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Paddock Music Library Acquisitions during April 2017

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A basic music library : essential scores and sound recordings
compiled by the Music Library Association ; Daniel F. Boomhower, editor
Chicago : American Library Association, 2017-
v. 1. Popular music / edited by Edward Komara -- v. 2. World music / edited by Liza Vick -- v. 3. Classical music / edited by Amanda Maple.
Paddock Ref ML113 .B3 2017

Music as biology : the tones we like and why
Purves, Dale, author
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2017
Sound signals and sound stimuli -- The perception of sound signals -- Human vocalization -- Music and vocal similarity -- Consonance and dissonance -- Musical scales -- Music and emotion -- Music and speech across cultures -- Implications -- Appendix: An overview of the human auditory system.

The universality of musical tones has long fascinated philosophers, scientists, musicians, and ordinary listeners. Why do human beings worldwide find some tone combinations consonant and others dissonant? Why do we make music using only a small number of scales out of the billions that are possible? Why do differently organized scales elicit different emotions? Why are there so few notes in scales? In Music as Biology, Dale Purves argues that biology offers answers to these and other questions on which conventional music theory is silent. When people and animals vocalize, they generate tonal sounds--periodic pressure changes at the ear which, when combined, can be heard as melodies and harmonies. Human beings have evolved a sense of tonality, Purves explains, because of the behavioral advantages that arise from recognizing and attending to human voices. The result is subjective responses to tone combinations that are best understood in terms of their contribution to biological success over evolutionary and individual history. Purves summarizes evidence that the intervals defining Western and other scales are those with the greatest collective similarity to the human voice; that major and minor scales are heard as happy or sad because they mimic the subdued and excited speech of these emotional states; and that the character of a culture's speech influences the tonal palette of its traditional music. Rethinking music theory in biological terms offers a new approach to centuries-long debates about the organization and impact of music.--
Paddock ML3820 .P87 2017

Salsa desde mi balcón : relatos y alegaros de un melómano
Méndez, Alexis author
Santo Domingo, República Dominicana : Sección Nacional Dominicana, 2014
Paddock ML3535.5 .M46 2014

Jazz from socialist realism to postmodernism
Yvetta Kajanova, Gertrud Pickhan, Rudiger Ritter (eds.)
Frankfurt am Main : Peter Lang, [ 2016]
Paddock ML3918.J39 J385 2016

Music, dance, affect, and emotions in Latin America
edited by Pablo Vila
Lanham : Lexington Books, 2017
Paddock ML231 .M87 2017

Be thou my comfort : the healing power of music
Handel Society of Dartmouth College ; Robert Duff conductor
Hanover, NH : Handel Society of Dartmouth College, 2011
Paddock Compact Disc M2020.D253 B4 2011

The life and songs of Stephen Foster : a revealing portrait of the forgotten man behind "Swanee River," "Beautiful dreamer," and "My old Kentucky home"
O'Connell, JoAnne, 1950- author
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2016]
Pioneer elites -- Foreclosure and the death of Charlotte -- All up and down the whole creation -- Schooldays in Brother William's sunshine -- At home in Allegheny -- Musical bookkeeper -- Awakening in Cincinnati -- Non-companionate marriage -- "Swanee River", E.P. Christy, and sentimental minstrelsy -- Shiras and the antislavery impulse -- Piano girls and parlor songs -- Hoboken and deaths in the family -- Buchanan Glee Club -- Royalties sellout -- New York "potboilers" -- War songs and Copperhead relatives -- Foster-Cooper "song factory" -- Concert saloons and variety music -- Last days on the Bowery -- Accidental death or suicide? -- Epilogue: What came afterward.
Paddock ML410.F78 O3 2016

Super freak : the life of Rick James
Benjaminson, Peter, 1945- author
Chicago, Illinois : Chicago Review Press, [2017]
Paddock ML420.J233 B36 2017

Giovanni Gabrieli : transmission and reception of a Venetian musical tradition
edited by Rodolfo Baroncini, David Bryant, Luigi Collarile
Turnhout : Brepols, [2016]
Paddock ML410.G11 G56 2016

Perspectives on German popular music
edited by Michael Ahlers and Christoph Jacke
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Paddock ML3490 .P45 2017

Arranging concepts : complete : the ultimate arranging course for today's music
Grove, Dick, 1927-1998
Van Nuys, CA : Alfred Pub. Co., ©1985
Technical foundation -- Melodic handling and variation : harmonic considerations -- Harmonic density -- Working procedure to writing an arrangement : how to coordinate the information to specific musical styles.
Paddock MT86 .G76 1985

Arranging concepts : complete : the ultimate arranging course for today's music
Grove, Dick, 1927-1998
Van Nuys, CA : Alfred Pub. Co., ©1985
Technical foundation -- Melodic handling and variation : harmonic considerations -- Harmonic density -- Working procedure to writing an arrangement : how to coordinate the information to specific musical styles.
Paddock MT86 .G76 1985

Das wohltemperierte Klavier. Part I = Teil I : BWV 846-869 : Autograph Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Preussischer Kulturbesitz
Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750, composer
Kassel : Bärenreiter, [2015]
Paddock M2 .D62 Bd.50

John Lennon
Webb, Robert, author
Stroud, Gloucestshire : The History Press, 2016
John Lennon is a giant of popular music and culture. As one-quarter of the Beatles, he was in the vanguard of music, art, fashion and popular culture during the sixties. He stands as an iconic figure even for those who grew up long after his untimely death in 1980. Above all, Lennon was one of the 20th century's greatest and most important songwriters. Songs he wrote with Paul McCartney define an era. Others he wrote alone, such as "God", "Help!" and "Revolution," betray a contradictory and troubled character. Lennon was never one to hide his love away, nor his anger, nor his convictions.
Paddock ML420.L38 W43 2016

Music as multimodal discourse : semiotics, power and protest
edited by Lyndon C. S. Way and Simon McKerrell
London ; Bloomsbury Academic, 2017
Understanding music as multimodal discourse / Simon McKerrell and Lyndon C.S. Way -- The role of music in ridiculing the working classes in reality television / Göran Eriksson and David Machin -- "Shame makes the world go around" : performed and embodied (gendered) class disgust in Morrissey's "The slum mums" / Aileen Dillane, Martin J. Power and Eoin Devereux -- Recontextualization and fascist music / John E. Richardson -- Authenticity and subversion : articulations in protest music videos' struggle with countercultural politics and authenticity / Lyndon C.S. Way -- Sonic logos / Theo van Leeuwen -- "If you have nothing to say - sing it!" : on the interplay of music, voice and lyrics in the advertising jingle / Johnny Wingstedt -- When the fairy tale is over : an analysis of songs and institutional discourse against domestic violence in Spain / Laura Filardo-Llamas -- Indigenous hip hop as anti-colonial discourse in Guatemala / Rusty Barrett -- Song, sonic metaphor, and countercultural discourse in British folk-rock recordings / Matthew Ord.
Paddock ML3916 .M8738 2017

Ludic dreaming : how to listen away from contemporary technoculture
By: The Occulture: David Cecchetto, Marc Couroux, Ted Hiebert, Eldritch Priest
New York, NY : Bloomsbury Academic, 2017
Paddock ML3838 .L73 2017

Issues in African American music : power, gender, race, representation
edited by Portia K. Maultsby with Mellonee V. Burnim
New York, NY ; Routledge, 2017
Performing blues and navigating race in transcultural contexts / Susan Oehler Herrick -- New bottle, old wine : whither jazz studies? / Travis A. Jackson -- The politics of race erasure in defining black popular music origins / Portia K. Maultsby -- Negotiating blackness in western art music / Olly Wilson -- Crossing musical borders : agency and process in the gospel music industry / Mellonee V. Burnim -- Industrializing African American popular music / Reebee Garofalo -- The Motown legacy : homegrown sound, mass appeal / Charles E. Sykes -- Stax Records and the impulse toward integration / Rob Bowman -- Uptown sound, downtown bound : Philadelphia International Records / John A. Jackson -- "And the beat goes on" : SOLAR, the Sound Of Los Angeles Records / Scot Brown -- Tyscot Records : gospel music production as ministry / Tyron Cooper -- Voices of women in gospel : resisting representations / Mellonee V. Burnim -- Are all the choir directors gay? : black men's sexuality and identity in gospel performance / Alisha Lola Jones -- Women in blues : transgressing boundaries / Daphne Duval Harrison -- Jazz history remix : black women from "enter" to "center" / Sherrie Tucker -- The reception of blackness in "women's music" / Eileen M. Hayes -- African American women and the dynamics of gender, race, and genre in rock 'n' roll / Maureen Mahon -- "Ain't nuthin' but a she thang" : women in hip hop / Cheryl L. Keyes -- The Antebellum period : communal coherence and individual expression / Lawrence W. Levine -- The Civil Rights Period : music as an agent of social change / Bernice Johnson Reagon -- The post-civil rights period : the politics of musical creativity / Mark Anthony Neal.
Paddock ML3556 .I87 2017

Music, indigeneity, digital media
edited by Thomas R. Hilder, Henry Stobart, and Shzr Ee Tan
Rochester, NY : University of Rochester Press, 2017
Paddock ML3545 .M895 2017

The 11 contracts that every artist, songwriter, and producer should know
Gordon, Steve author
Milwaukee, WI : Hal Leonard Books, 2017
Paddock ML3795 .G753 2017

Consuming music : individuals, institutions, communities, 1730-1830
edited by Emily H. Green and Catherine Mayes
Rochester, NY : University of Rochester Press, 2017
Music's first consumers : publishers in the late eighteenth century / Emily H. Green -- Inside a Viennese Kunsthandlung : Artaria in 1784 / Rupert Ridgewell -- Morality and the "fair-sexing" of Telemann's faithful music master / Steven Zohn -- Eighteenth-century mediations of music theory : meter, tempo, and affect in print / Roger Mathew Grant -- Musical style as commercial strategy in Romantic chamber music / Marie Sumner Lott -- In Vienna "only waltzes get printed" : the decline and transformation of the Contredanse Hongroise in the early nineteenth century / Catherine Mayes -- The power to please : gender and celebrity self-commodification in the early American republic / Glenda Goodman -- Exchanging ideas in a changing world : Adolph Bernhard Marz and the Berliner allgemeine musikalische Zeitung in 1824 / Patrick Wood Uribe -- Parisian opera between commons and commodity, ca. 1830 / Peter Mondelli.
Paddock ML112 .C72 2017

Music into fiction : composers writing, compositions imitated
Ziolkowski, Theodore, author
Rochester, New York : Camden House, 2017
Preface -- Prelude: Introduction. First movement: Composers writing. Weber and Hoffmann -- Berlioz and Schumann -- Wagner -- Transition: Nietzsche and the post-Wagnerians. Burgess -- Second movement: compositions imitated. Compositional forms -- Specific compositions -- Finale: composers setting fictional compositions. Leverkuhn's compositions -- Coda: Conclusion.

"This book deals with three aspects that have been neglected in the burgeoning field of music and literature. The "First Movement" of the book considers writers from German Romanticism to the present who, like Robert Schumann, first saw themselves as writers before they turned to composition, or, like E. T. A. Hoffmann and Anthony Burgess, sought careers in music before becoming writers. It also considers the few operatic composers, such as Richard Wagner and Arnold Schoenberg, who wrote their own libretti. The "Second Movement" turns to literary works based specifically on musical compositions. This group includes, first and more generally, prose works whose author chose a specific musical form such as sonata or fugue as an organizational model. And second, it includes novels based structurally or thematically on specific compositions, such as Bach's Goldberg Variations. The "Finale" concludes with a unique case: efforts by modern composers to render musically the compositions described in detail by Thomas Mann in his novel Doktor Faustus. This book, which addresses itself to readers interested generally in music and literature and is written in a reader-friendly style, draws attention to unexplored dimensions of the music-literature relationship and to the sometimes unrecognized talents of certain writers and composers."--
Paddock ML3849 .Z57 2017

An age without samples
Kakehashi, Ikutarō, 1930-2017, author
Milwaukee, WI : Hal Leonard Books, 2017
Paddock ML424.K24 A3 2017

Jazz : a beginner's guide
Nicholson, Stuart, 1948- author
London : Oneworld Publications, 2017
"Jazz: a beginner's guide is a lively and highly accessible introduction to a global musical phenomenon. Award-winning music journalist and author Stuart Nicholson takes the reader on an entertaining journey from jazz's early stirrings in America's south through to the present day, when almost every country in the world has its own vibrant jazz scene. Along the way we meet a host of jazz heroes past and present, from Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman and Miles Davis, to Keith Jarrett and Kamasi Washington. Each chapter is accompanied by a playlist designed to provide a stimulating and enjoyable entry point to what has been described as the most exciting art form of all"--Page 4 of cover.
Paddock ML3506 .N53 2017

The singer-songwriter handbook
edited by Justin A. Williams and Katherine Williams
New York, NY : Bloomsbury Academic, 2017
Paddock MT67 .S583 2017

Król Roger
Karol Szymanowski ; libretto, Karol Szymanowski and Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz, inspired by Euripides' The Bacchae
London : Opus Arte, [2015]
Karol Szymanowski's masterpiece powerfully presents the dilemmas of culture versus nature and man versus beast, and movingly depicts King Roger's inner struggles as he moves from an impossible life of repressed desires to the other extreme, giving in to his own demons.
Paddock DVD M1500.S99 L76 2015

Counting down the Beatles : their 100 finest songs
Beviglia, Jim, author
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2017]
Paddock ML421.B4 B55 2017

Iggy Pop life class
Deller, Jeremy, 1966- author,
Brooklyn, New York : Brooklyn Museum ; 2016
An interview with Iggy Pop / Jeremy Deller and Sharon Matt Atkins -- "And a flesh machine" : Iggy Pop, the body, and performance / Mark Beasley -- Life drawing and the male model / Frances Borzello -- How to organize an Iggy Pop life class / Sharon Matt Atkins -- Artists' biographies / compiled by Emily Annis.

"In Iggy Pop Life Class, Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller used the traditional life drawing class to stage a performative event with Iggy Pop as model and subject. The exhibition presents the resulting drawings along with works from our historical collections, chosen by Deller, that depict the male body, examining shifting representations of masculinity throughout history. The fifty-three drawings included in the exhibition were created on February 21, 2016, during a one-day life drawing class, using Pop as the unexpected model. The class was held at the New York Academy of Art and included twenty-two artists drawn from New York City's diverse communities, ranging in age from 19 to 80, with varying backgrounds and levels of education and experience. The class was led by artist and drawing professor Michael Grimaldi. The participating artists are Jeremy Day, Jeanette Farrow, Margaret Fisher, Seiji Gailey, Robert Hagan, Tobias Hall, Deirdra Hazeley, Patricia Hill, Okim Woo Kim, Maureen McAllister, Kallyiah Merilus, Guno Park, Kinley Pleteau, Angel Ramirez, Robert Reid, Mauricio Rodriguez, Danielle Rubin, Taylor Schultek, Charlotte Segall, Andrew Shears, and Levan Songulashvili. Deller's collaboration with Pop as a nude model is essential to his concept. A pioneer rock musician--as a singer, songwriter, musician, and actor--Pop began performing in the 1960s, becoming known for strenuous and unpredictable stage performances that often left his body battered and cut. For Deller, the life drawing class offered the opportunity to study his body in direct and palpable terms."--
Paddock ML420.P83 D45 2016

Steely Dan FAQ : all that's left to know about this elusive band
Robustelli, Anthony, author
Milwaukee, WI : Backbeat Books, 2017
Paddock ML421.S76 R63 2017

Lady Gaga and the sociology of fame : the rise of a pop star in an age of celebrity
Deflem, Mathieu, author
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
Popular culture and the sociology of fame -- The life and times of Lady Gaga -- The business of Lady Gaga -- The laws of Lady Gaga -- Gaga media : from internet to radio -- The audience of Lady Gaga : beyond the little monsters -- Gaga activism : the new ethics of pop culture -- The sex of Lady Gaga -- Art pop : the styles of Lady Gaga -- Epilogue: Professor goes Gaga : teaching Lady Gaga and the sociology of fame.
Paddock ML420.L185 D4 2017

Music as a platform for political communication
edited by Uche Onyebadi
Hershey PA : IGI Global, Information Science Reference, [2017]
"This book is a comprehensive reference source for the latest scholarly perspectives on delivering political messages to society through musical platforms and venues. Highlighting innovative research topics on an international scale, such as election campaigns, social justice, and protests"--
Paddock ML3916 .M8737 2017

Engaging in community music : an introduction
Higgins, Lee, 1964- author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2017
Paddock MT87 .H54 2017

Bach : a musical biography
Williams, Peter, 1937 May 14-2016
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Life and works. Early years, 1685-1703: background, family, studies -- First appointments, 1703-1708: a young musician's activities and early works -- Weimar, 1708-1717: the gifted player at a ducal court -- Cèothen, 1717-1723: other opportunities for the maturing composer -- Leipzig, the first years: a cantor's life, his duties, cantatas, Passions, publications -- Leipzig, the middle years: other activities -- Leipzig, the final years: a concentration on the language of music -- Observations on the life and works. What was said, what can be inferred -- An epilogue.

"J.S. Bach composed some of the best-loved and most moving music in Western culture. In this book Peter Williams revisits Bach's biography through the lens of this music. Reviewing all of Bach's music, collection by collection, to reveal the development of Bach's interests and priorities. While a great deal has been written about the composer's vocal works, Williams gives the keyboard music its proper emphasis, revealing it as crucial to Bach's biography, as a young organist and a mature composer, as a performer in public and teacher in private, and as a profound thinker in the language of music."-- book jacket.
Paddock ML410.B1 W706 2016

Message to our folks : the Art Ensemble of Chicago
Steinbeck, Paul, author
Chicago ; The University of Chicago Press, 2017
The South Side scene -- Two art ensembles -- The Art Ensemble of Paris -- A Jackson in your house -- On the road -- Free together -- Live at Mandel Hall -- Great black music -- Live from the Jazz Showcase.

This year marks the golden anniversary of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, the flagship band of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. Formed in 1966 and flourishing until 2010, the Art Ensemble distinguished itself by its unique performance practices-- members played hundreds of instruments on stage, recited poetry, performed theatrical sketches, and wore face paint, masks, lab coats, and traditional African and Asian dress. The group, which built a global audience and toured across six continents, presented their work as experimental performance art, in opposition to the jazz industry?s traditionalist aesthetics. In Message to Our Folks, Paul Steinbeck combines musical analysis and historical inquiry to give us the definitive study of the Art Ensemble. In the book, he proposes a new theory of group improvisation that explains how the band members were able to improvise together in so many different styles while also drawing on an extensive repertoire of notated compositions. Steinbeck examines the multimedia dimensions of the Art Ensemble's performances and the ways in which their distinctive model of social relations kept the group performing together for four decades. Message to Our Folks is a striking and valuable contribution to our understanding of one of the world's premier musical groups.
Paddock ML28.C4 A774 2017

Music, theater, and society in the comedies of Luiz Carlos Martins Penna (1833-1846) : amidst the lundu, the aria and the alleluia
Costa-Lima Neto, Luiz, 1964- author
Lanham : Lexington Books, [2017]
Paddock ML1717.B84 C67 2017

Studies in historical improvisation : from Cantare super librum to Partimenti
edited by Massimiliano Guido
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
The improvisatory moment / Thomas Christensen -- Musical invention, rhetorical loci, and the art of memory / Stefano Lorenzetti -- Climbing the stairs of the memory palace : gestures at the keyboard for a flexible mind / Massimiliano Guido -- Toward a stylistic history of Cantare super librum / Philippe Canguilhem -- Contrapunto and fabordón : practices of extempore polyphony in Renaissance Spain / Giuseppe Fiorentino -- Discovering the practice of improvised counterpoint / Jean-Yves Haymoz -- Composing at the keyboard : Banchieri and Spiridion, two complementary methods / Edoardo Bellotti -- Partimento teaching according to Francesco Durante, investigated through the earliest manuscript sources / Peter van Tour -- Partimento and incomplete notations in eighteenth-century keyboard music / Giorgio Sanguinetti -- Teaching theory through improvisation / Peter Schubert -- Learning tonal counterpoint through keyboard improvsation in the twenty-first century / Michael Callahan.

In recent years, scholars and musicians have become increasingly interested in the revival of musical improvisation as it was known in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. This historically informed practice is now supplanting the late Romantic view of improvised music as a rhapsodic endeavour - a musical blossoming out of the capricious genius of the player - that dominated throughout the twentieth century. In the Renaissance and Baroque eras, composing in the mind (alla mente) had an important didactic function. For several categories of musicians, the teaching of counterpoint happened almost entirely through practice on their own instruments. This volume offers the first systematic exploration of the close relationship among improvisation, music theory and practical musicianship from late Renaissance into the Baroque era. It is not a historical survey per se, but rather aims to re-establish the importance of such a combination as a pedagogical tool for a better understanding of the musical idioms of these periods. The authors are concerned with the transferral of historical practices to the modern classroom, discussing new ways of revitalising the study and appreciation of early music. The relevance and utility of such an improvisation-based approach also changes our understanding of the balance between theoretical and practical sources in the primary literature, as well as the concept of music theory itself.
Paddock ML457 .S85 2017

The southern rock revival : the old south in a new world
Eastman, Jason, author
Lanham : Lexington Books, [2017]
Paddock ML3917.U6 E27 2017

Forever Stardust : David Bowie across the universe
Brooker, Will, 1970- author
London : I.B. Tauris, 2017
Introduction. Starburst: The Bowie Matrix -- You, Me, and Everyone Else - Bowie and Authorship -- SIDE A: The World and all its Wisdom: Bowie, Space and Place ; From Suburbia to America ; The Alien and the Others ; Berlin Then and Now -- SIDE B: Face the Decades: Bowie, Time and Self ; Gender and Sexuality ; Death and Resurrection ; Sailor, A Sort of Biography ; Epilogue. Starfall: After Bowie.
Paddock ML420.B754 B76 2017

Essays on Roberto Gerhard
edited by Monty Adkins and Michael Russ
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017
Paddock ML410.G284 E87 2017

Captain Fantastic : Elton John's stellar trip through the '70s
Doyle, Tom, 1967- author
New York : Ballantine Books, [2017]
A long, long time -- Elton John has arrived -- Reborn on the West Coast -- A well-known gun -- Hope you don't mind -- Hercules -- No Superman gonna ruin my plans -- All aboard the starship -- High in the snowy mountains -- From the end of the world to your town -- Drift of the Fantastic voyage -- Burning out his fuse -- An audience with the King -- Floating into space -- Super Czar -- Quack!

"Draws on first-person interviews to trace the iconic rock artist's meteoric rise in the 1970s, documenting his significant achievements and the private struggles that led to his suicide attempts and temporary retirement. By the author of Man on the Run, "--NoveList.
Paddock ML410.J64 D69 2017

Earl Scruggs : banjo icon
Castelnero, Gordon, 1965- author
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2017]
Paddock ML419.S38 C37 2017

Catalogue of the musical manuscripts at Peterhouse, Cambridge
Hughes, Anselm, 1889-1974, compiler
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2015
The Henrician set -- The Caroline part-books -- The organ-book (Ms. 46) -- The folio prayer-book -- Index of texts.
Paddock ML136.C21 P4 2015

Composer genealogies : a compendium of composers, their teachers, and their students
Pfitzinger, Scott, author
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2017]
Paddock ML100 .P505 2017

Images of the apocalypse in African American blues and spirituals : destruction in this land
Ziółek-Sowińska, Małgorzata, author
Frankfurt am Main ; Peter Lang Edition, [2017]
Paddock ML3921.8.B68 Z56 2017

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