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QD - Chemistry acquired during September 2016

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Hybrid retrosynthesis : organic synthesis using Reaxys and SciFinder
D'Angelo, John, author
Amsterdam, Netherlands : Elsevier, [2015]
1 Disconnections and Synthesis; 1.A The Disconnection Approach; 1.B Functional Group Exchange Reactions; 2 Making Carbon-Carbon Bonds; 3 Computer-Assisted Syntheses; 4 A Hybrid Retrosynthesis Approach; 5 Creative Strategies to Searching for Reagents; 6 Stereochemistry; 7 Molecules of Greater Complexity; 7.A Convergent Syntheses; 7.B Perovskone; 7.C Amphotericin B; 7.D Carbovir; 8 Common Fundamental Reactions in Organic Chemistry; 8.A Functional Group Exchange Reactions; 8.B Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming Reactions.
Kresge QD262.4 .D36 2015

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