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QC - Physics acquired during September 2016

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The philosophy of physics
Rickles, Dean
Cambridge : Polity Press, 2016
Interpreting physical theories -- General concepts of physics -- Symmetries in physics -- Getting philosophy from symmetry -- Further adventures in space and time -- Linking micro to macro -- Quantum philosophy -- On the edge : a snapshot of advanced topics.
Kresge QC6 .R4635 2016

Quaternary environmental change in southern Africa : physical and human dimensions
edited by Jasper Knight, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Stefan W. Grab, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2016
1. The context of Quaternary environmental change in southern Africa / Jasper Knight and Stefan W. Grab -- 2. A brief geological history of southern Africa / Steve McCourt -- 3. A continental-scale perspective on landscape evolution in southern Africa during the Cenozoic / Jasper Knight and Stefan W. Grab -- 4. Hominin origins and evolution during the Neogene / Jason L. Heaton -- 5. Hominin evolution in Africa during the Quaternary / Kristian J. Carlson and Sarah Edlund -- 6. Quaternary environmental change on the southern African coastal plain / John S. Compton -- 7. Dating the southern African landscape / Stephan Woodborne -- 8. Glacial and periglacial geomorphology / Stefan W. Grab and Jasper Knight -- 9. Colluvial deposits and slope instability / Greg A. Botha, Arnaud J.A.M. Temme and Rebekah G. Singh -- 10. Desert dune environments / David S.G. Thomas -- 11. Changes in fluvial systems during the Quaternary / Stephen Tooth -- 12. Wetlands in southern Africa / William N. Ellery, Suzanne E. Grenfell, Michael C. Grenfell, Rebecca Powell, Donovan C. Kotze, Philip M. Marren and Jasper Knight -- 13. Sandy coasts / Hayley C. Cawthra and Mark D. Bateman -- 14. Environmental change during the Pleistocene and Holocene : estuaries and lagoons of southern Africa / Ander M. de Lecea, Andrew N. Green and J. Andrew G. Cooper -- 15. Soils and duricrusts / J├╝rgen Runge -- 16. Karstic systems / Karin Holmgren and Paul Shaw -- 17. Terrestrial ecosystem changes in the late Quaternary / Michael E. Meadows and Lynne J. Quick -- 18. Faunal evidence for mid- and late Quaternary environmental change in southern Africa / James S. Brink -- 19. Pollen, charcoal and plant macrofossil evidence of Neogene and Quaternary environments in southern Africa / Marion K. Bamford, Frank H. Neumann and Louis Scott -- 20. Minerogenic microfossil records of Quaternary environmental change in southern Africa / Jennifer M. Fitchett, Jasper Knight and Stefan W. Grab -- 21. Development of the archaeological record in southern Africa during the Earlier Stone Age / Kathleen Kuman -- 22. Development of the archaeological record during the Middle Stone Age of South Africa / Sarah Wurz -- 23. Later Stone Age hunter-gatherers and herders / Peter Mitchell -- 24. Southernmost Africans, archaeology and the environment during the Holocene / Maria H. Schoeman -- 25. Landscape-climate-human relations in the Quaternary of southern Africa / Jasper Knight, Dominic Stratford and Stefan W. Grab.
Kresge QC884.2.C5 Q83 2016

A cultural history of climate change
edited by Tom Bristow and Thomas H. Ford
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, Earthscan, from Routledge, 2016
Baker Berry QC903 .C865 2016

Atmospheric chemistry and physics : from air pollution to climate change
Seinfeld, John H
Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2016]
Kresge QC879.6 .S45 2016

Hecht, Eugene
Boston : Pearson Education, Inc., [2017]
A brief history -- Wave motion -- Electromagnetic theory, photons, and light -- The propagation of light -- Geometrical optics -- More on geometrical optics -- The duperposition of waves -- Polarization -- Interference -- Diffraction -- Fourier optics -- Basics of coherence Theory -- Modern optics: lasers and other topics.
On Reserve at Kresge QC355.3 .H43 2017

Cultural dynamics of climate change and the environment in Northern America
edited by Bernd Sommer
Leiden ; Brill, [2015]
Introduction: Climates and Cultures in Northern America / Bernd Sommer -- The "American Way of Life" and US Views on Climate Change and the Environment / Roland Benedikter, Eugene Cordero and Anne Marie Todd -- From Conservationists to Environmentalists : The American Environmental Movement / Angela Mertig -- The Role of Norms for US Foreign Climate Policy / Frederic Hanusch -- North American Climate History / Samuel White, Kenneth M. Sylvester and Richard Tucker -- Hurricanes in New Orleans : Disaster Migration and Adaptation, 1718-1794 / Eleonora Rohland -- The Landscapes of Man : Ecological and Social Change before Hurricane Katrina / Demetrius Eudell -- Science (and Policy) Friction : How Mass Media Shape US American Climate Discourses / Maxwell T. Boykoff and Michael K. Goodman -- "Save Ga$. Ride this Bus" : Racialised Poverty, Violence and Climate Change in Urban America / Jurgen Heinrichs -- Climate Change Beliefs and Climate-relevant Behaviour at the Northern US West Coast : A Practice Theoretical Analysis / Karin Schurmann -- A New Clayoquot? : Examining the Convergence of First Nation and Environmental NGO s in Vancouver's Anti-Pipeline Protests / Omer Aijazi and Martin David -- Incorporating Climate Change Remedies into Community Development in Greenland / Naotaka Hayashi -- Cultural Dynamics of Adaptation to Climate Change : An Example from the East Coast of the US / Grit Martinez and Michael J. Paolisso -- "Back to the Future" : Imagining Climate Change Futures in U S American Literature / Antonia Mehnert.

Global warming interacts in multiple ways with ecological and social systems in Northern America. While the US and Canada belong to the world’s largest per capita emitters of greenhouse gases, the Arctic north of the continent as well as the Deep South are already affected by a changing climate. American views on climate change and the environment are highly polarized. Despite the US’s and Canada’s rejection of international binding climate targets, some of the world’s most ambitious climate initiatives can be found on the local and regional level. In this book academics from various fields such as anthropology, art history, educational studies, cultural studies, environmental science, history, political science, and sociology explore society–nature interactions in – culturally as well as ecologically – one of the most diverse regions of the world.
Baker Berry QC903.2.U6 C85 2015

Introduction to plasma physics and controlled fusion
Chen, Francis F., 1929- author
Cham : Springer, [2016]
On Reserve at Kresge QC718 .C39 2016

Ultrafast biophotonics
Vasa, P. author
Switzerland : Springer, [2016]
Kresge QC689.5.L37 V37 2016

Fundamental aspects of plasma chemical physics : kinetics
Capitelli, M., author
New York [NY] : Springer, [2016]
Kresge QC718.4 C37 2016

Lectures on the mathematics of quantum mechanics II : selected topics
Dell'Antonio, G. F., 1933- author
[Paris] : Atlantis Press, [2016]
Kresge QC174.17.M35 D45 2016

Advances in algebraic quantum field theory
Romeo Brunetti, Claudio Dappiaggi, Klaus Fredenhagen, Jakob Yngvason, editors
Cham : Springer, [2015]
1. An introduction to algebraic quantum field theory / Klaus Fredenhagen -- 2. Perturbative construction of models of algebraic quantum field theory / Klaus Fredenhagen and Katarzyna Rejzner -- 3. Models of free quantum field theories on curved backgrounds / Marco Benini and Claudio Dappiaggi -- 4. Algebraic quantum field theory in curved spacetimes / Christopher J. Fewster and Rainer Verch -- 5. Algebraic QFT in curved spacetime and quasifree Hadamard states: an introduction / Igor Khavkine and Valter Moretti -- 6. Cosmological applications of algebraic quantum field theory / Thomas-Paul Hack and Nicola Pinamonti -- 7. Quantum spacetime and algebraic quantum field theory / Dorothea Bahns, Sergio Doplicher, Gerardo Morsella, and Gherardo Piacitelli -- 8. Algebraic conformal quantum field theory in perspective / Karl-Henning Rehren -- 9. Kitaev's quantum double model from a local quantum physics point of view / Pieter Naaijkens -- 10. Algebraic constructive quantum field theory: integrable models and deformation techniques / Gandalf Lechner.

"This text focuses on the algebraic formulation of quantum field theory, from the introductory aspects to the applications to concrete problems of physical interest. The book is divided in thematic chapters covering both introductory and more advanced topics. These include the algebraic, perturbative approach to interacting quantum field theories, algebraic quantum field theory on curved spacetimes (from its structural aspects to the applications in cosmology and to the role of quantum spacetimes), algebraic conformal field theory, the Kitaev's quantum double model from the point of view of local quantum physics and constructive aspects in relation to integrable models and deformation techniques." -- Back cover.
Kresge QC174.45 .A378 2015

Electron spin interactions in chemistry and biology : fundamentals, methods, reactions mechanisms, magnetic phenomena, structure investigation
Likhtenshtein, Gertz, author
Switzerland : Springer, [2016]
Kresge QC793.3.S6 E64 2016

Many-body physics in condensed matter systems
Polini, Marco
Pisa : Edizioni della Normale, c2006
Baker Berry QC174.17.P7 P65 2006

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