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Matthews-Fuller Health Sciences Library Acquisitions during July 2016

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Biomarkers of brain injury and neurological disorders
editors, Kevin K.W. Wang, Zhiqun Zhang, Firas H. Kobeissy, Center for Neuroproteomics and Biomarkers Research, Department of Psychiatry, the Evelyn F. and William L. McKnight Brain Institute, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA
Boca Raton : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2015]
Section A. Biomarker technology -- section B. CNS injury biomarkers -- section C. Other CNS disorder biomarkers.

"This book explores the recent advances in the techniques and platforms used in biomarker research that have revolutionized the way we study, diagnose, and treat brain injury conditions. The contributors describe different biomarker studies pertaining to brain injury and other neurological disorders and analyze the different models and technologies used to identify these biological markers. The book includes findings from "Omics research" that have been utilized to decipher and identify such biomarkers. It discusses protein, microRNA, and altered gene profiles and reviews neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, and prion and Alzheimer's disease"--
Matthews Fuller RC451.4.B73 B56 2015

Emergency medicine oral board review illustrated
edited by Yasuharu Okuda, Bret P. Nelson
New York : Cambridge University Press, 2015
How to use this book / Bret Nelson -- EM medical decision making / Scott Weingart -- About the oral boards : the approach and practical tips / Peter Shearer and Yasuharu Okuda -- About the oral boards : format and scoring / Michael Cassara -- Cases.
Matthews Fuller RC86.9 .E44 2015

Clinical manifestations and assessment of respiratory disease
Des Jardins, Terry R
St. Louis, Mo. : Mosby Elsevier, ©2016
Introduction -- Part I: Assessment of respiratory disease -- Section I: Clinical data obtained at the patient's bedside -- The patient interview -- The physical examination and its basis in physiology -- Section II: Clinical data obtained from laboratory tests and special procedures -- Pulmonary function study assessments -- Arterial blood gas assessments -- Oxygenation assessments -- Cardiovascular system assessments -- Radiologic examination of the chest -- Other important Tests and Procedures -- Section III: The therapist-driven protocol program -- the essentials -- The therapist-driven protocol program and the role of the respiratory therapist -- Respiratory failure and the mechanical ventilation protocol -- Recording skills: the basis for data collection, organization, assessment skills, and treatment plans -- Part II: Obstructive lung disease -- Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis and emphysema -- Asthma -- Bronchiectasis -- cystic fibrosis -- Part III: Infectious pulmonary diseases -- Pneumonia -- Lung abscess -- Tuberculosis -- Fungal diseases of the lung -- Part IV: Pulmonary vascular diseases -- Pulmonary edema -- Pulmonary vascular disease -- Part V: Chest and pleural trauma -- Flail chest -- Pneumothorax -- Part VI: Disorders of the pleura and of the chest wall -- Pleural effusion and empyema -- Kyphoscoliosis -- Part VII: Environmental lung diseases -- Interstitial lung diseases -- Part VIII: Neoplastic disease -- Cancer of the lung -- Part IX: Diffuse alveolar disease -- Acute respiratory distress syndrome -- Part X: Neurologic disorders and sleep apnea -- Guillain-Barre syndrome -- Myasthenia gravis -- Sleep-related breathing disorders-sleep apnea -- Part XI: Newborn and early childhood respiratory disorders -- Newborn and Early Childhood Respiratory Disorders and Treatment Protocols -- Meconium aspiration syndrome -- Transient tachypnea of the newborn -- Respiratory Distress Syndrome -- Pulmonary air leak syndromes -- Respiratory syncytial virus (bronchiolitis or pneumonitis) -- Bronchopulmonary dysplasia -- Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia -- Congenital Heart Disease -- Croup Syndrome: Laryngotracheobronchitis and Acute Epiglottitis -- Part XII: Other important topics -- Near drowning/wet drowning -- Smoke inhalation and thermal injuries -- Atelectasis.

This popular, full-color text provides all the necessary tools you need to learn how to gather clinical data, formulate assessments, make objective evaluations, identify desired outcomes, design a safe and effective treatment plan, and document all the steps involved. And with a new chapter on respiratory failure and mechanical ventilation protocol, new information on electronic charting, and numerous updates in treatment and assessment added to nearly all the chapters, this new edition ensures you will be well-versed in all of the new issues affecting respiratory therapy. --Elsevier website.
Matthews Fuller RC735.I5 C466 2016

Case files ®. Psychiatry
Toy, Eugene C
New York : McGraw-Hill Education, [2016]
Section I. How to Approach Clinical Problems -- Part 1. Approach to the Patient -- Part 2. Approach to Clinical Problem Solving -- Part 3. Approach to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders -- Part 4. Approach to Reading -- Section II. Psychiatric Therapeutics -- Part 1. Psychotherapy -- Part 2. Psychopharmacotherapy -- Section III. Listing of Cases -- Listing by Case Number -- Listing by Disorder (Alphabetical) -- Listing by DSM-IV Categories -- Section IV. Clinical Cases -- Sixty Case Scenarios.
Matthews Fuller RC465 .T69 2016

Climate change and public health
edited by Barry S. Levy and Jonathan A. Patz ; foreword by Gro H. Brundtland
New York : Oxford University Press, [2015]
Applying a public health context to climate change / Jonathan A. Patz and Barry S. Levy -- Applying climate change science for public health / Stephen J. Vavrus, Eric Obscherning, and Jonathan A. Patz -- A widening research agenda : challenges and needs / Anthony J. McMichael -- Heat-related disorders -- Heat impacts on work, human performance, and daily life / Tord Kjellstrom, Bruno Lemke, P. Matthias Otto -- Olivia M. Hyatt, David J. Briggs, and Chris A. Freyberg -- Disorders related to heat waves / Rupa Basu -- Respiratory and allergic disorders / Patrick L. Kinney, Kazuhiko Ito, Kate Weinberger, and Perry E. Sheffield -- Vectorborne diseases / William K. Reisen -- Waterborne and foodborne diseases / Joan B. Rose and Felicia Wu -- Health impacts related to food and nutrition insecurity / Alan D. Dangour, Rosemary Green, Jenny Sutherland, Louise Watson, and Timothy R. Wheeler -- Mental health impacts / Thomas J. Doherty -- Collective violence / Barry S. Levy and Victor W. Sidel -- Public health policies and actions / Howard Frumkin, Jeremy Hess, and George Luber -- Communication / Mona Sarfaty and Edward Maibach -- Policy -- Energy policy in developed countries / Gregory F. Nemet and Jonathan A. Patz -- Energy policy in developing countries / Robert Bailis -- Transportation policy / Vicki Arroyo and Kathryn A. Zyla -- Agriculture policy / Valerie J. Stull and Jonathan A. Patz -- Planning healthy and sustainable built environments / Jason Vargo -- Non-governmental actions by individuals, civil society organizations, and the private sector / Kathleen M. Rest and Jalonne L. White-Newsome.
Matthews Fuller RA427 .C482 2015

Dynamic reconstruction of the spine
New York : Thieme, [2015]
"Dynamic Reconstruction of the Spine, Second Edition, is an up-to-date, comprehensive resource on the instrumentation, technologies, and fundamental science integral to achieving spine motion preservation and stabilization. This revised text covers not only the latest technologies and surgical approaches, including MIS techniques, but also significantly more detail on the clinical biomechanics of the spine than the previous edition. Readers will appreciate the guidance this book provides on how to: successfully adopt new technology, find appropriate indications, address common safety and efficacy issues, and answer health economics questions for ethics committees and payers. Key Features: A substantial revision, with entirely new chapters in three quarters of the book, including a large section on basic as well as more advanced biomechanics topics. Highly visual - contains 20% more figures than the previous edition. Discusses and explains current advances in genetic and molecular technologies used to repair the spinal disc Includes an unbiased critique of the pro cons, clinical outcomes, and comparative outcomes of different devices. This new edition is an indispensable reference for orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and radiologists, as well as residents and fellows seeking the latest information on the technologies used in spine motion preservation and stabilization"--Provided by publisher.
Matthews Fuller RD768 .D96 2015

The complete thyroid health & diet guide : understanding and managing thyroid disease
Hedberg, Nikolas R
Toronto, Ontario : Robert Rose Inc., 2015
Part 1: Thyroid basics. How does the thyroid work? ; How do I know if I have a thyroid disorder? -- Part 2: Thyroid dysfunction. The immune system and thyroid disorders ; The gastrointestinal system and thyroid disorders ; The hepatic system and thyroid disorders ; The adrenal glands and thyroid disorders ; Hormone imbalance and thyroid disorders ; Iodine and thyroid disorders -- Part 3: Thyroid management. Medications and surgery for thyroid dysfunction ; Lifestyle modifications for thyroid dysfunction ; The balanced thyroid diet -- Part 4: Thyroid meal plan -- Part 5: Thyroid recipes.

One of every eight women has a thyroid disorder, an incidence five to eight times higher than men. The thyroid produces the "master hormone" that controls everything in the body. One of the biggest reasons the thyroid slows down is because of iodine deficiency and aging. The wide-spread use of medications delivers poor outcomes. Many patients with thyroid disorders are desperate for help, looking for alternatives to conventional medicine. This book provides a thorough understanding of why the thyroid may be out of balance and what to do about it. Each chapter breaks down the different body systems and how they relate to thyroid disorders. The author provides an in-depth look at autoimmune thyroid disease, which is the most common cause of thyroid disorders. The second half of the book is filled with thyroid-healthy recipes and nutritional strategies to ensure that metabolism is running at a high level. This book also has nutritional strategies to help the healthy thyroid.
Matthews Full Consumer He RC655 .H35 2015

Health policymaking in the united states
Longest, Beaufort B., Jr
Arlington, Virginia : Association of University Programs in Health Administration, [2015]
Health and health policy -- The context of health policymaking -- The process of health policymaking -- The role of courts in health policy and policymaking -- Policy formulation : agenda setting -- Policy formulation : development of legislation -- Policy implementation and implementing organizations -- Policy implementation activities : designing, rulemaking, operating, and evaluating -- Policy modification -- Building policy competence for health professionals.
Matthews Fuller RA395.A3 L66 2015

USMLE step 3 in one week : [2000 short questions and answers]
Javaheri, Mohsen
[United States] : [CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform], [2014]
Matthews Fuller R834.5 .J38 2014

The cancer prevention manual : simple rules to reduce the risks
Olver, Ian N, author
Oxford, England : Oxford University Press, 2016
Stories in the media about the cancer-causing risks present in everyday life can cause alarm and confusion, and make it difficult to know how to alter one's lifestyle. The Cancer Prevention Manual, Second Edition, is a handy guide to all key issues in cancer prevention, presenting medical and scientific information in a plain, accessible style. Written by authors with distinguished careers studying the illness, and based on a solid scientific grounding, this book provides the facts about how our lifestyles pose cancer risks, and what we can do to change them.-- cover.
Matthews Full Consumer He RC268 .S746 2016

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