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PZ - Juvenile Belles Lettres acquired during June 2017

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Blancanieves en el metro : una historia sobre el racismo en México
Angulo, Annuska, author
[Ciudad de México, Mexico] : Producciones Santa Lucía A.C., 2016
Una historia sobre el racismo en México.
Baker Berry PZ73 .A547 2016

The tale of the enchanted bunnies
Sawyer, Ruth, 1880-1970
New York ; Harper & Brothers, ©1923
Rauner Rare Book PZ10.3.S27 Ta 1923

Juan and Juanita
Baylor, Frances Courtenay, 1848-1920
Boston : Ticknor and Company, 1888
Rauner Rare Book PZ7.B268 1888

The olive fairy book
Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912, author
New York : Longmans, Green, and Co., 1907
Twenty-nine tales from the folklore of Turkey, India, Denmark, Armenia, and the Sudan.
Rauner Rare Book PZ8.L15 Ol 1907

The red fairy book
edited by Andrew Lang ; with numerous illustrations by H.J. Ford and Lancelot Speed
London : Longmans, Green & Co., 1890
The twelve dancing princesses -- The princess Mayblossom -- Soria Moria Castle -- The death of Koschei the Deathless -- The black thief and knight of the glen -- The master thief -- Brother and sister -- Princess Rosette -- The enchanted pig -- The Norka -- The wonderful birch -- Jack and the beanstalk -- The little good mouse -- Graciosa and Percinet -- The three princesses of Whiteland -- The voice of death -- The six sillies -- Kari Woodengown -- Drakestail -- The ratcatcher -- The true story of little goldenhood -- The golden branch -- The three dwarfs -- Dapplegrim -- The enchanted canary -- The twelve brothers -- Rapunzel -- The nettle spinner -- Farmer Weatherbeard -- Mother Holle -- Minnikin -- Bushy bride -- Snowdrop -- The golden goose -- The seven foals -- The marvelous musician -- The story of Sigurd.
Rauner Rare Book PZ8.L15 Red 1890

The violet fairy book
Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912, editor
London ; Longmans, Green, 1901
A tale of the Tontlawald -- The finest liar in the world -- The story of three wonderful beggars -- Schippeitaro -- The three princes and their beasts -- The goat's ears of the Emperor Trojan -- The nine pea-hens and the golden apples -- The lute player -- The grateful prince -- The child who came from an egg -- Stan Bolovan -- The two frogs -- The story of a gazelle -- How a fish swam in the air and a hare in the water -- Two in a sack -- The envious neighbour -- The fairy of the dawn -- The enchanted knife -- Jesper who herded the hares -- The underground workers -- The history of dwarf long nose -- The Nunda, eater of people -- The story of Hassebu -- The maiden with the wooden helmet -- The monkey and the jelly-fish -- The headless dwarfs -- The young man who would have his eyes opened -- The boys with the golden stars -- The frog -- The princess who was hidden underground -- The girl who pretended to be a boy -- The story of Halfman -- The prince who wanted to see the world -- Virgilius the sorcerer -- Mogarzea and his son.

Thirty-five fairy tales from the folklore of Portugal, Rumania, Germany, Italy, Africa, Scandinavia, Russia, Serbia, and Japan.
Rauner Rare Book PZ8.L15 Violet 1901

The house at Pooh Corner
Milne, A. A. 1882-1956, author
London : Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1928
Ten adventures of Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger, Piglet, Owl, and other friends of Christopher Robin.
Rauner Rare Book PZ7.M64 Ho 1928b

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