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Melanoma immunotherapy : insights from innate and adaptive immunity
Alexander, Matthew Perron, author
"Despite recent advances in the treatment of melanoma, it remains a difficult disease to treat, particularly in its advanced forms. Understanding the immune response to melanoma, and developing strategies to enhance it, is the overarching goal of melanoma immunotherapy. Here we report findings in a range of melanoma models and treatment settings that shed light on mechanisms of both innate and adaptive immune responses to melanoma, opening up new avenues for therapeutic development. First, we show that cyclophosphamide (CTX), often employed to deplete regulatory T cells before adoptive T cell therapy, enhances the efficacy of an activated dendritic cell (DC) vaccine and induces spontaneous vitiligo, even in the absence of exogenous antigen. Vitiligo development depends on MHC class I on the DCs, suggesting cross-presentation of self-antigen by DCs and demonstrating immunomodulation by CTX that may inform future therapeutic strategies. Secondly, we show that both mutant BRAF inhibition and thermoneutral housing temperature, both known to induce intratumoral T cell infiltration, induce CXCR3-cognate chemokine in the tumor microenvironment, providing rationale for combining these approaches with T-cell based therapies to enhance their efficacy. Finally, we show that inflammatory monocytes are required for the antitumor efficacy of yeast-derived particulate [beta]-glucan in a model of metastatic pulmonary melanoma, independent of adaptive immunity. These studies demonstrate the intrinsic antitumor capacity of innate immune cells that could be harnessed in combinatorial approaches "
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis Ph.D. 2017

Thermodynamics of adsorption of GABA onto lipid vesicles containing DMPG and DMPC using Isothermal Titration Calorimetry
Tian, Dayong, author
Kresge Thesis M.S. Chem. 2017

The biology of morphology : insight into regulation of Candida albicans hyphal growth by pH and Cdk8
Hollomon, Jeffrey, M., author
"Candida albicans is an opportunistic fungal pathogen of humans. Its ability to cause disease is, in part, due to its morphological plasticity, and its ability to dynamically respond to its surroundings. In the enclosed work, I describe a mechanism by which C. albicans senses extracellular pH, and in response to a difference in pH, alters its morphological growth pattern. Low pH results in pseudohyphal growth in the presence of GlcNAc and elevated temperature, two potent inducers of hyphal growth. We identify the Ras/cyclic AMP (cAMP) signal transduction cascade as a sensor of low pH. We determined low pH is an antagonist of this pathway through the analysis of the effect of pH on both upstream and downstream components of it. A key finding of this work was that pharmacological activation of the Ras/cAMP pathway by the cAMP analog dibutyryl cyclic AMP could partially suppress the effect of low pH on morphology, rescuing true hyphal growth at low pH in a fraction of the population. In the course of this study, we examined the effect of pH on the transcriptome in the presence and absence of intact cyclic AMP signaling, and found that without this pathway, the response of C. albicans to a change in pH was substantially altered. I then went on to examine the impact of the Cdk8 kinase module of Mediator, a broadly conserved, poorly understood component of the eukaryotic core transcriptional machinery, on the transcriptome and phosphoproteome. Additionally, we characterized a phenotype of hyphal growth activation in the presence of specific inhibition of the Cdk8 kinase. Analysis of this data revealed a broad array of potential phosphotargets across a broad swathe of physiological processes, such as transcriptional regulation through transcription factors and chromatin remodeling, and signal transduction cascades."
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis Ph.D. 2017

Treatment decision making in multivessel coronary artery disease
Nichols, Elizabeth L., author
"Multivessel coronary artery disease patients may be treated with coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), or optimal medical therapy. Randomized trials and observational analyses have demonstrated risk and benefit tradeoffs between treatment strategies. This thesis examines the decision making processes that occur when determining treatments for multivessel coronary artery disease patients. Study 1 investigates clinical outcomes of multivessel coronary artery disease patients receiving ad-hoc compared to delayed PCI in a procedural registry. There was no significant difference in mortality or repeat revascularization between ad-hoc PCI and delayed PCI in the full cohort. Among three vessel disease patients, ad-hoc PCI resulted in higher rates of repeat revascularization compared to delayed PCI. The second study assessed healthcare provider's attitudes about multivessel treatment options using a survey with three clinical vignettes. Treatment choice was significantly associated with patient vignette and participant type, demonstrating patient characteristics and provider type play a role in treatment choice. Cardiologists were most likely to choose multiple treatments (CABG and PCI) as appropriate options. Surgeons were most likely to choose only CABG as an appropriate treatment option. Study 3 used qualitative semi-structured interviews to document clinicians' experience with decision making and patient engagement with current multivessel disease practice patterns. Direct content analysis resulted in three themes describing clinicians' frustrations with multivessel treatment decision making: 1) Multivessel coronary artery disease treatment decisions are multifaceted due to the number of factors and clinicians involved; 2) Clinician-to-clinician communication is inadequate because clinicians lack formalized pathways and roles; and 3) Patient communication time is not in the clinical workflow and suffers from patients' little prior knowledge of coronary artery disease. By studying the decision points in the multivessel pathway this thesis has elucidated trade-offs among treatment strategies, identified a lack of congruence among clinicians about appropriate treatment options, and documented workflow and communication barriers that prevent clinicians and patients from optimal decision making."
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis Ph.D. 2017

The arctic plants of New York City
Walsh, James, 1961- author,
New York City : Granary Books, 2015
"The arctic plants of New York City combines personal letters, poetry, prose essay, scholarly research, botanical exploration, and artistic investigation, and ranges from the Doctrine of Signatures to the sleep of plants, and from Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Muir on mental travel to Giacomo Leopardi and Charles Baudelaire on the necessity of illusion for art and life. Interspersed throughout the book are a number of two-page spreads that focus on a single plant ... with a mounted botanical specimen of that plant surrounded by texts drawn from earlier writers on botany and set in verse, creating a field of word-objects interacting with plant-objects. The letters that open the book lead into a prose essay that touches on the souls of plants, their use in medicine and as spurs to mental travel, their transience, their migrations, their meaning. A bibliography lists the most essential works from the author's research and the book concludes with a reproduction of the index from Nicholas Polunin's Circumpolar Arctic flora (1959), in which the author has marked in red pen the eighty-eight Arctic plants that occur in New York City"--Publisher's website.
Rauner Presses G765waa

The rhymed report of the Baltimore Democratic Convention
Democritus Americanus
[Baltimore?] : [1852?]
Rauner Rare Book JK2313 1852 .D38 1852

The black man : his antecedents, his genius, and his achievements
Brown, William Wells, 1815-1884
New York : Thomas Hamilton ; 1863
Benjamin Banneker -- Nat Turner -- Madison Washington -- Henry Bibb -- Placido -- Jeremiah B. Sanderson -- Toussaint L'Ouverture --Crispus Attucks -- Dessalines -- Ira Aldridge -- Joseph Cinque -- Alexandre Dumas -- Henri Christophe -- Phillis Wheatley --Denmark Vesey -- Henry Highland Garnett -- James M. Whitfield -- Andre Rigaud -- Frances Ellen Watkins -- Ex-President Roberts -- Alexander Crummel -- Alexandre Petion -- Martin R. Delaney, M.D. -- Robert Small -- Frederick Douglass -- Charles L. Reason -- Charlotte N. Forten -- William H. Simpson -- Jean Pierre Boyer -- James M'Cune Smith, M.D. -- Bishop Payne -- Edwin M. Bannister -- Leonard A. Grimes -- President Geffrard -- Robert Morris -- William J. Wilson -- John Mercer Langston -- William C. Nell -- John Sella Martin -- Charles Lenox Remond -- George T. Downing -- Robert Purvis -- Joseph Jenkins -- John S. Rock -- William Douglass -- Elymas Payson Rogers -- J. Theodore Holly -- James W.C. Pennington -- A Man Without a Name -- Samuel R. Ward -- Sir Edward Jordan.
Rauner Rare Book E185.96 .B86 1863

Chocorua's curse : a short grand opera founded on a legend of the White Mountains
Leavitt, Burton E. 1871-1912
Putnam, Conn. : Published by Burton E. Leavitt, ©1899
Rauner White Mountains M1503.L439 C54 1899

Suffrage songs and verses
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins, 1860-1935
New York : Charlton Co., 1911
Rauner Rare Book JF851.G57 1911

Burroughs, William S., 1914-1997
London : New English Library, 1966, ©1953
Rauner Rare Book PS3552.U75 J86 1966

Record of John G. Sinclair and the Democratic Party. Read and circulate!
[Concord, N.H.?] : [publisher not identified], [not before 1865?]
Rauner NH Concord 1865b

Finding good matchings in graph streams
Kale, Sagar author
"The advent of big data necessitated design of algorithms that could cope with it. Streaming algorithms process their input sequentially and use a small amount of working memory, which makes them viable for big data. Massive graphs such as social-network graphs fall under the domain of big data. A matching in a graph is a subset of edges such that each vertex has at most one edge incident to it. Matching problems have played a significant historical role in combinatorial optimization; we consider them in the streaming model. First, we give improved approximation algorithms for the maximum matching problem that go over their input a small number of times. Next, we study the problem that we call maximum submodular matching, where the input is a graph with a submodular function defined on subsets of edges, and we want to find a matching with large function value. Submodular functions are set functions that capture the diminishing returns property and generalize linear (modular) functions. We are the first to consider this problem in the streaming model. Finally, we study the problem of estimating the size of a maximum matching (as opposed to computing a matching); we show a tight trade-off between estimation quality and the space used. We also show that such a trade-off, in fact, applies to problems related to the estimation of input statistics. Inspired by these proofs, we introduce an abstract paradigm for studying such lower bounds."
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis Ph.D. 2017

Icones historiarvm Veteris Testamenti : ad viuum expressae, extremàque diligentia emendatiores factae : Gallicis in expositione homoeoteleutis, ac versuum ordinibus (qui priùs turbati, ac impares) suo numero restitutis
Holbein, Hans, 1497-1543
Lvgdvni [Lyons] : Apud Ioannem Frellonium, 1547
Rauner Rare Book NE1150.5.H64 I3 1547

The young clerks guide in four parts, or, An exact collection of choice English presidents : according to the best forms now used for all sorts of indentures, letters of attourney, releases, conditions, &c. : very useful and necessary for all, but chiefly for those that intend to follow the attourneys practice
Hutton, Richard, Sir, 1561?-1639, compiler
London : Printed by T.R. & N.T. for Ambrose Isted ... and Samuel Heyrick ..., 1673
Rauner Webster Library KD318 .H88 1673

Gameboard symmetries
Levitt, E. D. artist
Newark, Vermont : The Janus Press, 2017
"Inspired by old game boards such as Parcheesi, Sorry!, and Chinese checkers, each symmetrical design began with a grid. These grids encompass a quadrant from each of the original game boards. From there, they blossomed. Like mandala designs or the views seen through a kaleidoscope, the Gameboard/Symmetries has no right way up.--"Colophon.
Rauner Presses J268levi

An antidote against distractions, or, An indeavour to serve the church, in the daily case of wandrings in the worship of God
Steele, Richard, 1629-1692
London : Printed for Ralph Simpson, 1695
Rauner Rare Book BV4817 .S81 1695

A complete concordance to the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament : to which is added A concordance to the book, called Apocrypha
Cruden, Alexander, 1699-1770
London : Printed for D. Midwinter, A. Bettesworth and C. Hitch, J. and J. Pemberton, R. Ware, C. Rivington, R. Ford, F. Clay, A. Ward, J. and P. Knapton, J. Clarke, T. Longman, R. Hett, J. Oswald, J. Wood, A. Cruden, and J. Davidson, MDCCXXXVIII [1738]
Rauner Rare Book BS425 .C8 1738

I.A. Danzii [Turgeman], sive, Interpretis ebræo-chaldæi synopsis : omnes utviusque linguæ idiotisimus, pro scriptura V.T. rectius intelligendâ, explicans
Danz, Johann Andreas, 1654-1727
Ienæ : Sumtu Ioh. Felicis Bielckii, 1731
Rauner Rare Book PJ4566 .D269 1706

Diary and memoranda
Edinburgh : R. & R. Clark, [between 1750 and 2000?]
Rauner Sine Illus Z65dia

Mamma at the sea-side
Onwhyn, Thomas, approximately 1820-1886, artist
London : Rock & Co., [1860?]
Single panel cartoons with one on the cover, and two on each plate, on same side of sheet. Each cartoon with single line of text.
Rauner Sine Illus X37mama

Ioh. Andr. Danzii [Segulta de-rabenu], sive, Rabbinismus enucleatus : quo ad ea, quæ Ebræo-Chaldæis vel prorsus non, vel minus usitata sunt
Danz, Johann Andreas, 1654-1727
Ienae : Apud Ioh. Felicem Bielckium, 1731
Rauner Rare Book PJ4566 .D269 1706

Io. A. Danzii [Mishqele shemot uf'alim], seu, Paradigmata nominum simplicium, ac verborum integra : quibus pro lingua intimius addiscenda, inperfecta quaeque ad analogiam perfectorum, observata regula cui libet speciei propria, rite applicata exhibentur
Danz, Johann Andreas, 1654-1727
Jenae : Apud Jo. Felicem Bielckium, 1731
Rauner Rare Book PJ4566 .D269 1706

[Tarʻā d-surāyā petiḥa], sive, Aditus Syriæ reclusus, compendiose ducens ad plenam linguœ Syriacæ Antiochenæ seu Maroniticæ Cognitionem : iuxta uiam Ebræ-Chaldæi
Danz, Johann Andreas, 1654-1727
Jenae : Sumta Joh. Felicis Bielckii, [1691?]
Rauner Rare Book PJ4566 .D269 1706

Ioh. Andr. Danzii [Medaqdeq], sive, Compendium grammaticae Ebraeo-Chaldaicae : utriusque linquae vet. test. institutionem harmonice ita tradens, ut cuncta, firmis superstructa fundamentis, innotescant scientifice
Danz, Johann Andreas, 1654-1727
Jenae : Sumtibus Iohannis Felicis Bielckii, [1706?]
Rauner Rare Book PJ4566 .D269 1706

Collection of color proofs from illustrations by Hugh Thomson drawn for She stoops to conquer written by Oliver Goldsmith
Color and progressive proofs, some with pencil annotations on images indicating image processing instructions. One image represented in each volume, with single color and mulitple color versions all bound together by string or by metal staples into brown paper covers. Each volume with blue pencil title written on cover, "She stoops to conquer" followed by numbers ranging from 880 to 903. Also in pencil on covers, "Hugh T."
Rauner Sine Illus T56shec

Collection of ephemera related to the Dartmouth College vs. Harvard University football game of 1903
Ephemeral items mounted on one sheet of green cardboard, some with text and some with images. Images are both reproductions of photographs and reproductions of drawings. The images are of Dartmouth College football players from the 1903 Dartmouth College versus Harvard University football game, a student send-off, and Dartmouth College buildings. The texts include the football game line-up, quotes from various newspapers about the game, and the lyrics to "When the boys go marching by." One card references a Dartmouth College versus Brown University football game and has the lyrics to "Rip 'em up."
Rauner Iconography 1721

Sacred concert by request at The Crawford, White Mountains, by Marble's Orchestra, Sunday, Sept. 26, 1886 at 8 o'clock p.m
[New Hampshire?] : [publisher not identified], [1886?]
Rauner Broadside 886526

The nursery book
London ; Thomas Nelson and Sons, [between 1900 and 1930?]
Rauner Sine Illus X37nurs

Collection of chromolithographs by Louis Prang & Company
Each album leaf holds 12 prints mounted on one side of leaf. Arrangement of subjects: Niagara Falls, winter landscapes, wildflowers, roses, other flowers, sea mosses and ferns, wood mosses and ferns, flowers with sayings, butterflies and moths, fruits and flowers, autumn leaves, landscapes in various countries, birds, scenes of childhood, ships, Christian pilgrimages, illustrated maxims, animals depicted in human roles.
Rauner Iconography 1722