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The knight in the panther skin
Rustaveli, Shota, active 12th century-13th century, author
Tblisi : Poezia Press, 2015
Baker Berry PK9169.R8 E5 2015

Dari : an intermediate textbook = Darī : kitāb mutawassiṭ Darī
Arman, Rahman, author
Washington, DC : Georgetown University Press, 2017
Chapter 1.: Lesson 1. At the airport ; Lesson 2. A Meeting with the mayor of Kabul ; Lesson 3. A trip to Maazar-e Sharif -- Chapter 2.: Lesson 1. The traditional red rose festival ; Lesson 2. Dinner invitation ; Lesson 3. A Traditional wedding ceremony -- Chapter 3.: Lesson 1. Renting a place ; Lesson 2. Buying furniture ; Lesson 3. Hiring employees -- Chapter 4.: Lesson 1. Opening a bank account ; Lesson 2. Helping locals open a business ; Lesson 3. Making investments -- Chapter 5.: Lesson 1. Admission to Kabul University ; Lesson 2. The ethnic groups in Afghanistan ; Lesson 3. The History of Kabul City -- Chapter 6.: Lesson 1. Computer training classes ; Lesson 2. Computer course classroom policies ; Lesson 3. Social obstacles for women's education -- Appendix A. Answer Key -- Appendix B. Transcripts for video and audio -- Appendix C. Dari phrases -- Appendix D. Dari verbs -- Appendix E. Dari-English glossary -- Appendix F. English-Dari glossary.

This textbook offers a thematically-organized approach to the Dari language for intermediate students. The book emphasizes task-oriented, communicative activities that develop the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing). The topics discussed include travel, micro-loans for businesses, shopping, and meeting with officials. Innovations include the functional approach to grammar; an emphasis on integrated skills development; and the use of various authentic materials, especially the videos filmed in the different regions of Afghanistan. Dari belongs to the Iranian group of Indo-European languages. Along with Farsi and Tajiki, it is one of the three main Persian dialects. Dari is the most-used language in Afghanistan; all official documents are written in the language. It is, with Pashto, one of the two official languages of the country. Dari has more than 40 million speakers worldwide. Large communities of native speakers reside in Iran and Tajikistan and throughout central and south Asia.
Baker Berry PK6393.A35 A763 2017

Innovations and turning points : toward a history of kāvya literature
edited by Yigal Bronner, David Shulman, Gary Tubb
New Delhi, India : Oxford University Press, 2014
Baker Berry PK2905 .I56 2014

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