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S - Agriculture / Plant & Animal Acquisitions during May 2017

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Maine Agricultural Experiment Station
Orono, Me. : The Station
Library Depository S69 .E25

The year-round solar greenhouse : how to design and build a net-zero energy greenhouse
Schiller, Lindsey, 1987-, author
Gabriola Island, BC, Canada : New Society Publishers, [2016]
What is a solar greenhouse? -- Growing indoors : history and future trends -- Planning for the greenhouse -- Siting and orientation -- Controlling light and heat gain : glazing -- Controlling heat loss : insulation -- Ventilation -- Greenhouse geometries -- Greenhouse construction basics -- Attached greenhouses -- Earth-sheltered greenhouses -- Passive thermal mass -- Using the Earth for heat storage -- Solar hot water -- Rocket mass stoves and compost heaters -- Powering the greenhouse -- Creating the greenhouse environment -- Aquaponics and hydroponics.

"Comprehensive coverage of passive solar greenhouse design including material selection, building methods and how to store thermal energy using a variety of simple and innovative strategies. Over a dozen case studies provide real-life inspiration, capped off with how-to guidance for building a durable, energy-efficient greenhouse. Variations include underground and aquaponic greenhouses and integrating solar panels to grow off-grid, year-round."--
On Display at Dana SB415 .S246 2016

The age of the horse : an equine journey through human history
Forrest, Susanna, author
London : Atlantic Books, 2016
Man has always been fascinated by Equus caballus, recasting horse power into many forms: a hunk of meat, an industrial and agricultural machine, a luxury good, a cherished dancer, a comrade in arms and a symbol of a mythical past. From the wild tarpans sought by the Nazis to jade-laden treasure steeds in Ancient China, broken-down nags recycled into sausages and furniture stuffing, stallions that face fighting bulls and brewery horses that charmed the founder of the Sikh Empire, The Age of the Horse knits the history of the horse into that of humans, through revolution, war, social change and uneasy peace. It also uncovers new roles for the horse in the twenty-first century as a tool in the fight against climate change and as a therapist for soldiers damaged in unwinnable conflicts. In this captivating book, Susanna Forrest takes a journey through time and around the world, from the Mongolian steppes to a mirrored manege at Versailles, an elegant polo club in Beijing and a farm, a fort and an auction house in America, exploring the horse's crucial role and revealing how our culture and economy were generated, nourished and shaped by horse power and its gifts and limits.
Baker Berry SF283 .F67 2016

Beastly London : a history of animals in the city
Velten, Hannah, author
London : Reaktion Books, 2013
Introduction : revealing the beasts -- Livestock : Londoners' nuisance neighbours -- Working animals : straining every muscle -- Sporting animals : natural instincts exploited -- Animals as entertainers : performance, peculiarity and pressure -- Exotic animals : the allure of the foreign and the wild -- Pampered pets and sad strays -- London wildlife : the persecuted and the celebrated -- Final thoughts : an apology and a pardon.

Using a wide range of primary sources 'Beastly London' explores the complex and changing relationship between Londoners of all classes and their animal neighbours: from a mainly exploitative relationship, to London becoming the birthplace of animal welfare societies and animal rights' campaigns. The book shows how London's animals have been central to its success, and will appeal to all those interested in animal history and welfare.
Baker Berry SF53 .V45 2013

Drawing for landscape architects : construction and design manual
Wilk, Sabrina, author
Berlin : DOM Publishers, [2016]
Sherman SB472.47 .W55 2016

Voracious science & vulnerable animals : a primate scientist's ethical journey
Gluck, John P., 1943- author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2016
Erosion -- Induction -- Practice -- Awareness -- Realignment -- Reconstruction -- Protection -- Reformation.

Presents an account of how the author, trained as a behavioral scientist in the 1960s, came to grapple with the uncomfortable justifications offered for the use of primates in research labs, and became one of the scientists at the forefront of the movement to end research experiments on primates.
Baker Berry SF407.P7 G58 2016

Orchid : a cultural history
Endersby, Jim, author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press ; 2016
Introduction: imagining orchids -- Censored origins -- The lesbian boy -- The uses of orchids -- Red book, black flower -- Utopian botany -- The signature of all things -- The name of the orchid -- Making a family -- A second Adam -- Artificial to natural -- Myths of orchids -- Orchidmania -- The blooming aristocracy -- Orchis bank -- Every trifling detail -- Beautiful contrivances -- The scramble for orchids -- Lost orchids -- Cannibal tales -- Savage orchids -- Long purples and a forked radish -- Queer flowers -- Creation and consolation -- Sexy orchids -- Boy's own orchids -- Manly orchids -- Frail orchids -- Deceptive orchids -- Orchids in orbit -- Endangered orchids -- Fragile specialists -- The spider orchids of Sussex -- Conclusion: an orchid's-eye view?

Some flowers make us think of love or heaven, of political causes or drug cravings, while others are food, medicine, or decoration; almost every plant that humans have ever taken an interest in has acquired a rich web of associations. So it is not surprising that flowers as alluring as orchids are associated with a very specific set of images, ideas, and symbols. Yet the precise significances we attach to orchids may be, Jim Endersby argues, the weirdest ever to have become linked to a plant. By following orchids through history, Endersby discovers unexpected connections that lead us into myriad other histories.
Baker Berry SB409.48 .E64 2016

Expressões da re-territorialização do campo brasileiro
Rosa Maria Vieira Medeiros, Ivanira Falcade, (org.)
Porto Alegre, RS : Compasso Lugar-Cultura : 2013
Parte I. Expressões da re-territorialização do campo brasileiro: o agronegócio -- Parte II. Expressões da re-territorialização do campo brasileiro: os assentamentos, agentes de desenvolvimento local -- Parte III. Repercussões territoriais das transformações políticas e econômicas: a monocultura de eucaliptos -- Parte IV. Geografia, educação e inclusão social: relato de experiências -- Parte V. Repercussões territoriais das transformações políticas e econômicas: as indicações geográficas.
Baker Berry S475.B7 E97 2013

Integrated management of salt affected soils in agriculture : incorporation of soil salinity control methods
Abou-Baker, Nesreen, author
London : Academic Press is an imprint of Elsevier, [2016]
Chapter 1. Salt-Affected Soil Definition and Types -- 1.1 Salt-Affected Soils Definition -- 1.2 Types of Salt-Affected Soils -- Chapter 2. Features, Nature, and Distribution of Salt-Affected Soils -- 2.1 Features of Salt-Affected Soils -- 2.2 Nature and Distribution of Salt-Affected Soils -- Chapter 3. Soil Salinization and Sodification Factors -- 3.1 Natural Factors -- 3.2 Anthropogenic Factors -- Chapter 4. Effect of Salinity on Soil Microorganisms, Plant Growth, and Yield -- 4.1 Effect of Salinity on Soil Microorganisms -- 4.2 Effect of Salinity on Plant Growth and Yield -- Chapter 5. Management and Rehabilitation of Salt-Affected Soils -- 5.1 Scraping and Removal of Surface Soil -- 5.2 Replacement of Sodium in the Soil -- 5.3 Leaching Plus Artificial Drainage -- 5.4 Irrigation Water Management -- 5.5 Mulch Management -- Chapter 6. Crop Management on Salt-Affected Soils -- 6.1 Selection of Tolerant Crops and Rotation -- 6.2 Seeds Pretreatment -- 6.3 Halophytes -- Chapter 7. Mineral and Organic Amendments of Salt-Affected Soils -- 7.1 Balanced Fertilization -- 7.2 Organic Amendments -- 7.3 Silicates -- 7.4 Polymers (Hydrogel) -- 7.5 Zeolite -- 7.6 Halophilic Microorganisms -- Chapter 8. Genetic Engineering and Economic Aspects -- 8.1 Genetic Engineering -- 8.2 Economic Aspects.
On Display at Dana S595 .A26 2016

Sound and scent in the garden
D. Fairchild Ruggles, editor
Washington, D.C. : Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, [2017]
Part I: Sound and scent in landscape history. Introduction: A world of senses / D. Fairchild Ruggles ; Beyond ekphrasis, beyond sight, beyond words... / John Dixon Hunt ; Acoustic delay : body technique and the Hortus condusus / Elizabeth Fowler ; "Come south wind, blow upon my garden that its spices may flow" : experience in the ancient Jewish garden / Deborah A. Green ; Bottled gardens : capturing scents for health / Alain Touwaide ; A sensorial experience in Yunqin Zhai : from Qin zither music to natural melody in the Chinese garden / Yu Zhang ; Perfuming the heart : a study of a seventeenth-century perfumery treatise from Islamic India / Ali Akbar Husain ; The scent of power flowers, fragrance, and ephemerality in the gardens of Louis XIV / Elizabeth Hyde ; The patriarch and the apothecary : planting gardens and making Holy Miro in seventeenth-century Moscow / Rachel Koroloff ; Sounds and scents of monsoon in the late medieval gardens of Rajasthan / Priyaleen Singh ; Lilac and nightingale : a heritage of scent and sound at Horace Walpole's Strawberry Hill / Mark Laird ; The expulsion of the senses the idea of the "Italian garden" and the politics of sensory experience / Anatole Tchikine ; "Bearing to your senses sweet sounds and odors" : early impressions of the prairie landscape / Barbara Burlison Mooney -- Part II: Sound in the contemporary garden : a design primer. Sound installations in the Dumbarton Oaks Gardens : an introduction / John Beardsley ; Sound art in gardens : an artist's response to site / Hugh Livingston.
On Display at Dana SB466.U65 S48 2017

Science, conservation, and national parks
edited by Steven R. Beissinger, David D. Ackerly, Holly Doremus, and Gary E. Machlis
Chicago ; The University of Chicago Press, 2017
As the US National Park Service marks its centennial in 2016, parks and protected areas worldwide are under increasing threat from a variety of factors, including storms and fires of greater severity, plant and animal extinctions, the changing attitudes of a public that has become more urbanized, and the political pressures of narrow special interest groups. In the face of such rapid environmental and cultural changes, Science, Conservation, and National Parks gathers a group of renowned scholars including Edward O. Wilson, Jane Lubchenco, Thomas Dietz, and Monica Turner, among many others who seek to address these problems and, in so doing, to secure a future for protected areas that will push forward the frontiers of biological, physical, and social science in and for parks. Examining the major challenges of parks and protected areas throughout the world, contributors provide answers to a number of key conservation questions, such as: How should stewardship address climate change, urban encroachment and pollution, and invasive species? How can society, especially youth, become more engaged with nature and parks, and are there models to guide interactions between parks and their neighbors? What are appropriate conservation objectives for parks in the Anthropocene? Charting a course for the parks of the next century, this book is certain not only to catalyze the continued evolution of US park conservation policy, but also to be an inspiration for parks, conservation, and management worldwide.
On Display at Dana SB482.A4 S36 2017

Landscape architecture and environmental sustainability : creating positive change through design
Zeunert, Joshua, author
London ; Bloomsbury Visual Arts, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, [2017]
A quick environmental history -- Ecological planning, strategy, design and land management -- Landscape as cleanser -- Infrastructure, green infrastructure -- Food, agriculture, and productive landscapes -- Landscape environmental art, beauty, activism & provocation -- Systems design, social sustainability and influence beyond site -- Less is more : a lighter touch -- Project and material ratings and selection.
Sherman SB472 .Z48 2017

Sustainable intensification in smallholder agriculture : an integrated systems research approach
edited by Ingrid Öborn, Kwesi Atta-Krah, Michael Phillips, Richard Thomas, Bernard Vanlauwe and Willemien Brooijmans
London ; Earthscan from Routledge, 2017
Sustainable intensification has recently been developed and adopted as a key concept and driver for research and policy in sustainable agriculture. It includes ecological, economic and social dimensions and where food and nutrition security, gender and equity are crucial components. This book describes different aspects and dimensions of systems research in agriculture in the broad sense, where the focus is moved from farming systems to more integrated and holistic livelihood systems. Much of the work represents outputs of the CGIAR systems research programs on the Humidtropics, Dryland Systems and Aquatic Agricultural Systems. The chapters are based around four themes: conceptual underpinnings of systems research; integrated systems improvement and sustainable intensification in practice; integrating nutrition, gender and social inclusion in research for improved livelihoods; and partnerships and institutional arrangements for innovation, scaling and impact. While most case studies are from various countries and agro-ecological zones in Africa, there is also some coverage of Latin America, South-east Asia and the Pacific.
On Display at Dana S494.5.S86 S885 2017

The fight for beauty : our path to a better future
Reynolds, Fiona, 1958- author
London, England : Oneworld Publications, 2016
From admiration to defence -- The calls and claims of natural beauty -- National Parks : a nobler vision for a better world -- How nature and the wider countryside lost out -- How farming made and destroyed beauty -- The curious case of trees -- The coast : a success story -- Cultural heritage : how caring for the past creates a better future -- Urbanisation and why good planning matters -- The case for beauty.
Baker Berry S934.G7 R496 2016

Landscape theory in design
Herrington, Susan, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Sherman SB472.45 .H47 2017

Review of invertebrate biological control agents introduced into Europe
Gerber, Esther, author
Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK ; CABI, [2016]
1. Exotic insect biocontrol agents released in Europe -- 2. European insect biocontrol agents released in Europe -- 3. Weed biocontrol -- 4. Discussion.
Dana SB976.I56 G47 2016

The carbon fix : forest carbon, social justice, and environmental governance
edited by Stephanie Paladino and Shirley J. Fiske
New York, NY : Routledge, 2017
Dana SD387.C37 C36735 2017

Vida y muerte de las ballenas
Blond, Georges, 1906-1989, author
Madrid : Ediciones Garriga, 1958
Baker Berry SH381 .B5518 1958

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