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Matthews-Fuller Health Sciences Library Acquisitions during February 2017

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Medical management of thyroid disease
edited by David S. Cooper
New York : Informa Healthcare, ©2008
The laboratory approach to thyroid disorders / Steven I. Sherman -- Hyperthyroidism due to Graves' disease, toxic nodules and toxic multinodular goiter / Kenneth D. Burman and David S. Cooper -- Thyroiditis and other more unusual forms of hyperthyroidism / Shon E. Meek and Robert C. Smallridge -- Hypothyroidism / Michael T. McDermott and E. Chester Ridgway -- Thyroid nodules and multinodular goiter / Hossein Gharib -- Differentiated thyroid carcinoma / Jennifer A. Sipos and Ernest L. Mazzaferri -- Medullary thyroid carcinoma, anaplastic thyroid carcinoma, and thyroid lymphoma / Jennifer A. Sipos and Ernest L. Mazzaferri -- Pediatric thyroid disorders / Rosalind S. Brown -- Thyroid disease and pregnancy / Susan J. Mandel -- Thyroid disease in the elderly / Anne R. Cappola, Myron Miller and Steven R. Gambert.

For general practitioners and endocrinologists, the new Second Edition of this bestselling book offers the most up-to-date and practical guidance to diagnose and manage common and uncommon thyroid diseases.
Matthews Fuller RC655 .M434 2008

Understanding and dealing with heart disease
Souter, Keith M, author
Chichester : Summersdale, [2014]
Coronary heart disease is now the leading cause of death worldwide. The effects of coronary heart disease include angina, heart failure, abnormal heart rhythms, and most importantly, heart attacks. Heart disease has a serious effect on the lives of not only its sufferers, but also those who care for them, their family and friends. This book gives the basic information needed to understand coronary artery disease and, most essentially, how to deal with it, including details on: how the heart works; problems caused by coronary heart disease; recovering from a heart attack and dealing with angina or heart failure; lifestyle changes you can make to improve your health; and source: World Health Organization.
Matthews Full Consumer He RC672 .S68 2014

Critical care
edited by John M. Oropello, Stephen M. Pastores, Vladimir Kvetan
New York : McGraw-Hill, [2016]
Clinical controversies: ventilator-associated pneumonia - does it exist? -- Controversies: Scvo2 versus lactate clearance to guide resuscitation in septic shock? -- Controversies: is glucose control relevant? -- 3. Management -- Simulation and education in the ICU -- ICU bed utilization -- The ICU in the global hospital environment -- Alternative staffing models in the ICU -- Governance -- Managing the ICU from afar: telemedicine -- Ethics and palliative care in the intensive care unit -- Intensive talk: delivering bad news and setting goals of care -- Can intensivist performance be measured? -- Complications: never never or never ever -- Controversies: noninvasive ventilation at the end-of-life - useful or not? -- 4. Post-ICU critical care -- Post-intensive care syndrome -- Outcomes research and reporting -- 5. Genomics of critical care -- Critical care medicine in the era of omics -- 6. Critical care procedures -- Arterial line monitoring and placement -- Bronchoscopy -- Cardiac output measurement -- Cardioversion and defibrillation -- Central venous access -- Chest tube insertion -- Critical care echocardiography -- Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation -- Airway management in the critically ill patient -- Endoscopic placement of feeding tubes -- Continuous venovenous hemofiltration -- High-frequency oscillatory ventilation -- Intracranial pressure monitoring -- Lumbar puncture -- Temporary pacemaker insertion and management of CV implantable electrical devices in the ICU -- Paracentesis -- Percutaneous tracheostomy -- Pericardiocentesis -- Pulmonary artery catheterization -- Thoracentesis -- Controversies: early tracheotomy.

"LANGE Critical Care delivers concise, evidenced-based, and highly clinical coverage of the surgical and medical aspects of critical care. The book provides basic fundamentals, applications and insights that will be of lasting value to all ICU physicians, nurses, advanced care providers, and allied personnel who care for the critically ill and injured patients in all ICUs. Noteworthy features include a well-illustrated Clinical Care Procedures section, high-yield summaries of the full spectrum of essential critical care topics, and the inclusion of "Controversies" chapters throughout each section addressing some of the ambiguous aspects of critical care. This timely book also covers the growing scope of critical care provided outside the ICU and the increasing importance of critical care services within the hospital structure. In keeping with the multi-professional nature of critical care delivery, several chapters are authored or coauthored by critical care fellows, ICU nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists"--Publisher.
Matthews Fuller RC86.7 .C75 2016

Obesity : the medical practitioner's essential guide
Blackstone, Robin P., author
[Cham], Switzerland : Springer, [2016]
Epidemiology, measurement, and cost of obesity -- Prejudice, discrimination, and the preferred approach to the patient with obesity -- Biology of weight regulation and genetic resetting [TM] -- Biology of adipose tissue -- Obesity-related diseases and syndromes : insulin resistance, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic syndrome -- Obesity-related diseases and syndromes : cancer, endocrine disease, pulmonary disease, pseudotumor cerebri, and disordered sleep -- Pediatric obesity -- Fundamentals of diet, exercise, and behavior modification -- Assessment of the adult patient with overweight and obesity -- Beyond traditional management : the use of medications in the treatment of obesity -- Bariatric surgery -- Population health management of obesity.
Matthews Fuller RC628 .B53 2016

Cognitive processing therapy for PTSD : a comprehensive manual
Resick, Patricia A., author
New York, NY : The Guilford Press, [2017]
The origins of cognitive processing therapy -- Research on CPT -- Treatment considerations -- Preparing to deliver CPT -- Overview of PTSD and CPT : session 1 -- Finding stuck points : sessions 2 and 3 -- Processing the index event : sessions 4 and 5 -- Learning to self-challenge : sessions 6 and 7 -- Trauma themes-safety, trust, and power/control : sessions 8-10 -- Esteem, intimacy, and facing the future : sessions 11-12 and aftercare -- Variations on CPT : CPT with written accounts, variable-length CPT, and CPT for acute stress disorder -- Group CPT and CPT for sexual abuse -- Issues in working with different trauma types -- Diversity and cross-cultural adaptations references.
Matthews Fuller RC552.P67 R47 2017

Fast facts : Parkinson's disease
Chaudhuri, K. Ray
Oxford, United Kingdom : Health Press Limited 2016
Glossary -- Introduction -- The Parkinson's journey -- Epidemiology, pathophysiology and genetics -- Diagnosis -- Drug treatment -- Neurosurgery -- Other therapies and support -- Long-term complications -- Other parkinsonian syndromes -- Developments -- Useful resources -- Index.

Effective multidisciplinary management and support of patients with Parkinson's disease can have an enormously positive effect on quality of life, and that's the focus throughout this refreshingly readable resource. With the patient's experience at its core, Fast Facts: Parkinson's Disease takes the non-specialist through the patient's Parkinson's journey from unexplained prodromal symptoms to palliative support. It includes: - the latest diagnostic techniques - effective management strategies for both motor and non-motor complications - neurosurgical treatments and candidate assessment - the latest pharmacological developments - multidisciplinary palliative care. This practical handbook reflects the importance of addressing non-motor symptoms, the need for multidisciplinary care and the use of tools that empower patients. It is a truly useful and unique resource that will help all doctors, nurses and therapists to provide the best possible care for their patients with Parkinson's disease or related disorders. -- Amazon
Matthews Fuller RC382 .C43 2016

Nutritional management of inflammatory bowel diseases : a comprehensive guide
Ashwin N. Ananthakrishnan, editor
Cham : Springer, [2016]
Matthews Fuller RC 862.I53 N88 2016

Caplan's stroke : a clinical approach
edited by Louis R Caplan
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Introduction and perspective / Louis R. Caplan -- Pathology, anatomy, and pathophysiology of stroke / Louis R. Caplan and David Liebeskind -- Diagnosis and the clinical encounter / Louis R. Caplan and Fernando Baringamentaria -- Imaging and laboratory diagnosis / Louis R. Caplan, Bruce Campbell, and Steven Davis -- Genetics of stroke / Stephanie Debette and Louis R. Caplan -- Treatment / Louis R. Caplan and Jeffrey Saver -- Large artery occlusive disease of the anterior circulation / Louis R. Caplan and Lawrence Wechsler -- Large vessel occlusive disease of the posterior circulation / Louis R. Caplan and Jong S. Kim -- Penetrating and branch artery disease / Louis R. Caplan, Geoffrey Donnan, and Marie Dagonnier -- Brain embolism / Louis R. Caplan and Pierre Amarenco -- Post-cardiac arrest encephalopathy / Louis R. Caplan and Michael DeGeorgia -- Non-atherosclerotic vasculopathies / Louis R. Caplan and Jose Biller -- Subarachnoid hemorrhage, aneurysms, and vascular malformations / Tudor Jovin and Louis R. Caplan -- Intracerebral hemorrhage / Louis R. Caplan and Carlos Kase -- Stroke in children and young adults / Gabrielle DeVeber, Aneesh Singhal, and Louis R. Caplan -- Spinal cord vascular disease / Louis R. Caplan and Ayrton Massaro -- Cerebral venous thrombosis / Louis R. Caplan and Marie-Germaine Bousser -- Stroke prevention / Louis R. Caplan and Phillip Gorelick -- Complications in stroke patients / Louis R. Caplan and Sandeep Kumar -- Recovery, rehabilitation, and repair / Steven Cramer and Louis R. Caplan.
Matthews Fuller RC388.5 .C33 2016

Critical care emergency medicine
edited by David A. Farcy, William C. Chiu, John P. Marshall, Tiffany M. Osborn
New York : McGraw-Hill Education, [2017]
Matthews Fuller RC86.7 .C717 2017

Epilepsy : the biology of a spectrum disorder
edited by Gregory L. Holmes, University of Vermont, College of Medicine, Jeffrey L. Noebels, Baylor College of Medicine
Cold Spring Harbor, New York : CSH Press/Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, [2016]
Machine generated contents note: -- (preliminary) -- Epilepsy: A Spectrum Disorder -- Joseph I. Sirven -- Seizures and Epilepsy: An Overview for Neuroscientists -- Carl E. Stafstrom and Lionel Carmant -- Status Epilepticus -- Shlomo Shinnar and Howard Goodkin -- Neonatal and Infantile Epilepsy: Acquired and Genetic Models -- Aristea S. Galanopoulou and Solomon L. Moshé -- Common mechanisms of the co-morbidities and seizures -- Audrey Mazarati and Raman Sankar -- Mechanisms Responsible for Cognitive Impairment in Epilepsy -- Pierre-Pascal Lenck-Santini and Rodney Scott -- Genetics of Epilepsy in Humans -- Samuel F. Berkovic and Ingrid Scheffer -- Epigenetics and Epilepsy -- David C. Henshall and Katja Kobow -- Single Gene Determinants of Epilepsy Comorbidity -- Jeffrey L. Noebels -- Malformations of Cortical Development and Epilepsy -- A. James Barkovich, William B. Dobyns, and Renzo Guerrini -- mTOR Signaling in Epilepsy: Insights from Malformations of Cortical Development -- Peter B. Crino -- Role of Astrocytes in Epilepsy -- Douglas A. Coulter and Christian Steinhäuser -- Immunity and Inflammation in Epilepsy -- Annamaria Vezzani, Bethan Lang, and Eleonora Aronica -- Initiation, Propagation, and Termination of Partial (Focal) Seizures -- Marco de Curtis and Massimo Avoli -- Microcircuits in Epilepsy: Heterogeneity and Hub Cells in Network Synchronization -- Anh Bui, Hannah Kim, Mattia Maroso, and Ivan Soltesz -- Role of Sodium Channels in Epilepsy -- David I. Kaplan, Lori L. Isom, and Steven Petrou -- Role of Potassium Channels in Epilepsy -- Ruediger Koehling -- The Role of Calcium Channels in Epilepsy -- Sanjeev Rajakulendran and Michael G. Hanna -- Hyperpolization-Activated Cyclic Nucleotide Gated (HCN) Channels in Epilepsy -- Gary P. Brennan, Tallie Z. Baram, and Nicholas P. Poolos -- GABAergic Synchronization in Epilepsy -- Roustem Khazipov -- Glutamatergic Mechanisms Associated with Seizures and Epilepsy -- Melissa Barker-Haliski and H. Steve White -- Epileptogenesis -- A. Pitkänen, K. Kukasiuk, F.E. Dudek, and K.J. Staley -- Mechanisms of Antiepileptic Drugs and Dietary Therapy -- Wolfgang Loescher, Jong M. Rho, & Michael A. Rogawski -- Interneuron Transplantation as a Treatment for Epilepsy -- Robert F. Hunt and Scott C. Baraban -- Unconventional Targets for Therapy in Epilepsy -- Christophe Bernard -- The Neurobiology of Epilepsy: Future Directions -- Gregory L. Holmes.

"Epilepsy affects millions worldwide and represents a variety of disorders characterized by seizures. This book examines the neurobiological bases of these conditions and current research into treatment strategies"--
Matthews Fuller RC372 .E6524 2016

Clinical neuroanatomy
Waxman, Stephen G., author
New York : Mcgraw-Hill Education, [2017]
Section I: Basic principles -- Fundamentals of the nervous system -- Development and cellular constituents of the nervous system -- Signaling in the nervous system -- Section II: Introduction to clinical thinking -- The relationship between nuroanatomy and neurology -- Section III: Spinal cord and spine -- The spinal cord -- The vertebral column and other structures surrounding the spinal cord -- Section IV: Anatomy of the brain -- The brain stem and cerebellum -- Cranial nerves and pathways -- Diencephalon -- Cerebral hemispheres/Telencephalon -- Ventricles and coverings of the brain -- Vascular supply of the brain -- Section V: Functional systems -- Control of movement -- Somatosensory systems -- The visual system -- The auditory system -- The vestibular system -- The reticular formation -- The limbic system -- The autonomic nervous system -- Higher cortical functions -- Section VI: Diagnostic aids -- Imagining of the brain -- Electrodiagnostic tests -- Cerebrospinal fluid examination -- Section VII: Discussion of cases -- Discussion of cases -- Appendix A: The neruologic examination -- Appendix B: Testing muscle function -- Appendix C: Spinal nerves and plexuses -- Appendix D: Questions and answers.

Clinical Neuroanatomy, Twenty-Eight Edition offers and accessible, easy-to-remember synopsis ofneuroanatomy and its functional and clinical implications. Since many of us learn and remember better when material is presented visually, this accliamed resource incldes not only clinical mateiral such as brain scans and pathololgical specimens, but also hundreds of diagrams and tables that are designed to be clear and memorable. -- back cover.
Matthews Fuller QM451 .W38 2017

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