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T - Technology Acquisitions during November 2016

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Continuing innovation in information technology : workshop report
Committee on Continuing Innovation in Information Technology, Computer Science and Telecommunication Board, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine
Washington, DC : National Academies Press, [2016]
Baker Berry T58.5 .C67 2016

Dayanita Singh : file room
Dayanita Singh
Göttingen : Steidl, 2013
Dayanita Singh's photos of archives and their custodians across India examine how memory is made and how history is narrated. These images bring to light the paradox of archives: they are impersonal in their classifications, yet each is the careful handiwork of an individual archivist, an unsung keeper of history whose decisions generate the sources of much of our knowledge. Archives are vessels of orthodox fact but can also be the home of neglected details and forgotten documents than can unfix the status quo. As the pace of change in contemporary India accelerates and Indians turn from the past and fix their gaze on the future, what will become of the archive? Singh prompts us to imagine archives as not merely documents of dusty scholarship but as monuments of knowledge, beautiful in their unkempt order. Dayanita Singh was born in New Delhi in 1961 and studied at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad and the International Center of Photography in New York.
Sherman Oversize TR655 .D39 2013

To live and dine in L.A. : menus and the making of the modern city
Kun, Josh, author
Santa Monica, California : Los Angeles Library, Angel City Press, Library Foundation of Los Angeles, [2015]
"To Live and Dine in L.A. is a project of the Library Foundation of Los Angeles, based On The Menu Collection of The Los Angeles Public Library. This lavish pictorial work celebrates the rich - and untold - history of restaurants and food in the City of Angels"--
Sherman TX909.2.C22 L678 2015

Kati Horna : constelaciones de sentido
Pelizzon, Lisa, author
Barcelona : Sans Soleil ediciones, 2014
On Kati Horna (1912-2000), Mexican photographer, born in Hungary.
Baker Berry TR140.H648 P44 2014

Cy Twombly : ausgewählte Fotografien, 1944-2006 = Selected photographs, 1944-2006 : 35 Fotografien aus einer Münchner Privatsammlung
Twombly, Cy, 1928-2011, photographer
Baden-Baden : Museum Frieder Burda ; [2016]
Sherman TR647 .T92 2016

Retratos de Lima 1867-1925 : Archivo Eugene Courret de la Biblioteca Nacional del Perú = Portraits of Lima 1867-1925 : Eugène Courret Archive of the National Library of Perú
Lima : Biblioteca Nacional del Perú, [2015]
Palabras preliminares = Opening words / Ramón Mujica Pinilla.

The National Library of Peru, in addition to its bibliographic documentary funds, houses a rich collection of photographs. It includes the photographic archives of the Studio "Fotografía Central" (later Courret Hermanos) established in Lima in the 19th century. In 1868, brothers Eugéne (b. France 1841 190?) and Aquiles Courret (b. France 1830) associated with Carlos Luis Roswell specializing in photographic portraits in the city of Valparaiso. During the development of the Pacific War, the Courret studio was one of the most prominent, portraying both the Peruvian and Chilean military officers as well as some photographs on the battlefields. In 1900, Eugenio Courret exhibited his works at the Universal exhibition in Paris, earning a gold medal. He died in France a few years later.
Sherman Oversize TR647 .C68 2015

Thermal integrity in mechanics and engineering
Shorr, Boris F
Berlin : Springer, [2015]
Introduction -- Thermoelasticity -- Thermal plasticity. Unidirectional proportional loading -- Thermal plasticity. Cyclic loading and heating -- Unsteady thermal plasticity -- Creep and long-term strength at stationary stresses and temperatures -- Cyclic creep. Thermocyclic durability -- Creep and durability at non-stationary loading and heating -- Estimation of design thermal integrity -- Elastic and inelastic thermal stability.- Thermal integrity of anisotropic bodies .- Special problems of thermal integrity.

The book is targeted at engineers, university lecturers, postgraduates, and final year undergraduate students involved in computational modelling and experimental and theoretical analysis of the high-temperature behavior of engineering structures. It will also be of interest to researchers developing the thermal strength theory as a branch of continuum mechanics. Thermal integrity is a multidisciplinary field combining the expertise of mechanical engineers, material scientists and applied mathematicians, each approaching the problem from their specific viewpoint. This monograph draws on the research of a broad scientific community including the author's contribution. The scope of thermal strength analysis was considerably extended thanks to modern computers and the implementation of FEM codes. However, the author believes that some material models adopted in the advanced high-performance software, are not sufficiently justificated due to lack of easy-to-follow books on the theoretical and experimental aspects of thermal integrity. The author endeavors to provide a thorough yet sufficiently simple presentation of the underlying concepts, making the book compelling to a wide audience.
Feldberg TA418.52 .S56 2015

Operations research and big data : IO2015-XVII Congress of Portuguese Association of Operational Research (APDIO)
Ana Paula Ferreira Diaz Barbosa Põvoa, João Luis de Mirando, editors
Cham : Springer, [2016]
Feldberg T57.6 .P67 2016

Pandora's box : Jan Dibbets on another photography
Paris : Paris musées : [2016]
Sherman Oversize TR646.F72 P336178 2016

Hernán Díaz revelado : retratos, sesiones y hojas de contactos
Díaz, Hernán, 1929-2009, photographer
Bogotá, D.C. : Banco de la República, Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango, 2015
Presentación / José Darío Uribe -- Introducción -- Hernán Díaz revelado -- Cada foto es una página escrita en imágenes -- El mundo como una pintura en rollo -- Cartagena morena -- Paisaje e industria -- "Los hombres mueren y yo no quiero que mueran" -- Entrevista a Hernán Díaz / Santiago Rueda -- Cronología.

An archive of 1000 photographic images by Hernán Díaz, acquired by the Banco de la República in 2012, allows unprecedented access to Díaz's work, including contact sheets of legendary photographic sessions with artists such as Fernando Botero, Alejandro Obregón, Feliza Bursztyn, Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar, Carlos Rojas and Guillermo Widemann. Also included are landscapes, commercial work in factories, and images of the city of Cartagena de Indias, the history of which is reflected in Díaz's book Cartagena morena y Cartagena de siempre.
Sherman TR647 .D519 2015

Bandidos, miserables, facinerosos : fotografía y violencia en el porfiriato tardío
Fajardo Tapía, David, author
[México, D.F.] : Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, [2015]
Sherman TR822 .F35 2015

Vik Muniz : Buenos Aires
Sáenz Peña Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero 2015
Presentación / Anibal Jozami -- Pensando con Vik: Fragmentos de un diálogo / Vik Muniz -- Relato visual -- Más aca de la imagen / Alejandro Weyler -- Biografia -- Obras exhibidas.
Sherman TR654 .V54 2015

Claudia Andujar : marcados
curador, Agustín Pérez Rubio
Buenos Aires : Universidad Nacional de las Artes, [2016]
Sobre la serie Marcados = On the series Marcadosʺ / Agustín Pérez Rubio, MALBA Presentación = Introduction / Sandra Torlucci, UNA Circunstancias = Circumstances / Claudia Andújar Obras = Works -- Marcados Marcados para Biografía = Biography.

Claudia Andujar (Claudine Haas, 1931) was born in Switzerland and has lived in Brazil since 1955. In contact with the Yanomami Indians of Roraima, she spent extended periods in their company of making photographic essays that make up a chapter in the history of Brazilian photography. The series consists of 85pictures of Yanomami made between 1981 and 1983, during a trip to survey the situation. As the Yanomami do not respond to name, a 19th century method was chosen for the identification of indigenous peoples: a photograph of the individual with a number attached to the body. These records, now transformed into a book, being published in Portuguese and English, include, in addition to photos, an itinerary of visits and portions of the report of the photographer on the communities studied.
Sherman TR647 .A53 2016

Industrial chemical process analysis and design
Martín, Mariano Martín
Amsterdam : Elsevier, 2016
Feldberg TP155.7 .M37 2016

Shifting views & changing places : the photographs of Rick Dingus
Dingus, Rick, 1951- photographer,
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, [2016]
Sherman TR790 .D56 2016

Tracey Moffatt : between dreams and reality
Moffatt, Tracey
Milano : Skira ; ©2006
Sherman TR647 .M55713 2006

1% privilege in a time of global inequality
texts by Geoff Dyer and Joseph E. Stiglitz ; edited by Myles Little
Ostfildern, Germany : Hatje Cantz Verlag, [2016]
Sherman TR655 .A13 2016

Danny Lyon : message to the future
Julian Cox with Elisabeth Sussman, Alexander Nemerov, Danica Willard Sachs, Ed Halter, Alan Rinzler
San Francisco : Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco ; [2016]
"Coming of age in the 1960s, the photographer Danny Lyon (b. 1942) distinguished himself with work that emphasized intimate social engagement. In 1962 Lyon traveled to the segregated South to photograph the civil rights movement. Subsequent projects on biker culture, the demolition and redevelopment of lower Manhattan, and the Texas prison system, and more recently on the Occupy movement and the vanishing culture in China's booming Shanxi Province, share Lyon's signature immersive approach and his commitment to social and political issues that concern those on the margins of society. Lyon's photography is paralleled by his work as a filmmaker and a writer. Danny Lyon: Message to the Future is the first in-depth examination of this leading figure in American photography and film, and the first publication to present his influential bodies of work in all media in their full context. Lead essayists Julian Cox and Elisabeth Sussman provide an account of Lyon's five-decade career. Alexander Nemerov writes about Lyon's work in Knoxville, Tennessee; Ed Halter assesses the artist's films; Danica Willard Sachs evaluates his photomontages; and Julian Cox interviews Alan Rinzler about his role in publishing Lyon's earliest works. With extensive back matter and illustrations, this publication will be the most comprehensive account of this influential artist's work"--
Sherman TR 820.5 .L962 2016

Photoviz : visualizing information through photography
Felton, Nicholas, 1977- author,
Berlin : Gestalten, 2016
Stories told with graphics and infographics are now being visualised through photography. 'Photoviz' shows how these powerful images are depicting correlations, making the invisible visible, and revealing more detail than classic photojournalism.
Sherman TR692 .F45 2016

Introduction to quality and reliability engineering
Jiang, Renyan, 1956- author
Beijing : Science Press ; [2015]
Part I. Background materials -- Part II. Product quality and reliability in pre-manufacturing phase -- Part III. Product quality and reliability in manufacturing phase -- Part IV. Product quality and reliability in post-manufacturing phase.

This book presents the state-of-the-art in quality and reliability engineering from a product life cycle standpoint. Topics in reliability include reliability models, life data analysis and modeling, design for reliability and accelerated life testing, while topics in quality include design for quality, acceptance sampling and supplier selection, statistical process control, production tests such as screening and burn-in, warranty and maintenance. The book provides comprehensive insights into two closely related subjects, and includes a wealth of examples and problems to enhance reader comprehension and link theory and practice. All numerical examples can be easily solved using Microsoft Excel. The book is intended for senior undergraduate and post-graduate students in related engineering and management programs such as mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering and engineering management programs, as well as for researchers and engineers in the quality and reliability fields. Dr. Renyan Jiang is a Professor at the School of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, Changsha University of Science and Technology, China.
Feldberg TS173 .J536 2015

Life after dark : a history of British nightclubs and music venues
Haslam, Dave, author
London : Simon & Schuster, 2015
Wonderballs, gold dust, discos become Tescoes -- Bare-necked ladies, shaggy-looking Germans, everyone is drunk -- Dream palaces, degenerative boys, jazz-mad dancing girls -- Bare room with lightbulbs, raves, what happened next -- Merseybeat, flashing eyes, a leg-over -- Pills, thrills, not keeping music live -- Cosmonauts, light shows, Clapton takes acid -- Soul power, Big Julie, 'YOu make me feel (Mighty Real)' -- Secret gigs, home-butchered hair, love action at the Roxy -- Posers, the Krays, a tribe called 'goths' -- Tape machines, modern drugs, unknown pleasures -- Wild bunch, headless pigeons, a track with no name -- Police raids, the Prodigy in a bingo hall, an MC in a cupboard -- Celebrities, more ecstasy, music in life -- Outro. Michael Stipe's shoe, the cocktail from Hull, worlds emerge.

"Nightclubs and music venues are often the source of a lifetime's music taste, best friends and vivid memories. They can define a town, a city or a generation, and breed scenes and bands that change music history. In Life After Dark Dave Haslam reveals and celebrates a definitive history of significant venues and great nights out. Writing with passion and authority, he takes us from vice-ridden Victorian dance halls to acid house and beyond; through the jazz decades of luxurious ballrooms to mods in basement dives and the venues that nurtured the Beatles, the Stones, Northern Soul and the Sex Pistols; from psychedelic light shows to high street discos; from the Roxy to the Hacienda; from the Krays to the Slits; and from reggae sound systems to rave nights in Stoke. In a journey to dozens of towns and cities, taking in hundreds of unforgettable stories on the way, Haslam explores the sleaziness, the changing fashions, the moral panics and the cultural and commercial history of nightlife. He interviews clubbers and venue owners, as well as DJs and musicians; he meets one of the gangsters who nearly destroyed Manchester's nightlife and discusses Goth clubs in Leeds with David Peace."--Publisher description.
Baker Berry TX950.59.G74 H37 2015

Numerical analysis for engineers : methods and applications
Ayyub, Bilal M., author
Boca Raton : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2016]
Feldberg TA335 .A99 2016

Chanel : catwalk : the complete Karl Lagerfeld collections
introduction by Patrick Mauriès
New Haven, CT : Yale University Press, 2016
Sherman TT505.L34 C43 2016

Diane Arbus : portrait of a photographer
Lubow, Arthur, author
New York, NY : Ecco, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2016]
A daughter, a wife, and a mother -- Breaking away -- Becoming a photographer -- Knowing people in an almost biblical sense -- The crystal-clear vision of a poet -- Happy even though they don't have anything -- Heartbreaking and dizzying.

Traces the life of the influential twentieth-century photographer to link the extraordinary arc of her experiences to her iconic images, exploring her role in shaping both photography and contemporary art while offering insights into the unique perspectives that drew her to her subjects.
Sherman TR140.A73 L83 2016

Global bioethanol : evolution, risks, and uncertainties
edited by Sergio Luiz Monteiro Salles-Filho, Luiś Augusto Barbosa Cortez, José Maria Ferreira Jardim da Silveira and Sergio C. Trindade, Maria da Graç̦a Derengowski Fonseca
Feldberg TP358 .S25 2016

Angels of Ghost Street
Zimbardo, Xavier, photographer
Baden, Austria : Edition Lammerhuber, [2015]
Sherman TR681.W6 Z56 2015

Robert Cumming : the difficulties of nonsense
Cumming, Robert, 1943- photographer
New York, NY : aperture, 2016
Robert Cumming draws on the blackboard : the 1970s photographs / essay by Sarah Bay Gachot -- Plates -- Notations : Robert Cumming in conversation with David Campany -- Acknowledgments.
Sherman TR140.C84 A4 2016

Women film editors : unseen artists of American cinema
Meuel, David, 1950- author
Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2016]
Introduction -- "Trojan Annie": Anne Bauchens' epic 40-year partnership with Cecil B. DeMille -- "The eyes to me are everything": Viola Lawrence's 47 years of seeing into the eyes of actors to convey the essence of characters -- "Boy, was I tough": the long reign and lasting legacy of MGM's Margaret Booth -- "Bobbie says...": Barbara McLean's four decades as Darryl Zanuck's "right-hand woman" -- Cutting to the chase: Dorothy Spencer's action-packed half-century in Hollywood -- The revolutionary: Dede Allen upends American film editing in the 1960s and 1970s -- "Mother cutter": Verna Fields mentors a new generation of film directors in the 1970s -- Making the most of her moments: the ever-adaptable and always adventurous Anne V. Coates -- "The most modest of living legends": Thelma Schoonmaker and her lifelong artistic partnership with Martin Scorsese -- Quick cuts: nine other women who've left a memorable mark on U.S. film editing -- Conclusion: contributions worth noting and celebrating.

"As female producers and directors virtually disappeared for decades, a number of female film editors remained, rising to the top of their profession, several critical to revolutionizing filmmaking in the 1960s and 1970s. Focusing on nine of these women and presenting glimpses of nine others, this book tells their captivating personal stories and examines their professional achievements"--
Baker Berry TR899 .M45 2016

Kentucky Renaissance : the Lexington Camera Club and its community, 1954-1974
Sholis, Brian, author
New Haven ; Yale University Press ; [2016]
Sherman TR25.L49 S46 2016

Inge Morath : on style
Morath, Inge, photographer
New York : Abrams, 2016
Sherman TR647 .M6572 2016

The swimming pool : photographs 2007-2015
Templeton, Deanna, photographer
Davenport, CA : Um Yeah Arts, 2016
Sherman TR675 .T446 2016

Andres Serrano : uncensored photographs
authors, Quentin Bajac, Germano Celant, Nathalie Dietschy, Michel Draguet, Jan Koenot ; translations, Paul T. Metcalfe
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale ; [2016]
Sherman TR647 .S463 2016

The uses of photography : art, politics, and the reinvention of a medium
edited by Jill Dawsey ; with contributions by David Antin, Jill Dawsey, Pamela M. Lee, Judith Rodenbeck, and Benjamin J. Young
La Jolla, California : Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego ; [2016]
"The uses of Photography examines a network of artists who were active in Southern California between the late 1960s and early 1980s and whose experiments with photography opened the medium to a profusion of new strategies and subjects. These artists introduced urgent social issues and themes of everyday life into the seemingly neutral territory of conceptual art, through photographic works that took on hybrid forms, from books and postcards to video and text-and-image installations. Tracing a crucial history of photoconceptual practice, The Uses of Photography focuses on an artistic community that formed in and around the young University of California San Diego, founded in 1960, and its visual arts department, founded in 1967. Artists such as Eleanor Antin, Allan Kaprow, Fred Lonidier, Martha Rosler, Allan Sekula, and Carrie Mae Weems employed photography and its expanded forms as a means to dismantle modernist autonomy, to contest notions of photographic truth, and to engage in political critique. The work of these artists shaped emergent accounts of postmodernism in the visual arts and their influence is felt throughout the global contemporary art world today."--Page 4 of cover.
Sherman TR645.S252 M8 2016

Remembered light : Cy Twombly in Lexington
Mann, Sally, 1951- photographer,
New York, N.Y. : Abrams : 2016
Sherman TR647 .M36 2016

Street : the human clay
Friedlander, Lee, photographer
New Haven : Yale University Art Gallery, 2016
American photographer Lee Friedlander (b. 1934) has had an expansive career, photographing his subjects-from family and friends to political figures and celebrities-in their everyday environments, while simultaneously changing the very landscape of his chosen media. In his Human Clay series, images of people in their surroundings are presented together thematically. Each book features hundreds of photographs, many never before published, chosen and sequenced by the artist himself from his vast archive. This latest volume in the series compiles some of Friedlander's street photography taken over the course of more than 50 years-including images of Atlanta, Buffalo, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, and San Francisco, as well as more than 125 photographs of New York City.
Sherman TR659.8 .F75 2016

Anthony Hernandez
edited by Erin O'Toole
San Francisco, California : San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, [2016]
A very hard look / Erin O'Toole -- Early work: 1966-1976 -- Absence and presence: 1978-1990 -- Forever homeless: a dialogue / Lewis Baltz and Anthony Hernandez -- Beyond L.A.: 1993-2006 -- Discards / Ralph Rugoff -- Signs and traces: 1996-2014.

Since the early 1970s, when he hit the streets of Los Angeles with a 35mm camera and the basic technical knowledge he had acquired in darkroom classes at East Los Angeles College, photographer Anthony Hernandez has consistently challenged himself by adopting new formats and subject matter. Moving from black-and-white to colour, from 35mm to large-format cameras and from the human figure to landscapes to abstracted detail, Hernandez has produced a varied body of work united by its arresting formal beauty and subtle engagement with social issues. At first largely unaware of the formal traditions of the medium, Hernandez developed a style of street photography uniquely attuned to the desolate beauty and sprawling expanses of L.A. Published to accompany the photographer's first retrospective, Anthony Hernandez offers a comprehensive introduction to Hernandez's career of more than forty years, including many photographs that have never before been exhibited or published. The catalogue fully represents the range and breadth of Hernandez's work, with an extensive plate section sequenced in collaboration with the photographer. 0Exhibition: San Francisco Museum, USA (24.09.2016-01.01.2017).
Sherman TR655 .A558 2016

Eating history : 30 turning points in the making of American cuisine
Smith, Andrew F., 1946-
New York : Columbia University Press, [2009]
Preface -- Acknowledgments -- Prologue -- 1: Oliver Evans's automated mill -- 2: Erie Canal -- 3: Delmonico's -- 4: Sylvester Graham's reforms -- 5: Cyrus McCormick's reaper -- 6: Multiethnic smorgasbord -- 7: Giving thanks -- 8: Gail Borden's canned milk -- 9: Homogenizing war -- 10: Transcontinental railroad -- 11: Fair food -- 12: Henry Crowell's Quaker special -- 13: Wilbur O Atwater's calorimeter -- 14: Cracker Jack snack -- 15: Fannie Farmer's cookbook -- 16: Kelloggs' corn flakes -- 17: Upton Sinclair's Jungle -- 18: Frozen seafood and TV dinners -- 19: Michael Cullen's super market -- 20: Earle MacAusland's Gourmet -- 21: Jerome I Rodale's Organic gardening -- 22: Percy Spencer's radar -- 23: Frances Roth and Katharine Angell's CIA -- 24: McDonald's drive-in -- 25: Julia Child, the French chef -- 26: Jean Nidetch's diet -- 27: Alice Waters's Chez Panisse -- 28: TVFN -- 29: Flavr Savr -- 30: Mergers, acquisitions, and spin-offs -- Epilogue -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index.

Overview: Food expert and celebrated food historian Andrew F. Smith recounts-in delicious detail-the creation of contemporary American cuisine. The diet of the modern American wasn't always as corporate, conglomerated, and corn-rich as it is today, and the style of American cooking, along with the ingredients that compose it, has never been fixed. With a cast of characters including bold inventors, savvy restaurateurs, ruthless advertisers, mad scientists, adventurous entrepreneurs, celebrity chefs, and relentless health nuts, Smith pins down the truly crackerjack history behind the way America eats. Smith's story opens with early America, an agriculturally independent nation where most citizens grew and consumed their own food. Over the next two hundred years, however, Americans would cultivate an entirely different approach to crops and consumption. Advances in food processing, transportation, regulation, nutrition, and science introduced highly complex and mechanized methods of production. The proliferation of cookbooks, cooking shows, and professionally designed kitchens made meals more commercially, politically, and culturally potent. To better understand these trends, Smith delves deeply and humorously into their creation. Ultimately he shows how, by revisiting this history, we can reclaim the independent, locally sustainable roots of American food.
Baker Berry TX715 .S651315 2009

Bioenergy : principles and applications
edited by Yebo Li, Samir Khanal
Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2016
Feldberg TP339 .B53185 2016

La furia de las imágenes : notas sobre la postfotografía
Fontcuberta, Joan, 1955- author
Barcelona : Galaxia Gutenberg, 2016
Sherman TR642 .F668 2016

Practical petrophysics
Kennedy, Martin (Petroleum engineering consultant), author
Waltham, MA : Elsevier, [2015]
Practical Petrophysics looks at both the principles and practice of petrophysics in understanding petroleum reservoirs. It concentrates on the tools and techniques in everyday use, and addresses all types of reservoirs, including unconventionals. The book provides explanations on how to perform fit for purpose interpretations of petrophysical data, with emphasis on what the interpreter needs and what is practically possible with real data. It also includes applications such as reservoir performance, seismic attribute, geo-mechanics, source rock characterization, and more.
Kresge TN870.5 .K46 2015

A square meal : a culinary history of the Great Depression
Ziegelman, Jane, author
New York, NY : Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2016]
"From the author of the acclaimed 97 Orchard and her husband, a culinary historian, an in-depth exploration of the greatest food crisis the nation has ever faced--the Great Depression--and how it transformed America's culinary culture. The decade-long Great Depression, a period of shifts in the country's political and social landscape, forever changed the way America eats. Before 1929, America's relationship with food was defined by abundance. But the collapse of the economy, in both urban and rural America, left a quarter of all Americans out of work and undernourished--shattering long-held assumptions about the limitlessness of the national larder. In 1933, as women struggled to feed their families, President Roosevelt reversed long-standing biases toward government-sponsored 'food charity.' For the first time in American history, the federal government assumed, for a while, responsibility for feeding its citizens. The effects were widespread. Championed by Eleanor Roosevelt, 'home economists' who had long fought to bring science into the kitchen rose to national stature. Tapping into America's long-standing ambivalence toward culinary enjoyment, they imposed their vision of a sturdy, utilitarian cuisine on the American dinner table. Through the Bureau of Home Economics, these women led a sweeping campaign to instill dietary recommendations, the forerunners of today's Dietary Guidelines for Americans. At the same time, rising food conglomerates introduced packaged and processed foods that gave rise to a new American cuisine based on speed and convenience. This movement toward a homogenized national cuisine sparked a revival of American regional cooking. In the ensuing decades, the tension between local traditions and culinary science has defined our national cuisine--a battle that continues today. A Square Meal examines the impact of economic contraction and environmental disaster on how Americans ate then--and the lessons and insights those experiences may hold for us today. A Square Meal features 25 black-and-white photographs"--
Baker Berry TX715 .Z54 2016

Next generation sensors and systems
Subhas Chan Mukhopadhyay, editor
Cham : Springer, [2016]
Graphene based physical and chemical sensors -- Design and realization of a planar interdigital microsensor for biological medium characterization -- Molecularly imprinted impedimetric sensing of phthalates: a real-time assay technique -- Magnetic and transport properties of M-Cu (M=Co, Fe) microwires -- Giant magnetoimpedance effect of amorphous and nanocrystalline glass-coated microwires -- Aged zirconia electrochemical oxygen sensor activation and reactivation using NEMCA -- A new scheme for determination of respiration rate in human being using MEMS based capacitive pressure sensor -- Monitoring of the lung fluid movement and estimation of lung area using electrical impedance tomography -- Activity and anomaly detection in Smart Home: a survey -- Real-time monitoring of meat drying process using electromagnetic wave sensors -- An improved fusion algorithm for estimating speed from smartphone's Ins/Gps sensors -- Monitoring water in treatment and distribution system -- An application of the frame theory for signature extraction in the analysis of 3D point clouds -- Design of self-generating components powered by magnetic energy harvesging--magnetic field alarm.
Feldberg TK7872.D48 N49 2016

The camera does the rest : how Polaroid changed photography
Buse, Peter, 1970- author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, [2016]
Introduction -- Just a toy -- Intimate, one of a kind -- Polaroid and digital -- Polaroid attractions -- Polaroid values -- Just for snapshots? -- Conclusion.

In a world where nearly everyone has a cellphone camera capable of zapping countless instant photos, it can be a challenge to remember just how special and transformative Polaroid photography was in its day. And yet, theres still something magical for those of us who recall waiting for a Polaroid picture to develop. Writing in the context of two Polaroid Corporation bankruptcies, not to mention the obsolescence of its film, Peter Buse argues that Polaroid was, and is, distinguished by its processby the fact that, as the New York Times put it in 1947, "the camera does the rest." Polaroid was often dismissed as a toy, but Buse takes it seriously, showing how it encouraged photographic play as well as new forms of artistic practice. Drawing on unprecedented access to the archives of the Polaroid Corporation, Buse reveals Polaroid as photography at its most intimate, where the photographer, photograph, and subject sit in close proximity in both time and spacemaking Polaroid not only the perfect party camera but also the tool for frankly salacious pictures taking. Along the way, Buse tells the story of the Polaroid Corporation and its ultimately doomed hard-copy wager against the rising tide of digital imaging technology. He explores the continuities and the differences between Polaroid and digital, reflecting on what Polaroid can tell us about how we snap photos today. Richly illustrated, The Camera Does the Rest will delight historians, art critics, analog fanatics, photographers, and all those who miss the thrill of waiting to see what develops.--Publisher description.
Sherman TR269 .B87 2016

Overview : a new perspective of Earth
Grant, Benjamin, author,
Berkeley : Amphoto Books ; [2016]
Sherman TR810 .G675 2016

Environmental nanotechnology : applications and impacts of nanomaterials
Mark R. Wiesner, editor, Jean-Yves Bottero editor
New York : McGraw-Hill Education, [2016]
Feldberg T174.7 .E58 2016

Las que limpian los hoteles : historias ocultas de precariedad laboral
Cañada, Ernest, author
Barcelona : Icaria, 2015
Baker Berry TX928 .C35 2015

Marconi : the man who networked the world
Raboy, Marc, 1948- author
New York : Oxford University Press, [2016]
Prologue: Marconi in his time and ours -- Part I. The prodigy -- Bologna : the beginnings -- Priority and detractors -- London : start-up -- The magician -- New York : new frontiers -- Love and imperialism -- The upstart technology -- "The great thing" -- Newfoundland : the world shrinks -- Part II. The player -- Corralling the brand -- Regulation -- Marriage -- A life in litigation -- The Marconi aura -- A new world order -- On the way to somewhere -- The perfect laureate -- Part III. The patriot -- The Godsend -- Signals of war -- Wireless and disaster -- "The Marconi scandal" -- The invisible weapon -- "L'eroe magico" -- The statesman -- The spark -- Part IV. The outsider -- The master of the house -- The Beam indenture -- Radio -- The merger -- The anchor -- Part V. The conformist -- A servant of the regime -- Science and Fascism -- "Your every wish is my command" -- Controlling his legacy -- The heritage -- He only cared about wireless....

Marc Raboy gives us the first real account of Marconi's vital role as the wizard of wireless, industry developer, and consummate political insider. Raboy's impeccably researched biography will help guide histories of global media in the years ahead.
Baker Berry TK5739.M3 R33 2016

Disillusioned : Victorian photography and the discerning subject
Bear, Jordan, author
University Park, Pennsylvania : The Pennsylvania State University Press, [2015]
Introduction: the history of photography and the problem of knowledge -- See for yourself : visual discernment and photography's appearance -- Shadowy organization : combination photography, illusion, and conspiracy -- Same time tomorrow : serial photographs and the structure of industrial vision -- Hand in hand : gender and collaboration in Victorian photography -- Signature style : Francis Frith and the rise of corporate photographic authorship -- Indistinct relics : discerning the origins of photography -- The limits of looking : the tiny, distant, and rapid subjects of photography. Conclusion : "normal" photography : the legacy of a history.

"Examines how photographic trickery in the 1850s and 1860s participated in the fashioning of the modern subject. Integrates images of the Victorian period into a new and expansive interpretive framework by locating specific mechanisms of photographic deception"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman TR148 .B43 2015

Pollutions industrielles et espaces méditerranéens : XVIIIe-XXIe siècle
sous la direction de Laura Centemeri et Xavier Daumalin
Paris : Karthala ; 2015
Baker Berry TD897.8.M47 P64 2015

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