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PL - Eastern Asia / Africa / Oceania acquired during August 2016

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A little primer of Tu Fu
Hawkes, David, author
Hong Kong : The Chinese University Press of Hong Kong Press ; [2016]
"The deepest and most varied of the Tang Dynasty poets, Tu Fu (Du Fu) is, in the words of David Hinton, the "first complete poetic sensibility in Chinese literature." He merged the public and the private, often in the same poem, as his subjects ranged from the horrors of war to the delights of friendship, from closely observed landscapes to remembered dreams, from the evocation of historical moments to the wry lament over his own thinning hair. Although Tu Fu has often been translated, and often brilliantly, David Hawkes' classic study, first published in 1967, is the only book that demonstrates in depth how his poems were written. Hawkes presents thirty-five poems in the original Chinese, with a pinyin transliteration, a character-by-character translation, and a commentary on the subject, the form, the historical background, and the individual lines. There is no other book quite like it for any language: a nuts-and-bolts account of how Chinese poems in general, and specifically the poems of one of the world's greatest poets, are constructed. It's an irresistible challenge for readers to invent their own translations"--
Baker Berry PL2675 .H3 2016

A reference grammar of Chinese = Zhong wen can kao yu fa
edited by Chu-Ren Huang, Dingxu Shi
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016
1. Preliminaries / Chu-Ren Huang and Dingxu Shi -- 2. Syntactic overview / Dingxu Shi and Chu-Ren Huang -- 3. Lexical word formation / Jerome Packard -- 4. Verbs and verb phrases / Audrey Y.H. Li -- 5. Aspectual system / Sze-Wing Tang -- 6. Negation / Haihua Pan, Po Lun Peppina Lee and Chu-Ren Huang -- 7. Classifiers / Kathleen Ahrens and Chu-Ren Huang; 8. Nouns and nominal phrases / Dingxu Shi -- 9. Relative constructions / Stephen Matthews and Virginia Yip -- 10. Adjectives and adjective phrases / Shi-Zhe Huang, Jing Jin and Dingxu Shi -- 11. Comparison / Marie-Claude Paris and Dingxu Shi -- 12. Adverbs / Yung-O Biq and Chu-Ren Huang -- 13. Prepositions and preposition phrases / Jingxia Lin and Chaofen Sun -- 14. Sentence types / Weidong Zhan and Xiaojing Bai -- 15. Major non-canonical clause types : ba and bei / Hilary Chappell and Dingxu Shi -- 16. Deixis and anaphora / Yan Jiang -- 17. Information structure / Shu-ing Shyu; Appendix. Punctuations / Shui Duen Chan.

"A Reference Grammar of Chinese is a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the linguistic structure of Chinese, covering all of the important linguistic features of the language and incorporating insights gained from research in Chinese linguistics over the past thirty years. With contributions from twenty-two leading Chinese linguists, this authoritative guide uses large-scale corpora to provide authentic examples based on actual language use. The accompanying online example databases ensure that a wide range of exemplars are readily available and also allow for new usages to be updated. This design offers a new paradigm for a reference grammar where generalizations can be cross-checked with additional examples and also provide resources for both linguistic studies and language learning. Featuring bilingual term lists, this reference grammar helps readers to access relevant literature in both English and Chinese and is an invaluable reference for learners, teachers and researchers in Chinese linguistics and language processing"--
Baker Berry PL1099 .R44 2016

Writing Beijing : urban spaces and cultural imaginations in contemporary Chinese literature and films
Yiran, Zheng, 1978, author
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2016]
Baker Berry PL2275.P42 Y57 2016

A book to burn and a book to keep (hidden) : selected writings
Li, Zhi, 1527-1602, author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2016]
Baker Berry PL2698.L45 A2 2016

A useless man : selected stories
Sait Faik, 1906-1954, author
Brooklyn, NY : Archipelago Books, 2014
The samovar -- My father's second house -- The silk handkerchief -- The bocha -- Wedding night -- [... etc.].

Sait Faik Abasiyanik was born in Adapazari in 1906 and died of cirrhosis in Istanbul in 1954. He wrote twelve books of short stories, two novels, and a book of poetry. His stories celebrate the natural world and trace the plight of iconic characters in society: ancient coffeehouse proprietors and priests, dream-addled fishermen adn poets of the Princes' Isles, lovers and wandering minstrels of another time. Many stories are loosely autobiographical and deal with Sait Faik's frustration with social convention, the relentless pace of westernization, and the slow but steady ethnic cleansing of his city. His fluid, limpid surfaces might seem to be in keeping with the restrictions that the architects of the new Republic placed on language and culture, but the truth lies in their dark, subversive undercurrents.
Baker Berry PL248.S288 A2 2014

Supernatural Sinophone Taiwan and beyond
Wu, Chia-rong, author
Amherst, New York : Cambria Press, [2016]
Introduction: A strange beginning -- Tales of the ghost island -- A gendered discourse of trauma -- Spatial politics and cultural landscapes -- Magical nativism in Sinophone Taiwan -- Magical translocalism in Sinophone Malaysian literature -- Postscript: Strangeness in popular literature.
Baker Berry PL3031.T3 W76 2016

张翎, 1957-
杭州 : 浙江文艺出版社, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian PL2976.L476 J53 2015

黑白. 储福金著. 白之篇 /
储福金, author
Nanjing Shi : Jiangsu wen yi chu ban she, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian PL2933.U35 H453 2014

淘金三部曲 / 余一鸣著
余一鸣, 1963- author
Nanjing Shi : Jiangsu wen yi chu ban she, 2013
Baker Berry East Asian PL2973.Y56 T36 2013

The investigation : a novel
Yi, Chŏng-myŏng (Novelist), author
New York : Pegasus Books, 2015
"Watanbe Yuichi, a young guard with a passion for reading, is ordered to investigate a murder. The victim, Sugiyama, also a guard, was feared and despised throughout the prison and inquiries have barely begun when a powerful inmate confesses. But Watanbe is unconvinced; and as he interrogates both the suspect and Yun Dong-ju, a talented Korean poet, he starts to realize that the fearsome guard was not all he appeared to be ... As Watanbe unravels Sugiyama's final months, he begins to discover what is really going on inside this dark and violent institution, which few inmates survive: a man who will stop at nothing to dig his way to freedom; a governor whose greed knows no bounds; a little girl whose kite finds an unlikely friend. And Yun Dong-ju--the poet whose works hold such beauty he can break the hardest of hearts. As the war moves towards its devastating close and bombs rain down upon the prison, Watanbe realizes that he must find a way to protect Yun Dong-ju, no matter what it takes. As he digs further and further in to his investigation, the young guard discovers a devastating truth"--
Baker Berry PL994.9.C46 P9613 2015

春秋公羊傳注疏 / [漢]何休解詁 ; [唐]徐彥疏 ; 刁小龍整理
徐彥, active 9th century-10th century
Shanghai : Shanghai gu ji chu ban she, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian PL2470.Z6 X75 2014

草雪小说集 / 草雪著
陈慧星, author
[China] : [Publisher not identified], [2015?]
Baker Berry East Asian PL2933.E523 A6 2015

Beijing Shi : Zhonghua shu ju, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian PL1171 .G8 2014

刘一达, author
Beijing Shi : Beijing lian he chu ban gong si, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian PL2879.Y53 C4836 2015

第 1 版
余凤高, author
Guilin Shi : Li Jiang chu ban she, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian PL2754.S5 Z9866 2014

鲁迅的世界 / 鲁迅著 ; 王家平选编。
鲁迅, 1881-1936
Beijing : Sheng huo, du shu, xin zhi san lian shu dian, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian PL2754.S5 L654 2015

Medieval Tibeto-Burman languages IV
edited by Christopher I. Beckwith
Leiden ; Brill, 2012
Baker Berry PL3551 .M38 2008

刘义峰, author
Beijing : Jin dun chu ban she, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian PL2457.A5 L589 2014

王宁, 1936- author
Beijing : Shang wu yin shu guan, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian PL1281 .W2566 2015

安徽大学汉语言文字研究丛书. 黄德宽主编. 杨军卷 /
杨军, 1955-
Hefei Shi : Anhui da xue chu ban she, 2013
Baker Berry East Asian PL1201 .Y267 2013

安徽大学汉语言文字研究丛书. 黄德宽主编. 曹德和卷 /
Hefei Shi : Anhui da xue chu ban she, 2013
Baker Berry East Asian PL1071 .C356 2013

孫常叙古文字学論集 / 孫常叙著
孫常叙, author
Shanghai : Shanghai gu ji chu ban she, 2016 nian 1 yue
Baker Berry East Asian PL1281 .S767 2016

爱玲小馆 / 刘绍铭著 ; 陈子善编
Lau, Joseph S. M., 1934-
北京市 : 海豚出版社, 2013
Baker Berry East Asian PL2876.A8 A35 2013

王安忆, author
Shanghai : Shanghai wen yi chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian PL2919.A58 B35 2015

秦簡逐字索引 : 附原文及校釋 : 增訂本 / 主編張顯成
Chengdu Shi : Sichuan da xue chu ban she, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian PL2447 .Q5544 2014

秦文字編 / 王輝主編 ; 楊宗兵, 彭文, 蔣文孝編著
楊宗兵, 1972- author
Beijing Shi : Zhonghua shu ju, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian PL2447 .Y367 2015

迟子建, 1964- author
Zhengzhou Shi : Henan wen yi chu ban she, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian PL2847.T83 Q45 2014

幸福な生活 / 百田尚樹
百田尚樹, 1956- author
Tōkyō : Shōdensha, Heisei nijūsan [2011]
Haha no kioku -- Yoru no hōmonsha -- Sokkurisan -- Otonashii tsuma -- Nokorimono -- Hyōhen -- Seimei hoken -- Chikan -- Busu dangi -- Saikai -- Tsugunai -- Bideo retā -- Mama no miryoku -- Shukujo kyōtei -- Shin'ya no jōkyaku -- Kakureta satsujin -- Saiminjutsu -- Kōfuku na seikatsu.
Baker Berry Japan PL871.Y35 K64 2011

錨を上げよ / 百田尚樹
百田尚樹, 1956-
東京 : 講談社, 2010
Baker Berry Japan PL871.Y35 I33 2010

Love is the pain of feverish flowers = 사랑 은 꽃 몸살 / Kwon Cheonhak, translated by Kim Hana
권 천학, author
Irvine, CA : Seoul Selection USA, 2016
Baker Berry PL992.46.C468 A6 2016

The culture of the quake : the great Kanto Earthquake and Taishō Japan
Bates, Alex, 1974- author
Ann Arbor : Center for Japanese Studies/The University of Michigan, [2015]
"The Culture of the Quake is first and foremost an exploration of Taishō-era narrative fiction. Every major film studio produced earthquake films, and authors from I-novelists to modernists, proletarian writers to popular fiction writers wrote something o the earthquake. In every case pre-existing attitudes toward their work shaped the way these people represented the earthquake, and yet the overwhelming destruction and mass suffering also posed particular challenges in representation."
Baker Berry PL726.63.K356 B38 2015

Wandering Hong Kong with spirits : selected poetry of Liu Waiton
Liao, Weitang, 1975- author
[Brookline, MA] : Zephyr Press, 2016
Preface / Christopher Mattison -- Tree outside the window -- Another divining cat poem, on a spring night -- A song of spring light -- 4am, make love to me -- Charlie on Temple Street -- The ballad of Queen's Pier -- The future history of Hong Kong Island -- In Beijing, I watch a documentary of the July 1 Hong Kong march -- "After writing an anti-war poem I leave the house" -- Fog: Taiping Shan Peak -- Reading the Xinxing County Gazetteer -- The best of times -- Someone plays hide-and-seek in the flame -- Realist laborer in spring -- In time of peace -- Night China -- Looking for Woodbrook Villa on Pokfulam Road -- Sonnet -- Revisiting Du Fu's thatched cottage -- A letter from Lhasa -- Poem for the universe's prostrating-walk -- Jesus is on Temple Street (A-yun's Christmas song) -- Luk Ming Street: to Madame Wu -- Ballad of the Central Star Ferry Pier -- A barbarous night song -- Ballad of the Paris Uprising -- Ballad of disheartenment -- Register of ghosts: Haizi -- Register of ghosts: Luo Yihe -- Register of ghosts: you -- 1967, May fourth memorabilia -- A seaside graveyard: three poems -- A Christmas book, or dark fairy tale -- A shadow's farewell -- In memory of a poet I never met -- 1949 -- Written in fog -- The missing -- An elegy that does not mourn -- Drafting a doomsday poem -- Under a starry sky -- Notes -- Translation acknowledgments -- Author and translator bios.

The first book in the Hong Kong Atlas series, which is a crucial first step in expanding the English-language canon with a range of Hong Kong voices. Authors in the series include a mix of established and emerging authors, ranging from classic untranslated works to a new generation of writers such as Liu Waitong.Liu Waitong (b. 1975) is a poet, novelist, photographer, essayist, and critic. He made his debut as a poet in 1995, and since then he has published ten poetry collections and a novel. He has received a number of literary awards in Hong Kong and Taiwan, including the HK Chinese Literature Award.
Baker Berry PL2946.3.A685 H4313 2016

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