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PA - Classical Languages & Literatures acquired during March 2017

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A guide to Neo-Latin literature
editor, Victoria Moul
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Baker Berry PA8015 .G85 2017

Juan Latino : talento y destino : un afrohispano en tiempos de Carlos V y de Felipe II
Martín Casares, Aurelia, author
Granada : Editorial Universidad de Granada, [2016]
Baker Berry PA8540.L615 Z754 2016

The epic of Juan Latino : dilemmas of race and religion in Renaissance Spain
Wright, Elizabeth R., 1963- author
London : University of Toronto Press, [2016]
Introduction: A lost portrait and a forgotten name -- Part One. From slave to freedman in Granada -- 1. Latin lessons amid the remnants of Al-Andalus -- 2. Civil war, shattered convivencia -- Part Two. The epic of Lepanto -- 3. A black poet and a Habsburg phoenix -- 4. Christians and Muslims on the battle lines -- 5. The costs of modern warfare -- Conclusion: Song of the black swan -- Epilogue: Juan Latino in the Harlem Renaissance.

"In The Epic of Juan Latino, Elizabeth R. Wright tells the story of Renaissance Europe's first black poet and his epic poem on the naval battle of Lepanto, Austrias Carmen (The Song of John of Austria). Piecing together the surviving evidence, Wright traces Latino's life in Granada, Iberia's last Muslim metropolis, from his early clandestine education as a slave in a noble household to his distinguished career as a schoolmaster at the University of Granada. When intensifying racial discrimination and the chaos of the Morisco Revolt threatened Latino's hard-won status, he set out to secure his position by publishing an epic poem in Latin verse, the Austrias Carmen, that would demonstrate his mastery of Europe's international literary language and celebrate his own African heritage. Through Latino's remarkable, hitherto untold story, Wright illuminates the racial and religious tensions of sixteenth-century Spain and the position of black Africans within Spain's nascent empire and within the emerging African diaspora."--
Baker Berry PA8540.L615 Z86 2016

Reading Greek. Text and vocabulary
New York : Cambridge University Press, 2007
Athens at sea -- Moral decay? -- Athens through the comic poet's eyes -- Women in Athenian society -- Athenian views of justice -- Gods, fate and man -- Homeric hero and heroine -- A total Greek-English vocabulary of all words to be learnt.

This is a thoroughly-revised edition of a best-selling one-year introductory course in ancient Greek for students and adults.
Baker Berry PA258 .R39 2007

Hegemoniale Männlichkeit bei Titus Livius
Albrecht, Daniel (Historian)
Heidelberg : Verlag-Antike, [2016]
Baker Berry PA6459 .A53 2016

Gallus Moriens
Pascoli, Giovanni, 1855-1912, auhtor
Bologna : Pàtron editore, 2016
Baker Berry PA8555.P35 G3516 2016

Attic oratory and performance
Serafim, Andreas, author
New York : Routledge, 2017
Introduction -- The Hermeneutic Framework: An Analytical Approach -- Construction and manipulation -- Aeschines and Demosthenes in the Theatre of Justice -- Ethopoiia: an inter-generic portrayal of character -- Hypocrisis! Hypocrisis! Hypocrisis! -- Conclusion.

"This book addresses a relatively neglected area in the study of ancient rhetoric: the performance of the speeches that have come down to us in textual form. Although it has never been doubted that Athenian oratory was performed, only a limited amount of scholarly attention has been devoted to this dimension of the corpus. Scholarly opinion has tended to consider it an impossible task to reconstruct performance through an interpretation of the text or to elaborate on the exact nature of the relationship between oratory and theatre. Attic Oratory and Performance fills this gap by providing an in-depth analysis of the ways Attic orators wrote for and executed performance."--
Baker Berry PA3265 .S45 2017

Reading Greek. Grammar and exercises
New York : Cambridge University Press, ©2007
A. Grammar and exercises for Sections One-Twenty: Alphabet and pronunciation -- Part I. Sections One-Three -- Part II. Sections Four-Seven -- Part III. Sections Eight-Ten -- Part IV. Sections Eleven-Fifteen -- Part V. Sections Sixteen-Eighteen -- Part VI. Section Nineteen -- Part VII. Section Twenty -- B. Reference Grammar -- C. Language surveys -- D.A total Greek-English vocabulary of all words to be learnt -- E. English-Greek vocabulary -- F. Grammar index.

First published in 1978, 'Reading Greek' has become a best-selling one-year introductory course in ancient Greek for students and adults. It combines the best of modern and traditional language-learning techniques and is used widely in schools, summer schools and universities across the world.
Baker Berry PA258 .R38 2007

Varro the agronomist : political philosophy, satire, and agriculture in the late Republic
Nelsestuen, Grant A., 1979- author
Columbus : The Ohio State University, [2015]
The form and genre of Varronian res rusticae -- Creating the agronomical field of res rusticae -- Agri Cultura and the Italian farm in RR 1 -- The song of Faustulus: pastures and provinces in RR 2 -- Provincial pastures: the Amoebean refrain of Romulus in RR 2 -- Tending the villa of Rome in RR 3 -- Varro's imperial estate and its intellectual contexts.
Baker Berry PA6792.A4 N45 2015

Musa medievale : saggi su temi della poesia di Venanzio Fortunato
a cura di Donatella Manzoli
Roma : Viella, luglio 2016
Baker Berry PA8310.F7 Z95 2015

Early Greek hexameter poetry
Gainsford, Peter, author
Cambridge : Published for the Classical Association, Cambridge University Press, 2015
Baker Berry PA3105 .G25 2015

At twilight they return : a novel in ten tales
Zateli, Zyranna, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, 2016
This multigenerational saga is the story of Christoforos, who first weds Petroula, and then Evtha, followed, after her death, by Persa; of his sexually promiscuous son Hesychios and the many bastard children left on the doorstep following the untimely demise of so many would-be daughters-in-law; and of the sisters, brothers, children, and grandchildren who inhabit a household and a history expanding to near-bursting. Rich in symbolism and magical realism, this complex and wondrous family story unfolds nonsequentially in ten interrelated tales. It is a touchstone of contemporary Greek literature, awarded the Greek State Prize for Best Novel in 1994, and is an essential introduction to this rightfully celebrated author.
Baker Berry PA5637.A8 K3513 2016

Homer's Iliad : the Basel commentary. Book XXIV
Brügger, Claude, author
Berlin : De Gruyter, [2017]
Baker Berry PA4037 .B34713 Bk.24

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