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PC - Romance Languages acquired during July 2017

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Diary of a short-sighted adolescent
Eliade, Mircea, 1907-1986, author
London : Istros Books, 2016
The short-sighted adolescent is a passionate reader who takes various cultural figures as models, trying to emulate both their lives or their works. The pupil protagonist is a poor student, who likes science and reads a lot of books, sometimes staying up all night to do so. At the age of 17, he decides to write a novel to demonstrate to his teachers that he is not as mediocre as his other classmates, and that he is prepared to give up everything he holds dear in order to do so. The novel is written in a number of notebooks - the 'diary' of the title - but our myopic hero ultimately fails 3 subjects and has to repeat the school year. Set in the Romanian capital in the early 20th century, from the perspective of a schoolboy's diary of his daily life, - his teachers, his classmates' academic and amorous rivalries, his first sexual experiences - we are introduced to the themes of religion, self-knowledge, erotic sensibility, artistic creation and otherness, ideas which would preoccupy him until the end of his life. Diary of a Short-Sighted Adolescent was written by the young Mircea Eliade - one of Romania's greatest writers and intellectuals. The book can be viewed as an early 20th century 'Catcher in the Rye', and allows us an intimate view of the developing genius, whose literary output has been neglected in the English language for too lon.
Baker Berry PC839.E38 Z47613 2016

La Asociación Alemana de Hispanistas (1977-2017)
Óscar Loureda (ed.) por encargo de la Asociación Alemana de Hispanistas
Madrid : Iberoamericana ; 2017
Baker Berry PC4068.G3 S76 2017

Las últimas palabras
Riera, Carme, author
Barcelona : Alfaguara, 2017
Baker Berry PC3942.28.I37 D318 2017b

La langue française dans le monde
Paris : Éditions Nathan
Baker Berry PC2002 .R36

La francophonie dans le monde
Organisation internationale de la francophonie, Haut Conseil
Paris : Larousse
Baker Berry PC2002 .R36

Etat de la francophonie dans le monde
Paris : Documentation française, -c2001
Baker Berry PC2002 .R36

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