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Z - Bibliography & Library Science Acquisitions during July 2016

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Shelflist of congressional committee hearings (not confidential in character) for the 74th Congress in the United States Senate Library
Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Pub., 1972
Baker Berry Z1223 .U53 1972

Index of congressional committee hearings (not confidential in character) prior to January 3, 1935 in the United States Senate Library
Edwin A. Halsey ; revised by James D. Preston, Robert J. Baldridge, Harold D. Hantz
Washington : G.P.O., 1935
Baker Berry Z1223 .A3 1935

Corrections to the Index of congressional committee hearings (not confidential in character) prior to January 3, 1935 in the United States Senate library
Westport, Conn. : Greenwood, 1972
Baker Berry Z1223 .A3 1935 Errata

Shelflist of congressional committee hearings (not confidential in character) in the United States Senate Library from Eighty-sixth Congress (January 7, 1959) through Ninety-first Congress (January 2, 1971)
prepared by the staff of the United States Senate Library
Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1974
Baker Berry Z1223 .U53 1974

Guia de sebos de Porto Alegre : um percurso histórico do acervo do livro
Almeida, Rogerio Carlos Petrini de, 1954-
Porto Alegre, RS : Edigal, 2014
Baker Berry Z521.86.P67 A46 2014

ha-Sefer ha-ʻIvri : peraḳim le-toldotaṿ = The Hebrew book : an outline of its history
Gries, Zeev
Yerushalayim : Mosad Byaliḳ , [776, that is 2015]
Baker Berry Z228.H4 G74 2015

Palatino : the natural history of a typeface
Bringhurst, Robert
San Francisco : The Book Club of California, 2016
Introduction -- The measurement and nomenclature of printing type -- I. From Medici to Michaelangelo -- II. Haraklit, Aldus, and American Palatino -- III. The retreat to two dimensions -- IV. Lyricism reborn -- V. Digital linotype -- VI. Aldus Nova and Palatino Nova -- VII. Palatino Unserifed -- VIII. The ecology of letterforms -- Appendix.

"Provides a detailed ... history of the evolution of all members of the Palatino tribe: Foundry Palatino, Linotype Palatino, Michelangelo, Sistina, Aldus, Heraklit, Phidias, American Palatino, Enge Aldus, Linofilm Palatino, Zapf Renaissance, PostScript Palatino, Palatino Nova, Aldus Nova, and Palatino Sans. It includes new specimens of the foundry and Linotype faces printed by hand directly from the metal, as well as hundreds of color illustrations documenting the artistry and care expended in creating these components of our typographic heritage."--Publisher's website.
Baker Berry Nash Z250 .B75 2016

The universal penman
Bickham, George, 1684?-1758?
New York : Paul A. Struck, ©1941
Baker Berry Harvard Z43 .B58 1941

The Philobiblon
Bury, Richard de, 1287-1345
Berkeley, Univ. of California Press, 1948
Baker Berry Harvard Z992 .A91 1948

Les espaces du livre : supports et acteurs de la creation texte / image (XXe-XXIe siecles) = Spaces of the book : materials and agents of the text/image creation (20th-21st centuries)
Isabelle Chol and Jean Khalfa (eds)
Berlin : Peter Lang, [2015]
Baker Berry Z246 .E87 2015

Manuale typographicum; 100 typographische Gestaltungen mit Aussagen über die Schrift, über Typographie und Druckkunst, aus Vergangenheit und Gegenwart, in achtzehn verschiedenen Sprachen. 100 typographical arrangements with considerations about types, typography, and the art of printing, selected from past and present, printed in eighteen languages
Zapf, Hermann
New York, Z-Presse, 1968
Baker Berry Harvard Z250 .Z33

Art of the printed book, 1455-1955 : masterpieces of typography through five centuries from the collections of the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York
with an essay by Joseph Blumenthal
London : Bodley Head, in association with Pierpont Morgan Library, 1974
Baker Berry Harvard Z121 .P58 1974

Type studies : the Norstedt collection of matrices in the typefoundry of the Royal Printing Office : a history and catalogue
Axel-Nilsson, Christian, 1934-
Stockholm : Distributed by Almqvist & Wiksell International, 1983
Baker Berry Harvard Z250.A3 A9 1983

In retrospect the Riverside Press, 1852-1971 : being a concise history of the Press ..
Rheault, Charles A
Boston : Society of Printers, 1979
Baker Berry Harvard Z473.R66 R47

Optical letter spacing for new printing systems
Kindersley, David
London : Distributed by Lund Humphries, 1976
Baker Berry Harvard Z253.5 .K56 1976

International calligraphy today
foreword by Hermann Zapf ; introduction by Philip Grushkin and Jeanyee Wong
New York : Watson-Guptill Publications, 1982
Baker Berry Harvard Z43 .I7 1982

Type, sign, symbol
Frutiger, Adrian, 1928-2015
Zurich : ABC Edition, c1980
Why new typefaces? -- The nature of sanserif and the significance of Univers (E. Ruder) -- Why Univers was designed and how it developed -- New possibilities for designers -- Typefaces and printing techniques: Meridien -- Constructivism in type design: on Serifa (E. Ruder) -- On the planning of a typeface: Serifa as example -- New techniques, new craftmanship -- Type as a worldwide means of communication -- The graphology of the centuries -- Specific phototype faces for offset and gravure -- Typewriter composition as a new possibility: Univers on the IBM Composer -- Type recognised by the computer -- OCR-B: a typeface for the automatic (optical) reading of texts -- The computer as aid to drawing -- The limits of the automatic modification of typefaces -- Typefaces and their legibility -- Type in the environment and in architectue -- Letteringfor the Paris Metro -- The EDF-GDF alphabet -- Lettring system for Paris (Charles de Gaulle) Airport -- Digital typeface design for movable indicators -- Script of foreign cultures -- Can the sacred script of India be modernised? -- Work on the Devanagari script -- Work on the Tamil Script -- Logotypes -- How a logtype is designed -- From logotype to company image -- Signs and symbols -- Signs for the Air France timetable -- Non-figurative vignettes for the Koran -- Symbolic pictures or pictorial symbols -- Symbolic expression through the transformation of a sign -- Developments -- Symbolic vignettes -- Symbolic interpretations of the theme of love, life and death -- Symbols of western dualism -- Artistic creation with matter and light -- On free graphic representations (Maurice Besset) -- Woodcut sequence: "Genesis" -- "Urgarten": a marble relief -- Concrete letteringat the railway station of Roissy (H.R. Schneebeli).
Baker Berry Harvard Z250 .F883

La biblioteca del Inca Garcilaso de la Vega : (1616-2016)
textos, Mario Vargas Llosa, Esperanza López Parada, Marta Ortiz Canseco, Paul Firbas, Carmen Bernand, Pedro M. Guibovich Pérez, José Antonio Mazzotti, José A. Rodrígiez Garrido
Madrid : AECID, 2016
Baker Berry Z997.G216 B53 2016

Floral-patterned endpapers in nineteenth-century American books
Allen, Sue, 1918-2011
[Charlottesville] : [Published for the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum by the University Press of Virginia], [1977]
Baker Berry Harvard Z276 .A429 1977

Fleuron anthology
Meynell, Francis, 1891-1975
Boston : D.R. Godine, [1979]
"Garamond" types : XVI & XVII century sources considered / Paul Beaujon -- The work of Rudolf Koch / Albert Windisch -- Geofroy Tory / A.F. Johnson -- On decorative printing in America / Paul Beaujon -- Eric Gill : sculptor of letters / Paul Beaujon -- An unacknowledged movement in fine printing / A.J.A. Symons -- Thomas Maitland Cleland / D.B. Updike -- Decorated types / Stanley Morison.
Baker Berry Harvard Z123 .M47 1979

Rhyme & reason : a typographic novel
Spiekermann, Erik
Berlin : H. Berthold, 1987
Ideas about elements of printing, both technical and aesthetic, told in an amusing manner.
Baker Berry Harvard Z116.A3 S65 1987

The case for legibility
Ryder, John, 1917-2001
New York : Moretus Press, ©1979
Baker Berry Harvard Z116.A3 R93 1979b

Nicholas Kis : a Hungarian punch-cutter and printer, 1650-1702
by György Haiman
San Francisco : J.W. Stauffacher/Greenwood Press, 1983
Baker Berry Harvard Z232.G816 A1 1983

Nicholas Kis : a Hungarian punch-cutter and printer, 1650-1702
Haiman, György
San Francisco : J.W. Stauffacher/Greenwood Press in association with J. Howell-Books, 1983
Baker Berry Harvard Z232.T814 H3313 1983

The printing salesman's herald. Book 39
design, Hermann Zapf
New York, N.Y. : Champion Papers, ©1978
Baker Berry Harvard Z250.A2 P75 1978

Heraldic influence on early printer's devices
Moran, James, 1917-1978
Leeds : Elmete Press, 1978
Baker Berry Harvard Z235 .M67 1978

Situating the Middle English prose Brut
edited by Michelle Warren
Baltimore, MD : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014
Issue of Digital Philology focusing on the Dartmouth Brut.
Rauner Ref Z105.5.D3 S58 2014

Formal penmanship defined by the thing
Johnston, Edward, 1872-1944
Berkeley, Calif. : Arif Press, 1980, ©1971
Baker Berry Harvard Z43 .J777 1980

Prelims and end-pages,
Burbidge, P. G
London, Cambridge U.P., 1969
Baker Berry Harvard Z116.A4 B9 1969

Notes and references
Burbidge, P. G
Cambridge [England] University Press, 1952
Baker Berry Harvard Z253 .B8 1952

Rudolf Koch : an autobiographical sketch
Koch, Rudolf, 1876-1934
Williamsburg, Massachusetts : Dandelion Press, 1977
Baker Berry Harvard Z250.A2 K498 1977

Los libros de un reino : historia de la edición en Navarra (1490-1841)
Itúrbide Díaz, Javier
Iruña-Pamplona : Nafarroako Gobernua = Gobierno de Navarra, 2015
Baker Berry Z174.N38 I78 2015

A suite of fleurons, or, A preliminary enquiry into the history & combinable natures of certain printers' flowers
Ryder, John, 1917-2001
London : Phoenix House, 1956
Baker Berry Harvard Z235 .R95 1956

My life with letters
Chappell, Warren, 1904-1991
New York : Privately printed for the Typophiles, 1974
Baker Berry Harvard Z43 .C466 1974

The Bodleian Library and its friends : catalogue of an exhibition held 1969-1970
Oxford : The Library, c1969
Baker Berry Harvard Z921 .O93 1969

현대 한국 출판사, 1945-2010 = History of modern Korean publishing / 이 두영 지음
이 두영, 1945- author
Sŏul T'ŭkpyŏlsi : Munye Ch'ulp'ansa, 2015
Baker Berry Korea Z464.K63 Y55 2015

허용 된 불온 : 식민지 시기 검열 과 한국 문학 = Allowance on rebellion : censorship and Korean literature through the period of Japanese colonialism / 한 만수
한 만수, 1958- author
Sŏul-si : Somyŏng Ch'ulp'an, 2015
Baker Berry Korea Z658.K6 H364 2015

Kleines Spiel mit Ornamenten
Caflisch, Max
Bern [Angelus-Drucke], [©1965]
Baker Berry Harvard Z250.3 .C32 1965

Sixty alphabets
selected & introduced by Gunnlaugur SE Briem
New York, N.Y. : Thames and Hudson, 1986
Baker Berry Harvard Z43 .S56 1986

Typologia : studies in type design & type making, with comments on the invention of typography, the first types, legibility, and fine printing
Goudy, Frederic W. 1865-1947
Berkeley : University of California Press, 1977
By Way of Explanation -- Books Before Printing -- The First Types -- The Force of Tradition -- What Type Is -- The Story of a Type -- The Design of Types -- The Designer's Problem -- Details of Construction -- Making the Patterns -- Matrix Engraving -- Legibility of Type -- Fine Printing.
Baker Berry Harvard Z250.A2 G6 1977

Calligraphy today
Child, Heather
New York : Pentalic Corp., [©1976]
"A survey of work produced by outstanding calligraphers from Britain, Europe and America, together with a brief history of calligraphy"--Cover.
Baker Berry Harvard Z43 .C55 1976b

Últimas noticias de la escritura
Chejfec, Sergio
Zaragoza : Jekyll & Jill, 2015
Baker Berry Z40 .C454 2015

Aldus Manutius : humanist, teacher, and printer
Grendler, Paul F
Providence, R.I. : J.C. Brown Library, 1984
Baker Berry Harvard Z232.M3 G7 1984

Tramping through the past : arcane phrases from the typeshop
Johnson, Kirsten S
Baker Berry Harvard Z116 .J68 1984

Lines of the alphabet in the sixteenth century
Ryder, John, 1917-2001
London, Stellar Press, 1965
Baker Berry Harvard Z43 .R9

SP at 75 : the Society of Printers, 1955-1980
Rheault, Charles A
Boston (c/o Thomas Todd Co., Printers, 14 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 02108) : The Society, 1981
Baker Berry Harvard Z120.S73 R47

La Maison Enschedé 1703-1953
Harlem : Joh. Enschedé en Zonen, 1953
Sept générations d'imprimeurs et de fondeurs de caractères -- Histoire succincte de la maison -- Choix parmis les caractères de six siècles.
Baker Berry Harvard Z232 .E6 1953

Fregi e majuscole incise e fuse da Giambattista Bodoni, direttore della Stamperia reale
Bodoni, Giambattista, 1740-1813
[Cambridge, Mass.] : [Friends of the Harvard College Library], [1982]
Baker Berry Harvard Z250 .B67 1982

A book of scripts
Fairbank, Alfred J
[Harmondsworth, Middlesex] : Penguin Books, [1952]
Baker Berry Harvard Z40 .F3 1952

Fifty fine books at Kentucky
Farrell, David
[Lexington?] : [University of Kentucky], 1979
Baker Berry Harvard Z1012 .F3

The Suffolk resolves, 1774 : reproduced from the columns of The Boston Gazette, September 19, 1774
with an introduction by James E. Mooney
Boston : Society of Printers, 1976
Baker Berry Harvard Z120.S7 S84 1976

La otra cara de Jano : una mirada crítica sobre el libro y la edición
Diego, José Luis de
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires : Ampersand, 2015
Baker Berry Z519 .D54 2015

Private presses with proprietary types : [checklist of exhibited presses]
VanWingen, Peter, 1948-1995
[Washington, D.C.] : Library of Congress, [1983?]
Baker Berry Harvard Z250.A2 V3

Five hundred years of printing
Steinberg, S. H. 1899-1969
Baltimore, Penguin Books, 1966, ©1961
Baker Berry Harvard Z124 .S8 1966

About U.S. : experimental typography by American designers
Seitlin, Percy
New York : Composing Room, ©1960
No. 1. Come home to jazz -- No. 2. That New York -- No. 3. The age of the auto -- No. 4. Love of apples.
Baker Berry Harvard Z250 .S44 1960

The American audience for art
being essays by Charles D. Childs, Mario Micossi, and John Arthur, and a dialogue between Samuel Grafton, Robert Hallock, Sinclair Hitchings and John Wilson, symposia held in the Wiggin Gallery, Boston Public Library, on May 1, 1970 and May 2, 1969
Boston : Boston Public Library, 1972
Baker Berry Harvard Z239.S685 A437 1972

Signature : a quadrimestrial of typography and graphic arts
edited by Oliver Simon
London : Signature, [1935]-
Rauner Presses Z119 .S57

Arno Werner on book-binding
Werner, Arno, 1899-1995
Lunenburg Vt. : Stinehour Press, 1981
Baker Berry Harvard Z269.W4 A72

La ilustración del libro antiguo en España
Lyell, James P. R. 1871-1948
Madrid : Ollero y Ramos, 2012
Baker Berry Z1023 .L9818 2012

Signes et scribes
Garches : Varth Éditions, 1987-
Baker Berry Harvard Z1033.F5 S44

Harold Innis's History of communications. Paper and printing. Antiquity to early modernity
Innis, Harold Adams, 1894-1952
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2015]
The coming of paper -- Printing in the 15th century -- Printing in the 16th century.

"Boxton, Cheney, and Heyer knit the chapters into a cohesive narrative and help readers navigate Inn's observations by summarizing the heavily detailed factual materials that peppered the unpubllished manuscript. They provide further context for Inni's arguments by adding annotations, references, and pertinent citations to his other writings. The end result is both a testament to Inni's status as a canonical figure in the study of communication and a surprisingly relevant contribution to how we might think about the current sea change in all aspects of social, cultural, political, and economic life stemming from the global shift to digital communication."
Baker Berry Z124 .I48 2015

Typomundus 20 : a project of the International Center for the Typographic Arts
New York : Reinhold, 1966
Baker Berry Harvard Z121 .T9 1966

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