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Sherman Art Library Acquisitions during January 2017

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Toni Catany : cuando ir era volver
Catany, Tony, photographer
Barcelona : RM Verlag, S.L., [2016]
Sherman TR647 .C385 2016

The boundaries of art and social space in Rome : the caged bird and other art forms
Jones, Frederick, 1955- author
New York, NY : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2016
1. Introduction: Art -- 2. The Roman Garden -- 3. The Garden Room at Prima Porta -- 4. Tapestry in Rome -- 5. The Caged Bird -- 6. Conclusion: Self-Projecting Inside and Out.

"This volume focuses on four cultural phenomena in the Roman world of the late Republic - the garden, a garden painting, tapestry, and the domestic caged bird. They accept or reject a categorisation as art in varying degrees, but they show considerable overlaps in the ways in which they impinge on social space. The study looks, therefore, at the borderlines between things that variously might or might not seem to be art forms. It looks at boundaries in another sense too. Boundaries between different social modes and contexts are embodied and represented in the garden and paintings of gardens, reinforced by the domestic use of decorative textile work, and replicated in the bird cage. The boundaries thus thematised map on to broader boundaries in the Roman house, city, and wider world, becoming part of the framework of the citizen's cognitive development and individual and civic identities. Frederick Jones presents a novel analysis that uses the perspective of cognitive development in relation to how elements of domestic and urban visual culture and the broader world map on to each other. His study for the first time understands the domestic caged bird as a cultural object and uniquely brings together four disparate cases under the umbrella of 'art'"--
Sherman N72.S6 J64 2016

A parallel excavation : Duane Linklater & Tanya Lukin Linklater
curated by Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective ; essay by Erin Sutherland with Tiffany Shaw-Collinge
Edmonton, Alberta : Art Gallery of Alberta, [2016]
"Duane Linklater will collaboratively investigate drywall and its materiality. The source for drywall is gypsum, a crystalline material mined in North America and globally to form drywall. The largest pit mine for gypsum is located outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia. In this exhibition the Linklater will investigate the materiality of drywall, while considering the political implications of it as a resource mined in Canada and globally. At Linklakter's home studio in Ontario he will experiment with drywall sections, purchased in the province. The drywall sections will then be shipped to Edmonton, where they will visually lean against existing gallery walls. The drywall may be sanded, or otherwise engaged with--progress photos included on page 3 of this document. Tanya Lukin Linklater will also work within the gallery using archaeological sifters and field notebooks. These objects will operate more sculpturally in the gallery space in relation to the drywall pieces and sit further away from the gallery walls. There will be approximately 4-5 of the sifters and notebooks sized: small - 17" x 22," medium - 20" x 26," large - 22" x 28." This exhibition speaks to place--as the materials will be investigated and purchased in northern Ontario, but the exhibition, as a whole, will also explore Edmonton as a place, and their memory of a location the artists (both Duane Linklater and Tanya Lukin Linklater) occupied for nearly nine years. The artists are also considering the relationship of indigenous peoples to the gallery, institutions and museums, which are often peripheral or can be described as a relationship of marginality. An accompanied text from the artists will be created to expand on these relationships with a possible connection to the idea of excavation."--
Sherman N6545.6 .P386 2016

Big plans! : on applied Modernism in Saxony-Anhalt 1919-1933
edited for the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation by Claudia Perren, Torsten Blume, and Alexia Pooth
Bielefeld : Kerber Verlag, c2016
Ninety years after the Bauhaus first opened its doors in Dessau, "Big Plans! Modern Types, Dreamers, and Inventors" is the first publication to prove that the Bauhaus was not the only forum for the international avant-garde, but part of a large, Modernist utopia. A futurist industrial region grew up in central Germany from 1919 to 1933; it was closely linked to visionary and idealized plans for a new image of humanity, realized in everything from architecture, education, and advertising to the notion of space exploration. The exhibition includes correspondence sent from the Bauhaus to Magdeburg, Halle (Saale), Leuna, Merseburg, Wolfen, and Elbingerorde. This intriguing companion volume opens up a view into a highly active field of dynamic, exploratory ideas coming from participants such as Walter Gropius, Xanti Schawinsky, Bruno Taut, and Wilhelm Deffke.
Sherman NA682.M63 B55 2016

Hidden urbanism : architecture and design of the Moscow metro, 1935-2015
Kuznet︠s︡ov, Sergey, 1977- author
Berlin : DOM Publishers, [2016]
Sherman TF302.M67 K89 2016

The Isaac Mizrahi pictures : New York City 1989-93
Waplington, Nick, photographer
Bologna, Italy : Damiani, 2015
From 1989 to 1993, New York fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi granted the British photographer Nick Waplington rare backstage access to photograph every detail of the designer's fitting sessions in the weeks before his twice-yearly fashion shows. Combining Waplington's gritty style with Mizrahi's haute couture sensibilities, the resulting images offer a candid glimpse into the world of fashion when supermodels including Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell reigned supreme. At the same time, Waplington set out to document the wildly creative nightlife of the '90s "club kid" culture in New York, juxtaposing his images of uptown style with downtown looks and taking pictures at some of the city's most infamous clubs, such as the Pyramid Club and Save the Robots. Artist and photographer Nick Waplington (born 1970) has published several monographs, including 'Living room' and 'The wedding' (Aperture), 'Safety in numbers' (Booth-Clibborn), 'Truth or Consequences' (Phaidon) and 'Alexander McQueen: Working process' (Damiani). He lives in London and New York. Isaac Mizrahi (born 1961) has been a leader in the fashion industry for almost 30 years. In 1995 he was the subject of the award-winning documentary, "Unzipped." In 2003 Mizrahi pioneered the concept of merging high design with mass retail in partnership with Target. He has designed costumes for the New York Metropolitan Opera, the American Ballet Theater and the San Francisco Ballet. Mizrahi is the author of 'How to have style' and has been head judge on Lifetime's 'Project runway: All stars.'
Sherman TT505.M59 W324 2015

Psychology and philosophy of abstract art : neuro-aesthetics, perception and comprehension
Hackett, Paul, 1960- author
London : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]
Defining two-dimensional abstract art -- Theorizing perception -- Expanding theoretical complexity -- Perceptual content, process and categorial ontologies -- Mapping sentence and partial order mereology for perceiving abstract art.

This book examines how we perceive and understand abstract art in contrast to artworks that represent reality. Philosophical, psychological and neuroscience research, including the work of philosopher Paul Crowther, are considered and out of these approaches a complex model is developed to account for this experience. The understanding embodied in this model is rooted in facet theory, mapping sentences and partially ordered analyzes, which together provide a comprehensive understanding of the perceptual experience of abstract art.
Sherman N7430.5 .H3252 2016

A Myriad of dreaming : twentieth century Aboriginal art
presented by Lauraine Diggins Fine Art Pty Ltd
Melbourne : Malakoff Fine Art Press, ©1989
Sherman N7401 .M97 1989

Yirawala : painter of the dreaming
Holmes, Sandra Le Brun
Sydney : Hodder & Stoughton, 1992
One of the great traditional Aboriginal artists and elder of the Gunwinggu tribe.
Sherman ND1105.Y57 H65 1992

Saltwater : Yirrkala bark paintings of sea country : recognising indigenous sea rights
Neutral Bay, N.S.W. : Buku-Larrngay Mulka Centre in association with Jennifer Isaacs Pub., 1999
Sherman ND1101 .S25 1999

Ginger Riley
Ryan, Judith (Museum curator)
Melbourne : National Gallery of Victoria, 1997
You must see it : the unique vision of Ginger Riley -- I'm from saltwater country : the life and work of Ginger Riley -- The evolution of a tip painter : Ginger Riley's early days as an artist -- Different from other mob, just painting this way : Ginger Riley finds himself as an artist -- My mother country is in my mind : the iconigraphy of Ginger Riley's art -- The same but different : an overview of Ginger Riley's painting career -- Artist's profile (Solo exhibitions ; Group exhibitions ; Awards, commissions & artitis exchanges)
Sherman ND1105.R55 A4 1997

Lives of the Papunya Tula Artists
Johnson, Vivien
Alice Springs, N.T. : IAD Press, 2008
First artists: to November 1972 -- Early days: December 1972 to August 1981 -- Art business: September 1981 to August 1993 -- Fame: August 1993 to present -- Exhibitions -- References.

"This book chronicles the beginnings of the Western Desert art movement and the phenomenal development of its founding art company over four decades. Through comprehensive and widely researched biographies of more than 200 men and women the book illuminates lives balanced between first contact and international stardom, poverty and record auction prices."--Jacket.
Sherman ND1101 .J645 2008

The art of George Milpurrurru
by George Milpurrurru with Gladys Getjpulu and others
Canberra : National Gallery of Australia, 1993
Sherman ND1105.M55 A4 1993

Earth art : aimer sans limite
Dal Bello, Rejane, artist
Paris : Non standard, [2015]
Sherman Oversize N8214.5.E25 D35 2015

Reworlding art history : encounters with contemporary Southeast Asian art after 1990
Antoinette, Michelle, author
Amsterdam : Rodopi, 2014
Highlights the significance of contemporary Southeast Asian art and artists, and their place in the globalized art world and the internationalizing field of ⁰́₈contemporary art⁰́₉. In the light of the region⁰́₉s modern art history, the book surveys this relatively under-examined area of contemporary art which first found broad international recognition in the 1990s. Traced here are significant exhibitions that featured contemporary Southeast Asian art and brought it to regional and international attention. Examined are seminal foundational art histories, and dominant methods and thematic frameworks for engaging with Southeast Asian art. Key artists, exhibitions, collections, scholarship, ideologies, and discourses shaping its developing history are discussed, as are major works by artists associated with Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.
Sherman N7311 .A58 2014

Post-conflict performance, film and visual arts : cities of memory
Des O'Rawe, Mark Phelan, editors
London : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]
Sherman N8260 .P67 2016

Revolutionary horizons : art and polemics in 1950s Cuba
McEwen, Abigail, 1980- author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2016]
The horizon of vanguards -- Los Once and the polemics of abstraction -- Anti-Bienal, Bienal, and the dissolution of Los Once -- The offices of abstraction -- Cuba's concretos and the constructivist turn -- The endgame of abstraction.

"Modernism in Havana reached its climax during the turbulent years of the 1950s as a generation of artists took up abstraction as a means to advance artistic and political goals in the name of Cuba Libre. During a decade of insurrection and, ultimately, revolution, abstract art signaled the country's cultural worldliness and its purchase within the international avant-garde. This pioneering book offers the first in-depth examination of Cuban art during that time, following the intersecting trajectories of the artist groups Los Once and Los Diez against a dramatic backdrop of modernization and armed rebellion. Abigail McEwen explores the activities of a constellation of artists and writers invested in the ideological promises of abstraction, and reflects on art's capacity to effect radical social change. Featuring previously unpublished artworks, new archival research, and extensive primary sources, this remarkable volume excavates a rich cultural history with links to the development of abstraction in Europe and the Americas."
Sherman N6603.2 .M34 2016

Alex Webb - La Calle : photographs of Mexico
Webb, Alex, 1952- photographer
New York : Aperture, 2016
Sherman TR659.8.W43 A4 2016

Thinking the contemporary landscape
Christophe Girot and Dora Imhof, editors
New York : Princeton Architectural Press, [2017]
Sherman SB472 .T45 2017

Sebastiano del Piombo and the world of Spanish Rome
Baker-Bates, Piers, author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2017
Introduction: Sebastiano del Piombo as a historical construct -- Rome: Coda Mundi -- Filippo Sergardi: between Siena and the Empire -- The dual loyalties of the Bishop of Vaison -- Don Jeronimo de Vich: ambassador and art patron -- Don Gonzalo Diez de Lerma: between Burgos and Rome -- Francesco de los Cobos and Ferrante Gonzaga: the paradigm of Spain and Italy.
Sherman ND623.P62 B35 2017

Painting the land story
edited by Luke Taylor
Canberra : National Museum of Australia, 1999
Sherman N7401 .P36 1999

The way of art
Zeifman, Stephen, author
Holstein, Ontario : Exile Editions, [2016]
Sherman N7477 .Z45 2016

Being a skull : site, contact, thought, sculpture
Didi-Huberman, Georges, author
Minneapolis, MN : Univocal, 2016
Sherman N6923.P38 D5313 2016

Enrique Browne : bringing nature back to architecture = devolviendo la naturaleza a la arquitectura
Browne, Enrique, architect
Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia : The Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd, 2016
Sherman NA869.B76 A4 2016

Edward Shaw of Boston : antebellum architect and author : an introduction
O'Gorman, James F., author
Philadelphia, PA : American Philosophical Society Press, 2016
This is the first in-depth study of the career of an important antebellum American architect and author. It is a contribution to the history of architecture and the history of the book. In the quarter century after 1830, Edward Shaw designed dozens of town houses in Boston, including the landmark Adam Wallace Thaxer, Jr. house on Beacon Hill (1836). Shaw also published five influential books on architecture and structural materials, one of them reprinted in several editions to 1900. Research in Boston archives has unearthed building records and drawings for unbuilt Shaw designs. The book also describes the design and contents of Shaw's published works, and traces their distribution across the country, from Maine to Oregon. -- Back cover.
Sherman NA737.S455 O39 2016

Krishna in the garden of Assam : the history and context of a much-travelled textile
Blurton, T. Richard, author
London : The British Museum Press, 2016
The Vrindavani Vastra; is the most important surviving example of an Assamese devotional textile. This beautiful and rare textile, now in the British Museum, was produced in the late seventeenth century in the wake of the remarkable outflow of Krishna veneration resulting from the ministry of the great eastern Indian saint, Sankaradava (died 1568). Nine metres in length, it is made up of twelve strips, all now sown together, and woven with captioned scenes from the life of Krishna as recorded in the tenth-century text, the Bhagavata Purana, and elaborated in the dramas of Sankaradeva. The author looks at the art, technique and iconography of the textile and also places it within its wider religious, cultural and geographical contexts. He traces, too, its fascinating history and its journey from Assam to London.
Sherman NK8976.A3 A873 2016

Ancient mythological images and their interpretation : an introduction to iconology, semiotics, and image studies in classical art history
Lorenz, Katharina, author
New York, New York : Cambridge University Press, 2016
The Experiment : Methods, Images, Objects -- [1] Iconology -- Introducing Iconology -- Iconology in Action -- Narratives of Object and Meaning -- [2] Semiotics -- Introducing Semiotics -- Semiotics in Action -- Narratives of Sign and Signification -- [3] Image Studies -- Introducing Image Studies -- Image Studies in Action -- Narratives of Space and Perspective -- The Experiment : a Summary.

"Proposes a new framework for the study of (ancient) visual culture based on engagement with Greek and Roman mythological imagery, appealing to those seeking to better their understanding of Greek and Roman cultural history; relates historiography and method development in Classical archaeology and ancient art history to the art history of more modern periods, and will therefore be of interest to readers interested in the Classical world and those concerned with more recent historical periods; tracks intellectual developments in different contexts and carves out their similarities and differences, speaking to readers from different intellectual backgrounds and familiarising them with broader developments in Western European art history"--Publisher's website.
Sherman N5613 .L67 2016

Oscar Wilde prefigured : queer fashioning and British caricature, 1750-1900
Janes, Dominic, author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2016
I do not say you are it, but you look it, and you pose at it, which is just as bad," Lord Queensbury challenged Oscar Wilde in the courtroom which erupted in laughter accusing Wilde of posing as a sodomite. What was so terrible about posing as a sodomite, and why was Queensbury's horror greeted with such amusement? In Oscar Wilde Prefigured, Dominic Janes suggests that what divided the two sides in this case was not so much the question of whether Wilde was or was not a sodomite, but whether or not it mattered that people could appear to be sodomites. For many, intimations of sodomy were simply a part of the amusing spectacle of sophisticated life.Oscar Wilde Prefigured is a study of the prehistory of this "queer moment" in 1895. Janes explores the complex ways in which men who desired sex with men in Britain had expressed such interests through clothing, style, and deportment since the mid-eighteenth century. He supplements the well-established narrative of the inscription of sodomitical acts into a homosexual label and identity at the end of the nineteenth century by teasing out the means by which same-sex desires could be signaled through visual display in Georgian and Victorian Britain.
Sherman NC1470 .J36 2016

Keringke : contemporary eastern Arrernte art
Keringke Arts
Alice Springs, N.T. : Jukurrpa Books, 1999
Sherman ND1101 .K47 1999

Mateo, José Manuel
México, D.F. : Ediciones Tecolote, 2011
A young Mexican boy tells the story of how he was once happy living in his small village with his family, working on a farm. Due to a failing economy, first his father and then his mother, his sister, and he are forced to immigrate to Southern California. They stow away on a train, hide from the border patrol, and eventually make their way to the Los Angeles area where they attempt to reunite with the father. The little boy is sad that he has had to leave his beloved dog behind.
Sherman Special PQ7298.423.A85 M54 2011

Kunwinjku art from Injalak 1991-1992 : the John W. Kluge commission
Kluge, John W
North Adelaide, South Aaustralia : Museum Art International, 1994
Sherman N7401 .K667 1994

They are meditating : bark paintings from the MCA's Arnott's collection
catalogue editor, Linda Michael ; guest curator, Djon Mundine
[Sydney] : [Museum of Contemporary Art], [2008]
Foreword -- Preface -- On bark painting: Totems and clans by Raymattja Marika ; Most important is the line Wandjuk Marika speaks of painting by Wandjuk Marika and Jennifer Isaacs ; A limping world works in the ARNOTT'S Collection -- some comceptual underpinnings by John von Strummer -- From East to West bark painting across the Top End -- The aesthetic and magical Groote Eyelandt bark painting by Lindy Allen -- The spirit within North-eastern and Central Arnhem Land by Djon Mundine -- From rock to bark art from Western Arnhen Land by Luke Taylor -- A history of art in the Wadeye region Christopher Pugar and the hidden years by Kim Barber -- Maps -- Index of works -- Acknowledgements
Sherman ND1101 .M87 2008

Women and museums, 1850-1914 : modernity and the gendering of knowledge
Hill, Kate, 1969- author
Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2016
"This is the first attempt to recover the entirety of women's contribution to British museums in the period 1850-1914. It sheds lights on women as museum workers, donors and visitors, demonstrates that through such roles women profoundly influenced the development of museums in the period and suggests that museums were a key site for the development of modern gendered identities"--Back cover.
Sherman AM41 .H55 2016

Picturing Indian Territory : portraits of the land that became Oklahoma, 1819-1907
edited by B. Byron Price ; foreword by John R. Lovett ; contributions by James Peck, B. Byron Price, and Mark Andrew White
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, [2016]
Forward / John R. Lovett -- Introduction / B. Byron Price -- Indian Territory, 1819-1861 : romanticism and the spirit of discovery / James Peck -- Indian Territory, 1861-1907 : turmoil and transition / B. Byron Price -- On to Oklahoma : Reportage, spectacle, and statehood / Mark Andrew White.

Throughout the nineteenth century, the land known as "Indian Territory" was populated by diverse cultures, troubled by shifting political boundaries, and transformed by historical events that were colorful, dramatic, and often tragic. Beyond its borders, most Americans visualized the area through the pictures produced by non-Native travelers, artists, and reportersall with differing degrees of accuracy, vision, and skill. The images in Picturing Indian Territory, and the eponymous exhibit it accompanies, conjure a wildly varied vision of Indian Territory's past.Spanning nearly nine decades, these artworks range from the scientific illustrations found in English naturalist Thomas Nuttall's journal to the paintings of Frederic Remington, Henry Farny, and Charles Schreyvogel. The volume's three essays situate these works within the historical narratives of westward expansion, the creation of an "Indian Territory" separate from the rest of the United States, and Oklahoma's eventual statehood in 1907. James Peck focuses on artists who produced images of Native Americans living in this vast region during the pre--Civil War era. In his essay, B. Byron Price picks up the story at the advent of the Civil War and examines newspaper and magazine reports as well as the accounts of government functionaries and artist-travelers drawn to the region by the rapidly changing fortunes of the area's traditional Indian cultures in the wake of non-Indian settlement. Mark Andrew White then looks at the art and illustration resulting from the unrelenting efforts of outsiders who settled Indian and Oklahoma Territories in the decades before statehood.
Sherman N8214.5.U6 P49 2016

Wild spaces, open seasons : hunting and fishing in American art
Edited by Kevin Sharp ; Introduction by Stephen J. Bodio ; Contributions by Margaret C. Adler, Shirley Reece-Hughes, Kory W. Rogers and Adam M. Thomas
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, [2016]
In their depictions of the hunt or the catch, American artists connected a dynamic and developing nation to its past and its future. Through the examination of major works of art, Wild Spaces, Open Seasons brings to light an often-overlooked theme in American painting and sculpture.
Sherman N8250 .W54 2016

Gritos desde el archivo : grabado político del Taller de Gráfica Popular : Colección Academia de Artes
editado por Pilar García de Germenos & James Oles = Shouts from the archive : political prints from the Taller de Gráfica Popular : The Academia de Artes Collection / edited by Pilar García de Germenos & James Oles
México, D.F. : Colección Blaisten/Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco, 2008
Selection of the works of 26 artists working in the Taller de Gráfica Popular during the first decades of the 20th century, such as: José Chávez Morado, Leopoldo Méndez, Raúl Anguiano, Adolfo Mexiac, Ignacio Aguirre and Alfredo Zalce, amongst others. The exhibition presents a total of 66 prints created between 1938 and 1959, and organized in a museographic discourse of 8 topics: the city, the press, fascism, the Spanish Civil War, soldiers, the proletarian workers, caricature, horses, and the construction industry. The prints are part of the archive of the Academy of the Arts of the National Museum of San Carlos and represent relatively unknown creations.
Sherman NE544.6.T34 G75 2008

Beauty and identity : Islamic art from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Linda Komaroff, with contributions by John Hirx and Anke Scharrahs ; and Sandra Williams, Manal Alghannam, Keelan Overton
Los Angeles, California : Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), 2016
A room from Damascus : context, re-creation, and conservation -- Catalogue. Writing ; Light ; Early Islamic ; Water ; Medieval Islamic ; Ceramics ; Late Islamic ; Islamic art and Europe ; The Damascus room ; Dynasties.

This volume features 150 works from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's rich holdings of Islamic art. The objects--including pottery, enameled and gilded glass, inlaid metalwork, carved ornamental stone and wood, woven textiles, and manuscripts--span the area from southern Spain to northern India, and range in date from the 7th century to the modern era. Among the book's essays is an illustrated narration of the museum's recently conserved landmark acquisition, a Damascus Room, published here for the first time.
Sherman N6263.L6 L64 2016

Le cattedrali del Lazio : ecclesia semper reformanda : l'adeguamento liturgico delle chiese madri nella regione ecclesiatica del Lazio
a cura di Fabrizio Capanni e Giampiero Lilli
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2015]
Sherman NA5619.L38 C38 2015

Climates : architecture and the planetary imaginary
James Graham, editor with Caitlin Blanchfield, managing editor
New York, NY : Columbia Books on Architecture and the City, [2016]
Earths -- Political ecologies -- Corporealities -- Enclosures.
Sherman NA2541 .C544 2016

Exhibiting nation : multicultural nationalism (and its limits) in Canada's museums
Gordon-Walker, Caitlin, author
Toronto : UBC Press, 2016
Multicultural nationalism and the power of metaphor -- Museums, discipline, and dialogue -- The limits of unity in diversity -- The Royal BC Museum's modern history galleries -- The limits of equality and recognition -- The Royal Alberta Museum's cultural communities program -- The limits of universalism and diversity -- The Royal Ontario Museum's world cultures galleries.

"Canada's brand of nationalism celebrates diversity--so long as it doesn't challenge the unity, authority, or legitimacy of the state. Caitlin Gordon-Walker explores this tension between unity and diversity in three nationally recognized museums, institutions that must make judgments about what counts as "too different" in order to celebrate who we are as a people and nation through exhibits, programs, and design. Although the contradictions that lie at the heart of multicultural nationalism have the potential to constrain political engagement and dialogue, the sensory feasts on display in Canada's museums provide a space for citizens to both question and renegotiate the limits of their national vision."--
Sherman AM7 .G67 2016

Europe meets America : William Lescaze, architect of modern housing
Caramellino, Gaia, 1977- author
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016
Sherman NA737.L45 C3713 2016

Puerto Rican light = Cueva vientos
Allora & Calzadilla ; contributions by Sharon Beder and eleven others
New York : Dia Art Foundation, [2016]
Introduction = Introducción / Jessica Morgan -- In the light of art history = A la luz de la historia del arte / Yasmil Raymond -- Cave art and climate debt : the geopolitics of Puerto Rican light = Arte rupestre y deuda climática : la geopolítica de Puerto Rican light / Yates McKee -- All together now = Y ahora, todos juntos / Molly Nesbit -- The portable cave = La cueva portátil / Spyros Papapetros -- Becoming parasite = Devenir parásito / Manuel Cirauqui -- Ecosemiotics of art : whether nature may be beautified = Ecosemiótica del arte : ¿puede la naturaleza ser embellecida? / Kalevi Kull -- Lighting up the dark : the impact of lighting on bats = Iluminar la oscuridad : el impacto de la iluminación en los murciélagos / Emma Stone -- Who's got the power? = ¿De quién es la energía? / Sharon Beder -- Spectral causality = Causalidad espectral / Timothy Morton -- The operators call them angels = Los operadores les llaman ángeles / Michael Taussig -- Psycho-architecture of light and darkness = Psico-arquitectura de luz y oscurdidad / Franco "Bifo" Berardi -- The intolerable dictatorship of matter = La intolerable dictadura de la materia / Juan López Bauzá.
Sherman NB237.A373 A4 2016

I don't have a favourite colour : creating the Vitra Colour & Material Library
Jongerius, Hella
Berlin : Gestalten, 2016
The Vitra colour & material library. The library as a tool ; A smart system of interlocking colour wheels ; Signature colours ; Bridge colours ; The ebb and flow of colours ; Organising an organism -- The colour recipes. Let's start colour cooking ; Recipe one: Colours are personal ; Recipe two: Colours are powerful organisers in a space ; Recipe three: Warm and cold greys cover a wide range of tones ; Recipe four: Instability is a quality ; Recipe five: Upholstery textiles add a signature ; Recipe six: Material makes a colour ; Recipe seven: One colour is no colour ; Recipe eight: The size of a colour patch or colour field is important ; A never-ending process.

Ten years ago, the designer Hella Jongerius began a research project for the furniture company Vitra to study the properties and possibilities of colours, textures, finishes and materials. This long-term project has resulted in the Vitra Colour & Material Library, which is dedicated to the establishment and further development of an intelligent system of colours, materials and textiles that make it easy to create inspiring environments in offices, homes and public spaces. In the book I Don't Have a Favourite Colour, Hella Jongerius describes her method of research and the application of its results to the Vitra product portfolio.
Sherman NK1548 .I36x 2016

From point to pixel : a genealogy of digital aesthetics
Hoy, Meredith Anne, author
Hanover, New Hampshire : Dartmouth College Press, 2017
Introduction. The digital : an aesthetic ontology -- From analog pictures to digital notations -- Points, divisions, and pixels : from modern to contemporary digitality -- Vasarely, Watz, and the new abstraction : from op art to generative art -- Spectral analogies : From wall drawing to the art of programming -- Conclusion. Amalgamations : from digital painting to information visualization.
Sherman N70 .H76 2017

Art from Cape Cod : selections from the Cape Cod Museum of Art
Forman, Deborah (Art journalist), author
Atglen, PA : Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., [2016]
Sherman N529.C16 F67 2016

Stang, Susan Hacker, photographer
[St. Louis, Missouri?] : Zamudio Creative, [2015]
"Eyes" / by Ken Lauter -- Regarding appearances / by Susan Hacker Stang -- Gallery of photographs.

"reAPPEARANCES is a sequence of fifty-two photographs that takes the viewer on a journey through the uncanny coherence of the look of the world. Shot using a small digital toy camera with a plastic lens, this series includes photographs taken in a number of countries and cities, and this variety of locations makes even more apparent the serendipitous connections between different places and cultures. The series is replete with numerous iconic sites and symbols, from the Empire State Building and Tower of Pisa, to Marilyn Monroe, baseball, gondolas, and drive-thru wedding chapels"--Photographer's website.
Sherman TR655 .S728 2015

Moki, artist
Berkeley, California : Gingko Press, [2016]
Sherman ND588.M593 A4 2016

Il capriccio architettonico in Italia nel XVII e XVIII secolo
Sestieri, Giancarlo, author
Roma : EtGraphiæ, [2015]
I. A-C -- II. D-Pal -- III. Pan-Z.
Sherman Oversize ND1358.3 .S47 2015

Il capriccio architettonico in Italia nel XVII e XVIII secolo
Sestieri, Giancarlo, author
Roma : EtGraphiæ, [2015]
I. A-C -- II. D-Pal -- III. Pan-Z.
Sherman Oversize ND1358.3 .S47 2015

Il capriccio architettonico in Italia nel XVII e XVIII secolo
Sestieri, Giancarlo, author
Roma : EtGraphiæ, [2015]
I. A-C -- II. D-Pal -- III. Pan-Z.
Sherman Oversize ND1358.3 .S47 2015

Saint-Denis, dans l'éternité des rois et reines de France
sous la direction de Mgr Pascal Delannoy ; direction scientifique, Jean-Paul Deremble, Brigitte Lainé et Michaël Wyss ; coordination générale, Roland Lacharpagne
Paris : Place des victoires, [2015]
"C'est assurément le monument le plus emblématique de la longue histoirede France. Édifiée sur la tombe de saint Denis, nécropole royale depuis l'inhumation de Dagobert en 639, la basilique-cathédrale de Saint-Denis est aussi le premier chef-d'oeuvre de l'art gothique. Au XIIe siècle, l'abbé Suger a fait reconstruire sur l'ancienne église carolingienne un écrin somptueux pour accueillir les tombeaux des rois et des reines. Avec un génie visionnaire, il a permis une pénétration maximale de la lumière, façonnant un édifice d'une audacieuse modernité pour son temps et devenant ainsi l'un des inventeurs majeurs de l'architecture gothique qui allait essaimer dans toute l'Europe. Il célébrait ainsi la gloire des rois de France, leur offrant un cimetière qui accueillerait les monarques défunts au fil des siècles, des Mérovingiens aux Bourbons, de Clovis à Louis XVIII, avec les reines, Anne de Bretagne, Catherine de Médicis et Marie-Antoinette, nombre de princes et princesses, mais aussi le connétable Bertrand du Guesclin, héros de la guerre de Cent Ans. Si les destructions révolutionnaires l'ont atteinte, avec les brutales profanations des tombeaux royaux la basilique a retrouvé avec Napoléon son destin de grand monument national qui fascine et impressionne les innombrables visiteurs. Restaurée en 2015, la façade affirme à nouveau sa majesté rayonnante au coeur d'une cité aux cultures les plus diverses. Abbaye, basilique, puis église paroissiale, élevée au rang de cathédrale en 1966, Saint-Denis méritait un livre d'exception. Pas moins de 60 auteurs donnent ici la plus complète et la plus à jour des documentations merveilleusement illustrée."--Page 4 of cover.
Sherman Oversize NA5549.S25 S25 2015

Bitten by witch fever : wallpaper & arsenic in the Victorian home
Hawksley, Lucinda, author
New York, NY : Thames & Hudson Ltd/The National Archives, 2016
Introduction: Arsenic & Victorian paper hangings -- Chapter one: Arsenic murder & myth -- Chapter two: Madness in the method; Poison in the process -- Chapter three: Arsenic in the home -- Chapter four: The wallpaper designers -- Chapter five: The public debate -- Chapter six: Getting away from it all -- Chapter seven: The rise of arsenic-free wallpaper.

Beautiful to look at and compelling to read, this book is a highly original and captivating volume that interleaves facsimile sections of alluring, arsenic-laden wallpapers with thought-provoking narrative. It is tracing the arresting story of the use and effects of the toxic pigments ingrained in popular wallpapers of the nineteenth century. Hawksley presents the history of Scheele's green and schweinfurt green, pigments created using arsenic, which produced the vibrant shades whose brilliance made them instant favourites with wallpaper designers and householders alike. With the aid of contemporary case studies and reports in the press, she reveals how, by the middle of the century, manufacturers were producing millions of rolls of arsenical wallpaper, with devastating consequences for those working in their factories and for those living in rooms decorated with the deadly designs. The wallpaper sections display dazzling long-lost work from the great designers and printers of the age, including Christopher Dresser, Corbiere, Son & Brindle, Charles Knowles & Co. and Morris & Co.--whose owner was famously dismissive of the fatal effects of living with arsenic-filled wallpapers.
Sherman NK3400 .H39 2016

Benin/Togo : the revenge of art : contemporary artists from Benin and Togo
editorial coordination, Enrico Bossan
[Villorba] : Fabrica, [2014]
Sherman N7437 .B46 2014

Conversations with Peter Eisenman : the evolution of architectural style
Belogolovskiĭ, Vladimir, 1970- author
Berlin : DOM Publishers, [2016]
Interview I. The history of any discipline is about displacing conventions -- Interview II. My architecture never represents anything -- Interview III. My work is neither architecture nor is it non-architecture -- Projects : House II, Hardwick, Vermont, 1969-190 -- House IV, Falls Village, Connecticut, 1971 -- House VI, Cornwall, Connecticut, 1972-1975 -- Cannaregio Town Square, Venice, Italy, 1978 (project) -- Wexler Center for the Arts, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 1983-1989 -- Staten Island Institute for Arts and Sciences, Staten Island, New York, 1997-2001 (project) -- Cardinals Stadium, Glendale, Arizona, 1997-2006 -- Memorial Square, World Trade Center proposal, New York, 2002 (project) -- Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin, Germany, 1998-2005 -- The City of Culture of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 1999-2013 -- Pinerba Condominium, Milan, Italy, 2009-present -- Yenikapi Archeological Park and Museum, Istanbul, Turkey, 2012-present.

This book highlights three separate conversations the author had with the architect, Peter Eisenman, at his New York City studio in October 2003, June 2009, and February 2016.
Sherman NA737.E33 A35x 2016

Alex Da Corte : free roses ; edited by Susan Cross and Alex Da Corte
Da Corte, Alex, 1980- artist
Muncih : DelMonico Books, an imprint of Prestel Publishing, [2016]
Sherman N6537.D27 A4 2016

El Greco
Eisenstein, Sergei, 1898-1948, author
Buenos Aires : Sans Soleil Ediciones, [2014]
Sherman N72.M6 E57 2014

Vida secreta de Salvador Dalí
Dalí, Salvador, 1904-1989
[Barcelona] : DASA Edicions, S. A., [2001]
Sherman ND813.D3 A2 2001

The ecstasy of St. Kara
Cleveland, OH : Cleveland Museum of Art, [2016]
Ghazal / Tracy K. Smith -- Foreword / William M. Griswold -- Introduction / Reto Thüring & Beau Rutland -- Assassination by proxy / Kara Walker -- Kara's dust / John Lansdowne -- Checklist of the exhibition -- CMA Board of Trustees.
Sherman NC139.W35 A4 2016

Raphael's ostrich
D'Elia, Una Roman, 1973- author
University Park, Pennsylvania : The Pennsylvania State University Press, [2015]
Introduction : Raphael's disputed legacy -- A brief history of the ostrich : antiquity and the Middle Ages -- The eagle and the ostrich : the court of Urbino -- Pope Leo X and Raphael's ostriches -- Raphael's heirs -- Farnese ostriches and Vasari's Raphael -- Fortune is an ostrich : discontent in the 1550s and 1560s -- Curiosity and the ostrich in the Counter-Reformation -- Taming the ostrich : Ripa and Aldrovandi.

"Explores artistic depictions of the ostrich from ancient Egypt to the Renaissance works of Raphael. Traces the history of shifting interpretations given to the ostrich in scientific texts, literature, and religious writings"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman N7668.O88 D45 2015

El juguete en México
Castillo, Erik, author
San Pedro Garza García : Vaso Roto Ediciones, 2015
El Museo de la Esquina / Elena Poniatowska Amor -- Intro -- Breve recuento histórico -- Pasos hacia una teoría del juego -- Infancia y temporada en el Mictlán -- Jugando a las comiditas, amigos inolvidables, la feria.
Sherman NK9509.65.M6 C37 2015

Das Paradies auf Erden : Flämische Landschaften von Bruegel bis Rubens
Uta Neidhardt und Konstanze Krüger, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister
Dresden : Sandstein Verlag, [2016]
Sherman ND1359.6 .N45 2016

MAD works, MAD Architects
Ma, Yansong, 1975- author
London : Phaidon Press Limited, 2016
Sherman NA1549.M32 A4 2016

The Routledge companion to biology in art and architecture
edited by Charissa N. Terranova and Meredith Tromble
New York, NY : Routledge, 2017
Biologies and Architectural Histories -- Biologies and Architectural Theories and Practices -- Biologies and Art Histories -- Biologies and Art Theories and Practices.

The Routledge Companion to Biology in Art and Architecture collects thirty essays from a transdisciplinary array of experts on biology in art and architecture. The book presents a diversity of hybrid art-and-science thinking, revealing how science and culture are interwoven. The book situates bioart and bioarchitecture within an expanded field of biology in art, architecture, and design. It proposes an emergent field of biocreativity and outlines its historical and theoretical foundations from the perspective of artists, architects, designers, scientists, historians, and theoreticians.
Sherman N72.B5 R68 2017

Klappeffekte : faltbare Bildträger in der Vormoderne
David Ganz, Marius Rimmele (Hg.)
Berlin : Reimer, ©2016
Die Klappbarkeit von Büchern, Diptychen und Triptychen ermöglicht eine Abfolge mehrerer Anblicke. Bei regelmäßiger Öffnung beginnen die?verborgenen? Bilder schließlich?durchzuschimmern?, beim Schließen hingegen verändern sich die Personenkonstellationen. Die Autoren zeigen, wie gezielt vormoderne Künstler diese medialen Potentiale in ihre Gestaltung einbezogen.0.
Sherman ND141 .K53x 2016

The prints of Paul Sandby (1731-1809) : a catalogue raisonné
Gunn, Ann V., author
Turnhout : Harvey Miller Publischers, 2015
Born in Nottingham, Paul Sandby (1731-1809) is best known as a founder member of the Royal Academy and a prominent figure in the development of British watercolour painting. However, he was also one of the most prolific and inventive printmakers in eighteenth-century Britain. From his early years as a draughtsman for the military survey of Scotland, and later from his extensive tours throughout England and Wales, he depicted the people, towns, castles and landscapes of the nation. He provided the public with images of their country which contributed to the emerging appreciation of native landscape, to antiquarian interests, and to the development of picturesque tours within the British Isles. Although he never travelled abroad, he reproduced the work of fellow artists who had, tapping into the Grand Tour market with prints of Ionian antiquities, Neapolitan landscapes and the Roman carnival. But his work encompassed more than landscape; he could move from the pastoral humour of illustrations to Allan Ramsay’s poem The Gentle Shepherd, through the urban realism of his Cries of London to the merciless satire of his attacks on William Hogarth. From the 1740s to the 1780s he made over 380 prints: engravings, etchings, soft ground etchings and finally aquatints, a medium in which he was a pioneer. Aquatint enabled printmakers to reproduce the effects of watercolour paintings; Sandby gave the process its name and developed varied techniques which allowed the exact reproduction of the artist’s brush strokes, producing some of the most beautiful prints ever made in this medium.
Sherman NE642.S35 G86 2015

Nepalese seasons : rain and ritual
Vajrācārya, Gautamavajra, author
New York : Rubin Museum of Art, [2016]
Clouds, Rivers, and Rain -- Rainy Season Retreat and Display of Art -- Autumnal Celebrations -- Darshana and Puja -- Sadhana.

This book, written for the Rubin Museum by renowned scholar Gautama V. Vajracharya, explores the relationships of the well-known deities, their festivals and rituals that are believed to affect nature and ensure the arrival of timely monsoon. The festivals and rituals also celebrate a successful harvest, preserve the continuity of their life sustaining cycles, and support the worship of the deities to guarantee well-being and personal development of the worshipers.
Sherman N7310.8.N4 V35 2016

Anmut und Aufklärung : eine Sammlung von Druckgraphik nach Werken von Angelika Kauffmann
Bettina Baumgärtel ; Katalog, herausgegeben im Auftrag der Winckelmann-Gesellschaft von Max Kunze
Wiesbaden : In Kommission bei Harrassowitz Verlag, c2016
Der Ausstellungskatalog präsentiert die Sammlung zweier Mitglieder der Winckelmann-Gesellschaft, der Münchner Klassizismus-Sammler Sven Kielgas und Falk Morten Weber. In Ihrer Sammlung klassizistischer Kunst befinden sich u. a. gut 100 Stiche nach den berühmtesten Werken von Angelika Kauffmann aus dem Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts. Diese Sammlung stellt zugleich einen Querschnitt aus dem Schaffen dieser Ausnahmekünstlerin dar, denn mythologische Themen sind in ihr ebenso vertreten wie Portraits, für die sie weltberühmt wurde, oder Szenen nach Werken Shakespeares. Als junge Künstlerin wurde Angelika Kauffmann in Rom schlagartig durch ihr Porträt J. J. Winckelmanns berühmt, das sie im Alter von 22 Jahren im Auftrag des Schweizer Malers Johann Kaspar Füßli 1764 geschaffen hatte. Winckelmann hatte sich mehrfach in Briefen sehr anerkennend über das Gemälde und die Porträtradierung geäußert. Die Sammlung Kielgas-Weber gibt auch Einblick in die Blütezeit der englischen Reproduktionsgraphik. Besonders durch die neu entwickelte Technik des Punktierstichs erreichten Kauffmanns Werke einen enormen internationalen Bekanntheitsgrad. Exhibition: Winckelmann-Museum, Stendal, Germany (04.09 - 20.11.2016).
Sherman ND853.K29 A4x 2016

L'Odyssée des animaux : les peintres animaliers flamands au xviie siècle
Commissariat de l'exposition et de la publication, Sandrine Vézilier-Dussart ; auteurs des essais, Matthias de Poorter, Susan Koslow, Abigail D. Newman, Jaco Rutgers, Geert Vanpaemel, Sandrine Vézilier-Dussart ; auteurs des notices, Brigitte Olivier, Bert Schepers, Cécile Laffon, Isabelle De Jaegere, Joël Hubrecht, Jaco Rutgers, Sandrine Vézilier-Dussart
Gent : Snoeck, [2016]
Au XVIIe siècle s'affirme dans la peinture flamande un genre bien singulier, l'art animalier. Les peintres flamands, si sensibles au rendu des matières, excellent dans la représentation plus ou moins fidèle de l?animal. La primeur est donnée au réalisme au détriment du fantastique. Le processus de spécialisation est enclenché. Si les scènes de chasse et les étals de marché traduisent opulence et raffinement, d?autres sujets se0démarquent par leur orientation plus existentielle. Les paradis terrestres évoquent une période révolue où prédateurs et proies cohabitaient en une douce harmonie. L?homme devient alors quasi inexistant voire totalement absent. C'est le règne animal, par excellence! L'exposition est une première: malgré l'attractivité de la thématique et leur importance capitale dans l'émergence de l'art animalier, les peintres animaliers flamands au XVIIe siècle, n'ont jamais fait l'objet d'une étude globale et approfondie. Exhibition: Musée de Flandre, Cassel, France (08.10.2016 - 22.01.2017).
Sherman ND666 .O39 2016

Barock nach dem Barock : Denkmalpflege, Technologie, Schöpfungen des Neubarock : Tagungsband zum Kolloquium "Barock nach dem Barock - Denkmalpflege, Technologie, Schöpfungen des Neubarock" vom 21. bis 23. Oktober 2013 im Grossen Rathaussaal der Stadt Passau im Rahmen des EU-Projekts "Barocke Kunst und Kultur im Donauraum"
eine Kooperation des Bayerischen Landesamtes für Denkmalpflege mit dem Landeskonservatorat für Oberösterreich
München : Volk Verlag, c2015
Vom 21. bis 23. Oktober 2013 fand das Kolloquium 'Barock nach dem Barock ? Denkmalpflege, Technologie, Schöpfungen des Neubarock' im Passauer Rathaus statt. Als Teil des EU-Projektes 'Barocke Kunst und Kultur im Donauraum' wurde die Veranstaltung in Kooperation der Stadt Passau mit dem Bayerischen Landesamt für Denkmalpflege und dem oberösterreichischen Landeskonservatorat entwickelt. 0Im reich bebilderten Tagungsband werden in 25 Beiträgen denkmalpflegerische und kunsthistorische Fragen rund um das Thema Neubarock beleuchtet. Darunter Beiträge zu Kirchenbauten und deren Ausstattung, zum restauratorischen Umgang mit dem Barock und Neubarock im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert, zur Kunsttheorie sowie zu technischen Neuerungen in der Bautechnik, der Glasmalerei, dem Orgelbau und zur Gartenkunst. 0Ein besonderer Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf der Barockstadt Passau: Neben dem von Ferdinand Wagner neubarock ausgemalten Rathaussaal werden viele weitere neubarocke Bauten der Stadt und ihrer Umgebung vorgestellt.
Sherman NA109.G3 B37x 2015

Francis Bacon : late paintings
contributors, Richard Calvocoressi, Richard Francis, Martin Harrison, Mark Stevens, Colm Tóibin
New York, NY : Gagosian Gallery, [2015]
Preface / by Valentina Castellani and Stefan Ratibor -- Francis Bacon : leaving out / by Richard Calvocoressi -- Late Francis Bacon : spirit and substance / by Colm Tóibin -- Plates -- Working with Francis Bacon / by Richard Francis -- Blood on pavement / by Mark Stevens -- Martin Harrison in conversation with Richard Calvocoressi -- Francis Bacon and the last convulsions of humanism / by Eddy Batache -- Sides of Bacon : a portrait of the artist by his friends / by Jeffrey Bernard and Bruce Bernard -- Selected interviews, 1978-1992: [Francis Bacon interviewed by Richard Francis [and others]] -- List of works.
Sherman ND497.B16 A4 2015b

Amsterdam 1900 : foto's van Olie, Breitner, Eilers en tijdgenoten
Olie, Jacob, 1834-1905, photographer
Amsterdam : Stadsarchief, [2016]
"Rond 1900 werd Amsterdam een dynamische stad. In dezelfde tijd ontwikkelde de fotografie zich tot een modern medium. In 'Amsterdam 1900 - Foto's van Olie, Breitner, Eilers en tijdgenoten' komen beide ontwikkelingen samen. In de binnenstad verrezen beeldbepalende gebouwen als het Centraal Station en de Beurs van Berlage. De industrie en de havens groeiden, maar tegelijk verkrotte de oude stad en was er veel armoede. Voor het eerst was het technisch mogelijk beweging in beeld te brengen waardoor foto's van rond 1900 een heel ander Amsterdam laten zien, een levende stad, drukbevolkt en bedrijvig. Onderzoek in fotografiecollecties van musea en archieven heeft een schat aan onbekende beelden van de stad en het leven in Amsterdam opgeleverd. Het boek laat de geboorte van de kunstfotografie, nieuwsfotografie, familiefotografie en de snapshot zien en biedt inzicht in de radicale verandering die het fotografische landschap honderd jaar geleden onderging. Van Jacob Olie, George Hendrik Breitner en Bernard Eilers zijn tot nu toe onbekende afdrukken te zien, deels uit particuliere collecties. Voor het eerst worden hun foto's met elkaar gecombineerd en met werk van tijdgenoten - amateurs en beroeps. Vintage prints en albums tonen de grote variatie in techniek, stijl en formaat van de fotografie uit die tijd. De collectie gezinsfoto's en stadsgezichten op autochromeplaten van Jan Zeegers zijn een uniek document van de vroege kleurenfotografie. Amsterdam 1900 focust op een kantelmoment in de geschiedenis van de fotografie en toont de wisselwerking tussen stad en fotografen. Exhibition: Stadsarchief Amsterdam, The Netherlands (14.10.2016-05.02.2017)".
Sherman TR659.8 .A47 2016

Things from the flood
Stålenhag, Simon, illustrator
Culver City, CA : Design Studio Press, 2016
"Simon Stålenhag is back. In his new artbook Things From The Flood, Stålenhag continues the stories of Tales From the Loop, memories of a Nordic childhood infused with strange machines and weird creatures from other dimensions. In Things From The Flood, Stålenhag moves his focus from the '80s to the '90s, the decade of great change when the outside world truly came to Scandinavia. These are tales of the trials of youth, of schoolyard hazings, of first kisses, of finding yourself -- and robots." -- Rear cover of book.
Sherman N7093.S75 T3513 2016

Dazeworld : the artwork of Chris Daze Ellis
Ellis, Chris Daze, author
Atglen, PA : Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., [2016]
This is the illustrated story of New York artist Chris Daze Elliss successful transition from the subways to international studios and galleries. Follow his 30 year career from his days as a teenage graffiti writer to his current life as a professional painter, mentor, and family man. This book, with more than 250 photographs, is a journey tracking the seminal moments in Dazes life that shaped his art. View his aesthetic evolution, from “Graffiti High” (New Yorks High School of Art and Design) and an “unsanctioned” street art phase to exhibitions with Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Train photos from the 1970s and 80s, a broad representation of Dazes studio and mural works, and personal photos guide the reader through an artistic portfolio spanning five decades. Contributions by graffiti writer Jay “J.SON” Edlin and essayist Claire Schwartz, and a foreword by graffiti historian and chronicler Sacha Jenkins complete this volume)--Page 4 of cover.
Sherman ND237.E582 A4 2016

Beyond maps and atlases
Manen, Bertien van, photographer
[London] : Mack, [2016]
In this new body of work. Beyond maps and atlases, Bertien van Manen turns to Ireland. Van Manen says, At first, working in Ireland I wasn't sure what I was looking for. My husband had died. I dispensed with the people and reflected on the atmosphere. I was guided by a feeling and a search, a longing for some kind of meaning in a place of myths and legends. There was mystery and endlessness at the edge of a land beyond which is nothing but a vast expanse. where can it be found again? An elswhere world, beyond maps and atlases. Where all is woven into and of itself, like a nest of crosshatched grass blades Seamus heaney Van Manen rolled into photography almost by accident, taking pictures of her children with an old camera. As her work became more public she was soon drafted into the world of fashion photography. In 1977 she tired of the industry, and on discovering the documentary photograpy of Robert Frank and Josef Koudelka, van Manen began to explore the developing relationship between herself and her subjects, keeping a closeness and developing a personal, organic style of photography. Recent works include Easter and Oak Trees (MACK, 2013) and Moonshine (MACK, 2014).
Sherman TR655 .M3579 2016

Slavery, geography and empire in nineteenth-century marine landscapes of Montreal and Jamaica
Nelson, Charmaine, author
New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016
Colonialism and art : landscape and empire -- A tale of two empires : Montreal slavery under the French and the British -- Representing the enslaved African in Montreal -- Landscaping Montreal -- Landscaping Jamaica -- Imaging slavery in Antigua and Jamaica : pro-slavery discourse and the reality of enslavement -- James Hakewill's Picturesque tour : representing life on nineteenth-century Jamaican sugar plantations -- Beyond sugar : James Hakewill's vision of Jamaican settlements, livestock pens, and the spaces between -- Deception in the life and art of the white Jamaican Creole planter class.
Sherman N8243.S576 N45 2016

Under the spell of Hercules Segers : Rembrandt and the moderns
authors, Mireille Cornelis, Eddy de Jongh, and Leonore van Sloten
Amsterdam : The Rembrandt House Museum, [2016]
Sherman ND653.S5 A4 2016

Emil Nolde und die Künstler der "Brücke" / ein Stück norddeutscher Himmel
herausgegeben von der Generaldirektion Kulturelles Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz, Katalog Karoline Feulner
Petersberg : Michael Imhof Verlag, 2016
Sherman ND588.N6 A4 2016

Philippines : inter tropical convergence zone (ITCZ) : contemporary artists from the Philippines
editorial coordination, Enrico Bossan ; texts : Luciano Benetton, PSP (Project Space Pilipinas), Young Joo Ko ; editing and translation : Sarah Cuminetti, Emma Cole, Pietro Valdatta
[Villorba] : Fabrica, 2015
Sherman N7327.6 .P55 2015

Nan Goldin : diving for pearls
edited with Guido Costa, Christine Fenzl, Gerhard Steidl ; production, Max Cramer, Léo Martin ; texts, Lotte Dinse, Nan Goldin, Glenn O'Brien
Hanover : Kestner Gesellschaft, 2016
A retrospective of photographer Nan Goldin's work. Diving for Pearls features photography from past exhibits and book, ranging from the early 1990s to 2015. Interspersed within are essays written by Nan Goldin, Lotte Dinse, and Glenn O'Brien.
Sherman TR647 .G6513 2016

European art : a neuroarthistory
Onians, John, 1942- author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2016]
Sherman N6750 .O55 2016

A revolution in color : the world of John Singleton Copley
Kamensky, Jane, author
New York : W.W. Norton & Company, [2016]
The provincial eye -- A dazzling of scarlet -- The imperial eye -- A son of British liberty -- The marriage plot -- The tyranny of liberty -- Luxury in seeing -- The American war -- Waging peace -- Daughters and sons -- Betsy Copley's smile.

In this life of painter John Singleton Copley, award-winning Harvard historian Jane Kamensky masterfully untangles the web of principles and interests that shaped the age of America's revolution. Copley's prodigious talent earned him the patronage of Boston's patriot leaders, including Samuel Adams and Paul Revere. But the artist did not share their politics, and painting portraits failed to satisfy his lofty artistic goals. An ambitious British subject who lamented America's provincialism, Copley looked longingly across the Atlantic. When resistance escalated into all-out war, Copley was in London. The magisterial canvases he created there made him one of the towering figures of the British art scene: a painter of America's revolution as Britain's American War. Kamensky's gripping history brings Copley's world alive and explores the fraught relationships between liberty and slavery, family duty and personal ambition, legacy and posterity-tensions that characterized the era of the American Revolution and that beset us still.
Sherman ND237.C7 K36 2016

Mad enchantment : Claude Monet and the painting of the water lilies
King, Ross, 1962- author
London : Bloomsbury, 2016
The Tiger and the Hedgehog -- Du Côté de Chez Monet -- Landscapes of Water -- A Great Project -- Into the Unknown -- A Grande Décoration -- A Grand Atelier -- Under Fire -- A State of Impossible Anxiety -- The Smile of Reims -- The Weeping Willow -- This Terrible, Grand, and Beautiful Hour -- An Old Man Mad About Painting -- Men of Impeccable Taste -- A Grand Donation -- A Most Ardent Admirer -- The Luminous Abyss -- The Fatal Protuberance -- The Soul's Dark Cottage -- "Send Your Slipper to the Stars".

Among all of Monet's creations, the paintings of the water lilies in his garden at Giverny are most famous. Monet himself intended them to provide "an asylum of peaceful meditation." Yet, as King reveals, these beautiful canvases belie the intense frustration Monet experienced at the difficulties of capturing the fugitive effects of light, water, and color. They also reflect the terrible personal torments Monet suffered in the last dozen years of his life. By early 1914 French newspapers were reporting that Monet had retired his brushes, yet at 73 he began perhaps his most ambitious project.
Sherman ND553.M7 K53 2016

For Folk's Sake : Art and Economy in Twentieth-Century Nova Scotia
Morton, Erin, 1981- author
Chicago : McGill-Queen's University Press, [2016]
"Illustrated with over seventy images, For Folk's Sake interrogates the emotive pull of folk art to radically reconstruct the relationships that emerged between relatively impoverished self-taught artists, a new brand of middle-class collector, and academically trained professors and curators in Nova Scotia's most important art institutions."--
Sherman NK842.N69 M678 2016

Architectural guide Chile
Hours, Veronique
Berlin : DOM Publishers, c2016
Sherman NA860 .H68 2016

The making of women artists in Victorian England : the education and careers of six professionals
Devereux, Joanna, 1962- author
Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2016]
"When women were admitted to the Royal Academy Schools in 1860, female art students gained a foothold in the most conservative art institution in England. The Royal Female College of Art, the South Kensington Schools and the Slade School of Fine Art also produced increasing numbers of women artists"--
Sherman N6796 .D48 2016

Jerusalem, Jerusalem : herinneren en vergeten in het werk van Anselm Kiefer en Gerhard Richter
Weijers, Wouter
Nijmegen : In de Walvis / Vantilt, c2016
De Duitse kunstenaars Anselm Kiefer (1945) en Gerhard Richter (1932) maakten ieder een schilderij met de titel 'Jerusalem' - Kiefer in 1986, Richter in 1995. Een Duitse kunstenaar die in de tweede helft van de twintigste eeuw een kunstwerk maakt en dat Jerusalem noemt, kan niet anders dan zich bewust zijn van de last van de recente Duitse geschiedenis die achter de titel schuilgaat. Hij is doordrongen van de vernietiging van de Europese joden. Hoezeer hun schilderijen ook in vorm, intentie en achtergrond verschillen, Kiefer en Richter nemen in hun kunst steeds weer stelling tegenover dat onvoorstelbare feit, niet alleen in hun beider 'Jerusalem' maar ook in andere werken. In 'Jerusalem, Jerusalem' worden de uiteenlopende en onderling strijdige wijzen geanalyseerd waarop Kiefer en Richter in hun werk de problematische erfenis van Tweede Wereldoorlog en de Holocaust verbeelden. Beide kunstenaars staan voor de grote vraag hoe in het naoorlogse Duitsland uitdrukking te geven aan het onvoorstelbare. Daarbij wordt wat krampachtig werd vergeten weer in herinnering gebracht, en wordt de herinnering betwijfeld. Gaandeweg ontrafelt 'Jerusalem, Jerusalem' hoe geschiedenis, herinnering en schilderkunst zich in het werk van deze kunstenaars met elkaar verknopen.
Sherman N6888.K43 W45 2016

Angola : wisdom is like a Baobab : contemporary artists from Angola
Project management, La Biennale di Malindi Ltd. ; texts, Luciano Benetton, António Tomás Ana (Etona), Patrício Batsîkama
Italy : Fabrica, 2016
Sherman N7399.A5 A546 2016

The enduring legacy of Venetian Renaissance art
edited by Andaleeb Badiee Banta
New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016
Sherman N6921.V5 E53 2016

Vietnam : new winds : contemporary artists from Vietnam
editorial coordination, Enrico Bossan ; texts, Luciano Benetton, Neeraj Ajmani, Dao Mai Trang
[Villorba], Italy : Fabrica, 2015
Sherman N7314 .V54 2015

Warhol para principiantes
Rial Ungaro, Santiago
Buenos Aires : Era Naciente, ©2001
Sherman N6537.W28 R53 2001

Frans Masereel : wir haben nicht das Recht zu schweigen : les poètes contre la guerre
Hofmann, Karl-Ludwig, 1949-
Saarbrücken : Gollenstein Verlag, 2015
Sherman NE1155.5.M3 H64 2015

Møder : Dansk og tysk malerkunst 1860-1960 : publikation till udstilling på Fuglsang Kunstmuseum 10.06.-04.09.2016 - Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus Lübeck 23.09.-31.12.2016 = Begegnungen : Deutsche und dänische Malerei 1860-1960 : Katalog zur Ausstellung im Fuglsang Kunstmuseum 10.06.-04.09.2016 - Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus Lübeck 23.09.-31.12.2016
udgivet af Alexander Bastek, Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus og Jacob Helbo Jensen, Fuglsang Kunstmuseum
Petersberg : Michael Imhof Verlag, [2016]
Sherman ND717 .M644 2016

Fremde Götter : Faszination Afrika und Ozeanien = Foreign gods : fascination Africa and Oceania
Hans-Peter Wipplinger (Hrsg./ed.)
Köln : Buchhandlung Walther König, c2016
Pablo Picasso once said that he only realized "what painting is really about" when he saw the African masks at the Paris Musée d'Ethnographie. The exponents of the Expressionist artists' group "Die Brücke" also derived inspiration from the collections of the ethnological museums for their own carvings and turned their studios into exotic refuges. However, in their quest for an ecstatic natural state they often overlooked the fact that these objects of tribal art especially are based on strict design principles. The Dadaists liked to present themselves at times as "wild" mask wearers and sneered at the habitus of the European man of culture. The Surrealists saw the art and myths of Oceania as media for exploring hidden realms of the unconscious mind. This interest in and reception of the art of "indigenous peoples" not only provided a formal alternative to bourgeois tastes but was also a symptom of a deep-rooted longing for a life reform. Rudolf Leopold felt that the art of so-called "primitive" ethnicities was a priori Expressionist. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that his collection comprises more than 200 rare ancestral figures, dance masks, weapons, architectural sculptures and other extraordinary works from carvers from Africa and Oceania.
Sherman N7380.5 .F74 2016

Albrecht Dürer : Supplement zur 'Menschlichen Proportion' : die Dresdner Handschrift (1523) : mit einem Katalog der Handzeichnungen
Dürer, Albrecht, 1471-1528, author
Boston : De Gruyter, [2016]
Sherman NC765 .D83 2016

Siri Aurdal
Mugaas, Eline, artist
Brooklyn, New York : Primary Information, [2016]
The reproductions include installation views, slides, drawings, collages, portraits, and ephemera from the 1960s until 2016, highlighting many works that are no longer in existence. Siri Aurdal achieved prominence in Norway during the 1960s and 1970s with her large sculptures made of industrial materials that were prefabricated for the developing Norwegian oil industry, allowing them to be destroyed and potentially recreated at a later date.--
Sherman N7073.A87 A4 2016

The figurative Pollock
edited by Nina Zimmer ; with contributions by Markus Klammer and Stefan Neuner, Michael Leja, Tetsuya Oshima, Stephanie Straine, Anne-Christine Strobel, and Nina Zimmer
[Basel, Switzerland] : Kunstmuseum Basel, [2016]
Early Pollock reception in Basel, or How the Kunstmuseum twice almost acquired a painting by Jackson Pollock / Nina Zimmer -- Abstraction, representation, and Jackson Pollock's aesthetics of conflict / Michael Leja -- Field as gaze: figuring abstraction in Jackson Pollock / Markus Klammer and Stefan Neuner -- Index of exhibited works -- Years of study / Anne-Christine Strobel -- Early works / Nina Zimmer -- Works from 1942 to 1947 / Nina Zimmer -- Cut-outs / Tetsuya Oshima -- Black paintings / Stephanie Straine -- Late works / Nina Zimmer.
Sherman N6537.P57 A4 2016

Frank Lloyd Wright and San Francisco
Turner, Paul Venable, author
London : Yale University Press, [2016]
Frank Lloyd Wright and the Bay Area -- The early years -- Resurgence in the 1930s -- Dynamic new forms in the 1940s -- Domestic designs of the 1950s -- Monumental last projects -- Aftermath and overview.

"Although Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) famously disliked cities, he had a genuine affinity for San Francisco. Paul V. Turner's unprecendented book looks at the architect's complex and evolving relationship with the city, surveying the full body of Wright's work in the Bay Area-- roughly thirty projects, a third of which were built. Spanning from 1900 to 1959, they include houses, a gift shop, a civic center, a skyscraper, a church, and industrial building, a mortuary, a brigde across the San Francisco Bay, and even a dog house. The unbuilt structures are among Wright's most innovative, and the diverse reason for their failure counter long-held stereotypes about the architect and his client relationships. Wright's Bay Area projects are published together here for the first time, along with previously unpublished correspondence between Wright and his clients, as well as his Bay Area associate Aaron Green. Stories from San Francisco newspapers portray the media's changing positions on Wright -- from his early personal scandals to his later roles as eccentric provocateur and celebrated creative genius." -- Book jacket.
Sherman NA737.W7 T87 2016

Visionen der Endzeit : die Apokalypse in der mittelalterlichen Buchkunst
Ganz, David, 1970- author
München : Philipp von Zabern, [2016]
Die Apokalypse des Johannes ist das rätselhafteste und bilderreichste Buch der Bibel. Sie beflügelte die Imagination vieler Künstler zwischen Mittelalter und Früher Neuzeit. Dieser grossartig bebilderte Band erhellt Geschichte, Theologie und Bedeutung der Apokalypse. Der Bogen spannt sich von der Trierer Apokalypse bis zu den Holzschnitten Dürers.
Sherman ND3361.R5 G36 2016

Wunder.Alltag.Familie = Wonder.Dagelijks leven.familie = Miracle - Everyday life - Family
herausgegeben von Draiflessen Collection ; bearbeitet von Iris Ellers, Olesja Nein
Mettingen : Draiflessen Collection, [2016]
The collection of drawings, prints, and books of the Liberna Collection forms the starting point for this exhibition. Devoted to images of the Holy Family in everyday surroundings, the show features works from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. The exhibition begins with medieval examples of miracle scenes from sumptuous manuscripts and incunabula scenes that illustrate the emergence of the pictorial subject of the Holy Family in everyday settings. The proliferation and further development of this subject before and during the Reformation is represented in the show by prints by Albrecht Altdorfer and Albrecht Dürer. After the Reformation, depictions of the daily life of the Holy Family changed, as seen, for example, in etchings by Dutch artists Rembrandt van Rijn and Ferdinand Bol. In the 19th century, the Nazarenes revisited the subject in their religious works, and, as a consequence, communicated the ideal of domestic virtue. The presentation will feature three manuscripts and numerous incunabula as well as seven engravings from our own collection. Also on view will be a series of 13 prints by Hieronymus Wierix, on loan from the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum in Cologne, and drawings by the Nazarenes from the Landesmuseum Mainz, the Museum Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf, and the Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus in Lübeck.
Sherman N8060 .W86 2016

William Congdon : pianura = lowlands
Congdon, William, 1912-1998, artist
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana Editoriale, [2015]
Sherman ND237.C676 A4 2015

Conceptualism and other fictions : the collected writings of Eduardo Costa, 1965-2015
Costa, Eduardo, 1940- author
Los Angeles, CA : Les Figues Press, [2016]
Sherman N6512.5.C64 C67 2016

Bernard Piffaretti : works : 1986-2015
Piffaretti, Bernard, artist
New York : Karma, [2016]
Since the early 1980s, Paris-based artist 'Bernard Piffaretti' (born 1955) has worked to deconstruct notions of wholeness and unity commonly associated with art. This publication offers a representation of his colorful, abstract painting oeuvre, including his well-known canvases split into mirrored images.
Sherman ND553.P5146 A4 2016

Ensor and Spilliaert : two great Ostend masters
Gheeraert, Inne, author
Oostende : Kunstmuseum aan zee, [2016]
Ostend and James Ensor are inextricably linked. Ensor loved Ostend: the city served as his muse and inexhaustible source of inspiration. He loved it for its crowds, the tempestuous North Sea, the carnival that painted the streets in festive colours each year. The name of the painter Léon Spillaert, twenty years his junior, is also connected with this Queen of Seaside Resorts. His nocturnal rambles through the city and long walks along the beach spurred him to create his best works, dark and suffused with mystery. Although Ensor and Spilliaert were very different as artists, their names are often mentioned in the same breath. In Two Masters of Ostend, the museum aims, above all, to allow the masterworks that are the highlights of its collection to speak for themselves. Exhibition: Mu.Zee, Ostend, Belgium (30.04.2016 - ).
Sherman ND671.O78 G4513 2016

Steve McCurry : on reading
McCurry, Steve, photographer
London : Phaidon Press Limited, 2016
A celebrations of the timeless act of reading, told through photographs of people from around the world absorbed in books and newspapers.
Sherman TR680 .M3982 2016

Das verlorene Bild : eine Aufforderung zur Reflexion über Künstlernachlässe
Zeidler, Frank Michael, 1952-
Freiburg : Modo, c2016
Frank Michael Zeidler hat in vielen Veranstaltungen zu dem Thema Künstlernachlässe gesprochen und hat nun eine Publikation vorgelegt, die mehr Essay als Ratgeber ist. Weil es den einen Weg, mit dem Werk umzugehen, nicht gibt und weil das Thema unseren grundsätzlichen Umgang mit Kunst berührt. Dass der Gegenstand derart neuralgisch werden konnte, liegt auch in der Professionalisierung und Demokratisierung des Kunstschaffens, die bei den Akademien beginnt und beim Künstlerbedarf endet und der Situation der Museen. Während immer mehr Kunst entsteht, sinken die Ressourcen der Institutionen, Nachlässe zu verwalten. Zeidler appelliert in seiner Schrift an die eigene Verantwortung der Künstlerinnen und Künstler, die Spreu vom Weizen zu trennen und er erinnert an die Last, die das Erbe eines solchen Nachlasses für die Nachkommen bedeuten kann. 'Das verlorene Bild. Eine Aufforderung zur Reflexion über Künstlernachlässe' richtet sich nicht allein an Künstlerinnen und Künstler sowie ihre Erben, sondern fordert auch Leiter von Museen und überhaupt die Öffentlichkeit auf, über den Umgang mit dem kulturellen Erbe nachzudenken. Nicht für jedes Werk ist eine Stiftung, die Aufnahme in einer Sammlung oder gar in einem Museum, eine Lösung. Denn eines scheint gewiss, eine postume Karriere wie Van Gogh wird eine Ausnahme bleiben.
Sherman N8351 .Z45 2016

Greek myths in Roman art and culture : imagery, values and identity in Italy, 50 BC-AD 250
Newby, Zahra, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Art and power in the public sphere -- Recreating myth in the Roman villa -- Paideia, rhetoric and self-representation: responses to mythological wall-paintings -- Mythological wall-paintings in the Roman house -- From home to tomb: myths in the funerary realm -- The rhetoric of mythological sarcophagi: praise, lament and consolation -- Epilogue: the Roman past, the culture of exemplarity and a new role for Greek myth.

"Images of episodes from Greek mythology are widespread in Roman art, appearing in sculptural groups, mosaics, paintings and reliefs. They attest to Rome's enduring fascination with Greek culture, and its desire to absorb and reframe that culture for new ends. This book provides a comprehensive account of the meanings of Greek myth across the spectrum of Roman art, including public, domestic and funerary contexts. It argues that myths, in addition to functioning as signifiers of a patron's education or paideia, played an important role as rhetorical and didactic exempla. The changing use of mythological imagery in domestic and funerary art in particular reveals an important shift in Roman values and senses of identity across the period of the first two centuries AD, and in the ways that Greek culture was turned to serve Roman values"--
Sherman N7760 .N49 2016

Winfried Baumann : Kathedralen für den Müll = cathedrals for garbage
Baumann, Winfried, 1956-
[München] : Hirmer, c2016
Der Bildhauer Winfried Baumann (* 1956) stellt mit seinen Arbeiten Fragen nach sozialer Verantwortung und der Wahrnehmung heutiger Gesellschaftsformen. Seine Themen sind von grosser Aktualität: inhaltlich in Bezug auf soziale und städtebauliche Visionen, formal als Grenzüberschreitung zwischen freier bildender Kunst und angewandter Gestaltung. 0Seit über dreissig Jahren beschäftigt sich Winfried Baumann mit der zusehends zu einer Überlebensfrage der zivilisierten Gesellschaft avancierten ökologischen Problematik. Müll, Schlacke aus der Müllverbrennung, Altöl und andere Abfallprodukte unserer Konsumgesellschaft sind Werkstoffe, die er seit Mitte der 1980er-Jahre für sein plastisches Werk und seine raumgreifenden Installationen verwendet. In der umfangreichen Werkgruppe 'Kathedralen für den Müll' beschäftigt sich der Künstler u.a. mit Deponieanlagen für megaurbane Räume, der Sicherung und Markierung nuklear verstrahlten Areale, Mülldeponien für urbane Zwischenräume und dem Thema Urban Mining.
Sherman N6888.B38 A4x 2016

A bigger message : conversations with David Hockney
Gayford, Martin, 1952- interviewer
London : Thames and Hudson, 2016
Sherman N6797.H57 G39 2016

Greek art
Boardman, John, 1927- author
London : Thames & Hudson, 2016
The beginnings of geometric Greece -- Greece and the arts of the East and Egypt -- Archaic Greek art -- Classical sculpture and architecture -- Other arts in Classical Greece -- Hellenistic art -- Greek art and the Greeks -- The legacy.
Sherman N5630 .B58 2016

They drew as they pleased : the hidden art of Disney's musical years : 1940s. Part 1
Ghez, Didier, author
San Francisco : Chronicle Books, [2016]
Music, Maestro! -- The Bug Orchestra and Walt Scott -- Kay Nielsen -- Sylvia Holland -- Retta Scott -- David Hall.
Sherman NC1766.U52 D5413 2016

Jannis Kounellis
Kounellis, Jannis, 1936-
Ostfildern : Hatje Cantz, c2016
Sherman NB603.K68 A4 2016

De schilders van De Ploeg
Spek, Jikke van der
Zwolle : Wbooks, c2016
5 juni 1918. In Groningen vindt een historische vergadering plaats. Kunstenaars Jan Altink, Toon Benes, Johan Dijkstra, Willem Reinders en Jan Wiegers willen tot een samenwerking komen van Groninger artiesten. Het was Altink die de naam voorstelde: de Ploeg moest de braakliggende Groninger kunstakkers omploegen en ontginnen als het landschap zelf. Tijdens de eerste tentoonstelling in 1919 waren honderdelf werken te bewonderen van twintig exposanten. Naast de oprichters sloten rond die tijd ook andere kunstenaars zich aan bij de Ploeg: Jan Jordens, George Martens, Alida Pott en H.N. Werkman.
Sherman N6948.5.P55 S64x 2016

Classical splendor : painted furniture for a grand Philadelphia house
Kirtley, Alexandra Alevizatos, author
Philadelphia : in association with Yale University Press, 2016
Introduction -- Place, Time, and Architecture: Materialized Memory and the Moment of Latrobe's Waln House / Jeffrey A. Cohen -- Social Theater: Latrobe and the Walns Set the Stage -- Executing the Design: Cabinetmaker John Aitken, Decorator George Bridport, and Upholsterer John Rea -- The Vanguard of Classical Splendor: Impact and Epilogue -- Catalogue of Furniture for the House of William and Mary Wilcocks Waln: In the Collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art -- Notes -- Checklist of the Exhibition -- Chronology -- Appendixes: The Insurance Surveys of 1824 and 1845; Inventory of the Personal Estate of George Bridport -- Selected Bibliography -- Index of Architects, Designers, Makers, and Artists.

"This handsome book explores in depth a group of stunning painted and gilded furniture designed by the architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe (1764-1820), best known for originating the plans for the United States Capitol. The furniture was made in Philadelphia for one of the city's finest houses, the home of William and Mary Wilcocks Waln, which Latrobe also designed. Drawing on a multiyear conservation and research project, Classical Splendor reveals new insights into the patrons, makers, and history behind these extraordinary pieces. In addition to extensively documenting each item, the book attests to Latrobe's significant contributions to American furniture design, his pieces for the Waln house introduced, and served as exemplars of, a classical style rooted in ancient Greek and Roman design"--Publisher's description.
Sherman NK2407 .K57 2016

Renaissance art in Venice : from tradition to individualism
Nichols, Tom, 1958- author
London : Laurence King Publishing, 2016
The 'Most Serene Republic': Venice at the Outset of the Renaissance -- Innovation as Tradition: 1440-75 -- A Perfected Image of Venice: 1476-1500 -- Individualism, Internationalism, Secularization: 1501-25 -- Romanism Rank, and Rivalry: 1526-50 -- The Victory of Art: 1551-75 -- Adversity, Creativity, Retrospectivity: 1576-1600.

Art and architecture have always been central to Venice but in the Renaissance period, between c.1440 and 1600, they reached a kind of apotheosis when many of the city's new buildings, sculpture and paintings took on distinctive and original qualities. The spread of Renaissance values provided leading artists such as Gentile and Giovanni Bellini, Giorgione, Palladio, Titian and Tintoretto with a licence for artistic invention. By adopting a chronological approach, with each chapter covering a successive twenty-five year period, and focusing attention on the artists, Tom Nichols presents a vivid, richly illustrated and easily navigable study of Venetian Renaissance art.
Sherman N6921.V5 N53 2016

Objects in motion in the early modern world
edited by Daniela Bleichmar and Meredith Martin
Chichester : John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2016
1. Exotica on the move: birds of paradise in early modern Holland / Claudia Swan. -- 2.The Persian madonna and child: commodified gifts between diplomacy and armed struggle / Sinem Arcak Casale. -- 3. Mirror reflections: Louis XIV, Phra Narai, and the material culture of kingship / Meredith Martin. -- 4. An imperial Mughal tent and mobile sovereignty in eighteenth-century Jodhpur / Zirwat Chowdhury. -- 5. History in pictures: translating the Codex Mendoza / Daniela Bleichmar. -- 6. Chinese porcelain and Muslim port cities: mercantile materiality in coastal East Africa / Sandy Prita Meier. -- 7. Chairs, writing tables and chests: Indian Ocean furniture and the postures of commercial documentation in coastal Yemen, 1700-40 / Nancy Um. -- 8. Metamorphosis at the Mughal court / Jessica Keating. -- 9.Transporting India: the Gentil Album and Mughal manuscript culture / Chanchal Dadlani. -- 10. Peepboxes, society and visuality in early modern China / Kristina Kleutghen. -- 11. From Byōbu to Biombo: the transformation of the Japanese folding screen in colonial Mexico / Sofía Sanabrais. -- 12. Nails, necklaces and curiosities: scenes of exchange in Bougainville's Tahiti / Mary Sheriff.
Sherman N72.G55 O25 2016

Rochelle Feinstein
Feinstein, Rochelle, artist
Köln : Verlag Der Buchhandlung Walther König, [2016]
Published to accompany the exhibitions held at Centre d'Art Contemporain Genéve, Januaary 29-April 24, 2016; Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich, June 7-September 18, 2016; Kestner Gesellschaft, Hannover, December 3, 2016-February 12, 2017; and the Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York, June 27-September 22, 2018.
Sherman ND237.F336 A4 2016

Balance 1990 : views, visions, influences
presented by the Queenland Art Gallery
South Brisbane, Qld. : The Gallery, ©1990
Sherman N7400 .B3 1990

More than mere playthings : the minor arts of Italy
edited by Julia C. Fischer
Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016
Introduction / Julia C. Fischer -- Mirror, mirror on the wall: reflections on Etruscan bronze mirrors / Bridget Sandhoff -- A woman's weapon: private propaganda in the large imperial cameos of the early Roman Empire / Julia C. Fischer -- Holy plunder and stolen treasures: portable luxury objects as war trophies in the Italian Maritime Republics, 1100-1400 / Karen Mathews -- Early Renaissance reliquaries: shaping Renaissance art through private devotion / Sarah M. Dillon -- Minor arts/major crises in mid-20th century Italian ceramics / Adrian R. Duran -- Ever-present: Italian figurines / Melissa Hempel.
Sherman NK959 .M67 2016

India's Biennale effect : a politics of contemporary art
edited by Robert E. D'Souza and Sunil Manghani
New York : Routledge, 2017
Sherman N7301 .I535 2017

Valentin Carron : Overbeck-Preis für Bildende Kunst der Gemeinnützigen zu Lübeck
Carron, Valentin, artist
Ostfildern, Deutschland : Hatje Cantz, [2016]
Sherman NB853.C37 A4 2016

Ha Chonghyun
with an essay by Joan Kee
Los Angeles : Blum & Poe, [2015]
Sherman ND1069.H27 A4 2015

Hans Hofmann : the artist's materials
Rogala, Dawn V., author
Los Angeles : The Getty Conservation Institute, [2016]
A life in art -- The young artist in Germany -- The Paris years -- Return to Munich and a new role teaching avant-garde art -- Journey to America -- Hofmann and the culture of modern painting -- Hofmann's role in abstract expressionism and his influence on generations of artists -- The role of materials in abstract expressionism -- Hofmann's late-career paintings -- Origins and development of Hofmann's late-career style -- Existing information regarding Hofmann's materials -- Selection and conservation history of the paintings in this study -- Selection of the study group paintings -- Physical history of the study group paintings -- Identification of Hofmann's late-career materials -- Analytical methods and sample selection -- Optical microscopy -- Pyrolysis-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry -- Scanning electron microscopy-energy dispersive spectroscopy -- Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy -- X-ray diffraction -- Discussion of analyses -- Hofmann's late-career materials -- Hofmann's palette and modern art history -- Hofmann's manipulation of materials -- The correlation between condition issues and Hofmann's use of new materials -- Conclusion: the lessons of Hofmann's late-career materials.
Sherman ND237.H667 R64 2016

Album Picabia
Mohler, Olga, author
Brussels : Mercatorfonds, 2016
"Album Picabia is an inspiring, artistic chronicle of Francis Picabia's life (1879-1953) as seen through the eyes of his last wife and compassionate protégée, Olga Mohler Picabia. Begun in 1936, four years into their marriage and left unfinished in 1951...the album is a collection of souvenirs, sketches, press clippings, photographs, and annotations"--Back cover.
Sherman ND553.P47 M64 2016

The new space : movement and experience in Viennese modern architecture
Long, Christopher 1957- author
London : Yale University Press, [2016]
Sherman NA1010.V5 L66 2016

The expanded subject : new perspectives in photographic portraiture from Africa
edited by Joshua I. Cohen, Sandrine Colard, and Giulia Paoletti
Munich, Germany : Hirmer Verlag [2016]
Sherman TR680 .E97 2016

Michigan modern : design that shaped America
Amy L. Arnold, Brian D. Conway, editors
Layton, Utah : Gibbs Smith, [2016]
Sherman NK1410.M5 M53 2016

Maria Beykirch : paper dances
Beykirch, Maria, 1957- artist
München : Hirmer, 2016
Sherman N6888.B463143 A4 2016

Horses : portraits
Moore, Derry, photographer
New York : Rizzoli, 2016
Sherman TR729.H6 M66 2016

Tales of the conjure woman
Stout, Renée, artist
Charleston, South Carolina : Produced by the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, College of Charleston and coorganized with Spelman College Museum of Fine Art and the Ruth and Elmer Wellin Museum of Art, Hamilton College, [2013]
Foreword / by Andrea Barnwell Brownlee -- Roots, rattles & bones / by Mark Sloan -- Tales of the conjure woman / by Renée Stout -- Interview: Dr. O and Fatima Mayfield -- The Carolina twins / by Kevin Young -- Glossary / by Dr. O and Fatima Mayfield.
Sherman N6537.S77 A4 2013

Pierre Paulin : life and work
Descendre, Nadine, author
Brooklyn, NY : Vendome Scriptum, 2016
Sherman NK2550.P38 A4 2016

Danh Võ : ydob eht ni mraw si ti
herausgegeben von/edited by Yilmaz Dziewior
Köln : Buchhandlung Walther König, [2016]
Sherman N7314.3.V6 A4x 2016

Mierle Laderman Ukeles : maintenance art
Phillips, Patricia C., 1952- author
New York : Prestel, [2016]
"The work of Mierle Laderman Ukeles bridges feminism, environmentalism, and participatory art practice. This first comprehensive book on the influential artist explores her legendary tenure as artist-in-residence at New York City's Department of Sanitation, which paved the way for similar "embedded artists" in government and community organizations. Essays, interviews, and striking illustrations offer important perspectives on an artist who has transformed our ideas about the feminist, urban, ecological, and resilient aspects of artistic experience. Whether it's her groundbreaking "Manifesto for Maintenance Art 1969!," which decries the separation, especially for women, between art on the one hand and caring for family, city, and planet on the other; or "The Social Mirror," in which she covered a New York City Department of Sanitation truck entirely in mirrored glass-Ukeles's body of work includes public art installations, exhibitions, and performances around the world, frequently created in collaboration with sanitation and municipal workers, museum visitors, and the public"--
Sherman Oversize N6537.U39 A4 2016

Fredrik Værslev : the constant gardener = Fredrik Værslev : la constance du jardinier
Værslev, Fredrik, artist
Ostfildern, Germany : Hatje Cantz, [2016]
Sherman N7073.V34 A4 2016

Stuart Davis : in full swing
Cooper, Harry, 1959- author
New York : DelMonico Books/Prestel, [2016]
Quotidian Truth : Stuart Davis's Idiosyncratic Modernism / Barbara Haskell -- Unfinished Business : Davis and the Dialect-X of Recursion / Harry Cooper -- Plates -- Stuart Davis : A Chronicle / Barbara Haskell -- Selected Bibliography / Sarah Humphreville -- Checklist of the Exhibited Works.

"Hailed as a precursor of both pop art and contemporary abstraction, Stuart Davis captured the energy of mass culture and modern life. Beginning in 1921, a series of breakthroughs led him to develop a more abstract approach. Fusing American urban experience with European modernism, his style evolved over the next four decades to become a dominant force in postwar art. The book features some 100 works, from his 1921 paintings of tobacco packages to his abstract Egg Beater series of the late twenties, the ambitious WPA murals of the thirties, and the bold works of his last two decades, in which jagged shapes and bright colors tangle with vigorous calligraphy. The volume pays special attention to his transformative recycling of earlier works; and a chronology-drawing on previously unpublished sources-represents the most complete biography to date, painting a vivid picture of economic hardship, political activism, personal struggle, and eventual triumph"--
Sherman N6537.D345 A4 2016

Centre Pompidou : Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers, and the making of a modern monument
Dal Co, Francesco, 1945- author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2016]
Paris 1968 : "reform yes, masquerade no" -- Butterfly effects : Beaubourg's architects and engineers -- The competition : the president, the jury, and the jesters -- A legitimate transgression -- The intact beauty of Paris -- Portfolio of photographs and drawings.
Sherman NA6813.F82 P3733 2016

Alex Katz : quick light
editors: Lizzie Carey-Thomas, Melissa Blanchflower, and Melissa Larner, with Joseph Constable
London : Koenig Books, 2016
A conversation / Alex Katz & Hans Ulrich Obrist, with Vincent Katz -- Review of 'Alex Katz : paintings' at Roko Gallery, New York, 1954 / Frank O'Hara -- Review of 'Alex Katz' at Tanager Gallery, New York, 1959 / James Schuyler -- At the stroke of Katz, sharp / John Godfrey -- Alex Katz : capturing light / Ingrid D. Rowland -- Katz : collage, cutout, cut-up, 1965 / Edwin Denby -- Talking about Katz / Marlene Dumas & Jan Andriesse -- Lived depth / Jan Verwoert -- Alex Katz, Snow scene 2 / Merlin James -- Alex Katz, 1966 / Frank O'Hara -- Plates.

The exhibition catalogue brings together texts from artists, thinkers and poets, which offer personal responses to Katz's work. It opens with a previously unpublished conversation between Alex Katz and Hans Ulrich Obrist and a new poem written by John Godfrey. In her essay, Ingrid D. Rowland expands on Katz's unique approach to light and a conversation between artists Marlene Dumas and Jan Andriesse gives an insight into their engagement with Katz's work over time. Critic and writer Jan Verwoert's text explores Katz's understanding of depth and perception and the artist Merlin James focuses on a single painting. The publication also features archival reviews, which highlight the changing opinions of Katz's work throughout time and the influence of the cultural landscape on his practice. Exhibition: 'Alex Katz. Quick Light', (02.06.-11.09.2016) Serpentine Gallery, London, England.
Sherman ND237.K33 A4 2016

New England / New Spain : portraiture in the colonial Americas, 1492-1850 : papers from the 2014 Mayer Center Symposium at the Denver Art Museum
edited by Donna Pierce
Denver : Mayer Center for Pre-Columbian and Spanish Colonial Art at the Denver Art Museum, [2016]
Foreword / Christoph Heinrich -- Introduction and acknowledgments / Donna Pierce -- Cortés and Moctezuma: words, pictures, and likeness in sixteenth-century New Spain / Michael J. Schreffler -- In his own image: a humanist portrait of Antonio de Mendoza, First Vicery of New Spain / Clare Kunny -- "Copies or resemblances of nature": the limitations of portrait painting in colonial British America / Susan Rather -- Selfhood and surroundings in early American portraiture: an ecocritical approach / Karl Kusserow -- Corporate portraiture in New Spain: social bodies, the individual, and their spaces of display / Paula Mues Orts -- Reading dress in New Spanish portraiture: clothing the Mexican elite, circa 1695-1805 / James Middleton -- Regional tastes in transatlantic market: Joseph Blackburn in New England and Bermuda / Jennifer Van Horn -- Colonial ambition abroad: Benjamin West's American portraits in London / Kaylin Haverstock Weber -- The New England portraits of Ralph Earl: fashining a style for the new citizens of the young republic / Elizabeth Mankin Kornhauser -- Spanish presence in a fledgling republic: portraiture in Hispanic Amerca and the United States / Michael A. Brown.
Sherman N7592.8 .M39 2014

Richard Wentworth : making do and getting by
Wentworth, Richard, 1947- photographer
London : Koenig Books, London in association with Lisson Gallery, London and Peter Freeman, Inc., New York, [2015]
Sherman TR655 .W458 2015

Peter Krasnow : maverick modernist
guest curator, Michael Duncan
Fullerton, California : Grand Central Press, California State University, [2016]
Sherman N6537.K722 A4 2016

Developing expertise : architecture and real estate in metropolitan America
Stevens, Sara, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2016]
Sherman NA9108 .S87 2016

Yannima Pikarli Tommy Watson : Ngayuku Ngura - my country
McGregor, Ken, 1959-
South Yarra, Vic. : Macmillan Art Publishing, 2010
Presents the spectacular painting of a master colourist. A Pitjantjatjana elder who maintains his home and studio in Alice Springs, he still travels extensively across his 'country' to fulfil traditional obligations.
Sherman ND1105.W385 A4 2010

František Kupka : catalogue raisonné des huiles = Catalogue raisonné of oil paintings = Soupis olejomaleb
Vladimír Lekeš, Agnes Husslein-Arco, Ludmila Lekeš, Eliška Zlatohlávková
London : Koenig Books, [2016]
Sherman ND534.5.K687 A4 2016

Der Gartenkünstler Peter Joseph Lenne : eine Karriere am preussischen Hof
Wimmer, Clemens Alexander, 1959-
Darmstadt : Lambert Schneider, 2016
Er wurde mit Ehrungen überhäuft und war schon zu Lebzeiten eine Legende. Seine Gartenanlagen sind bis heute Publikumsmagneten. Peter Joseph Lenné (1789-1866) ist der wohl bedeutendste Gartenkünstler Deutschlands. Er gestaltete hunderte von Anlagen wie Sanssouci, die Pfaueninsel und den Berliner Tiergarten und lieferte Pläne bis nach Aachen, Königsberg und Wien. Clemens Alexander Wimmer schildert den Aufstieg des ehrgeizigen Hofbeamten, der sich geschickt gegen einflussreiche Konkurrenten durchsetzt und rasch die Gunst der preussischen Könige erobert. Vor dem Hintergrund einer bewegten Epoche zwischen Revolution und Restauration porträtiert er Lenné als komplexen Charakter, der in seinem rastlosen Arbeitseifer auch Konflikte nicht scheut. Erstmals wurde für diese Biographie der Nachlass lückenlos ausgewertet und Peter Joseph Lenné und seine Nachwirkung einer kritischen Neubewertung unterzogen.0.
Sherman SB470.L38 W56 2016

Sara VanDerBeek
VanDerBeek, Sara, 1976- artist
Ostfildern, Germany : Hatje Cantz Verlag, [2016]
Sculpture, Photography, Surface / Ina Blom -- Sara VanDerBeek in Conversation with Roxana Marcoci: On the Conditions of Photo-Based Culture.

"Made with the camera's perspective in mind, Sara VanDerBeek's photographic and sculptural arrangements emulate a poet's economic use of structure, phrasing, and rhythm. Operating as sites of contact, her works position the archaeological past in direct dialogue with current forms of digital image capture and circulation. The subject of solo exhibitions at the Hammer Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, and the Baltimore Museum of Art, Sara VanDerBeek (*1976, New York) has been internationally recognized as a key progenitor of contemporary art's engagement with the medium of photography in an expanded field. This first book-length study distills dscrete bodies of work made between 2006 and 2016 that shift between the more controlled space of the studio and site visits to Detroit, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Rome, Paris, Naples, Ecuador, Rotterdam, and Baltimore."--Back cover
Sherman TR655 .V363 2016

Bentu : Chinese artists in a time of turbulence and transformation : Cao Fei, Hao Liang, Hu Xiangqian, Liu Chuang, Liu Shiyuan, Liu Wei, Liu Xiaodong, Qiu Zhijie, Tao Hui, Xu Qu, Xu Zhen, Yang Fudong
editing, Suzanne Pagé, Laurence Bossé, Philip Tinari, Claire Staebler
Paris : Fondation Louis Vuitton, [2016]
Introduction / Laurence Bossé -- Introduction / Philip Tinari -- The long march towards Chinese modernity / Pierre Haski -- "Made in China-globalization" : art, production and social change / Lu Mingjun -- Cao Fei : when random characters meet with their apparatus / text by Nikita Yingqian Cai -- Hao Liang : Chinese painting as a medium for cultural exploration / text by Sun Dongdong -- Hu Xiangqian : all the world's a stage / text by Claire Staebler -- Liu Chuang : at the interface with the real / text by Venus Lau -- Liu Shiyuan : evoking and capturing emotions / text by Sasha Zhao -- Liu Wei : letting the world leak in / text by Robin Peckham -- Liu Xiaodong : journal of the contemporary world / text by Jérôme Sans -- Qiu Zhijie : map beyond boundaries : Qiu Zhijie and Mapping the world project / text by Liu Tian -- Tao Hui : beyond the form, the story begins / text by Yang Zi -- Xu Qu : the scale of misdeeds / text by Zhang Xiyuan -- Xu Zhen : MadeIn company as hallmark / text by Philip Tinari -- Yang Fudong : blue kylin / text by Aimee Lin.
Sherman N7345.6 .B46 2016

Contemporary installation art
chief editor: Li Aihong
Hong Kong, China : Artpower, [2015]
INSTALLATIONS. Viewed as a genre of newly emerging art, installation art has endowed artists with ultimate creation freedom thanks to its distinctive characters of creation materials and forms. In recent years, installation works have been frequently showcased in a wealth of various exhibitions, becoming an indispensably vital part in the history of contemporary art.
Sherman N6498.I56 C66 2015

Unfinished business : paintings from the 1970s and 1980s by Ross Bleckner, Eric Fischl, and David Salle
David Pagel ; with an introduction and acknowledgments by Terrie Sultan ; interview by Terrie Sultan and David Pagel ; special contributions by Mary Heilmann
Munich : DelMonico· Prestel, 2016
Introduction / Terrie Sultan -- Acknowledgments / Terrie Sultan -- Getting started / David Pagel -- Interview with Ross Bleckner, Eric Fischl & David Salle / Terrie Sultan and David Pagel -- The back story / Mary Heilmann.

Ross Bleckner, Eric Fischl, and David Salle are the focus of this book that charts their careers and reflects on what is to come. This book examines nine paintings and accompanying drawings by each artist made between 1975 and 1985, juxtaposing them in aspects of structure and purpose that have not been previously acknowledged.
Sherman ND237.B63 A4 2016

Monika Fioreschy : strip-cut-collage : Gedankenfelder = fields of ideas
essays by Bazon Brock ; Übersetzung/translation, Michael Suffil
Munich, Germany : Hirmer, [2016]
Tearing, cutting, shredding in order to reassemble the elements and create something new: strip by strip the Austrian artist Monika Fioreschy applies lengths of torn paper to her canvases, thereby creating large-format abstract works filled with a harmonious formal language and offering an unexpected wealth of detail when observed more closely. Paper is the main medium used in the new cycles of works by Monika Fioreschy, whereby the strength of her works lies in the reduction of materials and forms. Line by line our eyes follow the course of the collages; the observer is seduced into reading her art. The strict regularity of the works is interrupted by changes in colour, the arrangement of the folds, gaps and overpasting, whereby the real wealth of detail only becomes evident through intensive study. In his essay accompanying the full-page reproductions of the works, art theorist Bazon Brock explains how Fioreschy's training in classic weaving skills can be rediscovered in these works and the role they play in the artist's oeuvre as a whole.
Sherman Oversize N6811.5.F563 A4 2016

Paul Cézanne : drawings and watercolors
Lloyd, Christopher, 1945- author
Los Angeles : The J. Paul Getty Museum, [2015]
Introduction -- Past masters -- The impact of Impressionism -- Portraying the individual -- In pursuit of the human figure -- Searching for the ideal in the landscape -- The ultimate construct in still life.

"This beautifully illustrated volume traces the development of Cézanne's style through his works on paper. Diverse in subject matter and execution, his drawings and watercolors include copies of other masters' works, studies of his immediate family and their domestic surroundings, and preliminary ideas for finished compositions. They reveal Cézanne as someone deeply committed to devising a process for comprehending and recording the world as he saw it. The result is some of the most absorbing art ever created."--Publisher's website.
Sherman N6853.C45 L56 2015

Historical dictionary of Renaissance art
Zirpolo, Lilian H., author
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, 2016
Sherman Ref N6370 .Z57 2016

Diasporic agencies : mapping the city otherwise
Awan, Nishat, author
Burlington, VT : Ashgate Publishing Company, [2016]
Sherman NA2543.S6 A92 2016

Chinese architecture today
Interior Designer (Ed.)
Beijing : China Architecture & Building Press, [2016]
Sherman NA1545.6 .C45 2016

Aboriginal artists dictionary of biographies : Western Desert, Central Desert and Kimberley Region
Birnberg, Margo
Marleston, S. Aust. : J.B. Pub. Australia, 2004
General Introduction -- Spelling of names, places and language groups -- Dates and Places of Birth -- Language group -- Region -- Preamble -- Family relationships -- Acknowledgements -- Map -- Index of artists -- Biographical dictionary.

Includes more than 1000 names of artists, past and present, illustrated with 440 colour photographs, numerous examples of works, and portraits of the artists.
Sherman Ref DU123.2 .B57 2004

La Basilica di Sant'Antonio : itinerario artistico e religioso
Ruzza, Salvatore, author
Padova : Centro studi antoniani, 2016
Sherman NA5621.P16 R89 2016

Sol LeWitt : 17 wall drawings, 1970-2015
LeWitt, Sol, 1928-2007, artist
Santander, Spain : Fundación Botín, [2015]
Sherman N6537.L46 A4 2015

Time for play : why architecture should take happiness seriously
editor, AZC: Atelier Zündel Cristea, Irina Cristea and Grégoire Zündel
New York : Actar Publishers, 2016
Happiness is the only requirement : conversation with Irina Cristea & Grégoire Zündel -- Bouncing bridge, Paris, France : Focus: Jean-Pierre Charbonneau ; Focus: Emmanuel Durand -- Peace Pavilion, London, United Kingdom : Focus: Ramon Sastre -- Flower Pavilion, Berlin, Germany : Focus: Anton Miserachs Vidal and Adrià Misearchs Navarro -- Water invaders, Lille, France : Focus: Julien Carrel -- Battersea power station, London, United Kingdom : Focus: Kim Benjamin Stowe -- West Kowloon Arts Pavilion, Hong Kong, China -- Adidas campus, Herzogenaurach, Germany -- Technical annexes -- Atelier Zündel Cristea.
Sherman NA1053.A878 A4 2016

Germaine Krull
Krull, Germaine, photographer
[Paris] : Jeu de Paume, [2015]
Sherman TR647 .K77 2015

Making sense of the Bayeux tapestry : readings and reworkings
edited by Anna C. Henderson with Gale R. Owen-Crocker
Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2016
Introduction: making sense of the Bayeux tapestry / Anna C. Henderson -- The front tells the story, the back tells the history: the technical discussion of the embroidering of the Bayeux tapestry / Alexandra Lester-Makin -- Colour and imagination in the Bayeux tapestry / Gale R. Owen-Crocker -- Figuring out nakedness in the borders of the Bayeux tapestry / Christopher J. Monk -- Ecclesiastics in the Bayeux tapestry / Michael J. Lewis -- Locating Hasting in 1066: the evidence from the tapestry / Maggie Kneen -- Item, une tente très-longue: the inventory of Bayeux Cathedral and its implications for that textile / Elizabeth Carson Pastan -- A facsimile for everybody: from Foucault to Foys and beyond / Shirley Ann Brown -- Through Victorian eyes: re-assessing Elizabeth Wardle's replica / Anna C. Henderson -- Relating history in needlework in the manner of the Bayeux tapestry: the emborideries of Normandy / Sylvette Lemagnen -- Afterword / Gale R. Owen-Crocker.
Sherman NK3049.B3 M35 2016

Kuwait : a desert on fire = eine wuste in flammen = un derert en feu
Salgado, Sebastião, 1944- photographer
Cologne, Germany : Taschen, [2016]
Sebastião Salgado documents the torched Kuwaiti oil wells. In January and February 1991, as the United States-led coalition drove Iraqi forces out of Kuwait, Saddam Hussein's troops retaliated with an inferno. At some 700 oil wells and an unspecified number of oil-filled low-lying areas they ignited vast, raging fires , sending billowing black clouds over the region and thousands of tons of nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
Sherman TR820.6 .S25 2016

Olive Rush : finding her place in the Santa Fe art colony
Gilmore, Janice Haynes, author
Santa Fe : Museum of New Mexico Press, 2016
Quaker upbringing and early art education -- Howard Pyle and travels abroad -- Europe, American Southwest, and city studios -- Home and studio in the Santa Fe Art Colony -- Breakthrough years in Chicago and New Mexico decorative arts -- Great depression, patronage, and American Indian art -- New Deal and public and private mural commissions -- World War II, modern art, and enduring friendships -- Dean of Santa Fe women artists -- Final years in Santa Fe.

Oliva Rush (1873-1966, artist, illustrator, muralist, Native American art educator, and social reformer was born in Indiana to Quaker parents and left home at age sixteen to attend college and art school. At the age of forty-seven, after a successful career as an illustrator and artist and travelling the world, she settled in Santa Fe where she bought an old adobe farmhouse on Canyon Road. There she painted, showed her work, and hosted many visitors from near and far. Rush's painting style over the years evolved from realistic to abstract and by the end of her career she was a modernish. She helped create a technique for "true" fresco painting an dwas hired as a WPA muralist, emparking on a period of public art projects.
Sherman N6537.R875 G55 2016

A revolutionary artist of Tibet : Khyentse Chenmo of Gongkar
Jackson, David Paul, author
New York, NY : Rubin Museum of Art, 2016
Sherman ND1049.M67 J33 2016

Dalí illustrator / of Lautréamont : Les Chants de Maldoror / Dante : the Divine Comedy / Holy Scripture : the Sacred Bible
Fornés, Eduard
Paris : Les Heures Claires, 2016
Survey of the illustrative work of Salvador Dalí.
Sherman Oversize N7113.D3 F76 2016

Papunya Tula : genesis and genius
edited by Hetti Perkins and Hannah Fink
Sydney, NSW, Australia : Art Gallery of New South Wales in association with Papunya Tula Artists, ©2000
Catalogue for exhibition that tells the story of the emergence of one of the most dynamic movements in Australian art history with its constellation of painters such as Rover Thomas, Mick Namarari, and Emily Kame Kngwarrye.
Sherman ND1105.P36 A4 2000

Le goût du Moyen Age en Bourgogne : La Rochepot et les châteaux néogothiques (1820-1940)
Saccaro, Laurent, author
Dijon : Éditions universitaires de Dijon, [2016]
Si leurs qualités esthétiques ont généralement été reconnues, les châteaux néogothiques de Bourgogne n'avaient suscité qu'un faible intérêt universitaire jusqu'à présent. Ce paradoxe est aujourd'hui dépassé, les styles 'néo' ne sont plus objets de mépris mais d'un intérêt grandissant de la part des historiens de l'art. Issu d'un travail de master poursuivi en thèse, cet ouvrage s'inscrit dans ce mouvement en mettant en lumière ces demeures dont l'histoire et la valeur architecturale sont souvent ignorées. Le livre s'articule autour de la plus célèbre d'entre elles, le château de La Rochepot, qui fait l'objet d'une étude complète et approfondie, depuis la construction médiévale jusqu'au 'Pierrefonds de la Bourgogne' voulu par le colonel Sadi-Carnot. Cette analyse, alimentée par des sources inédites, est renforcée par celle d'une trentaine d'édifices, célèbres ou méconnus, mais tous remarquables par leur qualité artistique. Illustrant une néogothique fantaisiste ou archéologique au contraire, ces châteaux étudiés ont pris leur aspect actuel entre 1820 et 1940 et se situent en Côte-d'Or ou en Saône-et-Loire, à l'exception de Chastellux-sur-Cure. L'étude est précédée d'un chapitre qui replace ces demeures dans un contexte national et local de longue durée, pour mieux saisir les nouveautés et les continuités, les originalités et les conformismes. Un répertoire des principaux architectes et artistes du néogothique bourguignon complète l'ouvrage. Ainsi, au gré de riches archives et de nombreuses illustrations, c'est un moment très riche de l'histoire locale qui apparaît dans ses œuvres et ses différents acteurs.
Sherman NA7736.L35 S23 2016

Marina Abramović : private archaeology
Clemens, Justin, author
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia : Museum of Old and New Art, [2015]
Sherman N7253.A25 A4 2015

Daido Moriyama in color : now, and never again
Moriyama, Daidō, 1938- photographer
Milano : Skira, 2016
250 photographs taken over the last five years introduced by biographical information interspersed with direct quotes from the photographer.
Sherman Oversize TR655.M675 N6 2016

Ancient terracottas from South Italy and Sicily in the J. Paul Getty Museum
Ferruzza, Maria Lucia, author
Los Angeles : The J. Paul Getty Museum, 2016
"This J. Paul Getty Museum collection catalogue presents sixty ancient terracottas in detail and provides a guide to the one thousand other ancient terracotta objects in the collection"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman NB145 .F47 2016

Textile production in classical Athens
Spantidaki, Stella, author
Havertown, PA : Oxbow Books, 2016
Sherman NK8807.3 .S84 2016

Before pictures
Crimp, Douglas, author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2016
Front room/back room -- Spanish Harlem (104 East 98th Street), 1967-69 -- Way out on the nut -- Chelsea (161 West 23rd Street), 1969-71 -- Back to the turmoil -- Greenwich Village (257 West 10th Street), 1971-74 -- Art news parties -- Hotel des artistes -- Tribeca (152 Chambers Street), 1974-76 -- Action around the edges -- Disss-co (a fragment) -- Financial District (93 Nassau Street), 1976 -- Agon -- Pictures, before and after.

Douglas Crimp is the rare art critic whose work profoundly influenced a generation of artists. He is best known for his work with the "Pictures Generation" the very name of which Crimp coined to define the work of artists like Robert Longo and Cindy Sherman who appropriated images from mass culture to carry out a subversive critique. But while his influence is widely recognized, we know little about Crimp's own formative experiences before "Pictures. Before Pictures tells the story of Crimp's life as a young gay man and art critic in New York City during the late 1960s through the turbulent 1970s. Crimp participated in all of what made the city so stimulating in that vibrant decade. The details of his professional and personal life are interwoven with this the particularly rich history of New York City at that time, producing a vivid portrait of both the critic and his adopted city. The book begins with his escape from his hometown in Idaho, and we quickly find Crimp writing criticism for ArtNews while working at the Guggenheim where, as a young curatorial assistant, he was one of the few to see Daniel Buren's Peinture-Sculpture before it was removed amid cries of institutional censorship. Part biography and part cultural history, Before Pictures is a courageous account of an exceptional period in both Crimp's life and the life of New York City. At the same time, it offers a deeply personal and engaging point of entry into important issues in contemporary art.
Sherman N7483.C75 A3 2016

Textiles & garments at the Jaipur court
Rahul Jain
New Delhi, India : Niyogi Books, 2016
"The textiles of the Kachhwaha Rajput maharajas of Amber-Jaipur were among the finest ever produced in India. This book offers tribute to that remarkable artistic and material legacy. While a few thousand historical pieces survive in the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum in the City Palace, Jaipur, many now reside in important art collections across the world. This book showcases nearly 150 of the most remarkable pieces among these, which date from the early 17th century to the early 20th century. These include some of India's earliest and finest kalamkaris as well as rare woven silks and velvets, most of which came from renowned Indian textile centres located across the subcontinent, as well as from Iran. The palace stores of Amber and Jaipur once housed not only the most spectacular royal tents of the period but also an impressive range of fine garments and accessories for the princes and other members of the royal household, many of which are showcased here for the first time. A lavishly illustrated survey of the entire Kachhwaha corpus, this book is the first comprehensive overview of the court textiles of any princely Indian state."--Publisher's website.
Sherman NK8876.J35 M33 2016

Les Rothschild : une dynastie de mécènes en France
sous la direction de Pauline Prévost-Marcilhacy
Paris : Somogy éditions d'art, [2016]
Sherman N5262.R68 R68 2016

Les Rothschild : une dynastie de mécènes en France
sous la direction de Pauline Prévost-Marcilhacy
Paris : Somogy éditions d'art, [2016]
Sherman N5262.R68 R68 2016

Les Rothschild : une dynastie de mécènes en France
sous la direction de Pauline Prévost-Marcilhacy
Paris : Somogy éditions d'art, [2016]
Sherman N5262.R68 R68 2016

Ikonische Prägnanz
Westerkamp, Dirk, 1971-
Paderborn : Wilhelm Fink, 2015
Bilder stellen Handlungen, die Zeit verbrauchen, im flächigen Raum dar. Sie ziehen Ereignisse auf ihren prägnantesten Augenblick zusammen. Ikonische Prägnanz gründet in der Ökonomie dieses Entzugs. Ihre Kunst offenbart sich in dem, was sie nicht zeigt.0Ikonische Prägnanz meint die Verdichtung von Zeit- und Handlungsmomenten im Bild. Ihre Theorie verknüpft gestaltphilosophische Überlegungen zur 'symbolischen Prägnanz' (Cassirer) mit ikonologischen Untersuchungen des 'prägnantesten Augenblicks' (Lessing). In sechs pointierten Essays, deren Analysekriterien die programmatische Einleitung entwickelt, wird dieses nicht unumstrittene Konzept in der Deutung vormoderner Bildwerke erprobt. Ihre Sujets reflektieren unterschiedliche Zeitverhältnisse: die Entzeitlichung von Gegenwart, die Darstellung der Allgegenwart von Zeit, das Verschwinden des Augenblicks in der Zeit, schliesslich auch den Zusammenfall von historischer Zeit, Betrachtungszeit und Bildzeit.
Sherman N7740 .W47 2015

René Burri : mouvement
Burri, René, photographer
Göttingen, Germany : Diogenes/Steidl, 2016
[Volume] I / with forewords by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Philipp Keel -- [Volume] II / with a foreword by Hans-Michael Koetzle.

"Over the course of a half-century, the photographs of René Burri (1933-2014) have tracked the turning points, triumphs and crises of the twentieth century. Whether it was the 15-year-old Burri's portrait of Winston Churchill or his later portrayals of Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Richard Nixon, Anwar as-Sadat or Muammar al-Gaddafi, all have lodged themselves in the collective consciousness. Removed from sensationalism yet no less striking are Burri's images of the theater of war, of people suffering in poverty and calamity. And as if to hold such horrors in check, Burri turned his lens with equal intensity to the spheres of beauty and creativity--to the landscapes of Latin America, to great artists such as Picasso and Maria Callas, and to luminaries of architecture such as Le Corbusier and Oscar Niemeyer. This two-volume collection offers an extensive compilation of images from the eminent photojournalist." --
Sherman TR654 .B8592 2016

René Burri : mouvement
Burri, René, photographer
Göttingen, Germany : Diogenes/Steidl, 2016
[Volume] I / with forewords by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Philipp Keel -- [Volume] II / with a foreword by Hans-Michael Koetzle.

"Over the course of a half-century, the photographs of René Burri (1933-2014) have tracked the turning points, triumphs and crises of the twentieth century. Whether it was the 15-year-old Burri's portrait of Winston Churchill or his later portrayals of Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Richard Nixon, Anwar as-Sadat or Muammar al-Gaddafi, all have lodged themselves in the collective consciousness. Removed from sensationalism yet no less striking are Burri's images of the theater of war, of people suffering in poverty and calamity. And as if to hold such horrors in check, Burri turned his lens with equal intensity to the spheres of beauty and creativity--to the landscapes of Latin America, to great artists such as Picasso and Maria Callas, and to luminaries of architecture such as Le Corbusier and Oscar Niemeyer. This two-volume collection offers an extensive compilation of images from the eminent photojournalist." --
Sherman TR654 .B8592 2016

Courbet et l'impressionnisme
sous la direction de Frédérique Thomas-Maurin, Julie Delmas, Élise Boudon
Ornans : Musée Gustave Courbet, [2016]
Sherman ND553.C9 A4 2016

Looters, smugglers and collectors : provenance research and the market
editors, Tone Hansen, Ana María Bresciani ; authors, Alexander Alberro and thirteen others
Köln : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, c2015
Looters, smugglers, and collectors: Provenance research and the market departs from and extends beyond the restitution case of Henri Matisse's "Blue Dress in a Yellow Armchair" (1937) to the heirs of collector Paul Rosenberg in March 2014 after sixty years in HOK's collection. The case was an impetus for a research project investigating the ownership history of artworks in the collection, and also for the publication which gathers seminal authors and artists who have developed the concept of provenance in different yet all extremely interesting perspectives. The book will context contributions by theorists and artists such as: Arjun Appadurai, Alexander Alberro, Wolfgang Ernst, Hans Haacke, Emmanuelle Polack, Uwe Fleckner, among others, as well as reprinting documentation material and artists contributions, some of it for the first time. The publication has obvious historical references to the looting and confiscation perpetrated by the Germans during World War II, but shows that similar acts are still occurring today as well, for example, the plundering and destruction of Palmyra in Syria.
Sherman N3999 .L66 2015

Symmetry : through the eyes of old masters
Makovicky, E., author
Boston : de Gruyter, [2016]
Fundamental categories -- The convenient start: plane groups of symmetry -- Intertwined patterns: layer groups of symmetry -- Two-colored periodic ornamentation -- Polychromatic patterns -- Beyond 2D groups: hypersymmetry, superstructures, two symmetries in one pattern, the (order-disorder) patterns, homothety and similarity, inversion and nonlinear patterns -- Quasiperiodic patterns -- Fractals and fractal character -- Style and symmetry, symmetry and style.

"A large range of symmetries in art is presented through clear and aesthetically outstanding examples of historical ornaments. Compendious comments illustrate the selected photographic material by addressing the interested and specialist"--
Sherman N7431 .M35 2016

David Blamey (Ed.)
London, United Kingdom : Open Editions, 2016
It is widely assumed that everyone is 'interdisciplinary' nowadays, that everyone works at the intersections of conventional disciplines. But if being flexible, multiskilled and polymathic are the prerequisites of survival in today?s world, why do educators and art marketeers tend to maintain conditions that advocate and encourage specialist outcomes? The aim of this new anthology in the Occasional Table series is to critically reflect upon the role of specialism in art and society. Why do some seek to transcend the parameters of specialization, and others maintain that deep levels of achievement can only be attained with highly focused methods and forms? 00Edited by David Blamey, Specialism includes texts by Matthew Cornford, Neil Cummings, Dan Fox, Anouchka Grose, Mingyuan Hu, Stephen Knott, Frances Loeffler, Nina Power, Rick Poynor, Alistair Rider, Andrew Robinson, Irit Rogoff and Ruth Sonderegger, Chris Watson, Jon Wozencroft and Ian Whittlesea.
Sherman N7443.2 .S64 2016

Louise Nevelson : light and shadow
Wilson, Laurie, author
London : Thames & Hudson, 2016
Russian roots 1899-1905 -- Rockland childhood 1905-1918 -- Marriage and motherhood 1920-1929 -- Art at last 1929-1934 -- The beginning of sculpture 1934-1940 -- Surrealism 1940-1946 -- Death and restoration 1946-1953 -- A forgotten village 1954-1957 -- Moon garden breakthrough 1957-1960 -- Glittering glory 1960-1962 -- Icarus 1962-1963 -- Architect of reflection 1964-1966 -- Empress of the environment 1966-1968 -- Mistress of transformation 1969-1971 -- La signora of Spring Street 1972-1974 -- Large scale 1975-1976 -- "The Nevelson" 1967-1988 -- The chapel and the palace 1977-1979 -- A big birthday 1980-1985 -- The end 1985-1988.

"In 1929, Louise Nevelson was a disappointed housewife with a young son, surrounded by New York's vibrant artistic community but unable to fully engage with it. By 1950, she was an artist living on her own, financially dependent on her family, but she had received a glimmer of recognition from the establishment: inclusion in a group show at the Whitney Museum of American Art. In 1980, Nevelson celebrated her second Whitney retrospective. Her work was held in public collections around the world; her massive steel sculptures appeared in public spaces in seventeen states, including the Louise Nevelson Plaza in New York City's Financial District. The story of Nevelson's artistic, spiritual, even physical transformation (she developed a taste for outrageous outfits and false eyelashes made of mink) is dramatic, complex, and inseparable from major historical and cultural shifts of the twentieth century, particularly in the art world. Art historian and psychoanalyst Laurie Wilson brings a unique and sensitive perspective to Nevelson's story, drawing on hours of interviews she conducted with Nevelson and her circle. Over 100 images, many of them drawn from personal archives and never before published, make this the most visually and narratively comprehensive biography of this remarkable artist yet published." -- Publisher's description
Sherman NB237.N43 W55 2016

Strasbourg 1200-1230 : la révolution gothique
coordination éditoriale, Lize Braat et Giorgia Passaro
Strasbourg : Musées de la ville de Strasbourg, 2015
"Première manifestation du style gothique en terre germanique, le chantier du bras sud du transept de la cathédrale de Strasbourg occasionne des travaux de sculpture remarquables dont témoignent les statues de l'Église, de la Synagogue et du Pilier des Anges. Strasbourg se trouve alors projeté au devant de la scène artistique à la fois par les commandes à ses ateliers et par l'influence des oeuvres qui y sont produites. Le présent catalogue réunit les oeuvres dispersées témoignant de cette révolution artistique et évoque les sources ainsi que le rayonnement de cet atelier exceptionnel. Il constitue ainsi la première étude d'ensemble sur l'art à Strasbourg dans les premières décennies du XIIIe siècle."--P. [4] of cover.
Sherman NA5551.S77 S77x 2015

Jacques Doucet, Yves Saint Laurent : Vivre pour l'art
sous la direction de Jérôme Neutres
Paris : Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent, [2015]
"L'un et l'autre couturiers de métier, Jacques Doucet (1853-1929) et Yves Saint Laurent (1936-2008) furent également des collectionneurs de génie. À la recherche d'un certain absolu, ils ont tous deux créé des 'espaces-collections' dans leurs maisons, qui formaient des expositions inédites, de véritables installations artistiques. Créateurs de beauté, esthètes, ils ont chacun incarné le 'goût' dans leur époque. Brancusi, Braque, Chirico, Gray, Legrain, Matisse, Picasso... de nombreux artistes ont habité successivement leurs appartements-musées de la rue Saint-James et de la rue de Babylone. Croisements, rencontres, confrontations, les collections d'art constituées par Jacques Doucet et Yves Saint Laurent sont, par bien des aspects, des 'vases communicants', et c'est le mystère de cette transmission qui est au coeur de cet ouvrage. Les reproductions d'oeuvres prestigieuses et des vues des intérieurs et accrochages personnels des deux couturiers-collectionneurs permettent de plonger dans l'intimité de ces appartements devenus légendaires"--Back cover.
Sherman N5262.D68 J33 2015

Les chapelles royales : de la gloire de Dieu à la gloire du prince
sous la direction de Mireille-Bénédicte Bouvet et Hélène Say Barbey
[Paris] : CTHS Editions, [2015]
Les saintes chapelles -- Les chapelles princières, institutions au service du prince, et leurs avatars contemporains -- Les musiques des chapelles royales et princières -- influences et postérité du modèle architectural à partir des exemples de Versailles et de Lunéville -- La chapelle du château de Lunéville, d'incendies en chantiers.
Sherman NA4870 .C43x 2015

La calma antes de la tormenta : fotografías de Ayacucho, Perú (1924-1976)
Alejos, Baldomero, 1902-1976, photographer
Barcelona : Edicions Casa Amèrica Catalunya, febrer de 2013
Sherman TR647 .A439 2013

The art book
authors, Lee Beard, Adam Butler, Claire Van Cleave, Diane Fortenberry and Susan Stirling
London Phaidon Press Limited, 2016
"In a new compact and portable format - the accessible, award-winning A-Z guide to the world's great painters and sculptors. The Art Book is a landmark in the world of publishing. Available in a range of different formats and in over 20 different languages, it has received rave reviews since its first publication and can be frequently found on bestseller lists around the world. Now available for the first time in a highly covetable and portable midi format, this second edition is an updated and substantially expanded version of the hugely successful original book. An A-Z guide to 600 great artists from medieval to modern times, it debunks art-historical classifications and pairs brilliant examples of all periods, schools, visions, and techniques. By breaking with traditional classifications, The Art Book represents a fresh and original approach to art: an unparalleled visual sourcebook and a celebration of our rich and multifaceted culture." --Publisher's website.
Sherman N33 .A78 2016

La construcción de una utopía : enseñanza artística en la posrevolución
Guadarrama Peña, Guillermina
México, D. F. : Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura, 2015
Sherman N365.M6 G83 2015

Of arms and artists : the American Revolution through painters' eyes
Staiti, Paul J., author
New York : Bloomsbury Press, 2016
Art and the American Revolution -- Charles Willson Peale's war -- Philadelphia's founding artist -- Benjamin West's peace -- John Singleton Copley's patriots -- John Adams' piece of vanity -- John Trumbull's martyrs -- Thomas Jefferson's invitation -- Gilbert Stuart's Washington -- John Trumbull's second act.

"The images accompanying the founding of the United States--of honored Founders, dramatic battle scenes, and seminal moments--gave visual shape to Revolutionary events and symbolized an entirely new concept of leadership and government. Since then they have endured as indispensable icons, serving as historical documents and timeless reminders of the nation's unprecedented beginnings. As Paul Staiti reveals in Of Arms and Artists, the lives of the five great American artists of the Revolutionary period--Charles Willson Peale, John Singleton Copley, John Trumbull, Benjamin West, and Gilbert Stuart--were every bit as eventful as those of the Founders with whom they continually interacted, and their works contributed mightily to America's founding spirit. Living in a time of breathtaking change, each in his own way came to grips with the history being made by turning to brushes and canvases, the results often eliciting awe and praise, and sometimes scorn. Ever since the passing of the last eyewitnesses to the Revolution, their imagery has connected Americans to 1776, allowing us to interpret and reinterpret the nation's beginning, generation after generation. The collective stories of these five artists open a fresh window on the Revolutionary era, making more human the figures we have long honored as our Founders, and deepening our understanding of the whirlwind out of which the United States emerged "--
Sherman ND236 .S73 2016

Ignac Tirš, S.I. (1733-1781) : pinturas de la antigua California y de México : Códice Klementinum de Praga
Tirsch, Ignacio, 1733- artist
México, D.F. : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas, Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas, Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas, 2015
Introducción -- PARTE I. IGNAC TIR (1733-1781) -- Capítulo I. De Bohemia a la Antigua California -- Capítulo II. En las misiones de Loreto y de Santiago -- Capítulo III. Don Gaspar de Portolá y Rovira, primer gobernador de las Californias -- Capítulo IV. El relevo de franciscanos en la Antigua California -- Capítulo V. Rumbo al destierro -- PARTE II -- Capítulo VI. Las pinturas de Tirs -- Capítulo VII. Análisis de las pinturas -- El material de los cuadros -- Tiempo y lugar de ejecución de estos cuadros -- Temática de los cuadros GLOSARIOS -- De plantas -- De animals -- PARTE III -- Capítulo VIII -- Apéndices -- 1. La Misión de Santiago en 1730 y la de Loreto 1744-1762 -- Misioneros de Santiago (1721-1768) -- Misión de Nuestra Señora de Loreto (1744-1762) -- 2. Las plagas de langosta en la Antigua California -- 3. Documentos de Ignac Tir -- 4. Confiscación de manuscritos e impresos de las misiones de la Antigua California, de Sonora y de Sinaloa (1768-1769) -- 5. Los pericúes -- 6. Los compañeros bajacalifornianos de Tir (1762-1768) -- 7. Traslado de 16 misioneros de la Antigua California de Guadalajara a Jalapa.

Ignac Tirs (Ignacio Tirsch) was born in Bohemia, in 1733. He was ordained as priest by the Compañía de Jesus in 1759 and sent to New Spain to join the missions in Baja California. First, he arrived at the mission Nuestra Señora de Loreto. Three years later, he moved to the mission Santiago de los Coras, where he worked until 1768, one year after the expulsion of the Jesuits began. In 1763 and 1764, Provincial Father Francisco de Zevallos requested some data from several priests from California in order to write the human, vegetal, animal, and mineral history of the peninsula. This work presents for the first time the reproduction in color of Tirœs paintings as well as extensive studies of the author and his works that will help to reconstruct the work and activities that he carried out during his stay at different missions in Baja California.
Sherman ND534.5.T57 A4 2015

Gillian Wearing
Wearing, Gillian, 1963- author
Valencia : IVAM, Centre Julio González Generalitat Valenciana, Conselleria d'Educació, Investigació, Cultura i Esport, [2015]
Sherman N6797.W39 A4 2015

The guide to period styles for interiors : from the 17th century to the present
Gura, Judith, author
New York : Bloomsbury, Fairchild Books, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Inc., 2016
17th Century: the Baroque Styles -- 18th Century: from Rococo to Neoclassicism -- 19th Century: Revival and Reform -- 20th Century: Modernism and After -- 21st Century: the Future is Here.
Sherman NK1860 .G87 2016

Architecture and the unconscious
edited by John Shannon Hendrix and Lorens Eyan Holm
Farnham, Surrey : Ashgate Publishing Limited, [2016]
Historical Paradigms for Architecture and the Unconscious -- The Unconscious as a Discourse for Architecture of the City -- Fantasies, Desires, Diagnoses -- Case Study: Maison de Verre.
Sherman NA2540 .A6123 2016

Accidentism : Josef Frank
Bergquist, Mikael, editor
Basel : Birkhauser, [2016]
Sherman NA1011.5.F7 B4713 2016

Openings : a memoir from the women's art movement, New York City 1970-1992
Moore, Sabra, author
New York, NY : New Village Press, 2016
"Memoir chronicling Sabra Moore's and other women artists' involvement in the feminist art movement and responses to racial tensions and reconciliation, war, struggles for reproductive freedom, and general social upheaval in New York City in the 1970s and 1980s"--
Sherman N6537.M63677 A2 2016

The Prado : masterpieces
Museo Nacional del Prado ; translation, Philip Sutton
New York : Thames & Hudson, 2016
The Museo del Prado is the main Spanish national art museum, located in central Madrid. It features one of the world's finest collections of European art, based on the former Spanish Royal Collection, and is unquestionably the best single collection of Spanish art. Founded as a museum of paintings and sculpture in 1819, it also contains important collections of other types of works. The Prado is one of the most visited sites in the world. The numerous works by Francisco de Goya, the single most extensively represented artist, as well as by Diego Velázquez, El Greco, Titian, Peter Paul Rubens, and Hieronymus Bosch are some of the highlights of the collection. Comprehensively showcasing the museum's permanent collection, this magnificent book is the first of its kind to be published in association with the Prado, covering the collection from ancient sculpture to the nineteenth century. The book is arranged chronologically by the date of the artworks featured, creating a rich dialogue between artists from different schools working in the same period. There are sections looking in depth at specific painters (Velázquez, Titian, El Greco, and Bosch) and at the themes of still life, portraits, and religious paintings. The Prado: Masterpieces can be read as a complete history of Western art, as illustrated by the careful selection of highlights from the museum.s collection.
Sherman Oversize N3450 .A6845 2016

John Currin
essay by James Lawrence
Paris : Gagosian Gallery , [2016]
At once highly seductive and deeply perplexing, John Currin's paintings draw inspiration from such disparate areas as Old Master portraits, pinups, pornography, and B-movies. Consistent throughout his oeuvre, however, is his search for the point at which the beautiful and the grotesque hold each other in perfect balance, and this new book from Gagosian Gallery demonstrates just that. In his most recent work, Currin layers each canvas with multiple scenes, creating paintings within paintings. He paints idealized yet challengingly perverse images of women, from lusty nymphs and dour matrons to more ethereal feminine prototypes. While his eroticized subjects often exist at odds with the popular dialogue and politics of contemporary art, they entice viewers, and are reproduced here in stunning detail.
Sherman Oversize ND237.C86 A4 2016

Gelam nguzu kazi = Dugong my son : the first exhibition of limited edition linocuts by the artists of the Mualgau Minaral Artist Collective from Mua Island in the Torres Strait
editors, Cecilia Alfonso and Michael Kershaw
Mua Island [Australia] : Kubin Community Council, 2001
Sherman NE1336.M487 A4 2001

How to see : looking, talking, and thinking about art
Salle, David, 1952- author
New York : W.W. Norton & Company, [2016]
How to give form to an idea. Alex Katz: the how and the what ; Amy Sillman: a modern-day action painter ; Christopher Wool: painting with its own megaphone ; The German miracle: the work of Sigmar Polke ; Robert Gober: the heart is not a metaphor ; Albert Oehlen: the good student ; Dana Schutz: a guy named Frank ; Roy Lichtenstein: change is hard ; The art of childhood: Jeff Koons at the Whitney ; John Baldessari's movie script series ; The success gene: Wade Guyton and Rosemarie Trockel -- Being an artist. Vito Acconci: the body artist ; The Petite cinema of John Baldessari ; Karole Armitage and the art of collaboration ; The camera blinks ; Old guys painting ; The grapplers: Marsden Hartley, Philip Guston, and Clyfford Still ; Urs Fischer: waste management ; Jack Goldstein: clinging to the life raft ; Sad clown: the art of Mike Kelley ; Frank Stella at the Whitney ; Provincialism without a capital: the art of Thomas Houseago ; Frederic Tuten: the art of appropriation -- Art in the world. André Derain and Courbet's palette ; Picabia, c'est moi ; Baby's giant bean ; Lovely music: the art of Barbara Bloom ; Structure rising ; Piero della Francesca -- Pedagogy and polemics. The '80s -- what were they good for? A lecture delivered at the Milwaukee Museum of Art ; A talk for the first day of class ; Art is not a popularity contest: a commencement address given at the New York Academy of Art, 2011 ; Questions without answers for John Baldessari.

How does art work? How does it move us, inform us, challenge us? Internationally renowned painter David Salle's incisive essay collection illuminates the work of many of the most influential artists of the twentieth century. Engaging with a wide range of Salle's friends and contemporaries-from painters to conceptual artists such as Jeff Koons, John Baldessari, Roy Lichtenstein, and Alex Katz, among others- 'How to See' explores not only the multilayered personalities of the artists themselves but also the distinctive character of their oeuvres. Salle writes with humor and verve, replacing the jargon of art theory with precise and evocative descriptions that help the reader develop a personal and intuitive engagement with art. The result: a master class on 'how to see' with an artist's eye.
Sherman N6490 .S178 2016

Animism and shamanism in twentieth-century art : Kandinsky, Ernst, Pollock, Beuys
Firestone, Evan R., author
New York : Routledge, 2017
Wassily Kandinsky, Max Ernst, Jackson Pollock, and Joseph Beuys were the leading artists of their generations to recognize the rich possibilities that animism and shamanism offered. While each of these artists' connection with shamanism has been written about separately, Evan Firestone brings the four together in order to compare their individual approaches to anthropological materials and to define similarities and differences between them. The author's close readings of their works and examination of the relevant texts available to them reveal fresh insights and new perspectives.The importance of indigenous beliefs in animism for Kandinsky's philosophy of art and practice, especially the animism of inanimate objects, is analyzed for the first time in conjunction with his well-known enthusiasms for Symbolism and Theosophy. Ernst's collage novel, 'La femme 100 tetes' (1929), previously found to have significant alchemical content, also is shown to extensively utilize shamanism, thereby merging different branches of the occult that prove to have remarkable similarities. The in-depth examination of Pollock's works, both known and overlooked for shamanic content, identifies textual sources that heretofore have escaped notice. Firestone also demonstrates how shamanism was employed by this artist to express his desire for healing and transformation. The author further argues that the German edition of Mircea Eliade's 'Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy' (1957) helped to revitalize Beuys's life and art, and that his ecological campaigns reflected a new consciousness later termed ecoanimism.
Sherman N72.R4 F56 2017

Los pioneros del muralismo : la vanguardia
concepto, curaduría e investigación, Guillermina Guadarrama Peña
México, D.F. : Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes y Cultura, Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, 2010
Exhibition focus is to show that the Mexican muralist movement encompassed far more people than just the so-called "big three" (Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros), the researcher Guillermo Guadarrama was given the task of conducting an investigation which highlights the contributions made by painters Roberto Montenegro, Gerardo Murillo "Dr. Atl, Xavier Guerrero, Fermín Revueltas, Jean Charlot, Ramón Alva de la Canal, Fernando Leal, Carlos Orozco Romero and Carlos Mérida.
Sherman ND2644 .P535 2010

The architecture of neoliberalism : how contemporary architecture became an instrument of control and compliance
Spencer, Douglas, author
New York : Bloomsbury Academic, 2016
Introduction: Architecture, Neoliberalism and the Game of Truth -- Necessary Ignorance: The Art of Neoliberal Governmentality -- The Spatial Constitution of the Neoliberal Subject -- Architectural Theory: From May '68 to the 'Real' of the Market -- Labour Theory: Architecture, Work and Neoliberalism -- Festivals of Circulation: Neoliberal Architectures of Culture, Commerce and Education -- Neoliberalism and Affect: Architecture and the Patterning of Experience -- Conclusion: The Necessity of Critique.
Sherman NA2543.S6 S6427 2016

Figural sculpture in eleventh-century Dalmatia and Croatia : patronage, architectural context, history
Skoblar, Magdalena, author
New York, NY : Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Urban oligarchs: panels and patronage in the church of the Holy Dominica at Zadar -- The church of St Lawrence and the platea comunis at Zadar -- Royal patronage in the church of St Mary at Biskupija -- The rule of law: the church of SS Peter and Moses at Solin -- Regina and her screen: the church of St Michael on the island of Kolocep.

This is the first full-length, English-language study of eleventh-century figural sculpture produced in Dalmatia and Croatia. Challenging the dependency on stylistic analysis in previous scholarship, Magdalena Skoblar contextualises the visual presence of these relief carvings in their local communities, focusing on five critical sites. Alongside an examination of architectural setting and iconography, this book also investigates archaeological and textual evidence to establish the historical situation within which these sculptures were produced and received. Croatia and Dalmatia in the eleventh century were a borderland between Byzantium and the Latin west where the balance of power was constantly changing. These sculptures speak of the fragmented and hybrid nature of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean as a whole, where well-connected trade routes and porous boundaries informed artistic production. Moreover, in contrast to elsewhere in Europe where contemporary figural sculpture was spurred on by monastic communities, this book argues that the patronage of such artworks in Dalmatia and Croatia was driven by members of the local secular elites. 0For the first time, these sculptures are being introduced to Anglophone scholarship, and this book contributes to a fuller understanding of the profound changes in medieval attitudes towards sculpture after the year 1000.
Sherman NB1930 .S59 2017

Homme blanc, homme noir : impressions d'Afrique
catalogue réalisé sous la direction d' Alain Weill
Lens : Fondation Pierre Arnaud, [2015]
Cet ouvrage accompagne l'exposition présentée à la Fondation Pierre Arnaud, Lens (Suisse), du 27 juin au 25 octobre 2015. Hommes blancs et hommes noirs se sont découverts, observés, représentés; Entre admiration et rejet, fascination et dérision, chacun livre ici son regard sur l'autre. Découvrez des pièces étonnantes, réalisées entre le XVIIe et le XXe siècle par des artistes africains, anonymes pour la plupart, et par des artistes européens aussi connus que Théodore Géricault, Félix Vallotton ou Man Ray. Ces peintures, sculptures, photographies montrent que les arts africains et européens se sont fertilisés mutuellement pour donner naissance à de nouvelles formes d'expression, extrêmement riches. Anthropologues, historiens, écrivains et critiques d'art vous éclairent sur ces œuvres fascinantes, encore peu connues du grand public comme des spécialistes.
Sherman N7380.5 .H65 2015

Yves Saint Laurent : the perfection of style
Müller, Florence, 1957- editor
Seattle : In association with Seattle Art Museum, 2016
"Legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent's reputation precedes him but what of the man behind the work? Florence Muüller traces Saint Laurent's career, from aspiring designer to Christian Dior's protege to director of his own fashion house from 1961 until 2002. The book emphasizes the designer's creative process, his inspirations, the conception and fabric selection, the various stages of fitting and production and takes the reader behind the scenes of the atelier. Also featured are original sketches, runway shots, and never-before-published photographs of Saint Laurent at work, as well as new photography of iconic YSL designs from the exhibition, including the first Tuxedo pantsuit (1966), the Safari tunic (1968), the Mondrian dress (1965), and the Wesselmann dress (1966). The book also includes a 1991 interview from Le Figaro with the late designer. This focused exploration shows how Saint Laurent's radical clothes for the modern woman presented here in gorgeous detail continue to inspire fashion lovers and fans of art and design for their innovation and perfection of style.00Exhibition: Seattle Art Museum, USA (11.10.16 - 17.01.2017) / Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, USA (07.05. - 26.08.2017)"--Publisher's description.
Sherman TT505.S24 M84 2016

Rethinking place in South Asian and Islamic art, 1500-present
edited by Deborah S. Hutton and Rebecca M. Brown
New York : Routledge, 2017
Place plays a fundamental role in the structuring of the discipline of Art History. And yet, place also limits the questions art historians can ask and impairs analysis of objects and locations in the interstices of established, ossified categories. The chapters in this interdisciplinary volume investigate place in all of its dynamism and complexity: several call into question traditional constructions regarding place in Art History, while others explore the fundamental role that place plays in lived experience. The particular nexus for this collection lies at the intersection and overlap of two major subfields in the history of art: South Asia and the Islamic world, both of which are seemingly geographically determined, yet at the same time uncategorizable as place with their ever-shifting and contested borders. The eleven chapters brought together here move from the early modern through to the contemporary, and span particular monuments and locations ranging from Asia and Europe to Africa and the Americas. 0The chapters take on the question of place as it operates in more obvious settings, such as architectural monuments and exhibitionary contexts, while also probing the way place operates when objects move or when the very place they exist in transforms dramatically. This volume engages place through the movement of objects, the evocation of senses, desires, and memories and the on-going project of articulating the parameters of place and location.
Sherman N8236.P46 R48 2017

The secret language of flowers : notes on the hidden meanings of flowers in art
Othoniel, Jean-Michel, 1964- artist
Arles, France : Actes Sud, [2015]
Sherman N7680 .O5813 2015

L'Académie de France à Rome : le palais Mancini : un foyer artistique dans l'Europe des Lumières (1725-1792)
sous la direction de Marc Bayard, Émilie Beck Saiello et Aude Gobet
Rennes : Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2016
Le Palazzo Mancini, siège de l'Académie de France à Rome de 1725 à 1792, est un endroit extrêmement perméable : lieu de passage, d'échanges et de sociabilité, ouvert sur Rome, Paris et l'Europe. Ce livre étudie le palais et l'institution qu'il abrite, son fonctionnement, ses acteurs et ses pratiques : activité des artistes, relations avec Rome et avec les milieux étrangers de la ville, marché de l'art et devenir des œuvres.
Sherman N6920 .A23 2016

Ninfa fluida : essai sur le drapé-désir
Didi-Huberman, Georges
Paris : Gallimard, [2015]
"C'est avec les nymphes des tableaux de Botticelli et de Léonard de Vinci qu'Aby Warburg a réinventé notre façon de comprendre le monde des images. Il sera ici question de "mouvements émouvants", de draperies dans le vent, de "poursuites érotiques", de turbulences lucrétiennes et de "survivances de l'Antiquité" ... Mais également d'une relecture de ces notions historiques fondamentales que sont les "sources", les "influences" ou ce que l'on appelle les "courants" artistiques. Pour comprendre l'art et son histoire, il faudrait donc engager une véritable dynamique des fluides, qui est aussi celle des jeux entre mémoires et désirs que les images mettent en scène ... Et c'est aussi dans notre contemporanéité même que viendra s'observer la dynamique de cette longue durée, quand la figuration des mouvements du désir - tour à tour érotiques et mortifères - s'inscrit dans le milieu d'immanence des images elles-mêmes."--Page 4 of cover.
Sherman N8217.D73 D52 2015

Hoṙomos Monastery : art and history
edited by Edda Vardanyan
Paris : ACHCByz, 2015
Sherman NA5871.B37 H67 2015

Ruby, sapphire & spinel : an archaeological, textual and cultural study
Content, Derek J
Turnhout : Brepols, c2016
pt. I. Text -- pt. II. The Babar-Content collection / photographs by Gonzalo Salcedo.

Until about two hundred years ago, no gemological distinction was made between ruby and spinel. Red spinel and red ruby are not infrequently found together and though gem cutters and engravers noticed and commented on the difference in hardness, the assumption was that spinel was simply an "unripe" version of ruby. Additionally, ruby and sapphire are both versions of the mineral corundum, distinguished only by color and minute traces of the metal oxides that caused these different colors. Sapphires may be pink, yellow, and green as well as blue, while rubies come in many shades of red which, inevitably causes confusion as one person's pale red ruby is another's pink sapphire--there are no absolutes. Consequently, the nomenclature is confused, both within early texts, and also in later translations of those texts. The ancient authors could only report on the basis of the information available to them at the time, while those writing the later translations were fine textual scholars or epigraphers, but not infrequently poor gemologists, not familiar with the mineralogical distinctions between the gems. It has often been difficult to get an overarching view of the many different factors that all played a part in the spread of precious gems and of the dissemination of knowledge about them. Given the paucity of available information concentrating exclusively on the use of ancient precious gemstones, the author combed the literature for relevant references. A surprising amount of descriptive and factual information was found, mostly scattered throughout early texts. The most interesting passages were selected and wherever possible the original authors' words were quoted rather than paraphrased. The early translations in the languages used by 17th-19th century scholars are given, names of people, places or objects that otherwise might have remained obscure are explained. Gems travel. They follow wealth and because of their natural immutability, the only way they can be identified by culture is by the way man has affected their appearance, deliberately or accidentally. The dating of gems that are still in original period settings is easier because the dated typology of rings and jewelry settings generally, is more secure than the study of gem shapes, while the study and dating of specific faceting styles of unmounted stones is still in its infancy.
Sherman NK5525 .C66 2016

Ruby, sapphire & spinel : an archaeological, textual and cultural study
Content, Derek J
Turnhout : Brepols, c2016
pt. I. Text -- pt. II. The Babar-Content collection / photographs by Gonzalo Salcedo.

Until about two hundred years ago, no gemological distinction was made between ruby and spinel. Red spinel and red ruby are not infrequently found together and though gem cutters and engravers noticed and commented on the difference in hardness, the assumption was that spinel was simply an "unripe" version of ruby. Additionally, ruby and sapphire are both versions of the mineral corundum, distinguished only by color and minute traces of the metal oxides that caused these different colors. Sapphires may be pink, yellow, and green as well as blue, while rubies come in many shades of red which, inevitably causes confusion as one person's pale red ruby is another's pink sapphire--there are no absolutes. Consequently, the nomenclature is confused, both within early texts, and also in later translations of those texts. The ancient authors could only report on the basis of the information available to them at the time, while those writing the later translations were fine textual scholars or epigraphers, but not infrequently poor gemologists, not familiar with the mineralogical distinctions between the gems. It has often been difficult to get an overarching view of the many different factors that all played a part in the spread of precious gems and of the dissemination of knowledge about them. Given the paucity of available information concentrating exclusively on the use of ancient precious gemstones, the author combed the literature for relevant references. A surprising amount of descriptive and factual information was found, mostly scattered throughout early texts. The most interesting passages were selected and wherever possible the original authors' words were quoted rather than paraphrased. The early translations in the languages used by 17th-19th century scholars are given, names of people, places or objects that otherwise might have remained obscure are explained. Gems travel. They follow wealth and because of their natural immutability, the only way they can be identified by culture is by the way man has affected their appearance, deliberately or accidentally. The dating of gems that are still in original period settings is easier because the dated typology of rings and jewelry settings generally, is more secure than the study of gem shapes, while the study and dating of specific faceting styles of unmounted stones is still in its infancy.
Sherman NK5525 .C66 2016

Prototyping for architects
Burry, Mark, author
London : Thames & Hudson Ltd, 2016
Prototyping for Architects is an international survey of the ways in which the latest prototyping technologies have become central to architectural design. With a focus on real-world application by a wide range of established and cutting-edge practices, this is an information-rich and inspirational resource for architecture students, practicing architects and anyone interested in the future of design. -- Page 4 cover.
Sherman NA2750 .B87 2016

Architectures rosicruciennes
Pesson, William
Bruxelles : AAM Éditions, [2016]
Sherman NA2540 .P45 2016

Dollar dreaming : inside the Aboriginal art world
Gennochio, Ben
Prahran, Vic. : Hardie Grant, 2008
Prologue. From the desert profits come -- 1. An art market on steroids -- 2. Gateway to the spirit country -- 3. From humble beginnings -- 4. The birth of modern Aboriginal art -- 5. Without the story the painting is nothing -- 6. The market and the makers -- 7. The ancient and the modern -- 8. When two worlds collide -- 9. The most coveted art in Arnhem Land -- 10. Black art for white people -- 11. Fakes, frauds and scandals -- 12. Paying homage to the Dreaming -- Epilogue. Speculation or adulation?

"A look inside the Aboriginal art world."--Provided by publisher.
Sherman N7401 .G46 2008

Prehistoric, ancient Near Eastern and Aegean textiles and dress : an interdisciplinary anthology
edited by Mary Harlow, Cécile Michel and Marie-Louise Nosch
Philadelphia : Oxbow Books, 2014
Investigating Neolithic and Copper Age textile production in Transylvania (Romania) : applied methods and results / Paula Mazare -- Spindle whorls from two prehistoric settlements on Thassos, north Aegean / Sophia Vakirtzi, Chaido Koukouli-Chryssanthaki and Stratis Papadopoulos -- Textiles texts of the Lagash II period / Richard Firth -- Searching for lost costumes : a few remarks about the royal costume in ancient Mesopotamia focusing on the Amorite kingdom of Mari / Ariane Thomas -- Elements for a comparative study of textile production and consumption in the Hittite Anatolia and its neighbours / Matteo Vigo, Giulia Baccelli and Benedetta Bellucci -- Buttons, pins, clips and belts : inconspicuous dress accessories from the burial context of the Mycenaean period (16th-12th cent. BC) / Eleni Konstantinidi-Syvridi -- Textile semitic loanwords in Mycenaean as Wanderwörter / Valentina Gasbarra -- Constructing masculinities through textile production in the ancient Near East / Agnès Garcia-Ventura -- Spindles and distaffs : late Bronze and early Iron Age eastern Mediterranean use of solid and tapered ivory/bone shafts / Caroline Sauvage -- Golden decorations in Assyrian textiles : an interdisciplinary approach / Salvatore Gaspa -- Erita's dress : contribution to the study of the Mycenaean priestesses' attire / Tina Boloti -- Flax and linen in the first millennium Babylonia BCE : origins, craft industry and uses of a remarkable textile / Louise Quillien -- Special traditions in Jewish garments and the rarity of mixing wool and linen threads in the same textile in the Jewish tradition / Orit Shamir.

Textile and dress production, from raw materials to finished items, has had a significant impact on society from its earliest history. The essays in this volume offer a fresh insight into the emerging interdisciplinary research field of textile and dress studies by discussing archaeological, iconographical and textual evidence within a broad geographical and chronological spectrum. The thirteen chapters explore issues, such as the analysis of textile tools, especially spindle whorls, and textile imprints for reconstructing textile production in contexts as different as Neolithic Transylvania, the Early Bronze Age North Aegean and the Early Iron Age Eastern Mediterranean; the importance of cuneiform clay tablets as a documentary source for both drawing a detailed picture of the administration of a textile industry and for addressing gender issues, such as the construction of masculinity in the Sumerian kingdoms of the 3rd millennium BC; and discussions of royal and priestly costumes and clothing ornaments in the Mesopotamian kingdom of Mari and in Mycenaean culture. Textile terms testify to intensive exchanges between Semitic and Indo-European languages, especially within the terminology of trade goods. The production and consumption of textiles and garments are demonstrated in 2nd millennium Hittite Anatolia; from 1st millennium BC Assyria, a cross-disciplinary approach combines texts, realia and iconography to produce a systematic study of golden dress decorations; and finally, the important discussion of fibres, flax and wool, in written and archaeological sources is evidence for delineating the economy of linen and the strong symbolic value of fibre types in 1st millennium Babylonia and the Southern Levant. The volume is part of a pair together with Greek and Roman Textiles and Dress: An Interdisciplinary Anthology edited by Mary Harlow and Marie-Louise Nosch.
Sherman NK8907 .P74 2014

Roland Penrose : the life of a surrealist
King, James, 1942- author
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [2016]
"As an artist, an impresario, a biographer and a collector, Roland Penrose (1900-1984) is a key figure in the study of art in England from 1920 to 1984. In the first biography of Penrose, acclaimed biographer James King explores the intricacies of Penrose's life and work tracing the profound effects of his upbringing in a Quaker household on his values, the early influence of Roger Fry, his friendships with Max Ernst, Andre Breton and other surrealists, especially Paul Eluard, his organization of the landmark International Surrealist Exhibition in the summer of 1936, his conflicted relationship with Pablo Picasso, and his tireless promotion of surrealism as well as the production of his own surrealist art. With a deftness of touch, King traces Penrose's complex professional and personal lives, including his pacifism, his work as a biographer - including his outstanding life of Picasso as well as those of Miro, Man Ray, and Tapies - and as an art historian, as well as his unconventionality, especially in his two marriages including that to Lee Miller - and his numerous love affairs."--Jacket.
Sherman N6797.P4 K56 2016

Figural philology : Panofsky and the science of things
Efal, Adi, author
New York : Bloomsbury Academic, 2016
"Though inspired by a Panofskyan legacy, this book diverges at certain points from Erwin Panofsky's declared objectives, and calls attention to several of aspects that were until now less accentuated in his intellectual reception. Insisting on the importance of iconology as a method for art history and the humanities in general, it shows how examining this promotes a cooperation between the history of art and the history of philosophy. It discusses whether Panofsky's method could be of use for general questions in the epistemology of the historical sciences that examine human works. How could and should one approach a historical inquiry of human-produced things, after the Kantian revolution has taken its toll on the humanities, and forbidden the approach to things "as themselves"? Within the core of the discipline of art history, and certainly in its iconological version, there is a philological kernel to be found. This could assist in addressing the historical meaning of artworks from a realist point of view. This preliminary hypothesis shows the work of Panofsky to share affinities with twentieth-century romance philology. A reading of Panofsky's work alongside the philological enterprise of Erich Auerbach and several other authors demonstrates that a proper appropriation of the philological impulse by art historical method can supply a way out of the methodological antimony still hanging between hyper-formalist and hyper-theoretical approaches to the history of art. Distilling Panofsky's writings, Efal selects the elements that could be useful for philosophy" -- back cover.
Sherman N7483.P3 E43 2016

Spiritelli, amorini, genietti e cherubini : allegorie e decorazione di putti dal Barocco al Neoclassico
catalogo a cura di Vittorio Natale
Torino : Museo di arte decorative Accorsi-Ometto, [2016]
Sherman N7763.C86 S65 2016

Design bindings : a retrospective = Reliures d'art : une rétrospective
Etherington, Don, author
New Castle, Delaware : Oak Knoll Press, 2016
Dear friends and colleagues / Don Etherington -- From the president of ARA Canada / Jonathan Tremblay -- Word from the director / Maureen Clapperton -- Genesis of a master bookbinder / John Mackrell -- The bindings -- Custom bindings by friends, students & colleagues.
Sherman Z276 .E745 2016

Landscapes : seeking the ideal land
Lee, Soo-mi, author
Seoul : National Museum of Korea, [2016]
Introduction: Ideal land, landscape of our dreams / Lee Soo-mi -- Catalogue. Pristine and peaceful land ; Epitome of the ideal land : Eight views of the Xiao and Xiang Rivers ; Confucian sage's nine-bend stream : Mount Wuyi ; Symbolic landscape of peace and prosperity ; Nature as a spiritual sanctuary ; Blissful Utopia ; Another ideal land -- Articles. Ideal lands as portrayed in landscape paintings of East Asia / Han Jung-Hee ; Ideal lands as portrayed in classical literature / Ahn Dae Hoe ; East Asian painting and the Eight views of the Xiao and Xiang Rivers / Park Hae Hoon.
Sherman ND1366.9 .L4413 2016

Chaz Bojórquez
Bojórquez, Chaz, artist
Claremont, California : Zero+ Publishing, 2016
"Legendary artist Chaz Bojórquez is a student of the world and an American treasure all at once. In this stunning monograph, Bojórquez's artistic progression is revealed one decade at a time, beginning in the 1970s. His early interest in Los Angeles's native 'Cholo' style graffiti writing was later tempered by his work in Asian Calligraphy and his studies at Chouinard Art Institute. As the book unfolds through the decades, the diversity and range of Bojórquez's work becomes evident: street graffiti, paintings, logos, type intensive graphic design work and forays into cinema and fashion are all executed to the highest level. The illustrations are accompanied by fascinating stories about how Chaz started as an artist and includes an in-depth interview with Amanda Erlanson. Los Angeles art critic Peter Frank also contributes an essay in the telling of this artist's fascinating life story"--Publisher's description.
Sherman N6537.B642 A4 2016

Grandes vestimentas
Velasco, Javier, 1977- illustrator
Buenos Aires : Galería Editorial, [2013]
Sherman NC1460.V45 G72 2013

Petr Dik
Limonova, Kira, compiler
Sankt-Peterburg : Petroniĭ, [2014]
Sherman N6999.D53 A4 2014

Le palais des Papes d'Avignon
Vingtain, Dominique
Arles : Honoré Clair, [2015]
Sherman NA7736.A9 V56 2015

Hélio Oiticica, to organize delirium
Lynn Zelevansky, Elisabeth Sussman, James Rondeau, Donna De Salvo, with Anna Katherine Brodbeck ; with contributions by Martha Scott Burton, Frederico Coelho, Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz, Sérgio B. Martins, Adele Nelson, Irene V. Small, Guilherme Wisnik
Munich : DelMonico Books - Prestel, 2016
"This catalogue accompanies the first full US retrospective of the Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica (1937-1980) in over two decades, organized by the Carnegie Museum of Art. It explores Oiticica's most acclaimed works, such as the "Parangolés" and the installation "Tropicália," as well as his involvement with music, literature, and response to Brazilian politics and the social environment. Essays by US and Latin American writers cover the entirety of his career, from his immersion in the 1960s counterculture to his life and work in New York City and final return to Rio de Janeiro, with special emphasis on his New York period between 1971 and 1978"--
Sherman N6659.O38 A4 2016

Sarah Sze
Enwezor, Okwui, interviewer
New York, NY : Phaidon Press Ltd., [2016]
The first substantial monograph on an artist whose sculptures capture the proliferation of information and objects in contemporary life. Sarah Sze (b. Boston, 1969, lives and works in New York) has developed a sculptural aesthetic that transforms space through radical shifts in scale, colonizing peripheral spaces, engaging with the history of a building, and altering the viewer's perception and experience of architecture through large, site-specific interventions. Known for her unexpected and carefully arranged combinations of materials, from cotton buds and tea bags to water bottles and ladders, light bulbs and electric fans, Sze has presented ephemeral installations that penetrate walls, suspend from ceilings and burrow into the ground. Her work exists at the intersection of sculpture, drawing and architecture where her formal interest in light, air and movement is coupled with an intuitive understanding of colour and texture. Like the scientific instruments of measurement they often reference, Sze's sculptures attempt to quantify and organize the universe, ascribing a fragile, personal system of order. Within her practice, sculpture becomes both a device for organizing and dismantling information and a mechanism to locate and dislocate oneself in time and space. Sze received a BA from Yale University in Connecticut in 1991 and an MFA from New York's School of Visual Arts in 1997. She is represented by Tanya Bonakdar in New York and Victoria Miro in London. In 2013 she represented the United States at the 55th Venice Biennale. She was the recipient of a MacArthur Fellows Program Genius Grant in 2003 and of the AICA Award for Best Project in a Public Space in 2012.
Sherman N6537.S99 A35 2016

Intimate geometries : the art and life of Louise Bourgeois
Storr, Robert, author
New York, New York : The Monacelli Press, 2016
Sherman Oversize N6537.B645 S76 2016

Transformative avant-garde and other writings
Wodiczko, Krzysztof, author
London, UK : Black Dog Publishing Limited, [2016]
Sherman N7255.P63 W643 2016

The Sistine Chapel twenty years later : new breath, new light : 30th-31st October 2014, conference proceedings
edited by Vittoria Cimino ; English translation, Elena Nannicini, Geraldine Tomlin
Città del Vaticano : Edizioni Musei Vaticani, [2015]
Sherman ND623.B9 C2913 2014

Adel Abdessemed : dessins
Abdessemed, Adel, artist
Paris : Éditions Dilecta, [2015]
Sherman NC248.A22 A4 2015

Albrecht Dürer et son temps : dessins et gravures
sous la direction d'Emmanuelle Brugerolles
Paris : Beaux-arts de Paris, [2015]
Sherman N6888.D8 A4 2015

Le Corbusier et le dessin : "ce labeur secret"
Pauly, Danièle
Lyon : Fage Editions, c2015
Si l'on considère les différents aspects de l'œuvre corbuséenne, en regard de son activité d'architecte - abondamment diffusée et commentée - et de ses activités de théoricien, d'homme de lettres et de peintre, la production graphique est demeurée plutôt secrète et elle est encore peu connue du public. Pourtant elle donne à comprendre la genèse de l'œuvre, tant plastique qu'architecturale ; et ce sont quelques huit mille dessins qui en constituent le corpus et jalonnent toute la production, depuis les années 1902-1903, à La Chaux-de-Fonds, jusqu'à la fin, à Cap Martin, en 1965. La diffusion du corpus des dessins d'art de Le Corbusier est envisagée sous la forme d'une anthologie. L'ouvrage est fondé sur l'analyse historique de l'œuvre graphique et sur les écrits de l'artiste (journal intime, lettres, articles, textes théoriques).
Sherman NC248.J4 P38 2015

Matthew Barney : OTTO trilogy
Barney, Matthew, writer of added commentary
New York, NY : Gladstone Gallery, [2016]
Sherman N6537.B223 A4 2016

Portraits from the École des Beaux-Arts Paris
curated by Brett Littman and Emmanuelle Brugerolles ; organized in collaboration with École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris
New York : The Drawing Center, c2015
Foreword by Brett Littman and Nicolas Bourriaud -- Essay by Emmanuelle Brugerolles -- Ellen Altfest, Will Cotton, Alex Katz, and Brett Littman in conversation.
Sherman NC246 .P67 2015

Isamu Noguchi : Parques = Playscapes : Isamu Noguchi
Noguchi, Isamu, 1904-1988, artist
Ciudad de México : RM Verlag, 2016
Presentaciones / Rafael Tovar y de Teresa, Secretaria de Cultura; María Cristina Garcia Cepeda; Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes; Juan Gaitan, Museo Tamayo -- Los parques de Noguchi / Manuela Moscoso -- Playscapes: Los diseños de Isamu Noguchi para el juego / Shaina D. Larrivee -- Funcionalidades de la forma abierta / Peio Aguirre -- Juego y cultura como banda de Moebius -- El campo de juego / Alejandro Hernández -- Biografía -- Lista de imágenes.

Noguchi's Playscapes is the most comprehensive exhibition to date focusing on the designs of Japanese-American artist, Isamu Noguchi (b. Los Angeles, 1904 - New York, 1988) his vision of playgrounds and the public space. It includes models, sketches, architectural drawings and photographs, along with full-scale reconstructions of play sculptures and playscapes. Noguchi, an artist of the post-war was convinced of that sculpture could be integrated is in some of the everyday ritual of society and thus generate affective ties among the people. He saw parks as public spaces of encounter, of union, of a community. The exhibition "Noguchi playscapes" documents for the first time 50 years of research of the multifaceted artist on plays areas and public parks; in addition, the Museum.
Sherman NB237.N6 A4 2016

edited by Janet Bishop and Katherine Rothkopf
Baltimore, Maryland : The Baltimore Muaeum of Art, 2016
Imagining into Another / John Elderfield -- Making Matisse His Own: Richard Diebenkorn's Early Abstractions and Figurative Paintings / Janet Bishop -- Breaking All the Rules: The Drawings of Richard Diebenkorn and Henri Matisse / Jodi Roberts -- Richard Diebenkorn and Matisse, from Russia to Ocean Park / Katherine Rothkopf -- Richard Diebenkorn's Library: A Bibliography of Matisse Publications / Janet Bishop, Jared Ledesma, Katherine Rothkopf.

" This sumptuously illustrated book brings together the work of Henri Matisse and Richard Diebenkorn as never before, illuminating unexpected resonances that connect the two artists across time and space. Featuring stunning pairings of more than 80 paintings and drawings, this book charts the evolution of Matisse's impact on Diebenkorn over the course of Diebenkorn's career. Though they never met, Matisse was an enduring source of inspiration for the Californian artist, and their works share surprising similarities in subject, composition, palette, and technique. Essays by Janet Bishop and Katherine Rothkopf explore how this influence evolved over time, connecting the work of the two painters and highlighting the ways Diebenkorn drew from Matisse's example to forge a style entirely his own. The volume is rounded out by an introduction by John Elderfield, who knew Diebenkorn personally and has curated exhibitions of both artists' work; an essay by Jodi Roberts on parallels between the artists' drawings; and a bibliography documenting Diebenkorn's collection of books about the French artist. The first in-depth examination of the relationship between the work of Diebenkorn and Matisse, this publication offers new ways of understanding both artists. "--
Sherman N6537.D447 A4 2016

Three centuries of American prints from the National Gallery of Art
Judith Brodie, Amy Johnston, Michael J. Lewis and 12 others
New York, New York : Thames & Hudson Inc., 2016
Sherman NE505 .N38 2016

Giuseppe Penone : regards croisés
Penone, Giuseppe, writer of added text
Milan : 5 Continents Editions, [2015]
Sherman N6923.P46 A4 2015

Hans Arp, der Nabel der Avantgarde : Georg Kolbe Museum, 28. Juni-11. Oktober 2015
Katalogredaktion, Julia Wallner, Jan Giebel
Berlin : Georg-Kolbe-Museum, [2015]
Sherman N6853.A7 A4 2015b

Hans Arp, der Nabel der Avantgarde : Georg Kolbe Museum, 28. Juni-11. Oktober 2015
Katalogredaktion, Julia Wallner, Jan Giebel
Berlin : Georg-Kolbe-Museum, [2015]
Sherman N6853.A7 A4 2015b

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