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Sight and sound
[London, British Film Institute]
Withdrawn PN1993 .S575

The common
Amherst, Mass. : Common Foundation, 2010-
Issue no. 11. Tajdeed, contemporary Arabic stories / issue co-editors Jennifer Acker & Hisham Bustani ; translation editor Alice Guthrie, with assistance from Anna Ziajka Stanton
Baker Berry PN2 .C556

Documentary film festivals : Transformative learning, community building & solidarity
Roy, Carole, 1954-
Rotterdam : Sense Publishers, 2016
Documentary film festivals do more than provide a venue for watching films: they have the potential to foster critical thinking, especially toward mainstream media. The film festivals discussed in this book also help build a sense of community locally, as well as promote solidarity with people involved in struggles for social justice and ecological integrity around the world. Documentaries by independent filmmakers reveal stories ignored by mass media, stories at times tragic but more often than not inspiring. It can be said that documentary film festivals create a public space for citizens to listen together and to become informed on current issues in greater depth than newscast bulletins offer. This book shows how documentary films create a liminal space with transformative potential, a space that challenges assumptions, supports the development of empathy, and often stimulates engagement and action. In viewing documentaries together and engaging in critical reflection and dialogue, citizens can imagine alternative possibilities and consider solutions. Documentary Film Festivals: Transformative Learning, Community Building & Solidarity offers the voices of attendees, sponsors, and organizers who shared their thoughts and experiences of documentary film festivals and the impact on their views and engagement. Activists and organizers of various social movements who are seeking ways to inform and inspire will see evidence in this text that documentary film festivals are a means of drawing diverse audiences, engaging differences and respectfully promoting hope and preferred visions of the future. Documentary Film Festivals: Transformative Learning, Community Building & Solidarity includes concrete examples of creative and courageous struggles that have led to victories often ignored by the media. This book is bound to inspire.
Baker Berry PN1993.4 .R69 2016

Public speaking and democratic participation : speech, deliberation, and analysis in the civic realm
Abbott, Jennifer, 1973-
Oxford : Oxford University Press, [2016]
Baker Berry PN4129.15 .L36 2016

Bodies of desire and bodies in distress : the golden age of Italian cult cinema 1970-1985
Mendik, Xavier
Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015
Machine generated contents note: ch. One "There is Something Wrong with that Scene": The Return of the Repressed in 1970s Giallo Cinema -- ch. Two Don't Torture the Landscape: Italian Cult Cinema and the Mezzogiorno Giallo -- ch. Three Rape, Revenge and Railtrack: Space and Sexual Spectacle in the Suspense Thriller Giallo -- ch. Four Maternal Monsters and ̀Demonised' Bodies: The Three Mothers and Beyond -- ch. Five Fear at 109 Degrees: An Interview with Dario Argento -- ch. Six "Body in a Bed, Body Growing Dead": Uncanny Women in the Gothic Horror Films of Aristide Massaccesi -- ch. Seven Black Sex, Bad Sex: Monstrous Ethnicity in the Black Emanuelle Films -- ch. Eight High Crimes and Fatalistic Cops: The Italian Poliziotteschi Films of the 1970s -- ch. Nine New Barbarians on the Block: The Italian Post-Apocalyptic Peplums of the Early 1980s -- ch. Ten The Years With(out) Lead: Terrorism, Trauma and Titillation: 1970 -- 1985.
Baker Berry PN1993.5.I8 M46 2015

Hollywood biblical epics : Camp Spectacle and Queer Style from the silent era to the modern day
Lindsay, Richard A
Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, An Imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2015]
Introduction: "It is as it was" -- Part 1. The scripturalization of the King of Kings and The passion of the Christ -- The camp King of kings and the monstrous passion -- Part 2. The orgies of God: anti-communist gospel, the gospel of the production code, and the gospel of spectacle in postwar biblical films -- "You're not a well woman, honey": effeminate villains in biblical films -- Ben-Hur and the beefcake bible -- Afterword.
Baker Berry PN1995.9.B53 L56 2015

Tactical performance : the theory and practice of serious play
Bogad, L. M
New York : Routledge, 2016
Introduction: a red carpet on the picket line: tactical performance -- Tactical carnival: dialogism and social movements -- Clownfrontation and clowndestine maneuvers: the clown army and the irresistible image -- Reclaim the streets: tactical interaction and the urban mallification/mollification in New York city -- Breaking conventions, breaking into conventions (from the WTO to WTF?) -- Critical simulacra and tricknology: oil enforcement agents, yes men, and survivaballs -- All the news we hope to print: the creation and mass distribution of progressive prank papers -- Crisis in califorlornia: creative protest at the University of California -- Conclusion: earning moments for the movement.
Baker Berry PN2051 .B64 2016

Quaraí : um século de imprensa (1878-1978)
Marçal, João Batista
Porto Alegre : Evangraf, 2014
Baker Berry PN5029.Q82 M37 2014

Society, women and literature in Africa
Orabueze, F. O
Port Harcourt, Nigeria : M & J Grand Orbit Communications Ltd., [2015]
Baker Berry PN849.A35 O73 2015

Boro, l'île d'amour : the films of Walerian Borowczyk
edited by Kamila Kuc, Kuba Mikurda, and Michał Oleszczyk
New York : Berghahn Books, 2015
Introduction -- Boro: escape artist / Kuba Mikurda -- Borowczyk's kunstkamera / Marcin Giycki -- Animated bodies: a conversation between Kuba Mikurda and Jakub Woynarowski -- Cruel imagination: Borowczyk's post-traumatic surrealism / Iwona Kurz -- The postcard never sent: Guy de Maupassant and Rosalie Prudent's cinematic confession / Kamila Kuc -- Boro: the guide for the perplexed / Fernando F. Croce -- Borowczyk's serial labyrinth: from Goto, Isle of love (1968) to Behind convent walls (1977) / James Snazell -- Immoral toys: on Borowczyk's A private collection (1973) / Edwin Carels -- The beast with two backs: on Borowczyk's The beast (1975) / Philip Warnell -- Laugh in The doll house: on Victorian surrealism in the films of Walerian Borowczyk / Kamila Wielebska -- Enjoying excess: a bataillean interpretation of Story of sin (1975) by Walerian Borowczyk and Stefan Eromski / Marta Rabikowska -- The beach, the bubble and the boudoir: the meeting spaces of Walerian Borowczyk and André Pieyre de Mandiargues / Jonathan Owen -- Sex and the sacred: the obstacles to desire becoming its objects / Jakub Majmurek -- Reflecting on The strange case of Doctor Jekyll and Miss Osbourne (1981) / Budd Wilkins -- The perils of Emmanuelle: a conversation between Odie Henderson, Simon Abrams, and Michał Oleszczyk -- Revisiting love rites (1988) / Kevin Lee.
Baker Berry PN1998.3.B673 B68 2015

A love of UIQ
Guattari, Félix, 1930-1992
Minneapolis, MN : Univocal, [2016]
Baker Berry PN1997.3 .G8313 2016

Mortalʹnostʹ v literature i kulʹture : sbornik nauchnykh trudov
redaktory A.G. Stepanov, V.I︠U︡. Lebedev
Moskva : Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2015
Mortalʹnostʹ : aspekty izuchenii︠a︡ -- Mortalʹnostʹ v semioticheskoĭ proekt︠s︡ii -- Zhivye i mertvye -- Poėtika i ritorika mortalʹnogo diskursa -- Zhanr i topika -- Mortalʹnostʹ v literature postmodernizma -- Mortalʹnoe izmerenie zhenskoĭ prozy.
Baker Berry PN56.D4 M68 2015

Kitchen radio
De Vries, Marion
Toronto, ON : Playwrights Guild of Canada, ©2014
Baker Berry PN2080 .K58 2014

The second self
Hudson-Muir, Victoria
Toronto, ON : Playwrights Guild of Canada, [2014]
Baker Berry PN2080 .S43 2014

The Nisei & the Narnauks
Dyck, Paul van
Toronto, ON : Playwrights Guild of Canada, ©2015
Baker Berry PN2080 .N57 2015

Film festivals : history, theory, method, practice
edited by Marijke de Valck, Brendan Kredell and Skadi Loist
New York, NY : Routledge, 2016
Preface -- The Film Festival and Film Culture's Transnational Essence / Dina Iordanova -- Introduction: What is a Film Festival? How to Study Festivals and Why You Should / Marijke de Valck -- History. Introduction / Brendan Kredell -- Making Film History at the Cannes Film Festival / Dorota Ostrowska -- Film Festivals in Asia: Notes on History, Geography and Power from a Distance / Julian Stringer -- The Film Festival Circuit: Networks, Hierarchies, and Circulation / Skadi Loist -- Theory. Introduction / Marijke de Valck -- Contingency, Time and Event: An Archaeological Approach to the Film Festival / Janet Harbord -- Publics and Counterpublics: Rethinking Film Festivals as Public Spheres / Cindy Hing-Yuk Wong -- Fostering Art, Adding Value, Cultivating Taste: Film Festivals as Sites of Cultural Legitimization / Marijke de Valck -- Method. Introduction / Skadi Loist -- Being There, Taking Place: Ethnography at the Film Festival / Toby Lee -- On Studying Film Festival Ephemera: The Case of Queer Film Festivals and Archives of Feelings / Ger Zielinski -- Positionality and Film Festival Research: a conversation / Diane Burgess and Brendan Kredell -- Practice. Introduction / Brendan Kredell -- Seeing Differently: The Curatorial Potential of Film Festival Programming / Roya Rastegar -- Affective Labor and the Work of Film Festival Programming / Liz Czach -- "The Festival Film": Film Festival Funds as Cultural Intermediaries / Tamara L. Falicov.
Baker Berry PN1993.4 .F477 2016

Millennium actress
the Klock Worx presents ; Go Fish Pictures presents a Chiyoko Committee production, Genco Inc. ; production, Millennium Actress Committee ; screenplay, Sadayuki Murai, Satoshi Kon ; animation directors, Takeshi Honda ... et al. ; executive producer, Taro Maki ; director, Satoshi Kon
Universal City, CA : DreamWorks Home Entertainment, [2003]
Past and present collide as a film director discovers a mysterious key that unlocks the secrets of a legendary actress who vanished at the height of her career.
On Reserve at Jones Media

A fly in the curry : independent documentary film in India
Jayasankar, K. P
Los Angeles : SAGE, 2016
Baker Berry PN1995.9.D6 J39 2016

Writing for professional development
edited by Giulia Ortoleva, Mireille Bétrancourt, Stephen Billett
Boston : Brill, [2016]
Baker Berry PN151 .W78 2016

Monologues for actors of color : women
edited by Roberta Uno ; assistant editor Margaret Odette
New York, NY : Routledge, 2016
After all the terrible things I do / A. Rey Pamatmat -- Aftermath / Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen -- Another part of the house / Migdalia Cruz -- Becoming Cuba / Melinda Lopez -- Butterfly / Jeremy Tiang -- Café Vida / Lisa Loomer -- Calling Aphrodite / Velina Hasu Houston -- Contigo / Paola Làzaro-Muñoz -- The convert / Danai Gurira -- Doin' time: through the visting glass / Ashley Lucas -- Fati's last dance / France-Luce Benson -- Fetch clay, make man / Will Power -- Firebird tattoo / Ty Defoe -- The frybread queen / Carolyn Dunn -- The gospel of lovingkindness / Marcus Gardley -- Guapa / Caridad Svich -- Half lives / Peter Tamaribuchi -- The happiest song plays last / Quiara Alegría Hudes -- HappyFlowerNail / Radha Blank -- In the continuum / Nikkole Salter -- Last dance / Brenda Wong Aoki -- Lidless / Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig -- A life in knots / L'xeis' Diane E. Benson -- A local perspective / Tammy Haili'ōpua Baker -- Mariela in the desert / Karen Zacarias -- Marisol / José Rivera -- Miss Lead / Mary Kathryn Nagle -- The mountaintop / Katori Hall -- N(E)IG(H)G(BO)ERS / Branden Jacobs-Jenkins -- A nice Indian boy / Madhuri Shekar -- Night over Erzinga / Adriana Sevahn Nichols -- Ruined / Lynn Nottage -- Sabra falling / Ismail Khalidi -- The sarimanok travels / Francis Tanglao-Aguas -- Smart people / Lydia R. Diamond -- Some people / Danny Hoch -- Songs of the dragons flying to heaven / Young Jean Lee -- Standoff at Hwy#37 / Vickie Ramirez -- Sunset baby / Dominique Morisseau -- The talk / France-Luce Benson -- The trajectory of a heart, fractured / Sung Rno -- Twilight / Anna Deavere Smith -- Wings of night sky, wings of morning light / Joy Harjo -- The women of Tu-Na house / Nancy Eng -- The world of extreme happiness / Frances Ya-Chu Chowhig.
Baker Berry PN2080 .M536 2016

The Cambridge companion to lesbian literature
edited by Jodie Medd, Carleton University
New York : Cambridge University Press, 2015
Baker Berry PN56.L45 C36 2015

Radio Ėkho Moskvy : nepridumannai︠a︡ istorii︠a︡
sostavitelʹ Lesi︠a︡ Ri︠a︡bt︠s︡eva
Moskva : Izdatelʹstvo AST, [2015]
Baker Berry PN1991.3.R8 R33 2015

Grandes momentos do rádio gaúcho
Saldanha, Benedito
Porto Alegre, RS : Editoral Revolução Cultural, 2013-
Volume 1. O Clube do Guri e outros programas do sucesso -- volume 2. Os radialistas mais populares -- O futebol e o rádio -- volume 3. Vozes do Rio Grande do Sul.
Baker Berry PN1991.3.B7 S24 2013

East of West. [The Apocalypse, Year one]
Hickman, Jonathan
Berkeley : Image Comics, [2015]
This is the world. It is not the one we wanted, but it is the one we deserved. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse roam the Earth, signaling the End Times for humanity, and our best hope for life, lies in DEATH! The oversized prestige collection of the First Year of The Apocalypse. --Publisher
Baker Berry PN6727.H4846 E27 2015

Historical dictionary of American theater : beginnings
Fisher, James, 1950-
London : Rowman & Littlefield, [2015]
"Historical Dictionary of American Theater: Beginnings covers the history of theater as well as the literature of America from 1538 to 1880. The years covered by this volume features the rise of the popular stage in America during the colonial era and the first century of the United States of America, with an emphasis on its practitioners, including such figures as Lewis Hallam, David Douglass, Mercy Otis Warren, Edwin Forrest, Charlotte Cushman, Joseph Jefferson, Ida Aldridge, Dion Boucicault, Edwin Booth, and many others. The Historical Dictionary of American Theater: Beginnings covers the history of early American Theatre through a chronology, an introductory essay, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 1000 cross-referenced entries on actors and actresses, directors, playwrights, producers, genres, notable plays and theatres. This book is an excellent access point for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about the early American Theater"--The publisher.
Baker Berry PN2266 .F57 2015

Der Bolschewist : Michael Tschesno-Hell und seine DEFA-Filme
Hammerthaler, Ralph
Berlin : DEFA Stiftung, 2016
Baker Berry PN1998.3 .T788 H36 2016

Metapoietische Filme : über das Filmemachen "nach" Deleuze
Benner, Ruth
Marburg : Schüren, [2016]
Baker Berry PN1996 .B4584 2016

The book of hope
Musturi, Tommi, 1975-
Seattle, Washington : Fantagraphics Books Inc., [2015]
In a way that only the medium of comics can, The Book of Hope slows the reader down to the rhythms of the silent life of a retired couple living in a rural countryside. Behind the static, routine moments of everyday life something bigger takes shape. A flash of encroaching death starts to consume the husband, leading to visions and questions. This graphic novel from cartoonist Tommi Musturi is a thoughtful exploration of the human condition, and the series of mostly quotidian moments that make up most of our lives. The strong presence of silence and nature reflect the arctic exotica of Musturi's native Finland, but with a relatability, eloquence, and economy that will remind American readers of Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan. The Book of Hope is a humane book filled with timeless humor and life itself.
Baker Berry PN6790.F53 M8713 2015

A Companion to Wong Kar-wai
edited by Martha P. Nochimson
Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2016
Contains 26 essays addressing numerous topics including intertextuality, transnationality, gender representation, repetition, the use of music, color, and sound, depiction of time and space in human affairs, and Wong's portrayal of violence.
Baker Berry PN1998.3.W66 C66 2016

At the end of the street in the shadow : Orson Welles and the city
Gear, Matthew Asprey
London : Wallflower Press, [2016]
The films of Orson Welles inhabit the spaces of cities--from America's industrializing midlandto its noirish borderlands, from Europe's medieval fortresses to its Kafkaesque labyrinths and postwar rubblescapes. His movies take us through dark streets to confront nightmarish struggles for power, the carnivalesque and bizarre, and the shadows and light of human character. This ambitious new study explores Welles's vision of cities by following recurring themes across his work, including urban transformation, race relations and fascism, the utopian promise of cosmopolitanism, and romantic nostalgia for archaic forms of urban culture. It focuses on the personal and political foundation of Welles's cinematic cities--the way he invents urban spaces on film to serve his dramatic, thematic, and ideological purposes. The book's critical scope draws on extensive research in international archives and builds on the work of previous scholars.
Baker Berry PN1998.3.W45 G43 2016

倾听的交流 : 电影人访谈 / 张会军编著
张会军, 1956- author
Beijing : Zhongguo dian ying chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian PN1998.2 .Z4244 2015

Screening China in the era of globalization : realism in contemporary Chinese cinema = 呈现全球化时代中国 : 当代中国电影里的现实主义艺术 / 王晓平著
王晓平, author
Xiamen Shi : Xiamen da xue chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry PN1993.5.C6 W36 2015

Bilder von Schuld und Unschuld : Spielfilme über den Nationalsozialismus in Ost- und Westdeutschland
Bartholomei, Lukas
Münster : Waxmann, 2015
Baker Berry PN1995.9.N36 B378 2015

Dennis P. Eichhorn's extra good stuff
Eichhorn, Dennis P
[San Francisco, CA] : Last Gasp, [2015]
Baker Berry PN6727.E39 D45 2015

Literary freedom : a cultural right to literature
McRobie, Heather
Winchester, UK : Zero Books, 2013
How do we protect literary freedom while preventing the harm done by literary hate speech? This book presents an innovative new approach to literary freedom as a cultural right.
Baker Berry PN51 .M367 2013

Fiction and art : explorations in contemporary theory
edited by Ananta Ch. Sulka
London : Bloomsbury Academic, 2015
Introduction / Ananta Ch. Sukla -- Fiction's false start / David Donstan -- The poetic pragmatics of Greek myths : referential fiction and ritual performance / Claude Calame -- Fictionality of the absolute : on truth and lie in the metaphysical and aesthetic sense / Peter Heron -- Mathematical fictions / Jody Azzouni -- Why suicide bombers bomb : fictionality of rituals / Ivan Strenski -- Fiction and history / Allen Speight -- Cognitive value of (literary) fiction / Robert Stecker -- Fiction, cognition and confusion / Jukka Mikkonen -- Epistemology and fiction : thought experiments in personal identity / Aleks Zarnitsyn -- Semantics of fiction : naming the metonymy / Carl Ehrett -- The fictional truth : nonfiction and narration / Sarah Worth -- Fiction as a creative process / Amanda Garcia -- Fiction and emotion : the relation of consciousness to the economy of evolution / Samuel Kimball -- How to reach fictional worlds / Lubomír Doležel -- Literature, fictionality, and the illusion of self-presence / Samuel Kimball -- Judicial fiction and literary fiction : the example of the factum / Christian Biet -- Pictorial fiction : imagination and power of Picasso's images / Charles Altieri -- Sonic fiction : truth in music / Geraldine Finn -- Gestural fiction : dance / Renee Conroy -- Fictionality of the theatrical performance / Roderick Nicholls -- Fictionality in film and photography / David Fenner -- Fictions sharing subjectivity / Rob van Gerwen -- Fundamentals of fiction in Indian mythology, poetics and dramaturgy / Ananta Ch. Sukla -- Fiction in the Chinese Mythical and literary traditions / Amy Lee -- Truth and fiction in the Japanese narrative : Sakaguchi Ango's critique of the l-novel / Robert Steen -- Fiction in the medieval Arabic literary tradition / Arkady Nedel -- Concluding note / Ananta Ch. Sukla.
Baker Berry PN3342 .F538 2015

전쟁 과 극장 : 전쟁 으로 본 동 아시아 근대 극장 의 문화 정치학 = East Asian war and theater : cultural politics of the modern theaters through war in East Asia / 이 상우 [and many others]
Sŏul-si : Somyŏng Ch'ulp'an, 2015
Baker Berry Korea PN2041.W37 C46 2015

Stevenson, Noelle
New York, NY : HarperTeen, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2015]
Nimona is an impulsive young shapeshifter with a knack for villainy. Lord Ballister Blackheart is a villain with a vendetta. As sidekick and supervillain, Nimona and Lord Blackheart are about to wreak some serious havoc. Their mission: prove to the kingdom that Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin and his buddies at the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics aren't the heroes everyone thinks they are. But as small acts of mischief escalate into a vicious battle, Lord Blackheart realizes that Nimona's powers are as murky and mysterious as her past. And her unpredictable wild side might be more dangerous than he is willing to admit.
Baker Berry PN6727.S724 N56 2015

Studio television production and directing : concepts, equipment, and procedures
Utterback, Andrew Hicks
London : Focal Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016
Baker Berry PN1992.75 .U88 2016

Cheech Wizard's book of me
Bodé, Vaughn, 1941-1975
Seattle, WA : Fantagraphics Books, 2015
The hat is back! This omnibus collects all of cult figure Vaughn Bode's psychedelic drug-inspired underground Cheech Wizard comics for the first time. Once upon a time, at two-thirty in the afternoon, on the enchanted island of York, lived a Wizard. Wearing a big hat to mask his identity, Cheech Wizard is a lascivious con man whose magical powers are questionable--but despite his transgressions (or perhaps because of them), he possesses some degree of cosmic insight. He has met his maker (legendary underground cartoonist Vaughn Bode, making a divine cartoon cameo), died and been reborn, and gained pop-culture immortality as a worldwide icon of hip hop and street art. For the first time, the Book of Me gathers all of Vaughn Bode's seminal Cheech Wizard comics into a single essential volume, along with rare and previously unpublished sketches and Cheech's outrageous continued adventures by Mark Bode. It's the biggest, baddest, ball-bustingest Book of Cheech ever!
Baker Berry PN6727.B6 C47 2015

Armchair nation : an intimate history of Britain in front of the TV
Moran, Joe, 1970-
London : Profile Books, 2013
Baker Berry PN1992.3.G7 M673 2013

Literature in the Digital Age : an introduction
Hammond, Adam, 1981-
New York : Cambridge University Press, 2016
The Digital Medium and Its Message -- Medium Shifts: Literary THought in Media History -- The Universal Library -- Digital Editions and the Complexity of Remediation -- Quantitative Approaches to the Literary -- Short-Circuiting the Publication Process -- Interactivity: Revolution and Evolution in Narrative -- Literature in the Digital Master Medium -- Print in the Digital Age

Literature in a Digital Age: An Introduction guides readers through the most salient theoretical, interpretive, and creative possibilities opened up by the shift to digital literary forms such as e-books, digital archives, and electronic literature. While Digital Humanities (DH) has been hailed as the 'next big thing' in literary studies, many students and scholars remain perplexed as to what a DH approach to literature entails, and skeptical observers continue to see literature and the digital world as fundamentally incompatible. In its argument that digital and traditional scholarship should be placed in dialogue with each other, this book contextualizes the advent of the digital in literary theory, explores the new questions readers can ask of texts when they become digitized, and investigates the challenges that fresh forms of born-digital fiction pose to existing models of literary analysis.
Baker Berry PN98.I54 H36 2016

Muslim women in French cinema : voices of Maghrebi migrants in France
Kealhofer, Leslie
Liverpool : Liverpool University Press, 2015
Introduction: Maghrebi migrant women in France and French cinema -- The voices of Maghrebi women in documentary films : framing construction and transparency -- First-generation women in short films : crossing barriers and communicating experiences through objects -- The voices of Maghrebi migrant women in French telefilms : portraying agency -- Transmitting the voices of Maghrebi women through feature films : from verbal to non-verbal forms of communication -- Conclusion -- Appendix.

Muslim Women in French Cinema: Voices of Maghrebi Migrants in France is the first comprehensive study of cinematic representations of first-generation Muslim women from the Maghreb (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia) in France. Women of this generation migrated to France during the decades preceding and following the end of French colonial rule, and they are generally - though not always accurately - regarded as belonging to a generation of migrants silenced under the weight of poverty, illiteracy, Islamic tradition, and majority ethnic Islamophobia. Situated at the intersection of post-colonial studies, gender studies, and film studies, this book brings together a diverse corpus of over 60 documentaries, short films, telefilms (made-for-television films), and feature films released in France between 1979 and 2014, and it devotes one chapter to each kind of film. In examining the ways in which the voices, experiences, and points of view of Maghrebi migrant women in France are represented and communicated through a selection of key films, this study offers new perspectives on Maghrebi migrant women in France. It shows that women of this generation, as they are represented in these films, are far more diverse and often more empowered than has generally been thought. The films examined in this study are part of larger contemporary debates and discussions relating to immigration, integration, and what it means to be French.
Baker Berry PN1995.9.I697 K43 2015

70 años de crónicas en Venezuela
curaduría de Pedro Llorens ; prólogo de Francisco Suniaga
[Caracas] : Cyngular, [2015]-
La noche en que El Maní fue así / Lisseth Boon -- La soledad de enamoró de Pancho / Lilia Malavé -- Tan bueno como siempre / Edder L. Díaz -- Gustavo Cerati un minuto antes del calapso / Alonso Moleiro -- Agosto de 1967 / Francisco Suniaga -- CAP y yo por estas calles / Ibsen Martínez -- El rey del alterne y las luces de neón / Andrea Daza Tapia -- La verdad después de la muerte / Leo Felipe Campos -- Pensión La Soledad / Antonio Díaz Espejo -- La última función de Chávez / Franz von Bergen -- Tal vez acierta Lula / Hernán Carrera -- Relato de un Gabo indocumentado / Cynthia Rodríguez -- De Maracaibo a Maicao con dos contrabandistas / Alfredo Meza -- El cartoncito que reparten tempranito / Jhonny Mendes Montilla -- Desde otro planeta / Rafael Osío Cabrices--
Baker Berry PN5102 .A18 2015

Minstrel advocate
[Hanover, New Hampshire?] : [publisher not identified], [1880]
Performance at the Opera House in Hanover, New Hampshire on Tuesday, December 7th, 1880 which includes Whitemore & Clark's Minstrels.
Rauner D.C. History PN3195 .M578 1880

Ding dong circus and other stories, 1967 to 1974
Sasaki, Maki, 1946-
London : Breakdown Press, 2015
Baker Berry PN6790.J33 S27 2015

Historias clandestinas
Rojas Lizana, Sol
Santiago : LOM ediciones, 2014
Baker Berry PN6790.C53 H57 2014

Confesiones de un lector
Cueto, Alonso, 1954-
Lima, Perú : Lápix Editores, 2015
Baker Berry PN37 .C63 2015

Roman et engagement : le laboratoire des années 1930
Peyroles, Aurore, 1982-
Paris : Classiques Garnier, 2015
Baker Berry PN51 .P49 2015

Vulnerability and security in human rights literature and visual culture
Moore, Alexandra Schultheis
New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016
Human rights in precarious times -- Spectrally human: African child soldier narratives at the limits of legal personhood -- Disturbing the archive: Human rights storytelling of Zimbabwe's Gukurahundi -- Overexposed: compounded vulnerability and continuing liability in fiction of Bhopal -- Re-purposing Témoignage: humanitarian spaces and subjects in photo/graphic narratives of Médecins sans frontières -- In the aftermath of mass murder: visuality and vertigo in the Indonesia films of Joshua Oppenheimer.
Baker Berry PN56.H79 M66 2016

Fait et fiction : pour une frontière
Lavocat, Françoise
Paris : Éditions du Seuil, [2016]
Baker Berry PN3331 .L38 2016

Memorias del teatro combatiente : Teatro Alianza, Teatro para el Hombre, Teatro Laboratorio : Bahía Blanca, 1969-1989
Aguirre, Coral
Bahía Blanca, Argentina : Editorial de la Universidad Nacional del Sur (EdiUNS), [2015]
Teatro Alianza -- Teatro para el Hombre -- Teatro Laboratorio.
Baker Berry PN2452.B34 A38 2015

100 años de historieta argentina
Torre, Iván de la
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina : Ediciones Lea, 2014
Baker Berry PN6790.A7 T67 2014

Narrating life : experiments with human and animal bodies in literature, science and art
edited by Stefan Herbrechter
Boston : Brill Rodopi, 2016
Narrating life in literature. In my core I have the strange impression that I don't belong to the human species: Clarice Lispector's Agua viva as life writing? / Elisabeth Friis -- Charting Solar Systems, Exoplanets and Earth 2.0 / Holly Henry -- Species Encounters: 0. Butler Meets Haraway Meets Deleuze and Guattari / Tomldema -- Solid-State Fiction: J.G. Ballard and the Crystallization of Life / Moritz Ingwersen -- Dissonance, Data, and DNA: Aesthetics, Biopolitics and Transgenic Music in Richard Powers' Orfeo / Cristina Iuli -- Chromosomal Cuties", UFembots", a chatty Cyber Trio" or ucantankerous Clones"? Lynn Hershman Leeson's Teknolust / Tania Nusser -- Submarine Experiments with Human Lives by Chrismoph -- Ransmayr- a waterman narrates / Manuela Rossini -- InToxicating Languages of Bioinformatic Circulation: Poetics and Other "Smallwork" in The Flame Alphabet / Laura Shackelford -- Life beyond "critique": Murakami after Latnur / Jeff Wallace -- Aporias of Survival: Kafka's Alien Incursion / Dominik Zechner -- The Atlas of Man (If by Man We Also Mean Woman) / Steve Tomasula -- Narrating Life in Science. Linear Time and Revolutionary Time: Humans, Apes, and Temporality in Scientific and Literary Narratives / Amelie Bjorck -- Ecolinguistic Activism: How and Why to Rite / Angela Rawlings -- Death Writing: Toward a Bestiary of the Biological Real / Dorion Sagan -- Experimenting with bones / Marianne Sommer -- The Sponge Diver or Bodies on the Seabed / Amalie Smith.
Baker Berry PN55 .N37 2016

Raymonde Carasco et Régis Hébraud à l'œuvre
sous la direction de Nicole Brenez et Corinne Maury ; ouvrage conçu sous l'égide de Régis Hébraud
Aix-en-Provence : Presses universitaires de Provence, 2016
Baker Berry PN1998.3.C373 R39 2014

The complete Wimmen's comix
publisher and executive editor Gary Groth ; senior editor J. Michael Catron
Seattle : Fantagraphics Books, [2016]
Volume 2: Wimmen's Comics #9 / edited by Caryn Leschen and Rosemary Dinegar -- Wimmen's Comics #10 / edited by Joyce Farmer -- Wimmen's Comics #11 / edited by Krystine Kryttre and Dori Seda -- Wimmen's Comics #12 / edited by Angela Bocage and Rebecka Wright. e-D by Ray Zone -- Wimmen's Comics #13 / edited by Lee Binswanger and Caryn Leschen -- Wimmen's Comics #14 / edited by Trina Robbins and Deni Loubert -- Wimmen's Comics #15 / edited by Phoebe Gloeckner and Angela Bocage -- Wimmen's Comics #16 / edited by Rebecka Wright -- Wimmen's Comics #17 / edited by Caryn Leschen.

In the late '60s, underground comix changed the way comics readers saw the medium -- but there was an important pronoun missing from the revolution. In 1972, ten women cartoonists got together in San Francisco to rectify the situation and produce the first and longest-lasting all-woman comics anthology, Wimmen's Comix. Within two years the Wimmen's Comix Collective had introduced cartoonists like Roberta Gregory and Melinda Gebbie to the comics-reading public, and would go on to publish some of the most talented women cartoonists in America -- Carol Tyler, Mary Fleener, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Dori Seda, Phoebe Gloeckner, and many others. In its twenty-year run, the women of Wimmen's tackled subjects the guys wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole: abortion, menstruation, masturbation, castration, lesbians, witches, murderesses, and feminists. Includes the ground-breaking 1970 one-shot, It Ain't Me, Babe, the very first all-woman comic book ever published.
Baker Berry PN6726 .W56 2016

I'll have what she's having : behind the scenes of the great romantic comedies
Kimmel, Daniel M
Chicago : Ivan R. Dee, 2008
Trouble in paradise -- It happened one night -- My man Godfrey -- The shop around the corner -- The Philadelphia story -- Adam's rib -- Sabrina -- Pillow talk -- Some like it hot -- Annie Hall -- Arthur -- When Harry met Sally -- Pretty woman -- There's something about Mary -- Love actually.

Film critic and author Kimmel outlines 15 of what he considers to be the greatest romantic comedies and shows how they came together, detailing the casting, controversies, script changes, edits, and ironies that came into play. He also discusses how each movie was received and the subsequent career turns for those involved.
Baker Berry PN1995.9.C55 K545 2008

Somos islas : ensayos de camino
Aponte Alsina, Marta
Cabo Rojo, PR : Editora Educación Emergente, Inc., [2015]
Baker Berry PN56.I7 A66 2015

Southern bastards
Aaron, Jason
Berleley, CA : Image Comics, Inc., [2014]-
Earl Tubb is an angry old man with a very big stick. Euless Boss is a high school football coach with no more room in his office for trophies and no more room underneath the bleachers for burying bodies. And they're just two of the folks you'll meet in Craw County, Alabama, home of Boss BBQ, the state champion Runnin' Rebs and more bastards than you've ever seen!
Baker Berry PN6727.A225 S68 2014

Southern bastards. Book one
Aaron, Jason
Berkeley, CA : Image Comics, [2015]
Baker Berry PN6727.A225 S686 2015

L'abeille et la balance : penser l'essai
Langlet, Irène, author
Paris : Classiques Garnier, 2015
"L'essai s'épanouit dans la littérature moderne et contemporaine en toute indépendance du règne de la fiction et de l'absolu littéraire. Il exige du lecteur la posture intellectuelle originale et proprement utopique qui est à sa source, instituée en genre au XXe siècle, non sans contradictions théoriques. Les méandres de cette théorisation développent toute la richesse d'une pensée de l'essayisme, d'un anti-genre ou non-genre, et appellent, en fin de compte, le modèle esthétique d'une littérarité conditionnelle, afin de modéliser, non des substances, des territoires ou des procédés, mais des réglages de lecture surtout, d'écriture peut-être, de publication sûrement. De cette étude métapoétique, l'essai sort peut-être moins redéfini car son principe l'élude qu'éclairci dans son idéologie."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry PN4500 .L36 2015

Clowes, Daniel, artist
Seattle : Fantagraphics Books, [2016]
"A cosmic timewarp deathtrip to the primordial infinite of everlasting love"--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry PN6727.C565 P38 2016

Correio do Povo : a primeira semana de um jornal centenário
Silva, Juremir Machado da
Porto Alegre, RS : Editora Sulina, [2015]
Baker Berry PN5028.R542 S55 2015

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