslow, Eli, author
New York : Doubleday, [2018]
"The Great White Hope" -- "Have you seen this man?" -- "I'm not running away" -- "Push the rock" -- "Solid and unshakable" -- "A million questions" -- "This is scary" -- "Another debate, and another midnight" -- "I'm torn" -- "I have to do this now" -- "So much worse than I ever thought" -- "Primed for this revolution" -- "All-out mayhem" -- "We were wrong."

"From a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, the powerful story of how a prominent white supremacist changed his heart and mind Derek Black grew up at the epicenter of white nationalism. His father founded Stormfront, the largest racist community on the Internet. His godfather, David Duke, was a KKK Grand Wizard. By the time Derek turned nineteen, he had become an elected politician with his own daily radio show - already regarded as the "the leading light" of the burgeoning white nationalist movement. "We can infiltrate," Derek once told a crowd of white nationalists. "We can take the country back." Then he went to college. Derek had been home-schooled by his parents, steeped in the culture of white supremacy, and he had rarely encountered diverse perspectives or direct outrage against his beliefs. At New College of Florida, he continued to broadcast his radio show in secret each morning, living a double life until a classmate uncovered his identity and sent an email to the entire school. "Derek Black...white supremacist, radio host...New College student???" The ensuing uproar overtook one of the most liberal colleges in the country. Some students protested Derek's presence on campus, forcing him to reconcile for the first time with the ugliness of his beliefs. Other students found the courage to reach out to him, including an Orthodox Jew who invited Derek to attend weekly Shabbat dinners. It was because of those dinners--and the wide-ranging relationships formed at that table--that Derek started to question the science, history and prejudices behind his worldview. As white nationalism infiltrated the political mainstream, Derek decided to confront the damage he had done. Rising Out of Hatred tells the story of how white-supremacist ideas migrated from the far-right fringe to the White House through the intensely personal saga of one man who eventually disavowed everything he was taught to believe, at tremendous personal cost. With great empathy and narrative verve, Eli Saslow asks what Derek's story can tell us about America's increasingly divided nature. This is a book to help us understand the American moment and to help us better understand one another"--
Baker Berry E184.A1 S245 2018

Dr. Benjamin Rush : the founding father who healed a wounded nation
Unger, Harlow G., 1931-
New York, NY : Da Capo Press, 2018
The making of a physician -- The making of a patriot -- Broken by a cannon ball -- The Revolution is not over -- My friends in jails -- Murder by war -- Hundred days of doom -- "You cannot die now, doctor!" -- Bleed, bleed, bleed -- Father of psychiatry -- On the causes of death -- Healing the last wound -- Post mortem -- Appendix A. Selected writings of Benjamin Rush by topic -- Appendix B. Medical inquiries and observations by Benjamin Rush -- Appendix C. Essays: literary, moral & philosophical -- Appendix D. Thomas Jefferson's syllabus of an estimate of the merit of the doctrines of Jesus, compared with those of others.

"A revealing biography of Dr. Benjamin Rush--fiery signer of the Declaration of Independence, prominent physician, ardent politician, zealous social reformer, passionate humanitarian, and dedicated educator."--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry E302.6.R85 U55 2018

Beautiful country burn again : democracy, rebellion, and revolution
Fountain, Ben, author
New York, NY : Ecco, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2018]
Prologue : The third reinvention -- Book of days : January -- Iowa 2016 : riding the roadkill express -- Book of days : February -- The phony in American politics -- Book of days : March -- American crossroads : Reagan, Trump, and the devil down south -- Book of days : April -- American exceptionalism and the great game : at play in the fields of the Lord -- Book of days : May -- Doing the chickenhawk with Trump : talking fast and loose in the time of endless war -- Book of days : June -- Cheerleaders of the star-spangled apocalypse : fear and loathing with the NRA in Louisville, Kentucky -- Book of days : July -- Cleveland fear factory -- Book of days : August -- Hillary doesn't live here anymore -- Book of days : September -- Two American dreams -- Book of days : October -- The long good deal -- Book of days : November -- Trump rising : King Donald saddles up with the wrecking crew -- Book of days : December -- A familiar spirit.

"Twice before in its history, the United States has been faced with a crisis so severe it was forced to reinvent itself in order to survive: first, the struggle over slavery, culminating in the Civil War, and the second, the Great Depression, which led to President Roosevelt's New Deal and the establishment of America as a social-democratic state. In a sequence of essays that excavate the past while laying bare the political upheaval of 2016, Ben Fountain argues that the United States may be facing a third existential crisis, one that will require a "burning" of the old order as America attempts to remake itself" --
Baker Berry E911 .F68 2018

Black politics in transition : immigration, suburbanization, and gentrification
edited by Candis Watts Smith, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Christina M. Greer, Fordham University
New York, NY : Routledge is an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, an Informa Business, 2019
Baker Berry E185.615 .B546634 2019

The red and the blue : the 1990s and the birth of political tribalism
Kornacki, Steve, 1979- author
New York, NY : Ecco, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2018]
"From MSNBC correspondent Steve Kornacki, a lively and sweeping history of the 1990s--one that brings critical new understanding to our current political landscape"--
Baker Berry E839.5 .K67 2018

House of Trump, House of Putin : the untold story of Donald Trump and the Russian mafia
Unger, Craig, author
New York, New York : Dunton, An imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, [2018]
(Virtual) World War III -- Trump's beautiful laundrette -- Married to the mob -- Brighton Beach -- Honey trap -- Gangster's paradise -- The billionaire boys' club -- Mogilevich's big move -- Turn of the screw -- The money pipelines -- Easy prey -- International man of mystery -- Bayrock -- Moth, flame -- Putin's revenge -- Blood money -- War by other means -- The battle is joined -- Back channels -- Endgame -- Trump's fifty-nine Russia connections.

"House of Trump, House of Putin offers the first comprehensive investigation into the decades-long relationship among Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and the Russian Mafia that ultimately helped win Trump the White House. It is a chilling story that begins in the 1970s, when Trump made his first splash in the booming, money-drenched world of New York real estate, and ends with Trump's inauguration as president of the United States. That moment was the culmination of Vladimir Putin's long mission to undermine Western democracy, a mission that began more than thirty years ago, when the Russian Mafia first targeted Trump properties to launder money, and led to Putin's oligarchs and Mafia kingpins rescuing Trump from a string of sensational Trump hotel and casino bankruptcies in Atlantic City. This book confirms the most incredible American paranoias about Russian malevolence. To most, it will be a hair-raising revelation that the Cold War did not end in 1991--that it merely evolved, with Trump's apartments offering the perfect vehicle for billions of dollars to leave the collapsing Soviet Union. In House of Trump, House of Putin, Craig Unger methodically traces the deep-rooted alliance between the highest echelons of American political operatives and the biggest players in the frightening underworld of the Russian Mafia. He traces Donald Trump's sordid ascent from foundering real estate tycoon to the highest office in the land. He traces Russia's phoenixlike rise from the ashes of the post-Cold War Soviet Union as well as its ceaseless covert efforts to retaliate against the West and reclaim its status as a global superpower. Without Trump, Russia would have lacked a key component in its attempts to return to imperial greatness. Without Russia, Trump would not be president. This essential book is crucial to understanding the real powers at play in the shadows of today's world."--Jacket.
Baker Berry E913.3 .U54 2018

Faces of the Civil War Navies : an album of Union and Confederate sailors
Coddington, Ronald S., 1963- author
Baltimore, Maryland : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2016
During the American Civil War, more than one hundred thousand men fought on ships at sea or on one of America's great inland rivers. There were no large-scale fleet engagements, yet the navies, particularly the Union Navy, did much to define the character of the war and affect its length. The first hostile shots roared from rebel artillery at Charleston Harbor. Along the Mississippi River and other inland waterways across the South, Union gunboats were often the first to arrive in deadly enemy territory. In the Gulf of Mexico and along the Atlantic seaboard, blockaders in blue floated within earshot of gray garrisons that guarded vital ports. And on the open seas, rebel raiders wreaked havoc on civilian shipping. In Faces of the Civil War Navies, renowned researcher and Civil War photograph collector Ronald S. Coddington focuses his considerable skills on the Union and Confederate navies. Using identifiable cartes de visite of common sailors on both sides of the war, many of them never before published, Coddington uncovers the personal histories of each individual who looked into the eye of the primitive camera. These unique narratives are drawn from military and pension records, letters, diaries, period newspapers, and other primary sources. In addition to presenting the personal stories of seventy-seven intrepid volunteers, Coddington also focuses on the momentous naval events that ushered in an era of ironclad ships and other technical innovations. The fourth volume in Coddingtons series on Civil War soldiers, this microhistory will appeal to anyone with an interest in the Civil War, social history, or photography. The narratives and photographs in Faces of the Civil War Navies shed new light on a lesser-known part of our American story. Taken collectively, these "snapshots" remind us that the history of war is not merely a chronicle of campaigns won and lost, it is the collective personal odysseys of thousands of individual life stories. -- Amazon.com.
Baker Berry E591 .C64 2016

Reagan : an American journey
Spitz, Bob, author
New York : Penguin Press, 2018
Part 1: DUTCH. An ideal place ; A little bit of a Dutchman ; The happiest times of my life ; Ready to shine ; Everyone's hero ; Living the Gospel ; The disappearance of Margaret ; A people-pleaser ; Another Robert Taylor -- Part 2: RONNIE. Letting Dutch go ; Button nose ; Where's ... Where's the rest of me? ; In the army now ; A dangerous man ; Trouble in paradise ; The blue period ; Nancy (with the laughing face) ; Ronnie's finest hour ; Moving from left to right ; An apprenticeship for public life ; The friends of Ronald Reagan ; The citizen politician -- Part 3: GOVERNOR. Prairie fire ; The non-candidate ; The conservation governor ; A horse of a different color ; Momentum ; The front-runner ; Big Mo ; A referendum on unhappiness -- Part 4: MR. PRESIDENT. The O and W ; Survival of the fittest ; Cracks in the foundation ; War and peace ; Urgent fury ; Teflon man ; Let Reagan be Reagan ; Into the abyss ; A fresh start ; So far down the road ; Back on the rollercoaster ; Snakebit ; Reclaiming the spotlight ; The long goodbye ; An ordinary citizen ; The sunset.

"From New York Times bestselling biographer Bob Spitz, a full and rich biography of an epic American life, capturing what made Ronald Reagan both so beloved and so transformational. More than five years in the making, based on hundreds of interviews and access to previously unavailable documents, and infused with irresistible storytelling charm, Bob Spitz's REAGAN stands fair to be the first truly post-partisan biography of our 40th President, and thus a balm for our own bitterly divided times. It is the quintessential American triumph, brought to life with cinematic vividness: a young man is born into poverty and raised in a series of flyspeck towns in the Midwest by a pious mother and a reckless, alcoholic, largely absent father. Severely near-sighted, the boy lives in his own world, a world of the popular books of the day, and finds his first brush with popularity, even fame, as a young lifeguard. Thanks to his first great love, he imagines a way out, and makes the extraordinary leap to go to college, a modest school by national standards, but an audacious presumption in the context of his family's station. From there, the path is only very dimly lit, but it leads him, thanks to his great charm and greater luck, to a solid career as a radio sportscaster, and then, astonishingly, fatefully, to Hollywood. And the rest, as they say, is history. Bob Spitz's REAGAN is an absorbing, richly detailed, even revelatory chronicle of the full arc of Ronald Reagan's epic life - giving full weight to the Hollywood years, his transition to politics and rocky but ultimately successful run as California governor, and ultimately, of course, his iconic presidency, filled with storm and stress but climaxing with his peace talks with the Soviet Union that would serve as his greatest legacy. It is filled with fresh assessments and shrewd judgments, and doesn't flinch from a full reckoning with the man's strengths and limitations. This is no hagiography: Reagan was never a brilliant student, of anything, and his disinterest in hard-nosed political scheming, while admirable, meant that this side of things was left to the other people in his orbit, not least his wife Nancy; sometimes this delegation could lead to chaos, and worse. But what emerges as a powerful signal through all the noise is an honest inherent sweetness, a gentleness of nature and willingness to see the good in people and in this country, that proved to be a tonic for America in his time, and still is in ours. It was famously said that FDR had a first-rate disposition and a second-rate intellect. Perhaps it is no accident that only FDR had as high a public approval rating leaving office as Reagan did, or that in the years since Reagan has been closing in on FDR on rankings of Presidential greatness. Written with love and irony, which in a great biography is arguably the same thing, Bob Spitz's masterpiece will give no comfort to partisans at either extreme; for the rest of us, it is cause for celebration"--
Baker Berry E877 .S75 2018

Distracted : reclaiming our focus in a world of lost attention
Jackson, Maggie, 1960- author
Amherst, New York : Prometheus Books, 2018
Baker Berry E169.12 .J26 2018

We can't breathe : on black lives, white lies, and the art of survival
Asim, Jabari, 1962- author
New York : Picador, [2018]
Getting it twisted -- The elements of strut -- Shooting negroes -- Color him father -- The seer and the seen : on reading and being -- Brick relics -- The thing itself -- Of love and struggle : the limits of respectability -- Selected bibliography.

"Asim disrupts what Toni Morrison [calls] the 'master narrative' and replaces it with a story of black survival and persistence through art and community in the face of centuries of racism. In eight ... essays, he explores such topics as the twisted legacy of jokes and falsehoods in black life; the importance of black fathers and community; the significance of black writers and stories; and the beauty and pain of the black body"--Front flap.
Baker Berry E185 .A86 2018

Shade : a tale of two presidents
Souza, Pete, author
New York : Little, Brown and Company, 2018
As Chief Official White House Photographer, Pete Souza spent more time alongside President Barack Obama than almost anyone else. His years photographing the President gave him an intimate behind-the-scenes view of the unique gravity of the Office of the Presidency -- and the tremendous responsibility that comes with it. His latest collection is a portrait in Presidential contrasts, telling the tale of the Obama and Trump administrations through a series of visual juxtapositions. Here, more than one hundred of Souza's images of President Obama are framed by the tweets, news headlines, and quotes that defined the first five hundred days of the Trump White House. What began with Souza's Instagram posts soon after President Trump's inauguration in January 2017 has become a commentary on the state of the Presidency, and our country. Some call this "throwing shade." Souza calls it telling the truth. Souza's photographs are more than a rejoinder to the chaos, abuses of power, and destructive policies that now define our nation's highest office. They are a reminder of a President we could believe in, and a courageous defense of American values.
Baker Berry E908.3 .S69 2018

Presidents of War
Beschloss, Michael R., author
New York : Crown, [2018]
Torrent of passion -- Man of straw -- The most glorious war -- The country is now virtually ours -- A presidential war -- Fort Sumter -- Blood flowing all about me -- Maine blown up -- We must keep what we want -- The world is on fire -- Salvation of mankind -- How could this thing happen? -- The survival war -- I am going to let them have it -- I didn't ask their permission -- We got slapped -- I don't have a parachute.

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss uses original letters, diaries, declassified documents, and interviews to bring us into the room and into the minds of a procession of Chief Executives who took the nation into major conflicts, mobilized Americans for victory, and seized greater power for themselves. From James Madison and the War of 1812 to Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam, we see these leaders struggling with Congress, the courts, the press, their own advisers, and antiwar protesters; seeking comfort from their spouses, families, and friends; and dropping to their knees in prayer. We come to understand how these Presidents were able to withstand the pressures of war -- both physically and emotionally -- or were broken by them.
Baker Berry E176.1 .B475 2018

Let it bang : a young black man's reluctant odyssey into guns
Young, R. J., (Writer), author
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2018
Charles and Lizzie -- We're all mad here -- Glock -- Obama ain't gonna know -- Grandmomme -- There is no try -- Waldo -- White NRA -- Black NRA -- You're worth more to me, asshole -- Self-defense in black and white -- The razor's edge -- Shooting with Mom -- Hands up.

"A story of race, guns, and self-protection in America today, through the quest--funny and searing--of a young black man learning to shoot a handgun better than a white person"--
Baker Berry E185.86 .Y665 2018

Inventing American tradition : from the Mayflower to Cinco de Mayo
Eller, Jack David, 1959- author
London : Reaktion Books ; 2018
"What really happened on the first Thanksgiving? How did a British drinking song become the national anthem of the United States? And what makes Superman so darned American? Every tradition, even the noblest and most cherished, has a history, nowhere more so than in the USA, which was born with a relative indifference, if not hostility, to the past. Most Americans would be surprised to learn just how recent and controversial the origins of their traditions are, as well as how those origins are often related to the trauma of the Civil War and to fears for American identity stemming from immigration and socialism. Inventing American Tradition explores a wide range of beloved traditions, including political symbols, holidays, lifestyles and fictional characters, and looks at the people who conceived of and adapted them into the forms familiar to Americans and the innumerable people around the world influenced by American culture today. What emerges is the realization that all traditions are invented by particular people at particular times for particular reasons, and that the process of traditioning is forever ongoing."--Dust jacket.
Baker Berry E169.1 .E55 2018

The lost indictment of Robert E. Lee : the forgotten case against an American icon
Reeves, John, 1962- author
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2018]
History has been kind to Robert E. Lee, but immediately after the Civil War many northerners believed Lee should be hanged for treason and war crimes. In June of 1865 Robert E. Lee was indicted for treason by a Norfolk, Virginia grand jury. Reeves tells the story of the forgotten legal and moral case that was made against the Confederate general after the Civil War. The actual indictment went missing for 72 years, and has both literally and figuratively disappeared from our national consciousness. -- adapted from jacket.
Baker Berry E467.1.L4 R44 2018

Ronald Reagan : an intellectual biography
Byrne, David T., author
[Lincoln] : Potomac Books, an imprint of the University of Nebraska Press [2018]
Introduction -- Religious roots -- From liberal to conservative -- Fostering freedom at home -- Understanding Reagan -- A moral view of the Cold War -- Promoting freedom abroad -- Did Reagan's ideas matter? -- The Reagan intellectual legacy -- Conclusion -- Appendix: "A time for choosing"

"In this ambitious work, David Byrne analyzes the ideas that informed Ronald Reagan's political philosophy and policies. Rather than appraising his personal and emotional life, Byrne's intellectual biography goes one step further; it establishes a rationale for the former president's motives, discussing how thinkers such as Plato and Adam Smith influenced him. Byrne points to three historical forces that shaped Reagan's political philosophy: Christian values, particularly the concept of a universal kingdom of God; America's firm belief in freedom as the greatest political value and its aversion to strong centralized governments; and the appeasement era of World War II, which stimulated Reagan's aggressive and confrontational foreign policy. Byrne's account of the fortieth president augments previous work on Reagan with a new model for understanding him. Byrne shows how Reagan took conservatism and the Republican Party in a new direction, departing from the traditional conservatism of Edmund Burke and Russell Kirk. His desire to spread a "Kingdom of Freedom" both at home and abroad changed America's political landscape forever and inspired a new conservatism that persists to this day."--
Baker Berry E877.2 .B97 2018

W.E.B. Du Bois's data portraits : visualizing Black America : the color line at the turn of the twentieth century
Du Bois, W. E. B. 1868-1963, author
[Amherst, Massachusetts] : The W.E.B. Du Bois Center at the University of Massachusetts Amherst ; [2018]
American Negro at Paris, 1900 / Aldon Morris -- The cartography of W.E.B. Du Bois's color line / Mabel O. Wilson -- Plates / with an introduction and captions by Silas Munro.

"The colorful charts, graphs, and maps presented at the 1900 Paris Exposition by famed sociologist and black rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois offered a look behind the veil into the lives of black Americans to convey a literal and figurative representation of what Du Bois famously termed "the color line," and became the talk of the Expo. From advances in education to the lingering effects of slavery, these prophetic infographics--beautiful in design and powerful in content--make visible a wide spectrum of black experience. W.E.B. Du Bois's Data Portraits collects the complete set of graphs in full color for the first time, making their insights and innovations available to a contemporary imagination. These data portraits shaped how Du Bois thought about sociology, informing his ideas with which he set the world ablaze three years later with The Souls of Black Folk"--
Baker Berry E185.86 .D846 2018

The war before the war : fugitive slaves and the struggle for America's soul from the Revolution to the Civil War
Delbanco, Andrew, 1952- author
New York : Penguin Press, 2018
Introduction -- The long fuse. The problem ; Slavery and the Founders ; A compromised Constitution ; The first text ; Caught ; War of words ; Into the courts -- The fuse is lit. To the brink ; State of the Union ; The last truce ; Explosion ; Trials of conscience ; The end of compromise ; "And the war came".

Explains how fugitive slaves escaping from the South to the northern states awakened northerners to the true nature of slavery and how the Compromise of 1850 and the Fugitive Slave Act divided the nation and set it on the path to civil war.
Baker Berry E450 .D45 2018

In the hurricane's eye : the genius of George Washington and the victory at Yorktown
Philbrick, Nathaniel, author
New York, New York : Viking, [2018]
Preface: The land and the sea -- Part I: "Against the wind". The building storm ; "An enemy in the heart of the country" ; "Delays and accidents of the sea" ; Bayonets and zeal ; The end of the tether -- Part II: "The ocean of history". "A ray of light" ; "The spur of speed" ; "Ligne de vitesse" ; Yorktown ; "The North River captain" -- Epilogue: Aftermath.

"In the fall of 1780, after five frustrating years of war, George Washington had come to realize that the only way to defeat the British Empire was with the help of the French navy. But as he had learned after two years of trying, coordinating his army's movements with those of a fleet of warships based thousands of miles away was next to impossible. And then, on September 5, 1781, the impossible happened. Recognized today as one of the most important naval engagements in the history of the world, the Battle of the Chesapeake--fought without a single American ship--made the subsequent victory of the Americans at Yorktown a virtual inevitability. In a narrative that moves from Washington's headquarters on the Hudson River, to the wooded hillside in North Carolina where Nathanael Greene fought Lord Cornwallis to a vicious draw, to Lafayette's brilliant series of maneuvers across Tidewater Virginia, Philbrick details the epic and suspenseful year through to its triumphant conclusion. A riveting and wide-ranging story, full of dramatic, unexpected turns, In the Hurricane's Eye reveals that the fate of the American Revolution depended, in the end, on Washington and the sea."--Jacket flap.
Baker Berry E241.Y6 P55 2018

Heirs of the founders : the epic rivalry of Henry Clay, John Calhoun and Daniel Webster, the second generation of American giants
Brands, H. W., author
New York : Doubleday, a division of Penguin Random House LLC, [2018]
Prologue: January 1850 -- The spirit of '76 -- To build a nation -- The people's government -- Next to our liberty -- Temptations of empire -- The fatal compromise.

"From ... bestselling historian H. W. Brands comes the riveting story of how, in nineteenth-century America, a new set of political giants battled to complete the unfinished work of the Founding Fathers and to decide the future of our democracy. In the early 1800s, three young men strode onto the national stage, elected to Congress at a moment when the Founding Fathers were beginning to retire to their farms. Daniel Webster of Massachusetts, a champion orator known for his eloquence, spoke for the North and its business class. Henry Clay of Kentucky; as dashing as he was ambitious, embodied the hopes of the rising West. South Carolina's John Calhoun, with piercing eyes and an even more piercing intellect, defended the South and slavery. Together these heirs of Washington, Jefferson and Adams took the country to war, battled one another for the presidency and set themselves the task of finishing the work the Founders had left undone. Their rise was marked by dramatic duels, fierce debates, scandal and political betrayal. Yet each in his own way sought to remedy the two glaring flaws in the Constitution: its refusal to specify where authority ultimately rested, with the states or the nation, and its unwillingness to address the essential incompatibility of republicanism and slavery. They wrestled with these issues for four decades, arguing bitterly and hammering out political compromises that held the Union together, but only just. Then, in 1850, when California moved to join the Union as a free state, "the immortal trio" had one last chance to save the country from the real risk of civil war. But, by that point, they had never been further apart. Thrillingly and authoritatively, H. W Brands narrates an epic American rivalry and the little-known drama of the dangerous early years of our democracy."--Dust jacket.
Baker Berry E338 .B73 2018

Power, perception and foreign policymaking : US and EU responses to the rise of China
Brown, Scott A. W., author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
Baker Berry E193.8.C5 B72 2018