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Display page with descriptionsCamp Harmony: Music of the Japanese-American Internment

Published: 5/15/2017

Camp Harmony: Music of the Japanese-American Internment

This exhibit serves as an introduction to the role of music in the Japanese-American internment camps of the 1940s. The misnomer "Camp Harmony" was the unofficial nickname of the Puyallup, Washington Assembly Center, where Japanese-American internees were held until assigned to established  "colonies" during World War II. While the Japanese-American internment camps of the 1940s have striking similarities to Nazi concentration camps, public knowledge and discourse regarding the American internment camps is underdeveloped. In both instances, however, fear-mongering by state leaders brewed widespread suspicion of and unjustified resentment toward particular ethnic groups, resulting in unspeakable crimes against humanity. Prisoners in Japanese-American internment camps used music as a coping mechanism, a means of staying connected to ethnic and national roots, and, in some instances, as a form of resistance.  

Exhibit curated by Betty Kim '20 and designed by Memory Apata, Music Library Supervisor

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Paddock Music Library, May 15-
June 20th

Display page with descriptionsExhibit: Being Well - Life, Death, Medicine, & Inequality

Published: 5/12/2017

Exhibit: Being Well - Life, Death, Medicine, & Inequality

 “Illness is the night side of life,” writes Susan Sontag, “A more onerous citizenship. Sooner or later, each of us is obliged … to identify ourselves as citizens of the kingdom of the sick.” But what does it mean to be ill? How do individuals, families, communities, and health care practitioners navigate passages between wellness and illness? How does access to medicines and other therapies – be they “traditional” or “modern” – shape these decisions? What does socioeconomic inequality have to do with this? And what do we do when medicine can’t save our lives?

These student-curated exhibits speak to these questions. Explorations into good lives and good deaths; plants, people and medicines; and illness narratives as inflected by race in America, the work in these displays emerged from ANTH 7.02 The Values of Medicine. This First-Year Seminar taught by Prof. Sienna Craig is dedicated to exploring such questions through in-depth engagement with Rauner Special Collections.

The exhibit was curated by Michael Brown ’20, Zoë Brown ’20, Kyle Clampitt ’20, Racquel Lyn ’20, Matthew Parker ’20, and Becca Rosko ’20.

Display page with descriptionsExhibit: Protest! at Dartmouth

Published: 5/10/2017

Exhibit: Protest! at Dartmouth

Protest! at Dartmouth
Baker-Berry Library, Berry Main Street: May 1 - July  30, 2017
Exhibit curated by Caitlin Birch, Digital Collections and Oral History Archivist, and designed by Dennis Grady, Library Education & Outreach. 

College campuses have a long history as sites of activism and protest. This exhibit explores three protest movements in Dartmouth’s past, and a selection of oral history interviews with individuals who experienced them. These interviews and many more are available at Rauner Special Collections Library.

Read more about the exhibit and about the Library's oral history program here:

Display page with descriptionsExhibit: Pierogi Press: A Work of Art

Published: 3/15/2017

Exhibit: Pierogi Press: A Work of Art

Pierogi Press: A Work of Art

In 1994, Pierogi began its operations in Williamsburg, NY – an active artistic neighborhood of Brooklyn – and was the brainchild of Susan J. Swenson and Joe Amrhein. 

Through the years, Pierogi has maintained lasting relationships with many of the artists featured in their biannual/annual publication of Pierogi Press. Many of the artists went on to exhibit at Pierogi’s New York galleries in Brooklyn, and Manhattan, as well as abroad in Leipzig, Germany.

Some have also appeared in select gallery catalogues published by Pierogi.

Currently, Pierogi exhibits emerging and established artists, whose works range in varying creative mediums and styles, at their physical gallery (The Boiler) and their online gallery (Flat Files).

Works from Pierogi Press will be on Exhibit 3/3/17 - 6/4/17

The exhibit was curated by Sarah Decker, MALS '16

Display page with descriptionsThe Evans Map Room is Discarding 1:24K Topographic Maps of the United States

Published: 2/8/2017

The Evans Map Room is Discarding 1:24K Topographic Maps of the United States

The Evans Map Room in Baker/Berry Library is still giving away parts of its collection of the 1:24,000 U. S. Geological Survey topographic maps of the United States. We are NOT giving away the New England states or New York State at this time, and the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia are gone. However, if you'd like some free maps of your hometown, another place special to you or somebody else's hometown at a scale of 1:24,000, come by the Evans Map Room anytime we are open and get some maps! No reserving maps. This map giveaway will continue until the end of spring term 2017.

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