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Emotion, affective practices, and the past in the present
edited by Laurajane Smith, Margaret Wetherell and Gary Campbell
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
This book is a response to debates in the humanities and social sciences about the use of emotion. It explores the ways emotion is embroiled and used in contemporary engagements with the past, particularly in contexts such as heritage sites, museums, commemorations, political rhetoric and ideology, debates over issues of social memory, and touristic uses of heritage sites. Including contributions from academics and practitioners in a range of countries, the book reviews significant and conflicting academic debates on the nature and expression of affect and emotion. As a whole, the book makes an argument for a pragmatic understanding of affect and, in doing so, outlines Wetherell's concept of affective practice, a concept utilised in most of the chapters in this book. Since debates about affect and emotion can often be confusing and abstract, the book aims to clarify these debates and, through the use of case studies, draw out their implications for theory and practice within heritage and museum studies.--
Baker Berry CC135 .E56 2018

Il falso d'epoca nella moneta metallica italiana del Regno d'Italia (1861-1943) : la storia, il catalogo con indice di rarità e valutazioni
Pezzi, Franco, author
Mantova : Editoriale Sometti, [2018]
Baker Berry CJ2925 .P49 2018

我思古人 : 古代铭刻与历史考古研究 / 赵超著
赵超, 1948- author
Beijing : She hui ke xue wen xian chu ban she, 2018
Baker Berry East Asian CD6173 .Z4326 2018

1949-1976 : 歲月滄桑 / 錢理群 ; 編輯陳明慧
錢理群, 1939- author
Xianggang : Xianggang cheng shi da xue chu ban she, [2017]
Baker Berry East Asian CT3990.A2 Q254 2017

1977-2005 : 絕地守望 = 1977-2005 : guarding faith in despair / 錢理群
錢理群, 1939- author
Xianggang : Xianggang cheng shi da xue chu ban she, [2017]
Baker Berry East Asian CT3990.Q254 A3 2017

Archaeogaming : an introduction to archaeology in and of video games
Reinhard, Andrew, author
New York : Berghahn Books, 2018
Real-world archaeogaming -- Playing as archaeologists -- Video games as archaeological sites -- Material culture of the immaterial.
Baker Berry CC79.I44 R45 2018

An Introduction to Zooarchaeology
Gifford-Gonzalez, Diane author
Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2018
Part I. An orientation to zooarchaeology. 1. Introduction ; 2. The emergence of zooarchaeology ; 3. A persepctive on zooarchaeology -- Part II. The evidence -- vertebrate bodies. 4. Bone and vertebrate bodies as uniformitarian materials ; 5. Bone's intrinsic traits : why animals eat animals ; 6. Bone's intrinsic traits : inferring species, sex, and age ; 7. Bone's intrinsic traits : age estimation from mammalian dentition -- Part III. Basic practical approaches. 8. Field recovery, lab methods, data records, curation ; 9. Identification : sorting decisions and analytic consequences ; 10. Zooarchaeology's basic counting units -- Part IV. Identifying causal process, effector, actor. 11. Human, animal, geological causies of bone breakage ; 12. Mammalian and reptilian carnivore effects on bone ; 13. Avian carnivore, ungulate, and effects on bone ; 14. Primary human effects : cutting edge and percussion effects on bone ; 15. Culinary processing and preservational effects on bone ; 16. Invertebrate, plant, and geological effects on bone -- Part V. Studying behavioral, social, ecological contexts. 17. Analyzing multi-agent assemblages ; 18. Reasoning with zooarchaeological counting units and statistics ; 19. Skeletal disarticulation, dispersal, dismemberment, selective transport ; 20. Calibrating nutritionally driven selective transport ; 21. Calibrating bone durability ; 22. Zooarchaeology and ecology : mortality profiles, species abundance, diversity ; 23. New ecological directions : isotopes, genetics, historical ecology, conservation ; 24. Behavioral ecology and zooarchaeology ; 25. Social relations through zooarchaeology ; 26. Doing zooarchaeology today and tomorrow.

This volume is a comprehensive, critical introduction to vertebrate zooarchaeology, the field that explores the history of human relations with animals from the Pliocene to the Industrial Revolution. The book is organized into five sections, each with an introduction, that leads the reader systematically through this swiftly expanding field. Section One presents a general introduction to zooarchaeology, key definitions, and an historical survey of the emergence of zooarchaeology in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa, and introduces the conceptual approach taken in the book. This volume is designed to allow readers to integrate data from the book along with that acquired elsewhere within a coherent analytical framework. Most of its chapters take the form of critical?review articles,? providing a portal into both the classic and current literature and contextualizing these with original commentary. Summaries of findings are enhanced by profuse illustrations by the author and others.
Baker Berry CC79.5.A5 G54 2018