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QP - Physiology acquired during August 2016

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Evolutionary cognitive neuroscience
edited by Steven M. Platek, Julian Paul Keenan, and Todd K. Shackleford
Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, ©2007
Introduction to evolutionary theory and its modern application to human behavior and cognition / Aaron T. Goetz and Todd K. Shackelford -- Brain and cognition in evolutionary perspective / Robin I.M. Dunbar -- Introduction to evolutionary cognitive neuroscience methods / Shilpa Patel [and others] -- The evolution of ontogeny and human cognitive uniqueness: selection for extended brain development in the hominid line / Valerie E. Stone -- Hemispheric specialization in chimpanzees: evolution of hand and brain / William D. Hopkins -- The evolution of brain size and intelligence / J. Philippe Rushton and C. Davison Ankney -- The evolution of the brain and cognition in cetaceans / Lori Marino -- The social control of reproduction: physiological, cellular, and molecular consequences of social status / Russell D. Fernald -- Neural correlates of facial resemblance / Steven M. Platek and Jamie W. Thomson -- Lust, romance, attachment: do the side effects of serotonin-enhancing antidepressants jeopardize romantic love, marriage, and fertility? / Helen E. Fisher and J. Anderson Thomson, Jr. -- Self-perceived survival and reproductive fitness theory: substance use disorders, evolutionary game theory, and the brain / David B. Newlin -- Sex differences in spatial ability: evolution, horomones, and the brain / David Andrew Puts, Steven J.C. Gaulin, and S. Marc Breedlove -- The evolution of sex differences in spatial cognition / Ruben C. Gur [and others] -- The evolution of language: from hand to mouth / Michael C. Corballis -- The evolution of human mindreading: how nonhuman primates can inform social cognitive neuroscience / Laurie R. Santos, Jonathan I. Flombaum, and Webb Phillips -- Social cognition and the evolution of self-awarness / Farah Focquaert and Steven M. Platek -- The assortative mating theory of autism / Simon Baron-Cohen -- Deception, evolution, and the brain / Sean T. Stevens [and others] -- On the evolution of human motivation: the role of social prosthetic systems / Stephen M. Kosslyn -- Philosophical, ethical, and social considerations of evolutionary cognitive neuroscience / Michael B. Kimberly and Paul Root Wolpe -- Evolutionary cognitive neuroscience / Julian Paul Keenan [and others].
Baker Berry QP360.5 .E97 2007

Neurophilosophy : toward a unified science of the mind-brain
Churchland, Patricia Smith
Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, 1989
Baker Berry QP360 .C49 1986

Social neuroscience : biological approaches to social psychology
edited by Eddie Harmon-Jones and Michael Inzlicht
New York, NY : Routledge, 2016
Baker Berry QP360 .S59185 2016

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