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Grammar of the ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts
Allen, James P., 1945- author
Winona Lake, Indiana : Eisenbrauns, 2017-
Baker Berry PJ1135 .A44 2017

Modern Arabic literature : a theoretical framework
Snir, R. author
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2017
Baker Berry PJ7538 .S654 2017

The emergence of early Yiddish literature : cultural translation in Ashkenaz
Frakes, Jerold C., author
Bloomington, Indiana : Indiana University Press , 2017
While much early Yiddish literature belonged to pious genres, quasi-secular genres epic, drama, and lyric also developed. Jerold C. Frakes contends that the historical context of the emergence of Yiddish literature is an essential factor in any understanding of its cultural relevance in a time and place where Jewish life was defined by expulsions, massacres, and discriminatory legislation that profoundly altered European Judaism and shook the very foundations of traditional Jewish society.
Baker Berry PJ5120.5 .F57 2017

Intelligence Arabic
Manning, Julie C., author
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press Ltd, [2017]
Baker Berry PJ6307 .M366 2017

Development of tense/aspect in Semitic in the context of Afro-Asiatic languages
Bubeník, Vít, 1942- author
Amsterdam ; Philadelphia : John Benjamins Publishing Company, [2017]
The author applies the comparative method for the reconstruction of earlier aspectual systems in the Afro-Asiatic phylum of languages. Moving 'upstream' from the documented systems of Semitic, Berber and Old Cushitic the state of affairs during the common stage of Proto-Semito-Berbero-Cushitic is reconstructed. With the addition of Egyptian and Chadic data important conclusions regarding the elusive Proto-Afro-Asiatic are reached. Moving 'downstream' the trajectory of individual aspectual systems through their later stages is analyzed. A central piece of the monograph is the reconstruction of intermediate stages reflecting the long-term developments of aspectual and temporal categories of individual languages from the Old towards their Middle periods. The continuity and innovation in the aspectual systems towards the contemporary state of affairs in analytic (serial) constructions of Modern Aramaic and Arabic vernacular languages is explicated. The author demonstrates that it is imperative to work in a larger typological framework and that in the field of Afro-Asiatic linguistics valuable insights can be gained from the study of parallel phenomena in Indo-European languages. At the same time, Indo-Europeanists will profit from the study of typologically earlier aspect-prominent systems of Afro-Asiatic languages. The monograph offers important contributions to our understanding of universals and to the typology and diachrony of tense and aspect.
Baker Berry PJ3035 .B83 2017

An Egyptian novel
Castel-Bloom, Orly, 1960- author
Victoria, TX : Dalkey Archive Press, 2017
A collection of interrelated short stories centering on the author's Egyptian family and ancestors exiled from Castile.
Baker Berry PJ5054.C37 R6613 2015

On the surface of silence : the last poems of Lea Goldberg
Goldberg, Leah, 1911-1970, author
Cincinnati, OH : Hebrew Union College Press, [2017]
Baker Berry PJ5053.G6 A26 2017

Arabic instruction in Israel : lessons in conflict, cognition and failure
Uhlmann, Allon J
Leiden ; Brill, 2017
Conundrums of Arabic Instruction in Israel -- The Field of Arabic Instruction in Israel: Underachievement in the Jewish Sector -- The Tertiary Education System and the Double Alienation of Israeli Arabs from Arabic -- A Cognitive Clash in the Classroom-The Incommensurability of Jewish and Arab Grammars of Arabic -- Arabic-Grammar Instruction-Systemic and Cognitive Implications.

In 'Arabic Instruction in Israel' Allon J. Uhlmann confronts two conundrums, namely the persistently poor level of Arabic proficiency among Jewish Arabic students and teachers, and the traumatic alienation of Arab students by university Arabic grammar instruction.00These are not aberrations but rather direct, albeit unintended, systemic consequences of the field of Arabic instruction, where Jewish students encounter Arabic as a dead, hostile language; Jewish hegemony devalues native Arabic proficiency; and Arab students are locked into a fractured educational trajectory ? encountering two alienating and mutually unintelligible grammars of Arabic at school and at university.00By tracing systemic variabilities in cognition and learning Uhlmann exposes hitherto misrecognised dynamics that hinder Arabic instruction in Israel, thereby offering new avenues for possible change.
Baker Berry PJ6068.I8 U94 2017

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