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Une leçon de musique donnée aux mots : les collaborations de Michel Butor avec Ludwig van Beethoven et Henri Pousseur
Coste, Marion
Paris : Presses Sorbonne nouvelle, 2017
"Michel Butor a écrit plusieurs oeuvres qui font se rencontrer littérature et musique. Cet ouvrage s'intéresse aux "concerts-conférences" données par Butor à propos de l'oeuvre de Ludwig van Beethoven et à Votre Faust, "fantaisie variable genre opéra" composée avec Henri Pousseur. Au contact de la musique des deux compositeurs l'écriture de Michel Butor se modifie car l'écrivain reprend aux musiciens des structures et des procédés de composition. Naissent alors des oeuvres hybrides qui interrogent notre rapport à l'altérité et notre capacité au dialogue. Cet ouvrage s'attache à montrer que Michel Butor crée ce qui est nommé ici des "cosmos culturels". Repérant une même logique génératrice dans différentes oeuvres d'art, appartenant à des médias et à des époques variées, il offre par son écriture un espace dans lequel les oeuvres peuvent dialoguer ensemble, par le biais de la citation notamment, tout en conservant leur spécificité."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry PQ2603.U73 Z59 2017

Arthritic grasshopper : collected stories, 1934-1944
Prassinos, Gisèle, author
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Wakefield Press , 2017
Baker Berry PQ2631.R248 A2 2017

Mallarmé : Rancière, Milner, Badiou
Boncardo, Robert, author
London : Rowman & Littlefield International, [2017]
The subject to which everything is attached -- "A singular invention of language and thought": Jacques Rancière -- "I believed I owed Mallarmé the truth": Jean-Claude Milner -- "Mallarmé said it all": Alain Badiou.

From the post-War writings of Sartre and Blanchot to the post-structuralism of Jacques Derrida and Julia Kristeva, French philosophers have consistently debated the poetry of Stéphane Mallarmé, almost as a rite of passage. Alain Badiou, Jean-Claude Milner and Jacques Rancière — three of the most important philosophers alive today — are no exception, having written extensively about the poet since the 1960’s and 70’s up until today. This book contains a series of interviews with these three figures on Mallarmé, as well as an extended introduction that places their thought on literature into dialogue. Speaking about their personal and philosophical relationships with each other, on methods of reading, on poetry and politics, and poetry and mathematics, each philosopher reflects on their life-long engagement with Mallarmé, as well as on the different, often incommensurable, images of the poet their philosophies have generated. As Rancière, Milner and Badiou point to the past importance and future directions Mallarmé gives to thought, these interviews lend credence to Barthes’ remark that 2all we can do is repeat Mallarmé – and it is good that we do so3. --
Baker Berry PQ2344.Z5 B53 2017

Luis de Góngora and Lope de Vega : masters of parody
Kerr, Lindsay G., author
Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK ; Tamesis, 2017
Baker Berry PQ6395 .K477 2017

Tributo a Hostos : (textos en su memoria)
Collado, Miguel A., author
Santo Domingo, República Dominicana : CPEP, Comisión Permanente de Efemérides Patrias, 2014
On the occasion of the 111th anniversary of the death of the educator and humanist Eugenio María de Hostos, this collection of critical works on Hostos is presented. The selections include works by Hostos' family, friends, and authors who worked with him.
Baker Berry PQ7439.H6 Z665 2014

Otredad = Otherness
Alegría, Claribel, author
Albuquerque, NM : West End Press, 2017
Baker Berry PQ7539.A47 O87 2017

The most foreign country
Pizarnik, Alejandra, 1936-1972, author
Brooklyn, New York : Ugly Duckling Presse, 2017
Baker Berry PQ7797.P576 A2 2017

Nightmare running on a meadow of absolute light : two poems
Baranda, María, author
Bristol : Shearsman Books, 2017
Introduction -- To tell -- Nightmare running on a meadow of absolute light .
Baker Berry PQ7298.12.A65 A2 2017

Ninette of Sin Street : a novella
Danon, Vitalis, 1897-1969, author
Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2017]
"Ninette is an unlikely protagonist: Compelled by poverty to work as a prostitute, she dreams of a better life and and an education for her son. Plucky and street-wise, she enrolls her son in the local school and the story unfolds as she narrates her life to the school's headmistress. Ninette's account is both a classic rags-to-riches tale and a subtle, incisive critique of French colonialism."-- From back cover.
Baker Berry PQ3989.D3 N513 2017

Not one day
Garréta, Anne, author,
Dallas, Texas : Deep Vellum Publishing, 2017
An intimate, sensuous exploration of memory and desire, delving into loves and lusts past, by Oulipo member Anne Garreta.
Baker Berry PQ2667.A7737 P3713 2017

Maigret at Picratt's
Simenon, Georges, 1903-1989, author
[London] : Penguin Books, 2016
He opened the door for her and watched her walk away down the huge corridor, then hesitate at the top of the stairs. Heads turned as she passed. You sensed she came from a different world, the world of the night, and there was something almost indecent about her in the harsh light of a winter's day' A young cabaret dancer in a black silk dress leads Inspector Maigret into a seamy world of nightclubs, drug addiction and exploitation on the streets of Montmartre.
Baker Berry PQ2637.I53 M255313 2016

Like death
Maupassant, Guy de, 1850-1893, author
New York : New York Review Books, [2017]
"Olivier Bertin is at the height of his career as a painter. After making his name with his Cleopatra, he went on to establish himself as "the chosen painter of the Parisiennes, the most adroit and ingenious artist to reveal their grace, their figures, and their souls." And though his hair may be white, he remains a handsome, vigorous, and engaging bachelor, a prized guest at every table and salon. Anne, the comtesse de Guilleroy, is a youthful forty, the wife of a busy politician. The painter and the comtesse have been lovers for many years. Anne's daughter, Annette--the spitting image of her mother in her lovely youth--has finished her schooling and is returning to Paris. Her parents are putting together an excellent match. Everything is as it should be--until the painter and comtesse are each seized by an agonizing suspicion, like death . . . In its devastating depiction of the treacherous nature of love, Like Death is more than the equal of Swann's Way. Richard Howard's new translation brings out all the penetration and poetry of this masterpiece of nineteenth-century fiction"--
Baker Berry PQ2349 .F713 2017

Nest in the bones : stories
Di Benedetto, Antonio, 1922-1986, author
Brooklyn, NY : Archipelago Books, 2017
"Philosophically engaged and darkly moving, the twenty stories in Nest in the Bones span three decades from Antonio di Benedetto's wildly various career. From his youth in Argentina to his exile in Spain after enduring imprisonment and torture under the military dictatorship during the so-called "dirty war" to his return in the 1980s, Benedetto's kinetic stories move effortlessly between genres, examining civilization's subtle but violent imprint on human consciousness. A late-twentieth century master of the short form and revered by his contemporaries, Nest in the Bones is the first comprehensive volume of Benedetto's stories available in English"--
Baker Berry PQ7797.B4343 A2 2017

Approaches to teaching the works of Assia Djebar
edited by Anne Donadey
New York : The Modern Language Association of America, 2017
Baker Berry PQ3989.2.D57 Z528 2017

Things we lost in the fire : stories
Enriquez, Mariana, author
London ; Hogarth, [2017]
The dirty kid -- The inn -- The intoxicated years -- Adela's house -- Spider web -- End of term -- No flesh over our bones -- The neighbor's courtyard -- Under the black water -- Green red orange.

"A haunting collection of short stories all set in Argentina"--
Baker Berry PQ7798.15.N75 A2 2017

Gabriel García Márquez's subversive agenda : architectures of deception to discredit the non-ending colonial status quo
Mishina, Faith, author
Champaign, Illinois : Common Ground Publishing, 2016
The art of architectural design to house a deceptive agenda -- The catalyst : the making of a Colombian saboteur -- From the catalyst to a literary political agenda : the Nobel Prize speech -- The post-colonial alchemist : the architect's "secret carpentry" -- The confusion surrounding myth in García Márquez's works -- García Márquez's observations on a U.S. labyrinth of deception : "Chile, the golpe, and the gringos" -- The "secret" architecture in The autumn of the patriarch : the inverted model of Bolivar : a reflection on the irreparable world of Latin America due to imperialism -- Chronicle of a death foretold -- The clearinghouse : The general in his labyrinth -- The confluence of coincidences : the multifaced jewel of the Colombian alchemist -- The labyrinths of Jorge Luis Borges versus the labyrinths of Gabriel García Márquez -- Conclusions : an overview.
Baker Berry PQ8180.17.A73 Z7425 2016

Más allá del tiempo : Julia de Burgos
Ricardo Garcell, Yolanda, author
San Juan, Puerto Rico : Editorial Patria, Inc., 2016
Agradecimientos -- Prólogo Yolanda Ricardo: Tributo a Julia de Burgos -- Introducción -- Nace una escritura -- Julia en Cuba. Cuba en Julia -- Desde sus poemarios humanistas volver siempre al río, al mar, al aire -- Tengo hambre de libertad -- Levantando banderas -- Poesía militante -- Generación de una poética -- Cristalización de una poética -- El legado. ¿En dónde acaba su tiempo? -- Bibliografía -- Poemas -- Iconografía del Album de María Consuelo Saéz Burgos -- Indice onomástico, temático y toponímico.
Baker Berry PQ7439.B9 Z57 2016

Maigret's memoirs
Simenon, Georges, 1903-1989, author
London : Penguin Books, 2016
Baker Berry PQ2637.I53 M4513 2016

The golden cockerel & other writings
Rulfo, Juan, author
Dallas, Texas : Deep Vellum Publishing, 2017
The legendary title novella from one of Mexicos most influential writers is published here in English for the first time on the 100th anniversary of his birth. This lost masterwork, collected with his previously untranslated stories, marks a landmark event in world literature. Juan Rulfo (1917-1986), Mexicos most important and influential author of the twentieth century, received numerous awards in his lifetime, including the esteemed Cervantes Prize, and his work served as the literary precursor of "magical realism".
Baker Berry PQ7297.R89 A2 2017

Grace notes : appogiatures
Cocteau, Jean, 1889-1963
Washington, D.C. : The Word Works, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ2605.O15 A65 2017

I'd ask you to join me by the Río Bravo and weep but you should know neither river nor tears remain
Chávez, Jorge Humberto, author
Bristol : Shearsman Books with Vaso Roto Ediciones, 2017
Baker Berry PQ7298.13.H286 A2 2017

Another Morocco : selected stories
Taïa, Abdellah, 1973- author
South Pasadena, CA : Semiotext(e), [2017]
Baker Berry PQ3989.2.T27 A6 2017

Jasmine for Clementina Médici
Di Giorgio, Marosa, author
Newtown, NSW Vagabond Press, 2017
Baker Berry PQ8520.14.I4 D53613 2017

The table
Ponge, Francis, author
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Wakefield Press, [2017]
""Written over a series of early mornings from 1967 to 1973 in his seclusion at his country home, Mas des Vergers, The Table offers a final chapter in Francis Ponge's endless interrogation of the unassuming objects in his life: in this case, the table upon which he wrote. In his labored employment of words to destroy words and get at the presence lying beneath his elbow, Ponge charts out a space of silent consolation that lies beyond (and challenges) scientific objectivity and poetic transport. This is one of Ponge's most personal, overlooked, and because it was the last project he had been working on when he passed away, his least processed works. It reveals the personal struggle Ponge engaged in throughout all of his writing, a hesitant uncertainty he usually pared away from his published texts that is at touching opposition to the manufactured, "durable mother" of the table on and of which he here writes. Ponge's homage to this "soil for the pen" makes for an indefinable text: a poetic phenomenology by a dictionary flaneur that lies somewhere between personal diary, writerly testament, and contemplative effort to discern and define a durability that underlies the ultimate transitoriness of our lives and our efforts, written or otherwise." -- Publisher's description
Baker Berry PQ2631.O643 T3313 2017

Dante, Columbus and the prophetic tradition : spiritual imperialism in the Italian imagination
Watt, Mary Alexandra, author
London : Routledge, 2017
Introduction: setting sail -- Columbus' journey to the end of the world -- The new Jerusalem and the end of time -- Earthly paradise and the westward trajectory -- "Beyond the curve of the sea": Columbus and Dante -- Ulysses, Columbus and human folly -- Clumbus, Aeneas and Paul -- An Italian apostle to the New World -- Trouble in paradise: Ariosto, Fracastoro and Gambara -- Tasso, Stella and the apotheosis of Columbus -- Chiabrera, Stiglani and a world turned inside out -- Epilogue: homeward bound.

Exploring the diverse factors that persuaded Christopher Columbus that he could reach the fabled "East" by sailing west, this book considers, first, the impact of Dante's Divine Comedy and the apocalyptic prophetic tradition that it reflects, on Columbus's perception both of the cosmos and the eschatological meaning of his journey to what he called an 'other world.' In so doing, the book considers how affinities between himself and the exiled poet might have led Columbus to see himself as a divinely appointed agent of the apocalypse and his enterprise as the realization of the spiritual journey chronicled in the Comedy. As part of this study, the book necessarily examines the cultural space that Dante's poem, its geography, cosmography and eschatology, enjoyed in late fifteenth century Spain as well as Columbus's own exposure to it. As it considers how Italian writers and artists of the late Renaissance and Counter Reformation received the news of Columbus' 'discovery' and appropriated the figure of Dante and the pseudo-prophecy of the Comedy to interpret its significance, the book examines how Tasso, Ariosto, Stradano and Stigliani, in particular, forge a link between Dante and Columbus to present the latter as an inheritor of an apostolic tradition that traces back to the Aeneid. It further highlights the extent to which Italian writers working in the context of the Counter Reformation, use a Dantean filter to propagate the notion of Columbus as a new Paul, that is, a divinely appointed apostle to the New World, and the Roman Church and as the rightful emperor of the souls encountered there.
Baker Berry PQ4419.P74 W38 2017

A blaze in a desert : selected poems
Serge, Victor, 1890-1947, author
Oakland, CA : PM Press, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ2637.E49 A6 2017

Portrayals of Antigone in Portugal : 20th and 21st century rewritings of the Antigone myth
edited by Carlos Morais, Lorna Hardwick, Maria de Fátima Silva
Leiden ; Brill, [2017]
"Portrayals of Antigone in Portugal gathers a collection of essays on the Portuguese drama rewritings of this Theban myth produced in the 20th and 21st centuries. For each of the cases analysed, the Portuguese historical, political and cultural context is described. This perspective is expanded through a dialogue with coeval European events. As concerns Portugal, this results principally in political and feminist approaches to the texts. Since the importation of the Sophoclean model is often indirect, the volume includes comparisons with intermediate sources, namely French (Cocteau, Anouilh) and Spanish (María Zambrano), which were extremely influential on the many and diversified versions written in Portugal during this period. Contributors to this volume are: Inês Alves Mendes, Rosa Andújar, Maria do Céu Fialho, Maria de Fátima Silva, Maria Fernanda Brasete, Lorna Hardwick, Aurora López, Carlos Morais, Konstantinos Nikoloutsos, Andrés Pociña, Ália Rosa Rodrigues, Nuno Simões Rodrigues, and Stéphanie Urdician."--
Baker Berry PQ9095.A55 P67 2017

Maigret and the old lady
Simenon, Georges, 1903-1989, author
[London] : Penguin Books, 2016
Maigret uncovers some troubling family politics in this new translation, book thirty-three of the new Penguin Maigret series. 'He had realized that it was her eyes as much as her vivacity that made her look so young. They were of a blue that was paler than the September sky over the sea and still had an expression of surprise, of wonderment' When a charming elderly widow appeals to him for help, Inspector Maigret travels to a seaside village in Normandy - uncovering a lost fortune and some poisonous family politics.
Baker Berry PQ2637.I53 M257713 2016

Antología personal
Padura, Leonardo, author
San Juan, P.R. : Editorial Universidad de Puerto Rico, [2016]
Cuentos : Según pasan los años; El cazador; La puerta de Alcalá; Mirando al sol; Nueve noches con Amada Luna -- Novela (Fragmentos) : Fiebre de caballos; Pasado perfecto; Máscaras; Paisaje de otoño; Adiós, Hemingway; La neblina del ayer; La novela de mi vida; El hombre que amaba a los perros; Herjes -- Periodismo : Mi pasado perfecto; El año del miedo; Elogio de la mezcla; Fraternidad; Milagro cubano; La teoría del séptimo kilómetro, El "reggeatón"de La Habana; Yo quisiera ser Paul Auster -- Ensayo : Modernidad y postmodernidad: La novela policíaca en Iberoamérica; José María Heredia o la elección de la palabra; Diez razones y cinco opniones para creer (o no) en la existencia de la salsa; Escribir en Cuba en el siglo XXI; El soplo divino: crear un personaje; La Habana nuestra de cada día.
Baker Berry PQ7390.P32 A58 2016

Tan delicioso peligro : (consideraciones sobre literatura y años dificiles)
Estévez, Abilio, 1954- author
San Juan, P.R. : Folium, 2016
Me gusta la palabra viaje -- La verdadera Vida está en otra parte -- Casal, Huysmans y el decadentismo -- Imagen de París -- Palabras en París -- Y mi biblioteca ardió una noche -- La pasión fría de Virgilio Piñera -- Un retrato posible -- ¿Con quién casamos a Eugenia?

"El "delicioso peligro" de la escritura, ese balance siempre precario entre la exploración sistemática del mundo interior y la mirada alerta a la realidad histórica, supone un aprendizaje a la vez gozoso y arriesgado. Tal vez el peligro más evidente que enfrenta el escritor sea el relacionado con el carácter público de su figura. El destierro, la censura, la prisión y la muerte han sido destinos posibles para aquellos que han aceptado el reto de imaginar otra realidad. Basta repasar someramente la historia del siglo pasado para dar con las imágenes brutales de ese hecho. Pero ¿quién que haya descubierto el maravilloso poder de las palabras para transformar la realidad puede renunciar a ese gozo? El presente volumen reúne una selección de nueve conferencias ofrecidas por Abilio Estévez en su periplo por ciudades de Europa y América durante la pasada década. En ellas, el autor examina distintos aspectos de la formación del escritor: las lecturas, el destierro, los maestros, la invención de una tradición que pueda reclamar como propia. Leídos en su conjunto, sin embargo, estos escritos se transforman en una poderosa autobiografía literaria, en el insobornable testimonio de fe en la literatura de uno de los escritores imprescindibles de nuestro tiempo. Tomás Lausell."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry PQ7390.E844 T36 2016

Antología personal
Ortega, Julio, 1942- author
San Juan, Puerto Rico : Editorial de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, 2016
Baker Berry PQ8498.25.R8 A6 2016

The king in the golden mask
Schwob, Marcel, 1867-1905, author
Cambridge, MA : Wakefield Press, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ2423.S8 A2 2017

The gringo champion
Xilonen, Aura, 1995- author
New York, N.Y. : Europa Editions, 2017
Liborio calls upon his highly-honed survival skills to escape Mexico, sharing his journey and speaking of migrants' social problems via love letters to his girl.
Baker Berry PQ7298.434.I46 C3613 2017

Por maricón : el proceso por sodomía contra Francisco Sabat y José Colombo, San Juan de Puerto Rico, 1842 : sobre los trabajos históricos de César Augusto Salcedo Chirinos : drama histórico neo-romántico en 33 escenas
Ramos-Perea, Roberto, 1959- author
San Juan de Puerto Rico : Publicaciones Gaviota, 2016
Baker Berry PQ7440.R35 P67 2016

Zeno Gandía, Manuel, 1855-1930
San Juan, Puerto Rico : Editorial Tiempo Nuevo, 2016
Baker Berry PQ7439.Z4 C848 2016

Diapositivas = Transparencies
Ruiz Montes, Laura, 1966- author
Santa Fe, New Mexico : Red Mountain Press, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ7390.R84 A2 2017

Les Noronsoff : coins de Byzance
Lorrain, Jean, 1855-1906
Paris : Éditions des autres, ©1979
Baker Berry PQ2235.D93 N6 1979

Thérèse Desqueyroux
Mauriac, François, 1885-1970
[Paris] : B. Grasset, ©1989
Baker Berry PQ2625.A93 T5 1989

História literária do Rio Grande do Sul
Silva, João Pìnto da, author
Porto Alegre : CORAG : 2013
Baker Berry PQ9691.R5 S55 2013

Claude Sernet
Gourdet, Michel, 1941-
Paris : Oxus, ©2005
Baker Berry PQ2637.E56 Z68 2005

Chair et cuir
Marceau, Félicien, 1913-2012
[Paris] : Gallimard, [1974], ©1954
Baker Berry PQ2625.A7544 C48 1974

Memorias : retrato de un tiempo
Martínez, Mario Ortiz Villacorta, author
Tijuana, Baja California, México : [Publisher not identified], 2013
Baker Berry PQ7298.423.A78 A3 2013

Filhos do vácuo : cartas ao homem-Deus
Canarim, Sérgio, 1980- author
Porto Alegre : Buqui, [2015]
Baker Berry PQ9698.413.A53 A6 2015

Sulle tracce del Fiore
a cura di Natascia Tonelli
Firenze : Le lettere, [2016]
Baker Berry PQ4471.F397 S85 2016

Um olhar que me sorri
Terres, Verlaine, author
Porto Alegre : Verlaine Terres, 2015
Baker Berry PQ9698.43.E77 A6 2015

Sulla prima scrittura poetica di Mario Luzi : dalla Barca a Ebe
Corcione, Noemi, author
Firenze : Franco Cesati editore, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ4827.U9 Z65 2017

Incipit Vita nova : la trasfigurazione della morte mediante l'amore nello scritto giovanile di Dante Alighieri
Marino, Francesca, 1984- author
Canterano (RM) : Aracne editrice, giugno 2017
Baker Berry PQ4310.V4 M28 2017

City of Ulysses
Gersão, Teolinda
Victoria, TX : Dalkey Archive Press, 2017
Baker Berry PQ9269.E77 C5313 2017

Pulci : Luigi e una famiglia di poeti
Orvieto, Paolo, author
Roma : Salerno editrice, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ4631 .O78 2017

Memoirs of the count of Comminge and the misfortunes of love
Tencin, Claudine Alexandrine Guérin de, 1682-1749, author
Toronto, Ontario : Iter Academic Press ; 2016
Baker Berry PQ2067.T2 A28 2016

These possible lives
Jaeggy, Fleur, author
New York : New Directions Publishing Corporation, 2017
Thomas De Quincey -- John Keats -- Marcel Schwob.
Baker Berry PQ4870.A4 V5813 2017

Lettere a Luigi Federzoni per la "Nuova antologia" (1931-1942) : in appendice lettere di Luigi Federzoni
Baldini, Antonio, 1889-1962, author
Fano : Metauro, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ4807.A45 Z48 2017

Le carte false : epistolarità fittizia nel Settecento italiano
a cura di Fabio Forner, Valentina Gallo, Sabine Schwarze, Corrado Viola
Roma : Edizioni di storia e letteratura, 2017
Baker Berry PQ4084 .C38 2015

The Roman de Troie
Benoît, de Sainte-More, active 12th century, author
Cambridge : D.S. Brewer, 2017
Baker Berry PQ1429 .A3 2017

Petrarch and the literary culture of nineteenth-century France : translation, appropriation, transformation
Rushworth, Jennifer, 1987- author
Woodbridge : The Boydell Press, 2017
Was Petrarch French? This book explores the various answers to that bold question offered by French readers and translators of Petrarch working in a period of less well-known but equally rich Petrarchism: the nineteenth century. It considers both translations and rewritings: the former comprise not only Petrarch's celebrated Italian poetry but also his often neglected Latin works; the latter explore Petrarch's influence on and presence in French novels as well as poetry of the period, both in and out of the canon. Nineteenth-century French Petrarchism has its roots in the later part of the previous century, with formative contributions from Voltaire, Rousseau, and, in particular, the abbe de Sade. To these literary catalysts must be added the unification of Avignon with France at the Revolution, as well as anniversary commemorations of Petrarch's birth and death celebrated in Avignon and Fontaine-de-Vaucluse across the period (1804-1874-1904). Situated at the crossroads of reception history, medievalism, and translation studies, this investigation uncovers tensions between the competing construction of a national, French Petrarch and a local, Avignonese or Provencal poet. Taking Petrarch as its litmus test, this book also probing questions about the bases of nationality, identity, and belonging.
Baker Berry PQ4546 .R87 2017

Autobiographical writing in Latin America : folds of the self
Franco, Sergio R., 1965- author
Amherst, New York : Cambria Press, [2017]
The emergence of autobiographical discourse in Spanish America -- Visual culture and autobiographical writing in Latin America -- Precocious autobiographies -- Julio Ramón Ribeyro's La tentación del fracaso.
Baker Berry PQ7082.P76 F73 2017

Lo que canta al otro lado : antología poética (2001-2015)
Carrero, Angel Darío, 1965-2015
San Juan, Puerto Rico : Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, 2016
Baker Berry PQ7442.C377 L6 2016

Sonetos sinfónicos
Lloréns Torres, Luis, 1876-1944, author
San Juan de P.R. : Editorial Tiempo Nuevo, 2016
Baker Berry PQ7439.L6 S66 2016

La historia viaja en el metro
Ulloa Asencio, Carlos, author
Santiago de Chile : MAGO Editores, Septiembre 2014
Baker Berry PQ8098.431.L55 H58 2014

Poems of Mijail Lamas, Mario Bojórquez & Alí Calderón
translated from Spanish by Mario Licón Cabrera
Newtown, NSW : Vagabond Press, 2017
Baker Berry PQ7263.E5 P59 2017

The illustrious House of Ramires
Queirós, Eça de, 1845-1900, author
New York : New Directions Publishing Corporation, 2017
Eça de Queiros's superlative novel The Illustrious House of Ramires (originally published in 1900) is presented here in a sparkling new translation by Margaret Jull Costa. The favorite novel of many Eça de Queiros aficionados, this late masterpiece, wickedly funny and yet profoundly tender, centers on Gonçalo Ramires, heir to a family so aristocratic that it predates even the kings of Portugal. Gonçalo--charming but disastrously effete, idealistic but hopelessly weak--muddles through his pampered life, burdened by a grand ambition. He is determined to write a great historical novel based on the heroic deeds of his fierce medieval ancestors. But "the record of their valor," as The London Spectator remarked, "is ironically counterpointed by his own chicanery. A combination of Don Quixote and Walter Mitty, he is continually humiliated [but he] is at the same time kind hearted. Ironic comedy is the keynote of the novel ... Eça de Queiros has justly been compared with Flaubert and Stendhal"--Back cover.
Baker Berry PQ9261.E3 I613 2017

Odious Caribbean women and the palpable aesthetics of transgression
Francis, Gladys M., author
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, an imprint of The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc., [2017]
Introduction -- Cultural politics, ekphrases writing of resistance, and sensorial aesthetics -- Meaning making of embodied performatic repertoire -- Aesthetics of pain: embodied poetics of negation -- Transgression in pleasure, desire, and gender -- Conclusion.
Baker Berry PQ3940 .F725 2017

¡Manteca! : an anthology of Afro-Latin@ poets
edited by Melissa Castillo-Garsow
Houston, Texas : Arte Público Press, [2017]
Elizabeth Acevedo -- Gustavo Adolfo Aybar -- Miguel Algarín -- Jane Alberdeston Coralin -- Peggy Robles-Alvarado -- Josefina Báez -- Carmen Bardeguez Brown -- Ariana Brown -- Natalie N. Caro -- Natasha Carrizosa -- Adrián Castro -- Río Cortez -- Sandra María Esteves -- Mariposa -- Shaggy Flores -- Aracelis Girmay -- Modesto Flako Jiménez -- Tato Laviera -- Raina J. León -- Esperanza Malavé Cintrón -- Reynold Martín -- Tony Medina -- Marianela Medrano -- Jesús Papoleto Meléndez -- E. Ethelbert Miller -- Aja Monet -- Anthony Morales -- John Murillo -- Raquel I. Penzo -- Willie Perdomo -- Miguel Piñero -- Noel Quiñones -- Gabriel Ramírez -- Luivette Resto -- Louis Reyes Rivera -- Bonafide Rojas -- Mayra Santos-Febres -- Nicole Sealey -- Lorenzo Thomas -- Joaquín Zihuatanejo.
Baker Berry PQ7084 .M244 2017

Jacob the mutant
Bellatin, Mario, 1960- author
Los Angeles, CA : Phoneme Media, 2015
Conceived of as a set of fragmentary manuscripts from an unpublished Joseph Roth novel, Jacob the Mutant is a novella in a perpetual state of transformation a story about a man named Jacob, an ersatz rabbi and owner of a roadside tavern. But when reality shifts, so does Jacob, mutating into another person entirely.
Baker Berry PQ7298.12.E4 J3313 2015

Autopsy of a father
Kramer, Pascale, 1961- author
New York : Bellevue Literary Press, 2017
"When a young woman returns to her childhood home after her estranged father's death, she begins to piece together the final years of his life. What changed him from a prominent left-wing journalist to a bitter racist who defended the murder of a defenseless African immigrant? Kramer exposes a country gripped by intolerance and violence to unearth the source of a family's fall from grace. Set in Paris and its suburbs, and inspired by the real-life scandal of a French author and intellectual, Autopsy of a Father blends sharp observations about familial dynamics with resonant political and philosophical questions--taking a scalpel to the racism and anti-immigrant sentiment spreading just beneath the skin of modern society"--
Baker Berry PQ2671.R287 A8713 2017

Marguerite Duras : le journalisme du Dieu absent
Veres-Catau, Daniela, author
[Les Arcs?] : Éditions IARSIC, 2015
Baker Berry PQ2607.U8245 Z9194 2015

Class : a novel
Pacifico, Francesco, 1977- author,
Brooklyn, NY : Melville House Publishing, 2017
"The breakout novel by Francesco Pacifico, one of Italy's most acclaimed writers, hailed by Dana Spiotta as "brilliantly funny and weirdly subversive" Ludovica and Lorenzo live in Rome. She works in her family's bookstore, and he's a filmmaker--or, rather, a "filmmaker": so far, all he's produced is one pretentious short film that even his friends don't take seriously. But somehow, he gets a scholarship to Columbia University, and the couple decide to head to New York--specifically, to Williamsburg: the promised land. They soon fall in with a group of Italian expats--all of them with artistic ambitions and the family money to support those ambitions indefinitely. There's Nicolino, the playboy; Marcello, the aspiring rapper; Sergio, the literary scout; and a handful of others. These languidly ambitious men and women will come together and fall apart, but can they escape their fates? Can anyone? In Class, Francesco Pacifico gives a grand, subversive, formally ambitious social novel that bridges Italy and America, high and low, money and art. A novel that channels Virginia Woolf and Kanye West, Henry Miller and Lil' Wayne, Class is an unforgettable, mordantly funny account of Italians chasing the American dream"--
Baker Berry PQ4916.A337 C5313 2017

Folhetim das citações
Fonte Marques, Silvano, author
Porto Alegre : Pragmatha, 2015
FOLHETIM, a novella in chapters, originally published weekly on a blog along with the posts in 2004; and the author wrote the final chapter according to the poll result of the readers' preferred ending.
Baker Berry PQ9698.416.O68 F64 2015

La rete di protezione
Camilleri, Andrea, author
Palermo : Sellerio editore, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ4863.A3894 R47 2017

Discovering the hidden wisdom of the Little Prince : in search of Saint-Exupéry's lost child
Lassus, Pierre, author
New York : Arcade Publishing, 2017
"The Little Prince is revered around the world. Two hundred million copies have been sold in 270 languages; it is the fourth best-selling book of all time. Part of its allure is that is seems incredibly wise but so simple it is read as a work for children. Yet its meaning is elusive, and its place amid the writings of an adventurer and war hero acclaimed for dramatic bestsellers like Night Flight and Flight to Arras is mysterious. In this elegant, carefully argued book, Pierre Lassus reexamines the story of The Little Prince against the facts of Saint-Exupéry's own extraordinary life, from his cherished but fatherless childhood in aristocratic poverty to his career as a pioneering pilot. His plane had broken down in the desert before. He had adopted a fox, when posted at the Spanish fort of Cape Juby, in southern Morocco. He had known the world of business before becoming pilot; he had also known unrequited love. Like his little protagonist's, his body was never found after his plane disappeared in World War II. He was working on his spiritual autobiography when he died, and there too, Lassus finds resonances and keys to the understated spirituality of his last great book"--
Baker Berry PQ2637.A274 Z74913 2017

Scego, Igiaba, 1974-
New York : New Vessel Press, [2017]
A searing novel about a young immigrant woman's dream of freedom in Rome and the legacies of her African past.
Baker Berry PQ4919.C373 A38 2017

Orozco, Gaspar, author
Victoria, TX : Chax Press, 2016
Short stories.
Baker Berry PQ7298.25.R677 A88 2016

Approaches to teaching Baudelaire's prose poems
edited by Cheryl Krueger
New York : The Modern Language Association of America, 2017
Baker Berry PQ2191.Z5 A666 2017

Angelica e le comete
Stassi, Fabio, 1962- author
Palermo : Sellerio editore, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ4919.T37 A79 2017

"Il falso originale" : un originale falso o l'ultima commedia di Goldoni?
Scannapieco, Anna, author
Venezia : Marsilio, 2016
"La ricerca che ha dato luogo al presente studio non avrebbe potuto essere nemmeno concepita se Bruno Cavalchi, ..., non mi avesse contattata per aver un parere sulla commedia settecentesca, allora intitolata Il falso ospite ..."--Page 6.
Baker Berry PQ4697 .S33 2016

La noche de la Usina
Sacheri, Eduardo A. 1967- author
Buenos Aires : Alfaguara, junio de 2016
Prólogo. Un hombre sentado en un banco viejo -- Primer acto. Un corazón que deja de latir -- Segundo acto. Alivio de luto -- Tercer acto. Audrey, siempre Audrey -- Cuarto acto. La noche de la Usina -- Epílogo. Nada más que campo.

"En un pueblo perdido de la provincia de Buenos Aires, muchas cosas están a punto de extinguirse. Durante la crisis económica de 2001 que desembocó en el corralito bancario, un grupo de vecinos se propone reunir el dinero necesario para llevar a cabo un proyecto que podría ser una salida de la decadencia y la pobreza. Pero en medio de la incautación general de los ahorros, sufren una estafa particular que los decide a recuperar lo perdido."--Cover page 4.
Baker Berry PQ7798.29.A314 N63 2016

Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321, author
Indianapolis : Hackett Publishing Company, Inc., [2017]
Baker Berry PQ4315.4 .L65 2017

No dorso da palavra
Savio, Lígia author
[Porto Alegre, RS] : Buqui, [2015]
Baker Berry PQ9698.429.A88 A6 2015

Les histoires de Franz : roman
Winckler, Martin
Paris : P.O.L, 2017
Baker Berry PQ2683.I456 H577 2017

Tem chuva, levo o sol nos brac̦os :
Herbstrith, Rerisson Wayne. author
[place of publication not given] : Buqui , [2015]
Baker Berry PQ9698.418.E73 A6 2015

Carteggio : (novembre 1864 - agosto 1893)
Giosue Carducci - Adolfo Borgognoni ; a cura di Federica Marinoni
Modena : Mucchi editore, 2017
Baker Berry PQ4686.A45 B67 2017

Les journaux intimes et personnels au Québec : poetique d'un genre littéraire incertain
Auger, Manon, author
Montréal, Québec : Les Presses de l'Université de Montréal, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ3912 .A84 2017

The breaking of a wave
Genovesi, Fabio, 1974- author
New York : Europa Editions, [2016]
A young girl struggles with her beloved brother's accidental death, her mother's depression, and fitting in at school in Fabio Genovesi's touching, funny, and imaginative new novel.
Baker Berry PQ4907.E563 C4513 2016

Atlantic Hotel
Noll, João Gilberto, author
San Francisco, CA : Two Lines Press, [2017]
"Just who is the narrator of João Gilberto Noll's dark and mysterious Atlantic Hotel? First he books a room where a murder has just occurred, claiming he's just arrived from the airport. But then he suddenly leaves the hotel, telling a cab driver he's an alcoholic headed for detox. After that he hops on an all-night bus headed across Brazil, where he begins to seduce a beautiful American woman. Next he says he's a soap opera actor, which is a bad idea--it makes the people he's hitchhiking with want to kill him. Then he impersonates a priest. He travels to yet another town, and this time he knocks on a very wrong door. The man who opens it has him in the crosshairs of a gun--the narrator passes out, and when he awakes something terrible is happening to him..."--Amazon.com.
Baker Berry PQ9698.24.O44 H6813 2017

A zero-sum game
Rabasa, Eduardo, author
Dallas, Texas : Deep Vellum Publishing, [2016]
A hilarious satire and universal exploration of the origins of power and corruption. A Zero-Sum Game uses the highly-charged election for the presidency of a residents' committee and the influence of a powerful stranger to both expose those in power and to sympathize with individuals who find themselves caught in the paradox of empowerment and impotence that is modern consumer society and the democratic state. Eduardo Rabasa is the founding editorial director of Sexto Piso, Mexico's most prominent independent publishing house, and was selected to the Hay Festival's list of the greatest Mexican authors under the age of forty.
Baker Berry PQ7298.428.A215 S8613 2016

Moscerilla diletta, cara Gina : lettere inedite
Montale, Eugenio, 1896-1981, author
Genova : Fondazione Giorgio e Lilli Devoto, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ4829.O565 Z48 2017

La herida en la lengua
Maillard, Chantal, author
Barcelona : Tusquets Editores, 2015
Baker Berry PQ6713.A387 H47 2015

Starnone, Domenico, 1943- author
New York, NY : Europa Editions, 2017
Ties is the story of a marriage. Like many marriages, this one has been subject to strain, to attrition, to the burden of routine. Yet it has survived intact. Or so things appear. The rupture in Vanda and Aldo's marriage lies years in the past, but if one looks closely enough, the fissures and fault lines are evident. Their marriage is a cracked vase that may shatter at the slightest touch. Or perhaps it has already shattered, and nobody is willing to acknowledge the fact.
Baker Berry PQ4879.T345 L3513 2017

Pagano, Emmanuelle, author
San Francisco, CA : Two Lines Press, [2016]
A collection of more than 300 vignettes that examine beguiling relationships between all genders and sexualities.
Baker Berry PQ2716.A33 P3313 2016

The book of the mutability of fortune
Christine, de Pisan, approximately 1364-approximately 1431, author
Toronto, Ontario : Iter Press ; 2017
Baker Berry PQ1575.L6 S5513 2017

Lo spazio tra prosa e lirica nella letteratura italiana : studi in onore di Matilde Dillon Wanke
a cura di Luca Bani e Marco Sirtori
Bergamo : Lubrina editore, [2015]
Baker Berry PQ4004.D55 S73 2015

Rural revisions of Golden Age drama : performance of history, production of space
García-Martín, Elena, author
Lewisburg [Pennsylvania] : Bucknell University Press ; [2017]
Introduction: performances of Golden Age theatre at the margins: shaping local -- Identities and cultural traditions -- Local readings and cultural politics of space in Fuenteovejuna -- The ritual in everyday practices: participatory culture and El Alcalde de Zalamea -- Unity of place, the true protagonist: Calahorra in Los tres blasones de España -- Numancia: from oral tradition to historical 'truth' -- Conclusion: Golden age theatre of resistance.
Baker Berry PQ6105 .G325 2017

The Moncalvos
Castelnuovo, Enrico, 1839-1915, author
San Antonio, Texas : Wings Press, 2017
"Castelnuovo's most well known novel was The Moncalvos, here translated into English for the first time. It provides a rare portrayal of Jewish middle class life in Italy at the time. Giacomo and Gabriel Moncalvo are the main protagonists of the novel. Two brothers, living in Rome at the end of the nineteenth century, in the midst of Italy's economic and urban development after its political unification, both aspiring to climb the social ladder of the newly formed Italian nation. But while Giacomo, a university professor, remains anchored to the traditions of his Jewish up-bringing, Gabrio, a wealthy businessman, seeks assimilation and encourages his daughter to marry the sickly offspring of an old aristocratic Roman Catholic family--a marriage which will grant the family access to the most exclusive echelon of Roman society but will also entail the conversion of the daughter, Mariannina, and eventually of both her parents"--
Baker Berry PQ4687.C3 M613 2017

Irish love
Mascarell, Elena, author
Madrid : Ediciones Vitruvio, 2015
Baker Berry PQ6713.A8258 I75 2015

La più amata : romanzo
Ciabatti, Teresa, author
Milano : Mondadori, febbraio 2017
Baker Berry PQ4903.I23 P58 2017

La Grande Guerra di Dante : letteratura e identità nazionale
a cura di Ida De Michelis
Roma : Voland, dicembre 2016
Baker Berry PQ4807.O556 D5824 2016

Un'educazione milanese
Rollo, Alberto, 1951- author
San Casario di Lecce : Manni, [2016]
Baker Berry PQ4918.O39 E48 2016

Io che vi parlo : conversazione con Giovanni Tesio
Levi, Primo, interviewee
Torino : Giulio Einaudi editore s.p.a., [2016]
Baker Berry PQ4872.E8 Z46 2016

Studi sulla letteratura cavalleresca in Francia e in Italia : secoli XIII-XVI
Luca Beltrami, Alain Corbellari, Christine Ferlampin-Acher, Margherita Lecco, Maurizio Mazzoni, Frey Moretti, Claudia Rossi, Marco Villoresi ; a cura di Margherita Lecco
Alessandria : Edizioni dell'Orso, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ155.C55 S78 2017

Coll'arditezza della frase : ordine artificiale e sublime nei "Canti" di Leopardi
Moro, Simone, 1988- author
Pisa : Edizioni ETS, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ4710 .M66 2017

La verità sfacciata : studi sulla poesia di Giuseppe Gioachino Belli
Sipione, Marialuigia, author
[Massa] : Lu: :Ce edizioni, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ4683.B43 Z844 2017

Vocativo, Andrea Zanzotto sul margine : introduzione e commento alle poesie
Sferruzza, Silvia, author
Ospedaletto-Pisa : Pacini editore, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ4851.A74 Z863 2017

Un adulterio
Albinati, Edoardo, author
Milano : Rizzoli, giugno 2017
"Alcune storie richiedono anni per compiersi, altre bruciano in un breve arco di tempo e in uno spazio che più è ristretto più le rende intense. Mentendo ai loro coniugi e forse anche a se stessi, i due protagonisti di questa storia rubano un fine settimana alla vita ordinaria, per consumare una passione nata da poco. A fine estate, s'imbarcano su un aliscafo che li porterà su un'isola dove il tempo è fermo e aspetta solo che gli amanti tocchino terra per animarsi. È un gesto rischioso, il loro, una febbre violenta, una prova da superare: ma la felicità sembra così vicina che basta allungare una mano per toccarla. Di Erri e Clementina, in fuga da tutto e al tempo stesso prigionieri dell'isola, Albinati non racconta la storia per intero ma si limita a mostrarci alcune foto, scattate nei vari momenti della loro avventura, da riguardare di nascosto e cancellare in fretta. È un racconto vibrante, sensuale, semplice e crudelmente sincero, anche se costruito su bugie, e le sue pagine esatte ed emozionanti si rivolgono a tutti noi: quelli a cui è capitato di vivere una relazione clandestina, quelli che serenamente la escludono o la rifuggono, quelli che in segreto la desiderano. Cosa ci attrae in una persona appena conosciuta? Perché quello che già abbiamo non ci basta? Che succede all'amore quando va tenuto nascosto?"--Dust jacket flap.
Baker Berry PQ4861.L292 A65 2017

Leggere i moderni con gli antichi e gli antichi coi moderni : Petrarca, Valla e Beroaldo
Severi, Andrea, 1981- author
Bologna : Pàtron editore, maggio 2017
Baker Berry PQ4075 .S48 2017

Boccaccio e la Francia = Boccace et la France
a cura di Philippe Guérin e Anne Robin
Firenze : Franco Cesati editore, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ4287 .B625 2017

Dante e la retorica
a cura di Luca Marcozzi
Ravenna : Longo editore, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ4390 .D28122 2017

Le asine di Saul : saggismo e invenzione da Manzoni a Pasolini
Fichera, Gabriele, 1977- author
Leonforte (En) : Euno edizioni, [2016]
Baker Berry PQ4088 .F442 2016

L'ottava di Pietro Bembo : sintassi, metrica, retorica
Juri, Amelia, author
Pisa : Edizioni ETS, [2016]
Baker Berry PQ4608 .J87 2016

Vittorini a cavallo : vecchie e nuove congetture su un artigiano anarchico che fabbricava miti
Di Grado, Antonio, 1949- author
Leonforte (En) : Euno edizioni, [2016]
Baker Berry PQ4847.I77 Z652 2016

Maestria e apprendistato : per i cinquant'anni dei Piccoli maestri di Luigi Meneghello : atti del convegno di studi, Università degli studi di Milano (8 maggio 2014), Università degli studi di Milano Bicocca (9 maggio 2014), Comune di Malo (28 giugno 2014)
a cura di Francesca Caputo ; introduzione di Bruno Falcetto
Novara : Interlinea, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ4873.E4744 P536 2017

L'utopia di Pasolini
Felice, Angela, author
Udine : Bottega Errante edizioni, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ4835.A48 Z668 2017

Fisica della parola pura : il viaggio terrestre e celeste di Simone Martini
Fraccacreta, Alberto, author
Ariccia (RM) : Aracne editrice int.le S.r.l., maggio 2017
Baker Berry PQ4827.U9 V5334 2017

Il vous faudra nous tuer : roman
Boussaa, Natacha
Paris : Denoël, 2010
Baker Berry PQ2702.O977 I4 2010

Il lettore innamorato : studi danteschi
Giglio, Raffaele, author
Napoli : Paolo Loffredo, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ4390 .G4652 2017

Helada negra
Severín, Patricia, author
Santa Fe, Argentina : Palabrava Editorial : 2016
Baker Berry PQ7798.29.E78 H45 2016

Dispárenme como a Blancornelas
Salinas Basave, Daniel, 1974- author
[Mexico] : Nitro / Press : 2016
Baker Berry PQ7298.429.A4455 D57 2016

Come lavorava Manzoni
Raboni, Giulia, author
Roma : Carocci editore, maggio 2017
Baker Berry PQ4715 .R33 2017

The inferno : a new verse translation
Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321, author
New York City : Arcade Publishing, 2017
"One of the world's transcendent literary masterpieces, the Inferno tells the timeless story of Dante's journey through the nine circles of hell, guided by the poet Virgil, when in midlife he strays from his path in a dark wood. In this vivid verse translation into contemporary English, Peter Thornton makes the classic work fresh again for a new generation of readers. Recognizing that the Inferno was, for Dante and his peers, not simply an allegory but the most realistic work of fiction to date, he points out that hell was a lot like Italy of Dante's time. Thornton's translation captures the individuals represented, landscapes, and psychological immediacy of the dialogues as well as Dante's poetic effects. The product of decades of passionate dedication and research, his translation has been hailed by the leading Dante scholars on both sides of the Atlantic as exceptional in its accuracy, spontaneity, and vividness. Those qualities and its detailed notes explaining Dante's world and references make it both accessible for individual readers and perfect for class adoption"--
Baker Berry PQ4315.2 .T48 2017

The great and the good
Déon, Michel, author
London : Gallic Books, 2017
"Arthur Morgan is aboard the Queen Mary bound for the United States, where a scholarship at an Ivy League university awaits him, along with the promise of a glittering future. But the few days spent on the ship will have a defining effect on the young Frenchman, when he encounters the love of his life."--Book cover.
Baker Berry PQ2607.E525 C6413 2017

Satán rechazó mi alma
Hidalgo, Juan Carlos author
[Mexico] : Nitro / Press, [2015]
Baker Berry PQ7298.418.I33 S38 2015

Págale al diablo
Peña, Hilario, author
México : Nitro/Press, 2016
Baker Berry PQ7298.426.E52 P34 2016

Atlantic Island
Duvert, Tony, author
South Pasadena, CA : Semiotext(e), [2017]
Baker Berry PQ2664.U86 I413 2017

Amengual, Claudia, 1969- author
Barcelona : Alfaguara, [2016]
Baker Berry PQ8520.1.M39 C37 2016

Relatos reunidos
Gambaro, Griselda, author
Buenos Aires : Alfaguara, [2016]
Baker Berry PQ7797.G253 A6 2016

Il "concetto logico" di lingua : gli Scritti linguistici di Alessandro Manzoni tra grammatica e linguistica
Pacaccio, Sara, author
Firenze : Franco Cesati editore, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ4715 .P183 2017

The Algerian new novel : the poetics of a modern nation, 1950-1979
Orlando, Valérie, 1963- author
Charlottesville : University of Virginia Press, 2017
Introduction -- Midnight novelists -- French intellectuals, violence, and the Algerian war -- Assia Djebar's La soif and Nathalie Sarraute's Portrait d'un inconnu: defining the authentic self in the exploration of a possible world -- Claude Ollier's Le maintien de l'ordre and Kateb Yacine's Le polygone étoilé: writing the modern stories that cannot be told on the blank pages of Algeria -- Mohammed Dib's Habel and the experimental Algerian novel: Third World movements and the ideological and literary "new man" -- Rachid Boudjedra's Topographie ideale pour une agression caracterisee: labyrinths of Algerian modernity -- Nabile Farès's Yahia, Pas de chance, and other experimental novels: out of the ruins emerges a new man and a new world -- Yamina Mechakra's La grotte éclatée: reclaiming Algeria through the poetics of postcolonial space -- Afterword: contemporary modes of being an Algerian author.
Baker Berry PQ3988.5.A5 O75 2017

Utopia and dystopia in postwar Italian literature : Pasolini, Calvino, Sanguineti, Volponi
Fioretti, Daniele, author
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan ... published by Springer Nature, [2017]
Utopia and Dystopia in Postwar Italian Literature; Acknowledgements; Contents; 1 Introduction; Notes; 2 The Theoretical Landscape; 2.1 History of a Concept; 2.2 Utopia and Ideology; 2.3 Utopia and Industry; 2.4 Is There a Blueprint for Utopia?; 2.5 Utopia and Power; 2.6 The Enemies of Utopia; 2.7 How to Rethink Utopia; Notes; 3 Pier Paolo Pasolini: The Contradictions of Utopia; 3.1 A Utopia of Origins; 3.2 The Body of Utopia; 3.3 Poet of Ashes; 3.4 Ragazzi di Vita: Utopian Perspectives in Pasolini's Narrative; 3.5 Death in the "Cinema of Poetry"; 3.6 The Crisis of the Subproletarian Myth.

This book is about the presence of utopian and dystopian elements in the Italian literary landscape. It focuses on four authors that are representatives of the various positions in the Italian cultural debate: Pasolini, Calvino, Sanguineti, and Volponi. What did concepts like utopia and dystopia mean for these authorsIs it possible to separate utopia from dystopiaWhat is the role of science fiction in this debateThis book answers these questions, proposing an original interpretation of utopia and of the social role of literature. The book also takes into consideration four of the most influential literary journals in Italy: Officina, il menabo, il verri, and Nuovi Argomenti, that played a central role in the cultural and political debate on utopia in Italy.
Baker Berry PQ4053.U76 F56 2017

Drums for a Lost Song
Velasco Mackenzie, Jorge, 1949- author
Brooklyn, New York : Hanging Loose Press, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ8220.32.E55 T3613 2017

Dante leggero : dal priorato alla Commedia
Veglia, Marco, author
Roma : Carocci editore, giugno 2017
Baker Berry PQ4390 .V39 2017

Federigo Tozzi in Europa : influssi culturali e convergenze artistiche
a cura di Riccardo Castellana e Ilaria de Seta
Roma : Carocci editore, maggio 2017
Baker Berry PQ4843.O8 Z63 2016

Per Cristoforo Landino lettore di Dante : il contesto civile e culturale, la storia tipografica e la fortuna del Comento sopra la Comedia : atti del convegno internazionale, Firenze 7-8 novembre 2014
a cura di Lorenz Böninger e Paolo Procaccioli
Firenze : Le lettere, [2016]
Baker Berry PQ4382.Z5 L3637 2016

Tira la bomba
Roveredo, Pino, author
Firenze - Italia : Bompiani, giugno 2017
Baker Berry PQ4878.O957 T57 2017

La compagnia delle anime finte
Marasco, Wanda, author
Vicenza : Neri Pozza, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ4873.A6917 C65 2017

Le otto montagne
Cognetti, Paolo, 1978- author
Torino [Turin, Italy] : Einaudi, 2016
Baker Berry PQ4903.O36 O78 2016

"Domani è un altro giorno" disse Rossella O'Hara
Pariani, Laura, 1951- author
Torino : Einaudi, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ4876.A736 D66 2017

I racconti del "Mattino"
Vassalli, Sebastiano, author
Novara : Interlinea, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ4882.A8 R333 2017

El barco
Catela, Sonia de
Ciudad autónoma de Buenos Aires : Ediciones La mariposa y la iguana, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ7798.13.A773 B37 2017

Femme à la mobylette : roman ; suivi de À la recherche du sixième continent
Seigle, Jean-Luc, author
[Paris] : Flammarion, [2017]
Femme à la mobylette : roman -- À la recherche du sixième continent : de Lamartine à Ellis Island : relation de voyage.
Baker Berry PQ2719.E388 F46 2017

L'absente de Noël
Silla, Karine, 1965- author
Paris : Éditions de l'Observatoire, [2017]
Sophie, a 20-year-old volunteer in Dakar, has to come home to celebrate Christmas with her family. The table is set, the Christmas dinner is ready, the garlands twinkle. Everyone is waiting for her. But Sophie does not come back. Accident? Hostage? Fugue? Her mother Virginie, father-in-law Gabriel, her half-sister Chloé, her grandfather René, and even her father Antoine and his wife Fanny: all went to Senegal to look for her. Virginie has the impression that everything she has tried to build leaves adrift. Her daughter disappeared. Antoine and Gabriel clash violently. Fanny fiercely hates him. Without any benchmarks in this unknown country, all are forced to overcome their prejudices and confront hidden sufferings.--Translation of page 4 of cover by Babelio
Baker Berry PQ2719.I443 A63 2017

Souvenirs de la marée basse : roman
Thomas, Chantal, 1945- author
Paris : Éditions du Seuil, [2017]
Swim. Swim to escape constraints, to escape imposed lives, reduced fates. Swim to invent his sensuality, preserve his fantasy. This is what Jackie had probably felt all her life, begun in 1919 and carried out according to a secret, obstinate freedom, which made her, in a very advanced age, travel miles to go swimming on her favorite beach, Villefranche sur mer. Meanwhile, she had married, had left Lyons for Arcachon, and then, having become a young widow, had exchanged Cape Ferret for Cap Ferrat, with her warmer sea, her great summer. What did she leave to her daughter Chantal? Something indomitable, or discreetly rejected, and this intuition that swimming, this practice that leaves no trace, is the occasion of an elusive freedom, as when young girl, in the early 1930s, Jackie had, in a casual way, chained some lengths in the Grand Canal of the Palace of Versailles under the bewildered eye of the gardeners.--Translation of page 4 of cover by Editions du Seuil.
Baker Berry PQ2680.H493 S68 2017

Salmos de sangre
Málaga, Oscar, 1946- author
Barranco, Lima, Perú : Inversiones Harold Alva EIRL, [2015]
Baker Berry PQ8498.423.A415 A6 2015

Yves Bonnefoy, un poète
textes rassemblés par Pierre Brunel et George Lomné ; Fondation Hugot du Collège de France, 2013
Les Matelles, France : Éditions Espaces 34, [2017]
"En 2013, Pierre Brunel a organisé une journée d'étude en hommage à Yves Bonnefoy afin de célébrer ses 90 ans. Elle a réuni plusieurs membres des académies, universitaires et amis du poète, à la Fondation Hugot du Collège de France, un lieu qu'il chérissait pour y avoir organisé une série de onze colloques entre 1987 et 2004. On trouvera dans cet ouvrage les actes de cette journée, si émouvante avec le recul, qui permit aux témoignages d'ajouter aux analyses littéraires les plus rigoureuses."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry PQ2603.O533 Z975 2017

The end
Torres, Fernanda, 1965- author
Brooklyn, New York : Restless Books, 2017
"With uncanny insight into the less virtuous corners of the male psyche, Fernanda Torres brings us five friends who once milked the high life of Rio's Bossa Nova age and are now left with memories--parties, marriages, divorces, fixations, inhibitions, bad decisions--and the grim realities of getting old. Álvaro lives alone and bemoans the evils of his ex-wife. Sílvio can't give up the excesses of sex and drugs. Ribeiro is a vain, Viagra-abusing beach bum. Neto is the square, a faithful husband until the end. Ciro is the Don Juan envied by all--but the first to die. Cutting in on these swan songs are the testimonies of those the men seduced, cheated, loved, and abandoned: their wives and children. Edgy, funny, and wise, The End is a candid tropical tragicomedy and an epitaph for a lost generation of machos."--Amazon.com.
Baker Berry PQ9698.43.O74 F5613 2017

Nos richesses : roman
Adimi, Kaouther, 1986- author
Paris : Éditions du Seuil, [2017]
In 1935, Edmond Charlot was twenty years old and he returned to Algiers with a single idea in mind, to take example on Adrienne Monnier and his Parisian bookstore. As Charlot knows, his vocation is to give birth, to choose young writers from the Mediterranean, without distinction of language or religion. Placed under the aegis of Giono, its tiny bookstore is named Les Vraies Richesses. And to inaugurate his catalog, it publishes the first text of an unknown: Albert Camus. Charlot exults, ignoring that to devote his life to books is also to sacrifice it to the vagaries of misfortune. And to those of History. For revolt is rumbling in Algeria on the eve of World War II. In 2017, Ryad is the same age as Charlot in his early days. But he only feels indifference to literature. Studying in Paris, he is visiting Algiers with the task of repainting a dusty bookstore, where books soon give way to donuts. However, emptying these places is strangely complicated by the surveillance of the old Abdallah, the guardian of the temple.--Translation of page 4 of cover by Éditions du Seuil.
Baker Berry PQ3989.3.A395 N67 2017

L'empereur à pied : roman
Majdalani, Charif, 1960- author
Paris : Éditions du Seuil, [2017]
In the middle of the nineteenth century, a man appeared with his sons in the mountains of Lebanon. His name is Khanjar Jbeili, but he will soon be nicknamed the Emperor on foot. He came to found an estate and forge his own legend. His filiation soon became one of the most illustrious in the region. But this prosperity has a price. The Emperor, in his lifetime, imposed a rule on all his descendants: one by generation will be allowed to marry and have children; his brothers and sisters, if any, will simply be called to assist him in managing the incalculable and sacred properties of the Jbeili clan. Oath, or Curse? From the beginning of the 20th century to the present, successive descendants will have to choose between free will and respect for the forbidden. Open to the world, they will travel from Mexico to China, from France of Liberation to the Balkans of the Cold War, passing through Naples, Rome and Venice, chasing chimeras, watched constantly by the shadow of the ancestral curse. Until the last of the lineage of the Jbeili, breaking with the past and its forbidden, on the eve of the twenty-first century. But at what cost ?--Translation of page 4 of cover by Éditions du Seuil.
Baker Berry PQ3979.3.M34 E67 2017

Marx et la poupée : roman
Madjidi, Maryam, 1980- author
Paris : Le Nouvel Attila, [2017]
From her mother's womb, Maryam saw the first hours of the Iranian revolution. Six years later, she joined with her mother her father in exile in Paris. Through the memories of her early years, Maryam recounts the abandonment of the country, the removal of her family, the loss of her toys - given to the children of Tehran under the injunction of her Communist parents - Persian, which she will alternately reject, then adopt frantically, to the point of leaving her native language buried for many years.--Page 4 of cover translated by Babelio: https://www.babelio.com/livres/Madjidi-Marx-et-la-poupee/902751
Baker Berry PQ2713.A355 M37 2017

The disappearance of Émile Zola : love, literature and the Dreyfus case
Rosen, Michael, 1946- author
London : Faber & Faber, 2017
It is the evening of 18 July 1898 and the world-renowned novelist Emile Zola is on the run. His crime? Taking on the highest powers in the land with his open letter 'J'accuse' and losing. Forced to leave Paris, with nothing but the clothes he is standing in and a nightshirt wrapped in newspaper, Zola flees to England with no idea when he will return. This is the little-known story of his time in exile. Rosen has traced Zola's footsteps from the Gare du Nord to London, examining the significance of this year. The Disappearance of Zola offers an intriguing insight into the mind, the loves, the politics and the work of the great writer.
Baker Berry PQ2528 .R67 2017

Mercy, Mary, Patty : roman
Lafon, Lola, 1974- author
Arles : Actes sud, 2017
Baker Berry PQ2712.A36 M47 2017

The potency of pastoral in the Hispanic Baroque
Holloway, Anne, author
Woodbridge : Tamesis, an imprint of Boydell & Brewer Ltd, 2017
'Es más difícil la parte que responde': the challenge of Baroque pastoral -- 'Con no tan dulce y mas sentido canto': a Baroque pastoral in the poetry of Pedro Soto de Rojas -- 'Con la pastoril zamarra cubierta': the spiritual poetry of Luisa de Carvajal y Mendoza -- 'Arranca de Dafne sin piedad los brazos': the pastoral poetry of Francisco de Quevedo -- 'Otros montes, otro ríos': the apprehension of alterity in a Spanish American pastoral -- Afterword.

In her analysis of the verse of representative poets of the Hispanic Baroque, Holloway demonstrates how these writers occupy an Arcadia which is de-familiarised and yet remains connected to the classical origins of the mode. Her study includes recent manuscript discoveries from the Spanish Baroque (Fabula de Alfeo y Aretusa, now attributed to the Gongorist poet Pedro Soto de Rojas), the poetry of Luisa de Carvajal y Mendoza and Francisco de Quevedo. The study considers pastoral as a global cultural phenomenon of the Early Modern period, its reverberations reaching as far as Viceregal Peru. The tradition of the pastoral as a site for the discussion of 'great matters in the forest' has deep roots, and re-emerges to praise the urban hearts of empire. Furthermore, it proves to be a site of spiritual encounter - a poetic space that frames the staging of indigenous conversion in the poetry of Diego Mexia and Fernando de Valverde. Within the intricacies of this literary construct, surface artistry sustains an effect of artless innocence that is vibrantly contested across the secular, sacred, parodic and colonial text.
Baker Berry PQ6097.P5 H65 2017

The philosophy of Umberto Eco
edited by Sara G. Beardsworth and Randall E. Auxier
Chicago, Illinois : Open Court, [2017]
Preface -- Part 1: Intellectual autobiography of Umberto Eco and "Why philosophy?" Sample of Eco's handwriting ; Intellectual autobiography of Umberto Eco ; "Why philosophy?" by Umberto Eco -- Part 2: Descriptive and critical essays on the philosophy of Umberto Eco with replies. I. Medieval studies. Umberto Eco and medieval aesthetics / John Marenbon ; Reply to John Marenbon ; Eco's semiotics and medieval philosophy / Costantino Marmo -- II. Semiotics, cognition, and epistemology. Negotiation and regulation : Eco on knowing / David Boersema ; Reply to David Boersema ; The pursuit of the pursuit of truth / Donald Phillip Verene ; Reply to Donald Phillip Verene ; The reasonable's the limit / Piero Polidoro ; The model reader and the mundanity of reading practices / Morana Alac -- III. Semiotics, cognition, and the philosophy of language. Encyclopedia : criticality and actuality / Patrizia Violi ; Eco, Peirce, and the anxiety of influence : the most Kantian of thinkers / Claudio Paolucci ; Modes of sign production / Andrea Valle ; Eco, Peirce, and iconism : a philosophical inquiry / Rossella Fabbrichesi ; Reply to Rossella Fabbrichesi ; Semiotic Enargeia : a tribute to Umberto Eco / Jean Petitot ; Eco, metaphor, and interpretation : a cure for the common code / Ernie Lepore and Matthew Stone ; Reply to Ernie Lepore and Matthew Stone -- IV. Translation. Translation : a question of experience : on Umberto Eco's translation theory / Siri Nergaard ; Reply to Siri Nergaard ; Nomen est omen : Eco's reflections on translation / Edoardo Crisafulli ; Reply to Edoardo Crisafulli -- V. Philosophy and the semiotics of literature. The lover of books : Eco's medieval and early modern reading / Walter Stephens ; Reply to Walter Stephens ; Eco's narratology / Lubomír Doležel ; "Encyclopedia" and "Possible worlds" : history, fiction, and falsification in the novels of Umberto Eco / Ulla Musarra-Schrøder -- VI. Philosophy in the novels. Umberto Eco's semiotic imaginary / Norma Bouchard ; Reply to Norma Bouchard ; Reading lessons in Foucault's Pendulum / Helen Bennett ; "I have wandered in a face ..." / Lucio Angelo Privitello -- VII. Postmodernism and mass culture. Of bowls, magnetized marbles, and Umberto Eco / Charles Jencks ; Reply to Charles Jencks ; Five or six postmodernisms / Brian McHale ; Reply to Brian McHale ; Cultural studies, ideology, and media texts / Lucrecia Escudero Chauvel -- Part 3: Bibliography of the writings of Umberto Eco.
Baker Berry PQ4865.C6 Z815 2017

The afterlives of Georges Perec
edited by Rowan Wilken and Justin Clemens
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [2017]
1 Posthumous news: the afterlives of Georges Perec / Justin Clemens and Rowan Wilken -- Part I: Art of the (un)realisable -- 2 Georges Perec's enduring presence in the visual arts / Mireille Ribière -- 2 Apoetic life: Perec, poetry, pneumatology / Justin Clemens -- 4 UnSearching for Rue Simon-Crubellier: Perec out-of-sync / Darren Tofts -- 5 Invoking the oracle: Perec, algorithms and conceptual writing / Mark Wolff -- Part II: The poetics of the quotidian and urban space -- 6 Georges Perec and the significance of the insignificant / Ben Highmore -- 7 What Perec was looking for: notes on automation, the everyday and ethical writing / Caroline Bassett -- 8 'Things that should be short': Perec, Sei Shōnagon, Twitter and the use of banality / Anthony McCosker and the Rowan Wilken -- Part III: Ludic intensities and creative constraints -- 9 Perec and the politics of constraint / Alison James -- 10 The architecture of constraint and forgetting / Sandra Kaji-O'Grady -- 11 Georges Perec: a player's manual / Thomas Apperley -- Part IV: Productive problems of description and transcription -- 12 'An attempt at exhausting an augmented place in Paris': Georges Perec, observer-writer of urban life, as a mobile locative media user / Christian Licoppe -- 13 The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog: Perec, description and the scene of everyday computer use / Rowan Wilken -- 14 The afterlives of a writer / David Bellos.
Baker Berry PQ2676.E67 Z514 2017

My heart hemmed in
NDiaye, Marie, author
San Francisco, CA : Two Lines Press, [2017]
"There is something very wrong with Nadia and her husband Ange, middle-aged provincial schoolteachers who slowly realize that they are despised by everyone around them. One day a savage wound appears in Ange's stomach, and as Nadia fights to save her husband's life their hideous neighbor Noget--a man everyone insists is a famous author--inexplicably imposes his care upon them. While Noget fattens them with ever richer foods, Nadia embarks on a nightmarish visit to her ex-husband and estranged son--is she abandoning Ange or revisiting old grievances in an attempt to save him?"--Amazon.com.
Baker Berry PQ2674.D53 M6613 2017

La beauté des jours : roman
Gallay, Claudie, 1961- author
Arles : Actes sud, 2017
Jeanne has everything to know a quiet happiness: she has a caring husband Rémy, they had girl twins, a faithful friend, a stable job. Passionate about Marina Abramović, the artist-performer famous for having in her work put into play her existence, Jeanne no less likes surprises, the unexpected. This summer, chance slips - and herself invites it - into her everyday life ... Through the luminous face of Jeanne and the constellation of characters who accompany her and push her towards a serene achievement, Claudie Gallay composes a warm and tender novel about the liberating force of art, its soothing and revealing power. And on the beauty of the unpredictable.--Translation of page 4 of cover by Babelio
Baker Berry PQ2707.A45 B43 2017

El día en que los muertos salieron a nadar
Álvarez, Fernando, author
México, D.F. : Editorial Terracota, 2016
"Cuatro estudiantes capitalinos van a Ciudad del Carmen a hacer sus prácticas universitarias en la Laguna de Términos. Conocen a otros muchachos (el flaco seco de Tomás Menchaca y el chino Jimmy Low) de los que se hacen amigos, y poco a poco se adentran en la sociedad y traban amistad con toda clase de habitantes: desde el Capitán Buenos Días y su familia hasta doña Tita, pasando por el rico dueño de la licorería y el afeminado propietario de los abarrotes. El primer día que salen ven, por primera vez en sus vidas, un hombre muerto en la carretera; después verán más en un extraño cementerio. Esta novela narra sus aventuras con unos y con otros, el descubrimiento de que se puede estar enamorado de una madre y de su hija al mismo tiempo, cómo matar el hambre en Los Almendros, una taquería carrito cuyos dueños se besan todo el tiempo, la experiencia de un espectáculo circense, una aventura con un ola de viento, las comilonas y las borracheras, el amor y la amistad, la vida diaria, pues, para el autor esta novela representa una evocación nostálgica que puede ser visitada y compartida."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry PQ7298.41.L834 D53 2016

La montagne ensorcelée : roman
Roumain, Jacques, 1907-1944
Montréal : Mémoire d'encrier, 2004
Baker Berry PQ3949.R73 M66 2004

Le bien : édification, exemple et scandale dans le roman du XIXe siècle
Mathilde Bertrand et Paolo Tortonese (éds)
Paris : Presses Sorbonne Nouvelle, [2017]
"Le bonheur n'a pas d'histoire et les bons sentiments ont mauvaise presse dans le roman réaliste. Balzac s'interrogeait en 1842 sur "le difficile problème littéraire qui consiste à rendre intéressant un personnage vertueux". Héros sans tache et femmes honnêtes, victimes innocentes et riches bienfaiteurs risquent fort d'ennuyer le lecteur et contreviennent aux exigences du roman de moeurs, qui vise à démasquer le mal caché sous les apparences du bien. Pourtant, un récit sans pôle positif est difficile à mener. La mise en scène du bien, l'édification et l'exemplarité ne sont pas l'apanage des romanciers idéalistes et autres opposants du réalisme ; les réalistes eux-mêmes ont recours au spectacle du bien, ne serait-ce que comme repoussoir du mal. Dans un monde romanesque où le mal est devenu la norme, il peut même arriver au bien de faire scandale."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry PQ653 .B54 2017

Frenética armonía : vanguardias poéticas latinoamericanas en la Guerra Civil Española
Miranda, Julia, 1969- author
Rosario, Argentina : Beatriz Viterbo Editora ; CCPE AECID, [2016]
Baker Berry PQ6208.W3 M57 2016

La limpieza
Hain, Martín Andrés, 1968- author
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires : Bajo la Luna [2016]
Baker Berry PQ7798.418.A36 L56 2016

Sin and salvation in early modern France : three women's stories : Marguerite d'Auge, Renée Burlamacchi, and Jeanne du Laurens
edited, and with an introduction by Colette H. Winn ; translated by Nicholas Van Handel and Colette H. Winn
Toronto, Ontario : Iter Press ; 2017
The Pitiful and Macabre Regrets, 1600 / Marguerite d'Auge -- Memoirs Concerning Her Fathers Family, 1623 / Renée Burlamacchi -- The Genealogy of the du Laurens, 1631 / Jeanne du Laurens.
Baker Berry PQ149 .S56 2017

The Irish sea
Maleno, Carlos, 1977- author
Victoria, TX : Dalkey Archive Press, 2017
"At a New Year's Eve party, a dead woman turns up alive again, after passing through a mysterious post-mortem way station located on another planet, and much to the disbelief of her old flame, who interprets the night's events with the help of his reading of Kafka. A priest is sent by the Vatican to investigate a strange development in the American cattle market: a breed of cows identical in all physical respects to human women. A man leaves his wife and flees to the north of Spain, where he meets a sickly woman in an empty café, introduces himself as Jorge Walser, and makes plans with her to disappear. Aboard a trans-atlantic cruise, a door-to-door vacuum salesman bumps into a woman who appears to be Natassja Kinski, and they swap tall tales as the ship floats them asymptotically toward world's end. Christ turns out to be a girl who fronts a punk band. The words of such writers as Beckett, Walser, Chekhov, Gombrowicz, Bolaño, Kafka, Blanchot, and Borges are characters in themselves. The Irish Sea is a novel masquerading as a book of short stories. A meditation on the paradox of nostalgia, which always seems to pine for what never was. A fevered search for order through writing, of truth through literature, of the nodal point where life and literature intersect. A strange personal gallery curated by a razor-sharp reader and his other, unknown self"--
Baker Berry PQ6713.A327 M3713 2017

To begin at the beginning
Marías, Javier, author
London : Sylph Editions, 2016
The celebrated Spanish novelist and translator Javier Marias writes of the origins of his impulse to write, of the origins of his own family-- and of the connection between these two different sorts of beginning.
Baker Berry PQ6663.A7218 Z46 2016

Mendacity and the figure of the liar in seventeenth-century French comedy
Wilton-Godberfforde, Emilia, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Baker Berry PQ566 .W55 2017

Les bourgeois : roman
Ferney, Alice, author
Arles : Actes sud, [2017]
They are called Bourgeois and their patronymic is also a way of life. They are eight brothers and two sisters, born in Paris between 1920 and 1940. They grow in the trail of the Great War and the first fruits of the second. At the favorite places of bourgeois society - the army, the navy, the medicine, the bar, the business - they are part of the historical events and the social evolutions. From decolonization to post-May 1968, their existences embraced a whole era. The march of the world never discourages their deployment. From Jules the elder to Marie the last, the appearance and disappearance of the characters, their aspirations and their commitments punctuate the formidable horology of this novel very different from a simple family saga. For this is the century that is reconstructed in short discontinuous sequences, like a vast mosaic where the portraits of the ten members of the siblings are gradually detached - and a little their ancestors, and already their children. On this vertiginous round of time, Alice Ferney poses a look of novelist and historian. At the height of contemporary it redo the crossing. Going unceasingly from the singular to the collective, from individual fate to the national epic, she gives us to see the History being made, the errors, the guilty silences, the erroneous choices explained by the confusion of the present. Ample and captivating, Les Bourgeois proves to be a formidable analysis of our roots: a book that spends a whole French century in the sieve of the family novel.--Summary by Actes Sud
Baker Berry PQ2666.E6967 B68 2017

Ma vie sans moi, roman
Rheims, Nathalie, author
[Paris, France] : Éditions Léo Scheer, [2017]
"The pact I signed had given me the power to rid myself of what was most troublesome to me. Yet it was necessary to have a precise awareness of what had hitherto spoiled my life. How many burdens have been carried over many years without knowing it, sometimes even by ending by loving its executioners and the causes of its misfortunes! It was necessary to reflect on it, for time might fail me, and I should choose, without deceiving myself, what I could correct, select what I had the most desire to throw overboard. " In the nineteenth book, My Life Without Me, novel, Nathalie Rheims surrenders more than ever, and continues the approach taken in Laisser les cendres s'envoler (2014) and Place Colette (2016), her last two novels published by Éditions Léo Scheer.--Translation of page 4 of cover by Babelio.
Baker Berry PQ2678.H42 M38 2017

Clemente Rebora : la ricerca dell'assoluto nei Frammenti lirici
Antonioli, Gilberto, author
Borgomanero, No : Giuliano Ladolfi editore, marzo 2017
Baker Berry PQ4839.E25 F7433 2017

I Passaggi obbligati di Italo Calvino : autobiografia, memoria, identità
Cottini, Luca, author
Ravenna : Longo editore, [2017]
"Il volume prende in esame la collezione di racconti autobiografici di Italo Calvino Passaggi obbligati, edita postuma nel 1990 come La strada di San Giovanni."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry PQ4809.A45 S7733 2017

Kong : roman
Le Bris, Michel, author
Paris : Bernard Grasset, [2017]
"Michel Le Bris est l'auteur d'une oeuvre romanesque importante. On lui doit, entre autres, L'Homme aux semelles de vent et La Beauté du monde (Grasset, 2008, finaliste du prix Goncourt). Deux jeunes gens sortent sonnés de la Grande Guerre. L'un, Ernest Schoedsack, a filmé l'horreur dans la boue des tranchées ; l'autre, Merian Cooper, héros de l'aviation américaine, sérieusement brûlé, vient d'être libéré d'un camp de prisonniers. Ils se rencontrent dans Vienne occupée, puis se retrouvent à Londres où naît le projet qui va les lier pour la vie. Comment dire la guerre? Comment dire ce puits noir où l'homme s'est perdu? et peut-être, aussi, révélé ? Pas de fiction, se jurent-ils : le réalisme le plus exigeant. S'ensuivent des aventures échevelées : guerre russo-polonaise, massacres de Smyrne, Abyssinie, épopée de la souffrance en Iran, tigres mangeurs d'hommes dans la jungle du Siam, guerriers insurgés au Soudan... Leurs films sont à couper le souffle. On les acclame : 'Les T. E. Lawrence de l'aventure!' lance le New Yorker. Eux font la moue. Manque ce qu'ils voulaient restituer du mystère du monde. Déçu, Cooper renoncera quelque temps pour créer avec des amis aviateurs rien moins que... la Pan Am! avant d'y revenir. Ce sera pour oser la fiction la plus radicale, le film le plus fou, pour lequel il faudra inventer des techniques nouvelles d'animation. Un coup de génie. Une histoire de passion amoureuse, mettant en scène un être de neuf mètres de haut, Kong, qui épouvante, mais que l'on pleure quand il meurt... Le film est projeté à New York devant une foule immense, trois semaines avant qu'Hitler ne prenne les pleins pouvoirs. Sur un air de jazz mélancolique ou joyeux, entre années de guerre et années folles, Michel Le Bris nous offre une fresque inoubliable. On y croise des êtres épris d'idéal, des aventurières, des héros, des politiques, des producteurs, des actrices, et bien sûr un immense singe que l'on aime craindre et aimer, moins sauvage que l'homme..."--Back cover.
Baker Berry PQ2672.E2118 K66 2017

Étude sur la composition des Deux étendards
Rebatet, Lucien, author
Versailles : Via Romana, [2017]
"François Mitterrand divisait le monde entre "ceux qui avaient lu Les Deux Étendards et ceux qui ne l'avaient pas lu". Le roman de Lucien Rebatet (1903-1972) est pourtant un ouvrage tabou depuis sa parution en 1952 chez Gallimard. Et malgré ses 20 000 exemplaires écoulés, il demeure selon Georges Steiner "l'un des chefs d'oeuvre secrets de la littérature moderne". Les Deux Étendards n'aborde pourtant pas la politique mais l'amour, la religion et l'art. Son intrigue a pour protagonistes trois jeunes gens : Michel, le double de l'auteur qui dans les années vingt rejette son éducation cléricale et monte à Paris pour se consacrer à l'art et à la séduction ; Régis, son ami d'enfance qui habite Lyon où il étudie pour intégrer la Compagnie de Jésus, et Anne-Marie, lycéenne pure et mystique qui vit une relation, telle Héloïse, avec ledit Régis... Ce qu'il en advient constitue le noeud et le génie d'un roman qui éclaire subtilement le sort de notre condition humaine. Étude sur la composition des Deux Étendards, rédigé à Clairvaux derrière les barreaux, entre 1950 et 1951, est un document inédit, unique et fascinant qui lève le voile sur le processus intime de la création romanesque à travers l'histoire d'une oeuvre et de sa gestation. C'est le roman d'un roman, qui se lit comme un roman."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry PQ2635.E17 D437 2017

Dans l'épaisseur de la chair : roman
Blas de Roblès, Jean-Marie, 1954- author
Paris : Zulma, [2017]
It is the story of what happens in a man's mind. Or the true novel of Manuel Cortes, dreamed by his son - with the parrot Heidegger in derisive trickery of his agitated conscience. Manuel Cortes, whose life could be summarized as follows: son of Spanish immigrants holding a bistro in the garrison town of Sidi-Bel-Abbes, in Algeria, became a surgeon, volunteered alongside the Allies in 1942, incidentally actor Tyrone Power - a detail that can be important to the ladies ...--Summary by Babelio.
Baker Berry PQ2662.L354 D36 2017

Un loup pour l'homme : roman
Giraud, Brigitte, 1960- author
[Paris] : Flammarion, [2017]
Spring 1960. At the very moment when Antoine learns that Lila, his very young wife, is pregnant, he is called for Algeria. Engaged in a conflict whose stakes exceeded him, he asked not to hold a weapon and found himself a nurse at the military hospital in Sidi-Bel-Abbes. Upstairs, Oscar, a young corporal amputated with a leg and locked in a stubborn silence, loving him strangely: with him, Antoine discovers the true reason for his presence here. For Oscar, "everything has to be started again" and, in the first place, to find the word again, to recount what left him speechless. Even the arrival of Lila, who had come to join him, could not turn him away from Oscar, whose narrative he must hear, a wild tale of men who had become wolves. --Page 4 of cover translated by Babelio.
Baker Berry PQ2667.I68365 L68 2017

Fairytales : a world between the imaginary : metaphor at play in "Lo cunto de li cunti" by Giambattista Basile
Scala, Carmela Bernardetta, author
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014
Baker Berry PQ4607.B5 Z863 2014

En compagnie des hommes : roman
Tadjo, Véronique, 1955- author
Paris : Don Quichotte éditions, [2017]
A deadly and incurable virus has put the human species at risk of extinction. Baobab, first tree, everlasting tree, tree symbol of great wisdom, speaks and awakens the memory of humanity. Under his fresh shadow, men, women, children caught in the turmoil, fierce fighters for survival, will entrust their struggle against the ravages of Ebola: the doctor in combination of astronaut who day after day cares for the sick under a attempted ; the nurse midwife whose gestures and attention bring back a little humanity; the tomb diggers who, in front of the hecatomb, bury the bodies in the red soil; the villagers renouncing their ancestral customs in order to repel Ebola--Translation of back cover by Don Quichotte éditions.
Baker Berry PQ3989.2.T25 E63 2017

Les rêveuses : roman
Verger, Frédéric, 1959- author
[Paris, France] : Gallimard, [2017]
May 1940. Hitler's armies crushed France. Peter Siderman, a young seventeen-year-old German committed to the French army, assumes the identity of a dead man to escape reprisals. Prisoner, he thinks he has avoided danger when he is told that he will be released and taken back to his family. How will he be welcomed by those people who do not know him? ... We find his prose rich in rejoicing metaphors, fantastic inventions, twists, unforgettable scenes described in a sensual and greedy language.--Translated by Gallimard.
Baker Berry PQ2722.E734 R48 2017

Family lexicon
Ginzburg, Natalia, author
New York : New York Review Books, [2017]
"Natalia Ginzburg, one of Italy's great writers, introduced A Family Lexicon, her most celebrated work, with an unusual disclaimer: "The places, events and people are all real. I have invented nothing. Every time that I have found myself inventing something in accordance with my old habits as a novelist, I have felt impelled at once to destroy everything thus invented." A Family Lexicon re-creates with extraordinary objectivity the small world of a family enduring some of the most difficult years of the twentieth century, the period from the rise of Mussolini through World War II (Ginzburg's first husband, who was a member of the resistance, was killed by the Nazis) and its immediate aftermath. Every family has its store of phrases and sayings by which it maintains its sense of what it means to be a family. Such sayings and stories lie at the heart of a great novel about family and history"--
Baker Berry PQ4817.I5 L413 2017

La fonte des glaces : roman
Baqué, Joël, 1963- author
Paris : P.O.L, [2017]
"Un homme traverse une brocante. Il se laisse tenter. On emballe son achat dans de vieux journaux. Les choses s'enchaînent. Il devient une icône de la cause écologique."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry PQ2702.A68 F66 2017

Comme une rivière bleue : Paris 1871 : roman
Audin, Michèle, author
[Paris] : Gallimard, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ2661.U3215 C65 2017

Rauschenberg/Dante : drawing a modern Inferno
Krčma, Ed, author
New Haven, CT : Yale University Press, 2017
Dante's Inferno inspired Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008) to create a series of 34 drawings that comprise one of the most remarkable creative enterprises of 20th-century American art. Completed between 1958 and 1960, XXXIV Drawings for Dante's Inferno introduced an innovative transfer process to the artist's tradition of combining found objects and photographic imagery from newspapers and other popular sources. The resulting powerful, abstract narrative runs parallel to Dante's allegorical journey through the underworld. This publication is the culmination of years of research to identify the images used in Rauschenberg's pieces, and Ed Krcma elucidates the work's deliberate commentary on the fraught political climate of the Cold War and its overall significance for the career of one of the postwar era's most influential figures. Exemplifying Rauschenberg's aptitude for collapsing distinctions between various disciplines, his interpretation of Dante's Inferno is explored in depth for the first time in this groundbreaking book.
Baker Berry PQ4329 .K73 2017

Multiple modernities : Carmen de Burgos, author and activist
edited by Anja Louis and Michelle M. Sharp
London ; Routledge, 2017
Baker Berry PQ6603.U724 Z73 2017

La muette : roman
Lacroix, Alexandre, author
Paris : Don Quichotte éditions, [2017]
A few kilometers from Paris, there is a little-known place, even if major events took place there: the city of La Muette. Originally, it was to be a jewel of French architecture. Designed by two great architects, it represented a response to the German Bauhaus, and a popular housing revolution. But the site was interrupted before the war and, from 1941 to 1944, the Muette became the camp of Drancy, administered by the gendarmes and the Nazis. From these buildings, sixty-seven thousand Jews were deported. The fate of this city, which concentrates what one does not want to see in both French history and society, does not stop there: after the Liberation, it was set up to create social housing . The old chambers of the prisoners, compartmentalized to make studios and one-room apartments, are still inhabited today. In this choral novel, the author invites us to follow the journey of two endearing characters, Elsa, held in 1943, and Nour, a young Beur of today. They do not have the same language, not the same relationship to desire or death, but their stories intermingle and respond. So much so that, at the intersection of their monologues, one imagines that one can hear the voices of La Muette.--Translation of page 4 of cover by Don Quichotte éditions.
Baker Berry PQ2672.A242655 M84 2017

Michelangelo's poetry and iconography in the heart of the Reformation
Moroncini, Ambra, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2017
'Men must be changed by religion, not religion by men': religious culture and spirituality in early modern Italy -- Vittoria Colonna: matriarch of Italian Petrarchism and Christi ancilla of the Italian Renaissance -- Michelangelo's poetry: a religious journey from Neo-Platonism to the credo in sola fide -- Michelangelo's poems and drawings for Vittoria Colonna: a sentiment of beauty and equally infinite grace -- Poetry and theology in Michelangelo's last frescoes.

"Contextualizing Michelangelo's poetry and spirituality within the framework of the religious Zeitgeist of his era, this study investigates his poetic production to shed new light on the artist's religious beliefs and unique language of art. Author Ambra Moroncini looks first and foremost at Michelangelo the poet and proposes a thought-provoking reading of Michelangelo's most controversial artistic production between 1536 and c.1550: the Last Judgment, his devotional drawings made for Vittoria Colonna, and his last frescoes for the Pauline Chapel. Using theological and literary analyses which draw upon reformist and Protestant scriptural writings, as well as on Michelangelo's own rime spirituali and Vittoria Colonna's spiritual lyrics, Moroncini proposes a compelling argument for the impact that the Reformation had on one of the greatest minds of the Italian Renaissance. It brings to light how, in the second quarter of the sixteenth century in Italy, Michelangelo's poetry and aesthetic conception were strongly inspired by the revived theologia crucis of evangelical spirituality, rather than by the theologia gloriae of Catholic teaching"--
Baker Berry PQ4615.B6 Z75 2017

Un certain M. Piekielny : roman
Désérable, François-Henri, author
[Paris] : Éditions Gallimard, [2017]
As soon as Romain Gary received a sort of request: "When you meet great people, important men, promise me to tell them: at number 16 of the Rue Grande-Pohulanka, at Wilno, lived M. Piekielny." He respected this promise made to this neighbor (who looked like a "sad mouse" and who guessed in him a child with a great future) when he became a resistant, diplomatic and of course a writer. And the author states in The Promise of Dawn: "From the UN platforms to the London Embassy, ​​from the Federal Palace of Berne to the Elysee Palace, before Charles de Gaulle and Vichinsky, in front of the high dignitaries and the builders for a thousand years, I never failed to mention the existence of the little man."--Translation of page 4 of cover by lelitteraire.com
Baker Berry PQ2704.E838 C47 2017

La disparition de Josef Mengele : roman
Guez, Olivier, 1974- author
Paris : Bernard Grasset, [2017]
"Olivier Guez est l'auteur, entre autres, de L'Impossible retour, une histoire des juifs en Allemagne depuis 1945 (Flammarion), Éloge de l'esquive (Grasset) et Les Révolutions de Jacques Koskas (Belfond). Il a reçu en 2016 le prix allemand du meilleur scénario pour le film Fritz Bauer, un héros allemand. 1949 : Josef Mengele arrive en Argentine. Caché derrière divers pseudonymes, l'ancien médecin tortionnaire à Auschwitz croit pouvoir s'inventer une nouvelle vie à Buenos Aires. L'Argentine de Per6n est bienveillante, le monde entier veut oublier les crimes nazis. Mais la traque reprend et le médecin SS doit s'enfuir au Paraguay puis au Brésil. Son errance de planque en planque, déguisé et rongé par l'angoisse, ne connaîtra plus de répit... jusqu'à sa mort mystérieuse sur une plage en 1979. Comment le médecin SS a-t-il pu passer entre les mailles du filet, trente ans durant ? La Disparition de Josef Mengele est une plongée inouïe au coeur des ténèbres. Anciens nazis, agents du Mossad, femmes cupides et dictateurs d'opérette évoluent dans un monde corrompu par le fanatisme, la realpolitik, l'argent et l'ambition. Voici l'odyssée dantesque de Josef Mengele en Amérique du Sud. Le roman-vrai de sa cavale après-guerre."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry PQ2707.U49 D57 2017

Propiedades vigiladas = Monitored properties
Castellano, Florencia, 1975- author
New York, New York : Bomb magazine ; 2016
"Claiming the mundane as its starting point -- "a father takes his car out of the garage / and sings" -- Monitored Properties interrogates the ideological forces that exist in the smallest moments of our lives. With playful irony, wit, and lyrical dynamism, Florencia Castellano takes on the figure of the "cowboy," the gaucho that has permeated Argentine history and helped define patriarchy for centuries. In its re-imagining, the book questions the ritual of cultural inheritance, suggests that automatic responses can be broken down in language. Here, the literal and the absurd touch, the self and the other dance, "despite not knowing each other." If no haven is safe from the language of patriarchy, then its reverse could be true: no language, however emblazoned, is beyond the reach of the poet. Monitored Properties is a testament to living, relational histories and the way they expose and resist official, state-sanctioned versions."--Publisher's website (viewed 09/27/2016).
Baker Berry PQ7798.413.A8845 P76 2016

Her father's daughter
Sizun, Marie
London : Peirene Press, 2016
This is a poetic story about a girl's love for her father. Told from the girl's perspective, but with the clarity of an adult's mind, we experience her desire to be noticed by the first man in her life. A rare examination of the bonds and boundaries between father and daughter.
Baker Berry PQ2719.I98 P4713 2016

Honoré de Balzac, l'hommoeuvre
Nicole Mozet
Joué-lès-Tours (France) : Éditions La Simarre & Christian Pirot, [2017]
"Ce livre propose une lecture de l'ensemble de l'oeuvre de Balzac qui, en donnant toute la place qui est la sienne à La Comédie humaine, n'oublie ni les Contes drolatiques, ni le théâtre, ni ce beau journal de voyage qu'est la Lettre sur Kiev, ni ce corpus sans équivalent, romanesque à sa manière, des Lettres à Mme Hanska. On a peut-être trop noirci une oeuvre dont l'allégresse de ton, la virtuosité linguistique et le potentiel d'humour restent uniques. Centré sur les dernières années de la vie d'un romancier qui devait mourir encore jeune, cet ouvrage s'interroge sur l'écriture personnelle d'un homme qui n'a jamais écrit son autobiographie."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry PQ2178 .M694 2017

Hunting houses
Britt, Fanny, author
[Toronto] : Arachnide : 2017
"Tessa is a real estate agent who adores her family, but she is deeply unhappy and questioning her choices. As the day of a long-awaited meeting with her ex-boyfriend draws closer Tessa has to decide if she is willing to disrupt her loving family life for an uncertain future."--
Baker Berry PQ3919.3.B754 M3513 2017

Mujeres en tránsito : viaje, identidad y escritura en Sudamérica (1830-1910)
Miseres, Vanesa, author
Chapel Hill : U.N.C. Department of Romance Studies, 2017
Baker Berry PQ7551.5 .M57 2017

The scruffy scoundrels : a new English translation of Gli Straccioni in a dual-language edition
Caro, Annibal, 1507-1566, author
New York : Italica Press, 2017
About the translators -- Introduction -- A brief life -- Literary production -- The genesis of Gli Straccioni and subsequent publication -- Further critical and historical considerations -- The plot -- The language -- The translation -- Select bibliography -- The scruffy scoundrels.

"Annibal Caro's 'Scruffy Scoundrels' presents a new English translation of 'Gli straccioni' in a dual-language edition with a new introduction and notes. This play provides a comic look at the chaos and corruption of Rome in the 16th century as powerful families attempted to effect reform"--
Baker Berry PQ4617.C4 S713 2017

My mother is a river
Di Pietrantonio, Donatella, author
Folkestone : Calisi Press, 2015
"This is the story of the love between a mother and her daughter, a love "gone wrong from the start". When Esperia exhibits the symptoms of a disease that robs her of her memory and the very sense of her existence, it is time for the daughter to take care of her and help her to rebuild her disintegrating identity. So the daily recounting of the past begins. Day after day we learn about the characters of the extended family, the inhabitants of the small village still without running water or electricity, in a bright and harsh Abruzzo, which emerges from the pages like a mythological distant land. They are bittersweet memories, full of life and truth, that rebuild the story of a relationship and of an Italy that appears so very distant and yet it is still present in our characters history. And, in the telling, the mother and daughter relationship slowly changes, fluctuating between love and hate, nostalgia and denial. A surprising new novel, revealing a strong voice weaving a compelling magic spell."
Baker Berry PQ4904.I2167 M5313 2015

La modernidad insufrible : Roberto Bolaño en los límites de la literatura latinoamericana contemporánea
Zavala, Oswaldo, 1975- author
Chapel Hill : U.N.C. Department of Romance Languages, University of North Carolina Press, 2015
Baker Berry PQ8098.12.O38 Z978 2015

Erotic mysticism : subversion and transcendence in Latin American Modernista prose
LaGreca, Nancy, 1972- author
Chapel Hill, North Carolina : Department of Romance Studies, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2016
Introduction : erotic mysticism 1890s-1920s : "the worst moral stigma" -- The context of non-theistic erotic mysticism : positivist and Catholic discourses in turn-of-the-nineteenth-century Latin America -- Theories of non-theistic mysticism in essayistic prose : Carlos Díaz Duffo (Mexico 1861-1941) and Manuel Díaz Rodríguez (Venezuela 1871-1927) -- Decadence under cover : resurrecting Resurrección (Colombia) by José María Rivas Groot -- Death and the feminine erotic : La Rosa Muerta (The dead rose; 1914) by Zoila Aurora Cáceres (Peru) -- A Byzantine manifesto on erotic pluralism : El Evangelio del amor (The gospel of love; 1922) by Enrique Gómez Carrillo -- Concluding thoughts : subversion, transcendence, and the ongoing quest for blissful unity.
Baker Berry PQ6073.M6 L34 2016

Gendered geographies in Puerto Rican culture : spaces, sexualities, solidarities
Rangelova, Radost, 1979- author
Chapel Hill : U.N.C. Department of Romance Languages, The University of North Carolina Press at Chapel Hill, 2015
Introduction -- Building the nation: productive and reproductive labor in the factory -- Rethinking la gran familia puertorriqueña in the family house -- Gendering and queering the beauty salon -- Locating power on the margins: gender and sexuality in the brothel -- Conclusion.
Baker Berry PQ7421 .R36 2015

Lima fundada
Peralta Barnuevo, Pedro de, 1663-1743, author
Chapel Hill : U.N.C. Department of Romance Studies, 2016
Baker Berry PQ8496.P3 L5 2016

Histéresis creativa : la injusticia distributiva en el origen de la cultura espectacular de la corte barroca, el entremés nuevo y la estética picaresca
Pérez de León, Vicente, author
Chapel Hill : U.N.C. Department of Romance Studies, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2015
Baker Berry PQ6066 .P453 2015

La madre muerta : el mito matricida en la literatura y el cine españoles
Gómez, María Asunción, author
Chapel Hill : U.N.C. Department of Romance Studies, 2016
Baker Berry PQ6073.M68 G66 2016

Reading, performing and imagining The Libro del Arcipreste
Gerli, E. Michael, author
Chapel Hill : North Carolina Studies in the Romance Languages and Literatures, U.N.C. Department of Romance Studies, 2016
Baker Berry PQ6430 .G47 2016

Edme Boursault, de la farce à la fable (1661-1701)
Croft, Marie-Ange, 1981- author
Paris : Hermann, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ1731.B7 Z58 2017

Natta, Marie-Christine, author
[Paris, France] : Éditions Perrin, [2017]
As a child, Charles Baudelaire wanted to be an actor. This fantasy is very serious: it reveals all the importance that Baudelaire attaches to artifice, the founding element of his dandyism. Far from being frivolous or juvenile, Dandyism represents for him a philosophy which he claims and manifests as much by his life as by his work. Among other themes, this innovative biography of the author of Les fleurs du mal brings many questions of the Romantic poet's gesture.--Translation of page 4 of cover by Éditions Perrin.
Baker Berry PQ2191.Z5 N38 2017

George Sand et l'idéal : une recherche en écriture
textes réunis et présentés par Damien Zanone
Paris : Honoré Champion éditeur, 2017
"I need an ideal": this confidence that George Sand sets forth as a profession of faith in the Story of my life can serve as a guideline for the whole of his work. To follow this thread is to respond to the invitation of an author whose writing is crossed by the relation to the ideal, a word always reiterated. The entire work of George Sand is a research that the torment of the ideal haunts in its smallest nooks and crannies. In drawing up the record is the best way to approach the deep unity of the writing adventure of which George Sand is the name. Poetics, aesthetics, morals, politics, and religion: the different domains that give form and meaning to Sand's writing are linked together by the same fundamental issue, since they are so many opportunities to formulate the demand for the ideal. The notion is obsessive, disturbing, saving. What can be the ideal? How to reach it and how to recognize it if it is there? Any page written by Sand can be read as a stage of research in the glare of this great mirage--Translated by Honore Champion.
Baker Berry PQ2417 .G43 2017

L'écrivain et son école : je t'aime moi non plus
sous la direction de Martine Jey, Pauline Bruley et Emmanuelle kaës ; avec les contributions de Paul Aron, Marianne Berissi, Marie Humeau, Romain Jalabert and eleven others
Paris : Hermann, [2017]
Baker Berry PQ145.1.E48 E37 2016

Les mondes de Labiche
Olivier Bara, Violaine Heyraud, Jean-Claude Yon (éds)
Paris : Presses Sorbonne nouvelle, [2017]
"Deux cents ans après sa naissance en 1815, Labiche reste une figure illustre du vaudeville et de la comédie. L'auteur d'Un chapeau de paille d'Italie, de L'Affaire de la rue de Lourcine ou de La Cagnotte, n'occupe pas seulement une place centrale dans la tradition du théâtre de divertissement. Il était également connu en son temps comme critique, homme politique et académicien. Son oeuvre riche, au fort rayonnement géographique et culturel, révèle la société du XIXe siècle, tout en transcendant son époque. Comment Labiche, héritier de Scribe et aîné de Feydeau, rénove-t-il les formes dramatiques ? Quel discours tient-il sur les moeurs, sur le monde économique, social et politique ? Où emmène-t-il ses personnages en voyage ? Pourquoi fait-il rire en représentant Paris et la province ? Dans quels domaines se perpétue l'héritage de Labiche ? Voilà quelques-unes des questions que pose cet ouvrage pluridisciplinaire, au fil de ce "voyage autour des mondes de Labiche"."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry PQ2321.Z5 M66 2017

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