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P - Philology & Linguistics acquired during July 2016

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An A-Z of applied linguistics research methods
Loewen, Shawn
London : Palgrave, 2016
Machine generated contents note: -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Key concepts.

"A brief and accessible introduction to the concepts and techniques used in applied linguistics research, which will be illustrated using real-life examples. The book covers both qualitative and quantitative research design, sampling procedures, instrumentation and analyses found in applied linguistics research"--
Baker Berry P129 .L64 2016

Живое слово : логос--голос--движение--жест : сборник статей и материалов / составитель и ответственный редактор, В.В. Фещенко
Moskva : Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2015
Baker Berry P35.5.R9 Z45 2015

Dialog soglasii︠a︡ : sbornik nauchnykh stateĭ k 70-letii︠u︡ V.I. Ti︠u︡py
Pod redakt︠s︡ieĭ O.V. Feduninoĭ i I︠U︡.L. Troit︠s︡kogo
Moskva : Intrada, 2015
Baker Berry P301 .D53 2015

Uptalk : the phenomenon of rising intonation
Warren, Paul, 1966-
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016
1. Introduction -- why 'uptalk'? -- 2. The forms of uptalk -- 3. The meanings and functions of uptalk -- 4. Uptalk in English varieties -- 5. Origins and spread of uptalk -- 6. Social and stylistic variation in uptalk use -- 7. Credibility killer and conversational anthrax: uptalk in the media -- 8. Perception studies of uptalk -- 9. Uptalk in other languages -- 10. Methodology in uptalk research -- 11. Summary and prospect.

"'Uptalk' is commonly used to refer to rising intonation at the end of declarative sentences, or (to put it more simply) the tendency for people to make statements that sound like questions, a phenomenon that has received wide exposure and commentary in the media. How and where did it originate? Who are the most frequent 'uptalkers'? How much does it vary according to the speaker's age, gender and regional dialect? Is it found in other languages as well as English? These and other questions are the subject of this fascinating book. The first comprehensive analysis of 'uptalk', it examines its historical origins, geographical spread and social influences. Paul Warren also looks at the media's coverage of the phenomenon, including the tension between the public's perception and the views of experts. Uptalk will be welcomed by those working in linguistics, as well as anyone interested in the way we talk today"--
Baker Berry P222 .W37 2016

Language in prehistory
Barnard, Alan
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016
1. Introduction -- 2. Population diversity and language diversity -- 3. What did prehistoric people do? -- 4. How did prehistoric people think? -- 5. Narratives of the every-day -- 6. Mythological narratives -- 7. Sexual selection and language evolution -- 8. Conclusions and thoughts for the future.

"For ninety per cent of our history, humans have lived as 'hunters and gatherers', and for most of this time, as talking individuals. No direct evidence for the origin and evolution of language exists; we do not even know if early humans had language, either spoken or signed. Taking an anthropological perspective, Alan Barnard acknowledges this difficulty and argues that we can nevertheless infer a great deal about our linguistic past from what is around us in the present. Hunter-gatherers still inhabit much of the world, and in sufficient number to enable us to study the ways in which they speak, the many languages they use, and what they use them for. Barnard investigates the lives of hunter-gatherers by understanding them in their own terms, to create a book which will be welcomed by all those interested in the evolution of language"--
Baker Berry P116 .B34 2015

El sujeto difuso : análisis de la socialidad en el discurso literario
López-Terra, Federico
Madrid : Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Instituto de Lengua, Literatura y Antropología, 2015
Baker Berry P302 .L626 2015

Remapping Europe : films & performances
editorial board: Dorota Borodaj, Matt Cuzner, Felipe G. Gil, Puck de Klerk, Vivian Paulissen, Jeske van Vossen, Gökçe Su Yoǧhurtçuoǧlu ; language editor: Vicky Anning
[Amsterdam] : Doc Next Network, [2014]
In the frame of 'Remapping Europe - a Remix Project' young media-makers with a migrant background used family albums, movies, commercials and news reports to remix prevailing imagery of migrants in European media - and told their own story.
Baker Berry P94.5.I482 E852 2014

Remixing Europe : migrants, media, representation, imagery
editorial board: Vivian Paulissen, Rubén Díaz López, Thomas Roueché, Susanne Mors ; country chapter editors: Dorota Borodaj, Matthew Cuzner, Felipe G. Gil, Gökçe Su Yoǧhurtçuoǧlu ; translations: Agnieszka Wąsowska, Gabriel Anastasiou, María José Rodríguez, Nuria Rodríguez, Mert Altınbaşak, Kate Ferguson ; language editor: Thomas Roueché
[Amsterdam] : Doc Next Network, 2014
Baker Berry P94.5.I482 E85 2014

Le discours et le texte : Saussure en héritage
Marcio Alexandre Cruz, Carlos Piovezani et Pierre-Yves Testenoire (dir.)
Louvain-la-Neuve : Academia L'Harmattan, [2016?]
Baker Berry P121.S369 D57 2016

The language loss of the indigenous
edited by G.N. Devy, Geoffrey V. Davis and K.K. Chakravarty
New York, NY : Routledge, 2016
This volume traces the theme of the loss of language and culture in numerous post-colonial contexts. It establishes that the aphasia imposed on the indigenous is but a visible symptom of a deeper malaise - the mismatch between the symbiotic relation nurtured by the indigenous with their environment and the idea of development put before them as their future. The essays here show how the cultures and the imaginative expressions of indigenous communities all over the world are undergoing a phase of rapid depletion. They unravel the indifference of market forces to diversity and that of the states, unwilling to protect and safeguard these marginalized communities. This book will be useful to scholars and researchers of cultural and literary studies, linguistics, sociology and social anthropology, as well as tribal and indigenous studies.
Baker Berry P40.5.L28 L36 2016

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