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T - Technology Acquisitions during February 2017

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Recycled realities
Willis, John, 1957- photographer
Santa Fe, New Mexico and Staunton, Virginia : Center for American Places in association with Columbia College Chicago, 2006
Introduction: Where We Live -- The Plates -- Conclusion: Recycled Realities by Martha A. Sandweiss -- Acknowledgments -- About the Authors and the Essayist.
Sherman TR655 .W56 2006

Energetic nanomaterials : synthesis, characterization, and application
edited by Vladimir E. Zarko, Alexander A. Gromov
Amsterdam : Elsevier, 2016
Feldberg TA418.9.N35 2016

Drupal for humanists
Dombrowski, Quinn, author
College Station : Texas A&M University Press, [2017]
First Things -- Introducing Drupal -- Installing Drupal -- Modules -- Content Types and Introduction to Data Modeling -- Configuring Content Types and Fields -- Further Data Modeling and Applied Content Type Creation -- Configuring Input Forms and Adding Content -- Node Display -- Users and Permissions -- Blocks and Menus -- Views -- Advanced Views -- Importing Data -- Exporting Data -- Search -- Managing Taxonomies -- Themes -- Finishing and Launching the Example Site -- Running, Maintaining, and Debugging a Drupal Site -- Appendix: Using an SFTP Client.
Baker Berry TK5105.8885.D78 D66 2017

VHDL : programming by example
Perry, Douglas L
New York : McGraw-Hill, ©2002
"No matter what your current level of expertise, nothing will have you writing and verifying concise, efficient VHDL descriptions of hardware designs as fast - or as painlessly - as this classic tutorial from Doug Perry. Beginners will find it an invaluable learning tool, and experienced pros will keep it on their desk as a trusted reference." "Perry teaches VHDL through a series of hundreds of practical, detailed examples, gradually increasing in complexity until you're capable of designing a fully functional CPU. The new Fourth Edition has been completely updated with all of the VHDL codes used in the examples changed to reflect today's faster and more efficient design methods."--Jacket.
Feldberg TK7885.7 .P47 2002

Mathematical aspects of signal processing
Sircar, Pradip, author
New York : Cambridge University Press, 2016
"Discusses the mathematical concepts and their interpretations in the field of signal processing"--
Feldberg TK5102.9 .S5626 2016

Nanobiomaterials in drug delivery : applications of nanobiomaterials
edited by Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu
Amsterdam : William Andrew is an imprint of Elsevier, [2016]
Feldberg TA418.9.N35 N2463 2016

Lithium ion batteries in electric drive vehicles
edited by Ahmad Pesaran
Warrendale, Pennsylvania : SAE International, [2016]
Feldberg TL220 .L58 2016

Desaparecen? : 43
Ortiz Monasterio, Pablo, artist
[Place of publication not identified] : [RM], [2015?]
Mexico: the murder of the young / Alma Guillermoprieto -- Ayotzinapa -- Donde estan? -- Donde quedaron?.

Monasterio reflects on the theme of the disappeared, builds a strong narrative with images loaded with atmospheres. With the aim of joining the collective memory, these pages are witness to the pain and scar left in everyone this atrocity against human rights. The volume collects two texts: a poem that David Huerta wrote after a few days of the tragedy and fragments of the interview that Alma Guillermoprieto made for New York Review of Books.
Sherman TR655 .O78 2015

Master of photography
edited by Filippo Maggia
Milano, Italy : Skira, 2016
Sherman TR646.I82 V4643613 2016

Mario De Biasi : il mio sogno è qui
De Biasi, Mario, 1923-2013, photographer
Milano : Electa, [2016]
Sherman TR654 .D4122 2016

Two-dimensional nanostructures for energy-related applications
editor, Kuan Yew Cheong, School of Materials & Mineral Resources Engineering, Engineering Campus, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2017]
Feldberg TA418.9.N35 T88 2017

Handbook of civil engineering calculations / Tyler G. Hicks, S. David Hicks, George K. Korley
Hicks, Tyler Gregory, 1921- editor
New York : Mcgraw-Hill Education, 2016
Structural engineering -- Reinforeced and prestressed concrete engineering and design -- Timber engineering -- Soil mechanics -- Surveying, route design, and highway bridges -- Fluid mechanics, pumps, piping, and hydro power -- Water-Supply and storm-water system design -- Sanitary wastewater treatment and control -- Engineering economics.

"Perform complex design and construction calculations quickly and accurately with help from this thoroughly revised guide. Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations, Third Edition, features more than 3,000 logically organized calculations that align with the latest practices, codes, and standards. You will get start-to-finish calculation procedures for Load Resistance Factor Design (LRFD), anti-terrorism components, enhanced building security, green construction, safe bridge design, and environmentally sound water treatment. All-new steps to improve indoor air quality and protect structures from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and waves are also discussed in this on-the-job resource."
Feldberg TA332 .H36 2016

La mirada mecánica : 17 ensayos sobre la imagen fotográfica
Juan Carlos Alfeo y Luis Deltell (editores)
Madrid : Editorial Fragua, MMXVI
Sherman TR183 .M57 2016

Oltre l'immagine : inconscio e fotografia
Maria Aliprandi, Francesca Belgiojoso, Agata D'Ercole, Chiara Gusmani, Serena Calò ; a cura di Sara Guerrini e Gabriella Gilli
Roma : Postcart, dicembre 2015
Sherman TR183 .O48 2015

Photography, humanitarianism, empire
Lydon, Jane, 1965- author
New York : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2016
Photography, history: history, photographyMap of Australia -- Introduction : photography, humanitarianism, empire -- Blood : the nucleus of the native church -- Veritable apollos : beauty, race and scientists -- Blind spots or bearing witness : antislavery and frontier violence in Australia -- Popularizing anthropology : Elsie Masson and Baldwin Spencer -- A ray of special resemblance : H.G. Wells and colonial embarrassment -- Happy families : UNESCO's human rights exhibition in Australia, 1951.

With their power to create a sense of proximity and empathy, photographs have long been a crucial means of exchanging ideas between peoples across the globe; this book explores the role of photography in shaping ideas about race and difference from the 1840s to the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights. Focusing on Australian experience in a global context, a rich selection of case studies - drawing on a range of visual genres from portraiture to ethnographic to scientific photographs - show how photographic encounters between Aboriginals, missionaries, scientists, photographers and writers fuelled international debates about morality, law, politics and human rights. Drawing on new archival research, Photography, Humanitarianism, Empire is essential reading for students and scholars of race, visuality and the histories of empire and human rights.
Sherman TR121 .L735 2016

New directions in behavioral biometrics
Saeed, Khalid (Computer scientist), author
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2017]
Feldberg TK7882.B56 S236 2017

Manual de telar mapuche, el mestizaje
Taranto, Betty, author
Martínez, Buenos Aires : Maizal Ediciones, [2014]
El ámbito surero -- Técnicas -- Poncho de argollas -- Falsa doble faz de urdimbre complementaria -- Faja estribo -- Sobrepuesto -- Ojo de guanaco torsión de urdimbre -- Urdimbre complementaria compuesta -- Mañas: asegurando la urdidumbre al quilvo definitivo en los "cuatro bordes" -- Cordón auxiliar al dibujar en las matras -- Trabajar con varias series de lizos -- Peinecillo en la faja pampa -- Problemas y soluciones -- Hilos cruzados en la urdimbre -- Problemas en urdimbre suplementaria -- Problemas en urdimbre complementaria -- Problemas en "Ñimín" o laboreo forzado -- Un hilo de urdimbre cruzado por delante -- De un paquete de lizos -- Diferente tensión en la urdimbre -- Hilos apareados en la urdimbre complementaria -- Hilos de urdimbre cortados -- Problemas en la "guardia atada" -- Lizos desparejos o desarmados -- Lizos cortados -- Volviendo a poner el cacique -- Errores de dibujo -- En urdimbre suplementaria -- Fajas: Pampa, doble faz -- Urdimbre complementaria, tubular -- Fajas: Mapuche, Falsa doble faz, Doble faz aparente, urdimbre suplementaria -- Matras -- Iniciales -- Las prendas: mapuche-castellano -- Vocabulario del telar: mapuche-castellano.
Baker Berry TT848 .T37 2014

Introduction to nuclear engineering
Lamarsh, John R., author
Hoboken, NJ : Pearson Education, [2018]
Feldberg TK9145 .L28 2018

Food city : four centuries of food-making in New York
Santlofer, Joy, author
New York, NY : W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., [2017]
An invitation to Food City -- Appetite. Dutch tastes ; English appetites ; Toward independence ; Food on parade -- Bread. The dark prophecy of Adam Smith ; "The big ditch" ; War boom ; The age of incorporation ; Dirty bread ; Clean bread ; "Among great industries..." ; "Brother, can you spare a doughnut?" ; Exodus -- Sugar. The headless helmsman ; Candy gets technical ; Bone char and other "nuisances" ; War and sugar ; King Harry ; Price war ; "A rotten job" ; Sweets in sour times ; War, rationing, and yogurt ; "Greatest manufacturing town on Earth" ; Chemical and other challenges to sugar ; Candy on the rocks ; Closing time ; Departures and arrivals -- Drink. Swill milk ; The Brady bunch ; The lager craze ; Brewery princess ; The thirsty home front ; "City on a still" ; The battle for pasteurized milk ; Rolls-Royce coffee ; Heavenly coffee, earthly beer ; Goodbye to all that -- Meat. Manhattan cattle drive ; Fooling Mrs. Eastman ; The militant ; The beef trust ; The sausage millionaires ; From depression to war ; Cellophane meat ; The specter of change ; Kosher from Indiana? -- Conclusion: New Food City. Bread ; Sugar ; Drink ; Meat ; Those who leave, those who stay.

The history of food-making in New York City has been mostly lost. Since the establishment of the first Dutch brewery, the commerce and culture of food enriched New York and promoted its influence on America and the world by driving innovations in machinery and transportation, shaping international trade, and feeding sailors and soldiers at war. Santlofer re-creates the texture of everyday life in a growing metropolis, recovers the fruitful tradition behind today?s local brewers and confectioners, recounting how food shaped a city and a nation.
Baker Berry TX360.U63 N48 2017

Environmental sustainability using green technologies
edited by V. Sivasubramanian
Boca Raton : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2016]
"Environmental Sustainability Using Green Technologies explains the role of green engineering and social responsibility in the development of chemicals, processes, products, and systems. Examining the relationship between economy, ecology, and equality--key factors in developing a sustainable society--this book covers several aspects of environmental sustainability, explores ways to use resources and processes more responsibly, and describes the tools required to overcome various challenges. It outlines the biotechnological applications, techniques, and processes needed to secure sustainable development and ensure long-lasting future success."--Publisher's description.
Feldberg TA170 .E58 2016

Storytelling for photojournalists : reportage and documentary photography techniques
Verme, Enzo dal, author
Buffalo, NY Amherst Media, [2016]
Machine generated contents note: 1.How to Shoot Reportage -- 2.How to Find Inspiration -- 3.Why Do You Want to Shoot Reportage? -- 4.What Kind of Reportage? -- 5.Uplifting Photojournalism -- 6.Be Ready to Be Flexible -- 7.Getting Ready -- 8.Online Networking and Surfing for Contacts -- 9.Your Luggage -- 10.Technical Stuff -- 11.Arriving -- 12.Practice Good Habits -- 13.Pointing the Lens -- 14.Misery Is Photogenic -- 15.A Few Tips for Your Clicks -- 16.Composition -- 17.What to Shoot -- 18.Out of Your Comfort Zone -- 19.Deep Throats -- 20.Shooting, Shooting, Shooting -- 21.Coincidences -- 22.The Model Release -- 23.Interviews -- 24.The Editing Process -- 25.Not Only Pictures -- 26.From the Idea to the Published Feature -- 27.Exposure Doesn't Pay Bills -- 28.The Future of Storytelling -- 29.The Delivery -- 30.Publishing on the Internet -- 31.Selling Your Pictures -- 32.Videos -- 33.Now It's Your Turn.

Learn what it takes to shoot reportage-photojournalistic images-from developing an idea, to making travel plans, to gathering the requisite information about the subject/scene and locale, to packing the appropriate gear and nailing the technical aspects of the shoot. Success in photojournalism is predicated on having a firm understanding of the business. Conceiving of a suitable reportage concept and getting a technically sound image may seem a simple task for photographers well-versed in photographing other subjects, but the truth is, photojournalism requires a special skill-set and understanding of what it is that such jobs entail. In this book, you'll learn what to shoot, how to shoot it, how and where to socialize and determine cultural basics that may impact how and what you can photograph, how to get your images onto editors' desks and in front of the eyes of the wider world audience, and how to make sales.
Baker Berry TR820 .V48 2016

Miguel Bergasa
Bergasa, Miguel, photographer
[Madrid] : La Fábrica, [2015]
Sherman TR680 .B47 2015

New fluorinated carbons : fundamentals and applications
edited by Olga V. Boltalina, Tsuyoshi Nakajima
Cambridge, MA : Elsevier, [2017]
Kresge TP1180.F6 N49 2017

Design for Six Sigma : a practical approach through innovation
Cudney, Elizabeth A., author
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2017]
Feldberg TS156.17.S59 C83 2017

Kinetic theory of nucleation
Ruckenstein, Eli, 1925- author
Boca Roton : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2016]
Kresge TP156.N8 R83 2016

Charles Ellis Johnson and the erotic Mormon image
Campbell, Mary, 1974- author
London : The University of Chicago Press, 2016
A royal saint -- Civil saints -- Johnson's new century girls -- Mormon harems -- Lady saints -- Stereoscopic saints.
Sherman TR680 .C33 2016

Wireless communication : theory and applications
Chowdhury, Mainak, author
New York : Cambridge University Press, 2017
"Discusses design requirements, spectrum allocations and processes involved in popular wireless systems like cellular mobile system, wireless data service and satellite system"--
Feldberg TK5103.2 .C457 2017

Machining with nanomaterials
Mark J. Jackson, Jonathan S. Morrell, editors
New York : Springer, [2015]
1. Fundamentals of Machining -- 2. Machining Stability -- 3. Machining Chatter Suppression -- 4. Micromachining from a Materials Perspective -- 5. Machining of Brittle Materials Using Nanostructured Diamond Tools -- 6. Analysis of Contact of Chip and Tool Using Nanostructured Coated Cutting Tools -- 7. Economic Analysis of Machining with Nanostructured Coatings -- 8. Analysis of Machining Hardened Steels Using Coated Cutting Tools -- 9. Modeling and Machining of Medical Materials -- 10. Manufacture and Development of Nanostructured Diamond Tools -- 11. Comparison of Original and Re-Coated Cutting Tools Machining Steel -- 12. Multi-objective Optimization of Cutting Conditions when Turning Aluminum Alloys (1350-O and 7075-T6 grades) Using a Genetic Algorithm -- 13. Nano grinding with Abrasives.

This book focuses on the state-of-the-art developments in machining with nanomaterials. Numerous in-depth case studies illustrate the practical use of nanomaterials in industry, including how thin film nanostructures can be applied to solving machining problems and how coatings can improve tool life and reduce machining costs in an environmentally acceptable way. Chapters include discussions on, among other things: Comparisons of re-coated cutting tools and re-ground drills The modeling and machining of medical materials, particularly implants, for optimum biocompatibility including corrosion resistance, bio adhesiveness, and elasticity Recent developments in machining difficult-to-cut materials, as well as machining brittle materials using nanostructured diamond tools Spindle Speed Variation (SSV) for machining chatter suppression Nanogrinding with abrasives to produce micro- and nanofluidic devices. The importance of proper design of cutting tools, including milling tools, single point turning tools, and micro cutting tools is reinforced throughout the book. This is an ideal book for engineers in industry, practitioners, students, teachers, and researchers.
Feldberg TA418.9.N35 M33 2015

Introduction to chemical engineering fluid mechanics
Deen, William M. 1947- author
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Properties, dimensions, and scales -- Pipe flow -- Drag, particles, and porous media -- Fluid statics : pressure, gravity, and surface tension -- Fluid kinematics -- Stress and momentum -- Unidirectional flow -- Approximations for viscous flows -- Laminar flow with inertia -- Turbulent flow -- Macroscopic balances for mass, momentum, and energy -- Pipe flow : entrance effects, fittings, and compressibility -- Appendix : Vectors, tensors, and coordinate systems.
Feldberg TA357 .D434 2016

New and future developments in microbial biotechnology and bioengineering. Microbial cellulase system properties and applications
edited by Vijai Kumar Gupta
Boston : Elsevier, [2016]
Feldberg TP248.27.M53 N49 2016

Her : meditations on being female
Salvaterra, Marjorie, photographer
New York, NY : Glitterati Incorporated, 2016
Sherman TR681.W6 S25 2016

Principles of modern radar. Basic principles
Mark A. Richards, James A. Scheer, William A. Holm (editors)
[Chennai, India] : Yes Dee Publishing., [2012?]
Feldberg TK6575 .P75 2012

Environment, energy and climate change. II, Energies from new resources and the climate change
edited by G. Lefebvre, E. Jiménez, B. Cabañas
Cham : Springer, 2016
This volume provides a comprehensive overview of advanced research in the field of efficient, clean and renewable energy production, conversion and storage. The ten chapters, written by internationally respected experts, address the following topics: (1) solar and wind energy; (2) energy storage in batteries; (3) biomass; and (4) socio-economic aspects of energy. Given its multidisciplinary approach, which combines environmental analysis and an engineering perspective, the book offers a valuable resource for all researchers and students interested in environmentally sustainable energy production, conversion, storage and its engineering.
Feldberg TJ808 .E595 2016

A cultural history of dress and fashion
general editor, Susan J. Vincent
London : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, [2017]
volume 1. In Antiquity / edited by Mary Harlow -- volume 2. In the Medieval Age / edited by Sarah-Grace Heller -- volume 3. In the Renaissance / edited by Elizabeth Currie -- volume 4. In the Age of Enlightenment / edited by Peter McNeil -- volume 5. In the Age of Empire / edited by Denise Amy Bazter -- volume 6. In the Modern Age / edited by Alexandra Palmer.

A cultural history of dress and fashion' presents an authoritative survey from ancient times to the present. This set of six volumes covers over 2,500 years of dress and fashion. Volume 1: Antiquity (500BCE-800AD), edited by Mary Harlow; Volume 2: The Medieval Age (800-1450), edited by Sarah-Grace Heller; Volume 3: The Renaissance (1450-1650), edited by Elizabeth Currie; Volume 4: The Age of Enlightenment (1650-1800), edited by Peter McNeil; Volume 5: The Age of Empire (1800-1920), edited by Denise Amy Baxter; Volume 6: The Modern Age (1920-2000+), edited by Alexandra Palmer. Each volume discusses the same key themes in its chapters: 1. Textiles 2. Production and Distribution 3. The Body 4. Belief 5. Gender and Sexuality 6. Status 7. Ethnicity 8. Visual Representations 9. Literary Representations. This structure means readers can either have a broad overview of a period by reading a volume or follow a theme through history by reading the relevant chapter in each volume. Superbly illustrated, the full six volume set combines to present the most authoritative and comprehensive survey available on dress and fashion through history.
Sherman TT497 .C85 2017

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