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PJ - Oriental Languages & Literatures acquired during July 2016

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Pele lailah : roman
Eṭinger, Ester
[Israel] : Hotsaʼat ha-Ḳibuts ha-meʼuḥad, 2005
Baker Berry PJ5054.E77 P45 2005

Ḥidush u-masoret be-shirat-ha-ḥol ha-ʻIvrit : Sefarad ṿe-Italyah = Change and tradition in the secular poetry : Spain and Italy
Pagis, Dan
Yerushalayim : Ḳeter, [1976]
Baker Berry PJ5023.P27 H5

Meḥḳarim ba-ʻIvrit ha-ḥadashah uvi-leshonot ha-Yehudim : mugashim le-Orah (Rodrig) Shṿartsṿald
ʻorkhim, Malkah Muts'niḳ u-Tsevi Sadan (Tsuguyah Sasaḳi)
Yerushalayim : Karmel, 2012
Baker Berry PJ4514.S35 M44 2012

ha-Shirim hakhi yafim be-ʻIvrit : meʼah shenot shirah Yiśreʼelit : 182 meshorerim, 361 shirim, 14 shirim meforashim
ba-ʻarikhat Menaḥem Ben ṿe-Doron Ḳoren
Tel-Aviv : Sifre ḥemed, ©2013
A hundred years of Israeli poetry.
Baker Berry PJ5042 .S566 2013

Sefer ha-musar
Alts'ahri, Yiḥya ben Seʻadyah, approximately 1505-approximately 1583
Jerusalem : Mekhon Ben-Tsevi ba-Universiṭah ha-ʻIvrit, 725 [1965]
Baker Berry PJ5050.D28 S4 1965

Lailah ṿe-yom : shirim
Eṭinger, Ester
Tel Aviv : Ḳeren Yehoshuʻa Rabinovits le-omanuyot, [2011]
Baker Berry PJ5054.E77 L35 2011

Tehudat zehut : ha-sifrut ha-ʻIvrit be-meʻah ha-ʻeśrim, ṭerom haḳamat ha-medinah, ki-mevaṭet hagut Yehudit ṿekhi-meʻatsevet zehut : ʻiyun be-khitvehem shel sofre ha-ʻalyah ha-shelishit : Yehudah Yaʻari, Daṿid Malets ṿe-aḥerim
Feinstein, Nurit
Tel Aviv : Hotsaʼat ha-Ḳibuts ha-meʼuḥad, 2015
Baker Berry PJ5029 .F33 2015

Agnon and Germany : the presence of the German world in the writings of S.Y. Agnon
edited by Hans-Jürgen Becker, Hillel Weiss
Ramat Gan : Bar-Ilan University Press, [2010]
Agnon and the Jewish Renaissance / Andrea Weilbacher -- Gershom Scholem and Shmu'el Yosef Agnon: metamorphoses of a friendship / Gerold Necker -- The bookcase of Dr. Manfred Herbst: S.Y. Agnon's novel Shira and European literature / Astrid Popien -- Tirtza and Hershl in Germany: S.Y. Agnon's In the Prime of Her Life and A Simple Story in the context of the family novel in European Realism / Astrid Popien -- Paralysis during transformation: the representation of German characters in Agnon's novel in Mister Lublin's Store / Detlef Müller -- To hear what life is: Agnon's reception in the German press before and after World War II / Andrea Weilbacher -- The Poland stories: introduction to three Poland stories and comparison of versions / Hillel Weiss -- Or Torah, The miracles of the Sexton of the old Beit Midrash, Be-metzulot -- Historical time and space in S.Y. Agnon's Sippure Polin / Boris Kotlerman -- Decadent and menippean elements in S.Y. Agnon's "Be-ne'arenu u'vizkenenu" / Yehuda Friedlander -- Kabbalistic influences: a look at "Aggadat Ha-sofer" and "Ma'aseh Azriel Moshe Shomer Ha-sfarim" / Elhanan Shilo -- The presence of the Holocaust in Agnon's writings / Hillel Weiss -- Aspects of "Primary Holocaust" in the works of S.Y. Agnon / Yaniv Hagbi.

"This book includes studies and research on Agnon's work in Germany between the years 1913 and 1924, during which time his art earned its classic status. The studies deal also with the influence of the German world and its culture on his entire work. The development of the work of S.Y. Agnon (1887-1970), the greatest of Jewish storytellers in the Hebrew language, reached a definitive and lasting peak that crystallized in the years that Agnon lived in Germany (1912-1924). The nature of this consolidation is presented to the reader in the present work, Agnon and Germany, the product of research conducted by two groups of scholars, the German group headed by Hans-Jürgen Becker and the Israeli group headed by Hillel Weiss. The German period extends beyond the physical presence of Agnon in Germany and also includes the period primarily after he went back to the land of Israel in 1924, and, in a way, until his death in 1970. The German world, alongside the Jewish world that was the mainstay of his writing, is present as a challenging element, symbiotic and antithetical, in all of his writings, especially in some of the longer novels and novellas that he published close upon World War II and afterward as a reaction to the Holocaust and its roots in the Jewish-German experience throughout history."
Baker Berry PJ5053.A4 Z544 2010

From Damascus to Beirut : contested cities in Arab writing (1969-1989)
Fadel, Hazem
Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016
Baker Berry PJ7577 .F244 2016

Feminism and avant-garde aesthetics in the Levantine novel
Hanna, Kifah, 1977-
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire : Palgrave Macmillan, 2016
Introduction: Gender, Nation, and War: A New Critical Conjunction -- 1. The Vicious Cycle: Contemporary Literary Feminisms in the Mashriq -- 2. The Gendered Subject: Literary Existentialism in Ghādah al-Sammān's "Beirut Tetralogy" -- 3. Saḥar Khalīfeh's Resistance Literature: Toward a Palestinian Critical Realism -- 4. Gender Dialectics: Hudā Barakāt's Aesthetics of Androgyny -- Afterword: Women Writing War, A Levantine Outlook.

"This book examines the literary aesthetics of existentialism, critical realism, and surrealism in contemporary feminist literature in the Levant. Focusing on the novels of Ghadah al-Samman, Sahar Khalifeh, and Huda Barakat, it critically dissects their representations of gender and sexuality during times of war and national crisis in the region"--
Baker Berry PJ7525.2 .H365 2016

Jerusalem wird verkauft, oder, Gold auf der Strasse : ein Tatsachenroman (Tagebuch 1917)
Ben-Gavriêl, M. Y. 1891-1965
Wuppertal : Arco, [2016]
Baker Berry PJ5053.B3588 J47 2016

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