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Hybrid nanomaterials : advances in energy, environment and polymer nanocomposites
edited by Suneel Kumar Srivastava and Vikas Mittal
Beverly, MA : Scrivener Publishing ; 2017
Feldberg TA418.9.N35 H928 2017

Engineering mechanics. Statics and dynamics
Hibbeler, R. C., author
Hoboken, New Jersey : Pearson, [2016]
General Principles -- Force Vectors -- Equilibrium of a Particle -- Force System Resultants -- Equilibrium of a Rigid Body -- Structural Analysis -- Internal Forces -- Friction -- Center of Gravity and Centroid -- Moments of Inertia -- Virtual Work -- Kinematics of a Particle -- Kinetics of a Particle: Force and Acceleration -- Kinetics of a Particle: Work and Energy -- Kinetics of a Particle: Impulse and Momentum -- Planar Kinematics of a Rigid Body -- Planar Kinetics of a Rigid Body: Force and Acceleration -- Planar Kinetics of a Rigid Body: Work and Energy -- Planar Kinetics of a Rigid Body: Impulse and Momentum -- Three-Dimensional Kinematics of a Rigid Body -- Three-Dimensional Kinetics of a Rigid Body -- Vibrations.
Feldberg TA350 .H48 2016

A bioimpedance-sensing dental drill for detecting bone interfaces
Butler, Rebecca author
"Iatrogenic injury caused by accidental perforation of cortical bone surrounding critical structures within the human jaw occurs in up to 40% of dental implant procedures. No real-time, nonionizing sensing method is routinely available to guide clinicians in safe and accurate placement of a dental implant. To address this need, a device integrating Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy within a standard dental drill was designed to sense the position of a surgical drill bit as it moves through cancellous bone towards a cortical interface. Early detection of this interface could prevent accidental breaches and resulting damage to underlying key anatomic structures. This thesis primarily focuses on the design of a bioimpedance-sensing drill and its characterization in biological phantoms and bone tissues. The system, consisting of a novel intracannular bearing and diamond-like carbon coated drill bit integrated onto a standard surgical drill, records electrical properties over a wide frequency range. This device was evaluated in an ex vivo and in situ study of cancellous and cortical samples from pig femurs from 0.1-100 kHz. Significant differences within both ex vivo and in situ bone were recorded, with a maximum cortical-to-cancellous contrast ratio of 2.94 in resistivity. This level of contrast was used in interface experiments, in which the drill was passed through various bilayer materials with different electrical properties. Sensitivity experiments reveal that tissues a minimum of 1 mm axial and 2.5 mm redial to the drill bit tip predominantly contribute to the measured impedance. Using this result, preliminary algorithms for sensing an approaching interface are presented. Prototype design and experimental results throughout this work are also verified by finite element model simulations. Overall, this thesis presents a proof-of-concept device that provides the initial framework for interface detection in a clinical dental implant setting."
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis Masters 2017

Lead-acid batteries : science and technology : a handbook of lead-acid battery technology and its influence on the product
Pavlov, Detchko, author
Amsterdam, Netherlands : Elsevier, [2017]
Feldberg TK2945.L42 P38 2017

Renewable energy engineering
Jenkins, Nicholas, 1954- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017
This text provides a quantitative yet accessible overview of renewable energy engineering practice including wind, hydro, solar thermal, photovoltaic, ocean and bioenergy. Suitable for engineering undergraduates as well as graduate students from other numerate degrees, the text is supported by worked examples, tutorial chapters providing background material and end-of-chapter problems.
Feldberg TJ808 .J466 2017

Materials selection in mechanical design
Ashby, M. F., author
Oxford, United Kingdom ; Cambridge, MA : [2017]
Introduction : materials and design ; Engineering materials and their properties ; Materials property charts ; Materials selection - the basics ; Materials selection - case studies ; Processes and their effect on properties ; Processes selection and cost ; Multiple constraints and conflicting objectives ; Multiple constraints and conflicting objectives - case studies Selection of material and shape ; Material and shape : case studies ; Designing hybrid materials ; Hybrids : case studies ; Materials and the environment ; Materials and industrial design ; Sustainable response to forces for change

Understanding materials, their properties and behavior is fundamental to engineering design, and a key application of materials science. Written for all students of engineering, materials science and design, this book describes the procedures for material selection in mechanical design in order to ensure that the most suitable materials for a given application are identified from the full range of materials and section shapes available.
Feldberg TA403.6 .A74 2017

Requiem for the American dream : the 10 principles of concentration of wealth & power
Chomsky, Noam, author
New York ; Seven Stories Press, [2017]
A note on the American dream -- Principle #1: Reduce democracy: Secret proceeding and debates of the Convention assembled at Philadelphia, in the year 1787, and other sources -- Principle #2: Shape ideology: Powell memorandum, Lewis F. Powell, Jr., 1971, and other sources -- Principle #3: Redesign the economy: "An end to the focus on short term urged," Wall Street Journal, Justin Lahart, September 9, 2009, and other sources -- Principle #4: Shift the burden: Henry Ford on why he doubled the minimum wage he paid his employees, and other sources -- Principle #5: Attack solidarity: The theory of moral sentiments, Adam Smith, 1759, and other sources -- Principle #6: Run the regulators: Prosperity economics: Building an economy for all, Jacob S. Hacker and Nate Loewentheil, 2012, and other sources -- Principle #7: Engineer elections: Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, Supreme Court of the United States, January 21, 2010, and other sources -- Principle #8: Keep the rabble in line: "Ford men beat and rout Lewis union organizers; 80,000 out in steel strike; 16 hurt in battle," New York Times, May 26, 1937, and other sources -- Principle #9: Manufacture consent: Essays, moral, political, literary, David Hume, 1741, and other sources -- Principle #10: Marginalize the population: "Testing theories of American politics: Elites, interest groups, and average citizens," Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page, 2014, and other sources.

In his first major book on the subject of income inequality, Noam Chomsky skewers the fundamental tenets of neoliberalism and casts an eye on the economic facts of life. What are the ten principles of concentration of wealth and power at work in America today? They're simple enough: reduce democracy, shape ideology, redesign the economy, shift the burden onto the poor and middle classes, attack the solidarity of the people, let special interests run the regulators, engineer election results, use fear and the power of the state to keep the rabble in line, manufacture consent, marginalize the population. In Requiem for the American Dream, Chomsky devotes a chapter to each of these ten principles, and adds readings from some of the core texts that have influenced his thinking to bolster his argument. Chomsky and his editors, the filmmakers Peter Hutchison, Kelly Nyks, and Jared P. Scott, spent countless hours together over the course of five years, from 2011 to 2016. After the release of the film version, Chomsky and the editors returned to the many hours of tape and transcript and created a document that included three times as much text as was used in the film.
Feldberg HC79.I5 C466 2017

ActivityAware : wearable system for real-time physical activity monitoring among the elderly
Boateng, George G., author
"Physical activity helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension and obesity. The ability to monitor a person's daily activity level can inform self-management of physical activity and related interventions. For older adults with obesity, the importance of regular, physical activity is critical to reduce the risk of long-term disability. In this work, we present ActivityAware, an application on the Amulet wrist-worn device that monitors the daily activity levels (low, moderate and vigorous) of older adults in real-time. The app continuously collects acceleration data on the Amulet, classifies the current activity level, updates the day's accumulated time spent at that activity level, displays the results on the screen and logs summary data for later analysis. The app implements an activity-level detection model we developed using a Linear Support Vector Machine (SVM). We trained our model using data from a user study, where subjects performed common physical activities (sit, stand, lay down, walk and run). We obtained accuracies up to 99.2% and 98.5% with 10-fold cross validation and leave-one-subject-out (LOSO) cross-validation respectively. We ran a week-long field study to evaluate the utility, usability and battery life of the ActivityAware system where 5 older adults wore the Amulet as it monitored their activity level. The utility evaluation showed that the app was somewhat useful in achieving the daily physical activity goal. The usability feedback showed that the ActivityAware system has the potential to be used by people for monitoring their activity levels. Our energy-efficiency evaluation revealed a battery life of at least 1 week before needing to recharge. The results are promising, indicating that the app may be used for activity-level monitoring by individuals or researchers for epidemiological studies, and eventually for the development of interventions that could improve the health of older adults. "
Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis Masters 2017

The beginning of the use of metals and alloys : papers from the Second International Conference on the Beginning of the Use of Metals and Alloys, Zhengzhou, China, 21-26 October 1986
edited by Robert Maddin
Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, ©1988
Feldberg TN16 .I58 1986

Principles of electronic materials and devices
Kasap, S. O. author
New York, NY : McGraw-Hill Education, [2018]
Elementary materials science concepts -- Electrical and thermal conduction in solids -- Elementary quantum physics -- Modern theory of solids -- Semiconductors -- Semiconductor devices -- Dielectric materials and insulation -- Magnetic properties and superconductivity -- Optical properties of materials.
Feldberg TK453 .K26 2018

Valuation handbook. U.S. guide to cost of capital
Duff & Phelps
Hoboken, New Jersey : Wiley, [2017]-
Feldberg Ref HG4028.V3 V33

Engineering mathematics
Bird, J. O., author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2017
John Bird's approach to mathematics, based on numerous worked examples and interactive problems, is ideal for level 2 and 3 vocational courses including the BTEC National specifications. Theory is kept to a minimum, with the emphasis firmly placed on problem-solving skills, making this a thoroughly practical introduction to the mathematics that students need to master.
Feldberg TA330 .B515 2017

Bioprocess engineering : basic concepts
Shuler, Michael L., 1947-
Boston : Prentice Hall, [2017]
Feldberg TP248.3 .S58 2017

Statics and mechanics of materials
Hibbeler, R. C., author
Hoboken : Pearson, 2017
Feldberg TA405 .H48 2017

Pindyck, Robert S., author
NY, NY : Pearson, [2018]
Introduction markets and price -- Preliminaries -- Basics of supply and demand -- Producers, consumers, and competitive markets -- Consumer behavior -- Individual and market demand -- Uncertainty and consumer behavior -- Production -- The cost of production -- Profit maximization -- The analysis of competitive markets -- Market structure and competitive strategy -- Market power -- Pricing with market power -- Monopolistic competition and oligopoly -- Game theory and competitive strategy -- Market for factor inputs -- Investment, time, and capital markets -- Information, market failure, and the role of government -- General equilibrium and economic efficiency -- Markets with assymetric information -- Externalities and public goods -- Behavioral economics -- Glossary -- Answers -- Photo credits -- Index.
Feldberg HB172 .P53 2018

Fundamentals of MIMO wireless communications
Kshetrimayum, Rakhesh Singh, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, [ 2017]
"Provides a solid understanding of the essential concepts of MIMO wireless communications"--
Feldberg TK5103.4836 .K75 2017

Handbook of solar energy : theory, analysis and applications
Tiwari, G. N., author
Singapore : Springer, [2016]
Feldberg TJ810 .T59 2016

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