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Display page with descriptionsExhibit: Student Library Service Bookplate Program: Dartmouth Class of 2017

Published: 6/16/2017

Exhibit: Student Library Service Bookplate Program: Dartmouth Class of 2017

The Student Library Service Bookplate Program honors graduating student library employees by inviting them to choose books and other items for the Library’s collections. Each item will include a bookplate acknowledging the student’s selection and recognizing his or her service to the Library. This year Dartmouth College Library honors almost forty students from the Class of 2017 with selections including works of fiction, musical CDs, and classic works of the cartoon arts to a musical score and a history of makeup.

Exhibit design and photography by Dennis Grady, Library Education & Outreach. Many thanks to the students who volunteered to participate in this exhibit and to: Wendel Cox, Librarian for History & English; Greg Potter, Research and Information Desk Coordinator; and Goodie Corriveau, Acquisitions Assistant.

Baker-Berry Library, Baker Main Hall: June 9 - August 30, 2017

Display page with descriptionsBook Arts Prize Winners for 2017

Published: 6/13/2017

Book Arts Prize Winners for 2017

The Book Arts Prize is a juried award given every year in recognition of excellence in the creation of a hand printed and bound book made in the Book Arts Studio by a Dartmouth College undergraduate, graduate, or community member.  The cash prizes are made possible through the generosity of the Friends of the Library.  The winners are:

Grand Prize
Helena Eitel '17
Postcard Memory Book/Memory Book
$500 award

Artist Book (shared)
Asha Wills '17
Dave's Fortune
$150 award

Artist Book (shared)
Alexandra Riesco '17
Arch Formation
$150 award

First Prize in Book Arts
Iliana Godoy '20
Soul to Sea
$150 award

First Prize in Letterpress Printing
Matteo Visconti di Oleggio Castello, Grad
Fail Better
$150 award

Honorable Mention in Letterpress Printing
Everett Sullivan, Grad
Various Pieces
$75 award

First Prize for Community
Larry Litten
Wordprints in a Garden
$150 award

Honorable Mention for Community
Harriette Yahr '87
2017/Onward-A Book Arts Exploration
$75 award

All the winning entries are on display in the Treasure Room cases in Baker Library beginning Saturday, June 10th.

Congratulations to all the contestants!

Sarah M. Smith
Book Arts Workshop Program Manager

Display page with descriptionsThe Evans Map Room is Discarding 1:24K Topographic Maps of the United States

Published: 2/8/2017

The Evans Map Room is Discarding 1:24K Topographic Maps of the United States

The Evans Map Room in Baker/Berry Library is still giving away parts of its collection of the 1:24,000 U. S. Geological Survey topographic maps of the United States. We are NOT giving away the New England states or New York State at this time, and the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia are gone. However, if you'd like some free maps of your hometown, another place special to you or somebody else's hometown at a scale of 1:24,000, come by the Evans Map Room anytime we are open and get some maps! No reserving maps. This map giveaway will continue until the end of spring term 2017.

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