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PL - Eastern Asia / Africa / Oceania acquired during July 2016

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권 순찬 과 착한 사람들 / 이 기호 ; 스텔라 김 옮김 = Kwon Sun-chan and nice people / written by Lee Ki-ho ; translated by Stella Kim
이 기호, 1972- author
Sŏul T'ŭkpyŏlsi : Asia, 2015
Baker Berry Korea PL994.9.K54 K86 2015

옥화 / 금희 ; 전 승희 옮김 = Ok-hwa / written by Geum Hee ; translated by Jeon Seung-hee
금 희, author
Sŏul T'ŭkpyŏlsi : Asia, 2015
Baker Berry Korea PL994.445.H85 O65 2015

올드 맨 리버 / 이 장욱 ; 스텔라 김 옮김 = Old man river / written by Lee Jang-wook ; translated by Stella Kim
이 장욱, 1968- author
Sŏul T'ŭkpyŏlsi : Asia, 2015
Baker Berry Korea PL994.9.C437 O64 2015

시차 / 백 수린 ; 전 미세리 옮김 = Time difference / written by Baik Sou Linne ; translated by Jeon Miseli
백 수린, 1982- author
Sŏul T'ŭkpyŏlsi : Asia, 2015
Baker Berry Korea PL994.613.S83 S53 2015

现代主义视野下的知青文学 / 郭小东主编
[Wuhan] : Wuhan da xue chu ban she, 2013
Ben shu shi yi ben wen xue ping lun zhuan ji, dui shang shi ji 80 nian dai zhi qing wen xue zuo liao duo fang mian jie xi he ping lun, dui zhi qing wen xue yong xian dai shi ye jin xing tao lun ji chan shu,ji ken ding zhi qing wen xue de cheng gong, ye fan si bu zu zhi chu, tong shi dui xin shi ji zhi qing wen xue jin xing liao zhan wang.
Baker Berry East Asian PL2303 .X436 2013

조선 의 음담 패설 : "기이재 상담" 읽기 / 정 병설 풀고 씀
정 병설
서울시 : 예옥, 2010
Baker Berry Korea PL980.15.E76 C45 2010

채식주의자 : 한강연작소설 / [지은이 한강]
한강, 1970-
경기도파주시 : 창비, 2007
Ch'aesikjuŭija -- Monggo panjŏm --Namu pulkkot.
Baker Berry Korea PL992.26.K36 C43 2007

바느질 하는 여자 : 김 숨 장편 소설
김 숨, 1974- author
Sŏul : Munhak kwa Chisŏngsa, 2015
Baker Berry Korea PL994.415.S86 P36 2015

Memory, violence, queues : Lu Xun interprets China
Chou, E. Shan
Ann Arbor, Mich. : Association for Asian Studies, ©2012
Renewing a seminal literary figure -- Cutting his queue : nationalism, identity, and other unknowns -- The literary afterlife of the queue : a closer look at the years 1920-22 -- The life of a poem, 1903-36 -- In the hands of others, 1934-36 : the visual materials.

Memory, Violence Queues: Lu Xun Interprets China takes a new look at the writer whose name is synonymous with the radical newness of modern Chinese literature. It identifies key moments in Lu Xun's creative development and places them in the context of the turbulent era in which China became a republic. The result is a fresh and nuanced interpretation of a range of works, from fiction and essays to classical poems. The analyses highlight the writer's engagement with epochal political events--the discarding of the queue style of hair, the failed monarchical restoration of Zhang Xun, the Five Martyrs incident of the leftist literary movement, and the parallel movement in art. A distinctive feature is the extensive use of visual materials and contemporary photographs. Through her original approach, Eva Shan Chou restores historical complexity to the literary conscience of modern China.
Baker Berry PL2754.S5 Z637 2012

Burmese : a comprehensive grammar
Jenny, Mathias
New York : Routledge, 2016
"A complete reference guide to Burmese grammar. It presents a fresh, accessible and thorough description of the language, concentrating on the real patterns of use in modern Burmese. The book moves from the sounds and script through morphology and word classes to a detailed analysis of sentence structures and semantic features such as aspect, tense, negation and reduplication. The volume is organized to promote a thorough understanding of Burmese grammar. It offers a stimulating analysis of the complexities of the language, and provides full and clear explanations. Throughout, the emphasis is on Burmese as used by present-day native speakers. An extensive index and numbered paragraphs provide readers with easy access to the information they require"--
Baker Berry PL3931 .J46 2016

Ruined city : a novel
Jia, Pingwa
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, [2016]
"Jia Pingwa introduces readers to his novel's antihero Zhuang Zhidie, a famous contemporary writer and an infamous lothario, who struggles with his own exacting artistic and literary standards, his "celebrity", and his inevitable disappointment in his various sexual liaisons. A cautionary tale of what it means to live in rapidly-changing China and the trappings of nostalgia, an unrequited romanticism for China's pre-modern, rural past" --
Baker Berry PL2843.P5 F4513 2016

贾平凹纪事 : [1990-2000] / 王新民著
王新民, 1960- author
Jinan : Shandong ren min chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian PL2843.P55 W37 2015

葵花 / 何玉茹著
何玉茹, author
Beijing Shi : Ren min wen xue chu ban she, 2013
Baker Berry East Asian PL2939.E566 K85 2013

王小鹰, 1947- author
Shanghai : Shanghai wen yi chu ban she, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian PL2919.H65 D54 2014

살아 있는 과거 : 한국 문학 의 어떤 맥락 : 염 무웅 평론집
염 무웅, author
Kyŏnggi-do P'aju-si : Ch'angbi, 2015
Baker Berry Korea PL958.4 .Y643 2015

ブス論 / 大塚ひかり
大塚ひかり, 1961-
東京 : 筑摩書房, 2005
Baker Berry Japan PL722.W64 O88 2005

感情を出せない源氏の人びと : 日本人の感情表現の歴史 / 大塚ひかり
大塚ひかり, 1961-
東京 : 每日新聞社, 2000
Baker Berry Japan PL788.4.G43 O87 2000

日本古代恋愛文学史 / 吉田幹生 = The history of ancient Japanese literature of love / Yoshida Mikio
吉田幹生, 1972- author
Tōkyō-to Chiyoda-ku : Kasama Shoin, 2015
Baker Berry Japan PL747.1186.L6 Y67 2015

海賊とよばれた男 / 百田尚樹
百田尚樹, 1956- author
Tōkyō : Kōdansha, 2012
Historical novel based on the "Nissho Maru incident." In March 1953, the Japanese oil company Idemitsu secretly sent the second-generation Nissho Maru to Iran, which was involved in a dispute with Great Britain after nationalizing its oil industry. Loaded with about 22,000 kiloliters of gasoline and diesel oil, the Nissho Maru returned to the Port of Kawasaki in May, greeted by welcoming crowds. In response, the British Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (the predecessor of BP) sued Idemitsu in Tokyo District Court, claiming ownership of the Nissho Maru's cargo. This "Nissho Maru Incident" would be fought out in the courts. The judicial process was reported on in detail in the newspapers day after day, and in the end Idemitsu was victorious, as the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company dropped its case.
Baker Berry Japan PL871.Y35 K35 2012

銀翼のイカロス / Icarus, flying on silver wings / Jun Ikeido. 池井戶潤 =
池井戶潤, 1963- author
Tōkyō : Daiyamondosha, 2014
A series of misdeeds within the bank and with political leaders has Naoki Hanzawa scrambling as he tries to keep the massive debt incurred by Teikoku Airlines from being written off the banks books.
Baker Berry Japan PL871.5.K453 G56 2014

葛亮, 1978- author
Taibei Shi : Lian jing chu ban shi ye gu fen you xian gong si, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian PL2938.E43 B422 2015

紫式部, 978?-
源氏物語 / 大塚ひかり全訳
Dai 1-kan. Kiritsubo, Hahakigi, Utsusemi, Yūgao, Wakamurasaki, Suetsumuhana, Momiji no ga, Hana no en, Aoi, Sakaki -- Dai 2-kan. Hanachirusato, Suma, Akashi, Miotsukushi, Yomogiu, Sekiya, Eawase, Matsukaze, Usugumo, Asagao, Otome -- Dai 3-kan. Tamakazura, Hatsune, Kochō, Hotaru, Tokonatsu, Kagaribi, Nowaki, Miyuki, Fujibakama, Makibashira, Umegae, Fuji no uraba -- Dai 4-kan. Wakana ge, Wakana jō, Kashiwagi, Yokobue, Suzumushi, Yūgiri -- Dai 5-kan. Minori, Maboroshi, Kumogakure, Niou Miya, Kōbai, Takekawa, Hashihime, Shiigamoto, Agemaki, Sawarabi -- Dai 6-kan. Yadorigi, Azumaya, Ukihashi, Kagerō, Tenarai, Yume no ukihashi.
Baker Berry Japan PL788.4 .G4 2008

Tang Dynasty Tales : a guided reader. Volume 2
William H. Nienhauser, Jr
Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 2016
Baker Berry PL2641 .T32184 2016

1980년대 를 읽다 : 노동 과 표현 의 문제 / 정 기문 [and 7 others]
Sŏul-si : Kŭl Nurim, 2015
Baker Berry Korea PL957.5.W68 A16 2015

清華簡"繫年"與"左傳"敘事比較研究 / 侯文學, 李明麗著
侯文學, 1972- author
Shanghai Shi : Zhong xi shu ju, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian PL2447 .H689 2015

永遠の Ø / 百田尚樹
百田尚樹, 1956- author
Tōkyō : Ōta Shuppan, 2006
Baker Berry Japan PL871.Y35 E34 2010

カエルの楽園 = The paradise of frogs / 百田尚樹
百田尚樹, 1956- author
Tōkyō : Shinchōsha, 2016
An allegorical cautionary tale that pokes at the true nature of society. Two tree frogs, Socrates and Robert, set out in search of a peaceful home. They reach the country of Napage, where a society of wrinkled frogs keeps some odd precepts but lives in peace and quiet -- that is, until a certain incident occurs. What is peace? Who is truly foolish?
Baker Berry Japan PL871.Y35 K345 2016

オレたち花のバブル組 / 池井戶潤
池井戶潤, 1963-
東京 : 文藝春秋, 2008
Baker Berry Japan PL871.5.K453 O84 2008

ロスジェネの逆襲 = The lost generation strikes back / 池井戶潤
池井戶潤, 1963-
東京 : ダイヤモンド社, 2012
Baker Berry Japan PL871.5.K453 R67 2012

オレたちバブル入行組 / 池井戶潤
池井戶潤, 1963-
東京 : 文藝春秋, 2004
Baker Berry Japan PL871.5.K453 O75 2004

プリズム / 百田尚樹
百田尚樹, 1956-
東京 : 幻冬舎, 2011
Baker Berry Japan PL871.Y35 P87 2011

フォルトゥナの瞳 / 百田尚樹
百田尚樹, 1956- author
Tōkyō : Shinchōsha, 2014
Baker Berry Japan PL871.Y35 F67 2014

愛とまぐはひの古事記 / 大塚ひかり
大塚ひかり, 1961-
東京 : KKベストセラーズ, 2005
Baker Berry Japan PL784.K6 O88 2005

日記で読む日本中世史 / 元木泰雄, 松薗斉編著
京都市 : ミネルヴァ書房, 2011 (2012 printing)
Baker Berry Japan PL741.117.H54 N55 2011

恋と禁忌の古代文芸史 : 日本文芸における美の起源 / 森朝男
森朝男, 1940-
Baker Berry Japan PL726.125.L6 M67 2002

한국 소설 속 의 기독교 = Christianity in Korean novels / 최 재선 지음
최 재선, 1964- author
Sŏul-si : (Chu) Pagijŏng, 2015
Baker Berry Korea PL965.7.C47 C46 2015

내 가 태어나서 가장 먼저 배운 말 / 김 금희 [and nine others]
Sŏul-si : Han'gyŏre Ch'ulp'an, 2015
Cho Chung-gyun ŭi segye / Kim Kŭm-hŭi -- Wawa ŭi mun / Kim Hye-jin -- Arŭmdapko ch'akhage / Pak Min-jŏng -- Kil wi ŭi ch'in'gudŭl / Paek Su-rin -- K'ŏsŏ pŭllingk'ŭ (Cusor Blink) / Yun Hae-sŏ -- Myŏt kae ŭi sŏn / Yi Chu-ran -- Yuri / Cho Su-gyŏng -- Chigŭkhi naesŏngjŏgin sarin ŭi kyŏngu / Ch'oe Chŏng-hwa -- O / Ch'oe Chin-yŏng -- Nae ka t'aeŏnasŏ kajang mŏnjŏ paeun mal / Hwang Hyŏn-jin.
Baker Berry Korea PL980.6 .N34 2015

日本古代の「漢」と「和」 : 嵯峨朝の文学から考える / 北山円正, 新間一美, 滝川幸司, 三木雅博, 山本登朗編
Tōkyō : Bensei Shuppan, 2015
Baker Berry Japan PL726.2 .N455 2015

モンスター / 百田尚樹
百田尚樹, 1956- author
Tōkyō : Gentōsha, Heisei 24 [2012]
A physically unattractive young woman is shunned from her homeown and moves to Tokyo where she discovers that plastic surgery might help her.
Baker Berry Japan PL871.Y35 M65 2012

民王 / 池井戶潤
池井戶潤, 1963-
東京 : 文芸春秋, 2013
Baker Berry Japan PL871.5.K453 T366 2013

カラダで感じる源氏物語 / 大塚ひかり
大塚ひかり, 1961-
東京 : 筑摩書房, 2002
Baker Berry Japan PL788.4.G43 O89 2002

美男の立身, ブ男の逆襲 / 大塚ひかり
大塚ひかり, 1961-
東京 : 文藝春秋, 平成17 [2005]
Baker Berry Japan PL722.M45 O88 2005

とりかへばや物語の研究 : 校注編, 解題編 / 校注。解題 鈴木弘道
東京 : 笠間書院, 昭和48 [1973]
Baker Berry Japan PL787 .T64 1973

路 : 中華民族悲壯歷程三十年 : (1949-1978) / 向明 著
黃向明, author
Xianggang : Xianggang wen yi chu ban she, [2015]
Baker Berry East Asian PL2941.X536 L8 2015

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