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Rubens : works in collaboration, Jan Brueghel I & II
Mulders, Christine van, author
London : Harvey Miller Publishers, [2016]
"Peter Paul Rubens and Jan Brueghel the Elder were collaborating as painters as early as c. 1598, before Rubens's stay in Italy, but the most important period of their alliance spans from 1609 to 1621. After the death of Jan Brueghel the Elder in 1625, his son Jan the Younger continued the partnership with Rubens until the latter's death in 1640. The collaborative oeuvre of Rubens and Brueghel can be roughly divided into three groups: Madonnas in garlands of flowers, interiors with allegories, and landscapes with mythological and religious themes. Following his Italian sojourn and after his appointment as court painter to the Archdukes Albert and Isabella in 1609, Rubens also developed artistic relationships with other colleagues including Paul Bril and Frans Snyders. Works in collaboration with Brueghel from this period include the beautiful Mars Disarmed by Venus (Los Angeles, J. Paul Getty Museum), the Garden of Eden (The Hague, Mauritshuis) and the Louvre Madonna, made for Cardinal Federico Borromeo. The culmination of the two men's creative relationship is the five-part series of the Allegories of the Senses of 1617-1618 (Madrid, Prado), which lies at the heart of the present volume. The cycle depicts the Five Senses against a backdrop of princely splendour and is an extraordinary feat both artistically and in terms of its iconography. During the twenties Brueghel and Rubens co-produced multiple landscapes with history scenes, mainly in response to the demand for such works from a growing regular clientele. Diana's Departure for the Hunt and Sleeping Diana and Nymphs (Paris, Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature) are fine examples. Although Rubens maintained lifelong working partnerships with other artists, the works he produced in conjunction with Brueghel form a special group, reflecting the personal friendship that existed between the two men"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman ND673.R9 C63 pt.27/1

Music for teacups
Haviland, Melissa, artist
Tallahassee, Florida : Small Craft Advisory Press, 2012
Sherman Special N7433.4.H38 M87 2012

Ivan Gavrilovich Blinov, knizhnykh del master iz Gorodt︠s︡a : k 70-letii︠u︡ so dni︠a︡ konchiny
Gudkov, A. G. author
Kolomna : Izdatelʹskiĭ dom "Liga", 2015
Sherman NK3635.B54 G84 2015

Ghost trees : Pointe Aux Chênes, LA
Burgess, Michele, artist,
San Diego : Brighton Press, 2017
Sherman Special N7433.4.B865 G5 2017

Serpas, Martha, author
San Diego, California : Brighton Press, [2016]
Sherman Special PS3619.E77 R46 2016

Das Salzburger Perikopenbuch : Kommentar zur Faksimile-Ausgabe der Handschrift Clm 15713 der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek München
herausgegeben von Hermann Fillitz ; mit Beitrþagen von Heinz Dopsch and others
Luzern : Faksimile Verlag, 1997
[Bd. 1. Facsimile] -- [Bd. 2.] Kommentar.
Sherman Special BX2003.S25 S25 1997

La pianta marmorea di Roma antica : forma urbis Romae
a cura di Gianfilippo Carettoni and others
Roma : [Comune di Roma], [1960]
[1] Testo -- [2] Tavole.
Sherman Special G1989.R7 P5 1960

La pianta marmorea di Roma antica : forma urbis Romae
a cura di Gianfilippo Carettoni and others
Roma : [Comune di Roma], [1960]
[1] Testo -- [2] Tavole.
Sherman Special G1989.R7 P5 1960

Dubuffet drawings, 1935-1962
Isabelle Dervaux ; with contributions by Cornelia H. Butler, Margaret Holben Ellis and Lindsey Tyne, Alex Potts ; and texts by Jean Dubuffet
New York, New York : Thames & Hudson, in association with the Morgan Library & Museum, [2016]
A frenzy of drawing / Isabelle Dervaux -- Delineation and proliferation in Dubuffet's drawing / Alex Potts -- On drawing : selections from letters and other writings; translated by Richard Howard / Jean Dubuffet -- Myth and manipulation : deconstructing and reconstructing Dubuffet's imprints and their assemblages / Margaret Holben Ellis and Lindsey Tyne -- Plastic man : Dubuffet and the contemporary / Cornelia H. Butler -- 1935-45 : early drawings -- 1945-47 : portraits -- 1947-48 : Sahara -- 1949-52 : from corps de dames to radiant lands -- 1953-57 : butterfly collages and assemblages of imprints -- 1958-60 : textures and beards -- 1961-62 : Paris circus.

Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) achieved international recognition in the late 1940s for his paintings inspired by children's drawings, the art of psychiatric patients, and graffiti. Drawing played a major role in the development of his art as he explored on paper new subjects and techniques, experimenting with nontraditional tools and modes of application. Despite his essential role in the postwar avant-garde and his continuous influence on the art of the following decades, Dubuffet has received less attention than other artists of his generation, such as Jackson Pollock or Willem de Kooning. This will be the first major museum exhibition devoted to works on paper by one of the most important French artists of the 20th century. Featuring more than one hundred drawings representing Dubuffet's development during his most innovative decades the exhibition will include rarely seen works and major loans from public and private collections in the United States and France. Exhibition: Morgan Library & Museum, New York, USA (30.09.2016-02.01.2017) / Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, USA (29.01.-30.04.2017).
Sherman N6853.D78 A4 2016b

Voulkos : the breakthrough years
London : Black Dog Publishing Limited ; [2016]
Introduction / Glenn Adamson -- List of lenders -- Gender and rupture / Jenni Sorkin -- 1957 juror's statement / Peter Voulkos -- Out of clay / Andrew Perchuk -- Remembering Voulkos / Jim Melchert, Ruby Neri -- Back to black / Glenn Adamson -- Remembering Voulkos / Mary Heilmann and Arlene Shechet -- "Dump and death" / Elissa Auther -- Thrown and painted: The exhibition plates / Barbara Paris Gifford.

Peter Voulkos: The Breakthrough Years' is the first monograph in over 20 years on the artist Peter Voulkos. Covering the most prolific span of Voulkos career, from the early 1950s to the 1970s, this book includes both his well-known ceramic works as well as his largely overlooked paintings. While Voulkos work has most often been discussed in relation to the practice of ceramics, the writers in this book explore the artist s work through the scope of art history and in a contemporary light. In addition to engaging with the breakthrough years of Voulkos practice, a focus is also put on his legacy today, as numerous artists explore the expressive language of clay that he helped to re-invent. The book includes texts from writers Andrew Perchuk, Deputy Director at The Getty Research Institute; and Jenni Sorkin, Assistant Professor in Contemporary Art at UC Santa Barbara. Published in collaboration with the Museum of Arts and Design, New York."--
Sherman NB237.V64 A4 2016

Das Salzburger Perikopenbuch : Kommentar zur Faksimile-Ausgabe der Handschrift Clm 15713 der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek München
herausgegeben von Hermann Fillitz ; mit Beitrþagen von Heinz Dopsch and others
Luzern : Faksimile Verlag, 1997
[Bd. 1. Facsimile] -- [Bd. 2.] Kommentar.
Sherman Special BX2003.S25 S25 1997

The Russian experiment in art, 1863-1922
Gray, Camilla
New York, NY : Thames and Hudson, 2002, ©1986
Sherman N6987 .G7 2002

Almost nothing : observations on precarious practices in contemporary art
Dezeuze, Anna, author
Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2017
Introduction : almost nothing -- Junk aesthetics in a throwaway age -- 'At the point of imperceptibility' -- 'Good-for-nothing' -- Joins in the age of 'liquid modernity' -- Futility and precarity -- Postscript : on the humanism of precarious works.
Sherman N6490 .D439 2017

Colors : a book about a magazine about the rest of the world
Bologna, Italy : Damiani, [2015]
Intro / by Francesco Bonami -- "Maybe we could interview Andy Warhol" / an interview with Oliviero Toscani -- There's a photo of Queen Elizabeth with black skin / an interview with Luciano Benetton -- That's amore -- Places: they write songs about places like you (you have ruined my life) -- Bang! (bang, bang, bang!) -- The future is ten minute away: I wanted to be an architect, but my parents said the -- Elvis : the good, the bad and the Elvis -- Where the hell is my tail? -- I want to believe: oh my God, it's Sunday! time to wake up and smell the regret -- Drinking buddies: did someone say "propriocezione"? -- Colors: is the new black -- Here is the cake: a tribute to Tibor's 13th issue.

The book 'Colors' aims to explore the best of visual and textual material of the 90 issues of the magazine, created by the photographer Oliviero Toscani and the art director Tibor Kalman in 1991. The content is presented transversely through a subdivision in ten macro-themes which highlight the "Tumblr ante litteram" nature of the magazine. Twenty-five years of images and texts are shaken and served using ingredients from different issues. The idea is to tell 'Colors' by using its own words, in a visionary journey through time, between irony and semiotics, rereading the analysis of the world carried out by the magazine, acknowledging its high research value. Among the objectives: - celebrating and narrating 'Colors' in a non-direct and linear way. - not providing an axiomatic volume or making it a monument, but rather making it a subject still alive and able to talk about today's world through the work carried out on the world back then.- producing an object attractive to both the collectors and those who do not know the magazine at all, trying to intrigue those who may have only a few numbers, those who believed it was no longer published and the most faithful readers.
Sherman TR820 .C656 2015

Werklinien = Work lines
Beuys, Joseph, artist
[Kleve] : Freundeskreis Museum Kurhaus und Koekkoek-Haus Kleve e.V., [2016]
Sherman N6888.B463 A4 2016

Early Greek portraiture : monuments and histories
Keesling, Catherine M., 1965- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
Introduction : Why portraits? -- Portraits among Heroes and Gods. From votive statues to honorific portraits -- Arete, heroism, and divine choice in early Greek portraiture -- Portraits in Greek sanctuaries -- Documenting Archaic and Classical Greek History. Retrospective portraits as historical documents -- Early Greek portraits under Roman rule : removal, renewal, reuse, and reinscription -- Conclusion : The limits of representation.

"In this book, Catherine M. Keesling lends new insight into the origins of civic honorific portraits that emerged at the end of the fifth century BC in ancient Greece. Surveying the subjects, motives and display contexts of Archaic and Classical portrait sculpture, she demonstrates that the phenomenon of portrait representation in Greek culture is complex and without a single, unifying history. Bringing a multi-disciplinary approach to the topic, Keesling grounds her study in contemporary texts such as Herodotus' Histories and situates portrait representation within the context of contemporary debates about the nature of arete (excellence), the value of historical commemoration and the relationship between the human individual and the gods and heroes. She argues that often the goal of Classical portraiture was to link the individual to divine or heroic models. Offering an overview of the role of portraits in Archaic and Classical Greece, her study includes local histories of the development of Greek portraiture in sanctuaries such as Olympia, Delphi and the Athenian Acropolis"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman NB1296.3 .K44 2017

Giosetta Fioroni : Roma anni '60
Fioroni, Giosetta, 1932- artist
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2016]
Sherman N6923.F53 A4 2016

Bruce Goff : architecture of discipline in freedom
Henderson, Arn, author
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, [2017]
Sherman NA737.G56 H46 2017

Barbie : the icon
Capella, Massimiliano, author
New York : Glitterati Incorporated, 2015
Barbie evolution -- Timeline -- Barbara Millicent Roberts -- Style icon -- Superstar... forever.

"Barbie has always represented that a woman has choices. Even in her early years, Barbie did not have to settle for only being Ken's girlfriend or an inveterate shopper. She had the clothes, for example, to launch a career as a nurse, a stewardess, a nightclub singer. I believe the choices Barbie represents helped the doll catch on initially, not just with daughters--who would one day make up the first wave of women in management and professionals--but also with mothers."--Ruth Handler, Inventor of Barbie.
Sherman Oversize NK4894.3.B37 C3713 2015

Das Bild der Stadt Rom im Frühmittelalter : Papststiftungen im Spiegel des Liber Pontificalis von Gregor dem Dritten bis zu Leo dem Dritten
Bauer, Franz Alto
Wiesbaden : L. Reichert, 2004
Sherman NA5620.A1 B3 2004

Fashion plates : 150 years of style
Calahan, April, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2015]
Foreword / Anna Sui -- Preface / Karen Trivette Cannell -- Introduction / April Calahan -- Fashion plates / April Calahan.

"Prior to the invention of photography, European and American magazines used colorful prints to depict the latest fashion trends. These illustrations, known as "fashion plates," conveyed the cutting-edge styles embraced by the fashion-conscious elite and proved inspirational to the upwardly mobile. Fashion Plates: 150 Years of Style is a comprehensive survey containing 200 fashion plates, many reproduced at actual size, from publications dating from 1778 to the early 20th century. A number of these charming illustrations are extremely rare, and have not appeared in print since their publication in the periodicals in which they first ran. Organized chronologically and featuring both men's and women's garments, these lively and colorful vignettes not only are beautiful, but also clearly illustrate the evolution of fashion over time. Many of the plates were produced by important artists of the day, including Léon Bakst, George Barbier, and Georges Lepape. With texts by April Calahan on the social, political, and economic significance of fashion and its industries, and a foreword by award-winning fashion designer Anna Sui, this exquisite slipcased publication fills an important gap in the literature on the history of fashion and provides an entertaining historical overview for the general reader"--Publisher's description.
Sherman Oversize TT509 .C34 2015

The paintings of Guercino : a revised and expanded catalogue raisonné
Turner, N. J. L. 1947-
Roma : Ugo Bozzi Editore, 2017
Sherman ND623.B23 T87 2017

Malaguzzi, Silvia, author
Firenze : Giunti, [2017]
Sherman ND553.W3 M35 2017

Italian humanist photography from fascism to the Cold War
Caruso, Martina, author
London ; Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing, Plc, [2016]
Antifascist Photography under Fascism -- Forging a "New" Peasant at the Istituto LUCE and Other Fascist organizations -- Rural kitsch, fashion, and the Nazi-Fascist alliance -- The Fascist avant-garde and the international photographic context -- Critical Fascists and the concept of the "Primitive" -- Leo Longanesi, D'Annunziano -- Non-Fascist cultures and "Primitive" rituals -- Conclusion -- Photography, Power, and Humiliation in the Second World War -- The erotics of the Uomo Nuovo -- The absent war in vernacular photography -- Censorship and the Ethiopian War -- The intellectual war correspondent -- Occhio Quadrato and 'Let Us Now Praise Famous Men' -- Allies, Partisans, and cameras -- Constructing and reconstructing the Resistance -- Conclusion -- Christ Stopped at Eboli: An Anthropology of the South -- The Madonna and Roosevelt -- The Politics of Miseria and the Communist Debate -- Sex, Magic, and Anthropology -- Photographers Marginalized -- For a Mediterranean Light -- Whose South? Conclusion -- Humanist Photography and the "Catholic" 'Family of Man' -- Searching for an "Italian Photography" from 'The Family of Man' to What is Man? -- The uncertain internationalization of Italian Humanist Photography -- "A bit sweet, a bit ironic, a bit pathetic": the Italian gaze in Pannunzio's 'Il Mondo' -- Can Catholic photographers also be humanist? -- Deliver us from evil: Pathos in the work of Mario Giacomelli -- 'Gli ultimi' in the suburbs of Milan -- Conclusion -- FINE ("THE END"): La Dolce Vita and the Burst into Technicolor -- Epigraph.
Sherman TR79 .C375 2016

A companion to Byzantine illustrated manuscripts
edited by Vasiliki Tsamakda
Leiden ; Brill, [2017]
This volume offers an overview of Byzantine manuscript illustration, a central branch of Byzantine art and culture. Just like written texts, illustrations bear witness to Byzantine material culture, imperial ideology and religious beliefs, as well as to the development and spread of Byzantine art. In this sense illustrated books reflect the society that produced and used them. Being portable, they could serve as diplomatic gifts or could be acquired by foreigners. In such cases they became ?emissaries? of Byzantine art and culture in Western Europe and the Arabic world. The volume provides for the first time a comprehensive overview of the material, divided by text categories, including both secular and religious manuscripts, and analyses which texts were illustrated in Byzantium, and how.
Sherman ND2930 .C66 2017

Power and pathos at the National Gallery of Art : Hellenistic bronzes from Italian collections
edited by Susan MacMillan Arensberg, Luigia Melillo
Roma : Gangemi editore SpA international publishing, [2015]
Sherman NB140 .P692 2015

Francis Kéré : radically simple
Kéré, Diébédo Francis, 1965- architect
München : Hatje Cantz, 2016
Building is a social act -- Radically simple -- Burkina Faso, Gando Projects -- Primary School Complex -- The story of the architect from Gando -- Projects in Burkina Faso -- Projects in Mali, Kenya, Mozambique, Sudan -- A man of the people -- The architect as culture broker.

"Unlike almost any other architect, Diébédo Francis Kéré (born 1965 in Burkina Faso) stands for the association of constructive, social, and cultural aspects of building. He made a name for himself not only with his designs for Christoph Schlingensief's Opera Village Africa. He has received numerous international awards, primarily for his building projects in his native country of Burkina Faso including the 2004 Aga Khan Award for Architecture. His structures join his formal training at the Technische Universität Berlin with the traditional building methods of Burkina Faso. In doing so, he places local social and historical needs at the center of his design concepts. The innovative thing about this work is: he relies on the inhabitants. They are trained to become professionals and thus the constructors of their own future. This first monograph on his extensive oeuvre provides unique insight into the creative work of this outstanding architect and renders visible the fact that architecture not only revolves around buildings, but always around people as well. Exhibition: Architekturmuseum TU München in der Pinakothek der Moderne, Germany (starting 11.2016)." --Publisher.
Sherman NA1599.B873 K472x 2016

Adiós utopia : art in Cuba since 1950
Miami, Florida : Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, 2017
Adiós Utopia : Art In Cuba Since 1950. How to tell a story without damaging it / Ella Fontanals-Cisneros -- Ephiphany, Drum and Coca Cola : The Present and Past of the Utopic in Cuban Art / Antonio Eligio (Tonel) -- Performing Revolution : From Volumen Uno to Memoria de la postguerra / Rachel Weiss -- Tomorrow Was Another Day / Iván de la Nuez -- The 50s and 60s in Cuban Art : Two Decades of Essences and Revolutions / Elsa Vega -- Chronology 1950-1969 -- Art and Utopia 1970 to 1990 : Two Decades in War / Gerardo Mosquera -- Chronology 1970-1989 -- Text for an Adiós : Utopian Art on a Downhill Course / René Francisco -- Chronology 1990-2015 -- Bringing Adiós Utopia to Museum Audiences in the United States / Olga Viso, Gary Tinterow -- Adiós Utopia : Dreams and Deceptions in Cuban Art Since 1950 -- 1/ Abstraction: Universalism and Artistic Language -- 2/ Cult and Deconstruction of the Revolutionary Nation -- 3/ Poster Art -- 4/ Salomón's Wisdom -- 5/ The Imposition of Words: Discourse, Rhetoric and Media Controls -- 6/ Sea, Borders, Exile -- 7/ Inverted Utopias -- LIst of Works -- About the Authors -- Acknowledgments.
Sherman N6603.2 .A34 2017

Rodin : le livre du centenaire : Paris, Grand Palais, Galeries nationales, 22 mars-31 juillet 2017
Rodin, Auguste, 1840-1917, artist
Paris : Réunion des musées nationaux, 2017
Sherman NB553.R7 A4 2017

Werkstatt für Photographie, 1976-1986
edited by Florian Ebner, Felix Hoffmann, Inka Schube, Thomas Weski ; contributors, Florian Ebner and nine others ; translation German-English, Simon Cowper, Brian Currid, John Southard ; English-German, Barbara Holle
London : Koenig Books, [2016]
This is the first book about the history, influences, and impact of the 'Werkstatt für Photography'(Photography Workshop) founded by the Berlin photographer Michael Schmidt at the Volkshochschule Kreuzberg in 1976. In the midst of the Cold War, the Werkstatt initiated an artistic 'airlift' to the United States, a democratic field of experimentation beyond the pale of traditional vocational and political-institutional standards. Those same years witnessed the establishment of infrastructures in West Germany that paved the way for the emancipation of photography as an art form. These included 'documenta 6' (1977), the first photo galleries and photography journals, and a number of pathbreaking exhibitions. Berlin, Hanover, and Essen played important roles in that process. All in all, the picture of a medium in transition emerges, a medium that developed an autonomous form of artistic authorship in the field of documentary. This book presents the story of German photography in the 1970s and 1980s, its international ties, its protagonists, and its networks. Exhibition: Sprengel Museum Hannover, Germany (11.12.2016-19.03.2017) / C/O Berlin, Germany (10.12.2016-12.02.2017) / Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany (09.12.2016-02.02.2017).
Sherman TR646.G3 W4713 2016

José Clemente Orozco : murales
Olga Ramírez Campuzano, coordinación general
Guadalajara, Jalisco : Instituto Cultural Cabañas, [2016]
Presentaciones / Myriam Vachez Plagnol, Olga Ramirez Campuzano -- Orozco : vida y obra / Renato González Mello -- English texts -- Presentations / Myriam Vachez Plagnol, Olga Ramirez Campuzano -- Orozco : life and work / Renato González Mello.

Catalogue of the murals created by José Clemente Orozco in the Instituto Cultural Cabañas in Guadalajara, Jalisco. This edition graphically documents 57 restored murals related to the Mexican Conquest that Orozco made between 1937 and 1939 in the walls, vaults, lunettes, pendentives and dome of the Capilla Mayor of the Institute. The murals were restored in 2015. "May this book serve to recognize the conservation work as well as to pay a well-deserved tribute to what is considered a masterpiece of this great Mexican muralist. There has been much scholarly work on Mexican muralism over different periods of time; that is why it is important to point out that texts have not been included in this publication. The decision was made with the intention to highlight the magnificence of the great work of art."--Page 143.
Sherman Oversize ND259.O7 J67 2016

De Pascale, Enrico, author
Firenze : Giunti, [2017]
Sherman ND623.B317 D47 2017

Fallen glory : the lives and deaths of history's greatest buildings
Crawford, James (Writer on aerial photography), author
New York : Picador, 2017
Uncovering the biographies of some of the most fascinating lost and ruined buildings, an engaging compendium of 21 structures from around the globe, including The Tower of Babel, The Bastille, the Berlin Wall and the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, 'Fallen Glory' is a unique guide to a world of vanished architecture.
Sherman NA209 .C73 2017

Avedon's France : old world, new look
Robert M. Rubin, Marianne Le Galliard
New York : Abrams ; [2016]
Exploring Richard Avedon's fascination with France, Avedon's France brings together a collection of spectacular photographs; selected interviews, letters, publications, and writings (including new material from the Avedon Foundation archives) and substantive essays by the authors. In addition to five portfolios of French sitters spanning a lifetime of portraiture, it looks at Avedon's apprenticeship to his mentor, Alexei Brodovitch; his encounters with French fashion; his idealised version of Paris in the movie Funny Face; his fresh take on the Belle Epoque in his book on Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Diary of a Century; and his fruitful association with the magazine Egoiste later in his life. Avedon's France offers a full account of Avedon's restless pursuit of new ways of looking at the world, and it reveals a master image maker, a true artist for his time.
Sherman TR681.F3 F73513 2016

La terre, le feu, l'esprit : chefs-d'oeuvre de la céramique coréenne : 27 avril-20 juin 2016, Grand Palais, Salon d'honneur
Paris : Réunion des musées nationaux-Grand Palais, [2016]
Sherman NK4168.6.A1 T47 2016

Thomas Annan, photographer of Glasgow
Maddox, Amanda, author
Los Angeles : J. Paul Getty Museum, [2017]
Thomas Annan: "An able artist and an honest man" / Sara Stevenson -- The books on Glasgow / Amanda Maddox.

"A survey of the life and publication history of the nineteenth-century Scottish photographer Thomas Annan"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman TR647 .A5495 2017

JapanAmerica : points of contact, 1876-1970
Nancy E. Green, Neil Harris, Hina Hirayama, Christopher Reed, Steve Ridgely, Alicia Volk, Bert Winther-Tamaki ; edited by Nancy E. Green and Christopher Reed
Ithaca, New York : Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, [2016]
"The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art is delighted to present 'JapanAmerica: Points of Contact, 1876-1970', which explores the role of artistic exchanges in Japanese-American relations through the lens of international expositions, those 'world's fairs' that periodically give countries the opportunity to show off the best and most innovative aspects of their contemporary culture to hundreds of thousands of visitors. It highlights the cross-cultural dialogue that developed between Japan and the United States over nearly a century, providing a stunning visual overview of the powerful influence that Japanese aesthetics had on American avant-garde painting, printmaking, decorative art, and design. Through a wide selection of outstanding artworks and the re-creation of several ephermeral displays shown at various fairs, 'JapanAmerica' vividly illustrates American perceptions of Japan and the ways that these perceptions were conditioned by Japan's contributions to international expositions. The show chronicles the changes within the two cultures as the world's artistic, political, and social landscape underwent major upheavals."
Sherman N6510 .J37 2016

French moderns : Monet to Matisse, 1850/1950
edited by Richard Aste and Lisa Small ; texts by Richard Aste, Lisa Small, Cora Michael, Jai Imbrey, and Jessica Larson
New York, NY : Scala Arts Publishers, Inc. and Brooklyn Museum, 2017
Sherman N6848.5.M63 B76 2017

Eugene Richards : the run-on of time
Lisa Hostetler ; April M. Watson ; directors' foreword by Bruce Barnes and Julián Zugazagoitia ; preface by Keith F. Davis
Kansas City, Missouri : Hall Family Foundation in association with The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art ; [2017]
The first publication to situate the work of Richards in the long photographic tradition that merges personal artistic vision with documentary practice. Eugene Richards (b. 1944) is a documentary photographer known for his powerful, unflinching exploration of contemporary social issues from the early 1970s to the present. This handsome book is the first comprehensive and critical look at Richards's lifelong achievements. Reproduced in tritone and color, the extraordinary images in this volume explore complicated and controversial subjects, including racism, poverty, drug addiction, cancer, aging, the effects of war and terrorism, and the erosion of rural America. The authors of the book situate Richards's work in the long photographic tradition that merges personal artistic vision with documentary practice, following in the tradition of W. Eugene Smith and Robert Frank.
Sherman TR820.5 .R533 2017

Johannes Teyler and Dutch colour prints
compiled by Ad Stijnman ; edited by Simon Turner
Ouderkerk aan den IJssel : Sound & Vision Publishers, in co-operation with the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, 2017
Sherman NE674.T49 A4 2017

Johannes Teyler and Dutch colour prints
compiled by Ad Stijnman ; edited by Simon Turner
Ouderkerk aan den IJssel : Sound & Vision Publishers, in co-operation with the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, 2017
Sherman NE674.T49 A4 2017

Franz West: Galerie Eva Presenhuber, 95-15
West, Franz, 1947-2012, artist
Zürich : JRP/Ringier, [2017]
Sherman N6811.5.W454 A4 2017

Seth Price : social synthetic
Price, Seth
Amsterdam : Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam ; [2017]
In 2017, the Stedelijk Museum presents the first survey of the American artist Seth Price. The show is a comprehensive overview of his artistic career so far, encompassing more than 140 works made since 2000, including sculpture, installation, 16mm film, photography, drawing, painting, video, clothing and textiles, web design, music and sound, and poetry. Price will be exhibiting a number of new works.00Exhibition: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, The Netherlands (15.04-03.09.2017) / Museum Brandhorst, München, Germany (2017).
Sherman N6537.P688 A4 2017

Chagall and music
edited by Ambre Gauthier and Meret Meyer
Montreal, Quebec : The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, [2016]
Sherman N6999.C46 A4 2016

Antony Gormley : living room
Verschaffel, Bart
Brussels, Belgium : Xavier Hufkens, [2017]
Encounters with Antony Gormley's practice can be seen as a search for the meaning of the human figure. Yet his oeuvre possesses a far more stringent, radical, and systemised nucleus. Gormley's earliest pieces were casts of his own body, though they are copies that are neither self-portraits nor portraits. Instead, they represent an area or a space that divests the bodily form from both the individual and the physical. He operates not in biology and psychology, but rather geometry and architecture, and as this catalogue demonstrates, such figures also comfortably inhabit the white cube. The publication includes a conversation with the artist and Benno Tempel.
Sherman NB497.G67 A4 2017

Peter Hujar : speed of life
Hujar, Peter, 1934-1987, artist,
New York : Aperture ; 2017
A gorgeous mental discretion / Joel Smith -- Peter Hugar : Éros, c'est la vie / Philip Gefter -- Peter Hujar in New Orleans / Steve Turtell -- Plates -- Chronology / Joel Smith with Martha Scott Burton -- Exhibitions and bibliography / Joel Smith with Martha Scott Burton -- List of works.

Peter Hujar was a leading figure of the downtown New York scene of the 1970s and '80s. He is most well-known for his portraits of New York City's artists, musicians, writers, and performers, which feature characters such as Susan Sontag, William S. Burroughs, David Wojnarowicz, and Andy Warhol, and was admired for his completely uncompromising attitude toward work and life. Hujar was a consummate technician, and his portraits of people, animals, and landscapes, with their exquisite black-and-white tonalities, were extremely influential. Underappreciated during his lifetime, Hujar is now a revered icon of the lost downtown art scene, and his photographs are held in permanent collections around the world. Over 160 photographs are gathered in Peter Hujar: Speed of Life. Published alongside a major touring exhibition, this collection presents Hujar's famous portraiture as well as his lesser-known projects.
Sherman TR647.H85 A4 2017

Drawing and the senses : an early modern history
Fowler, Caroline O., author
Turnhout, Belgium : Brepols, [2016]
A study of drawing and philosophy in artistic practice, important not only for art history but also for literature studies, intellectual history, religious history, history of the book,and history of science. 00Leon Battista Alberti wrote in 'De pictura' (1435) that painting is divine because, ?as they say of friendship, a painting lets the absent be present.? Absence and Presence in Early-Modern Drawing Pedagogy examines this relationship between absent and present objects and subjects in early-modern artistic pedagogy. This book studies the intersections among artistic treatises, natural philosophy and theology from 1400-1700, arguing that drawing pedagogy sought to teach the painting of histories that stimulated in the viewer the sensation of being present before the historical moment, the person, the still life. The manifestation of presence remained not only in the sensation of sight but also in all the sensory perceptions of touch, taste, smell and the sixth sense of sensing, the experience of existence. This book demonstrates the pedagogical means by which artists sought to teach the simulation of presence (and the sensorial perception of absence).
Sherman NC86 .F69 2016

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