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Feldberg Business & Engineering Library Acquisitions during January 2017

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Biotechnology from A to Z
Bains, William, 1955-
New York : Oxford University Press, 2004
"In 300 entries that span from ADEPT through cloning, genomes, patents, and viruses to zoonosis, Biotechnology from A to Z provides the essential guide to newly coined terms, and is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting access to the world of Biotechnologists. Recommended reading for scientists and non-scientists alike, it can be read cover to cover, or dipped into for a quick understanding of a term or topic."--Jacket.
Feldberg TP248.16 .B33 2004

An introduction to plastics
Elias, Hans-Georg, 1928-
[Weinheim] : Wiley-VCH, 2003
Feldberg TP1120 .E45 2003

Evaluation of the internalization of Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM)
Jiao, Xu, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Burn rate analysis for consulting labor services at PTC
Li, Jinke, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Implementation of a new portfolio management approach using business intellengence tools and techniques
Jusufi, Filloreta, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Process improvement and documentation of mergers and acquisitions : database transition to Midaxo
Kumar, Varun Nanda, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

New product introduction (NPI) launch analysis
Pan, Jing, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Imprivata : entering the healthcare-IoT space
Raychowdhury, Atri, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Developing a data visualization tool for IPM outputs
Reddy, Nalla Harsha Vardhan, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Biotechnology operations : principles and practices
Centanni, John M., author
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2017]
Introduction to biotechnology operations : planning for success -- Project management -- Regulatory affairs -- Regulatory compliance -- Quality systems -- Biomanufacture -- Quality control -- Nonclinical studies -- Clinical trials.
Feldberg TP248.2 .C46 2017

The start-up J curve : the six steps to entrepreneurial success
Love, Howard, author
Austin, Texas : Greenleaf Book Group Press, [2016]
The Value of a Map -- Create: Temper Dreams with Ideas, Money, Structure, and Teams -- Release: Get the Damn Thing Out There -- Morph: Embrace Radical Change -- Business Model: Nail It before You Scale It -- Scale: Go Big with People, Process, and Money -- Harvest: The Joy of Puffball Decisions -- Raising Dollars for Start-Ups: A Phase-by-Phase Guide -- Failure: Make It Your Friend -- The Personal Side of the Start-Up Life -- Leveraging the J Curve in Large Organizations -- Moving Forward.

"Entrepreneurs who have read early drafts of The Start-Up J Curve responded, "I wish I had this book years ago." A start-up unfolds in a predictable pattern; the more aware entrepreneurs are of this pattern, the better able they will be to capitalize on it. Author Howard Love calls this pattern the J Curve: The toughest part of the endeavor is the time between the actual start and when the product and model are firmly established.The Start-Up J Curve gives entrepreneurs the tools they need to get through the early challenges so they can reach the primary value creation that lies beyond. Love brings thirty-five years of start-up experience to this comprehensive guide to starting a business. He outlines the six predictable stages of start-up growth and details the activities that should be undertaken at each stage to ensure success and to avoid common pitfalls. Instead of feeling lost and confused after a setback, start-up founders and investors can anticipate the challenges, overcome the obstacles, and ride the curve to the top."--Front flap of dust jacket.
Feldberg HD62.5 .L678 2016

ReOrg : how to get it right
Heidari-Robinson, Stephen, author
Boston, Massachusetts : Harvard Business Review Press, [2016]
Part 1. Why reorgs are so difficult: The data: what works and what doesn't -- Communicating to stakeholders: the rules of engagement -- Part 2. A better way: the 5 step process: Step 1: Construct the reorg's profit and loss -- Step 2: Understand current weakness and strengths -- Step 3: Choose from multiple options -- Step 4: Get the plumbing and wiring right -- Step 5: Launch, learn and course correct -- Putting it all together -- Appendices: Appendix 1: Cost-driven reorgs -- Appendix 2: M&A-driven reorgs -- Appendix 3: The legal context of reorgs in the European Union -- Appendix 4: Tools, templates and checklists for managing your reorg.

Most executives will lead or be a part of a reorganization (a "reorg"). And for good reason--reorgs are one of the best ways for companies to unlock latent value, especially in a changing business environment. But everyone hates them. Perhaps no other management practice creates more anxiety and fear among employees or does more to distract them from their day-to-day jobs. As a result, reorgs can be incredibly expensive in terms of senior management time and attention, and most of them fail on multiple dimensions. It's no wonder that companies treat a reorg as a mysterious process and outsource it to people who don't understand the business. But it doesn't have to be that way. Stephen Heidari-Robinson and Suzanne Heywood, former leaders of McKinsey's Organization practice, present a practical guide for successfully planning and implementing a reorg--demystifying and accelerating the process at the same time. Based on their twenty-five years of combined experience doing reorgs and on McKinsey research with over 2,500 executives involved in them, the authors distill what they and their McKinsey colleagues have been practicing as an art into a science that executives can replicate in companies or business units large or small. Their approach isn't complex, nor is it bogged down by a lot of organizational theory: the five steps give executives a simple, logical process to follow, making it easier for everyone--both the leaders and the employees who ultimately determine the success or failure of a reorg--to commit themselves to and succeed in the new organization.--
Feldberg HD38.15 .H45 2016

Introduction to internal combustion engines
Stone, Richard, 1955-
New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012
Clear, well-illustrated with a wealth of worked examples and end of chapter questions, this fourth edition is fully updated throughout. The book provides a comprehensive introduction to internal combustion engines.
Feldberg TJ755 .S87 2012

Energy systems engineering : evaluation and implementation
Vanek, Francis M., author
New York : McGraw-Hill, [2016]
Feldberg TJ163.9 .V36 2016

FE review manual : rapid preparation for the fundamentals of engineering exam
Lindeburg, Michael R
Belmont, Calif. : Professional Publications, c2011
Feldberg TA159 .L5733 2011

The new advantage : how women in leadership can create win-wins for their companies and themselves
Morgan, Howard J., author
Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, An imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2016]
"Please do not supply a summary with this CIP"--
Feldberg HQ1233 .M637 2016

Fluid mechanics
White, Frank M., author
New York, NY : McGraw-Hill Education, [2016]
Chapter 1. Introduction -- Chapter 2. Pressure distribution in a fluid -- Chapter 3. Integral relations for a control volume -- Chapter 4. Differential relations for fluid flow -- Chapter 5. Dimensional analysis and similarity -- Chapter 6. Viscous flow in ducts -- Chapter 7. Flow past immersed bodies -- Chapter 8. Potential flow and computational fluid dynamics -- Chapter 9. Compressible flow -- Chapter 10. Open-channel flow -- Chapter 11. Turbomachinery -- Appendix A. Physical properties of fluids -- Appendix B. Compressible flow tables -- Appendix C. Conversion factors -- Appendix D. Equations of motion in cylindrical coordinates. -- Appendix E. Estimating uncertainty in experimental data. -- Answers to selected problems. -- Index
Feldberg TA357 .W48 2016

Improving finished goods inventory process through EOQ modeling and segmentation analysis
Ananthanarayanan, Sankar Anand, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Corporate strategy intern at PTC competitive landscape analysis and new product strategy
Cao, Yijun author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Venture deals : be smarter than your lawyer and venture capitalist
Feld, Brad, author
Hoboken : Wiley, 2016
"In this updated Venture Deals, Third Edition, they will use their years of experience in venture capital and early stage investing to show entrepreneurs how to succeed and prosper, outlining the essential elements of the venture capital term sheet and the tactics needed to negotiate"--
Feldberg HG4751 .F45 2017

Basic principles and calculations in chemical engineering
Himmelblau, David Mautner, 1923-
Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall, ©2012
1. What are chemical engineering and bioengineering? -- 2. Introductory concepts -- 3. Material balances -- 4. Material balances without reaction -- 5. Material balances involving reactions -- 6. Material balances for multi-unit systems -- 7. Ideal and real gases -- 8. Multiphase equilibrium -- 9. Energy balances -- 10. Energy balances: how to account for chemical reaction -- 11. Humidity (psychrometric) charts and their use -- 12. Analysis of the degree of freedom in steady-state processes -- 13. Heats of solution and mixing -- 14. The mechanical energy balance -- 15. Liquids and gases in equilibrium with solids -- 16. Solving material and energy balances -- 17. Unsteady-state material and energy balances -- Appendices.

Best-selling introductory chemical engineering book - now updated with far more coverage of biotech, nanotech, and green engineering Thoroughly covers material balances, gases, liquids, and energy balances. Contains new biotech and bioengineering problems throughout.
Feldberg TP151 .H5 2012

Assessing the productivity of a R&D organization within a technology company : bulgerpartners
Dole, Anant, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Development of a warehouse slot assignment tool
Hauke, Eric, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

ProQuest statistical abstract of the United States
Lanham, Maryland : Bernan, 2012-
Kresge Ref HA202 .A35

Developing a high performance human machine interface
Uchiyama, Karen author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

From silk to silicon : the story of globalization through ten extraordinary lives
Garten, Jeffrey E., 1946- author
New York, NY : Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2016]
Genghis Khan : the accidental empire builder (1162-1227) -- Prince Henry : the explorer who made a science of discovery (1394-1460) -- Robert Clive : the rogue who captured India for the British Empire (1725-1774) -- Mayer Amschel Rothschild : the godfather of global banking (1744-1812) -- Cyrus Field : the tycoon who wired the Atlantic (1819-1892) -- John D. Rockefeller : the titan who built the energy industry and also launched global philanthropy (1839-1937) -- Jean Monnet : the diplomat who reinvented Europe (1888-1979) -- Margaret Thatcher : the iron lady who revived free markets (1925-2013) -- Andrew Grove : the man behind the third industrial revolution (1936-present) -- Deng Xiaoping : the pragmatist who relaunched China (1904-1997) -- The best is yet to come.

The story of globalization, the most powerful force in history, as told through the life and times of ten people who changed the world by their singular, spectacular accomplishments. This is the first book to look at the history of globalization through the lens of individuals who did something transformative, as opposed to describing globalization through trends, policies, or particular industries. From Silk to Silicon tells the story of who these men and women were, what they did, how they did it and how their achievements continue to shape our world today.
Feldberg HF1365 .G37 2016

Competing against luck : the story of innovation and customer choice
Christensen, Clayton M., author
New York, NY : HarperBusiness, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2016]
Section I: An introduction to jobs theory -- Chapter 1: The milk shake dilemma -- Chapter 2: Progress, not products -- Chapter 3: Jobs in the wild -- Section 2: The hard work--and payoff--of applying jobs theory -- Chapter 4: Job hunting -- Chapter 5: How to hear what your customers don't say -- Chapter 6: Building your résumé -- Section 3: The jobs to be done organization -- Chapter 7: Integrating around a job -- Chapter 8: Keeping your eye on the job -- Chapter 9: The jobs-focused organization -- Chapter 10: Final observations about the theory of jobs.

Presents guidelines to help companies develop products and services customers will buy for premium prices, outlining a revolutionary approach based on a theory that companies are actually "hired" by their customers to perform specific jobs.
Feldberg HD53 .C487 2016

Before I was CEO : life stories and lessons from leaders before they reached the top
Vanham, Peter, 1986- author
Hoboken, New Jersey : Wiley, [2017]
"Before I Was CEO will feature a collection of real-life stories from some of the world's most renowned business leaders"--
Feldberg HF5549 .V3346 2017

Marketing 4.0 : moving from traditional to digital
Kotler, Philip, author
Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2017]
Feldberg HF5415 .K683 2017

Smart collaboration : how professionals and their firms succeed by breaking down silos
Gardner, Heidi K., author
Boston, Massachusetts : Harvard Business Review Press, [2016]
Introduction: Why collaborate? -- Collaboration helps the firm do business better -- Collaboration helps the firm recruit, retain, and grow the right people -- Collaboration and the solo specialist -- The seasoned collaborator -- Collaboration and the contributor -- Collaboration for ringmasters -- Collaboration: a look sideways -- Collaboration: yes, your clients care.

Many professional service firms today face a serious dilemma. Clients are demanding more sophisticated service for complex problems that can only be delivered by interdisciplinary teams of experts. No one consultant or lawyer--or even one functional group--can guide a client through today's challenges, which often span technological, regulatory, economic, and environmental issues on an increasingly global scale. The problem is, most firms have narrowly defined practice areas and partners with specialized expertise. These siloed experts are often "stars" who have built their reputations and client rosters independently, not by working with peers. What's more, most firms have grown so large and so fast that their members can't even know--let alone trust--their colleagues around the world. In Smart Collaboration, Heidi Gardner shows that a much more profitable--albeit difficult--path is to push the firm toward cross-partner collaboration. Gardner, a former McKinsey consultant and Harvard Business School professor, now a fellow at Harvard Law School, has spent over a decade conducting an in-depth study of more than a dozen global professional service firms. In a research tour de force, she brings together time sheet records, financial information, and personnel records--literally millions of data points--to uncover the effect of interdisciplinary teamwork in the professional services field. The result: conclusive proof that collaboration pays, both for employees and for their firms. Moving group by group through the ranks of a typical firm, she offers powerful prescriptions for how leaders can foster collaboration, move to higher-end and higher-margin work, increase client satisfaction, attract and retain top-caliber talent, and improve their bottom line.--
Feldberg HD62.65 .G37 2016

Wind energy engineering
Jain, Pramod, 1963- author
New York : McGraw-Hill, [2016]
Overview of wind energy business -- Basics of wind energy and power -- Properties of wind -- Aerodynamics of wind turbine blades -- Advances aerodynamics of wind turbine blades -- Wind measurement -- Wind resource assessment -- Advanced wind resource assessment -- Wind turbine generator components -- Basics of electricity and generators -- Deploying wind turbines in grid -- Environmental impact of wind projects -- Financial modeling of wind projects -- Planning and execution of wind projects -- Wind energy policy.
Feldberg TJ820 .J35 2016

Final Report
Vadlamani, Bala Sahitya, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Dwell time improvement
Van der Herten, Joris, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

A new crack detection method for aluminum components
Van der Wegen, Maria author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Design thinking for innovation : research and practice
Walter Brenner, Falk Uebernickel, editors
Cham : Springer Verlag, 2016
Introduction from the Editors. Design Thinking as Mindset, Process, and Toolbox / Walter Brenner, Falk Uebernickel, Thomas Abrell -- Contributions from Teaching and Research. Design Thinking and Corporate Entrepreneurship: An Integration and Avenues for Future Research / Thomas Abrell -- Measurement of Design Front End: Radical Innovation Approach / Pekka Berg, Jussi Pihlajamaa, Poul Kyvsgaard Hansen, Ade Mabogunje -- Design Thinking for Revolutionizing Your Business Models / Amir Bonakdar, Oliver Gassmann -- Design Thinking in IS Research Projects / Mateusz Dolata, Gerhard Schwabe -- Dynagrams: Enhancing Design Thinking Through Dynamic Diagrams / Martin J. Eppler, Sebastian Kernbach -- What if? Strategy Design for Enacting Enterprise Performance / Simon Grand -- Effectuation: Control the Future with the Entrepreneurial Method / Dietmar Grichnik, Ronny Baierl, Michael Faschingbauer -- "Making Is Thinking": The Design Practice of Crafting Strategy / Claus D. Jacobs -- Context Dependency in Design Research / Larry Leifer, Alexander A. Neff -- What Is It That Design Thinking and Marketing Management Can Learn from Each Other? / Sven Reinecke -- Contributions from Practice. Industrial Design Thinking at Siemens Corporate Technology, China / Xiao Ge, Bettina Maisch -- Design Thinking: Process or Culture? / Alexander Grots, Isabel Creuznacher -- Designing from the Future / Michael Shamiyeh.

This book presents the full scope of Design Thinking in theory and practice, bringing together prominent opinion leaders and experienced practitioners who share their insights, approaches and lessons learned. As Design Thinking is gaining popularity in the context of innovation and information management, the book elaborates the specific interpretations and meanings of the concept in different fields including engineering, management, and information technology. As such, it offers students and professionals a sourcebook revealing the power of Design Thinking, while providing academics a roadmap for further research.
Feldberg HD53 .D475 2016

Pre-revenue travel time reliability forecase and improvement analysis for the Denver Regional Transportation District 1-225 'R' light rail line
Bodine, Christopher author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

A portfolio management system for tracking key performance indicators
Choudhury, Julia author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Global information services : NASDAQ
Kulkarni, Amogh author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Improving and automating CTPM resource planning process
Nzewi, Ijeoma author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Energy mapping at the Brighton Blades facility
Sreenivasan, Sreevalli, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Portfolio obsolescence management on the discovery drug product line
Su, Xin, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Process improvement of client access at Arcadia Healthcare Solutions
Beallor, Brendan, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Designing a model for analyzing and presenting competitive intelligence to enhance analytical capability of strategic marketing
Dai, Yuying author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Enhancing the distribution of safety letters during clinical trials
Rodriguez, Juan F. Diaz, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Demand response and energy management solutions for commercial end-users, utilities, and wholesale suppliers
Doshi, Alok, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Streamlining the mapping of costs to information secruity functions for American Express
Durivaux, Tony, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Market analysis for Cordis Corporation
Grangard, Gabriella author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Improving user experience : adoption and training on workfront : a project management software
Jacobson, Sara author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Financial and operational analysis of process validation
Karp, Eli, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Quality-driven design innovation of wire harnesses to improve ergonomics of cabling systems and time-cost reduction in assembly processes
Kedambadi, Maithreya author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Blackboard document viewer service recommendation
Lyu, Mei, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

PTC Q2C process improvement
Yin, Min, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Developing an integrated supply chain network for the Moog pitch capacitor module
Ocloo, Alvin, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Impact of evolving hospital purchasing dynamics on MedTech growth strategies
Patel, Romil author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Balloon catheter design and development
Pham, Claudia author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Product discovery : Imprivata confirm ID : assessment and recommendation
Rafiq, Qurat author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Blending operation optimization
Rosas, Edgar F., author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Development of price responsive HVAC systems
Shah, Nihit author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Lean manufacturing project report : increasing the profitability of a milk can production line
Soesanto, Vincentius Andrew, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

Cluster analysis on predicting mortality and readmissions
Umeh, Emeka author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

ENGM390 : final report
Su, Yuchen, author
Feldberg MEM Summer 2016

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