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Aire de familia : historia íntima de los Baroja
Fuster García, Francisco, 1984-
Madrid : Cátedra, 2018
Baker Berry CT1357.B35 F87 2018

Hesperos : the Aegean seen from the West : proceedings of the 16th International Aegean Conference, University of Ioannina, Department of History and Archaeology, Unit of Archaeology and Art History, 18-21 May 2016
edited by Michael Fotiadis, Robert Laffineur, Yannos Lolos, and Andreas Vlachopoulos
Leuven : Peeters, 2017
Baker Berry CC1 .A25 no.41

The ritual landscape at Persepolis : glyptic imagery from the Persepolis fortification and Treasury archives
Garrison, Mark B., author
Chicago, Illinois : The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, [2017]
There are, perhaps, no more contentious issues within the study of Achaemenid Persia than those surrounding its religion(s) and religious iconography. Owing to the role that fire plays in Zoroastrian beliefs in later periods in Iran, almost any discussion of the subject of Achaemenid religion will eventually turn to the identification of sacred fire, fire temples, fire worship, and fire altars in the archaeological, epigraphic, and literary records. The focus of this book is a corpus of glyptic imagery preserved as impressions on two large archives of administrative tablets from Persepolis, the Persepolis Fortification archive (509-493 BC) and the Persepolis Treasury archive (492-457 BC). The glyptic imagery here published concerns representations of what have been traditionally termed "fire altars" and/or "fire temples." Most of this glyptic evidence has never been published; many of the structures and the scenes in which they occur are strikingly original. The goals of this study are to introduce a new corpus of visual imagery concerning religious ritual in the Achaemenid period and to explore the significance of this visual language for our understanding of ritual traditions emerging within the heart of the empire at its most critical formative period, the reign of Darius I. This study seeks also to use the Persepolitan glyptic evidence as a springboard to re-visit the most famous "fire altar" depicted in Achaemenid art, that on the tomb relief of Darius I at Naqs-e Rostam.
Baker Berry CB251 .C55 v.72

The decline of the West
Spengler, Oswald, 1880-1936
New York : Vintage Books, 2006
Baker Berry CB83 .S63 2006

Bioarchaeological analyses and bodies : new ways of knowing anatomical and archaeological skeletal collections
Pamela K. Stone, editor
Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2018]
1. Introduction / Pamela K. Stone -- Part I. Anatomical (medical) collections. 2. "Whatever was once associated with him, continues to bear his stamp" : articulating and dissecting George S. Huntington and his anatomical collection / Aja Lans ; 3. Anatomical collections as the anthropological other : some considerations / Rachel Watkins ; 4. More than the sum total of their parts : restoring identity by recombining a skeletal collection with its texts / Adam Netzer Zimmer ; 5. At the intersections of race, poverty, gender, and science : a museum mortuary for twentieth century fetuses and infants / Jennifer L. Muller and Margaret S. Butler ; 6. Recovering the lived body from bodies of evidence : interrogation of diagnostic criteria and parameters for disease ecology reconstructed from skeletons within anatomical and medical anatomical collections / Molly K. Zuckerman -- Part II. Archaeological collections. 7. Lives lost : what burial vault studies reveal about eighteenth-century identities / Douglas W. Owsley, Karin S. Bruwelheide, Kathryn G. Barca, Susan K. Reidy, and Raquel E. Fleskes ; 8. 'A mass of crooked alphabets' : the construction and othering of working class bodies in industrial England / Rebecca Gowland ; 9. From womb to tomb? : disrupting the narrative of the reproductive female body / Pamela K. Stone ; 10. Mother, laborer, captive, and leader : reassessing the various roles that females held among the ancestral Pueblo in the American Southwest / Ryan Harrod and Pamela K. Stone ; 11. A skull's tale : from Middle Bronze Age subject to teaching collection "object" / Madison Long and Alexis T. Boutin ; 12. Conclusion: Challenging the narrative / Kenneth C. Nystrom.

This volume features bioarchaeological research that interrogates the human skeleton in concert with material culture, ethnographic data and archival research. This approach provides examples of how these intersections of inquiry can be used to consider the larger social and political contexts in which people lived and the manner in which they died.
Baker Berry CC79.5.H85 B56 2018

Writing a woman's life
Heilbrun, Carolyn G., 1926-2003
New York : W.W. Norton & Company, 2008
"...Heilbrun builds an eloquent argument demonstrating that writers conform all too often to society's expectations of what women should be like at the expense of the truth of the female experience. Drawing on the careers of celebrated authors including Virginia Woolf, George Sand and Dorothy Sayers, she illustrates the struggle these writers undertook in both work and life to break away from traditional 'male' scripts for women's roles"--Back cover.
Baker Berry CT3203 .H44 2008

The Templars : the rise and spectacular fall of God's holy warriors
Jones, Dan, 1981- author
New York, New York : Viking, [2017]
Part I. Pilgrims, 1102-1144 -- A golden basin filled with scorpions -- The defense of Jerusalem -- A new knighthood -- Every good gift -- Part II. Soldiers, 1144-1187 -- A tournament between Heaven and Hell -- The mill of war -- The godforsaken tower -- Power and riches -- Troubles in the two lands -- Tears of fire -- Woe to you, Jerusalem! -- Part III. Bankers, 1189-1260 -- The pursuit of fortune -- Nowhere in poverty -- Damietta! -- Animosity and hatred -- Unfurl and raise our banner! -- Part IV. Heretics, 1260-1314 -- A lump in the throat -- The city will fall -- At the Devil's prompting -- Heretical depravity -- God will avenge our death -- Epilogue: the holy grail.

A narrative history of the Knights Templar draws on extensive original sources to separate fact from myth, exploring their actual work and influence, the reasons they fell out of favor, and whether or not they were guilty of heresy.
Baker Berry CR4743 .J66 2017

Archivo de la Universidad de Santo Tomás
Manila, Philippines : University of Santo Tomás Publishing House, 2016-2017
1. Becerros, folletos, and libros / by Fr. Gregorio Arnaiz, O.P., and Fr. Felix Vacas, O.P. ; edited and annotated by Regalado Trota Jose ; with an introduction by Fr. Fidel Villarroel, O.P. -- 2. Libritos, 1516-1944 / compiled and edited by Regalado Trota Jose ; with bibliographical descriptions by Anabel de la Páz González and historico-literary annotations by Jorge Mojarro Romero.
Baker Berry CD2239.M36 U55 2016

The Zeebrugge shipwreck : a forgotten early sixteenth-century merchantman discovered off the Belgian coast
Lettany, Hendrik, author
Oxford : BAR Publishing, 2018
In the 1990s, large numbers of mainly metal objects were discovered off the Belgian coast near the port of Zeebrugge, indicating the location of an early modern wreck-site. Though at this time no appropriate legislation in regard to such a procedure existed in Belgium, the discoverer of the finds nonetheless initiated the excavation and study of this underwater site with a team of professional divers and amateur archaeologists. Unfortunately, the project was never finalised and the data related to the excavation ended up unpublished and dispersed among several members of the excavation team. Now, more than 25 years later, the author of this book aims to collect, analyse, and reassess the initial data related to the excavation, in order to propose a substantiated interpretation of this forgotten site. In order to understand the available data, Hendrik Lettany first explores the circumstances of the excavation. The resulting data, together with the actual archaeological collection from the excavation, are then carefully discussed and interpreted.
Baker Berry CC77.U5 L48 2018

Love and dishonour in Elizabethan England : two families and a failed marriage
Houlbrooke, Ralph A. 1944- author
Woodbridge : The Boydell Press, 2018
An intriguing insight into the politics of gender, family and religion in Elizabethan England.
Baker Berry CT780 .H68 2018