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Board Games Acquisitions during May 2017

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Puerto Rico
author, Andreas Seyfarth ; illustration and design, Franz Vohwinkel ; development: Stefan Brück
[S.l.] : Ravensburger Spieleverlag ; c2002
Players compete to ship the most goods, but a variety of production buildings can be purchased with money earned from selling crops, allowing each player to gain an edge over their competition.
Jones Media Board Game 1074

Scrabble crossword game
Pawtucket, R.I. : Hasbro, [2013]
In this classic word game, players use their seven drawn letter-tiles to form words on the gameboard. But a word can only be played if it uses at least one already-played tile or adds to an already-played word, which leads to slightly tactical play.
Jones Media Board Game 1073

Stratego original : the classic game of battlefield strategy = le jeu classique de stratégie de champ de bataille
Beloit, WI PlayMonster : 2016
Maneuver your soldiers behind enemy lines to capture the flag.
Jones Media Board Game 1068

Yahtzee : the shake, score, and shout game
Hasbro gaming
Pawtucket, R.I.: Hasbro, 2014
Jones Media Board Game 1069

Risk : the game of strategic conquest
Pawtucket, RI : Hasbro, 2015
A board game of military strategy where players lead their armies as they sweep across continents to launch attacks against other players. There are 3 ways to play: basic training (a quick and easy way to play), command room (a fast paced strategy game), and world conquest (an updated edition of the classic game).
Jones Media Board Game 1070

Kögl, Stefan, creator
Volketswil, Switzerland, Rancho Dominguez, CA : Murmel Spielwerkstatt und Verlag, 2006
"RUMIS, means "stones" in the ancient language of Quechua, is the game of geometric strategy based on the wonderous architecture of the Inca." -- Game guide.
Jones Media Board Game 1071

Risk legacy
Pawtucket, RI : Hasbro, Inc., [2011]
At its core, Risk Legacy is a strategy war game of Risk: Players control countries or regions on a map of the world, and through combat try to eliminate all opponents from the game. (Players roll dice to determine who loses units in battle). Risk Legacy differes from standard Risk in changing over time based on the outcome of each game and the players' choices. Choices made in one game affect future games. During the game, players write on the game, mark it, put stickers on it, and even throw parts of it away; however, this is not a "disposable" game. The first 15 games played on the board change the set up for future wars in this world. The game can continue to change beyond the 15 game campaign, and even when it finally does stop changing, there is a completely unique, customized copy of Risk that plays better than any other version.
Jones Media Board Game 1072

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