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De Aetna
Bembo, Pietro, 1470-1547, author
Ragusa : Edizioni di Storia e studi sociali, [2016]
Baker Berry QE523.E8 B45 2016

Colbert's evolution of the vertebrates : a history of the backboned animals through time
Colbert, Edwin H. 1905-2001
New Delhi, India : Wiley India (P.) Ltd., [2014]
Introduction -- Jawless vertebrates -- Acanthodians and placoderms -- Sharklike fishes -- Bony fishes -- Lobe-fin fishes and the transition to land -- Early Paleozoic faunas -- Amphibians -- the advent of reptiles -- Late Paleozoic faunas -- Aquatic reptiles -- Early ruling reptiles -- Triumph of the dinosaurs -- Aerial reptiles -- Birds -- Years of the dinosaurs -- Mammal-like reptiles -- Beginning of the mammals -- Marsupials -- Introduction to the placentals -- Early placental diversification -- Primates and their kin -- Rodents and rabbits -- Creodonts and carnivores -- Whales and dolphins -- Primitive ungulates -- Artiodactyls -- South American ungulates -- Perissodactyls -- Elephants and their kin -- Cenozoic faunas.
Kresge QE841 .C68 2014

Evolution : what the fossils say and why it matters
Prothero, Donald R., author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2017]
Foreword : Why people do not accept evolution -- To the reader : Is evolution a threat to your religious beliefs? -- Prologue : Fossils and evolution -- Preface to the second edition -- Acknowledgments -- Part I. Evolution and the fossil record. The nature of science -- Science and creationism -- The fossil record -- The evolution of evolution -- Systematics and evolution -- Part II. Evolution? : the fossils say yes! Life's origins -- Cambrian "explosion"--or "slow fuse"? -- Spineless wonders of evolution -- Fish tales -- Fish out of water -- Onto the land and back to the sea : the amniotes -- Dinosaurs evolve--and fly -- Mammalian explosion -- Bossies and blowholes -- The ape's reflection? -- Why does it matter?

An entertaining and rigorous history of the transitional forms and series found in the fossil record. Its engaging narrative of scientific discovery and well-grounded analysis has led to the book's widespread adoption in courses that teach the nature and value of fossil evidence for evolution. Evolution tackles systematics and cladistics, rock dating, neo-Darwinism, and macroevolution. It includes extensive coverage of the primordial soup, invertebrate transitions, the development of the backbone, the reign of the dinosaurs, and the transformation from early hominid to modern human. The book also details the many alleged "missing links" in the fossil record, including some of the most recent discoveries that flesh out the fossil timeline and the evolutionary process. --Publisher's description.
Kresge QE721.2.E85 P76 2017

The last 10,000 years : a fossil pollen record of the American Southwest
Martin, Paul S. 1928-2010, author
Tucson : The University of Arizona Press, 2016
Geological framework -- Southwestern climates and the Mexican monsoon -- The modern pollen rain -- Vegetation of the Southwest -- The fossil pollen record -- Comments on the pollen types -- Pollen stratigraphy and radiocarbon dating -- A postpluvial climatic model for the arid Southwest -- A reappraisal of postpluvial climates -- Some conclusions and afterthoughts.
Kresge QE993 .M28 2016

Gemstones in the first millennium AD : mines, trade, workshops and symbolism : International Conference, October 20th-22nd, 2015, Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum, Mainz
Alexandra Hilgner, Susanne Greiff, Dieter Quast (eds)
Mainz : Verlag des Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums ; 2017
Baker Berry QE392 .G46 2017