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PJ - Oriental Languages & Literatures acquired during March 2017

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The weight of paradise
Ḥumaydān, Īmān, author
Northampton, Massachusetts : Interlink Books, an imprint of Interlink Publishing Group, Inc., 2016
The story of two women set against a post-war backdrop of 1990's Beirut.
Baker Berry PJ7874.U475 R3713 2016

No knives in the kitchens of this city
Khalīfah, Khālid, 1964- author
New York : Hoopoe, an imprint of AUC Press, 2016
In the once beautiful city of Aleppo, one Syrian family descends into tragedy and ruin between the 1960s and 2000s. Irrepressible Sawsan flirts with militias, the ruling party, and finally religion, seeking but never finding salvation. She and her siblings and mother are slowly choked in violence and decay, as their lives are plundered by a brutal regime.
Baker Berry PJ7942.H343 L313 2016

Hayim Nahman Bialik : poet of Hebrew
Holtzman, Avner, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2017]
"A mere forty poems, published in journals over the course of [a] decade and not yet assembled in a book, established [Bialik's] reputation in the community of Hebrew literature readers and spontaneously crowned him as the Hebrew national poet, all before he reached thirty..."--Cover.
Baker Berry PJ5053.B5 H658 2017

Rabīʻ, Muḥammad (Novelist), author
New York : Hoopoe, 2016
"A gritty dystopian tale that is the darkest of meditations on Egypt's future... 2025: fourteen years after the failed revolution, Egypt is invaded once more. As traumatized Egyptians eke out a feral existence in Cairo's dusty downtown, former cop Ahmed Otared joins a group of fellow officers seeking Egypt's liberation through the barrel of a gun. As Cairo becomes a foul cauldron of drugs, sex, and senseless violence, Otared finally understands his country's fate. In this unflinching and grisly novel, Mohammad Rabie envisages a grim future for Egypt, where death is the only certainty." --
Baker Berry PJ7960.A34 U7213 2016

In Mr. Lublin's store
Agnon, Shmuel Yosef, 1887-1970, author
New Milford, CT, USA : The Toby Press, [2016]
Baker Berry PJ5053.A4 B313 2016

Mā baʻda qaṣīdat al-nathr : naḥwa khiṭāb jadīd lil-shiʻrīyah al-ʻArabīyah
Sīsī, Sayyid ʻAbd Allāh, author
Bayrūt : al-Muʼassasah al-ʻArabīyah lil-Dirāsāt wa-al-Nashr, 2016
Baker Berry PJ7542.P76 S57 2016

A horse walks into a bar
Grossman, David, author
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2017
"A stand-up comedian recalls some of his darkest moments and traumatic memories from childhood on stage in front of a live audience"--
Baker Berry PJ5054.G728 S8813 2017

Midrash Noʻomi : Noʻomi Shemer : ha-meḳorot ha-Yehudiyim be-shiratah
Zigman, Avraham, 1949-
Yerushalayim : Yad Yitsḥaḳ Ben-Tsevi, ©2009
Naʻomi Shemer - ha-meḳorot hayehudiyim be-shiratah.
Baker Berry PJ5055.41.E482 Z96 2009

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