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How the past was used : historical cultures, c. 750-2000
edited by Peter Lambert & Björn Weiler
Oxford : Published for The British Academy by Oxford University Press, 2017
Introduction. What is historical culture? / Peter Lambert ; Themes in historical culture / Björn Weiler -- Imagining Rome in medieval Constantinople : memory, politics, and the past in the Middle Byzantine Period / Dimitris Krallis -- The present and the past in the sagas of Icelanders / Haki Antonsson -- Monastic historical culture and the utility of a remote past : the case of Matthew Paris / Björn Weiler -- Legend and historical experience in fifteenth-century Ottoman narratives of the past / Dimitri Kastritsis -- The chronicler and the count : law, libel, and history in the early modern Atlantic World / Richard Kagan -- The poetry of history in early modern India / Allison Busch -- The immediacy of a remote past : the Saxon Wars of 772-804 in the 'cultural struggles' of the Third Reich / Peter Lambert -- Ancient past, modern ceremony : Thailand's Royal Barge Procession in historical context / Matthew Phillips -- La Rosca de Investigación y Acción Social : reimagining history as collaborative exchange in 1970s Colombia / Joanne Rappaport -- Chinese history as a constructed continuity : the work of Rao Zongyi / T.H. Barrett -- Memory as theatre : using a Ghanaian ritual to recall past greatness and to redress recent reverses / Richard Rathbone -- Conclusion: Future directions? / Peter Lambert & Björn Weiler.

This book explores how societies put the past to use and how, in the process, they represented it: in short, their historical culture. It brings together anthropologists, historians, and literary scholars to address the means by which societies, groups, and individuals have engaged with the past and expressed their understanding of it. 00The utility of the past has proven almost as infinitely variable as the modes of its representation. It might be a matter of learning lessons from experience, or about the legitimacy of a cause or regime, or the reputation of an individual. Rival versions and interpretations reflected, but also helped to create and sustain, divergent communities and world views. With so much at stake, manipulations, distortions, and myths proliferated. But given also that evidence of past societies was fragmentary, fragile, and fraught with difficulties for those who sought to make sense of it, imaginative leaps and creativity necessarily came into the equation.
Baker Berry AS122 .L5 v.207

The Middle Ages in the modern world : twenty-first century perspectives
edited by Bettina Bildhauer and Chris Jones
Oxford : Published for The British Academy by Oxford University Press, 2017
Introduction / Bettina Bildhauer and Chris Jones -- Part I. Medievalism in politics and histories. Thorkel Farserk goes for a swim : climate change, the Medieval optimum, and the perils of amateurism / Bruce Holsinger -- "The North remembers" : the uses and abuses of the Middle Ages in Irish political culture / Eamon Byers, Stephen Kelly and Kath Stevenson -- Writing the nation : historians and national identities from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries / Patrick Geary -- War, church, empire and the Medieval in British histories for children / Andrew Lynch -- Part II. Practising medievalism. "Adventure? What is that?" On Iwein / Felicitas Hoppe -- Saints' cults and celebrity : the Medieval legacy / James Robinson -- Is Medieval music the new avant-garde? The wilful, the wayward and the playful / Graham Coatman -- Medievalism, Byzantinism, and Bulgarian politics through the archival lens / Fani Gargova -- Digital mouvance : once and future Medieval poetry remediated in the modern world / Chris Jones -- Forging "Medieval" identities : Fortini's Calendimaggio and Pasolini's Trilogy of life / Tommaso Di Carpegna Falconieri and Lila Yawn -- Part III. Medievalism in literature and culture. Chaucer's and Wordsworth's vivid daisies / Elizabeth Robertson -- Time, place, language and translation : Ciaran Carson's The inferno and the táin / Conor McCarthy -- Visuality, violence and the return of the Middle Ages : Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds as an adaptation of the Nibelungen story / Bettina Bildhauer -- Black skin, green masks : Medieval foliate heads, racial trauma, and queer world-making / Carolyn Dinshaw -- The medium is the Byzantine : popular culture and the Byzantine / Roland Betancourt.

The Middle Ages continue to provide an important touchstone for the way the modern West presents itself and its relationship with the rest of the globe. This volume brings together leading scholars of literature and history, together with musicians, novelists, librarians, and museum curators in order to present exciting, up-to-date perspectives on how and why the Middle Ages continue to matter in the 20th and 21st centuries. Presented here, their essays represent a unique dialogue between scholars and practitioners of 'medievalism'.
Baker Berry AS122 .L5 v.208

Russian music since 1917 : reappraisal and rediscovery
edited by Patrick Zuk and Marina Frolova-Walker
Oxford : Published for The British Academy by Oxford University Press, 2017
"This ground-breaking collection of essays, which arises from a unique collaboration between leading scholars based on either side of the former Iron Curtain, is the first attempt to appraise the current state of research on the development of Russian art music since the 1917 Revolution. Part I provides a comprehensive critical overview of recent research both in Russia itself and outside it, outlining the principal changes in approach and emphasis. The remaining essays engage with topics of key importance, including: the envisionings of music's place in Soviet and post-Soviet cultural life; the effects of state controls on musical creativity and performance; musical institutions; the Russian musical diaspora; and the transition to the post-Soviet period"--Publisher's description.
Baker Berry AS122 .L5 v.209

The collector mentality : modernization of the hunter-gatherer
Kreuter, Eric Anton, author
New York : Nova Science Publishers, [2017]
Foreword / Cathleen M. Olson, MS, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern -- Preface / Dr. Tim Merrick -- Commentary / Peter Goodstein -- Commentary / Glenn Sacks -- Why we collect antique and vintage items -- Commentary / Peter Varounis -- Analysis of the psychological benefits of coveted inanimate objects -- The case study of Doug -- The case study of Paul -- Why do people collect things? -- Anthropological roots -- Types of collections -- Commentary / Margaret Taylor -- hunting for gatherers among early human populations -- Descriptions of the Kreuter Collection of Minerals and Fossils -- Collecting as a form of bonding with children -- The addiction of collecting -- Shopping addiction -- Cross-benefits of lifelong collecting -- Is collecting the same as hoarding? -- A case study of a hoarder -- joan -- Filling a void? -- Addressing issues: emotional, psychodynamic, spiritual, cerebral, and artistic -- Obsessions -- Perspectives of collectors -- Commentary / Matthew M. Kreuter: The mind of a collector -- The case study of Shawn -- an extreme collector -- Anthropomorphic healthy narcissism by proxy -- The case study of a collector -- Charles -- The case study of a collector -- Jim -- Commentary -- a collection of a collector's collections / Kenneth M. Moltner -- Commentary / Maria Bird: I Rock -- Problems associated with collecting: a contrast to difficulties of foragers -- Appendix A: The Kreuter Collection of Minerals and Fossils -- Appendix B: Returning to the rock outcropping to collect samples for a fellow collector -- Appendix C: Anthropomorphic healthy narcissism by proxy -- a survey.
Sherman AM221 .K74 2017

Digital humanities, libraries, and partnerships : a critical examination of labor, networks, and community
edited by Robin Kear and Kate Joranson (University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, United States)
Cambridge, MA, United States : Chandos Publishing, an imprint of Elsevier, [2018]
Labor and roles -- Networks and infrastructure -- Archives, community, and history.
Baker Berry AZ195 .D545 2018

Commodore Rollingpin's illustrated almanac
St. Louis : T.S. Bowman, printer
Rauner Rainone AY31.A1 C652