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U - Military Science Acquisitions during May 2017

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Defense of the west : NATO, the European Union and the transatlantic bargain
Sloan, Stanley R., author
Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2016
Baker Berry UA646.3 .S582 2016

China's cyber warfare : the evolution of strategic doctrine
Fritz, Jason R., 1977- author
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2017]
Computer network operations -- The development of computer network exploitation, 1998-2014 -- Information operations -- Net-centric warfare -- Application of cyber warfare to the Taiwan issue -- Conclusion.

"Chinese government policies have drawn international criticisms including persistent allegations of online espionage, domestic Internet censorship, and an increased military capability utilizing computer networks. This book analyzes the strategic context, conceptual framework, and historical evolution of China's cyber warfare doctrine."--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry UA835 .F85 2017

Partly cloudy : ethics in war, espionage, covert action, and interrogation
Perry, David L., 1959- author
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2016]
An introduction to ethical reasoning -- Comparative religious perspectives on war -- Just and unjust war in Shakespeare's Henry V -- Anticipating and preventing atrocities in war -- Battlefield euthanasia : should military mercy-killings be allowed? -- Secret intelligence and American democracy -- The KGB : CIA's traditional adversary -- Espionage -- Covert action -- Targeted killing -- Interrogation -- Epilogue: On peacemaking.

"Partly Cloudy : Ethics in War, Espionage, Covert Action, and Interrogation explores a number of wrenching ethical issues and challenges faced by military and intelligence personnel. It provides a robust and practical approach to analyzing ethical issues in war and intelligence operations, and applies careful reasoning to issues of vital importance today, not only for soldiers, intelligence professionals, and policy makers, but also for the citizens they serve and protect. This new edition has been updated throughout and includes new contents, to deal with critical issues such as torturing detainees, using espionage to penetrate terrorist cells, mounting covert actions to undermine hostile regimes, practicing euthanasia on the battlefield as mercy-killing, or using targeted killings as a means to fight insurgencies"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry U22 .P45 2016

Talking Conflict : the Loaded Language of Genocide, Political Violence, Terrorism, and Warfare
Wittmann, Anna M., author
Santa Barbara, California : ABC-CLIO, An imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2017]
Baker Berry U24 .W57 2017

The Tuskegee Veterans Hospital and its Black physicians : the early years
Kaplan, Mary, author
Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2016]
Threats, fear and triumph: the opening of the Tuskegee Veterans Hospital -- Health care for Black veterans -- Responding to the call for Black physicians at the Tuskegee Hospital -- Fuller's trainees -- The practice of medicine by Black physicians in the Jim Crow south -- The Tuskegee Veterans Hospital: challenges, successes and scandal -- 1986: Thirty-seven years later.

"When the Tuskegee Veteran's Hospital opened in 1923, many in the Veteran's Bureau believed that black physicians and nurses were not competent to staff the facility. Except for nurses' aides, orderlies, attendants and laborers, hospital personnel would be white. The history of the hospital reflects the struggle for racial equality in the United States"--
Baker Berry UH474.5.T87 K37 2016

International strategic relations and China's national security : world at the crossroads
edited by Institute for Strategic Studies, National Defense University of People's Liberation Army, China
New Jersey : World Scientific, [2017]
Historic challenges to the international system and China's new type of international relations strategy : an overview of the international strategic -- Situation and China's national security in 2015 / QI Dapeng -- An assessment of the strategic trends of China-U.S. relations / XU Qiyu -- An assessment of the strategic trends of Russian-American relations / YANG Lei -- An assessment of the international community's fight against the Islamic State / LI Xiaolu -- An assessment of the developmental trends in Japan's strategy / MENG Xiaoxu -- A review of the strategic situation on the Korean peninsula / CHEN Yue -- An assessment of the political situation in Taiwan and the posture in cross-strait relations / WANG Shushen -- An assessment of the ASEAN integration course / ZHAO Yi -- An assessment of the developmental trends in the political situation in Myanmar and their implications / YE Fei -- An assessment of the joint comprehensive plan of action on the Iranian nuclear issue / ZHAI Yucheng and LU Yin -- An assessment of Europe's strategic trends / ZHAO Jizhou and ZHAO Chen -- A review of the strategic situation in Latin America / WU Hongying, LI Meng, CAO Ting, CHEN Xiaoyang and YAN Jin -- Freedom of navigation and the Sino-U.S. struggle on the South China Sea issue / DUAN Kejing -- An assessment of the strategic situation in cyberspace / WEN Baihua -- The belt and road initiative and China's grand diplomacy / ZHENG Yongnian and ZHANG Chi.
Baker Berry UA835 .G867513 2017

The politics of weapons inspections : assessing WMD monitoring and verification regimes
Busch, Nathan E., 1971- author
Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2017]
What are monitoring and verification regimes? -- South Africa -- Iraq -- Libya -- Verifying global disarmament -- Applying lessons to the "difficult cases" : North Korea, Iran, and Syria -- Conclusion : strengthening monitoring and verification regimes.
Baker Berry U793 .B87 2017

The Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force : search for legitimacy
Robert D. Eldridge, Paul Midford, editors
New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
Baker Berry UA847 .J37 2017

America's needless wars : cautionary tales of US involvement in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Iraq
Contosta, David R., author
Amherst, New York : Prometheus Books, 2017
Introduction -- Cuban prologue -- Conquering the Philippines -- Cold War prelude -- The Vietnam deception -- The defeated giant -- Unraveling Iraq -- The revelations of history.

"A skeptical appraisal of U.S. military intervention in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Iraq, highlighting a common pattern of poor intelligence gathering, nationalistic hubris, and political pressures, which led to these unsuccessful foreign adventures"--
Baker Berry UA23 .C672135 2017

The imagineers of war : the untold history of DARPA, the Pentagon agency that changed the world
Weinberger, Sharon, author
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2017
Prologue: Guns and money -- Part I: An agency for unimagined weapons. Scientia potentia est ; Mad men ; Mad scientists ; Society for the correction of Soviet excesses ; Welcome to the jungle ; Ordinary genius ; Extraordinary genius ; Up in flames ; A worldwide laboratory ; Blame it on the sorcerers ; Monkey business ; Bury it ; The bunny, the witch, and the war room --Part II: Servants of war. Invisible war ; Top secret flying machines ; Synthetic war ; Vanilla world ; Fantasy world ; Return of Voldemort -- Epilogue: Glorious failure, inglorious success.

"The definitive history of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Pentagon agency that has quietly shaped war and technology for nearly sixty years. Founded in 1958 in response to the launch of Sputnik, the agency's original mission was to create "the unimagined weapons of the future." Over the decades, DARPA has been responsible for countless inventions and technologies that extend well beyond the military. Sharon Weinberger gives us a riveting account of DARPA's successes and failures, its remarkable innovations, and its wild-eyed schemes. We see how the threat of nuclear Armageddon sparked investment in computer networking, leading to the Internet, as well as to a proposal to power a missile-destroying particle beam by draining the Great Lakes. We learn how DARPA was responsible during the Vietnam War for both Agent Orange and the development of the world's first armed drones, and how after 9/11 the agency sparked a national controversy over surveillance with its data-mining research. And we see how DARPA's success with self-driving cars was followed by disappointing contributions to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Weinberger has interviewed more than one hundred former Pentagon officials and scientists involved in DARPA's projects--many of whom have never spoken publicly about their work with the agency--and pored over countless declassified records from archives around the country, documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, and exclusive materials provided by sources. The Imagineers of War is a compelling and groundbreaking history in which science, technology, and politics collide."--Jacket.
Baker Berry U394.A75 W45 2017

The weapon wizards : how Israel became a high-tech military superpower
Katz, Yaakov, 1979- author
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2017
"From drones to satellites, missile defense systems to cyber warfare, Israel is leading the world when it comes to new technology being deployed on the modern battlefield. The Weapon Wizards shows how this tiny nation of 8 million learned to adapt to the changes in warfare and become the new prototype of a 21st century superpower, not in size, but rather in innovation and efficiency--and as a result of its long war experience. Sitting on the front lines of how wars are fought in the 21st century, Israel has developed new weapons and retrofitted old ones so they remain effective, relevant, and deadly on a constantly-changing battlefield. While other countries begin to prepare for these challenges, they are looking to Israel--and specifically its weapons--for guidance. Israel is, in effect, a laboratory for the rest of the world. How did Israel do it? And what are the military and geopolitical implications of these developments? These are some of the key questions Yaakov Katz and Amir Bohbot address. Drawing on a vast amount of research, and unparalleled access to the Israeli defense establishment, this book is a report directly from the front lines"--
Baker Berry UA853.I8 K384 2017

Reconfiguring intervention : complexity, resilience and the 'local turn' in counterinsurgent warfare
London : This Palgrave Macmillan imprint is published by Springer Nature, [2017]
Baker Berry U241 .R31 2017

The role of terrorism in twenty-first-century warfare
Martin, Susanne, author
Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2017
Introduction -- 1. The 'new' terrorism in warfare -- 2. The logic of our approach: data and measurement -- 3. Terrorism as a 'leading indicator': insurgents' use of terrorism at the initial stages -- 4. Terrorism as a tactic of wider-scale warfare -- 5. Terrorism after wars: the weapon of the weakest? -- 6. Conclusions and forecasts -- Index

The role of terrorism in twenty-first-century warfare is a critical reflection on the major armed conflicts occurring during the 1990s and the first decade of the Twenty First Century. Conflicts in Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria all involved the use of terrorism by one or more groups. Turning to the future, the book asks what does this mean for violent conflicts yet to come? Using a variety of case studies, Weinberg and Martin provide a systematic and comprehensive analysis of the role played by terrorism as a stand-alone tactic as well as one used to ignite broad-scale conflict, asking whether terrorist violence occurs during the early stages of an insurgency, as a leading indicator of a wider conflict, or if it is employed throughout the conflict's duration? The work also poses the question on what occasions does terrorism tend to occur as an armed conflict begins to subside, and when, in other words, is it a trailing indicator? This book is the product of Weinberg and Martin's thorough investigations into the role and timing of terrorist violence in multi-dimensional conflicts. It is an essential text for understanding the role that acts of terror play in contemporary warfare and future conflicts. -- Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry U21.2 .M3585 2017

The civilian lives of U.S. veterans : issues and identities
Louis Hicks, Eugenia L. Weiss, and Jose E. Coll, editors ; foreword by Robert A. McDonald, Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs
Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2017]
Vol. 1. Introduction to veterans' studies / Louis Hicks, Eugenia L. Weiss, Jose E. Coll -- Characteristics of veterans and nonveterans within 20th-century cohorts in the United States / Janet M. Wilmoth, Andrew S. London -- The transition from active duty / Daniel Kester, Maureen P. Phillips -- TAPped out : a study of the Department of Defense's transition assistance program / Colleen M. Heflin, Leslie B. Hodges, Andrew S. London -- The VA and the grass roots / Colin D. Moore -- The job training of veterans / Bruce D. McDonald III, Myung H. Jin, Susan Camilleri, Vincent Reitano -- Veterans in higher education / Michael A. Grandillo, John W.M. Magee -- Veteran employment in the 21st century / Hazel R. Atuel, Mary Keeling, Sara M. Kintzle, Anthony M. Hassan, Carl A. Castro -- Veterans and civic engagement / Fred P. Stone -- Veterans as entrepreneurs / Elizabeth A. Osborn, Louis Hicks -- Veterans as private security contractors / Alison Hawks -- The preferential hiring of military veterans in the United States / Tim Johnson -- The retirement patterns and socioeconomic status of aging veterans, 1995-2014 / Christopher R. Tamborini, Patrick Purcell, Anya Olsen -- Military expatriates : U.S. veterans living abroad / Yvonne McNulty, Kelly L. Fisher, Louis Hicks, Tim Kane -- Veterans' families / Jasmine Strode-Elfant, Paul Hemez, Lucky Tedrow, Jay Teachman.
Baker Berry UB357 .C565 2017

NATO and collective defence in the 21st century : an assessment of the Warsaw Summit
edited by Karsten Friis
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Introduction : NATO after the Warsaw Summit / Karsten Friis -- NATO's responses to Russian belligerence : an overview / Jeffrey A. Larsen -- Can NATO's new very high readiness joint task force deter? / Jens Ringsmose and Sten Rynning -- Modern deterrence? : NATO's enhanced forward presence on the eastern flank / Robin Allers -- More teeth for the NATO tiger : how the framework nations concept can reduce NATO's growing formation-capability gap / Claudia Major and Christian Mölling -- NATO nuclear adaptation at the Warsaw Summit / Jacek Durkalec -- Divided by geography? : NATO's internal debate about the eastern and southern flanks / Patrick Keller -- NATO and Russia : spiral of distrust / Julie Wilhelmsen and Jakub Godzimirski -- Sweden and Finland : to be or not to be NATO members / Ann-Sofie Dahl -- Rethinking strategy : NATO and the Warsaw Summit / Christopher Coker -- Conclusions : looking towards Brussels 2017 and Istanbul 2018 / Karsten Friis.
Baker Berry UA646.3 .N2283 2017

Cyber dragon : inside China's information warfare and cyber operations
Cheng, Dean (Writer on national security), author
Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2017]
Setting the stage: China's evolving views of information -- China's military: this is not your father's PLA -- Informationized conflict: the strategic challenge of maintaining party control in the wake of the information revolution -- Information warfare: waging information campaigns in the next war -- Information operations: putting theory into practice -- Space and information warfare: a key battleground for information dominance -- Organizing to secure information dominance -- Chinese views of future warfare and implications for the United States.

"As a society that has revered learning and education for millennia, China has a long history of valuing information. As early as the 1980s, the People's Republic of China (PRC) began to pay attention to information technology."--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry UA835 .C427 2017

American national security policy : authorities, institutions, and cases
Fishel, John T., author
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2017]
A touch of theory -- A practitioners guide to realism -- The practitioners' textbook -- Legal authorities -- National security organizations -- The National Security Council process -- Defense planning systems -- The cases -- Panama: national security policy from below -- "I love it when a plan comes together" -- Adventures in peace enforcement: the Somalia tragedy -- The "intervasion" of haiti -- "Some damned foolish thing in the Balkans" -- 9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan -- Iraq: snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and victory from the jaws of defeat -- The Afghanistan surge: Obama's finest hour? -- Some conclusions -- How national security policy is really made: lessons from the cases.

"Security policy is a key factor not only of domestic politics in the U.S., but also of foreign relations and global security. This text sets to explain the process of security policy making in the United States by looking at all the elements that shape it, from institutions and legislation to policymakers themselves and historical precedents."--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry UA23 .F519 2017

Base encounters : the US Armed Forces in South Korea
Schober, Elisabeth, author
London : Pluto Press, 2016
Baker Berry UA26.K6 S36 2016

Strategy in war and peace : a critical introduction
Edwards, Aaron, author
Edinburgh Edinburgh University Press Ltd, [2017]
What is strategy? -- Ends and means in strategy -- The practical application of strategy -- Strategy, ethics and restraint in war --Strategy and the utility of force -- The role of strategy in ending wars and building peace -- Strategy Redux?.
Baker Berry U21.2 .E34 2017

Scales on war : the future of America's military at risk
Scales, Robert H., 1944- author
Annapolis, Maryland : Naval Institute Press, [2016]
"Scales on War is a collection of ideas, concepts, and observations about contemporary war taken from over thirty years of research, writing, and personal experience by retired Maj. Gen. Bob Scales. Each chapter addresses a distinct topic facing the upcoming prospects of America's military, including tactical ground warfare, future gazing, the draft, and the role of women in the infantry. Fusing all of these topics together is Scales' belief that, throughout its history, the United States has favored a technological approach to fighting its wars and has neglected its ground forces."--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry UA23 .S29498 2016

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