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PJ - Oriental Languages & Literatures acquired during November 2016

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Basics of Classical Syriac : complete grammar, workbook, and lexicon
Hallam, Steven C., 1982- author
Grand Rapids, MI : Zondervan, [2016]
Baker Berry PJ5421 .H355 2016

Barefoot souls = Arwāḥ ḥāfiyah
Miṣrī, Marām, author
Todmorden, UK : Arc Publications, 2015
Baker Berry PJ7846.I817 A7913 2015

Risible rhymes : or, The book to bring a smile to the lips of devotees of taste and proper style through the decoding of a sampling of the verse of the rural rank and file
Sanhūrī, Muḥammad bin Maḥfūẓ, active 1648, author
New York : New York University Press, [2016]
Baker Berry PJ8210 .S2565 2016

Infant weeping in Akkadian, Hebrew, and Greek literature
Bosworth, David Alan, 1972- author
Winona Lake, Indiana : Eisenbrauns, 2016
Baker Berry PJ3791 .B67 2016

A beautiful white cat walks with me
Fāḍil, Yūsuf, author
Cairo, Egypt ; Hoopoe, an imprint of AUC Press, [2016]
Baker Berry PJ7824.A31148 Q2413 2016

The longing of the dervish
Ziada, Hammour, author
Cairo, Egypt ; Hoopoe, 2016
Baker Berry PJ7976.I23 S5313 2016

Kasid, Abdulkareem, 1946- author
Bristol : Shearsman Books, 2015
Baker Berry PJ7842.A767 A2 2015

Acquisition and development of Hebrew : from infancy to adolescence
edited by Ruth A. Berman
Amsterdam ; John Benjamins Publishing Company, [2016]
"The volume addresses developing knowledge and use of Hebrew from the dual perspective of typologically specific factors and of shared cross-linguistic trends, aimed at providing an overview of acquisition in a single language from infancy to adolescence while also shedding light on key issues in the field as a whole. Essentially non-partisan in approach, the collection includes distinct approaches to language and language acquisition (formal-universalist, pragmatic-usage based, cognitive-constructivist) and deals with a range of topics not often addressed within a single volume (phonological perception and production, inflectional and derivational morphology, simple-clause structure and complex syntax, early and later literacy, writing systems), with data deriving from varied research methodologies (interactive conversations and extended discourse, adult input and child output, longitudinal and cross-sectional corpora, structured elicitations). Each chapter provides background information on Hebrew-specific facets of the topic of concern, but typically avoids ethno-centricity by relating to more general issues in the domain. The book should thus prove interesting and instructive for linguists, psychologists, and educators, and for members of the child language research community both within and beyond the confines of Hebrew-language expertise"--
Baker Berry PJ4544.85 .A27 2016

A map of signs and scents : new and selected poems, 1979-2014
Nāṣir, Amjad, author
Evanston, Illinois : Curbstone Books/Northwestern University Press, 2016
From Praise for another cafe, 1979 -- Gates to the sky, but they are narrow -- From Climbing the mountain since Gilead, 1981 -- Song -- Grandfather -- Flower -- Shoes -- The bleating of copper -- From Shepherds of solitude, 1986 -- Exile -- Drums -- Bent branches -- Loneliness -- Fever -- Shade plants -- Planets for Asia -- Shepherds of solitude -- From The strangers arrive, 1990 -- Chance -- The strangers arrive -- The impending hour -- Lines to Joseph -- The lion -- From Joy to all who see you, 1994 -- Invocation for entering the house -- The scent reminds -- A rose of black lace -- Invocation -- The sun flung its golden incisors at me -- The lover's ascent -- From Ascent of breath, 1997 -- A dusk foretold -- Ascent of breath -- From Whenever he saw a sign, 1998 -- Meritocracy -- Haiku breaths -- A mark -- Alexander's gold -- Kismet -- Appearance -- Father's sleep -- The edges of day -- From Life like a broken narrative, 2004 -- The house after her death -- Old radio -- Bridges -- Souvenir -- The ring from Al-Qayrawan -- Suhrawardi's handkerchief -- A postponed poem for New York -- Dog's tail -- 03-03-03 -- Something like anger, like betrayal -- Clay tablets -- Preparing for flight -- The phases of the moon in London -- Mimicking Mark Antony -- An ordinary conversation about cancer -- Neighbors -- The stars of London -- Cavafy's mask -- New uncollected poems, 2008-2014 -- Petra: the concealed rose -- If you're passing through Rome -- Don't do as Romans do -- On the way to you -- By chance as well -- Light.
Baker Berry PJ7852.A677 A2 2016

Waking lions
Gundar-Goshen, Ayelet, 1982- author
London : Pushkin Press, 2016
Baker Berry PJ5055.22.U55 L4213 2016

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