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T - Technology Acquisitions during May 2017

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Persona : models at home
Hudson, Hadley, photographer
Berlin, Germany : Hatje Cantz, [2016]
"In 2008, the American photographer Hadley Hudson discovered her passion for photographing models within the privacy of their own homes, locations proving much more intimate than the usual studio settings. Hudson was fascinated by how much of the models' personalities and histories were expressed in their private spaces that ranged from model apartments in New York to long-outgrown childhood bedrooms in Paris and London to squats and squalid flat shares in Berlin and Vienna"--Publisher's description.
Sherman TR681.M63 H83 2016

Eye contact : social networking {face-to-face} with a camera
Fallon, Max James, 1946- photographer
Petaluma, CA : Cameron + Company, [2016]
Sherman TR680 .F353 2016

Human Rights Watch, struggling for a humane world, interviews ; Ed Kashi, sugar cane, Syrian refugees, photographs
Ronald Grätz and Hans-Joachim Neubauer (eds.)
Göttingen : Steidl ; 2016
Foreword / Ronald Grätz and Hans-Joachim Neubauer -- Human Rights Watch, struggling for a humane world, interviews : "No religion has a monopoly on good or evil" / an interview with Kenneth Roth ; "Lack of education is darkness" / an interview with Zama Coursen-Neff ; "People are the basis of society" / an interview with George Soros -- Ed Kashi, sugar cane/Syrian refugees, photographs : Under cane: a workers' epidemic / an introduction by Ed Kashi ; Syria's lost generation / an introduction by Ed Kashi ; Sugar cane ; Syrian refugees.
Sherman TR681.R48 K37 2016

Marine OMICS : principles and applications
edited by, Se-Kwon Kim
Boca Raton : CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group, [2017]
On Display at Dana TP248.27.M37 M387 2017

Rick Sammon's evolution of an image : a behind-the-scenes look at the creative photographic process
Sammon, Rick, author
New York : Routledge, 2017
Sherman TR179 .S363 2017

Klaus Kinold : Architekturphotographien = Klaus Kinold : photographs of architecture
Kinold, Klaus, 1939- photographer
Stuttgart : Edition Axel Menges, [2016]
The work of Klaus Kinold, born 1939 in Essen, Germany is part of a tradition of architectural photography.It was self-evident for him to explore the period whose very name included the term objectivity - the New Objectivity. The accuracy of observation, the precision in detail, the translation of three-dimensional objects into a convincingly construed image are among his virtues. Predominant in his work, we find photographs of buildings by architects whom he could expect to have such qualities: classic Modernists like Walter Gropius, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier and contemporaries like Alvar Aalto, Hans Döllgast, Herman Hertzberger, Louis I. Kahn, Karljosef Schattner, Rudolf Schwarz, Alvaro Siza.
Sherman TR659 .K56 2016

Belanger, Marion, 1957- photographer
Santa Fe, NM : Radius Books, 2016
Rift' refers to the eastern edge of the North American Plate where it meets the Eurasian Plate along the Mid-Atlantic Rift in Iceland. New crust is formed as magma pushes up from the mantle; the land along the rift is unstable and raw. Marion Belanger (born 1957) documents this land and its structures: geothermal electricity, hot pools, volcanic excavation sites, houses, new earth and cultural relics within the landscape. In 'Fault', meanwhile, she photographs the shifting western edge of the North American Continental Plate along the San Andreas Fault in California, focusing on traces of the tectonic plate edge and the artifacts of our built environment upon them. Though characterized by earthquake activity, the landscape is often striking in its visual normalcy. Capturing moments of anticipation in settings that shift between the wild and the contained, 'Rift/Fault' creates a visual tension that questions the relationship between geologic force and the limits of human intervention.
Sherman TR647.B44 R548 2016

Paris refashioned, 1957-1968
Hill, Colleen, 1982- author
New Haven : Yale University Press, 2017
"The 1960s was one of the most exciting periods in fashion history, as shifting cultural paradigms were embraced by a generation of designers that challenged conventions and reinvented the fashion industry. This compelling volume focuses on the important but too often dismissed fashions that were created in Paris during this time. From the early couture designs of Yves Saint Laurent that initiated a trend toward a more relaxed and youthful style, to the popularity of ready-to-wear fashions by Emmanuelle Khanh - part of a new group known as the stylists - this book traces the development of Parisian fashion during the 1960s and its continuing legacy. Colleen Hill features eye-catching images from Elle and Vogue, as well as stunning examples of fashion from The Museum at FIT's world-class collection. She provides an in-depth look at the combined influences of French haute couture, ready-to-wear, and popular culture during this era. In doing so, she describes how the dominance of haute couture was challenged by the ready-to-wear movement, resulting in the rise of a vibrant, youthful, and modern aesthetic in Parisian fashion"--
Sherman TT504.6.F7 H55 2017

Yamamoto, Masao, 1957- photographer
Santa Fe, NM : Radius Books, [2017]
Sherman TR655 .Y356 2017

Roberts, Linda Foard, photographer
Santa Fe, NM : Radius Books, [2016]
Linda Foard Roberts: Passage is a compilation of five series, created over the past ten years, by North Carolina based photographer Linda Foard Roberts. Roberts works in enduring genres--landscape, portrait and still life--and photographs her 21st-century surroundings using 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 cameras and vintage lenses, some over 100 years old. The result is seemingly eternal, timeless, black-and-white photography that exploits the peculiar ability of the camera to produce images that are both extremely present and yet suspended in time. Over the past decade, Roberts has been exploring the inevitable movement of time in life, focusing on memory and the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The photographs in this volume, Roberts first monograph, are meant to be read like visual lines in a poem, metaphorical and layered, with each photograph bestowing a deeper meaning upon the next.
Sherman Oversize TR647.R563 P37 2016

The dark side of technology
Townsend, P. D. author
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2016
Have we the knowledge, willpower, and determination to survive? -- Technology and survival: are they compatible? -- Natural disasters and civilization -- Good technologies with bad side effects -- From trains to transistors -- Food, survival, and resources -- The 'Silent Spring' revisited -- Medicine: expectations and reality -- Knowledge loss from changing language -- Decay of materials and information loss from technology -- Technology, the new frontier fro crime and terror -- Technology-driven social isolation -- Consumerism and obsolescence -- Rejection of knowledge and information -- Hindsight, foresight, radical suggestions and a gain of hope.

PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE. Technological progress comes with a Dark Side where good ideas and intentions produce undesirable results. The many and various unexpected outcomes of technology span humorous to bizarre, and even result in situations which threaten our survival. Development can be positive for some, but negative and isolating for others (e.g. older or poorer people). Progress is often transient, as faster electronics and computers dramatically shorten retention time of data and knowledge (e.g. documents, data, and photos will be unreadable within a generation). This is also destroying past languages and cultures in a trend to globalisation. Advances cut across all areas of science and life, and the scope is vast from biology, medicine, agriculture, transport, electronics, computers, long range communications, to a global economy.
Kresge Popular Science T14.5 .T69 2016

Bio-inspired surfaces and applications
edited by Eddie Y.K. Ng, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Yuehao Luo, the George Washington University, USA
New Jersey : World Scientific, [2016]
On Display at Dana TP248.65.P62 B519 2016

Bio-inspired polymers
edited by Nico Bruns and Andreas F.M. Kilbinger
Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, [2017]
"Many key aspects of life are based on naturally occurring polymers, such as polysaccharides, proteins and DNA. Unsurprisingly, their molecular functionalities, macromolecular structures and material properties are providing inspiration for designing new polymeric materials with specific functions, for example, responsive, adaptive and self-healing materials. Bio-inspired Polymers covers all aspects of the subject, ranging from the synthesis of novel polymers, to structure-property relationships, materials with advanced properties and applications of bio-inspired polymers in such diverse fields as drug delivery, tissue engineering, optical materials and lightweight structural materials. Written and edited by leading experts on the topic, the book provides a comprehensive review and essential graduate level text on bio-inspired polymers for biochemists, materials scientists and chemists working in both industry and academia."--Publisher's description.
On Display at Dana TP248.65.P62 B56 2017

Salt & light
Pernofski, Ryan, author,
[Ulladulla, NSW] : Harbour Publishing House, 2016
Immerse yourself in the beautiful and surreal seascape photography of Ryan Pernofski. Filled with inspiring photos, stories, musings and photography tips, 'Salt & Light' was developed and collected over three years of shooting in and around the ocean.
Sherman TR670 .P47 2016

Analysis and modeling of radio wave propagation
Coleman, Christopher, 1950- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Basic concepts page -- The fundamentals of electromagnetic waves -- The reciprocity, compensation and extinction theorems -- The effect of obstructions upon radio wave propagation -- Geometric optics -- Propagation through irregular media -- The approximate solution of Maxwell's equations -- Propagation in the ionospheric duct -- Propagation in the lower atmosphere -- Transionospheric propagation and scintillation.

"This comprehensive guide helps readers understand the theory and techniques needed to analyze and model radio wave propagation in complex environments. All of the essential topics are covered, from the fundamental concepts of radio systems, to complex propagation phenomena. These topics include diffraction, ray tracing, scattering, atmospheric ducting, ionospheric ducting, scintillation, and propagation through both urban and non-urban environments. Emphasis is placed on practical procedures, with detailed discussion of numerical and mathematical methods providing readers with the necessary skills to build their own propagation models and develop their own techniques. MATLAB functions illustrating key modeling ideas are provided online. This is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to use propagation models to understand the performance of radio systems for navigation, radar, communications, or broadcasting"--
Kresge TK6553 .C635 2017

Computational materials science : an introduction
Lee, June Gunn, author
Boca Raton : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, 2017
Feldberg TA404.23 .L44 2017

Fast food kids : French fries, lunch lines, and social ties
Best, Amy L., 1970- author
New York : New York University Press, [2017]
Introduction: Fast food kids -- The family meal : eating together, eating apart -- The cafeteria as great equalizer : making food good -- The cafeteria as youth space : social bonds and barriers -- Eat what's good for you : class and the cult of health -- I'm lovin' it : fast food and after-school hot spots -- Conclusion: Food futures and social change -- Methods appendix.

The book provides a thorough account of the role that food plays in the lives of today's youth, teasing out the many contradictions of food as a cultural object—fast food portrayed as a necessity for the poor and yet, reviled by upper-middle class parents; fast food restaurants as one of the few spaces that kids can claim and effectively 'take over' for several hours each day; food corporations spending millions each year to market their food to kids and to lobby Congress against regulations; schools struggling to deliver healthy food young people will actually eat, and the difficulty of arranging family dinners, which are known to promote family cohesion and stability. --
Baker Berry TX361.Y6 B47 2017

The art of stereography : rediscovering vintage three-dimensional images
Heil, Douglas, author
Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2017]
Photography's bastard offspring -- A gallery of the alluring and the emblematic -- Charles Bierstadt: romantic, realist ... modernist? -- Individualism in Watkins and Havana Glens -- Stereographic humanism.

"Three-dimensional stereoviews were popular in Europe and America in the mid-19th century. This book unearths the stereograph as an artistic medium and explores the subjects, composition, lighting, tonality, blocking and depth that make the best images so compelling. The best practitioners, like film directors or television producers, fused artistry with commercial appeal"--
Sherman TR780 .H45 2017

East of the Mississippi : nineteenth-century American landscape photography
Waggoner, Diane, author
Washington, DC : National Gallery of Art ; [2017]
"This important reconsideration of landscape photography in nineteenth-century America explores crucial but neglected geographies, practitioners, and themes. Although pictures of the West have dominated our perception of nineteenth-century American landscape photography, many photographers were working in the eastern half of the United States during that period. Their pictures, with the exception of Civil War images, have received relatively scant attention. Redressing this imbalance is East of the Mississippi, the first book to focus exclusively on the arresting eastern photographs that helped shape America's national identity. Celebrating natural wonders such as Niagara Falls and the White Mountains as well as capturing a cultural landscape fundamentally altered by industrialization, these works also documented the impact of war, promoted tourism, and played a role in an emerging environmentalism. Showcasing some 180 photographs from 1839 to 1900 in a rich variety of media and formats--from daguerreotypes, salted paper prints, tintypes, cyanotypes, and albumen prints to stereo cards and photograph albums--this volume traces the evolution of eastern landscape photography and introduces the artists who explored this subject. Also considered are the dynamic ties with other media--for instance, between painters and photographers such as the Bierstadt and Moran brothers--and the distinctive development of landscape photography in America"--
Sherman TR660 .W245 2017

Photographic autobiography
Horvat, Frank, 1928- photographer
Berlin, Germany : Hatje Cantz, [2016]
Sherman TR140.H818 F73 2016

Matrix information geometry
Frank Nielsen, Rajendra Bhatia, editors
Heidelberg ; Springer, ©2013
This book is an outcome of the Indo-French Workshop on Matrix Information Geometries (MIG): Applications in Sensor and Cognitive Systems Engineering, which was held in Ecole Polytechnique and Thales Research and Technology Center, Palaiseau, France, in February 23-25, 2011. The workshop was generously funded by the Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research (IFCPAR). During the event, 22 renowned invited french or indian speakers gave lectures on their areas of expertise within the field of matrix analysis or processing. From these talks, a total of 17 original contribution or state-of-the-art chapters have been assembled in this volume. All articles were thoroughly peer-reviewed and improved, according to the suggestions of the international referees. The 17 contributions presented are organized in three parts: (1) State-of-the-art surveys & original matrix theory work, (2) Advanced matrix theory for radar processing, and (3) Matrix-based signal processing applications.
Baker Berry Cook TK5102.9 .M38 2013

The cutoff plan : how a bold engineering plan broke with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers policy and saved the Mississippi Valley
Manders, Damon, author
New York : Nova Publishers, [2016]
Baker Berry TC425.M6 M237 2016

War story
Levin, Mikael, 1954-
Munich : G. Kehayoff, ©1997
Sherman TR660 .L485 1997

Environmental success stories : solving major ecological problems and confronting climate change
Dunnivant, Frank M., author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2017]
Securing safe, inexpensive drinking water -- Effective treatment of our wastewaters -- The removal of anthropogenic lead, and soon mercury, from our environment -- Elimination of chlorinated hydrocarbons from or environment -- Is that chemical safe in our food and water? : risk assessment -- Saving our atmosphere for our children -- Legislating industry :The need and the success -- The rapid advance of technology : our best hope -- Human's greatest challenge : climate change -- Conclusions -- Imagination, responsibility and climate change.
Baker Berry TD170.2 .D86 2017

Water in crisis : a guide to the world's fresh water resources
edited by Peter H. Gleick ; foreword by Gilbert F. White
New York : Oxford University Press, 1993
Part I. Essays on fresh water issues -- An introduction to global fresh water issues / Peter H. Gleick -- World fresh water resources / Igor A. Shiklomanov -- Water quality and health / Linda Nash -- Water and ecosystems / Alan P. Covich -- Water and agriculture / Sandra Postel -- Water and energy / Peter H. Gleick -- Water and economic development / Malin Falkenmark, Gunnar Lindh -- Water, politics, and international law / Stephen C. McCaffrey -- Water in the 21st century / Peter H. Gleick -- Part II. Fresh water data -- About the data / Peter H. Gleick -- Global and regional fresh water resources -- Rivers, lakes and waterfalls -- Sanitation and water-related disease -- Water quality and contamination -- Water and agriculture -- Water and ecosystems -- Water and energy -- Water and human use -- Water policy and politics -- Units, data conversions, and constants.
Kresge TD345 .W264 1993

The art of photography : a personal approach to artistic expression
Barnbaum, Bruce, 1943- author
San Rafael, CA : Rocky Nook, [2017]
Sherman TR642 .B364 2017

Digital photogrammetry : a practical course
Linder, Wilfried, 1959- , author
Berlin Springer, 2016
Machine generated contents note: 1.Introduction -- 1.1.Basic Idea and Main Task of Photogrammetry -- 1.2.Why Photogrammetry? -- 1.3.Image Sources: Analogue and Digital Cameras -- 1.4.Digital Consumer Cameras -- 1.5.Short History of Photogrammetric Evaluation Methods -- 1.6.Geometric Principles 1: Camera Position, Focal Length -- 1.7.Geometric Principles 2: Image Orientation -- 1.8.Geometric Principles 3: Relative Camera Positions (Stereo) -- 1.9.Some Definitions -- 1.10.Length and Angle Units -- 1.11.A Typical Workflow in Photogrammetry -- 2.Included Software and Data -- 2.1.Hardware Requirements, Operating System -- 2.2.Image Material -- 2.3.Overview of the Software -- 2.4.Installation -- 2.5.General Remarks -- 3.Scanning of Photos -- 3.1.Scanner Types -- 3.2.Geometric Resolution -- 3.3.Some Practical Advice -- 3.4.Import of the Scanned Images -- 4.A Single Model -- 4.1.Project Definition -- 4.2.Orientation of the Images -- 4.2.1.Camera Definition --
Baker Berry TA593 .L45 2016

Dora Maar : Paris in the time of Man Ray, Jean Cocteau, and Picasso
Baring, Louise, author
New York, NY : Rizzoli Interntaional Publications, Inc., [2017]
An unusual childhood -- The young photographer -- A cryptic dreamworld -- L'amour fou -- Wartime Paris: into that darkness -- A retreat from the world.

An exquisite volume on the beautiful, talented, and mysterious Dora Maar, showcasing her Surrealist photography, her life with Pablo Picasso, and her friendships with Surrealists in 1930s Paris. Highly regarded as a Surrealist photographer in the 1930s, Dora Maar was a fellow student with Henri Cartier-Bresson and friends with Brassai, Man Ray, Jean Cocteau, and Andre Breton, the charismatic leader of the Surrealists. When Maar met Picasso in the mid-1930s, she became the most influential of his many muses, inspiring much of what is considered to be his best work. But during the ten years they were together, she abandoned her career as an acclaimed professional photographer and instead photographed Picasso, including her famous series of him painting Guernica. While Maar was considered an influential Surrealist photographer, most of her work vanished from the public eye once she stopped creating it in the late 1930s. Now, this volume restores her photographs to their place in history, featuring a treasure trove of incredible and never-before-published images. An important look at Surrealist photography, "Dora Maar" is also beautifully illustrated with photographs celebrating Maar's friendships with leading artists and intellectuals of the day, such as Georges Bataille (Maar s former lover), glamorous Nusch Eluard and her husband, the poet Paul Eluard, and arts patron and hostess Marie-Laure de Noailles, evoking the atmosphere of 1930s and 40s artistic Paris.
Sherman TR140.M29 B37 2017

Jewish treasures of the Caribbean : the legacy of Judaism in the New World
Gallery, Wyatt, 1975- photographer
Atglen, PA : Schiffer Publishing Ltd, [2016]
"Jewish Treasures of the Caribbean" photographically highlights the little-known history of the earliest Jewish communities of the New-World, as seen through the remaining historic sites in Barbados, Curaçao, Jamaica, Nevis, St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. Eustatius and Suriname. These synagogues and Jewish cemeteries, some of the oldest in the Western Hemisphere, beautifully exemplify the strength of the Jewish people as well as the surprisingly diverse cultural history of the Caribbean." -- book flap.
Sherman TR820.5 .G35 2016

The Georgian kitchen
Kay, Emma, author
Stroud, Gloucestershire Amberley, 2015
BRITISH & IRISH HISTORY. A cup of coffee and a slice of cake, a glossy book in hand to cook for friends, Sunday lunch with the family at the local pub - most of us take these simple everyday pleasures for granted. But how did we learn to cook and what inspired us to get better at it? Today's food-obsessed culture has its roots in the Georgian period. Kay explores how, as a consequence of wider trade and travel, people living in Georgian Britain witnessed the emergence of new and exotic ingredients. They learnt about new styles of cooking and the types of apparatus needed to achieve these. Chefs were recruited from overseas to work in Britain's stately homes, taverns and inns. The number of men and women employed as pastry chefs and confectioners increased by almost 20,000 from the end of the Georgian to the middle of the Victorian period. The market for recipe books was prolific during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
Baker Berry TX645 .K39 2015

The long space age : the economic origins of space exploration from Colonial America to the Cold War
MacDonald, Alexander C., author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2017]
An economic historian argues that privately funded space exploration is not a new development, but a trend beginning with the astronomical observatories of the nineteenth century Over the last half-century there has been a rapid expansion in commerce off the surface of our planet. Nations and corporations have placed hundreds of satellites that provide billions of dollars' worth of communications, scientific, global positioning, and commercial services, while construction has been completed on humanity's ninth and largest space station. On the planet itself, government agencies, corporations, and individuals plan for the expansion of economic development to the lunar surface, asteroids, and Mars. The future of space exploration seems likely to include a mix of large government funded missions as well as independent private-sector missions. 'The Long Space Age' examines the economic history of American space exploration and spaceflight, from early astronomical observatories to the International Space Station, and argues that the contemporary rise of private-sector efforts is the re-emergence of a long-run trend not a new phenomenon.
Baker Berry TL789.8.U5 M23 2017

Civil imagination : a political ontology of photography
Azoulay, Ariella, author
London ; Verso, 2012
What is photography? -- Rethinking the political -- The photograph as the source of civil knowledge -- Civil uses of photography.

Examines how photography in Israel can reinforce and resist the oppressive reality upon people the depicted.
Sherman TR187 .A98313 2012

Fuel cells : dynamic modeling and control with power electronics applications
Gou, Bei, author
Boca Raton : CRC Press, [2017]
Feldberg TK2931 .G67 2017

Narratives of technology
Van der Laan, James M., 1955- author
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]
"This book documents and investigates the stories we have told and continue to tell about technology - now the dominant feature of our civilization - in fiction, non-fiction, film, and advertising. It answers important questions about the meanings people ascribe to technology, the hopes and fears we express in the different narratives, the effect of those narratives upon us, and the new forms of myth those narratives represent. 'Narratives of Technology' offers an approach grounded in the humanities, adding another perspective to that of social scientists and technologists."--Back cover.
Baker Berry T14.5 .V36 2016

A carne, a gordura e os ovos : colonização, caça e pesca na Amazônia
Fiori, Marlon Marcel
Porto Alegre : EDIPUCRS, 2015
Baker Berry TX360.B62 A4345 2015

Detroit after dark : photographs from the collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts
Nancy Barr ; with essays by Sara Blair and Chris Tysh
Detroit : Detroit Institute of Arts, [2016]
Detroit after dark : photographers take on the night / Nancy W. Barr -- Night-writing New York / Sara Blair -- Profane illuminaiton : capturing Paris by night / Chris Tysh.

This book is the first to explore photographic representations of Detroit during the hours from dusk until dawn, featuring work by artists including Robert Frank, Leni Sinclair, Steve Shaw, Russ Marshall, and Dave Jordano, among others. The city's streets, architecture, vast industrial complexes, night clubs, and unique subcultures are captured here in otherworldly visions of the nighttime urban landscape from the 1950s to the present day. These images offer a unique interpretation of Detroit, its industry, culture, and turbulent history through the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st. This book also provides context for the work by addressing historically significant artists who have contributed to the genre, including Ilse Bing, Brassai, Andre Kertesz, Berenice Abbott, and others.00Exhibition: Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, USA (21.10.2016-23.04.2017).
Sherman TR645.D482 D383 2016

Hybrid nanomaterials : design, synthesis, and biomedical applications
editors Feng Chen, Weibo Cai
Boca Raton : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2017]
Feldberg TA418.9.N35 H93 2017

Advanced mechatronics and MEMS devices II
Dan Zhang, Bin Wei, editors
Switzerland : Springer, [2017]
"This book introduces the state-of-the-art technologies in mechatronics, robotics, and MEMS devices in order to improve their methodologies. It provides a follow-up to 'Advanced Mechatronics and MEMS Devices' (2013) with an exploration of the most up-to-date technologies and their applications, shown through examples that give readers insights and lessons learned from actual projects"--Back cover.
Feldberg TK7875 .A38 2017

Informal beauty : the photographs of Paul Nash
Grant, Simon, 1967- author
London : Tate Publishing, 2016
Paul Nash is widely regarded as one of the most significant British artists of the 20th century. Best known for his evocative paintings of war-ravaged landscapes and his quasi-Surrealist visions of the English countryside, Nash was also a consummate photographer, who believed that the camera could reveal aspects of the world that the painter could not. From 1930, when he was forty-one, through to his death in 1946, he regularly experimented with photography, working with an American-made No. 1A pocket Kodak series 2 camera that had been given to him by his wife. Now, for the first time in a generation, the world of Nash's photographs is revealed in this intimate new book. While they have long been known as a compositional tool for Nash's paintings, this book reveals his black-and-white photographs as powerful and atmospheric works in their own right. From Nash's images of tree trunks and ploughed fields to lighthouses and haystacks, crumbling stone walls and statuary, rocks and pebbles - as well as his circle of friends and fellow-artists including Eileen Agar and Edward Burra - it shows the complete range of his fascinating photographic work.0The recent digitisation of Nash's extensive collection of photographs from the Tate Archive shows an artist whose subject matter, style and content was immensely varied and inventive. Including both little-known and previously unpublished photographs, and a highly informative contextual essay by author Simon Grant, Informal Beauty explores the experimental nature of Nash's output and the intensity and power of his photographic vision.
Sherman TR653 .N37 2016

Robert Haas : framing two worlds
editors, Anton Holzer, Frauke Kreutler ; authors, Anton Holzer, Frauke Kreutler, Ursula Storch
Berlin : Hatje/Cantz, [2016]
From portraits of major figures such as Albert Einstein and Arturo Toscanini to studies of everyday life and society in Vienna between the two world wars and street photography in New York, the oeuvre of the Austrian-American photographer Robert Haas (1898--1997) encompasses numerous themes and unites the views of two continents. His artistic career began in the milieu of 1920s Viennese modernism; he established himself as an internationally successful photojournalist in the '30s. After fleeing from the National Socialists in 1938, Haas found a new home in the United States. Besides his work as a well-known graphic artist and printer in New York, he documented everyday life in America in striking photographs. This catalog allows readers to rediscover a major photographer and an outstanding oeuvre, while presenting vintage prints that have never before been
Sherman TR653 .H33 2016

Erik Madigan Heck : old future
Heck, Erik Madigan, 1983-
New York : Abrams, [2017]
"Erik Madigan Heck's work explores this intersection of fashion, painting, and classical portraiture. Erik Madigan Heck: Old Future presents more than 100 photographs in a flowing, chromatic sequence. The photographs featured, published in the New York Times Magazine, New York, Harper's Bazaar UK, Porter, and more, show his range and vivid use of color, and his ability to produce evocative and seductive images that are simultaneously timeless and futuristic. With essays by Susan Bright and Justine Picardie that look at Heck's place within the realms of both art photography and fashion, this book is the essential introduction to a future master of fashion photography"--Publisher's description.
Sherman Oversize TR679 .H434 2017

Victorian photography, literature and the invention of modern memory : already the past
Green-Lewis, Jennifer, author
London ; Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2017
Sherman TR15 .G6925 2017

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