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Interculturality in Chinese language education
Tinghe Jin, Fred Dervin, editors
London : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
Baker Berry PL1074.75 .I58 2017

고발 : 반디 소설 / [반디 지음]
반디, 1950- author
Kyŏnggi-do P'aju-si : Tasan Ch'aekpang, Tasan Puksŭ, 2017
Baker Berry Korea PL994.627 K63 2017

安部公房と「日本」 : 植民地/占領経験とナショナリズム / 坂堅太著
坂堅太, 1984- author
Ōsaka-shi : Izumi Shoin, 2016
Baker Berry Japan PL845.B4 Z84 2016

しんせかい / 山下澄人
山下澄人, 1966- author
Tōkyō : Shinchōsha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan PL877.5.A49 S55 2016

格非, 1964-
Changsha Shi : Hunan wen yi chu ban she, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian PL2938.E34 R46 2014

I hear your voice
Kim, Young-ha, 1968- author
Boston : Mariner Books, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017
"From one of Korea's literary stars, a novel about two orphans from the streets of Seoul: one becomes the head of a powerful motorcycle gang, and the other follows him at all costs. In South Korea, underground motorcycle gangs attract society's castoffs. They form groups of hundreds and speed wildly through cities at night. For Jae and Dongyu, two orphans, their motorcycles are a way of survival. Jae is born in a bathroom stall at the Seoul Express Bus Terminal. And Dongyu is born mute -- unable to communicate with anyone except Jae. Both boys grow up on the streets of Seoul among runaway teenagers, con men, prostitutes, religious fanatics, and thieves. After years navigating the streets, Jae becomes an icon for uprooted teenagers, bringing an urgent message to them and making his way to the top of the gang. Under his leadership, the group grows more aggressive and violent -- and soon becomes the police's central target. A novel of friendship -- worship and betrayal, love and loathing -- and a searing portrait of what it means to come of age with nothing to call your own, I Hear Your Voice resonates with mythic power. Here is acclaimed author Young-ha Kim's most daring novel to date"--
Baker Berry PL992.415.Y5863 N613 2017

The songs of Chu : an ancient anthology of works by Qu Yuan and others
Qu, Yuan, approximately 343 B.C.-approximately 277 B.C., author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2017]
Baker Berry PL2661 .A2 2017

Engaging banality : stories of the salaried life
Kuroi, Senji, 1932- author
Leiden ; Brill, [2017]
Hole and sky -- Time -- Running family.

Engaging Banality: Stories of the Salaried Life by Kuroi Senji' features three of the best-known works of Kuroi Senji?s early career. 'Hole and Sky' (1968), 'Time' (1969) and 'Running Family' (1970) received widespread critical attention in Japan and have been reprinted many times, yet none has been translated until now. In its own way each story reveals the profound ambivalence increasing numbers of Japanese began to feel toward their lives as their desires were channelled into the nation?s single-minded goal of achieving high-speed economic growth. The stories are preceded by a critical introduction that situates Kuroi?s development and ethos as a writer within the context of profound socio-cultural change spanning the end of World War II through the early 1970s. 00Translated from Japanese by Peter Tillack.
Baker Berry PL855.U697 A2 2017

Dimensions of variation in written Chinese
Zhang, Zheng-sheng, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Baker Berry PL1171 .Z4986 2017

Hanvueng : the Goose King and the Ancestral King : an epic from Guangxi in Southern China
translated and annotated by David Holm, Meng Yuanyao
Leiden ; Brill, [2015]
This work is an annotated edition of a ritual manuscript, written in the traditional Zhuang character script. The Hanvueng epic is a narrative in verse about murderous enmity between two royal half-brothers, recited in cases of fraternal feuding, death by violence, and outbreaks of smallpox. The theme of enmity is an important one that resonates deeply in the Tai societies on the periphery of the Chinese empire. The narrative touches on many other aspects of life in the valley-kingdoms in the highlands of Guangxi: marriage and inheritance, match-making, slavery and social stratification, agriculture, hunting, fishing, raiding, livestock raising, dye-making, wild animals and plants, and the use of ritual to put things to rights.
Baker Berry PL4251.C47 H36 2015

Stories to awaken the world
Feng, Menglong, 1574-1646
Seattle : University of Washington Press, c2009
Preface [to the 1627 edition] -- Two high-minded county magistrates vie to take on an orphan girl as daughter-in-law -- Three devoted brothers win honor by yielding family property to one another -- The oil-peddler wins the queen of flowers -- The old gardener meets fair maidens -- The grateful tiger delivers the bride at big tree slope -- Divine foxes lose a book at small water bay -- Scholar Qian is blessed with a wife through a happy mistake -- Prefect Qiao rearranges matches in an arbitrary decision -- Chen Duoshou and his wife bound in life and in death -- The Liu brothers in brotherhood and in marriage -- Three times Su Xiaomei tests her groom -- Four times Abbot Foyin flirts with Qinniang -- The leather boot as evidence against the God Erlang's impostor -- The fan tower restaurant as witness to the love of Zhou Shengxian -- In eternal regret, He Daqing leaves behind a lovers' silk ribbon -- In defiance, Lu Wuhan refuses to give up the colored shoes -- Zhang Xiaoji takes in his brother-in-law at Chenliu -- Shi Fu encounters a friend at Tanque -- Bai Yuniang endures hardships and brings about her husband's success -- Zhang Tingxiu escapes from death and saves his father -- With her wisdom Zhang Shu'er helps Mr. Yang escape -- With his flying sword Lu Dongbin attempts to kill the yellow dragon -- Prince Hailing of Jin dies from indulgence in lust -- Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty is punished for his life of extravagance -- Mr. Dugu has the strangest dreams on his journey home -- Magistrate Xue proves his divinity through a fish -- Li Yuying appeals for justice from jail -- Young Master Wu goes to a tryst in the next boat -- With his passion for poetry and wine, Scholar Lu scorns dukes and earls -- In a humble inn, Li Mian meets a knight-errant -- Regional commander Zheng renders distinguished service with his divine-arm bow -- Scholar Huang is blessed with divine aid through his jade-horse pendant -- Over fifteen strings of cash, a jest leads to dire disasters -- For one penny, a small grudge ends in stark tragedies -- In righteous wrath, old servant Xu builds up a family fortune -- Enduring humiliation, Cai Ruihong seeks revenge -- Du Zichun goes to Chang'an three times -- Daoist Li enters cloud gate cave alone -- Magistsrate Wang burns down precious lotus monastery -- The god of Madang conjures wind to blow Wang Bo to Prince Teng's pavilion.

"Stories to Awaken the World, the first complete translation of Xingshi hengyan, completes the publication in English of the famous three-volume set of Feng Menglong's popular Chinese-vernacular stories. These tales, which come from a variety of sources (some dating back centuries before their compilation in the seventeenth century), were assembled and circulated by Feng, who not only saved them from oblivion but raised the status of vernacular literature and provided material for authors of the great Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) novels to draw upon. This trilogy has been compared to Boccaccio's Decameron and the stories of A Thousand and One Nights. Peopled with scholars, emperors, ministers, generals, and a gallery of ordinary men and women - merchants and artisans, prostitutes and courtesans, matchmakers and fortune-tellers, monks and nuns, thieves and imposters - the stories provide a vivid panorama of the bustling world of late imperial China. The longest volume in the Sanyan trilogy, Stories to Awaken the World is presented in full here, including sexually explicit elements often omitted from Chinese editions. Shuhui Yang and Yunqin Yang have provided a rare treat for English readers: an unparalleled view of the art of traditional Chinese short fiction. As with the first two collections in the trilogy, Stories Old and New and Stories to Caution the World, their excellent renditions of the forty stories in this collection are eminently readable, accurate, and lively. They have included all of the poetry that is scattered throughout the stories, as well as Feng Menglong's interlinear and marginal comments, which convey the values shared among the Chinese cultural elite, point out what original readers of the collection were being asked to appreciate in the writer's art, and reveal Feng's moral engagement with the social problems of his day. The Yangs's translations rank among the very finest English versions of Chinese fiction from any period."
Baker Berry PL2698.F4 H8313 2009

Women's poetry and poetics in late imperial China : a dialogic engagement
Yang, Haihong, 1972- author
Lanham : Lexington Books, [2017]
Introduction -- "Weaving looms in hundreds of rooms": women-authored criticism in late imperial China -- The female recluse: the trope of withdrawal and self-representation in poems by two late Ming/Early Qing women writers -- Playful seriousness: women's "teasingly composed" poems -- "To blaze one's own path": allusion and renovated subjectivity in women's poetry -- "New wine in old bottles": classical poems by women writers in the new media at the turn of the twentieth century -- Epilogue.
Baker Berry PL2327 .Y3455 2017

好狗维克 = Vick the good dog / Yuehua Liu, Chengzhi Chu, Shaoling Zhao
刘月华, 1937-
Beijing : Beijing da xue chu ban she, 2016
"Vick used to be a famous military dog. One day, for no apparent reason, someone attacked and gravely wounded him with a stick. Due to the resulting emotional trauma, he was discharged. Now, he works with us at the Drug-Sniffing Dog Training Center. My coworkers don't like him, but after training him, I've found him to be a brilliant drug-sniffing dog, and we've become the best of friends. Although, when I think back on when we trained together, and to that time my girlfriend left me, I don't know whether to laugh or cry..."--Cover.
On Reserve in Baker Project Room PL1113.H36 L556 2016

两件红衬衫 = Two red shirts / Yuehua Liu, Chengzhi Chu, Shaoling Zhao, Xianliang Chu
刘月华, 1937-
Beijing : Beijing da xue chu ban she, 2016
"The 'Hand-in-Hand' Office of Wanshan County received an odd letter from Beijing. The author said that she would like to sponsor the education of a child in poverty through university. Her requirements: the child had to be a girl, be born on May 4, 1990, and her home be surrounded by camellias in bloom. Furthermore, the office was not allowed to let her or her family know the identity of the benefactor. How strange... Fang Xiaocao, coincidentally, met all of these requirements. In addition to paying for her attendance, the anonymous person sent her a package containing school supplies, as well as a nice red shirt. Twelve years later, Xiaocao was admitted to a university in Beijing. She wanted to use the opportunity to find the mysterious good Samaritan. However, she knew nothing about her; China, too, had changed greatly in those twelve years. Would she find her?"--Cover.
On Reserve in Baker Project Room PL1113.H36 L5837 2016

Fou Lei : an insistence on truth
Hu, Mingyuan, author
Leiden ; Brill, [2017]
In 'Fou Lei: An Insistence on Truth', Mingyuan Hu thinks through the life and work of one of modern China?s most significant public intellectuals, investigating his Shanghai-Paris trajectory and his resistance against cultural barbarism. Using hitherto undiscovered archival documents, Hu presents the first study of Fou Lei?s youth, particularly his formative years in Europe (1928-1931), and analyses the critic-translator?s identity vis-à-vis intercultural friendships and political predicaments. Bringing together previously untranslated material in French and Chinese, 'Fou Lei' paints a man in dark times searching for illumination through words, and invites the reader to reconsider questions, unresolved and unspoken, about his tragic end.
Baker Berry PL2858.L4 Z68 2017

微喜重行 / 黃碧雲
黃碧雲, 1961- author
Xianggang : Tian di tu shu you xian gong si, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian PL2865.P48 W44 2014

爱的变奏 / 叶辛著
叶辛, 1949-
天津市 : 百花文艺出版社, 2008
Baker Berry East Asian PL2924.H77 A645 2008

Beasts head for home : a novel
Abe, Kōbō, 1924-1993, author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2017]
"Set in Manchuria in the aftermath of the Asian Pacific War. The central character is Kuki Kyūzō, whose settler parents relocated from Japan to the Manchurian puppet-state as the Japanese empire expanded. Kyūzō's father, a factory technician, dies shortly after he is born. In the course of Japan's defeat and the Soviet Union's occupation of Manchuria, Kyūzō's mother is seriously wounded, forcing him to remain behind with her rather than evacuate with the other Japanese citizens. Her subsequent death leaves Kyūzō alone in the abandoned Japanese settlement, and he is employed as a houseboy by Alexandrov, an officer in the Soviet army. Approximately two years after the end of hostilities, Kyūzō decides to return to Japan. Providing money, a train ticket, and official travel documents, Alexandrov bids Kyūzō farewell. On the train Kyūzō meets Kō, who appears to be a fellow Japanese, much to Kyūzō's relief. The train is attacked, but Kyūzō and Kō manage to escape, fleeing by foot across the harsh Manchurian plains. Kyūzō gradually comes to realize that Kō is in possession of stolen heroin and is being pursued by the Chinese Communists, who are battling the Nationalist forces for control of the mainland. Finally arriving at a city, Kyūzō is betrayed by Kō, who beats him and steals his identity papers and travel documents. Utterly destitute, Kyūzō makes his way to a Japanese repatriation center. The difficulty is that Kyūzō lacks any documents to prove that he is Japanese. Exposure to the elements has left him deeply sunburned, which further casts doubt on his Japanese identity. He wanders the city and meets another Japanese named Okura, who takes an unusual interest in Kyūzō's relationship with Kō"--
Baker Berry PL845.B4 K413 2017

The hole : a novel
P'yŏn, Hye-yŏng, 1972- author
New York : Arcade Publishing, 2017
A man wakes paralyzed from a car accident that kills his wife. He's taken care of solely by his mother-in-law, who begins to show erratic behavior as she digs up her daughter's prized garden.
Baker Berry Korea PL994.67.H94 H6513 2017

第 1 版
张志坚, author
Beijing : Ren min ri bao chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian PL2727.S2 Z5275 2015

做局高手 : 一个商界大佬的巨大阴谋与超级圈套 / 柯云路 著
柯云路, author
Shenyang Shi : Wan juan chu ban gong si, 2013
Baker Berry East Asian PL2872.Y85 Z86 2013

新出楚簡中的楚國語料與史料 / 魏慈德著
台北 : 五南圖書出版公司, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian PL2447 .W46 2014

吕钦文, author
Changchun : Shi dai wen yi chu ban she, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian PL2947.5.U4366 S85 2016

鲍晓英, author
Shanghai : Shanghai jiao tong da xue chu ban she, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian PL2886.O1684 Z7645 2016

甲金成语五百例 / 李来付书
李来付, author
Beijing : Wen wu chu ban she, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian PL2456 .L455 2016

The Nakano Thrift Shop
Kawakami, Hiromi, 1958- author
New York, N.Y. : Europa Editions, 2017
In the Nakano Thrift Shop, the young woman who works the register falls for her reserved co-worker and asks her employers sister for advice in attracting him and soon comes to realize that love requires acceptance of idiosyncrasies and secrets.
Baker Berry PL855.A859 F8713 2017

第 1 版
邓庆佑, author
Beijing : Beijing shi dai Hua wen shu ju, 2017
Baker Berry East Asian PL2727.S2 D4366 2017

全世界人民都知道 / 李承鹏著
李承鹏, author
Beijing : Xin xing chu ban she, 2013
Baker Berry East Asian PL2946.C45 Q36 2013

Key issues in Chinese as a second language research
edited by Istvan Kecskes and Chaofen Sun
New York, NY : Routledge, 2017
Baker Berry PL1056 .K53 2017

胡适文学思想的现代性 / 罗譞著
罗譞, author
Beijing : Guang ming ri bao chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian PL2766.S5 Z767 2015

The great passage : a novel
Miura, Shion, 1976- author
Seattle : AmazonCrossing, 2017
"Inspired as a boy by the multiple meanings to be found for a single word in the dictionary, Kohei Araki is devoted to the notion that a dictionary is a boat to carry us across the sea of words. But after thirty-seven years creating them at Gembu Books, it's time for him to retire and find his replacement. He discovers a kindred spirit in Mitsuya Majime--a young, disheveled square peg with a penchant for collecting antiquarian books and a background in linguistics--whom he swipes from his company's sales department. Led by his new mentor and joined by an energetic, if reluctant, new recruit and an elder linguistics scholar, Majime is tasked with a career-defining accomplishment: completing The Great Passage, a comprehensive 2,900-page tome of the Japanese language. On his journey, Majime discovers friendship, romance, and an incredible dedication to his work, inspired by the bond that connects us all: words" --Back cover.
Baker Berry PL873.I58 F8613 2017

Post-lingual Chinese language learning : Hanzi pedagogy
Han, Jinghe, author
London : Palgrave Macmillan, 2017
Baker Berry PL1171 .H33227 2017

Syllable weight in African languages
edited by Paul Newman, Indiana University
Amsterdam ; John Benjamins Publishing Company, [2017]
Syllable weight is a crucially important concept in the fields of phonology and morphology. It impacts analyses and explanation whether theoretical, typological, or descriptive. African linguistics was critical in the original development of the concept and, as this book demonstrates, the concept is critical to our understanding of complex phenomena in African languages, including stress, tone, allomorphy, minimal word requirements, and metrics. This volume includes a broad overview of syllable weight as a phonological variable and then provides detailed case studies covering an array of African languages from various phyla spoken across the continent. This should prove to be an essential book for scholars and students in the area of general phonology and African linguistics. The editor of the book, Distinguished Professor Paul Newman, is an internationally well-known expert on African linguistics in general and the Hausa language in particular. It was he who first introduced the term 'syllable weight' in a seminal article published nearly a half century ago.
Baker Berry PL8007 .S95 2017

Eroticism and other literary conventions in Chinese literature : intertextuality in The story of the stone
Wu, I-Hsien (Literature teacher), author
Amherst, New York : Cambria Press, [2017]
Preface -- Erotic literature -- Mundane lust -- Drama as reading -- Drama as performance -- Making of literati -- Making of things -- Text in flux.
Baker Berry PL2727.S2 W875 2017

Oh, let me return! : nature's poets: Chinese poetry of two millennia
edited and translated by Ha Poong Kim
Eastbourne ; Sussex Academic Press, 2017
Baker Berry PL2518.8.N3 O4 2017

Quelling the demons' revolt : a novel of Ming China
Luo, Guanzhong, approximately 1330-approximately 1400, author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2017]
Baker Berry PL2690 .P513 2017

Yūshi hōgen : an eighteenth-century Japanese farce
translated, with an introduction by Maryellen Toman Mori ; with a foreword by Charles Shirō Inouye
Lewiston, New York, USA : The Edwin Mellen Press, [2016]
Baker Berry Japan PL782.E5 Y87 2016

Chinese avant-garde fiction : quest for historicity and transcendent truth
Yu, Zhansui, author
Amherst, New York : Cambria Press, [2017]
Baker Berry PL2419.E96 Y83 2017

The cursed piano : a novel
Bei, La, author
South San Francisco, CA : Sinomedia International Group, China Books, [2017]
"Beila is a newly-emerging Chinese novelist whose novel "The Cursed Piano" is set during the Jewish enclave in Shanghai just prior to World War II, where the city served as a refuge for the persecuted Jews of Europe."--
Baker Berry PL2833.5.E458 M613 2017

Origins of Chinese political philosophy : studies in the composition and thought of the Shangshu (Classic of Documents)
edited by Martin Kern, Dirk Meyer
Leiden ; Brill, [2017]
Origins of Chinese Political Philosophy' is the first book in any Western language to explore the composition, language, thought, and early history of the 'Shangshu' (Classic of Documents), one of the pillars of the Chinese textual, intellectual, and political tradition. In examining the text from multiple disciplinary and intellectual perspectives, 'Origins of Chinese Political Philosophy' challenges the traditional accounts of the nature and formation of the 'Shangshu' and its individual chapters. As it analyzes in detail the central ideas and precepts given voice in the text, it further recasts the 'Shangshu' as a collection of dynamic cultural products that expressed and shaped the political and intellectual discourses of different times and communities.
Baker Berry PL2465.Z7 O75 2017

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