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S - Agriculture / Plant & Animal Acquisitions during February 2017

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The chemistry of soils
Sposito, Garrison, 1939-
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2016]
Kresge S592.5 .S656 2016

5 + 2 : landscapes Landschaften Lützow 7
Schröder, Thies, 1965- author
Basel : Birkhäuser Verlag GmbH, [2015]
Lützow 7 own their reputation of long standing to the representative civic open spaces that they have designed for the German Chancellery, the Reichstag building and the Jewish Museum in Berlin, among many others. Yet their design approach of 'representative tranquility', as one of the book's contributions is entitled, has produced about one thousand projects over the years--seven of which, more exactly 5 built + 2 under construction, from Germany, Belgium, Italy and Ireland, form one of the main parts in this landscape-architectural monograph. Other sections strive to grasp the essence of Lützow 7's approach to landscape design in a panoramic portfolio and also in a directory to important design tasks and typical solutions in the realm between wilderness and detail. Tom Sieverts, the creator of the 'in-between city' paradigm, and Richard Weller of PennDesign, well acquainted with the partners Cornelia Müller and Jan Wehberg's work, contribute their personal views.--
Sherman SB470.55.G3 S37 2015

Geschichte der Gartenkultur : von Blumisten, Kunstgärtnern, Mistbeeten und Pomologien
Wimmer, Clemens Alexander, 1959- author
Berlin : L&H Verlag, 2015
Garten ist Anbau von Gemüse, Obst und Zierpflanzen, Garten ist Züchtung und Sortenkunde, Garten ist Kunst und Technik, Garten ist sozialer Ort und Symbol ? Garten ist ein Stück unserer Kultur und Geschichte. Dieses Buch schildert die Gartengeschichte anhand des Fundus der Bücherei des Deutschen Gartenbaues. Seit 1822 sammelt die grösste Spezialbibliothek für Gartenliteratur in Deutschland bibliophile Schätze. Ihre Bücher, Zeitschriften, Loseblattbestände, Handschriften, Kataloge und Fotos bilden die Grundlage einer kunstvoll illustrierten Darstellung der 500-jährigen Welt europäischer Gartenkultur.
Sherman SB451 .W56 2015

Ancient irrigation systems of the Aral Sea area : the history, origin, and development of irrigated agriculture
Andrianov, Boris Vasilʹevich, author
Philadelphia : Oxbow Books, 2016
Baker Berry S616.U9 A6513 2016

Detecting and responding to alien plant incursions
Wilson, John R., 1977- author
Cambridge, UK Cambridge University Press, 2017
1. Introduction -- Box 1.1 Incursion response in New Zealand / Philip E. Hulme -- 2. Prediction (pre- and post-border) -- Box 2.1 Plant traits associated with impact on native plant species richness / Montserrat Vilà, Rudolf P. Rohr, José L. Espinar, Philip E. Hulme, Jan Pergl, Johannes J. Le Roux, Urs Schaffner and Petr Pyšek -- Box 2.2 Lag phases: theory, data, and practical implications / Petr Pyšek -- Box 2.3 Species distribution models / Jane Elith -- 3. Detection and delimitation -- Box 3.1 Risk mapping to underpin post-border weed management activities /Rieks D. van Klinken and Justine V. Murray -- Box 3.2 Estimating detectability using search experiments / Cindy E. Hauser and Joslin L. Moore -- 4. Evaluation of management options -- Box 4.1 Is it feasible to eradicate or contain plant incursions in the Galapagos Islands? / Mark R. Gardener -- 5. Evaluation of management performance -- Box 5.1 Allocating resources / Oscar Cacho -- 6. Legislation and agreements -- Box 6.1 Legislation in Antarctica / Dana M. Bergstrom and Justine D. Shaw -- Box 6.2 Regulating the use of potential invaders for bioenergy / Lauren D. Quinn -- Box 6.3 Managing invasive ornamental trees / Curtis C. Daehler -- 7. Strategies and actions -- Box 7.1 National strategies for dealing with biological invasions, South Africa as an example / Brian W. van Wilgen -- Box 7.2 Costing invasions in the UK / Richard H. Shaw -- 8. Implementation -- Box 8.1 What is a Cooperative Weed Management Area? / Al Tasker -- Box 8.2 The European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization: co-ordinating the response to invasive plants across borders / Sarah Brunel -- Box 8.3 Invasive species Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR): a land conservation challenge for the twenty-first century / Randy Westbrooks and Steven Manning -- Box 8.4 Raising awareness about invasive plants in Portugal / Elizabete Marchante and Hélia Marchante -- 9. Conclusions and future directions.

"Ecologists, land managers and policymakers continue to search for the most effective ways to manage biological invasions. An emerging lesson is that proactive management can limit negative impacts, reduce risks and save money. This book explores how to detect and respond to alien plant incursions, summarising the most current literature, providing practical recommendations and reviewing the conditions and processes necessary to achieve prevention, eradication and containment. Chapter topics include assessing invasiveness and the impact of alien plants, how to improve surveillance efforts, how to make timely management decisions, and how legislation and strategic planning can support management. Each chapter includes text boxes written by international experts that discuss topical issues such as spatial predictive modelling, costing invasions, biosecurity, biofuels, and dealing with conflict species"--Publisher's summary.
On Display at Dana SB613.5 .W55 2017

Urban forests : ecosystem services and management
edited by J. Blum, PhD
Waretown, NJ : Apple Academic Press, [2017]
On Display at Dana SB436 .U722 2017

Cannabis : a complete guide
Small, Ernest, 1940- author
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group, [2017]
"Features: Serves as the most comprehensive available guide for scientists, doctors, economists, students, industries, and governments to evaluate risks and benefits of all aspects of cannabis ; Incorporates a very high level of scholarship, including a thorough and up-to-date analysis of the literature (with more than 1,700 literature citations), almost half a century of personally published research by the author, and consultations with leading experts ; The text is accessible, user-friendly, concise, and well-organized, making numerous complex topics comprehensible and easily digested, and therefore readable not only by specialists but also by students and the general public ; Over 280 high-quality colour illustrations are included to complement the text ; Numerous topics are presented in an entertaining fashion, including a section for each chapter that features memorable, fascinating, or humorous facts" -- Provided by publisher's website.
On Display at Dana SB295.C35 S63 2017

Uma história de jardins : a arte dos jardins na tratadística e na literatura
comissária e coordenação científica, Ana Duarte Rodrigues
Casal de Cambra, Portugal : Caleidoscópio, 2016
Baker Berry SB451 .H57 2016

Elements of the nature and properties of soils
Brady, Nyle C., author
Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Prentice Hall, [2010]
The soils around us -- Formation of soils from parent materials -- Soil classification -- Soil architecture and physical properties -- Soil water: characteristics and behavior -- Soil and the hydrologic cycle -- Soil air and temperature -- Soil colloids: seat of soil chemical and physical activity -- Soil acidity, alkalinity, aridity, and salinity -- Organisms and ecology of the soil -- Soil organic matter -- Nutrient cycles and soil fertility -- Practical nutrient management -- Soil erosion and its control -- Soils and chemical pollution.

"With an emphasis on the fundamentals, this book explores the important world of soils and the principles that can be used to minimize the degradation and destruction of one of our most important natural resources. Fully updated in this edition, it includes the latest information on soil colloids; nutrient cycles and soil fertility; and soils and chemical pollution. This edition is filled with hundreds of new figures and photos and continues to use examples from many fields, including agriculture, forestry, and natural resources. Taking an ecological approach, it emphasizes how the soil system is interconnected and the principles behind each soil concept"--Publisher's website.
Kresge S591 .B792 2010

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