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QE - Geology acquired during April 2017

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Africa's top geological sites : 35th International Geological Congress commemorative volume
editors Richard Viljoen, Morris Viljoen and Carl Anhaeusser
Cape Town, South Africa : Struik Nature, 2016
Kresge QE320 .A75 2016

Prehistoric life of North Dakota : coloring and activity book
Hoganson, John W
[Bismarck, N.D.] : North Dakota Geological Survey, 2011
Kresge QE149 .E37 no.32

Trials and tribulations of life on an active subduction zone : field trips in and around Vancouver, Canada
edited by Shahin Dashtgard, Department of Earth Sciences, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada, Brent Ward, Department of Earth Sciences, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada
Boulder, Colorado : The Geological Society of America, 2014
1. Urban geology and geoheritage of Metro Vancouver, British Columbia / Michael C. Wilson and Lionel E. Jackson Jr. -- 2. Applied geomorphology along the North Shore slopes of Burrard Inlet in North and West Vancouver / Michael C. Roberts, Derek Turner, and Brent Ward -- 3. Mount Baker lahars and debris flows, ancient, modern, and future / David S. Tucker, Kevin M. Scott, Eric E. Grossman, and Scott Linneman -- 4. Holocene human interaction and adaptation to geological and climatic changes in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Canyon, and Coast Mountain area of British Columbia: A geoarchaeological view / Peter Locher and Francesco Berna -- 5. Multiple Younger Dryas and Allerød moraines (Sumas Stade) and late Pleistocene Everson glaciomarine drift in the Fraser Lowland / Don J. Easterbrook -- 6. The life and times of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet around the southern Fraser Plateau, British Columbia / Tracy A. Brennand, Olav B. Lian, and Andrew J. Perkins -- 7. Quaternary subglacial and explosive volcanism in the Canadian Cascade arc (Sea-to-Sky Corridor), British Columbia / Graham D.M. Andrews, Lucy Porritt, and J.K. Russell -- 8. Volcanism and glacial interaction in the Wells Gray–Clearwater volcanic field, east-central British Columbia / Catherine J. Hickson and Nathalie Vigouroux -- 9. Tertiary stratigraphy and structure of the eastern flank of the Cascade Range, Washington / Eric S. Cheney.

"Nine field guides explore diverse topics such as urban geology and geoheritage in Metro Vancouver, the processes and postglacial adjustments of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet, and human interaction and adaptation to geological and climate changes in British Columbia"--
Kresge QE1 .F534 no.38

Diverse excursions in the Southeast : Paleozoic to present
edited by Ann E. Holmes, Physics, Geology and Astronomy, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
Boulder, Colorado : The Geological Society of America, [2015]
Foreword / Ann E. Holmes -- A road guide to the Harpeth River and Stones River fault zones on the northwest flank of the Nashville dome, central Tennessee / Mark Abolins, Shaunna Young, Joe Camacho, Mark Trexler, Alex Ward, Matt Cooley, and Albert Ogden -- A Laurentian margin back-arc : the Ordovician Wedowee-Emuckfaw-Dahlonega basin / Clinton Barineau, James F. Tull, and Christopher S. Holm-Denoma -- Coal mining impacts and remediation in the Chattanooga region : field trip to north Chickamauga Creek upper watershed / Gregory A. Brodie -- Stratigraphy and depositional environments in the Silurian Red Mountain Formation of the southern Appalachian basin, USA / Timothy M. Chowns and Andrew K. Rindsberg -- Exploring the origins of modern topographic relief in the southern Appalachians : an excursion through the transient landscape of the Cullasaja River basin, North Carolina / Sean F. Gallen and Karl W. Wegmann -- Sequatchie Valley structure and stratigraphy / Robert D. Hatcher Jr. and Robert C. Milici -- Geology, hydrology, and water use history atop the Cumberland Plateau in the Sewanee and Tracy City, Tennessee, area / Martin A. Knoll, Donald B. Potter Jr., and Christopher Van De Ven -- Evolution and the evidence around Dayton, Tennessee / William D. Witherspoon, Michael A. Gibson, and Don W. Byerly -- Sedimentary architecture of basinal Fort Payne (Mississippian) deposits : mixed carbonate-clastic channels and Waulsortian-like mounds / Jeannette Wolak, Larry Knox, Audrey Pattat, Randal Roberson, and Bryan Blackburn.

"This volume contains field guides to the 2015 GSA Southeastern Section Meeting's field trips. The guides explore geologic history and visit four regional geologic provinces--the Nashville dome, Blue Ridge, Valley and Ridge, and Cumberland Plateau"--
Kresge QE1 .F534 no.39

Introduction to mineralogy
Nesse, William D
New York : Oxford University Press, [2017]
Crystallography -- Crystal chemistry -- Crystal structure -- Mineral growth -- Physical properties of minerals -- Optical mineralogy -- Introduction to X-ray crystallography -- Chemical analysis of minerals -- Strategies for study -- Silicates -- Framework silicates -- Sheet silicates -- Discilicates and ring silicates -- Orthosilicates -- Carbonates, sulfates, phosphates, tungstates, molybdates, and borates -- Oxides, hydroxides, and halides -- Sulfides and related minerals -- Native elements.
Kresge QE363.2 .N48 2017

Minerals : their constitution and origin
Wenk, Hans-Rudolf, 1941- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Kresge QE363.2 .W46 2016

Salt tectonics : principles and practice
Jackson, M. P. A., author
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Evaporite deposition and flow. Introduction ; Evaporites and their deposition ; Salt flow -- Salt structures. Salt pillows and salt anticlines ; Salt stocks and salt walls ; Salt sheets and salt canopies ; Minibasins ; Internal deformation in salt bodies ; Salt welds -- Salt-tectonic systems. Extensional salt-tectonic systems ; Contractional salt-tectonic systems ; Strike-slip salt tectonic systems -- Practical applications of salt tectonics. Seismic interpretation of salt structures ; Special topics in seismic interpretation of salt canopies ; Influence of salt on petroleum systems.
Kresge QE513 .J33 2017

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