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PL - Eastern Asia / Africa / Oceania acquired during January 2017

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The Chinese language in European texts : the early period
Luca, Dinu, author
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]
Introduction: Entering the Language Continuum -- 1. Silence, Script, and “New Understandings” -- 2. Figures, Hieroglyphs, and Ciphers,- 3. Ships, Bricks, and the Majesty of Writing: The New Century -- Conclusion.

This detailed, chronological study investigates the rise of the European fascination with the Chinese language up to 1615. By meticulously investigating a wide range of primary sources, Dinu Luca identifies a rhetorical continuum uniting the land of the Seres, Cathay, and China in a tropology of silence, vision, and writing. Tracing the contours of this tropology, The Chinese Language in European Texts: The Early Period offers close readings of language-related contexts in works by classical authors, medieval travelers, and Renaissance cosmographers, as well as various merchants, wanderers, and missionaries, both notable and lesser-known. What emerges is a clear and comprehensive understanding of early European ideas about the Chinese language and writing system.
Baker Berry PL2274.2.E85 D83 2016

세계를 담은 한글 / 글쓴이 이 현정 ; 그린이 임 성훈
이 현정, author
Sŏul-si : Tonga Saiŏnsŭ, 2012
Baker Berry Korea PL915 .Y55 2012

七根孔雀羽毛 / 张楚作品
张楚, 1974- author
Shanghai : Shanghai wen yi chu ban she, 2012
Baker Berry East Asian PL2976.C47 Q5 2012

马金莲, 1982- author
Beijing : Zuo jia chu ban she, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian PL2948.3.J56 C436 2014

宋前文献引《春秋》研究 / 郜同麟著
郜同麟, author
Beijing : Zhongguo she hui ke xue chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian PL2470.Z6 G36 2015

碑别字新编 / 秦公, 刘大新编著
Beijing Shi : Wen wu chu ban she, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian PL2448 .C2555 2016

金陵四家诗词选集 / 林散之, 萧娴, 高二适, 胡小石著 ; 求雨山文化名人纪念馆编
林散之, author
Hefei : Huang Shan shu she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian PL2307 .L562 2015

「文藝春秋」の戦争 : 戦前期リベラリズムの帰趨 / 鈴木貞美
鈴木貞美, 1947- author
筑摩選書 ; 0131
Baker Berry Japan PL726.65 .S89 2016

彼女たちの文学 : 語りにくさと読まれること / 飯田祐子著
飯田祐子, 1966- author
Nagoya-shi : Nagoya Daigaku Shuppankai, 2016
Baker Berry Japan PL725 .I34 2016

尋常小學國語讀本 / [著作者] 文部省
東京 : 秋元書房, 昭和 57 [1982]
Baker Berry Japan PL537 .J56 1982

丰子恺, 1898-1975
杭州 : 浙江文艺出版社, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian PL2760.E55 F456 2016

殷墟甲骨文 / 王宇信, 王紹東著
王宇信, 1940- author
Beijing Shi : Wen wu chu ban she, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian PL2457.A5 W35 2016

The Dura language : grammar and phylogeny
Schorer, Nicolas, author
Boston : Brill, [2016]
In 'The Dura Language: Grammar & Phylogeny' Nicolas Schorer provides the definite descriptive account of this hitherto poorly documented language of Lamjung, Nepal. The Dura language is effectively extinct, although attempts at revival may be undertaken by well-intentioned members of Dura ethnicity. On the basis of a comprehensive study and analysis of all of the extant Dura language material, the book outlines the phonology, nominal and verbal morphology, lexical and syntactic properties as well as the phylogenetic position of the language in unprecedented detail. The result of the phylogenetic inquiry will help explain some of the sociocultural realities associated with the Dura community in Nepal and is a significant contribution to our understanding of the linguistic landscape of the Himalayas.
Baker Berry PL3801.D9971 S36 2016

The graveyard apartment
Koike, Mariko, 1952- author
New York : Thomas Dunne Books, 2016
A young married couple and their daughter move into a brand new apartment building built next to a graveyard. The couple is hiding a dark secret ... and the apartment harbors a spector of evil. When terrifying events occur, others in the building start to move out until the family is left alone with someone ... or something ... lurking in the basement.
Baker Berry PL855.O3525 B6313 2016

Interrogative strategies : an areal typology of the languages of China
Luo, Tianhua, author
Amsterdam : John Benjamins Publishing Company, [2016]
This book deals with how to ask questions in the languages of China. The syntactic, morphological, and lexical forms for distinguishing interrogatives take centre stage; intonation is also dealt with, but more peripherally than question particles, disjunctive and negative constructions, and word order. 140 languages spoken in China are covered coming from four major families: Sino-Tibetan, Altaic, Austronesian and Austro-Asiatic, accompanied by a few mixed languages. The approach is areal-typological, i.e. these focal languages are compared to the languages of the world as represented in typological samples, and within China areal patterns of the structural variables are examined. The book will be a reference for future work on interrogatives in a typological context and for areal studies of the language situation in China and more generally East Asia.
Baker Berry PL1250.I57 L86 2016

稼軒長短句 : [12卷] / (宋)辛稼軒[棄疾]著
辛棄疾, 1140-1207
Baker Berry East Asian PL2680 .A6 1975

もう一つの日本文学史 : 室町。性愛。時間 / 国文学研究資料館編
Tōkyō : Bensei Shuppan, 2016
Baker Berry Japan PL716 .M86 2016

By the river : seven contemporary Chinese novellas
edited by Charles A. Laughlin, Liu Hongtao, and Jonathan Stalling
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, [2016]
Introduction, by Charles A. Laughlin, with Liu Hongtao -- The Beloved Tree, by Jiang Yun -- Voice Change, by Xu Zechen -- Mountain Songs from the Heavens, by Han Shaogong -- A Flurry of Blessings, by Chi Zijian -- Love and Its Lack Are Emblazoned on the Heart, by Fang Fang -- Safety Bulletin, by Li Tie -- The Sanctimonious Cobbler, by Wang Anyi.

"A collection representing the best in modern Chinese novellas, includes stories from Mao Dun Literature Prize winners Chi Zijian and Wang Anyi"--
Baker Berry PL2658.E8 B9 2016

辭源 : 單卷合訂本
Baker Berry East Asian PL1420 .C585 1988

湯顯祖戯曲集 / 錢南揚校點
湯顯祖, 1550-1616
Shanghai : Shanghai gu ji chu ban she, 1978
Baker Berry East Asian PL2695 .A19 1978

郁達夫, 1896-1945
上海 : 上海书店, 1980
Baker Berry East Asian PL2831.T3 Z478 1980

鼠咀集 : 世紀末在美國 / 喬志高著
Kao, George, 1912-2008
Ben shu shi lü mei zuo jia qiao zhi gao zui xin de yi ben san wen ji. nei rong fen " shi shi ", " yu wen ", " wen xue ", " mei yu ", " ren wu ", " zi ji " deng liu ji. quan shu han gai ba shi nian dai, yi mei guo she hui ren sheng wei jing, mei guo yu wen wei wei, tou guo guan gan, you qing he hui yi, ti gong yi ge jiu ju hai wai de zhong guo ren de xin sheng.
Baker Berry East Asian PL2869.O119 S48 1991

陶渊明诗文选注 = Tao Yuanming shiwen xuanzhu / 唐满先选注
上海 : 上海古籍出版社 : 新华书店上海发行所发行, 1981
Baker Berry East Asian PL2665.T3 Z868 1981

Ch'oe, Yun, 1953- author
Victoria, TX : Dalkey Archive Press, 2016
"Ch'oe Yun's Mannequin is a novel that reflects on the meaning of beauty and its many facets of existence. The beauty of the main character, Jini, is captured through a carefree imagination that describes it as "the music of the wind," or something that can't be described in words. Through the beauty that penetrates and captivates us in fleeting moments, the novel leads us to critically reflect on the question of what true beauty is in a world where people are captivated by the beauty of advertising models in a flood of new products. In that respect, Mannequin, as the title implies, is a sad allegory on a capitalistic society in which a woman's body, artificial and standardized, becomes a product."--
Baker Berry PL992.18.Y86 M3613 2016

[香港] : 風華出版事業公司, [199-?]
Baker Berry East Asian PL2321 .T36475 1990

胡適, 1891-1962
[臺北] : 六藝出版社, 民國42 [1953]
Baker Berry East Asian PL2766.S5 A6 1953

Русско-калмыцкие литературные связи XX-XXI веков в диалоге культур / Р.М. Ханинова, Д.А. Иванова
Ханинова, Римма
Ėlista : Kalmyt︠s︡kiĭ gosudarstvennyĭ universitet, 2016
Baker Berry PL430 .K43 2016

陸放翁詩詞選 / 疾風選注
陸游, 1125-1210
杭州 : 浙江人民出版社, 1982
Baker Berry East Asian PL2687.L8 A6 1982

郁达夫抒情散文 / 倪建电选编
郁达夫, 1896-1945
北京 : 作家出版社, 1990
Baker Berry East Asian PL2831.T3 A62 1990

San wen juan si : 1952 nian yi hou zuo pin
Baker Berry East Asian PL2837.E35 A14 2003d

散文卷二 : 1939-1947年作品 / [張愛玲著]
哈尔滨市 : 哈尔滨出版社, 2003
Baker Berry East Asian PL2837.E35 A14 2003b

美食家 / 陸文夫著
上海 : 上海文艺出版社, 1997
Baker Berry East Asian PL2880.U19 M452 1997

A grammar of rGyalrong, Jiăomùzú (kyom-kyo) dialects : a web of relations
Prins, Marielle, author
Boston : Brill, [2017]
A Grammar of rGyalrong, Jia omuzu (Kyom-kyo) dialects. A Web of Relations' is the first full length description in English of a rGyalrong language. Marielle Prins describes the phonology, morphology and syntax for one variety of these under-researched and threatened languages. From a host of examples and texts emerges a clear picture of natural language use, creating an enduring record and a great resource for comparative and diachronic linguists. Careful analysis of the data uncovers the web of relations between individuals and all entities in their environment, to which the rGyalrong people attach great importance. The informative, clear style of writing makes this book a treasure trove for linguists as well as other interested readers.
Baker Berry PL3651.G91 P74 2017

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