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Arabic Acquisitions during January 2017

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Thartharah fawqa al-Nīl
Aflām Jamāl al-Laythī tuqqaḍim ; ikhrāj, Ḥusayn Kamāl ; qiṣṣat, Najīb Maḥfoūz ; sīnāriyū wa-ḥiwār, Mamdūḥ al-Laythī
Cairo, Egypt : Rotana Distribution, 2002
"A profound look at the decadence of the Egyptian society during the twilight of the Nasserist era"--Container.
On Reserve at Jones Media 20292

sīnāriyū wa-ḥiwār wa-intāj Mamdūḥ al-Laythī ; ikhrāj ʻAlī Badrakhān
Cairo, Egypt : Rotana Distribution, [200-?]
A look back at the tumultuous years after the 1952 Revolution in Egypt, focusing especially on the experiences of a group of politically-active college students.
On Reserve at Jones Media 20298

Excuse my French
written and directed by Amr Salama ; produced by Film Clinic (Mohamed Hefzy and Mamdouh Sabaa) ; producers, Hani Osama, Mohamed Hefzy
[New York] : FilmRise, [2014]
12-year-old Hany tries to fit in at his new governmental school after his father suddenly drops dead, leaving his mother in debt and unable to continue to afford his private education. Not only is Hany clearly from a more privileged background than the working class boys in his new class, but he is also the only Christian in a room full of Muslims.
On Reserve at Jones Media 20297

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