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Published: 3/27/2017


A year and a half ago we decided it was time to more fully embrace this social media thing, so we started posting on Instagram. If you don’t know, Instagram started out as an easy way to share vacation photos while on the go, but, like most social media, it transformed into a venue for self expression. We have an awful lot to express, so it has been fun.

Hannah Chung ’16 and Bay Lauris ByrneSim ‘15, two Edward C. Lathem ’51 Special Collections Fellows, have been the geniuses behind our Instagram. They have already amassed over 2,100 followers with lively posts of whatever strikes their fancy on any given day.

This exhibit is built from some of our favorite posts drawn from six of our most popular hashtags: #tinytuesday; #treasuretuesday; #traveltuesday; #manuscriptmonday; #marbledmonday; and #tbt (throwback Thursday). The cuneiform tablets in the first case were a special request from our 2,000th follower.

Enjoy the exhibit and follow us on Instagram (@raunerlibrary)—we will take you great places.

This exhibition was curated by Hannah Chung ’16 and Jay Satterfield and is on display in the Class of 1965 Galleries from March 24, 2017, to May 1, 2017. To visit the exhibit online, go to

Display page with descriptionsDatabase Trial: Geographical

Published: 3/27/2017

Database Trial: Geographical

Established in 1935, Geographical is the official magazine of the Royal Geographical Society and one of the leading magazines in its field, with stunning photography, great writing and first class design. - Keep up to date with the world, its people and its places through our news pages and topical features on nature and conservation - Explore far-flung cities, towns and villages. Meet their inhabitants and immerse yourself in their culture - Discover weird and wonderful wildlife. Learn more of the world around you through insightful features and stunning photography - Gain exclusive access to special offers and competitions you won’t find anywhere else Whether it’s a professional interest you hold or merely a casual curiosity for the world around you, Geographical will doubtless prove informative, enlightening and inspiring.

You can access Geographical from March 27, 2017 through April 27, 2017. It is available from the “Research” page of the Library website under “Databases”, “Database Trials”, or directly at:

After trying this product, please send us feedback.

Display page with descriptionsExhibit: Pierogi Press: A Work of Art

Published: 3/15/2017

Exhibit: Pierogi Press: A Work of Art

Pierogi Press: A Work of Art

In 1994, Pierogi began its operations in Williamsburg, NY – an active artistic neighborhood of Brooklyn – and was the brainchild of Susan J. Swenson and Joe Amrhein. 

Through the years, Pierogi has maintained lasting relationships with many of the artists featured in their biannual/annual publication of Pierogi Press. Many of the artists went on to exhibit at Pierogi’s New York galleries in Brooklyn, and Manhattan, as well as abroad in Leipzig, Germany.

Some have also appeared in select gallery catalogues published by Pierogi.

Currently, Pierogi exhibits emerging and established artists, whose works range in varying creative mediums and styles, at their physical gallery (The Boiler) and their online gallery (Flat Files).

Works from Pierogi Press will be on Exhibit 3/3/17 - 6/4/17

The exhibit was curated by Sarah Decker, MALS '16

Display page with descriptionsThe Evans Map Room is Discarding 1:24K Topographic Maps of the United States

Published: 2/8/2017

The Evans Map Room is Discarding 1:24K Topographic Maps of the United States

The Evans Map Room in Baker/Berry Library is still giving away parts of its collection of the 1:24,000 U. S. Geological Survey topographic maps of the United States. We are NOT giving away the New England states or New York State at this time, and the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia are gone. However, if you'd like some free maps of your hometown, another place special to you or somebody else's hometown at a scale of 1:24,000, come by the Evans Map Room anytime we are open and get some maps! No reserving maps. This map giveaway will continue until the end of spring term 2017.

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