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QL - Zoology acquired during March 2017

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Insect ecology : an ecosystem approach
Schowalter, Timothy Duane, 1952-
San Diego : Elsevier Academic Press, 2016
On Display at Dana QL496.4 .S56 2016

Spare the birds! : George Bird Grinnell and the first Audubon Society
Merchant, Carolyn, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2016]
Part I. George Bird Grinnell's Audubon Society. 1. Lucy and John James Audubon's influence on Grinnell ; 2. Grinnell's Audubon Society -- Part II. George Bird Grinnell's writings on John James Audubon and Alexander Wilson in The Audubon magazine. 3. Introduction to Grinnell's writings ; 4. The life of John James Audubon / George Bird Grinnell ; 5. The character of John James Audubon / George Bird Grinnell ; 6. Incidents of Audubon's life / George Bird Grinnell ; 7. Audubonian sketches / R[obert] W. Shufeldt ; 8. Biography of Alexander Wilson / George Bird Grinnell -- Part III. Grinnell's monthly birds in The Audubon magazine, 1887-1889. 9. Introduction to Grinnell's monthly birds ; 10. Grinnell's monthly birds. I ; 11. Grinnell's monthly birds. II -- Epilogue: Grinnell's achievements -- Appendixes. 1. Other early and recent biographies of Audubon ; 2. Producing Audubon's Birds of America and Grinnell's monthly birds ; 3. Timeline: Alexander Wilson ; 4. Timeline: John James Audubon and Lucy Bakewell Audubon ; 5. Timeline: George Bird Grinnell.
Baker Berry QL676.55 .M47 2016

The rhinoceros and the megatherium : an essay in natural history
Pimentel, Juan, author
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2017
Prologue: Analogy and essay -- Part one. The armoured pachyderm: Itinerary -- Words -- Print -- Part two. A strange cadaver: Chimera -- Bones -- Fossil -- Epilogue: Circular lives.

One animal left India in 1515, caged in the hold of a Portuguese ship, and sailed around Africa to Lisbon--the first of its species to see Europe for more than a thousand years. The other crossed the Atlantic from South America to Madrid in 1789, its huge fossilized bones packed in crates, its species unknown. How did Europeans three centuries apart respond to these two mysterious beasts--a rhinoceros, known only from ancient texts, and a nameless monster? As Juan Pimentel explains, the reactions reflect deep intellectual changes but also the enduring power of image and imagination to shape our understanding of the natural world. We know the rhinoceros today as "Dürer's Rhinoceros," after the German artist's iconic woodcut. His portrait was inaccurate--Dürer never saw the beast and relied on conjecture, aided by a sketch from Lisbon. But the influence of his extraordinary work reflected a steady move away from ancient authority to the dissemination in print of new ideas and images. By the time the megatherium arrived in Spain, that movement had transformed science. When published drawings found their way to Paris, the great zoologist Georges Cuvier correctly deduced that the massive bones must have belonged to an extinct giant sloth. It was a pivotal moment in the discovery of the prehistoric world. The Rhinoceros and the Megatherium offers a penetrating account of two remarkable episodes in the cultural history of science and is itself a vivid example of the scientific imagination at work.--
Baker Berry QL737.U63 P5313 2017

Flock together : a love affair with extinct birds
Hollars, B. J., author
Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, [2017]
Prologue: Dodo lost -- The resurrection of the Lord God bird -- The death list -- The hermit and the hawk -- The continuing saga of the resurrection of the Lord God bird -- The life list -- The professor and the pigeon -- The stunning conclusion of the continuing saga of the resurrection of the Lord God bird -- The Christmas count -- The ghost of the goshawk -- Flock together.
Baker Berry QL676.8 .H65 2017

Avifauna no Campus : registros fotográficos e aspectos biológicos
Fialho, Marco Antônio Verardi, author
Santa Maria : Editora UFSM, 2013
Baker Berry QL689.B8 F53 2013

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