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Introduction to composite materials design
Barbero, Ever J., author
Boca Raton : Taylor & Francis, CRC Press, 2017
Feldberg TA418.9.C6 B37 2017

Walead Beshty : industrial portraits
Beshty, Walead, 1976-
Zurich : JRP/Ringier, [2017]-
v. 1. 2008-2012

Walead Beshty started his "Industrial Portraits" series in 2008. Still ongoing, he realizes them wherever he goes, asking all the art people he works with to pose in their working environment and working clothes. This straightforward black and white documentation thus portrays the studio assistants, gallery staff, curators, lab technicians, critics, fellow artists, collectors, art handlers, and even the "machines," which contribute to an artwork's progress from studio to gallery and beyond. Captioned first as "framer," "Fedex courier," or "darkroom assistant" and then identified with their initials and the location and date of the shoot, together his models form a nonhierarchical kaleidoscopic yet very detailed "facebook" of the art world, following in part the tradition of great American anthropological photographic surveys.
Sherman TR680 .B47 2017

Tracey Moffatt : my horizon
Natalie King, editor
New York, NY : Thames & Hudson Inc., 2017
My Horizon? is first book on Tracey Moffatt in ten years. With all new work, including large-scale photography and film, this publication situates Moffatt's work in the international arena as an artist who consistently takes the tempo of our times. With all new work, including large-scale photography and film, this publication situates Moffatt's work in the international arena as an artist who consistently takes the tempo of our times.
Sherman TR647 .M557 2017

Sarah Charlesworth
Steiner, Rochelle, author
Munich ; DelMonico Books/Prestel, 2017
Sarah Charlesworth explored an array of artistic expressions, from conceptual photography in the 1970s, appropriation of images associated with the Pictures Generation in the 1980s, and studio-based photography using props and setups beginning in the 1990s. At each turn, her growth as an artist paralleled the evolution of photography as a contemporary medium. This richly illustrated monograph offers a historical perspective on Charlesworth's art and reflects extensive access to her archive, including notebooks, sketchbooks, diaries, studio logs, test prints, and many never-before-published images, revealing her thought processes over time and their articulation within and across her career. Opening with a chronological essay followed by examinations of particular aspects of the artist's evolving practice, the book reevaluates and clarifies Charlesworth's impact as a photographer, writer, and theorist.
Sherman Oversize TR140.C454 S37 2017

The radical eye : modernist photography from the Sir Elton John collection
edited by Simon Baker and Shoair Mavlian with Newell Harbin ; with contributions from Sir Elton John and five others
New York, New York : Aperture Foundation, 2016
Foreword -- Introduction -- Sir Elton John in conversation with Jane Jackson -- Instrument of a new vision: photography in the first machine age / Dawn Ades -- Portraits -- Experiments -- Documents -- Bodies -- Objects -- Perspectives -- Abstractions -- Between precision and abstraction / Shoair Mavlian -- Photographers' biographies -- Selected bibliography -- Credits -- Index.

Elton John's truly remarkable collection of international modernist photography stems from personal passion: since 1991, he has amassed more than two thousand photographs, which include key figures from Europe and America alongside many of the foremost photographers from Japan, Eastern Europe and Latin America. This book draws together the finest works from 1920 to 1950, a period that is widely considered to be photography's 'coming of age', a time of great experimentation and innovation when artists pushed the boundaries of the medium. New Vision refers to the term coined by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy in the mid 1920s to describe the way photography could be used to see the world through a modern lens. As new technology developed, it allowed the freedom both to experiment and to record, leading to new developments such as photograms, typographics and the bird's- and worm's eye views. This period also encompassed key avant-garde movements of the 20th century in which photography played a central role - dada, surrealism, the Bauhaus and Russian constructivism.vWith over 150 illustrations, an interview with Elton John exploring the motivations behind his collecting, and essays looking at the photographs within the history of modernism and an exploration of the impact of technical innovations on the form, New Vision will introduce a new audience to this unique body of work and provide an indispensable resource to those who are already fans of the period.
Sherman TR650 .R33 2016

Nanomaterials and nanocomposites : synthesis, properties, characterization techniques, and applications
Goyal, Rajendra Kumar, author
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2018]
Library Depository TA418.9.N35 G685 2018

Shigley's mechanical engineering design
Budynas, Richard G
New York : McGraw-Hill, ©2011
Feldberg TJ230 .S5 2011

Selfie citizenship
Adi Kuntsman, editor
Cham, Swizterland : Palgrave Macmillan, imprint publisded by Springer Nature, [2017]
Selfie Citizenship -- Acknowledgements -- Contents -- List of Figures -- Prologue -- 1. Inject/ed: Self(ie) Determination -- 2. Introduction: Whose Selfie Citizenship? -- Conversation I. Acts of Selfie Citizenship -- 3. Performing Citizenship -- Freedom March Selfies by Pakistani Instagrammers -- Freedom March -- Selfies: A Citizen Right and a Dialogical Gesture -- #azadimarch: Friends, Women and Family -- 4. V-Day Selfies in Beijing: Media Events and User Practices as Micro-Acts of Citizenship -- From Square to Screen -- Major Events, Micro-Media --
Sherman TR184 .S45 2017

Chemical synthesis and applications of graphene and carbon materials
edited by Markus Antonietti and Klaus Müllen
Weinheim, Germany : Wiley-VCH Verlag & Co. KGaA, [2017]
Kresge TA455.G65 C44 2017

Kingdom of girls
Klüppel, Karolin, photographer
Berlin : Hatje Cantz, [2016]
Karolin Klüppel (*1985 in Kassel) can already look back at a body of creative work that enjoys a wide range of enthusiastic reviews and awards. This extraordinary resonance is due to the elegant alternation of her photographs between documentation and composition as well as her marked sense of impressive subjects. The pictures in the Kingdom of Girls series stand out not only due to their powerful and contemplative aesthetic, they also tell a story. The girls' faces reveal the lifeworld and culture of the Khasi, an indigenous people in the Indian state of Meghalaya with a matrilineal social system: the youngest daughter is given preference in the order of succession. When she marries, her husband moves into her family's home, the children receive the mother's name. Only the birth of a daughter guarantees the continuity of the clan. Between 2013 and 2015, the photographer spent a total of ten months in the Khasi village of Mawlynnong, where she captured these magical images.
Sherman TR681.G5 K58 2016

Plastics technology handbook
Chanda, Manas, 1940- author
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, 2018
Characteristics of polymers and polymerization processes -- Fabrication processes -- Plastic properties and testing -- Industrial polymers -- Polymers in special uses -- Recycling and disposal of waste plastics -- Trends in polymer applications.
Feldberg TA455.P5 C46 2018

민족의자랑조선음식 / 집필부교수리종철, 교수박사서영일, 리광준, 박사계승무
리종철, author
[P'yŏngyang] : Kwahak Paekkwa Sajŏn Ch'ulp'ansa, 2017
Baker Berry Korea TX724.5.K65 Y45 2017

挑発する写真史 / 金村修, タカザワケンジ
金村修, 1964- interviewee. interviewer,
Tōkyō : Heibonsha, 2017
Baker Berry Japan TR15 .K36 2017

写真をアートにした男, 石原悦郎とツァイト。フォト。サロン = Etsuro Ishihara & Zeit-Foto Salon / 粟生田弓
粟生田弓, 1980- author
Tōkyō : Shōgakkan, 2016
Baker Berry Japan TR140.I725 A85 2016

The culinarians : lives and careers from the first age of American fine dining
Shields, David S., 1951- author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2017
Introduction -- The first era, 1790 to 1835: the restaurant, the coffeehouse, and the oyster cellar -- The second era, 1835 to 1865: the great hotel, the saloon, and the black caterer -- The third era, 1865 to 1885: the French hegemony and the nationalist reaction -- The gilded age, 1885 to 1919: fame and the master chef.
Baker Berry TX649.A1 S54 2017

Exotiques expositions : lex expositions universelles et les cultures extra-européennes, France, 1855-1937 : [exhibition held at the Archives nationales, 31 mars au 28 juin 2010]
sous la direction de Christiane Demeulenaere-Douyère
Paris : Somogy : 2010
Baker Berry T395.5.F8 E96 2010

New realities : photography in the 19th century
Boom, Mattie, author
Amsterdam : Rijksmuseum Publications Department, [2017]
The invention of photography in 1839 led to a revolution in visual culture: photography both portrayed and created the modern world. For the first time, it was possible to depict and unlock every facet of that world. Photography secured a position in every field: in science, the arts, daily life and in the reporting of what was happening in the world. Presenting a selection of more than 300 photographs from the large and important collection of the Rijksmuseum, 'New Realities' provides an impressive overview of the international development of photography. Major highlights include the earliest travel photos, motion studies by Eadweard Muybridge, advertising photography, portraits, scenes from everyday life, the earliest photograph taken in Suriname and amazing shots that were made by microscope and telescope. Exhibition: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (16.06.-17.09.2017).
Sherman TR15 .B66 2017

The Jemima code : two centuries of African American cookbooks
Tipton-Martin, Toni, author
Austin : University of Texas Press, 2015
Nineteenth-century cookbooks : breaking a stereotype -- 1900-1925, surviving mammyism : cooking lessons for work and home -- 1926-1950, the servant problem : dual messages -- 1951-1960, lifting as we climb : tea cakes, finger sandwiches, community service, and civil rights -- 1961-1970, soul food : mama's cooking leaves home for the city -- 1971-1980, simple pleasures : a soul food revival -- 1981-1990, mammy's makeover : the ever-useful life -- 1991-2011, sweet to the soul : the hope of Jemima.

Women of African descent have contributed to America's food culture for centuries, but their rich and varied involvement is still overshadowed by the demeaning stereotype of an illiterate "Aunt Jemima" who cooked mostly by natural instinct. Tipton-Martin looks at black cookbooks that range from a rare 1827 house servant's manual, the first book published by an African American in the trade, to modern classics. These cookbooks offer firsthand evidence that African Americans cooked creative masterpieces from meager provisions, educated young chefs, operated food businesses, and nourished the African American community through the long struggle for human rights.
Baker Berry TX715.2.A47 T57 2015

Beyond control : the Mississippi River's new channel to the Gulf of Mexico
Barnett, James F., 1950- author
Jackson : University Press of Mississippi, [2017]
Introduction -- The language of the river -- River of change -- Trouble the water -- Blessing and curse -- The other side of the flood -- Yet trouble came -- The real crisis -- The warning -- Preparing for uncertainty -- Awaiting the project flood.

"Often depicted in popular culture as a timeless, unchanging icon of Middle America, Beyond Control: The Mississippi River's New Channel to the Gulf of Mexico reveals the Mississippi as a river of change, unnaturally confined by ever-larger levees and control structures. During the great flood of 1973, the Mississippi River nearly changed its course for a shorter and steeper path to the sea. Since then, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Control Complex at Old River has kept the Mississippi from jumping out of its historic channel and plunging through the Atchafalaya Basin to the Gulf of Mexico. Such a map-changing reconfiguration of the country's largest river would have national significance as well as disastrous consequences for New Orleans and towns like Morgan City, at the mouth of the Atchafalaya River. Beyond Control traces the history of this phenomenon, beginning with a major channel shift around 3,000 years ago. By the time European colonists began to explore the Lower Mississippi Valley, a unique confluence of waterways had formed where the Red River joined the Mississippi, and the Atchafalaya River flowed out into the Atchafalaya Basin. A series of human alterations to this potentially volatile web of rivers, starting with a bend cutoff in 1831 by Captain Henry Miller Shreve, set the forces in motion for the Mississippi's move into the Atchafalaya Basin. Told against the backdrop of the Lower Mississippi River's impending diversion, the book's chapters chronicle historic floods, rising flood crests, our changing strategy for flood protection, and competing interests in the management of the Old River outlet. Beyond Control is both a history and a close look at an inexorable, natural process happening here in the twenty-first century"--
Baker Berry TC425.M6 B37 2017

Preserving on paper : seventeenth-century Englishwomen's receipt books
edited by Kristine Kowalchuk
Toronto ; University of Toronto Press, [2017]
Historical introduction -- Folk culture, food, and the Renaissance -- The seventeenth-century English housewife : her work, knowledge, and authority -- Seventeenth-century Englishwomen's literacy and writing -- Receipt books -- Looking back, looking forward : scholarship on receipt books and a new consideration of cookbooks -- Reading receipt books in the kitchen -- Three seventeenth-century receipt books. MS V.a.430 : Receipt book attributed to Mary Granville and Anne Granville D'Ewes -- MS V.a.20 : Receipt book attributed to Constance Hall -- MS V.a.450 : Cookery and medical receipt book attributed to Lettice Pudsey.

"Apricot wine and stewed calf's head, melancholy medicine and "ointment of roses." Welcome to the cookbook Shakespeare would have recognized. Preserving on Paper is a critical edition of three seventeenth-century receipt books handwritten manuals that included a combination of culinary recipes, medical remedies, and household tips which documented the work of women at home. Kristine Kowalchuk argues that receipt books served as a form of folk writing, where knowledge was shared and passed between generations. These texts played an important role in the history of women's writing and literacy and contributed greatly to issues of authorship, authority, and book history. Kowalchuk's revelatory interdisciplinary study offers unique insights into early modern women's writings and the original sharing economy."--
Baker Berry TX705 .P74 2017

30 years of solitude : photography and film by Iranian women
Faryar Javaherian, curator ; Haleh Anvari, assistant curator
[London] : Iran Heritage Foundation and Asia House in collaboration with New Hall, Cambridge University, ©2008
Sherman TR646.I68 A15 2008

Thomas Ruff : Interieurs
Ruff, Thomas, 1958-
Köln : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, c2017
"This publication presents Thomas Ruff's series of "interiors", which was created during his student days at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Most of the pictures were taken in the apartments of relatives or parents of his classmates in the Black Forest. Individual elements are shown with as much simplicity and distance as possible and capture the mood and the character of the whole room without being additionally lit or staged. Thomas Ruff's inner stance towards these rooms is ambivalent: on one hand they are the "epitome of petite bourgeoisie", but at the same time convey a feeling of belonging and stand for a sentimental view of the setting of his childhood. The renovation of these rooms, beginning in the early 1980s, ended his work on this project"--Publisher's website.
Sherman TR654 .R84 2017

I hear she's a real bitch
Agg, Jen, 1975- author
New York, New York : Penguin Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, [2017]
Service hums -- F and B in harmony -- Trees in Scarborough -- Kid stuff -- Teen dreams -- Magic shows -- Naive girl builds bar, kicks out husband -- Roland -- Big ideas, big reals -- Hoof goes boom -- Hoof Grant happy sad -- Raw freedom -- On getting a bad review -- Building blocks -- Shouting to be heard -- Rhum comes -- Fired up for Montreal -- Fucking the patriarchy -- Basically... -- Grey Gardens, blue skies -- Glossary.

""A terrific, beautifully written, frank, and funny memoir, and a compelling argument for pulling down the long outdated system of 'bro' culture that has dominated the industry since what feels like the beginning of time." --Anthony Bourdain From the moment she opened her first bar, Jen Agg knew she could only be her own boss from then on. I Hear She's a Real Bitch tells the story of how she fought her way through the patriarichal service industry and made it happen, from getting her first job pouring drinks all the way to starting Toronto's culinary revival and running some of Canada's most famous restaurants. And she shares what she learned through years of hard work and learning from her mistakes: how to run a great restaurant that's also a great business. Readers that loved Gabrielle Hamilton's bestselling Blood, Bones, and Butter will devour this raw, uninhibited debut. Studded with Agg's frank and often hilarious observations on an industry in which sexism has been normalized, I Hear She's a Real Bitch is more than just a story about starting a restaurant: it is a rallying cry for a feminist revolution in the culinary world"--
Baker Berry TX910.5.A28 A3 2017

Plataformas de vídeo : apontamentos para uma ecologia do audiovisual da Web na contemporaneidade
Montaño, Sonia
Porto Alegre : Editora Sulina, [2015]
Baker Berry TK5105.8867 .M66 2015

A history of cookbooks : from kitchen to page over seven centuries
Notaker, Henry, author
Oakland, California : University of California Press, [2017]
Part one : food and text--cook and writer -- Prologue: a rendez-vous -- The cook -- Writer and author -- Part two : the text and its form -- The origin and early development of modern cookbooks -- Printed cookbooks : diffusion, translation, and plagiarism -- Organizing the cookbook -- Naming the recipes -- Pedagogical and didactic approaches -- Paratexts in cookbooks -- The recipe form -- The cookbook genre -- Part three : the text and its world -- Cookbooks for the rich and the poor -- Health and medicine in cookbooks -- Recipes for fat days and lean days -- Vegetarian cookbooks -- Jewish cookbooks -- Cookbooks and aspects of nationalism -- Decoration, illusion, and entertainment -- Taste and pleasure -- Gender in cookbooks and household books -- Epilogue: cookbooks and the future.

"A History of Cookbooks provides a literary and historical overview of the cookbook genre, exploring its development as an important part of food culture beginning in the Late Middle Ages. Studying cookbooks from various Western cultures and languages, Henry Notaker traces the transformation of recipes from brief notes with ingredients into detailed recipes with a specific structure, grammar, and vocabulary. In addition, he reveals that cookbooks go far beyond offering recipes: they tell us a great deal about nutrition, morals, manners, history, and menus while often providing entertaining reflections and commentaries. This innovative book demonstrates that cookbooks represent an interesting and important branch of nonfiction literature."--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry TX723.5.A1 N68 2017

Yves Saint Laurent : the scandal collection, 1971
editor, Sarah Massey
New York : Abrams, 2017
On January 21, 1971, couturier Yves Saint Laurent presented his Spring-Summer haute couture collection. Inspired by the garments of the war years, the collection included short dresses, platform shoes, square shoulders, and exaggerated makeup. The show caused an outrage among the public, the critics, and the press alike, earning it the title of "Paris's ugliest collection." Nevertheless, the haute couture designs of the runway made their way to the boulevards, giving full sway to the "retro" trend that quickly conquered the streets. Yves Saint Laurent: The Scandal Collection, 1971 offers a behind-the-scenes look at the influential collection that drew fire in the fashion world from the collection's inspiration to the press coverage that followed. Beautifully illustrated and documented with well-researched essays, this book is enriched with personal interviews and archival photographs of the show, the models, the designs, and the textile and print samples, as well as sketches and international press clippings. Olivier Saillard is the director of the Palais Galliera, Museum of Fashion, and the curator of the Yves Saint Laurent 1971: The Scandal Collection exhibition. Dominique Veillon is a historian.
Sherman TT505.S24 Y93413 2017

America : the cookbook
Langholtz, Gabrielle, author
London : Phaidon Press Limited ; 2017
Recipes from 50 states -- Starters -- Main courses -- Side dishes -- Desserts -- Breakfast -- Bakery -- Pantry -- Drinks -- Guest contributions : essays & recipes by state.

With 800 home-cooking recipes, America: The Cookbook is a celebration of the remarkable diversity of American food and food culture state by state. Features 50 essays and menus from a 'who's who' of 100 foremost food experts and chefs.
Baker Berry TX715 .L277535 2017

Making milk : the past, present, and future of our primary food
edited by Mathilde Cohen and Yoriko Otomo
London, UK : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2017
More than food : animals, men, and supernatural lactation in occidental late middle ages / Chloé Maillet -- Feminized protein : meaning, representations, and implications / Carol J. Adams -- Growing a nation : milk consumption in India since the Raj / Andrea S. Wiley -- Unreliable matriarchs / Melanie Jackson and Esther Leslie -- The mechanical calf : on the making of a multispecies machine / Richie Nimmo -- Milk, adulteration, disgust : making legal meaning / Yofi Tirosh and Yair Eldan -- Markets in mothers' milk : virtue or vice, promise or problem? / Julie P. Smith -- The lactating man / Mathilde Cohen -- "Cow's milk is for calves, breastmilk is for babies." Alfred Bosworth's reconstituted milk and the women who innovated infant feeding amid an American health crisis / Hannah Ryan -- Plant milk : from obscurity to visions of a post-dairy society / Tobias Linné and Ally McCrow-Young -- Critical ecofeminism : milk fauna and flora / Greta Gaard -- Milk and meaning : puzzles in posthumanist method / Jessica Eisen -- DIY plant milk : a recipe-manifesto and method of ethical relations, care, and resistance / Matilda Arvidsson.
Baker Berry TX556.M5 M35 2017