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QE - Geology acquired during September 2016

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From the Blue Ridge to the coastal plain : field excursions in the southeastern United States
edited by Martha Cary Eppes and Mervin J. Bartholomew
Boulder, Colorado : The Geological Society of America, 2012
Kresge QE1 .F534 no.29

Late Cretaceous to Quaternary strata and fossils of Texas : field excursions celebrating 125 years of GSA and Texas geology, GSA South-Central Section meeting, Austin, Texas, April 2013
edited by Brian B. Hunt, Elizabeth J. Catlos
Boulder, Colo., USA : Geological Society of America, Inc., 2013
Late Cretaceous strata and vertebrate fossils of North Texas / Louis L. Jacobs [and others] -- Friesenhahn Cave : Late Pleistocene paleoecology and predator-prey relationships of mammoths wtih an extinct scimitar cat / Russell W. Graham, Ernest L. Lundelius Jr., and Laurence Meissner -- Search for Devil's Eye : retracing the historic Dumble survey with modern mobile technology / Ann Molineux, Louis G. Zachos, and Unmil Karadker -- Depositional history of the upper Calvert Bluff and lower Carrizo formations, Bastrop, Texas / Thomas E. Yancy, Andrew Dunham, and Kevin Durney.

"The four field trips in this volume focus on sedimentology and paleontology in Texas. All the trips can directly trace their roots to the work of early geologic explorers"--Provided by publisher.
Kresge QE1 .F534 no.30

Insights into the Michigan Basin : salt deposits, impact structure, youngest basin bedrock, glacial geomorphology, dune complexes, and coastal bluff stability
edited by Robb Gillespie
Boulder, Colo. : Geological Society of America, 2013
"This is a compilation of field excursions offered at the 2013 GSA North-Central Section held in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The field trips examine a range of geological time intervals and topics, from Silurian salt, to Cretaceous cosmic impact, to Quaternary glacial landscape formation, sand-dune development, and present-day coastal bluff erosion issues"--
Kresge QE1 .F534 no.31

Geologic excursions from Fresno, California, and the Central Valley : a tour of California's iconic geology
edited by Keith Putirka
Boulder, Colo. : Geological Society of America, ©2013
"This volume presents field guides that span the breadth of central California's geology. The trips are associated with the 2013 GSA Cordilleran Section meeting, convened in Fresno, California, 18-25 May. The guides are to geologic localities that are not only iconic, but are also type examples of key geologic phenomena"--Provided by publisher.
Kresge QE1 .F534 no.32

Classic concepts and new directions : exploring 125 years of GSA discoveries in the Rocky Mountain Region
edited by Lon D. Abbott, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado and Gregory S. Hancock, Department of Geology, College of William and Mary
Boulder, Colorado : The Geological Society of America, 2013
"This guide's 14 chapters, which span the Rocky Mountain region's 1.7-billion-year history, give a retrospective glimpse of early geologic ideas being forged, bring the latest mapping and analytical results from classic locations, and introduce techniques that will form the bedrock of our geologic understanding in the years to come"--
Kresge QE1 .F534 no.33

Geologic field trips along the boundary between the Central Lowlands and Great Plains : 2014 Meeting of the GSA North-Central Section
edited by Jesse T. Korus, Conservation and Survey Division-School of Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Boulder, Colorado : The Geological Society of America, 2014
The geology and paleontology of Ashfall Fossil Beds, a late Miocene (Clarendonian) mass- death assemblage, Antelope County and adjacent Knox County, Nebraska, USA / S.T. Tucker, R.E. Otto, R.M. Joeckel, and M.R. Voorhies -- Pleistocene geology and classic type sections along the Missouri River Valley in Western Iowa / Charles W. Rovey II and E.A. Bettis III -- Building and decorative stones, and other geological aspects of the Nebraska Capitol / Joseph T. Hannibal.

"Sites of geologic interest along the boundary between the Central Lowlands and the Great Plains are anything but subtle. Both geological and human forces have created some treasures in this area, and this guidebook includes three field trips offered at the GSA North-Central Section meeting in Lincoln, Nebraska, in April 2014"--
Kresge QE1 .F534 no.36

Formation of the Sierra Nevada batholith : magmatic and tectonic processes and their tempos
edited by Vali Memeti, Scott R. Paterson, Keith D. Putirka
Boulder, Colorado, USA : Geological Society of America, [2014]
Introduction / Scott R. Paterson, Jade Star Lackey, Vali Memeti, Robert B. Miller, Jonathan S. Miller, Roland Mundil, and Keith D. Putirka -- Day 1: Guadalupe igneous complex / Keith D. Putirka, Joe Canchola, Megan McNaughton, Oscar Smith, Gerardo Torrez, Scott R. Paterson, and Mihai Ducea -- Day 2: the fine gold intrusive suite-records of the nascent Cretaceous arc / Jade Star Lackey, Callie L. Sendek, and Jane L. Eisenberg -- Day 3: Sentinel Granodiorite, Yosemite Creek Granodiorite, and Yosemite Valley Intrusive Suite: western host units of the Tuolumne Intrusive Complex / Jonathan S. Miller, Robert B. Miller, and Greg Stock -- Day 4: magmatic evolution of the Tuolumne Intrusive Complex / Vali Memeti, Scott R. Paterson, and Roland Mundil -- Day 5: Mesozoic volcanic rocks of the central Sierra Nevada Arc / Scott R. Paterson and Vali Memeti -- Day 6: overview of arc processes and tempos / Scott R. Paterson, Vali Memeti, Lawford Anderson, Wenrong Cao, Jade Star Lackey, Keith D. Putirka, Robert B. Miller, Jonathan S. Miller, and Roland Mundil.

"This comprehensive field guide takes you on a six-day, west-to-east geologic journey across the Mesozoic magmatic arc of the central Sierra Nevada in California. It summarizes field, structural, geochemistry, and geochronology data collected on individual intrusions, basement terranes intruded by these intrusions, Mesozoic volcanic-sedimentary sections, and from several Sierra Nevada-wide datasets"--Provided by publisher.
Kresge QE1 .F534 no.34

Exploring the northern Rocky Mountains
edited by Colin A. Shaw, Department of Earth Sciences, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana 59717, USA, Basil Tikoff, Department of Geoscience, University of Wisconsin. 1215 W. Dayton Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53706, USA
Boulder, Colorado : The Geological Society of America, 2014
Hells Canyon to the Bitterroot front: a transect from the accretionary margin eastward across the Idaho batholith / Reed S. Lewis, Keegan L. Schmidt, Richard M. Gaschnig, Todd A. LaMaskin, Karen Lund, Keith D. Gray, Basal Tikoff, Tor Stetson-Lee, and Nicholas Moore -- Sedimentary record of glacial Lake Missoula along the Clark Fork River from deep to shallow positions in the former lakes: St. Regis to near Drummond, Montana / Larry N. Smith and Michelle A. Hanson -- Neotectonics and geomorphic evolution of the northwestern arm of the Yellowstone Tectonic Parabola: controls on intra-cratonic extensional regimes, southwest Montana / Chester A. Ruleman, Mort Larsen, and Michael C. Stickney -- Tracking a big Miocene river across the Continental Divide at Monida Pass, Montana/Idaho / James W. Sears -- A slice through time: a Hyalite Canyon soil lithosequence / J.C. Sugden, A.S. Hartshorn, J.L. Dixon, and C. Montagne -- Regional setting and deposit geology of the Golden Sunlight Mine: an example of responsible resource extraction / Nancy Oyer, John Childs, and J. Brian Mahoney -- Polyphase collapse of the Cordilleran hinterland: the anaconda metamorphic core complex of western Montana-the Snoke symposium field trip / Thomas J. Kalakay, David A. Foster, and Jeffrey D. Lonn -- The Yellowstone and Regal talc mines and their geologic setting in southwestern Montana / Sandra J. Underwood, John F. Childs, Chad P. Walby, Helen B. Lynn, Zachary S. Wall, Michael T. Cerino, and Ericka Bartlett -- Glacial and Quaternary geology of the northern Yellowstone area, Montana and Wyoming / Kenneth L. Pierce, Joseph M. Licciardi, Teresa R. Krause, and Cathy Whitlock.

"The field trips in this guidebook are associated with the GSA Rocky Mountain-Cordilleran Joint Section Meeting, which will take place in Bozeman, Montana, in May 2014"--
Kresge QE1 .F534 no.37

Elevating geoscience in the southeastern United States : new ideas about old terranes : field guides for the GSA Southeastern Section Meeting, Blacksburg, Virginia, 2014
edited by Christopher M. Bailey, Department of Geology, College of William & Mary, P.O. Box 8795, Williamsburg, Virginia, 23187, USA, Lorrie V. Coiner, Division of Geology and Mineral Resources, Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy, Fontaine Research Park, 900 Natural Resources Drive, Suite 500, Charlottesville, Virginia, 22903, USA
Boulder, Colorado : The Geological Society of America, 2014
"These ten field guides were written for the 2014 GSA Southeastern Section Meeting, which will take place in Blacksburg, Virginia. They cover such varied topics as the 2011 M5.8 Mineral, Virginia, earthquake; Mesozoic fauna from the Solite Quarry; and geology of the Coles Hill uranium deposit"--
Kresge QE1 .F534 no.35

Glaciovolcanism on Earth and Mars : products, processes, and palaeoenvironmental significance
Smellie, J. L
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Baker Berry QE522 .S575 2016

Perovskites : structure-property relationships
Tilley, R. J. D
Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom : John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2016
Kresge QE391.P47 T55 2016

Towards new horizons : John Haller, 1927-1984
Zürich : Verlag der Fachvereine : ©1993
Biography of the Swiss geologist John Haller (1927-1984), including extensive work in Greenland.
Baker Berry QE22.H35 T69 1993

Precambrian geology of China
Mingguo Zhai, editor
Berlin ; Springer, [2015]
Part I. General Precambrian Geology in China. General Precambrian geology in China / Mingguo Zhai and Yanyan Zhou -- Part II. The North China Craton. Formation and evolution of Archean continental crust of the North China Craton / Yu-Sheng Wan, Dun-Yi Liu, Chun-Yan Dong, Hang-Qian Xie, Alfred Kröner, Ming-Zhu Ma, Shou-Jie Liu, Shi-Wen Xie and Peng Ren ; Paleoproterozoic granulites in the North China Craton and their geological implications / Jinghui Guo, Mingguo Zhai, Peng Peng, Shujuan Jiao, Lei Zhao and Haozheng Wang ; Late Paleoproterozoic-Neoproterozoic (1800-541 Ma) mafic dyke swarms and rifts in North China / Peng Peng -- Part III. The South China Craton. Early Precambrian geological signatures in South China Craton / Yuan-Sheng Geng ; Mesoproterozoic era of South China Craton / Yuan-Sheng Geng ; Neoproterozoic era of South China Craton / Yuan-Sheng Geng -- Part IV. The Tarim Craton. Late Archean : Mesoproterozoic geology of the Tarim Craton / Bei Xu ; The Neoproterozoic geology of the Tarim Craton / Bei Xu ; The Precambrian tectonic evolution of the Tarim Craton / Bei Xu -- Part V. Other Chinese Paleocontinents. The Precambrian geology of the Tibetan Plateau / Fulai Liu, Yongsheng Dong and Chaohui Liu ; Paleocontinents in Xing'an-Mongolia orogenic belt (XMOB) / Bei Xu.
Kresge QE653 .P743 2015

Historical geology lab manual
Gore, Pamela J. W., author
Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2014]
Laboratory 1: Relative Dating -- Laboratory 2: Rocks and Minerals -- Laboratory 3: Rock weathering and Interpretation of Sediments -- Laboratory 4: Sedimentary Rocks -- Laboratory 5: Sedimentary Structures -- Laboratory 6: Depositional Sedimentary Environments -- Laboratory 7: Stratigraphy and Lithologic Correlation -- Laboratory 8: Fossils on the Internet -- Laboratory 9: Microfossils and Introduction to the Tree of Life -- Laboratory 10: Invertebrate Macrofossils and Classification of Organisms -- Laboratory 11: Fossil Preservation and Trace Fossils -- Laboratory 12: Evolution of the Vertebrates.
Kresge QE28.3 .G67 2014

Status of the geoscience workforce 2014
Wilson, Carolyn E
Alexandria, VA : American Geological Institute, ©2014
Kresge QE34 .W547 2014

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