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Feldberg Business & Engineering Library Acquisitions during August 2016

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Case interview secrets : a former McKinsey interviewer reveals how to get multiple job offers in consulting
Cheng, Victor
Seattle, WA : Innovation Press, ©2012
The seven types of evaluation tools -- McKinsey problem solving test -- Estimation questions -- Why case interviews exist -- What interviewers look for and why -- The core problem-solving tools -- The hypothesis -- The issue tree -- Drill-down analysis -- Synthesis -- Core frameworks -- Profitability framework -- Business situation framework -- Mergers and acquisitions framework -- Frameworks in action -- How to open a candidate-level case -- How to analyze a candidate-led case -- How to close a candidate-led case -- The interviewer-led case -- The written case interview -- The group case interview -- The presentation-only case interview -- How to get multiple job offers -- How to project confidence -- The ten most common mistakes to avoid -- Advanced case interview resources.

In Case Interview Secrets, you'll discover step-by-step instructions on how to dominate what many consider to be the most complex, most difficult, and most intimidating corporate job interview in the world--the infamous case interview. Victor Cheng, a former McKinsey management consultant, reveals his proven, insider's method for acing the case interview. Having personally secured job offers from McKinsey, Bain & Company, Monitor, L.E.K., Oliver Wyman, and A.T. Kearney, he has also been a McKinsey case interviewer--providing you with a hands-on, real-world perspective on what it really takes to land job offers. Cheng's protégées work in all the major strategy management consulting firms, including McKinsey, The Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company, Monitor Company, A.T. Kearny, Oliver Wyman, L.E.K., Roland Berger, Accenture, and Deloitte, as well as in the strategic planning departments of numerous Fortune 500 companies. Whether you're an undergraduate, BA, PhD, or experienced-hire applicant candidate, you'll discover: what case interviewers really say about you behind closed doors but wouldn't dare tell you--until now; the subtle yet specific performance differences that separate those who get management consulting offers from those who don't; the 10 biggest mistakes candidates make in case interviews (and how to avoid them); the 3 specific things interviewers expect in the first 5 minutes of a case that often decide the outcome on the spot; and an insider's take on what interviewers really look for and why--and how to give them what they want.
Feldberg HD69.C6 C43 2012

Power line communications : principles, standards and applications from multimedia to smart grid
edited by Lutz Lampe, Andrea M. Tonello, Theo G. Swart
Chichester, UK ; John Wiley & Sons, 2016
Feldberg TK5103.15 .P695 2016

Handbook of fluid dynamics
edited by Richard W. Johnson
Boca Raton : Taylor & Francis, CRC Press, 2016
Feldberg TA357 .H2858 2016

What they do with your money : how the financial system fails us and how to fix it
Davis, Stephen M., 1955- author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2016]
Feldberg HG181 .D355 2016

Difficult conversations : craft a clear message, manage emotions, focus on a solution
Harvard Business Review Press
Boston : Harvard Business Review Press, [2016]
What makes a conversation difficult? -- Conflicting interests -- Different personal styles -- Lack of trust -- Different views of the facts -- Strong emotions -- Think it through -- Should you act? -- When you decide to have a difficult conversation -- Prepare for the difficult conversation -- Assess the facts and your assumptions -- Address the emotions -- Acknowledge you'e part of the problem -- Identify a range of positive outcomes -- Develop a strategy, not a script -- Conduct the conversation -- Acknowledge the other person -- Frame the problem -- Ask questions and listen -- Look for common ground -- Adapt and rebalance -- Establish commitments -- Follow through -- How did you do? -- Jot down your impressions -- Follow up in writing -- Keep your commitments -- Become a better communicator -- Reflect before you speak -- Connect with others -- Before you talk, listen -- Make your words count -- Establish a feedback loop -- Address problems head-on -- Learn more -- Sources -- Index.

You have to talk with a colleague about a fraught situation, but you're worried that they'll yell, or blame you, or shut down. You fear your emotions could block you from a resolution. But you can communicate in a way that's constructive--not combative. "Difficult Conversations" walks you through: Uncovering the root cause of friction, Maintaining a positive mind-set, Untangling the problem together, and Agreeing on a way forward.--Publisher website.
Feldberg HF5718 .D54 2016

Fundamentals of mechanical vibrations
Cai, Liang-Wu, author
Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom : John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. ; 2016
Feldberg TJ177 .C35 2016

Rotordynamics of automotive turbochargers
Nguyen-Schäfer, Hung, author
Cham : Springer, 2015
Feldberg TJ1058 .N48 2015

Fundamental fluid mechanics and magnetohydrodynamics
Hosking, R. J., author
Singapore : Springer, [2016]
Vectors and Tensors -- Fundamental Equations -- Basic Fluid Dynamics -- Waves in Fluids -- Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) -- MHD Stability Theory.

This book is primarily intended to enable postgraduate research students to enhance their understanding and expertise in Fluid Mechanics and Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), subjects no longer treated in isolation. The exercises throughout the book often serve to provide additional and quite significant knowledge or to develop selected mathematical skills, and may also fill in certain details or enhance readers' understanding of essential concepts. A previous background or some preliminary reading in either of the two core subjects would be advantageous, and prior knowledge of multivariate calculus and differential equations is expected.
Feldberg TA357 .H67 2016

S2 Columnar Ice as a model for permeability and elastic properties of fractured rock
Sigward, Stephen J. G., author
Feldberg Thesis Honors 2016

Integrated oxycombustion procsses for CO₂ capture from pulverized coal power plants
Shyong, Jocelyn, author
Feldberg Thesis Honors 2016

Synthesis and sintering of highly porous YAG scaffolds via water - and TBA-based freezecasting
Shofner, William s., author
Rauner D.C. History Honors 2016

Agricultural biomass based potential materials
Khalid Rehman Hakeem, Mohammad Jawaid, Othman Y. Alothman, editors
Cham : Springer, [2015]
Feldberg TA418.9.C6 A37 2015

Granular computing and decision-making : interactive and iterative approaches
Witold Pedrycz, Shyi-Ming Chen, editors
Cham : Springer, [2015]
Feldberg QA279.6 .G73 2015

Qualitative research in the study of leadership
Klenke, Karin, author
Bingley, UK : Emerald, 2016
Preface -- Part I: Foundations of qualitative research -- Philosophical foundations: qualitative research as paradigm -- Qualitative research as method -- Part II: Major qualitative research traditions in leadership research -- Case studies in leadership research -- Content analysis in leadership research -- Qualitative interviewing in leadership research -- Mixed methods (MMS) in leadership research -- Part III: Underutilized qualitative methods in leadership studies -- Grounded theory and ethnography -- Phenomenology and narrative analysis -- Beyond words: sights and sounds in qualitative leadership -- Part IV: Empirical qualitative leadership studies -- Content analysis of the writings of Mary Parker Follett / Suzanne Martin -- Leadership in at-risk communities / J. Randall Wallace -- Epilogue.

This book is about the use of qualitative research methods in the study of leadership, and is divided into four parts: (1) foundations of qualitative research methods consisting of a chapter summarizing the various qualitative paradigms and a research methods chapter illuminating various design features such as data collection and analysis, qualitative standards and ethics; (2) frequently used qualitative methods in the study of leadership designs; (3) underutilized qualitative methods; (4) three commissioned empirical studies illustrating content analysis, narrative analysis, and mixed methods study using content analysis and case study. The book also includes a chapter on the use non-textual, image-based sources of data for qualitative leadership research. Each of the methods chapters contains a number of leadership studies that have employed a given method such as case study, interviewing or phenomenology.The book is intended for students of leadership ranging from graduate students to seasoned leadership scholars. It was written with leadership practitioners in mind who wish to broaden their understanding of new developments in leadership research.--Publisher website.
Feldberg HD57.7 .K548 2016

Understanding consumer financial behavior : money management in an age of financial illiteracy
Raaij, W. Fred van, author
New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2016
Money management -- Saving behavior -- Credit behavior and debt problems -- Insurance and prevention behavior -- Pension plans and retirement plans -- Investment behavior -- Tax behavior : compliance and evasion -- Victims of financial fraud -- Responsible financial behavior -- Individual differences and segmentation -- Confidence and trust -- Loss aversion and reference points -- Risk preference -- Time preference -- Decision making, decision architecture, and defaults -- Self-regulation.
Feldberg HF5415.32 .R33 2016

Empire of things : how we became a world of consumers, from the fifteenth century to the twenty-first
Trentmann, Frank, author
New York, NY : Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2016]
Three cultures of consumption -- The Enlightenment of consumption -- Imperium of things -- Cities -- The consumer revolution comes home -- Age of ideologies -- Inside affluence -- Asia consumes -- Buy now, pay later -- Not so fast -- From the cradle to the grave -- Outside the marketplace -- Home and away -- Matters of the spirit -- Throwaway society?

Looks at the history of the growth of consumerism, exposing the international nature of its expansion through the last six hundred years, and the challenges it poses to the planet.
Feldberg HC79.C6 T74 2016

Climate change, capitalism, and corporations : processes of creative self-destruction
Wright, Christopher, 1963- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2015
Foreword / by Clive Hamilton -- 1. Climate change and corporate capitalism -- 2. Creative self-destruction and the incorporation of critique -- 3. Climate change and the corporate construction of risk -- 4. Corporate political activity and climate coalitions -- 5. Justification, compromise and corruption -- 6. Climate change, managerial identity and narrating the self -- 7. Emotions, corporate environmentalism and climate change -- 8. Political myths and pathways forward -- 9. Imagining alternatives.

"Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity; a definitive manifestation of the well-worn links between progress and devastation. This book explores the complex relationship that the corporate world has with climate change, and examines the central role of corporations in shaping political and social responses to the climate crisis. The book's principal message is that despite the need for dramatic economic and political change, corporate capitalism continues to rely upon the maintenance of 'business as usual'. The authors explore the different processes through which corporations engage with climate change. Key discussion points include climate change as business risk; corporate climate politics; the role of justification and compromise; and managerial identity and emotional reactions to climate change. Written for researchers and graduate students, this book moves beyond descriptive and normative approaches to provide a sociologically and critically informed theory of corporate responses to climate change"--
Feldberg HC79.E5 W74 2015

Invisible influence : the hidden forces that shape behavior
Berger, Jonah, author
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2016
Monkey see, monkey do -- A horse of a different color -- Not if they're doing it -- Similar but different -- Come on baby, light my fire -- Conclusion: Putting social influence to work.

Explores the subtle, secret influences that affect the decisions we make--from what we buy, to the careers we choose, to what we eat.
Feldberg HM1176 .B47 2016

Kinematics, dynamics, and design of machinery
Waldron, Kenneth J
Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom : John Wiley & Sons Inc., [2016]
Feldberg TJ175 .W35 2016

Design of smart power grid renewable energy systems
Keyhani, Ali, 1942- author
Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2017]
Feldberg TK1007 .K49 2017

Engineering tribology
Stachowiak, G. W. author
Oxford : Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann, 2014
1. Introduction -- 2. Physical properties of lubricants -- 3. Lubricants and their composition -- 4. Hydrodynamic lubrication -- 5. Computational hydrodynamics -- 6. Hydrostatic lubrication -- 7. Elastohydrodynamic lubrication -- 8. Boundary and extreme pressure lubrication -- 9. Solid lubrication and surface treatments -- 10. Fundamentals of contact between solids -- 11. Abrasive, erosive and cavitation wear -- 12. Adhesion and adhesive wear -- 13. Corrosive and oxidative wear -- 14. Fatigue wear -- 15. Fretting and minor wear mechanisms -- 16. Wear of non-metallic materials -- 17. Future directions in tribology

"Engineering Tribology, 4th Edition is an established introductory reference focusing on the key concepts and engineering implications of tribology. Taking an interdisciplinary view, the book brings together the relevant knowledge from different fields needed to achieve effective analysis and control of friction and wear. Updated to cover recent advances in tribology, this new edition includes new sections on ionic and mesogenic lubricants, surface texturing, and multiscale characterization of 3D surfaces and coatings. Current trends in nanotribology are discussed, such as those relating to lubricants, coatings and composites, and geotribology is introduced." -- Publisher's description.
Feldberg TJ1075 .S78 2014

Cognitive radio : interoperability through waveform reconfiguration
Lechowicz, Leszek, author
Boston ; Artech House, [2016]
Feldberg TK5103.4815 .L43 2016

Green biocatalysis
edited by Ramesh N. Patel
Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2016]
"This book describes the enzyme-driven syntheses of industrially important compounds and chiral intermediates for chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The chapters describe recent technological advances in enzymatic and microbial transformations and are written by internationally renowned scientists and professors. The synthesis of industrially important molecules is described from the starting substrate to the final product and includes detailed mechanisms. This book addresses the use of various types of reactions catalyzed by microbial cells or enzymes derived from microbes in the production of industrially useful compounds and a variety of drugs. The production of chiral alcohols, amines, unnatural amino acids, esters, carboxylic acids, epoxides, hydroxylated compounds and drug metabolites as well as recent advances in enzyme catalyzed acylation, dehalogenation, esterification, oxidation-reduction, transamination, deamination, C-N, C-C, C-O bond formation, Baeyer-Villegar reaction and aldol as well as acyloin condensation reactions are covered. Cutting-edge topics such as directed evolution by gene shuffling and enzyme engineering to improve biocatalysts will be presented. Enzyme immobilization and reusability studies and enzymatic protection and deprotection are addressed as well"--
Feldberg TP248.65.E59 G735 2016

Urban real estate investment : a new era of opportunity
Cisneros, Henry, author
Washington, DC : Urban Land Institute, [2015]
New dynamics, new opportunities -- Prospects for urban property types -- Categorizing cities by real estate potential -- Urban real estate investment strategies and capital sources -- 13 trends behind America's urban paradigm shift -- Case studies.
Feldberg HD257 .C57 2015

Getting unstuck : a guide to discovering your next career path
Butler, Timothy
Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business Press, ©2010
Facing crisis -- Feeling stuck and doubting ourselves -- Opening up and letting go -- Shifting to a new understanding -- Our deepest interests : the first pattern in the carpet -- Learning to let our passions guide us -- Power, people, and achievement : three interwoven patterns -- Mapping our insights : patterns in the sand -- Moving from impasse to action -- Living at the border.

We all experience psychological impasse. This feeling of uncertainty about your next moves in life might come at predictable moments: the loss of a job, the end of a romance, or the death of someone who has long helped you feel recognized, loved, and appreciated. But psychological impasse might also come at unpredictable times: when the career of a lifetime somehow loses its juice, or when you find yourself longing to renew your sense of life's adventure. Predictable or not, psychological impasse brings with it the sense of being stuck or paralyzed. At the office you feel stale or unchallenged. In your personal life you feel agitated, deflated, or downright bored. You know that something must change-and you re desperate to contribute at work, find a reinvigorated role in your family, and dive back into the current of your own life. In Getting Unstuck, business psychologist and researcher Timothy Butler leverages more than twenty years of research to offer strategies for finding your way from impasse to renewed meaning-at work, at home, with colleagues, and with family. Drawing on a wealth of stories about individuals who have successfully transitioned out of impasses, Getting Unstuck provides a practical, authoritative road map for moving past your immediate obstacle-and defining a meaningful path forward.
Feldberg HF5381.5 .B88 2010

The mindset of success : from good management to great leadership
Owen, Jo
Philadelphia : Kogan Page, 2015
Introduction: everyday heroes and the seven mindsets of success 01 High aspirations: dare to dream -- High aspirations: what they are, and what they are not -- What blocks us from having high aspirations? -- How to develop and deploy high aspirations -- Summary -- Notes02 Courage: dare to act -- The nature of risk -- How to build your courage mindset -- Summary -- Notes03 Resilience: stay the course -- Dealing with adversity: the example of POWs -- The leader's guide to dealing with setbacks and adversity -- Building resilience for the long haul -- Building resilience for the long haul: the dangerous dead ends -- Effective ways to build resilience for the long haul -- Summary -- Notes04 Positive: believe in better -- Live longer, live better -- Why positive leadership works -- How you can build and use your positive mindset -- Summary -- Notes05 Accountability: control your destiny -- Three mindsets: accountable, corporate and victim -- The beliefs of the accountability mindset -- Develop your accountability mindset -- Summary -- Notes06 Collaborative mindset: succeed through others -- Build your influence across the organization -- Build your team -- Maintain and grow your team -- Be a partner, not a child -- Summary -- Notes07 Growth: adapt to thrive -- Why a growth mindset is important -- What stops us growing: the prisons of our mind -- Building your growth mindset -- Summary -- Notes08 The dark side: beware the demons -- The ruthless leader -- The sociopath as leader -- The demons of the seven mindsets of success -- Summary -- NotesConclusion: return to the bright side -- enjoy your journey.

"This book outlines what separates good managers from great managers. Drawing on psychological research, interviews and key examples, Jo Owen identifies seven key mindsets that highlight the consistent, predictable thought behavior patterns that every great manager employs, and shows how it is possible to go from 70 percent efficiency to 95 percent effectiveness. The Mindset of Success provides a clearly structured set of tools to assist managers in unlocking their full potential"--
Feldberg HD31 .O946 2015

Treatment wetlands
Kadlec, Robert H
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, ©2009
Introduction to treatment wetlands -- Hydrology and hydraulics -- Treatment wetland vegetation -- Energy flows -- Air, water, and soil chemical interactions -- Representing treatment performance -- Suspended solids -- Carbon and biochemical oxygen demand -- Nitrogen -- Phosphorus -- Halogens, sulfur, metals, and metalloids -- Pathogens -- Organic chemicals -- Event-driven wetlands -- Evolution of sizing methods -- Design basis -- Sizing of FWS wetlands -- Implementation of FWS wetlands -- Ancillary benefits -- Sizing of SSF wetlands -- Implementation of SSF wetlands -- Management, operations, and maintenance -- Economics -- Modified and combined systems -- Wetlands by application group -- Lists of basis wetlands -- Tracer testing and flow-pattern modeling.

"Completely revised and updated, Treatment Wetlands, Second Edition is still the most comprehensive resource available for the planning, design, and operation of wetland treatment systems. The book addresses the design, construction, and operation of wetlands for water pollution control. It presents the best current procedures for sizing these systems, and describing the intrinsic processes that combine to quantify performance."--Jacket.
Feldberg TD755 .K33 2009

Time is money : the business value of Web performance
Everts, Tammy, author
Beijing : O'Reilly, 2016
Feldberg HD30.2 .E942 2016

Guide to energy management
Capehart, B. L. author
Lilburn, GA : The Fairmont Press, Inc., [2016]
Feldberg TJ163.3 .C37 2015

The story of purpose : the path to creating a brighter brand, a greater company, and a lasting legacy
Reiman, Joey
Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, ©2013
The purpose of work is to work on purpose -- Purpose inspired leadership -- The master idea -- Ethos : the fruits are in the roots.

Details a proven methodology for businesses, small to large, how to build a purpose-inspired organization to positively impact employees, customers, and the bottom line. It reveals the process for uncovering what makes a company distinctive and guides you to discover the fundamental force behind the organization that no competitor can replicate or replace."The Story of Purpose "incorporates stories of purpose from Procter & Gamble, McDonald's, Newell Rubbermaid and many more purpose-driven companies.
Feldberg HD58.9 .R448 2013

Value creation through sustainable manufacturing
Franchetti, Matthew J. author
South Norwalk, Connecticut : Industrial Press, Inc., [2016]
Feldberg TS155.7 .F73 2016

Visualizing financial data
Rodriguez, Julie (Information architect) author
Indianapolis, IN : Wiley, [2016]
Feldberg QA76.9.I52 R43 2016

Best job ever : rethink your career, redefine rich, revolutionize your life
Bray, C. K., 1970- author
Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2016]
"An action-based plan for building the career of your dreams Best Job Ever! is the ultimate guide to creating your dream career and increasing your financial success by providing you with valuable and insightful career information, personal stories and examples of others who have successfully created their Best Job Ever! Written by a nationally recognized expert in career development, this book provides you with a concrete, step-by-step blueprint for revolutionizing your career and revamping your life. You'll find the motivation you need to climb out of your daily ruts as you dig deep to discover your personal motivation, financial needs, and career and life goals. This actionable guide gets you started right away as you explore various avenues for improvement--whether that means re-engaging with the job you have, getting that promotion or making a career change. You'll learn how to overcome career fear, beat job boredom, find and follow your passion while advancing your skill sets and building a career and life plan. The stories will help you decide when to forge ahead with your current career, when to change tracks entirely and how to increase your salary while doing it. If a career change is in the cards, you'll learn how to make the transition with minimal disruption to your finances and emotional well being so you can get quickly get back on track to achieving your dreams. Do you currently love your job? Have you ever loved your job? Whether you're in the wrong career or just lost the passion somewhere along the way, this book gives you a clear action plan with step by step guidance to help you build the career and life you want. Discover the principles of career development Create a job that is meaningful and fulfilling Increase Your Career Income Minimize the financial impact of changing careers/What to do when you get laid off or fired. Build the life and career you want and find happiness while doing it The vast majority of employees feel disconnected from their careers and dread going to work. Life is short! Don't waste your days in unfulfilling career when there are options out there to create the Best Job Ever! and find meaningful, fulfilling and financially rewarding work"--
Feldberg HF5381 .B6397 2016

Customer CEO : how to profit from the power of your customers
Wall, Chuck
Brookline, MA : Bibliomotion, Inc., [2013]
Stop, look, and listen -- I am your customer CEO -- The power of me -- The power of value -- The power of performance -- The power of the heart -- The power of simple -- The power of yes -- The power of the platform -- The power of rebellion -- The power of purpose -- The customer thinking solution -- Becoming the customer CEO champion.
Feldberg HF5415.5 .W343 2013

Advanced nanomaterials and their applications in renewable energy
Liu, Jingbo Louise, author
Amsterdam : Elsevier, [2015]
Feldberg TJ808 .L58 2015

Biomaterials in regenerative medicine and the immune system
Laura Santambrogio, editor
Cham : Springer, [2015]
Role of mesenchymal stem cell, macrophages, and biomaterials during myocardial repair / Isabella Pallotta, Emily A. Wrona, Bruce Sun and Donald O. Freytes -- Role of macrophages in the foreign body response to implanted biomaterials / Tony Yu, Valerie J. Tutwiler and Kara Spiller -- Integrating tissue microenvironment with scaffold design to promote immune-mediated regeneration / Kaitlyn Sadtler, Franck Housseau, Drew Pardoll and Jennifer H. Elisseeff -- Advances in molecular design of polymer surfaces with antimicrobial, anticoagulant and antifouling properties / Marek W. Urban -- Layer-by-layer coatings as infection-resistant biomaterials / Svetlana A. Sukhishvili -- Nature-inspired multifunctional host defense peptides with dual antimicrobial-immunomodulatory activities / Jasmeet Dingh Khara and Pui Lai Rachel Ee -- Biomaterials-based strategies in blood substitutes / Anirban Sen Gupta -- Biomaterials-based immunomodulation of dendritic cells / Evelyn Bracho-Sanchez, Jamal S. Lewis and Benjamin G. Keselowsky -- Nanosystems for immunotherapeutic drug delivery / Alex Schudel, Michael C. Bellavia and Susan N. Thomas -- Biomaterial-based modulation of cancer / Fnu Apoorva and Ankur Singh -- Targeting liposomes to immune cells / Matthew Levy and Deborah Palliser -- Integrated biomaterial composites for accelerated wound healing / Viness Pillay, Pradeep Kumar and Yahya E. Choonara -- Adverse effects of byproducts from polymers used for joint replacement / Tzu-Hua Lin, Jukka Pajarinen, Florence Loi, Taishi Sato, Changchun Fan, Zhenyu Yao and Stuart Goodman -- Artificial antigen-presenting cells: biomimetic strategies for directing the immune response / Randall A. Meyer and Jordan J. Green.

The generation of tridimensional tissues, assembled from scaffolding materials populated with biologically functional cells, is the great challenge and hope of tissue bioengineering and regenerative medicine. The generation of biomaterials capable of harnessing the immune system has been particularly successful. This book provides a comprehensive view of how immune cells can be manipulated to suppresses inflammation, deliver vaccines, fight cancer cells, promote tissue regeneration or inhibit blood clotting and bacterial infections by functionally engineered biomaterials. However, long-lived polymers, such as those employed in orthopedic surgery or vascular stents, can often induce an immune reaction to their basic components. As a result, this book is also an important step towards coming to understand how to manipulate biomaterials to optimize their beneficial effects and downplay detrimental immune responses. Dr. Santambrogio is Professor of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology and Orthopedic Surgery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She received her M.D. from the University of Perugia and her Ph.D. from the University of Padua in Italy. She received her postdoctoral training at NYU and Harvard Medical School. One of the focuses of the research in her laboratory is the understanding of the immune responses to implanted biomaterials. .
Feldberg R857.M3 B477 2015

Smart grid security : innovative solutions for a modernized grid
edited by Florian Skopik, Paul Smith
Waltham, MA : Elsevier : [2015]
Feldberg TK3105 .S533 2015

The magic cup : a business parable about a leader, a team, and the power of putting people and values first
Behar, Howard, author
New York : Center Street, 2016
Feldberg HD57.7 .B4443 2016

Alternative energy and shale gas encyclopedia
edited by Jay H. Lehr, editor-in-chief ; Jack Keeley, senior editor ; Thomas B Kingery, Information Technology
Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley and Sons, Inc., [2016]
Feldberg TJ807.4 .E53 2016

Blockchain revolution : how the technology behind bitcoin is changing money, business, and the world
Tapscott, Don, 1947- author
New York : Portfolio / Penguin, [2016]
Part I: Say you want a revolution. 1. The trust protocol -- 2. Bootstrapping the future: seven design principles of the blockchain economy -- Part II: Transformation. 3. Reinventing financial services -- 4. Re-architecting the firm: the core and the edges -- 5. New business models: making it rain on the blockchain -- 6. the ledger of things: animating the physical world -- 7. Solving the prosperity paradox: economic inclusion and entrepreneurship -- 8. Rebuilding government and democracy -- 9. Freeing culture on the blockchain: music to our ears -- Part III: Promise and peril. 10. Overcoming showstoppers: ten implementation challenges -- 11. Leadership for the next era.

The Internet as we know it is great for collaboration and communication, but is deeply flawed when it comes to commerce and privacy. The new blockchain technology facilitates peer-to-peer transactions without any intermediary such as a bank or governing body. Keeping the user's information anonymous, the blockchain validates and keeps a permanent public record of all transactions. That means that your personal information is private and secure, while all activity is transparent and incorruptible--reconciled by mass collaboration and stored in code on a digital ledger. With its advent, we will not need to trust each other in the traditional sense, because trust is built into the system itself.
Feldberg HG1710 .T385 2016

Content Inc. : how entrepreneurs use content to build massive audiences and create radically successful businesses
Pulizzi, Joe, author
New York : McGraw-Hill Education, [2016]
Foreword / Brian Clark -- Introduction -- Part 1. Starting the journey. Beginning with the end in mind - The Content Inc. opportunity -- Part 2. The sweet spot. Knowledge or skill + passion -- Adding audience to your sweet spot -- Part 3. The content tilt. Understanding the power of the "tilt" - Discovering your content mission - Ways to unearth your content tilt -- Part 4. Building the base. Selecting your platform - Content ideation - The content calendar - Content staffing - The collaborative publishing model - Planning for repurposing -- Part 5. Harvesting audience. The metric that drives the model - Building for findability - Stealing audience - Social media integration -- Part 6. Diversification. The three and three model - Building out extensions - Acquiring content assets -- Part 7. Monetization. Waiting for revenue - Building the revenue model -- Part 8. Next-Level Content Inc. Putting it all together - Join the movement -- Acknowledgments -- Appendix A. CMI's contributor/blogging guidelines --Appendix B. An inside look into CMI's publishing process -- Index.

"A pioneer of content marketing, Joe Pulizzi has cracked the code when it comes to the power of content in a world where marketers still hold fast to traditional models that no longer work. In Content Inc., he breaks down the business-startup process into six steps, making it simple for you to visualize, launch, and monetize your own business...This model has worked wonders for Pulizzi and countless other people featured in the book. Connect these six pieces like a puzzle, and before you know it, you'll be running your own profitable, scalable business. Pulizzi walks you step-by-step through the process, based on his own success (and failures) and real-world multimillion-dollar examples from multiple industries and countries. Whether you're seeking to start a brand-new business or drive innovation in an existing one, Content Inc. provides everything you need to reverse engineer the traditional entrepreneurial model for better, more sustainable success." -- Book jacket.
Feldberg HF5415.127 .P8498 2016

Air pollution control technology handbook
Schnelle, Karl B., Jr., author
Boca Raton : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2016]
Chapter 1. Historical overview of the development of clean air regulations -- chapter 2. Clean air act -- chapter 3. Air permits for new source -- chapter 4. Atmospheric diffusion modeling for prevention of significant deterioration permit regulations and regional haze -- chapter 5. Source testing -- chapter 6. Ambient air quality and continuous emissions monitoring -- chapter 7. Cost estimating -- chapter 8. Process design and the strategy of process design -- chapter 9. Profitability and engineering economics -- chapter 10. Introduction to control of gaseous pollutants -- chapter 11. Absorption for hazardous air pollutants and volatile organic compounds control -- chapter 12. Adsorption for hazardous air pollutants and volatile organic compounds control -- chapter 13. Thermal oxidation for volatile organic compounds control -- chapter 14. Control of volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants by condensation -- chapter 15. Control of volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants by biofiltration -- chapter 16. Membrane separation -- chapter 17. NOx control -- chapter 18. Control of SOx -- chapter 19. Fundamentals of particulate control -- chapter 20. Hood and ductwork design -- chapter 21. Cyclone design -- chapter 22. Design and application of wet scrubbers -- chapter 23. Filtration and baghouses -- chapter 24. Electrostatic precipitators.
Feldberg TD883 .S283 2016

Who cooked Adam Smith's dinner? : a story about women and economics
Marçal, Katrine, author
New York, NY : Pegasus Books LLC, 2016
Preface to the American edition -- Prologue -- Chapter one, in which we climb into the world of economics and ask ourselves who Adam Smith's mother was -- Chapter two, in which we are introduced to economic man and realize that he is incredibly seductive -- Chapter three, in which it becomes apparent that economic man is not a woman -- Chapter four, in which we see that our pact with economic man isn't turning out as we had expected -- Chapter five, in which we add women and stir -- Chapter six, in which Las Vegas and Wall Street merge -- Chapter seven, in which the global economy goes to hell -- Chapter eight, in which we see that men are also not like economic man -- Chapter nine, in which economic incentives aren't shown to be as uncomplicated as we might think -- Chapter ten, in which we see that you aren't selfish just because you want more money -- Chapter eleven, in which we see that a negative number is still zero -- Chapter twelve, in which we all become entrepreneurs -- Chapter thirteen, in which we see that the uterus isn't a space capsule -- Chapter fourteen, in which we discover economic man's unforeseen depths and fears -- Chapter Fifteen, in which we see that the greatest story of our time only has one sex -- Chapter sixteen, in which we will see that every society suffers in line with its bullshit. And we say goodbye.

"When philosopher Adam Smith proclaimed that our actions are motivated by self-interest, he used the example of the baker and the butcher to lay the foundations for his "Economic man." He argued that they gave bread and meat for profit, not out of the goodness of their hearts. It's an ironic point of view coming from a bachelor who lived with his mother for most of his life-- a woman who cooked his dinner every night. Nevertheless, Smith's economic man has dominated our understanding of modern-day capitalism, Such a viewpoint disregards the unpaid work of mothering, caring, cleaning, and cooking. Essentially, the father of modern economics has based our whole concept of capitalism on a system that ignores half of its participants. ...Who Cooked Adam Smith's Dinner? charts the myth of the economic man, from its origins at Adam Smith's dinner table to its adaptation by the Chicago School to its disastrous role in the 2008 Global Financial Crisis."--Jacket flap.
Feldberg HQ1381 .M3613 2016

The data industry : the business and economics of information and big data
Tang, Chunlei, author
Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, 2016
Feldberg HC79.I55 T36 2016

Modern manufacturing engineering / J. Paulo Davim, editor
Cham : Springer, [2015]
Feldberg TS176 .M63 2015

Science and engineering of casting solidification
Stefanescu, Doru Michael, 1942- author
Cham : Springer, [2015]
Feldberg TS236 .S74 2015

Nanoscale materials and devices for electronics, photonics and solar energy
Anatoli Korkin, Stephen Goodnick, Robert Nemanich, editors
Cham : Springer, [2015]
Feldberg TK7874.84 .N36 2015

Water and wastewater technology
Hammer, Mark J., 1931-
Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson/Prentice Hall, ©2012
1: Introduction -- 2: Chemistry: -- Elements, radicals, and compounds -- Chemical water analysis -- Hydrogen ion concentration and pH -- Chemical equilibria -- Chemical kinetics -- Gas solubility -- Alkalinity -- Colloids and coagulation -- Organic compounds -- Organic matter in wastewater -- Laboratory chemical analyses -- 3: Biology: -- Bacteria and fungi -- Protozoa -- Viruses -- Algae -- Waterborne diseases -- Testing for enteric viruses -- Testing for Giardia and Cryptosporidium -- Coliform bacteria as indicator organisms -- Tests for the coliform group -- Biochemical oxygen demand -- Biological treatment systems -- Biological kinetics -- 4: Hydraulics And Hydrology: -- Water pressure -- Pressure-velocity-head relationships -- Flow in pipes under pressure -- Centrifugal pump characteristics -- System characteristics -- Equivalent pipes -- Computer analysis of pipe networks -- Gravity flow in circular pipes -- Flow measurement in pipes -- Flow measurement in open channels -- Amount of storm runoff -- Flow in streams and rivers -- Hydrology of lakes and reservoirs -- Groundwater hydrology -- Groundwater banking and aquifer storage and recovery -- 5: Water Quality: -- Safe Drinking Water Act -- Microbiological quality of drinking water -- Chemical quality of drinking water -- Clean Water Act -- National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) -- Pollution effect on aquatic life -- Groundwater quality -- Seawater quality -- 6: Water Distribution Systems: -- Water quantity and pressure requirements -- Municipal fire protection requirements -- Well construction -- Surface water intakes -- Piping networks -- Kinds of pipe -- Distribution pumping and storage -- Valves -- Backflow preventers -- Fire hydrants -- Design layouts of distribution systems -- Evaluation of distribution systems -- 7: Water Processing: -- Surface-water treatment -- Mixing and flocculation -- Sedimentation -- Direct filtration -- Ballasted flocculation -- Flocculator-clarifiers -- Filtration -- Chemical coagulation -- Taste and odor control -- Synthetic organic chemicals -- Fluoridation -- Chlorination -- Disinfection by-products -- Ozone -- Disinfection of potable water -- Groundwater treatment -- Precipitation softening -- Iron and manganese removal -- Water stabilization -- Groundwater chlorination -- Ion exchange -- Anion exchange for nitrate removal -- Arsenic removal -- Defluoridation -- Membrane filtration -- Microfiltration and ultrafiltration -- Reverse osmosis -- Distillation of seawater -- Sources of residuals in water treatment -- Selection of processes for water treatment residuals -- Description of centrifugation -- Description of pressure filtration -- Disposal of dewatered sludge.

Overview: The new edition of Water and Wastewater continues its traditional coverage of water processing principles and modern management practices, but now integrates a new emphasis on sustainability throughout. Comprehensive coverage of such topics as: Water processing; Water distribution; Wastewater collection; Conventional and advanced wastewater treatment; Sludge processing. Key and New Features include: Coverage of new technologies; Water supply and water sustainability woven throughout; Coverage of energy reduction opportunities, and other processes important to water sustainability; Extensive use of illustrations to explain concepts and demonstrate modern equipment and facilities; Extensive use of charts, diagrams, and tables to make the mathematics more accessible.
Feldberg TD345 .H25 2012

Green organic chemistry and its interdisciplinary applications
Kolb, Vera M., author
Boca Raton : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2016]
Feldberg TP155.2.E58 K65 2016

Sprint : how to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days
Knapp, Jake, author
New York : Simon & Schuster, [2016]
Set the stage. Challenge ; Team ; Time and space -- Monday. Start at the end ; Map ; Ask the experts ; Target -- Tuesday. Remix and improve ; Sketch -- Wednesday. Decide ; Rumble ; Storyboard -- Thursday. Fake it ; Prototype -- Friday. Small data ; Interview ; Learn -- Liftoff -- Checklists.

From three design partners at Google Ventures, a unique five-day process--called the sprint--for solving tough problems using design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.
Feldberg HD30.29 .K63 2016

Out-think! : how to use game theory to outsmart your competition
Sarkar, Sumit (Economist), author
New Delhi ; SAGE, 2016
What managers can learn from game theory? -- Business and chess: looking forward, reasoning backward -- Prisoner's dilemma -- Coordination and anti-coordination games -- Strategic moves: threats, promises and commitment -- Trust, credibility and collusion in repeated games -- Business poker: playing games with limited information -- Smart negotiations.
Feldberg HD30.26 .S26 2016

Design, fabrication, properties, and applications of smart and advanced materials
edited by Xu Hou
Boca Raton : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2016]
Feldberg TA418.9.S62 D46 2016

Introduction to renewable energy
Nelson, Vaughn, author
Boca Raton : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2016]
Introduction to Renewable Energy, Second Edition covers the fundamentals of renewable energy and serves as a resource to undergraduates in renewable energy courses, non-specialists within the energy industries, or anyone working to support the successful implementation of renewable energy. The second edition discusses developments that have occurred since the publication of the first edition and considers the growing environmental impact of human activity on planet Earth. Dedicated to converging science and technology in a way that ensures a sustainable future, this book outlines the basics of renewable energy and focuses on current and developing policies that support the shift to renewable energy. New in the second edition, the book addresses bioenergy, energy balance, biodiesel, photovoltaic applications, and climate change.
Feldberg TJ808 .N46 2016

Ceramic matrix composites : materials manufacturing and engineering
edited by J. Paulo Davim
Berlin ; Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co., KG, [2016]
Feldberg TA418.9.C6 C4117 2016

Achieving longevity : how great firms prosper through entrepreneurial thinking
Dewald, J. R. author
Toronto ; University of Toronto Press, [2016]
The current state of the world and corporate longevity. Faster, smaller, cheaper : a time of great change? ; A delicate balance : strategy, entrepreneurship, and longevity ; The problem : firms fail -- The pursuit of corporate longevity. Longevity : the capacity to change ; Entrepreneurial thinking and the human "dual core" ; The micro-foundations of entrepreneurial motivation ; Creating the entrepreneurial organization -- Entrepreneurial thinking in action. Dual-core processing at work ; Barriers to success ; Concluding comments.

"Starting a business is hard, but keeping an established company going can be equally challenging. In the long run, every business will need to adapt to changing market conditions, technologies, and competitive environments. Achieving Longevity explains how to manage those changes through entrepreneurial thinking. As Jim Dewald shows, the most successful companies thrive by establishing decision-making processes that constantly engage new opportunities, enabling the firm to quickly adapt to disruptive technologies and business models. They allow for tinkering and experimentation and strive to both exploit their competitive advantage today and explore new ideas that will give them an edge tomorrow. Achieving Longevity provides a framework for introducing the tools and culture necessary to foster entrepreneurial thinking, as well as advice on how to overcome common obstacles to corporate entrepreneurship. Drawing on Dr. Dewald's own experience as an entrepreneur, a successful corporate executive, and a professor of strategy, the book offers numerous examples of how to combine the strengths of an established firm with the innovative, outside the box thinking of a start-up venture." from publisher's website.
Feldberg HD53 .D49 2016

The brand mapping strategy : design, build, and accelerate your brand
Leland, Karen, author
Irvine : Entrepreneur Press, [2016]
"The Brand Mapping Strategy is designed for CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs and enterprises who set their sites on developing a long-term branding platform instead of a short-term strategy that supports and builds buzz for their personal or business brand"--
Feldberg HF5415.1255 .L445 2016

Fundamentals of quality control and improvement
Mitra, Amitava, author
Chichester, West Sussex : Wiley Blackwell, 2016
Feldberg TS156 .M58 2016

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