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PG - Russian and other Slavic Languages & Literatures acquired during April 2017

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Viktor Shklovsky : a reader
Shklovskiĭ, Viktor, 1893-1984, author
New York : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Inc, 2017
Translator's introduction -- OPOYAZ publications -- Autobiographic hybrids -- Early Soviet criticism and advice to young writers -- After the freeze -- On the theory of prose (1983) -- In 60 years: works on cinema (1985).
Baker Berry PG3476.S488 A2 2017

Fifty-five years with Russia
Ljunggren, Magnus, author
Boston : Academic Studies Press, [2016]
"The academic career of Professor Magnus Ljunggren spans more than a half century. Here he looks back over his meetings with leading members of the Russian intelligentsia who, from the liberalizing Twenty-Second Party Congress, in 1961, to the present, have struggled with the totalitarian structures of Soviet and post-Soviet society. As a scholar, Ljunggren has focused on Andrei Bely's prose, Russian symbolism, and the Russian silver age. He reflects on how his study of symbolism and his commitment to the Russian civil rights movement over the years have stimulated each other and contributed to a deeper understanding of Russia's distinctive character. Ljunggren's gallery of intimate and colorful portraits includes prominent cultural figures such as Bulat Okudzhava, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Joseph Brodsky, Viktor Shklovsky, Lidia Chukovskaya, and Nina Berberova"--
Baker Berry PG2947.L65 A313 2016

Auf dem Weg zu Texten und Kontexten : Festschrift für Ivan Cvrkal
herausgegeben von Maria Vajickova, Roman Mikulas, Andrea Mikulasova
Nümbrecht : Kirsch-Verlag, 2014
Baker Berry PG5400.7.C83 A94 2014

Fardwor, Russia! : a fantastical tale of life under Putin
Kashin, Oleg, 1980- author
New York : Restless Books, 2015
"When a scientist experimenting on humans in a sanatorium near Moscow gives a growth serum to a dwarf oil mogul, the newly heightened businessman runs off with the experimenter's wife, and a series of mysterious deaths and crimes commences. Fantastical and wonderfully strange, this political parable has an uncanny resonance with today's Russia under Putin."
Baker Berry PG3492.52.S55 R6513 2016

Explodity : sound, image, and word in Russian futurist book art
Perloff, Nancy, author
Los Angeles, California : Getty Research Institute, [2016]
From the provinces: anticipations of Mirskontsa -- Sounding the accidental ("death to symbolism") -- Mirskontsa: collaborative book art and transrational sounds -- Unlocking the semantics of sound in vzorval' -- The afterlife of Russian futurist book art.

"The artists' books made in Russia between 1910 and 1915 are like no others. Unique in their fusion of the verbal, visual, and sonic, these books are meant to be read, looked at, and listened to. Painters and poets--including Natalia Goncharova, Velimir Khlebnikov, Mikhail Larionov, Kazimir Malevich, and Vladimir Mayakovsky--collaborated to fabricate hand-lithographed books, for which they invented a new language called zaum (a neologism meaning "beyond the mind") that was distinctive in its emphasis on "sound as such" and its rejection of definite logical meaning. At the heart of this volume are close analyses of two of the most significant and experimental futurist books: Mirskontsa (Worldbackwards) and Vzorval' (Explodity). In addition, Nancy Perloff examines the profound difference between the Russian avant-garde and Western art movements, including futurism, and she uncovers a wide-ranging legacy in the midcentury global movement of sound and concrete poetry (the Brazilian Noigandres group, Ian Hamilton Finlay, and Henri Chopin), contemporary Western conceptual art, and the artist's book."--ECIP data view.
Baker Berry PG3065.F8 P47 2016

Postmodern crises : from Lolita to Pussy Riot
Lipovet︠s︡kiĭ, M. N. author
Brighton, MA : Published by Academic Studies Press, 2017
Literature. The war of discourses: Lolita and the failure of a transcendental project ; The poetics of the ITR discourse: in the 1960s and today ; The progressor between the imperial and the colonial ; Cycles and continuities in contemporary Russian literature ; Fleshing/flashing the discourse: Sorokin's master trope ; Pussy Riot as the trickstar ; The formal is political -- Film. Post-Soc: transformations of socialist realism in the popular culture of the late 1990s-early 2000s ; War as the family value: My Stepbrother Frankenstein by Valery Todorovsky ; A road of violence: My Joy by Sergei Loznitsa ; In denial: The Geographer Drank His Globe Away by Aleksandr Veledinsky ; Lost in Translation: short stories by Mikhail Segal.
Baker Berry PG3027.5.P67 L56 2017

Dry season
Babnik, Gabriela, 1979- author
London : Istros Books, 2015
Baker Berry PG1920.12.A26 S87613 2015

More words to the wise : further reflections on Polish language, literature, and folklore
Rothstein, Robert A. author
Bloomington, Indiana : Slavica, 2016
Baker Berry PG6071 .R666 2016

Women in Nabokov's life and art
Nailya Garipova & Juan José Torres Núñez (eds)
Bern : Peter Lang, [2016]
Introduction: the gallery of Nabokov's women / Nailya Garipova -- "An ideal spouse for a writer" : the reality and mythsin Véra Nabokov's life / Elena Ukhova -- Véra's role in Nabokov's life and prose / Alexandra Popoff -- Remorse and Nabokov's women / Frances Peltz Assa -- Carmencita: Valentina Shulgina : the evolution of Eros in Nabokov's work / Priscilla Meyer -- "Or of the air itself" : Nabokov's "mothers" as bearers of spiritual understanding / Nora Scholz -- Fetching yet faithless : problematic mistresses in Nabokov's fiction / Julian W. Connolly -- The Nabokovian society woman : a Kirchner's cocotte? / Alexia Gassin -- "A weird place" : Nabokov and the topography of theforeign governess / Sabina Metzger -- Narrating her own absence : the narrator and protagonist of A Slice of Life / Akiko Nakata -- Making sense of death : inaccessible women in Nabokov's short stories / Svetlana Stefanova Radoulska -- An invisible harlequin in Nabokov's last novel : "You" in the protagonist's world and afterworld / Ljuba Tarvi -- "Fires of my loins" : female characters in Vladimir Nabokov's Pnin / Juan Ignacio Guijarro González.
Baker Berry PG3476.N3 Z945 2016

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