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Rauner Special Collections Library Acquisitions during September 2016

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Burt's among the clouds
Mount Washington, N.H. : Henry M. Burt, 1877-1884
Rauner White Mountains F41.1 .A56

Almanach noua plurimis annis venturis inseruientia
Stoeffler, Johann, 1452-1531
[Venice] : [Lucantonio Giunta], 1522
Text and tables giving the calculated positions of astronomical objects, eclipse predictions, and methods of astrological interpretations through 1531.
Rauner Rare Book QB7 .S871 1522

A treatise of melancholy : containing the causes thereof and reasons of the strange effects it worketh in our minds and bodies : with the physicke cure, and spirituall consolation for such as haue thereto adioyned afflicted conscience : the difference betwixt it and melancholy, with diuers philosophicall discourses touching actions and affections of soule, spirit, and body, the particulars whereof are to bee seene before the booke
Bright, Timothie, 1550-1615
London : Printed by William Stansby, 1613
Exploration of the causes and treatments of "melancholie ... with such companions of feare, sadness, desperation, teares" (A8v).
Rauner Rare Book RC618 .B7 1613

The advertiser's typographic manual
Nash, Ray, 1905-1982
Blank book composed of two different paper types. Possible mock-up or humorous work.
Rauner Nash HF5825 .N374 1940z

Life and works of a Russian engraver I.N. Pavlov
Nash, Ray, 1905-1982
Rauner Nash NE678.P3 N374 1940z

Proposed graduate program in political science
[Hanover, New Hampshire] : [Dartmouth College Department of Government?], 1968
Rauner D.C. History LD1434 .P76 1968

[Indian of North America playing lacrosse]
[United States?] : [Jacobson], [not before 1900?]
Photomechanical color print depicting an Indian of North America with a lacrosse stick in an action pose.
Rauner Iconography 1693

Album of photographs of Dartmouth College from 1899 to 1923
Dedication of Memorial Field, Nov 3, 1923 -- Delta Alpha in 1920 -- The Pageant -- 150th anniversary, 1919; Academic procession -- The war in Hanover, 1917 -- Trench practice, 1917 -- Sending off team for Harvard game 1903; Victory over Princeton -- '99 Thayer School incidents -- Thayer School groups 1900.

Eight full photograph album sheets and one partial sheet with 2 to 12 photographs on one side of each sheet. Images of Dartmouth student life primarily in the early 20th century. Some sheets with manuscript writing on smaller sheet of paper fixed to sheet. Each sheet with manuscript captions.
Rauner Iconography 1686

妍妙輝光 : 朵雲軒靜記仿古名牋
Shanghai : Duo yun xuan, 1900
Color prints with captions. Images of fruits, flowers, natural settings, and manmade artifacts.
Rauner Nash NE1300.8.C6 Y36 1900

The envelope selector
The United States Envelope Company
Catalog of envelope samples by the United States Envelope Company.
Rauner Nash TS1233 .U558 1898

The graphic arts portfolio : a representative collection of prints by various processes of illustration
Boston : National Arts Publishing Co., [1911?]
One color print based on a photo-lithographic process, one print base on a photogravure process, one color print by the offset process from machine-made plates.
Rauner Nash Z257 .G737 1911

Recruiting & hiring at Dartmouth College : a guide for supervisors
Office of Personnel
Hanover, N.H. : Office of Personnel, [1988]
Rauner D.C. History LD1426.7 .D379 1988

[United States?] : [Ozen], [not before 1900?]
Photomechanical print depicting lacrosse in history suggested by players uniform and gear styles, and including an Indian of North America with a lacrosse stick.
Rauner Iconography 1692

[Church of Christ at Dartmouth College drawing]
Fink, A. H
Color drawing with pencil, crayon and watercolor, possibly as a model for proposed renovations.
Rauner Iconography 1691

Collection of drawings of Dartmouth College
Brooks, Richard, 1917-2002
Baker Library -- College Hall -- Dartmouth Hall -- Hopkins Center -- Tuck School -- Webster Hall.
Rauner Iconography 1685

Album of collecting cards and post cards
Blank album, with ornately decorated cover, into which a variety of color-image, commercially-printed items have been glued. Some items laid in. Some items represent advertising cards, others trade cards. Cards published primarily in the Northeastern United States. In addition, there are various postcards, most unmailed, but one with postmark of 1914.
Rauner Nash NC1875.U5 A438 1884z

John B. Stearns letters,
Stearns, John, 1894-1973,
The collection contains letters from J. "Biggie" Stearns to his daughter Mary Cornelia Stearns (Minnie) while she was attending Wheaton College. The letters contain often humorous advice, anecdotes and musings for his daughter on the subjects of education, including what courses and languages to take, as well as on life as a teacher and its requirement, the Spring Sophomore Slump, Hanna Hunter Handee of South Royalton, the value of learning foreign languages and family matters. One letter is entirely in French.
Rauner Manuscript MS-1320

Paul Klee papers on civil rights,
Klee, Paul, b. 1944
The papers of Paul Klee contain telegrams, clippings, reports, photographs, correspondence and memorabilia related to his reporting for WDCR and UPI on Dartmouth College and the Civil Rights Movement in Chattanooga, the John F. Kennedy assassination, Barry Goldwater's presidential campaign and the flooding of White River Junction, Vermont, in 1964. A cassette tape recording of a WDCA interview with the Mayor of Chattanooga, TN is also included.
Rauner Manuscript MS-1322

Wilson Follett letters,
Follett, Wilson, 1887-1963
The collection contains editorial correspondence between Follett and Alice Cox, (widow of Sidney Cox) as well as correspondence between Follett and Robert Frost, Kathleen Morrison and Allan Angoff and Fillmore Hyde (New York University Press). The correspondence focuses on the publication of Sidney Cox's book, "A Swinger of Birches," and Follett's repeated requests to Robert Frost for an introduction to the book. Typescript carbons of Robert Frost's initial draft as well as his revised draft of the introduction and some editorial notes and budget calculations are also included.
Rauner Manuscript MS-1325

Donald Claflin collection of jewelry design drawings,
Claflin, Donald, 1935-1979
The collection contains over 300 designs executed in watercolor for jewelry; including rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, brooches and earrings by Donald Claflin for Tiffany and Co.
Rauner Manuscript MS-1327

Josiah Burnham case collection,
The collection contains material related to the criminal case against Josiah Burnham who was accused, convicted and hanged for the murders of Russell Freeman and Captain Joseph Starkweather. It consists of one letter from Nathan Smith to New Hampshire Governor John Langdon regarding postponement of Josiah Burnham's execution so that Burnham's body may be of use to Dartmouth Medical School, one account of a conversation between John Clark and Burnham while Burnham was in prison, and instructions by Judge Paine Wingate to prospective jurors for the trial against Josiah Burnham. A receipt for money received by Paine Wingate from Josiah Bartlett is also included. Of note is the fact that Daniel Webster was a junior counsel for the defense on this case and presented an argument against capital punishment.
Rauner Manuscript MS-1328

Hersey, John, 1914-1993
New York : F-R. Publishing Corporation, ©1946
A noiseless flash -- The fire -- Details are being investigated -- Panic grass and feverfew.

Describes the effect of the bombing of Hiroshima on six survivors of the atomic blast.
Rauner Rare Book D767.25.H6 H4 1946

Genji kokagami
Fujiwara, Nagachika, -1429
[Naniwa-ku i.e. Osaka : [Kagaya Zenzo], Bunsei 6 [1823]
Rauner Rare Book PL788.4.G43 F85 1823

Securing operating systems through utility virtual machines
Denz, Robert
"The advent of hypervisors revolutionized the computing industry in terms of malware prevention and detection, secure virtual machine managers, and cloud resilience. However, this has resulted in a disjointed response to handling known threats rather than preventing unknown zero-day threats. This thesis introduces a new paradigm to cloud computing – utility virtual machines – that directly leverages virtualization hardware for protection and eliminates often accepted roles of the operating system kernel. This represents a break from prevailing practices and serves to establish a hardware root of trust for system operation."
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis Ph.D. 2016

The impact of corporate social responsibly on economic performance
Buchanan, Lauren Shaw
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2015

Investigating insulin hexamer stabilisation through Isothermal Titration calorimetry : the effects of surrogate metal Ions, pH and coordinating ligands
Horioka, Mizuho
"Insulin is an important biomacromolecule that is synthesised in the [beta]-cells of the pancreas. It is stored within Zn²⁺and Ca²⁺ rich, slightly acidic (pH 5.5 to 6) vesicles in the [beta]-cells as a Zn-stabilised hexamer. Once they are released into the bloodstream (pH 7.4), the hexamer dissociates and the catalytically active monomer is released. Insulin has been studied through different experimental techniques, but recent measurements of the thermodynamics of the insulin-Zn²⁺ interaction using Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) have provided valuable insight into the formation of the hexamer and the role of the metal ion in this stabilisation. This work studies the thermodynamic similarities between the native metal (Zn²⁺) and a surrogate metal (Co²⁺) stabilising insulin at two different physiological relevant pH values (6.0 and 7.4) with the addition of Ca²⁺. These studies revealed that the free energy of insulin hexamer formation is similar in all conditions used, and stabilisation of the insulin hexamer is strongly entropically driven, mostly by the large amount of desolvation. It seems that the proton flow mediates this desolvation and, in turn, mediates the enthalpic and entropic components of the free energy, seen though linear relationships of the proton flow to the enthalpies and entropies. Co²⁺ may be a good structural surrogate for Zn²⁺, but the thermodynamics at phsyiologically relevant pH values, both with and without Ca²⁺ are different than those of Zn²⁺, suggesting that it is not a good thermodynamic surrogate. Future work should investigate the effects of excess Ca²⁺and Zn²⁺on the thermodynamics of hexamer formation of pH 6.0, as this more closely approximates the physiological conditions within the vesicles. This may further confirm the importance of proton flow in tuning the stabilisation thermodynamics. "
Kresge Thesis M.S. Chem. 2016

Drug discovery for P29S rac1 melanoma
Ho, Gregory
"The spontaneously-activating P29S mutant of the rho GTPase rac1 has been found in up to 9% of melanoma tumors. The proline at position 29 is found on the N-terminus of the Switch I loop (residues 25-39) of rac1 that regulates GTP-GDP conformational signaling. It is believed that this mutation de-regulates GTP-GDP cycling thus causing aberrant effector signaling. This "hotspot" mutation is the third highest gain-of-function mutation in sun-exposed melanoma where it is believed to be a driver of tumorigenesis and a marker for resistance against RAF drug inhibitors emurafenib and dabrafenib. Currently available wild-type rac1 inhibitors are not effective against P28S rac1. We propose developing a specific molecular inhibitor for P29S rac1 for a novel binding pocket through the use of computational docking simulations. By docking then refining chemical diversity libraries to P29S rac1, we have generated candidate molecules for further in vitro screening"
Kresge Thesis M.S. Chem 2016

A secret worth knowing : a treatise on the most important subject in the world: simply to say, insanity, the only work of the kind in the United States, or, perhaps, in the known world, founded on general observation and truth. There are other ..
Grimes, G. 1809-
Nashville, Tenn. : [Nashville Union?], 1846
The author's case -- Insanity -- General remarks -- Idiotism -- Jurisprudence of insanity -- On suicide -- The possibility of apostacy -- Youth and future life -- Conclusion.
Rauner Rare Book RC464 .G756 1846

Neuronal responses to interferon beta or herpes simplex virus 1 infection
Katzenell, Sarah, author
"Herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV1) is a prevalent pathogen that establishes lifelong latent infection in the neurons of the trigeminal ganglia (TG). Periodic reactivation leads to the formation of cold sores, and may result in ocular or neurological complications, leading to blindness or cognitive impairment. Neuronal innate immune responses are crucial to controlling HSV1 neurovirulence, and autophagy has been proposed to play a role. We used primary cultures of adult TG neurons, which we treated with autophagy and immune modulating drugs, or infected with HSV1 and other viruses. We also performed in vivo corneal infections. We used biochemical and molecular methods, as well as imaging and virus assays to query the innate immune and autophagic responses in the neurons. We found that in vitro and in vivo infection with HSV and Interferon beta (IFN[beta]) signaling induce the formation of a novel autophagic structure, in which selective autophagosomes cluster together. This response is associated exclusively with innate signaling. The TG cultures were able to sense HSV infection due to the expression of viral ICP0, which is conserved among neurotropic herpes viruses. We also found that IRF3/7 are required to inhibit reactivation, and that the neurovirulence factor [gamma]34.5 is required to counter this response. We conclude that TG neurons have adapted uniquely to detect HSV gene expression, and that neuronal antiviral signaling induces a previously unidentified process of selective autophagy. Moreover, neuronal innate immune signaling and the neurovirulence factor [gamma]34.5 shift the balance of latency and reactivation."
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis Ph.D. 2016

The awful history of Bluebeard : original drawings
Thackeray, William Makepeace, 1811-1863
[New York] : Privately printed for Jerome Kern, [1924]
Rauner Rare Book PZ8.T325 Aw10

La poésie de l'Univers = Poetry of the Universe
Sharoff, Shirley, artist
[Montreuil] : [Shirley Sharoff], [2012]
Rauner Presses N7433.4.S533 P64 2012

Aulnoy, Madame d' 1650 or 1651-1705
New York : Frank Hallman, ©1974
Rauner Illus S467aufo

Effects of PMA, LPS, and DC 40 Stimulation on Bone Marrow and Spleen Cells from MCL1 Transgenic Mice
Peng, Julie, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2002

Entering a disordered world : abjection in the novels of Frances Burney and Jane Austen
Fung, Julian, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2009

Does summer diet quality limit moose
Schoen, Erik R., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2002

Arvidson, Valerie Marie, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2008

Investigating the ERV41-ERV46 complex in retrograde transport
Shibuya, Aya, author
" Intracellular protein trafficking plays an essential physiological role in virtually all cell types and delineation of underlying mechanisms will be critical for prevention and treatment of human diseases. In the early secretory pathway, signal-dependent sorting of proteins is required for dynamic retention of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and Golgi components. In this dissertation project, we identified the Erv41-Erv46 complex as a new retrograde receptor for retrieval of non-HDEL bearing ER resident proteins. In cells lacking Erv41-Erv46 function, the ER enzyme glucosidase I (Gls1) was mislocalized and degraded in the vacuole. Biochemical experiments demonstrated that the luminal domain of Gls1 binds to the Erv41-Erv46 complex in a pH-dependent manner. Moreover, in vivo disturbance of the pH gradient across membranes by bafilomycin A1 treatment caused Gls1 mislocalization. Whole cell proteomic analyses of deletion strains using stable isotope labeling by amino acids in culture (SILAC) identified other ER resident proteins that depended on the Erv41-Erv46 complex for efficient localization. Our results support a model in which pH-dependent receptor binding of specific cargo by the Erv41-Erv46 complex in Golgi compartments recognizes escaped ER resident proteins for retrieval to the ER in COPI transport vesicles. To identify cargo sorting signals recognized by the Erv41-Erv46 complex, we performed screening mutation assays of Erv41-Erv46 substrates, and found that disulfide bonds and neighboring residues in escaped cargo are important features for Erv41-Erv46 dependent retrieval to the ER. However, mutants that showed reduced cellular levels due to vacuolar mislocalization also displayed binding activity toward the Erv41-Erv46 complex. In addition, results from the screening analysis suggest that Erv41-Erv46 may also play a role in ER quality control. Based on more recent evidence suggesting that Erv41-Erv46 resembles protein disulfide isomerases (PDIs) in terms of biochemical characteristics and function, we propose a sorting mechanism that shares features with PDI activity. Here Erv41-Erv46 would recognize its substrates through multiple binding interactions that depend on the Evr46 thioredoxin-like domain and surface-exposed hydrophobic residues. Future studies can be directed on this model to determine the Erv41-Erv46 sorting mechanism."
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis Ph.D. 2016

Photograph album of Dick Hall's House
Sipprell, Clara E. 1885-1975, photographer
Interior and exterior images of Dick's House at Dartmouth College.
Rauner Iconography 1695

Photograph album of Charles W. Tucker depicting Dartmouth College in 1920
Tucker, Charles W. photographer,
Rauner Iconography 1694

Scrapbook with photographs, postcards, pencil drawings, mostly of a trip to the White Mountains in 1876
Many drawings in pencil, photographs, blank and pictorial postcards, mostly of a trip to the White Mountains in New Hampshire in 1876 by two couples. There are a few references to Vermont and New York. The scrapbook was possibly compiled by Mrs. Prividy [?] and given as a Christmas gift in 1877 to Mrs. Ingersoll. These women and their spouses may be the subject of the first photograph in album with a caption: "We."
Rauner Iconography 1697

Collection of photographs of Harry Whitney's second trip to Greenland in 1910
Whitney, Harry, 1873-1936, photographer
Images of the Inuit of northern Greenland, landscape and seascape views, wildlife and hunting.
Rauner Stefansson G740 .W458 1910

Photographs of Dartmouth College in 1940 collected by Rita Sanford Holch
Holch, Rita Sanford, compiler
Leaves from a photograph album of images of Dartmouth College collected by Rita Sanford Holch. Images depict a variety of individual and group portraits, campus buildings and settings, and Winter Carnival in 1940.
Rauner Iconography 1670

Ballot upon the amendments proposed by the Convention to revise the Constitution of the State of New Hampshire
[Concord, New Hampshire?] : [New Hampshire Constitutional Convention?], [1850?]
New Hampshire Constitutional Convention ballot of 1850 to revise the New Hampshire State Constitution on matters such as the religious test and property qualifications, composition of the legislature and judiciary, and consitutional procedures.
Rauner NH Concord C65 1850k

Collection of newspapers from France published between 1939 and 1944
[France], [1939-1944]
France-soir -- La depeche -- Excelsior -- Paris-soir -- Le petit parisien -- Le matin -- Paris-soir -- L'intransigeant.

Newpapers chiefly from Paris and that focus on the Second World War.
Rauner Rare Book D731 .C888 1939

Hermon Holt, Jr. collection of photographs of Dartmouth College during the 1890s
Holt, Hermon Jr., 1901-1968, photographer,
Contains 197 photographs taken between 1893 and 1897. The majority of the photographs, were taken by Hermon Holt, Jr., Class of 1897, between 1895 and 1897. The photographs show life at Dartmouth College during the late 1890s, including glimpses of student rooms, campus buildings and landscapes, students, professors and their families, sports, and local scenes during Holt's many outings with friends, including canoeing down the Connecticut River. The collection also includes a selection of student portrait cabinet cards taken by Langill Studios, Hanover, New Hampshire and sports team portraits taken at other studios.
Rauner Iconography 1662

Fast wavefront characterization of optical traps for quantum gases
Bezerra, Lucas, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Bubbles in my scalar field soup : a study on oscillons in cosmology
Martinez, Luis, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Using multimedia pre-lecture assignments to improve the introductory physics experience
Drager, Aryeh J., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2012

An electrochemical study of manganese oxidation
Priestaf, Michael Jay, author
"Reactions occurring on manganese (Mn) oxide mineral surfaces control the transport and fate of contaminants, the cycling of nutrients, and the degradation of organic carbon. Despite the importance of Mn oxides, the mechanisms governing their formation and evolution remain poorly understood. We used electrochemical, spectroscopic, and microscopic methods to investigate the mechanisms and products of Mn oxidation under environmentally relevant conditions. Cyclic voltammetry conducted in the presence of Mn²⁺ resulted in the electrodeposition and continuous growth of a varnish-like Mn oxide phase on the surface of glassy carbon (GC) and platinum (Pt) working electrodes. Raman spectra for this phase featured a peak at 646 cm⁻¹, characteristic of the out-of-plane stretching of Mn-O bonds in MnO₆ octahedra, and closely matched those of birnessite, a ubiquitous biogenic phyllomanganate. Systematic voltammetry indicated that the formation and evolution of this phase is governed by two distinct electrochemical-chemical-electrochemical (ECE) mechanisms occurring above and below an Eh of +0.5 V. Cyclic voltammetry using mineral packed powder microelectrodes (PME's) showed similar electrochemical behavior for synthetic birnessites, but demonstrated that pyrolusite did not prompt Mn oxide formation, suggesting similar abiotic phases do not promote further growth, a previously documented phenomenon. We attribute the evolution of reactive biogenic phyllomanganates to abiotic reactions involving the oxidation and disproportionation of Mn³⁺ at their surface. These findings have important implications for the formation, growth, and evolution of Mn oxides in the natural environment and reinforce the plausibility of coupled biotic-abiotic pathways."
Kresge Thesis M.S. Earth 2016

Comparing a deliberative process to social choice theory in valuing ecosystem services
Murphy, Mackenzie author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2015

AC susceptibility imaging of magnetic nanoparticles with magnetoencephalography
Zou, Yvette, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

A record of growth : as shown by a comparison of figures taken from the Dartmouth College financial reports of 1915 and 1930
[Hanover, New Hamphire?] : Alumni Fund Committee, 1931
Broadside sent, with a map, "to all Dartmouth men" in 1931 presenting financial information comparing 1915 to 1930 and requesting contributions.
Rauner Broadside 931940

[United States?] : [publisher not identified], [between 1860 to 1920?]
Autobiographical account of a young woman born in Windham, New Hampshire in 1760 and her experience with Christianity.
Rauner Rare Book BR1700.2 .A33 1860z

Collection of cigarette cards
[England] ; [between 1893 and 1950?]
Collection of various groups of cigarette cards, some issued from John Player & Sons others from from W.A. & A.C. Churchman. Cards depict series from Alice in Wonderland, Gilbert & Sullivan, and Eastern Proverbs.
Rauner Iconography 1705

As you like it
Jigsaw puzzle depicting Touchstone, Rosalind, and Celia in the forest from Shakespeare's As you like it, as illustrated by C.E. Brock.
Rauner Realia 544

Daniel Webster
Brusseau, Claude L., artist
Littleton, New Hampshire : Produced by Frances Ann Johnson, Village Green Studios ; [between 1950 and 1980?]
Portrait of Daniel Webster top and bottom, front and back, on four sheets with instruction sheet for assembling parts to form a portrait doll.
Rauner Iconography 1704

Collection of hand-colored photographs of Japan from approximately 1875 to 1940
On one side of accordion folded pages are portraits, mostly of women in studio settings. On the other side are scenic locations, chiefly rural, and many with manmade structures.
Rauner Iconography 1699

Collection of photograph albums of the Peary Relief Expedition of 1901
Two photograph albums, possibly by different compilers. Many images from the ship Erik with scenes of walrus hunting, ice floes and bergs, Inuit encampments and inhabitants, as well as the crews of the ships Windward and Erik. Also shown are Peary's wife and daughter, Dr. Frederick Cook, and Mathew Henson.
Rauner Stefansson G610 .C67 1901

Collection of photograph albums, chiefly of the White Mountains of New Hampshire from approximately 1920 to 1950
Seven photograph albums assembled by different people. Images are mostly from the White Mountains of New Hampshire but also include some other regional and further locations. Some albums with captions and dates, others without text. Images of people, animals, including bears, scenery including bridges, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, tourist locations, hiking, mountain climbing, sleigh rides, trains, and airplane flights.
Rauner Iconography 1700

Collection of glass plate negatives depicting individual women posing in theatrical costumes
Portrait images with studio backgrounds, individual women in theatrical costumes, posed.
Rauner Iconography 1663

Collection of photographs, some hand-colored, of Japan from approximately 1875 to 1940
One volume with portraits, mostly of women in studio settings. The other volume with scenic locations, both urban and rural.
Rauner Iconography 1706

Dartmouth Carnival poster design winner 1958 : Fred C. Scribner
Pewter tankard with inscription and with glass bottom and handle. Emblem of Dartmouth College with additional inscription also attached to front of tankard.
Rauner Realia 543

Time-sharing system manual
General Electric
[United States?] : General Electric, [between 1960 and 1975?]
Rauner Rare Book QA76.73.B3 B37 1965

Collection of intaglio prints depicting Paris and surrounding areas by Aveline
Aveline, Pierre, le vieux, 1654-1722, artist
Images of Paris and surrounding areas, each including some type of man-made structure. Churches, monuments, palaces, country estates, civic buildings, and ruins, and including both interiors and exteriors.
Rauner Rare Book DC707 .A945 1670z

Collection of slides of Dartmouth College in the 1960s by Paul F. Klee
Klee, Paul F., photographer
Various scenes of students, campus events, and college buildings of Dartmouth College during various semesters between 1962 and 1965.
Rauner Iconography 1679

Collection of postcards from various missionary groups from Great Britain to various locations in Africa and Asia between 1875 and 1925
Collection consists of various missionary groups from Great Britain, with the bulk represented by the S.P.G., the Zenana Missionary Society, and the Universities' Mission to Central Africa. Various locations throughout Africa and Asia are represented.
Rauner Iconography 1698

Green Harbor Marshfield
Billings, Hammatt, 1818-1874, artist
[United States?] : [publisher not identified] ; [between 1828 and 1850?]
Intaglio print of Green Harbor in Marshfield, Massachusetts, home of Daniel Webster.
Rauner Iconography 1703

Daniel Webster
Silhouette portrait, in black ink, facing right, of a mature Daniel Webster.
Rauner Iconography 1702

Collection of photographic negatives by Ralph Steiner of Dartmouth College from approximately 1915 to 1930
Steiner, Ralph, 1899-1986, photographer
Scenes of Dartmouth College campus depicting various activities and buildings.
Rauner Iconography 1677

[Prize-winning essays submitted for the German Department's Stephen J. Schlossmacher Award]
Schlossmacher submission / Alexia Huffman.
Rauner D.C. History PT105 .T372 2003

Growing alfalfa in Illinois
compiled and edited under direction of the Executive Committee and edited under direction of the Executive Committee of the Illinois Farmers' Institute, by H.A. McKeene
Springfield, Illinois : Illinois State Journal Co., 1912
Rauner Alumni G778i

Collection of ephemera related to Wearers of the Green events in 2014
Collection consists of the program for the Wearers of the Green 2014 gathering (2 copies), an invitation to the Wearers of the Green Induction, and an issue of The official game program of Dartmouth Football, October 18, 2014, which contains an article on the Wearers of the Green written by Jack DeGange.
Rauner D.C. History GV691.D22 .C65 2014

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