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This area includes digital resources which the Dartmouth College Library is considering acquiring for the Dartmouth community. Please try them out and let us know what you think.

Latino Literature: Poetry, Drama, and Fiction

Product Description: Latino Literature features more than 200 novels, many hundreds of short stories, 20,000 pages of poetry, and more than 400 plays. The collection traces the medium from the works of Chicano writers in the Southwest during the early 19th century through to today, with select texts available in their original Spanish.

Dates of Trial: July 11, 2016 through September 11, 2016

Vendor/Publisher: Alexander Street Press

Contact person: Jill E. Baron, Reference Librarian

Special Access instructions: This resource is controlled by IP address; this means you must use a computer on the Dartmouth or DHMC networks. Instructions for off-campus access are available at

Access Latino Literature: Poetry, Drama, and Fiction at

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