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The practical turn : pragmatism in Britain in the long twentieth century
edited by Cheryl Misak & Huw Price
Oxford : Published for the British Academy by Oxford University Press, 2017
1. Introduction / Cheryl Misak -- 2. Ramsey's 1929 pragmatism / Cheryl Misak -- 3. The 'middle' Wittgenstein (and the 'later' Ramsey) on the pragmatist conception of truth / Anna Boncompagni -- 4. Smile when you're winning: how to become a Cambridge pragmatist / Hallvard Lillehammer -- 5. Pragmatism: all or some or all and some? / Simon Blackburn -- 6. The spirit of pragmatism in the quads of Oxford / David Bakhurst -- 7. Tempered pragmatism / Ian Rumfitt -- 8. Pragmatism and Anscombe on the first person / Jane Heal -- 9. Wittgenstein's rain in the 'philosophical desert': pragmatist ideas in post-war Oxford / Hanjo Glock -- 10. Epilogue: Ramsey's ubiquitous pragmatism / Huw Price.

"American pragmatism, born in the 1870s in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has as its central insight the idea that our philosophical concepts of truth, knowledge, probability, and so on must start with, and remain linked to, human experience and inquiry. This book traces and assesses the strong influence of American pragmatism on British philosophy, with particular emphasis on Cambridge during the inter-war period, on post-war Oxford, and on recent developments. Most philosophers would say that American pragmatism received only a hostile reception in England when the ideas first travelled across the Atlantic. But this volume argues that the movement of pragmatist ideas in Britain was a strong and important current, cutting new channels to fruitful ways of thinking about philosophy's most profound problems. Its ideas have found a home in the work of Wittgenstein, Ramsey, Anscombe and, more recently, Simon Blackburn and Huw Price" -- Provided by publisher's website.
Baker Berry AS122 .L5 v. 210

Defining the discographic self : Desert Island Discs in context
edited by Julie Brown, Nicholas Cook, and Stephen Cottrell
Oxford : Published for The British Academy by Oxford University Press, 2017
Foreword : In seach of discographic others / Philip V. Bohlman -- Introduction : Desert island discs in context / Julie Brown, Nicholas Cook, and Stephen Cottrell -- Personal spin A : Lemn Sissay (castaway, 11 October 2015) -- Desert island discs in historical perspective. The cultural baggage of the desert island / Will Straw ; From Forces' choices to Desert island discs : the BBC's promotion of personal choice in wartime / Jenny Doctor ; Desert island discomorphoses : listening formations and the material cultures of music / Kyle Devine ; Personal spin B : Derek Drescher (Desert island discs producer) ; Personal spin C : Anthony Wall (documentary film-maker) -- Cultural ideologies and the politics of sound. Adrift or ashore? Desert island discs and celebrity culture / Jo Littler ; Playlists and prizes : cultural authority, personal taste, and musical value since the 1940s / Andrew Blake ; What does it mean to be cultured? Desert island discs as an ideological archive / Simon Frith ; Personal spin D : Uta Frith (castaway, 24 February 2013) ; Personal spin E : Angie Hobbs (castaway, 1 February 2015) -- Desert island discs and British identities. Desert island discs and British emotional life / David Hendy ; Punk, class, and taste in Desert island discs / Peter Webb ; Peripheral identities on Desert island discs and Beti a'i Phobol / Sarah Hill ; Personal spin F : Mary Beard (castaway, 31 January 2010) ; Personal sping G : Nick Hornby (castaway, 28 September 2003) -- Narrativising and caring for the self. Public and narrative selves in Desert island discs / Tia Denora ; Desert island dislocation : emotion, nostalgia, and the utility of music / Julie Brown ; Musicianly lives musically told : oral history, classical music, and Desert island discs / Stephen Cottrell ; Personal spin H : Debbie Wiseman (castaway, 19 October 2014) ; Personal spin I : Steven Isserlis (castaway, 2 December 2007) ; Personal spin J : Gavin Bryars (castaway, 5 April 1998) -- Afterword : Playing the discographic self / Nicholas Cook.

Desert Island Discs has run on BBC radio since 1942 and its archive is now accessible. This book is the first to assess the programme from a scholarly perspective. Chapters by musicologists, sociologists, and media scholars are complemented by personal spins by 'castaways', who reflect on talking publicly about the role of music in their lives.
Baker Berry AS122 .L5 v.211

Archives & information in the early modern world
edited by Liesbeth Corens, Kate Peters, & Alexandra Walsham
Oxford : Published for the British Academy by Oxford University Press, 2018
Investigating the relationship between archives and information in the early modern world, this latest collection of essays edited by Kate Peters, Alexandra Walsham, and Liesbeth Corens explores every aspect of record keeping; from the proliferation of physical documentation between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries to the implication of archives in patterns of statecraft.
Baker Berry AS122 .L5 v.212

Philosophy and the historical perspective
edited by Marcel Van Ackeren with Lee Klein
Oxford : Published for the British Academy by Oxford University Press, 2018
Some pursue philosophy via its history, while others focus on current debates without reference to the past. But a growing group of philosophers believe historical perspective can contribute to current debates. 'Philosophy and the Historical Perspective' explores the importance of this perspective and investigates the very nature of philosophy.
Baker Berry AS122 .L5 v.214

Alʹternativnai︠a︡ istorii︠a︡ chelovechestva
Prokopenko, Igorʹ author
Moskva : Izdatelʹstvo "Ė", 2018
Baker Berry AG243 .P7335 2018

Musaeum Kircherianum, sive, Musaeum a P. Athanasio Kirchero in Collegio Romano Societatis Jesu jam pridem incoeptum nuper restitutum, auctum, descriptum, & iconibus illustratum : excellentissimo Domino Francisco Mariae Ruspolo antiquae urbis Agyllinae Principi
Buonanni, Filippo, 1638-1725
Romae : Typis Georgii Plachi caelaturam profitentis, & characterum fusoriam propè S. Marcum, MDCCIX [1709]
Classis prima. Continens idola & instrumenta ad sacrificia ethnicorum spectantia -- Classis secunda. Continens tabellas votivas & anathematha -- Classis tertia. Continens sepulchra & inscriptiones sepulchrales -- Classis quarta. Continens lucernas sepulchrales -- Classis quinta. Fragmenta eruditae antiquitatis -- Classis sexta. Continens lapides, fossilia, aliasqueglebas, à natura effigie aliqua donatas -- Classis septima. Apparatum habet rerum pergrinarum, ex variis orbis plagis collectum -- Classis octava. Exponuntur plantae marinae, frutices, & animalia tum mariana, tum terrestria -- Classis nona. Instrumenta mathematica -- Classis decima. Indicantur tabulae pictae, signa marmorea, & numismata diversi generis -- Classis undecima. Continet observationes rerum minimarum ope microscopii factas -- Classis duodecima. Continens animalia testacea -- Pars secunda. Describuntur testacea in parte quarta delineata -- Pars tertia. Continent varia problemata menti proposita in observatione testaceorum.
Rauner Rare Book AM101 .R66 1709