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PJ - Oriental Languages & Literatures acquired during January 2017

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On literature and philosophy : the non-fiction writing of Naguib Mahfouz. Volume 1
Maḥfūẓ, Najīb, 1911-2006, author
London : Gingko Library, 2016
The demise of old beliefs and the emergence of new ones -- Women and public office -- The development of philosophy in the pre-Socratic era -- The philosophy of Socrates -- Plato and his philosophy -- Anton Chekhov (the Russian author) -- Three of our writers -- Love and the sexual impulse -- Philosophy according to the philsophers -- What is the meaning of philosophy? -- Psychology : its trends and methods, ancient and modern -- Animal life and psychology -- The senses and sensory perception -- Consciousness -- Theories of the mind -- Language -- Art and culture -- I have read -- Of art and history -- Concerning the book Artistic Imageri in the Qur'an.
Baker Berry PJ7846.A46 M34 2016

Kahlil Gibran : beyond borders
Gibran, Jean, author
Northampton, Massachusetts : Interlink Books, 2017
Born in Bsharri -- A city wilderness -- Bookmaking and bohemia -- Beirut -- "Pegasus harnessed to an ash-wagon" -- "A gallery of gracious and novel heads" -- Al-musiqa -- "The presence of a she-angel" -- Rebellious spirits in Paris -- Frontiers of friendship -- From Boston to New York -- Growing partnerships -- Work made visible -- War and famine -- A people's poet -- Awakening in the immigrant press -- No longer apart -- "O mist, my sister" -- "After all the debts are paid" -- The final years -- Homecoming -- Legacies.

"A comprehensive biography of the life of artist-poet Kahlil Gibran and his development as an artist transcending geographical boundaries of East and West--includes many rare photographs and images of his work"--
Baker Berry PJ7826.I2 Z664 2017

Iraq + 100 : stories from a century after the invasion
edited by Hassan Blasim ; with additional editorial support from Noor Hemani & Ra Page
[Great Britain] : Comma Press, 2016
Foreword / Hassan Blasim -- Kahramana / Anoud -- The gardens of Babylon / Hassan Blassim ; translated by Jonathan Wright -- The corporal / Ali Bader ; translated by Elisabeth Jacquette -- The worker / Diaa Jubaili ; translated by Andrew Leber -- The day by day mosque / Mortada Gzar ; translated by Katherine Halls -- Baghdad syndrome / Zhraa Alhaboby ; translated by Emre Bennett -- Operation Daniel / Khalid Kaki ; translated by Adam Talib -- Kuszik / Hassan Abdulrazzak -- The here and now prison / Jalal Hassan / translated by Max Weiss -- Najufa / Ibraham al-Marashi -- Afterword / Ra Page.

Iraq + 100 poses a question to contemporary Iraqi writers: what might your home city look like in the year 2103 exactly 100 years after the disastrous American and British-led invasion of Iraq? How might that war reach across a century of repair and rebirth, and affect the state of the country its politics, its religion, its language, its culture and how might Iraq have finally escaped its chaos, and found its own peace, a hundred years down the line? As well as being an exercise in escaping the politics of the present, this anthology is also an opportunity for a hotbed of contemporary Arabic writers to offer its own spin on science fiction and fantasy.
Baker Berry PJ8046.5.E5 I73 2016

Vulture in a cage : poems by Solomon Ibn Gabirol
Ibn Gabirol, active 11th century, author
Brooklyn, NY : Archipelago Books, 2016
"Solomon Ibn Gabirol was an Andalusian poet and Jewish philosopher, also traditionally known by his Latinized name Avicebron. He was born in Málaga around the year 1021 and is believed to have died around 1058 in Valencia. The present selection of Ibn Gabirol's poetry is by far the largest compilation of his poems that has appeared in English, yet it is not an attempt to suggest the sweep of his oeuvre. It is heavily weighted toward Ibn Gabirol's worldly poetry, especially toward that part of it in which his particular sensibility described above is evident, poems in which he speaks of himself, his struggles, accomplishments, frustrations, and anger. A selection of his nature, wine, and erotic poetry is included not merely to illustrate the lighter genres but as another way of displaying his unique voice. Likewise, the selection of religious poetry focuses on the more intimate kind of religious verse of which he was the pioneer, omitting (with one exception) his voluminous production of traditional-type liturgical poetry"--
Baker Berry PJ5050.I3 A2 2016

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