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T - Technology Acquisitions during January 2017

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Beyond maps and atlases
Manen, Bertien van, photographer
[London] : Mack, [2016]
In this new body of work. Beyond maps and atlases, Bertien van Manen turns to Ireland. Van Manen says, At first, working in Ireland I wasn't sure what I was looking for. My husband had died. I dispensed with the people and reflected on the atmosphere. I was guided by a feeling and a search, a longing for some kind of meaning in a place of myths and legends. There was mystery and endlessness at the edge of a land beyond which is nothing but a vast expanse. where can it be found again? An elswhere world, beyond maps and atlases. Where all is woven into and of itself, like a nest of crosshatched grass blades Seamus heaney Van Manen rolled into photography almost by accident, taking pictures of her children with an old camera. As her work became more public she was soon drafted into the world of fashion photography. In 1977 she tired of the industry, and on discovering the documentary photograpy of Robert Frank and Josef Koudelka, van Manen began to explore the developing relationship between herself and her subjects, keeping a closeness and developing a personal, organic style of photography. Recent works include Easter and Oak Trees (MACK, 2013) and Moonshine (MACK, 2014).
Sherman TR655 .M3579 2016

Amsterdam 1900 : foto's van Olie, Breitner, Eilers en tijdgenoten
Olie, Jacob, 1834-1905, photographer
Amsterdam : Stadsarchief, [2016]
"Rond 1900 werd Amsterdam een dynamische stad. In dezelfde tijd ontwikkelde de fotografie zich tot een modern medium. In 'Amsterdam 1900 - Foto's van Olie, Breitner, Eilers en tijdgenoten' komen beide ontwikkelingen samen. In de binnenstad verrezen beeldbepalende gebouwen als het Centraal Station en de Beurs van Berlage. De industrie en de havens groeiden, maar tegelijk verkrotte de oude stad en was er veel armoede. Voor het eerst was het technisch mogelijk beweging in beeld te brengen waardoor foto's van rond 1900 een heel ander Amsterdam laten zien, een levende stad, drukbevolkt en bedrijvig. Onderzoek in fotografiecollecties van musea en archieven heeft een schat aan onbekende beelden van de stad en het leven in Amsterdam opgeleverd. Het boek laat de geboorte van de kunstfotografie, nieuwsfotografie, familiefotografie en de snapshot zien en biedt inzicht in de radicale verandering die het fotografische landschap honderd jaar geleden onderging. Van Jacob Olie, George Hendrik Breitner en Bernard Eilers zijn tot nu toe onbekende afdrukken te zien, deels uit particuliere collecties. Voor het eerst worden hun foto's met elkaar gecombineerd en met werk van tijdgenoten - amateurs en beroeps. Vintage prints en albums tonen de grote variatie in techniek, stijl en formaat van de fotografie uit die tijd. De collectie gezinsfoto's en stadsgezichten op autochromeplaten van Jan Zeegers zijn een uniek document van de vroege kleurenfotografie. Amsterdam 1900 focust op een kantelmoment in de geschiedenis van de fotografie en toont de wisselwerking tussen stad en fotografen. Exhibition: Stadsarchief Amsterdam, The Netherlands (14.10.2016-05.02.2017)".
Sherman TR659.8 .A47 2016

Introduction to internal combustion engines
Stone, Richard, 1955-
New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012
Clear, well-illustrated with a wealth of worked examples and end of chapter questions, this fourth edition is fully updated throughout. The book provides a comprehensive introduction to internal combustion engines.
Feldberg TJ755 .S87 2012

Steve McCurry : on reading
McCurry, Steve, photographer
London : Phaidon Press Limited, 2016
A celebrations of the timeless act of reading, told through photographs of people from around the world absorbed in books and newspapers.
Sherman TR680 .M3982 2016

Living stereo : histories and cultures of multichannel sound
edited by Paul Théberge, Kyle Devine, and Tom Everrett
New York : Bloomsbury Academic, 2015
Machine generated contents note: pt. ONE (AUDIO) POSITIONS -- 1. The "Sweet Spot": The Technology of Stereo and the Field of Auditorship / Tony Grajeda -- 2. The Stereophonic Spaces of Soundscape / Jonathan Sterne -- 3. Sonar and the Channelization of the Ocean / John Shiga -- pt. TWO LISTENING CULTURES -- 4. Training the Listener: Stereo Demonstration Discs in an Emerging Consumer Market / Tim J. Anderson -- 5. Mono in the Stereo Age / Eric Barry -- 6. Looking Past the Stereo Loudspeakers: From the Home to the Amplified Concert Hall / Jonathan Tee -- 7. Recorded British Folk Song / Allan F. Moore -- pt. THREE MULTICHANNEL SOUND AND SCREEN MEDIA -- 8. Television: Now with Two Channels of Audio / David Sedman -- 9. The Grandeur(s) of CinemaScope: Early Experiments in Cinematic Stereophony / Matthew Malsky -- 10. Atmos Now: Dolby Laboratories, Mixing Ideology and Hollywood Sound Production / Benjamin Wright.
Baker Berry TK7881.4 .L57 2015

Energy systems engineering : evaluation and implementation
Vanek, Francis M., author
New York : McGraw-Hill, [2016]
Feldberg TJ163.9 .V36 2016

FE review manual : rapid preparation for the fundamentals of engineering exam
Lindeburg, Michael R
Belmont, Calif. : Professional Publications, c2011
Feldberg TA159 .L5733 2011

The way things work now : from levers to lasers, windmills to Wi-Fi, a visual guide to the world of machines
Macaulay, David, author
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, [2016]
The mechanics of movement -- Harnessing the elements -- Working with waves -- Electricity & automation -- The digital domain -- Eureka! The invention of machines -- Technical terms.

Text and numerous detailed illustrations introduce and explain the scientific principles and workings of hundreds of machines.
On Reserve at Feldberg T47 .M18 2016

Beyond Earth : our path to a new home in the planets
Wohlforth, Charles P., author
New York : Pantheon Books, [2016]
"From a leading planetary scientist and an award-winning science writer, a propulsive account of the developments and initiatives that have transformed the dream of space colonization into something that may well be achievable. We are at the cusp of a golden age in space science, as increasingly more entrepreneurs--Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos--are seduced by the commercial potential of human access to space. But Beyond Earth does not offer another wide-eyed technology fantasy: instead, it is grounded not only in the human capacity for invention and the appeal of adventure but also in the bureaucratic, political, and scientific realities that present obstacles to space travel--realities that have hampered NASA'S efforts ever since the Challenger disaster. In Beyond Earth, Charles Wohlforth and Amanda R. Hendrix offer groundbreaking research and argue persuasively that not Mars, but Titan--a moon of Saturn with a nitrogen atmosphere, a weather cycle, and an inexhaustible supply of cheap energy, where we will even be able to fly like birds in the minimal gravitational field--offers the most realistic and thrilling prospect of life without support from Earth."--Dust jacket.
Kresge Popular Science TL790 .W63 2016

Airline : identity, design and culture
Lovegrove, Keith, author
London : Laurence King Publishing, 2013
Fashion -- Food -- Interiors -- Identity.

INDUSTRIAL / COMMERCIAL ART & DESIGN. This fascinating book examines every aspect of airline style, from the company liveries and interior designs of planes to advertising, haute couture and airborne haute cuisine. Divided into four sections covering fashion, food, interior design and identity, Airline shows how airborne culture has changed since the 1920s. The book spans the conservative to the outrageous, from saris to hotpants, from Hugh Hefner's private jet to the huge Airbus A380. A wide selection of retro styles are illustrated with illuminating archive material and images of ephemera. Airline uncovers the style, image and experience of the parallel universe that exists at 39,000 feet.
Baker Berry TL685.5.I6 L69 2013

The expanded subject : new perspectives in photographic portraiture from Africa
edited by Joshua I. Cohen, Sandrine Colard, and Giulia Paoletti
Munich, Germany : Hirmer Verlag [2016]
Sherman TR680 .E97 2016

Malta and water (AD 900 to 1900) : irrigating a semi-arid landscape
Buhagiar, Keith, author
Oxford : BAR Publishing, 2016
Baker Berry TD280.5 .B84 2016

Richard Wentworth : making do and getting by
Wentworth, Richard, 1947- photographer
London : Koenig Books, London in association with Lisson Gallery, London and Peter Freeman, Inc., New York, [2015]
Sherman TR655 .W458 2015

Physically based rendering : from theory to implementation
Pharr, Matt, author
Cambridge, MA : Morgan Kaufmann Publishers/Elsevier, [2017]
Introduction -- Geometry and transformations -- Shapes -- Primitives and intersection acceleration -- Color radiometry -- Camera models -- Sampling and reconstruction -- Reflection models -- Materials -- Texture -- Volume scattering -- Light sources -- Monte Carlo integration -- Light transport I : surface reflection -- Light transport II : volume rendering -- Light transport III : bidirectional methods -- Retrospective and the future.
Baker Berry Cook T385 .P486 2017

Fluid mechanics
White, Frank M., author
New York, NY : McGraw-Hill Education, [2016]
Chapter 1. Introduction -- Chapter 2. Pressure distribution in a fluid -- Chapter 3. Integral relations for a control volume -- Chapter 4. Differential relations for fluid flow -- Chapter 5. Dimensional analysis and similarity -- Chapter 6. Viscous flow in ducts -- Chapter 7. Flow past immersed bodies -- Chapter 8. Potential flow and computational fluid dynamics -- Chapter 9. Compressible flow -- Chapter 10. Open-channel flow -- Chapter 11. Turbomachinery -- Appendix A. Physical properties of fluids -- Appendix B. Compressible flow tables -- Appendix C. Conversion factors -- Appendix D. Equations of motion in cylindrical coordinates. -- Appendix E. Estimating uncertainty in experimental data. -- Answers to selected problems. -- Index
Feldberg TA357 .W48 2016

Horses : portraits
Moore, Derry, photographer
New York : Rizzoli, 2016
Sherman TR729.H6 M66 2016

Sara VanDerBeek
VanDerBeek, Sara, 1976- artist
Ostfildern, Germany : Hatje Cantz Verlag, [2016]
Sculpture, Photography, Surface / Ina Blom -- Sara VanDerBeek in Conversation with Roxana Marcoci: On the Conditions of Photo-Based Culture.

"Made with the camera's perspective in mind, Sara VanDerBeek's photographic and sculptural arrangements emulate a poet's economic use of structure, phrasing, and rhythm. Operating as sites of contact, her works position the archaeological past in direct dialogue with current forms of digital image capture and circulation. The subject of solo exhibitions at the Hammer Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, and the Baltimore Museum of Art, Sara VanDerBeek (*1976, New York) has been internationally recognized as a key progenitor of contemporary art's engagement with the medium of photography in an expanded field. This first book-length study distills dscrete bodies of work made between 2006 and 2016 that shift between the more controlled space of the studio and site visits to Detroit, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Rome, Paris, Naples, Ecuador, Rotterdam, and Baltimore."--Back cover
Sherman TR655 .V363 2016

Developing mining camp exploration concepts and technologies : Brownfield Exploration Project 2013-2016
edited by Soile Aatos
Espoo : Geological Survey of Finland, 2016
Kresge TN269 .D48 2016

Practical electronics for inventors
Scherz, Paul, author
New York : McGraw-Hill Education, [2016]
Introduction to electronics -- Theory -- Basic electronic circuit components -- Semiconductors -- Optoelectronics -- Sensors -- Hands-on electronics -- Operational amplifiers -- Filters -- Oscillators and timers -- Voltage regulators and power supplies -- Digital electronics -- Microcontrollers -- Programmable logic -- Motors -- Audio electronics -- Modular electronics -- Appendix A. Power distribution and home wiring -- Appendix B. Error analysis -- Appendix C. Useful facts and formulas.

Spark your creativity and gain the electronics skills required to transform your innovative ideas into functioning gadgets. This hands-on, updated guide outlines electrical principles and provides thorough, easy-to-follow instructions, schematics, and illustrations. Find out how to select components, safely assemble circuits, perform error tests, and build plug-and-play prototypes.
On Reserve at Feldberg TK7816 .S347 2016

Germaine Krull
Krull, Germaine, photographer
[Paris] : Jeu de Paume, [2015]
Sherman TR647 .K77 2015

Kuwait : a desert on fire = eine wuste in flammen = un derert en feu
Salgado, Sebastião, 1944- photographer
Cologne, Germany : Taschen, [2016]
Sebastião Salgado documents the torched Kuwaiti oil wells. In January and February 1991, as the United States-led coalition drove Iraqi forces out of Kuwait, Saddam Hussein's troops retaliated with an inferno. At some 700 oil wells and an unspecified number of oil-filled low-lying areas they ignited vast, raging fires , sending billowing black clouds over the region and thousands of tons of nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
Sherman TR820.6 .S25 2016

Toni Catany : cuando ir era volver
Catany, Tony, photographer
Barcelona : RM Verlag, S.L., [2016]
Sherman TR647 .C385 2016

Hidden urbanism : architecture and design of the Moscow metro, 1935-2015
Kuznet︠s︡ov, Sergey, 1977- author
Berlin : DOM Publishers, [2016]
Sherman TF302.M67 K89 2016

História, imagem e representação : possibilidades de leitura
Marlise Regina Meyrer e Rosane Marcia Neumann (organizadoras)
São Leopoldo, RS : Oikos Editora, 2015
Introdução / Marlise Regina Meyrer, Rosane Marcia Newmann -- Imagem em movimento: uma narrativa filmica da colônia alemã / Marlise Regina Meyrer -- Cartõoes-postais: representaçãos do espaço colonial no início do século XX / Rosane Marcia Newmann -- O olhar do colono / Paulo Adam -- Estúdio Foto Klos, 1913 a 1950 (Panambi-RS) / Carmen Adriane Ribeiro -- A cidade retratada: fotografias urbanas do Vale dos Sinos na Primeira República (1889-1930) / Alex Juarez Müller -- Uma análise documental da VI Festa de Uva de Caxias do Sul: representações da italianidade e modernização / André Betinardi -- História, memória e visualidade em publicações comemorativas de Passo Fundo / Eduardo Roiberto Jordão Knack -- Ao Trocadero: um exercício de leitura histórica de imagem publicitária / Daniele Deise Antunes Silveira -- Análise documental da Revista da semana: uma perspectiva da moda: um estudo sobre a reportagem: "As mais modernas invenções da moda" / Sediana Rizzo Czrnorski -- O gigante acourdou: politica, carges e o governo provisório de Vargas / Helena Teston -- Do xá ao aiatolá: a Revolução iraniana através de Veja (1978-1979) / David Anderson Zanoni -- In América: uma leitura histórica da imigração italiana / Claudine Machado Badalotti -- Fotografia de capa -- fala do que mostra ou fala mais do que parece? / Fabiana Beltrami da Silva -- Como nossa empancipação política vieo o progresso: a manipulação dos símbolos e dos lugares de memória na produção da identidade da cidade dos Mucker / Daniel Luciano Gevehr -- As imagens dos Santos Protetores: espaços de representação, memória e identidade de uma colônia italilana no sul do Brasil ; Daniel Luciano Gevehr, Aline Nandi.
Baker Berry TR41 .H57 2015

René Burri : mouvement
Burri, René, photographer
Göttingen, Germany : Diogenes/Steidl, 2016
[Volume] I / with forewords by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Philipp Keel -- [Volume] II / with a foreword by Hans-Michael Koetzle.

"Over the course of a half-century, the photographs of René Burri (1933-2014) have tracked the turning points, triumphs and crises of the twentieth century. Whether it was the 15-year-old Burri's portrait of Winston Churchill or his later portrayals of Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Richard Nixon, Anwar as-Sadat or Muammar al-Gaddafi, all have lodged themselves in the collective consciousness. Removed from sensationalism yet no less striking are Burri's images of the theater of war, of people suffering in poverty and calamity. And as if to hold such horrors in check, Burri turned his lens with equal intensity to the spheres of beauty and creativity--to the landscapes of Latin America, to great artists such as Picasso and Maria Callas, and to luminaries of architecture such as Le Corbusier and Oscar Niemeyer. This two-volume collection offers an extensive compilation of images from the eminent photojournalist." --
Sherman TR654 .B8592 2016

Basic principles and calculations in chemical engineering
Himmelblau, David Mautner, 1923-
Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall, ©2012
1. What are chemical engineering and bioengineering? -- 2. Introductory concepts -- 3. Material balances -- 4. Material balances without reaction -- 5. Material balances involving reactions -- 6. Material balances for multi-unit systems -- 7. Ideal and real gases -- 8. Multiphase equilibrium -- 9. Energy balances -- 10. Energy balances: how to account for chemical reaction -- 11. Humidity (psychrometric) charts and their use -- 12. Analysis of the degree of freedom in steady-state processes -- 13. Heats of solution and mixing -- 14. The mechanical energy balance -- 15. Liquids and gases in equilibrium with solids -- 16. Solving material and energy balances -- 17. Unsteady-state material and energy balances -- Appendices.

Best-selling introductory chemical engineering book - now updated with far more coverage of biotech, nanotech, and green engineering Thoroughly covers material balances, gases, liquids, and energy balances. Contains new biotech and bioengineering problems throughout.
Feldberg TP151 .H5 2012

Daido Moriyama in color : now, and never again
Moriyama, Daidō, 1938- photographer
Milano : Skira, 2016
250 photographs taken over the last five years introduced by biographical information interspersed with direct quotes from the photographer.
Sherman Oversize TR655.M675 N6 2016

Biotechnology from A to Z
Bains, William, 1955-
New York : Oxford University Press, 2004
"In 300 entries that span from ADEPT through cloning, genomes, patents, and viruses to zoonosis, Biotechnology from A to Z provides the essential guide to newly coined terms, and is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting access to the world of Biotechnologists. Recommended reading for scientists and non-scientists alike, it can be read cover to cover, or dipped into for a quick understanding of a term or topic."--Jacket.
Feldberg TP248.16 .B33 2004

The Isaac Mizrahi pictures : New York City 1989-93
Waplington, Nick, photographer
Bologna, Italy : Damiani, 2015
From 1989 to 1993, New York fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi granted the British photographer Nick Waplington rare backstage access to photograph every detail of the designer's fitting sessions in the weeks before his twice-yearly fashion shows. Combining Waplington's gritty style with Mizrahi's haute couture sensibilities, the resulting images offer a candid glimpse into the world of fashion when supermodels including Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell reigned supreme. At the same time, Waplington set out to document the wildly creative nightlife of the '90s "club kid" culture in New York, juxtaposing his images of uptown style with downtown looks and taking pictures at some of the city's most infamous clubs, such as the Pyramid Club and Save the Robots. Artist and photographer Nick Waplington (born 1970) has published several monographs, including 'Living room' and 'The wedding' (Aperture), 'Safety in numbers' (Booth-Clibborn), 'Truth or Consequences' (Phaidon) and 'Alexander McQueen: Working process' (Damiani). He lives in London and New York. Isaac Mizrahi (born 1961) has been a leader in the fashion industry for almost 30 years. In 1995 he was the subject of the award-winning documentary, "Unzipped." In 2003 Mizrahi pioneered the concept of merging high design with mass retail in partnership with Target. He has designed costumes for the New York Metropolitan Opera, the American Ballet Theater and the San Francisco Ballet. Mizrahi is the author of 'How to have style' and has been head judge on Lifetime's 'Project runway: All stars.'
Sherman TT505.M59 W324 2015

Alex Webb - La Calle : photographs of Mexico
Webb, Alex, 1952- photographer
New York : Aperture, 2016
Sherman TR659.8.W43 A4 2016

An introduction to plastics
Elias, Hans-Georg, 1928-
[Weinheim] : Wiley-VCH, 2003
Feldberg TP1120 .E45 2003

Nan Goldin : diving for pearls
edited with Guido Costa, Christine Fenzl, Gerhard Steidl ; production, Max Cramer, Léo Martin ; texts, Lotte Dinse, Nan Goldin, Glenn O'Brien
Hanover : Kestner Gesellschaft, 2016
A retrospective of photographer Nan Goldin's work. Diving for Pearls features photography from past exhibits and book, ranging from the early 1990s to 2015. Interspersed within are essays written by Nan Goldin, Lotte Dinse, and Glenn O'Brien.
Sherman TR647 .G6513 2016

Werner von Siemens, 1816-1892 : eine Biografie
Bähr, Johannes
München : C.H. Beck, [2016]
Baker Berry TK140.S5 B34 2016

Stang, Susan Hacker, photographer
[St. Louis, Missouri?] : Zamudio Creative, [2015]
"Eyes" / by Ken Lauter -- Regarding appearances / by Susan Hacker Stang -- Gallery of photographs.

"reAPPEARANCES is a sequence of fifty-two photographs that takes the viewer on a journey through the uncanny coherence of the look of the world. Shot using a small digital toy camera with a plastic lens, this series includes photographs taken in a number of countries and cities, and this variety of locations makes even more apparent the serendipitous connections between different places and cultures. The series is replete with numerous iconic sites and symbols, from the Empire State Building and Tower of Pisa, to Marilyn Monroe, baseball, gondolas, and drive-thru wedding chapels"--Photographer's website.
Sherman TR655 .S728 2015

Biotechnology operations : principles and practices
Centanni, John M., author
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2017]
Introduction to biotechnology operations : planning for success -- Project management -- Regulatory affairs -- Regulatory compliance -- Quality systems -- Biomanufacture -- Quality control -- Nonclinical studies -- Clinical trials.
Feldberg TP248.2 .C46 2017

Hecho en México
Bergna, Mónica, author
México, D.F. : Conaculta, 2013
Baker Berry T48 .B47 2013

Le retour du bon pain : Une histoire contemporaine du pain, de ses techniques et de ses hommes
Kaplan, Steven L
[Paris?] : Perrin, 2002
Baker Berry TX769 .K287 2002

La calma antes de la tormenta : fotografías de Ayacucho, Perú (1924-1976)
Alejos, Baldomero, 1902-1976, photographer
Barcelona : Edicions Casa Amèrica Catalunya, febrer de 2013
Sherman TR647 .A439 2013

Chaotic secure communication : principles and technologies
Sun, Kehui, author
Boston : De Gruyter, [2016]
Baker Berry Cook TK5102.85 .S86 2016

Wind energy engineering
Jain, Pramod, 1963- author
New York : McGraw-Hill, [2016]
Overview of wind energy business -- Basics of wind energy and power -- Properties of wind -- Aerodynamics of wind turbine blades -- Advances aerodynamics of wind turbine blades -- Wind measurement -- Wind resource assessment -- Advanced wind resource assessment -- Wind turbine generator components -- Basics of electricity and generators -- Deploying wind turbines in grid -- Environmental impact of wind projects -- Financial modeling of wind projects -- Planning and execution of wind projects -- Wind energy policy.
Feldberg TJ820 .J35 2016

Yves Saint Laurent : the perfection of style
Müller, Florence, 1957- editor
Seattle : In association with Seattle Art Museum, 2016
"Legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent's reputation precedes him but what of the man behind the work? Florence Muüller traces Saint Laurent's career, from aspiring designer to Christian Dior's protege to director of his own fashion house from 1961 until 2002. The book emphasizes the designer's creative process, his inspirations, the conception and fabric selection, the various stages of fitting and production and takes the reader behind the scenes of the atelier. Also featured are original sketches, runway shots, and never-before-published photographs of Saint Laurent at work, as well as new photography of iconic YSL designs from the exhibition, including the first Tuxedo pantsuit (1966), the Safari tunic (1968), the Mondrian dress (1965), and the Wesselmann dress (1966). The book also includes a 1991 interview from Le Figaro with the late designer. This focused exploration shows how Saint Laurent's radical clothes for the modern woman presented here in gorgeous detail continue to inspire fashion lovers and fans of art and design for their innovation and perfection of style.00Exhibition: Seattle Art Museum, USA (11.10.16 - 17.01.2017) / Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, USA (07.05. - 26.08.2017)"--Publisher's description.
Sherman TT505.S24 M84 2016

Mechanics of materials
Gere, James M
Mason, OH : Cengage Learning, ©2009
Tension, compression, and shear -- Axially loaded members -- Torsion -- Shear forces and bending moments -- Stresses in beams (basic topics) -- Stresses in beams (advanced topics) -- Analysis of stress and strain -- Applications of plane stress (pressure vessels, beams, and combined loadings) -- Deflections of beams -- Statically indeterminate beams -- Columns -- Review of centroids and moments of inertia -- Appendix A : Systems of units and conversion factors -- Appendix B : Problem solving -- Appendix C : Mathematical formulas -- Appendix D : Properties of plane areas -- Appendix E : Properties of structural-steel shapes -- Appendix F : Properties of structural lumber -- Appendix G : Deflections and slopes of beams -- Appendix H : Properties of materials.
On Reserve at Feldberg TA405 .G44 2009

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