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PL - Eastern Asia / Africa / Oceania acquired during March 2017

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Score one for the dancing girl, and other selections from the Kimun chʻonghwa : a story collection from nineteenth-century Korea
translated by James Scarth Gale ; edited by Ross King and Si Nae Park ; annotations by Donguk Kim
London : University of Toronto Press, [2016]
Baker Berry PL984.E8 K54 2016

饶宗颐, author
羁旅集 / 饶宗颐著
Guangzhou : Hua cheng chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian PL2868.A6 J48 2015

王彬彬, 1962- author
Nanjing : Nanjing da xue chu ban she, 2013
Summary in vernacular field only.
Baker Berry East Asian PL2754.S5 Z8956 2013

刺青。春琴抄.。少将滋幹の母。他 / 谷崎潤一郎
谷崎潤一郎, 1886-1965, author
Tōkyō : Kawade Shobō Shinsha, Shōwa 47 [1972]
Baker Berry Japan PL839.A7 A6 1972

Belly button disc : selected poems of Dongho Kim
Kim, Tong-ho, 1934 April 21- author
Paramus, New Jersey : Homa & Sekey Books, [2017]
"Belly Button Disc contains about 50 poems by Dongho Kim who investigates the mysteries of life and the world we inhabit from a Taoistic lens. His poems exhibit the insights he has harvested throughout his life-long sauntering through the mountains of Lao-tze and Chuang-tze. Though he sings of the depth of Oriental thoughts, Kim does not hesitate to tell of the painful reality of our lives. This double vision allows him to stand apart from the pressing issues that haunt us incessantly. Hence the many ironies, satires, and paradoxes found in his poems. However, these weapons of rhetoric are not aimed at others. They are, instead, directed toward himself, which is why his poetry is seldom biting or vicious, but rather humorous. This comedic quality is the most prominent characteristic of Kim's poetry. With his sense of humor, Kim overthrows the obstinate, rock-hard preconceptions and prejudices, and directs us to uncover hidden facets of things."--
Baker Berry PL992.415.T6245 A2 2017

毕飞宇创作研究 = A research on Bi Feiyu's literary creation / 王欣艳著
王欣艳, 1971- author
Shenyang Shi : Liaoning jiao yu chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian PL2892.I1415 Z9 2015

断肠殇 : 朱淑真接受与研究思辨 / 董军平著
董军平, author
Xi'an Shi : San Qin chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian PL2687.C77 Z65 2015

Formal aspects of Chinese grammar
Xu, Jie, author
Hackensack, NJ : World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., [2016]
Possessor Raising in Chinese and Korean -- Two Types of Pre-Verbal Reflexives in Chinese -- The Positioning of Chinese Focus Marker SHI and Pied-Piping in Logical Form -- Two Types of Null Subject Languages -- Null Object and Its Syntactic Derivation -- The Interaction of Grammatical Features "Question" and "Focus" -- Focus-Marking in Chinese and Malay.
Baker Berry PL1099 .X8 2016

錯乱の日本文学 : 建築/小說をめざして = Delirious literature in Japan : towards an architecture/literature / 石川義正
石川義正, 1966- author
Tōkyō : Kōshisha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan PL726.65 .I75 2016

罗振玉文字学研究 = LuoZhenyuwenzixueyanjiu / 谭飞著
谭飞, 1978- author
Beijing : Zhongguo she hui ke xue chu ban she, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian PL1281 .T3446 2014

《红楼梦》诗词曲赋英译比较研究 / 王宏印著
王宏印, 1953- author
Dalian Shi : Dalian hai shi da xue chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian PL2727.S2 W3485 2015

東海道四谷怪談 / 諏訪春雄編著 ; 監修郡司正勝 [and others]
鶴屋南北, 1755-1829
東京 : 白水社., 1999
Baker Berry Japan PL799.T75 T67 1999

医学書のなかの「文学」 : 江戶の医学と文学が作り上げた世界 = The "literature" you see in medical books / 福田安典
福田安典, 1962- author
Tōkyō-to Chiyoda-ku : Kasama Shoin, Heisei 28 [2016]
Baker Berry Japan PL721.M42 F852 2016

Celestial empire : the emergence of Chinese science fiction
Isaacson, Nathaniel, author
Middletown, Connecticut : Wesleyan University Press, [2017]
Baker Berry PL2275.S34 I83 2017

Someone always in the corner of my eye
심 보선, author
Buffalo, New York : White Pine Press, [2016]
Baker Berry PL994.72.P62 S66 2016

太宰治ブームの系譜 = A look at Osamu Dazai's posthumous popularity / 滝口明祥
滝口明祥, 1980- author
Tōkyō : Hitsuji Shobō, 2016
Baker Berry Japan PL825.A8 Z8728 2016

植民地を読む : 「贋」日本人たちの肖像 : 閱讀殖民地 / 星名宏修著
星名宏修, 1963- author
Tōkyō : Hōsei Daigaku Shuppankyoku, 2016
Baker Berry Japan PL889.T28 H672 2016

Itineraries of power : texts and traversals in Heian and medieval Japan
Kawashima, Terry, author
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Published by the Harvard University Asia Center, 2016
Yamato monogatari: movement, gender, and nation -- Sanekata: poetry, territory, and the exilic -- Shigehira: genres and politics in Heike monogatari -- Suwa: multiplicity, ubiquity, and "elsewhere" in shrine origin narratives.

"Examines a selection of prose narratives and poetry of the mid-Heian to medieval eras (900-1400) which conspicuously features tropes of movement. Argues that the concurrent appearance in a story of a character's physical motion and the techniques identified with literary strategies of motion is a textual signpost urging readers to focus on how the work conceptualizes relations of power and claims to authority."--
Baker Berry PL726.2 .K394 2016

Hou wang Bibi = Pei Pei the Monkey King
Wawa (Poet), author
Kāne'ohe, HI : Tinfish Press, [2016]
Baker Berry PL2920.A59 H68 2016

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