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PT - Germanic Literatures acquired during November 2016

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Die Wahlverwandtschaften : eine Dokumentation der Wirkung von Goethes Roman 1808-1832
herausgegeben von Heinz Härtl
Göttingen : Wallstein Verlag, [2013]
Baker Berry PT2045 .G5 Bd.76

Sirius : a novel about the little dog who almost changed history
Crown, Jonathan, 1953- author
New York : Scribner, 2016
"A highly original, tragicomic novel as seen through Sirius, an extraordinary dog who helps his Jewish family escape from Germany to California, becomes a Hollywood star, and, ultimately, contributes to Hitler's downfall"--
Baker Berry PT2703.R69 S57 2016

Hildesheimer, Wolfgang, 1916-1991, author
[Champaign, Illinois] : Dalkey Archive Press, 2016
"Tynset takes place during a sleepless night, but as the work unfolds it becomes apparent that the circumstances of the immediate present serve merely as points of departure. Plagued by incessant rumination, the narrator's restless mind spins thread after thread of thought, fantasy, and memory into an elaborate tapestry spanning centuries and covering thousands of miles--all without the narrator ever leaving his house. Hildesheimer famously refused to describe Tynset as a novel; instead, he chose to think of the work as an extended monologue whose structure derives from the musical rondo form, with the recurrence of the titular Norwegian town functioning as a refrain."--
Baker Berry PT2617.I354 T913 2016

Thomas Mann - Stefan Zweig : Briefwechsel, Dokumente und Schnittpunkte
herausgegeben von Katrin Bedenig und Franz Zeder
Frankfurt am Main : Vittorio Klostermann, [2016]
Zu dieser Ausgabe -- Teil 1: Der Briefwechsel Thomas Mann - Stefan Zweig -- Teil 2: Thomas Mann und Stefan Zweig, Zu den Stationen einer lebenslangen Begegnung in Schnittpunkt von Literatur, Politik und Musik -- Anhang: Abbildungen und Dokumente -- Abkürzungen und Siglen -- Literaturverzeichnis -- Thomas Mann Werkverzieichnis -- Stefan Zweig Werkverzeichnis -- Personenregister.
Baker Berry PT2625.A44 Z48 2016

Meyer, Deon, author
New York : Atlantic Monthly Press, [2015]
A week before Christmas, a young photographer discovers a plastic-wrapped corpse amidst the sand dunes north of Cape Town. It doesn't take long for the police to identify the body as that of Ernst Richter--the tech whiz founder of Alibi, an Internet service that provides unfaithful partners with sophisticated cover stories to hide their affairs. Assigned to the case is lead detective Benny Griessel--but unfortunately, his two years of sobriety have been undone by a tragedy involving a former colleague. He is determined to quit the force, but the take-no-sass Major Mbali Kaleni, now his boss, wants Griessel on the case. The murder has already been the subject of fierce media speculation, with questions swirling about the potential for motive: could the perpetrator be one of the countless jilted spouses? An aggrieved client? Before the week is out, it becomes clear that the motive was something bigger than an affair, and as the pool of suspects widens, Griessel must either quit drinking and close the case, or risk losing everythin he loves.--Adapted from book jacket.
Baker Berry PT6592.23.E94 I4313 2015

A still life : selected poems, 1960-2010
Bernlef, J., author
Toronto : Guernica Editions, 2016
Baker Berry PT5881.12.E73 A2 2016

Freedom from the free will : on Kafka's laughter
Vardoulakis, Dimitris, author
Albany : State University of New York Press, [2016]
Kafka's Cages: Laughter and the Free Will -- The Abrahamic Laughter: The Topography of Freedom in "The Judgment" and Metamorphosis -- The Return of the Body: The Ethics of Laughter -- The Law of Freedom: Reading The Trial through Spinoza -- Executing Violence: The Drama of Power in "In the Penal Colony" -- Postscript: A Triple or a Single Will?
Baker Berry PT2621.A26 Z957 2016

Robbe schwimmt rückwärts : Roman
Overath, Silvia, 1986-
Zürich : Rotpunktverlag, [2015]
Baker Berry PT2715.V47 R63 2015

Wovon wir lebten : Roman
Scheuermann, Silke, 1973- author
Frankfurt am Main : Schöffling & Co., 2016
Baker Berry PT2720.E94 W68 2016

Leben ist keine Art, mit einem Tier umzugehen : Roman
Braslavsky, Emma, 1971-
Berlin : Suhrkamp, 2016
Baker Berry PT2702.R37 L434 2016

Onno Viets und der weisse Hirsch : Roman
Schulz, Frank, 1957- author
Berlin : Galiani Berlin, 2016
Baker Berry PT2680.U368 O665 2016

Jenseits der Pässe : Wolfgang Hildesheimer : eine Biographie
Braese, Stephan, author
Göttingen : Wallstein Verlag, [2016]
Baker Berry PT2617.I354 Z56 2016

Apollokalypse : Roman
Falkner, Gerhard, 1951- author
München : Berlin Verlag, 2016
Baker Berry PT2666.A445 A86 2016

Manitoba : Roman
Reichlin, Linus, 1957- author
Berlin : Galiani Berlin, 2016
Baker Berry PT2678.E3388 M36 2016

Handbibliothek der Unbehausten : neue Gedichte
Braun, Volker, 1939- author
Berlin : Suhrkamp, 2016
Baker Berry PT2662.R34 H36 2016

Weshalb die Herren Seesterne tragen : Roman
Weidenholzer, Anna, 1984- author
Berlin : Matthes & Seitz Berlin, 2016
Baker Berry PT2725.E3353 W47 2016

Sämtliche Gedichte
Strittmatter, Eva, 1930-2011, author
Berlin : Aufbau, 2015
Baker Berry PT2681 .T6944 2015

Ein langes Jahr : Roman
Schmidt, Eva, 1952- author
Salzburg : Jung und Jung, [2016]
Baker Berry PT2680.M488 L36 2016

Die Witwen : ein Abenteuerroman
Leupold, Dagmar, 1955- author
Salzburg : Jung und Jung, [2016]
Baker Berry PT2672.E857 W58 2016

The fox was ever the hunter : a novel
Müller, Herta, 1953- author
London : Portobello Books, 2016
Baker Berry PT2673.U29234 F8313 2016

Mein Vater war ein Mann an Land und im Wasser ein Walfisch : Roman
Steinbeck, Michelle, 1990- author
Basel : Lenos Verlag, 2016
Baker Berry PT2721 .T45 M45 2016

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