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Reading postcolonial theory : key texts in context
Choudhury, Bibhash
London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016
Baker Berry PN56.P555 C48 2016

This dialogue of one : essays on poets from John Donne to Joan Murray
Ford, Mark, 1962 June 24-
London, United Kingdom : Eyewear Publishing Ltd., 2014
Fevers of the Bone: John Donne -- Walt Whitman's Democratic Vistas -- The Double Vision of Baudelaire -- City of Pain: The Poetry of James Thomson -- Saint Emily -- Owls, Bicycles, Bailiffs: The Pataphysical Life of Alfred Jarry -- Ezra Pound's Letters Home -- Dark Caverns: The Correspondence of T.S. Eliot -- Who Seekest Thy Woob? Samuel Greenberg and Hart Crane -- Industrious Auden -- A.S.J. Tessimond and Bernard Spencer -- Child Randall -- Joan Murray and the Bats of Wisdom.

Literary Nonfiction. Essays. Poetry. THIS DIALOGUE OF ONE collects thirteen essays on English, French and American poets by one of the era's most engaging and highly esteemed poet-critics. Like Randall Jarrell, whose achievement is assessed here, Ford combines a refreshing openness to innovation with an authoritative awareness of what makes a poem stand the test of time. Witty, astute and wide-ranging, Ford demonstrates his formidable gifts as a close reader of poetry, whether exploring canonical works by the likes of Whitman, Dickinson, Baudelaire and T.S. Eliot, or championing the cause of neglected figures such as James Thomson, Samuel Greenberg and Joan Murray. As John Lanchester once observed of Ford's essays, "If more literary criticism were like this, more people would read it." --Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry PN1055 .F67 2014

Masters of American music [videorecording]
[Leipzig, Germany] : EuroArts, 2011
Traces the lives and works of great innovators in jazz, including Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker, Sarah Vaughan, and Thelonius Monk, through conversations, performance footage, photographs, and interviews.
Paddock DVD PN1992.77 .M378 2011

Transgression in Anglo-American cinema : gender, sex, and the deviant body
edited by Joel Gwynne
London ; Wallflower Press, [2016]
Baker Berry PN1995.9.S45 T73 2016

R.W. Fassbinder, die Filme : ein Illustriertes Werkverzeichnis aller 44 Kino- und Fernsehfilme 1966 bis 1982 mit 1368 Filmbildern und 46 Photographien
Juliane Lorenz, Lothar Schirmer (Hrsg.) ; mit Texten von Laurence Kardish, Juliane Lorenz und Lothar Schirmer sowie Rainer Werner Fassbinder
München ; Schirmer/Mosel in Zusammenarbeit mit der RWF Foundation, [2016]
Das Lebenswerk von Rainer Werner Fassbinder umfasst 44 Filme. Als er am 10. Juni 1982 in München starb, war er gerade 37 Jahre alt. In atemberaubender Geschwindigkeit hatte er ab 1966 in nur 17 Jahren sein gewaltiges schöpferisches Werk wie ein ästhetisches Gebirge vor der staunenden Welt aufgetürmt. Beeinflusst von der poetischen Raffinesse des Dichters und Dramatikers Bert Brecht, der filmischen Eleganz eines Jean-Luc Godard und inspiriert von der lakonischen Aneignung des Profanen durch Andy Warhol, entwickelte Fassbinder in seinen Filmen .. eine eindringliche, kraftvolle Bildsprache von ganz eigener Poesie. Und da er in seinen Filmen meist von den traurigen Spielarten der Liebe erzählte, wurde alsbald eine Weltsprache daraus. In der genauen und liebevollen Beschreibung der westdeutschen gesellschaftlichen Verhältnisse nach dem Kriegsende und vor dem Mauerfall sind seine Filme zu einem nationalen Monument deutscher Geschichte geworden.
Baker Berry PN1998.3.F37 R9 2016

Enlightenment and political fiction : the everyday intellectual
Miller, Cecilia
New York : Routledge, 2016
Don Quixote (1605, 1615), rationality, and forms of government -- Simplicissimus (1668, 1669), religious toleration, and friendship -- Gulliver's travels (1726, amended 1735), science, and social class -- Candide (1759), sexuality, and the modern individual -- The betrothed (1825-1827, 1840-1842), revolution, and the perfectibility of the human mind -- Conclusion.
Baker Berry PN3495 .M49 2016

The big book of science fiction : the ultimate collection
edited and with an introduction by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer
New York : Vintage Crime/Black Lizard, Vintage Books, 2016
What if life was neverending? What if you could change your body to adapt to an alien ecology? What if the pope were a robot? Spanning galaxies and millennia, this must-have anthology showcases classic contributions from H. G. Wells, Arthur C. Clarke, Octavia E. Butler, and Kurt Vonnegut, alongside a century of the eccentrics, rebels, and visionaries who have inspired generations of readers. Within its pages, youll find beloved worlds of space opera, hard SF, cyberpunk, the New Wave, and more. Learn about the secret history of science fiction, from titans of literature who also wrote SF to less well-known authors from more than twenty-five countries, some never before translated into English. In The Big Book of Science Fiction, literary power couple Ann and Jeff VanderMeer transport readers from Mars to Mechanopolis, planet Earth to parts unknown. Immerse yourself in the genre that predicted electric cars, space tourism, and smartphones. Sit back, buckle up, and dial in the coordinates, as this stellar anthology has got worlds within worlds.
Baker Berry PN6071.S33 B55 2016

Los emblemas de Alciato : traducidos en rimas españolas : Lion, 1549
Alciati, Andrea, 1492-1550
[Palma de Mallorca] : José J. de Olañeta, c2003
Baker Berry PN6349 .A417 2003

Jewish books and their readers : aspects of the intellectual life of Christians and Jews in early modern Europe
edited by Scott Mandelbrote, Joanna Weinberg
Boston : Brill, 2016
Part I. Manuscript, print and the Jewish Bible. 1. The letter of Aristeas: three phases in the readership of a Jewish text / Scott Mandelbrote -- 2. Antonio Brucioli and the Jewish Italian versions of the Bible / Alessandro Guetta -- Part 2. Censorship and the regulation of readers -- 3. Hebrew books and censorship in sixteenth-century Italy / Piet van Boxel -- 4. Illustrious rabbis facing the Italian Inquisition: accommodating censorship in seventeenth-century Italy / Federica Francesconi -- Part III. Jewish texts in Christian hands. 5. Petrus Galatinus and Jean Thenaud on the Talmud and the Toledot Yeshu / WilliamHorbury -- 6. Crossroads in Hebraism: Johann Buxtorf gives a Hebrew lesson to Philippe Duplessis-Mornay / Joanna Weinberg -- 7. 'Pandects of the Jews': a French, Swiss and Italian prelude to John Selden / Anthony Grafton -- Part 4. Antiquarianism and the expansion of knowledge. 8. Ulisse Aldrovandi and the role of Hebrew in natural philosophy in early modern Italy / Andrew D. Berns -- 9. The humanist discovery of Hebrew epistolography / Theodor Dunkelgriin -- 10. Collecting Hebrew Epitaphs in the early modern age: the Christian Hebraist as antiquarian / Michela Andreatta -- Part 5. The multiplicity of texts and the multiplicity of readers -- 11. More than one way to read a Midrash: the Bodleian copy of Bamberg's Midrash Rabbah / Benjamin Williams -- 12. Spanish readings of Amsterdam's seventeenth-century Sephardim / Yosef Kaplan.

"Jewish Books and their Readers discusses the transformative effect of the circulation and readership of sacred and secular texts written by Jews on Christian as well as Jewish readers in early modern Europe. Its twelve essays challenge traditional paradigms of Christian Hebraism and undermine simplistic visions of the unchanging nature of Jewish cultural life. They ask what constituted a 'Jewish' book: how it was presented, disseminated, and understood within both Jewish and Christian environments (and how its meanings were contested), and what effect such understanding had on contemporary views of Jews and their intellectual heritage. They demonstrate how the involvement of Christians in the production and dissemination of Jewish books played a role in the shaping of the intellectual life of Jews and Christians. Contributors are: Michela Andreatta, Andrew Berns, Theodor Dunkelgrün, Federica Francesconi, Anthony Grafton Alessandro Guetta, William Horbury, Yosef Kaplan, Scott Mandelbrote, Piet van Boxel, Joanna Weinberg Benjamin Williams"--
Baker Berry PN842 .J44 2016

All strangers are kin : adventures in Arabic and the Arab world
O'Neill, Zora
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016
Egypt. Empty talk ; Inside the word factory ; A prophecy ; Two tongues ; See what we did ; Where's your ear? ; Days of rage ; Hidden fingers ; Illuminating the house ; Graduation day -- The Gulf. Knowledge village ; Practical, fashion, extreme ; When your ear hears ; Eau de Facebook ; What he did not know ; Heritage club ; The best people ; Supreme poets ; Develop! -- Lebanon. The new Beirut ; What is the rule? ; We don't talk about politics here ; Almost a dead language ; Your mother ; Easy--but not good ; The weird uncle ; Pierre and his friends ; We have not taught the Prophet the price ; Land of thorns -- Morocco. Daddy, Mommy, Gramps ; The place where the sun sets ; You pour the tea ; God is beautiful ; Speaking Mexican ; Let's chat in Arabic ; Sweet sensation ; Up in the old hotel ; What is the name of this? ; Crossing the bridge.

If you've ever studied a foreign language, you know what happens when you first truly and clearly communicate with another person. As Zora O'Neill recalls, you feel like a magician. They say that Arabic takes seven years to learn and a lifetime to master. Steeped in grammar tomes and outdated textbooks, O'Neill faced an increasing certainty that she was not only failing to master Arabic, but also driving herself crazy. She took a decade-long hiatus, but couldn't shake her fascination with the language or the cultures it had opened up to her. So she decided to jump back in--this time with a new approach. Join O'Neill for a grand tour through the Middle East. You will laugh with her in Egypt, delight in the stories she passes on from the United Arab Emirates, and find yourself transformed by her experiences in Lebanon and Morocco. She's packed her dictionaries, her unsinkable sense of humor, and her talent for making fast friends of strangers. From quiet streets to crowded medinas, from families' homes to local hotspots, she brings a part of the world that is thousands of miles away right to your door, reminding us that learning another tongue leaves you rich with so much more than words.--Adapted from dust jacket.
Baker Berry PN4874.O68 A3 2016

What postcolonial theory doesn't say
Edited by Anna Bernard, Ziad Elmarsafy, and Stuart Murray
New York ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016
"This book reclaims postcolonial theory, addressing persistent limitations in the geographical, disciplinary, and methodological assumptions of its dominant formations, and emerging from an investment in the future of postcolonial studies and a commitment to its basic premise; namely the conception of particular cultural and literary articulations in relation to larger structures of colonial and imperial domination as a way of putting the theory back in postcolonial theory. To a certain extent, postcolonial theory is a victim of its own success, in part from the institutionalization of the insights that it has enabled: now that they no longer seem new, it is hard to know what the field's work should be beyond these general commitments, or what its practitioners should be debating. The renewal of popular anti-imperial energies across the globe provides a rare opportunity to reassert the political and theoretical value of the postcolonial as a comparative, interdisciplinary, and oppositional paradigm. This collection makes a claim for what postcolonial theory can say through the work of scholars articulating what it still cannot or will not say. It explores ideas that a more aesthetically sophisticated postcolonial theory might be able to address, focusing on questions of visibility, performance, and literariness. Contributors highlight some of the shortcomings of current postcolonial theory in relation to contemporary political developments such as Zimbabwean land reform, postcommunism, and the economic rise of East Asia. Finally, they address the disciplinary, geographical, and methodological exclusions from postcolonial studies through a detailed focus on new disciplinary directions (management studies, theories of the state), overlooked places and perspectives (Palestine, Weimar Germany, the environmentalism of the poor), and the necessity of materialist analysis for understanding both world and world literary systems"--
Baker Berry PN56.P555 W47 2016

Veiled figures : women, modernity, and the spectres of orientalism
Heffernan, Teresa, 1962-
Toronto : University Of Toronto Press, [2016]
Islam, the Enlightenment, and the veil -- The great whore of Babylon: cosmopolitanism and racialized nationalism -- Two western women venture east: Lady Annie Brassey and Anna Bowman Dodd -- The Great War and its aftermath: militarized citizens, (un)veiled bodies, and the nation -- The burqa and the bikini: veiling and unveiling at the turn of the twenty-first century.

"In Veiled Figures, Teresa Heffernan explores how the clash of civilizations is perpetuated by the rhetoric of veiling and unveiling. Drawing on travel narratives, harem literature, and other stories, Heffernan argues that womens bodies have been used to exacerbate the divide between religion and reason in the eighteenth century, the Islamic umma and the Western nation in the nineteenth, and Islamism and global capitalism in the contemporary period. Through the study of the writings of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Anna Bowman Dodd, Demetra Vaka Brown, Zeyneb Hanoum, and others, Heffernans book demonstrates the ways in which these works complicate and interrupt these divides, opening up new opportunities for a more constructive dialogue between East and West." --
Baker Berry PN56.V44 H43 2016

Something new : tales from a makeshift bride
Knisley, Lucy
New York : First Second, 2016
Introduction -- Part One: The Boy -- How We Met -- Wedding Season -- Salvaged Parts -- A Light That Never Goes Out -- Part Two: The Bride -- Mixed Feelings -- Emotion Sickness -- Motivations -- My Feminist Party -- Part Three: The Puff, The Place, The Plate, And The Playlist -- Fancy Lady: 101 -- Just A Simple Barn Wedding -- Chicken Or Fish? -- It's Electric -- Part Four: The Pretty -- Do Or DIY -- Never Enough Parties -- Money Money Money -- Part Five: The Big Day -- Traditions -- Wedding Week -- The Wedding -- Married Life Goes On -- The Happily Ever Aftermath -- Afterword.

In 2010, Lucy and her long-term boyfriend John broke up. Three long, lonely years later, John returned to New York, walked into Lucy's apartment, and proposed. This is not that story. It is the story of what came after: The Wedding.
Baker Berry PN6727.K645 S66 2016

Novels and the sociology of the contemporary
Szakolczai, Árpád
New York : Routledge, 2016
Preface -- Introduction: novels and the problem of reality -- The triple origins of the modern novel -- The Don Quixote chronotope: paradoxical paradoxes, or the games of Cervantes -- The Rabelais chronotope: the mysteries of fairground economics -- The English chronotope: the cruel illusionism of realism -- Actors, spectators and critics in the sublime theatre of the public arena -- Sublime confusion: the aesthetics of intensity as an anti-Platonic revolt -- Diderot, the trickster-outsider-critic: the actor as god in an enlightened world -- Lessing, the trickster-outsider-critic: the birth of German enlightenment out of the spirit of theatre -- The Goethe chronotope: in between panopticon and circus -- Johann Wolfgang Goethe: demonic formation and theatrical re-formation -- Wilhelm Meister as Goethe's self-overcoming: from theatrical mission to walking -- Promethean modernity in Faust: from asserting titanic poiesis to diagnosing alchemic technology -- Beneath and beyond romantic enlightenment -- Enlightened romantics: from German titanism to French satanism -- Charles Dickens: retrieving the reasons of the heart -- Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky: standing up again after the demonic splits of reason -- Conclusion: towards the sacrificial carnival.

"This book substantiates two claims. First, the modern world was not simply produced by "objective" factors, rooted in geographical discoveries and scientific inventions, to be traced to economic, technological or political factors, but is the outcome of social, cultural and spiritual processes. Among such factors, beyond the Protestant ethic (Max Weber), the rise of the absolutist state and its disciplinary network (Michel Foucault), or court society (Norbert Elias), a prime role is played by theatre. The modern reality is deeply theatricalized. Second, a special access for studying this theatricalized world is offered by novels. The best classical novels not simply can be interpreted as describing a world "like" the theatre, but they capture and present a world that has become thoroughly transformed into a global theatre. The theatre effectively transformed the world, and classical novels effectively analyze this "theatricalized" reality - much better than the main instruments supposedly destined to study reality, philosophy and sociology. Thus, instead of using the technique of sociology to analyze novels, the book will treat novels as a "royal road" to analyze a theatricalized reality, in order to find our way back to a genuine and meaningful life "--
Baker Berry PN3491 .S93 2016

Im Comic vereint : eine Geschichte der Bildgeschichte
Platthaus, Andreas, 1966-
Frankfurt am Main : Insel Verlag, 2000
Baker Berry PN6710 .P56 2000

Women's experimental writing : negative aesthetics and feminist critique
Berry, Ellen E
London : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2016
Baker Berry PN471 .B47 2016

I'm supposed to protect you from all this : a memoir
Spiegelman, Nadja
New York : Riverhead Books, 2016
"A memoir of mothers and daughters -- and mothers as daughters -- traced through four generations, from Paris to New York and back again. For a long time, Nadja Spiegelman believed her mother was a fairy. More than her famous father, Maus creator Art Spiegelman, and even more than most mothers, hers -- French-born New Yorker art director Françoise Mouly -- exerted a force over reality that was both dazzling and daunting. As Nadja's body changed and "began to whisper to the adults around me in a language I did not understand," their relationship grew tense. Unwittingly, they were replaying a drama from her mother's past, a drama Nadja sensed but had never been told. Then, after college, her mother suddenly opened up to her. Françoise recounted her turbulent adolescence caught between a volatile mother and a playboy father, one of the first plastic surgeons in France. The weight of the difficult stories she told her daughter shifted the balance between them. It had taken an ocean to allow Françoise the distance to become her own person. At about the same age, Nadja made the journey in reverse, moving to Paris determined to get to know the woman her mother had fled. Her grandmother's memories contradicted her mother's at nearly every turn, but beneath them lay a difficult history of her own. Nadja emerged with a deeper understanding of how each generation reshapes the past in order to forge ahead, their narratives both weapon and defense, eternally in conflict. Every reader will recognize herself and her family in this gorgeous and heartbreaking memoir, which helps us to see why sometimes those who love us best hurt us most"--
Baker Berry PN6727.S62 I6 2016

Gendered testimonies of the Holocaust : writing life
Schweitzer, Petra
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2016]
A mother's testimony as a dwelling place, Dan Pagis -- Remembrance of the m/other/tongue, Paul Celan -- The maternal function of giving testimony, Charlotte Delbo -- Embodied existence of mothers, Gisella Perl and Olga Lengyel.
Baker Berry PN56.H55 S39 2016

"Il menabò" di Elio Vittorini (1959-1967)
a cura e con postfazione di Silvia Cavalli ; introduzione di Giuseppe Lupo
Torino : Nino Aragno editore, [2016]
Baker Berry PN5.M43 M46 2016

The critics say : 57 theater reviewers in New York and beyond discuss their craft and its future
Windman, Matt
Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2016]
Meet the theater critics -- Why we exist -- How I became a theater critic -- Education and personality -- The theater community -- Ethics -- The writing process -- Readers -- Evaluation -- Crisis -- Economics -- Online -- Spider-man -- Regrets and advice -- Epilogue.

"Matt Windman, theater critic for amNewYork, interviews critics from around the country, including Ben Brantley, Charles Isherwood, John Lahr, Terry Teachout, Linda Winer, Chris Jones, David Cote, John Simon and Peter Filichia. They discuss their long careers and the nightly process of evaluating plays and musicals, and offer their thoughts on the future of the profession"--
Baker Berry PN1707 .W56 2016

Modernism and the materiality of texts
Amiran, Eyal
New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Baker Berry PN56.M54 A5 2016

Los ríos profundos : Hugo del Carril-Alfredo Varela : un detalle en la historia del peronismo y la izquierda
Korn, Guillermo, 1967-
Ciudad de Buenos Aires : Eudeba, 2015
Baker Berry PN1997.A3139 K67 2015

Detrás de escena
Ajaka, Alberto
Buenos Aires, Argentina : Editorial Excursiones, [2015]
Baker Berry PN2452.B8 A38 2015

Deutschland 1966 : filmische Perspektiven in Ost und West
herausgegeben von Connie Betz, Julia Pattis und Rainer Rother
Berlin : Bertz + Fischer : [2016]
Baker Berry PN1993.5.G3 D48 2016

Chiffre "Oberhausen" : Suchbewegungen zwischen Ästhetik, Politik und Utopie des Neuen Deutschen Films
Christian Schulte and 4 others (Hg.) ; mit Beiträgen von: Eric Rentschler and 14 others
Berlin : Vorwerk 8, [2016]
Baker Berry PN1993.5.G3 C45 2016

Toronto's local movie theatres of yesteryear : brought back to thrill you again
Taylor, Doug, 1938-
Toronto : Dundurn, [2016]
Baker Berry PN1993.5.C2 T395 2016

Chinese cinemas : international perspectives
edited by Felicia Chan and Andy Willis
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2016
Introduction / Felicia Chan and Andy Willis -- Part I. Textual constructions and industrial contexts -- The deconstruction and intensification of "China", or primitive passions in Man of Tai Chi / Paul Bowman -- Internationalising memory: traumatic histories and the PRC's quest to win an Oscar / A.T. McKenna and Kiki Tianqi Yu -- Once upon a time in China and America: transnational storytelling and the recent films of Peter Chan / Gary Bettinson -- Mediating trauma: the Nanjing Massacre, City of life and death, and affect as soft power / Corey Kai Nelson Schultz -- Part II: Shifting foci: global and local Chinese cinemas -- The uncertainty principle: reframing independent film in twenty-first century Chinese cinema / Eddie Bertozzi -- Crossing Hennessy, Big Blue Lake and Flowing stories: re-centring the local in recent Hong Kong cinema / Andy Willis -- Blurred lines?: the dialectics of the margins and the mainstream in The wedding banquet (Ang Lee, 1993) and Saving face (Alice Wu, 2004) / Juliette Ledru -- Part III. Woman in the frame -- First, not only: writing Chinese women's film authorship / Felicia Chan -- Women characters, women's cinema and neo-liberal Chinese modernity: doubled and split / Chris Berry -- The grain of jade: woman, repression, and Fei Mu's Spring in a small town / Rey Chow -- Part IV. International perspectives -- Michelangelo Antonioni's Chung Kuo - Cina (1972): a moment of "explicitation" / Valentina Vitali -- The Melbourne controversy: Jia Zhangke and the 2009 Melbourne International Film Festival / Robert Hamilton -- A Chinese diasporic festival film in the making?: the interesting Case of Ann Hui's A simple life / Ruby Cheung.
Baker Berry PN1993.5.C4 C44233 2016

Governing with words : the political dialogue on race, public policy, and inequality in America
Gillion, Daniel Q., 1979-
New York, NY, USA : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Introduction -- 1. Discursive governance: toward a holistic approach to understanding a dialogue on race in government -- 2. Measuring the political dialogue on race -- Part I. Societal Reception to a Dialogue on Race: 3. The backlash: does America disapprove of racial discussions?; 4. The benefits: political rhetoric and health awareness in the minority community -- Part II. Political Institutions and a Dialogue on Race: 5. Racial frames and policy coalitions: how the dialogue on race shapes the creation of public policy; 6. The disconnect between political rhetoric and public policy -- Conclusion: A place for a racial dialogue in an aspiring post-racial society.

"Rather than considering political discussions and rhetoric as symbolic, inconsequential forms of politics, Governing with Words conceptualizes them as forms of government action that can shape institutions and societal norms. Daniel Q. Gillion refers to this theory as 'discursive governance'. Federal politicians' statements about racial and ethnic minority concerns aid the passage of minority public policies and improve individual lifestyle behaviors. Unfortunately, most of the American public continues to disapprove of politicians' rhetoric that highlights race. The book argues that addressing racial and ethnic inequality continues to be a tug-of-war between avoiding the backlash of the majority in this nation while advocating for minority interests. Even though this paradox looms over politicians' discussions of race, race-conscious political speech, viewed in its entirety, is the mechanism by which marginalized groups find a place in the democratic process. Such race-conscious discussions, the book argues, have ramifications both within and outside of government"--
Baker Berry PN4055.U53 G55 2016

Spanish film cultures : the making and unmaking of Spanish cinema
Triana-Toribio, Núria
London : Palgrave on behalf of the British Film Institute, 2016
Introduction -- Why academies? -- Film cultures -- Academicism: an authority over film cultures -- What does academicism want? -- When the Academia? -- The house is built of the stones that were available -- And the winner is... -- Being different: Almodóvar and the Academia -- Rogue males, 'bad' films and 'bad' loyalties: Santiago Segura and Álex de la Iglesia -- There is no such thing as a weak enemy -- Transatlantic Academia -- Epilogue.
Baker Berry PN1993.5.S7 T759 2016

The problematic Tyler Perry
edited by Brian C. Johnson
New York : Peter Lang, [2016]
Introduction: my problem with Perry / Brian C. Johnson -- Audience appreciation. Tyler Perry and William Shakespeare: playwrights who reflect and influence society / Jennifer Forrest -- The political economy of Tyler Perry: replicating industry ideals and exploiting the commodity audience / Leah P. Hunter & Jennifer M. Proffitt -- The church of Tyler Perry: how Perry created a phenomenon / Angela Putman -- Who's your mammy? Tyler Perry and the limits of black spectatorship / Stephanie A. Allen -- Gender (mis)representations. Playing with gender, queering lines: should we be mad at Madea? / Jessica l. Knouse -- Tyler Perry as Madea: homophobia gets a pass when it's a man in a dress / Gene Kelly -- (In)visible messages: patriarchy in Tyler Perry's Madea films / Shavonne Shorter and Shanna Smith -- Knight in shining blackness: examining performances of black masculinity in Tyler Perry films / Kimberly Chandler -- Steroeotypicality. Diary of a despondent female: an analysis of female characters in Tyler Perry's movies / Christal Johnson -- Tyler Perry's I can be misrepresented all by myself?? / Tanya Merriman & Auburn Ellis -- Specific works. A volatile cocktail of stereotypes: black feminist reflections on Tyler Perry's For better or worse / Evette Dionne Brown -- The Tyler that preys: is Mr. Perry creating new or recycling old black images / Frederick W. Gooding, Jr -- Signifying practices: representations of black masculinity and womanhood in Tyler Perry's temptation: confessions of a marriage counselor / Tammie Jenkins.
Baker Berry PN1998.3.P4575 P86 2016

Räume in der Zeit : die Filme von Nikolaus Geyrhalter
herausgegeben von Alejandro Bachmann
Wien : Sonderzahl, [2015]
Räume in der Zeit : Über Konstanten und Verschiebungen in den Filmen Nikolaus Geyrhalters / Alejandro Bachmann -- Arbeit am Inneren des Films : Schnitt, Buch, Dramaturgie : Wolfgang Widerhofer / Volker Pantenburg -- Maschinen-Blick, Maschinen-Welt : Nikolaus Geyrhalters Unser täglich Brot / Tom Gunning -- Reich der Mitte : implizite Totalitäten und zivilisationstheoretische Pointen in den Filmen Nikolaus Geyrhalters / Bert Rebhandl -- "Den Bildern den richtigen Atem geben" : Im Gespräch mit Nikolaus Geyrhalter -- "Verschiedene Perspektiven in Konfrontation miteinander bringen" : im Gespräch mit Wolfgang Widerhofer -- Zwölf Filme : Texte / von Christoph Huber, Barbara Pichler, Birgit Kohler, Joachim Schätz, Barbara Wurm und Yvonne Zimmermann.
Baker Berry PN1998.3.G464 R38 2015

In praise of literature
Bauman, Zygmunt, 1925-
Cambridge, UK ; Polity Press, 2016
"In this new book Zygmunt Bauman and Riccardo Mazzeo examine the contentious issue of the relation between literature (and the arts in general) and sociology (or, more generally, a branch of the humanities claiming scientific status). While many commentators see literature and sociology as radically different vocations, Bauman and Mazzeo argue that they are bound together by a common purpose and a shared subject matter. Despite the many differences in terms of their methods and their ways of presenting their findings, novels and sociological texts are not at cross-purposes. Indeed, it is precisely their differences that make them at once indispensable to each other and mutually complementary. The writers of novels and of sociological texts may explore their world from different perspectives, seeking and producing different types of 'data', but their products bear the unmistakable marks of their shared origin. They feed each other and depend on each other in terms of their agenda, their discoveries and the contents of their messages. In a world characterized by the continuous search for new sensations and the fetishism of consumption, they bring fundamental existential questions back to the public agenda. Literature and sociology reveal the truth of the human condition only when they stay in one another's company, remaining attentive to each other's findings and engaged in a continuous dialogue. For only together can they rise to the challenging task of untangling and laying bare the complex intertwining of biography and history as well as of individual and society that totality we are constantly shaping while being shaped by it"--
Baker Berry PN51 .B325 2016

Fox News and American politics : how one channel shapes American politics and society
Cassino, Dan, 1980-
New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016
The most powerful name in news -- The media and presidential approval -- Fox news and the 2012 Republican primary -- The 2012 general election -- Fox news and political knowledge -- Conspiracy theories and other false beliefs -- The media and society -- Conclusion -- Methodology notes.
Baker Berry PN4888.T4 C37 2016

The hatred of poetry
Lerner, Ben, 1979-
New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2016
"No art has been denounced as often as poetry. It's even bemoaned by poets: "I, too, dislike it," wrote Marianne Moore. "Many more people agree they hate poetry," Ben Lerner writes, "than can agree what poetry is. I, too, dislike it and have largely organized my life around it and do not experience that as a contradiction because poetry and the hatred of poetry are inextricable in ways it is my purpose to explore."In this inventive and lucid essay, Lerner takes the hatred of poetry as the starting point of his defense of the art. He examines poetry's greatest haters (beginning with Plato's famous claim that an ideal city had no place for poets, who would only corrupt and mislead the young) and both its greatest and worst practitioners, providing inspired close readings of Keats, Dickinson, McGonagall, Whitman, and others. Throughout, he attempts to explain the noble failure at the heart of every truly great and truly horrible poem: the impulse to launch the experience of an individual into a timeless communal existence. In The Hatred of Poetry, Lerner has crafted an entertaining, personal, and entirely original examination of a vocation no less essential for being impossible"--
Baker Berry PN1031 .L47 2016

Cultural dynamics of globalization and African literature
edited by Sandra Dixon and Janice Spleth
Trenton : Africa World Press, [2016]
Baker Berry PN56.G55 C85 2016

Heckbert, Jarrett
Erin, Ontario : The Porcupine's Quill, 2016
"In a small corner of what was once known as North America, in the not-too-distant future, Neo-Toronto emerges as a prosperous island enclave after decades of war and unrest. In this world, knowledge is downloaded, learning is obsolete, cybernetic communication is the norm and even time travel is within reach. Citizens wholeheartedly embrace a doctrine of immortality, hoping to achieve Singularity--a state of autonomy so complete that human contact is rendered unnecessary."--From publisher's website.
Baker Berry PN6733.H43 M48 2016

The transformation of investigative journalism in China : from journalists to activists
Wang, Haiyan, 1977-
Lanham : Lexington Books, [2016]
Introduction -- Chinese media reform and its critique -- Investigative journalism: triumph and failure -- Reporting space for the Chinese journalists -- Advocacy tradition in the Chinese press history -- Media professionalism and activism -- The rise of activist journalism: four cases -- The Chinese activist journalists -- Conclusion.
Baker Berry PN5367.I58 W36 2016

Cinéma militant : political filmmaking and May 1968
Grant, Paul Douglas
London : Wallflower Press, [2016]
Baker Berry PN1995.9.P6 G73 2016

Hidden Hitchcock
Miller, D. A., 1948-
Chicago ; The University of Chicago Press, 2016
Hidden pictures (Strangers on a train) -- Understyle (Rope) -- The long wrong man.
Baker Berry PN1998.3.H58 M55 2016

Japanese film and the floating mind : cinematic contemplations of being
Vicari, Justin, 1968-
Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2016]
Introduction: paradoxes of perception: in a ghostly theater -- Pt. 1. Toward the last ontology -- Moon in water -- The broken heart of ontology -- Anxieties of change, changing anxieties -- Extremisms -- The last ontology -- Pt. 2. The floating world -- Refugees of the floating world -- The meanings of the wound -- Pt. 3. Emperor worship -- The problem of emperor worship -- Naruse: an early and enduring critic of emperor worship -- Ozu, after surrender -- "Just a memory": the figure of the emperor in postwar melodrama -- Three films: Mizoguchi's Women of the night, Imamura's Outlaw Matsuo comes home, Wakamatsu's Caterpillar -- Conclusion.

"This book provides a cultural, historical and philosophical study of Japanese film, from the silent era to the present, focusing on its expansive consciousness. It examines masterpieces by Yasujir; Ozu, Kenji Mizoguchi, Nagisa Oshima and other directors, discussing their influence on the Japanese culture of esoteric Zen Buddhism and relating them to recent neuroscientific theories of brain trauma"--
Baker Berry PN1993.5.J3 V53 2016

Producing for profit : a practical guide to making independent and studio films
Stevens, Andrew, 1955-
New York, NY : Routledge, 2016
Baker Berry PN1995.9.P7 S74 2016

An abbreviated life : a memoir
Leve, Ariel, 1968-
New York, NY : Harper, [2016]
"The author describes how she endured as the only child of an unstable poet for a mother and a beloved but largely absent father and explores the consequences of a psychologically harrowing childhood as she seeks refuge from the past and recovers what was lost,"--NoveList.
Baker Berry PN5123.L43 A3 2016

Life and work : writers, readers, and the conversations between them
Parks, Tim
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2016]
Baker Berry PN3331 .P35 2016

The aesthetics of care : on the literary treatment of animals
Donovan, Josephine, 1941-
New York : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Inc, 2016
The aesthetics of modernity -- Willa Cather's aesthetic transitions -- The aesthetics of care -- Animal ethics and literary criticism -- Tolstoy's animals -- Local-color animals -- Coetzee's animals -- Metaphysical meat: "becoming men" and animal sacrifice -- The transgressive sublime, katharsis, and animal sacrifice -- Caring to hear, caring to see: art as emergence.
Baker Berry PN56.A64 .D66 2016

Cartographies of exile : a new spatial literacy
edited by Karen Elizabeth Bishop
New York, NY : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016
Baker Berry PN56.M265 C43 2016

Belknap, Robert L
New York : Columbia University Press, [2016]
Baker Berry PN3378 .B44 2016

Dark night : a true Batman story
Dini, Paul
Burbank, CA : DC Comics, [2016]
In the 1990s, legendary writer Paul Dini had a flourishing career writing the hugely popular Batman: The Animated Series and Tiny Toon Adventures. Walking home one evening, he was jumped and viciously beaten within an inch of his life. His recovery process was arduous, hampered by the imagined antics of the villains he was writing for television including the Joker, Harley Quinn and the Penguin. But despite how bleak his circumstances were, or perhaps because of it, Dini also always imagined the Batman at his side, chivvying him along during his darkest moments. This is a Batman story like no other—the harrowing and eloquent autobiographical tale of writer Paul Dini’s courageous struggle to overcome a desperate situation.
Baker Berry PN6728.B36 D56596 2016

The official companion to the documentary Showrunners : the art of running a tv show
Bennett, Tara
London : Titan Books, 2014
Baker Berry PN1992.75 .B385 2014

"Nicht von hier und doch nicht fremd" : autobiographisches Schreiben über die Herkunft aus einem anderen Land : ein polnisch-deutsch-norwegisches Symposium
Bernd Neumann, Andrzej Talarczyk (Hrsg.) ; Träger des Symposions, das Institut für Germanistik der Universität Szczecin, das Institut für Sprache und Literatur der Teschnich-Naturwissenschaftlichen Universität Trondheim, und die Lübecker Academia Baltica
Aachen : Shaker Verlag, 2015
Baker Berry PN56.5.E96 N53 2015

Otto Binder : the life and work of a comic book and science fiction visionary
Schelly, William, 1951-
Berkeley, California : North Atlantic Books, [2016]
"A beautifully told biography of comics writer Otto Binder who contributed to popular comics such as Supergirl, Captain Marvel, and Superman"--
Baker Berry PN6727.B48 Z85 2016

Erinnerungen an Schulzenhof
Berner, Erwin, 1953-
Berlin : Aufbau, 2016
Baker Berry PN2658.B473 A3 2016

21st-century tv dramas : exploring the new golden age
Damico, Amy M
Santa Barbara, California ; Praeger, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2016]
Introduction -- Stories and audiences -- Safe and unsafe -- Women and men -- Home and work -- Fact and fiction -- Conclusion.
Baker Berry PN1992.8.S4 D36 2016

The Routledge companion to literature and religion
edited by Mark Knight
Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2016
Introduction: religion, literature, and the art of conversation / Mark Knight -- The modern story of literature and religion. The inward turn: the role of Matthew Arnold / Joshua King -- Religion and the rise of English studies / Dayton Haskin -- Modernism and religion / Anthony Domestico -- The influence and limits of the inklings / Trevor Hart -- Modern debates: Christianity and literature, literature and theology and religion and literature / Matthias Bauer and Angelika Zirker -- 9/11 and its literary-religious aftermaths / Mark Eaton -- The return to religion: secularization and its discontents / Devorah Baum -- Theory. Postsecular studies / Lori Branch -- The importance of philosophical hermeneutics for literature and religion / Jens Zimmermann -- Reception / Duc Dau -- Political theology / Jared Hickman -- Phenomenology / Kevin Hart -- Paul among the theorists: a genealogy of the new universalism / William Franke -- The aesthetics of simplicity / Jo Carruthers -- Form and genre. Theological writing: how to write a theological sentence / Stanley Hauerwas -- Rue Saint-Augustin: the remembering of God / John Schad -- Epic / Peter S. Hawkins -- Religion and literary tragedy: King Lear and the problem of evil / Ben Saunders -- Wes Anderson's messianic elegies / Emma Mason -- Comedy, levity and laughter: parables of agape / Gavin Hopps -- Gothic fiction and "belief in every kind of prodigy" / Deidre Shauna Lynch -- The Bible and the realist novel / Jan-Melissa Schramm -- The literary afterlives of sacred texts and traditions. Hosting the divine logos: radical hospitality and Dostoevsky's Crime and punishment / Valentina Izmirlieva -- "Found in every room": Victorian devotional literature / Krista Lysack -- The Bhagavad gita in American transcendentalism / Alan Hodder -- The "problem" of Buddhism for western literature: Edwin Arnold to Jack Kerouac / James Najarian -- Midrash in twentieth century Jewish American literature / Lesleigh Cushing Stahlberg -- The challenges of re-writing sacred texts: the case of twenty-first century Gospel narratives / Andrew tate -- The authority of sacred texts in science fiction / James H. Thrall -- Apocalyptic narration: the Qur'an in contemporary Arabic fiction / Ziad Elmarsafy -- The politics of literature and religion. Judaism and national identity in medieval England / Samantha Zacher -- Hospitality as a virtue in The winter's tale / John D. Cox -- "Oh, let that last will stand!": reading religion in Donne's holy sonnets / Susannah Brietz Monta -- The life of a Christian saint: the biography of Fannie McCray, born and raised a slave / Yolanda Pierce -- Religious pluralism and the Beats / Luke Ferretter -- From Roshi to Rashi: Leonard Cohen's interfaith dialogue / Peter Jaeger -- Reconciliation in South Africa: world literature, global Christianity, global capital / Colin Jager -- Imagining Islamism: representations of fundamentalism in the twenty-first century Arabic novel / Arthur Bradley & Abir Hamdar.
Baker Berry PN49 .R745 2016

Designed words for a designed world : the international concrete poetry movement, 1955-1971
Hilder, Jamie, 1977-
Montreal ; McGill-Queen's University Press, [2016]
"Sometimes image, sometimes word, and often both or neither, concrete poetry emerged out of an era of ground-breaking social and technological developments. Television, nuclear weapons, radio transistors, space travel, and colour photography all combined to drastically alter the representation of the world in the period following the Second World War. While never fully embraced as poetry or as visual art, and often criticized for an aesthetic that veers too closely to commercial design, concrete poetry is an ambitious critical project that strives to break free of national languages and narrow literary traditions. Crossing national and disciplinary borders to highlight connections between poems and a variety of other cultural material, in this book--the first major study of concrete poetry's international character--Jamie Hilder asks fundamental questions about the ways in which the work has been critically received over the past fifty years. Designed Words for a Designed World positions the work of the movement within a new global context, pointing out how its international character predates and initiates some trends now associated with globalization. Hilder places concrete poetry alongside such transformative projects as the modernist city of Brasília, the development of computers, and the rise of conceptual art in order to accentuate its significance as one of the major poetic movements of the twentieth century."--
Baker Berry PN1455 .H55 2016

Television, social media, and fan culture
edited by Alison F. Slade, Amber J. Narro, and Dedria Givens-Carroll
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2015]
The new network: how social media is changing and saving television / Ryan Cassella -- Spoiler alert: understanding television enjoyment in the social media era / Benjamin Brojakowski -- Rhetorical strengths & limitations of interactivity for activism in the Stewart and Colbert universe / Christopher A. Medjesky -- Fandom communication in a mediated age: the use of Twitter and blogs for dissent practices among National Basketball Association (NBA) fans / Corey Jay Liberman, Michael Plugh and Brian Geltzeiler -- What types of #sportsfans use social media? the role of team identity formation and spectatorship motivation on self-disclosure during a live sport broadcast / Shaughan A. Keaton, Nicholas M. Watanabe & Brody J. Ruihley -- The online community: fan response of community's unlikely fifth season / Matthew Collins and Danielle M. Stern -- Game(s) of fandom: the hyperlink labyrinths that paratextualize Game of thrones fandom / Garret Castleberry -- Be original: examining fan comments on A & E's Duck dynasty facebook page after the Robertson suspension / Michel M. Haigh -- The parents have the dream, but the kids are in the nightmare: digital interactivity, toddlers & tiaras viewers, and social networking sites / Leandra H. Hernandez -- Zombie fans, second screen, and television audiences: redefining parasociality as technoprosociality in AMC's #talkingdead / Sabrina Pasztor and Jenny Ungbha Korn -- Memes, tweets, and props: how fans cope when shows go off the air / Alane Presswood and Steve Granelli -- So are the days of our tweets: an examination of Twitter use by American daytime serials and their fans / Marsha Ducey -- Army wives connect: Lifetime viewers' everyday lives and fandom converge in online communities / Darcey Morris -- Butter, Facebook, and Paula Deen: examining fans use of social media in crisis / Michel M. Haigh & Shelley Wigley -- Fans can be journalists too: a look at fan interaction with HBO's The newsroom / Julia E. Largent & Jason Roy Burnett -- It's bigger on the inside: fandom, social media, and Doctor Who / Krystal Fogle -- Television-inspired cosplay and social media / Laura Kane and William E. Loges -- Who killed @thelaurapalmer? Twitter as a performance space for Twin peaks fan fiction / Kathryn L. Lookadoo and Ted M. Dickinson -- Fifty years of The man from U.N.C.L.E.: how the ever-changing media sustained and shaped one of the oldest fan communities / Cynthia W. Walker -- Managing multiscreen / Daniel Faltesek.
Baker Berry PN1992.55 .T46 2015

Liu, Marjorie M
Berkeley, CA : Image Comics, Inc., [2016]-
"Set in an alternate matriarchal 1900's Asia, in a richly imagined world of art deco-inflected steam punk, MONSTRESS tells the story of a teenage girl who is struggling to survive the trauma of war, and who shares a mysterious psychic link with a monster of tremendous power, a connection that will transform them both and make them the target of both human and otherworldly powers,"
Baker Berry PN6728.M658 L58 2016

TED talks : the official TED guide to public speaking
Anderson, Chris, 1957 January 14-
London : Headline Publishing Group, 2016
Foundation. Presentation literacy: the skill you can build ; Idea building: the gift in every great talk ; Common traps: four talk styles to avoid ; The throughline: what's your point? -- Talk tools. Connection: get personal ; Narration: the irresistible allure of stories ; Explanation: how to explain tough concepts ; Persuasion: reason can change minds forever ; Revelation: take my breath away! -- Preparation process. Visuals: those slides hurt! ; Scripting: to memorize or not to memorize? ; Run-throughs: wait, I need to rehearse? ; Open and close: what kind of impression would you like to make? -- On stage. Wardrobe: what should I wear? ; Mental prep: how do I control my nerves? ; Setup: lectern, confidence monitor, note cards, or (gulp) nothing? ; Voice and presence: give your words the life they deserve ; Format innovation: the promise (and peril) of full-spectrum talks -- Reflection. Talk renaissance: the interconnectedness of knowledge ; Why this matters: the interconnectedness of people ; Your turn: the philosopher's secret.

"For anyone who has ever been inspired by a TED talk, this is an insider's guide to creating talks that are unforgettable. Since taking over TED in the early 2000s, Chris Anderson has shown how carefully crafted short talks can be the key to unlocking empathy, stirring excitement, spreading knowledge, and promoting a shared dream. Done right, a talk can electrify a room and transform an audience's worldview. Done right, a talk is more powerful than anything in written form. This book explains how the miracle of powerful public speaking is achieved, and equips you to give it your best shot. There is no set formula; no two talks should be the same. The goal is for you to give the talk that only you can give. But don't be intimidated. You may find it more natural than you think. Chris Anderson has worked behind the scenes with all the TED speakers who have inspired us the most, and here he shares insights from such favorites as Sir Ken Robinson, Amy Cuddy, Bill Gates, Elizabeth Gilbert, Salman Khan, Dan Gilbert, Mary Roach, Matt Ridley, and dozens more-- everything from how to craft your talk's content to how you can be most effective on stage. This is the 21st-century's new manual for truly effective communication and it is a must-read for anyone who is ready to create impact with their ideas"
Baker Berry PN4129.15 .A53 2016b

Pop gun war : gift
Dalrymple, Farel
Berkeley, CA : Image Comics, Inc., [2016]
"POP GUN WAR is about childhood, self-discovery, oppression, guilt, dreams, loneliness, whatever, and an inner city boy named Sinclair, who discovers a pair of discarded angel wings. With these wings, Sinclair flies around the city and gets into adventures."
Baker Berry PN6728.P56 D35 2016

Contemporary world narrative fiction and the spaces of neoliberalism
Walonen, Michael K., 1979-
London ; Palgrave Macmillan imprint is published by SpringerNature, 2016
Baker Berry PN3504 .W35 2016

Vidimyĭ i nevidimyĭ mir v kinoiskusstve
Perelʹshteĭn, R. author
Moskva; T︠S︡entr gumanitarnykh init︠s︡iativ, 2015
Baker Berry PN1995.5 .P48 2015

Fantasy and science-fiction medievalisms : from Isaac Asimov to a Game of Thrones
edited by Helen Young
Amherst, New York : Cambria Press, [2015]
Baker Berry PN3435 .F43 2015

Sicily : a literary guide for travellers
Edwards, Andrew, author
London : I.B. Tauris, 2014
Palermo and surroundings: Peeling the onion -- The Tyrrhenian coast: castles in the air -- Messina, taormina and the North-est Coast: a playground for the literati -- Catania and Mount Etna: under the shadow of the volcano -- Syracuse and the south-east: the sybaritic south -- Agrigento and the South Coast: sulphur spirits and the Greek temples -- Enna and the interior: Siciliy's bread basket -- Trapani and the west: salt, wine and the misty goddess.

Rising up from the heart of the Mediterranean, Sicily has a rich and ancient history spanning over 2,000 years. A bounty prized by invaders from the Greeks, Romans, and Vandals to the Byzantines, Arabs, and Normans, Sicily's violently beautiful landscapes are haunted by a vibrant mix of cultures, and her soil has always been fertile ground for the literary and artistic imagination. This compelling guide uncovers the island's multifaceted personality through the experiences of those literary figures who have managed to get under her skin, including Pindar, Cicero, Aeschylus, Shakespeare, Cervantes, DH Lawrence, Coleridge, Oscar Wilde, Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams, Ezra Pound, and Lawrence Durrell; as well as local writers who have defined the modern Italian novel, including Giuseppe di Lampedusa and Leonardo Sciascia. Through their words and lives we witness the beauty, pain, and power of the Sicilian cultural landscape and discover how the potent mix of influences on the island's society have been preserved forever in literature.
Baker Berry PN164 .E39 2014

Fritz Gerlich (1883-1934) : ein früher Gegner Hitlers und des Nationalsozialismus
Morsey, Rudolf, author
Paderborn : Ferdinand Schöningh, [2016]
Baker Berry PN5213.G4 M67 2016

Literary mapping in the digital age
edited by David Cooper, Christopher Donaldson and Patricia Murrieta-Flores
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2016
Mapping the emotions of London in fiction, 1700-1900 : a crowdsourcing experiment / Ryan Heuser, Mark Algee-Hewitt, Annalise Lockhart, Erik Steiner and Van Tran -- The digital poetics of place-names in literary Edinburgh / Miranda Anderson and James Loxley -- Geographical text analysis : digital cartographies of Lake District literature / Ian Gregory and Christopher Donaldson -- Mapping fiction : the theories, tools and potentials of literary cartography / Barbara Piatti -- Bloomsday's big data : GIS, social media and James Joyce's Ulysses (1922) / Charles Travis -- Mapping fiction : spatialising the literary work / Sally Bushell -- The spatial practices of writing : Arnold Bennett and the possibilities of literary GIS / Angharad Saunders -- Between "distant" and "deep" digital mapping : walking the plotlines of Cardiff's literary geographies / Jon Anderson -- The cestrian book of the dead : a necrogeographic survey of the Dee Estuary / Les Roberts -- Making the invisible visible : place, spatial stories and deep maps / David J. Bodenhamer -- From mapping text in space to experiencing text in place : exploring literary virtual geographies / Trevor M. Harris, H. Frank Lafone and Dan Bonenberger -- Spatial frames of reference for literature through geospatial technologies / Gary Priestnall -- Geovisuality : literary implications / Tania Rossetto -- Setting the globe to spin : digital mapping and contemporary literary culture / David Cooper.
Baker Berry PN56.G48 L58 2016

Cousin Joseph : a graphic novel
Feiffer, Jules, author,
New York : Liveright Publishing Corporation, a division of W.W. Norton & Company, [2016]
Our story opens in Bay City in 1931 in the midst of the Great Depression. Big Sam sees himself as a righteous, truth-seeking patriot, defending the American way, as his Irish immigrant father would have wanted, against a rising tide of left-wing unionism, strikes, and disruption that plague his home town. At the same time he makes monthly, secret overnight trips on behalf of Cousin Joseph, a mysterious man on the phone he has never laid eyes on, to pay off Hollywood producers to ensure that they will film only upbeat films that idealize a mythic America: no warts, no injustice uncorrected, only happy endings.
Baker Berry PN6727.F4 C68 2016

Batman, Superman, and philosophy : badass or boyscout?
edited by Nicolas Michaud
Chicago : Open Court, [2016]
Baker Berry PN1995.9.S76 B38 2016

Women in magazines : research, representation, production and consumption
edited by Rachel Ritchie, Sue Hawkins, Nicola Phillips and S. Jay Kleinberg
New York : Routledge, 2016
Baker Berry PN4835.5 .W66 2016

Reinventing the Latino television viewer : language, ideology, and practice
Chávez, Christopher, author
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2015]
Hispanic television and the changing field of Latino cultural production -- Audience reconstruction and the rise of 'new Latino' -- Mixing, switching, and policing linguistic boundaries -- English-language television and linguistic erasures -- The new Hispanic television landscape and the false promise of democracy.

Examines how the relationship between language, power, and industry practice is reshaping the very concept of Hispanic television. It argues that as established mainstream networks enter the Hispanic television space, they are redefining the Latino audience in ways that more closely resemble the mainstream population, leading to auspicious forms of erasure that challenge the legitimacy of Spanish. This book presents the integration of English into the Hispanic television space not as an entirely new phenomenon, but rather as an extension of two ongoing practices within the television industry- the exploitation of consumer markets and the suppression of Latino forms of speech. -- Publisher description
Baker Berry PN1992.8.H54 C438 2015

Global news : reporting conflicts and cosmopolitanism
Robertson, Alexa, author
New York : Peter Lang, [2015]
The global village and the ivory tower -- Colliding worlds -- A world in crisis: atlas reports -- Brave new world -- Another world: Europe as other -- A world of difference.

Global News explores how media representation is conceived and enacted in a world of diversity and transborder flows. Among the 'new media' crowding the global mediascape are influential television outlets that promise viewers alternative vantage points to those of established Western broadcasters. The different worlds depicted by Al Jazeera English and Russia Today are compared with those of CNN International and BBC World. At a time when media organizations are slashing their budgets for international reporting, these channels represent a spectrum of financing solutions and relations to political power, being variously privately-, publicly-, or state-owned, backed by corporations, democratic states, authoritarian regimes, and ruling dynasties. Despite their differences, however, they have much in common. Their journalists espouse the universal values of professionalism and objectivity and speak to their global audiences in English. This book explores the different theoretical worlds of global media studies, takes a rare look at content, has a comparative perspective, and moves beyond the conflict frame that has dominated much of the literature in the field.
Baker Berry PN4784.V56 R63 2015

Modernity and its discontents : making and unmaking the bourgeois from Machiavelli to Bellow
Smith, Steven B., 1951- author
New Haven ; Yale University Press, [2016]
Baker Berry PN56.M54 S74 2016

Julie Christie
Bell, Melanie, author
London : Palgrave on behalf of the British Film Institute, 2016
Introduction -- Persona: becoming 'Julie Christie' -- Performance: the poetic and the ironic -- Politics: feminist praxis in cultural production -- Coda: Afterglow and Away from Her.

"Julie Christie is one of cinema's most enigmatic stars. Her early Oscar-winning success as the free-spirited heroine in Darling (1965) was followed by roles in a number of landmark films from cinema's leading auteurs. Although she increasingly shunned the media spotlight in favour of political causes, Christie has remained a star revered by fellow actors and feted by critics and audiences alike. In this original and revealing study, film scholar Melanie Bell analyses Christie's work in key films, from Doctor Zhivago (1965), to Don't Look Now (1973), The Gold Diggers (1983) and Away from Her (2006), demonstrating how the actress developed a poetic and ironic performance style that enabled her to shift convincingly between mainstream and art-house cinema. Drawing on a range of archival materials, Bell reveals for the first time the extent of Christie's creative involvement in the production process and her support for feminist film-makers and feminist politics. Restoring Christie to her rightful place in film history, this absorbing text addresses important questions about how women's creative contributions to cinema are recognised, rewarded and archived."--Page [4] of cover.
Baker Berry PN2598.C37 B45 2016

French-language road cinema : borders, diasporas, migration and 'New Europe'
Gott, Michael, author
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [2016]
Baker Berry PN1995.9.R63 G68 2016

La voz, el otro diario de los montoneros
Mancuso, Mariano, author
Buenos Aires, Argentina : Punto de Encuentro, [2015]
Baker Berry PN5009.B83 V663 2015

The kidnapping of journalists : reporting from high-risk conflict zones
Picard, Robert G., author
London : I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd ; 2016
Baker Berry PN4823 .P533 2016

Audience (R)Evolution : dispatches from the field
edited by Caridad Svich
New York : Theatre Communications Group, 2016
"A collection of thoughtful and provocative reflections on how theatre practitioners think about and engage with audiences, as well as define and explore sites for performance. Through shared experience and ritual, live performance functions as a catalytic medium for progress and evolution. In the hands of artists and audience, the stage is set for the re-makings of commonwealth, or necessary revolution. Caridad Svich received a 2012 OBIE Award for Lifetime Achievement in the theater, a 2012 Edgerton Foundation New Play Award for GUAPA, and the 2011 American Theatre Critics Association Primus Prize for her play The House of the Spirits, based on the Isabel Allende novel"--
Baker Berry PN2193.A8 A93 2016

Literatura y vacío : psicoanálisis, escritura, escritores
Ioskyn, José, 1962- author
Buenos Aires : Letra Viva, 2013
Prólogo / Jorge Chamorro -- Presentación -- Lectura y lecturas, interpretación e interpretaciones -- Qué es un texto -- La invención de Joyce -- La condesa sangrienta. Alejandra Pizarnik -- El ingeniero. Juan Rodolfo Wilcock -- Jorge Barón Biza. El desierto y su semilla. Tratado de melancolía -- El vestido rosa. César Aira -- El affair Skeffington. María Moreno -- Apuntes sobre James Ellroy, el perro rabioso de las letras norteamericanas -- La leyenda de Jorge Bonino -- Héctor Viel Temperley, un místico de nuestro tiempo -- La divinidad de la letra. George Steiner -- Las memorias de un neurópata: tratado sobre el cuerpo -- La causa justa. Osvaldo Lamborghini -- La cadena del desánimo. Pablo Katchadjian. Elogio de la cita -- Las prácticas de goce: un año sin amor, de Pablo Pérez -- El discurso vacío. Mario Levrero -- Mario Levrero. La dialéctica entre el signo y el vacío en el alma de Gardel -- Palabras de despedida (aunque no de final).
Baker Berry PN56.P92 I57 2013

The Psycho records
Rickels, Laurence A., author
New York : Wallflower Press, 2016
"The Psycho Records follows the influence of the primal shower scene within subsequent slasher and splatter films. American soldiers returning from World War II were called "psychos" if they exhibited mental illness. Robert Bloch and Alfred Hitchcock turned the term into a catch-all phrase for a range of psychotic and psychopathic symptoms or dispositions. They transferred a war disorder to the American heartland. Drawing on his experience with German film, Hitchcock packed inside his shower stall the essence of schauer, the German cognate meaning "horror." Later serial horror film production has post-traumatically flashed back to Hitchcock's shower scene. In the end, though, this book argues the effect is therapeutically finite. This extensive case study summons the genealogical readings of philosopher and psychoanalyst Laurence Rickels. The book opens not with another reading of Hitchcock's 1960 film but with an evaluation of various updates to vampirism over the years. It concludes with a close look at the rise of demonic and infernal tendencies in horror movies since the 1990s and the problem of the psycho as our most uncanny double in close quarters."--Publisher's website.
Baker Berry PN1995.9.S87 R53 2016

The physics and astronomy of science fiction : understanding interstellar travel, teleportation, time travel, alien life and other genre fixtures
Bloom, Steven D., 1965- author
Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2016]
"This book explores science fiction films, television series, novels and short stories with a focus on their underlying concepts of physics and astronomy. Assessing the accuracy and plausibility of these representations, the author considers the possibility of travel to other star systems, time travel, teleportation and encounters with intelligent alien life and emotional robots"--
Baker Berry PN3433.6 .B58 2016

Monologues for actors of color : men
edited by Roberta Uno ; assistant editor Margaret Odette
Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon ; Routlege, 2016
Baker Berry PN2080 .M535 2016

Schreibszenen : Kulturpraxis - Poetologie - Theatralität
Christine Lubkoll/Claudia Öhlschläger (Hg.)
Freiburg im Bresgau : Rombach Verlag, [2015]
Baker Berry PN33 .S37 2015

The absurd in literature
Cornwell, Neil
Manchester ; Manchester University Press ; 2006
The theoretical absurd: an introduction -- Antecedents to the absurd -- The twentieth century: towards the absurd -- Around the absurd I: twentieth-century absurdist practice -- Around the absurd II: the Theatre of the Absurd -- Daniil Kharms as minimalist-absurdist -- Franz Kafka: otherness in the labyrinth of absurdity -- Samuel Beckett's vessels, voices and shades of the absurd -- Flann O'Brien and the purloined absurd -- Beyond the absurd?

Neil Cornwell presents a study of the absurd, covering fiction and theatre. He includes sections on the antecedents, history, and theory of the absurd, which are complimented by case studies of four authors. He concludes by examining how it has infiltrated the 21st century in television, radio, film and advertising.
Baker Berry PN56.A24 C67 2006

"Infra-noir", un et multiple : un groupe surréaliste entre Bucarest et Paris
sous la direction de Monique Yaari
Bern : Peter Lang, [2014]
Baker Berry PN56.S87 I54 2014

Locating television : zones of consumption
Pertierra, Anna Cristina
London ; Routledge, 2013
Understanding television today -- Television and the nation -- Television and the community -- Television, domestic space and the moral economy of the family -- Television and the desire for modernity -- Putting television in its place.

"This book takes an important next step for television studies: it acknowledges the growing diversity of the international experience of television today in order to address the question of 'what is television now?' The book addresses this question in two interrelated ways: - by situating the consumption of television within the full range of structures, patterns and practices of everyday life; - and by retrieving the importance of location as fundamental to these structures, patterns and practices - and, consequently, to the experience of television. This approach, involving collaboration between authors from cultural studies and cultural anthropology, offers new ways of studying the consumption of television - in particular, the use of the notion of 'zones of consumption' as a new means of locating television within the full range of its spatial, temporal, cultural, political and industrial contexts. Although the study draws its examples from a wide range of locations (the US, the UK, Australia, Malaysia, Cuba, and the Chinese language markets in Asia -- Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Taiwan), its argument is strongly informed by the evidence and the insights which emerged from ethnographic research in Mexico. This research site serves a strategic purpose: by working on a location with a highly developed and commercially successful transnational television industry, but which is not among the locations usually considered by television studies written in English, the limitations to some of the assumptions underlying the orthodoxies in Anglo-American television studies are highlighted. This book is a valuable and original contribution to television, media and cultural studies, and anthropology, presenting approaches and evidence that are new to the field"--
Baker Berry PN1992.8.F67 P47 2013

Orphan black and philosophy : grand theft DNA
edited by Richard Greene and Rachel Robison-Greene
Chicago, Illinois : Open Court, [2016]
Baker Berry PN1992.77.O75 O77 2016

BBC and television genres in jeopardy
Tunstall, Jeremy
Bern : Peter Lang, [2015]
Baker Berry

Éric Rohmer : a biography
Baecque, Antoine de, author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2016]
The mysteries of "le grand momo" -- Maurice Schérer's youth: 1920-1945 -- From Schérer to Rohmer: 1945-1957 -- Under the sign of Leo: 1959-1962 -- Under the sign of cahiers: 1957-1963 -- The laboratory period: 1963-1970 -- Four moral tales: 1966-1972 -- Of Germany and the pleasure of teaching: 1969-1994 -- In pursuit of Perceval: 1978-1979 -- Six comedies and proverbs: 1980-1986 -- The Rohmer of the cities and the Rohmer of the countryside: 1973-1995 -- In the rhythm of the seasons: 1989-1998 -- Filming history: 1998-2004 -- A winter's tale: 2006-2007 -- In pain: 2001-2010.

"The director of twenty-five films, including My Night at Maud's (1969), which was nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award, and the editor in chief of Cahiers du cinéma from 1957 to 1963, Éric Rohmer set the terms by which people watched, made, and thought about cinema for decades. Such brilliance does not develop in a vacuum, and Rohmer cultivated a fascinating network of friends, colleagues, and industry contacts that kept his outlook sharp and propelled his work forward. Despite his privacy, he cared deeply about politics, religion, culture, and fostering a public appreciation of the medium he loved. This exhaustive biography uses personal archives and interviews to enrich our knowledge of Rohmer's public achievements and lesser known interests and relations. The filmmaker kept in close communication with his contemporaries and competitors: François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, Claude Chabrol, and Jacques Rivette. He held a paradoxical fascination with royalist politics, the fate of the environment, Catholicism, classical music, and the French nightclub scene, and his films were regularly featured at New York and Los Angeles film festivals. Despite an austere approach to life, Rohmer had a voracious appetite for art, culture, and intellectual debate captured vividly in this definitive volume." --
Baker Berry PN1998.3.R64 B3413 2016

Broadcasting the end of apartheid : live television and the birth of the new South Africa
Evans, Martha, author
London : I.B. Tauris, 2014
Media events and South African national identity -- Events envy : South Africa's exclusion from the media events of the '60s, '70s and '80s -- The Shamanizing Ayatollah : Mandela and the dismantling of apartheid -- Disrupting the centre : 'liveness' and the negotiation of disaster during the transition -- The televised birth of the rainbow nation : the election and Mandela's inauguration -- Consolidation : South Africa's return to the global fold and the making of Madiba.
Baker Berry PN1992.6 .E93 2014

Fuera de la ley : asedios al fenómeno quinqui en la Transición española
Joaquín Florido Berrocal, Luis Martín-Cabrera, Eduardo Matos-Martín, Roberto Robles Valencia (eds.)
Granada : Editorial Comares, 2015
Los quinquis del barrio / Amanda Cuesta -- La habitación del quinqui : subalternidad, biopolítica y memorias contrahegemónicas, a propósito de las culturas juveniles de la Transición española / Germán Labrador Méndez -- Las contradicciones del cine quinqui en el seno de la reconfiguración del estado neoliberal / Steven L. Torres -- Entre la exclusión y la inclusión : cultura quinqui y los años 80 en Navajeros de Eloy de la Iglesia / Eduardo Matos-Martín -- Los quinquis nunca fueron blancos : infrarrealismo, interseccionalidad y postsoberanía en el cine de José Antonio de la Loma / Luis Martín-Cabrera -- José Antonio de la Loma : un conquistador en el universo indígena del quinqui / Joaquín Florido Berrocal -- Sonia Martínez o la heroína atípica del cine quinqui / Raquel Anido -- Una nota de mal gusto : hacia una crítica del imaginario victimológico en La estanquera de Vallecas / Antonio Gómez L-Quiñones -- El lute : primer y último quinqui : cierre e historicización de lo quinqui / Roberto Robles Valencia -- La estanquera de Vallecas : el último pasodoble del quinqui / Antonio Curado Ferrera -- Del cine quinqui al cine neoquinqui : desacuerdo, resistencia, revuelta : Colegas (1982) de Eloy de la Iglesia y Criando ratas (2014) de Carlos Salado / Javier Entrambasaguas Monsell.
Baker Berry PN1995.9.J87 F84 2015

Values and choices in television discourse : a view from both sides of the screen
edited by Roberta Piazza, Louann Haarman, Anne Caborn
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; Palgrave Macmillan, 2015
Baker Berry PN1992.75 .V35 2015

Minimum wage. Book two, So many bad decisions
Fingerman, Bob, 1964- author
Berkeley, CA : Image Comics, Inc., [2016]
"Post-divorce Rob continues struggles both romantic and careerist, divvying up time between dating an Ayn Randworshiping, Goth wannabe standup comedian, depicting curiously sagacious mutant crustaceans, and landing in the not-so-healthy but all-too-familiar embrace of his ex. Can so many bad decisions lead to enlightenment?"--Publisher website.
Baker Berry PN6727.F59 M392 2016

Bertrand Tavernier : interviews
Tavernier, Bertrand, author
Jackson : University Press of Mississippi, 2016
Conversation with Bertrand Tavernier / Jacques Demeure and Paul-Louis Thirard (1974) -- Conversation with Bertrand Tavernier / Jacques Demeure, Jean-Pierre Jeancolas, and Michel Sineux (1977) -- Blending the personal with the political: an interview with Bertrand Tavernier / Leonard Quart and Lenny Rubenstein (1978) -- A conversation with Bertrand Tavernier / Francoise Aude, Jean-Pierre Jeancolas, and Paul-Louis Thirard (1980) -- A conversation with Bertrand Tavernier / Dominique Maillet (1984) -- Conversation with Bertrand Tavernier / Michel Ciment, Jean-Pierre Jeancolas, Isabelle Jordan, and Paul-Louis Thirard (1984) -- Painting pictures: an interview with Bertrand Tavernier / Dan Yakir (1984) -- A conversation with Bertrand Tavernier on 'Round midnight / Michel Henry (1986) -- All the colors: Bertrand Tavernier talks about 'Round midnight / Michael Dempsey (1987) -- John Ford and the red-skins: an interview with Bertrand Tavernier / Eric Derobert and Michel Sineux (1989) -- Journey into light / Patrick McGilligan (1992) -- A conversation with Bertrand Tavernier on l?app?t: film pressbook (1995) -- Filming a forgotten war: an interview with Bertrand Tavernier / Dennis West and Joan M. West (1998) -- An interview with Bertrand Tavernier / Richard Phillips (1999) -- The spirit of resistance: an interview with Bertrand Tavernier / Sandy Flitterman-Lewis and Richard Porton (2003) -- An interview with Bertrand Tavernier on documentary filmmaking / Isabelle Meerstein (2006) -- Interview with Bertrand Tavernier: Robicheaux's Visions / Elise Domenach and Philippe Rouyer (2009) -- Tavernier: a biological film: on the Princesse de Montpensier / Philippe Rouyer and Yann Tobin (2010) -- Interview with Bertrand Tavernier on Death watch / Antoine Royer (2013) -- Interview with Bertrand Tavernier / Max Nelson (2014).
Baker Berry PN1998.3.T377 A5 2016

Antología del culo : textos de placer anal y de orgullo pasivo
compiled with critical essay by Adrián Melo
Ciudad de Buenos Aires : Aurelia Rivera Libros, noviembre de 2015
Baker Berry PN6071.H724 A676 2015

Contemporary Russian cinema : symbols of a new era
Strukov, Vlad, 1973- author
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [2016]
Introduction. Conceptualising the period ; Overview of the contemporary Russian film ; Critical review of scholarship on contemporary Russian film ; Contextualising the present study ; Theorising contemporary Russian cinema -- 1. Abstracted subjectivity and knowledge-worlds : Aleksandr Sokurov's Taurus (2001) -- 2. The lacking sense of cinema : Aleksandr Proshkin's The miracle (2009) -- 3. Gatekeepers of (non-)knowledge : Aleksei Balabanov's Morphine (2008) -- 4. Symbolic folds and flattened discourse : Andrei Zviagintsev's Elena (2010) -- 5. Non-knowledge and the symbolic mode : Nikolai Khomeriki's A tale about darkness (2009) -- 6. The world and the event : Kirill Serebrennikov's St. George's Day (2008) -- 7. A plea for the dead (self) : Renata Litvinova's Goddess : how I fell in love (2004) -- 8. Body in crisis and posthumous subjectivity : Igor' Voloshin's Nirvana (2008) -- 9. The difficulty of being dead : Aleksandr Veledinskii's Alive (2006) -- 10. Intentionality and modelled subjectivities : Aleksei Fedorchenko's Silent souls (2010) -- 11. Abandoned being : Mikhail Kalatozishvili's The wild field (2008) -- 12. Amplifications of subjectivity : Aleksandr Zel'dovich's The target (2010) -- Conclusions.

One of the first books to explore Russian cinema in the new millennium, this volume captures the emergence of a new cinematic sensibility and interprets it through the framework of the symbolic mode. Analysing films by established directors such as Sokurov, Zviagintsev and Zel'dovich, as well as lesser-known filmmakers like Balabanov, Fedorchenko and Kalatozishvili, Contemporary Russian Cinema: Symbols of a New Era explores the particular style of film presentation that has emerged in Russia since 2000, characterised by its use of highly abstract concepts and visual language. Whether directed towards a mystical world, or even towards an afterlife, the symbolic mode defines the emergence of a specific mindscape which has escaped previous representational forms and is intrinsically linked to Russia’s dramatic political and economic development since the turn of the 21st century.
Baker Berry PN1993.5.R9 S87 2016

Lucky strikes and a three martini lunch : thinking about television's Mad Men
edited by Jennifer C. Dunn, Jimmie Manning, and Danielle M. Stern
Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015
Baker Berry PN1992.77.M226 L83 2015

The view from the train : cities and other landscapes
Keiller, Patrick
London ; Verso, 2013
Introduction: The view from the train -- The poetic experience of townscape and landscape -- Atmosphere, palimpsest and other interpretations of landscape -- Port statistics -- The dilapidated dwelling -- Popular science -- Architectural cinematography -- London in the early 1990s -- London -- Rochester -- London -- The Robinson Institute -- The city of the future -- Film as spatial critique -- Phantom rides: the railway and early film -- Imaging.

""Robinson believed that, if he looked at it hard enough, he could cause the surface of the city to reveal to him the molecular basis of historical events, and in this way he hoped to see into the future." In his sequence of films, Patrick Keiller retraces the hidden story of the places where we live, the cities and landscapes of our everyday lives. Now, in this brilliant collection of essays, he offers a new perspective on how Britain works and sees itself. He discusses the background to his work and its development - from surrealism to post-2008 economic catastrophe - and expands on what the films reveal. Referencing writers including Benjamin and Lefebvre, the essays follow his career since the late 1970s, exploring themes including the surrealist perception of the city; the relationship of architecture and film; how cities change over time, and how films represent this; as well as accounts of cross-country journeys involving historical figures, unexpected ideas and an urgent portrait of post-crash Britain"--
Baker Berry PN1995.9.L57 K45 2013

The narco-imaginary : essays under the influence
Scott, Ramsey (Poet), author
Brooklyn, NY : Ugly Duckling Presse, [2016]
Baker Berry PN56.N18 S3 2016

Teatro en viñetas 3 : Chau Misterix ; Despertate, Cipriano
Kartun, Mauricio, 1946- author
Buenos Aires : Loco Rabia, 2014
Prólogo / por Jorge Dubatti -- Chau, Misterix / de Mauricio Kartun, adaptación de Alejandro Farias y Adrián Montini Gauna -- Despertate, Cipriano / de Francisco Defilippis Novoa, adaptación de Alejandro Farias y Fabián Zalazar.
Baker Berry PN2451 .K37 2014

One hundred books famous in children's literature
curated by Chris Loker ; edited by Jill Shefrin ; with contributions by Brian Alderson, Nick Clark, Rachel Eley, Andrea Immel, Justin G. Schiller, Jill Shefrin, and John Windle
New York : Grolier Club, ©2015
Baker Berry PN1009.A1 O53 2015

Medicine shows : indigenous performance culture
Nolan, Yvette, author
Toronto : Playwrights Canada Press, 2015
"Contemporary Indigenous theatre in Canada is just over thirty years old, if one begins counting from the premier of Linda Griffiths and Maria Campbell's Jessica in Saskatoon and the establishment of Native Earth Performing Arts in Toronto. Since those contemporaneous events in 1982, the Canadian community of Indigenous theatre artists has grown and inspired one another. Medicine Shows: Indigenous Performance Culture traces the work of a host of these artists over the past three decades, illuminating the connections, the artistic geneaology, and the development of a contemporary Indigenous theatre practice. Neither a hsitory nor a chronicle, Medicine Shows examines how theatre has been used to make medicine, reconnecting individuals and communities, giving voice to the silenced and disappeared, staging ceremony, and honouring the ancestors.
Baker Berry PN56.3.I6 N65 2015

"Der Augen Blödigkeit" : Sinnestäuschungen, Trugwahrnehmung und visuelle Epistemologie im 18. Jahrhundert
herausgegeben von Evelyn Dueck, Nathalie Vuillemin
Heidelberg : Universitätsverlag Winter, [2016]
Baker Berry PN56.V543 A84 2016

Red red rock and other stories 1967-1970
林静一, 1945- illustrator. author,
London Breakdown Press, 2016
GRAPHIC NOVELS. A definitive, career-spanning collection of stories from one of Japan's most famous alternative cartoonists. Totalling more than 200 pages, Red Red Rock collects over a dozen of Hayashi Seiichi's most famous stories from his most prolific period, spanning his debut for Garo in 1967 to his adult work for Yagyo in the early 70s.
Baker Berry PN6790.J33 H3 2016

Kalanag : die kontrollierten Illusionen des Helmut Schreiber
Aurich, Rolf, 1960- author
Berlin : Verbrecher Verlag, 2016
Baker Berry PN1998.3 .K35 A87 2016

The girl with the lower back tattoo
Schumer, Amy, author
New York : Gallery Books, 2016
A note to my readers -- An open letter to my vagina -- My only one-night stand -- I am an introvert -- On being new money -- An introduction to my stuffed animals -- Dad -- Excerpt from my journal in 1994 (age thirteen) with footnotes from 2016 -- Officially a woman -- Camp Anchor -- How I lost my virginity -- Things you don't know about me -- Can't knock the hustle -- Excerpt from my journal in 1999 (age eighteen) with footnotes from 2016 -- Faked it 'til I maked it -- Excerpt from my journal in 2001 (age twenty) with footnotes from 2016 -- Beautiful and strong -- Excerpt from my journal in 2003 (age twenty-two) with footnotes from 2016 -- How to become a stand-up comedian -- Times it's okay for a man not to make a woman come during sex -- The worst night of my life -- Things that make me insanely furious -- Athletes and musicians -- Letter to the editor -- Secret bad habits -- Mom -- NYC apartments -- Blackouts and stem cells -- An exciting time for women in Hollywood -- Mayci and Jillian -- Things that make me happy -- The sun will come out tomorrow -- What I want people to say at my funeral -- Rider for the funeral of Amy Schumer -- Forgiving my lower back tattoo.

Amy Schumer, Emmy Award-winning comedian, actress, writer, and star, mines her past for stories about her teenage years, her family, relationship, and sex, and shares the experiences that have shaped who she is -- a woman with the courage to bare her soul and stand up for what she believes in, all while making us laugh. Ranging from the raucous to the romantic, the heartfelt to the harrowing, this entertaining collection is the literary equivalent of a night out with your best friend.
Baker Berry PN2287.S3365 A3 2016

Arguments for a theatre
Barker, Howard, 1946- author
London : Oberon Books Ltd, 2016
Baker Berry PN2038 .B27 2016

The real James Dean : intimate memories from those who knew him best
edited by Peter L. Winkler ; foreword by George Stevens
Chicago, Illinois : Chicago Review Press, 2016
"In the decades following his death, many of those who knew James Dean best--actors, directors, friends, lovers (both men and women), photographers, and Hollywood columnists--shared stories of their first-person experiences with him in interviews and in the articles and autobiographies they wrote. Their recollections of Dean became lost in fragile back issues of movie magazines and newspapers and in out-of-print books that are extremely hard to find. Until now. The Real James Dean is the first book of its kind: a rich collection spanning six decades of writing in which many of the people whose lives were touched by Dean recall their indelible experiences with him in their own words. Here are the memorable personal accounts of Dean from his high school and college drama teachers; the girl he almost married; costars like Rock Hudson, Natalie Wood, Jim Backus, and Raymond Massey; directors Elia Kazan, Nicholas Ray, and George Stevens; entertainer Eartha Kitt; gossip queen Hedda Hopper; the passenger who accompanied Dean on his final, fatal road trip; and a host of his other friends and colleagues."--
Baker Berry PN2287.D33 R43 2016

Contemporary women
volume editors, Jane Plastow & Yvette Hutchison ; guest editor, Christine Matzke ; reviews editor, Martin Banham
Woodbridge, Suffolk : James Currey, [2015]
Editors' foreword: Women on the front line / by Jane Plastow, Yvette Hutchison & Christine Matzke -- Introduction: Citizen and artist: African women making theatre / Sandra L. Richards -- The work of Dalia Basiouny: an artist's account / Dalia Basiouny -- Performatives as activism: addressing gender-based violence & rape culture in South Africa & beyond / Sara Matchett & Nicola Cloete -- Exploring poetic voice in the Uganda women's intergenerational theatre project / Susan Kiguli & Jane Plastow -- 'After images': impressions of the 'after' by South African performer-choreographer Mamela Nyamza / Alude Mahali -- Jalila Baccar of Tunisia: a portrait of an artist / Marvin Carlson -- In conversation: interrogating & shifting societal perceptions of women in Botswana through theatre / Lebogang Disele -- Binti Leo: women in the arts in Tanzania / Vicensia Shule -- Odile Gakire Katese: making art & reinventing culture with women / interview with Ariane Zaytzeff -- Contemporary Ethiopian actresses / Jane Plastow & Mahlet Solomon -- Introducing The sentence by Sefi Atta / Christine Matzke -- Playscript: The sentence / Sefi Atta -- Book reviews.

Drawing on expertise from across the African continent this collection reflects the realities for women working and making theatre: how Egyptian director Dalia Basiouny has documented the "Tahrir Stories" of the Egyptian Revolution; how in Uganda women have used various theatrical devices, such as oral poetry, to seek common ground in a rural-urban inter-generational theatre project; and the use of physical theatre to examine disavowed memory in South Africa. The contributors also look at how practitioners are re-thinking performance space and modes of performance for gendered advocacy in Botswanan theatre, and how women are addressing gender-based violence and rape culture, comparing performance and street-based activism in South Africa and India. A particular strength of the volume is its interviews: with Jallila Baccar of Tunisia, by Marvin Carlson; six Ethiopian actresses are interviewed and introduced by Jane Plastow and Mahlet Solomon; and Ariane Zaytzeff explores "Making art to reinvent culture" with Odile Gakire Katese of Rwanda. The new play to be published is 'The Sentence' by Nigerian writer Sefi Atta, introduced and contextualised by Christine Matzke.0.
Baker Berry PN2969 .C66 2015

A colourful presence : the evolution of women's representation in Iranian cinema
Ghorbankarimi, Maryam, author
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015
Baker Berry PN1995.9.W6 G543 2015

Robin Williams : a singular portrait, 1986-2002
Grace, Arthur, author,
Berkeley, CA : Counterpoint, [2016]
Introduction -- On tour 1986 -- DC visit 1989 -- The wedding 1991 -- Cap Ferrat 1992 -- Mrs. Doubtfire 1993 -- Good Will hunting 1997 -- Oscar night 1998.

Told through a series of stunning photographs of Robin Williams taken by photographer Arthur Grace over the course of this decades-long partnership, offers a touching and up-close look at the real Robin Williams - the manic and happy, the pensive and weary, the engaged and disengaged, a true portrait of one of America's greatest comics and most beloved actors.
Baker Berry PN1998.3 .W55 G73 2016

マンガジャンル。スタディーズ / 茨木正治編
Kyōto-shi : Rinsen Shoten, Heisei nijūgo [2013]
Baker Berry Japan PN6790.J3 M363 2013

クィア批評 / 藤森かよこ編
横浜 : 世織書房, 2004
Ribatarian kwia sengen / Fujimori Kayoko -- Kwia riron : Sejiwikku to Batorā no kwia / Iwata Kazuo -- Baisekushuaritiron : bōkyaku, torikomi no senryaku / Takemura Kazuko -- 19-seiki rezubian tekisutoron : "Romantikku na yūjō" no hyōshō / Watanabe Kazuko -- Gendai rezubian tekisutoron : seijiteki ni kanjiru onnatachi / Murayama Mizuho -- Hansonzaironteki seiairon : ika ni shite "shinjitsu no ai" o shōhisuru ka / Tanimoto Chikako -- Kwiateki koten saidokuron : gyakuryūsuru ai to seifu no jendā / Sasaki Eitetsu -- Kwia firumuron : nijūkasuru yokubō, arui wa kwia senryaku / Ōhashi Yōichi -- Gei tekusutoron : gei tekusuto to shishōsetsu / Iwata Kazuo -- Meiji homosōsharuron : kyōseiteki iseiai taiseika no seishun / Fujimori Kiyoshi -- Kwiateki Tanizaki saidokuron : kindai shōsetsu ni okeru seiteki kankei no hyoshō / Kaneko Akio -- Nihon nanshokuron : Nihon kindai bungaku ni okeru nanshoku no haikei / Komori Yōichi.
Baker Berry Japan PN56.H57 K95 2004

とりかえ。ばや / さいとうちほ
さいとうちほ, 1967- author. artist,
Tōkyō : Shōgakkan, 2013-
Baker Berry Japan PN6790.J33 S244 2013

Democratizing journalism through mobile media : the mojo revolution
Burum, Ivo, author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2016
Introduction -- Story in the age of social media a theoretical perspective -- Defining an action research study and methodologies -- Convergence at click speed -- Mojos working in communities -- Supplementary workshops in education and media -- Training: a common cross spherical pedagogical bridge -- Recording video and audio and editing on a smartphone -- Conclusive ways forward.
Baker Berry PN4784.C615 B885 2016

Landscape, seascape, and the eco-spatial imagination
edited by Simon C. Estok, I-Chun Wang, and Jonathan White
New York, NY : Routledge, 2016
Introduction / Jonathan White -- The Geography of Otherness: The Art of Moving and the Space of Time / Jonathan Hart -- The World as a Garden Landscapes and Spatial Imagination in Ancient Egypt / Chloe Ragazzoli -- One Island, Two Founding Myths: When Albion Turns into Britain / Sophia Yashih Liu -- Imperial Landscape of the Mughal Empire in Early 17th Century Geographical and Travel Writings / I-Chun Wang -- The Sublime as the Beautiful: Spatial Displacements in Edward Lear's Landscapes and Limericks / Mou-Lan Wong -- Some Like It Hot: Sato Haruo's Travels in the Colony / Ping-hui Liao -- The Work of Mourning: W. G. Sebald's The Rings of Saturn / Yu-cheng Lee -- The Geography of Postmodern Meta-utopian Spaces: Last Call for a Revolution? / Mary E. Theis -- The Hermitage as a Converging Space between Nature and Civilization / Chung Ling -- The Changing Ethnic Landscape of Norwegian Theatre / Baron Kelly -- Re-visioning Pacific Seascapes, Performing Insular Identities in Robert Sullivan's Star Waka and Syaman Rapongan's Eyes of the Sky / Hsinya Huang -- Place, Landscape and Self in Gao Xingjian's Soul Mountain / Krishna Barua and Anurag Bhattacharyya -- Afterword: Tripping on the Edge of Everything: Landscape and Ecocriticism / Simon C. Estok.
Baker Berry PN56.L26 L34 2016

The marriage plot : or, How Jews fell in love with love, and with literature
Seidman, Naomi, author
Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2016]
Introduction : plotting Jewish marriage -- A sentimental education -- Matchmaking and modernity -- Pride and pedigree -- The choreography of courtship -- In-laws and outlaws -- Sex and segregation -- After marriage, an afterword.
Baker Berry PN842 .S45 2016

Joan's book : the autobiography of Joan Littlewood
Littlewood, Joan, author
London : Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2016
Baker Berry PN2598.L577 A3 2016

Holocaust impiety in Jewish American literature : memory, identity (post- ) postmodernism
Krijnen, Joost, author
Leiden [The Netherlands] ; Brill/Rodopi, [2016]
"The Holocaust is often said to be unrepresentable. Yet since the 1990s, a new generation of Jewish American writers have been returning to this history again and again, insisting on engaging with it in highly playful, comic, and "impious" ways. Focusing on the fiction of Michael Chabon, Jonathan Safran Foer, Nicole Krauss, and Nathan Englander, this book suggests that this literature cannot simply be dismissed as insensitive or improper. It argues that these Jewish American authors engage with the Holocaust in ways that renew and ensure its significance for contemporary generations. These ways, moreover, are intricately connected to efforts of finding new means of expressing Jewish American identity, and of moving beyond the increasingly apparent problems of postmodernism"--
Baker Berry PN56.H55 K75 2016

Talk show : confrontations, pointed commentary and off-screen secrets
Cavett, Dick
New York : St. Martin's Griffin, 2011
Baker Berry PN2287.C38 A3 2011

Little horrors : how cinema's evil children play on our guilt
Kord, T. S., author
Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2016]
Birth: gynecological gross-out -- Family: home-grown horrors -- Nature: an abundance of horror -- Science: seeing the world in black and white -- Religion: the road to hell and what it's paved with -- Consumption: dying in a material world -- Abuse: leaving the family behind -- Play: the Peter Pan syndrome -- Conclusion.

"Zombies, werewolves and chainsaw-wielding maniacs are tried-and-true antagonists of horror films. But none can match the visceral dread evoked by a kid with an innocent face and a diabolical stare. A good horror film is a scary ride--a "devil child" movie is a guilt trip"--
Baker Berry PN1995.9.H6 K67 2016

Play all : a bingewatcher's notebook
James, Clive, 1939- author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2016]
Television and TV viewing are not what they once were--and that's a good thing, according to award-winning author and critic Clive James. Since serving as television columnist for the London Observer from 1972 to 1982, James has witnessed a radical change in content, format, and programming, and in the very manner in which TV is watched. Here he examines this unique cultural revolution, providing a brilliant, eminently entertaining analysis of many of the medium's most notable twenty-first-century accomplishments and their not always subtle impact on modern society--including such acclaimed serial dramas as Breaking Bad, The West Wing, Mad Men, and The Sopranos, as well as the comedy 30 Rock. With intelligence and wit, James explores a television landscape expanded by cable and broadband and profoundly altered by the advent of Netflix, Amazon, and other "cord-cutting" platforms that have helped to usher in a golden age of unabashed binge-watching.
Baker Berry PN1992.8.S4 J36 2016

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