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QK - Botany acquired during August 2016

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Applied plant genomics and biotechnology
edited by Palmiro Poltronieri, Yiguo Hong
Amsterdam ; Elsevier/WP, Woodhead Publishing is an imprint of Elsevier, [2015]
Transgenic, cisgenic and novel plant products: challenges in regulation and safety assessment / Palmiro Poltronieri and Ida Barbara Reca -- What turns on and off the cytokinin metabolisms and beyond / Eva Jiskrová, Ivona Kubalová and Yoshihisa Ikeda -- Apple allergens genomics and biotechnology: unravelling the determinanats of apple allergenicity / Federica Savazzini, Giampaolo Ricci and Stefano Tartarini -- Non-food interventions: exploring plant biotechnology applications to therapeutic protein production / Matteo Busconi, Mariangela Marudelli and Corrado Fogher -- In planta produced virus-like particles as candidate vaccines / Slavica Matić and Emanuela Noris -- Biotechnology of euphorbiaceae (Jatropha curcas, Manihot esculenta, Ricinus communis) / Fatemah Maghuly, Johann Vollmann and Margit Laimer -- Regulation framework for flowering / Tiziana Sgamma and Stephen Jackson -- Epigenetic regulation during fleshy fruit development and ripening / Emeline Teyssier, Lisa Boureauv, Weiwei Chen, Ruie Lui, Charlotte Degraeve-Guibault, Linda Stammitti, Yiguo Hong and Philippe Gallusci -- Tomato fruit quality improvement facing the functional genomics revolution / Dominique Rolin, Emeline Teyssier, Yiguo Hong and Philippe Gallusci -- Rice genomics and biotechnology / Dawei Xue, Hua Jiang and Qian Qian -- Genome-wide DNA methylation in tomato / Rupert Fray and Silin Zhong -- Recent application of biotechniques for the improvement of mango research / Mohammad Sorof Uddin and Qi Cheng -- Cotton genomics and biotechnology / Hao Juan and Sun Yuqiang -- Virus technology for functional genomics in plants / Cheng Qin, Qi Zhang, Meiling He, Junhua Kong, Bin LI, Atef Mohamed, Weiwei Chen, Pengcheng Zhang, Xian Zhang, Zhiming Yu, Tongfei Lai, Nongnong Shi, Toba Osman and Yiguo Hong -- PARP proteins, NAD, epigenetics, antioxidative response to abiotic stress / Palmiro Poltronieri and Masanao Miwa -- Applied oilseed rape marker technology and genomics / Christian Obermeier and Wolfgang Friedt.
On Display at Dana QK981 .A67 2015

The Bauers : Joseph, Franz & Ferdinand : masters of botanical illustration : an illustrated biography
Lack, H. Walter, author
Munich : Prestel, [2015]
Baker Berry QK98.18 .L33 2015

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