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QL - Zoology acquired during September 2016

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Pryke, Louise M. (Research associate)
London, UK : Reaktion Books Ltd, 2016
Introduction: Shining a Light on Scorpions -- A Basic Guide to the Biology of Scorpions -- Scorpions in Prehistory and the Ancient World -- The Scorpion King -- The Scorpion Weapon -- Scorpions in the Stars -- Scorpions on Screen and Beyond -- The Sting in the Tail -- Timeline -- References -- Bibliography -- Associations and Websites -- Acknowledgements -- Photo Acknowledgements -- Index.

From the back cover: "From the dawn of human civilization the scorpion has been a threatening figure in our imaginations--poisonous, precise and deadly quiet--but their bad reputation has overshadowed many exceptional qualities. Older than dinosaurs, these small arthropods have survived for hundreds of millions of years with very few changes to their form, and they have populated every continent--with the exception of Antarctica. Although humans and scorpions have coexisted for thousands of years, the image of the scorpion retains a sense of danger and mystery. Throughout our existence scorpions have served as powerful cultural and religious symbols--sometimes as menacing foes, other times as protectors. From the Egyptian goddess Serket to Zodiac astrology to folk medicine, Scorpion is a fascinating tour that includes ancient warrior deities, the American Civil War and the markets of Southeast Asia. Scorpion is a richly illustrated homage to one of earth's oldest residents."
Baker Berry QL458.7 .P79 2016

Dodd, Adam, 1976-
London, UK : Reaktion Books Ltd, 2016
Coming to terms with beetles -- Sacred beetle -- Scientific beetle -- Managing beetles -- Popular beetle -- Timeline.
Baker Berry QL576 .D64 2016

Schmetterlinge : ein Portrait
Grill, Andrea, 1975-
Berlin : MSB Matthes & Seitz Berlin Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, 2016
Baker Berry QL544 .G75 2016

Flight identification of raptors of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East
Forsman, Dick, author,
London : Chistopher Helm ; 2016
Introduction -- Topography -- Glossary -- Hawk-watching in and around Europe / by Keith L. Bildstein and Anna Sandor -- Migration ecology of raptors / by Ian Newton -- Species accounts.
On Display at Dana QL696.F3 F665 2016

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