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Renewable energy engineering
Jenkins, Nicholas, 1954- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017
This text provides a quantitative yet accessible overview of renewable energy engineering practice including wind, hydro, solar thermal, photovoltaic, ocean and bioenergy. Suitable for engineering undergraduates as well as graduate students from other numerate degrees, the text is supported by worked examples, tutorial chapters providing background material and end-of-chapter problems.
Feldberg TJ808 .J466 2017

Bioprocess engineering : basic concepts
Shuler, Michael L., 1947-
Boston : Prentice Hall, [2017]
Feldberg TP248.3 .S58 2017

Lead-acid batteries : science and technology : a handbook of lead-acid battery technology and its influence on the product
Pavlov, Detchko, author
Amsterdam, Netherlands : Elsevier, [2017]
Feldberg TK2945.L42 P38 2017

Statics and mechanics of materials
Hibbeler, R. C., author
Hoboken : Pearson, 2017
Feldberg TA405 .H48 2017

Materials selection in mechanical design
Ashby, M. F., author
Oxford, United Kingdom ; Cambridge, MA : [2017]
Introduction : materials and design ; Engineering materials and their properties ; Materials property charts ; Materials selection - the basics ; Materials selection - case studies ; Processes and their effect on properties ; Processes selection and cost ; Multiple constraints and conflicting objectives ; Multiple constraints and conflicting objectives - case studies Selection of material and shape ; Material and shape : case studies ; Designing hybrid materials ; Hybrids : case studies ; Materials and the environment ; Materials and industrial design ; Sustainable response to forces for change

Understanding materials, their properties and behavior is fundamental to engineering design, and a key application of materials science. Written for all students of engineering, materials science and design, this book describes the procedures for material selection in mechanical design in order to ensure that the most suitable materials for a given application are identified from the full range of materials and section shapes available.
Feldberg TA403.6 .A74 2017

Hybrid nanomaterials : advances in energy, environment and polymer nanocomposites
edited by Suneel Kumar Srivastava and Vikas Mittal
Beverly, MA : Scrivener Publishing ; 2017
Feldberg TA418.9.N35 H928 2017

Principles of electronic materials and devices
Kasap, S. O. author
New York, NY : McGraw-Hill Education, [2018]
Elementary materials science concepts -- Electrical and thermal conduction in solids -- Elementary quantum physics -- Modern theory of solids -- Semiconductors -- Semiconductor devices -- Dielectric materials and insulation -- Magnetic properties and superconductivity -- Optical properties of materials.
Feldberg TK453 .K26 2018

Engineering mathematics
Bird, J. O., author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2017
John Bird's approach to mathematics, based on numerous worked examples and interactive problems, is ideal for level 2 and 3 vocational courses including the BTEC National specifications. Theory is kept to a minimum, with the emphasis firmly placed on problem-solving skills, making this a thoroughly practical introduction to the mathematics that students need to master.
Feldberg TA330 .B515 2017

Engineering mechanics. Statics and dynamics
Hibbeler, R. C., author
Hoboken, New Jersey : Pearson, [2016]
General Principles -- Force Vectors -- Equilibrium of a Particle -- Force System Resultants -- Equilibrium of a Rigid Body -- Structural Analysis -- Internal Forces -- Friction -- Center of Gravity and Centroid -- Moments of Inertia -- Virtual Work -- Kinematics of a Particle -- Kinetics of a Particle: Force and Acceleration -- Kinetics of a Particle: Work and Energy -- Kinetics of a Particle: Impulse and Momentum -- Planar Kinematics of a Rigid Body -- Planar Kinetics of a Rigid Body: Force and Acceleration -- Planar Kinetics of a Rigid Body: Work and Energy -- Planar Kinetics of a Rigid Body: Impulse and Momentum -- Three-Dimensional Kinematics of a Rigid Body -- Three-Dimensional Kinetics of a Rigid Body -- Vibrations.
Feldberg TA350 .H48 2016

Heuristic search : the emerging science of problem solving
Salhi, Said, author
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan/Springer International Publishing AG, [2017]
Chapter 1: Introduction -- Chapter 2: Improvement-Only Heuristics -- Chapter 3: Not-Necessary Improving Heuristics -- Chapter 4: Population-based Heuristics -- Chapter 5: Hybridisation Search -- Chapter 6: Implementation Issues -- Chapter 7 Applications, Conclusion and Research Challenges.

This book aims to provide a general overview of heuristic search, to present the basic steps of the most popular heuristics, and to stress their hidden difficulties as well as their opportunities. It provides a comprehensive understanding of Heuristic search, the applications of which are now widely used in a variety of industries including engineering, finance, sport, management and medicine. It intends to aid researchers and practitioners in solving complex combinatorial and global optimisation problems, and spark interest in this exciting decision science-based subject. It will provide the reader with challenging and lively methodologies through which they will be able to design and analyse their own techniques.
Baker Berry Cook T57.84 .S25 2017

Fundamentals of MIMO wireless communications
Kshetrimayum, Rakhesh Singh, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, [ 2017]
"Provides a solid understanding of the essential concepts of MIMO wireless communications"--
Feldberg TK5103.4836 .K75 2017

Colors : a book about a magazine about the rest of the world
Bologna, Italy : Damiani, [2015]
Intro / by Francesco Bonami -- "Maybe we could interview Andy Warhol" / an interview with Oliviero Toscani -- There's a photo of Queen Elizabeth with black skin / an interview with Luciano Benetton -- That's amore -- Places: they write songs about places like you (you have ruined my life) -- Bang! (bang, bang, bang!) -- The future is ten minute away: I wanted to be an architect, but my parents said the -- Elvis : the good, the bad and the Elvis -- Where the hell is my tail? -- I want to believe: oh my God, it's Sunday! time to wake up and smell the regret -- Drinking buddies: did someone say "propriocezione"? -- Colors: is the new black -- Here is the cake: a tribute to Tibor's 13th issue.

The book 'Colors' aims to explore the best of visual and textual material of the 90 issues of the magazine, created by the photographer Oliviero Toscani and the art director Tibor Kalman in 1991. The content is presented transversely through a subdivision in ten macro-themes which highlight the "Tumblr ante litteram" nature of the magazine. Twenty-five years of images and texts are shaken and served using ingredients from different issues. The idea is to tell 'Colors' by using its own words, in a visionary journey through time, between irony and semiotics, rereading the analysis of the world carried out by the magazine, acknowledging its high research value. Among the objectives: - celebrating and narrating 'Colors' in a non-direct and linear way. - not providing an axiomatic volume or making it a monument, but rather making it a subject still alive and able to talk about today's world through the work carried out on the world back then.- producing an object attractive to both the collectors and those who do not know the magazine at all, trying to intrigue those who may have only a few numbers, those who believed it was no longer published and the most faithful readers.
Sherman TR820 .C656 2015

Critical fashion practice : from Westwood to van Beirendonck
Geczy, Adam, author
London ; Bloomsbury Academic, 2017
Introduction: From Subculture to High Culture -- 1. Vivienne Westwood's Unruly Resistance -- 2. Rei Kawakubo's Deconstructive Silhouette -- 3. Gareth Pugh's Corporeal Uncommensurabilities -- 4. Miuccia Prada's Industrial Materialism -- 5. Aitor Throup's Anatomical Narratives -- 6. Viktor & Rolf's Conceptual Immaterialities -- 7. Rad Hourani's Queer Agnostics -- 8. Rick Owens' Gender Performativities -- 9. Walter Van Beirendock's Hybrid Science Fictions -- Conclusion: To Alexander McQueen, in memoriam.

"There is a new form of design practice within the contemporary fashion industry which is active in complex forms of social commentary and critique. While fashion in the modernist era has shown signs of criticism and subversion, these were either in the form of subcultures or perversions, such as punk or BDSM styling. Today, however, these genres have been absorbed into the fashion industry itself, meaning that "critical fashion" is now far from limited to the subcultures from which it came. This book explores this new space for criticism within the popular fashion sphere to demonstrate how designers are disrupting conventions, challenging beliefs and stirring change from within the system itself. Critical Fashion Practice considers a range of contemporary designers across the globe, from the US to Japan, whose conceptual designs embody this critical language, including case studies such as Rei Kawakubo's deconstructive silhouettes for Comme des Garçons and Walter Van Beirendonck's sadomasochistic menswear collections, amongst other key players such as Miuccia Prada, Vivienne Westwood and Viktor & Rolf. Arguing that the rise of critical fashion coincides with a noticeable decline in the criticality of art, Geczy and Karaminas go beyond slotting fashion into previously established art theories. Conceiving a new cultural role for fashion that affords insight into identity, class, race, sexuality and gender, this book shows how fashion can not only reflect and comment on, but can also be a part of social change"--
Baker Berry TT519 .G43 2017

Italian humanist photography from fascism to the Cold War
Caruso, Martina, author
London ; Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing, Plc, [2016]
Antifascist Photography under Fascism -- Forging a "New" Peasant at the Istituto LUCE and Other Fascist organizations -- Rural kitsch, fashion, and the Nazi-Fascist alliance -- The Fascist avant-garde and the international photographic context -- Critical Fascists and the concept of the "Primitive" -- Leo Longanesi, D'Annunziano -- Non-Fascist cultures and "Primitive" rituals -- Conclusion -- Photography, Power, and Humiliation in the Second World War -- The erotics of the Uomo Nuovo -- The absent war in vernacular photography -- Censorship and the Ethiopian War -- The intellectual war correspondent -- Occhio Quadrato and 'Let Us Now Praise Famous Men' -- Allies, Partisans, and cameras -- Constructing and reconstructing the Resistance -- Conclusion -- Christ Stopped at Eboli: An Anthropology of the South -- The Madonna and Roosevelt -- The Politics of Miseria and the Communist Debate -- Sex, Magic, and Anthropology -- Photographers Marginalized -- For a Mediterranean Light -- Whose South? Conclusion -- Humanist Photography and the "Catholic" 'Family of Man' -- Searching for an "Italian Photography" from 'The Family of Man' to What is Man? -- The uncertain internationalization of Italian Humanist Photography -- "A bit sweet, a bit ironic, a bit pathetic": the Italian gaze in Pannunzio's 'Il Mondo' -- Can Catholic photographers also be humanist? -- Deliver us from evil: Pathos in the work of Mario Giacomelli -- 'Gli ultimi' in the suburbs of Milan -- Conclusion -- FINE ("THE END"): La Dolce Vita and the Burst into Technicolor -- Epigraph.
Sherman TR79 .C375 2016

Fashion plates : 150 years of style
Calahan, April, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2015]
Foreword / Anna Sui -- Preface / Karen Trivette Cannell -- Introduction / April Calahan -- Fashion plates / April Calahan.

"Prior to the invention of photography, European and American magazines used colorful prints to depict the latest fashion trends. These illustrations, known as "fashion plates," conveyed the cutting-edge styles embraced by the fashion-conscious elite and proved inspirational to the upwardly mobile. Fashion Plates: 150 Years of Style is a comprehensive survey containing 200 fashion plates, many reproduced at actual size, from publications dating from 1778 to the early 20th century. A number of these charming illustrations are extremely rare, and have not appeared in print since their publication in the periodicals in which they first ran. Organized chronologically and featuring both men's and women's garments, these lively and colorful vignettes not only are beautiful, but also clearly illustrate the evolution of fashion over time. Many of the plates were produced by important artists of the day, including Léon Bakst, George Barbier, and Georges Lepape. With texts by April Calahan on the social, political, and economic significance of fashion and its industries, and a foreword by award-winning fashion designer Anna Sui, this exquisite slipcased publication fills an important gap in the literature on the history of fashion and provides an entertaining historical overview for the general reader"--Publisher's description.
Sherman Oversize TT509 .C34 2015

Eating words : a Norton anthology of food writing
edited by Sandra M. Gilbert & Roger J. Porter ; with a foreword by Ruth Reichl
New York W.W. Norton & Company, 2016
"A glorious survey of food writing from the classical world to the present, "--NoveList.
Baker Berry TX631 .E376 2016

The beginning of the use of metals and alloys : papers from the Second International Conference on the Beginning of the Use of Metals and Alloys, Zhengzhou, China, 21-26 October 1986
edited by Robert Maddin
Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, ©1988
Feldberg TN16 .I58 1986

Mouthfeel : how texture makes taste
Mouritsen, Ole G., author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2017]
The complex universe of taste and flavor -- What makes up our food? -- The physical properties of food : form, structure, and texture -- Texture and mouthfeel -- Playing around with mouthfeel -- Making further inroads into the universe of texture -- Why do we like the food that we do? -- Epilogue : mouthfeel and a taste for life -- Recipes.

Why is chocolate melting on the tongue such a decadent sensation? Why do we love crunching on bacon? Why is fizz-less soda such a disappointment to drink, and why is flat beer so unappealing to the palate? Our sense of taste produces physical and emotional reactions that cannot be explained by chemical components alone. Eating triggers our imagination, draws on our powers of recall, and activates our critical judgment, creating a unique impression in our mouths and our minds. How exactly does this alchemy work, and what are the larger cultural and environmental implications? Collaborating in the laboratory and the kitchen, Ole G. Mouritsen and Klavs Styrb k investigate the multiple ways in which food texture influences taste. Combining scientific analysis with creative intuition and a sophisticated knowledge of food preparation, they write a one-of-a-kind book for food lovers and food science scholars. By mapping the mechanics of mouthfeel, Mouritsen and Styrb k advance a greater awareness of its link to our culinary preferences. Gaining insight into the textural properties of raw vegetables, puffed rice, bouillon, or ice cream can help us make healthier and more sustainable food choices. Through mouthfeel, we can recreate the physical feelings of foods we love with other ingredients or learn to latch onto smarter food options. Mastering texture also leads to more adventurous gastronomic experiments in the kitchen, allowing us to reach even greater heights of taste sensation.
Baker Berry TX546 .M6913 2017

Exposing the magic of design : a practitioner's guide to the methods and theory of synthesis
Kolko, Jon
New York : Oxford University Press, ©2011
A theory of synthesis -- Sensemaking, frames, models and patterns -- Abductive reasoning -- The value of synthesis in driving innovation -- The culture of synthesis -- Methods for making meaning out of data -- Methods for building an experience framework -- Methods for creating empathy and insight.
On Reserve in Baker Project Room TS171.4 .K648 2011

Gastrophysics : the new science of eating
Spence, Charles (Experimental psychologist), author
[New York] : Viking, 2017
Taste -- Smell -- Sight -- Sound -- Touch -- The atmospheric meal -- Social dining -- Airline food -- The meal remembered -- The personalized meal -- The experiential meal -- Digital dining -- Back to the futurists.

The pleasures of food lie mostly in the mind, not in the mouth. Get that straight and you can start to understand what really makes food enjoyable, stimulating, and, most important, memorable. Spence reveals in amusing detail the importance of all the "off the plate" elements of a meal: the weight of cutlery, the color of the plate, the background music, and much more. Whether we're dining alone or at a dinner party, on a plane or in front of the TV, he reveals how to understand what we're tasting and influence what others experience. This is accessible science at its best, fascinating to anyone in possession of an appetite. Crammed with discoveries about our everyday sensory lives, Gastrophysics is a book guaranteed to make you look at your plate in a whole new way.--AMAZON.
Baker Berry TX631 .S679 2017

Eugene Richards : the run-on of time
Lisa Hostetler ; April M. Watson ; directors' foreword by Bruce Barnes and Julián Zugazagoitia ; preface by Keith F. Davis
Kansas City, Missouri : Hall Family Foundation in association with The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art ; [2017]
The first publication to situate the work of Richards in the long photographic tradition that merges personal artistic vision with documentary practice. Eugene Richards (b. 1944) is a documentary photographer known for his powerful, unflinching exploration of contemporary social issues from the early 1970s to the present. This handsome book is the first comprehensive and critical look at Richards's lifelong achievements. Reproduced in tritone and color, the extraordinary images in this volume explore complicated and controversial subjects, including racism, poverty, drug addiction, cancer, aging, the effects of war and terrorism, and the erosion of rural America. The authors of the book situate Richards's work in the long photographic tradition that merges personal artistic vision with documentary practice, following in the tradition of W. Eugene Smith and Robert Frank.
Sherman TR820.5 .R533 2017

Environmental chemistry
Baird, Colin
New York : W.H. Freeman, ©2012
Pt I: Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Pollution -- -- 1. Stratospheric Chemistry: The Ozone Layer -- 2. The Ozone Holes -- 3: The Chemistry of Ground-Level Air Pollution -- 4. The Environmental and Health Consequences of Polluted Air -- Outdoors and Indoors -- -- Part II: Energy and Climate Change -- 5. The Greenhouse Effect -- 6. Energy Use, Fossil Fuels, CO2 Emissions, and Global Climate Change -- 7. Biofuels and Other Alternative Fuels -- 8. Renewable Energy Technologies: Hydroelectric, Wind, Solar, Geothermal, and Marine Energy and Their Storage Introduction -- 9. Radioactivity, Radon, and Nuclear Energy -- -- pt. III: Water Chemistry and Water Pollution -- 10: The Chemistry of Natural Waters -- 11: The Pollution and Purification of Water -- 12. Toxic Heavy Metals -- pt. IV: Toxic Organic Compounds -- 13. Pesticides -- 14. Dioxins, Furans, and PCBs -- 15. Other Toxic Organic Compounds of Environmental Concern -- -- pt. V: Environment and the Solid State -- 16. Wastes, Soils and Sediments -- pt. VI: Advanced Atmospheric Chemistry -- 17. The Detailed Free-Radical Chemistry of the Atmosphere.
On Reserve at Kresge TD192 .B35 2012

Peter Hujar : speed of life
Hujar, Peter, 1934-1987, artist,
New York : Aperture ; 2017
A gorgeous mental discretion / Joel Smith -- Peter Hugar : Éros, c'est la vie / Philip Gefter -- Peter Hujar in New Orleans / Steve Turtell -- Plates -- Chronology / Joel Smith with Martha Scott Burton -- Exhibitions and bibliography / Joel Smith with Martha Scott Burton -- List of works.

Peter Hujar was a leading figure of the downtown New York scene of the 1970s and '80s. He is most well-known for his portraits of New York City's artists, musicians, writers, and performers, which feature characters such as Susan Sontag, William S. Burroughs, David Wojnarowicz, and Andy Warhol, and was admired for his completely uncompromising attitude toward work and life. Hujar was a consummate technician, and his portraits of people, animals, and landscapes, with their exquisite black-and-white tonalities, were extremely influential. Underappreciated during his lifetime, Hujar is now a revered icon of the lost downtown art scene, and his photographs are held in permanent collections around the world. Over 160 photographs are gathered in Peter Hujar: Speed of Life. Published alongside a major touring exhibition, this collection presents Hujar's famous portraiture as well as his lesser-known projects.
Sherman TR647.H85 A4 2017

Scientific American. Supplement
New York [Munn and Co., etc.]
Library Depository T1 .S52

Thomas Annan, photographer of Glasgow
Maddox, Amanda, author
Los Angeles : J. Paul Getty Museum, [2017]
Thomas Annan: "An able artist and an honest man" / Sara Stevenson -- The books on Glasgow / Amanda Maddox.

"A survey of the life and publication history of the nineteenth-century Scottish photographer Thomas Annan"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman TR647 .A5495 2017

Handbook of solar energy : theory, analysis and applications
Tiwari, G. N., author
Singapore : Springer, [2016]
Feldberg TJ810 .T59 2016

Werkstatt für Photographie, 1976-1986
edited by Florian Ebner, Felix Hoffmann, Inka Schube, Thomas Weski ; contributors, Florian Ebner and nine others ; translation German-English, Simon Cowper, Brian Currid, John Southard ; English-German, Barbara Holle
London : Koenig Books, [2016]
This is the first book about the history, influences, and impact of the 'Werkstatt für Photography'(Photography Workshop) founded by the Berlin photographer Michael Schmidt at the Volkshochschule Kreuzberg in 1976. In the midst of the Cold War, the Werkstatt initiated an artistic 'airlift' to the United States, a democratic field of experimentation beyond the pale of traditional vocational and political-institutional standards. Those same years witnessed the establishment of infrastructures in West Germany that paved the way for the emancipation of photography as an art form. These included 'documenta 6' (1977), the first photo galleries and photography journals, and a number of pathbreaking exhibitions. Berlin, Hanover, and Essen played important roles in that process. All in all, the picture of a medium in transition emerges, a medium that developed an autonomous form of artistic authorship in the field of documentary. This book presents the story of German photography in the 1970s and 1980s, its international ties, its protagonists, and its networks. Exhibition: Sprengel Museum Hannover, Germany (11.12.2016-19.03.2017) / C/O Berlin, Germany (10.12.2016-12.02.2017) / Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany (09.12.2016-02.02.2017).
Sherman TR646.G3 W4713 2016

Avedon's France : old world, new look
Robert M. Rubin, Marianne Le Galliard
New York : Abrams ; [2016]
Exploring Richard Avedon's fascination with France, Avedon's France brings together a collection of spectacular photographs; selected interviews, letters, publications, and writings (including new material from the Avedon Foundation archives) and substantive essays by the authors. In addition to five portfolios of French sitters spanning a lifetime of portraiture, it looks at Avedon's apprenticeship to his mentor, Alexei Brodovitch; his encounters with French fashion; his idealised version of Paris in the movie Funny Face; his fresh take on the Belle Epoque in his book on Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Diary of a Century; and his fruitful association with the magazine Egoiste later in his life. Avedon's France offers a full account of Avedon's restless pursuit of new ways of looking at the world, and it reveals a master image maker, a true artist for his time.
Sherman TR681.F3 F73513 2016

Knowledge, text and practice in ancient technical writing
edited by Marco Formisano, Ghent University, Philip van der Eijk, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2017
From words to acts? / Philip van der Eijk and Marco Formisano -- The poetics of knowledge / Marco Formisano -- Machines on paper: from words to acts in ancient mechanics / Markus Asper -- Architecture as "the art of the possible" / Elisa Romano -- Caesar's Rhine bridge and its feasibility in Giovanni Giocondo's Expositio pontis / Ronny Kaiser -- From words to acts: on the applicability of Hippocratic therapy / Pilar Pérez Cañizares -- Naso magister erat -- sed cui bono? : on not taking the poet's teaching seriously / Alison Sharrock -- From techne to kakotechnia: use and abuse of ancient cosmetic texts / Laurence Totelin -- From discourses to handbook: the Encheiridion of Epictetus as a practical guide to life / Gerard Boter -- The problem of practical applicability in Ptolemy's Geography / Klaus Geus -- Living according to the seasons : the power of parapegmata / Gerd Grasshoff -- Auctoritas in the garden : Columella's poetic strategy in De re rustica 10 / Christiane Reitz -- The generous text: animal intuition, human knowledge, and written transmission in Pliny's books on medicine / Brooke Holmes -- From descriptions to acts : the paradoxical animals of the ancients from a cognitive perspective / Pietro Li Causi.

The relationship between theory and practice, in other words between norms indicated in a text and their extra-textual application, is one of the most fascinating issues in the history and theory of science. Yet this aspect has often been taken for granted and never explored in depth. The essays contained in this volume provide a complex and nuanced discussion of this relationship as it emerges in ancient Greek and Roman culture in a number of fields, such as agriculture, architecture, the art of love, astronomy, ethics, mechanics, medicine, pharmacology. The main focus is on the textuality of processes of the transmission of knowledge and its application in various fields. Given that a text always contains complex and destabilising aspects that cannot be reduced to the specific subject matter it discusses, to what extent can and do ancient texts support extra-textual applicability?
Baker Berry T11 .K635 2017

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