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PR - English Literature acquired during July 2017

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Aldous Huxley : the political thought of a man of letters
Maurini, Alessandro, author
Lanham : Lexington Books, 2017
Introduction: An intellectual biography of a political thinker -- Beyond Marxism and positivism: the formative years -- Huxley's political thinking: the lesson of Vilfredo Pareto -- Mass society and Fordism -- The totalitarian elite -- Democratic elitism for peace and democracy -- Political thought between utopia and dystopia -- Huxley within contemporary political thought -- Appendix: On pacifist and cooperative realism: a misunderstanding in Turin between Aldous Huxley and Giuseppe Prezzolini in 1958.
Baker Berry PR6015.U9 Z757 2017

Blind Raftery :
Byrne, Donn, 1889-1928
Rauner Rare Book PR6003.Y43 B5 1924b

Gravitas : poetic consciencism for Cameroon
Vakunta, Peter W., author
Mankon, Bamenda : Langaa Research & Publishing CIG, [2016]
Gravitas: Poetic Consciencism for Cameroon is the poet's requiem for the geographical expression code-named Cameroon. Vakunta speaks with the audacity of a daredevil and the certitude of a seer. This long poem has the twin virtues of gravity and clarity of purpose. The poet eschews the banality and sophistry characteristic of poetry for poetry's sake. Passion, sarcasm, and incisive irony are the hallmarks of this long didactic poem. The poet subscribes to Salman Rushdie's pronouncement that a poet's duty is to say the unutterable, name the unnamable, unmask masquerading miscreants and shame the scum of society. In this poem, music serves as a clarion call for examination of conscience, and alcohol ceases to serve as opium of the people. A bittersweet potion, this book echoes the defiant voice of a son-of-the-soil at odds with his native land gone topsy-turvy.
Baker Berry PR9372.9.V35 G73 2016

Last poems
Houston, Douglas, 1947- author
Beeston, Nottingham : Shoestring Press, 2016
Baker Berry PR6058.O837 A6 2016

The bricks that built the houses
Tempest, Kate, author
New York : Bloomsbury, 2017
Baker Berry PR6120.E655 B75 2017

The London venture :
Arlen, Michael, 1895-1956
London : W. Heinemann, 1919
Rauner Rare Book PR6001.R7 L663 1919

Feeding time
Biles, Adam, author
Norwich : Galley Beggar Press, 2016
Baker Berry PR6102.I425 F44 2016

First love
Riley, Gwendoline, 1979- author
London : Granta Books, 2017
Neve is a writer in her mid-30s married to an older man, Edwyn. For now they are in a place of relative peace, but their past battles have left scars. As Neve recalls the decisions that led her to this marriage, she tells of other loves and other debts, from her bullying father and her self-involved mother to a musician who played her and a series of lonely flights from place to place. Drawing the reader into the battleground of her relationship, Neve spins a story of helplessness and hostility, an ongoing conflict in which both husband and wife have played a part. But is this, nonetheless, also a story of love?
Baker Berry PR6118.I43 F57 2017

Selection day
Adiga, Aravind, author
London : Picador, 2016
Manjunath Kumar is fourteen. He knows he is good at cricket - if not as good as his elder brother Radha. He knows that he fears and resents his domineering and cricket-obsessed father, admires his brilliantly talented sibling and is fascinated by the world of CSI and by curious and interesting scientific facts. But there are many things, about himself and about the world, that he doesn't know. Sometimes it seems as though everyone around him has a clear idea of who Manju should be - except Manju himself.
Baker Berry PR9619.4.A35 S45 2016

Patrick Pearse and the theatre = Mac Piarais agus an Téatar
Eugene McNulty & Róisín Ní Ghairbhí
Dublin : Four Courts Press, [2017]
Baker Berry PR6031.E2 Z65 2017

The making of Jane Austen
Looser, Devoney, 1967- author
Baltimore, Maryland : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2017
"Returning author Devoney Looser has written a study of Jane Austen's legacy in high and popular culture, looking at stage and film adaptations of her work, how Austen has been taught in classrooms, Austen's depiction in visual culture, and Austen's role in the women's suffragist movement. Looser draws on popular print and unpublished archival sources, amassing evidence from high, middlebrow, and popular culture, in order to craft a more capacious history of posthumous reception. The book is a detailed and revealing account of what Looser calls the "public dimension" of Jane Austen, who is a "manufactured creation." Looser has dug deep and come up with brand-new material on Austen, something that is very hard to do. This is the kind of material that Janeites and Austen scholars live for"--
Baker Berry PR4038.I52 L66 2017

As the crow flies
Naylor, Hattie, author
London, UK : Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2017
Baker Berry PR6114.A975 A8 2017

The lucky ones : a novel
Pachico, Julianne, author
New York : Spiegel & Grau, 2017
"A tense and haunting literary jigsaw puzzle in the vein of Jennifer Egan's A Visit from the Goon Squad, Julianne Pachico's debut novel, set during the ongoing civil war in Colombia, is a prismatic tale about a group of characters whose lives intersect in often unexpected ways"--
Baker Berry PR6116.A315 L83 2017

A primer for cadavers
Atkins, Ed, author,
London, United Kingdom : Fitzcarraldo Editions, 2016
Baker Berry PR6101.T542 A6 2016

Sensationalism and the Genealogy of Modernity : a global nineteenth- century perspective
Alberto Gabriele, editor
New York, NY, U.S.A. : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
Baker Berry PR468.S45 S46 2017

Fierce with reality : literature on aging
edited by Margaret Cruikshank
Lanham, Maryland : Hamilton Books, [2016]
A kaleidoscope of images -- Homage to grandmothers -- Strength and wisdom -- Aging is not for sissies -- Growth and change -- Defiance and self-determination -- Loss -- Humor -- Ageism -- The fountain of youth : two Asian versions -- Reflections.

"The anthology is far more culturally diverse than the few other literary collections on aging. Ranging from ancient Chinese poetry to Mary Oliver, Alice Walker, and Willie Nelson, the anthology includes poetry, fiction, philosophical essays, personal essays, humor, analyses of ageism, and folktales from Asia and Iraq. Fierce with reality highlights writings by women, from late nineteenth century American literature to the present"--Cover.
Baker Berry PR658.A43 F54 2017

Crimini e peccati : la confessione al tempo di Amleto
Camerlingo, Rosanna, author
Roma : Edizioni di storia e letteratura, 2014
Baker Berry PR3069.C55 C37 2014

Edward Upward : art and life
Stansky, Peter, 1932- author
London : Enitharmon Press, 2016
Baker Berry PR6041.P9 S73 2016

If only
Vizinczey, Stephen, 1933-
Surrey : The Happy Few, 2016
More people commit suicide during their holidays than at any other time. It's strange but it makes sense. The rest of the year they are too busy, too harassed, too tired to think seriously about anything. Only when they get away from home and work do they have the leisure to reflect at length on their misery and abandon themselves to despair. It's only then that they have the energy to rouse themselves without the aid of habit and do something out of the ordinary. If Only is the story of Jim Taylor, a gifted young man who dreams of becoming a great musician, but tired of poverty and homelessness, gives up his vocation. 'I want to enjoy life before I'm too old for it,' he says when he finds a well-paid job working with the first computers. He meets Lesley at a concert and they have a disastrous affair, but each felt guilty, each felt the other was innocent - they were in love and they get married. Lesley is the sun of Jim's life, the light of this otherwise dark story. 'You turn your head and a decade is gone. Jim is the Senior Vice-President of the UK's biggest software company. A decent but weak character, ('he had a mortgage - he wasn't a free man') he became the best of the worst kind of villains. If only he had stuck to music! If only he had known, if only he had understood.
Baker Berry PR6072.I9 I36 2016

Lotty's war
Crispini, Giuliano, author
London : Samuel French, [2016]
Baker Berry PR6103.R577 L68 2016

Doris Lessing and the forming of history
edited by Kevin Brazil, David Sergeant and Tom Sperlinger
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [2016]
The death of Nobel Prize-winning Doris Lessing sparked a range of commemorations that cemented her place as one of the major figures of twentieth- and twenty-first-century world literature. This volume views Lessing's writing as a whole and in retrospect, focusing on her innovative attempts to rework literary form to engage with the challenges thrown up by the sweeping historical changes through which she lived. The 12 original chapters provide new readings of Lessing's work via contexts ranging from post-war youth politics and radical women's writing to European cinema, analyse her experiments with genres from realism to autobiography and science-fiction, and draw on previously unstudied archive material. The volume also explores how Lessing's writing can provide insight into some of the issues now shaping twenty-first century scholarship - including trauma, ecocriticism, the post-human, and world literature - as they emerge as defining challenges to our own present moment in history.
Baker Berry PR6023.E833 Z598 2016

Beckett matters : essays on Beckett's late modernism
Gontarski, S. E., author
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [2017]
The remains of the modern and the exhaustion of thematics: an introduction -- Theory Matters. Beckett's voices(s) -- From unabandoned works: Beckett's short prose -- The conjuring of something out of nothing: Beckett's 'closed space' novels -- Beckett's 'imbedded' poetry and the critique of genre -- Art and commodity: Beckett's commerce with Grove Press -- Texts matter. Editing Beckett -- A century of missed opportunities: editing an accurate edition of Beckett's 'shorts' and other textual misadventures -- Still at issue after all these years: the Beckettian text, printed and performed -- Performance matters. 'That's the show': Beckett and performance -- Reinventing Beckett -- Staging Beckett: voice and/in performance (company, what where and endgame) -- Beckett and the 'idea' of theatre: performance through Artaud and Deleuze -- Greying the canon: Beckett in performance, Beckett as performance -- 'I think this does call for a firm stand': Beckett at the Royal Court.
Baker Berry PR6003.E28 Z5628 2017

The Baker Street journal
New York [Fordham University Press, etc.]
Baker Berry PR4623 .A17

Birdcage walk
Dunmore, Helen, 1952-2017, author
London : Hutchinson, 2017
It is 1792 and Europe is seized by political turmoil and violence. Lizzy Fawkes has grown up in Radical circles where each step of the French Revolution is followed with eager idealism. But she has recently married John Diner Tredevant, a property developer who is heavily invested in Bristol's housing boom, and he has everything to lose from social upheaval and the prospect of war. Soon his plans for a magnificent terrace built above the 200ft drop of the Gorge come under threat.
Baker Berry PR6054.U528 B57 2017b

The contemporary British novel since 2000
edited by James Acheson
Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, [2017]
"The Contemporary British Novel Since 2000 is in five parts, with the first part examining the work of four particularly well-known and highly regarded twenty-first century writers: Ian McEwan, David Mitchell, Hilary Mantel and Zadie Smith. It is with reference to each of these novelists in turn that the terms 'realist', 'postmodernist', 'historical' and 'postcolonialist' fiction are introduced, while in the remaining four parts, other novelists are discussed and the meaning of the terms amplified. From the start it is emphasised that these terms and others often mean different things to different novelists, and that the complexity of their novels often obliges us to discuss their work with reference to more than one of the terms. Also discusses the works of: Maggie O'Farrell, Sarah Hall, A.L. Kennedy, Alan Warner, Ali Smith, Kazuo Ishiguro, Kate Atkinson, Salman Rushdie, Adam Foulds, Sarah Waters, James Robertson, Mohsin Hamid, Andrea Levy, and Aminatta Forna."--
Baker Berry PR889 .C667 2017

The occupant
Draycott, Jane, 1954- author
Manchester : Carcanet Press Ltd, 2016
Baker Berry PR6054.R39 A6 2016

This accident of being lost : songs and stories
Simpson, Leanne, 1971- author
[Toronto] : House of Anansi Press, 2017
A knife-sharp new collection about getting lost from award-winning Nishnaabeg storyteller and writer Leanne Betasamosake Simpson.
Baker Berry PR9199.4.S54 T45 2017

Katherine Mansfield : the early years
Kimber, Gerri, author
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [2016]
Ancestors -- Harold and Annie Beauchamp -- 11 Tinakori Road : 1888-1893 -- Chesney Wold, Karori : 1893-1898 -- Back to Thorndon : 75 Tinakori Road, 1898-1903 -- Queen's College, London : 1903-1906 -- Thorndon : 1906-1908.

Focusing on the first 20 years of Katherine Mansfield's life, from her birth in 1888 to her final departure from New Zealand in 1908, this biography reveals the importance of Mansfield's childhood and teenage years to her development as a writer and offers unique insights into her New Zealand stories. Gerri Kimber draws on detailed reminiscences of Mansfield's former school friends and acquaintances, early letters, Mansfield's autograph book, notebooks and family papers as well as on previously unused archive material and photographs. Kimber illuminates Mansfield's home life and school days, her friendships, first infatuations and sexual experimentation both with young men and young women and reveals the effect Mansfield's experiences had on her earliest stories. What emerges is a fascinating picture of a feisty and imaginative young girl who would turn into an expressive, non-conformist adolescent: the unruly Kass Beauchamp who would become Katherine Mansfield, the celebrated modernist writer.
Baker Berry PR9639.3.M258 Z737 2016

The crowns, the king and the long lost smile : a play
Foxton, David, author
London : Samuel French, [1980]
Baker Berry PR6056.O95 C76 1980

Dandelion time : a fantasy
Wood, Patricia, 1923-
London : Samuel French, [1993]
"Three modern-day children suddenly find themselves dressed in Edwardian costume. It seems that Father Time has been kidnapped and the world is out of time. Together with Hickory Dickory Dock and Rekelen, a moth-eaten raven, and with the help of dandelion clocks, the children set off to rescue Father Time. They meet with many varied and interesting characters and situations before they are finally succesful in their quest"--Publisher's description.
Baker Berry PR6073.O6253 D3 1993

The forensic records society
Mills, Magnus, author
London : Bloomsbury, 2017
Within a few months we'd witnessed bickering, desertion, subterfuge and rivalry. I was rapidly coming to the conclusion that only a miracle could save us now. Two men with a passion for vinyl create a society for the appreciation of records. Their aim is simple: to elevate the art of listening by doing so in forensic detail. The society enjoys moderate success in the back room of their local pub, The Half Moon, with other enthusiasts drawn to the initial promise of the weekly gathering. However, as the club gains popularity, its founder's uncompromising dogma results in a schism within the movement and soon a counter group forms. Then the arrival of a young woman called Alice further fractures the unity of the vulnerable society. As rifts are forged and gulfs widen, Magnus Mills examines the surreal nature of ordinary lives. The master of the comic deadpan returns for his ninth novel, a spectacularly disingenuous exploration of power, fanaticism and really, really good records.
Baker Berry PR6063.I37784 F67 2017

Dick Whittington : a basic pantomime in three acts
West, Trudy, author
London : SamuelFrench, [1959]
Baker Berry PR6073.E737 D55 1959

A natural
Raisin, Ross, 1979- author
London : Jonathan Cape, 2017
Give it Tom. Every lunchtime, every P.E. game, bouncing off the walls for years. Give it Tom. Give it Tom. Tom Pearman has been tipped for football stardom all his young life. But after spending his teenage years training with a Premier League team, the bright future he imagined for himself disappears from one day to the next when he finds out his club has decided to let him go. Now he's nineteen, away from home, playing for a tiny club in a town he doesn't know. Shy and introverted - but desperate for recognition - Tom finds himself forced to navigate the dominant personalities and shifting relationships that rule the team. Along the way, he will also be forced to question whether he can reconcile his own desires with professional success.
Baker Berry PR6118.A36 N38 2017

Poems : 1914-1919
Baring, Maurice, 1874-1945, author
London : Martin Secker, 1920
Rauner Rare Book PR6003.A67 A6 1920

Hornblower during the crisis
Forester, C. S. 1899-1966
Boston : Little, Brown and Co., 1999
On the threshold of securing his first post as captain, Hornblower finds himself forced by the exigencies of war to fight alongside a man whom he has unintentionally helped to court-martial. And for the first time Hornblower assents to engaging in espionage in his efforts to bring victory and glory to England in the Napoleonic Wars. This extant fragment of Forester's final Hornblower novel is followed by the author's notes regarding the novel's conclusion.
Baker Berry PR6011.O56 H67 1999

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