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Rauner Special Collections Library Acquisitions during January 2017

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Second April
Millay, Edna St. Vincent, 1892-1950
New York : Mitchell Kennerley, 1921
Rauner Rare Book PS3525.I495 S4

Tales from Shakespear : designed for the use of young persons
Lamb, Charles, 1775-1834
London : Printed for Thomas Hodgkins, 1807
V. 1. The tempest. A midsummer night's dream. The winter's tale. Much ado about nothing. As you like it. The two gentlemen of Verona. The merchant of Venice. Cymbeline. King Lear. Macbeth -- v. 2. All's well that ends well. The taming of the shrew. The comedy of errors. Measure for measure. Twelfth night, or, What you will. Timon of Athens. Romeo and Juliet. Hamlet, prince of Denmark. Othello. Pericles, prince of Tyre.
Rauner Rare Book PR2877 .L3 1807

Lady Chatterley's lover
Lawrence, D. H. 1885-1930
Florence : Privately printed, 1928
Rauner Hickmott 272

Tales from Shakespear : designed for the use of young persons
Lamb, Charles, 1775-1834
London : Printed for Thomas Hodgkins, 1807
V. 1. The tempest. A midsummer night's dream. The winter's tale. Much ado about nothing. As you like it. The two gentlemen of Verona. The merchant of Venice. Cymbeline. King Lear. Macbeth -- v. 2. All's well that ends well. The taming of the shrew. The comedy of errors. Measure for measure. Twelfth night, or, What you will. Timon of Athens. Romeo and Juliet. Hamlet, prince of Denmark. Othello. Pericles, prince of Tyre.
Rauner Rare Book PR2877 .L3 1807

Barrack room ballads, Departmental ditties, etc
Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936
New York : Brentano's, 1898
Rauner Hickmott 271

The price of survival
Nevins, Allan, 1890-1971
New York : Harper & Row, 1967
The price of survival -- Remarks / by Cass Canfield.
Rauner Hickmott 273

Proteasome inhibitors in Triple Negative Breast Cancer : strategies and mechanism
Weyburne, Emily author
"The proteasome inhibitors Carfilzomib (Cfz) and Bortezomib (Btz) are used successfully to treat multiple myeloma, but have not shown clinical efficacy in solid tumors. In vitro, Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) cells have been found to be sensitive to proteasome inhibition. In this thesis, we demonstrate that clinically achievable inhibition of the [beta]5 site of the proteasome by Cfz and Btz does not result in loss of viability of TNBC cell lines. We use site-specific inhibitors and genetic inactivation of [beta]1 and [beta]2 via CRISPR to demonstrate that inhibiting a second site of the proteasome, particularly the [beta]2 site, sensitizes cells to Btz and Cfz in vitro and in vivo. Inhibiting both [beta]5 and [beta]2 suppresses the activation of the transcription factor Nrf1 and prevents the recovery of proteasome activity through induction of new proteasomes. We also use kinase inhibitors and RNAi to define a JNK/ATF3/NOXA pathway that regulates cell death in proteasome inhibitor-treated basal-like TNBC cell lines. Overall, these findings provide a rationale for the development of dual [beta]5 and [beta]2 inhibitors, and for a more thorough investigation of the role of JNK in cell death following proteasome inhibitor treatment".
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis Ph.D. 2016

Theocritus, Bion and Moschus
London : Macmillan, 1920
Rauner Hickmott 274

Les pastorales de Longus; ou, Daphnis et Chloé
Paris : A. Lemerre, 1878
Rauner Hickmott 276

The kingdom of light
Peck, George R. 1843-1923
New York : Privately Printed, [1936]
Rauner Hickmott 281

Poems from the Irish
edited by the Earl of Longford
Oxford : Blackwell, 1945
Rauner Hickmott 277

Daphnis et Chloé
Paris : J. Tallandier, [préf. 1890]
Rauner Hickmott 278

Casuals of the sea : the voyage of a soul
McFee, William, 1881-1966
New York : Literary Guild, 1935
Rauner Hickmott 280

Jack McCarthy papers,
McCarthy, Jack, 1939-2013, creator
Jack McCarthy (1939-2013), poet. Dartmouth College Class of 1967. The collection contains manuscripts and published booklets of McCarthy's poems, as well as correspondence, notes, flyers, clippings, VHS tapes and CD's with readings of his poems.
Rauner Manuscript MS-1348

Chip Brown collection on "Good Morning Midnight-Life and Death in the Wild"
Brown, Chip, creator
Chip Brown, freelance writer. The collection contains his research material and drafts for his book on climber Guy Waterman, including correspondence with Laura Waterman, Guy's widow.
Rauner Manuscript MS-1349

Frank Hallman letters on the printing of D'Aulnoy's "Fortunia"
Hallman, Frank, creator
Frank Hallman, publisher. Collection contains correspondence and proofs related to the Maurice Sendak illustrated edition of Madame D'Aulnoy's 'Fortunia."
Rauner Manuscript MS-1352

The great god Pan : and, the inmost light
Machen, Arthur, 1863-1947
Boston : Roberts Bros., 1894
The great god Pan -- The experiment -- Mr. Clark's memoirs -- The city of resurrections -- The discovery in Paul Street -- The letter of advice -- The suicides -- The encounter at Soho -- The fragments -- The inmost light.
Rauner Hickmott 284

More harbours of memory
McFee, William, 1881-1966
Garden City, N.Y. : Literary Guild, 1935, ©1934
Rauner Hickmott 286

The harbourmaster : a novel
McFee, William, 1881-1966
New York : The Literary Guild, 1935
Rauner Hickmott 289

Enhancing community-based conservation, education, and recreation at Mount Ascutney
Environmental Studies 50, Dartmouth College
Rauner D.C. History LD1432 .E54 2016

Alnwick castle, with other poems
Halleck, Fitz-Greene, 1790-1867
New-York : G. & C. Carvill, 1827
Rauner Hickmott 237

Equilibrium analysis of channel recovery from an extreme flood
Doyle, Helen author
"River channels progress through cycles of disturbance and subsequent recovery presumably to equilibrium conditions. Traditionally the recovery of a channel has been quantified by evaluating whether pre-disturbance widths have been re-established. However, this approach ignores the possible covariation of channel parameters that allows for non-unique channel configurations. Here I test the use of a covariate recovery analysis in which an equilibrium channel is defined as one with constant sediment flux in the downstream direction. Sediment flux is quantified by assuming that it is a function of dimensionless shear stress (Shields number), which, in equilibrium bedload channels, is observed to be approximately invariant and equal to the critical value for initiation of sediment motion at bankfull flows. I analyze the channel response to and recovery from Tropical Storm Irene (August 2011) using five years of topographic and sediment size measurements from 15 sites on gravel-bedded streams in New England. The direction of change in these measurements at different sites was variable, but the watershed-averaged changes in geometry and grain size as a result of the flood were not statistically significant. While many reaches were observed to be out of equilibrium (Shields number not equal to the critical value) post-Irene, on average, using Shields number as a metric, the watershed was not forced out of equilibrium. The watershed did eventually experience a common direction of geomorphic change due to changed boundary conditions. Landslides activated during the storm provided a chronic source of sediment post-Irene, leading to fining of channel bed sediment throughout the study region two years after the storm. This fining resulted in the watershed being significantly out of equilibrium, but only under the assumption that Shields number must return to the pre-disturbance value. If we assume that the pre-Irene spatial variation in Shields number between sites is indicative of the temporal variation at a site, the watershed was never out of equilibrium during the five-year study period. Effective use of the Shields number for analyzing equilibrium and recovery will require a more complete understanding of the factors that define equilibrium at a given site. "
Kresge Thesis M.S. Earth 2016

Always belittlin'
Crosby, Percy L. 1891-1964
New York : Unicorn Press, 1927
Rauner Rare Book PS3505.R885 A7 1927

What I Saw
McCarthy, Jack, 1939-2013, author
Channahon, IL : EM Press, [2012]
Rauner Alumni M1268w

Elegy written in a country churchyard
Gray, Thomas, 1716-1771
London : Aldine House, 1898
Rauner Rare Book PR3502 .E5 1898

The Bab ballads : with which are included Songs of a Savoyard
Gilbert, W. S. 1836-1911, illustrator
London : Macmillan and Co., 1922
Rauner Rare Book PR4713 .B3 1922

Lady Jane Grey : a tale, in two books : with miscellaneous poems, in English and Latin
Hodgson, Francis, 1781-1852
London : Printed by T. Bensley for J. Mackinlay, 1809
Rauner Hickmott 238

Assembly dynamics of the septin cytoskeleton
Bridges, Andrew author
"Septins are a widespread family of eukaryotic proteins that function in organizing cytokinesis, cell polarity and cell shape. To carry out their role in these processes, septins form filaments and complex higher-order structures that associate with the plasma membrane. These higher-order structures, which are tightly regulated in time and space, serve as scaffolds for interacting proteins, influence the actin and microtubule cytoskeletons, and may act as diffusion barriers for proteins embedded in membranes. Septin genes are essential in many eukaryotic cell types and septin misregulation is associated with a myriad of human diseases. Despite their clear biomedical and ecological importance, only a small amount is known about septin form and function. Prior to this thesis, one area of septin biology that was almost completely unexplored was septin dynamics. Do septins polymerize from one or both ends? Do they polymerize on membranes or in the cytoplasm? What properties of the plasma membrane do septins recognize? Here, we addressed these questions by pairing live cell imaging with reconstitution base approaches. We found that septins grow by a dynamic assembly process that differs substantially from other cytoskeletal systems. This includes growth from both ends by a process that involves frequent polymer annealing and fragmentation on the plasma membrane. We then went on to show that septins recognize micron-scale plasma membrane curvature, providing them with the ability to sense cell shape changes. Septins use this geometric information to form higher-order structures that organize processes that take place at these curved sites, including cell division and cell polarity. Overall, this thesis begins to shed light on the exciting dynamics of the septin cytoskeleton and how septin dynamics relate to their cellular functions. Along the way, novel imaging and reconstitution approaches were developed that will continue to be utilized to further our understanding of the septin cytoskeleton. "
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis Ph.D. 2016

Phrenological chart
[Concord, N.H.] : publisher not identified, [between 1835 and 1840?]
Phrenological chart illustrated with examples of various head shapes, some of famous people from history, an explanation of phrenology and various component aspects, and a key to the illustrations.
Rauner Broadside 001469

Neueste Länder-Fiebel
[Place of publication not identified] : [Publisher not identified], [approximately 1830]
Oestliche Halbkugel -- Westliche Halbkugel -- Europa -- Asien -- Afrika -- Nord Amerika -- Süd Amerika -- Australien -- Deutschland -- Oestreich -- Preussen -- Russland -- Palaestina -- Schweiz -- Holland u. Belgien -- Schleswig u. Holstein -- Dänemark -- Schwedeu u. Norwegen -- Spanien u. Portugal -- Türkei -- Jtalien -- Frankreich -- Grossbritanien -- Poleu.

"The 'Latest Geographical Primer' is geared toward a juvenile audience, which no doubt explains the rarity of this fragile item. Probably produced in Austria or Germany, it contains maps of the Eastern Hemisphere, Western Hemisphere, Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia, Germany, Austria, Prussia, Russia, Palestine, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium, Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, Spain and Portugal, Turkey, Italy, France, Great Britain, and Poland"--Accompanying advertisement.
Rauner Rare Book G1019 .N484 1830

Drayton, Michael, 1563-1631
London : J.B. Nichols and Sons, 1856
Rauner Hickmott PR1105 .R7 1856

State representation for problem solving using reinforcement learning
Cheng, Zhao, author
"This research focuses on learning space representation using reinforcement learning. In order to reduce the complexity of an agent's learning space, two approaches are utilized: state abstraction and hierarchical state representation. Using state abstraction, a framework is proposed for satisficing state abstraction - one that automatically reduces state dimensionality by eliminating useless or irrelevant state dimensions via state-reward relevance testing. The state abstraction approach is effective in improving the learning performance when the scale of the problem is limited. In order to solve large scale problems, we use the Q-tree algorithm, a hierarchical state representation algorithm that concurrently learns task policy and state representations. The Q-tree algorithm splits the state space into subspaces by evaluating state space separability, a feature based on the difference in Q-values for transitions that occur from each visited state. Based on these learning space complexity reduction algorithms, we have developed computational frameworks for modeling insight problem solving. Insight problem solvers must overcome pre-potent responses and learn to restructure the state representation in order to reach a solution. The Q-tree leaning framework models pre-potent knowledge representation and subsequently restructures the pre-potent knowledge to reach a solution to an insight problem. The algorithm is evaluated on the nine-dot problem and the reverse-reward problem and results show that the dynamics of incubation and insight can be elicited. A multi-level problem solving model is presented as a more general framework for modeling insight problem solving. In this model, the state space of the problem domain is organized by a hierarchy of subsets of the original state space, and policies are learned under a subset of the state space using the Q-tree algorithm. A variant of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test - a cognitive test of set shifting - is successfully modeled by this framework. Demonstration of insight problem solving using RL algorithms is conducted using a robot platform with constrained memory and computational capability. Additionally, the robot learning experiments start with visual percepts, as the platform perceives the environment information from a camera. Finally, the thesis investigates application of the multi-level model to observational learning, in which a robot observes a human perform the card sorting task and learns which rule is in effect through observation."
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis Ph.D. 2016

The fifth son of the shoemaker
Corley, Donald
New York : R.M. McBride, 1930
Rauner Hickmott 246

The haunted jester
Corley, Donald
[New York] : Robert M. McBride & Co., 1931
Rauner Hickmott PS3505.0669 H3 1931

Time & the gods
Dunsany, Lord, 1878-1957
New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1922
Rauner Hickmott 244

Gypsy gold
Divine, Charles, 1889-
New York : T. Seltzer, 1923
Rauner Hickmott 245

The chronicles of Rodriguez
Dunsany, Lord, 1878-1957
New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1922
Rauner Hickmott 249

Insights into transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation by the MYC oncoprotein
Posternak, Valeriya, author
"Despite the fact that MYC has been studied for over 30 years, there is much that still remains unclear about its mechanism of action both transcriptionally and post-transcriptionally. MYC regulates a myriad of processes including cell cycle progression, proliferation, growth, differentiation, apoptosis, and metabolism, among others. The MYC gene is tightly regulated in normal cells; however, dysregulation of MYC expression leads to aberrant control of various activities and malignant cellular transformation. Classically, MYC is well- known for its role as a pleiotropic transcription factor. While the molecular mechanisms responsible for MYC-mediated transcriptional activation have been sufficiently characterized, recent publications have challenged the well-accepted dogma surrounding MYC's role in transcriptional regulation. MYC's role as a global transcriptional amplifier has been substantiated by multiple groups, however, the mechanism by which MYC promotes RNA Polymerase II (RNA Pol II) dependent transcriptional elongation remains elusive. Independently of transcriptional regulation, MYC has been described to modulate translation of specific mRNA targets by augmenting mRNA cap methylation. While a number of targets have been identified, the global effect of MYC on mRNA cap methylation and the specific MYC-mediated mechanism responsible for enhancing mRNA cap methylation have not been described in full. The extent to which MYC-mediated mRNA cap methylation affects translation, protein synthesis, signaling activity, and cellular transformation also requires further exploration. Herein, I provide novel evidence for MYC-induced modulation of P-TEFb activity through TIP60-mediated acetylation of Cyclin T1, which can amplify transcriptional elongation. Furthermore, this thesis expands on the global effect of MYC on mRNA cap methylation and identifies new key players necessary for MYC to augment cap methylation. I present data that support MYC-mediated mRNA cap methylation of a novel subset of transcripts within the Wnt/[beta]-catenin signaling pathway and propose that MYC modulates this process through TRRAP cofactor complexes."
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis Ph.D. 2016

Pilobolus on "Sesame Street" : 6 films- 1980
written and produced by Mickey Stuart
[Place of publication not identified] : [Publisher not identified], ; [1980?]
Features six untitled educational dance films for children.
Rauner DVD 14321

Behavioral and neural responses to affectively salient cues : the influence of perceived stress and control
Taylor, James M., author
"Though the complexity of emotional responding has created a challenge for researchers (LeDoux, 1996), attempts to investigate how emotional salience influences responding at both the neural and behavioral level continues to shed light on the pervasive effects of these events on daily functioning. Much of this work has also led to hypotheses proposing that many of these events contain information beyond their emotion-based label that can guide cognition and behavior in very specific ways (e.g. Whalen, 1998). The work presented in this thesis attempts to determine how these additional components (i.e. factors not accounted for by the dimensions of valence and arousal), are able to differentially drive neural and behavioral responses. This work will start with an investigation of whether fearful and angry expressions, to our mind naturally conditioned predictive cues, can differentially guide attention and neural responding. This work has the potential to support the notion that other dimensions, namely attentional diffusion vs. focus, can help explain observed behavioral differences between responses observed in response to these two negatively valenced emotional displays. I then complement this initial work by addressing the role of perceived stress and control on behavioral and neural responses to experimentally conditioned predictive cues. Importantly, these studies investigate the role of perceived stress and control on anticipated negative outcomes as well as anticipated positive outcomes. Interestingly, we hypothesized that anticipated positive outcomes could exert more pressure on participants to perform well, but predicted this would only be the case for participants reporting high perceived stress. This work will offer suggestions to guide future work that investigates the influence of affectively salient cues on behavioral and cognitive processes."
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis Ph.D. 2016

Precision medicine approaches for tumors with loss of neurofibromin 1 or RAS pathway deregulation
Allaway, Robert James, author
"Precision medicine is defined as the use of individualized patient data to identify the most effective possible therapeutic approaches. In oncology, this includes the use of patient tumor data to inform clinical strategies. However, there are currently few precision medicine approaches for many tumor types, including tumors with oncogenic RAS or loss of the neurofibromin 1 (NF1) tumor suppressor. RAS dysregulation is observed in many tumor types, including pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, lung adenocarcinoma, and colorectal cancer. Heterozygous germline mutation of NF1 causes neurofibromatosis type 1, which results in a predisposition to tumors such as optic pathway gliomas and malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors. Furthermore, NF1 loss occurs in sporadic cancers, including glioblastoma, ovarian cancer, and melanoma. NF1 loss can occur as the result of mutation, excessive proteasome-meditated degradation of the protein, or microRNA repression of the transcript, among other possibilities. There are a limited number of existing treatments for tumors with RAS mutations or NF1 loss. As such, novel therapeutic approaches are needed for these tumors. The present work aims to address several challenges to precision medicine in RAS/NF1 dysregulated tumors. First, we address the need for novel therapeutic approaches by evaluating the mechanism of action of Y100, a small molecule that is synthetic lethal with loss of NF1. Second, we address the challenge of identifying NF1 status in tumors using a machine-learning approach. Finally, we address the lack of personalized tumor models for patients with rapidly progressing disease by evaluating the use of the CDK9 inhibitor, dinaciclib, in a novel patient-derived xenograft model of PDAC".
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis Ph.D. 2016

Can self-regulation be improved? : an examination of neural and behavioral evidence
Chen, Pin-Hao, author
"Although the self-regulatory capacity of humans is superior to other animals, failures in self-regulation are common. Self-regulation failures can cause several serious problems in modern society, such as obesity, sexual control problems, and drug addiction. As such, researchers have enthusiastically attempted to identify effective means to improve self regulatory ability across domains. This thesis therefore aims to examine whether self-regulation ability can be enhanced in a domain-general fashion. Using a multimodal neuroimaging approach as well as an experience-sampling method, the present studies investigate the effectiveness of different self-regulatory enhancement techniques as well as their underlying neural mechanisms. Study 1 examines whether glucose consumption can modulate the neural reactivity to negative emotional scenes. Study 2 tests whether inducing self-awareness can change the relative engagement between the FP and reward system. Study 3 compares the effectiveness of a domain-general and a domain-specific training in reducing reward responsivity and daily food desires. Study 4 explores whether mindfulness-meditation training can lower reward responsivity and daily food desires. Study 5 creates an innovative smartphone self-regulatory training application and tests whether this app can help people lose weight. Study 6 investigates whether white matter integrity between executive control and reward regions predicts long-term success in dieting. Findings from these studies suggest that an effective self-regulatory training needs to be domain-specific. An effective domain-specific training can significantly lower the strength of impulse and enhance the communication between the brain system involved in cognitive control and the brain system involved in reward processing. Collectively, this thesis sheds light on understanding the neural mechanisms of self-regulatory training. Eventually, this thesis may inspire future applications of self-regulatory improvement techniques to clinical settings, such as treating pathological obesity and drug addiction."
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis Ph.D. 2016

Heebner, Mary, book artist
Santa Barbara, California : Simplemente Maria Press, 2017
Rauner Presses S579hein

The wisdom of Bernard Shaw : being passages from the works of Bernard Shaw ; chosen by Charlotte F. Shaw
Shaw, Bernard, 1856-1950
New York : Brentano's, 1913
Rauner Hickmott 296

Strange roads
Machen, Arthur, 1863-1947
London : Classic Press, 1924
Strange roads. -- With the gods in spring [with sketches by H.R. Millar].
Rauner Hickmott 297

Sonnets and poems
Masefield, John, 1878-1967
Lollingdon, Cholsey, Berkshire : J. Masefield, 1916
Rauner Hickmott 294

The golden treasury : selected from the best songs and lyrical poems in the English language and arranged with notes
by Francis T. Palgrave
London : Macmillan, 1919
Rauner Hickmott 304

Vie de Merlin : attribuée a Geoffroy de Monmouth, suivie des prophéties de ce barde, tirées du ive livre de l'histoire des bretons; publiées, d'après les manuscrits de Londres par Francisque Michel et Thomas Wright
Geoffrey, of Monmouth, Bishop of St. Asaph, 1100?-1154, supposed author
Parisiis : Firmin Didot, Fratrum, 1837
Rauner Hickmott 305

Dandelion Cottage
Rankin, Carroll Watson, 1870-
New York : Henry Hold and company, 1904
Rauner Rare Book PZ7.R168 Dan10

McIntosh and Otis records on Erskine Caldwell
McIntosh and Otis, literary agency. The collection consists of correspondence, clippings, financial records and literary agreements related to the publication of author Erskine Caldwell.
Rauner Manuscript MS-1350

Lloyd K. Neidlinger papers
Neidlinger, Lloyd K. 1901-1978, creator
Lloyd K. Neidlinger (1901-1978), Dean of Dartmouth College (1933-1952). Dartmouth College Class of 1923. The collection contains correspondence with Ernest Martin Hopkins and others, as well as manuscripts of radio broadcasts, a newsletter, and some memorabilia.
Rauner Manuscript MS-1354

Don Cohon papers
Cohon, J. Donald, Jr., 1943- creator
J. Donald Cohon Jr, (b. 1943). Dartmouth College Class of 1965. The collection contains correspondence, photographs, diaries, reports and audio reels related to his service as a teacher in Vietnam for the IVS (International Volunteer Services) and his work with refugees while he was a mental health professional in California.
Rauner Manuscript MS-1347

Ray Nash collection of student penmanship
Nash, Ray, 1905-1982
Ray Nash, Dartmouth College professor of Art. The collection contains student penmanship exercises from the late 18th and early 19th Century.
Rauner Manuscript MS-1345

Charles F. Richardson letters
Richardson, Charles F. 1851-1913, creator
Charles Frances Richardson (1851-1913), professor of English and literature at Dartmouth College. Dartmouth College Class of 1871. Collection contains correspondence with Henry Alden Clark regarding their book "The College Book."
Rauner Manuscript MS-1351

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