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Rauner Special Collections Library Acquisitions during August 2016

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Progress towards structural and functional characterization of VirF, Yersinia enterocolitica major virulence transcriptional regulator
Shlosman, Irina, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Synthesis and reactivity of phosphiranium cations
Pham, Daniel H., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Redox-linked ligand switching in thiolate-ligated heme proteins
Alden, Stephanie L., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

(Eternal) rest : in support of a choral program
Ragan, James, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

New geochronological and geochemical constraints on volcanic rocks from the Ogilvie Mountains, west-central Yukon, Canada
Mamrol, Peter, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Re-envisioning development in the new global economy : a case-study analysis of top-down and sustainable development models
Brioso, Erin A., author
" Does Development work? That has been the driving question of this research. Much of economic international development today has been shaped by the neoliberal economic policies of the Regan-Thatcher era. Over the past two decades economists and scholars have questioned whether the corresponding model of development has in fact been effective in developing the lesser economies of the world by promoting economic growth and human well being. Through an eight-part case study analysis, this research compares empirical data based on varying examples of top-down and sustainable development theories. The top-down case study examples detail projects enacted in post-Apartheid South Africa, Mexico, Kazakhstan, and Bangladesh. Similarly, the sustainable case studies examine projects in Namibia, Brazil, Croatia, and Nepal. Alternatives to both top-down and sustainable theories are offered in brief analysis through: Feminist Political Economy, Human Development theory, Gross National Happiness, and an Integrative model. Ultimately, this research contends that currently, sustainable development offers the most holistic approach to addressing not only the needs of the global south, but the entire global economy for the foreseeable future."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .B756 2016

Xolo : a metaphorical journey into the underworld
Amaro, Gregorio, Jr., author
"Digital games are a popular form of entertainment for people of all ages, particularly children. Despite the power to influence, games fall short in tackling larger more emotional issues. They lack empathy and the ability to elicit compassion. There is no sense of feeling when you suffer from an attack or die. "Frustration" is the only emotion that failure elicits. The need to succeed and avoid death motivates the player. What if games placed a higher value on death? Could being closer to death teach us more about life? My project attempts to explore these questions through the design of an interactive book for children. For inspiration I turned to my ancestral roots. I started in Mexico with the Day of the Dead festival, then delved deeper into ancient Aztec philosophy. My research focused on two specific areas: ancient poetry and the books of fate. Both allowed me to weave a rich narrative. The design process involved translating the hidden metaphorical language of the ancient Nahua into an interactive user experience. Writing my thesis has been an emotional and spiritual experience. In the last three years both my father and father-in-law passed away. As a result, my project has taken on new meaning. What started out as a way to answer the question, "Why do we die?" has turned into something much deeper and more personal. It emphasizes the need for more games that take players on spiritual journeys that explore not only the theme of death but other universal concepts."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .A437 2016

Leading ladies : the experience of women at Dartmouth following coeducation : 1972-1980
Shields, Margaret E., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Apartheid here : how the global battle for divestment arrived at Dartmouth College, 1980-1987
Harrison, Timothy C., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Analyzing and creating from Hemingway : exploring intertextuality's big Two-Hearted River
Beneville, John, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Bleak houses and disfigured bodies : imagining ruin in the victorian novel
Ganninger, Alexander, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Sagefire :b a graphic novel
Gross, Charlotte, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Media in the metropolis : text, image, and the teleology of vision
Kingsley, Andrew, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Clever girls
Rosch, Amelia, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Patterns of the people
Raymond-Overstreet, Darby, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Corinne Hardy Honors Thesis 2016
Hardy, Corinne, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Space law and US-Sino bilateral cooperation in space
Poulin, Gregory Michael Noddin, author
"As two of the three nations to develop the ability to launch astronauts into space, the United States and China rank among the world's principle space-faring powers and as such bear an immense responsibility to ensure the safe, equitable, and sustainable development of the space domain. This paper will argue maintaining a stable and transparent bilateral space relationship with China is essential to the strategic, economic, and civil space objectives of the United States. As such, the United States should adopt a pragmatic approach to space engagements with China. Under this model, the United States would view China's long march into space in a sensible and realistic manner by expanding bilateral cooperation with China in space based on practical rather than theoretical considerations. This could be accomplished by developing bilateral space cooperation with China at the micro, individual policy level. That is to say, the United States and China can cooperate bilaterally in space through dialogue, treaties, and the like without necessarily carrying out joint activities in space or other large scale space collaboration at a macro-level. Expanding cooperation at the micro level would require the United States Congress to repeal or revise the Wolf Amendment to allow NASA and OSTP to lead bilateral space cooperation efforts to ensure that development of the space domain is safe and sustainable."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .P685 2016

Ritual, perception, structure : sonic realizations of Buddhist principles
Kaplan, Kyle Hall, author
"This thesis seeks to understand connections between Buddhist philosophy and sound art in terms of history, theory and praxis. The first portion of this thesis focuses on the artistic practices of John Cage, a self-described Zen Buddhist whose work had a monumental influence on music and sound art's development in the second half of the twentieth century and beyond. While Cage's thoughts and music have been analyzed for decades, there doesn't exist a thorough documentation of their direct relationship to Zen philosophy and history. This thesis analyzes Cage's works through the lens of ritual, perception and structure, delineating their connection to various strains of Buddhist thought, including concepts of impermanence, non-self, interdependence, non-duality, nature, and pragmatism. The second half of this thesis provides technical and theoretical explanation for three of my multimedia works, and their relationship to the ideas of Buddhist thought introduced in the analysis of Cage's work. These personal pieces include an EEG composition sonically tracing the process of meditation through analysis of brainwaves; "Movement as Mind", an interactive installation translating movement on a meditation pillow to representative media; and "Heartbeat Gamelan", and interactive work transducing participants' pulse into rhythms and resonant feedback on Balinese gongs."
Paddock Thesis Masters 2016

Album of photographs of skiing in New Hampshire between1932-1933, including images with members of the Dartmouth Outing Club
Rauner Iconography 1671

Album of photographs of the first expedition of Richard Byrd to Antarctica from 1928 to 1930 and of the World's Fair in New York in 1939
Eighty-four images of the Byrd expedition, forty-six of the New York World's Fair.
Rauner Iconography 1690

Album of hand-tinted, albumen photographs of Japan
Kusakabe, Kinbē, 1841-1932, photographer
Images of buildings, shrines, and natural settings, located in various places in Japan, chiefly exterior views, some with people and some with posed genre shots.
Rauner Iconography 1689

Forward : the magazine of the working-class
Barataria [Trinidad] : C.R. Sealy, 1947
On our way -- May Day -- America and world peace -- Pioneers of freedom -- Forward groups -- Miscellany.
Rauner Hill HX175.7 .F679 1947

Curtain call : the magazine of theatre in Jamaica
Kingston [Jamaica] : Curtain Call Publishing Unit, 1959
Articles -- Reviews -- Profiles -- Features.
Rauner Hill PN2421 .C878 1959

Propaganda : the method, techniques, and tools challenging the false narrative of the Iraq War
Carter, Howard author
"Through research and applied personal experience, I develop a case study on the propaganda of the Iraq War in 2003. Key questions that are addressed: How do we define and understand propaganda? What was the propaganda that led to the war in Iraq? How has that propaganda impacted United States' policy and world stability. Literature search: I started my research by looking at war propagandists of the twentieth century. American World War One public relations mogul Edward Bernays' book Propaganda and Crystalizing Public Opinion showed me the positive opinion that propagandists have for their craft. In looking at activities surrounding World War Two, a collection of Joseph Goebbels' essays and speeches were helpful in understanding how a propagandist seeks to manipulate perceptions and action. Sociologist and legal scholar Jaques Ellul's view of propaganda as negative force helped counter the positive assumptions of Bernays. His book Propaganda, The Formation of Men's Attitudes, aided my initial research with an overview of the damaging societal consequences of propaganda. Several academic books deepened my understanding of the methodology and history of propaganda. These works included History Professor Jeffery Herf's Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World, Psychology Professor Anthony Pratkanis' Age of Propaganda, the everyday Use and Abuse of the Persuasion, and Communications Professor Brian Patrick's work The Ten Commandments of Propaganda. These books gave me an understanding of the history of propaganda and how ideological racism and blind nationalism have been used to promote war - that bias and emotion are leveraged by propagandists to promote conflict and create inequitable public policy. Conclusions: After outlining the methodology of propaganda this thesis investigates the propaganda that led to the Iraq War by applying the methodology. It is determined that the war in Iraq was based on a propaganda campaign that changed United States policy; from deterrence to preemption. Preemptive war and regime change policy in Iraq led to the rise of the Islamic State, the largest and most powerful terrorist organization in the world. Iraq War doctrine has fueled civil wars in Asia and Africa, creating a massive humanitarian crisis."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .C3784 2016

ABSTRACT/CONCRETE : an audiovisual synthesizer
Shepardson, Victor author
"This thesis presents ABSTRACT/CONCRETE: a new software audiovisual synthesizer, and fixed works derived from it. The project is conceptualized in terms of Hofstadter's (1989) concept of strange loop. The project is situated in the histories of the various fields it touches, including generative art, visual music, and audiovisual synthesis, and several case studies present prior work of particular conceptual affinity. A detailed technical description of the system is given, and the process of creating the accompanying works is described."
Paddock Thesis Master 2016

Daughters of Freedom, Daughters of War : practicing citizenship in postbellum Richmond, Virginia
Rendleman, Vivien C., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Eccles and Keynes : forward thinkers in the Great Depression
Mozer, Christine, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Black, white, and red all over : media coverage of the Scottsboro boys
McMurchy, Myles R., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Seismic Diplomacy : the American Aid Response to the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923
Lu, Roger, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Olyphant & Company : an exception to the China Trade
Lee, Lewis Swift, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

The family-friendly occupation : military dependents and American power in Postwar Japan, 1945-1952
Hele, Carson, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Medieval Memories : Nationhood, Identity, and the Middle Ages in Interwar Britain
Emery, Kelly, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Mayor Frank Hague and American Democratic Anxieties
Duva, Nicholas Sullivan, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Through religion to the Reich. : Catholic thinkers in Nazi Germany
Croak, Pascal McDonough, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

A progressive tradition : three generations of American Jewish Political Radicalism, 1880-1980
Cooper, Madeline S., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

S2 Columnar Ice as a model for permeability and elastic properties of fractured rock
Sigward, Stephen J. G., author
Feldberg Thesis Honors 2016

Integrated oxycombustion procsses for CO₂ capture from pulverized coal power plants
Shyong, Jocelyn, author
Feldberg Thesis Honors 2016

Synthesis and sintering of highly porous YAG scaffolds via water - and TBA-based freezecasting
Shofner, William s., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Townships' year
Cripps, W. H
[Ulverton, Quebec] : [publisher not identified], 1951
Rauner Nash NE1336 C74 A4 1951

Specchio dell' occasione : nel quale si propongono sotto figure allegoriche icommodi abbracciati et gl' incommodi sprezzati
David, Jan, 1545?-1613, artist
[Italy?] : Gasparo Grispoldi, [between 1603 and 1650?]
Rauner Nash N7740 .D385 1603

Typus occasionis : in quo receptae commoda, neglectae vero incommoda, personato schemate proponuntur
David, Jan, 1545?-1613
Antuerpiae : Delineabat et incidebat Theodorus Gallaeus, MDCIII [1603]
Rauner Nash N7740 .D385 1603

Overcoming and utilizing plasma sheaths for low energy plasma analysis
Fisher, Lisa Elaine, author
"The measurement of low energy (< 1eV) particles that constitute ionospheric plasma is inherently difficult. The inescapable ram velocity of rockets and satellites combined with the formation of a plasma sheath prevents simplistic data analysis. In particular, the interpretation of planar retarding potential analyzers (RPA) during ionospheric sounding rocket missions requires modeling the thick 3D plasma sheath. This thesis describes the development of an RPA, the Petite Ion Probe (PIP) that has been designed to function in this difficult plasma regime and the data analysis procedure necessary to extract accurate measurements. Data analysis begins by modeling the sheath with the Spacecraft Plasma Interaction System (SPIS), a particle-in-cell code. Test particles are traced through the sheath and detector to determine the detector’s response. A training set is constructed from these simulated curves for a support vector regression analysis which relates the properties of the I-V curve to the properties of the plasma. The first in situ use of the PIPs occurred during the MICA sounding rocket mission which launched from Poker Flat, Alaska in February of 2012. These data are presented as a case study, providing valuable cross-instrument comparisons. A heritage top-hat thermal ion electrostatic analyzer, called the HT, and a multi-needle Langmuir probe have been used to validate both the PIPs and the data analysis method. Compared to the HT, the PIP ion temperature measurements agree with a root-mean-square error of 0.023 eV. These two instruments agree on the parallel-to-B plasma flow velocity with a root-mean-square error of 130 m/s. The PIP with its field of view aligned perpendicular-to-B provided a density measurement with an 11% error compared to the multi-needle Langmuir Probe. Density measurements made by the PIPs not perpendicular-to-B had larger error, which is likely due to simplifications in the SPIS model geometry. The agreement between the PIP and other instruments on the MICA flight validates the PIP as an accurate and low-resource device for the study of ionospheric plasmas."
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis QC45.N43 D3 2016fis

Making sense of orthography
Schnitzler, Carly, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Intimate publics: hearing race in radio and podcasts
Sim, Laura, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

I probably shouldn't have thought that, but at least I didn't say it out loud
Hartong, Mary Liza, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Fire and ash
Sukhadia, Queenie, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Sensitive detection of amino acids and cotinine using molecularly imprinted polymers
Chai, Ziyi, author
"The production and development of new materials is encouraged to provide opportunities to solve existing problems. Our research group is focused on establishing new materials by incorporating small molecules into an appropriate polymer system, known as Molecularly Imprinted Polymer technology (MIP), and creating artificial new polymers which can be utilized as prototypes for developments in medical and environmental applications. Using spectral, microscopic, chromatographic, thermochemical, and electrical characterization of these polymeric thin films, MIPs are qualitatively and quantitatively analyzed to provide direct evidence of molecular imprinting. Specifically, in Part I, a molecularly imprinted polymer system consisting of nylon-6 and various amino acids is studied. Nanomechanical properties and surface morphology of polymeric thin films at different phases are investigated on a nanoindenter and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) to probe the impact of template extraction and reinsertion on the as-produced thin films. From SEM, we discover interesting porous film surfaces when incorporating amino acids as target molecules. Quantitative analysis of amino acid reinsertion efficiency is also studied via chromatography, which assists in seeking optimum conditions for reinsertion. Thermochemical properties of amino acid imprinted polymer thin films are also investigated using Differential Scanning Calorimetry - DSC, providing evidence for MIP properties at different stages. Multi-wall carbon nanotubes and [Beta]-cyclodextrin are introduced separately as additives into the polymer systems, resulting in unique thermochemical properties. In Part II, a novel cotinine sensor is fabricated based on MIP technology. Previously, our research group studied cotinine sensors based on MIP thin films, but the big challenge was the high detection limit. In order to improve detection sensitivity, we change the methodology by converting the platform from thin films to nanoparticles, and improve the sensitivity by a factor of 1,000. Electrical resistance of the imprinted films is also measured as proof of sensor performance."
Kresge Thesis M.S. Chem. 2016

Regulation and function of VISTA in the hypoxic tumor microenvironment
Deng, Jie, author
" Hypoxia is a hallmark feature of solid cancers and has emerged as an important negative prognostic factor, underscoring an urgent need for understanding its causative mechanisms in tumorigenesis, such as promoting immune-mediated tumor escape. An expanding body of pre-clinical and clinical evidence has established that negative checkpoint regulators (NCRs) function within the tumor microenvironment to exert profound immunosuppression on T cells. Importantly, targeting the NCRs PD-1, PD-L1, and CTLA-4 can unleash antitumor host immunity and therefore, a strong interest lies in optimizing NCR blockade by understanding factors which govern NCR expression and by the application of new targets that can provide synergy to current therapy. In this thesis, we link tumor hypoxia with the regulation of V-domain Ig suppressor of T-cell activation (VISTA), a NCR in the B7 family. Further, we evaluated how targeting VISTA within the hypoxic tumor with a monoclonal antibody may potentiate host anti-tumor immunity. Using the CT26 colon carcinoma model as well as in vitro and in vivo hypoxic conditioning, we discovered a novel transcriptionally regulated program by which tumor hypoxia via HIF-1[alpha] drives the upregulation of VISTA on myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs). Ultimately, this led to enhanced MDSC-mediated suppression of T cells. Furthermore, patients with high VISTA expression, characterized by myeloid lineage signatures, had shorter overall survival than their counterparts. Together, these data demonstrate that VISTA is an important downstream mechanism of tumor hypoxia contributing to immunemediated tumor escape. Targeting VISTA using an anti-VISTA monoclonal antibody in established tumors demonstrated efficacy in reducing tumor burden. Response to anti-VISTA was characterized by a dramatic reduction in MDSCs leading to reduced immunosuppression and enhanced antigen specific CD8⁺ T effector mechanisms. Further, we determined that VISTA was required for MDSC migration into the TME and targeting this mechanism may have led to the observed changes in intratumoral myeloid cells. Overall, these studies presented herein are among the first to link tumor hypoxia with high VISTA expression and uncover novel mechanisms of action by VISTA via its role in MDSC suppression and migration. Collectively, these data substantiate targeting VISTA as an approach for mitigating the deleterious effects of hypoxia on anti-tumor immunity."
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis Ph.D. 2016

Test particle simulations of inner belt protons during geomagnetic storms
Engel, Miles A., author
"The variability of the proton flux in the outer region of the inner radiation belt is of major interest. Solar proton events have been shown to be able to dramatically alter the flux in the L = 2 to 3 region, both causing increases and decreases. Current models are unable to accurately predict these changes when compared with observational data. In order to improve the models, the inductive electric field generated by the time changing ring current will be added, so that proper radial inward and outward motion, due to the E x B drift, and the corresponding energy changes associated with the first adiabatic invariant will be taken into account. The inclusion of this inductive electric has been studied for two different storm times and compared with data from HEO, POES, and VAP satellites and is shown to improve the model results."
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis QC45.N43 D3 2016eng

Once on Island
Anderson, Georgianna, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Accidents of gravity
Rutherford, Emily, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

'The Book is Blank": the politics of language, voice, and silence in The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
D'Luna, Simone, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

The commodification of the young woman : gender, sexuality and consumer culture in the united states
McKay, Katherine R., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Really super not okay
Hartley, Abigail, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Private language and public experience in Wallace's infinite jest
Simonson, Maclean, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Violet period
Pacia, Gabrielle, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Constraining controls on alluvial fan geometry
Geithner, Benjamin N., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Physical controls on Hg-contaminated floodplain sediment on the Androscoggin River, NH
Menio, Emma C., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

The effects of timber harvest and roads on the Dead Diamond River in the Second College Grant, NH
Yu, Katherine C., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Seasonal effects on mercury release to groundwater from contaminated floodplain sediments (Berlin, N.H.)
Dzienkowski, Katherine A., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Investigating the effect of Catalina eddies on Southern California air pollution
Garczynski, Bradley J., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

From beach to bisque : an analysis of lobster fisheries management
Dyer, Alison, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

J. Alonzo Greene letter,
Greene, J. Alonzo, d. 1917
A Congressional campaign form letter signed by Greene soliciting supporters of his opponents in his run for Congress for the First District of New Hampshire.
Rauner Manuscript Mss 900377

[Lord Dartmouth, St. James' Square to unknown,] June 15
Legge, William 1731-1801,
William Legge (2nd Earl of Dartmouth) writes a note that he encloses a ticket to the British Galleries. Recipient unknown.
Rauner Manuscript Mss 000365.1

A continuation of the narrative of the Indian charity-school, in Lebanon in Connecticut, New England : founded and carried on by the Revd. Dr. Eleazar Wheelock
Wheelock, Eleazar, 1711-1779
Manchester, N.H. : Reprinted by the New Hampshire State library, 1891
Rauner D.C. History E97.6.M5 C69 1891

Corrections and additions to The Cox family of Holderness, and related families
Cox, Louis S. 1874-
[Lawrence?, Mass.] : [L.S. Cox], [1949?]
Rauner Alumni C8392cc

Imagines mortis : his accesserunt epigrammata, è Gallico idiomate à Georgio Aemylio in Latinum translata : ad haec, Medicina animae, tam iis, qui firma, quàm qui aduersa corporis valetudine pr[a]editi sunt, maximè necessaria : quae his addita sunt, sequens pagina demonstrabit
Coloniae : Apud haeredes Arnoldi Birckmanni, anno 1557
(from verso of t. p.) Paraclesis ad periculose decumbentes -- D. Caecilii Cypriani episcopi Carthaginensis Sermo de Immortalitate -- Oratio ad Deum, apud aegrotu[m], dum inuisitur, dicenda -- Oratio ad Christum in graui morbo dicenda -- D. Chrysostomi patriarchae Constantinopolitani De Patientia, & co[n]summatione huius seculi, de secu[n]do aduentu Domini, deq[ue] aeternis iustorum gaudijs & malorum poenis, de silentio, & alijs, homini Christiano valde necessarijs, sermo.
Rauner Rare Book N7720.H6 I434 1557

The role of miR-155 in gammaherpesvirus infection
Crepeau, Rebecca author
"Gammaherpesviruses are ubiquitous pathogens, infecting greater than 90% of the world’s population. Long-term carriage of these infections is associated with the outgrowth of malignancies, making the understanding of persistent viral pathogenesis and latency an important clinical question. miR-155 has been shown to control a wide range of immunological functions including T and B cell activation, inflammation and immunological memory. While previous studies have suggested an important role for miR-155 in the promotion of gammaherpesvirus latency, these studies largely relied on in vitro experiments. Here we report the use of MHV-68 infection to test the in vivo role of cellular miR-155 in gammaherpesvirus pathogenesis and immunity. The results of this work fall under three main topics: 1) The use of mixed bone marrow (BM) chimeras uncovered a cell intrinsic role for miR-155 in the generation of germinal center (GC) B cells, plasma cells and T follicular helper cells following MHV-68 infection. Despite these deficits, miR-155 deficient animals were able to mount a sufficient neutralizing antibody response. 2) Using reporter systems, miR-155 was found to be upregulated in MHV-68 infected GC B cells. Despite this upregulation, miR-155 was dispensable for acute viral replication and for latency establishment. However, using a highly sensitive limiting dilution reactivation assay we were able to uncover a novel role for miR-155 in viral reactivation, a critical step in the viral life cycle. 3) In the absence of miR-155 we found there to be a marked skewing toward MPEC and central memory T cell populations, indicating that miR-155 plays an important role in CD8+ T cell fate decisions. This phenotype appears to be specific to the setting of persistent viral infection. With these findings we show miR-155 to be capable of regulating the latent-to-lytic switch in vivo. Uncovering direct targets of miR-155 and the immunological consequences of that inhibition allows for the development of potential therapeutics. The work presented herein provides additional evidence that miR-155 could become a major player in the prophylaxis and treatment of immunocompromised patients."
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis Ph.D. 2016

Miss Eliza Rossell : a tale of the unfortunate female
written by a friend
Boston : Published by Z.D. Montague, 1845
Rauner 1926 Coll M577

Zonal wind variability of the Jovian Planets
Waychoff, Kathryn M., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Time evolution of the Wigner flow function
Friedman, Oscar D, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Fabrication and characterization of graphene devices
Kiani, Muhammad Hassan, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Characterization and control of nuclear spin systems
Vandermause, Jonathan P., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

High precision helium spectroscopy and quantum gravity effects
Dhakal, Pawan, author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

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